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Michelle Obama’s Melt Down About Trump Will Leave You Stunned

  • gooojooo1

    A black hijab works for me

  • granny_forUSA

    Too bad is was not her funeral……….

  • Whaledriver

    I thought that Barry was the First Lady: you can’t call Michael that, can you?

  • Mike W

    Her legacy??? As the first transvestite to occupy the White House?

    • Arlene Peters

      Right you are and I STILL believe that moochie “fathered” the girls (just so the bloodline will be there) and Anita Blanchard gave birth to them.. Why do you think “both” girls were “home deliveries….

      • Mike W

        The birth certificates saying that Michelle is the mother were filled out and signed by Blanchard. If you look at photos during both Obama terms – Blanchard’s husband is always around wherever the girls are – on the road – on Air Force One. Funny how when the Obama’s left the White House they left the girls too. They went straight to California to stay with some very wealthy gay friends at their mansion. Michelle got pissed – stormed out got in a limo to catch Richard Branson’s private plane to the Caribbean to Branson’s private island getaway. Barry went west to French Polynesia via Hawaii. One daughter was seen drunk and disorderly in an NYC club. The other? I wonder why that club hasn’t faced charges for serving alcohol to a minor?

  • jimmy9522

    What difference does it make to a silver back?

  • ronniecanoli

    She was ALL ( about ) BLACK they were the BIGGEST RACIST POS MF’er’s to ever to reside in THE WHITE HOUSE.. They just couldn’t bring themselves to go PEACEFULLY & GRACIOUSLY.. It’s not in their DNA…

    • Gen11American

      George Soros is standing behind them, continually prodding them with a sharp stick and yanking their puppet strings, just as he’s doing with Hillary! He invested $1.2 Billion in HRC’s losing campaign, and financed Obama’s 2008 and 2012 campaigns to advance his own Leftist globalist anti-gun agenda! At 85, Soros is running out of time to initiate One World Government with him at the helm of the world! Until that Hungarian globalist Fascist billionaire croaks, there won’t be a day of peace on earth! In addition to crushing Hillary’s Anti-Trump PAC, the American people need to politically crush the Democrats in both 2018 and 2020! The shock over additional political and financial losses may teach the Liberals a hard lesson about who really controls this country (We The People), Barack and Michelle Obama may finally be shut up, and shock may kill off the Number One Public Enemy of the State!

      • ronniecanoli

        Gen11American.. I with you, & I’m with you 100%… The death of that POS who seriously think’s he is God ,, as stated by that POS himself , COULD NOT COME SOON ENOUGH.. It will be a DAY of CELEBRATION…

      • Rodger K. Shull

        They ( the obamas both of them ) are slaves to an old rich white man of euro descent. an so are all the others under his $$$. clintons the dnc all SLAVES to his money an ideology

      • Barbara Mcmickings

        Oh man, love it

  • icemancold

    Who gives a shit what MICHAEL/MICHELLE/MOOCHIE thinks or does at least the HOWLER MONKEY is out of the HOUSE in her OPINION WAS BUILT BY SLAVES. That comment should give the people an idea as to how she felt about AMERICA.!!

    • Arizona Don

      America is the only nation in the world to fight a civil war to end slavery. Over 700,000 people gave there life in that war most of which were white people and they are racist against whites! Many middle eastern countries still allow slavery. Especially sex slaves. Which is more of less what a harem is.

  • Jamro

    so, what your saying is…she is a snowflake that has melted…. now, if only we could get her to evaporate and go away…

    • Gary Smith

      Good one

    • impeachemall

      I’m guessing that you’re one of the morons that voted for the Drumph — am I right??

      • Thinkingman2025

        The real morons voted for the crooked HRC.

        • Raymond Levy

          yep, you are right, but we cant help them , cause we cant fix stupid…………..

          • 094870

            You are sooo very right. You can’t fix stupid, oh or pathetic.

          • Melody Wenneshiemer

            Let us not forget they are also so bitter and hateful.

          • banditdarwin

            When she stated ” When they go low, we go high” she meant “We go for the jugular ,for the kill “.

          • Barbara Mcmickings

            Sure the tranny did

          • Barbara Mcmickings

            L yeppers, lmao

        • Randy J

          You nailed it, well put !

        • Barbara Mcmickings

          Amen, my feiend

      • Raymond Levy

        the obamas are gust monkeys

        • 094870

          Why are you talking about monkeys in that way what did they do to you?

          • 7734daniel

            Cheetah Married an Attorney in Illinois who was elected to public office where he and his lying got hie elected to President of the USA where she got to live in the white house, she was able to be mean and nasty to her help because they could not say anything because they would get fired.
            Thay is where the monkeys come in. So I heard.

          • Raymond Levy

            THAT IS 100 PERCENT RIGHT

          • Richard Gieser

            I don’t see where the “she” comes in. I am only aware of the two “he’s” that were in the White House for eight years.

        • dux nobis28

          The Bitch of Bengazzi , I like it has a nice ring to it!

          • David in MA

            Sounds like a movie title.

      • Kenneth Fichtl

        How could trump win when he only had 2% of the vote. It was Hillaries to Lose

        • Robert Zraick

          You math is off. Must have gone to a “progressive” liberal school.

          • Kenneth Fichtl

            no i am a dumb ass listened to the media. we will never recover the ground we have lost we have no class no manners no justice system no government, the spent tons and got nothing.

      • canda

        I’m one of the smart people that voted for Trump.

        • 094870

          You are the smart one.

        • Richard Gieser

          I am also one of the “few” 60,000,000 smart people who voted for President Trump.

          • Nancy Smith

            me too

          • mary

            me three

          • rowdy matt

            So proud of my fellow Deplorables and Proud to be a Proud Deplorable…..Thank You sir, for a Great comment…

          • Richard Gieser

            We need to organize a “PROUD DEPLORABLES PARADE”.

        • Barbara Mcmickings

          Me too, and would again and again

      • virgiliodecarvalho

        I, really, like your picture.
        and brains ?????????????????????????

      • Al

        You the Simpleton, voted for Hillary the lying crooked Bitch of Benghazi.

        • Fedup

          “The Butcher of Benghazi”

          • Al

            Yeah, that’s the one.. LOL

          • David in MA

            The Butcher Bitch of Benghazi.

        • Barbara Mcmickings

          Well said my dear , lmao

      • mac12sam12

        Don’t worry, snowflake. Trump will be gone in 2024. #MAGA #EmbraceTheSuck

        • sassy frasse


        • Barbara Mcmickings

          But hell repair all the ruin from fag boy and tranny lady by then , dumb ass

      • Dick Hudnet

        Easy to tell where you stand – just by reading your comment and looking at your picture.

        • Barbara Mcmickings

          That’s right Trump, Trump, Trump, never killery

      • Richard Gieser

        am I right??
        No, you are Left, or what’s left of it.

      • edgdco1

        And he will, didn’t he!! So get over it, snowflake!!

      • GreatWarVet

        Grow up!

        • Barbara Mcmickings

          You need to get a brain

      • stevin

        impeach urass and i am guessing you are one of the loosers (snowflakes) who like the rich 1% ie the news media cnn nbc abc cbs.that are Realy running this country.with there lies and propaganda..get a life and take your sons pic down..lol

      • dux nobis28

        Let’s make it clear anyone who did not vote for Trump is an idiot or a communist traitor!

        • Barbara Mcmickings

          Right on brother

      • 1quickdraw

        What a masterful use of the english language. You must have studied for years to come up with such a fascinating quip.. The name you go by says it all about you, another ignorant member of society who do not have the first clue as to what impeachment is or what actions are necessary to even call for impeachment. But hey, I’m sure you’re happy to follow all the other non-thinking people who use talking points to attain a “following”, hence why you choose to follow after, to use your term, “Morons” who haven’t got the first clue. Also, I’m more than certain none of the folks here voted for anyone named “Drumph”. However many of us voted for the President of the United States, President Donald Trump. You should really learn how to spell his name because he is your president. Be proud and shout it out, President Donald J. Trump. Thats right, if you are an American, he is your president regardless of your ignorance. Hey, maybe civil discussion isn’t your game! I know, let’s have a spelling contest. Seriously though, stop being a divider and subtractor. Try being a multiplier and an adder. Be part of the solution instead of being part of the problem. Your welcome.

        • Barbara Mcmickings

          Amen, Well Said

      • Barbara Mcmickings

        Dam right I did you jerk off, and would again, let’s glue your lips to the wall with waters

      • Lance Ridge

        Yep your right half the country are morons, their called the left.

      • Gen11American

        When the only other option was Crooked Hillary, you’re damn tootin!

    • BOC

      Well, I guess you’ll be waiting for the ‘Meltdown’ that never happened.

    • E. Green

      Why don’t you evaporate and go away. I’m sure Russia will take you in.

      • dux nobis28

        Russia wants no blacks Africa is best for Negtoes

        • Barbara Mcmickings

          Well said

        • Gen11American

          You’re right, it is. The problem is, the Blacks in Africa want no part of American Blacks. Africans believe they’re shiftless and worthless. After 50 years on welfare here in US, I can’t blame them for believing that.

          • dux nobis28

            Consider the old saying black black no take back hmm where did that come from???

          • E. Green

            You’re stupid brain.

        • I just happen to be Black. A decorated veteran of 3 wars and a conservative. Do I have to go to Africa? I happen to love America and was born here. Unlike that @$$ wipe obummer, I have proven my loyalty. So why should I have to go to effing Africa?..

          • PurpleLady 63

            thank you for serving your country. I am sorry there are those that want to group all Blacks and make theses misguided statements and say all blacks. There are rotten apples in all nationalities; and people need to realize this. But many people when they are on the internet seem to think it is OK to just be rotten to everyone. Please do not think badly about all of us. I am 67 and white.

          • The name calling doesn’t bother me. I’ve experienced racism here in the US and abroad… It doesn’t make me (the name calling) go and join stupid @$$ groups like black lives matter. Thanx for your support (of veterans and of this great president!).

          • David in MA

            I don’t think so, but you do know who the comment was directed at.

          • Okay.

          • E. Green

            So what you’re saying is you’re only speaking to us shiftless lazy sitting on the front porch blacks not to ones of us that served in foreign conflicts and put our lives on the line so you can sit behind a computer screen and show the real ignorance and hatred in your heard (the part that God actually see).

          • Burt Shaw

            Sorry for that…but remember its dimwitted shit like that you fought to protect. Semper Fi brother and thanks for your service…Burt Shaw USMC Vet. BTW we are all green, so feel free to visit Africa as a tourist if you so choose….Lol…

          • Jim

            Stealth fighter, I sir would like to think you for your Service to our country.People like you is what it is all about. me,USAF 55 to 62.

          • rowdy matt

            Thank You, Stealth Fighter for Your Service….and for knowing what Obozo really is…. He’s a self serving.. Money hungry… Dirt-bag like the rest of His.. Screwball.. Leftwing.. Nut-ball Party… Thank God for President Trump…8 long miserable yrs of Obumma was too long…

      • stevor

        even mentally ill/black maxine waters finally admits that Trump had no connection to Russia (though the clintons and her campaign manager, podesta, did!)

        • E. Green

          The mentally ill and black and Clintons thank you for giving use a voice. Thank you

      • Jim Strong

        Because Jamro is not a snowflake like you. You lost get over it AH

        • E. Green

          Congratulations Jamro I’m more than happy to know you’re not a snowflake and proud to know that I am. It’s a relief to finally know what I am thank God and you now I know and thank God for that black woman Maxine Waters .. no .. thank you. Education had done a lot for our great nation.

          • yiddishlion

            You sound like a slow motion train-wreck. Move on stupid.

      • Patriot1

        E. Green…..It’s the DIMS that have evaporated and melted down. Just look at the Lib state of CA who now allows Communists to hold public office. What the HELL are YOU DIMS thinking about, it sure as Hell is not the welfare of our once Great Nation…..

      • dux nobis28

        No chance Jew boy traitor! Go away

    • Barbara Mcmickings

      Amen on that, lmao

    • Jim

      Someone should take off her wig and dress and check what is up there. Thank you might be surprised.

  • Rob Anthonisen

    Glad to be rid of the Obamas

    • Gary Smith


    • 094870

      They are like a skunk, the stink stays around for a loooong time after they are gone.

      • Rob Anthonisen

        no kidding!

    • Barbara Mcmickings

      Me too girly boy, LOL

  • Irene Elizabeth Grooms


    • Gary Smith

      Not far enough

    • SABER

      Her and Oprah might decide to run together in next election.
      That is one very scary thought!

      • 094870

        Why is it scary ? Let them both spend all the money they have taken from “We The People”.

      • Mike W

        Look up the cult called SUBUD. You will find some interesting things about that cult that connect directly to Barack Hussein Obama Jr. or whatever his real name is. If you dig a little deeper you will find that Oprah Winfrey teaches SUBUD and George Soros funds it.

  • Dan

    Amazing, I felt the same way when her husband was elected both times. Thanks to her husband the United States for the past 8 years offered no hope and only promised doom for those who refused to rely on government to help them through life.

  • Pegs King

    Trump’s plan budget designed to rob food stamps from the poor, cut off Medicaid for the sick and elderly, and prevent the constitutional promise of “pursuit of happiness” should ring some kind of bells in the ears of Republican leaders in the House and Senate; especially Ryan who deliberately lied to a cancer victim about Ryan’s new plan to replace Obamacare allowing “even more” and better service. More people than Michelle Obama should be doing the meltdown thing.

    • Mike W

      You are delusional or one of the welfare people who have never held a job in your life – maybe generations of your family never had a job. People who hide behind the elderly and sick when there is absolutely nothing wrong with you. I have said for years if able bodied welfare recipients were put to work to earn the check they get each month it would not be worth it to them and they would go get a better job. That would leave more money available for those who are truly in need of assistance.

    • Cole Johnson

      Now that’s funny! Love the sarcasm brah! Are you a professional comedian? ROFL!! Do you write your own material? LOL!! Good one! 🙂

  • Richard Bagenstose

    so miss magilla gorilla is back flapping her gums , why can’t she find a banana tree to hang out on ,an ophra want to be , herd she had her penus removed is it true loltalk about racist when is anyone going to come down on them for their hatered of whites , they never where slaves, but became filthy rich from the country they hate so much, talk about dogs bitting the hand that feeds them , i want my billion dollars back she funneled to the phony bitch in canada she went to school with for the failed obomacare website

  • Mike W

    I wish they would do a story about when Moochelle was working at the university hospital in Chicago. Google it up. Her salary was tripled when Barry whoever he is was elected senator. Why? Good question – they even gave her a new position – her job was to get all of the low income black people out of that hospital as quickly as she could to a hospital more “suitable” for them and keep all the beds open for more affluent patients. I guess they thought it would look racist it they had a white person doing that.

  • Carol Henry

    Wish the OBAMA’S, THE CLINTON’S, PELOSI, SCHMER, and all the Dems in the WH, DISAPPEAR! They are all WORTHLESS TO AMERICA!

    • Gary Smith

      I agree

  • RichFromShowMe

    It’s sooooooooooooooooooooooooo ironic/moronic/evil/stupid and Definitely-Leftist-Democrat, when President Trump is trying to bring Peace to the world and exterminate ISIS/ISIL and the Wacko-Left-Socialists are screaming Impeachment based on the only two facts that have been found over the last 9+ months of investigations . . . (1) Trump likes 2 scoops of ice cream and (2) he occasionally orders Russian Dressing on his salads.

    For the Unhinged-Demented-Left these two facts are all they need to go ballistic and light their hair on fire.

    Got Matches? 🙂

  • I still remember her saying she is now in the first time as American to like America, that was made after Obama won the election. That statement was a slap in the face to America, where she had it a lot better than most of the country. She should move to Cuba so she can live happily ever after.

  • ROB

    The Arabs are looking at Melannia in awe. Her beauty and the way she carries herself. The class she shows. The looked at mushelle and said they sent this to represent America? Big but slumped shoulders and wearing some of the stupidest outfits you could put on someone. Trying all the while trying to be something she ain’t and never will be. She is hood trash. Period. And always will be.

    • Al

      ….and she hates the United States.

      • Deby

        and white people especially

        • Lac6697

          I wonder how she feels about her husband and children really. She is a racist yet her husband and children have white blood in them. Talk about hypocrisy.

          • Barbara Mcmickings

            Not their kids, proven belonged to their help, and friend, fags, and trannys can’t have kids, lmao

          • Donald, the Orange Nationalist

            You sound very uneducated. Must be one of my trumpanzees.

        • Barbara Mcmickings

          That was so apparent

    • 094870

      Why are you being so nice?

    • Barbara Mcmickings

      Amen brother

  • Bruce Walters

    Screw this homosexual witch. he’s all out of chances to destroy our country and our children.

  • disqus_D87XRi0Gy7

    Don’t you just love it, everyday now for the next four years this POS will have to wake up knowing herself and other socialist felons will rot and go to hell before we ever allow our nation to be turned over to the likes of her or anyone else that think they can just crawl in out of nowhere and tell 325 million people , we’re going to fundamentally change your country. your ass bitch !

  • Lori

    To bad there wasn’t a funeral ,a double one ,her and Obama, but I guess that’s just day dreaming because you open your eyes and the creeps are still here.

  • Arizona Don

    Well I’m a Trump supporter and I don’t care at all for her. Future generations will wonder how he and she ever got elected to live in the white house. Both black trash!

    • 094870

      Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, now that was sooooo funnnny.

    • stevin

      hey Arizona Don,lets tell future generations how he got into the white house, Obama was put in to the white house by people like Georgr soros Multi billionaire.who Bought and payed for the obama whitehouse Runs and he and the phony News media,CNN (clinton news network) NY times ABC CBS NBC thay Spin Propaganda and out right lies!! thay do not care about this Country.thay Will Distroy the country Because thay are Not in Control any More!! and thank god for that!! i Was a life long Democrat..Now i am aligned with NO Party . i am american Born and raised i could Not Bring my self to vote for croked hillery..i did vote for Trump!! and if he does not DRAIN THE SWAMP..i Dought he gets reelected!! Drain THE SWAMP TRUMP IN 2020!!

  • Both of the obumas should be run off the planet on a rail!

    • 094870

      How about the next trip to MARS ?

  • Mike W

    Anyone interested in what Obama’s “brother” Malik in Kenya has to say about Barry


    • 094870

      Why put money in his pocket? It will go to help berry do more damage to the U.S.of A. Don’t waste your hard earned money on scum.

      • Mike W

        You didn’t watch the video – he wants the truth out of Barry – they want a paternity test they do not believe they are related – just another Barry Soetoro lie.

  • CaptTurbo

    Who cares what the First Tranny, Mitchell Obama thinks? He can go pound sand.

  • Mary Eleanor Urso

    I bet I can go lower than Michelle O. How about… too bad it wasn’t her funeral!


    I loved the jab Netanyahu made today in comparison against the Obamas to our REAL President Trump and First Lady Melania.
    “For the first time in my lifetime I have real hope for change.” haha

  • cathylovesyou

    Michelle Obama Mama is an angry black woman who is upset her Mother is Maxine Waters the face of the Democratic Party. Maxine of course is on wine and it clouds her mind, she has only her ranting left, and the money she has stolen. Nice people have foul mouths and are ashamed of their own kind.

  • Janelle

    Look on the bright side……minimizes size, shoes and accessories.

  • gene smiith

    If ANY of these buffoons were asked…point blank >>>>What exactly is it about our new President that you
    so dislike that you go on and on about it, but without much real information?>>>> I for one would very much like to know what their problem is, aside from the stupidly obvious one, that he won and they lost.

    • neilhounshell@gmail.com


  • impeachemall

    I’ve always been impressed by Michelle Obama — she says what she means, and she’s a credit to her husband and daughter, and to the citizens of this nation!!

  • lenaz

    what a dumb-a** article ….you can’t touch Michelle she is awesome.

    • Deby

      Hah, right up there with Whoopie Goldberg-another ugly racist.

  • yennikcm

    the Skank, is Michael

  • They must be brought to Justice… Michelle and Barack Hussein Obama.

    169,000 criminal aliens deliberately released into the U.S. population ( latest 300,000 criminal aliens deliberately released ) by Obama administration
    Wednesday, August 19, 2015 by: J. D. Heyes

    Zika virus joins list of diseases brought by illegals

    ( Google Search for link )

    Barack Hussein Obama ended the policy banning people with HIV from entering the U.S. in 2009, and now the administration is eliminating the entry ban for another three sexually transmitted diseases, according to the Center for Immigration Studies. / 22 Feb 2016

    ( Google Search for link )

  • GrumpyGrandpa

    She wasn’t talking about the election; just her sex life!

    • 094870

      Who in their right mind would want to get that close for some think like that?

  • d peters

    I don’t care what Michelle thinks, either now or before. I have never been in her social or political circles and never hope to be. Because her husband was elect d president by duped voters, she is set up for life. She did no favors for our country. Remember when she said “..for the first time in my life, I am proud of my country.” I have always been proud of my country, but not always proud of some people in my country, especially politicians!

    • 094870

      How ever it last.

  • michael32853hutson@yahoo.com

    i think the long nightmare is finally over…

  • Gary W. Rodenhauser


  • rowdy matt

    She is nothing but a Racist Demorat…Her & her husband did Nothing for America but bad mouth everything they could…But yet they Reaped the Harvest from the American Tax Payer….She never had it so good, so now She’s “Looney Tunes” because her Frienmity, the Hildabeast,.. Lost…..Yeah!…and Hildie Won’t be able to Finish the Destruction that Obozo wasn’t able to finish….THANK GOD… FOR.. President Trump….Me & my fellow deplorables don’t give a rats tush what Moocheele has to Say….Take a Walk Moocheele, take Obozo with you…bye, bye, don’t let the door hit ya…Cry Baby!!!

  • 094870

    To bad is wasn’t hers.

  • Whatzrname

    Moocher, take your doublewide backside and go away.

  • Jeronimo Dan

    Must be hard on Michelle, as she didn’t want Trump in office, but has had full blown hate rate for Hillary all these years. Really if you get right down to it, Michelle is a full blown racist.

  • Deby

    That stupid beyotch sure as hell doesn’t speak for me! She is just worried the House of Cards her husband built is tumbling down rapidly and she could be in some serious trouble when it starts getting public attention. She was a worthless FLOTUS and thank God she is done.

  • Richard Gieser

    I can’t say that I blame “her”. Very few trannies support President Trump.

  • Richard Gieser

    Like a sticky booger they just won’t let go.

  • John Romano

    Michael Robinson you are a tranny sore loser! Go back to the cave where you came from.!

  • JL Brown Jr

    The obama, clintons, warren, lynch, lerners, holders, schumer, mccains, graham’s just don’t get it. We are sick and tired of career politicians, we are sick and tired of over regulation, having to import oil when we have our own, we are sick and tired of those in power being dictator instead of listening to us. The school lunch program is one to look at, we know what to feed our kids, a damn sight better than obamas, more food was thrown out, she eats chilli chess fries but has the gall to tell us what we can feed our kids. Obama should be in gitmo, and Michelle can go to hell

  • Brooklyn Girl


  • John

    Michelle OhVOMIT is proof you can’t fix stupid and now we know you can’t fix UGLY! This Tranny will never get it! She and that Gay, Muslim, 1/2 Breed she is supposedly married to LOST their power they were handed and helped Trump win the election because of the OhVOMIT legacy! Everything that idiot did TO America is being unwound and set aside for REAL AMERICAN VALUES and rejecting all that Islam lifestyle that is about death and destruction! OhVOMIT FAIL!

  • Tins17

    The planet of the apes are finally gone. Banana anyone?

  • Bernie Lounds

    It was her funeral.

  • Vickie Carver

    liberals will never be happy till they are in charge.. ernie

  • BOC

    A Michelle Obama melted down never happened. She, 44 and Richard Branson couldn’t wait to hit the Hawaiian beaches for a much deserved R&R.

  • srw

    Why Me$$chelle says she was “shocked” with Trumps language… in a conversation he thought was private. And was for what ..12-15 years till NBC released it. She was not shocked by the rock artists she routinely invited to the WHite House to “entertain” them. The filth in those rap songs did not compare. One rapper was question about the filth in his rap songs.. he said why should he change. It is the same ones he performed at the WH for Obumo’s birthday. And kids were in attendance. Guess Me$$chelle did not get upset about that.

  • Tins17

    The liberals believe they own us, therefore we have to keep prying their greedy hands off at the
    offices they occupy in. Let’s evict every single one of them until they are all gone at the voting polls.

  • wapitihunter

    Who cares what the manthing says. He needs to go back to poking his wife Barrys poop chute.

  • Patrick Driscoll

    You can take this clown out of the ghetto, but can never take the Ghetto out of this clown! Trailer Park Trash, at best!

  • Eddie
  • Arlene Peters

    Of course she/he had a meltdown…. She/he is scared to death that “Good Americans” will learn the truth about everything… Now that President Trump is trying his hardest to give us “Our America” back (surely without the help of the left) WE MUST KEEP AMERICA SAFE AND OUT OF THE HANDS OF THE LIBTARDS.. They are hell bent on destroying our Great Country..

  • cheryl55

    So.. this is MORE BS compliments of the Obama’s! They have not seen anything BLACK since they ran like someone was chasing them OUT of the White House! They have been on permanent vacations of course in ANY country but this one! Spending the MILLIONS they are now making again compliments of the American taxpayers! Amazing how African Americans in this country really believed that these two were EVER in politics to make anything better for anyone but THEMSELVES!! In fact Barack could not even manage to honestly counsel troubled black youth? That was the one thing that really surprised me as I thought he was a good father… I guess only to his OWN children!

  • Dondh

    This woman was the worst of the worst 1srt Lady of our country to go along with the worst president this country has ever seen! See has acted like a child that didn’t get her way! She, like her husband is anti-American in many, if not all ways! She just couldn’t stand it because their bold-faced lying and criminal, Hillary Clinton lost this past election. THANK GOD FOR THAT!! Clinton is not presidential even though she make think that besides being somewhat mentally and physically unfit to be president. She couldn’t even do an effective job as Secretary of State!

  • MarcJ

    La Maccacca went crazy – but then it is her normal state. She never worked a single day in her life; when her husband B. Hussein Obama was “elected” senator by the Chicago election machine (“Vote early and often!”) she was appointed University “Executive VP in charge of “Community Relations”????????

  • Gay Phillips

    It is amazing to me that Dems still bring up Trump’s locker room talk and would have preferred that we pick a woman who remains married to a man whose extra marital sexual exploits are known by everyone on the planet, and who has as her right hand person a woman who is married to a convicted pedophile.

  • Joel Goodman


  • jong

    She was trash at Princeton and some things never change

  • Gardener8

    The far-left does take defeat in the most unbecoming manner.

  • glenn grimm

    says going all black while wearing red, that’s typical of an idiot, or rather a guy wearing a skirt,, you know why we don’t have any celeb photos of obama doing “michelle”,its because barack doesnt do women,not even women made from a man..

  • Richard Frick

    Jungle trash masquerading as a female for the gay Barry Soetoro.

  • jug

    “She” should go back to taking her spite and frustration out on the football field, back when “she” played line backer for Oregon State!

  • Melvin Bennett

    Only female chimps were offended. Look at those huge man like hands and painted on eyebrows.

  • Melvin Bennett
  • Barbara Mcmickings

    That God,those dead beats will be gone forever , and all the trash they left behind, I for one have never been happier, my grandchildren packed their lunches for years, because, her school program sucked so badly, they would not eat the food Big Mike Chose for the school, the kids are now , including friends kids, that Big Mikes mess is over

  • Melvin Bennett

    Lord Protector Trump should be eternally thanked for getting rid of the Clinton Crime Couple, the Bush Crime Clan and the legacy of these two muslims and their transgenderism agenda of perversion and sexual deviance. But what can one expect from the First Tranny in American history. Joan Rivers wasn’t kidding on that one and she paid for it with her life.

  • downs1

    In order to be a good winner, you have to learn to be a good loser! So many of the Democrats have shown themselves to be lacking in honesty and show themselves to be poor losers! They will never be good leaders!

  • Lance Ridge

    I not sure which one I despise the most, Barry or Micheal, it’s a toss up.

  • David McAllister

    Who cares what Magilla thinks?


    This uppity tranny and Iran-born mohammedan Valerie Jarrett were the real power behind the throne on which the closeted gay mongrel sat for 8 years. If the insurrection recently launched by the kinky-headed quisling and the drunken lesbian witch that he kept out of prison is successful, Mooch may outrank both of them in the politburo of the American Peoples Republic that will follow. All of them will have to take orders from Nazi kapo Soros, however, who will turn the carcass of the United States over to Iran and the Chicoms as soon as he cashes in his short positions on the American economy.

  • searchtruthnow

    Wait a minute- Michelle says she’s going all black?

    Someone correct me here uh all this while I thought ‘she’ was already all black…I am just confused I guess.

  • fed up

    omg just go away far far away. you were a nobody before the illegitimate election of the first affirmative action puppet president. you are irrelevant

  • Nutmeg Man

    What a nauseating scumbag this “woman” is. I’m so happy Trump won to make sure that this witch is in mourning. Remember, this is the nitwit who said she wasn’t proud of the country until the world’s biggest liar ever and worst president in history was elected. It’s amazing how two such dumb skulls could have two lovely daughters. I just pray that they don’t become what their parents are. After all, Chelsea Clinton, who used to be an admirable individual, has taken up the practice of lying like her despicable parents.

  • willi p

    Who could possibly care what she thinks or even if she thinks.

    • Debra(bogene)

      It is a ‘he’ not a she.

  • 1josephg1

    They keep saying “she” are we sure or just being polite.

    • Debra(bogene)

      We are sure that ‘it’ is a HE.

    • Jack Adams


  • Gary Purcell

    Who gives a shit what these two Muslim Terrorists(obumers) have to say?? Pack them up and send them back to Yemen where they come from!!!!!

  • Jack Adams

    I wish she would disappear into any forest – and NEVER return!!! Take that mooslim hussein with you!!

  • USA

    “Except what was being buried was her and her husband’s legacy.”

    Well Said!

  • Sam Bagley

    The only thing she did in eight years was use tax payer dollar for excessive vacations!

  • MrG

    Well we’re no fan of Michael Michelle Hussein Obama no class low life evil wench

  • skitt5

    Her speech can’t be too memorable because I surely don’t recall hearing it. I probably did, but i promptly forgot it as unimportant.

  • PurpleLady 63

    It is pathetic to see adults act like spoiled children when they do not get their own way. This is how I see the democratic misfits. Stop acting like a child because your party did not win the election. Grow up.

  • graybuffalo

    Hahahahahahaha! Get used to it, Moochie!

  • Kristy McCallister

    AMEN! I agree with Jamro. Afraid I do NOT miss either Michelle or Hillary AT ALL (nor their “families”)!

  • Mark Peters

    Michelle – We were never proud that you represented our Country.

    Go Trump! Stamp out liberalism, move these people to Greece or Italy

  • JohnC3Freeport

    Why is that one complaining about what Trump said? That one is a guy!

  • ErnieLane

    As First Ladies go, she is about as classless as they come.

  • njward7

    Yes, she should. When is the funeral? I will hold a moment of silence………Not!

  • Red Steiner

    Lol She claims to be a woman and yet she supported the female who threatened and paid of the victims of Slick Willie’s serial rape career. That’s an odd for a “Woman” to do huh?

  • David in MA

    “She told friends she compared it to a funeral.”
    YUP, The funeral will be for the clintons and obamas…… rest in peace you criminals.

  • William Kern

    Well they are free to back to her husband’s Homeland, where ever that is. And she can take her school lunch program with her, maybe she could find someplace that it would be appreciated and she could fund it with some of the $75,000,000 book deal her husband has signed for. That would be a much greater benefit to society than anything he ever did as President of the United States of America.

  • Man she’s ugly.

  • kbmiller

    Everything she says and does is all about the blacks.

  • Galloper

    This is old news and really weak stuff compared to what Michelle has really been saying……..egads, you must be desperate for something to talk about..
    Michelle is just like her husband….she is crude and a liar and a militant…..she entered the white house on govt support for her husbands ”community organizing” and owning a house they got on a REAL CHEAT…..and has left with millions we can see and much more we cant see……..
    Also ,she must have awakened to what a ridiculous dresser she was . I think she believed she could become a fashion icon, for which she failed miserably……….she seems obviously jealous of the new lovely , talented , refined and mannerly First Lady, she is might consider studying her and learning something….She might also look to the dignified kind Laura Bush, Nancy Reagan ,and Jacquiline Kennedy.
    Michelle is a upper middle aged woman and I am sorry to tell her , she is not a teeeny bopper or a threatening marching oversexed college woman (most of whom are not paying their own way)……..,, In short..she should stop trying to be ”vital”’.or ”cute”……….she isnt.

  • Arrowof Light

    But, moochelle is a GUY !!!

    Just a cross-dressing wannabe !

  • joe cook

    what a bitch, look at her husband

  • Salgal

    Glad to see them go.

  • Maggietish

    Michelle Obama is a hateful woman from the first speech she made s First Lady proved just how anti-American she is. Of course she wouldn’t support President Trump because he is a patriot who cares about our Nation and the American people and that is something that is foreign to her. Part of Michelle Obama’s meltdown could be that that the party of her living high on the backs of the American taxpayers was over. She had triple the staff of any other first lady in the history of the United States; spent more money on designer wardrobe paid by the taxpayers; gave more lavish parties at our White House just for her own entertainment. The Obamas took more elaboration exorbitant vacations than any other First family all paid by the taxpayers. Michelle Obama was going through withdrawl when President Trump won the election not because she cared about our country, because she’s proven time and again she does not, but rather because she never w has to live off of her own money and get off the backs of the American taxpayers.

  • Palmer

    Michelle Obama doesn’t matter. She is done telling our Mom’s how to feed their children. Go Away!