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A Shocking Discovery Connected Pope Francis To A Major Scandal

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  1. Charles Schimpf says:

    The Catholics should dump the entire Vatican.

    1. joe s says:

      No just this commie Pope.

      1. brbg says:

        And all homosexual clergy.

    2. Observator14 says:

      You do not understand, so keep your silly and superfluous opinions to your little brained self. You do not know what you are talking about.

  2. Dick Ellis says:

    AS GOD SAID, One Woman for one MAN! Maybe time the PRIESTS AND NUNS should be married couples to stop this insidious sin as stated in the GOOD BOOK!

    1. Susan P says:

      You might be on to something there. After all, it was Paul who preached celibacy, not Jesus. Paul had his own problems with sins of the flesh and felt it was “better to abstain, than burn in hell”.

      1. brbg says:

        Jesus also recommended celibacy. What the church needs to do is get rid of the 40% of priests who are homosexual. It is them who have brought the sexual abuse crisis to the church,.

        1. PatriotGal says:

          Not 40% – barely 10%.

        2. Susan P says:

          I am not familiar with a scripture where Jesus recommended celibacy, but will not dispute that it is probably there somewhere. However, I do not believe it was demanded that the disciples not marry. It was Paul’s teachings that the Roman Catholic Church used to set down a rule that a Priest or Nun must not marry.

          From a practical standpoint, it makes some sense as a family takes time away from their responsibilities to the church and congregation.

          However, God made us man and woman for a purpose. The desire to mate is part of our DNA. It does put a strain on the priesthood to have no acceptable outlet for those innate desires. Protestant ministers marry and have families. This is what prompted my response to Dick Ellis’ idea that priests and nuns be allowed to marry.

          I certainly agree that homosexuals should NOT be in the priesthood. God left no doubt as to what he thinks of such behavior. If one cannot follow the rules set down by God in that area they should not be in the business of spreading the Gospel while ignoring it in their private lives.

          1. saber-dance says:

            Susan, the word ‘Catholic’ is not in the Bible.

            There is only one ‘Nun’. He Was the Efraimite father of Joshua (Exodus 33:11; Nehemiah 8:17) His descent is given in 1 Chronicles 7:25-27

          2. Susan P says:

            What did I say to make you think I am illiterate or ignorant? I never said, nor implied that Catholic is in the Bible. I was speaking of the Roman Catholic Church and its rules in which they used the teachings from Paul as an excuse for demanding celibacy from those who choose to be priest or nun. Also, I replied to brbg’s remark about Jesus recommending celibacy; something I was unaware of, but am not qualified to dispute with brbg.

            Your post is both insulting and off-topic.

          3. Observator14 says:

            Susan, those who chose to imitate the celibacy of Jesus and Paul are members of male and female religious communities they join Voluntarily. Paul Urged Christin to celibacy as a better way to serve God, but he did not enjoin it. Jesus spoke of being “eunuchs for the kingdom of God”, such as He was.
            Celibacy for the clergy was first a practice and in the Middle Ages a strict rule, but there will always be those who are weak or other who are dishonest. They can get dispensed from their obligation and return to the laity.

          4. Susan P says:

            I do not need a history lesson from you either. I am well aware of why and how celibacy is currently forced on those who choose to serve in Roman Catholic religious life. I also know is goes against human nature and leads to the behavior that is detrimental to our children. Most who go into the priesthood or a convent are far too young when they make those decisions to know what they are giving up or to fully understand how it will effect them later in life.

            I am not ignorant of any facts about religion. I expressed an opinion. disagree with my opinion if you choose to, buy do not lecture me on the history of Christianity.

          5. Observator14 says:

            I had no idea you were so self-important, otherwise I should not have assumed to tell you that members of religious communities and secular priests do so Voluntarily. So, why should they get married?
            That a Small percentage fail is par for the course.
            Furthermore, secular priests nowadays come from Late Vocations, so they are not kids. Members of religious orders are no longer youngsters upon entering. Most religious community members find community support for overcoming.
            Pardon me for presuming you were a rational and dialoguing type of person.

          6. Susan P says:

            One does not need to be self-important to resent being told the obvious and is off topic to my original post here. The self-important one is you for presuming you had something of value to add to the conversation.

          7. Observator14 says:

            LOL. Sorry, miss Persnickity. Bad day, I suppose. I tried to just explain, but you are too irritable.

        3. GrumpyGrandpa says:

          The sexual abuse crisis in Catholicism has at least 2 faces; homosexuality and pedophelia. I’ve witnessed hot arguments over the claim all pedophiles are homosexual and all homosexuals are pedophiles. The Catholic Church needs to decide and act QUICKLY to how they are going to resolve this issue.

          1. Susan P says:

            [“…over the claim all pedophiles are homosexual and all homosexuals are pedophiles.”]
            The above argument is moot as the statement is incorrect. Pedophilia and homosexual behavior are two distinctly different aberrations. But neither should be protected by any church.

          2. Observator14 says:

            In 2002 US Catholic bishops decided on Zero Tolerance with clerical abuse. They had been ledto believe previously that abusers could be cured by psychological help in centers, but that obviously did not work too well
            Pope Benedict had the abuse investigated and expelled a bunch of abusive priests several years ago.

        4. Observator14 says:

          WHO said 40% are homosexual? The abuse scandal in the US was analyzed by the John Jay School of Criminal Justice examined the abuse syndrome in the Catholic Church USA and found that between 1950 and 2002 that around 4% of the priests had been involved in abuse with underage young people, 80% of That with adolescent males, so it was a largely homosexual problem. Others, but no 40%, are probably homosexuals. Did you get that 40%from the National Catholic Reporter, a leftwing publication that is anti-Vatican, pro woman ordination, etc.?

    2. Observator14 says:

      You means as Jesus was? Or as Paul urged Christians Not to marry so as to devote themselves more fully to God, as he did?

  3. mary griffin says:

    I do not think this pope has the best interests of the church. This pope has made statements that go directly against the church .

  4. luci says:

    He needs to attend to his job as Pope and stay out of USA politics.

    1. Deborah Pratt says:

      I agree–in fact, refrain from any political ‘advice’ anywhere. It’s always been said that politics and religion should not be ‘bed fellows’–it’s a ‘bad’ combination.

      1. saber-dance says:

        The two work together flawlessly when God is allowed to be the head of both

        1. Sharon Jeanguenat says:

          Amen! But, man tries to tell God how it should be, instead of the other way around. And, a lot of American churches aren’t any better. When I go to church, I don’t want to watch some 6 foot tall, 200 lb woman in a pink tu tu dancing. Now do I want to watch teens doing a rock dance on the stage. Fortunately, the church that I attend, has a pastor that is totally against that. IF the Holy Spirit wants dancing, HE will move on people, & they will not be indecent, nor immoral in their moves.

      2. summergirl27 says:

        They seem to be in bed, with a lot of “fellas”……And have been for ever!

        1. Observator14 says:

          summergirl127 — A Girl you are Not. A trollop for you Mindset.


    This Pope makes Catholics want to become Baptists.

    1. PatriotGal says:

      Nope, but we are totally disgusted with him as Pope. He was a terrible selection. Everyone should realize he’s from a socialist country – Venezuela. Look at what’s going on there. That is how he was raised. Now, he has replaced many true Catholic Cardinals with left-wing libs. Looks like a schism is heading our way. So sad.

      1. Jack G Simpson Jr says:

        He’s the Holy Roman Catholic Chur5ch’s Obama.

      2. GrumpyGrandpa says:

        The Catholic Church has 2 distinct problems; male sexual deviancy in their priest ranks and the biased political leanings of this Pope. Each problem is an existential threat to Catholicism, yet has a solution as simple as “Stop doing that”. This is truly Satan’s test for everyone to witness. Please stop doing that!

        1. Observator14 says:

          Homosexuality will always be around in some place or another. In the priesthood, it must be examined carefully to see if someone with the tendency is Controlling himself with God’s grace.
          The US bishops dealt with the abuse crisis in 2002 = 15 years ago ! Didn’t you know that? Pope Benedict dealt with the problem and expelled many from the priesthood. The abuse problem in the US had its worst time from 1965 to 1985, according to the John Jay School of Criminal Justice who studied the problem and showed that about 4% of the priests between 1950 and 2002 had been involved, mostly –80%– with adolescents, which indicate it was mostly a homosexual problem, since they were Male with Male.
          Jesus chose Judas, so some people Fail, whoever they may be or whatever the organization.

      3. Observator14 says:

        WRONG. The pope is from Argentina. Get informed.

      4. James Ruddy says:

        He’s from Argentina, not Venezuela.

      5. George says:

        Not Venezuela, Argentina.

    2. Karin Isbell says:

      You will be welcome at any time. Time to finish the millenial Catholic nightmare.

      1. Observator14 says:

        Karin, the Catholic Church has lasted 1,987 years. The Baptists were founded in `1608 in Holland by some English dissenters farom Anglicanism.
        So,yes, Catholicism is millennial as the Jews are millennial and we have Jesus promise to last till the End of the Worldl.

    3. Observator14 says:

      I wonder why you say that. Popes are Very rarely infallible, and this pope has been widely misinterpreted. Your faith sounds very weak to chuck so many Basics of Catholicism, such as the Eucharist.

      1. CATSPATRICIA says:

        Oh, Please! If you are a Catholic lemming, I feel sorry for you. The teachings of the true Church, i.e. Catholicism is beautiful. And we actually used to hear those teachings in church. Not anymore. Let in refugees, vote democratic. And more crap that has NOTHING to do with God’s teachings. Our church has been hijacked by liberals and progressives and now by a liberal jerk Pope. Underneath those robes is a man who put his pants on one leg at a time. When he talks Climate change as religion, he is not talking God. He almost advised to let Charlie Gard die until he got backlash. This is an infallible Pope? Nope. I said it before and I mean it. He’s a jerk. Grow up.

        1. Observator14 says:

          CATSPATRICIA You would not have helped Catholic and other Christian refugees from persecution, apparently. There are thousands of mothers and their children running from terror and living in daily danger, and you close your heart.
          The Church has never said vote Democratic. A Catholic friend of mine objected to the bishops advice about elections last year and two years earlier as urging the people to vote Republican, so I do not know where you are coming from.
          It was a Vatican office that spoke about Charlie Gard, not the pope, and they were wishy washy about their language, but did say the parents should decide.
          Good grief, Cat !

          1. CATSPATRICIA says:

            You have your opinion–and I hve mine. Don’t even go there about helping people who are persecuted. The Pope wants any kind of immigrant–terrorist or not –accepted. As for voting Democratic–I am sure you are an Obama voter–because your thinking is very limited in scope. Over 60% of Catholics voted Democrat and voted for the last devil in the WH. Those are facts–which means Catholics don’t care about abortion, same sex marriage, etc. They vote against the teachings of the church. Most anyway–so keep protecting this Pope–and he will take you on a ride to hell. Why don’t you get educated. Read about Card. Burke and the rest of the “good” cardinals who are fighting this Pope. Good luck.

          2. Observator14 says:

            CATS Wrong. My initial candidate was Rand Paul, but I voted for Trump and have backed him and the Republican Party even with donations at various levels.

          3. Observator14 says:

            CATS The pope is not backing Terrorists. What foolish twaddle is yours. I voted for Bush, McCain, and Trump, so …?

    4. Mary Clouse says:

      Hey! that’s not nice,I am a southern bible thumping baptist,
      nothing different about us,except we follow God’s rules
      not an earthly man dressed in white,and his rules?

      1. CATSPATRICIA says:

        I meant being Baptist s a compliment. I would never talk down another religion–unless it was Islam which is not a religion, i.e. cult

  6. kevin A Grumpy Old Man says:

    Be alert and of sober mind. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour. 1 Peter 5 – 8
    looks like he has found a fertile feeding ground!

  7. Oldclimber640 says:

    It’s ” … shall be known by its fruit …”. Not “Shall be known as a fruit”. Get it “straight” … uuuhhh … “guys”?

    1. Sharon Jeanguenat says:

      Matthew 7 :16 says, Ye shall KNOW them by their fruits, Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles? Then verse 20 says, Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them. In other words, if a person claims to be a Christian, but their lives disprove it, we have the right to call them on it. As long as we do it with love, AND backed by Scripture. The one you quoted is also one that says a tree shall be known by it’s fruit. If a man or woman, says they are Christians, which means to be Christ like, or a follower of Christ, but persist in committing a sin, such as homosexuality, or doing drugs, we, the church members, have the right to expel them from the church, AFTER we have tried to help them see the error of their ways. And just in case somebody says that doing drugs isn’t in the Bible, then they need to read Paul’s writing in 1 Corinthians 3:16 & 17. It says that , ‘Know ye not that ye are the temple of God, and that the Spirit of God dwelleth within you? 17. If any man defile the temple of God, him shall God destroy, for the temple of God is holy, which temple ye are. I’ve always believed that smoking, drugs, alcohol, etc damages your body, so that that is wrong for us to do, even though not listed explicitly in Scripture. I get tired of hearing the ‘you can’t judge me.’ Well, if you claim to be a child of God, but are committing a sin, yes, I CAN judge you.

      1. Oldclimber640 says:

        Sharon – You forgot to put the “thump … thump … thump” between your “passages”, Bible thumper. What makes you think I need this high-handed diatribe from the likes of you ? Can’t you even read anything but the Bible, and if you can, do you know what it means ? I ask this because you have no connection in content to my own statement, and you run on like you are someone of spiritual importance, with a message to covey to me personally. Instead you run on like you are in a Jimmy Swagart imitation contest, splattering Biblical phrases all over this forum, like you are something more than a Bible recitation machine.

  8. Julayne Rowley says:

    Who didn’t see that coming!! With that Pope it was just a matter of time!!

    1. mpdMD1965 says:

      Please expand on your comment”that Pope”.
      What makes this pope suspect of other than PopeLike demeanor?

      1. mhardin says:

        I am a devout Catholic, but Pope Francis has made startling pronouncements since he was elected. 1) Catholics should stop railing about abortion and care for the poor. 2)We need to be more forgiving to divorced (but not annulled Catholics) and single people in love cohabitating and allow them to receive Jesus, present in the Eucharist! 3)If we meet any aliens(from other worlds) we will baptize them…4) Who am I to tell a homosexual how to live? 5) An encyclical on bogus science…global warming. 6)It is a sin to convert people with faith to Catholicism. Will it ever end?

  9. 3Curmudgeon3 says:

    Is this just business as usual. Sweeping it under the rug, let the dust settle and hope it will just go away. A little discerning it’s so close to home. Probably more involved, just haven’t been exposed yet. Hey Luigi, what happened to just having pizza, pasta and lasagna as being the only vice?

    1. Observator14 says:

      No sweeping under the rug. That monsignor was Caught and by the VATICAN police. He was Not let off the hook. Do some thinking, Mr. Cynic.

  10. ter334 says:

    Not sure what is meant by the “connected pope to a scandal” means? Perhaps he is a democrat given the scandals associated with WJC and Obama? If he has done something wrong personally then so be it. And he should be discredited then. I am not a real fan of this pope which means nothing. I think he is too much like our two? Prone to perhaps double talk. But many on the other hand don’t like Trump because he doe not double talk. As far as the boy is concerned the court sentenced him to death when he was not guilty of anything? But then lawyers and judges are out of control, IMO. On the other hand the world is not perfect.

  11. JeanneTherese says:

    This blog should be ashamed of themselves. There is a lot of fake news being posted here and some people are not aware of what they are trying to do, Some statements posted on here are truly false and one should look into the Truth. This internet is getting to be a bad social media that is falsefying info just to get read. Please, people, do your research before you believe everything that is posted. May God help us and America and the World. Not a good place to live these days and remain safe and morally incorrupt.

  12. Sheri Gray says:

    Vatican as usual

  13. KDC says:

    “while in the middle of a cocaine-fueled homosexual orgy”…. Oh, BIG surprise!

    1. Mike W says:

      Sounds like a Clinton- Obama party except they didn’t mention any underaged kids – yet.

      1. Septemberswhisper says:

        This article was being kind, the kids, well they are mentioned in this article, and it’s ugly…https://theinternationalreporter.org/2017/07/02/the-origins-of-the-largest-catholic-church-pedophile-bust-in-history/

    2. Observator14 says:

      Not to a Cynic like you, eh? There are always some Cheats Anywhere. Judas was chosen by Jesus, and he betrayedhim.

  14. chuckie2u says:

    I would bet the bank one could trace the homosexual orgies and a secret order of homosexuals back to the days when the Roman Catholics allowed the homosexual priest of the pagans into the church. This garbage has been all a part of the Catholic Cult since day one.

    1. brbg says:

      No, but it can be traced back to the 60’s when they started allowing homosexuals into seminaries. Now some Seminaries are entirely homosexual. The last two Popes told Seminaries not to admit them but they were ignored.

  15. starliteblonde says:

    Each person is responsible for their own sins and the consequences that follow for it. God says “What is done in the dark will be shown in the light.” How true!

    1. Deborah Pratt says:

      That ‘spotlight’ has been shining brightly lately, hasn’t it?!! In my own religious beliefs, we are told–whatever ‘we’ know, IS ‘known’! There are no ‘secrets’ in the universe!!

      1. Sharon Jeanguenat says:

        Another scripture says that done in darkness will be shouted from the roof top. Looks like that came true in this case, since it’s been on the news around the world.

    2. Sharon Jeanguenat says:

      Yes, it is true. God is allowing things to come to the Light & letting people see the. We are each responsible for our own salvation, but, that doesn’t mean that we can’t point out, & condemn sins to the people’s faces. It’s not being judgmental, if you use Scripture to back up what you tell them. And, it’s supposed to be done in love. Paul says for one to point out the sin, & if the person doesn’t listen, take 2 or 3 brethren with you, & try again. If that person refuses to listen, then they are to be brought before the whole church body, & reproved of their sin. And, if THAT doesn’t get the person to repent, they are to be turned out of the church. And, too many people use that, ‘You aren’t supposed to judge.’ But, it’s NOT judgment when we are trying to save our brother or sister from satan’s grasp.

      1. GrumpyGrandpa says:

        Do you consider a priest, bishop or Cardinal to be a “brother”? Do you have a soul worthy of judging anybody else?

        1. mhardin says:

          None of us can “judge” another…only God can do that. God has clearly written the LAW on our hearts, if we are afraid or unwilling to speak charitably and humbly with our erring brother,we are not showing them love and inclusion. We are acting in our own self interest because of our cowardice. When you speak in love to a person who is choosing slavery to their body and it’s desire for vice, you give them the opportunity to consider the purpose of their existence. Do you know and care deeply for someone who is choosing a pain filled,lonely life of addiction to sin?(not just homosexuality,fornication,pornography… any sinful inclination) you owe them the chance to repent and embrace the true life we were created to have. Peace!

        2. Observator14 says:

          Judge in the bible means to Condemn. She is Not saying that.

  16. Ah nutz says:

    told ya, the pope = is a poop.

  17. Lorraine E says:

    The catholic church has a terrible history and with the appointment of this last pope, this Jesuit pope it doesn’t even resemble Christianity anymore. I have wonderful Catholic friends and have known some wonderful priests but the church in Rome no longer represents them.
    Learn more about the vatican and the last pope in “The Final Roman Emperor, the islamic antichrist and the vatican’s last crusade” and “Exo-Vaticana” by Cris Putnam and Thomas Horn. Also read “Operation Gladio” and “Money, Murder, and the Mafia – The Vatican Exposed” by Paul L Williams.

    1. brbg says:

      It is true that a large number of clergy have gone over to the world and the others are too afraid of offending the sinners in the pews. They’d rather offend God who sent them to teach the TRUTH. Fortunately we have been blessed with quite a few good, holy and othodox Catholic priests too. Unfortunately, some of them have been sacked by heretic Bishops.

    2. Observator14 says:

      You follow Satanic liars and dividers of Christians. Wake up, before it’s too late for you. Don’t be a Fool for Satan.

  18. steve abril says:

    So the profound question which haunts me since reading the book “Windswept House” a Vatican novel by Malachi Martin is : how much truth is there in the fiction? Scary thought .

  19. Francis Kaspar says:

    What is news about a member of Hilary’s squad lying and concealing evidence. They were trained by an expert.

  20. Michael says:


  21. Dennis Allen Jr says:

    Why doesn’t all this surprise me??? A bad tree cannot bear good fruit nor can a good tree bear bad fruit!!!

    1. Observator14 says:

      Dennis Allen, so what bad fruits are you confessing to?

  22. SPECTATOR2017 says:

    Papa Francisco needs to resign.

  23. RichFromShowMe says:

    The Pope was born, raised and served the church in Argentina. Argentina has essentially, a Progressive/Communist form of Government, so that is all he may know or understand?

    In Communist countries those who are “connected” can do anything with little chance of retribution, primarily because those higher in the food chain are doing things which are much worse. It’s similar to the model the Democrat/Progressives adhere to; i.e., the way they’ve run the USA for 8 years.

    1. Observator14 says:

      Argentina is not now nor has it been a Communist country, ignoramus. I have shown you.

      1. RichFromShowMe says:

        Do you have a reading or comprehension problem . . . or, or you just a standard unhinged Liberal who ignores FACTS?


        1. Observator14 says:

          RichFromShowMe; —You showed Me you cannot Read. Where is it that Argentina was ever Communist? If you read the article, you would have Seen that it has Not been. Ignoramus and Pretentious ! LOL.
          Btw; I am Not liberal and I do Know Facts, unlike You.

          1. RichFromShowMe says:

            Point taken!

            I overstated the Communist form of government but should have overstated the “Progressive” form of government.


          2. Observator14 says:

            Fair eough. “Progressive”,

  24. Deborah Pratt says:

    It’s been a very long time since I was actually ‘shocked’ by a news article but—this one ‘did’ it!! I’m not Catholic, although I have many friends who are. I can’t imagine how they feel—most likely, betrayed!!

  25. Richard Schmidt says:

    Well Hey, Monsignors need love too!
    Especially that “high octane” love.
    Naughty stuff going down, forgot to pay for his “indulgence” in advance.

  26. astrojohn says:

    So his punishment will be prayer, I suppose?

  27. katiedidrn says:

    Pope Francis did not support the denial of treatment to the infant. He spoke out in favor of allowing the child to go to US for experimental therapy and for the parents, rather than the state to dictate care. Child is 5 MONTHS. And not 5yeRs as stated. Too many mistakes on this website. Unsubscribibg

  28. Ken says:

    He should go back to his socialist country to see how socialism is working. I guess he wants the whole world to starve instead of just his home country? He is not a good leader and should never have been made pope.

  29. Sharon Jeanguenat says:

    More evidence that the Catholic church will be the New World Order apostate church. He’s rapidly lining it up. Maybe the American Catholic churches need to abandon the Vatican, & form their own church.

  30. Thomas Nelson says:

    The Lord, Jesus Christ said “By Their Fruits you shall know them, if they are of me.” Welp, Welp, I guess we know something is fishy in the Vatican and the Catholic Church.

  31. monongahela says:


  32. MarcJ says:

    This Pope is a former Buenos Aires street Marxist preacher.

    1. Observator14 says:

      Dumb and Dumber. Satan speaks through you his Lies and Calumnies.

  33. Observator14 says:

    Kelly MISINTERPRETS Pope Francis and calls him “left-wing”, so there is no Objectivity nor journalistic integrity her. What is her Agenda??? Political, Sectarian???
    The pope came out in favor of Charlie Gard’s parents, and she has Misinterpreted the Vatican Academy of Life’s words. Can she not Read with Understanding?? What is her case? She is Anti-Catholc and has been working against the Catholic Church. This immoral monsignor is not the pope’s fault.

  34. Observator14 says:

    Kelly seems to sponsor anti-papal attacks with accusation of Leftist pope. That is not Objective nor is it journalistic. I have read several anti-papal rants from this publication. What is Kelly’s agenda? Is it political or is it sectarian? Kelly ?

  35. Jörn Boost says:

    Pope Francis, so it seems, will have to do a bit of ‘swamp draining’.

  36. sailorbill says:

    he has stated that there is a 10% group in the church who are known paedophiles- turn the other cheek mmm

  37. william g munson says:

    Well I declare what else will we find out now about these people?

  38. FL_Stingray says:

    The Pope should pay a lot more attention to his own house rather than be spouting off on what Trump is trying to do

  39. downs1 says:

    God will judge this man! He knows the heart, while we see only what this man shows to the world!

  40. JOHN STEEL says:

    I never liked this pope , he should leave. I believe he is a socialist , that does not make him bad,
    but its not the type I want in the Vatican.

  41. mpdMD1965 says:

    Hopefully there are photos and blood tests to support these allegations. It is difficult to accept that the man on the altar is a druggy but he is human and therefore vulnerable to every and all temptations.
    It comes to mind on occasion that the reason one goes into the priesthood should be scrutinized. Cannot imagine myself in such a setting but I have the utmost respect for those who elect to really
    serve God.

  42. rrkeng says:

    This pope has been so political you would think he is in Soros pocket. Then that is very possible!

  43. Kathy Lopez says:

    He’s the false Prophet

  44. sharank251 says:

    he is a disgusting commy…no different than obamyt the commy

    1. Observator14 says:

      Dumb and dumber. You don’t know what Communism is. Get educated. Look it up. Geez.

  45. Junior Sampals says:

    This Pope is more concerned with the Marxist gospel of Global Warming than he is in upholding and spreading Christianity.

    1. Observator14 says:

      Global warming is Not Marxist. Global warming for Recent times is a Reality. The Reason for it is obviously at least partially Natural, as the earth goes through warmer and cooler periods in this present Interglacial Period. Look it up.
      The Question is How much it is due to greenhouse gasses. THAT is the debate.

  46. muypro says:

    The Vatican was probably being blackmailed and had no other recourse then to divulge the idiocy of the whole thing !

  47. sharyn says:

    I don’t get the warm and fuzzy feeling about Pope Francis as I did when John Paul sat in that seat. Benedict was cold as Ice and I think he was a book mark. No one can replace St. JP XIII, the people’s POPE! Francis is too socialistic for my taste. My son has pointed out to me that Francis is a hypocrite. He is professing that we all should take in all of the refugees from the middle east, but has yet to house any in the Vatican. He certainly has the room to house a village, not to mention the funds! Where is his charity now? I’m beginning to see that I myself an slowly becoming a Lutheran. Ironically, my paternal side wasn’t Roman Catholic but Polish National. They didn’t ascribe to the infallibility of the Pope. My maternal side followed the Roman version which does. I’m not at the point in my life where I see this man Francis as any other man and certainly not infallible.

    1. Observator14 says:

      Sharyn ==== There was no St. JP XIII. There was Pope St. John XXIII whom I saw up close in 1962, and there was St. John Paul II.
      Pope Francis HAS taken in refugees into the Vatican. Don’t be so uniformed and cynical.

      1. sharyn says:

        So sorry I was referring to Karol Józef Wojtyła is indeed Pope St. John Paul. I too saw him in Shea Stadium and again in Rome. He became Pope John Paul II in 1976. I got my popes #’s mixed up. I’ve yet to hear of any refugees the current Pope has living with him.

  48. Observator14 says:

    This monsignor is not a prominent aide of the pope. Neither was the monsignor let off the hook but was arrested by the Vatican police. Capisci ? This author is trying to bury the pope for Other people’s sins

  49. MarcJ says:

    This far-left Marxist Pope used to preach the Marxist doctrine in the streets of Buenos Aires.

  50. sharank251 says:

    as an RC i am disgusted by this communist pope…no different than the commy obammy…remember he is only infallabe in church matters not secular. even then he is bound by Canon Law

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