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Americans Told Obama This Was His Biggest Failure

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  1. mpdMD1965 says:

    Barack is not the problem. The problem lies with the American electorate who I am sad to say is BRAINDEAD. In an attempt to alter black angst they are killing our Democracy. Barack is black but it is not his skin color to which I refer. It is his mindset. He hates America and his brainstem wife is even more dangerous. Wake up and smell the deceit. You were duped. This man is blackest in his heart than what is evident on his skin. His judgement skills tell me he is either the most stupid man on earth or the most skilled perpetrator of a master crime. He has set the scene for the death of our democracy.
    Think before you vote. You are setting the scene for your children and grandchildren and remember the perpetrators are immune to the consequences that impact the well meaning citizens who voted to give a black man a chance.

    1. Vicki Kuner Mattingly says:


    2. bovestrian says:

      Definitely one of the best posts I’ve read concerning this issue.

    3. Jimmie Cooper Boswell says:

      don’t care who, offers you their free way too expensive socialist lollypops. socialism obviously, is contrary to democracy, freedom of religion, freedom of speech, freedom to bear arms, freedom of choice, and capitalism. and they are already trying to force, some occult religious standards trying to force non-occult religions to accept their occult religious wicked and evil standards, while also trying to remove your right to bear arms.
      it was obvious from the beginning, that aca was an extremely expensive and intrusive socialist alleged free lollypop. those who can afford to pay, must also pay for the reimbursement for those who can’t. as those who initially could afford it, are finding out it is becoming more and more ot of control unaffordable.
      time to denounce all socialisms, which will eventually kill all democracy in the usa. if the founding fathers wanted, the usa to become a socialist society they would have wrote the constitution to support it.

    4. voncile fullwood says:

      the braindead elected him and then he became the problem and for eight long years he still is the problem…he is a devil advacate hiding his BC to become president and his Admin. knew this that is who bad they wanted to keep their seats and still tying as hard as they can to keep them now

      1. Cathy aka OldTxGal says:

        Obama was not elected, he was installed by George Soros and others elites in the shadow government. They wanted someone they could manipulate to push the US into the NWO. And their arrogant, narcissistic puppet loved every minute of it.

        1. Daniel Spickard says:

          I guess that Satanist Soros never read the Bible! In the Bible it states that this country (United States), England, and Israel will never be controlled by a foreign government as long as man breaths air on this planet! We are the three teeth in the cog of life that Satan can never control! We are Satan’s down fall! No matter who Satan puts in our country to try and destroy it, the people of Christ fight back!

          1. Cathy aka OldTxGal says:

            Yes, but the harder we fight Satan, the more he will fight back. So it looks like we are in for a long fight.

          2. Daniel Spickard says:

            But good will always defeat evil!

    5. Hotnike says:

      No, Barack is not black. He is 50% Caucasian (white), 40% various Arabian ancestry and only 10% black.

      1. JST says:

        You are correct, sad you can’t even use the “N” word to describe this Idiot.

        1. ProudlyUnaffiliated says:

          I do. All the time.

      2. drbhelthi says:

        That´s what Goyim (Gentiles) are supposed to think. However, the articles naming Ann Dunham to be his mother are CIA creations as is most of the information about his “family” in Kenya. An agent of UK MI-5 reported that the DNA of Obama did not match that of the Dunham family. Also, Obama´s alleged attendance at Columbia was a CIA creation to cover his assignment to Pakistan-Afghanistan during that time period.
        The publicly-available information about Obama verifies neither mother nor sire. One very revealing fact is that “the alias” followed George H.W. Bush´s alleged, oldest son into occupancy of the POTUS slot _ _ _ _ .

      3. Cimmie Depriest says:

        You also have to remember that the wife? has never been an American at heart. She has played the first lady to the hilt, spent plenty of taxpayers money on clothes and pretending to be female. They are a gay couple and fooled all of you. Just put her name in Google . She was born Michael. That is only one lie of many and we will in the future learn more. Thank God they will be gone.

    6. kbmiller says:

      The religion of Islam allows LYING if, in any way, the LIE can be justified to benefit the religion. How can anyone believe anything they say to you? The Nuclear treaty with Iran or anything Bath House Barry says cannot be trusted. Wake up America, the Dumb A$$ oc RATS have been taken over by the socialist/communists long ago.

    7. Gary_L_Thompson says:

      I think Obama is “black” in the same way Adolph Hitler was German and Napoleon Bonaparte was French (in reality they were Austrian and Corsican, but seized on another ethnic identity as the best chance of getting up in the world). In reality he is a white mixed with Kenyan, reinvented to fit a media myth. But in reality he is the most opposite of American black in the Josiah Henson, Frederick Douglass, Harriet Tubman, MLK sense that could be imagined, he is one of the Arabic people who put the ancestors of the blacks (and of many other peoples) in chains, certainly in his dark soul if not by blood.

      Perps immune to the consequences? I’d like to direct your attention to Now whether it holds water, only time will tell (the author admits elsewhere he is not really a supporter of Trump per se; and did anyone seen this year lots of stadium assemblies and crusades over the past year telling the church “Return to Me” as another prophecy predicted last Christmas?–in fairness, the Daystar phenomenon on election night pretty much came out of nowhere for me, so I might have missed it). But that has nothing to do with the point I’m making here. People had better be desperately hoping and praying that Trump REALLY IS A WRECKING BALL AND GLARING SPOTLIGHT ON ALL THE DARKNESS AND CORRUPTION GOING ON. If a stake isn’t finally driven through the heart of the “for thee, not for me” attitude of the political class, that laws are merely keep the yoke on the little people being ruled and not apply to their rulers, rule of law is never coming back to this nation. Why are there holocaust deniers, why are Nazis and fascists in general portrayed as cartoon villains ill-defined as merely something the left dislikes? Because the Allies knew what they were doing when they forced German civilians to tour the camps and German young people to bury the victims, and made filmed record of it all. It so destroyed the attractiveness of totalitarianism, that concepts like race identity, judicial positivism and eugenics had to go underground for years after. The only real chance I see Trump has of destroying the left’s hold on the media, corporate, labor, education, and non-profit sectors is to expose its malign heart to for all the world to see, whether the Muslim Brotherhood, the Clinton Foundation, the rioting George Soros has been orchestrating and its victims, the criminal banksters syndicate, Pizzagate, big pharma, geo-engineering, Benghazi, Fast and Furious, Bureau of Land Management, and on and on. I’m convinced if Trump does go full-court press with the special prosecutors on these things, he will actually start saving quite a few innocent lives in the future.

    8. yogiman says:

      The biggest issue is the fact Obama is not constitutionally eligible for that office, yet the Electoral College voted him in office illegally and the Senate approved their vote… knowing he isn’t eligible for the office.

      Obama was born in Kenya to a British subject father and was adopted into Indonesian citizenship as a child… and it has never been commuted as if he has ever become a naturalized citizen of the USA.

  2. ter334 says:

    In general people struggle to pay their own expenses and are against the govt and the D party thinking and acting like they are a charitable operation and just give money away to the poor, just because they claim to be poor and were taken advantage of by others. So the D party likes to tax the working class to give money to the poor so the Ds can stay in office, keep the patronage alive and get the votes.

    What has happened is the old boss political machines of the 1930s in big cities that were run on patronage moved to DC. And the Ds turned the fed govt into a boss political machine patronage cesspool. And O expanded the patronage politics form of govt to include illegal immigrants and unvetted muslim”refugees” sprinkled with jihadists that the muslims themselves vetted to make sure they were willing to be terrorists here and in Europe, Canada and Australia. But not Japan because they don’t allow muslims into Japan.

    If someone kept breaking into your home, your church, you place of business would O, the Ds and the govt just call them “undocumented” thieves/robbers/enterers even though what they were doing is illegal? Just because someone is poor does not give then right to break the law and to enter and take over the WH or Congress or any elected officials home!

    Elected officials do not represent the citizens in the process called govt but represent the party to the voters. And the voters are fed up with this and resent it!

  3. ter334 says:

    Will the D party survive Obama? What can their platform be in the future? More of Obama style politics? After all they nominated him, elected him and those in Congress and appointed SUPPORTED him in classic D party robot fashion. 100% for him. Zero votes against Obamacare, etc..

    It is not clear to me who, if anyone in DC, actually thinks the Constitution is the law of the land and they are legally required to obey it. Just like anyone in a school zone is obligated to observe the speed limit. We do not have a DIY form of govt and O himself is the perfect example of why we don’t. The one making the laws in a DIY form of govt will try and keep the power!

    The pols have even gone so far as to claim the Constitution is a living document? Meaning I suppose they can massage it to get their way? The Native Americans got it right when they said White and black and all men and women can and do speak with forked tongue? This is a reference to the serpent of biblical fame?

    1. golding4 says:

      Don’t know if you are a bible dweller….Jesus proved who He was! and over 500 people saw Him after He was killed on the cross and buried in a tomb up too 40 days after, Only God could do all the things Jesus did…..He speaks of the devil, satan as a reality in this world…..bringing you up to date! satan took over the democrat party and has a firm hold on it, and he is dangeous but God is victorious.

  4. Dick says:

    Obama’s entire presidency was/is a failure. He has set race relations back a hundred years, has dealt death blows to our military, has struck against the morals of this country. He has destroyed the health insurance industry, has cost millions of US citizens their jobs, has alienated our friends and caused our enemies to disrespect us. He has allowed and encouraged our enemies free reign to enter our country illegally causing US citizens to lose their jobs and in some cases their lives. I wish that the country could have a mulligan and erase his presidency and undo all his laws, desires and presidential edicts.

    1. helensatmary says:

      And evict him from the United States of America…He isa fraud and despicable person!! He has NO morals, No decency, No truth in him and he is a disgrace to America!!!!!

      1. FactsConfuseDumbocrats says:

        Agreed. And I am still sitting here shaking my 75 y/o head wondering why the heck he has not been impeached like the last Democrat that occupied the WH and his regime did damage to the WH equipment before giving up in 2001. Happening again with the same old aged complaints about the Electoral Collage. The founding fathers had someone like God advising them on these papers because they envisioned this wanna be Dictatorship. God Save America and for all the occupants inside our borders, get legal or get out!

    2. ProudlyUnaffiliated says:

      If we are fortunate, Trump will erase the 8 years of Obama in his first week. MAGA!

  5. Bruce Walters says:

    Obama care was a dismal failure, Obama’s presidency was a dismal failure, Obama is a dismal failure, yet he thinks he is the greatest thing since sliced bread. I think him and his husband Michelle should keep their mouths shut, their heads down, and quietly go away while they still have some dignity left.

    1. golding4 says:

      none left…….

  6. Hotnike says:


  7. Maggietish says:

    Barack Obama is the worst president the United States has ever had. He has been on a mission since he was elected to destroy America and his record proves it. He has embraced and incited division and racism among the American people. Even now he is moving forward on things that he knows are detrimental to the United States and the American people at an alarming rate. He surrounded himself with the Czars at the White House, which the American people paid for, who were professors who have never really held a Real job and they continuously proved that book sense does it make commonsense. Obama is now going out of his way giving interviews to news media, most of whom have been in his pocket for the last eight years, kin which he’s blaming everybody else for the atrocities and failed policies of his presidency. He’s also making decisions which are borderline treasonous and absolutely anti-American. Obama is absolutely trying to set the framework up so that Donald Trump will fail. But, once again, Obama is wrong because Trump won’t fail and he’s got the support of the American people. Most presidencies have a true respectfull transition but Barack Obama, even though he said right after the election he would support Donald Trump, is doing just the opposite and the whole world sees it. He needs to get over his own ego out of the way and get over himself. He is a failed president who has, and continues to, literally committed treason against the United States and that’s his legacy along with his atrocious behavior over the last few weeks in which he’s trying to play the blame game against everybody else instead of taking responsibility for his failures. He recently said that he’s going to be very vocal about trumps presidency and things that he doesn’t agree with. He is just that narcissistic and just can’t get over himself. He obviously still doesn’t get it that the United States is a republic with a free people and we were free nation. Obama obviously thinks he’s king of the world or at the very least emperor of the United States. He simply needs to just go away and stop embarrassing himself.

  8. drbhelthi says:

    A closer look at “Obamacare” reveals that it is a vastly amplified version of Romneycare, which former governor Romney instituted in Massachussets. The plan was obviously amplified by persons familiar with Romneycare. Overall, Obamacare provides profits for owners of the insurance companies that are included, and in a manner that imposed costs on persons who were not affiliated with the Black subculture. The following link clarifies similarities, and very carefully:
    Considering the clarification at the link, it is logical to conclude that the entities associated with the Dem.Party, who vetted the alias to be eligible for POTUS, also had their specialists create Obamacare. They are the same entities who continue to support the alias, Obama and Hitlary Clinton, encouraged subterfuge by Electoral College representatives and continue to bash Donald Trump and individual family members.
    Basically, they are the “entities” in the USCongress, the Pentagon, and NATO who pledge 1st allegiance to “Israel” instead of the USofA. They deceitfully disguised their (additional) “milking” of American (Gentile) taxpayers, tailoring “Obamacare” to favor the racist inclination of the alleged “Black” man whom the CIA/MOSSAD/Carlyle Group manipulated into the POTUS slot.
    Considering that, per tapnewswire, 96% of western world media is controlled by six jewish-owned companies, the subterfuge of western world Goyim(Gentiles) is readily understood.

  9. RuFus92 says:

    I would hope that it is repealed or the GOP faces a very short run for their money. The promises made had better be forfilled ot they are doomed again and we will see more and more IND in office.

  10. uncle_fweddy says:

    Actually, I think oBummer’s biggest failure is his attempt to destroy America, and to have presided over the most traitorous administration in the history of America. I never thought I’d see a worse president than Jimmy Carter, gentleman peanut farmer. but Barry has Jimmy beat by a cow country mile. Carter, at least, meant well. obummer is a malevolent traitor who means to destroy America.

  11. wboehmer says:

    With Obamacare as with pretty much everything else, President Obama never bothered to persuade America to support what he wanted to do.
    He had an agenda, he thought he knew best & he attempted to get his way by force.
    Obama blamed the GOP congress for opposition, but overturning his initial dem majority didn’t happen by accident.
    America voted in that opposition because we didn’t like Obama’s bullying.
    Obama reacted by moving ahead without congressional support.
    But because his executive actions are not built on a solid foundation, they are vulnerable to being washed away with the next wave.

  12. jim jones says:

    The muslims in our White House are America’s shame. Mr. Trump has a tremendous job to do in order to bring us back to greatness.

  13. ProudlyUnaffiliated says:

    ObamaCare was an epic failure, of course, but everything Obama did has failed the people of this country.
    Obama is the first failed black president.

  14. luckystrike57 says:

    Obama biggest failures is outdoing the legacy of Jimmy Carter as the worst President ever.

  15. Ralph Schall says:

    obama you are not acting pres. so stay out of the media. you are like all democrats does not know when to keep your mouth shut. go play on the golf court. get educiated.

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