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Barack Obama Just Told the Most Ridiculous Lie of His Presidency

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  1. Joseph Nicholas Toth Jr. says:

    he’s turned into a comedian, like Joe Biden and Nancy policy.

    1. Mark N says:

      Trump is the joke.

      1. Jim Strong says:

        Mark N and you are?

          1. Kent Powers says:

            How can someone who is not a liar survive in the liberal democrat world, that is a requirement.

          2. Mark N says:

            You are just pure lying stupid. Most of the best engineers and scientists I know are liberals. Creationist nutters are clueless about reality.

          3. Spencer Balensiefer says:

            lol. Aetheists. Liberals are the number one demographic in American prisons. Let’s keep it that way.

          4. Mark N says:

            Why do you lie so much? You really are stupid and wrong.

          5. ~Valkyrie ~ says:

            Why do you bother to come on this forum and call posters stupid? Because you are the stupid one. Your rhetoric just proves that. Are you paid according to how many post you make by George SCHWARTZ Soros…or is this your sand box time. You are the results of the past eight years of Washington D.C.

          6. ~Valkyrie ~ says:

            How old are you, 12 ….

          7. suerobb says:

            I doubt you know anyone other than the street corner loiterers.

          8. Mark N says:

            You don’t appear to know anything. Maybe you should stop spending so much time on the street.

          9. ~Valkyrie ~ says:

            You mean Michael Moore? Well if he doesn’t shower and clean up, get a haircut he will be carried off by the stench and Bacteria…..

          10. Mark N says:

            Oh like you are something special.

            What do you do – sit on the internet and whine?

          11. Sharon Windus says:

            think sitting on the internet and whining is what you are doing. Open your eyes and look at something that is real for a change instead of what you can “create” in a petrie dish.

          12. Mark N says:

            What is that supposed to mean – you use what I helped create.

          13. Sharon Windus says:

            Maybe, maybe not. as I don’t know what you “created” with your God given talents. But what I meant, was when you sit there working and don’t get out and “see” what is actually going on in the world, you really don’t know what is real and what is that which you have been told is real. I have found that out myself over the last few years.

          14. Mark N says:

            I have worked on three different continents for many multi-national companies. There are no gods. If you were born in another country you would have a completely different religion or none at all. There are no gods to keep the story straight. I know enough science to know what is real – thank you.

          15. cccarr says:

            so a few engineers and scientists are liberals? that is some kind of
            accomplishment ?

          16. Mark N says:

            No it says they have brains unlike you who can only make snarky remarks. What is your profession that deems your superiority complex?

          17. Doris Will says:

            When Al Gore was born there were only 6,000 polar bears. today there are 30,000 of them

          18. Mark N says:

            Because people stopped hunting them. Doesn’t tell you anything to deny the reality of global warming and besides, plenty of other animals HAVE gone extinct. Doesn’t help that right wing jerks like to shoot giraffes, elephants, lions……..

          19. Doris Will says:

            I have never killed an animal. I am right wing if you want to call me a jerk, I could care less. Although with the way the left wingers are carrying on over the election, I think that lefties have carried jerkism to levels unimagined by right wingers. In 2008 and 2012 I didn’t see college safe rooms, blocking traffic, threatening the Electors to break their pledge. But
            I digress: Al Gore did not say the Polar bears were being killed by hunters. Thawing of the polar ice cap caused by carbon increases from global warming. Have you any idea how much money Gore is making with this theory? Take a look at Al’s energy bills for his home. Any thing Al gets into will add to his wealth. Me, I have spent a lot of money planting trees, bushes and plants. I read POTUS fired another scientist for not agreeing with Global Warming.

          20. bovestrian says:

            Not a liar, just a dumb ass.

          21. Mark N says:

            You are too dumb to know what dumb is. Late to the party too.

      2. Sharilyn Hartwell says:

        Please, just leave, you democRAT TROLL?

        1. Mark N says:

          No – you can take your childish response and stuff it.

          1. VanceJ says:

            We will up your arse.!!!

          2. Mark N says:

            Do you even know where yours is? You think your brain’s contents get transferred to a magic heaven.

          3. VanceJ says:

            Well one thing your amusing. the only thing you got going for ya.

          4. Mark N says:

            Then you are one idiot. Because you have no clue.

          5. VanceJ says:

            Ya right, that’s why everyone on this sit knows you are a ignorant nut case. get a life idiot people thing your stupid and your rants prove it.!!! ain’t life wonderful ?

          6. Mark N says:

            Yes – except for ignorant clowns like you that have no clue how this planet works

          7. 2111 Corps says:

            Get lost you douche bag!! Punk bitch!!

          8. Mark N says:

            Spoken like a true childish moron.

      3. Kent Powers says:

        Jokes on you, better ask mom to raise your allowance, things may get tough for liberals who only want a free ride.

        1. Mark N says:

          Things are going to be tough for everybody who isn’t rich. His gang of clowns want to lower wages, get rid of social security, lower rich people’s taxes and make you pay even more for medical insurance if you can even get it.

          1. Awake says:

            Get a clue and perhaps you will be able to see beyond the Vail of your brainwashed life. It is NOT about Republicans OR Democrats .

          2. Mark N says:

            And your Donald appointed rich clowns to run the place. PS – there are no gods.

          3. James keeling says:

            And your past President appointed thieves, liars,back stabbers,anti Americans,insurance frauds, idiots, spinless men, screaming racists , child murders!

          4. Joseph Schlag says:

            No they are most of the richest business men in America. Do the math fool, how far in Debt are we? Who got us there? Why would you put more of those idiots in office, Obama spent 10.765 trillion dollars to make the economy better and we went from 9.7% unemployment to almost 36% 26% of those are ot even looking for work anymore. 4% are so under employed the are drawing full government assistance. that leaves the 6% that Obama says is the unemployment rate today. See if you don’t know what to do you just shuffle it around and expect people to believe it. Either way I know that this is to hard for you to understand. But Trump is trying to actually fix what Clinton broke, and Bush could not fix. Then along came Obama and started importing criminals and Muslim terrorist to finish what he started.

          5. Mark N says:

            Nice of you to quote ridiculous statistics. We are near full employment. I’ll keep reading business magazines that tell me what’s going on rather than listening to absurd right wing rants. Trump isn’t trying to fix anything. He is in it for his ego.

          6. Joseph Schlag says:

            Man they are ripping you off, those science mags you are reading! Just like I thought another full of crap liberal liar, I designed something that made billions but I just can’t remember what it was or even what company is making it for me. But I have helped create hundreds of jobs. How is that burn on your ass doing, Liar liar pants on fire. go to bed kid!

          7. Mark N says:

            Look stupid – you have no clue. Miserable creep living off my taxes and all I get are insults. Moron.

          8. Spencer Balensiefer says:

            And we all know Obama didn’t raise taxes, nor the deficit, nor the cost of health care.

          9. Mark N says:

            How do we pay for your military that you love so much?

          10. Spencer Balensiefer says:

            How do we pay for the military that YOU love so much? Taxes!

          11. Doris Will says:

            YOUR MILITARY THAT YOU LOVE SO MUCH. Do you feel that way about police and fire fighters as well? I guess you never served. The least you can do is appreciate those that do or have.

          12. ~Valkyrie ~ says:

            You just described obama.. but you left out COMMUNISM… obama’s gift to the American people he hates so much.

          13. Mark N says:

            Sorry that you are stupid and don’t know what “Communism” is. Didn’t you like the idea that a black person could be successful and smart?

          14. ~Valkyrie ~ says:

            It has Nothing to do with being black. Martin Luther King was black. He was to be admired. Respected. obama is a LIAR. A Narcissistic Psychopath. He a Communist, he did Nothing for America …he divided Americans. He is Racist. and Michael Michelle obama is also a Communist, but love the American Dollar. His is the only president to lose, misplace Billions of dollars.. missing unaccounted dollars, from the Pentagon and State Department just for starters. He is successful at Deceiving the American People, because like you, there are brain dead sheep blinded by lies, rhetoric, and some flakes…….?

          15. Mark N says:

            And you are writing total BS. How can you be so dumb and still type on a keyboard.

          16. Spencer Balensiefer says:

            Is that a plummeting plane I see for your avatar? Are you a Radical Muslim?

          17. Mark N says:

            So you are incapable of interpreting images correctly too. It’s meant to symbolize gullible clowns who believe in crazy things like chemtrails.

          18. Spencer Balensiefer says:

            Don’t worry. To a Democrat the American Government would never experiment on it’s people.

          19. suerobb says:

            Who said Obama was successful? It is an opinion not a fact.

          20. Mark N says:

            If you have to ask you are too stupid. Bet you didn’t go to Harvard.

          21. suerobb says:

            Things are always rougher on people who are not rich.If I get hired by a business at X dollars per hour or at a set salary, how could Trump tell the business not to pay me that much???? The rich pay taxes, the poor do not. Anyone with an EBT card that pays sales tax is paying it with taxpayers money. Almost 50% do not pay federal taxes. They need to pay their far share. We had good health insurance before Obamacare and those responsible enough did not get the new SUV but kept the old car in good shape to afford health insurance. The poor get medicaid. Less electronics and cable stations, acrylic nails, weaves and a second job if needed… you could afford insurance. To many whine about insurance but manage to have money for $8 packs of cigarettes and alcohol. Sit at a food bank and watch all the late model SUVs line up and go in to get that free food..

          22. Mark N says:

            The rich certainly don’t pay their fair share – they, like Walmart, live off the backs of the underpaid.

          23. suerobb says:

            Who forces anyone to work for Walmart? Don’t they agree to work for such wages? The rich pay most of the federal taxes. And we did not elect YOU to decide what is a fair share.

          24. Joseph Schlag says:

            You man Obama made sure they don’t pay th eir fare share! He brings them Illegal aliens from Mexico to do the work for far less so they can keep even more. He puts Americans out of work so he can get his kick backs from the rich. Did you know he is giving his mother in-law a $150,000.00 a year pension off the federal government, for taking care of his kids while he was President. Did you also know when Obama came into office he had 8 million dollars i the bank, 8 years later the country is almost 12 trillion further in debt, but Obama now has 55 million in the bank. You you still think he is helping? how is your life better? His is 45 million better, what did you get 150 a month on your EBT card?

          25. Mark N says:

            You are one stinking whining jerk. My savings have more than doubled in the last eight years.

          26. Joseph Schlag says:

            So you are one of those rich people that does not pay your fare share! So now who is the one that has stooped to the name calling like a 6 year old?

          27. Mark N says:

            Apparently jumping to stupid conclusions is all the exercise you get.

          28. Joseph Schlag says:

            Spoken like a true childish moron

          29. Mark N says:

            Keep up the idiocy.

          30. Joseph Schlag says:

            Still waiting! So next time you want to bluff make sure you have something already in mind when people call you on your bluff. Really we can have some people look you up and tell your parents your on the net again

          31. Mark N says:

            Look here stupid – I am not joking or lying. I’m not going to give miserable threatening lying creeps like you personal information. Ask your stupid god.

          32. Joseph Schlag says:

            I do not live off your taxes, I pay taxes. Unlike you if were to make a claim you would ask me to prove it. I don’t want your personal information just want to know what product you designed. You are right I do not design anything, I just try to make things that others design better. Have you ever worked on a production line. That is where I got my start. If you were a man of intelligence you would not be getting so angry. I understand you would like to be some body but that would mean you had to work hard at something. You only like to force your opinions on others and hope they would argue with you so you could all them stupid. But some of us on here actually believe what we are talking about,. Some of us served our communities, and our country. you can’t even remember what you desiged

          33. Mark N says:

            Your Facebook page says you work for the DoD.
            I can most certainly remember what I have designed – If you use Netflix – you are using it.

          34. Joseph Schlag says:

            Yes that is what I do now! I work for the DOD. I make a difference, I coach local kids in youth sports. I even coached High school ball. I have worked in an automotive manufacturing plant. worked as a mechanic in my younger years. I have made a difference in my communities wherever I have lived. I hav

          35. Mark N says:

            Oh how special – like liberals don’t.

          36. Mark N says:

            You are the jerk living off my taxes. You don’t design stuff for export or anything else – you are living off MY money and effort.

          37. Joseph Schlag says:

            When is the last time you brought a million dollar pay role to a town that was all but bankrupt? who has paid their fare share? When was the last time you did anything for your community, other than collect from the poor box?

          38. Mark N says:

            Why don’t you get lost you miserable creep – I designed a product that made BILLIONS and provided hundreds of jobs.

          39. Joseph Schlag says:

            So what did you design? and what company is it that you are employing hundreds? If you designed it we can all look it up. What a Tard you must be! So go ahead tell us all what you designed.

          40. Mark N says:

            Oh right – been through this routine with jerks like you before. You prove I didn’t. Why don’t you ask your magic God – he knows everything.

          41. Joseph Schlag says:

            you have called us all liars and morons. but we are not the ones that are making ridiculous claims. You are, then you can’t even tell us what you designed. You don’t have to give out personal information, just what you designed. You are the liar, you are the moron. Open mouth insert foot.

          42. Mark N says:

            I can tell but I will not because you creeps get very nasty. I do not lie. Take your insults and stuff it.

          43. suerobb says:

            Really…. that is an old stupid debunked fallacy.

          44. Mark N says:

            Depends how you define “fair share”. A lot of people have no disposable income whereas the rich pretty much have got ALL disposable income. There is nothing that says rich people’s food, gas or housing costs more and they pay the same for car and health insurance too. The income gap has become ridiculous so – they need to pay far more.

          45. Sharon Windus says:

            EBT can only be used for food items and there is no sales tax on that. If it’s an item that calls for sales tax, it can not be bought on an EBT.. at least not in my state.

          46. Joseph Schlag says:

            Your the one that does not get it. Read a history book, the only party to take from social security is the democratic party. The only party to raise taxes on the middle class is the democratic party. Did you know the wealthy only get wealthier when a democrat is in office. Look it up , the Rich only got richer the eight years Obama was president. He did not create wealth in this country, he only made them wealthier. He hurt the poor and tried to kill the middle class. That’s what you look up to? The only people other than the rich that he helped were the Immigrants and the illegals. Our country is in serious financial trouble and he is giving Iran 1.36 billion and the United Nations 1.86 billion. Your the puts for looking up to this POS…

          47. Mark N says:

            What a load of lying garbage. Most people I know are better off after your incompetent creep left town.

      4. marijooneill says:

        Mark N. The fraud and traitor in the White house has lied to the people since he was elected,pushed by the lap dogs in the media. He has done his best to destroy this COUNTRY With His Left Wing Progressive Perverse Agenda. Sooner or later tge truth about the liar in chief will come out.

        1. Mark N says:

          You have to be totally stupid to write garbage like that. Your Bush was the one who ran the country into the ground. Why do I have twice as much money in savings as I did when your idiot left town?

          1. suerobb says:

            Because you put more into your savings account? What a dolt !

          2. Mark N says:

            No clown – I did not. DOLT.

          3. Spencer Balensiefer says:

            Why is the average Black family $3,000 poorer than 8 years ago, when obama took office?

          4. Joseph Schlag says:

            Bush spent 4 trillion, and Obama spent almost 12 trillion under Bush the unemployment rat was around 9% under Obama it is now 36%. I am not crazy about Bush but I would take him over Obama any day!

  2. William Meekins says:

    Like I’ve said before Obama is the biggest liar ever ! That is who he is (liar). His whole presidency is a lie. We know he was born in Kenya Africa. His birth certificate is a fraud. Sherriff Joe Arpaio proved it. Also, he said ” if you want your doctor, you can keep your doctor”. You can tell when he lies. If his mouth moves he is lying.

    1. Louise Adams says:

      100% Correct!

    2. rex ames says:

      Just like always, a legend in his own mind. Obama exposes his stupidity every time he speaks.
      The real problem, is half the country agrees with that asshole !!

      1. sunandfun says:

        I love it when people say the TRUTH about that ***hole!

        1. Mark N says:

          Wow – what a hater you are.

          1. curmudgeon VN Veteran says:

            He can’t hold a candle to a libtard where hatred is considered.

          2. Mark N says:

            You are lying again. Homophobic, racist, anti-Muslim – pretty much nobody you don’t hate.

          3. curmudgeon VN Veteran says:

            Only if they’re liberals. Political party is immaterial.

          4. curmudgeon VN Veteran says:

            Go back to sleep little basement dwelling snowflake.

      2. The Old Chip says:

        I’m not sure, “Agree” is always the right word. My mother had a saying of, “They know which side of the bread is buttered”,
        so about half the country has been trained by the corrupt”o” rats to have their hands out for the, “Butter”.

      3. Mark N says:

        And most of the planet.

      4. FearlessMo says:

        You got us there! Only his favorability is greater than half the country. And greater than any republican living today.

        1. rex ames says:

          Yeah, the problem with favorable ratting is the polls were taken by liberals in a liberal area of the country, the east and west coast elites with all the money.
          They tried convincing us guys who lost our jobs that Hillary was winning to and we did not buy the shit they were selling. This is why Trump carried 30 out of the 50 states in the in the middle of the country for a decisive electoral college win. Even a large part of the dems were sick of Obama’s liberal adjenda’s, thats why they crossed over and voted for Trump and jobs. 306 electoral college vote was one of the biggest wins in history. Chew on that !! Knowone wanted any more of carrying on Obama’s liberal policy. That stupid ass Obama is crying color again. But the dumb ass does not accept that he is half white and he sold the country out to the Muslums. Now he got paid back for shoving shit down our throats. Pay backs a hell.

        2. curmudgeon VN Veteran says:

          At what, peter puffing?

    3. klnassie says:

      Exactly. There is NOTHING “SAD” about his absurd statements. Just get his ego THEHELLOUT!!!

    4. Mark N says:

      You are an idiot birther – thanks for reminding us what total dolts you are.

      1. curmudgeon VN Veteran says:

        Where are Obama’s college records? I think Trump can have them released after being sworn in.

      2. Spencer Balensiefer says:

        Enough of a dolt to warrant your time here. Leave, now, Troll Mark.

    5. FearlessMo says:

      Get a life and stop listening to Trump and Hannity. Trump is a legendary lier, and most republicans including Fox commentators are legendary spinners and sidesteppers.

    6. FearlessMo says:

      Gee, how do you know all that, Bill? Listening to too much Hannity or the legendary liar Trump who no one checks for accuracy?

      1. curmudgeon VN Veteran says:

        You are not even intelligent to waste a block on.

    7. curmudgeon VN Veteran says:

      Hitlery is right up there with him in the telling whopper category. The main difference is that the old woman knows she’s lying whereas Barry believes his own bullish!t.

  3. Dixie Vangelisti says:

    Mr O is delusional and needs some intense counseling and perhaps some medication.

    I’m totally embarrassed for the man. The world is laughing at him. Very sad!!!

    1. sunandfun says:

      We should be ashamed that we elected the “LYING CLOWN” TWICE! It PROVES that AMERICA has dumbed down playing with their, “so called”, smart phones instead of seeing what has happened to our country in the past 8 years! They learned NOTHING!

      1. Char says:

        I sure DID NOT vote for him either time he ran. He is a MUSIM LOSER.

        1. sunandfun says:

          Are you saying that the voting system screwed up? HaHaHaHaHA!

        2. hearmetalking says:

          The only way Obama got into the oval office was due to fraud, both times.

          1. curmudgeon VN Veteran says:

            Along with the insanity of those suffering from “White Guilt!”

          2. Mark N says:

            And no help from Putin.

          3. Spencer Balensiefer says:

            …or Castro. Ditto.

          4. FearlessMo says:

            No, that’s how Trump became President-elect. Gotta be more astute than that!!

          5. RAY FRYER says:

            And he was black.

        3. FearlessMo says:

          Oh get a life and stop watching Hannity on Fox

          1. Spencer Balensiefer says:

            Oh get life and stop watching Bill Maher on MSBNC.

      2. mpdMD1965 says:

        Folks were intimidated into reelecting him lest they would be called racist. Oddly enough real Americans of all color are embarrassed by this oaf.

          1. Spencer Balensiefer says:

            Most Excellent one-liner.

        1. FearlessMo says:

          Not true. We know what congress tried to do to Obama, and couldn’t succeed. We know who he is and what he tried to accomplish. You know nothing abut nothing. Sad.

          1. VanceJ says:

            An idiot speaks.

          2. Mark N says:

            How would you know what intelligence was?

      3. Mark N says:

        Yes – we learned that you are a bunch of racist misoygynistic theological thugs.

      4. FearlessMo says:

        Your character analysis of Obama is grossly lacking in astute observation. He so obviously is more intelligent than any Republican unfortunate enough to spar with him. His intentions when running for President were successfully thwarted by a Republican congress determined to ruin his term. They did nothing, refused all discussion on bills by the President or democrats, would not even bring then to the floor. And we paid these guy for eight year, to sit on their hands or excuse themselves from being present at all. And you think this wasn’t a damn waste of our tax dollars? You think this wasn’t worth noting?

        1. VanceJ says:

          LOL, your talking about Dirty Harry, not republicans. what a idiot.!!!

    2. The Old Chip says:

      The whole world knows the great obama is just a putz. But to him, he is the psychotic rooster, goose-stepping around the barnyard entrenched in the knowledge it is his crowing that makes the sun come up.
      There was an obama speech in Berlin; his first 2009 speech drew around 200,000. After the world realized what a putz the great obummer is, his next speech barely drew 4,000.
      Vladimir Putin is reputed to have said that, “Dealing with obama is like playing chess with a pigeon; it knocks over all the pieces, craps all over the board, then struts around like it had just won the game.”
      Hopefully the American people have been aroused from their apathy. You hear it all the time, “I’m not interested in politics.” But the reality is that just because you’re not interested in politics, doesn’t mean that politics is not interested in you, after all, you pay the taxes.
      “One of the penalties of not participating in politics is
      that you will be governed by your inferiors.” – Plato 428 BC-347 BC
      Those who are too apathetic to engage in politics are punished by being – ruled by the likes of obama! (Old Chip)

      1. sunandfun says:

        Wonderful TRUE words, Thank you.

      2. mpdMD1965 says:

        This is by far the most cogent evaluation of the Obama legacy.Happy to realize our nation is not entirely made up of welfare recipients who worship at the altar of ignorance

        1. The Old Chip says:

          Thanks for the kind words, we must remain vigilant always. Let me add another voice to my Apathy theory, MLK didn’t know obama, but he knew the type, and he knew the miscreants who would promote his type.
          Dr. Martin Luther King said: “History will have to record that the greatest tragedy of this period of social transition was not the vitriolic words and the violent actions of the bad people, but the appalling silence and indifference of the good people. Our generation will have to repent not only for the words and acts of the children of darkness but also for the fears and apathy of the children of light.”

          1. FearlessMo says:

            It’s hard to follow you’re meaning, but assume you categorize those who voted for Obama as misguided some way. Not so. I voted for him because he appeared not to be aggressive, no war-lord. He also seemed more mature than others in Congress, especially the Tea party boys. He addressed Climate when no one else was. That indicated to me he had sight and could see where civilization was headed if we continued trashing vital resources, dumping our waste into creeks, rivers and oceans, and kept burning fossil fuels and promoting nuclear energy.

          2. Kent Powers says:

            You confuse pollution with climate change, there is proof of pollution & we all agree that problem must be addressed, there are literally no facts supporting climate change except adjusted statistics to try & comply with a long proven wrong theory. We have more wars, troops in 7 countries, terrorists running rampant worldwide, nuclear weapons in 2 more countries with another on the horizon, refugees in the millions,

            increased crime, increased police murders, riots in the streets. Yeah man you made a great choice.

          3. Mark N says:

            There are literally no bigger lies than the garbage you wrote. Your stupid household thermometer shows climate change. The movement of fish stocks shows climate change. You are just too dumb to understand and too in love with your waste of money on fossil fuels.

          4. Bob* says:

            If you were to study the history of climate change you would find that the earth follows a pattern of heating and cooling. In the late 1960’s scientist said we were headed for another ice age because the earth was cooling. Now they say we are heating up and the polar cap is melting but it has been proven now that the polar cap is thicker than it ever was. There are more scientist now that are disproving the climate change theory than there are that are sticking to it. Just wait another 40 or 50 years and scientist will be saying the earth is cooling again. It is just a natural phenomenon that happens.

          5. Mark N says:

            If you were to get a brain you would understand that you have written a pile of nonsense. The polar cap is not “thicker than it ever was”. Clueless.

          6. Spencer Balensiefer says:

            Dipshit libtard. Explain to me how, over 42 years, from 1940-1982, global temperatures PLUMMETED?

          7. Mark N says:

            I’m sorry but the graphs do not reflect what you said. Can you explain anything? “Plummeted” means declined sharply so that values were much lower at the end. They were not.

          8. Spencer Balensiefer says:

            Down means down, asshole. Science wins. You lose.

          9. Mark N says:

            Science wins and you are a stupid liar. It did not drop precipitously. What do you know about science? I use it daily.

          10. Spencer Balensiefer says:

            Yeah? Then it shouldn’t be hard to prove me wrong, Scientist. DO IT. Also–don’t worry; When you are losing an argument you can always call a man foul names – Ben Franklin.

          11. Mark N says:

            The graph says you are wrong. Facts speak for themselves.

          12. Spencer Balensiefer says:

            You still here? Tell me which graph YOU are looking at, dipshit.

          13. Mark N says:

            The graph here
            Clearly shows 1982 as warmer than 1940. The mean line had a down slope it did NOT “PLUMMET”.

          14. Spencer Balensiefer says:

   seems to show the EXACT same graph. Over 40 years temperatures went DOWN. You declare yourself a follower of science. Explain THAT.

          15. Joseph Schlag says:

            Once again I would ask you to please read a history book and science books. This world works in cycles, all the evidence shows we are just going through the cycles. Why do you think he fired the last s

          16. Mark N says:

            Look stupid I’ve been reading science books for decades. Global warming was predicted by Arrhenius in the late 1800’s. The latest evidence says nothing of the sort – it says global warming is accelerating and it is caused by CO2 emissions.
            You are just a right wing know nothing that hates the planet and loves materialism.

          17. Joseph Schlag says:

            You sir are the problem! You only saw what he was saying, you did not look any further than that. We have this great tool that is killing this country. But you can use it to look up and learn about the people that you support. Some people do not say what they mean, or mean what they say. Obama’s record in Illinois was horrible. He was just the opposite of what he claimed to be. He was a racist community organizer, he protested against the very government that gave him a job. He never once fixed anything. He only created problems in his home state. He showed signs of being a socialist and even signs of being a communist as well.

          18. Kent Powers says:

            For those who are uninformed Martin Luther King was a lifetime card carrying Republican, he knew the policies of the democrats would only weaken & further enslave the black Americans he was trying to help.

          19. marijooneill says:

            That is exactly right, and finally the people awoke and said no to more left wing lunacy and the failed policies of the liar in chief and his entire corrupt admistration. He is,a fraud and a traitor.

        2. Mark N says:

          No – the rich jerks will be running the show to make the poor even poorer.

          1. maxx says:

            You sound just like one of those petulant little liberal “victims” of everything that is not free for the taking like all demonazis. You could move to another country that offers more but you won’t because you like complaining too much.

          2. Mark N says:

            And you a raving lying idiot.

          3. VanceJ says:

            What’s wrong markey baby the truth hurts ?

          4. Mark N says:

            No, your ignorance does.

          5. VanceJ says:

            LOL, I’m not the ignorant one, look in the mirror, now then see who is ignorant ?

          6. Mark N says:

            Nope – sorry that you have no credentials – just a another right wing childish insult machine.

          7. marijooneill says:

            I believe you are a lying idiot,I’ve read your comments it’s obvious that you bought into the left wing progressive lunacy. This Country will not become a third world hell hole and we didn’t fall for the evil congenital, pathological narcissistic, sociopathic greedy Hillary and the failed policies of the entire corrupt administration of the fraud and traitor in the White house.

          8. Bob R says:

            I cannot believe there are still people like you around. My God, wake up. Try to examine, really examine those countries that are built the way you would like. Speak to someone from those places if you cant go yourself. That may be what you are looking for and thats fine, just not here.

          9. Mark N says:

            So America is best at everything and you cannot learn from other countries. What an idiot you are.

          10. Bob R says:

            Feel sorry for you Mark. Did you even read my post to you? Worse yet, did you read it and not understand it? Read it again, all I asked was that you examine the other countries that “have it right”. Better yet, go there. or if not seek out someone who is from there and speak to them. I’ve been to most of these Nirvana’s. No, I am not going to attempt to explain these to you. And I wont call you ignorant either. Have a nice day Mark

          11. Mark N says:

            Then why do we die earlier, have poorer education scores, kill more people? How is that “better”?

          12. Bob R says:

            Stats? you want to argue stats? I used to do statistics. How would you you like them to read? Going for a negative/positive result? Easily accomplished. You seem passionate and thats a good thing. How about this. All around you at school, work there are Americans from different places on the globe. Ask their parents or the oldest ones in their families who came here from different places. Speak to them, dont be condescending, be neutral. Learn from them, if you cannot actually go to these places that would give you an idea. BTW the “dumbing” down at our schools ……thats real, and for a reason. Albeit a sinister one. I was once like you, hopefully you will take the time to see for yourself and reach your own conclusion.
            PS read about the “cleansing” of Stalin, Pol Pot, Idi Amin, Castro, China,Serbia, Ruwanda, Thats only a few (there were hundreds). Hitler was a piker compared to these “leaders”. Just for fun ask a Russian what they think about Ukrainians. That may help you understand why Putin felt he could just walk in and take over. Its a BIG world my friend. There is nothing more I can say to you, YOU have to see for yourself……Good Luck

          13. Mark N says:

            You don’t argue statistics – you cite facts which you have not done. Hand waving is all you can manage because the numbers DO NOT support your position. The schools are not being “dumbed down” except by Christians demanding that science and facts be left out.

          14. Doris Will says:

            Mark, compare public school graduation rates and SAT scores with Parochial Schools.

          15. Mark N says:

            Yes – well to do parents get better results. Got anything else that’s nonsense.

          16. Doris Will says:

            Actually yes I do the Sophomoric Imbecile in the box above. By the way, did your parents fill your head with this claptrap liberal nonsense. On the other hand, they may be level headed Republicans looking in horror at what they created, and hoping that they get better when you grow up.

          17. Mark N says:

            And maybe you are talking trash like a stupid teenager. They were very proud of what I achieved – and you are using the results. Get lost.

          18. marijooneill says:

            You are drinking too much of the Kool aid

          19. Spencer Balensiefer says:

            I agree that liberals kill more people. Conservatives kill those liberals that kill other liberals.

          20. Mark N says:

            More stupid from the clowns with guns.

          21. Spencer Balensiefer says:

            Dare to challenge me to a draw?

          22. Doris Will says:

            Mark with all of the knowledge you profess to have. These questions should be a no-brainer for you. Hints: life style, poor teachers unmotivated students, Chicago.

          23. Spencer Balensiefer says:

            If you are poor, there is a way out. Join the other libs out the door, on the way to Canada. I mean–Mexico! Why do they all want to move north–are libs….dare I say it…”racist”??

          24. Timothy Dayton says:

            And Hillary isn’t a “filthy rich jerk”? The Hollywood crowd and the media types who supported her aren’t “rich or richer jerks”? Soros isn’t a “dirty stinking rich jerk”? We’ve had wage stagnation throughout the Obama reign except for the very rich jerks. Blacks and inner city folk have fallen farther behind and vast swathes of the country have fallen into true depression poverty. Obama has not been a friend to the working stiff.

        3. FearlessMo says:

          Not to fear, Obama’s legacy will be reversed by Trump. However, the most important policies Obama put into place dealt with Climate Change, the most important issue of our time since what we do now will effect, for the good or catastrophically, our future generations. The heat is already effecting wildlife, oceans and plants. The effect we are inflicting on Earth can actually be seen from year to year, now. Before, when measurement taking began, no one could see change so they denied its existence.
          Obama’s efforts here will go down in history. What history remains.

      3. maxx says:

        A person doesn’t need to be interested in politics but realize that as a citizen they have a duty to vote. That vote should not be dictated by any political party. That vote should made for a person who most closely resembles your own philosophy of life. Most people are inherently good and follow the rules and regulations of a civil society. A person like that will not vote for or support a candidate that is totally in opposition with the voters philosophy of life. If the candidate makes a mockery of the rules and regulations of society, makes fun of your religious and philosophical beliefs they should not expect your vote. Voting for a government official is a lot more complex than politicians lead us to believe. They hope we are not paying attention to what they do. It seems like Americans finally “get it”. I am very pleased that Moochel is probably not happy to be an American again.

        1. The Old Chip says:

          You’re right, it’s been tried to make voting a law, but it never got anywhere. Another try was that only land owners could vote, as those that had no, “Skin in the game”, couldn’t be counted on to make a rational decision; not sure what happened to that one. But for sure, “Worthless politicians are elected by citizens who don’t vote”.
          Even in the 1700’s, roughly 30% of the people thought King George was an all right guy; another 30 % were “Too Busy” or apathetic to be bothered; and thankfully, the final 30% did the heavy lifting, bleeding and dying.
          Politicians need to remember that they should be only about; “The money you earn is yours and the government only gets what it needs to perform the few operations outlined in the Constitution!”
          Politicians work for us; the tax payer, the people that pay their salary. The government makes no product, unless you count the endless printing of money; and sells nothing, unless you count endless BS. The only way government can hand out money is by stealing it from someone else; IT IS NOT FREE, nor is it just State funded, or is it just, Federal money; some person has to pay out hard earned money from his very own pocket.
          Somehow it has gotten turned around! The people that get elected have the idea that we, their boss, are telling them that OK, now it’s your turn at the trough, go ahead, make yourself a multimillionaire. Feel free to represent a foreign government so you can buy votes with our money and keep yourself in office.
          Hopefully Trump, since he’s not beholden to any political machine, will clean out all the wastrel holdovers from Clinton, Bush and obama.

          1. maxx says:

            You and I are definitely on the same page. The whole idea of a democratic republic is “limited government” and that is what the Founders intended. I believe the real damage or actions that changed that philosophy was done by none other than Abe Lincoln. Right after the Civil War was when “the Union” became the all powerful entity that it was never meant to be. Lincoln used the Union Army, which at the time was technically the national standing army approved by the Constitution, against sovereign states. He did not have such authority. The nations army was intended for use to oppose foreign governments not brother states. Therefore Lincoln is guilty of treason abusively using power he was never given. At that point the “Union” or federal portion of the government became the “Lord and master” over states rights, also with no authority to do so. The politicians from the northern states were, of course, all in, now believing they were better , more righteous and more powerful than those from the southern states. That attitude has prevailed ever since. Even Lincoln stated “if I could have preserved the union without freeing a single slave I would gladly have done it” proving for all time that he was not freeing the slaves because he was an honorable man. I’m not condoning slavery at all, but it was only an excuse used by Lincoln and the northern members of the Union to punish the states that disagreed with the north.

      4. marijooneill says:

        Very well said, it’s time to clean the Peoples House of the scum and vermin that have been residing there

    3. Fedup says:

      To address someone as Mr. is a sign of respect. He doesn’t deserve to be addressed that way. Sign of a true muslim, they can’t tell the truth.

      1. Mark N says:

        And you cannot either – liar.

        1. Spencer Balensiefer says:

          We’ve heard it before. Back statements with fact, bub.

    4. curmudgeon VN Veteran says:

      But he is still a legend in his own mind!

      1. Mark N says:

        How would you know anything?

        1. toad says:

          What a clever response!

        2. curmudgeon VN Veteran says:

          Because I have the ability to read and comprehend, abilities unknown to little liberal snowflakes. Pretty simple isn’t it Skippy?

          1. Mark N says:

            Yes you are simple. Godbots and people with a poor understanding of science and reality

          2. Spencer Balensiefer says:

            And you establish that enough atoms collided to create “DNA and the single-cell”. With ten million chemical process to sustain it. Nothing created something. Got it.

          3. Ron G says:

            That Mark N is typical of the kind of trolls Hilliary and the DNC are reduced to.

    5. birdman says:

      i am sad for what he has done to our country i pray to GOD that we get thru the next 40 days without him pulling something crazy

    6. marijooneill says:

      His,arrogance and ego cannot stand the fact that the people rejected the evil congenital liar Hillary, and all of his entire corrupt admistration and his failed policies. The Trump train is moving into 1600 Pennsylvania Ave,and he will clean the Peoples House of the scum and vermin that have been residing there.

  4. James1vc says:

    Barak Hussein 0bama has never been President , he has only been a (P)resident of the white house….

  5. reasoning with facts says:

    0bama , Go away !!

  6. notalib says:

    You know when he is talking he is lying. Mute him or turn him off. I can’t stand to watch him or listen to him. He has lied his entire life and I don’t think he knows he is lying. He resides in la-la land.

    1. DrHarley says:

      He is in the same class as Geraldo Rivera and Juan Williams and I mute all three of them. Unfortunately I have worn the mute button out on my remote during his 8 years in office. I’m on my second one.

      1. 5live5 says:

        How would you like to be Juan Williams SON??? HE’S A DYED IN THE WOOL CONSERVATIVE!!!

    2. sunandfun says:

      I totally agree with you, however, America put him where he did all those problems.

    3. Char says:

      I do change the channel as soon as I hear his voice. He makes me very angry with all the b*ll sh*t
      he talks about.

  7. Bernie Lounds says:

    Oh Come On Now they only time Obama lies is when he opens his mouth.

    1. sunandfun says:

      It is a shame we can’t shut it PERMANETLY

      1. 5live5 says:


  8. SouthernPatriot says:

    Obama is the Liar-in-Chief:

    Obama lied: “if you like your health insurance, you can keep your health insurance.” “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor.

    Obama lied when he took the presidential oath of office which included, “…to uphold and protect the Constitution.,.” and he violently violated the U.S. Immigration laws and continues to this day, violated the Separation of Powers Act, and changed the ACA (Obamacare) when ever he chose, without Congressional approval.

    Obama lied when he said the 100K Muslim rapists and terrorists he flew into this country and settled and is supporting to this moment with taxpayer money were all “vetted” when experts in Syria and here said that is impossible,.

    Obama lied that he would have the most “transparent” administration in history.

    Obama lied that he was a Christian and then ridiculed and rejected the Book of Romans, Chapter One as written by an “old man thousands of years ago.”

    Obama is a continuous liar. Obama is a demented Democrat.

    1. sunandfun says:

      We don’t have enough room here to list ALL his lying voice! And, the illegal things he got away with!

  9. Richard says:

    LIAR, LIAR, I would love to see a vote by every American legally able to vote weather they believe his lies or don’t believe his lies. What would the tally be?

    1. sunandfun says:

      We don’t have enough room anywhere for ALL those LIES!

  10. LROWER says:

    My only comment: “Have you no shame, sir?”

    1. Gale says:

      i wouldn’t refer to that worthless sleaze scumbag as a sir!!!!

  11. Pdemott says:

    I think he is delusional perhaps, but let’s add that his rhetoric (his overly broad attacks on the motives of police officers before all the information was available) has lead to a more than 50% increase in planned attacks (and murders of) on our men and women in law enforcement. He has not a clue as to what he has caused in race relations by supporting and consulting with BLM (Black Lives Matter, not the Bureau of Land Management which used to use those letters) which is clearly a racist organization.

    1. EDD says:

      Has not a clue? If he doesn’t, then his puppet master has completely blindfolded him. Surely Soros has informed the O of the impact that BLM would have on the agenda to take down America. Not wanting to discredit your excellent post about the O being delusional, but the O’s only preparation to becoming POTUS was his abilities as a community organizer. which Soros has used to great advantage.

  12. Charlie's says:

    This man has been a disaster as President and Congress has allowed him to get away with it! Donald Trump could not possibly came anywhere near. The laugh is that every liberal member of Congress out there, along with the MainStream Media, is screaming and ranting about every appointment that President-Elect Trump has made! So, tell me: could Preibus even think of being anywhere as bad as Valerie Jarrett who, it is wondered, ever even let Michelle in to see Barack without her permission? How come all Barack’s appointees were so wonderful to the liberals – when in reality they were a disaster!

  13. Gale says:

    that ignorant idiot is a sociopath. they are big time liars and in their mind can do no wrong. they are also the victim in their warped minds.

  14. 1PierreMontagne1 says:

    It is not so much that Obama lies continually it is that as a Foreign National holding the office of American president telling the truth would be suicidal and could lead to all kinds of personal problems…especially from his handlers who are persons he fears more than any American citizen with a gun.
    The installation of Obama has proved that America is most vulnerable from the top, from within the presidency.

    The Globalist see the existence of America and its Constitution defending true freedom as the impediment to a One world system and a One world monetary fund. The solution is install a wrecking crew in the White house in order to destroy the US it’s Constitution and the US Dollar and to give the people anything they want – the plan should have only taken 8 years – did it work?
    Congress Boehner and Ryan allowed Obama to take the debt from 3 trillion to 20 trillion has that destroyed the US dollar?
    8 years of Obama race baiting and increasing civil unrest to the powder keg level all supported by teh White Guilted RINO GOP and DEM in Congress and Senate – how [email protected] is National law and order under the Constitution now? NO law No order and Obama set the stage to suspend the Constitution indefinitely and congress didn’t blink?
    Is everything now set for some unseen hand in an unseen room to pull a lever and America dissapears in a Vortex of Obama’s making?

    Maybe America was planned to tank under Hillary (blame a woman instead of a man – the Muslim way) but maybe it isn’t quite set up yet and Trump was not in the globalist cards.
    Lets hope and pray…because other wise Obama mission has been a success and Americans still can’t wrap their heads around the fact that Obama’s undefined promise of “change” America and Americans was a middle finger euphemism for “destroy America and Americans”.

    It’s not quite complete that’s why Obama wants to stay in Washington and use his Chicago Thuggery on whoever was to be the next president.

    1. FearlessMo says:

      Sounds more like Trump than anything on the left.

  15. Lynn S.Pilcher says:

    The United States has elected some very unusual Presidents, Wilson, Roosevelt, Johnson, Carter, Clinton and now Obama. The death toll these Presidents have rung up is in the hundreds of millions around the world. Therefore, it is a mystery why anyone rational person would continue to vote for the party of death.

  16. Mike Boheist says:

    …this coming from a man who refuses to use the term Islamic Radicals, Jihadists, etc. even when experts like Maajid Nawaz (himself a former) says we should because that is exactly what they are…AND when Islamic nations also apply those terms to the enemy. This coming from a man who in the immediate wake of France’s worst terrorist attack stood shoulder-to-shoulder with their President in what was supposed to be an unwavering show of solidarity before the entire world and instead exploited that opportunity to promote his climate change summit. This coming from a man who more than once released enemy combatants who immediately went back onto the battlefield to target U.S. and allied soldiers. This coming from a man whose first response to the San Bernardino attack was to try and strip U.S. Citizens of their Constitutional Rights (the supreme law of this nation) without due process, which in-and-of-itself is a violation of the Constitution, the supreme law of this nation which as President of The United States he swore under oath to “preserve, protect and defend”…This man is an utter fraud. The list of his unabashed anti-U.S. transgressions as POTUS go on and on, but not for long. Obama’s greatest legacy? That he got away with treason.

  17. Not_Easily_Impressed says:

    A famous celebrity once said that the important issue was the meaning of is: something like “it all depends on what is is”. Anyway, what is terror? Obama’s administration doesn’t know what terrorism is. After all, in official jargon, none of the incidents were terrorism. So, by definition, there have been no terror attacks. They have totally flipped their lids.

    1. 5live5 says:

      Wasn’t that Bubba Clinton???

      1. Not_Easily_Impressed says:

        How in the world did you ever guess it was him? LOL

  18. klnassie says:

    This JACKASS can’t GETOUT soon enough!!!!!!

  19. klnassie says:

    OB1-LIAR had struck again. Maybe it’ll be the last!!!

    1. sunandfun says:

      One can only HOPE!

  20. mensatoo says:

    How many of these terrorist cam into the US durring the last 10 years ? Humm …

    1. davidsunkle says:

      “Tooooooooooooooooooooooo , MANY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

  21. Charles Sever says:

    There is only one thing you need to know. Is he a democrat? The answer is yes, that will tell you he is a liar, a criminal and a traitor.

  22. baitmando says:

    Obama is a disgusting POS.

  23. ivca56 says:

    He feels success on the side of his agenda: break down of the heath care system; illegal immigration through the roof with tens of thousands criminal immigrant aliens released into our streets; torn apart our Christian base and favored the Muslim infiltration, especially in key government positions, so the ISIS of the world have all the pertinent information on our infrastructure and emergency plans. 22 tarrorist training camps under his protection, not to mention CAIR BMB, etc. That’s in addition to the unprecedented national debt numbers and our weak position in the world. And while beig so busy, he spent $84MILLION of our tax dollars to vacation! Dictatorship is hard work! Yep, I can understand that smug grimace!

  24. jimamrhein says:


    1. davidsunkle says:


  25. Charles Sever says:

    Bye the way, if the cute little snowflake protesters, were to turn their protests sign around so they could read them, only then will they see the haters of this country. They are the low life liberals that are the biggest hater of all. I think they hate themselves.

  26. Douglas Venters says:

    The Saboteur-In-Chief is so full of it, he’s the same color of it !!!

  27. seahawk10 says:

    This skinny, seditious Marxist from Honolulu is a pathological liar. In addition to being that he is also a narcissistic sociopath, he believes his own lies as Bill and Hillary Clinton also do. This weak, divisive clown has done more damage to undermine our national security by bringing in un vetted Muslims from terrorist countries. He is a disgrace and a stain on the office of the Presidency.

  28. johno says:

    how can he say that with a straight face? it must be his muslim upbringing telling everyone he is an American and muslims are a peaceful religion. He is so full of it. He is the most pathetic man we ever had in the office of “president”. He has lowered our standards, he has tried to destroy our Faith in God, he has turned America into a Racist Nation, he has caused us to fight each other, black against white. and he keeps forcing America to accept more muslim refugee Criminals.

  29. 5live5 says:

    Shame on us for remembering those “hiccoughs”!!! AS Buggs Bunny would say “WHAT A MAROON”!!

  30. karlj6492 says:

    WELL here is my thought,
    Obama is like Hillary,

  31. SisFromIL says:

    I believe he has had a breakdown and is in need of some serious psychiatric care. He has been a habitual liar from the start but this speech is very troubling. It is beyond lying and going into delusional.

  32. rjm3390 says:

    The man is a legend in his own demented mind.

  33. MARK FREDERICK says:

    oBOZO suffers from the same medical condition that most demoCRAP’s suffer from and selective memory loss has to be their worst for them. They have to be reminded of their lapse of the facts. It is almost as bad as the coming back from the dead to vote like in Michigan where 9280 of the people that were dead came back to life just to vote for kilLIARy during the recount. The demoCRAP’s are pathetic in their feeble attempt to win at the polls.

  34. Debby says:

    DELUSIONAL !!!!!!!!!

  35. BEACH2916 says:

    This turd is a legend in his own mind

  36. TheRpennington says:

    You will always try to cover for your family. He’s got to be one of the most hated humans alive ! A true terrorist, alive and living in the USA.

  37. Frankiedoodle says:

    I honestly think 0bama thinks the American People are stupid and extremely
    gullible. A person would have to be out of their minds to believe what he’s trying
    to pull off.

  38. Gemmo Boon says:

    #MuhammedsEarthboundBitch is surely delusional (from years of eating semen, no doubt). The #MuslimBitchBoy now gets to pack his bags after 8 years of hating America first. Good riddance, #GhettoTrash!

  39. marina knife says:

    The sooner he’s out of office the better hard to ‘get them’ for political traitors they are but FINANCIALLY – the sooner FORMAL INVESTIGATIONS & INQUIRES are set up – including any input to their WH guest list and set-ups like SOROS & BLM are set up the better … of course particular attention shown to monies from Federal Taxes. BHO & that other racist – such a blatant couple of free-loading voracious GRIFTER’s all their friends – plenty of paper work and grants and donations … remember the Obama Care computer deal to THEIR friend? A new law regarding TAX PAYER FUNDED HOLIDAYS and their WH ‘guests’ financial obligations to repay what they should never have spent in the first place – especially her mother’s share – a law that works retrospectively – a complete and a vicious embarrassment to any country. A sick and vulgar joke presidency..

  40. Vincent N. Wong says:

    I never elected on his 2 terms of 8 year presidency, in fact I changed my political party to Republican after he openly supported gay marriage as an U.S. president! I don’t recall any other U.S. presidents ever declared that candidly! I gave up my hope on him for quite a long time!

  41. curmudgeon VN Veteran says:

    Thank God. 20 January 2017, the end of the error!

  42. mpdMD1965 says:

    I now believe the his man is indeed delusional. Not unexpected when one is inept as this poor soul. Take away his TelePrompTer and I doubt he recalls his name. African Americans should disavow any recognition of this antiAmerican loser. No wonder we were the laughing stock of the world while this brain stem was Mr. President.

  43. solog says:

    WOW…that is crazy….I think he is half off or maybe he was golfing or on vacation when everything was going on….IMAGINE THAT!

  44. Jerry says:

    Obama is a Terrorist to Americans, I wish everybody would see through his lies and quit making excuses of why he does something. Everything he has done was done to hurt America, YES ON PURPOSE!!!!

  45. gene smiith says:

    Well it would seem that he has been reading his own headlines about himself….still doesn’t understand that the rest of us just saying it does not make it so….and his dreams of himself are the nightmares lived by us.
    I hope he was met with either stone cold silence, or roaring BOOOOOs.

  46. Dan43147 says:

    Since Obama became president, his party has lost 63 House seats, 10 Senate seats and 14 governorships. That alone tells us what the American people think.

    1. Ray says:

      Come 2018 they will lose more seats with Nancy Pelosi leading. Soo let them go.

  47. reasoning with facts says:

    Alinsky’s 13 Rules for the Left:

    1. Power is not only what you have but what the enemy thinks you have.

    2. Never go outside the experience of your people.

    3. Whenever possible, go outside of the experience of the enemy.

    4. Make the enemy live up to their own book of rules.

    ***5. Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon.*** ( 0bama`s favorite Rule ) !

    6. A good tactic is one that your people enjoy.

    7. A tactic that drags on too long becomes a drag.

    8. Keep the pressure on with different tactics and actions, and utilize all events of the period for your purpose.

    9. The threat is usually more terrifying than the thing itself.

    10. The major premise for tactics is the development of operations that will maintain a constant pressure upon the opposition.

    11. If you push a negative hard and deep enough, it will break through into its counter-side.

    12. The price of a successful attack is a constructive alternative.

    13. Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.

    My experience from 5 years of daily blogging is that the trolls who come onto FOTM typically resort to Alinsky Rules #4 and #5.

    Christians must watch out for #4. Leftist trolls deploy it against Christians by invoking OUT OF CONTEXT Jesus’ injunction to “judge not,” as if Christ our Lord actually means for us not to distinguish right from wrong. On the contrary, He abhors the “lukewarm” — the fence-sitters who stand for nothing, being neither hot nor cold. (See “Why we must admonish the wicked“)

    It should give us pause to know that Alinsky was an admirer of Lucifer — the rebel angel so full of pride that he thought himself to be “as God,” who Jesus said “fell as lightning” and so became Satan. To begin with, Alinsky dedicated his book, Rules for Radicals, to Lucifer, aka the Devil:

  48. Alleged Comment says:

    The negro sodomite is a communist and a Moslem. They are irrational, godless and lawless.

    Their lack of morals make them dangerous creatures. To them a lie is truth and a truth is a lie. The sodomite is a totally deluded and evil person, yet you put him in the highest office in your land.

    So, I don’t know who is more sick.

  49. Harold Sammons says:

    Obama has been a supporter of Islam and the radical extremist associated with it and has covered and protected for their devious and murderous acts against Americans as well as Christians and Jews. Downplaying their acts of terrorism as if minor offensives!

  50. FearlessMo says:

    I disagree and think Obama and you identify “major terrorist organizations differently.” While you’re definition includes local homegrown or americans who identify and agree with terrorist propaganda, Obamas’ definition is major terrorists from Syria, or the mid-east country, who come to this country as the 9/11 terrorists did.
    It’s hard to hear what people are actually saying, when you want to believe the worst.

  51. William M Durham says:

    obama is just doing what he always does and that is lie. He has lied so much even he can’t tell it from the truth

  52. Sharilyn Hartwell says:

    We always know when he’s lying…he opens up his mouth to say something.

  53. Bob R says:

    Socialists/Democrats, Key words, Use of the internet, ease of acquiring weapons. Much like the attitude of “inner city” mayors. The bad guys run amok and are to be “understood” so, Citizens are stripped of any self protection and are forced to put bars on their windows. So, on a national level IF we can take away the weapons, curtail the use of “social media” all will be fine. My God, I can see thru these people so easily, yet 47% of the citizens are still voting for these clowns. and yes that INCLUDES those sympathetic Repubs (rinos?). PS I know…….Got one here in Garland, Texas

  54. RAY FRYER says:

    This has to be the dumbest son of a bitch on the face of the planet !!! No attacks ? Are you shitting me ? Only a few more days till this idiot and that tranny are gone. Cannot wait !

  55. Once a liar, always a liar, especially pathological liars who believe whatever spews out of their mouths. PATHETIC POS PERIOD

  56. Charles Goff says:

    He is Totally Delusional with no Concept of Realty.

  57. matureone says:

    Do you all realize that Mark N. Is a troll and just trying to keep all of you off the subject of Obamas failed polices
    It is obvious to anyone with any smarts that OBama blew where security was concerned in fact there are comments being mad e about Trump not attending security briefings tho he has Pence going and briefing him BUT it is a known fact that OBama rarely attended his security briefings. So now he is blaming his security advisors for the raise in ISSI. He is the blame game President and lier in chief on many issue.
    He was the one the DEMS. Opted for who had no experience what so ever never ran a company, never did anything to prepare him for the office but now they keep jumping on Trump and saying those he is picking for his staff are not qualified what a joke. GO TRUMP

    1. The Old Chip says:

      Of course the great obama never went to security briefs, they might interfere with his tee time.

  58. marijooneill says:

    This fraud and traitor has lied since he was elected. We the people spoke and rejected another liar. Now we are on the Trump train and it’s moving to 1600 Pennsylvania,so he can clean the Peoples House of the scum and vermin that have been residing there.

  59. ironbiker says:


  60. Timothy Dayton says:

    Obama revels in a number of fantasies and has stated them publicly several times. Remember his was going to be the most open administration and that fell apart almost from day one.

  61. afanaglenn says:

    Obama is delusional and keeps telling lies on the pretense that all Americans will believe his lies, from one day to the next. He keeps thinking that we will believe everything he says. Sadly, many do believe his lies and keep thinking he is someone who doesn’t tell lies. He tells lies with the best of them. I really do hate this sob. This muslim sob.

  62. Frankiedoodle says:

    His whole 8 long years of president was based on 8 long years of lies. He has done more harm to this country than good. He has divided our country, ran up our national debt more than all the
    Past presidents combined, and nothing to show for it, took away our health care, left our
    country and our citizens fall prey to terrorists, and that’s only the beginning. So glad we can
    finally see an end to it. God Bless America, God Bless our new president and the cabinet
    members he has chosen and will continue to choose and their families.

  63. ~Valkyrie ~ says:

    THE most despicable person ?

  64. mpdMD1965 says:

    How can one tell Obama is lying? I have been told you need to see his lips moving. Too much for me to even consider. Looking at him is bad enough but listening to the garbage he spews is above and beyond human tolerance.

  65. Myoldglory says:

    Everything about this homo is a joke. He has lied about every little detail of his past. He can’t even be honest about who his father is or the stories he tells about that fool. The MSM has kept the real truth about this flaming queer from us, but thanks to the WWW we can look into a lot of his past, especially while he was a state senator. If you want to know just how gay he is Google ” Mans Country “, this place was his favorite place for him and his first Chiel of Staff, Ralm, the fearless Mayor of Chicago. Mans Country is Chicago’s famous Gay Bath House. You should also look up Donald Young who is dead, along with two other gay lovers of his. Youngs mother who once for the Chicago PD is still looking for answers about her son, however it’s stuffed in a cold case file and the bet is we will never get to the truth no look good for you know who. There is so much dirt in that place it will turn your stomach but if you have a hunch about this fake POTUS you just might find some answers in both of those stories. Most Americans have no idea what a real POS Barry and his male bride is.

  66. Sharon Windus says:

    he seems to forget He was the one who ordered the DHS to scrub out all records related to muslim terrorists in this country. His efforts to destroy our Constitution is part of the problem, not the solution. His encouraging illegals and terrorists to come here and failing to vet anyone, as well as handing them the whole enchilada has caused trouble here at home. I believe he is still residing in La La Land where all his dreams come true. Too bad the United States has had to bear the brunt of the fallout from his delusions.

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