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Obama’s Latest Scandal Could Land Him In Jail

  • yennikcm
    • Hotnike

      GREAT PICTURES!! I sure hope they will come true!!

      • WilliamHarrington

        Hotnike – Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy. God is in his heaven, all is right with the world.

    • C.T. Dixon

      Sorry too late, Obama can’t be impeached. Are you sure you used the right picture and instead meant to use the picture of a certain orange skinned egotistical buffon.

    • Dave Nettles

      Don’t forget he’s “Teflon Coated” too. Just like Bill.

    • Name

      Wow, these pictures stole my heart! It’s the first time I think Obama looks great … for his attire is finally adequate.

  • SouthernPatriot

    I sure hope it lands the Nazi-in-Chief and Liar-in-Chief in jail. That would be just for the perversion he has left as a legacy. I hope so, but I don’t think so. With all his money, he can buy off one juror, one judge, and skate.

    Congress needs to get the daily security briefing that Obama received for the last year of his reign. In those daily briefings, there will be information concerning FISA court decisions and other information that may be smoking gun.

  • MSG Leo

    Obama would love that, all the wiener he would want.

  • slimjim201

    The quick answer is no one will be held accountable. One could only hope the hammer would drop on the Obama administration for this dishonesty.

    Before any of you label me a partisan I consider myself an Independent, I’ve voted across party lines in the past. However, I’m really disgusted with the behind the scenes antics being pulled by the Democrats and their supporters.
    One thing is certain, Trump was correct with his statement about ‘draining the swamp’! I’m beginning to think we are seeing the swamp fighting back. These people are entrenched and have no plan on honoring the will of the people.
    I’ll probably never vote for a Democrat again….. I’m disgusted!

  • CompletelyOutsane

    There is enough dirt on these people to bury them. Have at it. Chop-Chop!

  • Donna Costa

    I have always known deep down that Obama is evil. I knew it when he ran for President the first time. I was screaming it all over the internet. But sadly, not enough people heard me.

    • rallyroundtheflag

      I was screaming too and my grandson called me a racist…tried to explain to him that the man had no record to make him worthy of consideration but think the color card is what carried him in

      • Grammaof4

        Shows what the schools are teaching nowadays. My oldest granddaughter wants to scream that I’m racist, but then she concedes that I have 1/2 black great-nieces and nephews that I adore. If you disagree with a person of another skin color or a liberal you are a racist.

        • nickRay

          Depends on how and what you were disagreeing with Obama about, doesn’t it? You could be one of these insufferable white people who are in fact racist as the day is long, but somehow persuade themselves that the people of color they know personally are “not like the rest of them.” Bigots use all kinds of psychological mechanisms to protect their bigotry from their own lived experience. Its a bit late in the day for you to fall back on the “some of my best friends friends are black” canard, granny, even if somebody in the family did marry a person of color.

          • sobelle

            So are you telling us you like all black people? That is just as racist as it gets. Don’t be dogging people because they have black friends. And let me just say – they might very well be “not like the rest of them” if you’re talking about thugs who burn businesses and storm liquor stores. Not a whole lot to love there.

          • Ken Hupp

            your words’ mot like the rest of them”says you feel whites are divided in to 2 groups,those that hate and those that catogrize Black people,thats being as racist as those 2 kinds are .the 3rd kiple that dont judge anybody on race creed nor nationality,but by one on one personal actions,give that some time to affect your reasoning sir

          • Missy12524 .

            Actions always speak louder than words! I never trusted the last administration because of the back room deals, and the way ObamaCare was released! A person of any color can be a bad person!

          • Grammaof4

            Whoever said I was white? My niece is mostly white, I am not (I am mostly Native American Indian with a little Norwegian mixed in). Your remarks remind me of a friend of mine that decided I am a racist because I don’t have a black man living with me (not married to me … LIVING with me) and I consider him a racist of the worst kind. Unless a black/brown/yellow/red/white person can show me they bleed anything but red, we are no different. I think racism is about as dumb as the racial hatred being brewed by fools who want the trend of hatred to continue.

          • Missy12524 .

            It sounds to me that YOU are the racist one!

      • nickRay

        And Donald Trump has a record that makes him worthy of consideration? And depending on you were screaming your grandson may have had a point.

        • sobelle

          Donald Trump is a businessman who understands economics. Oblunder didn’t even know what that word meant.

          • ExGOP

            Trump is a businessman who knows how to screw people. We will understand that better. He is going to build a wall that will do nothing and WE will pay for it, NOT Mexico. He lied about that.

          • Missy12524 .

            No proof at all! He’s done more for us in a very short time (in spite of the Dems) than Obama did in eight loooooong years!! Not impressed at all with Obama’s administration!!!

          • ExGOP

            No, he has done more TO us. We are now the laughingstock of the world. We get no respect. Putin is now enlarging his attacks in the Ukraine, knowing Trump is a chump.

        • Reverend1

          Yep, you’re a BLACK ASS Obama lover…

      • ExGOP

        But your grandson is probably right. You sound racist.

    • Dave Nettles

      After 2012 I was screaming something else, “Vote Fraud”. It isn’t that “Not Enough Heard”. Enough heard, it’s just that Obama had a well oiled cheat machine. You can read all about it in my vote fraud article @ http://www.davenettlesgospelmusic.com/vote-fraud.html

      • Margie

        Yes, I too feel it was voter fraud that got O elected the second time.

        • bbenhamid

          Lest we forget: Cabal Picks Same Puppet for “Four More Years.”

        • ExGOP

          That is all BS. There was never any voter fraud, just a hoax.

          • Missy12524 .

            No, you’re wrong! It was proven more than once! You are just in denial of the facts!

        • Missy12524 .

          Didn’t help when Reid lied about Romney’s returns!!! What an old fool!

        • ExGOP

          Your imagination is your only ally.

      • ExGOP

        You were spouting nonsense. There has never been evidence of any significant voter fraud. Even Trump had to back off when O’Reilly called him on it on Fox News.

    • ted towny

      Hell is from Chicago and that explains it all. Mob mentality! I can do anything I want.

    • Margie

      YES…..we knew Donna…..and Sean Hannity had Obama pegged correctly right from the beginning! NO ONE LISTENED!! I think the second time around, it was voter fraud that got O elected.

  • Lorraine E

    President Trump has the authority to reverse BHO’s executive orders.
    President Trump should reverse BHO’s first executive order sealing (hiding) all of his historical records and then immediately order the FBI to collect all of them. Don’t get Comey involved because he is a BHO mole.

    • Brad Fisher

      Absolutely. Comey should, in fact be investigated by Congress. There is something wrong with that man.

      • nicholsda

        Not so sure he is a mole. He may be feeding things to Trump about what happened in the timeframe from 1/1/16 to 1/20/2017. Having him let HilLIARy skate while 0bama was in could be a smart move in that now, she has no protection from prosecution. 0bama can no longer pardon her.

        • Dave Nettles

          That is a possibility, for sure if charges were brought while BO was there it would have been “Pardon City”.

          • nicholsda

            It would have been interesting if he had because for it to be valid, it has to be accepted which is an admission of guilty. And if she turned it down, she still would have been fair game. But the fact that one would have been offered would show that BHO would have thought her guilty.

      • Margie

        I agree 100% !

      • Ron

        Trump needs to fire Comey and clean house. Get rid of all those Obama people. They are not your friend.

    • Doris Will

      HAH, that is the tip of the iceberg look up John and Peter Comey and the Clinton Foundation connection

    • nickRay

      Well Lorraine. Your post was impressively stupid. There is no executive order sealing Obama’s personal records so Cheeto will have a very hard time repealing it, yanno? And how do you conclude that Comey is a “BHO mole” when he went way way way out on a legal and political limb to torpedo Hilary’s candidacy? Care to explain that? And finally, both you and Cheeto-boy seem to think winning the Presidency is being elected King. It isn’t. Presidents can’t order the FBI to investigate their political opponents on a whim, and any FBI gent following such an illegal order would put themselves in grave danger of prison. In any case who cares about Obama’s college grades? You do know he isn’t president any more, right? Don’t you think it might be a bit more germane to demand El Donaldo release his tax returns at this point?

      • bmytedbear

        You know even after all these years there’s one thing that stays in my mind. His preacher and church for 20 years saying for all to hear no no no not God bless America — God damn America. And the truth shall set you free.

      • Spiritof America

        And your post was extra stupid and impressively liberal slanted. O sealed his records to the tune of 3million dollars. This is well known. Obama is KNOW for his full time lying. NOTHING he said was ever the TRUTH. Yes, he ordered SPYING on President Trump. Your muslim king ,….is going down. Expect him to be hung, he is a traitor to this nation and pure EVIL. Before you kick some one in the gut,,,,,,,,,,get your facts straight, too much to ask of a liberal, right ? The democrat party is a minority part,..soon to go the way of the horse and buggy.. It is almost over Obama. & we can’t wait.

      • Missy12524 .

        Tax returns do NOT need to be released to hold office! Tradition only! Not required! So, if nothing is going on, why are Obama’s records still sealed? You know, like school records, and such? If he’s so honest, why can’t we see general records? I don’t buy into your theory!

        • ExGOP

          Not if you want to hide your corruption.

    • Dave Nettles

      I thought Comey might actually be OK, but this latest deal proves otherwise. I’d bet dollars to donuts that the loyal FBI agents are where Trumps wiretap info came from, after all, I believe it was his uncle that was a FBI agent.

    • Ron

      For eight years I’ve been saying unseal his records. So far no one has the guts to do so. As for Obama going to jail…he could shoot the Pope on world wide TV and nothing would be done.

  • Dan

    Nothing surprises me when it comes to corruption and deceptive practices from the Obama administration. And worse yet, he’s not finished. Now he has a command center in Washington D.C. with his cozy threesome of himself, Michelle and Valerie on a mission to undermine the Trump administration.

    • ExGOP

      We are about to witness corruption at a level far above anything ever before. This president has his business managers in the White House. NO one has EVER done that before.

      • Missy12524 .

        Your comment shows your ignorance!

    • Missy12524 .

      Why else has he returned to D.C.? He needs to go! His reign is over! Get all of the leftover Obama people out of D.C. now!

  • Steve Slamalot

    firing squad.. obama/jarret/soros/clintons/reid/pelosi/schumer/.. the whole lot of them..

    • Evan

      Great idea! Add Keith Ellison to the list!

    • Mike W

      Put em in the ol stocks first and let people throw old fruit and tomatoes at them for a few days first

      • Reverend1

        Pigs blood also…..

    • ted towny

      I would like to be there for that.

    • Reverend1

      I’ve got a big oak tree and lots of rope. Lets get er done. Damn Muslim and his cohorts. Hang em high…

    • Missy12524 .

      I think it would be far more interesting and right to keep them all in Gitmo!!!

  • terry lmoore

    i think comey is as corrupt as obama ,hillary,warren and many others in white hose.comey should be shit caned he has scared to death written all over his slimy face if he can stand up for us tax payers that pay his salary,then he should get out.he has no balls to stand up and do whats right. he will and is being looked down on now.we all know he is a coward.

    • Mike W

      Comey got a $6,000,000 bonus while working with Lockheed Martin – coincidentally right after they got a huge government contract signed off on by then Secretary of Take Hillary Clinton. Comey’s brother – Peter Comey works for DLA Piper – the same company that did the so called “independent audit” on the Clinton Foundation – of course they found everything to be legit – which is ironic considering the current state of the Foundation. If the Clinton’s would have used those private servers to keep track of their lies they may have been better off. I would look for the sudden development of dementia or a like illness to take both the Clinton’s – well – after their latest memoirs anyway.

  • parthenon1

    Obama is bold as hell he is doing obviously illegal tactics to do what he wants. . . .he still thinks he can do what he wants when he wants it. Any real honest person would go quietly and become a senior figure same as the Bushes and even Clinton. But no, he is proving what many of us have always thought he is a a subversive agent of the UN with a desire to with Soros help bring down the American government and turn it into a member of the New World Order under UN control.
    It is also time for officials at all town hall meetings to check Id’s of those who want to participate to make sure they are in the officials district, city, and or state. No one that doesn’t fit the proper area be allowed in. These meetings are to gain insight on WHAT THEIR CONSTITUENTS WANT DONE, SO THEY CAN PROMOTE THESE DESIRES, NOT OUT OF DISTRICT, CITY, OR MOST IMPORTANTLY STATE !

    • Bob Russak

      great post !!!!!!!!!

  • jesse

    There’s no doubt the obama criminal cartel was tapped into the Trump team and was spying on them. Whether they did it directly through US intel agencies or clandestinely, through the back door, using British intel services. This is possibly the biggest scandal in US poitical history and heads need to roll! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_9M5HlzCulc

    • Doris Will

      At last! Finally the word SEDITION has come from someone’s mouth. One Demoncrat jokingly called it “Baby Sitting” these simpleminded trolls think it’s funny, It’s not! It is a crime against our country, there is a laundry list of people who could be charged with the same crime. Please listen to this man and somebody get the ball rolling.

      • Mike W

        They also think all of Bill Clintons sexual escapades – all the rapes and orgies with underaged girls are funny. NYPD said they had found evidence that Hillary was also going down to Jeffery Epstein’s “Pleasure Island” for those orgies. I guess they will find that funny too. Orgies with underaged girls who were trafficked for that purpose and run-aways – yea sure Hillary represents women and children. Between the Obama’s and the Clinton’s you have 3 disbarred lawyers, 2 pedophiles and a mountain of lies.

        • jesse

          …scandals and dead bodies!

          • Mike W

            Right! Now you can add Joe Biden’s son dating his recently dead brothers widow – while he is still married. But they are fine with that too – Men in the women’s bathrooms no problem – but they draw the line at enforcing the laws.

          • Margie

            Good comment.

  • Bishop351

    Deport them all permanently.

  • Evan

    Hope this is found to be true! Would love to see obama
    sent to Gitmo for the rest of his life! The man is EVIL!
    He certainly deserves to be punished for his crimes!
    Would also like to see Hillary Clinton in a cell next to him!

  • Bob Russak

    Obama has a history of this type of behavior so nothing would surprise me. This is the same guy who used IRS to attack political adversaries. As I have said in previous posts, Democrats have no honor and will stoop to anything to attack an adversary.

    I do believe that the Dems will go to any length to protect Obama. !!!!! And I mean ANY LENGTH legal or illegal. Afterall, Dems are all for free speech and transparency as long as it agrees with their sick political anti American agenda !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Jay Crossbow

      That’s the way the scum vermin pols of Chicago play politics. It’s a Death Match. Time to go after this traitor hussein with all guns blazing

    • Mike W

      He ordered Haitian’s intercepted at sea and turned back because the Haitian’s protested at Hillary campaign rallies about the money the Clinton’s and their Trust – I mean “Foundation” stole from Haiti after the 2010 earthquake. Obama in his last days provided 1000’s of muslims to enter the country illegally but called an end to the “Wet foot Dry foot” law for Cuban’s et.al after he felt the Cubans did not support Hillary enough. He has a very childish mentality that is normal for narcissist.

  • Name

    Oh, the latest crime. How about the other crimes, starting with forgery of his birth certificate?

    • Mike W

      His birth certificate is a fraud by calling Obama Sr the father alone. His mother was already pregnant when she married Obama. Obama Sr. & Jr. look absolutely nothing alike. But if you look at another of Obama’s momma’s boyfriends – Frank Marshall Davis there is a very strong resemblance. The Problem Ann Dunham had was Davis was already married with 5 kids back in Illinois. Of course Obama Sr. was already married too and had kids in Kenya. In 1961 they probably wouldn’t look that far though – but – Davis would have gone to jail for bigamy. Davis was also a well known communist that wouldn’t look good for Obama’s political aspirations – even though he did call Davis a mentor. It’s odd how Obama also showed up in Illinois to start his political career – coincidence? Probably like the coincidence of his having a Connecticut issued Social Security number even though he never was a resident of Connecticut. Obama’s little ol’ grandma in Kenya said she was there when he was born. Is she a liar or a conspiracy theorist? Why was he called Barry Soetoro all through child hood and into college? There are so many unanswered questions as to Obama’s background – that liberals could not care less about – however if any one of these questions would have been raised about President Trump they would be screaming from the rooftops.

      • Name


  • kmeyer5063

    I wonder if the deep state will be able to keep this under wraps. If that is so, then we have indeed become a tyranny and need to shout it “from the housetops”. The swamp really needs to be drained.

    It is rather comical that liberals now say that there are accusations, but no evidence. Isn’t that the way it is supposed to work? Someone thinks that there is foul play, starts accusing someone else and then we try to find out if the accusations are true?

    Whenever a conservative is accused, they immediately have to quit, since “the gravity of the accusation” is such that they cannot remain in office. Funny how that works.

    • Name

      Yup! The gravity of the false accusation …

  • Mr. M


    • Tony Rowell

      hanging tree

  • Charles S Shepherd III

    It is time to find a healthy tree and a good strong rope. Mr. President, it is time for you to to be president! It is past time for you to be in charge. Your inauguration was held on the 20th of January it is now time for you to stand up and lead for all our benefits and for the sake of the United States of America. Please quit playing marbles, dammit you are the President for all who supported you, as I did. and all of those malcontents that did not.


    • Ken Clark

      cssiii Make that a VERY TALL, TALL tree.

  • kbmiller

    Bath House Barry would have a Gay time in prison.

  • Jay Crossbow

    What’s so shocking about this creep traitor obama using our intelligence agencies to spy on Trump.

    He did so to the Head of State of Germany as well. Chancellor Angela Merkel’s cell phone. Not to mention other European leaders. Chicago political mafia scum like obama are just that….scum.

  • Jay Crossbow

    Mr President please Fire Comey and replace him with a somewhat honest person who is pro-American.

    • ExGOP

      No, Trump owes him the election. He created a fake impression that there was something in the last batch of e-mails. Besides, he is a Republican. Trump doesn’t know any pro-Americans anyway.

  • Nancy Fitzgerald


  • kbmiller

    The Tree of Liberty needs to be “Watered”.

  • James R. Currier

    Round them all up and hang them all.

  • ExGOP

    Using Trump as a source of information is VERY risky. His relation with the truth is a VERY distant cousin that he constantly ignores. He needs a shred of evidence. I personally don’t believe he has it. His history is that he constantly makes stuff up.

    • Mike W

      I believe that it’s the Clinton’s you are thinking of.

      • ExGOP

        Not even close. He has already had several times as many lies in a month as Clinton did in eight years. Even Bush doesn’t come close. Obama is a close fifth behind Nixon. But Trump “trumps” them all.

        • Mike W

          You’re full of s**t – the Clinton’s lies and scandals go back 40 years. Not to mention all the orgies with the little girls.

  • Steve Volkle

    Nothing will happen to obummer he’ll get away with it just like hillary did.

  • Moe

    To the author, Barrack Obama could murder your wheel bound 98 year old grandmother, even if she were a deaf mute in broad daylight. The media would report she was a white racist super amidst, that was thought to be the girlfriend of the Grand Wisard on the KKK back in the late 1920’s. Get a grip on it, he answers to no laws, even now he is God compared to the average Joe. It does matter what truth is, look FBI Directir and AG Lynch covered up the Clinton scandal, now lying Comey says no proof Obama whom is a pathological lot speed on Trump? Trump I a the lamb about to be slaughtered, he needs a set of walnuts to investigate the last eight years of Obama, first by an audit of spending, missing monies, immigration nonenforcement, and I could go one and on. Remember Obama has a get out of jail card, he can lie, cheat, and cover up. Facts mean nothing to the Democratic Party or their left wing media goons. Democracy and freedom ended when we the people elected Obama presidents, it is bullpoop to label it racism it is a fact accept it I did long ago. The only problem is this dig bag will not just go away like millions prayed he would. He screwed this nation royally. Everything was a lie and now our history will be nothing, but lies.

  • johnright61

    We can only hope and wish Obama would serve some jail time. If not for this offense, maybe for one of the many offenses he is guilty of.

  • Charlie Davenport

    Any factual evidence of these allegations actually happening? I’m not holding my breath.

  • Mike W

    Obama has publicly said he will do everything in his power to impede President Trump. That alone should get him in jail for sedition/treason.

  • Anthony

    I hope it can be proven, for every one good thing he did while in office he did 9 bad ones

  • Mary

    If this website, posted on October 20, 2016, is legitimate, it could end the problem once and for all:


  • Bernie Lounds

    Obama should have been in JKail along time ago.

  • Kika68

    I hope they find that Obummer did break the law concerning his application for the FISA warrant. If so he needs to be thrown in jail. What kind of scumbag would do such a thing to the incoming president? He’s got no class at all.

  • Luke

    This entire administration should be locked up until one of them turns states evidence on the entire criminal obuma administration and crime machine..

  • ted towny

    Prosecute him, cut off all his government perks forever! Including protection!

  • Random Citizen

    Obama is behaving in the most irresponsible and partisan of any ex-president in history. He wasn’t content with racking up the big bucks Clinton-style. Instead, he’s trying to bring down the duly-elected government. He needs to be investigated and his illegal actions prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Pres. Trump needs to destroy this Deep State cabal before it destroys him.

  • Richard Bagenstose

    here is an idea , arrest oboma and michelle and put them in gitmo , then take their millions and give it to the homeless seeing how they like to spread the wealth around, they better disapear before they whined up in prison or dead

  • William M Durham

    Indict the whole mess of them, then put them on trial, let the whole nation see what a corrupt and slimy shit obama really was and expose his supporters and remove them all from govt.

  • Robert Jones

    If I know anything about politicians is they know how to stay out of jail by getting others to say and do their dirty tricks in circumventing the laws of privacy

  • Karabeth Hammonds

    In my opinion Obama,The Clintons, Loretta Lynch, James Comey, Al Sharpton, Soros, Farrakhann, Jeremiah Wright, Jesse Jackson, and all that have had a hand in destroying American people should be in JAIL for the rest of there lives..In my opinion you all are jealous because a man such as President Trump who has never been in politics has become President and has done more in a months time than Obama did in 8 years..Obama did a rapid job at destroying America and is still trying to bring harm to innocent people..In my opinion Obama and his cronies are DISGRACEFUL but one day they will account to a MIGHTY BIG GOD!!!!!!!!!!

  • loony1975

    obozo is guilty of treason, he should be executed not jailed…

  • nicholsda

    The left cannot have it both ways. Hillary referred to it in Oct of 2016. If there were no taps, than how did they get tapes on Flynn? We know 0bozo lied because he had Rosen bugged even though he said we never went after US citizens. And that required Clapper to back track on his testimony in front of Congress.

  • Wmichaelmic

    Let me assure you, Obama ordered the wiretap on Trump Tower. Nothing happened in the Obama administration that Obama did not approve of or personally direct, to think otherwise is ridiculous. Obama thought Hillary would win and the crime would not be discovered, it’s that simple. Fortunately he was dead wrong, for that he may pay the price. In reality, this is one of Obama’s smallest crimes, there are numerous listed on the internet, feel free to google and see, you’ll be stupefied and dumbfounded. This man should spend the remainder of his natural life in prison, solitary confinement so he can’t enjoy his favorite rump-humping sport!

  • jim jones

    The American government has become a never ending soap opera.

  • Barbara Lewis

    The allegations are probably true but will he be held accountable: I don’t believe so neither will hillary be held accountable for all she has done. It’s called passing the buck!!!

  • J. Ernst

    Because, Barry Dunham, Soetoro or WHATEVER-t-fck- his name is … is part and parcel of the demorat&rino cadre I call the UNIPARTY.
    The FBI is OBVIOUSLY THEIR (UNIPARTY) official such that the FBI Director is a TRUE ANTI-American and placed in a position that has/was compromised and co-opted by the NWO cabal.
    Make NO mistake that the FBI is NOT serving the United States or America OR its peoples. It would probably take at LEAST FIVE YEARS to “clean house” of these liberal and ILLEGAL globalists.
    Speaking of liberal Globalists; WHERE was Justice GINSBERG during Trump’s address to Congress.

  • DT

    Go after him President Trump. Make him put his evil hand on the bible.

  • ExGOP

    Trump is already trying to be the worst president ever. He is certainly the lyingest (already!!!). He has no idea what he is saying, but he says it anyway!!!

  • KJ

    If there was criminal wrongdoing that turns up in the investigation, then every person convicted should be punished to the fullest extent of the law with no immunity, chance for early parole, or pardon.

  • David Cole

    This message board and 90% of its contents is a wonderful example of people who are patriotic, alert and want to end the reign of evil the past 8 year. Go patriotic American!!!!!