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Michelle Obama Destroyed The Democrat Party With This Admission


    The Negress with a penis, aka Michael Robinson, knows “she’d” lose in a landslide!

  • Thinkingman2025

    Boo Hoo. Who broke the taboo about not targeting children? THE LIBERTARD LEFT! They can all go to h___.

    • Cathy H. Coff

      You are a dangerous, ignorant person.

      • Thinkingman2025

        Prove it. I am a SCIENTIST! I think you and your ilk are the ignorant fools who have done so much to ruin this country.

      • lenati

        Not really. I find him right on target .

    • lenati

      Amen. However they love to blame the republicans.

  • Bobby Arnold

    That nigorilla knows HE doesnt have a chance….

  • Bob

    She won’t run because she knows she will lose we don’t need another 4 years of OBOZZ

  • TediBearMom

    Some days we really do get good news, thanks, Michelle you made my day knowing that you will never be in politics again.

    • sox83cubs84

      Yeah, but we’ll still have to hear and/or read about her every time she shows her huge azz in public. Not as sickening as her being in public office, but still sickening, nonetheless.

      • TediBearMom


      • ghetonda mosley shertzer

        SO TRUE!!!!!!!!SHE IS A PIECE OF WORK!!!!!!WHOSE???????? I AM NOT SURE OF THAT?????

    • ghetonda mosley shertzer

      U GOT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!THANK GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Good!!!!…..BUT; I’m STILL laughing at Chillary’s loss!!!…..

  • Janelle

    While I am not a fan…….that is a good decision on many levels.

  • Vera Seiber

    Yay! The first good idea from her or her freaking husband. hope she sticks to it. Oh, by the way, it looks like the good life is starting to show on her. maybe she needs to eat some of those lunches she was trying to force down our kids throats.

  • David in MA

    First good news from an Obama EVER!!!!

  • kathy

    smart Lady after all….but didn’t she realize the media would have her back

  • disqus_D87XRi0Gy7

    Sticking my tongue deep down my pie hole hoping to choke myself to death, the thought of another day of these dog turds sleeping in my white house would be too much ..

  • Gary Smith

    I would not vote for her!

  • xingqin

    we need this pig in lipstick behind bars along with a whole slew of democratic douch bags

    • ghetonda mosley shertzer


  • Richard Frick

    It is almost a dead heat as to who is the most vile, abusive, dishonest and incompetent thief. They will do anything to increase their bank accounts while they lie to the people about their grave concern for the mind and lower class. Despicable and disgusting TRASH.

  • jcb

    She is right about “the knives coming out.” Look what dems and others did to trump and his family..and still are. In fact, her husband seems to have a few knives of his own. Odd that she should bring it up and had knives herself. No president has stayed in DC and thrown them like both of the Obamas have. Bunch of double talk…again!

  • CharlyO

    Surprise and here I thought it would happen but I also thought it would being her trans issue!

  • oncemorearound

    Obama’s man/wife is disqusting. The disqusting NEVER just go away.

  • Bruce Walters

    This is once more a proud country. We really don’t want a transvestite spoiling our image now, do we?

  • Tim

    We don’t need another lying ho#mo in the White House

  • Jeff T.

    She knows she couldn’t pass the vetting process.

  • Kaywhever

    You mean Michael !

  • survivor33

    I’m just glad she’s not running (of course she lies just like her Barry Boy) but if she don’t run then maybe we won’t have to see her ugly face every time we open our pc’s and turn on TV. The one thing I really don’t understand, why does anyone want her to make speeches? AND why does anyone (as in: Wall Street) want HIM to make speeches, what could either of them have to say that would improve business or schools?

    • ghetonda mosley shertzer

      LUV!!!! LUV!!!!! THAT STATEMENT SAYS IT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • oldk

    Wow, does anyone seriously think she is qualified because of whom she married. How rf dumb is out nation becoming.

    • granny_forUSA

      Liberals are getting more and more empty headed……..That is what they get for not finishing the 5th grade……….

  • Maria castro

    She wont be able to take the criticism and the new Imelda Marco will have to take a lot of heat. Did she finally donated her wigs to the Cancer Society? I thought she was going natural.

  • Mike Tanco

    Michelle or Michael, whatever her name really is, couldn’t get elected because she said she was ever proud of being an American until her husband was elected. Now why would you want someone like that in the White House. It was bad enough having her Muslim husband in there.

  • Jazzmen Campbell

    good! We don’t need garbage like that in office ever again! She ruined the school lunches and my children come home every day from school having to eat because they are starving! They don’t get a lunch, they get a snack! It’s all the schools are actually allowed to serve our children since that bitch ruined everything! They call it a lunch but it’s not! nor is it a real breakfast.. I am sure that she is guilty of crimes or at least knew about the 1’s her husband was committing! He needs to be in jail! She needs to lose everything she got from him being president! I hate them!! They ruined this country!!

    • ghetonda mosley shertzer


  • Mikal Gastpipe

    It says Obama ‘charges’ $400k per speech…maybe. But WHY ask for it when they OFFER $400k?

    • dfinch

      These crazies paid him $6,500+ a minute. I wouldn’t have paid him $.65 a minute.

      • Mikal Gastpipe

        But you are not one of those Wall Streeters or bankers who, according to a government report released in 2016 that reported that American billionaires DOUBLED from 2012 to 2015, and they came from WALL STREET and the banking industry! This was just their ‘thank you’ to THEIR money source! It was PEANUTS to them. BIG peanuts!

  • jake mccollum

    The Dumbocrats just don’t have anything positive to offer this country anymore. They have gone FAR left and beyond reason. Will really need to clean house if they can. Personally I would never foregive nor vote for a dumbocrat the rest of my life.

  • Starr Jim

    It’s not going to run!

  • Tom woods

    I don’t believe a word of it. People like this don’t just ride off into the sunset. The Obamas are already building a nest egg.

  • ECwashr

    She is a pathological LIAR like her moooslim husband. this means she is planning on running..

  • Mike Gilliam

    Oh come on Michelle, the only way you are going to keep them out of jail is if you stay in public office.

  • David McCool

    Let’s not mention ‘qualifications,’ the left is unhinged.

    • Mike W

      Just think how surpassed they might be when they thought they nominated the first “woman” who would be president – only to find out that she/he’s not exactly what they thought.

      Comedian Joan Rivers blurted out to the press following her that ” We already have the first gay president – Michelle is a tranny – everyone knows that…..” a week later she was dead from a “minor” illness?

  • george briar

    Ha, Ha as if anyone would vote for that asshole. She has even less to offer than her traitor Muslim terrorist husband if they are even married that is. No more Bush’s, Clinton’s, or Obama’s. We have seen enough of those jerkoffs. Trump 2020 a real leader.

  • Mike W

    The Democrats dream of electing another disbarred lawyer dashed—-Boo Hoo.

  • JamesB

    This is basically her announcement that she intends to run in 2020, and I predict her running mate will be BHO (he can’t run for President, but could run for VP).

    The reluctant candidate that doesn’t want to run but was CALLED to run and HAS to, for the “…good of the people…”

    She’s setting herself up as the underdog…

    Let’s hope I’m wrong and for once an Obama ACTUALLY means what they say…

  • gene smiith

    And besides, I still WOULD NOT BE THE FIRST FEMALE PRESIDENT so why bother and go to all that trouble.

  • Willie Pierce

    Darn. It would have been fun to hear more about how her “my people” can’t get ahead in “racist” America. She’s been saying that for 8 years, while flying around on a 3.5 billion dollar jet, complete with over 70 personal servants, and eating endless meals of lobster. It reminds me of the other anti American African “victim” named Oprah, who is a multi billionaire, and had her driveway paved in hand carved stones. But still claims that her “my people” can’t get ahead. These Africans claim to be so mistreated, but can’t seem to explain why so many Africans are trying desperately to come here, and none are leaving. The African “victim” thing is clearly a VERY good thing.

  • Lolita

    I noted the article above said: “HER FIRST PAID SPEECH.” How much did she get for speaking at the America Institute of Architecture Convention? Apparently enough to prostitute herself to make this speech. I see all politicians leaving office and then going on the speaking circuit as “America’s Well Paid Prostitutes.”

  • Vincent Fisher

    My God how the Democratic elite have become sooooo stupid. First this broad and the Clinton’s daughter has been mentioned as presidential material. The average Democrat isn’t interested in identity politics or Trannies’ bathroom habits. Let Samantha Bee and other celebrities worry about those issues.

  • arron Grottolo

    We have had enough of perverts in the rainbow/Whitehouse.

  • William M Durham

    Damn I thought she was going to finally admit she was a tranny

  • Arizona Don

    It seems democrats think anyone they pick will, can and should win the presidency. Because they have determined they should. That kind of thinking proves how out of touch they are with reality. However, it also proves they learned nothing running hillary clinton for president. Because she was running against Donald Trump they thought it would be a coronation. They were wrong it wasn’t. They still have not come to terms with the fact she lost when they planned so well to put her in office even though it is quite clear to the rest of us.

    She did not earn the name “crooked hillary” by accident. However, over and above her criminality she has a personality of a rattle snake. (Remember Donald Trumps reading of “The Snake”) She is seen as a criminal by a majority of the nations citizens. The progressive communistic so called democrats always look the other way so laws just do not pertain to a clinton in their eyes. This is true whether the progressive communistic so called democrats will admit it or not. Now that is reality. If they do not get over her loss soon they will commit political suicide and the whole world will be much better off should such a thing happen. The progressive communistic so called democrats have learned absolutely nothing and I do not mean just the politicians. I mean the rank and file progressive communistic useful idiots namely rank and file democrats have learned nothing. Perhaps they are so indoctrinated they are no longer capable of learning. Regardless of how pretty a picture they print of socialism it has never worked and never will. Only free men and women can or will ever prosper. Show me one example of someone sharing the wealth (socialist) becoming independently wealthy. Want a current example of socialistic communism take a long look at Venezuela. That folks is exactly what happens to all socialist communistic forms of government at one time or another. Or perhaps they would like to visit for awhile. Wish for nothing you do not fully understand. Have a nice trip! Enjoy!

  • Countrysunrise

    The knives don’t come out unless you deserve it!! In the Dems case, they deserved it. The current First Family doesn’t deserve ANYTHING that is being leveled at them!! The President can handle himself, although his office deserves some respect, and that’s where the buck stops. Anyone outside of that should NOT be used as any type of fodder for your amusement!! It’s shameful, since they just started out in Washington. Melania is transitioning between New York and Washington, and has kept to herself, concentrating on Baron’s schooling. She should be left alone, as should Baron. He’s only 10!! Give them a break!!

  • Judy Kidd

    Well the Obamas and their children were treated very nice I thought. There were even people on facebook that lost their jobs because they voiced their opinion about the Obamas. No media ever said anything bad about the Obamas . You would think they were right next to God Himself the way the media played them up!!! Sure can’t say that with Trump and his family. I mean total disrespect in everyway. I wish Saturday Night Live would go straight to hell and everyone who has mistreated or lied about Trump and his family. Talk about discrimination, Trumps family surely was discriminated against and still are . I hope each and everyone that run the Family down pays for it in someway.

  • travis690


    The less I have to hear about her in the future, the better off America will be.

  • jdamsforall

    She’s a tranny those two girls are not hers they are adoptees from Morocco. ..the Obama’s are all CIA their whole marriage is a sham Obama is a full throttle faggot he’s been stretching “Michael’s” bung hole for years…. the two girls are probably hookers servicing all the pederasts and pedophiles that swarm the swamp

  • John McPherson

    Just an ugly ape in high heels!!

    • gogettergirl

      I love that and you are so right!

  • AmericaSupportsTrump!