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Barack Obama Just Challenged Donald Trump With This One Move

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  1. mpdMD1965 says:

    The only move I wish to see Boob Obama make is to walk hand in hand with Anti America Rotten Clinton and that gorgeous Ms Obama into another world of his selection. USSR seems fit and needs just his mindset

    1. Jane12 says:

      I do not think we need to do this to the poor russian people. I have been to russia and have met many russians and I can tell you they are decent people. It is the faults our governments is the source of many problems. I move we send our rotten politicians to either Iraq or Iran.

      1. Michael Lloyd says:

        McCain can fly the plane. W can be co-pilot.

        1. SeanM62 says:

          Load the plane up with Trumpanzees.

    2. Linda Shelton says:

      i think Egypt would be wonderful this time of year, besides they have a warrant for his arrest don’t they?

    3. Merle Dickey says:

      Gorgeous? You are kidding aren’t you . Ole shark teeth.

      1. bytheway4 says:

        Merle, you mean Michael, don’t you. ” Michelle” with a penis.

    4. SeanM62 says:

      Trump has so many friends, allies and cronies in Russia I’m sure he could get his best bud Vlad Putin to arrange something.

      1. bytheway4 says:

        Sean, you are deaf, dumb and blind and one of the biggest idiots in my country, America. Your comments show that you hate America like all of the other brainless liberals.

        1. SeanM62 says:

          Your reply completely lacks substantive content, but you are good at 4th grade playground insults. Go bully someone else and leave the heavy lifting to those who are well enough educated to carry the load.

  2. voncile fullwood says:

    you would go quietly or go hand in hand to the jail cell for hiding your illegal forged BC to become President if I was Trump you would be escorted to jail cell and all your agenda’s become null and void what is wrong with America and it’s people? all the [email protected]#$ they want to do to Trump he would show me his real BC one way or another and Trump needs to get off his behind and do what is right for the people and using the people to live eight years of his hell

    1. rex ames says:

      Obama is some how trying to become relevant after 8 years of not being relevant at all.
      A sorry excuse for a man much less a president..

    2. jscarano7 says:

      i surely agree with you””’trump should really expose this obama ””’pig to get the record staight

    3. Cathy aka OldTxGal says:

      Give the man a chance, he hasn’t even been inaugurated yet!

    4. bytheway4 says:

      voncile, Trump can’t do anything until Jan.21st. Do you see what they are doing to him when he tries to do things. That soros has paid off all the two face senators and congressmen and all the others in DC. they sold their souls for a few coins, how sad is that?

  3. Dick Ellis says:


  4. 81537 says:

    Maybe Trump will have the balls to make obammy prove his legitimacy. Then to the firing squad for treason. Or swinging from a rope. This man is a muzzy through and through and proves it regularly yet nobody calls him on it. He should rot in Hell.

    1. jscarano7 says:

      you can say that again im on board on that one brother big time

    2. mpdMD1965 says:

      Would love to that happen. We could then erase the 8 years of destruction to our nation from our memories and history books. Any reference to his terms in office will be listed solely as BLACK Periods in our nation. What a joke.

    3. dude says:

      yea! that’s the truth if I ever heard it…they need to prove he wasn’t born hear and they need to impeach him so at least the American taxpayers won’t have to pay there taxes to pay his salary for the rest of his life if they impeach him he doesn’t get anything salary or f.b.i. to guard him for life…cut his funds and his protection and let him fin for his self… he’d for sure head to a muslim country to be safe he wouldn’t stay here unless he’s crazy or has a death wish

  5. ReaperHD says:

    This is funny as to no matter how much you delete there is a coppy somewhere out there in the land of the Government. WikiLeaks can probably assist the new TRUMP Regime on finding list of these possible MUSLIM TERRORIST.

    1. NannyB says:

      As we have learned, nothing really ever disappears!! But do not look to Wikileaks…look to NSA as they are the original leakers and admittedly so. Obama has already lost his legacy and it will go down in history as a negative as well it should. I just wonder what garbage he is going to put into his library and who will be foolish enough to invest in it!!

      1. squeeze127 says:

        Bingo! We are finding out what he’s all about now that he can hide no more! It was our Intel people that leveled the playing field and exposed these shysters for what they truly are!

        In God we trust, all others we monitor!

        1. NannyB says:

          Yes…go to You Tube and Judge Napalitano and you will find, among his videos the truth.

          1. squeeze127 says:

            Used to work Intel, this you speak of has their fingerprints all over it! Glad to see you research a bit, you go girl!!!

          2. NannyB says:

            Have a Happy New Year and we can all look forward to Trump becoming POTUS soon. I do worry about all the threats being made…especially by Michael Moore. Isn’t there something illegal that he is doing? Must be. Well, I know you and I and many more are looking forward to Trump’s inauguration!! Take care…be safe!!

          3. squeeze127 says:

            Thank you! Rest assured we’re in good hands!

            In God we trust, all others we monitor!

    2. SeanM62 says:

      Better yet, Der Neue Fürher can be helped by our new close and well-beloved ally, Vlad “The Hacker” Putin.

      1. ReaperHD says:

        I TRUST VLAD “The Hacker” PUTIN morte that a LYING Progressive Libturd COMMIE Democrat.

        1. SeanM62 says:

          You really are naive and gullible. Putin is a former KGB commie.

          1. ReaperHD says:

            Vlad has never told me lies then stabbed me in the back, Vlad will never be my leader as there will be total destruction before he will defeat us. These LYING LIBTURDS affect me everyday and I never voted for any of them.

  6. Bernie Lounds says:

    Trump will have to appoint a Homeland security and fire the ones that arte in there now and start all over with new people.

    1. bytheway4 says:

      bernie lounds, the ones that are in homeland security, are muslims that obama quitely put in there. He has to get rid of the muslim brotherhood that obama put in in every part of our gov’t.

  7. Paul Bouffard says:


  8. bovestrian says:

    I sure hope Trump can clean up the mess Barback Obama is leaving.

    1. Merle Dickey says:

      It will take time folks

  9. William Wallace says:

    Someone mentioned an idea which really rang a bell to me!!! For every Muslim attack there should be a Mosque bulldozed in retaliation! A good reason to get rid of Mosques! Muslims cannot ever be integrated with our “western” culture! They belong in the Mid-East!!!

    1. SeanM62 says:

      It is difficult for ANY middle-easterner to be integrated into western culture, but not impossible. Many Jews have integrated into western culture.

  10. CharlieM says:

    There are only a few remaining days for the Narcissist/Socialist/Leftist/Sodomite/Terrorist-in-Chief. Any new regulation or EO he signs will take time to implement. There is nothing that he can do and complete (just like everything else he’s tried). His legacy will be a washout, except for the election of President Donald John “Wayne” Trump. Obozo will go down in history as the worst president in history and the one that paved the way for the destruction of the Demonrat party and President Trump’s election.

    1. SeanM62 says:

      Would that be the Marion Morrison – John Wayne – who didn’t serve his county in WW II?

      Your use of the Confederate flag shows you support treason to the US.

      1. CharlieM says:

        Yes. He had a medical deferment because of a football injury.
        I will pray that your ignorance is soon abated.

        1. SeanM62 says:

          A lot of people could have used a medical deferment but didn’t.

          1. CharlieM says:

            But were they classified as 4-F?

          2. SeanM62 says:

            Was that pseudo toughie fraud John Whine declared to be 4-F? What a joke.

          3. NoBamaNoMo says:

            Look turd, you rally hate this country don’t you. You are the joke and an embarrassment. I feel sorry for you. And please stop with your pitiful lies, you are not a conservative, never have been and never will be. You don’t know what it means to be a country loving, patriotic conservative. All you know is how to put good people down and malign our new President. I am sure you didn’t treat Obama this way. So why don’t you do the decent thing and give Trump a chance like I gave that loser Obama a chance. Maybe Trump will be less disappointing. You are a sick old idiot who hasn’t learned a thing since Woodstock.

          4. SeanM62 says:

            “Look turd” Really? No gentleman would say that. You are no gentleman. And if you are not a gentleman you cannot be a true conservative, just a thoughtless sheeple who follows what?? Sad.

          5. NoBamaNoMo says:

            By the looks of your picture you are old enough to have served in Viet Nam. Did you?

      2. bytheway4 says:

        Seanm62, please stop being a fool. You must have mental problems. What age are you,10 years old? If you can’t see what obama , the muslim , has done to America then you are a muslim also. get lost, please.

        1. SeanM62 says:

          You are not even close. I will bet I am more conservative than you but cannot tolerate gullibility of the Trumpanzees who just swallow any gossip they read. Don’t bother us with mommy’s tittle-tattle.

  11. AzDi says:

    Seems to me this is anarchy by the president. He has no right doing these kind of things before he leaves. this is about our country, and he is only making it about HIM!! Can we please put him in JAIL!!

    1. jscarano7 says:

      that’s where obama belongs ”””’IN JAIL

    2. SeanM62 says:

      Chairman Dubya did a lot of them.

      1. NoBamaNoMo says:

        How old are you? How does the saying go? If you are not a liberal when you are young you have no heart, if you are still a liberal when you are old you have no brain. What is it, Sean?

        1. SeanM62 says:

          Actually no heart and no brain at any age is a good description of a modern Republican. They are not true conservatives but have absconded with the title to lure the unwary and naive to support them. Smart but dishonest move.

          1. NoBamaNoMo says:

            What stupid babble. I am really surprised that a person of your age is so brain dead. Before you let loose on conservatives, why don’t you look at your own pig sty first. You think democrats are true democrats, how insincere of you. They are America hating communists. Hasn’t Obama and his party done enough damage to our country already. Instead of babbling nonsense why don’t you explain to us why you hate Trump. And please don’t lie. That’s all you liberals do, because you don’t have the balls and come right out and say what is really on your mind.

  12. DrHarley says:

    It should be of no surprise that this petty little man would cause problems for in incoming republican president. He is vindictive just like the school yard bully that uses his power to punish people that disagree with him. Being born during the term of FDR I can unequivocally say that he is by far the worst president I have lived under. I am not a right wing radical. I think two of the four greatest presidents I have lived under were democrats. They were in no particular order Harry Truman and John F. Kennedy. Barak Obama has neither the intelligence nor the love of their country that these gentleman had. Obama is like an arsonist out on bond before he goes away. Just one more fire to put out in his name. It’s a damn shame the the first president of color will taint it for years to come for anyone of color who might aspire to the office of president. His legacy will be one of mediocrity if even that high.

    1. bytheway4 says:

      drharley, you are 100% right. I am older than you are. and I agree with you about the presidents. This person called obama, his real name is Barry. Changing his name to a muslim name shouls have been a red light, but we have too many blind people here that hate America as much as obama and hillary hate it. He should be charged with treason as he is an illegal and running our country under false pretense. I am an Independent and I love my country.

  13. Douglas says:

    It is time the congress puts a stop to Obama’s dictatorship attitude.

    1. Michael Lloyd says:

      There aren’t enough balls in Congress for Obama to play a round of miniature golf.

  14. Danang says:

    I certainly hope that Trump has the gonads to get this usurper illegitimate piece of crap Muslim Obummer put in front of the DOJ and prosecute him for all prosecutable dealings. DOJ might not be able to put Obummer in jail but Obummer will have to spend all his $ defending himself. Hopefully being able to take away his presidential salary for life! We can only hope!

    1. squeeze127 says:

      There’s that Hopey Changey thingy, eh?

  15. Larry Cowden says:

    Reestablish the rules and registry under a more powerful regimen and enforce them to the fullest! We have to stop the islamic trash now before more innocent Americans are killed. And mandate the death penalty for any islamic, radicalized or otherwise that kill American citizens by any means. It is past time to take the fight to them on our own soil. And damn democrat or liberal that wants to oppose it or stand in the way can be prosecuted and jailed for conspiracy and aiding and abetting the enemy. This country shall not become another Germany, France or other European country where the islamic trash runs free killing, raping, robbing and more like they do over there without penalty of death or life in prison!

    1. SeanM62 says:

      Might be a good idea? Look what happened to America when invaded by Christian terrorists. Totally scr#$ed.

  16. RsGoat says:

    I just have to wonder how many of these reports are 100% real and how many are set up to goad reactions form Trump supporter’s to see if they will react as badly as those who supported the “never Trump” movement or worse yet Hillary Clinton, maybe if they can stir up enough bad reaction they will find a lame excuse to hate Trump more then they do? The whole game is a bit childish from my perspective. The articles, the people who write them, the people who inspire them or get too up set about them. Where are the grown ups?

    1. SeanM62 says:

      Fake announcements – Worked well for Hitler to vilify Jews. Worked well for Trump. Churn up the punters to a fever pitch to hate, hate, hate.

      Make America Hate Again. Worked well in 2016 for political purposes.

      1. RsGoat says:

        More hate is being built up on the left by the race baiter’s who want to create divisions. Trump is not a hater and if you looked into his history you would actually know that. It is sad that the twit from the alt right showed up with his European male crap and even worse that our media played him up like he was what conservationism was about, LIE!!
        What they should have done and did not do was play their 60 Minutes tape of Trump telling them “I’ll say it to the camera Stop it” about the racial violence that was being played up but instead that piece was buried so the majority of American’s including the dummies who engage in that kind of thing don’t get the message he is not supporting them can’t hear it! OUR MEDIA IS SUPPORTING The race hate by not playing that more often! so keep your Hate accusations to your self.
        In his own head he is not supporting this stuff and has no idea what people are talking about because the idea is that foreign to him don’t you get it!
        The Media and politic’s put that label on him as part of the division the last administration played in dividing out country into tiny pieces so we are busy fighting each other and not working together.
        Work on your own hate first then you can help other’s right now you are blind.

        1. SeanM62 says:

          I think you will find the KKK, the Bundy Bozos and other European-supporting terrorist groups fully in Der Fürher’s camp. The US is changing. Get used to it and stop hating.

          1. RsGoat says:

            I’ll ask the same of you. This must be a thing you find in yourself to see it so avidly in other’s? Why are you promoting the idea of hate like you do? It seems to me it is healthier for us to mark this up to a healthy disagreement of idea’s because in this way we don’t awaken those who are carrying deep rooted prejudice into believing this is a battle between the race’s! Why is that important? Because as long as we are discussing a difference of opinion we are good but when YOU turn this in to a situation of one race against another then YOU are creating a race war and not me. YOU are abdicating race HATE not me. I just have a difference of opinion. It is you how want to turn this into something much more then what it is.
            Please Lord help this poor soul look deep into his heart and find that area which has been corrupted so that they can work to find peace in their life. If we approach each situation as if it were driven by Hate that is all we can see and before long we are then driven by hate instead of working it out of our lives it is welcomed in. I pray you can find some peace in your life.

          2. SeanM62 says:


          3. RsGoat says:

            Sorry I pulled a Leo Gorcey not having used the word but familiar with it’s use, memory played a cruel trick in the pronunciation of “advocating” and spell check is a great help if you’re close enough to the wrong word, duh!
            I could not find anything on line to demonstrate Leo’s style when he worked with the Dead End Kids but the character of “Satch” had good lines for come backs to his insults which get the idea across. “Hey, I resemble that remark!”,“And I depreciate your comment.”,“pardon me for protruding.” Ultimately It was Leo’s butchery of the larger words in the English language that sold this pair’s routine as part of the Dead End Kid’s on stage that took a troop of young men from stage to screen opposite the likes of Cagney and Bogart, even a one day President Ronald Reagan!
            Thanks for calling me on that and I apologize for taking so long.

  17. Ted Dura says:


    1. SeanM62 says:

      White trash lynching – just can’t stop being trash.

  18. Rodger K. Shull says:

    a muzzie commie, an iranian spy, maybe his retirement should be made rough. an push to get the real records on his, person. an grab soros, an bust down his businesses. an put him an them out of work, an take all of his money n give it to the people he de-frauded

  19. YesMan says:

    F#%K the left, let them cry

  20. Merle Dickey says:

    Sounds like Obama is coming unhinged . He didn’t get to destroy this country so he is giving it a last shot . Hire some good lawyers to have him pronounced mentally unstable . It will be easy to undo anything deemed to be dangerous to the american people . He should be shot .Don’t use a liberal judge !!

  21. SeanM62 says:

    Obama has the guts to foil Trump’s fascism and call Baby Bibi’s bluff. Excellent!!

  22. Robert Timmons says:

    Thinking back I recall the days when the ragheads said they couldn’t beat us militarily but would destroy us financially. That’s what happened under Obama. He is one of the biggest destructive forces this country has ever encountered. Between him and Hillary Clinton they have caused reputable damage on the united states and many of our allies. Both are traitors from where what I see and both need to be in jail for what they have done.

  23. Bayside GolfClub says:

    Put the muslim brotherhood on the terrorist list. obama would automatically be included. Then waterboard the shiit out of him till he tells all… !

  24. mpdMD1965 says:

    Barack Obama is an antiAmerica ignorant traitor. His name should be erased from all but the list of criminals against our Democracy. The people elected him as an attempt to give the Black man a chance should learn a lesson from this fiasco listed as the Obama presidency. Hopefully a real American can erase the total fiasco which will way down in history as the Obama Debacle.

  25. mpdMD1965 says:

    What a joke Obama is. If he were more inept he would be isolated to prevent him from doing himself harm. The problem is he is an evil inept individual and those are the most dangerous. HIs traitorous activities should be enough to confine him to prison, preferably in one of the country of his birth, whatever that is. That eliminates the USA.

  26. oat21 says:

    Trump must reinstate these rules, that will protect American lives. Who really cares what the the left has to say about his and their PC policies. In order to reject all of Obama’s criminal moves against Americans, Trump must create a “Muslim registry” to defend our country. “Obama legacy, the Amercan President who tried to destroy America.”

  27. xingqin says:

    Since Obama is doing his best to make things rough for Trump, he should be repaid. Since Obama is planning on staying around to cause trouble, Trump should set a team of special prosecuters to charge Obama’s gross mis use of presidential powers, overstepping, and many violations that should have been brought about with Impeachment proceedings but he is guilty of my crimes against the people and of high treason and he should be put out of his misery.

  28. bytheway4 says:

    Obama has no right to do anything in America. He is an illegal muslim set up to ruin our once great country. He brought in millions of radical illegals here to kill American people. He was set up to make America into a muslim country.

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