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This Mistake From Bill Clinton’s Past Just Turned Deadly

  • Mike W

    ” Back in 1994, former President Clinton negotiated a deal to ship $4 billion in aid to North Korea in exchange for an eventual end to their nuclear program.”

    That worked out so well that Obama repeated the same idea with Iran.

    • Ima D. Plorable

      Clinton and Obama… two peas in a pod!!

      • Donna Boutin

        more like 2 idiots in the pod..

        • Paul Whitley

          2 Pea brains.

        • japurol

          Yes, “idiots” with their pocket bursting with cash !

          • John E Strom Jr.

            Some run for election as patriots. MOST run for the perks, power and prestige. ALL retire as $Multi-MILLIONAIRES. Many politicians but few patriots.

        • 5live5

          Two turds in the same a$$!!!

        • Maria castro

          Idiots are not, conmen,mafia,repugnant and country sellers, dont forget Clinton burnt the flag.

      • Askjrsk

        That pee on school other.

      • Jeronimo Dan

        Yeah, one married to an Old Boy, the other married to an Old Dyke.

      • Annie

        2 criminals in a pod!

      • xenonman

        That’s pea or pee? lol

      • BruceW

        correction not “peas” “POS” is more accurate

    • RockinOn
    • Bayside GolfClub

      It was intentional in order to create chaos and crisis.. In clinton’s case it’s no real secret that NK as well as many others had blackmailable material from their oval office overlooks and bill’s escapades as a scuumbag.. Imagine what the recordings were worth, in your tax dollars…

      • Mike W

        And Obama – or whatever the hell his real name is – is still doing everything he can to hurt this country.

        • Annie

          You are 100% correct! He needs a big piece of duct tape on that ugly mouth of his! He’s a waste of oxygen anyway!

          • Deborah Pratt

            Save half that roll for Maxine Waters!!

          • Mike W

            “Mad Max” – people say she is crazy – but I disagree – there are treatments for crazy people – but – you can’t fix stupid.

        • Robert Zraick

          I say hurt him back. These vile people are guilty of millions of deaths and crimes against humanity.

          • Mike W

            Doesn’t anyone find it the least bit strange that President Trump made all of his money in the private sector – and – the politicians who want him impeached/removed from office the most are those who made all of their money in so called “government service”?

    • John E Strom Jr.

      To America’s and the world’s detriment. But what are a few million dead to either of those criminals?

    • ONTIME

      Only it was $50 bil and no one knows where the money came from to date…….Crooked deals between crooked people are deadly…..

    • Askjrsk

      And Hillary with Russia and uranium.

      • Jaswars

        Talk about Collusion.

      • Deborah Pratt

        No, No—it was Pres Trump!! Just ‘ask’ her, she’ll tell you!! LOL

        • Askjrsk

          She’ll tell you anything you want to hear– for a price.

    • Doris Will

      They even made a movie about that: “The Mouse That Roared”

    • zizi Newton

      Our country does not deserve these idiots. I think Clinton was a pure dumb-ass. Obama, on the other hand, is simply a traitor, a deliberate nation destroyer.

      • glock 19 fan

        It has been said that people get the government they deserve [ because of the creeps they vote for]; Reagan was great for us even though the CFR had surrounded him with CFR people. But then came Bush the Elder and the Clintons. Bush the Younger gave us a reprieve but then came Obummer. Hopefully — this time — the voters will will have learned their — and our lesson.

        • Deborah Pratt

          That may have been true, at one time. However, with machines that ‘cheat’ FOR them–that is no longer the case!! We had no idea of the horrendous ‘trick’ played on us by Soros, Obama and, ‘almost’ by Clinton!! So thankful for Pres Trump for calling these traitors out into the open!!

        • Town Crier

          The Dems will NEVER learn! To them, any “D” is good and any “R” is bad, they’ll vote Dem every time.

      • Mike W

        I don’t think he was a traitor – he was never on our side – more and more evidence that he was never an American emerge all the time. I wish they could unseal all of his records – maybe if/when he is dragged into court they can be subpoenaed.

    • jackcandobutwont

      and you can go back to Jimmy Carter and his handling of the Iran clustermuck!!

      Dems, liberals, have gotten more people killed than Stalin, Mao and Hitler combined!!

      • Deborah Pratt

        And the numbers still climb!! They aren’t ‘done’ yet and we had better believe that!!

    • Rodger K. Shull

      well it was a THE MONKEY SAW an the MONKEY DID. what he saw, commies serving commies with USA TAXPAYERS $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$, get 2 ropes

    • disqus_2yv97E418L

      Nailed it ‘- what about Hildebeast selling our uranium to Russia? Wanna bet some ended up in Iran?

      • Wynette Atkins

        And some in North Korea also. Who knows if Russia is desperate enough financially, (which they most likely are); they probably even sold some to China, Pakistan and India, who are also nations with nuclear weapons. I may be mistaken, but don’t believe any of those countries have Uranium.

        • Joe Trainor

          Wynette, you ask some great questions! I believe the answer is that the enemies of America are the friends of the Democrats, and have been for a long time. If anyone should become interested in prosecuting the hildabeast, the investigator would claim that there was no malicious intent on her part, and if you are a democrap you must rewarded for being incompetent. There could be no suggestion of evil intent–like she needed some more money for her foundation. Of course, Obama would assert that never knew anything about it until he saw it on Fox News, just like he never knew that Hildabeast was using a private server for government emails even though he communicated with her over it.

          • Wynette Atkins

            All true. God I hope Jeff Sessions has someone besides Assist. FBI Director McCabe investigating the Clintons and Obama for her private Server and deleted emails with National Intelligence Info, and her and Bill’s Pay-to-Play schemes, and Obama using Intelligence agencies to gather information illegally on his Political Appointments, besides giving funds from State Dept. to George Soros and his NGOs to interfere in elections in Israel, Macedonia, and Albania. And scoop up George Soros in that also.

            Although I suspect he is waiting until new FBI Director approved by Senate, so he can have McCabe fired and new Assist. selected by new Director. Either that are he’s waiting until he can get Robert Mueller out of the way. I don’t trust either McCabe or Mueller as far as I can throw them. McCabe was the FBI that directed the 1st investigation into Clinton Private Server, and couldn’t find intent. So he’s been paid off by the Democrats. And Robert Mueller (the FBI Director under Obama for first 5 1/2 years), when Fast & Furious Gun Running took place; IRS targeting of Conservative and Christian Groups; along with the attack on our Consulate in Benghazi. So we know he’s paid by the Democrats also.

    • Retired

      They were both trained by the same criminal that should be thrown out of the country and fed to the sharks along with his fellow Ghetto people .

    • robert sanders


      • Mike W

        He still thinks he is in charge – he is a joke – like in the the old Seinfeld show where George got fired but kept going to work everyday.

  • Theresa M Collet Armstrong

    Wow, and all the other Presidents after him had to have known about this to!

    • John E Strom Jr.

      ALL of them kicked the can down the road hoping it wouldn’t blow up in their faces. ONLY President Trump has the guts to bring this do an end. Better now than later even if that means war with China, North Korea’s patron. This is what we get when we elect career politicians – cowards who take the easy path. Now we are forced to take the hard path whether we like it or not. Thankfully we have a true leader instead of a “Good Old Boy”

      • japurol

        ….and all “the good old boys” with their pockets bursting with cash, because all those insane decisions are paid with cold cash………

  • We gave North Korea $4,000,000,000 dollars.
    We should have spent that on a few nukes and blown the Kim Regime away.

  • Nina Ferguson

    wonder what Bill Clinton was doing when he signed off on this deal? It sounds like he had more on his “mind” than a reasonable deal. Reminds me of the Munich deal prior to WWII.

    • Jjb54

      His ” head ” was obviously in other places.

    • John E Strom Jr.

      Bill Clinton should be physically moved to South Korea so he can experience, first hand, the monster he created. He won’t last long. Take Hillary with him. And George W Bush and Barack Hussein Obama. All should experience what it means to be in Harm’s Way. Just one time.

      • Jaswars

        You meant North Korea?

        • John E Strom Jr.

          Either, Jaswars. I thought how ironic, he would see incoming from NK and it would dawn on him that HE made it possible. Adios Bill Clinton, no more trips on the Lolita Express

  • Ron haymaker

    I think we start with 4 billion kicks to Bill’s butt or better yet 2 billion kicks to each Clinton’s butts!!!

    • granny_forUSA


  • jim jones

    He was busy getting his knob polished, no time for thinking about America’s interests.

  • granny_forUSA


    • Mike W

      Well according to Hillary they were broke when they left the White House – she has made damned sure they are not broke now.

  • shamu9

    Democrats Fook up everything they touch, except Welfare for their Slacker Azz Voters! WHY are they allowed to have a Political Party aAt All?? We need to Run them all off to Mexico!

    • Robert Zraick

      Off the planet, out of existence by any and every means necessary.


    Kick the can Bubba…..and he did with horrendous results, he may very well see what he wrought become a international nuke conflict..well at least he has a valid birth certificate…….

    • 5live5

      But doesn’t claim his illegitimate son!!!

  • Askjrsk

    Another Clinton special deal. Ethel and Julius Rosenberg must be getting back at the USA. These poor Jewish people did not deserve the electric chair. Comey, Clinton, Hillary, Obama Jarrett,Yost, McCabe, lynch they have all earned the electric chair.

  • japurol

    The Clintons have made several unfortunate decisions in their life which could only be explained by understanding that they were paid each time !!

    • Jeronimo Dan

      One of the biggest was giving birth to Chelsea, out of the many abortion’s Hillary had preformed, she had to keep this one!
      I’ll bet “Old Webb Hubbell” is still shaking his head?

  • FL_Stingray

    I bet Bill collected a boat load of kimchee on that deal

    • Jaswars

      You mean Lil Korean underage kimchee girls?

  • PoorPeter

    Bill Clinton traded the old Cray computer for campaign finance money with NK! People say, “But those were old computers!” Yes, by our standards they were but they enabled NK to terrain track and develop their nuclear and missile technologies. It was Billie Boy’s doing. Many many bad things that we are dealing with today are faulted by the greed and power hunger of the Clintons.

  • RichFromShowMe

    Looks like Clinton missed the target with “the cigar”?

    “kim is ill”, who’s father wasn’t quite as crazy as he, took control of North Korea when his dad died in, coincidentally, 1994.

    willy then followed up this screw-up by giving China Missile Guidance, and other technology, in 1999, shortly before he left office, leaving G.W. to pick up the pieces. As far as we know, at this click in time, obamba and “the witch” only ticked-Russia-off a few times . . . . but more crap will unfurl as we move through the years.

  • maxx

    What I don’t understand is why with these blatantly bad deals for Americans, these people are still allowed to walk the street? They all belong behind bars just the same as you or I if we had done these things. Politics is obviously the dirtiest and most despicable business in the world. And unless we make politicians accountable for their misdeeds in a totally reasonable and logical manner the same as every other person in America, this type of crap will only continue. We need laws that allow bad people to be removed from power immediately not waiting for the next election. Does the private sector, except for civil service employees get this kind of reprieve? Hell no we don’t. Why the hell are politicians treated differently when it comes to crimes, betrayals of public trust and treasonous activities? They do not deserve anything we don’t have.

  • Mike W

    We know our politicians are crooked as a dogs hind legs. IF they say they are sending $20,000,000,000 to a foreign country – do they really? Or do they deal with them and say something like we are going to claim we are sending you 20 billion dollars – we are sending you 10 billion (example) you go along with what we say or you get nothing.

  • Jeronimo Dan

    Just one problem, North Korea was not ambitious to become part of the Global Community. Of course the Clintons didn’t run that tight of a ship anyway. Wonder Bill hadn’t traded for some Korean pussy, which would have been just fine, if it were Hillary that was traded?

    • Mike W

      Hillary has gotten more p***y than Bill ever dreamed of.

      • Jeronimo Dan

        Mike, I knew that and it just slipped my mind, but thanks for the reminder.

  • Sheri Gray

    told ya…between the Clinton’s and the Obama’s Everything(!) was for sale!!

  • disqus_D87XRi0Gy7

    One way or another you can take this to the bank, Trump will not allow this little fat peon to load a nuke on his one time successful missile. We chose not to shoot it down this time and it was already stated the anti missile defense was not activated when the fat boy launched last week. One morning sooner rather than later we’ll all awake to 24/7 coverage of a massive attack on North Korea… good let’s get this shit over with once and for all. Set a very good example for Iran although I am certain Israel will take care of that problem themselves and it won’t be long after the North goes down. The world has more dictators and evil morons than ever before and to ignore then is certain death for America and the allies. We don’t need to declare war on these idiots it was never used the first war and still on the books as a police action, so let’s do some police work for real.

  • Clinton was a goof ball but working with Newt, another goof ball, he balanced the budget for the first time since Ike! i like Ike!1 Sure would like someone to balance the budget again.

    • Mike W

      I think we have a much better chance of that happening with a businessman in office than we do with more corrupt lawyers.

    • noah jonas

      James… Don’t you think we paid dearly for that?

  • 5live5

    Just think how lucky we are!!!! HIS WIFE COULD BE IN THE OVAL OFFICE AS WE TYPE!!!!! Guess it DOES depend on what the meaning of is is!!!

    • Annie

      Yeah, hag Hillary would be sitting at the desk with a glass of Chardonnay every day & then would need to take her naps!

  • old_salty_dawg99

    Old Slick Willie did much damage but Obammy did even more because he knew of this and other problems and did nothing. Was Willie STUPID yes but Obammy is WILLFULLY IGNORANT which is far worse. He not only ignored North Korea but he helped Iran and that is a far more dangerous situation. Obammy should be locked up and Willie should be his cell mate but sadly Congress won’t do it because they are Gutless wonders. Obammy was also worse because he was trying to get Hitlery in office who would have made both Nations more powerful due to her added IGNORANCE.

    • noah jonas

      Clinton and Obama, have their enablers in Congress. That is how Clinton stayed in the WH after lying to Congress, and how Obama continued lying to us for 8 years and is still damaging us with his Deep State.

  • Marvin Zeichner

    Another candidate in the worst Presidents list!

  • polly

    The evil.that men after them

  • Alleged Comment

    BC is a HORRIBLE fatherless white negro. But his suspected machinations make me believe he still deserves to be hanged, fatherless or not.

    And there is still those RAPE charges.

    He is also said to sell or gave the Chinese targeting technology for their missiles, telling me, he committed high treason and betrayal, yet this white negro is still free and under American protection.

    This lieberal white lying negro must be laughing his ass off at how stupid Americans are.

  • Rodger K. Shull

    I wonder how much of that 4 billon was kicked back to the clinton crime family ??? an same with the iran money of 2016

  • George

    All thanks to the Democrats.

  • Jeffrey hamilton

    The ASSHOLE also gave Cray Computers to China! WOW what a great deal THAT was! DUMB ASS!

  • Malachi

    Real PUKE……

  • disqus_2yv97E418L

    And conservatives at the time railed about how bad the deal was. Did anyone listen? Seems whatever authority they acted under needs to be reined in or eliminated, period. We cannot trust another Democrap President not to pull the same stunt again.

  • ter334

    Consider this. We also fund islamic terrorism, and the buildup of the Chinese military? How?
    We have pumped billions or trillions of dollars overseas since the end of WWII. For oil, for foreign cars, for Chinese made consumer baubles from China. No one in the history of the world has had so much of their money overseas. And the pols brag about how the dollar is the currency for all. Except most people don’t buy baubles and oil to burn in their cars but instead buy assets. Remember how the Japanese were buying up car companies and golf courses a few years ago, what the Chinese are doing now. IMO this is not the fault of capitalism but the fault of reckless out of control spending by our tribal political parties. For decades. Until Obama they probably did it for votes, not to undermine America. And demonstrated a severe lack of understanding of their responsibilities as elected officials that are obligated to obey the laws that apply to elected offices. (CA is still in the liberal mode of govt, DIY to assure PC to stay in office!.) And pile on the perks for themselves to get rich while in office! If there was a way to flush them all down the sewer I would be glad to push the handle to start the flush. But their ain’t. So they are safe until the next election

    But while we all lift their bale, tote their barge, get another day older and deeper in debt they live the life of the rich and famous. This isn’t rocket science and they can be so scared they will change. Or will be changed. This is not something to hope for, because we the people can overcome the real hacks. Those political hacks that have hacked the United States of America! If the Russians hacked anything it is insignificant to the hack job by our elected officials, who have even packed the courts with the same kind of legal hackers!

    How do we get out of the deep, deep hole of 20 trillion in debt? The opposite of how we got into this hole, this pit. Budget surpluses for the next 50 to 100 years and use the surplus to buy back all the govt paper that pays interest. 1/2 of 1 % per month surplus, by cutting govt expenses by that amount. Endlessly

  • John Centonze

    I remember when North Korea said years later they had no intention on honoring the agreement, Bill Clinton said: “We never expected a world leader to lie!:” I guess the North Korean leader never had sex with Monica Wilensky(sp?) either.

  • TPS12

    Isn’t it wonderful how our politicians use taxpayer money to fund people and countries who hate us, instead of using said money on our veterans, infrastructure etc?

  • Deborah Pratt

    All this ‘history’ is well known, yet the Democratic Party can’t ‘wait’ to dump it on Pres Trump as being ‘his fault’!! At this point, no matter what course he takes–they are ready to ‘scream’ it’s the ‘wrong’ one!! ‘Blaming’ never was a ‘solution’ to a problem!! Yet, it seems, that’s all the Dems have to offer. That’s pathetic!! Granted, negotiations have never worked with N. Korea or with China. If you can get them to the ‘table’ in the first place, they’ll smile and ‘agree’ with everything said. Sign petitions, even!! Whatever!! Then, they go ‘home’, as China just did–and do whatever they darn well please. Kim’s father went to negotiations, and did just that.
    There is no way to enforce an agreement with these countries!! So–on their ‘word of honor’ (choke!) Bill Clinton sent them ‘tons’ of money??? Well, he never was the ‘brightest bulb on the tree’ but, that was ‘dumb’ even for him!! Seems Pres Trump not only has to ‘clean up’ Obama’s screw-ups but those of Clinton as well. Then, the Dems claim ‘he’ created it!! They really ‘do’ believe American citizens are ‘stupid’!! BTW–been hearing ‘O’ is planning on entering our political arena again!! If that’s allowed–we really ARE stupid!!

  • Bob Currin

    It seems every time a liberal president gets in they screw the people over they are intent on making the USA a cesspool and the last one did a damn good job of it 👎

  • harpo49

    no good democrat sorry piece of crap then and we are still paying

  • 3Curmudgeon3

    Well like in Obama’s case (Iran), no one spoke out against him then and against Clinton when he did it. Hillary gave (not a loan) money (1.5 Billion) and guns to Egypt when she (and Obama) wanted to support her puppet that was installed as president (ultimately ousted) with ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. I wonder how that was negotiated when Hillary’s aide with ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, who is Muslim by the way, probably helped broker that deal. Since so many emails are now lost and tucked away with Obama’s birth certificate, we’ll probably never know. Benghazi, Fast and Furious and the list goes on. I thought Congress was there to stop this stuff, but I guess the Czars overpower congress. Madoff was never even remotely corrupt as our politicians.

  • Tomas Leon Jr Nufable

    How about the Technologies that Bill Clinton sent to China in exchange for the cheap products that China sent back to the USA because of those technologies?

  • gobrien

    Bubba — as a U.S. tax payer, I demand my money back — plus interest. Wonder if we can sue for damages?

  • David VanBockel

    In all fairness and American broadmindedness, it is the exact moment to GIVE the North Koreans their own “nuclear ICBM”. We all owe it to them for their courage.

    Said ICBM to detonate over Pyongyang today, at perhaps 500 feet.

  • Euclid22

    A pedophile and a muslim ISIS two presidents who by fate failed to destroy this country. I wouldn’t be afraid of Iran or North Korea as they are simply saber rattlers with nothing behind them but dead human beings.