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This Death Rocked Fox News

  • Betty


    • ThomasJefferson

      Their Moose are pissed off about it however Betty. Thats ok, the ilk commenting in this thread are too dumb to know the difference

      • Wambli525

        Well said Thomas : )

      • spike

        I have noted – if one is writing anything critical, be very sure to do your spell check – the opposition will be all over any typo! I think I might (hopefully) be a shade above dumb.

        • ThomasJefferson

          True that Spike. I try to proof mine but no matter how diligent I am, I get bit, What REALLY stings is when you get called out for a typo, by someone that the act of catching it was probably the closest thing to a display of intellect they have posted since the first time they touched a keyboard.

    • Emily Graves McDonald Didn’t know CNN had an elk. Where do they keep it? Is it their new logo?

      • Betty

        mispelled ilk but maybe you don’t know what the word means

  • Kaywhever

    The Muslims are destroying Fox News. Won’t be long now.

  • srw

    Several years ago, Murdocks sons gave interviews saying how they despised Fox and their slant on news. Despised most of the people working at FOx. Since they have been in charge… they are creating their own far left mediocre like every other station.

  • polly

    The end of Fox

  • Harold Henderson

    I recently learned about the new conservative new network, ONE AMERICAN NEW (OAN) on channel 347 DirectTv.

    • dfinch

      The larger cable companies aren’t carrying it and there is no window when they will. I’ve been on their website and I like it but it seems to be struggling with their TV communication.

      • Harold Henderson

        Governor Sarah Palin To Guest Host One America News Network’s Political Talk Show “On Point” It may take a some time, but I would love to see Sean Hannity and a few other top conservatives switch to OAN. But only time will tell.

        • jong

          Look for most of FOX’s good people to leave. Including FBN

          • Amber

            They will still have Juan Williams who they have on every show and Old Shep.

          • jong

            Hum, perhaps they will have Shep bending Juan over. And begin a good liberal Juan can not complain about a homosexual “using his rights” 🙂

  • Mark Shipp

    FOX in now nothing but MSN lite.

  • jaboj

    These Leftwing Liberals are being rather hasty in writing Fox off. The citizens of this country, right or left, deserves to see what both sides are up to. Fox has done a great job of sorting fact from fiction. Without Fox all we would see on the news are opinions like that of critical people like Tapper, Anderson, Maddow, Morning Joe , etc. Don’t Democrats want to see what other people are up to. I like to keep up with the news on both sides so that I can make up my own opinion, and not be swayed by either side. If you believe everything the right says or what the left says, you are letting one side tell you what to think. WAKE UP!!! Stop letting these people with ulterior motives tell you what to think. P.S. I would like to see Bill O’Reilly return, kick butts and take names. Fox will return with both guns loaded, and LIARS BEWARE

    • ThomasJefferson

      Another dimwit, fleeced by FAUX NEWS. Remeber this FACTOID jaboj. one lie, contradicting another, does NOT bring forth the truth.

    • Amber

      Sorry but when Fox News took a left turn – their ratings went south. I don’t think they will be coming back. New people won’t help – they need new management.

  • jong

    His son said some nice things. Including bringing hell down on those that basically caused his fathers death. I hope he gets both Murdoch children.

    • Red Steiner

      I stand with you Sir.

  • mekatie

    You can always count on the dumdacrats to say stupid things

  • Red Steiner

    It’s not a surprise to anyone that the cowardly Dim reporters hated him. He was a Patriot of the first order. It’s typical that the attacked him only after he was dead. I Salute him as a Patriotic MAN of integrity and a true American Hero.

  • Amber

    It must have been very hard on Mr. Ailes to see a Masterpiece he had created being destroyed. So many people watched Fox News, along with myself, and have all turned to other news sources.

    • Morena_nic

      Still is the most reliable and trustworthy. Fair & balance. The rest is not news but fake news and the propaganda arm of the dummycrats

  • Jim Cremeens

    He is no different than Bill Cosby when it comes to sexual harassment. The 25-30 women in the office that worked for the pig should have said something about the problem years ago and put the slimy bastard in prison where he belonged. Thank GOD for karma, it works every time. May you never ever rest in piece you asshole.

  • Sanjiv Gokhale

    The Murdoch brothers got it easy so there’s no appreciation but the early days of Fox weren’t easy. These spoiled brats will sink Fox no doubt, so perhaps Trump or someone with deep pockets should start another network & it will & can destroy Fox ,

  • Nun Ya

    So exactly how did his death rock Fox News?