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Michelle Obama Used This One Word To Describe The Election

  • Vinnie S.

    She should stick to worrying about school lunches and by the way , I wonder what she ate on a daily basis

    before they had chefs preparing their meals, she probably couldn’t boil water without a recipe……

    • bearone7777

      VINNIE—-You think water would boil for that ugly face???????

      • Vinnie S.

        Actually it would probably evaporate just to escape the sight of her angry face………….

        • bearone7777

          Maybe even decide to just run–Like in the cartoons!!!

    • Frankiedoodle

      And after 8 long drawn out years she still can’t boil water, but she can divide.

    • Merle Dickey

      Her behind and thighs look like she hasn’t missed too many meals . Maybe she is going to be a NFL linebacker .

  • Starman535

    Good riddance, 1’st lady of ignorance. Jan. 20, & we’ll have a much better First Lady.

    • Jim

      Starman, And a hell of lot better looking, that should make it painful for this he she.Every time I saw this slut she dressed like a rainbow in that white women’s wig with those cloths that were hard too fit on that witch.And those 2 girls was the same.

  • TPS12

    Who cares what she thinks will be rid of them soon.

  • E. George Strasser

    I would call these past 8 years painful when we were an “obamination” but the election was glorious

    • mpdMD1965


  • Ghost Forever

    The word HOPE was destroyed by Obama, I prefer Action! Painful describes the last 8 years. Please just get out of the white house and leave America alone.

    • bearone7777


    • OldWoolfy

      And try not to steal anything like the last Democrat President and wife did!! You and your husband Obozo have stolen YEARS of growth and racial healing away from us. You two were the biggest race-baiters to EVER be in the White House. You have set black/white race relations BACK to levels I witnessed in the 50’s. Congratulations Mrs. Obama!! Painful to you? Haw!! Painful is what “We the People” have been experiencing for the past 8 years!! Good Riddance to Bad Rubbish !!!

  • DonRS

    “Painful”? ABSOLUTELY NOT – IT WAS JOYOUS BEYOND ALL POSSIBLE OUTCOMES! Democrats ran their party DOWN THE RAT HOLE, where they belong!

    BOO HOO, now, she’s “hopeless” – how is that possible after robbing American taxpayers her whole life! Affirmative action has funded all her schooling and employment. In the White House, she further robbed the taxpayers, “shtruggling to spend spend as much as possible ($85+ million) on lavish vacations and extravagant use of the Office of the President’s aircraft! On top of all that, she surrounded herself with over 100 HIGHLY PAID staff, about 10 times more than the previous high number of staff (what in the world could 100+ staff do – beyond planning her lavish vacations and trips?)

    • mpdMD1965

      This country has been due for a significant improvement in so called political leaders. If we could not do better than Barack the Hack it is time to close up shop. Anyone with even a slightly functioning brain could read his anti America sentiment. I guess Black Angst overtook common sense. Hopefully we will learn to vote for other than skin color. There was surely nothing in his past which screamed out his USA loyalty.

    • Tom woods

      I was thinking the same thing DonRS. Just a little look into how much the Oblamo’s have divide this country with their racist BS.

      • DonRS

        Tom Woods, the truly sad thing is, Obama had a MARVELOUS opportunity to actually IMPROVE race relations AND the lot of Negros in America. Instead, he chose the LOW ROAD for cheap political gain! The Democrat Party is simply a coalition of diverse groups with a few objectives upon which they agree! So, he fanned the flames of their area of agreement to keep them, united. Heads he wins, tails, the Country loses!

    • Jim

      Don, the next person who gets next to this he she I would hope they would let all of us know what is up there in the middle at the Y. It has been said that it is not what you think.

  • Bruce

    It’s amazing that she was “hurt” by Trumps comments about women, but his comments pale in comparison to the garbage you can hear on TV any day of the week. It’s called “selective outrage” and most liberals are very good at it.

  • Tom

    Get her ugly ass off the television

    • Daniel Brofford

      You ain’t lying Tom it is one ugly individual. I was looking at it real close during that interview with Oprah and I thought no matter if it is a woman or a man it is ugly either way.

      • bearone7777

        DANIEL—Knowing “THE OBUM”—-It is a tranny!!!

      • Merle Dickey

        Scarey shark teeth !

    • Richard

      I asked my TV repairman about the ugly mark on my TV. He said it should clear up by itself after January 20.

      • Maria

        Hahaha!! That was good

  • Jim Johnson


  • Elson Snider

    I cant’t wait to get him, and his husband out of the White House!!

    • bearone7777

      You just made my night–I am laughing so hard!!

  • mpdMD1965

    Not as horrendous as the last 8 years under her loving spouse Barack the Hack

  • 1savior1

    I hope it was VERY painful, you hag. The last 8 years have been excruciating for me.

  • Merlin

    I have one word to describe Michelle…pathetic.

    • bearone7777


  • dclach

    It’s delightful that Michelle O found the election results “painful”. I can only rejoice that her 8 year lavish beyond belief vacation is over; she didn’t deserve a minute of it.

    • rjm3390

      Just to show that she had no class, remember the advisors telling her that you (no one) is to touch the Queen of England. To show that no one tells her what to do she walked over and put her arm around the Queens shoulder for a photo. No class, just like her husband.

      • bearone7777

        “DUMB AND DUMBERIII”!!!!

  • Jack Foster

    and t he 8 years of there bullshit is described as TREASON

  • David Stewart

    Who gives a rat’s a$$ what ol’ Monkeyface thinks?

  • rjm3390

    Mooch or Michael whatever you call yourself why don’t you just go take another vacation on the taxpayers. Your misery (or ours) is almost over.

  • voncile fullwood

    how could it be demeaning to Michelle/Michael Obama when she/he is transgender..don’t know why anyone would called you the first lady cause it one thing you have never been…all these eight years you have lived in a house of slaves quoting yours words living high off the hog on taxpayers money with lavish vacations everytime you turn around How demeaning is this for the American people?

  • David Bush

    Dear Mrs. O, please take your painful self and children with your weak, lib-tard husband and LEAVE! Thanks for making a mockery of the President’s Office and doing everything you could to make yourselves richer and happier than you ever deserved to be at OUR EXPENSE. Welcome to a regular and HOPEfully forgotten life after politics!

    • Maria

      You are right on, but unfortunately they will not let anyone of us forget them because they will be around always making waves and criticizing Trump, what he says and doe sand the lying socialist media will make sure they are heard.

      • malaw

        That’s ok Maria, we will be around to defend Trump.

  • Mike Hanson

    “Attack on women”…..and yet she supports Muslims and their total disregard for the rights of women. Typical LIB hypocrite.

    • Merle Dickey

      Apparently as long as it doesn’t touch her or the girls . By the way Has anyone ever seen a picture of Michelle pregnant?

  • robmanwiller

    Not for us, sick-o. I’ll bet changing into a woman may have been pretty painful, however. LMAO!

  • theronald

    Time for the media to put some real news on the air and dump this garbage altogether. It is over. They lost, and thank God, there is only two terms allowed. Now, if we could do that with congress……..

    • Merle Dickey

      Do you want another democratic congress? Think !!

  • Mike W

    By Michelle you mean the hypocrite who said in 2007 that “Hillary can’t even run her own house – How can she expect to run the White House?”

  • Richard

    We already know what the Democrats think of the election. Hillary told us in advance. The word is “FAIR”.

  • Don Coder

    Who cares what this lady says? Don’t bore me!

  • Arcturus6

    What was painful, was eight years of her and her husband. That was exceedingly painful. Goodbye Michelle and good riddance!

    • bearone7777

      AR——-The world does not know how painful it has been for us—But maybe if we throw their sorry asses out of AMERICA–They can go live in cuba!!

  • Jimmie Cooper Boswell

    how hypocritical for mz obama, to ignore how bill and hillary have demeaned women bill raped and she attacked. just more of the dirty birds, screaming fowl.

  • Maria

    Michelle Obama is so full of it, so what Trump said in a private conversation with another man was “Shocking and demeaning”? How about the words used in the songs by Beyoncé? Are they not shocking and deeaning? but she loves Beyonce’s song and has invited her and other such singers to the WH to sing in front of their daughters, now that’s rich.

    • bearone7777


      • malaw

        Beyonce is a representative of anyone who pays her big bucks. She had better get rid of that other person living inside her she calls Sasha Fierce, the big idiot.

    • Jim

      Maria, I hope Beyonce know how to swing from the trees because that is where all of them need to go back home too, the Jungle where they escaped from.The American people that voted for this bunch of nobodies should be hanging their noggins in shame.And please don,t tell me you voted for them because that tell me how smart you are and to keep my eyes on you.

      • Maria

        No I didn’t vote for Obama, although I have not been happy with many republicans, I have been a republican my whole life.

  • bearone7777

    Well it is not going to be very “PAINFUL”–In less than a month when you are gone from “OUR”—House in WACKO D.C.!!!!

  • Vinnie S.

    Our Hope is that they will be gone soon ! Impeachment proceedings can be instituted after his last day ? Then Reparations to America should begin , to pay back all the Wasteful spending during the last eight years and repayment of the monies that disappeared between Barack and Hillary ! Criminal Charges ? Plenty of Food for Thought there !

    • malaw

      And take Loretta Lynch with them, that sorry excuse for an Attorney General

    • OldWoolfy

      First thing they should do is ask for his birth certificate (real one), draft card, and passport and college entrance applications. If he is not a legal American citizen….then everything he has done can be nullified immediately!!!

  • Pat Garrett

    The White House, Senate, House and 33 governorships. Does it get any better than this? November 8th was the best night I ever had watching TV. I flipped from CNN, CBS, ABC and NBC to watch all their faces as the results came in. It was a joy to watch. It wasn’t supposed to be like this, so now we have to put up with the Crybabies for the next 4 years. Jill Stein raised 7M to find out Trump had 132 more votes (another twist of the knife for the crybabies) Then the Electoral college, the crybabies last hope, and we know how that turned out. Now they want to get rid of the Electoral college. I would love for them to do that and Trump get the popular vote in 4 years. Finally the American people saw the light and saved America from certain decline. Thank you Donald J Trump.

    • Merle Dickey

      Now maybe we will really have hope and change !!!

  • malaw

    Truthfully, liberals have never had anything good to say about conversatives. Yes it was painful for her and the rest of the liberals to see his legacy go up in smoke. And smoke is exactly where it’s going.

  • bovestrian

    Now she knows how the previous 8 years have been.

  • georgethorvat

    I don’t like her and I never did but I will not make any insulting comments about giving her a banana and a tree to sit in and to the person who said that, you should be ashamed of yourself.

  • Marilyn

    The pain has been enduring Barack and her for 8 years! Bye!!!

  • 77099

    Ok so he caused some women to feel insulted, Michelle caused all Americans, black, white or brown men and women alike by her “never been proud….” remarks about our Country. I would vote for Bugs bunny rather than her.

  • Arrowof Light

    Really??? We all know that michael / moochelle heard that locker room talk first hand back when it identified as a MAN !!!

  • Granny Filec


  • Col. Grampaw

    January 20, 2017 – The end of an error!

  • Bacon Nivison

    Michael oBama said it was painful? What. the millions of dollars of vacations? Being the first gay couple in the shite house?? Having the main stream propagandia ignoring your crimes?

  • JoBeth

    Demeaning Madam is a man who chases skirts, has sex with women other than your wife in the White House and on AirForce1. Marrying the women you had relationships with may be wrong, albeit, he married them. If he doesn’t like women then why in H double hockey sticks does he marry them. Tail biting was done by both candidates and you can blame them both for making asses of themselves. I wasn’t happy about how the campaign and election went either but it is what it is.
    Get off your high horse and let it go. I remember when you first went into the White House you were a lady of very poor test but you were accepted for who you were………Get it??

  • Jed Graham

    Here we go lets change the focus of our country from what really matters to race and sex. Meanwhile you Michele Obama and your muslim husband open borders and bring thousands of illegal immigrants that hate us and want us to burn in hell. Read these court documents and you are surprised we figured out your true colors. We voted out your Jihadist supporting family and friends.

    “The process of settlement is a ‘Civilization-Jihadist Process’ with all the word means. The Ikhwan [Muslim Brotherhood] must understand that their work in America is a kind of grand jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and ‘sabotaging’ its miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believers…”

    “[W]e must possess a mastery of the art of ‘coalitions’, the art of ‘absorption’ and the principles of ‘cooperation.’”

  • Jed Graham
  • ReaperHD

    It’s gonna be a blast watching her TRANNY NIGGRO AZZ leaving the White House.

  • Vinnie S.

    Old Woolfy ,
    From your lips to Gods ears !!

  • Lori Shaw

    If I used one word to describe Michelle Obama it would be unprintable. She should just take her cafeteria menus home and feed them to ‘her’ daughters’ and that pathetic man she married. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

  • Countrysunrise

    What’s painful is going through the final few days of the Obama presidency!! Every day it’s Obama did this, Obama did that, and Obama did what he could to interfere with the future of the Trump Presidency!! This President hardly worked, his agenda was something from the planet Mars, and now when he decides he wants to hunker down and really get to work, his time is up, and he should be thinking about getting out of there and packing up his Oval Office, without taking any souvenirs!! I have lived through a few Presidencies, and outside of Bill and Hillary, I have NEVER seen a President like this, who has not followed protol, when they were leaving office!! They are supposed to be doing everything they can to make a smooth transition for their successor, regardless of the party they are, but Obama is throwing spears, firebombs, and monkey wrenches, into any piece of policy that he can, to tie President- Elect Trump up, so that he won’t be able to start working on improving the Country the way he imagined it should be. Obama has always wanted harm to come to this Country, and it’s obvious by the state our Country is in now. Look at how our Military is gutted, our health policies are destroyed, our Veterans can’t get decent care, the Police are now used for target practice, and the list goes on. Now that Hillary hasn’t been elected, it’s more of a case of revenge than transition. It’s pathetic!! His legacy will reflect these shortcomings.

  • rphoward1@live .com


  • Scott Todd

    His comments didn’t bother you back when Trump was a Democrat. Why now?

    • Merle Dickey

      Trump wasn’t running for office nor did he hold office as a democrat .

  • oglet

    It took the Obama presidency to clarify my thoughts on where the majority of Democrats belong. Michelle’s earliest comments as first lady spoke volumes as to her scorn for our country and its past leaders when she said she had never loved America until her husband was elected.

    Now, after 8 years of Obama, I see clearly that the vast majority of the beliefs of the Obama’s and other high ranking Democrats are essentially the opposite of those of conservative Americans. So where do Democrats belong? I personally favor other planetary bodies either within or outside our solar system but getting them there would be too problematic and expensive. Since they apparently prefer to congregate inside large cities. especially those with sanctuary status, the solution seems to have presented itself with little or no effort on our part.

    All sanctuary cities should secede from our, not so perfect union, and welcome the whole lot of Democrats to live happily together in their perceived utopia and leave us the hell alone! Problem solved and hope restored for all.

  • Mark

    Painful… That has been the last 8 years. Poor Michelle….No more free vacations, & now she can’t give anymore big parties that we pay for. She & her husband probably blew $1 billion on their entertainment alone.

  • DonRS

    Only to the left wing zealots. WE on the VICTORIOUS side find the outcome JOYOUS!

    “We won, YOU LOST” and “Elections have Consequences”. Where did I hear that first? Oh that’s right, during Obama’s lecture to Republican Congressional leaders. Somehow, it sounds so much better, today!

  • grouchyroan

    it is gratifying to have these money hungry trashy idiots out of the white house and the government, but the sad part is the tax payers are not off the hook, for the rest of their life the government will be paying outrageous sums year after year to protect these creatures, along with the pension and benefits he will get, and i’m pretty sure knowing they way they have abused the system for the past 8 years they will find plenty of ways to take all they can.

  • A proud Deplorable

    It was Xmas. It was Americans taking back their country and stopping it from becoming a global paradise.

  • Merle Dickey

    I have one word for her . Disgusting PIG !!