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A Secret From Obama’s Past Is About To Come Back And Haunt Him

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  1. Guy Felix Vuillemin says:

    time is over for him now!shift nobody want to see hil again!

    1. Linda Summers says:

      I wish we never saw him again but, he’s going to stick around and jump on the TV every chance he gets to stab a Republican.

  2. Rob Waddell says:

    Build the wall, but don’t stop there! Build a wall around California too! Wait, better yet, just put all democrats who aided and abetted the largest fraud ever perpetrated against the American people!
    Forget that lie about Russia hacking, and deal with Soros, Obama, obama’s administration, and the democrats who had the chance to warn us, that we were being attacked by global elitists, but instead helped them deceive the American people!

    1. Donald Kilb says:

      I couldn’t agree more!

    2. dphil40 says:

      Wow you are a very astute person with a lot of common sense. Thank you for your thoughts!!! I live in California and I know how leftish it is…….

    3. suz says:

      You are correct on all accounts. Obama right now is having a wall built around his rented house in DC. I wonder if they even got ok from the neighbors and the permits to build it

      1. Rob Waddell says:

        That little brick wall isn’t enough to keep that indictment from his hands!

      2. 3CatLady says:

        And I doubt he I paying for it. It’s probably we, the taxpayers.

        1. Trish says:

          No probably about it….we’ll be doing it….he won’t!!

      3. David Stewart says:

        He don’t need no steenking permits; he’s the king from Kenya!

      4. John says:

        we should petition Trump to offer amnesty to anyone who can climb over o,bamas new wall

    4. RockinOn says:

      Dead On! The deception and lies by all of the Democraps, RINOS, The Clintons, DNC, anyone whose lies have been brought to light about the corruption in DC, sign them up for Treason as well, plenty of Room in Gitmo for Obummer, his administration along with all of the above!

    5. carlosandrews says:

      WOW: Sheriff Joe Arpaio Releases New Information on …

      Dec 15, 2016 · WOW: Sheriff Joe Arpaio Releases New Information on President Obama … FAKE Black President? … Obama Birth Certificate Fraud: Sheriff Joe Arpaio …

      1. Daniel from TN says:

        NEWS FLASH!!! obama’s attorneys admit the birth certificate is a fake/forgery, but claim obama is still a natural born citizen.

      2. Ace Dragon says:


    6. Jim says:

      Brother Rob, call me first so I can leave CA. I did not, nor, did most of the people I know vote for this gay dude. If he had a IQ of any amount he would be in Napa State Hospital.Napa, CA. where all Gov,t people from CA. come from.

      1. Ace Dragon says:


    7. Ace Dragon says:


      1. suz says:

        Can’t wait until the next big quake hits and takes them down into the ocean. Feeding time for the sharks. Save the seals feed them Democrats and illegals.

    8. suz says:

      I think it was a distraction for him getting Manning a get out of jail free card . I guess next will be bergdog the other enemy of our country

  3. cosmo007 says:

    A lot of funding could be had by removing some of the bloat in DC by firing about 2/3 of the unneeded people there.

    1. Rob Waddell says:

      Rid DC of the 70 members of Congress that belong to the “American Socialist Party!”

  4. Rob Waddell says:

    Yes his time as leader of the free world is over, now it’s time to arrest obama! Put that sorry, classless, muslim, hood-rat, pathological liar, in Gitmo! How perfect, obama makes room for him, and his cohorts at Gitmo!

    1. Dick says:

      And seize all his assets to pay for his and Mikey’s extravagant vacations, the student loans he received while claiming to be a foreign student and all the damage he has done to America.

  5. Rob Waddell says:

    It’s time for a reckoning! Time to deal with the scum that refer to themselves as “Global-Elitists!” The scum who put that fraudulent hood-rat, community organizer with the gift of gab in the cat birds seat! There have been so many crimes committed by the obama administration that make Al Capone, look like a choir boy! Don’t let this fake hacking story take your minds away from the atrocities we’ve been forced to endure for 8 years that seem more like 88! Whomever is in charge of building a case against Soros, and Obama, just put all the pieces together and tell that story to a competent federal judge, not bought and paid for like so many over the last 8 years!

    1. Cathy aka OldTxGal says:

      I agree! Congress is complicit in allowing Obama, aided and abetted by Soros, to get away with all of those atrocities. Why in the hell did they let him get this far?!

      1. Alan Hastings says:

        They fear the dirt the NSA has gathered on them . They know it will be used against them 99% are guilty of crimes against the people and at least 90% are guilty of breaking their oath of office which should carry the death sentence for any elected official.

        1. Cathy aka OldTxGal says:

          Of course they’re afraid. If they wouldn’t commit crimes, they wouldn’t have anything to worry about. Funny how these guys make the laws that we all have to live by, while they spend the rest of the time figuring out ways to break those same laws without getting caught. It’s time to pay the piper.

  6. Donald Kilb says:

    Build the wall. Build it higher and with sensors and electric current. Don’t forget to go below ground with barriers and sensors.

  7. mharris2012 says:

    Yep living here in California has made it hard LA has turned into little Mexico Food being cooked all on the streets Sanctuary Cities it has taken it’s toll on call I will be Happy when pres select Trump Builds this fence we need our country Back

  8. Rob Waddell says:

    If you are going to make America great again, you first have to deal with the true enemy of our homeland! The United States of America isn’t a weak nation, we aren’t afraid of Islamic jihadists! This country defeated the Germans and Japanese, at the same time! Don’t ever forget what we have done! Don’t let these progressives belittle America with words! We don’t run our mouths, we defeat nations! Obama has spent the last eight years trying to feminize the men in this country and use that Hitler playbook political correctness crap!

    1. dphil40 says:

      Respect our forefathers and the sacrifices that they made!!! I agree!!!!!!

      1. Rob Waddell says:

        That’s right, we owe it to our forefathers to get this thing right, even if we have to rid D.C. of the snakes in the Republican Party! Mitch MCconnell, Lindsey Graham, John Mcain, and Paul Ryan, to start with!

        1. dphil40 says:

          Yes you are soooooo right. We voted for republicans and they turned into turncoats…,,

    2. Linda Summers says:

      One problem here Tho, All the drugs that was brought in by the Illegals and refugees that were sold to the young people of the U.S. will be a tremendous problem to find enough people to fight the problems that are here already and still arriving at this time.

    3. John says:

      how about throwing them over his new wall

  9. mharris2012 says:

    Oh my God I meant to say elect an Build That Wall!!!

  10. drbhelthi says:

    Is such a wall necessary? If border patrol and crossing points are adequately staffed and supported in enforcing immigration law, the funding for a wall would not be necessary. However, special measures would be required for California, the elected officials of which continue to ignore immigration law.

    1. Rob Waddell says:

      You are right my man, we get the socialist out, and enforce our laws, keep and bear arms, continue our freedom of religion, our freedom of speech, weed out the enemy who gain everything because of America, but on the other hand want to destroy her!

    2. greyparrot says:

      Maybe even deploy the Natl Guard until we can gain some semblance of order. The illegals will soon get the picture the new kid on the block won’t tolerate this nonsense.

    3. FIRE1949 says:

      Do you have doors with keyed locks on your home and office in addition to an alarm system? Why?
      Just leave your doors open and let the police respond when alarms go off.

    4. Alan Hastings says:

      If we lined the whole border with anti personal mines and machine gun nest 50 yards behind that set 50 foot apart and shot to kill everyone that made it past the mines then we would not need a wall.

  11. My country says:

    We shall see ! Republicans are set to shoot themselves in the foot ! People have not forgotten that not one of them raised their heads for 8 years and this idiot has stolen and gotten away with murder ! There are laws on the books about all these illegals and yet they give them the keys to the kingdom over legal Americans ! Our laws and our freedoms are for legal Americans only not felons who are breaking our laws by being here !

  12. Angela Worden says:


  13. Rob Waddell says:

    What we need to do, to show the world that the fight is still in the citizens of America, is round up the traitors, hang them in a public venue, and get the trash out that obama let in! Then we fix the holes!

  14. Rob Waddell says:

    We have got to get ahold of the enemies within! Obama is a piece of shit! He gets on tv and has the audacity to lecture Trump? No! He is the enemy, and by now everyone knows him!

  15. Rob Waddell says:

    Our country has to cull the bad apples! Soros, Obama, Kerry, Biden, Pelosi, Reid, Feinstein, Boxer, Hoyer, and the rest of them! We also need to kick all those so called Hollywood stars out as well as Springsteen, Bouncy, and J-Pee!

  16. Rob Waddell says:

    One other thing, all those America hating professors and shut down the universities who employ them! It doesn’t matter how prestigious Harvard is if they employ traitors!

  17. Rob Waddell says:

    If your going to do something, don’t half-ass do it, go all the way, then they will fear us!

  18. Rob Waddell says:

    I guess what I’m trying to convey is the fact that “We The People” have a responsibility to keep our country straight! Our forefathers weren’t perfect, we were all born into a carnal world, but we are the people! We ultimately run this damn show, it’s up to us, as it always has, to right this ship!

  19. virginiahammon says:

    “A secret from Obama’s past”? – A Bill the Republican Controlled Congress passed in 2006? Click bait BS.
    US Borders: 1,933 miles with Mexico
    5,525 miles with Canada
    88,633 miles of shoreline
    Illegal immigration from Mexico is down—at a 13-year low.
    Estimates are it will cost about $25,000,000,000 to build a wall along just a part of the Mexican Border. ‘Cleverly’ using this 2006 bill will allow another Republican Congress to stick taxpayers with the bill for building this wall. The wall has no real purpose in terms of stopping or slowing illegal immigration, which is happening anyway under the current efforts of the border patrols. It will have no impact on terrorists, since they can simply pick a different path into the country. Why would a terrorist pick a thousand miles of wall, when there are almost 100,000 other miles of available border?

    Since this Republican Congress is determined to cut taxes on the super rich, the cost will fall to ordinary taxpayers. It will be another transfer of wealth from the middle class to the billionaires who own the companies that will get the contracts to build the wall.

  20. Rob Waddell says:

    We won’t get anything accomplished typing on this internet! We must right this ship! Whatever it takes! We are ultimately responsible for our survival, if it falls, it’s our fault! If every one of us, march to D.C. armed, and loaded for bear, we are terrifying, back us up with troops, and our precious ally, Israel, and our Heavenly Father blesses us we can accomplish anything! Outsiders have come here and taken over, and invited Gods wrath! We must acknowledge God, and his Son Jesus!

  21. Rob Waddell says:

    Black People, your ancestors were slaves, brought here by Dutch ships, sold by your very own people, and bought as slaves by ours! It’s awful, it was wrong, but neither of us can do a damn thing to change it! We must put the past behind us!

  22. Rob Waddell says:

    I can’t change the past, but we, together, can forgive and forget so we can make a better life for our children! It’s ironic in the fact that our children are precious, they don’t hate each other, put them in a room together and watch, they are amazing together! That tells me, that it’s us adults that’s the problem, somewhere between toddlers and adulthood we adults are failing our children! It has to end! There are bad people of every color, but there are more good than bad! We must mesh the good together and rid our society of the bad! It cannot happen without God! The homosexuals, and the atheists, don’t belong amongst us, just like the violent, they have to go! Anyone who needs a safe haven, can have it anywhere in America, just go about it in the right way! We all get vetted before we get on an airplane, because of bad people, if we all rid this world of bad people, we thrive! Ever heard of Akins sin? He stole an item belonging to someone else, and hid it amongst his people, he brought Gods wrath on his people, they had to oust him to have peace! We must clean our house!

  23. Rob Waddell says:

    Now is the time for a new beginning, we have decided on a new manager, because the POTUS is just a person we hire to manage and represent America amongst the nations of this world! When you think of it like that, it’s easy to see that we screwed up by putting obama in that position! It’s ours to lose!

  24. Rob Waddell says:

    The democrats are liars! Obama is the great deceiver, and Soros is the anti-Christ! Did you know that the anti-Christ must be a Jew? He has to fool the Jewish people! I don’t know if you know many Jews, but they are very intelligent people with very hard heads, only a Jew, could fool a Jew! Soros is an atheist-Jew! He praises Hitler! He had fun, as a child ratting out hiding Jews to the Nazis! In the Hungarian Jewish community a little boy, was leading his own people to their deaths!

  25. Rob Waddell says:

    moveon.org is Soros, Black Lives Matter is Soros! Soros pumped millions into the Democratic Party! Well this time he lost, and he doesn’t like to lose! Remember Gabby Gifford? She is a democrat elected congresswoman, she was leading a healthy push in solar energy, and Soros had spent millions on Duke-Energy stocks. Gifford was stepping on the toes of the anti-Christ, and he had her shot! The democrats know this, but they didn’t allow a little thing like attempted murder of one of their own deter them! Just like the death of Chris Stevens in Benghazi hasn’t deterred them! They are all evil, we don’t need them in our society, in fact we don’t need political parties, we don’t need the federal government, and we don’t need the U.N. we don’t need the ACLU, the NAACP, the SIU, the IBEW, the Teamsters union, or any other disfuncional organization! We only need honesty, and integrity, and the intestinal fortitude to acknowledge God!

  26. The_Frog_Prince says:

    Lets get the wall going. Helps with more jobs or use prison labor and make them earn their board and grub stake.

  27. William M Durham says:

    Build the damn wall and strictly enforce all immigration laws to their fullest extent

    1. Linda Summers says:

      Wall is a wonderful start. What about by boat to California or louisiana? Or airplane to Arizona or Florida .Or maybe to Canada then walk into the U.S, thru the woods.

  28. Bayside GolfClub says:

    Sue obama for his illegally funded vacation scams and use that. Sue pelosi for reimbursement for all her military lear jet travels and add that too it as well.. Then audit, sharpton, jackson and the clintons and use their tax fraud payments and penalties to fund some military benefits. There is plenty of money to go around.
    It’s just that the demcorats have so many scams to steal it all..

  29. DEBETT'! says:



    : ))

  30. Wmichaelmic says:

    I think a lot of Obama’s skeletons will be resurrected in the next year. Sealed college transcripts, Benghazi, IRS scandal, Fast and Furious, the meeting with Billy Bob Clinton, arming ISIS, aiding and abetting the enemy. phony birth certificate, SSN which belongs to a dead white man in northeast US, etc., etc., etc.

  31. jimamrhein says:


  32. Libya21 says:

    Build the wall. Convict Obama and Hillary of crimes and put them out there to build it!

  33. Nikita63 says:

    B uild the wall , Give California to Mexico as far as I am convcernedf as they are vby their comportment crazy and certianly not Ameriocasn Constiotutionally oriented. Their contagion has swep-t the entiuree country and I am in lerftist Lonney Massachuseets; the cataasttrophic calamityCalifornai clone on the opposing cioat with an AG who thinks she is Dianne Feinstein. WHAT IS THE MATTER WEITH THESE NIT WIRTS?

  34. sailndayz says:

    What happened to the millions the Republicans voted to spend on the wall in the last 8 years? What did Obama do with it?

  35. sailndayz says:

    I know that of a very nice POW camp in Wisconsin that Nixon refused to use. Good place at this time of the year for Obama, Clinton, Soros and company. Did you read that Soros “Foundation” is paying 1/5 rent for San Francisco offices?

  36. Mike Mixa says:

    Mr. Trump you said Mexico was paying for the wall so be your word and walk the talk!

  37. Alan Hastings says:

    If he fails to build that wall the people that voted him into office might Lynch him. That and getting rid of the illegals in this country are the promises he made that got him elected. I would not want to be in his shoes if he breaks aly of his promises, that could cause mob law by his own supporters.

  38. Alan Hastings says:

    If all liberals, illegals, Muslims and the snowflakes were put in California along with everyone that in any way gave them aide and comfort or work or rented to them. And we blew up the fault line out there so The whole state fell off into the ocean making sure all gang members are also there when she blows. Then America would be great Again.

  39. Jackson says:

    obama spent $10 trillion on nothing that we can see for it. Millions of illegals/islamic terrorist refugees are sucking at the tax payers teat of food stamps,medicaid,welfare,S/S/, send them all back and stop paying them. Stop paying the U.N. and kick them out. Stop all foreign aid. That should be a great start for money to fund the wall. Plus ban all lobbyists and public unions. More savings.

  40. Houmid says:

    (1) Build the wall.
    (2) Round up illegal aliens and put them in work camps to do it.
    (3) 5 year sentences.
    – Mandatory contraception while in those camps.
    – Same food, clothing, and shelter we give our military recruits in boot camp. If it’s good enough for our boys and girls, then it meets every standard for humane treatment in the world.
    – If they work hard, keep their noses clean for that time, we offer them return to their country of origin, or a green card (no jumping the line to citizenship or legal residence that way!)
    (4) General Specifications of the Wall:
    – Wall will be stone, concrete, and rebar.
    – Extend a minimum of 50 feet into the ground or be anchored on bedrock.
    – Extend a minimum of 50 feet above the surface.
    – Be a minimum of 50 feet in width.
    (5) Wall to be funded by tariffs on goods imported from Mexico or other countries illegal aliens are coming from.

  41. mpdMD1965 says:

    This time we the people have a pulpit . This president has a brain that works for America. What a breath of very welcome fresh air. I have to believe that after 8 years of leadership from behind wallowing big the muck and mire The Lone Ranger and trusty companion Mike
    Pence have arrived to save our country. God Bless America sans Barry O who just could not get it done. To his credit I have known from the beginning of his election
    our demise was to be his legacy. The other choice was that he was terminally incompetent.

  42. Yes, Trump will build it and Mexico will pay through a 35% duty on all goods coming through that border. It is just that simple.

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” for more.

  43. Daniel from TN says:

    The wall will be built, but not as fast as the people want it to be built. There’s just too much politics involved to get it built quickly.

  44. A proud Deplorable says:

    I think the wall will be built otherwise America will go bankrupt from illegal aliens.

  45. Karen Scarber says:

    TYPICAL and ALL part of his agenda!!

  46. baitmando says:

    Build it and they won’t come.

  47. OleDad48 says:

    Dirty little secret. Members of Congress can “vote for a bill” and then vote “not to fund the bill” and “win” two ways — they can “prove” to folks back home they “supported” something while “proving” to opponents of the bill “they do not support it.” Typical Washington double-talk.

    Unmask the duplicity. Schumer and Obama (and other Dems) voted for the wall in 2006. Show their opposition to it now for what it is: anti-Trump obstructionism.

    Republicans! You have been begging for 10 years: “Give us the House and we’ll fix it!” you said in 2009. (We did – 2010. You didn’t, you caved to “reach across the aisle”). Then you said, “Give us the Senate and we’ll fix it!” (We did – 2012. You didn’t. You caved to “reach across the aisle”). Then you said, “Give us the presidency and we’ll fix it!” (We did — though it was CanDo Trump rather than GetAlong Insider Jeb. Now we’ll see where you land. Are you for Trump and the America we grew up in, or are you for Progressive, Socialist policies of Big Government Inside the Beltway??)

    Your future careers depend on it. Dems and the Press are beating themselves to death trying to derail the 2016 election. Trump remains strong even in the face of conspiratorial, false propaganda that Russian hacking swayed the election. Dems thought themselves so insulated against the American patriot voter that they could run Leftist, Corrupt, Lying, Incompetent Hillary and still win. The American System still prevails over would-be dictators.

    Listen to the American People. Build the Wall. Deport illegal aliens, beginning with criminals. Deal with “family situations” as necessary (Dems never worry about breaking up families of bank robbers, killers, or tax evaders — unless they are illegal aliens. Pure politics, because they have no clue about “right” and “wrong.” Enforce laws. Treat all American citizens (White, Black, Brown, Asian, Mixed) equally before the law. (Black criminals are criminals even if they are Black)

    It will take the raw, uncomfortable, in-your-face reactions of folks like Donald Trump to rip the mask off the monster of political correctness that has been built over the last 20 years. Equal opportunity – YES! Preferential treatment for any given group – No! Social safety net – Yes! Welfare state that destroys families and makes whole populations dependent on government for generations – No!

    Make it so, Donald! We are sick of Democrat propaganda and Democrat inspired anti-American violence.

  48. chuck708 says:

    The wall will be built or there will be major changes in Congress and the White House in 4 years. We, The American Citizen will have to elect officials that will follow what their constituents want and not something that is PC. PC has ruined this country.

  49. suz says:

    Wonder if he has illegals building it .

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