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The Biggest Mystery From Obama’s Past Just Came Back To Haunt Him

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  1. Constance Pelchat says:

    Who cares who he dated and when. He married once to the woman he’s still married to so it must have been meant to be. SoulMates, so lovely

    1. Hope says:

      obama is gay and never was a legal president. You’re gong to be a world of shock with your lack of knowledge.

    2. Paul Smith says:

      Is it Michelle? Or Michael? Sure would like to see the girls’ birth certificates.

      1. Leon Pollock says:

        More secrecy from the mooslim ,personally I cant contain myself until the real truth comes out and he is hanging from a yard arm in Washington !!!

        1. mustangsallyann says:

          We know he and the missus are idjiots but the girls shouldn’t be punished for the ignorant things they did. They didn’t ask for any of it, as far as I know they’re not running around defending mom and dad and it looks like they want as far from them as they can get since leaving the WH. I believe there’ll come a day when the oldest comes out with lots of things but until then, they’re innocent girl’s that deserve some peace and privacy right now.

    3. Glanda Widger says:

      yeah just like it is so lovely that billy and hilly are still married. honey you need to grow up. love has nothing to do with either of these relationships. just blind ambition. So tell me why they have dumped the kids and had separate vacations, permanently it seems since he left office? they are rarely at the same place and no one has seen the youngest child since then either. The kids were just like the marriage, political to put a good face on the run for president.

      1. mikegru says:

        they need to check their DNA

    4. KJ says:

      Michael Robinson was definitely a better fit for Bathhouse Barry. They have been happy ever since.

      And was that law firm called “Down Low?” Just checking….

  2. Dee says:

    Sheila seems like an odd name for a man. But who knows…..

    1. Birds of Fire says:

      “Stanley” seemed like an odd name for a woman, but that’s what B. H. Obama II had for his mother.

      1. maxx says:

        Maybe she chose that name while she identified as a male. The entire Dunham family was full of misfits and malcontents anyway.

  3. Kenneth Fichtl says:

    The problem is the most powerful human in the World the one person that can turn it to glass hid Everything. Yet Everyone who serves this person is vetted. Everyone knows HRC was a Bitch everyone Knows Trump is a NY business puke Bush was a Dumb ass Billie had a Penis HW smuggled Cocaine and his dad financed Nazi Nixon was a Racist JFK had MM Mitt was Mormen Jimmy lusted in his heart Teddy liked to beat you with a stick Abe lived in a cabin. But Barack Nothing. Nancy Maddie Chuckie Maxine don’t have a brain but no one can blame the BOY Wonder

    1. brbg says:

      Bush wasn’t “dumb” He ran against Kerry who got twice as many ‘D’s at Yale as Bush which is why he wouldn’t release his college record. Perhaps that is why Obama wouldn’t release his either.

      1. Kenneth Fichtl says:

        sorry i didnlt include lurch If you compare anyone to Obama they were all Morons. Lurch can speak french and is always a hit at a bbq if you like HEINZ . he never could understand the problem with PORK,A friend of mine is Teresa cousin . not to Swift

        1. dennis w says:

          SO I’VE HEARD……………

        2. Birds of Fire says:

          Kenneth has a problem. His IQ is lower than a Down’s Syndrome Child.

          He doesn’t know the difference between “to” and “too”, so he appears stupid on the face of it. Anyone that stupid deserves to post on a blog. We need someone to laugh at before we go to bed.

          Keep posting, Kenneth! We love you! You can’t find your fanny with a map, directions and a flashlight, but you can make people laugh. That’s a talent!

          1. Kenneth Fichtl says:

            A Down’s Syndrome child is a better soul than all the slime on the hill You don;t know me my education or my history It is light hearted vomit just what bloggers deserve America is in deep trouble If you can’t see that you haven’t paid attention. It was humor much needed

          2. Kenneth Fichtl says:

            I am sorry to call you out again but you ideas about Downs’ Syndrome Children really bothered me. They are the gentlest humans on Earth more blessed than anyone they have a bigger heart than a Giant and live a shorter life. My brother in law has downs children Jerry henderson of Avon Cosmetic took them to his retreat in beaver lake every Summer. You know nothing of Empathy and Compassion. Only the most cruel pick on the innocent who cannot defend themselves.

    2. Birds of Fire says:

      Kenneth has a problem. His IQ is lower than a Down’s Syndrome child. His comment above makes no sense.

      He doesn’t know what “Nazi” means (it means National Socialist = Nat Si = Nazi).

      He doesn’t know what a racist is.

      He doesn’t know how to spell “Mormon”.

      He doesn’t know that George W. Bush has the most intelligently designed and energy efficient house in the State of Texas, and that he designed many of the energy efficient systems himself.

      He doesn’t realize that George W. Bush challenged a retired college professor to read as many books as he did in a year. He blew her doors off.

  4. Raymond Levy says:

    OBAMA likes it in the ass, he,s a butt buddy, to anyone that wants to do him in the ass. and that tranny that they called the 1st lady is not a lady at all, and he/she likes to watch when obama is getting it up the ass………………………………..

    1. maxx says:

      Supposedly “homosexual activity” is how he obtained his drugs of choice as far back as Hawaii. A female classmate of his in Hawaii, last name Marie?, wrote quite an expose about his high school career. Tried to search for it but could not find it.

  5. ricckky says:


    1. jackcandobutwont says:

      Anyone with commone sense and being a logical thinker knows that!!

      bobo did more to weaken the US than all other POTUSs ever!!

    2. VanceJ says:

      Already knew who & what he was, I knew what he was when he first started to run & who his Ace cuts were. people did not bother to check him out, and you did not need the Media to do it either.!!!! by and large people are to lazy to check anyone out who run for office. to our countries Detriment.

      1. grnjllybn says:

        I also knew about him in early 2008. I was screaming it all over the internet, but apparently not enough folks were listening or didn’t
        want to hear. So we got EIGHT long years of a traitor!

        1. Irwin C Gemlich says:

          Curtesy of the lame-stream-media/ministry of propaganda! They should be abolished and all their members permanently deported to Haiti!

      2. David F. Podesta says:

        Unfortunately for us, many, many years ago, the media appointed itself as the guardians of truth and a watchdog over government. Somehow the media took political sides, depending on who the owner was and they all pushed their candidate, and truth necessarily was pushed to the sidelines. The media’s abandonment of its true role in politics reached its apex with the way it embraced Barack Obama. We, the voters, knew next to nothing about him, and the media did not perform its due diligence to properly vet him. We know everything there is to know about every other president-where they were born, where they were educated, whom they married, etc., EXCEPT for Barack Obama. We know nothing about him, his early life, even the basics, like where he was really born. His lawyers already admitted his birth certificate is fake. Those were all red flags for the voters, but they hated GWB so much that if Adolf Hitler was the democratic candidate, they would’ve elected him over any republican. It was Jimmy Carter II. The US voters are who is really to blame for putting this man who so hates America that he would spend more than ALL presidents before him-COMBINED, weaken our military, withdraw the US from its leadership role in the world, damned near bankrupted us with un-payable debt, and singlehandedly destroyed confidence in our police forces, into power TWICE. What I learned is that there are a whole lot of people in this country who voted for him only because of his race, and/or they wanted freebies from the government. And the media did nothing to stop it. God damn them to hell for that! I also learned that now that there is a republican president, the media suddenly seems to have awoken from their decades old nap that they have been taking while democrats were in power and they are making up for their lack of action by reporting everything negative that they can find or make up, against a man who can probably save this country, if given half a chance.

        1. He and his fake wife, they moved Valerie Jarrett into their home in DC; she needed a ‘secure bubble’ in order to communicate with her Iranian fiends (intentional for friend).
          It’s been said for years that Jarrett ran a good part of the show; hence the billions that Iran received from the ‘O’ (US)!!! He’s no Christian either; he’s moslem all-day-long.

          1. Behind every blade of grass! says:

            Yes, you’re right and if anybody doesn’t think so, pull up and listen to Jarrett giving an interview in front of the White House, talking about how stores ought to make toys to poison little boys minds into thinking they should be girls and girls to think they should be boys, etc. The woman is demon-filled and is smooth as ice and you can count on – she’s ‘beating the war drums’ against America inside Obooma’s bunker at this very minute!!

          2. Sheriff N. Clark says:

            I think Valerie Jarrett is really the Pres. Of Iran in DRAG .

          3. Birds of Fire says:

            The Muslims would not permit her to drive a car, work outside her home, talk in private with a man who was not her husband or child, or own a paper clip without her husband’s permission. And you posted that she was the Ayatollah of Iran?

            Wake up, that is everything the Islamic “religion” teaches can never happen.

          4. Sheriff N. Clark says:

            Not the ayatollah, Ahmadinejab or whatever his name in drag
            looks just like Valerie Jarrett

          5. frank says:

            Barack Obama–the “Deplorable Fake President with the Fake Birth Certificate” is
            also the “Lap Dog” of the Principal Liberal Devil–George Soros–transforming America into “HELL” on earth!!!

          6. Arrowof Light says:

            Joan Rivers tried to bring truth out in the open ; RIP Joan

        2. Birds of Fire says:

          My brother-in-law told me to my face while I was standing in his living room, “I’m going to vote for Barack Obama, even though I know it will cost me money, ruin my position in the stock market, and maybe even impact my current lifestyle.” I asked him why he would do something so obviously stupid?” His response, “I don’t want my children to know that I’m a racist. I moved out of my Tulsa, OK neighborhood as soon as the first black family moved in. I moved to Eureka Springs because there are whole areas around it that have a non-white population of ZERO. I live in one of those areas, right now. Plus, I get to call all the non-racist Republicans racists, even though they are NOT!”

          1. David F. Podesta says:

            I don’t like to say this, but you probably know it already, that your brother-in-law’s engine was not firing on all cylinders. He could’ve voted for Trump and no one would ever know. He could SAY he voted for Obama and his kids would never know the difference. Besides that he’s not a racist because of a vote for Trump. On the contrary, many, many people voted for Obama BECAUSE he’s black, so who are the racists, really?

          2. Birds of Fire says:

            Obama never ran against TRUMP. He ran against John McCain and Mitt Romney. Uh, is YOUR engine firing on all cylinders?

            My brother-in-law said this to me because his children knew he was a loudmouth. He couldn’t have faked it and told them that he voted for McCain. His children would have known he was lying. He was a terrible liar. I know; my first wife worked as a Field OP for the CIA. I have been lied to by professionals.

            If he had lied to his children, he would have lost their respect as well as his credibility. Instead, he sacrificed his own financial stability in order to “appear” not to be racist. It didn’t work. Everyone in the family knows he’s a racist. Oh, in case I forgot to mention, he is a lifelong Democrat, same as Exalted Cyclops of the KKK Senator Robert Byrd of West Virginia. That man’s entire family were born and died DEMOCRAT.

          3. Behind every blade of grass! says:

            BIG DEAL!! I refused to vote for the BLACK CON-MAN, and was called every name in the book! You think I cared? NOPE! Now, we know who the real racist is “BARRACK INSANE OBOOOMA”! His hate for whites runs deep and anybody who’s “worked to make it big”, unlike him, the ‘BIGGEST CON-MAN THE WORLD HAS EVER KNOWN’!!

          4. granny_forUSA says:

            Never voted for the kenyan born muslim……..he was always stating what he was going to do for the USA……..However, most of what he promised required the backing of CONGRESS…….He never did anything for the USA for 8 years except bring his mooslum killing machines into the USA and also the illegals……….

            He still acts like a spoiled egotistical child that wants to destroy the USA…….

          5. Behind every blade of grass! says:

            You’re right, oBOOma TOLD US that “he what he was going TO DO TO US . . . by building-up his Army”, and we were silent! Even now, the denial of him bringing in the million (PLUS) radical muslim men in the middle of the night is shocking!!

          6. granny_forUSA says:

            Sorry but your BIL is really suffering from ADHD………….and seems to really be a liberal slave to the DEMS…………

          7. Behind every blade of grass! says:

            Are you making this nonsense up? The reason why I’m asking is that it’s a known fact that liberals have no respect for themselves much less for others, so why would he go to all of the trouble??

          8. granny_forUSA says:

            If you give us your BIL’s address we will send his wife a letter saying we are sorry she married such a nincompoop……& empty headed fool……..

        3. Behind every blade of grass! says:

          I knew from the first time I laid eyes on the fraud! He was like “too good to be true”, sort of thing with not a single thing to back him or his unknown past. He came out of ‘no where’, but when ole Granny (who was alert and of sound mind) SUDDENLY CAME UP DEAD, right after giving an interview . . . THAT sent chills up and down my spine and I knew he was CON-MAN and very dangerous for America!! >>>>> HE SHOULDN’T BE ALLOWED TO BE ON OUR SOIL, TODAY!! . . . . . WE WILL be SORRY if we don’t throw him out!!

          1. granny_forUSA says:

            I hear that Mark Walberg is an expert at long shots…………

          2. David F. Podesta says:

            Yes-in the movies. In real life, I don’t think so.

          3. Birds of Fire says:

            It was a shame that he insulted a dead woman who had supported him, given him the money he used to go to college, and then (maybe) even had her killed. Whoa!

        4. Paul Smith says:

          ” the media appointed itself”. . .False, We The People handed it that job and went to sleep. I’d like to think that the Alt Media would change that but the Deep State is working to control that leak in their ship. In spite of Trump and the Republican control of Congress, I don’t see a significant, long-term course change coming.

          1. granny_forUSA says:

            Strange!!!!! There has already been a change because of our new POTUS…..He has done more in 100+ days than bozo did in 8 years…………

        5. preachers_kid3 says:

          Already President Trump has done more in 100 days than Obama did in 8 years. Obama’s goal was to give as much Of America as he could to the Muslim nations and people before his time was ended! He did it with the Democratic’s blessings! Will that party ever realize how much harm they actually do to our nation? They just don’t think before they act!

        6. Rap Scallion says:

          Not one single talking head had the cojones to stand up and publicly say “This is BS we know nothing about this man”……Not one single person!

        7. Barbie says:

          I have a copy of his Kenyan birth certificate as per his Kenyan grandmother and half brother.

      3. Barbie says:

        Not true. I’ve been researching/investigating Obummer, Clinton and Soros for the past 8 years when their One World Order was the New World Order. I put it out on FB and no one believed me saying that I was nuts. So I just kept putting it out there but it took 6 years or so for anyone to start believing me.

        1. VanceJ says:

          I knew. for whatever good it did.

    3. mowmtn says:

      that bastard was an Islamic sympathizer, he even took a speech made on the Pres. race on live TV how we was not at War with Islam and never would be. As far as I am concerned I prayed every day that he would be impeached and hung for high Treason.

  6. Conservative3446 says:

    Number one, who believes this? and number two, who gives a rat’s rear?

    1. voncile fullwood says:

      if you would do some research yourself then you could find out the truth ..he is queen as a two dollar bill and a gay bill and she /he is transgender

      1. Conservative3446 says:

        And if you’d learn to read, you’d know that I didn’t say a word about his sexual preference; only that I didn’t believe the article, which you obviously didn’t bother with.

  7. SouthernPatriot says:

    Eventually, I truly believe all the truth will come out about Barry Soetoro and family members. It will discredit his legitimacy and candidacy. Hopefully, before that time, the businessman we elected as POTUS, will continue to obliterate the legacy of Obama, his EOs, policies, edicts and decrees, and administration, as he is doing now.

    1. Paul Smith says:

      A day late and a dollar short. Will an asterisk by his name really make a difference?

      1. granny_forUSA says:

        Your damn right……………He is known as the kenyan born muslim corrupt lying racist bigoted evil muslim that was trying to destroy the USA……..

        1. hmmathis says:

          The unfortunately real “Manchurian Candidate” that was inflicted on us the past eight years.

        2. shamu9 says:

          The Kenyan Kommie Koranic Kweer Klown! Is O’blo-me’s Name!

    2. Pine Tree says:

      Obama is only considered one of the best Presidents by those who had their eyes and ears shut for 8 years. But if you are someone who approves of the way he ignored North Korea, placated Iran with mhundreds of millions of dollars while leaving hostages there, dismissed Israel, and signed a #$%$ deal to free 5 recidivist terrorists in exchange for a deserter, then he’s your guy.

      He hated Americans, the Constitution, and capitalism. He destroyed our economy with measures like the ACA and immigration amnesty. The so-called Affordable Care Act has been nothing short of a disaster. My health insurance bill is up to $550/month. (Compare this to my $25/month auto insurance from Insurance Panda or my $10/month renters insurance… both private enterprise!) He was anti-police, anti-white, anti-church, anti-everything-good-and-wholesome!

      He was an ABYSMAL president.

    3. Arrowof Light says:

      Joan Rivers tried to tell everyone; RIP Joan

    4. Barbie says:

      That’s important, but not right now. What’s important is to remove ALL LIBERALS from the WH. And DEFINITELY all of Obummer’s flunkies. Sad to say but I think he should remove his daughter and son in law. Mostly son in law as he has taken money from Soros. Nepotism is never a good thing.

  8. jackcandobutwont says:

    Are these BS stories to disprove bobo being gay??

  9. Cherie Lynn Davis says:

    This is just more damage control being force fed on the low information crowd. I don’t believe a word of it! Just more Media fake news to try to quell the rumors about his gay associations!

    1. mustangsallyann says:

      Actually I found this info at least 3 years ago. It was easy with just a little research. This isn’t a huge secret.

      1. Cherie Lynn Davis says:

        Yes, I heard the rumors way back in 2008. It is the low information people who never took the time to do any research.

        1. mustangsallyann says:

          Yep, and while I posted 3 years to be on the safe side, I think it was more like 5 or 6 years ago. I can’t say he was never with any men, but know there were even more girlfriends than this one in the article.

        2. mustangsallyann says:

          I saw pic’s in my research, a couple tiny brunette’s, no blonds, but until Michelle, I’ve found no black girlfriend’s. There was also mentions of a few males.

      2. Birds of Fire says:

        I’m not so sure that B. H. is “only” gay. He strikes me as a “switch hitter”. Almost all of his “golf vacations” while President were to Asian golf courses that were within a 3 hour helicopter ride to a place that had Asian prostitutes.

        They have a tendency to be rather “flat” and have equipment that is small enough for men who are not that well-endowed. All of those things appeal to male adult survivors of childhood s*xual abuse who want to have relations with a woman, but don’t want to be “threatened” by someone who is “too feminine” or “too aggressive”.

        1. mustangsallyann says:

          My brother and family lived in Thailand and then Hong Kong for over 20 years. I learned plenty and know you can find any combo of anything you look for. I agree, I’ve never thought he’s “only” gay. I also think the missus is female and always have. She’s a biatch but a female. The supposed tell, tell signs people use, like finger length’s are not absolute and most of us in that age group don’t have pregnant pic’s, etc. on the internet ourselves. We’re much more private than our children’s generation. The only pic’s of me while pregnant sit in photo albums, not on line. So I’m with you, he’s had experiences with both and probably still does.

    2. Conservative3446 says:

      Absolutely correct. That’s why I said I didn’t believe a word of this story about his big love affair with a woman named Sheila.

      1. Birds of Fire says:

        No picture of Sheila? I would bet money that “Sheila” is a quiet, soft spoken, reserved and demure woman with a figure that resembled a teenage boy. As soon as “Sheila” decided she was a woman, Barack dumped her. It wasn’t that she developed a figure, it was that Barack felt threatened by her femininity.

        Does anyone remember the photograph of Barack bowing to the King of Saudi Arabia? That was the most “gay” photograph of a President that I have ever seen. I almost puked.

  10. brbg says:

    I think this white woman dodged a bullet in not marrying him. I have no doubt that the Clinton marriage is one of political convenience too.

  11. Lou J Apa says:

    This man was/is a natural svengali type person and no amount of evil, immoral, naughty past history would have caused his failure to become the 44th. president of the US. The people and the liberal fake newser press were in the whole for him. It was faite of Evile.
    This man, barry o, is now laughing at all Americans……

    1. Annie says:

      Heard him say he misses driving a car. Now who about that photo…surely would look good on a drivers license. He should never get an American pass port the rest of his life. If he leaves America for any reason, then he should never be allowed back in OUR COUNTRY

      1. maxx says:

        His current passport should be revoked so he can’t leave before he is “really investigated” and punished accordingly. His time in the W.H. should be delegitimized and he should be prosecuted for stealing his way into the presidency. No precedent? Tough, it’s time to set the precedent to make sure no one ever gets into political office unless they are totally vetted by a third party non-government connected entity controlled by “we the people”.

  12. generalJed says:

    The Communist Party U.S.A. was located for decades in downtown Chicago. That is why the Communist Party chose for Obama to head for Chicago for further training an arranged marriage, and indoctrination. He was chosen years before to run for Presidency by the Party, and the way was smoothed for him by influential Communist Party members like Henry Kissinger, etc.. This was the biggest conspiracy in American History.

    1. ter334 says:

      Also in Chicago is the Nation of Islam. A fake religion that was founded by one man, Mo who told his friends that Allah spoke to him. Possibly a fake conversation. O didn’t stop throwing people under the bus for personal political gain with the girl mentioned in the post. He even threw the D party and the nation under the bus. All more then once. He possibly got HRC’s “loyalty” by having someone fund the Clinton Foundation with petrodollars? The last few years have w/o a doubt been America’s dark ages (not a racist comment). Israel had it’s ups and downs by abandoning Mosaic law and allegiance to God. Bad kings, exiles. defeats. And the ride is not over, nor is the swamp drained. The gators and snakes in the swamp are becoming more and more concerned their way is not the way of the Lord?

      1. dennis w says:


  13. Steve Flowers says:


  14. I’m sick and tired of all this ‘bull-shit’ that ‘nobody knew anything about Obozo ( only the idiot media who ‘hid’ the truth’..) Are you freeking KIDDING me?? Like you think there weren’t PLENTY who knew exactly who ‘it’ was and the plan but they were all silent.. out of fear?? A few people like retired General Paul Vallely- who’s background was immensely steeped in Intelligence DID come out and state some of the ‘truths’ about Obozo.. but stupid people didn’t listen. I ( had ) friends and acquaintances who not only voted for ‘it’ once- but TWICE. Many of them for example.. believe in 2nd amendment rights and other Constitutional rights ( practicing many such as having firearms permits and firearms ) but voted for OBOZO!!?? I honestly do not consider any of those people my friends ( except a few who owned up to their own ‘stupidity ) In my book, your either pro America.. or not!

    1. ter334 says:

      The parallel’s between what Jesus said 200 years ago and today are striking. Jesus said. You will drink hot or cold water, but spit out warm water. And you are either with Him or against Him. Even Ben F said we either hang together or we hang separately. IMO time is definitely on T’s side. The D party and RINOs and the “free” press I see in the rear view mirror and getting smaller and smaller as time goes by? If anyone is impeached it should be judges that practice the D party lead and make PC decisions/rulings, not based on the rule of law. PC is a form of empathy instead of justice.

      1. A_patriot says:

        PC is an insidious form of silencing the opposition.

        1. granny_forUSA says:

          Ignorance of DEMS & the liberals are being silenced…….What a shame they are teaching the Alinsky method in colleges now and teaching their students how to lie and have the sheep follow…………..

    2. Birds of Fire says:

      Sorry, but Alex Jones was made fun of for exposing Barack Obama.

      He was labelled a “nut case” for saying Obama’s family claimed he was born in Kenya of a mother who was too young to give him American citizenship through her own blood (Which is how Senator Rafael Cruz got his “native born” American citizenship while being born in Canada. His mother was a born and raised American citizen who has in her early 30’s when Ted was born. He was born a US Citizen by his mother’s blood). That would not have worked for Barack, because his mother was 3 months too young according to US Law to give her son American citizenship through her blood. Everyone who investigated reached a dead end. Even Dr. Jerome Corsi, who is about as smart as anyone I have ever heard tell of, could not find a shred of evidence that Stanley Dunham (yeah, Barack’s mother was named “Stanley”) had boarded a plane from Hawaii to Kenya before Barack was born. And everyone who had worked at the fictitious Women’s Health Clinic where Barack was born mysteriously evaporated as soon as he was nominated for President.

      Oh yeah, we knew all about it. We knew approximately NOTHING. The DNA that “proved” that Stanley was descended from African slaves? Yeah, that disappeared, too. WHY? Because anyone with 5 minutes experience analyzing DNA would have known that he was related to African slaves on his FATHER’s side. Which of course means that he is a bastard son of someone else, and is no blood relation of Barack H. Obama I at all. That wasn’t all. His DNA would have proved that he is NOT RELATED to his “identical” brother from Kenya. Have you seen the adverts on TV for DNA tests? “I found my long lost sister when I got my DNA tested.” Guess what, Barack Obama does have “long lost brothers and sisters”, but they are all sons and daughters of college students of Frank Marshall Davis. Oops!

      1. Why start out with the ‘sorry’ like I was being corrected? Thanks for the overly long comment of info that has ‘been out there for years’.. Alex Jones, while a ‘radio personality, writer & film-maker- goes a bit ‘overboard’ at times ( sensationalism ) even fr me. Joel Gilbert, a film-maker. General Paul Vallely (ret) is the ‘real thing’ with an unbelievable background ( in Intelligence ) so even mentioning these other two is laughable as everything they learned they heard from Vallely’s public comments, often as a senior news analyst for Fox news. Not to mention an unbelievable Military and intelligence background.

        1. Birds of Fire says:

          I worked 10 years of my life for INSCOM, under the guidance of the Director of National Intelligence. I didn’t crawl out from under a rock. I need “General Vallely’s” comments like a moose needs a hat rack. I never heard of him. I never listened to him. I didn’t know until you told me that he was a guest on Fox News.

          Alex Jones does go in for sensationalism. He’s really ticked about the “think tanks” that seem only to think about how to establish an all powerful Worldwide Government.

          Joel Gilbert is a dedicated private citizen who tries his best to uncover the truth about things he hears that just don’t make sense. He isn’t as smart as an NSA SIGINT Analyst (which I am), so his analysis sometimes falls short. But his facts are good, and his research is unblemished. I use his research. I treat what he says as fact.

      2. maxx says:

        It’s a damn shame that with all of the “rumors” which were actually “the truth” about this con artists that Congress deliberately failed to do what they would have done if he were a member of any other ethnic race. They allowed him to come as close to destroying America as any single person has ever come, solely because they were afraid they would be called “racists”. .

      3. David F. Podesta says:

        Wrong. You made several errors of fact. 1.- Ted Cruz received NATURAL BORN American citizenship via his mother. 2.- There is no proof that Obama is descended from African slaves, since his father was Kenyan and no slaves were taken from Kenya to the US. Britain outlawed slavery many years before the US did. There is also no proof the Frank Marshall Davis is his biological father. 3.- That “identical” brother in Kenya is not his identical (twin) brother. He is Obama’s HALF brother- same father but different mother. I agree with you that BHO came out of nowhere, with every record of his early life sealed. We “knew” only what we were told by him and in his bullshit books. He launched his political career in Bill Ayres’ kitchen. (Ayres and his wife Bernadine Dohrn were 60’s Weather Underground terrorist anti-establishment anarchists who bombed several buildings and killed a few people.) He managed to bamboozle the American people into electing him president- twice, by making outlandish promises he couldn’t keep, giving freebies to his base of voters, spending trillions of dollars that we can’t repay for MANY years and writing laws that look OK if you don’t read them. He is a fake, a phony and a fraud. He wasn’t a great president, a good president, or a mediocre president. The truth is, he SUCKED. He REALLY sucked – big time. He turned friends into enemies, made enemies more bold and arrogant due to his lack of an intelligent foreign policy, weakened the military and almost bankrupted us. Trump DID do more in 100 days than Obama did in 8 years but his supporters won’t ever admit it. Speaking opt which, his-and Hillary’s – supporters were having fits when Trump didn’t answer the question at the 1st debate about wether he would support the GOP nominee, regardless of who it was. Those same supporters have been showing us ever since the election that THEY do not support the duly elected president and not only that but they are doing everything in their power, including rioting, assaulting cops, arson and looting, to make Trump’s presidency a failure.

        1. Birds of Fire says:

          No, David, YOU made several errors of fact. The DNC paid to research BHO’s DNA to (prove) he was descended from slaves. They did that. Only one problem, the DNA profile showed that he was descended from slaves ON HIS FATHER’s SIDE. Just like I posted above. You are dead wrong.

          Ted Cruz was born a citizen of the United States. There is no difference between “natural born” and “born a citizen”. They both mean the same thing.

          There is no proof that Frank Marshall Davis is BHO’s biological father, because the DNC had REMOVE and DELETE all records of their DNA test of BHO as soon as it became apparent that their analysis of his DNA was WRONG and that BHO was related to African-American slaves on his FATHER’s SIDE.

          There is no way for that to be possible (as you have pointed out) UNLESS Barack Obama the First is NOT BHO’s biological father (which he isn’t). The only other reasonable suspect for being BHO’s biological father is Frank Marshal Davis; right city, right relationship to Stanley Dunham, right opportunity, right time and right place..

          And it makes absolutely NO DIFFERENCE that his “identical” twin brother is his half brother. Don’t you pay any attention to the and My24 advertisements? They can find a HALF BROTHER just as easily as a FULL BROTHER.

          Everything else in your answer seems to be your “unbiased” opinion about the success of our previous President. You won’t get any argument from me about that.

          1. Paul Smith says:

            “There is no difference between “natural born” and “born a citizen”. They both mean the same thing.”. . .

            Seriously? Two different legal terms of art that have the same meaning? I don’t think so; please provide links to the relevant laws that so indicate.

          2. Birds of Fire says:

            NO! You look up the US Law on the INS website and learn something that is true and real. I don’t work for you. You mean exactly nothing to me, Paul Smith.

          3. David F. Podesta says:

            Now you’re confusing me. Earlier you said “native born” not “born a citizen”. The Constitution uses “natural born citizen”. Also IF BHO is descended from a slave, it would have to be on his father’s side since his mother was white. Are you saying he was descended from slaves on BHO 1’s side or Frank Marshall Davis’ side, since you say FMD is his real father. Do you really believe that the DNC has the clout to force to purge their records of BHO’s DNA test? Was there a DNA test? I don’t recall ever reading that there was one done. Was one done on BHO-1 or FMD??? Whose test did they compare BHO’s test to?

          4. Birds of Fire says:

            US immigration law uses the phrase, “. . . acquires citizenship at birth . . .” That’s the phrase used in US immigration law.
            And YES, the DNC paid to analyze a sample of BHO’s DNA to “prove” that he was related to slaves. Since, as everyone knows by now, BHO the First was from Kenya and was never a slave, the DNC had a problem. They needed to prove that Stanley Dunham was related to slaves. Yeah, the DNC needed to prove that BHO’s WHITE parent was related to slaves!
            Their report was so riddled with analytical and factual errors it was a joke. The people at nearly ruined their reputation. Their analyst “traced” Stanley Dunham’s DNA back to the original slave. Uh huh, I believe it. And if you believe it, too; I have a baby food factory in Iraq I’m just dying to sell you cheap.
            No, Frank Marshall Davis (FMD) is dead; only his illegitimate children live on. He had so many college girls he impregnated, there is no way to trace them all. Anybody who was a college girl who was pregnant by a black man (who was also a registered communist) has burned all record of her ever knowing FMD. If she is still alive, she would deny it to your face that her son/daughter was the bastard child of FMD. When Joel Gilbert researched his movie about FMD and BHO, he actually found FMD’s landlord in Hawaii. She still had all his stuff! She had never cleaned out his apartment after his death. She expected that sooner or later someone would arrive who wanted the stuff, or wanted to research FMD.
            She was right. Joel Gilbert did want to research FMD.

        2. Paul Smith says:

          “Ted Cruz received NATURAL BORN American citizenship via his mother.”. . .

          False. Cruz was born a Canadian citizen on Canadian soil. There is no evidence that he was ever a registered, US citizen and while he ostensibly gave up his Canadian citizenship, he may well still be a Canadian citizen as their law forbids the revocation of citizenship if it leaves the individual stateless. I believe that Cruz is a usurper as he is not eligible to hold his Senate seat.

          1. Birds of Fire says:

            You don’t read much, do you, Paul Smith?
            Canadian Law states specifically that since Rafael “Ted” Cruz was BORN a citizen of the United States he cannot be and will never be a Canadian citizen. At the time he was born, Canadian Law did not permit “dual citizenship”. Which means that if you were born a citizen of the US, you are not permitted under Canadian Law to be a Canadian citizen. That’s not all. US law states specifically that in order to be BORN A CITIZEN of the US in a foreign country, your parents must meet the requirements OF THE FOREIGN COUNTRY to be your natural parents.

  15. Rodger says:

    Get the DVD “Dreams from my Real Father” and get a much more plausible story than the one Obama put in HIS book.

  16. John Arribas says:


    1. Annie says:

      I find that all this screaming for President Trump’s tax returns are entirely stupid. You can make a tax return show what ever you want & have it still be the truth. So why bother seeing anyone’s tax returns.

      1. rightsright says:

        You can be sure Obama had his lawyers go over Trumps taxes at the IRS since it was micro managed from White House. Didn’t find anything so knowing Trump won’t release them he has his Lemmings harping about them.

        1. Elaine Blackman says:

          Isn’t that the truth?!!

      2. maxx says:

        If Trump were a democrat there would be no such demands.

    2. Birds of Fire says:

      I like the person who said,

      “President Trump’s Tax Returns have been publicly released and are being kept in a secure location for anyone who wants to see them.”

      Fake news reporter, “Where is that exactly?”

      “Underneath Barack Obama’s College Transcripts and the deleted emails from Hillary Clinton’s illegal email server. You can’t get a more secure location than that.”

      Now, that is a man who knows what he is talking about.

  17. disqus_D87XRi0Gy7 says:

    He not only destroyed the USA for 8 long years but he destroyed the liberal party as well, we’re slowly recovering but those idiots will continue to drown in their own stupidity.

    1. Lee O. Welter says:

      Dems are not truly liberal, but collectivists who bring progressive decay.

    2. Birds of Fire says:

      Alice Rosenbaum would agree with Lee O. Welter. Collectivists and Totalitarians fit together like a hand in a glove. They don’t like using the correct name for themselves. It makes people nervous.

      So they switch names every 6 to 10 years. They started out as the National Socialist Party, then became the Communists, then they decided to call themselves the Liberals. Now, they have returned to their roots and call themselves the Progressives.

      Anybody on this thread who does Bankruptcy Law? What happens when a business goes bankrupt and the original owner can find new investors? They change the name of the business and go right back into business like they never went broke in the first place.

      That is what the bankrupt economic and political movements of Karl Marx and Fred Engels have been doing since day one. They go bankrupt, switch names, and go right back into business like they never went broke in the first place.

    3. maxx says:

      He showed the American public just how utterly disgusting, perverted and insane the democrat party is.

  18. ter334 says:

    Maybe our govt should vet Islam to see if it is a real religion or a fake? Thus not eligible for protection under the so called separation criteria and not get tax exemption status. Thus we can find out if mosques and muslims are subsidized by a massive influx of petrodollars? And close all mosques since they are govt offices of the state religion of islamic nations.

  19. Nutmeg Man says:

    The scumbag tactics of the worst president in history and biggest liar ever just never seem to end. I thank God almost daily that this disgrace and embarrassment to the country was finally out of the White House in January. He should have been impeached and tossed in jail years ago. There are very few people I have ever disliked more thanks to his endless arrogance and incompetence and being most dangerous person to ever be in the White House.

  20. Mike W says:

    That’s the big mystery his first fiancé? Who cares? There is more B.S. surrounding this impostor and his destruction of this country to worry about than who he freaking dated. Try finding out who he really is. Where he is from. If you do look at the video below and learn a little about the cult of SUBUD – you can google it up – Oprah Winfrey teaches SUBUD and George Soros funds it.

  21. whoisshe? says:

    Nothing surprises me when it comes to Obama – nothing –
    I would like to know what his sister has to say – you know the sister in Hawaii –

      1. whoisshe? says:

        Thank You —

        1. Mike W says:

          You are welcome – pass it on. Everyone needs to see this stuff. You will never hear about it from the media.

  22. Bruce Walters says:

    Obama was and still is a homosexual. His “wife” Michelle was born Michael Lavaughn Robinson, and the children were adopted, since men are incapable of giving birth. It is a matter of public record who Obama’s boyfriend was at the time he was in college.

  23. Milton W. Lowe says:


  24. Chandler says:

    This Post is nothing more than a life long pack of lies, front to back ridiculous trash.
    Barack Hussein Obama is nothing like the fairy tales these so call writers state as true.
    Barack Hussein Obama is a Communist/Muslim pretender, and a neighborhood organizer not a real lawyer.
    I will also bet that if all his so called degrees are fake, and paid for by Soros. Barack Hussein Obama is a Puppet of the traitor Soros nothing more nothing less.
    Barack Hussein Obama has gone by many different names.
    People of America Barack Hussein Obama is a FRAUD and the Democrats knew, but in there greed and power struggle they went with the Lies and Deceit of the American Legal Citizens.
    We the Legal citizens have been played for fools, by Soros and the Democratic Party of liars and thieves Socialist. far left leaning Progressives and out and out Communist.
    Just my opinion

  25. Dennis Anderson says:

    This is an out right lie I have met several black bull Scheit artists and Barry /Barrack with a middle eastern sounding last name with 2 social security cards is running for president? We just got through with 9 – 11 the towers going down and you want something like this running the country. I thought Obama was a plant a black man that would do so badly that the USA would never again accept another one to run the country. I was more than right and he should be in jail right now for the things he has done. Its not everyone than can start their own wars, and sell arms to both sides. Sell uranium arm our enemies, and get away with it? Im still waiting for this monkey headed muslim terrorists jacket. It really is sad that the majority dont take better care of a mans content instead of the way they look and their personality.

  26. Paul454 says:

    Not sure this so-called “truth” is actually the truth. Before I accept such an assertion, I’d want to investigate the gay bathhouses around Chicago first to see if Obama truly preferred older white men. It was such a funny coincidence that he spent 20 years in Jeremiah Wright’s church which allegedly had a little service called “Get with the Program” assisting gay black men into contrived marriages with women to promote “normalcy” in the public eye. And let’s not forget about the 2 to 3 gay men in that church who were found murdered at the time Obama ran for President. And let’s not completely discount the testimony of Larry Sinclair. Potential liability there? We saw what Obama championed in the Oval Office – gays in the military, gay-lesbian-transgender identity issues, Islamofascism and Islamic immigration from Syria. Unfortunately he didn’t seem to bother with his “jobs committee” or actually use the military in any way supportive of the free world. His negotiating skills seem to border on “pathetic” to “stupid” unless of course he just wanted to give away the store to his Muslim brothers. This guy wrecked the economy, gave us non-self sufficient Obamacare, and released terrorists from Gitmo rather delinquently. The last thing I want for this bozo is for him to be reckoned as “normal” – just in case he has plans to get back into politics again. Personally, I’d rather see him stand trial for treason. Just sayin…

    1. mowmtn says:

      welp after reading all the comments I think Maybe this old VN War Vet might could make a run for presidency, crap after all I am republican by birth and through out my life have remained so. I know I could do a better job than Barak Obumass did. The first thing I would do is bomb the hell outta all nuclear plants in N Korea and Iran. both lied about what their countries needed and gave the needs as a basis for the rights to build N Sites. Obumass even gave enough cash to Iran to help them along.
      yep EV one vote for me for president after Trumps last run and i’ll fire the civil courts judges and just about all of the feds courts and then drag out the Constitution and re-Declare it as the Law of the land. it has the amounts of time someone can be in senate/congress.. make it a Law that ev citizen was to buy a gun and no guns to non-Americans. if a gun fight ensues, then the winner is right. lets get back to the old days. have a standing army of 1/2 million troops at the least. re-open all closed military bases and this would create jobs. gas food marts etc etc. Vote for Mow and I wont promise but I will declare myself to be a dumb ass if I cant finish Trumps job 8 years from now.

  27. USCBIKER says:

    Michelle’s a guy who was named Michael Robinson, it’s all a sham, just like anything else about Oscuma.

  28. Annie says:

    He thought he was going to have something to brag about all his life..the first black president. Well he will….the first illegal muslim criminal president. He screwed most of us for sure but he will pay a very big price for his crimes, Any one from his muslim black heritage is going to hate him forever. HE is going to pay a very high price from every one the rest of his life. And we all must hope with all our hearts that the rest of his life is totally miserable, no friends, no money, no one wanting to even know him. We can hope that he is going to be one of the most lonely shame faced person for all the rest of his life. He will have no where to hide. The world will learn in their history books about how America got screwed by him.

    1. CommonSense4America says:

      Well, so far Annie you are losing on this one. He is laughing his a– off on the way to the bank.

      1. He’s laughing now, but he’ll be crying later ▬ guaranteed. He’s going to lose his enormously huge ego REAL fast.

        1. CommonSense4America says:

          He will be crying because he is laughing so hard at our stupidity. Money can’t buy happiness,,,you’re shopping in the wrong places.

    2. According to the bible/scripture (if you believe in it), the ‘O’ is in DEEP doo-doo with THE One True God ‘THE’ God; it sure as heck isn’t allahoopski either! ALL of those that went along with the O’s agendas and plans and helped him; they’re in for a very rude awakening ▬ have no doubt about it.

    3. Elaine Blackman says:

      The oldest “daughter” even tried to get food stamps when she became a student. In the first place, no “student” going to college should be getting food stamps. In the 2nd place, nothing did or will happen to her.

  29. Ackerman says:

    Michael-LaVaughn-Robinson,,,, google it.

  30. kbmiller says:

    She dodged a bullet. being married to a BISEXUAL LIAR who’ll do or say anything would have been a nightmare for her. Look what happened to Barry’s teenage homosexual partners at Trinity United Church. Along with the choir director, they were murdered to cover up OHOMO’s illicit man/boy affairs.

    1. clem says:

      More like faggot/ (c)ock sucker.

  31. StopTheJews says:

    The Jewish Mafia Empire who control the Jewish Media’s own this queer drug pushing black turd Barack Obama and many other crooked politicians,Judges, prosecutors , cops ,lawyers and other scum who are destroying our country and children’s future. Bush and Clinton are own by these traitors. The damage done to America is no different then bombing our country. All should be put on trial and executed for treason and so much more. Millions of Americans know about Japan bombing Pearl Harbor but very few Americans know about the day Israel attack the USS LIBERTY and killed and wounded 208 Americans and destroy our ship. Please go read Paul Craig Roberts report about this attack and the huge cover up by our crooked Government , Israel and the ANTI AMERICAN Jewish Media here in America. ! USA IS SERIOUS TROUBLE AND DANGER.

  32. Walt says:

    Obama should have never been a POTUS. He is the worst POTUS that America has ever had. He is a liar, not a citizen, born in Kenya, Africa, a Muslim that claims he is a Christian, another lie. Gave millions of dollars to Mosques, and Muslims. He should be charged with Treason for what he has done to the American people.

  33. Daniel Mount says:

    Barry Satoro is Barack Obama’s real name and with all of that how could this guy ever become the President of the united states if he used an alias under the name Barack Obama? To make matters worse Barry Satoro was never born in America but in Africa. It was proven by experts that his so called Birth Certificate was a very pore Fake.

    1. ‘O’ was also registered at an Indonesian school as ‘moslem.’
      Why he was ‘selected’ is beyond me, but he’s done more damage to our nation than any other president before and has spent more in office than all presidents COMBINED!
      Pray that President Trump finds the dirt on him, dirt that will destroy the O’s legacy and expose him as a fraud! It will take years to undo the damage he’s done to our nation.

      1. Elaine Blackman says:

        If ever. But it was the money backing Obama that placed him there and that’s still at work with Soros at the helm, as well as many others.

  34. WOW!!!….Libs are going to have a friggin fit!!!!

  35. I knew what it was the first time I heard the name; it was too close to Osama!

  36. Honorary says:

    Two Democrats from Indiana have been arrested and convicted of ballot fraud, because Obama truly wasn’t eligible to be on the ballot. They know it, but they went ahead with it. If you think something was funky about. Why is it only Democrats deal in voter fraud. Fraud put Obama on 2008 ballot.
    These two Democrats in Indiana have been found guilty of submitting unauthorized names on the petition that had placed then Sen. Obama in the 2008 presidential election primary ballot, meaning he likely did not qualify.
    Fox news reports the jury in South Bend found guilty on all counts former long time St. Joseph county Democratic Party chairman Buthe Morgan Jr. and former Board of Elections worker Dustin Blythe. These two faced accusations of petition fraud and forgery, as well as falsely making a petition.
    The verdict raise a new question about election fraud by Democrats. a subject that was analyzed after the 2012 election.

    Obama was an illegal president. period.

    1. There are so many more that need to be looked into; many knew who/what the ‘O’ was and what he was about. They closed their eyes and let the biggest snake slither into the presidency.
      Here’s to hoping President Trump goes after them and buries them – ALL!

  37. wam bam says:

    The media, needs to go on vacation, again. If the GENERAL PUBLIC, want to heaqr the true news.

    1. The mainstream media has been in the O’s left pocket since day one; they’re totally progressive liberal socialists with a huge heap of islamic-loving-freakazoids.
      Remember when ‘O’ bowed to the saudi-king?
      He did that because he reveres them, they are the ‘head-of-the-snake.’
      It explains why he protected them, invited them numerous times to OUR White House,
      and why he could never ever say ‘islamic terrorists/terrorism’; because he’s one of them.

  38. Michael Davis says:

    I think he’s a homo and married MICHAEL because s/he was “passable” when crossdressed.
    The only thing I want to hear about Obastard is that a judge has said, “…hanged by the neck until dead.”

  39. Phil Auten says:

    Obozo was and still is a poser, and always will be.

    Phil in TX

  40. Behind every blade of grass! says:

    I DON’T BELIEVE this story, AT ALL!! It’s nothing in the world but to ‘put a feather in this con-mans hat’ besides, NO DECENT white woman would give this little PUNK-FREAK, FRAUD, NOBODY, LOOSER the time of day!!

  41. jim jones says:

    Da black boy is gone, Donnie. When does the making America great again start?

    1. It’s already begun, but the liberal progressive mainstream media won’t fess-up to it;
      they’re still in the O’s back-pocket.

  42. The FIX was put in months ago by the progressive liberal left, the deep state, but especially by obama himself:

    ‘Fake Law’ ▬▬ ‘How Trump-hatred warps the judiciary.’ ▬ the Weekly Standard Magazine’s May 15th issue.

  43. maxx says:

    This is definitely the most miniscule and unimportant “secret” concerning Obama’s bio. All of the information I needed to convince me of what this guy was I easily found all over the Internet as far back as 2007. For a guy nobody ever heard of before he gave a speech at the Democrat Convention there was an awful lot of data available. This means that the media deliberately decided not to vet him in any way. As I researched him to find out who the hell he was there were “red flags” waving frantically all over the place. And his time in the W.H. was totally predicted by his past. I still put much blame on Congress at the time because they too ignored the real truth about him that was available all over the WEB. The only logical explanation why Congress did nothing was they were involved in the largest political conspiracy in American history.

  44. Mike Gilliam says:

    The only thing worse than Barrack Obama are the fools that voted for him. I hold EVERY single one of them responsible for the damage he has done to this great country. It’s so sad to think that there are that many idiots in America.

    1. Tom Schuckman says:

      Hi Mike, But there were plenty of idiots and wicked. violent men, way back in Noah’s time, betting “Left Behind,” too ! And half the people on earth still don’t understand that Adam and Eve only lived/ existed about 6000 years ago ! Soon, the Lord Jesus WILL return to Rapture up all of His Believers and Followers !! In the mean time, NOW, we Christians still have an important task to work at —sharing the Gospel, the story of the life and dearth of Jesus Christ, and also a little “Prepping….”
      My Email: [email protected] – My Blog: TOM’S JOURNAL. —Disabled Vietnam Veteran: 68-70. Helicopter ‘door gunner,’ also retired from Chrysler -Kenosha, WI: 30.5 years — and dang tired of supporting Welfare Queens, and Illegal Aliens from my hard won TAX DOLLARS !!

  45. PoorPeter says:

    This is nothing! What about his college records at Columbia U.? No one in his graduating class remembers him. Isn’t that a bit odd? Why are his transcripts sealed and kept secret? And at Harvard he was never a constitutional professor as the media had you believe during his first run for presidency. It is amazing to me that so many Massachusetts politicians are from Chicago these days. Who cares that he dumped a girl he was living with or why. What I really care about is the secrecy of his origins, his grandparents affiliation with the Communist Party, his invisible years at Columbia and his college association with a Saudi prince, why the media kept hands off of him, who financed him from his early college days, and why he was made a candidate in the first place. These are the questions that really matter.

  46. J. Ernst says:

    These facts are NOT MYSTERIES.
    The REAL question is; how many MORE globalists, progressives, NWO trash are WE, the People gonna be forced to reckon with?
    AND, how will it BE POSSIBLE to arrest OR convict ANY of these CRIMINAL elements in “our” government, if the “law enforcement” and “courts” are all complicit in the theft of: OUR personal and national SOVEREIGNTY, security and financial stability … of a nation that has been co-opted by these criminal’s since CARTER?
    As I have stated many times before, “Reagan and Schultz pushed back against this NWO criminal intrusion and REAGAN took a bullet for it.”

  47. harpo49 says:

    and he has been f**king the American people for the last 8 years

  48. Shannon D Workman says:

    What’s funny is Obama is 90% white himself, white mom, grew up with white grandparents in Hawaii, white private school. White girlfriends. Never knew or spoke to any of his half brothers that were black or any black family member for that matter. So where in his life was he close to being black besides his slightly darker skin tone? I have white family in Florida more tan than Barry!

  49. LuvleeWA says:

    Trump needs to get on the offensive bigtime and fast before Obama and Hillary manipulate all tbeir Zombies into total Anarchy!!!!!!!

  50. paulainsc says:

    THat nightmare is over. I’m so done with this guy #neverwasmypresident

  51. MsSgt3 says:

    Please… why would this gay man,known in all the gay baths in Chicago, want with a real wife? (Unless ‘the powers that be’ told him he had to have one) His ‘real’ lover was murdered shortly BEFORE he ran for office. Do your research if you’re interested..

    1. Askjrsk says:

      He was advised to get an instant family. When one of the girls was asked what kind of father OBAMA was she replied, “I don’t know, I haven’t known him long enough.”

  52. shamu9 says:

    Yeah He Dumped a White Woman to Marry Moochie Magilla Go-Rilla!

    1. COMPU-TRON says:

      Obama would kick your ass Bozo. You’re a coward.

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