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Barack Obama Forgot About One Thing When He Taunted Trump

  • Google & read “64 Ways Obama is Sabotaging Trump” and “Color Revolution” and “Soros Report: North American law center’s organizations 2017/03/ report on U.S. patriot act violations”.
    This is a deadly war against President Trump as his administration tries to rip our country out of the Establishment’s evil grips.
    This same Establishment are supporting some $20,000 to each non-Christian refugee settler in US and fighting the border walls, stripping government power, Blocked Obamacare repeal, conservative appointments, restoring the Constitution, cutting taxes, and strengthening USA as an independent country.

    • Doris Will

      I watched “Color Revolution” Everything that is going on is in there. The color of this Revolution is Purple. Remember the color Hillary wore when she made her concession speech! I hope to see her in Orange one fine day.

      • granny_forUSA

        Would be better if that happened this month………….

        • Doris Will

          It’s May, the merry month of May!! That should add to the merriment.

      • Chandler

        That would be justice for sure !!

  • A patriot

    Every day that goes by Obama is one day closer to hell

    • doug


    • granny_forUSA

      I thought bozo was the brother of El Diablo…..

  • Mike W

    I hope Obama is exposed soon. There is enough evidence out there to demand a paternity test. I have never believed he is the biological son of Barack Obama Sr. – They look absolutely nothing alike. I always thought that Frank Marshall Davis was his father – it makes sense – there is a strong resemblance, Davis was another of Obama’s momma’s boyfriends – he made porno movies with her. Ann Dunham was 17 unwed and pregnant – she knew her baby was black. 1960 and abortion was not as readily available as it is today. She was between a rock and a hard place. Marshall was already married with kids in Chicago. I believed that she probably slept with Obama and then duped him into believing he was the father. He divorced her about 2 years later after realizing that baby looked nothing like him and he may have even met with or seen photos of Davis. Like I said I believed that could be the case until I saw this video
    When you look at the frame below – the guy on the left is Muhammed Sabuh that photo was taken in the 60’s – he looks familiar huh?

    • Holy Joe

      Obama for him fortunately – took on the facial configuration of his young Communistically Inclined white Peace Corps Worker Mother. He is biracial and such physical traits can go either way. Nationality is decided by the then Nationality of the Child’s Natural Sire – which in his case is at best
      British Colonial Kenyan. Obama’s claims of real National origin are at very best described as “Extremely Murky.”

  • Mike W

    In another video Obama’s “brother” Malik is interviewed about his book and documentary “Dreams from my Real Father”. He talks a lot about the Obama family’s relationship with Barack – or lack thereof – and how they too would like to see a paternity test – as they have doubts about their relationship and feel they were used strictly for political gain.

    • Holy Joe

      President Trump should do the whole country a really great favor by publishing Obama’s entire Court Hidden Personal History by Act of Congress, but too many Politicians on both sides connived at his fraudulent creation as a bone fide born American Citizen – which never was by the wildest stretch of anyone’s imagination.

      • Chandler

        I agree 100 percent with your comment.

    • granny_forUSA

      Yep, his mommy did have many black men…………

      In her BIO, they stated that mommy had a great great granny (maternal) that was black……..

      • Mike W

        She also had a thing for married men. She was 17 and fooling around with Frank Marshall Davis who was married with 5 kids in Chicago – this was Obama’s “mentor” and then she married Obama Sr. already married with kids back in Kenya.

    • Chandler

      Nothing that Barack Hussein Obama has to do with can be trusted, for Soros has bought and paid for him along with the Democratic party.
      Sad,sad day for America when the Democrat Party and Barack Hussein Obama, gave their souls to the evil Soros to destroy our country from within.

  • Richard Bagenstose

    the aca aprovel rating is as phony as obomas aprovel ratings , they go to democrat strong holds and take their poles so what do you expect , remember hillarys aprovel rating was like 76%, and lost the election ,

  • Richard Bagenstose

    to bad he doesn’t croke so we can make a statue of him , like stalin , moew and castro, then we can tare it down like they did in iraq with his daddy soddum

    • granny_forUSA

      Donate it to Kenya………his birthplace………

  • roboteq

    Progressive Democrats still just don’t get it! They are still rallying around “numbers” that make them feel good even though those numbers never depict the truth. Whether it is popularity poll numbers or environmental model numbers, the ones that Progressives make up do not pan out to be honest or relevant.

    • pepie

      they will lose ever elected democrat this next election.hahahaha

  • ajareins

    Who cares what the jug eared muslim says

    • Janet Johnson

      Obama’s supporters still believe him and while he is able to speak at colleges or on the news, he will always “stir up the pot”. Hopefully if everyone ignored him, he would go away.

      • granny_forUSA

        Egotistical maniacs like bozo never just “go away”………just like HC…….

  • Intelligal

    OBAMA=”Evil One”-America’s biggist Mistake!!

    • ELKI

      Well he told us he is a Muslim before inauguration. Everyone has Muslim Family he said That was his coming clean.

      • granny_forUSA

        Not in 2008 was that said…………He only admitted it after everyone found out that he was a kenyan born muslim and then we now KNOW that he was corrupt, a racist, a bigot, a liar, and hates the USA, just like the liberals…………

    • Chandler

      No it could of been worse Hillary or Biden or god forbid Warren the FAKE Indian Princess or Pelosi the full fledged lunatic, and Schumer as well as others.
      Looking at the ages and time in office in both the Democratic party as well as the Republican party there are going to be allot of funerals in both parties. My god I think most are in there 70:s at least. Guess age just might purge both sides of the isle.
      None of them are willing to give up the Money and power, just like the Age in the Judicial branch from the Supreme Court down . Has anyone heard of TERM LIMITS FOR ALL POLITICIANS to include the Judicial branches they have been politically active for years, they go by there parties wishes not the laws of the land or Constitution.
      Just a thought !!

      • Holy Joe

        Not really – you are forgetting that Obama is Soros’s trained Dancing Chicago based Organ Grinder Political Monkey and born in Kenya to a Kenyan Father/. Kenya has never been an American Territory and Obama’s Luo Tribal Father was married to a Luo Woman at the same time that he impregnated Obama’s young impressionable white American Mother, at that time a Leftist member of the Peace Corps serving in Kenya – in those days it was still a British controlled territory being prepared for their much vaunted freedom – Uhuru’ – the Kenyan’s celebrate Obama as their first born Kenyan African President of the U.S.A.

        • Chandler

          Well Holy Joe;
          You have come up with statements that i never heard before.
          Especially when Barack Hussein Obama has had his entire life sealed, with no real birth certificate to prove even his birth clams Amazing.
          However I don’t care about what the Kenyans celebrate.
          Thanks for your response and have a good day.

          • granny_forUSA

            Pay attention Chandler……….go to google, and see the birth certificate that bozo’s brother showed the world………..Also bozo’s grandmother stated too that he was born in Kenya……….There is a sign in Kenya, that states “WELCOME TO BARRACK OBAMA’S BIRTH PLACE”………..It would be nice if you liberals would look up facts before you show the world how un-intelligent you liberals really are………

          • Chandler

            To start with granny_fanny;
            I do pay attention, for your information that birth certificate that the half brother showed is no proof.
            I don’t care about signs in Kenya that state welcome to Barack Hussein Obama’s birth place.
            Open your eyes Read ” THERE IS NO REAL CONFIRMED INFORMATION ABOUT Barack Hussein Obama’s birth place or anything else “.
            Barack Hussein Obama HAD HIS ENTIRE RECORDS SEALED,, what part of SEALED do you not understand???
            THE ONLY THING WE KNOW IS HE HAS NO BIRTH CERTIFICATE FOR THE AMERICA, that he is probably a illegal and could of been born in Kenya by any female, not necessarily a white woman.
            They have been known to give babies away or steal babies.AGAIN THERE IS NO PROOF OF ANYTHING.

          • Barbara W Sox

            Well, chandler, Barack Obama himself said he was born in Kenya. I heard him say on national TV. It may have been the same time he referred to Michelle as Michael. You really do need to look up the facts. The birth certificate is a tough one because Obama tried to keep it hidden. But, eventually, the truth will come out.

          • Chandler

            If you knew anything about Barack Hussein Obama Barbara it would be you don’t know anything at all.
            No one knows the truth about the fake Barack Hussein Obama. And to run he showed a Hawaiian birth Certificate and that to was fake.
            You don’t even know if his mother was who he said she was.
            For all anyone knows she brought him from Africa and calmed he was hers.
            Wake up and smell the roses !!

          • Doris Will

            Michelle also named Kenya as Barack’s Birth Country. I saw her speaking to an audience on Utube.

          • BUILD BABY BUILD!!!

            I saw that too on Youtube. Obama said “I was born in Kenya.”
            ( Until he wasn’t and claimed Hawaii as his birth place.) His poor Mom seemed to have been a hooker.

          • Loren Anderson

            And the sooner the better! I cannot believe the DemocRATS wanted this community demonizer in office so much that they didn’t even vet him, or didn’t care!

          • Ray Silipino

            Next time put some ice cubes in your cool aid, it will probably maske it go down easwier!

          • Chandler

            Unlike you I do not drink so speak for yourself old sport !!

        • granny_forUSA

          Yep, and that is the truth………….

        • Loren Anderson


      • Doris Will

        Ruth Bader Ginsberg Politically ACTIVE and Opinionated. She was working with some people in framing a constitution for a new country. She told them not to use the United States Constitution as a guide, it is not an example of an easily changed document. Didn’t She read it before taking an oath to uphold it?

        • Chandler

          Well Doris we would hope so;
          But if we were not there and we were not, how could we know?

  • gene smiith

    Mr. Obama should really get off the stage while he isn’t yet covered with smashed tomatoes.
    His ever presence is boring and unnecessary, only HE is enjoying it and that is speeding to an end….he just has so much arrogance he doesn’t see it racing towards him…..dumb ass.

  • pevans1

    FUC SOROS! And Fuhrer Buckwheat Hussein Sirputzalot too! Fucen A$$holes!

  • jim jones

    Barack, fucking who? When you live in the past you don’t have a future.

  • Linda

    Obama has always been an uneducated idiot, so nothing he says makes any difference. If wall Street wants to pay him big bucks for lying, then they are bigger stool pigeons than Obama.

  • davegrille

    Obama is over-playing his hand .

  • Steven Coy


  • cathylovesyou

    The Obama’s continue their hatred for America, regardless of how much they owe to it. Number one enemy of the United States remains the Nationalist Socialist Democratic Party with the face of Pelosi, Waters, Durbin and Chuck.ah through in old Bernie the token

  • Nutmeg Man

    The worst president and biggest liar in history should ship off to Iraq and live with his buddies in ISIS so he can no longer sink this country into an even bigger mess. He has proven for years what an obnoxious moron he is, and the USA can’t afford another minute of this disgrace of a human being.

  • Why can’t he just go away???…He weakened America. Mission accomplished.

    • Mike W

      He’s a muslim with a goal to take over the world. You seen Obama meddling in the French election and he has said he wants to run the United Nations. He is trying to align a lot of leaders that will be on his side when/if he does take over the U.N.

  • Chandler

    Eve-dentally the Politicians do not care what ” We The People ” want.
    It is quite evident that what they want comes first in the middle and in the end, no room for keeping there promises, nor do the bidding of We The People.
    Don’t you think that We The People should show each party Democrat and Republican both the Senator’s and House member’s.
    That GUESS WHAT Politicians and Judges YES WE DO COUNT and our voices will be heard.
    If you do not start listening then guess what you can just go and get a job at flipping burgers, at least that is a honest job.
    Just saying !!

  • bbenhamid

    Why do criminals “always return to the scene of the crime…

  • xingqin

    The GOP and Trump have the tools to rock Obama and defest his bullshit once and for all. Obama has been proven to have been born in Kenya which makes his Presidency null and void—All laws signed and Obamacare as well as his apointee’s are all frauduland. He tried to hide the truth with a fraudulant birth certificae and he has several SS cards assigned to his name. There are countless times he should have been impeached and he should now be charged with high treason. That would get rid of Obamacare and all the bullshit laws he signed illegally. He should be charged with high treason on this country before a military court. Michelle was part of the con game and fraud and should also be charged. Several counts of fraud, misconseption, lies and impeachable acts were performed by Hillary, Billy the pervert, Schumer, Pelosi, waters, the attorney general, and that spills over into the GOP elite and charges should be made against McCain, Lindsey, Ryan, and others. Clean the swamp—it is overflowing with scum, betrayal, crooked and unlawful acts and it is time to put these assholes where they belong.

    • Holy Joe

      Unlock and publish Obama’s true origins and personal history. Finish him off for good.

    • granny_forUSA

      Try to get the corrupt politicians, courts, or liberals to agree with “null & void”…………

  • Margie Nicely

    Obama just loves to hear himself talk and the stupid ones are paying him to listen to himself talk! Great Gig if you can get it ! But I would rather have root canal than listen to his lies and rambling!

    • RobGA

      Paying $400,000 for an Obama speech? Nope – that was a slight-of-hand fund raiser

  • margaret


  • CharlyO

    And, while we have muslims on our minds, you may be interested in the fact, not fake news, that our government is donating to Palestine a half a billion dollars a year of your money apparently so they have the money to use to kill us with. If that is true we need to take out a few r’pubs along the way. like maybe at election time. Dems are evil enough but when your own people are its almost to much! From the looks of this age we are in there are a lot of folks ready for a civil war in our very own country. Just remember, scumbags, payback’s a bitch and the big hurt is comin!.

  • John Savell

    The problem is that the GOP establishment are trying to prevent Trump from doing what he promised to do. The RINOs and establishment GOP need to go and be replaced with DC outsiders. That is why Trump was so popular.

  • kbmiller

    I remember X pres. Barack Hussein OHOMO saying that he demanded the blacks get out the vote or he would be enraged because if Hell Liar y lost, it would be a referendum on OHOMO Care and the rest of his deplorable policies. HA HA HA HA Looks like he was right, once.

    • granny_forUSA

      He actually told the illegals to get out and vote……..bozo was himself a terrorist……..destroying whatever he came in contact with………..

  • hoosier46

    Don’t forget the impact the MSM had in 2012 by collaborating with Obama & company to cover up what really happened in Benghazi as well as a number of other misdeads.

  • BruceW

    obama = POS

  • jemb

    Cheers – revenge is so sweet

  • johnnywoods

    I hope all the spineless Republicrats in Congress get this message.Repeal that damned law now!

    • RobGA

      But Congress is trying to attach a provision to the new law which exempts Congress members from the rules that are mandatory for ordinary U.S. citizens. As with the Social Security exemption that Congress granted itself (which took decades to repeal), Congress passing laws that THEY are not bound by is tyranny, not democracy.

  • Harvey Schneider

    Bath House Barry continues to stick his foot in his mouth.

    That’s a kind of improvement to some of the things that were stuck in his mouth before his becoming the resident in the White House.

  • Harvey Schneider

    Bath House Barry stuck his foot in his mouth again.

    He continues to hurt the Democratic Party with his comments and speechs.

    Thanks Barry!

    • Robert Russell

      Obama is a fake name , his real name is Barry Soetoro.

  • Buck

    Obama the worst president the United States ever had. I am really glad he is gone . Christ is the son of GOD . Buck 🇺🇸⚔🇺🇸 100% disabled Vietnam veteran Christian Right wing republican lifetime member NRA friend to Israel

  • JL Brown Jr

    obama can go to hell and take the ex first bitch with him

  • migsly


  • Random Citizen

    In a race to the bottom, today’s Democrats will win every time.

  • Camille B

    obama is a cesspool of hatred for America and loved putting in Muslims into key positions that was to allow them to take our country over he is a terrorist lover!
    I am so glad he does not have anymore power anymore!

  • Mike W
  • granny_forUSA

    Has anyone noticed that under his lower lip is a pouch……….CHIPMUNK style…….is that snuff, or marijuana jel……….lol…………..Maybe that is where he saves his nuts………Could be, after all his head is filled with marbles…………

    • NoCoincidences

      Where are his pet flies that are usually circling his head? Hmm..

  • davegrille

    Obama forgot that he delivered absolutely nothing worthwhile .

    • Elaine Blackman

      I think he really does think he’s a god who can do no wrong.

      • davegrille

        That is plausible .

  • Robert Brumley

    I often wonder what planet these socialist left wing nuts Democrat Liberals are living on anyway. Sure isn’t earth.

  • BruceW

    obama is nothing more that a pot smoking jungle bunny pimp controlled by NazI soros

  • Ronald Olson

    Obamacare isn’t popular when it’s forced down your throats. It’s never been affordable and cost millions just to get it online then it was a complete mess that took millions more to fix because of the ineptness of its creators.
    Money was stolen from Social Security and other places to get it going so anyone paying in to SS got the shaft.
    Nancy Pelosi didn’t want anyone to see what was inside as they’d have to pass it to see what was inside which should have been a red flag right there.

    • Elaine Blackman

      Obamacare was designed to help bankrupt our country. When BHO told us how much money it would save, why would people not have seen that the savings weren’t there? If it was saving so much, why were the premiums and deductibles getting further and further out of reach making it useless to people who were paying for it? If it was an “insurance”, why did SCJ Roberts cast the final vote saying it was legal because it was actually a tax? Why was the “death panel” only going to come into play after BHO was out of office this year? He kept setting it back as he decided he’d run for another term, didn’t he? People say it wasn’t a death panel, but when you have non-medical people on a panel deciding what kind of care and whether or not an operation would even be approved, that’s efficiency experts only. It’s in there. Read it for yourself if you think it wasn’t. And our VA health care system is run by the government. Does it work?

  • Jeremy Benghazi Barmore III

    What exactly does a law forcing me to buy insurance, and forcing me to pay a fine if I don’t, have to do with socialism?
    How many times can Republicans play the repealing Obamacare law, before we wake up to the reality that it’s nothing more than what the author of this article referred to it as, a political weapon?

    “In 2010, 2014 and 2016, the GOP scored electoral victories achieving unified control of government.

    During each of those campaigns, repealing Obamacare was the central GOP message”.

    Just read those words. Let them sink in.

  • VanceJ

    Sure Trumps ratings are down, Who’s wouldn’t be the Media hits him 24/7, like I have herd mentioned, if he walked on water they would condemn him, because they would say he can’t swim.!!!! after all the BS they peddle how could he have high ratings ? I think he is doing a great job, under the circumstances.!!!!!

    • Elaine Blackman

      I think he’s doing a great job, period!!!

      Have you noticed how most of the liberals seem to be Godless? President Trump CAN clean the swamp!!! They’re nearly all in it.

  • Barbara W Sox

    obama won the 2008 and the 2012 election due to rigged elections. And those “meaningless polls regarding President Trump”, well, they were so meaningless that he won the election!! Even Barack Obama was surprised that President Trump won!! Trump supporters were not surprised, but almost everyone else in America was very surprised. So, so much for those meaningless polls.

    • Elaine Blackman

      Obama thought sure the election was rigged enough for HRC to win and for him to continue his policies without interruption which is why he told illegals they should vote. Any illegal who voted should be expelled from the country as the felony criminals they are.
      Why worry about interference in our election from Russia when there was obvious interference by illegals?

  • rightsright

    We may find out that Obama is only a small percentage black, but instead a mid East Radical Muslim ISIS loving, non white, imposter! I doubt that Stanley Ann Dunham gave birth to him, but instead went to pick him up and if the story of her visiting a friend with him while flying back to Hawaii, she did not even know how to change a diaper and the visit was strange. Look, America was had by the lying, fake, gay, American hating creep that was groomed to get into the White House to get all of our National Security secrets to our enemies and destroy America from within as promised.

    • Elaine Blackman

      As well as destroying our country from within by bankruptcy, destroying the Constitution and Bill of Rights, bringing in Islamic terrorists (and even sympathetic Muslims if there’s a difference), being divisive in all aspects of the laws and racism, making Christianity and all things relating to God as nonexistent as it used to be in communist U.S.S.R., making our country into a dictatorship, etc., etc.


    Barack Huessine Obama anagram Ck Arab Obama he’s in US. Says it all, eh?


    One fact, everything Obama did is being erased by Trump.
    Hip, Hip, Hooray!!