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Megyn Kelly Made A Bold Prediction That Could Ruin Everything

  • jimmy9522

    I already forgot who she is.

  • Dr. Frankenstein

    Hmm-m-m-m I wonder which channel NBC is on my cable? Maybe, I said maybe, I’ll find out and watch Megyn…..

    • Linda L

      I actually might. I watched her when she was a co=anchor and had more humility. Then EGO stepped in. It would be a nice surprise to see her grounded again and TELL THE TRUTH NEWS.

      • Maggiemae

        I’m going with…not gonna happen. She’s way too full of herself at this point to do anything but gloat on something she thinks is important.

      • Maria castro

        doubt it. she is getting old, she will be a sensationalists….the FEFER wants attention.

        • maxx

          You are correct about that. She and the other bimbo, Gretchen Carlson, were both really full of themselves. At my age, north of 65 all women should look attractive but not those two $$$ whores. I believe that attitude and character have a lot to do with how one is perceived. These two have neither.

          • Maria castro

            There is charm and class in every age, especially when you get old and you are not afraid to show it.

      • maryvalco

        If only NBC cared about the truth…

        • maxx

          The second NBC created MSNBC it became objectionable to me as a conservative. They were liberal before that like all the other MSM suspects but they became unbearable then.

  • Oolla

    yea…….and you really think I will watch you? Not in a New York minute.

    • Gen11American

      Not only will I NEVER watch her new show, every time an article about her, or her picture, pops up on one of the 40+ emails I receive daily, I automatically delete them because I don’t want to see her picture, or to waste a single moment thinking about her, or reading anything about her! I also blast the websites that continue giving that radical feminist die-hard Hillary Clinton supporter any publicity!

      • Perry Perno


  • Joel Goodman


  • Ima D. Plorable

    Don’t care about Me-gain Kelly.

  • Curt James

    EGO. EGO. EGO.

    • Ctaj

      If I had her looks and income, I’d have a bigger ego, too. If that’s possible.

  • Jim

    NBC has nothing, especially that Trump hating idiot Lester Holt. Setting yourself up to be fired from Fox was a huge career blunder. The only thing you have going for you is that Scott Pelley is as big a fool as Holt.

    • Linda L

      ALL the major news anchors are big fools. Most of the cable news anchors are. Smug. Arrogant. Narcissistic. And worst of all, LIARS.

      • Tim

        lying is their BEST attribute. Comes natural. Their father (devil) taught them well

    • John Rogers

      Holt is another proud product of affirmative action. If it wasn’t for that, he’d be working at the car wash.

      • Tim

        so HE is one of those that the SCOTUS ruled were 4/5ths a person back in 2003

        • John Rogers

          He got his job because of his color just like how obama and Michelle got into college, law school and how the incompetent loser was elected. He was elected by the crooked media. It’s sad that so many qualified whites have lost opportunity because of this disgusting practice of affirmative action. Trump must end it as soon as possible.

          • Marie Saint Clair
          • No name nut case

            This video has nothing to do with Megan Kelly! It is about white people being raped, tortured and murdered in Africa!

  • Richard Alan Kopp

    I lost interest in Kelly and Fox News when she attacked Trump in the first primary.

    • Kenneth Jones

      Ditto in spades!!



    • Ctaj

      I voted for Trump, but I agreed with Megyn that a lot of his comments about women were boorish. I’d never say those things … even if I thought ’em.

  • Scott Crawford

    Zero interest to see her. I didn’t watch her when she was on Fox

  • Kenneth Jones

    Forget it, Kelly!

  • starliteblonde

    Hadn’t liked her since she attacked Trump and her co-workers at FOX. Says alot about her.

  • I want to know what Roger paid her to go quietly away. I know the news people are crazy to find out how much she got paid but why not let Roger Alies rest in his grave? Why stir this up?

  • Linda L

    I actually might. I watched her when she was a co=anchor and had more humility. Then EGO stepped in. It would be a nice surprise to see her grounded again and TELL THE TRUTH NEWS.

  • wapitihunter

    I quit watching her on Fox because of her ego and her treatment of guest especially Donald. If I quit watching her on Fox do you think I am going to watch her on a lefty network?

  • Susan

    She is so full of herself. I couldn’t stand her on FOX. As the old saying goes beauty is only skin deep and she is rotten to the core.

  • Les Gulledge

    She would get a lot more attention if she appeared in a teddie, g-string and garter belt… like when she met Pootin… Beating 60 min is nothing… notice she isn’t going up against Watters and Judge Jeanine on Sat night!!

    • lrr1

      If she did, she would lose her a _ _. She will never be as smart as the Judge, not even a close second..

      • Tim


        • Ctaj

          No cleavage.

        • maxx

          Didn’t he just get fired or something?

      • Les Gulledge

        Not EVEN remotely close. Love Jeanine.. and she’s hotter, too. at 67 I may be a tad prejudiced, though. thanks…

        • No, you ain’t prejudiced. Judge Jeanine is HOT!!!!
          HOT = Smart and Pretty

        • tonym

          Actually she is 61 but still quite a babe!

          • Les Gulledge

            Yesterday was her 66th birthday. She’s hotter ‘n a pistol,, get in line behind me. I have seniority here. She’s too old for you LOL.

    • Ctaj

      Too much competition in the T&A field, so there’s not as much money in it. Ask Melania. Too many gals not even wearing the teddy or the g-string. Nothing left to the imagination these days.

  • cosmo007

    Don’t know what kind of “change” it will bring, cause I won’t be watching either. Rather watch cooking or house remodel shows that that BS.

  • Aileen Milton

    letting hair grow out is and new do not worth watching .. she lost my attention after the first debate

  • Lee McLaughlin

    Problem is she’s a bimbo so who gonna watch it and have to put up with seeing and hearing her. Other than that loads of luck bimbo. Oh and it couldn’t have happened to a more deserving network. You go fake news NBC you go girl! ROFLMAO

  • jtintx2

    The pics of her in a teddy sitting in a chair all sultry looking should not be seen.

  • Maggiemae

    Exactly WHY is anyone interested in what she does??? I keep seeing things about her every time I read an article. Just like Obama, Hitlery, and all the other ‘losers’ I could care less what she does. Just let them go about their business….quietly…without public advertising. PLEASE!!!!!

  • srw

    It was so nice not to see or hear “I am sooooo important” Megan K. So is she going to show up dressed like a bar maid or like she just rolled out of bed. As she did at Fox she refused to have the make up and wardrobe people because she was above the rest of the clones . They all looked alike. One nasty person.

  • kingwarren

    This won’t affect me. I don’t watch 60 minutes either.

  • jug

    Who cares?

  • Buster

    Who would want to watch her oh yeah the dim witted dems and libs

  • PTL333

    She doesn’t have to ever worry about me watching it….I do not like her anymore, I used too…but she got too big for her britches… she thinks she is some hot thing that everyone wants to see…she is rude, and as far as another thing I just saw about what the dress she is wearing when she interviews Putin…well, it is completely inappropriate…..a thin string, off the shoulder dress while interviewing the Russian President is nothing but her thinking she’s sexy…..ever since she became a mother it seems like maybe she doesn’t feel like she looks good or something….low self esteem maybe, but since she was pregnant…..she changed for the worse….she was a good journalist….a serious one, a person I watched at times, but since getting pregnant, she lost something……

  • Pig1

    Only someone with her overblown ego could consider moving from Fox to NBC to be an upgrade. Hope it fails miserably.

  • MASR53

    nope. not going to happen megan

  • Ed Lemeur

    Keep this 2 bit cunt off my page I tried but they don’t want to do it She should go home and watch her kids

  • Laura

    I will never watch her again.

  • John Warden

    The biggest problem about this is she will be on NBC. The ONLY reason that I watch NBC is when they have a football game on that I want to see. ONLY !!!!!!!!!

  • Freedom

    Megyn Kelly is back! Sure!…….:-)

  • lrr1

    She is really trying real hard to get people to watch. I don’t care for her and had stopped watching her on Fox. I will not be watching her on NBC either.

  • Jeannie

    I wish they would stop idolizing this blond mega mouth…She is nothing but a disgrace to TV

  • jong

    Even a repeat of the badly done “sixty minutes” is better than watch the “Kelly” show which will flop. Her first show is with Putin who he has no respect for what so ever. After all she attacked Trump and for all his problems Putin was right in one thing. Trump is a honest and straight forward person. Look for soft ball alley

  • Steve Terrill

    60 Minutes could use some competition although it is a good show. Megyn Kelly is semi talented, she is just an ego-maniacal ditz that can dish it out but can’t take it. Hopefully she will get her “lunch” handed to her by 60 Minutes but they will have to “up their game.”

  • Rodger K. Shull

    I watch the US FARM REPORT instead , Thanks for the update warning.

  • Robert Hoover

    Liked her once but after she tried to take Trump out at the first debate, lost all respect for her. She sucks now and I will never watch her. Haven’t watched her since the first debate.

  • Donald

    It takes more than a pretty face.

  • Dodie1990

    We would never have heard from her if she wasn’t an attractive well built blonde.

  • chief1937

    Too bad she did not stay gone don’t need her kind of show anyway.

  • Dondh


  • John Rogers

    Kelly is nothing but a loser no talent prick tease. If she didn’t suck and sleep her way to the top, she would be living in Iowa with two kids unmarried doing public defender work and getting drunk and laid on the weekends. She’s truly pitiful.

  • Timothy McCue

    She will fall flat on her face

  • Maria castro

    Good luck, “Beach”!

  • Skyknight2

    One I thought Megyn was the most beautiful woman ever and a 10+. Then during the elections it became apparent that she did not have a conservative ideology and became an 8. After that she cut her hair which made her look like a Dike took her down to a 4 but, the left wing wacko hit job she did on Trump was very unprofessional during the debates and frankly disgusting which leaves her now a big zero in my mind.

  • Sam Benton

    Just don’t care about Kelly, NBC, cbs or abc for that matter. They misinform the public based on their view of the world. In other words they oped almost everything. Makes me sad that the country I fought for and friends of mine died for has come to this. I could go on forever…

  • Steve Kennedy

    Im not interested in watching her show..

  • Beth

    I hope it fails

  • disqus_D87XRi0Gy7

    I rely on One America News now and I like it

  • Linda L

    Can we please have a “real” news anchor telling “real news?” I crave real news, unbiased, and free of George Soros’ dirty hands.

    • JeanneTherese


  • Tim

    60 minutes use to be high on viewership. What is their ranking today ? No body likes a smartaleck, no matter how “cute” they might be….(physically)

  • Freddie

    Meeeh … nope.

  • myworld5


  • Jeronimo Dan

    Sure gives me a incentive to watch 60 minutes Sunday night. While I don’t like CBS any better than NBC, I can take the people on 60 mins, better than Kelly.

  • David in MA

    Megan Kelly is done.

  • Ctaj

    I, for one, will reserve judgment until I see what she comes up with. Hopefully, her stories will be more fact-based than most of the drivel that comes out of CBS, but I do usually watch “60 Minutes.” I didn’t always agree with Megyn on Fox, but I watched her program more often than O’Reilly, who I thought was too conciliatory toward Obama.

  • Countrysunrise

    Megan who??

  • usncb

    KELLY are you still raggun”’ You are done.

  • Johnnyboy

    Megan Kelly and NBC? a toxic combination. The NBC journalist’s at NBC are already at the bottom of the cesspool spewing their feces nightly. Megan Kelly will fit in perfectly as she has now lowered herself to their level. I wish FOX would come up with a Sunday evening show to compete with them. (but that wouldn’t be fair they would destroy another hour of socialist indoctrination) Good luck Megan, but then, you have already made your choices.

  • Countrysunrise

    Megyn- the phony defender of Women’s rights, who goes on Howard Stern’s show, and talks about her sex life with her Husband!! Little Miss Goody Two-Shoes!! More like – Miss Goody Two-Faced!! The tape exists out there somewhere. Probably on you tube!!

  • John A. DeJong

    This woman is a real P.O.S. The ONLY reason her show (FOX) had good ratings was because it was sandwiched in between O’Reilly and Hannity. NBC is about to find out what a HUGE mistake they’ve made.

  • Dan Lloret

    Megyn, so what? Watched you previously under the misconception your values and political viewpoint resembled mine, but in truth you simply adjust your position to whomever pays more. And you torpedoed your former employer in the process, what with your allegations of harassment being revealed on the heels of Aile’s fall from grace. Timing is somewhat interesting; guess you were too afraid for your job to bring them up beforehand. And the fact that​ you landed a spot on a rival network so soon after leaving Fox is interesting. Hopefully you’ll be be more prompt to report any such harassment at your new home

  • Sam Hale

    Megan will make a fool out of the sleazy Scott Pelley!

  • Garrett Auman

    Just GO AWAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Fred McDonald

    It would be more entertaining if they just aired white noise then we wouldn’t have to listen to the garbage coming out of your mouth

  • Mark Peters

    Thanks for the heads up Megan, I will make sure that we do not watch your new show.

  • probuiltenterprises

    well, she blew it when she said that the “incredible journalists at NBC News and yours truly will really be bringing you the stories of our time.” ….when did NBC get journalists?

    • Tins17

      I thought the same thing.

  • Tins17

    You are a ‘Barbie’ for sure, just a shell.of a person.

  • TakeTheShot338

    Megan who? She’s washed up . . . .

  • Newsanno

    She will fail!

  • Moe

    You have shown your true colors Megan, and I hope you fall flat on your face. You are a total disaster.

  • JC Hoot

    Well we didn’t miss you and wonder will fake news be able to recoup on it’s investment LOL

  • Alleged Comment

    Megyn who?

  • EttaMae Williams Svider

    I will not be watching this hypocrite. She is one nasty thing!!! She did it for me when she bashed trump like she was miss goody 2 shoes. Puke on her.

  • Andrea Ratliff

    Megyn Who? The only thing you would learn if you tune in Sunday is what $20 million a year buy’s, Just like Katie Courec, Matt Lauer, Savanah Guthrie, Diane Sawyer,and Lying Brian Williams , Not much, NBC just took steroids for their FAKE News reputation. Megyn isn’t even on the Air yet and has already told two whoppers with her promotional spots for her show. # 1 ” I will be going Mono -A – Mono with Putin !!!!!! What was the PM of India sitting at the table for ?? Did they tell him the woman dressed like a cocktail waitress was going to give him her special ? What was the reason for Putin was he expecting to catch a closer peak of the partially concealed private parts. Show will flop in a monumental fashion she is a lightweight and the party line from the Nothing But Crap (NBC) network will bore even the Clintonista’s to tears. How do you say market share less than MSNBC. # 2 Lie is her editorial authority give me a break even NBC isn’t that stupid. Well , Maybe they do employ Andrea Mitchel. They have not had a decent Female Anchor since Ann Curry
    Was given the boot because cry baby Lauer had a tantrum. I’d bet a $100,000 Megyn is gone by August 1st.

  • Mark Rosenwald

    She will be off air in less than 6 months. 60 Minutes is untouchable

  • Iam Hernandez

    I predict she will say or do anything for money.

  • tonym

    I would rather fold my socks than watch this skank!

  • BigAl

    In fairness, I’ll watch one episode, and weigh its content. And then conclude if the old show and the new show, are just one in the same…and if so, I’ll not view either again.

  • ExGOP

    If she continues her right wing stuff, it will die. She needs to be “fair and balanced”, something she couldn’t learn at Fakex News.

  • maxx

    I am so sick and tired of seeing this bitches pic on the internet. I can make sure I never see it on a TV but the internet just can’t seem to get it. NOBODY CARES!!! Her 15 minutes have long been over. She got her 30 pieces of silver.

  • wiscman

    I am going to give Megyn a chance. She got my attention when she called Trump out for his misogynistic comments. And, of course, he has to double down with his wounded narcissistic ego rebuttal. Yes, she is a conservative, but she is not like the other knuckle-dragging, Russian butt-kissing fundamentalist anti-Americans who claim to be Republicans…

  • Salgal

    Not interested.

  • Lenore

    Won’t watch. Had enough of her at her previous gig. Enough to last a lifetime. She makes my stomach hurt

  • pemaddin

    Come on people let’s all tune to 60 minutes this week. Let’s show them what the people think of mk.

  • 1Texas

    Lost credibility in my opinion.

  • parthenon1

    Because of the “gottcha question” you hit Trump with in the first debate i will never watch you on NBC ! As fotr 60 Minutes as long as “Dish Faced Pelley ” is involved with CBS and the network continues to mess with Trump I wont watch them either !

  • A patriot

    megyn Kelly comes in a bbeautiful package that hates men and hopefully she will trip over her over blown ego

  • Dexter L. Wilson

    I watched her. I really don’t know if she believes the questions she asked Putin. Putin seemed more sensible than the questions he was asked and my point, all I heard was Nazi Broadcasting Network propaganda statements that were more propaganda than questions. You know, if you listened to JUlian Assange, he sounded more reasonable than all of the media hacks that said it was Russian Hacking but his stating that they were leaks with his clear answers really left no doubt that they were email leaks. Remember also that prior to his involvement with wikileaks in the election, he was LITERALLY PRAISED BY THE LEFT FOR THE INFO HE PROVIDED THROUGH THOSE PREVIOUS LEAKS. IF THE MEDIA DOESN’T LIKE WHAT YOU SAY THEY WILL TURN ON YOU IN A MINUTE. THE TRUTH, THE MEDIA HAS LEFT HONESTY AND HAS JOINED THE SOCIALIST AND COMMUNIST AND IS PROMOTING GLOBALISM!!!!!

  • LuvleeWA

    Her ugliness on the inside is too overwhelming for me. I was shocked by her viciousness and then she just kept going at it over and over and over on a vengeance week after week. Her and Hillary need help.

  • LuvleeWA

    Two bits she is still going to b trashing Trump. Ho hum……

  • Jay Beach

    Putin fixed all that for her.