Loretta Lynch Made Some Surprising Comments That Will Leave You Stunned

  • Boogie

    Maybe she was trying to create an impression that she had some integrity. She was put in a compromising position and it was apparent that she wasn’t all that independent after all.
    Is there really any doubt that Obama was calling the shots trying to shut it all down? They’ve been getting away with their corruption for so long they thought it must be legal. Kind of like when W said, “Those weapons of mass destruction have to be here somewhere…?” As he looked under his desk, laughing with the audience….Turns out it was all a big joke to these cretins.

  • sick and tired of the dictator

    she does whatever obama tells her.the nypd was going to come forward with charges against hillary involving pedophilia,sex with a minor etc they were threatned by the doj.they were told if they call the press conference that they would frame one of thier cops for murder crime etc basically they were threatned.this is a fact.was told to me by a family member that was at the station when this went down.

  • Wambli525

    First impressions die hard. No matter what Lynch says, Comey was wrong in stating ” no reasonable attorney would prosecute” . That was Lynches call . He fell on the sword to protect Clinton/Lynch, pissed off the FBI agents then did an about face on 750,00 Weiner held emails. The stench is overwhelming and any reasonable minded person has to believe that the fix was indeed in. No going back on this and hopefully the Sessions justice department will investigate and render a second truthful opinion. The world awaits an answer.

    • drbhelthi

      It is not wise to hold ones breath until the truth is officially publicized.

      • sunandfun

        It’s not healthy either! NO ONE can hold their breath that long!

        • Howleyesque

          Nor any OTHER bodily function!

    • thomas Lentini

      This investigation should continue, the whole crew of lairs in Washington must be prosecuted to keep the integrity of our country’s law enforcement. We must set an example and not degrade our constitution by allowing simple minded low life bastards in Washington to override honesty and laws that have made this country so great.

    • rjm3390

      A great post. We must hope that the next DOJ purges the incompetent assistant AG’s and start at the top with a replacement for FBI Director Comey. He brought great disrespect to the once great FBI.

      • Comey brought great credit to his office by speaking honestly and acting as he was told to do by superior officers.

        • Eldjr

          Say…. isn’t ‘credit’ what one spends when they don’t have negotiable assets?

        • rjm3390

          You are entitled to your opinion but I am betting that you voted for Hillary and against us “Deplorables”.

          • Howleyesque

            I’m thinking (and HOPING) he’s being sarcastic. And, not thinking about how many leftist trolls come on here who WOULD say something that nuts…. didn’t label it. 😉

          • Farmer

            Ray is a full blooded conservative, God fearing too

          • Mike

            You lost the bet. I am 1,000,000 % percent Republican TRUMP train supporting NRA member for over 30 years ,Hunter ,Second Amendment supporting , fighting ex Marine of H company . Ooooorrraaaaa How much money you got to bet. Take a look at my picture that’s the heart of a 10 point buck I’m holding with the knifes that cut it out, you see a snowflake ripping the heart out of a 10 pointer. I think NOT !

          • Bobby Riffle

            Ooorah jarhead!!!

          • bytheway4

            Mike, rjm33900, was throwing that comment to Ray Dowsen, the hillary lover.

          • Mike

            Cool just truth comes out of me, I don’t have time to make up stories.

        • Mike

          I don’t hold a public office, and I consider myself to be above reproach, I’m not politically correct, I don’t need to be, I tell the truth about everything I say What I see is true no matter who it hurts, frankly the more it hurts the people who lie the more I like it. It teaches people to think before they do shit that needs to be lied about. I Am Above Reproach and it Feels Great !

        • Mike

          Superior at lying his ass off. Should have thrown the intire library at her not just the book.

        • Bud William

          I think you meant to say “discredit”. That is what I think.

      • Mike

        The problem started before Obamma, but once he got started lying to the American people the rest of them thought Wow, if the prez. Can lie his ass off so can I, ( and now that I Have you in a big juicy lie, I want a private jet, I want a Mr.fun house playdo fun factory and I want to never work again after I get tired of covering up all the Lies . ) Loretta Linchpin is as guilty as SIN itself. Sense when does the AG make enough money to have a private Fucking jet ! Sense Obama started lying and that’s what happens when he moves his lips.

        • Wambli525

          Taxpayers pay for Lynch’s Jet .

          • Mike

            Ground the plane, and chock the wheels. Give her buss money.

  • Puddentain

    Truth serum arrives January 20, 1017.

  • drbhelthi

    Folk who are surprised at her repeating the same cover story are a bit naive.
    The idea that the meeting was an accidental occurrence – etc, etc, etc – – .

  • Not A Farmer

    Loretta Lynch regrets getting caught. She helped Hillary lose the election by showing the people how corrupt the system is. Trump said “Drain the Swamp”. She is part of the Swamp.

    • lenati

      Everybody is partly responsible for hillary loosing everybody but the Hillary herself from a proud member of the basket of Deplorables.

      • Howleyesque

        Oh no, there IS blame to be spread around. Granted, MOST of it devolves back too old R2Dumb2Win herself (especially with STUPID shots like that one AND the “all whites are BORN racists” idiocy born of her getting so involved in her pandering that it didn’t even occur too the old biddy how many people she was insulting in the process.) but Lynch didn’t help her any either!

        • Mike

          Bottom line, she thought she could manipulate and purchase her way into Office using money from the likes of a total POS like Soros that set the tone of the American people on fire,then trying to scare the American people with black lives matter and there rioting and killing of police officers and just causing more and more hate against the democrats and the current administration, then calling basically Two thirds of the country Deplorable,. Well I’ll tell you we are going to show you what Deplorable is when we SHUT YOU DOWN tip you over and shake out your piggy bank for every last dime you stole from the people of this country, and as I understand your big donors are coming back and saying cough it up too. Obama is doing the unthinkable with the last few weeks he has and trying to piss down the necks of over 25 million Americans, nice job their bud, I think you should move to Kenya as soon as you can, you will not find it pleasant in the USA especially now that it’s been proven 100% that you were not born in this country. A imposter against our nation for 8 long years. Jesus Christ man did you actually think you could rewrite the existence of the United States of America.

          • Howleyesque

            Yep, that’s the LONGER version but YES that IS what I meant.

  • Ddenney1

    BS statement BS decision!! Billy WAITED a half hour in ORDER to MEET with Lynch!!!!! I guess his grandchild and golf game were SSSOOO important the AG just had to HEAR about it!

    • rjm3390

      Two liars here and they are: Drum Roll – Lying Loretta Lynch and pervert Bill Clinton.

    • Howleyesque

      Sorta makes ya wonder which campaign worker he was “doing” while he waited.

  • June Schneider

    Attorney General LettherBe Lynched’s actions on the tarmac should have led her to be Tarred & Feathered. Both she and William Clinton broke the law by meeting and should be prosecuted with “Over the Hillary” for their breaking the LAW. It could still – hopefully – happen!

  • Hornet

    Lynch thought she was going to have a job for 4 more years. Nope! Back to Brooklyn.

    • Howleyesque

      NO, HOPEFULLY, she TOO will be taking a LONG “vacation”, HOPEFULLY in GITMO!

      • John Nicholoft


        • Howleyesque

          I PREFER using Gitmo as it would make it MUCH MORE DIFFICULT to break them out! And it’s a near certainty that the America and liberty hating leftist halfwits WOULD TRY!

      • Bud William

        No as John Nicholoft said to “Leavenworth” GITMO is to cushy.


    This is just another case of a obstructionist lib trying to sh!t the troops and why “Trust but Verify” needs to be employed when engaging a liberal at all times……If she was tying to salvage her credentials, it is another bust….

  • Bebe Nix

    The meeting between Lynch and Clinton was wrong. I have the impression that Bill Clinton either paid her off or threatened her safety. Being that there is so many murders close to the Clinton’s, it would cause one some fear.

    • NannyB

      Both she and Comey have that same fear. You can take that to the bank for sure!!!

  • James in Texas

    Poorest AG in my lifetime and that goes back very nearly 3/4 of a Century! She has recreated the Dept of Justice (DOJ) into the Dept. of Injustice (DOI)!

    • NannyB

      But it started before she was put in that position. Bottom line is…she will be gone and hopefully Trump will whisper in the ear of his DOJ and the ball will get rolling…if he has not already. But the real truth is…the Clintons have lost all the way around. They need to try to enjoy the wealth they have garnered before the door gets slammed shut on their prison cells. Have any of you seen photos of them lately. It is a sad story for any human being! They have already begun to get their just due and it will come to finality soon enough. Frankly, I do not think she will survive much longer. If she continues to drink as she does…I cannot see much of a future of any kind for her!!

      • James in Texas

        We could throw that “blanket” over the entire Federal government. In my lifetime I was watched the government do away with the Oath of office, Honesty, Honor, Principles and Service, and it hurts all of us! It is my deepest hope that things will change and all of those things are, once again, required!

        • NannyB

          Not to fear. Now I do not know about this Oath of Office…but I am sure that Trump will get things done that will surprise you. He seems to be like the Energizer Bunny…he just keeps on going and I am betting he drives his people crazy (in a positive way BTW) because of his energy level. I am certain that all of us will not get all we want…but I am also certain that he will iron out a majority of the sticking points that drove America to make him the most powerful man in the world. We will be fine…I am certain of that. He is a good man. Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year to you and your family.

          • James in Texas

            I hope that Mr. Trump continues to “poke them in their safe-space” until they grow-up! And, Wishes for a Wonderful and Merry Christmas and a Wonderful and Prosperous New Year! We are Blessed that the end of this “lost 8 years” are finely ending!

          • rjm3390

            Same to you and God Bless.

          • davidsunkle


    • rjm3390

      I must disagree. Both she and Eric Holder need to be put in jail for their failure to carry out the duties of their respective office.

      • James in Texas

        That sir is up to the incoming AG and President. Beyond that I don’t care what she does as long as I don’t have to listen or see her, ever again!

  • NannyB

    Saving grace is that we do not have to put up with her and her kind much longer. The threat of framing a cop DID hit the news…believe it or not! So don’t we all think it will get better after Trump and is people are allowed to begin their work? Of course it will and just wait…I am sure that the NYPD will be called in and things will happen and before we know it, Hillary will be on the chopping block.

  • CaptainofthGuard

    So what? She said what any lying politician would say. Nothing new here

  • Dave Bass

    Does she NOT know her job as the head attorney for the nation?
    Does she NOT know you cannot engage witnesses in a trial privately?
    Did she NOT learn this – or at least hear about it – in all her many years working in the U.S. legal system?
    Why did she NOT record the entirety of this conversation, just to protect herself if nothing else?
    Why does she NOT release the record of this conversation to the public, if she’s concerned about what The People think?

    Nope, this interview doesn’t provide any evidence to back what she is saying.
    This is simply “I hope you don’t think badly of me.”
    This is merely one of “We the Elite” moving their lips and trying to do damage control.

    God help us get an honest attorney general, and more, in many offices in this nation.

    • John Boy

      She did NOT think a private meeting in the protected space of highly secure tarmac of an airport would ever be exposed. She was wrong.

      • Dave Bass

        Touche baby, touche.

  • Mike W

    You can look at her face and know she is a very troubled woman. She has gone against everything she ever believed in for the sake of politics. Her payback will never be worth it and she knows it.

  • Lloyd B Patterson

    It is a shame Lynch compromised her principles with people who have none!!

  • Howleyesque

    The ONLY thing ANY of that crew could say now that would shock me would be an honest, truthful CONFESSION! Not that even THAT would matter to the warped and thoroughly indoctrinated minds of the CULT that the Democratic party has devolved into!

  • John Boy

    I’d think you would have to be pretty smart to be in the position of Attorney General, so thinking about the optics of a meeting like that in hindsight doesn’t pass the sniff test for me. She knew what people would think before she took the meeting and those people are right. What she didn’t think was the meeting would be exposed. Many citizens are just plain stupid, but she must think we all are to believe they were talking about grand kids.

    • Howleyesque

      Yep, these “intelligencia” are too STUPID to realize just how much we Americans HATE people who treat us like gullible rubes!

    • rjm3390

      If you believe her explanation you must believe in Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny. Right now I have to rush off to bed because I lost a tooth and the tooth fairy is going to leave me a quarter under my pillow tonight.

  • Oldclimber640

    I agree with many of the posters here, that Lynch is nothing but a swamp monster in sheep’s clothing.

  • 1PierreMontagne1

    With aoll

    all the truly incessant lying coming from any and all Obama appointees, Lynch’s comments are just ” more of the same” On the surface it sounds like what she wants people to believe – but she forgets the problems with the flight plans and that you don’t detour a Private jet just to talk to the AG about Grand Children?
    This is coming from a person who will prosecute and imprison people for security breaches for background in a selfie but wont prosecute a bureaucrat for knowingly and carelessly letting state secrets fall into the hands of Americas enemies?
    To believe anything Lorreta Lynch says at this stage of the game indicates that the listener is impaired by anti-depressant meds and is a danger to themselves.

  • harpo49

    another lying effin dumbocrat haven’t heard an honest from a dumbocrat for 40 years

  • Maggietish

    The only thing Loretta Lynch regrets is the fact that the fix, and it certainly was a fix, in order to protect Hillary Clinton will haunt Loretta Lynch for the rest of her life. She threw away her reputation and any credibility that she had when she met with Bill Clinton. Lynch is obviously part of the corrupt Clinton political machine and she got court. It’s apparent that the laws of this land mean nothing to her even though she took an oath to a pole them. So she’s just a big liar just as Hillary Clinton is snd the only one Lynch truly disgraced was herself and she betrayed the American people and the United States of America.

  • thomas Lentini

    Trump should prove his strength of purpose by utilizing GITMO for putting anyone that commits a terrorist act of any kind including treason.

  • thomas Lentini

    Black lives matter phonies should spend time in GITMO when commiting a crime against our government.

  • cat

    Too little too late.

  • Arizona Don

    The obama administration is without any doubt whatsoever the most corrupt administration to have ever existed. Corruption seems to be a prerequisite. Every member of the administration without exception. If that were not true lies would not be necessary. But they are! The president himself has made it that way. Just as the clinton’s thought they are so much smarter then the average American, the obama’s feel the same way. That was exactly what bill meant when he said depends of what the meaning of is is.

    The obama’s and clinton’s are just as corrupt as Al Capone at the height of his power. They deserve no less a fate.

  • NMG

    What happened with Loretta Lynch, and what has always happened with the Clintons by the way, is that they don’t ever expect to get caught. They did not expect to have anybody there on the tarmac to report that illegal meeting.

  • rjm3390

    If she truly was independent she would have brought to trial Lois Lerner and Eric Holder who were held criminally in contempt of Congress. For her to think that she can turn the public attention from that meeting which led to Hillary Clinton not being prosecuted as coincidental she is truly a fool and herself should be prosecuted for Criminal Conspiracy with certain FBI agents for thwarting an investigation of Clinton.

  • David McAllister

    Lynch only regrets getting caught.

  • Bebe Nix

    Loretta Lynch “Obstructed Justice” and is CORRUPT. She is definitely in the SWAMP. I am glad she got caught. Both Comey and Lynch need to suffer consequences for their CORRUPTION.

  • Raymond Harris


  • I heard Comey testify honestly and accurately before numerous Congressional panels. He should be applauded rather than insulted.

  • Herculesx Blade

    Loretta or it should be loretta,You ruined your Career in government and no doubt the private sector, Caught in the Act ! For what ,people that would as soon throw you off the 20th floor than give you the time of day.Fools come and Go ,You can listen to all the promises ,but your gone!

  • Duane L Petersen

    After Jan 20 2017 all of the Obamass administration is liable to be held on criminal charges committed while in office. Of course this would take the next 8 years to prosecute all the criminals that Obamass created and moved into office.

  • Hambone

    No Loretta Stynch, everyone knew the “fix” was in already, you just gave positive confirmation for everyone.

  • Herculesx Blade

    Hang her with the clinton and obama TRAITORS!

  • Karma

    Lynch is just as corrupt, just as guilty, just as immoral and untrustworthy as either clinton, and needs to be treated as such…MS LYNCH, START PACKING your bus with bars will be along shortly !

  • Mark Sauck

    I it starts at the top. Obama organizes everything and his legacy will go down as one who screwed America from day one and is making sure it continues to get screwed after he leaves. With all the help from his friends in the media who act like most of us in middle America are too dumb to know even after this election. What arrogance!

  • Mike


  • Delia Holloway

    She talked with Clinton on 28th June and now now in June she wants us to know she knows she shouldn’t have done it. She didn’t say it was not professional and she didn’t say it was illegal…just said well maybe
    I shouldn’t have talked to him. SHE KNOWS IT WAS WRONG or she is just as DUMB as her boss.

  • Bobby Riffle

    The only thing lynch regrets…is getting CAUGHT!! AND YOU CAN TAKE THAT TO THE BANK!

  • midogman

    aww, she knows she done wrong. i guess now she won’t have to go stand in a corner for 15 minutes.