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This Muslim Mayor Quickly Realized He Was In Way Over His Head After Attacking Trump

  • JBruman

    Trump …. London mayor is a radical supporting liberal. Look at who he has supported in the past. London voters are ignorant to elect this POS. I know its not PC .. don’t give a crap .. why in the hell would they elect a Muslim? Did they do this to prove to the world how tolerant they are .. are kidding me? We see how that’s turning out .. the whole of the UK and EU is inundated with Muslim slime!

    • apollodr

      Same reason Americans elected 0bama.

  • HR Puff N Stuff

    … move along, move along, nothing to see here. Pay no attention to the soldiers and policemen in combat gear armed with automatic weapons on the city streets. Terrorist attacks and the killing of innocent civilians including children is a normal occurrence in London, one of the safest cities in the world! Go on with business as usual. SMH. He would make a great comedian.

  • Patrick Dougherty

    Trump wins “teenagers in power tweet war” !!! hey Kahn, your’e the one who has so many different flags a random high school kid over here could not tell you what the Union Jack is. Do they know it there? or is it all Rainbows and jet black pirate looking crap flying around? Here, we still fly “Old Glory” and who don’t like it can kiss a big fat hairy ass! GBA!

  • David Beattie

    Things are just fine in London that’s why they had either SAS or SBS or both on the streets of London carrying A full load out of play toys according to the one paper I saw that said that British SF was out and about just in case they were needed. So much for the Bobbies fighting Crime with A whistle and night stick.

  • Barbara Mcmickings

    Trump wins HANDS DOWN, this Muslim mayor was a horrible choice for their country, tllets face it. A Muslim Moran will defend his own savages , regardless , its the Dumbass, people that need to impeach this mayor , he’s not going to do anything to protect their country, from his savage kind, will only will get worse, with no help from him, for their country

  • Francis Elliott

    The left has opened their doors in Europe to all Muslims, terrorists included. The stance of the Mayor of London is typical of the left, and now he proposes to speak for the British government urging a cancellation of the Trump visit. His rhetoric does not include condemnation of the terrorists’ attacks, but they seem more like an invitation to strike again.

    • DonOldGuy

      And here in America we allow “Moonbeam” in California to suggest that his state could secede, because Trump won’t follow his suggestions. I hate worrying over a repeat of the most awful war this country has ever had. Until Hussein Obama came along I never thought I would see our country as divided as it is now. We survived the social divide created by the Viet Nam War, we must not let that cancer kill our country. United we stand. LGBT Let’s Get Behind Trump. I didn’t think he was my choice for President, but he is my President.

      • Beverly Murphy

        Well stated and correct observations. I hear the drums a drumming and fear for the future lives our grandchildren will live. Time to be a Patriot, not just talk about it. The creep we endured for 8 horrid years advocated Marx and set the wheels turning about “divided they fall”. First time LGBT made perfect sense. So damn many “victims” and so self induced.

        • Alan BYRD

          You need to ask yourself “why wasn’t he your choice for President”? Killery would have been another 4 yrs. of muslim obama.
          I like your phrase LGBT Let’s Get Behind Trump.

          • DonOldGuy

            Alan, I believe that question was to me. My reply to “why wasn’t…” is: there were so many more Republican Candidates with backbone, unwavering love for the American system, and incontestable qualifications, I cannot believe the choice. He is, however so far ahead of that criminal choice provided in the election, I am not sorry to have voted. If the Republicans don’t find a way to fight the lousy PR provided by the MSM their fight becomes more difficult. I am currently unable to fathom how the cause of Anti-Sharia forces could be needed, when we already live under a Constitution and legal system that makes another “legal” system unacceptable, especially when it would require the “establishment” of a universal ‘religion’. Not being “pro-Sharia” certainly does not make one “anti-Muslim”, only pro-U.S. Constitution.

          • kornkutter

            I love it too!!!!

  • maxx

    Khan is a muslim. Enough said. Let’s hope the next attack, and there will be a next attack, targets those who voted this a$$hole in as mayor. Probably much the same as the people who voted Oblowhard into office. Brainless liberals living off others.

    • David Wallace

      We got the same crap here in the US when we had the Muslim in Chief calling the shots. But it still amazes me how dumb the general public is when it comes to these things.

  • Original Anna

    London is now 49% Muslim and that is how he got voted in. The non Muslims need to go and vote. No Muslim is going to go against another Muslim who is acting like the Koran tells him to. A Muslim will only react on those Muslims who don’t want to kill non Muslims as the Koran says to. As for the police that is not going to stop a Muslim out to wipe out non Muslims because he gets in with Allah by getting rid of the opposition. It only keeps the killers temporarily away from where the police are so they will just hunt out other areas. The police need to catch these guys and send them back to where they came from before they get to kill. That is the only solution. Better yet if they are putting together something murderous when found out they need to be in jail for treason charges to keep them in jail for life, period.

    • David Wallace

      They need to assimilate to the area and learn the language and customs if they intend to stay and become citizens. If not then kick them out.

  • david of tampa

    Let us ask the family of the dead, and all those wounded who they might think is a winner.

  • Robert F

    A Muslim mayor and now a liberal Parliament. England is again in deep trouble.

  • ter334

    It i highly unlikely that Londoners were alarmed by the presence of armed police in the streets. It shows just how far this guy is out of touch with the Brits (deliberately), or is just telling everyone he is a peaceful muslim. Part of the deception that is the political DNA of islam. But beware of all muslims. They have been working black neighborhoods for decades using race to bait the blacks. And they, muslims, don’t give a hoot about any black’s grievances they might have. Muslims only care about islam and jihad. One exception. O care about himself. Plus blacks are still better off here in the US where they are free than being a subject in an islamic country. Being a black, or a woman, or a friend of O’s gets you nothing in islam. You have to be a muslim male to have value in islam. And if you are a young black male they will give you some dynamite so you can yell akbar allah as you blow yourself up. Muslim mothers should put their foot down and say no more taking our sons,to do your dirty work that you imans are scared to do yourself.

    It is worth noting that islam is the largest group of people that have a tribe mentality on the face of the earth. And they want to make America and Europe part of the tribe. It’s us, muslims vs them, infidels as tribe policy.

  • jerry1944

    Since England put it lib parliment back to go along with it muslumm mayor maybe they want to become muslummms so they want get killed I did have hope for them when they wanted there country back from the union but they changes there mind i guess

  • Rick D.

    Liberals don’t want to be confused with facts. They’ll go to any extreme to not say anything that would be offensive to ISIS. So, they tell folks to not be alarmed when innocent citizens are slaughtered.

  • David Wallace

    “Citizens in a free and open society should not have to see heavily armed police patrolling the streets.”

    No they shouldn’t but the globalists aren’t planning for a “free and open society” so they need to get the people accustomed to seeing “heavily armed police patrolling the streets” and the sooner people get used to it the better. They intend to bring a heavily controlled and monitored society and it will take “heavily armed police patrolling the streets” to bring that about so they start desensitizing now so the population will ignore them later as they pull dissidents from their homes because they refuse to go along with the global takeover.

  • Arielle

    Are you kidding me Mr Mayor ? You definitely have something to worry about. You have had 3, COUNT THEM, 3 Terrorist attacks since March, and that is nothing to be concerned about ? You are either delusional, or a liar, to make a ridiculous statement like that !

  • Arielle

    Oh, I just remembered that Muslims are ALLOWED to LIE to infidels. That is in the Koran, and THAT is probably why Khan told the people of London that they had nothing to worry about, and that people were safe.

  • M. D’Souza

    Pres. Trump doesn’t need a red carpet spread for him by the race horse jockey of a Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, when Pres. Trump has an invitation from the Queen of England herself, to visit the U.K.

  • Duuuuuuuh

    Khan might be the Mayor of London, but first and foremost he’s a Muslim. His first interests are not for what’s in the best interest of London or it’s citizens. His first interests are for Islam and it’s dirty little followers.

    Now, just think about it. What exactly are Muslims?
    We’re talkin about a group of 3rd world savages who actually think it’s “OK” to hate, disrespect, and even to kill anyone and everyone who isn’t as stupid as they are and who will cringe, whine, cry and run in fear if you throw a hand full of Bacon Bits at em.
    Hang a little Garlic at all your windows to keep out vampires and a bottle of Bacon Bits to keep out the Muslim Scum.
    Works for me….

  • Duuuuuuuh

    When are the people of all of the beautiful Nations that are being invaded and attacked by the Muslim Savages finally going to say, “ENOUGH” and become united and start fighting back against this filthy enemy that wants to kill them and their children.

    In the past, the Governments of these same Nations have enlisted their strong and brave Citizens to defend these Nations, their Governments, their people, their homelands, traditions, historic treasures and their standards and ways of life against other evil invaders and enemys, yet now these same Governments cower and yield to a vile and evil bunch of filthy little twerps that are slaughtering the gentle, kind and peace loving citizens that those same Governments exist to protect and defend.

    Or is it that the Governments really don’t give a damn about the lives and safety of the Citizens, but only care about the safety of the Government entity.

    Doesn’t the Government Entity understand that THE CITIZENS ARE THE GOVERNMENT and without them the Government will cease to exist?
    It appears that the Government has a hard lesson to learn and it had better get off it’s donkey and start taking out the trash and getting their Nations back to the business of living happy and peaceful lives.

  • Diane C. Santucci

    If this mayor is reelected, London deserves what ever it gets!