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Barack Obama is Taking Major Steps to Sabotage Donald Trump

  • carlosandrews

    Obama is a typical DemocRAT that is so involved with his self and cares for no one else. He has nothing to leave behind except he was the worse illegal non citizen with a FAKE Birth Certificate. Maybe he made a good decision by staying in Washington because he would not be far from the Capital grounds where he will be hung.

    • Nidya R. Hernandez

      I think you hit the nail on the head. He should have been impeached long ago. Treason requires execution and that is what he and criminal Hillary deserve. What is taking so long for this impeachment!

      • CharlieM

        The cowards in Congress have been supporting him for 8 years.

        • FIRE1949

          Cowards….? Or ACCOMPLICES…………?

          • CharlieM

            Yes. Merry Christmas!

      • rjm3390

        They don’t have the sixty votes to convict. He should have been impeached by the Republicans even if not convicted due to the 60 vote rule. Just like Bill Clinton.

      • Herculesx Blade

        Just like with billy boy clinton,why wasn’t he impeached ? The Late President Nixon left on his own terms ,Like a Man ! But not billy , he sat with his legs crossed in front of National TV and lied to the American People Lied To The House and Senate and nothing was done and now ,NOW his Damn wife almost gets elected ,What the Hell is Going on Here are People Brain Washed or Just Stupid ,I really don’t like to call anyone Stupid But Come On! Its time to ERASE This TRASH From US HISTORY! Hang Them all ! Starting with soros and clintons In all Honesty it needs to be more than a 2 Party System ,there is too much closeness to allow corruption ,I know I was With President Trump from the Very Beginning and He Did Not want to go Republican ,he didn’t want to owe any allegiance to anyone or anything ,and thats the Trouble, On a Good Note though a lot of Republicans Never Backed Incoming President Trump Because they Never Thought He Had A Chance and He Was an Outsider ! So Now be it Fate or Destiny he Doesn’t Owe A Lot to Anyone or Thing !But Still the Trouble is if he had not Republican and went Independent or a Totaly New Party ,hilly the mongrel would be incoming Commander in diapers!

  • Terry M Chambers

    President Trump isn’t a passive conservative. Obama had better mind his manners.

    • Ray

      You damn right, because Donald J. Trump will tell it like it is to the POS Obummer if he gets out of line. I don’t think Obummer will mess with him much. You mess with the bull you will get the horns.

  • Vicki Kuner Mattingly

    what a jerk your done!!! donald can handle him. he has no say in what going on!!

  • Johnny Michaels

    Well, I guess the appropriate department in the incoming administration will need to unravel the corruption within the Executive Branch of Mr. Obama’s administration, and recognize that it constitutes treason, for which our Constitution has a proscribed remedy. That should end the Shadow Government concern.

    • ter334

      Probably appropriate departments. Who is going to pay for all this? Petrodollars? The Clinton Foundation? Big time Dim campaign contributors?

      • Johnny Michaels

        In all seriousness, it’ll be the DOJ, who needs a legitimate piece of business to justify their salaries anyway!

      • Joseph Carrilho

        Those profiting from the Federal Reserve Bank.

    • RockinOn

      Amen, and I say “Sic ’em, Donald”!

    • fortunate1

      I hope Trump does just that!

    • Herculesx Blade

      Ah ,You’ve hit obamas biggest fear on the head, why do you think he went home a couple months ago spreading it on thick and not only dollars ,it’s his no extradition getaway ,Have to send a team to put one in that left nostril he loves so much.

  • rjm3390

    Yea Barack, make sure you bring your traitor Muslim friend Valerie Jarrett with you. Keep her close and soon the rest of America will find out just what a traitor your are. You are a failure as a President and overall depended too much on the Iranian born advisor, Valerie Jarrett.

    • Fedup

      She’s his muslim advisor and after all maybe he needs a little female companionship he doesn’t get from michael.

      • CharlieM

        I think he likes boys.

        • jug

          He’s just like his real father, bisexual!
          And a Communist, although his dad was a legal citizen.
          His parents bringing in the “stand in”, to keep his real dad out of jail is what aced Barrack out of his own citizenship and he has always blamed the nation, instead of the real culprits, his own parents.

          • Herculesx Blade

            You Forgot marxist ,marxism is the ground floor of the communist building, But it can go any way after karl marx is on the ground floor,dictatorship ,ruling party of 5 to 10 members and so on,but it’s never the intended “everyone is equal”because those few paranoid bastards at the top have it all ,almost like democracy, which we are not ,we are a REPUBLIC!

        • ~Valkyrie ~ Conservative 🌠

          You guys are bad, lol…. but everything your saying is true. 🎄🔔 Merry Christmas

          • CharlieM

            Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours.

        • Herculesx Blade

          Well his wife certainly doesn’t dive for sponges ,its muff only!

    • Herculesx Blade

      And don’t forget your DOJ chump ,loretta who?

  • rjet43

    Good Trump’s A.G. will know where to find obonzo when the time come to arrest his ass!!

    • Laurie Schlessman

      …and Jarret

      • Hotnike

        …and Hillary and Bill and Kerry and Soros and Moore and ………….

  • FirstShirt

    Barry, the outgoing POTUS, would do well to bite his tongue. There are many mysteries about his life before his arrival on the scene in Chicago. Events that may well see the light of day under a Trump Administration.

    • RockinOn

      All in the dark will come to Light eventually, great advice to someone who has come from the dark!

      • Deplorable Marine Barry

        Odumbo would be smart to keep his lying egotistical trap shut!!
        Semper Fi!

    • rjm3390

      Hopefully so.

  • joe Bamaboy has criticized Trump every step of the way……….threw ‘rocks’ in Trump’s path…………pulled every card he had, and STILL, TRUMP WON! I think bamaboy’s comments during Trump’s time in office is a GREAT opportunity for Trump to compare his accomplishments to bamaboy’s numerous failures…………….ie: ‘the GDP came out today at 4.5………3 times the number ever accoplished by obama’!! I think we’re going to have some fun in the next 16 years!! 2 terms for Trump, 2 terms for Pence!!

    • Danni Smith

      that finga in his nose is disgusting and I luv it.

      • bobbi gardner

        That isn’t his nose he has his finger in. looks more like his a$$!!!

        • Ray

          That’s right!!!!..

      • Joseph Carrilho

        Wonder where else it’s been?

        • Merle Dickey

          I have always pictured him wiping his behind with his hand like most muslim men do !!!

  • ter334

    Apparently he is planning on keeping the political treachery alive made famous during his time in office. But how he will be on the outside with no political clout. I expect sooner rather then later he will end up making himself the south end of a north going horse. To be ignored. This time around he is going to throw himself under the bus.

  • Kevin Morrison

    This worthless fuck needs to wake up to the reality that come Jan 20 his sorry as becomes just another American, with one voice just like the rest of us. If this moron thinks for one minute that what he has done is worthy of a legacy he is truly the biggest fool to ever hold the office. If I was Trump I would seek criminal charges on Obama for a number of the things he has done. All tolled this prick should be in prison for the rest of his life!

    • Rod

      No not prison he needs to hang for all that he has done and a lot of others with him.

      • Joseph Carrilho

        Life in prison without parole. The well deserved suffering lasts longer.

  • granny

    I wonder if he is staying in Washington for his own protection. He has worked for the Muslims and Islamists and has failed in their attempt to destroy this country. If he leaves this country they may throw he and Michelle off a roof. He is a danger to this country and, I hope, he will be imprisioned for his treasionous ways.

    • Mike W

      He provided Iran, the jewel in the jihadist crown with nuclear weapons, they are probably erecting statues of him as we speak. He will be famous for centuries in their folklore.

    • Fortuneless

      Imprisoned Hell, he should be executed for his crimes.

      • Joseph Carrilho

        Life in prison is more painful than death.

  • Fortuneless

    If Obama is not careful he will most probably wind up on the and of a rope along with his buddies, Sharpton, jackson, Lynch and Holder, courtesy of the American people for treason.

    • Rod

      I’m all for that.

    • Akashe

      Is that a group? I wanna join!

    • Merle Dickey

      I hope !!

  • Dick Ellis

    TRUMP needs to make it perfectly clear to BOZO that TREASON STILL CAN BE BROUGHT and his remaining days could be short! TREASON IS A HANGING OFFENSE!

    • PA1974

      You can’t try a non citizen for treason. If someone tries to try Obummer for treason, his defense will be that he’s not a Citizen. And he would be right, for the first time in his political career. What can be done, according to the Geneva Convention is hang him, without a trial, as an enemy spy.

      • Nidya R. Hernandez

        Love this. Perfect. Hang him high and Hillary too.

        • Rod

          Yes and have it all on live TV so every body can watch it happen.

        • toad

          For Hillary, “You’re going to need a thicker rope”

      • texasjayhawkeer

        Obama is a citizen. only he is not an American Natural Born Citizen. this is someone who is born of both parents who were born American Citizens. Obama’s dad was born is Kenya, as a British subject, therefore he IS NOT a Natural Born Citizen. the which one must, according to the Constitution, to be A President. Unconstitutional therefore illegal.

        • PA1974

          Not enuff room to explain why here but no Obama is not even a regular citizen. He has never had his own social security number issued to him. For citizenship to be derived from his mother, she would have had to have lived in the USA for 5 years after her 14th birthday. That didn’t happen. Obummer uses a social security number originally issued to a man born in Connecticut in the 1890s. Which is why when homeland security did an E-Verify of all federal government employees in the beltway, Obummer’s number failed.

          Obummer is an illegal alien, period!

          • Michael

            Dear fellow
            Americans. Reading all the comments,
            published on this site, My heart is getting full of joy.
            I’m totally overwhelm
            by the truth about this POTUS/Imposter at last. That is why I have a terrible question, which
            is like a nightmare tortured me. If we, Americans, knew all of his past and
            continues up to day, terrible for our country his deeds , then how in the world we have elected him into the “highest office on the globe”
            to be worst in American history President? Don’t you, my fellow Americans, these who have voted for him, should feel guilty
            and ashamed for voting for him TWISE? I’m
            76 years old and I’m really can’t comprehend this. I’d greatly appreciate your
            feedback. Thank you.

      • modilly

        You mean like the Italian people did?

      • Merle Dickey

        BUT on the positive side , every illegal or immoral thing he has did will be thrown out and he will have no legacy except being a terrorist and spy !!!

  • yatesracing


    • Mike W

      He loves to hear himself talk.

      • Bud William

        Mike, maybe they will not let him take the tele-prompter and all we will get is ahh, uhh and uhh again, he can’t even speak without the prompter and someone to write for him.

    • Nidya R. Hernandez

      Because he is counting on his loyalist followers in Congress and elsewhere to disrupt everything Pres. Trump does or tries to do. It is all about destroying America from within as Muslims have been directed to do. I’m surprised that no one has tried to get rid of Obama yet. God help us and our Pres. elect Trump.

      • Ray

        We the People, movement have spoken and we will have to get behind President Trump like we did at the ballot box. Give him support and everyone speak out to your Congress and Senators. It does make a difference when you call.

  • Bob Wallace

    put the guy in jail.

    • Rod

      No just hang him.

      • Joseph Carrilho

        Prison for life without parole.

  • Bebe Nix


  • D Hall

    Just tell the twit to SHUT UP

  • Judy Selich

    Golly, from the sound of things it appears Obama will begin stamping his feet and having a temper tantrum at any moment! Perhaps his delusion is that Americans would “miss having Obama in our White House”. I don’t think so!

  • Herculesx Blade

    obama is a useless piece of DUNG! Get Out-a Town obama,WE the American People Don’t want you! EVERY God-Damn Thing You Touched Turned To SHIT! You Spent 10 Trillion or More of Taxpayer Dollars More than the Last 15 Presidents on what?? What? What? Bribing iRAN,Giving it to “The Home Boys in kenya????
    Get Out of Washington,Go Back to Your weather underground pal in chicago!And take your Fat Ass old lady with you she is as if not more useless than you!

    • Nidya R. Hernandez

      Perfectly said. Thank you.

  • Joseph Burgess

    Well when Trump gets in We don’t have to pay any attention to this asshole and if he causes to many problems Trump should arrest his ass and put him away for good. But the rest of these fucking Liberal idiots must be dealt with as well. We The People have to back PRESIDENT TRUMP and do whatever we have to do to take America back and rid of these terrorist Muslims get them out of our country and the illegals too. We need to rebuild America and make it better and stronger then ever. Obama needs to be run right out of the country.

    • Nidya R. Hernandez

      Charity begins at home. We should be taking care of our Veterans homeless or not and the poor and homeless out their, instead of paying thousands of dollars to put illegal immigrants in hotels and giving them free medical care while our people are out in the street with nothing. How come there is money for them but not for our people?

  • janniefay

    Obama is mad, like a little puppy, because Hillary is not going to be the President, to carry on his madness. Thank God.

    • Ray

      I love it. Pay back time is near. “Oh happy day” His legacy will go down the drain. Couldn’t happen to a better fool.

  • bassboat

    obama’s negative stance on Trump’s policies will boomerang on him. He doesn’t know how to take on Trump as Hillary found out. He will be laughed out of town.

    • Ray

      Yes indeed he will be, because Mr. Trump will have NO mercy on this POS.

  • grmetalman

    Try him for treason along with Hitlery and send them to gitmo

  • Timothy Dayton

    He got the Washington DC place because he thought the Hil would win and he’d be a SUPREME COURT JUSTICE. Now he’ll just be a whining PITA (pain in the ***). Of course the media pukes will be giving him rapt attention anytime he might pass hot air.


    He needs to leave for his own safety. I don’t think the American people need or want a “failed has been” scurrying around nipping at the heals of their elected president or his agenda. He can go back to Chicago wher it’s safe. Hmmmm. Yeah Chicago.

  • Timothyf7

    Another Liberal in denial!

  • VictorLandry

    He’s a fool if he thinks he can out trump Trump.

  • Fedup

    With some of the things obama has said and done could constitute treason. Trump needs to put Sessions on obama the way obama put holder on the Arizona’s Sheriff Joe. He’s already made friends with the prisoners at GITMO so he should fit right in. Put holder in there with him for his part in Fast@Furious. He knows Trump will show him up and people will see what a phony idiot he really is and his narcissistic nature can’t handle that. Hopefully he will step over the line and Trump can have him arrested.

  • Conan the Republican

    Valerie Jarrett needs to be brought up on charges of sedition. That female dog was born in IRAN, and has her own office in the White House. Obama doesn’t BREATHE without her expressed consent.

  • Cookie Vranish

    If Obama thinks he is as smart as Donald J Trump, he is fooling himself badly. First, Trump will not be using the mainstream media because as he says, they lie and make up stories. Trump will use Twitter and limit who gets into his press room. Obama’s legacy is shot and there isn’t a thing he can do about it. Except make a fool out of himself!

    • Mike W

      No matter where he is Obama always thinks he is the smartest person in the room. Only an absolute fool thinks he knows everything.

  • Pamela

    Donald is strong, he will handle obozo just fine.

  • John Stieglitz

    He’s delusional. He can’t be critical of anybody with his record. His approval numbers will start tanking soon and he’ll be irrelevant.

  • Linda H, crystal lake, il

    Obama is nuts!! Doesn’t he know when he loves the white house,

  • Bruce Walters

    Another good reason to imprison Obama, dismantle his “shadow government” and have them all arrested for treason, jailed, and executed.

  • Bruce Walters

    Obama is nothing but a whining bitch. Goodbye and good riddance

    • Ray

      And don’t let the door hit you in the a$$. You bum!!!!..

  • Thomas Hart

    I have always felt that there was something just wrong with Obama. Not because he is half black. I can name a dozen black men and women I could support as POTUS even If I wasn’t on board with their policies. Obama and the cloak of secrecy that surrounds him, the inability to get much info on his university years, the issue about his birth that we can’t question without being a racist, the strange social security number he has, the rapid rise from obscurity to president, the way he feels he must apologize for America, pronouncing the “P” in Marine Corp, and visiting all 57 states. No one of the above is all that troubling but in mass I just don’t think we are seeing all that should be known about this man. We usually have to wait for the man to pass before the authentic biography is written but in Obama’s case we will need for George Soros to die before anyone is willing to come forward with the real story on Obama. He is after all George’s creature.

    • Mike W

      Obama’s life is a lie. If you look at pictures of Obama Sr. & Jr. they look absolutely nothing alike. But if you compare photos of Jr. and Frank Marshall Davis there is a strong resemblance. Frank Marshall Davis is a known communist and former boyfriend of Ann Dunham. Ann Dunham and Barack Obama Sr. were married in Feb. 1961. Barack Obama Jr. was born in Aug 1961 – do the math. Further they were divorced in Jan of 1964, so all those memories Jr, writes about his father come from a 2 1/2 year old kid? Obama’s Grandmother in Kenya says she was there when he was born. I guess she is a liar and a part of the conspiracy theory – or – could it be because his mother was already 3 months pregnant when she got married, and she married a black man – both of which were extremely taboo in 1961 (in 1961 Whites only water fountains and bathrooms were still in use) – was it more suitable to go to Kenya to have the baby? Also if Frank Marshall Davis is his father he is 100% American by birth – a simple paternity test could settle it – Could that be why he had his records sealed? – When Obama registered as a foreign student when entering college – it is either one of two things – he lied about his nationality or he lied about being a foreign student – take your pick. He surrendered his law license to avoid charges that he lied on his bar application. He claims he is now a Christian however he never goes to church, has been photographed praying with the Muslims and has said that the sweetest sound he has ever heard is the Muslim call to prayer. He was born and raised a Shiite Muslim – Iran that he worked so hard to get nuclear weapons capabilities is 90% Shiite – again here he lied by saying that the nuclear materials to be provided to Iran were for energy production. 80% of Iran’s revenues come from oil exports why would a country so oil wealthy be concerned about energy production? Also they have satellite images of places in Iran that appear to be in production of nuclear weapons. Liberals say Iran will use the nuclear energy so they can save their oil for making money exporting? To who? Are we supposed to subsidize their energy so than can stiff us with oil prices? Russia also just sold Iran a missile defense system to protect them nukes – Obama acts as though he is mad about that – but didn’t he tell Putin “I will have more flexibility after the election back in 2011? Didn’t Hillary Clinton as Secretary of Take
      make the arrangements for all of that uranium to be sold to Russia. So his administration is arming our enemies while he wants to reduce our nuclear arsenal, open our borders and take our guns. There is something very wrong in all of this. He has continually lied to the American people, the media is guilty of aiding and abetting cover for him all the way. They have made it so anyone who disagrees with Obama is a racist. That is the biggest bunch of B.S. ever perpetrated. No one has ever called anyone a racist for criticizing and previous president. Are all of these people criticizing President – Elect Trump racist too?

  • Helene Pham

    He is an , narrow mind and very arrogant , the first day he talked with Trump , he is faking very nice but truly he considerate that Trump is his adversary , his facade like a good man , but he is a small man with narrow mind, always wants to destroy people even his friend look at his face ,we never trust a man with a face like him .Be carreful the two fingers face is a traitor.

    • Mike W

      To be truthful it was the same with the Clinton’s, he played all nice with them even though Bill Clinton called Obama’s administration “an awful 8 year legacy” and Hillary was the one who started the birther movement by calling Obama “The Foreigner” in 2007. Remember Michelle talking about Hillary in 2007 saying “She can’t even run her own house- how can she run the White House?” All the crap they said about “W” and all the blame they put on him yet in the end he stepped up and kissed Hillary’s a** didn’t he? All of these people were picked by the likes of George Soros and Goldman Sachs – that is why there is so much hatred for Trump – He is NOT one of them and they are afraid.

  • John Lee

    Keep theme close, easier to arrest!

  • disqus_jFrGDAiBHO brian

    can’t get this piece of shit outta town fast enough

  • donaldbreaux

    Obama has not a legacy of anything good or great operating from a one world shadow government communist regime of Bushes,Clintons, Soros ,Kissinger Cabal.Let them stay close by so that when Trump administration decides to convene “special prosecutors” they wont have to go very far to find them.

  • Honorary

    LOL: Egocentric Obama wants to stay ‘on the job’.
    After President Trump sworn in the Oval Office: the first thing he should do is declared Barack Obama’s birth certificate was a faked, and notify to the whole world that Barack Obama is an illegal president. So, don’t move far, it will be easy to get him.
    Second, President Trump will expose Obama’s list of ‘accomplishments’ has fallen abysmally short of the people’s expectations. The Obamacare has been anything but affordable. Obamacare is a boondoggle; only the programmers and the lobbyists reaped any boon.
    Obama’s foreign policy is still a disaster. The Middle East is in flames, destruction of sovereign Libya, then there is Syria. Who can forget the ongoing Ukraine crisis.
    His legacy is already in jeopardy. Mr. Trump will not stay mum and let Obama brags on and on…we shall see, who is the real stooge?

  • Michael Boyes

    The IRS should investigate who’s paying the rent, and making sure Obama pays income tax on that gift. He’s not that wealthy, and that house ain’t that cheap……….

  • cunning

    Trump has done more for the American people in 8 weeks, than Obama has done in 8 years, and he is not even in office yet! Obama and the Hillary gang are all consumed with jealousy and hatred for Trump, what they fail to realise, there is a powerful Trump train heading their way, the new AG and DOJ are the engineers. Meanwhile Trump is to busy salvaging and fixing the massive engines of our great economy our great ship of state that was driven on to the rocks by a captain with no navigation skills and falsified captains papers. Latest news she is floating with all leaks secured building steam for a January send off with a huge course correction. The world is watching.

  • mpdMD1965

    Not unusual for failures to attempt to hide their lack of abilities but in this case you are misreading his “boobery” as he tried to mask his desire and failing attempt at destroying the only real Democracy in the World. My question to Americans who elected this subversive twice is where did you park your brain? His plans for our demise as a free nation were evident to all with a functioning brain and of course espoused by all antiAmericans. My wish is that those brainstems get a chance to reside in such a setting. With Hillary Rotten they will get the chance.

  • PM

    Obama will be back on the street come January 2017 and try in his way to raise the crowds into a rabble of demonstrations which will turn into riots, lootings and muggings. He is Anti-American! And I hope the fBI will watch him closely and charge him with a crime when he gets out of control. Remember, he has committed many crimes already without punishment and he’ll think he can skirt the law again. He may be fooling himself.

  • Tim Harris

    I dunno what’s going to happen to the country. We’re so bitterly divided, I don’t see how it can resolve. It’s a divide between urban/socialists and the rest of the country. I read where a pastor interpreted scripture to say that there will be a limited nuclear exchange between Russia, Gog and Magog, and the coastal cities of the islands, ( the Bibles only reference to north America is “the islands”, meaning the British isles, which we came from). Not that I want this, but knocking out the northeast and western coastal cities would obliterate most of the liberal strongholds. The ferociousness of the left makes me think the country is going to move towards socialism because most conservatives just want to go along and get along; they’re too busy with family and jobs. The urban/socialists are less into family and jobs which goes toward moral deficiency. The lifestyles of many, include switching jobs and sexual partners. ( No I don’t have proof of this on hand but I bet it could be found.). The Roman empire collapsed from within because the people discovered they could elect officials who would give them benefits and the empire basically imploded from lack of productivity and moral decline. Is this us?

  • Herculesx Blade

    Saw balwin playing President Trump,I wonder why, I mean Why wasn’t any of this stuff Done with obama, like fusion channel runs constant stuff about President Trump ,you know the spanish owned channel they’re shaking in they’re boots and should be! But obama never had one f***ing satire done about his kenyan ass,the biggest chance of a life time and the networks are afraid to offend a 1/2 black idiot who spent more Taxpayer Money and did More Damage than the last 15 Presidents and you are all afraid to throw on dig WHY ???? And one last thing Why are there 27 Spanish channels on my $200 a month Cable ,But only one other Jewish Channel and one Polish Channel?? So 2 other non-english channels and 27 spanish channels ,Whats going on here trying to turn AMERICA Spanish by putting out the Damn Birdseed or What ???

  • cat

    It just might work against O big time, if he lurks around Washington to community-organize a movement against the Trump administration. I believe O drastically underestimates Trump and the cabinet & staff he has assembled in near-record time. This team is gonna kick butt starting Jan.21, and O et al. could very well be left in the dust. He will be even more blatantly exposed as the snake-in-the-grass he is, especially as good things start happening as a result of Trump administration policies and actions. Stay tuned.

  • ErnieLane

    I hope that if obama so much as picks his nose the DOJ has him arrested.

  • Bob*

    Once Obama leaves the White House it will be easier to search his background and find more of what he has been hiding. They may now be able to prove that he is in this country illegally. He had to give up his U.S. citizenship to be an Indonesian citizen because they don’t allow duel citizenship’s. He enrolled in college as a foreign student and there is no record of him ever applying to have his U.S. citizenship reinstated. His birth certificate doesn’t matter. Where is his reinstatement of citizenship certificate?

  • Christian_Patriot7

    Obama told Josh Earnest to lie about Trump knowing the Russians hacked the election! Every word that falls out of Obama’s mouth is totally and unequivocally a ball-faced lie!! Believe NOTHING that the muslim, not an American says!

  • Karma

    Sabotage of a govt sounds like not only an impeachable offense, it sounds like a crime punishable by imprisonment…h&// the civil war was started over less..someone in dc needs to DEAL WITH THIS Sh@?…..

  • Bob*

    I wonder what Obama would have done if Bush had treated him the way he is doing Trump? Obama would have been yelling racism and had the FBI investigating Bush. He’d of had Eric Holder find something wrong that Bush and his people were doing, even if there wasn’t anything. Obama has always felt that he could do whatever he wanted to do and nobody could do anything about it. He needs to realize that once he leaves the White House, the rules change for him. Before he gets himself in a mess that he can’t get himself out of, he needs to just go back to Chicago and start his new after Presidency life like all former ex-Presidents have done.

  • Arnold Young

    At least the wicked witch of the west had the courtesy to melt when doused with water after the house fell on her. bho should have the same result when TRUMP drags him out of the shadows he hides in.

  • chuck708

    The more Obama opens his mouth, the more seats the Democrats / Socialists will lose in 2018 & 2020.

  • PM

    Trump will sign an Executive Order regarding the conduct and actions of an ex-president making it illegal for an ex-president to conduct public riots, looting so and cop killings.

  • SecondtheFirst

    I don’t think Trump has much to worry about except negating Barry’s destructive policies and implementing MAGA. There is evidence that just after the fall of the Soviet Union, the remaining communists looked for someone to carry on the communist nation wrecking and that someone was Barry. They groomed him in Marxist dogma and then sent him back making sure he mad inroads into American politics with their help. How else do you think he went from community organizer to Senator to the White House? He is a communist as well as Muslim and Sharia law is very close to the Soviet system. They are not Fascists nor “Nazi’s” but worse, communists.

  • proudvet

    Great sabotage that lowlife draft dodging, bankruptcy loving child rapist. Trump the coward that bragged in his book “I was out chasing women while other FOOLS enlisted or were drafted during Vietnam.’ He’s a disgrace to all the men and women presently serving, all veterans and every patriotic citizen in the USofA. How he could make a remark like that while our men and women were getting maimed or dying is not only reprehensible but traitorous. Many people avoided the draft during Nam but they didn’t make disparaging remarks like Trump. He’s as idiotic as his buddy Ted (poop stain) Nugent who defecated and urinated in his pants for two weeks and got a deferment after appearing in front of the draft board in that condition. Trump and Nugent, peas in a pod.

  • Merle Dickey

    I truly believe we are going to have a civil war in this country soon . If we the conservative citizens who are /were the hard working class that founded i country and put in first place in the world . Now we have all these indoctrinated insane liberal threats coming from the insane idiots . Get ready to stand up to them and knock them down . It is sad but true ,