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This Arrest Could Unravel The Entire Trump-Russia Scandal

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  1. USCBIKER says:

    Well, that was a useless article and waste of time!

    1. JC says:

      yes it was useless—sounded like a progressive journalist trying ti keep the conspiracy thing going against Trump

    2. Juanita says:

      Agreed. Hillary Clinton and the Dem machine sent thugs in to disrupt Trump rallies. They rigged voting machines so that Trump votes would be recorded as Cliton votes.

      At most after all of this cloak and dagger stuff, the only thing that the Left has to show for its’ BS is that Putkin might have expressed a preference for Trump during the campaign. Now compare that to Obama’s dispatching his troops armed with taxpayer dollars to Isreal in an attempt not to influence but up end that country’s presidential election. Also let us not forget Obama’s going to Britain and telling the voters not to vote to exit the EU and threatening them if they did.

      So it is fine for Obama and Dems to try to undermind the US election and control those of other countries but Russian cannot express a preference between US candidates.

      ONE, TWO, THREE It is over folks . You lost . Show some character and shut up!!!

      1. John Redman says:

        “Show some character and shut up!!!” You are kidding, right? No blood in stones and no “character” in commie progressives.

        1. Juanita says:

          You are right John. I guess we can all dream can’t we? (lol)

      2. Roxamme says:

        It would be difficult to explain the facts to you because you are an airhead that supports this bloviated profoundly ignorant president Trump! To give you the facts would be beyond your comprehension level, so I just suggest before you comment so stupidly, get an education on what is really going on. We have a maniac in the White House with a comprehension level of a 3 year old. Start your research!!!!

        1. John Redman says:

          “you are an airhead”. Can’t say that about you, Roxamme because you are a commie progressive, from your comment, and not worth the oxygen you are consuming. If you suddenly die, take a mooslime with you to actually make a positive contribution to society. But DO die regardless troll.

        2. Juanita says:

          You have no facts to explain. That is the reason that liberals/progressives like you resort to ad hominen attacks. But I do not bite! I do not fall for your attempts to get me to digress from the issue by needlessly defending myself against your name-calling of me or the President.

          My comments stand. You lose.

          1. Brenda Sinclair says:


          2. Juanita says:

            Please go back and read the sequence of comments. I do not know how you got the idea that voted for Hillary Clinton and Obuma or support anything that they have done.

        3. Tom G says:

          Roxamme , the facts : A major hillary campaign funder – George Soros , self admitted nazi from WW2 , said it was the best time of his life to be a nazi , he gave hillary ,millions of dollars to help run her campaign . Fact , while hillary was sec. of state , she sacrificed 4 Americans lives in Benghazi ,even after dozens of calls for help, 6 billion taxpayer dollars were lost and she had no idea how she lost it , she deleted over 30,000 emails on her illegal server that was requested by the FBI , and destroyed several cell phones before handing them over, she lost her license to practice law , due to fraud and major lies, and the list goes on and on for the last 30 years she has been involved in politics , but brainwashed Fake news watchers like yourself , think she is the next best thing to rubber vagina shaped hats.

          1. C.T. Dixon says:

            If Roxamme is brainwashed so are you, by Faux News. George Soros was never a NAZI, considering he is Jewish, and while it is true that he said that he considered 1944 as the best year of his life, that was because he saw the heroism of his father trying to save other Jews the same way he saved his family. HIllary did not “lose” her license to practice law it was suspended in 1994 due to a failure to complete the necessary continuing education credits that were required. Which were probably not done since there was no need for her to have an Arkansas law license since she was a resident of and Senator representing New York.

          2. Tom G says:

            Wow you are really misinformed , please do yourself a favor and stop watching Fake News , and get a life , there are numerous articles about how she lost it due to fraud and being a habitual liar, Look it up !!!! I’m not going to continue this conversation with you , until you go back on your psych meds , stop your crying and own up to the fact that Mr Donald Trump is your President !

          3. C.T. Dixon says:

            I think you are the one who is misinformed, rather than believe phony claims about her law license i would rather go to the source – The Arkansas Judiciary – where it clearly says suspended for CLE dated 03/14/2002, and of you didn’t know CLE stands for Continuing Legal Education. source –

            Whereas if you look up Bill Clinton’s it says suspended for 5 years due to Disciplinary Action same source –

          4. David F. Podesta says:

            If she really wants someone to blame, she should blame Bubba for having that secret meeting with AG Lynch on the tarmac in Phoenix. He was a lawyer. He knew what could happen if it became public, and it did. Nobody believed the BS story about talking about grandchildren and golf-while his wife, the presidential candidate, was under a criminal investigation. A person would have to be a fool to believe that story. Bubba put Comey in a position where he had to testify as he did. The TRUTH about Hillary becoming public is what brought her down-not Comey and not the Russians.

          5. Brenda Sinclair says:

            tell us about the 151 murders surrounding the Clinton body-bags, and their days running drugs out of mecca ark, and their child trafficking ring out of white house and clinton foundation their involved with satanic rituals of drinking blood a a child after it was raped and bled to death then eat the body parts, come on now all of it is truth THEY ARE TRULY THE CHILDREN OF SATAN

          6. C.T. Dixon says:

            Sure and the Clinton Cabal was involved in the McMartin Preschool case as well.

          7. margie says:

            George Soros supported both Obama and Hillery. Do your research he broke Greek economy, tried to break England,s Bank and probably was behind our economic downfall because it guaranteed Obama being elected. Soros made a another fortune from housing failure. His history is socialist and he admitted to his part in Germany. His father was never a hero.

          8. C.T. Dixon says:

            How did Soros break the Greek economy, it was already broken? He short sould the British Pound because it was being artificially propped up in value by the British Government’s economic policies. Our economic downfall was caused by rampant speculation in real estate combined with lax financial oversight of the derivatives industry and shoddy housing loans made by banks to people who couldn’t afford them. I can say I have never heard him call for government ownership of capital/industry which is the definition of socialism. His father was able to purchase fake documents for his family to hide the fact that they were Jewish and then used his money, skills and connections to help other people escape the Fascists in Hungary by charging wealthy people a larger amount for the forged documents to support either cheaper or free forged documents for the poor who wanted to escape the fascists in Hungary during WW2.

          9. rrkeng says:

            Oh Dear C T….I guess you do not have much knowledge of history but then again the globalists are trying to rewrite them for their progressive NWO. Soros told the Nazi’s that his Dad was a Jew and he was not. He got his own family killed to save his ass. Then he stole much valuable paintings and got rich any despicable way he could. Hillary did lose her law license in 2002. You need to go back and re-read all the way through that atricle.

          10. C.T. Dixon says:

            You need to stop drinking the conspiracy kool-aid, considering Soros’s family (Father, mother and brother) all survived WW2. His father Tivadar Soros and mother came to the US in 1956 after the Hungarian Revolution and his brother Paul Soros emigrated to the US in 1948 while George Soros emigrated to England in 1947. Hillary did not “lose” her law license, it was suspended due to failure to complete the necessary CLE (Continuing Law Education) required to maintain it, which you can look up in the Arkansas Records.

          11. lou says:

            soros caused 12 revolutions in these countries so he can short the dollar and rob the countries hes a magott

          12. C.T. Dixon says:

            What revolution was caused by Soros?

          13. C.T. Dixon says:

            BTW, if Soros had told the Nazis that his dad was a Jew, he would have been executed as well since that would under the German Racial Purity Laws made him a Jew as well.

          14. lou says:

            go to google and read how many revalutions and inner wars amongst the people he caused of the 12 countries and shorted the dollar that’s hoe the crook made all his money him and the rotchilds and the ilumanati gang

          15. C.T. Dixon says:

            So you support socialism? Short selling stocks, currencies, and commodities is one way to make money if you think their prices are inflated or supported artificially.

        4. Brenda Sinclair says:

          and you supported both PEDOPHILE OBAMA AND HILLARY, BILL, GEORGE BUSH ALL PEDOPHILES, INVOLVED IN CHILD TRAFFCING, well they say birds of a feather do flock together so you must be like the clintons obama’s the two bushes child rapists

        5. Kris Larsen says:

          Roxamme, read BIG AGENDA then sit back and think about what you just read. It will blow your mind, I hope. God please help our citizens understand what really has been going on in country for the last 25 years. Read that book Roxamme and see for yourself, the truth.

      3. NolanR says:

        It is no wonder Putin preferred Trump. No leader of a country wants to have to deal with a lunatic with their finger on a nuclear button? Hillary should not have any power, let alone nuclear power!

        1. maxx says:

          Considering that Clinton was in charge of the State Department when the sale of US Uranium resources took place why would he have not wanted Hildabeaste to win? Russia got far more benefit from Oblowhard and Clinton than it ever will with Trump in the W.H. I think it was a matter of “character”, something that neither Obama or Clinton have any. Both are communist traitors and deserve to be treated like what they are.

          1. John Savell says:

            Yes, while that is true, Hitlery will do whatever is politically expedient and is unpredictable. She votes for one thing one day and against it the next day. She is a liar and untrustworthy, and as an earlier post said, having an unstable, unreliable person with the codes to nuclear missiles could be very very dangerous for Putin (and America). Trump is a little more predictable.

          2. maxx says:

            The liberal democommies were not the least bit worried about Oblowhard having the codes because they all knew he was a coward much like most liberals and definitely the followers of the democrat communist party of today. They are the misguided morons that think it is better to live as a subject than a free person. We should revoke their citizenship for seditious reasons and send them to some communist country like China, N. Korea or middle east hell hold run by muslims. They wouldn’t last a month.

          3. John Savell says:

            I just got a warm fuzzy feeling all over thinking about those crazy nuts losing citizenship and being sent somewhere else. Thank you for that beautiful image.

          4. Robert Pollard says:

            Because, they were trying to overthrow Assad and put a very dangerous ISIS regime in control of a country close to them???

        2. lou says:

          at least America will be safe not like Obama sold America down the drain the scumbags like the democrats said

      4. Tom G says:

        Juanita , you really need to give the snowflakes a break , all of the Fake News polls told them that Hillary was going to easily win the election, and after she lost they didn’t get a participation trophy or ribbon . So now all of the safe spaces are overflowing with cry babies who can’t deal with the fact that they can’t always get what they want.

      5. Brenda Sinclair says:

        CLINTON AND MOOSLUMMIE OBAMA USED THE RUSSIANS AS A COVER-UP A SMOKE SCREEN OF THE MANY MURDERS OF PEOPLE CONNECTED TO THE CLINTONS, THE MURDER OF JUDGE SCALIA, SETH RICH WHO WORKED AT DNC FOR HILLARY WHO WAS THE MAN THAT SENT information about clinton, podesta, obama child traffcing out of the white house, info proof of 30 pedophiles in congress and senate all this info was sent to JULIAN ASSANGE2WIKKILEAKS, who then sent out the emails of hillarys exposing her. seth rich was shot in the back night before he was to meet with fbi james comey, who covered up for obama and hillary and the child traffcing and pedophiles in government PRESIDENT TRUMP before he ran for president knew about child traffcing by hillary and obama, knew of the 30 in government as pedophiles THAT IS WHY HE SAID HE HAD TO DRAIN THE SWAMP RATS OUT OF GOVERNMENT and those 30 democrates have fought trump sessions, flynn very hard to stop him. riots protesting violence, lies lies lies, but the world will wake up as it begins with warrants for those evil pedophile swamp rats, hello charles schumer, nancy pelosi, warren, kaine, biden kerry, graham, bloomenthal, cumming,waters, lynch comey, clapper, brennan mccain and many more Jeff sessions has a big job issuing warrants for these low life child rapist

        1. Juanita says:

          You will certainly get no argument from me regarding DemoRat corruption and lawlessness.

      6. Denise says:

        What bull! Its people like you that make America not great. Hate hate hate. And yes more and more proof is coming up everyday. And they all have thier hands in it. Not Just tRump!

        1. Juanita says:

          Yes. Enforcing the law and upholding cultural values is what people like you call hate.

        2. June Burgess says:

          Denise:I guess you love pedophiles

      7. Vernon Devine says:

        It is not over. Trump could still be impeached or resign to avoid impeachment. He should be used to failure: 6 bankruptcies, 3 marriages, impulsive behavior, and so on.

  2. used_to_be_a_liberal says:

    More hog wash. Why? The latest information that I have read, shows that Assad was not likely to have been the one that used those chemical weapons. Who can we really trust to give us the correct information?

  3. Michael Thompson says:

    no shit why did i bother?

  4. ONTIME says:

    Com’on….if there is no there there, why waste the time and space to spread fake news…….????…No more fake implants from the left…

  5. Scott says:

    Another useless Web Site I will be unsubscribing from.

  6. Linda says:

    Only Carnac the Magnificent knows!?

  7. SouthernPatriot says:

    This is not going to lead to anything. It was all false information started by Hillary, whose own staff member had/has $450 million invested in Russia, which he made off “sweetheart” inside trading compliments of a Russian oligarch. Investigate the quid pro quo of Hillary when she sold 1/5 of our uranium to Russia and a few months late the Clinton Fraud Foundation received $150 million dollar donation.

    1. Donaldo says:

      Can’t under stand, if the Dems were true Americans they should be furious over that. Not a peep out of any of them assholes over that.

      1. Rob Thomson says:

        Donaldo, at least WE didn’t vote for a criminal s e x u a l predator. –

        1. Jerry Dodds says:

          Billy Bob just got his pic taken with teenage hooker who got arrested. Not sure what he can do but enjoying it. Can not figure how 20 year old stories compare to ongoing actions in the Lib lack of moral base except it is just BS.

        2. Tom G says:

          Rob , please get back on your Psych meds !

          1. Rob Thomson says:

            Tom G., please KYS. Free speech, if you don’t like our right to free speech, GTFO OF THIS COUNTRY!

        3. dorcus says:

          Rob:Oh but you did, remember Bill Clinton! He acted on it – Trump’s were words on a manufactured tape by a friend of Hillary and Bill!

          1. Rob Thomson says:

            Bill Clinton had CONSENSUAL s e x with Monica Lewinsky, who happened to be an adult at the time. You and the party you support are obsessed with what consenting adults do in private but scream about keeping the government out of our lives. What a hypocritical freak you are. “manufactured tape”? HAHAHAHAHA. Crawl back under your rock, freak.

          2. Rob Thomson says:

            dorcus, or should I refer to you as DORK? Bill Clinton received a BJ FROM A CONSENTING ADULT. (Monica Lewinsky) Aren’t you republiCONS always screaming about keeping the government out of your private lives? Wow, you’re all a bunch of hypocritical “losers”. A “manufactured tape”? HAHAHAHAHAHA

        4. Brenda Sinclair says:


          1. Rob Thomson says:

            You’re full of shit and believe unproven, baseless r-wing accusations. Has the criminal S e x u a l predator (Trump) tried to grab your pu$$y yet? Post a link to a single conviction of any of the people you mentioned. The Gropenfuehrer (Trump) is on tape admitting to s e x u a l l y assaulting women. You’re a sick, propagandized biotch..

          2. Rob Thomson says:

            Brenda Sinclair, your caps lock key is stuck. Typing in all caps does nothing for your argument. WTF is “CHILD TRAFFCING”? I notice you didn’t post a link to one bit of proof. Go back to sleep and continue your fever dreams.

        5. Tom G says:

          The only thing you can use against Trump ,is that old line about him saying something crude , over 12 years ago. Yes I guess you are the perfect little angel Rob. But you don’t seem to understand that hillary has over 30 years of scandals she was involved in , many dead bodies left behind of former employees that were to testify against her or bill , what do you think about the Benghazi incident while she was sec of state , 4 Americans murdered on her watch ,that begged her for help dozens of times , she just watched remotely , and then went to bed , left Americans to die , then when drilled about it she says ” what does it matter ?”. And has the nerve to lie to the victims family in a face to face meeting. Yea I know Rob in your little Pea – sized brain she still would have been a better choice to lead this country , because Trump ,said something that wasn’t Nice to your virgin ears.

          1. Rob Thomson says:

            Tom G, yet your propagandist party, who have tried to pin the slightest little thing on Hillary Clinton can’t prove anything. I can post a whole slew of links to Trump being a creep as far as women and young girls are concerned, including his own daughter Ivanka, the one who lives with him in the White House while his wife Melania refuses to leave her gilded tower in New York. She knows all about the relationship between Trump and Ivanka. – – – – I’ve got many more if you’re foolish enough to press the issue. Stick your head back where the sun doesn’t shine. HAHAHAHA

    2. Rob Thomson says:

      SouthernPatriot, you’re no “patriot”. You’re also a purveyor of “fake news”. DERP! –

  8. xingqin says:

    Lock up the real culprits===Hillary, Obama, and the whole democratic members of Congress, Hang McCain, Graham, Ryan, McConnell, and all trump haters

    1. Rob Thomson says:

      xingqin, try me, I’ll be waiting for you. Traitor Trump for prison, 2017!

  9. shamu9 says:

    Click-Bait Bullshit!

  10. Gary Parker says:

    So what’s the story?

  11. cheryl55 says:

    I am surprised it took THIS long for the LIBERALS to come up with a willing LIAR to support their claims! When all else fails the Democrats roll out the FAKE WITNESSES!! WE saw this with the women they brought out before the election, the video, and then one by one led complete IDIOTS like the Muslim on stage screaming at Trump and the biased Judge making ridiculous decisions BOTH KNOWING Trump would come after them and the Democrats could CLAIM indignation and utter SHOCK??? They are so phony anyone with a clear head and an ounce of sense can see right through their BS!! Fortunately for ALL OF US.. NONE of it worked! Just as THIS will NOT work!

    1. Rob Thomson says:

      cheryl55, Trump was ruled against by judges sitting on the bench in more than one case. If you don’t like the checks and balances and the way this country operates per the Constitution, GET OUT!

  12. Frederic Charles Hilnbrand says:

    More DEM & CIA bullshit. Isn’t it time to stop this crap already. WE the PEOPLE voted TRUMP in and you assholes just can’t let it go. WE the PEOPLE wanted NOTHING to do with Hildabeast long before she was running. Her past told us we had enough of DEM’S crap and wanted a REAL President who is there because he wants to make AMERICA GREAT AGAIN and so do we so that means take it out of the DEM rule!! HEY DEM’S do you understand this, ASSHOLES??

    1. JeanneTherese says:

      right on…:)

    2. greenlantern1 says:

      Ever hear of Ambassador Stevens?
      What did Putin tell you??

    3. Gloria D. says:

      Great post and right on target!!!!

    4. lou says:

      what is a hilda beast a big pile of dung

      1. Frederic Charles Hilnbrand says:

        You could say that. Hillary HAS been called worse 🙂
        Ands itg is one word HILDABEAST 😉

    5. Rob Thomson says:

      Frederic Charles Hilnbrand, “WE the PEOPLE”? HAHAHAHA The sexual predator (Trump) lost the popular vote to Hillary Clinton. “WE the PEOPLE” never voted for the gropenfuehrer (Trump) to be President.

      1. Tom G says:

        Rob , you are a troll , Trump is the President of the United States , get used to it for the next 8 years, and you really need to stop watching CNN , because it is zapping any common sense you may have had in the past !

        1. Frederic Charles Hilnbrand says:

          Hi Tom. Hope you like what I just posted to Rob. I think I got him in all the right places.
          THANK YOU for your post and a REAL Happy Easter to you and yours. I hope Rob gets his Happy Easter wishes (bunny turds that is).

        2. Rob Thomson says:

          I don’t even have a TV. I stopped watching the garbage on TV years ago. Stick with your favorite propaganda channel, Faux News. The people who testified in a Florida courtroom that they’re an entertainment program and can present the news any way they see fit.

      2. Frederic Charles Hilnbrand says:

        Yo ROBO you are a asshole. As for sexual predator it must be YOU because you wanted to be Hillary’s lover but only ended up being her want to be. In case you have not heard our PRESIDENT who WAS voted in by THE people (not sure what you are). He WILL be our President for the next 7 years and 9 months. WE the PEOPLE did vote for him and you and your DEM’S got nowhere but the BACK of the bus. We are happy we got a REAL man with balls for our PRESIDENT. We have nothing about women but not one with the name CLINTON attached to it. 8 years of crap like Obummer was enough for us to say enough IS enough. After reading this you can RE-INSERT your head back up your ass and go back to CNN or what ever channel your butt gets. Oh almost forgot, Happy Easter to you.

        1. Rob Thomson says:

          HAHAHAHAHA, whatever, uneducated Trumpanzee. You must like licking the gropenfuehrer’s ass. I happen to be an atheist. YOUR God only exists in your delusional mind.

          1. Tom G says:

            Rob ,I see you’re an atheist ,guess what you are also a ” Troll ” , this is a pro Trump site and since you don’t have a job and you still live with your mommy, I guess the only enjoyment you can get out of your pathetic life is to go on sites like this and argue , Again I keep trying to get it thru the head of idiots like you , hillary could not even win a rigged election , Russia did not force me to change from a dumbocrat to a Republican and vote for Trump. It was just a common sense thing to do since the dumbocrats have tired to destroy this country in the last 8 + years , the truely right thing to do was vote for the man that was going to help ” Make America Great Again”.

          2. Rob Thomson says:

            Hey Tom G, you’re a moron. I happen to be retired and own a custom built home on 10 acres. Have you stolen a new set of wheels to get your little trailer off of those cement blocks yet? My parents happen to be dead. Prove your imaginary ‘friend’ in the sky exists and you might be able to change my mind about being an atheist. I don’t know what my being an atheist has to do with the price of tea in China and I couldn’t care less if this is a “pro-Trump site”. What’s the matter little delicate Tommy, you can’t handle opposing opinions? Maybe you should crawl back under your rock where the rest of your pro-Trump friends live. Stick with Faux News propaganda and your delicate little ears won’t hear anything that burns the few brain cells you MIGHT have possessed. – Derp de derp!

        2. Rob Thomson says:

          You should check the numbers, HRC BEAT Trump by about THREE MILLION VOTES.

          1. Tom G says:

            Rob , you need to wake up and smell the burnt coffee coming from your kitchen, Mr. Donald Trump ,is the PRESIDENT of this here United States , and no matter how long you stick your fingers in your ears ,and chant “Oh great Satan , please make Hildebeast my leader ,Oh Please ” , it not going to change Rob , so wipe off the those tears , pull up your depends ,and go read a good book like , The Art of the Deal.

          2. Rob Thomson says:

            Tom G, you must be too stupid to check people’s profiles. I support Bernie Sanders and only voted for Hillary Clinton because I wasn’t going to vote for Trump the Russian loving Traitor. DERP!

          3. margie says:

            HRC used illegals from Calif. to ring up those 3 million votes but they are being deported so won’t be able to vote again.

          4. Rob Thomson says:

            margie, prove it. There’s only been ONE documented case of voter fraud and SHEwas a registered republiCON from TexA S S. She was sentenced to a faily lengthy prison sentence. You should quit listening to r-wing “fake news”! –

          5. nicholsda says:

            Of course it can’t be proven that CA votes were frauds. CA won’t check their votes against legal citizens. All you need in CA is a drivers license that they even give to illegals. And by the way, CA’s DL is not legal ID for entry into Federal Buildings, nuke plants, and soon to be, flying. CA also has an illegal voting scheme in that if two Dems score a higher percentage of votes, they faceoff in a runoff instead of a Dem and a Rep.

          6. Rob Thomson says:

            nicholsDA, you’d better hurry up and start pleasuring yourself over the traitor you voted for. Traitor Trump and his criminal cronies will be in prison before you can blink your blind eyes. HAHAHAHAHAHA You should look up the meaning of “proof” in a dictionary. If you can’t afford one there are many free dictionaries available on the web. The arguments of you uneducated Trumpanzees are so easy to flush down the toilet.

          7. nicholsda says:

            I’d be willing to bet that Hillary croaks before Trump ever goes to prison. In fact, if Trump ever did go, he would be greeted by her there as she’d have gotten there first. And take your commie comments somewhere else as it is Hillary the liar that has the Russian connections.

          8. David F. Podesta says:

            Popular votes do not elect presidents. Hillary flew over the “fly-over” states but Trump went to every one and scooped up enough electoral votes to win comfortably. Better luck in 2020, IF you can come up with a decent candidate. Face the facts-she should’ve been indicted for giving classified material to Huma Abedin who in turn emailed that classified material to Anthony Weiner. ostensibly for printing and returning. The problem is that criminal intent is not an element of the crime. They either possessed classified material, or they didn’t. They either mishandled classified material or they didn’t. Period. People who did ALOT less than they did actually went to prison and are convicted felons. But then, they are protected by the old double standard……

          9. Rob Thomson says:

            David F. Podesta, your s e x u a l predator in chief, the gropenfuehrer, KNOWS that there is no actionable evidence to jail Hillary Clinton. There isn’t a snowballs chance in he77 of the head Trumpanzee follwing through with one of the campaign promises he made to you gullible republiCONS. You’ve all been conned by Don the con, the flim flam man. As PT Barnum stated, “there’s a sucker born every minute” and you’re one of those suckers. Prove that Clinton gave any classified documents to Huma Abedin.

            Your r-wing CONservative republiCONS blew how much taxpayer money on investigations and trying to pin something on HRC? They FAILED, just like they fail at most everything they attempt. All but fooling uneducated dweebs like you. – – The gropenfuehrer (Trump) is the person who should be jailed. – – check my posting history. I support Bernie Sanders and only voted for HRC because I’d never vote for Don the con or any republiCON for that matter. I’ve been posting since the election that HRC and the DNC ran such a poor campaign that even though she won the popular vote that she lost the campaign via the electoral college. I’m 63 years old and know full well how our system of government and elections function. At least I didn’t vote for an assaulter of women. You, you’re a typical republiCON and ignore the FACT that your guy is a criminal s e x u a l predator and most likely a traitor to this country and voted for him anyway. In my state of Washington, we voted overwhelmingly for Clinton yet our electoral college voters ignored the will of the people and paid a small $1,000.00 fine and voted for the traitor, Trump. Your bleating about California drivers licenses in no way proves any illegal voting. Your fever dreams and r-wing propaganda don’t mean anything. I (we) Democrats don’t have to wait until 2020. In 2018 are the mid-term elections. The republiCON base, at least those with functioning brains, seem to be very angry with their politicians and I’d bet good money that the republiCONS will be losing a large number of seats in CONgress. We shall see.

          10. Rob Thomson says:

            David F. Podesta, You’ll be lucky if your traitorous sexual predator (Trump) isn’t in prison by the end of 2017. – – PLEASE, hold your breath while you wait for traitor Trump to fulfill one of the campaign promises he used to con you uneducated Trumpanzees.

        3. Rob Thomson says:

          Frederic Charles Hilnbrand, not quite. Hillary and the DNC ran such a terrible campaign that she won the popular vote but lost the electoral college vote. WE the people voted against Russia loving TRAITOR Trump by a large margin. – I happen to be a Bernie Sanders supporter so your childish Hillary remarks have ZERO effect on me. Trump will soon be impeached and sent to Leavenworth prison. Maybe you can schedule a conjugal visit to get together with YOUR lover. Trump for prison, 2017! In case you try to respond with the illegal votes for Clinton propaganda, the only proven voter fraud was committed by a republiCON woman in Texas and she was sentenced to 8 years in prison. –

      3. Ralph Hume says:

        Tou need to chill Rob. You lost. Get it over it and get on with your pathetic life.

        1. Rob Thomson says:

          I didn’t “lose” anything. I voted AGAINST the traitor and criminal S E X U A L predator. I voted with the MAJORITY of Americans who voted Against the Gropenfuehrer. Trump will soon be headeD to Leavenworth prison, the place where most traitors to this country are sent before they’re executed. YOU’RE the ” loser” because you support a POS who admitted on tape to grabbing women by the pu$$y. Get bent. I happen to own a custom built split level home on 10 acres, mortgage free. I’ll take my “pathetic life” over your worthless life every day of the week.

          1. nicholsda says:

            So you voted against Hillary and Trump? You wasted your vote as none of the Independents had a chance. Traitor best describes Hillary and she went to the sex predator island too.

        2. Rob Thomson says:

          Ralph Hume, you know nothing about my life. I happen to be comfortably retired and enjoy mocking you uneducated Trumpanzees. You should learn about this simple task called proofreading, you uneducated Trumpanzee.

        3. Rob Thomson says:

          Ralph Hume, “Tou need to chill”? “Get it over it”? You need to return to Elementary School and try to learn how to write or at the very least learn how to proofread your comments before you post them. You should be able to learn how to proofread without going back to Grade School. I could be wrong. HAHAHAHAHA How about you accept a $1,000.00 bet from me? I bet that traitor Trump and his traitorous cronies will ALL be in prison before the end of 2017. You seem to be the loser who has a “pathetic life”. You’re such a “sad” little moron. Do we have a bet? Put your money, if you have any, where your mouth is.

      4. Brenda Sinclair says:


        1. Rob Thomson says:

          “Perfer”? HAHAHAHAHA WHAT A M O R O N!

      5. nicholsda says:

        Rob, Rob, Rob. The popular vote stops at the state line. It is how the Electoral College vote goes that counts. And that is where we the people put our votes. Too bad HilLIARy didn’t listen to her husband when he told her she should go to the little States too. CA and NY do not a President make.

        1. Rob Thomson says:

          nicholsDA, are you one of those Russian trollbots? You the people didn’t vote electoral college votes. Many electoral college voters committed a crime by refusing to follow the popular vote in their states. Bob Satiacum in Washington state voted against the majority of voters in Washington state. You should go back to civics class and learn how voting in the US works. Either that or go back to Russia. Putin has a tiny check of worthless Rubles waiting for you to collect. HRC beat Traitor Trump by 3 million votes at last count. That occurred in states other than CA and NY.

          1. nicholsda says:

            Not in our state. Our Electoral College votes went the way we, the people, voted. And as I did quite well in civics classes, A average, maybe it is you who needs to go back to class. Popular vote stops at the state line as I said. The Electoral College was setup specifically to keep large States from overruling small States by shear population. If you are so sure of the vote count, lets see an audit of all CA votes showing every one of them was a legit vote. Because without CA, she loses to Trump by 1.4 million votes in the popular vote.

        2. Rob Thomson says:

          nicholsDA, nicholsDA, nicholsDA, are you a Putin plant? I know how voting in my country works. In my state (Washington) we voted overwhelmingly for Clinton, yet our electoral college voters ignored the will of the voters, paying a small $1,000,00 fine and voted for the gropenfuehrer. (Trump) That act of ignoring the will of the voters should be a federal offense and not just subject the vote thieves to a measly $1,000.00 fine. Go back to Russia nicholsDA. Putin has a tiny, worthless check for Rubles waiting for you.

          1. nicholsda says:

            I think it is you who suffers from TDS. Maybe you need to learn to read a little better because you don’t even know what goes on in your own state. Not one Electoral College voter switched votes to vote for Trump in Washington State. Here are the facts. Three went for Collin Powell and a fourth one went for Faith Spotted Eagle. That is 1/3 of the Dem EC voters who could not stomach Hillary. That says something right there.

          2. Rob Thomson says:

            nicholsDA, or should I say Putin plant, you should do some research before you post your spurious comments. Robert Satiacum, an electoral college voter in my state (Washington) subverted the will of Washington state voters and cast his vote for Traitor Trump, paying a $1,000.00 fine. – Google the name: Robert Satiacum to find out that you’re an ignorant, moronic, uneducated, republiCON Trumpanzee. Here, I’ll save you the trouble of searching for the information that proves you’re an uneducated moron. – Crawl back under your rock, nicholsDA!

          3. nicholsda says:

            I would suggest that you pull your head out of your arse and learn how to read Commie HilLIARy voter. “Robert Satiacum Jr. (born 1959/60) is an American political and environmental activist and member of the Puyallup tribe of Washington who served as a Democratic presidential elector for the 2016 election. By voting for Faith Spotted Eagle,
            the first Native American to receive an electoral vote for president,
            Satiacum did not vote as pledged, and as such is regarded as a faithless elector.”

    6. Tom G says:

      You got that right , the logical people of America ,have had enough of the dumbocratic parties BS and politically correct non-sense . The American flag does not offend us , saying merry christmas does not offend us the cross does not offend us , but what does offend us how the liberals think everyone should cater to them and their far left views.

      1. Frederic Charles Hilnbrand says:

        Let’s no forget the ILLEGAL Muslims etc. As they are part of the DEM movement.

      2. Brenda Sinclair says:


  13. Roger says:

    Donald Trump won because he knows how to win period! Donald, now President Trump ran circles around crooked Hillary Clinton during the campaign! In the last few weeks he kicked into high gear and overdrive in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Michigan! President Trump is a winner and he has been winning since the day he took office despite a few bumps but that won’t stop him!

    President, Donald Trump will lead us to prosperity with no help from our former failed President! He has built a cabinet of carefully selected advisors that can only help him make America, safer, stronger, more prosperous and greater than ever before! DONALD TRUMP IS MY PRESIDENT and PRESIDENT for all AMERICANS!

    1. JL Brown Jr says:

      The democraps just can’t understand, we know all too well that the Clintons are a evil, vile, pay to play or go home, corupt bitch, that should be in jail not free to walk around, passing blame to everyone but herself. We need to throw the whole damn clinton clan in jail, bill for his raping of women, Hillary for her pay to play, unsecured email server, her actions that resulted in the death of 4 Americans, Chelsea for using the foundation money to purchase her wedding gown. She wants to follow her mother into politics, she’s off to a hell of a start,

      1. Brenda Sinclair says:


        1. Tom G says:

          Brenda , this one is priceless . It’s time for hillary to get her orange pant suit and report directly to jail , do not pass go , just go straight to that gated community called Prison.

          1. Rob Thomson says:

            Tom G, DERP! – HRC isn’t going to jail anytime soon. – – you Trumpanzees have been conned by Don the Con. You must be one of those suckers PT Barnum was talking about when he said “there’s a sucker born every minute.”

        2. Rob Thomson says:

          Brenda Sinclair, HAHAHAHAHA, try to grow a new brain. –

      2. Rob Thomson says:

        JL Brown, PROVE YOUR ACCUSATIONS. Oh, that’s right, you can’t prove anything. How many millions of tax dollars have the republiCONS blown trying to dig up actionable evidence against the Clintons? They must be awfully incompetent. They haven’t proved a thing. HRC was CLEARED of any responsibility for the death of Ambassador Stevens and the others in Benghazi, republiCONS have used unsecured email servers and Trump has been using open lines at Mar a Lago to discuss state (government) matters. Trump’s unregistered charity was shut down by the New York Attorney General because he used money from his charity to buy statues and paintings of himself. He golfs more than President Obama did and is breaking the anti-nepotism hiring laws in government by hiring his relatives. You’ve got nothing but an addled brain.

    2. David F. Podesta says:

      Bill Clinton’s secret meeting with Loretta Lynch on the tarmac in Phoenix to talk about grandchildren and golf (while Lynch was conducting a criminal investigation of his wife), which became public information one week before the election, was a big reason she lost. After all that BS and all the baggage she has carried for decades, and then her own husband did THAT, her campaign lost its mojo. Really, did ANYBODY believe his explanation? That, and the fact that she was not indicted gave credence to the double standard of justice that exists in America.

  14. Reverend1 says:

    Hey Democrats:

    The election is over

    The name calling is done

    Your party lost

    My party won

    So let us be friends

    Let arguments pass

    I’ll hug my elephant

    You kiss your ass

    1. greenlantern1 says:

      Tell That to YOUR God!!

      1. golding4 says:

        At least he has a God in both his right and wrong ways, He may understand what God’s salvation is and how to obtain it….that’s more then I can say about the democrat party led by Satan their god

        1. Rob Thomson says:

          golding4, prove this “God” or Satan you speak of exists. You can’t. You’re a weak minded delusional fool.

    2. Rob Thomson says:

      Reverend1, get in line so the sexual predator in chief can grab your pu$$y. –

      1. Brenda Sinclair says:


        1. Rob Thomson says:

          Brenda Sinclair, prove your spurious accusations you frigging MORON.

        2. Rob Thomson says:

          Brenda Sinclair, prove your spurious accusations you ignorant fool. I’ll bet you any amount of money that Trump will be imprisoned before either of the Clintons, Biden, Kerry or Lynch. Go back to sleep so you can continue your fever dream. HAHAHAHAHA – – All of you uneducated Trumpanzees have been conned by Don the Con. – – PT Barnum was right, there’s a sucker born every minute and you and the rest of the Trumpanzees are the suckers.

  15. JeanneTherese says:


  16. Richard Bagenstose says:

    well just what happened i n the last week, destroys the russian b/s, putin isn’t very happy right now, i still say they would had more to gain by getting hillary elected ,just look how her and barry left them take part of that country, and did nothing about it

  17. jerrycollie says:

    How many here think Putin could decide which candidate would win an American Presidential election? Even President Obama was not able to control that election.

    1. george briar says:

      seems to me that Putin had more to gain by helping Hillary get elected. Trump is unpredictable Hillary can be bought.

  18. William Hull says:

    ON BULLSHIT!More fake news STOP tell the truth for once! If you are even capable of

  19. disqus_D87XRi0Gy7 says:

    I want to see some charges filed against the IRS and the thieves named clinton, that would be three of them even that halfwit ugly duck of a daughter who is living large on stolen foundation money. Have the FCC void the license for any media outlet that passes false information and possibly have them post a disclaimer to tell listeners and watchers the information is not accurate and could possibly be fictitious or wrong. Freedom of speech does not allow for open sedition attempts which is clearly happening with these assholes in cnn

    1. Rob Thomson says:

      disqus_D87Ri0Gy7, you can start with Faux News, one of your favorite r-wing propaganda sources. – – then jail Trump for running a scam charity. – You’re so uneducated it’s scary. The Clinton Foundation is rated a 4 star charity by Charity Navigator, the world’s # 1 charity rating site. Derp de derp! Post links to your proof. Traitor Trump for prison, 2017!

  20. Sherm says:

    Why is it that all the evidence found shows the fraudulent voters were the democrates and all the investigations are directed to the Trump administration? How can anyone say that Trump had the election rigged? I guess they deducted that Trump did more rigging than they did…

    1. Tom G says:

      Sherm , it’s amazing that hillary , couldn’t even win a rigged election , with most of the news media lying for her , all the dead people that voted for her, and all the hundreds of millions of dollars her corrupt donors were shoveling her way.

    2. Rob Thomson says:

      Sherm, post your proof of fraudulent Democratic voting. – Only a republiCON woman in Texas has been convicted and sentenced to prison for voter fraud. Why are you still lapping up “fake news”?

  21. Glenda Trull Kee says:


    1. Rob Thomson says:

      Glenda Trull Kee, you’re delusional. Why don’t you “pray” for your imaginary friend in the sky to stop killing people in the South with tornadoes and floods.

      1. Glenda Trull Kee says:

        Rob I will not waste my time arguing with you however I will pray for you to gain knowledge of the real world. Why are you so full of hate? My FATHER in heaven is not imaginary by any means as you will discover on judgement day. THIS IS PITIFUL AND ALL YOU HAVE DONE HAS BEEN TO MAKE YOURSELF APPEAR AS A FOOL. PLEASE ASK GOD FOR HIS FORGIVENESS OF YOUR SINS.

        1. Rob Thomson says:

          Glenda Trull Kee, your “father in heaven” only exists in your delusional mind. You can believe in all the imaginary beings you can conjure up, it doesn’t prove a thing. I reserve my “hate” for criminal cops who use their badge and gun to commit crimes against American citizens. People like you mean nothing to me. You’re a waste of space and oxygen. F**K your imaginary ‘GOD’.

        2. Rob Thomson says:

          Prove your imaginary friend in the sky exists anywhere but your weak, diseased mind. Don’t bother “praying” for me. I reject your delusional beliefs.

  22. greenlantern1 says:

    Ever hear of Ahmed Abu Khattala?
    Thanks to Loretta Lynch, and her DOJ, he is in custody!
    The charges?
    The murders of Ambassador Stevens and his bodyguards!
    Ever hear of Benghazi?
    What did Putin know?
    When did he know it?
    What did he tell Trump?

    1. george briar says:

      you should apply for a job with the media they love fake news and are always looking for crazies with insane stories.

  23. mossycoves says:

    One of the BIGGEST BS stories of the last 12 Years.

  24. ter334 says:

    It should be remembered that O made a comment to Putin way back when that he would have more flexibility/ability to hack, oops to get re-elected in a year? What did that comment mean? In addition O as president bowed to the king of SA in a meeting a number of years ago. What did that mean? That O was on board to use our military as mercenaries to do islam dirty work in the ME? In addition the Benghazi event was supposed to be hidden by a Watergate style cover up with the phony baloney story about the muslim were mad because of a video by some guy in CA? And where was the C in C when Benghazi went down? The idea of T using Russian hackers is, IMO, a fake story. Why would the Russians want to help Trump before he had any political power? That seems like an insult to the Russians! This seems like a cover up by the d party for their efforts to get H elected by hook or by crook? Or by a server when [email protected]

    1. Rob Thomson says:

      ter334, HAHAHAHAHA – President Obama spoke the truth or did you think that he’d have power if he wasn’t re-elected?

  25. ABitofThought says:

    The Russian program to influence votes was real – the program failed because because it couldn’t get Hillary elected.

  26. george briar says:

    fake news is a hoot and so are pointless articles like this one. Wonder who they will blame in 2020 when Trump gets reelected by a bigger landslide. the democrats are too funny make them stop.

    1. Rob Thomson says:

      george briar, how can the gropenfuehrer (Traitor Trump) be re-elected when he’s going to be impeached and sent to Leavenworth prison?

  27. David F. Podesta says:

    The left keeps saying Trump colluded with the Russians but have offered no evidence whatsoever, yet they believe it…

    1. Rob Thomson says:

      David F. Podesta, the investigation is ongoing. Trump is going, to prison.

  28. Gay Phillips says:

    Excuse me. What was that again? Hillary lost the election because of a computer virus. How does that work, exactly?

  29. More fake news, so boring after all the liberal liar left BS we have heard.

  30. livefreeordiehard says:

    Sounds like a lot of bullshit to me.

  31. lou says:

    more democratic soros garbage just like him and hillybag and the 8 year rat and chitmer

  32. drbhelthi says:

    Amazing how the “U.S. justice system” can have a Russian citizen, half-way around the world, arrested on a fairy-tale charge. Yet, practitioners of subterfuge for about 50 years, at the presidential level, e.g. Clinton duo, are investigated by the FBI and found to have committed NO violation of law.

    Also interesting, president Trump retained comrade Comey.

    1. Jerry Dodds says:

      What Comey said was she violated many laws but did not have “intent” thus he wasn’t going to go for indictment. If you apply same rationale to drunk drivers, none would be prosecuted for vehicular homicide. Proof of intent not even mentioned in the laws she broke. Did the young Navy man have intent when he took some pics on his sub to show family? No, but he is in prison. This is my problem with Trump now. He is allowing double standard. Rich and powerful exempt from our laws.

  33. travis690 says:

    At this stage, all the Democrat party and the Deep State agencies have to offer are silly claims like this one. They won’t admit to whether the stories about their masking of hacks are true, yet they vociferously claim that Russia was responsible.

    They must have drunk all the Kool-Aid, because I can’t find any here.

  34. ter334 says:

    Is it deep state or deep swamp? The establishment is certainly well established. We live in a time when the govt knows no limits, actually the people who have authority/power to move the govt. This is in spite of the fact the Constitution is actually a collection of speed limits on politicians, which they seem to take great pleasure at ignoring. So far T does seem to not be caught up in the ruler, govt know no limit mentality that i so popular. And has even engulfed the public school system. The govt schools instead of the local school system where parents decide what the school teaches, not the courts, not remote bureaucrats by funding. Schools are always subject to political controversy because the issue of who determines what is taught. Schools teach something, so the endless question is what is the something? And our pols, who no longer believe in much of anything other then they want to teach our kids to be dependent upon the govt so they can get elected. The govt, the schools are almost surrogate parents! If the public schools did not try to teach and do too much patronizing, then they might not be strapped for cash and be able to teach the essentials to the kids. Like the Three Rs.

  35. jimmy9522 says:

    This must be a Huffington Compost article.

  36. Tom G says:

    Hillary C. , couldn’t even win a rigged election , so lets blame Russia and hackers. I was a former dumbocrat that said ” Hell No ” , on voting for hillary, no way no how ! Why in the world would I even consider voting for someone who lost her right to practice law because of fraud and constant lies , Zero Integrity. On hillary’s watch ,she left fellow Americans out to die ,and would not send help , and high ranking military personnel that wanted to respond ,were relieved of duty. Hillary only cares about Money and Herself. Hillary has never created a job in her life , but the snowflakes think she was going to turn our economy around and create jobs , CooKoo birds she has been in politics for over 30 years all she has done is make herself richer, and anybody that was due in court to testify against her or her husband ,seems to die just before their court date , Look it up . Trump , was a clear choice over hillary , he gets things done , he has created thousands of jobs , and he loves this country.

    1. Rob Thomson says:

      Tom G, you’re too stupid to have ever been a Democrat. HRC was cleared of any responsibility for Benghazi. In FACT, the republiCONS cut the funding for the defense of our foreign consulates. Stay where you belong, in the republiCON party of uneducated morons. – Try to find yourself a new brain. The one you have is malfunctioning.

  37. skipfoss says:

    This sounds like more demorat propaganda trying to prove that Russia helped Trump but there is still NO proof of the Omuslime lies

  38. mr electricity says:

    Love that Russian Hacker !!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. mr electricity says:

    THE ELECTION IS OVER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. mr electricity says:

    Love that Russian Hacker !!!

  41. mr electricity says:

    THE ELECTION IS OVER !!!!!!!!!!

  42. mr electricity says:

    Civil war on its way democrats fighting with everyone ( childish )

  43. George T Horvat says:


  44. Stunt1 says:

    That’s it, this tabloid style faux headline (as usual) sends you to SPAM!

  45. dfinch says:

    There’s wasn’t anything to spread a virus to. The voting machines aren’t on line anywhere. They’re individually programmed.

  46. Random Citizen says:

    More fake news, anyone?

  47. shamu9 says:

    More Commie Dem Planted False-Hoods!

  48. RsGoat says:

    If we are going to waste money on this why not also investigate any George Soros connections with the Democratic Party? He is also an outsider who has a history of ruining governments just to make more money! How much could he make if he knocked over our country? There are a lot of properties that could be picked up cheap if so many were ruined in a crash of that magnitude! It does not mean the dupes in the Democratic Party realize they are part of a bigger game. They could be under some misconception they are using him! But like I said if we are going to investigate one side why not cover the whole spectrum and really clean house. Let’s find out who is working for us or against us! What say you on the Left? Or are you only interested in the power you can grab?

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