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The FBI Just Unearthed New Clinton Bombshells

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  1. shamu9 says:

    Hang the Crusty Crunt!

  2. SED says:

    When will this administration and its legion of treasonous staff, past and present, be prosecuted for their crimes to this country.?

    1. Daniel from TN says:

      Not until after January 20th.

      1. Bill Bruck says:

        tRump already announced that he would break that campaign promise (lie).

        1. Dave Nettles says:

          Mr. Trump had best consider how & why he got elected. It was God who placed him there. God has no intent of rewarding Hillary with a free pass. All human beings can be recalled by their maker at any time, just like a car with a defect.

          1. Mister Vice says:

            All of us have defects and fallen short of the manufacturer’s baseline criteria for creatures, therefore we all should have been recalled long ago. We had best get ourselves corrected or risk removal from use.

          2. Dr Food says:

            From where I am sitting, the crushing defeat itself is an end of itself. No matter who the opponent, the MSM will be on them for the entire term. That I take no issue with EXCEPT I suspect it will be disingenuous and much of it meant to ridicule and undermine. That is not good for our Country.

          3. Mister Vice says:

            Agreed. That is why I distrust the MSM even more than the politcians. The MSM tries its hardest to manipulate politics while the politicians try to manipulate the media. The media should have ZERO input…they are supposedly unbiased journalists and report the news asit appears on the surface but ever since Watergate the media has tried to make everthing look like a late-breaking headline worthy of journalistic awards.

          4. malaw says:

            Well thank God for Jesus Christ and second chances.

        2. Michael Richey says:

          Let’s hope he was saying what he needed to say in order to make it to his inauguration. I’m surprised that he hasn’t taken a bullet yet.

          1. desertcelt says:

            I’m praying that president elect Trump has a safe and productive eight years to set this country right again.

          2. Michael Richey says:

            Me too….his inauguration is the day before my birthday. I hope he makes good on his promises. Repeal obamacare – prosecute Hillary for starters.

          3. horvath38 says:

            Hop your not talking a Bulet for Trump ??You COMMUNIST ASS HOLLE Your so much in Love with Corrabted Croocet Hillary and Democrats your willing to assesanete
            in order for Crriminal Obamas legecy be full fill

          4. Centurian says:

            Whoa dude! Drink less before you type. I count 9 egregiously misspelled words. there are a couple of grammatical errors, but I understand that. I agree with your sentiments, but that is an example of how people denigrate us and call us ignorant “deplorables.” I get the frustration, but let us not give them ammunition to use against us.

          5. Randy H Eldredge says:

            Centurian – All the bullshit about misspelled words and grammar errors plays right into to the fanatical liberal scheme of trying to shame conservatives into silence! So tired of hearing that stupidity from both sides. Are you telepathic, so that you know what is the native language of a writer? How well can you communicate in other languages? Are you aware that some people have difficulty spelling words perfectly for numerous reasons? Personally, I never text on a phone ’cause thumb typing is not for me and I don’t see well in my old age. Your accusation of drinking too much may apply to you, but not everyone else does.

          6. Centurian says:

            I don’t disagree with you. I just don’t want to give more ammunition to the other guys. They will discount what is said if it is said that poorly and then label us all with that example. Also not trying to be the speech police, but looking ignorant or incompetent in front of the opposition that trolls this site does not help. I have no idea about the native language of the poster, nor would I try to post in Japanese.

          7. horvath38 says:

            Being in us 4-years i tink I’m duing petty good w 5 other languages in my brain
            so swolowe thet and keep practicing you Liberal Communist mine set as for drinking ONLY GOOD FRESH WATER

          8. Centurian says:

            I am the polar opposite of a liberal communist. Call it anarcho-capitalist. I don’t see a reason for very much government beyond the state and local levels. Not trying to be critical of your multilingual skills. Usually when I see something like that it is for other reasons. Your latest response is much easier to understand. Sorry if I made an assumption and upset you. That was not my intent. We just need to be careful to not give the other guys ammunition to label all of us. I was once pretty fluent in ancient Latin and at least functional in Spanish. Learned a little Japanese, but that is a hard one for Romance/German speakers. I wish you well.

          9. horvath38 says:

            #1 German ,Spaine ,Hungary only one country it wass wery hard to learn French ,Chines all pice of cake nowe practicing American Englis , Japanese wont be to hard to graspe if needed W IQ 175

          10. Centurian says:

            We are in the same IQ range then. I choose to use my time and talent on other things, and I don’t have much need for other languages now. Hung out at a Mexican food truck a few weeks ago and about 40% of my Spanish came back to me. Funny, I could even assess accents and know where they were from. With little difficulty, I can pass as English (by region), Canadian or Australian/New Zealander. Everyone has different talents and interests. Hope yours are serving you well. Most smart people need at least 3 years to become functional in Japanese. And, that is just the language. Culture and customs is another kettle of fish. I worked for a Japanese company and had to learn the do’s and don’t’s up front. Began studying the language but gave up. We were sold to a Canadian company before I could have had a cogent conversation in Japanese.

          11. horvath38 says:

            Smart cooki if so you can joine me working for us gov and we might met be well

          12. Randy H Eldredge says:

            I thank you for the uncritical reply. I understand your desire for conciseness and accuracy in what is posted. I used to think that more important than now. However, after following @Scott Adam’s (author of Dilbert cartoon) blog for some time, I have concluded that persuasion does not rely on fact, accuracy, common sense or many other factors that an educated person would expect. Rather it relies on dissonance, saying things that are memorable whether factually correct or not! It relies on leading disbelievers gently or roughly to the persuader’s point of view.. It relies on disinformation often, which the liberal cadre has masted I would encourage anyone who sees this post to go to Scott’s blog and gain insight. See

          13. Dr Food says:

            No, I am not the speech police. That being said, you may want to consider correcting, as best you can, the obvious spelling and grammatical errors before final posting.

            A difficult read only diminishes the message and provides food to the “intellectually supreme liberals” among the readers. You do know their self anointed mental supremacy makes all the difference. That is one of the reasons they use baby diaper pins for comfort. They read about its healing power in the NYT which provides full justification. And they follow Obama’s every word as if he knows everything when, in fact, after 8 years he has learned little because all he seems to do is look in the mirror as his source of knowledge. I find it sad that anyone thinking person believes anything he says.

          14. Michael Richey says:

            You should try comprehending instead of assuming. I voted for Trump. I’m surprised the liberals haven’t tried to kill him.

          15. malaw says:

            I’m surprised you haven’t been arrested yet for saying such things. This is like calling for the man to be shot.

          16. Michael Richey says:

            I’m surprised they haven’t tried to assassinate him – I never said that I want him to be shot. I voted for him.

        3. edgy01 says:

          I absolutely want Trump to suggest that “HiLIARy has already suffered enough” for her feloneious behavior…until 21 January. Once the current POTUS is no longer capable of granting a pardon, they the new AG can start the prosecusion.

          Let’s not risk her getting pardoned before she is fitted for a new orange jumpsuit.

          1. malaw says:

            I agree with you there. The smart thing to do is nothing for now.

    2. George Reed says:

      Possibly never .

    3. Johnnyboy says:

      its just 10 days away, I am counting the seconds….

    4. TheEye says:

      Probably never.

    5. Houmid says:

      The top dogs? Never. The worker bees who did what they were ordered to do? Over the next 24 months, quietly, and with little press coverage.

  3. MpMom says:


    1. Houmid says:

      Hansel and Gretel solution: lock her up in a very small, very hot room for 10 minutes per pound.

      1. jackcandobutwont says:

        at 10 minutes per pound, that will takes days even weeks! We better get some truck scales to weigh the hildabeast!!

  4. Adrian Vance says:

    Hillary will look good in prison orange.

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” for more.

    1. Daniel from TN says:

      We’ll never see her in prison orange. Politicians go to a special prison just for politicians, not a regular prison. Such a facility is at Maxwell AFB, Alabama. Several years ago one of the major networks visited one of those prisons and did a story about prison life there. Here’s some of what was reported.
      1. Each prisoners lives in a 2000 square foot cottage, not a 200 square foot prison cell.
      2. Prisoners families have the option of living with them.
      3. Each cottage has multiple telephone lines with free, unlimited long distance.
      4. Prisoners wear tailor-made clothing, at taxpayer expense, instead of standard prison uniforms.
      5. Meals are prepared by gourmet chefs, not standard cafeteria cooks.
      6. Prisoners have no duties such as trash collection, KP, etc.
      7. Library and recreational facilities for the prisoners are better than for the law abiding soldiers and their families on the other side of the base.
      A stay at one of these facilities is like a stay at Club Med; all at taxpayer expense.

      1. Judge Gary J Dean says:

        Sorry, see the Montromery Site is for MALE offenders only. Don’t know if there is a similar institution for Female Offenders. Of course we are assuming Hillary is still Female (grin)

        1. nicholsda says:

          FPC Alderson would be one place she could end up. Same place as Martha Stewart went to.

      2. Mary Xiques says:

        Evidently, she will never be even prosecuted, much less jailed!

      3. MysticBear says:

        I am sorry, But the Best place for Obama and the Hilary Corruptibles is GITMO! With what ever Terrorist that are left in there. 1 Bathroom and Shower for all. From the First criminal “Operation Wide Receiver”, and “Fast and Furious” Eric Holder, to the rest of Cess Pool Swamp Dwellers like IRS Lois Lerner, Loretta Linch All those involved BATF, DOJ,FBI,CIA etc. Then all the Illegals caught sent to GITMO to keep The US Crimminals Company.

        1. gataheart says:

          Could be why you see ‘o’ releasing them all ..just in case he goes there.

      4. Wandell Carter says:

        God forbid! Let’s hope she gets the needle!

        1. Daniel from TN says:

          Hillary will not get the needle, firing squad, or even a prison sentence. At most she will get a suspended sentence or probation; all for one reason. She knows too much.
          She knows where a lot of skeletons are hidden for a lot of people, including members of Congress.
          If Hillary goes down so do a lot of other people. The powers that be simply will not allow that to happen, regardless of which party controls the government.

      5. betty thompson says:


        1. Daniel from TN says:

          If a politician is convicted of a crime at the federal or state level he or she is automatically sent to one of those elite prisons. As to which one specifically, I assume it would be based on which prison had an opening at the time of sentencing, but I could be wrong.

      6. James310 says:

        I live in Montgomery and have been there. Not sure what show you watched, maybe it was on CNN…. It is a “Minimum Security” facility housing a little over 700 inmates, with no “hardened criminals” in the population.
        Cells or rooms are larger than a “compliant” cell size yes, but no cottages. Visitation is from 8 am to 3 pm on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, but no families living with them. Phone lines, do not know, but most phones on base have some code to access them, and many have long distance lines. Prison clothes are worn most of the time, except on occasion civilian clothes are allowed, but no government paid for tailor made clothes. There are no gourmet chefs except at the distant officers’ and NCO clubs. There are very few duties or “chores” for them to perform, but a few for every inmate, some of those on the adjacent golf course and riverfront. They can elect to do more work, and if qualified are paid a nominal sum, as in all prisons these days. Most have access to some base amenities…golf course for one, but nowhere close to the quality and extent of what is provided for service men and women and their families. Not a “Club Med” by any stretch of the imagination.
        Several of those convicted in Watergate related issues were housed here for a varying number of years.

        1. Daniel from TN says:

          The article I saw aired before CNN was on the air (or cable). It could very easily have been one of the other facilities. I remember the article because I remember thinking those prisoners live better than I do.

      7. Lookinforawayout says:

        Well, looks like President Trump is going to have to add this to his list of changes during the first 100 days. 😉

    2. MONKEY BUTT says:

      she would look even better dead at the feet of a firing squad

      1. Adrian Vance says:

        Now, now, let’s not be evil. How about putting her in a zoo and have thousands of school children watching her performing bodily functions and watching Ellen Degenerate?

        1. MONKEY BUTT says:

          I am not being evil, she would be getting just what she deserves and your god Obama should be laying right beside her to!

          1. Adrian Vance says:

            Be careful… He is still President for nine days and you just came dangerously close to committing a felony.

        2. MONKEY BUTT says:

          besides why would I want to frighten school children to death with a sight like that! you would probably enjoy it because you sound like some kind of perv.

          1. Adrian Vance says:

            Please do not drag me into your invective. That would be a big mistake, but you make a good point, however I think it may be good for kids to see what a really evil animal looks like, eats and poops.

          2. nicholsda says:

            Sign should read: ” Hildabeast, the most dangerous animal on Earth. Stay back and do feed the animal junk food.”

          3. Adrian Vance says:

            Excellent suggestion.

    3. Wesley E. smith says:

      It would be an improvement but she will look better from the back.

      1. Adrian Vance says:

        From the back? She looks like a duck waddling. Hillary has a big butt.

    4. James310 says:

      I live in Montgomery and have been there. Not sure what show you watched, maybe it was on CNN…. It is a “Minimum Security” facility housing a little over 700 inmates, with no “hardened criminals” in the population.
      Cells or rooms are larger than a “compliant” cell size yes, but no cottages. Visitation is from 8 am to 3 pm on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, but no families living with them. Phone lines, do not know, but most phones on base have some code to access them, and many have long distance lines. Prison clothes are worn most of the time, except on occassion civilian clothes are allowed, but no government paid for tailor made clothes. There are no gourmet chefs except at the distant officers’ and NCO clubs. There are very few duties or “chores” for them to perform, but a few for every inmate, some of those on the adjacent golf course and riverfront. They can elect to do more work, and if qualified are paid a nominal sum, as in all prisons these days. Most have access to some base amenities…golf course for one, but no where close to the quality and extent of what is provided for service men and wormen and their families. Not a “Club Med” by any stretch of the imagination.
      Several of those convicted in Watergate related issues were housed here for a varying number of years.

  5. tundrafox says:

    The Butcher Of Benghazi and the treasonous traitor who gave confidential information to we don’t even know who then lies through her teeth and the idiot socialist liberal communist democraps follow her blindly. You know the lemmings here in Alaska sometime just line up and they follow blindly who is in front of them and if they come to a cliff the first one fall to their death they just keep following until someone way back in the line wakes up. These socialist liberal communist democraps are the same way, they blindly follow this Butcher Of Benghazi and the treasonous traitor, hillary and when she ends up in prison I wonder how many will follow her there.

  6. Terry Smith says:

    The crimes committed by Obama and Hillary are bad in their own right, but when you add the arrogance and cavalier attitude toward the careless handing of classified information handled by them and the unknown cost in American lives and resources, plus the deliberate treasonous acts of Obama himself, the whole thing screams out for prosecution if nothing else for a deterrent against future acts against our nation. But they have managed to move the light over to the Russians for now in typical Democrat behavior and accuse them of what they are guilty of themselves.

    1. jackcandobutwont says:

      If Congress. specially the GOPers had any balls, hildabeast and bill the serial rapist would have already spent a decade or 2 at gitmo.

      THE problem is that there is no 2 party system. The Dems and Reps combined/morphed into onw party decades ago….One party to screw, lie to, cheat, ignore and do whatever they want!!

      Notice how one party is ALWAYS saying it is the other parties’ fault….HELL NO…it is ALL of Congress’s fault!!

      1. Terry Smith says:

        Gotta agree. No one has the high ground in Washington. Everybody is covering their own 6 and are just a bunch of self serving leaches.

        1. jackcandobutwont says:

          They are pigs bellied up to the DC money trough…and that trough is WE THE PEOPLES!!

      2. Wesley E. smith says:

        Clean House and Senate too!

        1. jackcandobutwont says:

          Clean the swamp….and all of bobo’s appointees, specially the moooosies, remove all of bobo’s judges…..remove, delete and undo everything bobo did for the last 8 years….let him keep his golf scors and vacations though!!

    2. Wesley E. smith says:

      ONLY they are above the law!

  7. ter334 says:

    Let’s just prosecute her/him according to the law. And penalize him/her according to the law. Let’s not be like Vendetta Lynch and go after him/her/them just because we don’t like them. We do not need a Trump version of outlaw politics under the guise of PC. PC is dead, the funeral is in 10 days. We need to go back to LC. Legal Correctness where the Constitution is their guide. Politician’s Lives Matter. Just like Unborn Babies Matter!

  8. Rani says:

    Hillary Clinton must be prosecuted because our people at that consulate in Benghazi died. The private server had no business being put in her basement and because of her arrogance and protection by President Obama and the rest of her friends, those emails she sent and received were compromised. Hillary Clinton should not be above the law, therefore, we should look forward to hearings which will lead to her imprisonment if she is found guilty. No one should be above the law, including the Clintons. It’s bad enough that Bill Clinton was never prosecuted for perjury and what he did to the women he molested, so let’s see what hearings hold for Hillary Clinton and her husband this time around.

  9. John Redman says:

    “ethically compromised liar.”. Hmmmm. Is that different, better or worse that congenital liar, habitual liar, or compulsive liar? Is she a liar at all or just an inventor of her own truth? The poor thing IS from the Chicago area I’m told and prolly cannot help it.

  10. Above all, Trump must step back from this new damning release and remain dead silent along with Sessions refusing to be involved in indicting HiLIARy so that the fraud doesn’t give her a blanket pardon. Lay low, get inauguration complete, then let the law take care of HiLIARy and bury her lying butt.

  11. Morena_nic says:

    yes…Obama entire administration deserve jail

    1. malaw says:

      And Loretta Lynch should be the second in line. Pathetic piece of poop

  12. ernst says:

    Hillary Clinton being an “ethically compromised liar” is not something arising from the email scandal. It goes back to her time on the Watergate committee, through the Whitewater investigation, through the Benghazi incident, and everywhere else her career has transpired. Hillary Clinton has never been other than an ethically compromised liar.

    1. Houmid says:

      I suspect Hillary’s dishonesty is fundamental and could be found from before she even went to school.

      1. ernst says:

        It might be genetic! Too fundamental to evict. Born liar.

  13. Dan says:

    No doubt Hillary is in hiding right now, meeting with her defense team on how they’re going to handle her upcoming indictment.

    1. LEHensonPROAmerica says:

      How could you use a scum sucking moooooslum for your icon? lol

      1. Dan says:

        It’s coming down on Inauguration day!!! Yay!!!!

  14. Joe San Martin says:

    The Swamp needs to be drained. Hilary and Bill are the biggest snakes in that swamp.

    1. betty thompson says:


      1. malaw says:

        Why, they have nothing in common. For starters, the clintons hate him because he’s richer.

  15. RichFromShowMe says:

    Will “the witch” finally pay the price . . . unless obamba pardons her?

    obamba will probably pardon her as email “crumbs” continuously lead directly to the White House; i.e, President Jarrett and her Pet Teleprompter Reader.

  16. John Somers says:

    To coin an old Military saying ” DON,T piss off the 800 pound Gorilla at the top of the hill. Chit flows DOWNHILL” Seems as though it will never be either Clintons OR Odumdum’s fault some poor underling will have to take the rap for everything.

  17. Gidge713 says:

    Sessions already said he would recuse himself from the emails, but how about his Asst. AG Giuliani, I hope.

  18. gf says:

    The pardons that Barack Hussein Obama will give, will be massive in number. Will Hillary be one of them? It would not surprise me at all. Can a pardon be given to someone, that was not indicted or convicted of a crime?

    1. malaw says:

      Great question.

  19. Dick Motta says:

    “While Democrats and the media invent excuses for why Hillary lost, such as “fake” news and Russian hackers, it was her decision to use an unsecured private email server, which in the end, fed the public’s impression of her – that she is an ethically compromised liar”.
    Clinton should be indicted for breaching national security. Officials at President’s office, FBI, CIA, NSA, SOS and all others involved should, also, be indicted for complicity to breach national security.

  20. LEHensonPROAmerica says:

    The bad news? yep the obamination could pardon all of the animal traitors – the GREAT NEWS? He would then be up for treason, a firing squad offense! Although they should use ROCKS -the mooooSLUM way!!

  21. Bigmanuger says:

    Personally I think the Hildebeast should be charged with mishandling of classified information, for allowing her minions without proper clearance to read and possess the information. she broke the law and should suffer the consequences of doing so just like any of us would. Just because she’s the Hildebeast doesn’t give her any special consideration. If Jane or Joe Blow did what she did It’s certain they would feel the full weight of the Federal gubbermint come down on them.

  22. Freedom says:

    And just think all this happened with voters trust in 2008.

    1. malaw says:

      You know I said it back then and I say now, only an absolute IDIOT believed his promises.

  23. betty thompson says:

    when will they make her go to jail for what she did MANY say they would be in jail by now what makes HILLARY so much better than any other AMERICAN person JUST FOR LETTING 4 MEN DIE IS THE WORST I WORKED FOR 47 YEARS AND DID A BETTER JOB THAN SHE DID NOW GET WITH IT PUT BOTH BILL AND HILLARY IN JAIL

  24. pawanna says:

    Go to Jail – Go directly to Jail…….

  25. Mike says:

    I am disappointed that Trump has backed off of prosecuting the bad actors in the current administration. Yet I understand if it is put in the context of concentrating on more important things, like US and global security. .

    1. malaw says:

      Believe me Trump has been advised not to do or say anything at this point about prosecuting her, because if he does obama will surely pardon her. As long as obama believes or thinks trump will not prosecute her he won’t try to pardon her. Once obama is out of office I hope they come down on her like a ton of bricks.

  26. JOHN MILLER says:


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