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Bill Clinton Stunned Everyone With These Breathtaking Comments

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  1. Go Home says:

    Is this what Ex-President Clinton said to the numerous women he had sex with while he was President, “IF YOU WANT TO BE PRESIDENT, REALIZE IT’S ABOUT THE PEOPLE, NOT ABOUT YOU.” All talk!!!!

    1. Randy131 says:

      According to Bill Clinton, it’s about the people when he was having all those “blow jobs” in the halls and closets of the White House, and when he was soiling his cigars, before he smoked them, in the private parts of Monica Lewinsky. This sounds terribly doesn’t it, but these are factual actions of Bill Clinton when he was President in the White House, as well as soiling Monica Lewinsky’s blue dress with his semen.
      But after he left the White House, and was no longer President, he was on the manifest of the “Lolita Express” over 30 times, never with his wife, to the destination of an island of a friend who had enslaved under-aged girls for the sexual pleasure of his friends, like Bill Clinton. But even his wife Hillary was found to be on the manifest of 6 “Lolita Express” flights to the island of sex with under-aged girls, and I don’t seem to have ever read anything about under-aged boys being kept there, but they might have been, but Bill claimed to one of his mistresses that his wife had more carnal knowledge with women then he had.
      Yeah, Bill Clinton has a lot of moral authority to talk about what a President should do when in the White House, as he says they should do, not as he has been proven to have done.
      It seems that I have never known of any Democrats that haven’t proven to be some of the biggest hypocrites in our nation, and can only figure that it is a requirement in order to join the Democtartic Party, making Bill and Hillary Clinton Democrats in good standing in the Democratic Party.
      It amazes me that how so many other Democrats and liberal biased media know of all the above, but ignore it as if it had never happend. These are supposedly really righteous people, every one of them, as they address their indignation at President Trump for a “Fake News” story about made up collusion with some nefarious Russians, who supposedly stole the election from Hillary Clinton, and allowed President Trump to win.
      Just unbelievable!

      1. Ahmed F. Hosny says:

        How many BJs did the American people have in the White House?

        1. noah jonas says:

          Ahmad.. NONE!! But, we certainly got screwed in the backdoor.

        2. Randy131 says:

          I’m sorry, off hand I can’t think of what a BJ is?

          1. granny_forUSA says:


          2. Randy131 says:

            You know how stupid I am, I would have believed that, had Ahmad not told me. But quite humorus though, thank you for lightening the subject matter.

          3. Ahmed F. Hosny says:

            Blow Job.

          4. Randy131 says:

            Sorry, stupid me, I should have known that, thank you.

      2. Gen11American says:

        If Bill Clinton had one ounce of morality in his soul, he’d be too ashamed to appear in public, let alone launch attacks against President Trump! And if he had and his wife had any idea how many Americans consider them the most corrupt politicians on this planet, they wouldn’t dare!

        1. Deborah Pratt says:

          It appears that Hillary isn’t the only family member with ‘br*ss b*lls’!! Bill has a ‘fine set’ of his own!!

          1. Gen11American says:

            They’re so determined to have their political dynasty continue, they force Chelsea to interpose herself whenever possible even though she’s far too stupid and lacks any appeal which any Americans find appealing!

        2. Randy131 says:

          Bill and Hillary Clinton are deciples of Satan, how is it that you think they get away with all their unlawfulness and criminality, because many people can send them to prison with their testimony, but always die from mysterious causes right before they are scheduled to testify.

          Deciples of Satan aren’t even alowed to know what morality means, let alone possess any of it, and is the reason the Clintons always play ignorant when that subject comes up.

          But don’t worry, they know and fear that their lives are becoming very short, and are looking for loopholes to get out of their contract, but they are both known to be very poor lawyers when it comes to competence, and they will face justice from Jesus soon enough.

      3. Fedup says:

        The island belonged to bill’s BFF, convicted pedophile, Jeffrey Epstein.

        1. Randy131 says:

          I know, and I think I read that he was released from federal prison either earlier this year, or maybe late last year.

        2. granny_forUSA says:


      4. Red Steiner says:

        If Monica gets cancer down there I wonder if she will sue Slick Willie and the Queen of Benghazi?

        1. Randy131 says:

          Or how about the tobacco companies that made Bill’s cigars?

      5. Cheryl Detar says:

        I agree with everything you say. However, I believe hildabeast has also been to “pedophile island.” I think, I had read that she brought some Hatian girls there.

        1. Randy131 says:

          As I said in my comment, “…Hillary was found to be on the manifest of 6 “Lolita Express” flights…”, as the flight down to the “pedophile island” was called the “Lolita Express”, and the manifest is a list of the passengers that are on-board during that flight, both down there, and it’s return. The stories I read implied that she was enjoying sex with the under-aged girls also, for apparently her and her husband have the same sexual appetites.

        2. granny_forUSA says:


      6. squeeze127 says:

        Just look at the last 3 Democrats to hold POTUS. Two of those three were the worst Presidents in history and the other one (Clinton) disgraced it beyond belief! If you go back to the last 4, LBJ was no slouch when it came to arseholes!

        1. Randy131 says:

          No Democrat knows how to rule or run a government efficiently, to give the people what they want and need, for they have no experience at running anything, and the only thing they know to do is to push the socialist, communist, and fascist narrative, which is synonymous these days with that of the liberals, progressives, and Democrats, but that is not how you run a free market and capitalistic government that made America great, or do what the people want and need.

      7. Robert Walters says:

        Well said and to the point. It’s helps one to understand the state of mind of the founding fathers of the Dem/Lib Party. “Demons of the Demoncratic Party”

        1. Randy131 says:

          It seems that they get votes by promoting debauchery, or scaring people with the hoaxes of “GLOBAL WARMING & CLIMATE CHANGE”, that is supposedly going to destroy GOD’s (Whom they don’t believe in) wonderful planet Earth, and that they are the only ones who can stop it, because the Republicans don’t care if the planet Earth is destroyed or not.

          I for one don’t believe that GOD would allow humankind to destroy any of His creation, nor would He allow Satan and his demons to destroy any of His creation. Besides there is so much evidence coming out today, since Obama and the Democrats are no longer in charge, and can no longer prevent it from coming out, as they have for nearly 10 years now, that “GLOBAL WARMING & CLIMATE CHANGE” are both huge scams, to make liberals, progressives, and Democrats very rich, and give them authority over the people’s lives, over the people’s governments, and over the entire world.

      8. No name nut case says:

        Hillary had no intention of going with Bill anywhere. She is a lesbian! I think Chelsea was a test tube baby.

        1. Randy131 says:

          Chelsea is supposed to be the daughter of Vince Carter, the supposed suicide during the Clinton administration, but where he was found under a tree in a field, the dried blood on his body from his gunshot wound had run uphill, proving that he was shot in another location and moved to where he was found. The Clintons closed that investigation themselves, not the law enforcement authority, who didn’t believe it was a suicide, but Presidents have power over the law enforcement agencies that report to, and work for, them. But nobody is allowed to do a DNA test on Chelsea.

    2. Red Steiner says:

      “Had sex” or raped?

      1. No name nut case says:

        I would say “raped.”

  2. Scarlett Ronwood says:

    Really ?? the Clintons made everything about them, they didn’t even know there were people (besides them)

    1. feduptohere says:

      If they did, they eliminated them fast enough!

      1. Deborah Pratt says:

        Yeah, another ‘suicidal’ fatality has been reported on a man involved in exposing Hillary’s emails!! My, what a ‘coincidence’, huh? They apparently aren’t ‘done’ yet!!

        1. squeeze127 says:

          There just might be some really heavy Karma there, no?

          1. fishunter says:

            I see your ASA patch. I was also in the ASA, Phu Bai South Viet Nam, 1964-65

        2. Robert Walters says:

          How can this continue, another suicide. No it’s another
          MURDER related to Hillary. Lock this treasonous, murder up. WAKE UP AMERICA, DEMAND JUSTICE for all those killed.

          1. No name nut case says:


    2. JeanneTherese says:

      Great and truthful answer..wish the Clintons would just go away as far as they can. Had enough of Bill and Hillary to last three lifetimes. God bless Trump for what he is doing and God bless America. .We need Him not the Clintons.

      1. No name nut case says:

        The Clintons still don’t realize that they and the Dems have lost a lot of their voter base. They are blinded to the truth, in more than just politics. The Clintons are consumed by power hunger. They will continue to slander the right in every way they can, and whomever they can, for as long as they can. They have no conscience and no character. Why do decent people have to continually put up with these spoiled petulant children?

        1. pHp says:

          Spoiled petulant children? More like carpetbaggers.

          1. No name nut case says:

            I was referring to their temper tantrums.

          2. pHp says:

            I hear you. I just think their temper tantrums are an act to get what they want. Money and power.

          3. No name nut case says:

            I agree!

        2. Ken/FL says:

          They would sell their Daughter’s and Grandchildren’s souls to pad their pockets. They certainly sold out the USA to pad their pockets.

          1. No name nut case says:

            Would never disagree with that. Lol!

        3. granny_forUSA says:


          1. No name nut case says:

            Absolutely agree with you. They are thieves in the first degree. I wish they could be incarcerated as such, but also for their murders!

          2. Junior Sampals says:

            No name nut case: “”””They are thieves in the first degree.”””””
            Which brings us back to pHp’s post…. “More like carpetbaggers”
            So Hellary and her spouse are both carpetbaggers and thieves in the first degree. .

          3. No name nut case says:

            Carpetbaggers can be thieves and vice versa.

    3. mallen11 says:

      That is why he thinks he sees it in President Trump when it is not true but about he and his wife “Hateful”.

    4. Rodger K. Shull says:

      we were to them, sub-humans, an we still are to them, only when they need a vote or a favor, do they FAKE IT, an act like we are regular humans, true is they are the SUB-HUMANS they are CORRUPT an they are CRIMINAL. they need to be locked away an left the real humans alone.

      1. Charles Lagioia says:

        I will give you 3 Amend to that.

      2. No name nut case says:

        Bill is an illegitimate son of Rockefeller. That is where their $$ comes from. There is probably no end to what and who they can destroy. This country made the worst mistake in it’s history when they elected Bill Clinton. The Clintons are a contagious disease.

        1. johnnywoods says:

          Electing the Clintons was a terrible mistake but electing Obummer was the worst mistake.

          1. pHp says:

            yes, it was a mistake. But it was not a mistake to the elitists who paid billions to have them elected for the sole purpose of taking control our lives and crushing our freedom under their heels.

          2. No name nut case says:

            I can’t help but wonder how many people voted who were not American citizens to elect those creeps!

          3. No name nut case says:

            I must have momentarily lost my mind. Lol! I agree with you!

        2. granny_forUSA says:


          BILLS REAL NAME IS William Jefferson Blythe III
          August 19, 1946 (age 70)
          Hope, Arkansas, U.S.


      3. MASR53 says:


      4. dbondinkc says:

        She said we are deplorables. So glad we dodged that Hill bullet.

        1. No name nut case says:

          I guess she thought we would melt in a heap from being called names. She must have gotten a surprise when she realized we are more than paper tigers!

    5. rick meek says:

      as long as the money rolls in —— They could care less……

    6. Red Steiner says:

      Yes, they even stole furniture and art from the white house and had to be forced to bring it back.

      1. No name nut case says:

        I remember that, very well. They are lying, thieving, cheating, child molesting, murderers! Is there anything else one can think of that they have done? IS there anything else that CAN be done? Who in the world could have kept themselves from being electrocuted by now, other than the Clintons? Slick Willy and slimy Hillary!

    7. squeeze127 says:

      F U Bill and Hillary!!!

    8. Nina814 says:

      Democrats are delusional. It would be so much better if they stayed home. There’s so much filth on them, they’re running scared because they know that now they’re going to face justice sooner or later. Oh, God, make it sooner so they all go to jail and leave us alone.

      1. No name nut case says:


    9. COL Joseph A. Masterson says:

      If you want to know of what the libtards are guilty, just listen to what they accuse others!! The really sad part is the Repubics fall for that BS continually and are always on the defensive answering the garbage instead of getting rid of it! When the Damnocraps lose, they still act like winners; the Repubics act like losers ALL the time! Make an accusation? Prove it, or shut up! Ignore them until they come up with verifiable FACTS! The Clinton Crime Family is the Grand Pubbah of double talk!!

    10. 4NMatters says:

      The Clintons are still making everything about them!

    11. RockinOn says:

      Right On Girl ! Billy Boy has been a Scumbag since before a Governor, not to mention the shenanigans in the White House, along with the wife’s attitude and thievery while there, and it did not stop when they left either !

      Then along came another smooth talker and look at the corruption this Scumbag brought into the White House !

    12. John Savell says:

      The Clintons, Gore, Kerry and Obama. I truly believe the Clintons and Obama are psychopaths, which means they are narcissistic. It also means they have no conscience and will do anything to get what they want, including murder and destroying the country.

  3. Tex Bentley says:

    I’m sure that his “getting a blowjob in the White House was for all the people – not just him” Well, apparently I was asleep while it was going on.

  4. maquignon says:

    Sounds to me like it was directed at Hillary, Not Trump!!!! Hillary is the one who made everything about her!!!!!

    1. Deborah Pratt says:

      The ‘shoe’ fits Obama’s foot very well, too!!! Could have been ‘custom made’, actually! LOL

  5. drbhelthi says:

    One wonders if these two are paid operatives of the CIA/MOSSAD or if they function simply as sayanim.

  6. Beatriz Alford says:

    That horny hick has not shame.

  7. jackhy says:

    The Clinton’s were the most corrupt, selfish, indifferent occupants of the W.H. and they mentored o’bammy to follow in their footsteps.

    1. Susan says:

      Well I think Clinton’s and Obama’s run a tight race.

      1. Ed Shick says:

        They both work for George Soros ! They are all the Scum of America ,There are many more in the Swamp ! , To bad John McCain did not stay in Nam!

        1. Deborah Pratt says:

          Too late to send him back???

    2. Charles Lagioia says:

      Very true!!

  8. toothii says:

    Guess B. Clinton felt he was doing good for American womanhood by taking his tool out for Ms. Lewinski

    1. Mike W says:

      and the 18 women who have accused him of rape. All the under-aged trafficked and run-away girls at the orgies his buddy Jeff Epstein held. I’d love to see someone shove that cigar down his damned throat – lit need first.

      1. downintx says:

        I was sort of thinking of a different direction for the LIT cigar.

  9. Peter says:


  10. desert fox says:

    Slick Willie and all of the Bushes are low enough for my dog to pissss on. Who the hell cares, the would will be better when they are all buried for mulch but I doubt if anything will grow over them. I wish I had the money back that I sent bush for his library. Traitor! Your brother couldn’t hold a candle to any of the Trumps and neither can anyone in you family. Just more turds in the clinton sewer.

  11. parthenon1 says:

    No Bill being president doesnt require some one to take advantage of every young skirt around even aides or have a list of ladies who want to claim your scalp since the part they want to remove has been taken away by old age !

  12. Elisha says:

    Hillary Rodham Clinton is a criminally insane Communist witch. And Communists are NOT atheists! They believe in God and they hate Him.

    1. downintx says:

      But they too will face God on judgement day and they will bow before Him as he sends them to a place they belong permanantly.

  13. RONALD WIEDER says:

    Bill Clinton, accomplished veteran crook !

  14. guest says:

    even bill has freedom of speech – even if he were an inmate in a jail he would have freedom of speech – maybe peeps would stop listening

  15. Elizabeth Raynor Short says:

    Everything Bubba says describes him and his fake lesbo satanic child trafficker, abuser torturer,murderer and cannibalism. Classic Alinsky tactics to accuse your opponent of all het he things that you are and do. It’s also an indicator of a persoality disorder and is called projection as it is projectionof yourself andyour own actions onto another.Not sick. Pure EVIL. Summary military trial with noappeal and then quickly “tothe nooses” (to borrow Hitlery’s phrase regarding what would happen toall of them if Trump won)

    1. TRUE AMERICAN says:

      I couldn’t phase it better myself. Way to go Ms. Short!! God bless you. We the people need more of you.

      1. Elizabeth Raynor Short says:

        There are so many of us now. We CAN and WILL take our country back and reinstate our Constitutional Republic and take back control of our money per the Constitution – issuance, by Congress, of debt-free money.

        1. downintx says:

          I certainly hope you are right, Elizabeth Short, but it will take all of us peons to get done. Let’s just pray that the army that Obama has already raised will not be strong enough to do us harm. The whole lot is EVIL, bought and paid for.

          1. Elizabeth Raynor Short says:

            downintx, I believe God is on our side. Otherwise Trump would not be president because their evil plan of cheating, lying, fraud and murder to attain the WH would have worked. We have to redeem ourselves and free this nation. If it is God’s will (which I believe it is) and we are determined, it will happen. May God bless and keep us and make His Light to shine upon us.

          2. Great-gram says:

            Amen, Elizabeth Short!

          3. Annie Hall says:

            You are so right on, Elizabeth. God bless you.

          4. Robert Zraick says:

            While Ohomo was in office, he could have used the force of government against the People. Now that Trump is in charge, if it comes to a fight between the Leftist Communists, and the People, the US Military will be on our side.

            The left is trying to create a civil war, because they are desperate. In the long game, I hope that Trump can just but these criminals like Ohomo and Killary in jail and convict and execute them.

            But if not and civil war starts, we will win as long as Trump is in the Whitehouse.

            Why do you think the left is attempting a coupe d’état?

          5. Robert Walters says:

            Thousands of armed, well trained Veterans will support the President of the United States. There is no Dem/Lib Muslim army in the U.S. that can stand up to us. Don’t forget the great active United States Military. A Civil War would be fought fast, ended quickly and deadly for the left, and they know it.

        2. Gen11American says:

          One problem. If Trump follows through on “Comprehensive Immigration Reform” as he’s been touting during the past two days, our Constitutional Republic will be transformed into a Third-World Banana Socialist Republic virtually overnight, millions of additional generational White Americans will be thrown out of work, replaced by illegals granted amnesty, and the Republicans will PERMANENTLY LOSE POLITICAL POWER because the illegals will ALWAYS VOTE FOR THE CORRUPT DEMOCRATS who are illegally registering and allowing illegals and non-citizens to vote in elections!

          1. Deborah Pratt says:

            I believe the ‘Angry Patriot’ just posted a report that that has just been blocked!! This was put through by ‘O’ and Pres Trump just nullified it–threw it out! Thankfully, the man IS ‘intelligent’ and not apt to ‘fall’ for such things. Another ‘trap’ put in place just before ‘O’ left office!!

        3. GrumpyGrandpa says:

          Fantastic intuition! Pay close attention in the coming months about “debt free currency” as the Globalists shift tactics to destroy us, the USA.

        4. Robert Walters says:

          “WE THE PEOPLE” support your comments and actions 100%. We need people like you in the U.S. Senate, God Bless You.

    2. Charles Lagioia says:

      Very well said.

      1. Elizabeth Raynor Short says:

        Thank you. Asyour own posts.

    3. Kenneth Jones says:

      Well, what can you expect from anyone who’s been under Alinsky’s influence?

      1. Robert Zraick says:

        Alinsky is just a re-telling of Lenin. The worst Communist in history. Read up on what his tactics were.

      2. Frank B. says:

        The only people who babble on & on about “alinsky” are crazy right wing nut-jobs. Since you fools seem to know so much about him– I would contend that YOU assholes– MUST be his followers!! Am I right dik head?

    4. Gen11American says:

      I even bet that Bill Clinton secretly voted for Trump to keep his wife from becoming president because that would have made her so insufferable, he couldn’t have stood her! I wonder how many times Hillary swiped the Presidential Desk in the Oval Office of the White House clean in her fits of rage during the 8 years her hubby was president.

  16. James Hutchins says:

    Well when h clinton is convicted of high treason and both her and slick willie are in prison for stealing from the People that will be the end of them.

    1. Charles Lagioia says:


    2. downintx says:

      But, unfortunately, the possibilities of that ever happening look grim as the bodies stack up behind them.

    3. Robert Zraick says:

      Rather see them executed.

  17. Bill Mulholland says:

    Reading this article, basically just another of many whining, crying libtard rants against Trump, again makes me quite thankful that Trump was elected. The Clintons are just another group of Dem elite voices striving to stay relevant while the Democratic Party is in self-destruct mode. I can’t believe that they think that these ongoing crying towel sessions will translate into votes in ’18 and ’20. lol, what brand of magic mushrooms are they using.

  18. John T. Koszalka says:

    The Clintons will always be known for serving themselves. I pray they reopen all the investigations, and are brought before the Justice Department in a Public Hearing Under Oath. Especially the QUEEN OF LIES.

    1. Charles Lagioia says:


      1. Robert Zraick says:

        I think he means HRC, not Ohomo. Both need to brought up on charges.

  19. Steve Flowers says:

    The CLINTON CRIME FAMILY continues their message of hatred, greed and corrupt
    ways of deceiving American Voters!
    W A K E U P A M E R I C A !……………..WAKE UP!

    1. downintx says:

      And the bodies are still dropping behind them….. where will it stop??

      1. Elizabeth Raynor Short says:

        The Clintons are criminals literally committing murders right in our faces and what happens? Nary a peep from MSM (since it is Fake News) nor DOJ. Has DOJ been purged of the libtard Hillary-followers and those who are much more closely tied to the Clintons and Obamas? I see no evidence of it and until that happens there can be no re-instatement of the Rule of Law and the EVIL CRIMINAL TRAITORS will not face Lady Justice.

      2. Robert Zraick says:

        It will stop when they are the bodies.

      3. No name nut case says:

        Do you want to know the REAL reason that it seems they can’t be stopped? It’s because the Republican party isn’t much better! That is why we can’t seem to get rid of the vermin. One can’t fight vermin with vermin. Trump is the best thing that has happened to the U.S. in a long time and both sides are wanting to do away with him in any way they can! At least he appears to be the best thing in years, I’ve gotten where I don’t trust anything I hear, and only half of what I see, politically speaking.

    2. Charles Lagioia says:

      Democrats are to STUPID to wake up and the American people also THEY don’t see corruption if it smacked them in the face.

      1. Deborah Pratt says:

        ‘None so ‘blind’ as those who will not ‘see’!! In order to change—you need to be willing to do so!! They aren’t!

      2. Howard Last says:

        RINO’s also.

    3. Robert Zraick says:

      The leftist “progressives” are already awake. The are just insane. Very much like zombies. But I would now not include them as “Americans”. The are enemies of America.

  20. uhptony says:

    The Clintons are what we in the south used to “po’ white trash”. It didn’t have anything to do with money/wealth it was all about character. The Clintons have none.

    1. Deborah Pratt says:

      They made such a ‘stink’ about Trump’s bankruptcies in his past–but, that was only money!! Their own ‘bankruptcy’ of morals and honor are far more serious!!

      1. Robert Zraick says:

        Trump’s bankruptcies were legal. The actions of the Clintons have been criminal and vile.

  21. Jeannie says:

    Uh oh slick willy….aka three dollar bill…it’s not about you??? That is laughable….muaaahahahaha who was it that used your position to have an intern in the oval office for oral sex?????? That, you giant POS, made it about you…Everything was always about you and that disgusting wife of yours……Just shut the”F” up and quit your sore loser whining.,

  22. brasstacs says:

    I can’t think of anybody more self centered then the despicable HRC…just the fact that she called 10’s of millions of Americans “deplorable ” and “irredeemable” should prove that.

    1. Deborah Pratt says:

      Same old ‘Liberal’ tricks of accusing others of that which they’re guilty of themselves!! Of the ‘irredeemable’–she’s first in line. It’s a long line indeed and most of them Democrat!

  23. Raymond Miller says:

    I am starting to dislike the Bush’s almost as much as the Clit-tons. They have’ to a man & woman shown them selves to be just like the Clit-tons and Obambams as far as their politics are concerned. Just because we didn’t vote for Little Jebby they turn on the voters who are obviously sick of the phonies on both sides. By electing Trump, we have stopped, for the time being anyway, two Dynasties from effiing things up more than they have already, the Bush’s and Clit-ton’s, Chelsey is showing her self to be as crooked and stupid as her Mommy.

    1. noah jonas says:

      Mr. Miller… I totally agree with your every word. And, I regret ever voting for a Bush.

      1. Raymond Miller says:

        Yes, but if you remember we, as usual had no choice, as the other one was a known a** hole, and we really didn’t know W. at the time. As far as Daddy Bush he promised to continue Ronald Reagan’s agenda so we all fell for it, and of coarse he didn’t and became a one term President. They never learn. I will never forget what Nixon said one time, campaign as a Conservative and Govern as a Moderate. Which of coarse means, reach across the isle and work with the Demon-Craps to get things done, their way of coarse. We also had the Senate one other time and the leader, whom we were lead to believe was this great Conservative and he turned around and shared power with the Demon-Craps. We can’t win for loosing, look at what we have for a Senate leader now, a RINO lush. And these morons can’t figure out why we voted for and love Trump, that’s how stupid they are.

    2. Elizabeth Raynor Short says:

      Raymond Miller: Amen, brother. In fact the Bushes taught the Clintons how to be liars, crooked and despicably irredeemable .It could and should be called the Bush-Clinton Crime Family and Racketeer Influenced Criminal Organization (RICO).

  24. Aileen Milton says:

    clinton not aging well

    1. Mike W says:

      In all truth he is aging a hell of a lot better than Hillary and Bucky Hubbell.

  25. Mike W says:

    F**k that pedophile. I hope he is in prison soon and someone gets the chance to rape him for a change.

  26. Everett Conrad says:

    Bill and Hillary are both “self serving, egotistical, ignorant, and above all arrogant A-holes. They both think their sh** don’t stink and are way above everyone else. They could care less about the people around them and those that are not around them meaning us the citizens. They have one thought in mind and that is POWER. Hillary has no idea how to run this country if she was president. She would just follow in Ohomo’s foot steps. She just wanted the POWER of being the most powerful woman in the world….

  27. Mike W says:

    I wonder why Bill wasn’t talking about how he provided North Korea the weapons they are threatening us with today.

    1. Mike W says:

      yeah ALL 3 of them.

  28. Ahmed F. Hosny says:

    Does Monica Lewinski know that she gave fellatio to the American People and not the President

  29. Wes says:

    Bill Clinton’s IQ was clearly revealed to Monica Lewinsky on several occasions as 00.001 when she was on her knees under his desk.

  30. gnafuasusual says:

    Cheap pokes at President Trump only make the deliverers that much more intelligent! If Bill C. had been so smart he would have kept his pants on!!!!!!

  31. Rodger K. Shull says:

    That POS has no right to bad mouth another, NO BODY , if some one said to me, clintons has a hand in it, would not matter which one, I just drop it like a bad habit an run away an run away fast,

  32. Mike W says:

    I wonder why he didn’t mention his “daughter” 😉 being sued for stealing “her” book idea?

  33. Dave T. says:

    According to BillyBoy….oral sex is NOT sex.
    It’s all about getting a “hummer” with a Lewinski interior!!!
    Then he takes care of (screws) the people!!!!

  34. Bella Gray says:

    Frankly I think the Clintons got involved with AIDS because Bill has HIV maybe even full out AIDS. Look at his forehead in this photo. There are countless photos with large sores all over his face. Some heal, and then show up somewhere else. They are involved in watered down AIDS medicine. What better way to get mess without anyone knowing?

    Even their work with AIDS victims is nothing but lies. CLINTON FOUNDATION & AIDS: Hillary lied again. That do good the CF does, well people would definitely argue over that!

    Clinton Foundation Gave ‘Watered-Down’ AIDS Drugs | The Daily Caller

  35. noah jonas says:

    I hate to say it but it looks as though the Liberals were right about the clueless Bush Presidents.

    1. noah jonas says:

      Bill Clinton is nothing but a dried up ugly old man, and he should be seeking forgiveness for his many sins instead of sinning more.

  36. jong says:

    Bj billy should have been in jail with his entire family long ago. He lied before a Federal Judge and when President made it all about him and his libido. And those are facts. Unlike what he has been spreading about Trump

  37. I care says:

    Oh Bill, lets see now, You abuse women and you raped and if I recall the same women you had sex with Some died? Now you have your wife!!! who was at your side only to become 1st women in the W.H. Well that was never going to happen. Then you have the deals, the deals that had been covered up , What else have they been covering up???? Obama has hand in this also but this is about Bill and his sub-human wife. Thing is that Trump is kicking ass and is looking into the last 16 years of the W.H. Trump will show all the SINS AND ALL THE MONEY AND WHAT THEY DONE, GIVE IT TIME.

  38. Carson Tyler says:

    Reading comments, I see the Trump’s boiler room is at work again.

  39. Ron Manning says:

    Billy Boy makes pretty strong comments for a pervert! He didn’t mention one time that the opposing candidate (his lovely wife) is an idiot!

  40. terry lmoore says:

    if you take your advice its about the people,then we have spoken.MR donald j trump is who we voted in so stay out of his way.and let him do his job.that all you dem are fighting him so hard on.and we will be much better off. you low life peace of shit.

  41. Carol Hyndman says:

    I believe firmly that the only reason Bill wanted Hillary to win was to have the cache of residing in The White House without the responsibility.

  42. figmo says:

    Why give any publicity to the comments of someone who lets the head of his dick do his thinking for him? The US has passed laws making it a crime for US citizens to travel abroad for sex with minors. Nobody seems to care that billy goat was seen at his pedophile friend’s island by one of the children apparently kept there for the purpose of having sex with the visiting perverts.

  43. Richard Frick says:

    Filthy degenerate sex predator who only crave sexual satisfaction and could care less about anything but wealth and sex.

  44. Mary Jo Hadaway says:

    Sounds like density runs in the family!!!

  45. David Barrows says:

    He needs ANOTHER bump on the head!

  46. Francis Kaspar says:


  47. Gen11American says:

    Just as corporations require Non-Disclosure by fired or retired executives, former US Presidents, especially those who have only avoided impeachment for lying by one Republican vote, should be required to KEEP THEIR GD MOUTHS SHUT! And given that both Clinton and Bush 43 flooded Muslims into the US at unprecedented rates because they were both globalist puppets, greatly weakening our national security, it behooves them both TO KEEP A LOW PROFILE AND SHUT THE HELL UP ABOUT OUR 45TH POTUS!

  48. Mister Vice says:

    What Bill Clinton left out when he said “…it’s all about the people…” he meant to say “…it’s all about the people you can screw while in office.”

  49. rowleya says:

    Clinton belongs in Gitmo

  50. Reverend1 says:

    Ol man Clinton should be dead within a year from his Aids/HIV he contracted. Hope he was also able to have given it to Hellary……

    1. Brad Tipton says:

      How can you give Aids/HIV to a pig you never screwed because her catheter was in the way. Unless you did it ORALLY!

  51. rick meek says:

    Okay – – but “Cyber Brekut” just released the org and contact chart of operatives working for the DNC and others…..They show that that hacked E-mials were done locally – DNC denied access to computers to cover up the lies – DNC colluded with the MSM and others to hammer trump…..

  52. Certainly no one knows Trump better than his best friend for decades Bill Clinton. They regularly flew to Jeffrey Epstein’s Island together to be with underage girls. The Trump’s and the Clinton’s remain close friends even after this sham election perpetrated by George Soros. Imagine that, two lifetime far left liberal Democrats running against each other for POTUS. Talk about a fixed election …it would be a leftist as POTUS whomever won. The left counted on celebrity envy of Americans to tip the scales and they were right and were able to elect this far left Trojan Horse candidate to POTUS. God help America.

  53. wboehmer says:

    Bill Clinton is an American disgrace.
    Who does he think listens to anything he says?

  54. Diane C. Santucci says:

    So, this moron speaks and media makes him sound like he actually knows anything! Angry white men? Angry and a sore loser like him? Lots of men of color voted for President Trump. They were sick and tired of liars, globalists, crooks, communists, socialists, etc. like we had for the last 16 years! President Trump is the legacy of Obama, along with the more than 1000 lost democrat seats!

  55. Harold Henderson says:

    President Trump is about We the People, and American first…. I believe that Bill Clinton was about himself. Juanita Broaddrick, Kathleen Willey, Paula Jones, Monica Lewinsky, and Gennifer Flowers, to name a few. I don’t know if he had Hillary since Chelsea is not his.

    By the way Bill, I always vote against Democrats and it has to do with them being socialist/fascist and not my being angry. Also being Christian I just don’t like their policies. And 42% of women were angry and voted Trump.

  56. Melvin Bennett says:

    Hopefully Bubba will die from sexual disease soon. Unless they have vaccinations on Epstein’s Child Rape and Pedophile Island of Horrors. Disgusting vile creature.

  57. Julia says:

    Talk about nerve – Bill Clinton was, to my knowledge, the only resident who had The Oral Office, instead of The Oval Office, and I don’t think that had anything to do with “The People”! Both he and his lying wife should go back to Arkansas, if they are allowed, and stay out of our new President’s way, and take all those other lying liberals with them!! And, I don’t think the furnishings and art they stole from the White House when they left was for “The People”!!!!

  58. Deborah Pratt says:

    That comment is the ‘joke’ of the year!!! What does the Dem Party know about having government ‘about the people’?? Ever since they have had majority in our government–people weren’t even considered, EVER!! Bill needn’t go talking about when he was elected—we were a lot more naive back then!!! We’ve ‘wised up’ since then and know a lot more of what he and Hillary were doing in those days!! He has nothing to be ‘proud’ of and no room for criticizing ANYONE!! The old adage applies: “People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones’!! Might explain ‘why’ his and Hillary’s ‘glass house’ is in such a ‘shambles’!! They never learned anything, though, and are still ‘throwing stones’!!! BTW–Bill is looking as though his health isn’t the ‘best’ lately. Stop ‘trotting’ after Hillary and go ‘rest’ somewhere.

  59. disqus_D87XRi0Gy7 says:

    Put this thieving MF in a federal prison where he and his thieving bitch of a wife both belong, frankly none of us care what this POS has to say, he is the most unimportant person in America

  60. Dolly says:

    President Donald Trump, is all about the people. He gave be up his business and private life to clean up this mess that Obummer left. Bill Clinton is a PIG! He cares only about his sexual needs! The demonRATS, still don’t get it, they lost the election. We the be people elected Trump, to bring back this country to be the greatest in the world. So enough already and enjoy the money that you stole from the country or better yet drop dead sooner than later. That way we don’t have to keep giving you the retirement that you don’t deserve.

  61. ReaperHD says:

    Clintons and Bushes, MORONS OF A FEATHER FLOCK TOGETHER. Can’t stand either family and they both should go away. Just a TEXAN’S opinion.

  62. Dennis Anderson says:

    If it was about the people why did they take their foundation to Canada? Why did Hillary sell guns and ammo to both sides of the Lybia conflict. Why did they kill Quadaffi when he was helping the USA? Why did Hillary kill the men in Benghazi? Why did they rob Haiti? Why is Hillarys brother running a gold mining operation in Haiti. Why were they involved in child trafficing in Haiti? The last question is how did the Clinton Cartell sell uranium to Russia. Why are they still alive?

    1. KDC says:

      The killed Ghadhafi because of gold. ” Clinton vigorously defended the Obama administration’s decision to intervene in Libya and ultimately force the overthrow and killing of longtime dictator Moammar Gadhafi.” No, thanks “Hill”, you’re just one of the lying elites.The REAL reason is this… He was about to change their currency to the Gold Deena as their country is rife with gold. If this happened, that would have meant that 200,000 people dying of starvation in 3rd world countries would never happen again, however, once this happens a president who tries to help the people ends up being killed by the “economic hitman”.
      This is when America, nato, etc. go out to kill them by what they portray to be an accident.
      You know why they do this? It’s because to keep the billionares, i.e, the 1%, the elites, then you have to have the poor.
      America relies on 3rd world countries to have billionares & mass corperations.
      I know this may be extremely scary, but if you do some research you’ll soon see the facts.
      Everything that goes on in the world happens for some selfish, self serving, political reasonAnd our own admstrations, whether the current or past, do things for these reasons. NEVER listen to government paid news programs, as they will only tell you what they want you to hear.
      Don’t know about the other issues you mentioned.

  63. Alleged Comment says:

    Ohhh… look whose talking? The guy that RAPED Juanita Broadderick. The man that hates Negroes and resents them. The one that married and defended a child who was raped then laughed about it.

    You Demoncraps are DERANGED people and mentally ill. You should be put in a mental hospital. You and your wife, but first they should HANG both of you for TREASON.

    1. KDC says:

      Oh, if we could really see all their nasty deeds, it would be life changing.

  64. fordfool says:

    Well now, neithr slick willie billy Jim Joe Bob or GHWB are something to write home about…look at their achievemtns…go ahead, I’ll wait…………………….

  65. Samianne says:

    What’s sad is that there are no heroes anymore. Where were Bush and Clinton when Obama was destroying this country? Not a word from them in our favor. You cannot make me believe that either of these men give a damn about this country. It is all about personal power for them. Too bad for us, maybe we are stupid. We keep electing people just like them.

    1. KDC says:

      Heck, where was Congress?

  66. GrumpyGrandpa says:

    A Clinton and a Bush teaming up to bad mouth our current legally President is indeed rich! A lying, impeached, Arkansas leg hound that can’t stay away from trailer trash, cheap cocaine and Jeff Epstein’s Lolita Island. The other a drunken spoiled ass little snot raised out of the Bush fame and fortune, gained thru war crimes and crooked politics going back generations. These two cretins have a lot of nerve insulting the President we elected; all 150 million of us. But see, they are Globalists, which intend to make even more money by selling out America to kill off the experiment of “self-governance” by the people. The picture illustrates what politics has become in America, be damn the People and citizens working and paying taxes; what do the stupid people know anyway; let them et cake!

  67. PBHayes says:

    The Clinton’s have been committing felonies since his days as the AG of Arkansas. These people are despicable and both deserve to be in prison for their crimes which in some instances has gotten good people killed.

  68. kunling says:

    Just what we need, commentary from a serial rapist and alleged murderer by proxy.

  69. CALVIN says:

    well, i know clinton is a piece of shit and is really a disgrace to the office. he was not an example to follow, thats for sure! he brought this country down to its knees morrally and ethically!

  70. CALVIN says:

    oh, i forgot something, the only thing that clinton thought about was his pecker!

  71. Beverly Hightower says:

    I dare any of you to buy and read the 2 books TRANS/formation of America and Access Denied by a sex slave Cathy O’Brien, and also THANKS FOR THE MEMORIES by Brice Taylor. Both women were made to pleasure our Presidents starting with John F Kennedy. Jimmy Carter and George W Bush opted out. George HW Bush is a pedophile from way back. It has shaken my very foundation to know that Reagan, Bush 41 and Dick Cheney were involved in such horrible behavior. Senator Robert E Byrd OWNED Cathy, and Bob Hope owned Brice. Bob Hope’s part in Brice’s life sickened me the most. I have to wonder where the wives of these men were when all of this was taking place. Bill Clinton is a true homo so he didn’t partake, but Hillary did (with Cathy). Bill was just interested in using Cathy as a mule for his cocaine business. That’s were he made all of his money…..not from speeches. Like I said…..I DARE you to read these books. A copy of Transformation of America was given to each member of Congress, and no mention was ever made from them. Hmmmm.

    1. KDC says:

      Seems I heard or read these allegations awhile ago. Stunning, isn’t it?

  72. KDC says:

    Nothing would stun me coming from Bill Clinton.

  73. Robert Zraick says:

    Such BS. The old pervert knows that if Trump continues, both Bill and Hillary will wind up broke and behind bars. The poor of syphilis infected Bill will have look out from behind bars to see Hillary stand before a firing squad or hanged. He will follow based upon his crimes against humanity.

  74. survivor33 says:

    Ole Bubba Numbnuts has the guts to make comments about Trump when he himself can’t keep his mouth or his zipper shut.

  75. Red Steiner says:

    Lol I wonder what Monica Lewinsky would say to Slick Willies comments.

  76. sophie bonner says:

    Clinton is still mad he isn’t back in the White House. He hates Trump. Bitter loser.

    1. Red Steiner says:

      Yeah, no access to the secretarial pool for Slick Willie. That’s why he wanted The Queen of Benghazi to win. He must have been drooling when he voted for his, which should be illegal. How in Hell did he get into the Electoral College… Was it Obama?

  77. Dennis Wenner says:

    If anybody has a single digit IQ it’s Bill Clinton. It’s between his legs.

  78. Stever says:

    The president who was a known rapist, who was Impeached for the liar that he is, who frequents the Pedophile Island to do his pizza and cigar thing, who supposedly had juvenile under his oval office desk while conducting State matters, who struck a bargain with Loretta Lunch to obstruct justice, you mean he is denouncing a greater President than he? You mean that former maggot who said to his bed partner Ted Kennedy, “,,you know that obama fellow, a long time ago would be serving us coffee and now here he is president”. You mean that AHole Clinton? What a great Nothing along with Bushes and obama.

  79. Juanita says:

    I suppose he thinks that since Obama has been critical he can too.

  80. Shirley Muir says:

    Bill Clinton needs to go connect with Monica Lewinsky and strike up a new past time in order to get over Hillary loss. He’s one sick S O B .

  81. Jeronimo Dan says:

    Not a big deal, he’s only got 18 more months. Course he’s been known to do a lot of damage in just 18 minutes. Ask Monica?

    Might mark this date and start the count down.

  82. bp 58 says:

    who gives a shit what a rapist says…go to hell bill…

  83. ECwashr says:

    How these Liberal FOOLS like Obama and Clinton can even open their mouth with these LIES and total HYPOCRISY is mind boggling!!

  84. Jozef Oravecz says:

    This fool needs to shut up and go away. Preferably, to Prison with his wife.

  85. harpo49 says:

    I think it’s past time that Hildapig and Willy The Raper lets be done and gone with these two idiots

  86. Gay Phillips says:

    Bill knows a lot of stuff he ought not to know. And has done a lot of things he should not have done. Don’t think I would take his advice about anything.

  87. AL ELLIS says:

    Clinton is nothing but an old, and I mean OLD slut. He’d screw a snake if it would stay still. The truth is Hillary didn’t win because we DON’T LIKE HER, WE THINK SHE’S A CROOK AND SHE AND HER GANG, OBAMA AND BUSH WANT TO TAKE OUR COUNTRY AWAY FROM WE THE PEOPLE. NOT GOING TO HAPPEN.

  88. johnnywoods says:

    Bill and the Hilderbeest are both self-absorbed money hungry fools and lying hypocrites. Shut up and sit down, Slick.

  89. Elizabeth Davis says:

    Wonder why all these angry white men are angry. There are angry females also. I voted for him because I was angry at his wife for thinking she was above all the citizens in the US and was getting away with crimes since Arkansas

  90. monongahela says:

    This sexual pervert is lecturing on how to act as president after he was having sex with every woman he could in our government at the time he was in office. Yes Bill Clinton talking about morals and how a president should act now that is rich. I can`t blame Bill though he was after all married to a dyke on a bike.

  91. OldWoolfy says:

    What Billy Boy doesn’t understand…is Trump is OUR mouthpiece because we elected him to go in there and throw at the trash, the cheaters, the asinine executive orders of Obama, and enforce the rule of law. These Dem-wits don’t get it. Trump is doing what WE the PEOPLE” haven’t been able to do that past 8-10 years. He’s doing the job WE want done!!

  92. Pattie Kelly says:

    Billy Bob has a lot of nerve to criticize our President. What did he do while in office? Let me give you a clue…THE BLUE DRESS!!!! The Monica Lewinsky scanal where he was impeached by the House for lying under oath and lost his law license. To three other women coming forward about how Billy Bob sexually harassed them. One won an $850,000.00 settlement from Billy Bob in court. But hey that’s OK because he’s a CLINTON and CLINTON’S are held to a higher standard than us lay people. Billy Bob did more damage to this country in just plane embarrassment than anything I have ever seen. When he looked into the camera after a question was asked of him and he said “it depends on the definition of what IS/IS!!!!!”. His success as a President had everything to do with the President Reagan’s trickle down economics. And he had a Republican House and Senate and Newt Gingrich.

    1. squeeze127 says:

      If they ever investigate all the Clinton endeavors, the papers would turn into a tome! CGI and pay to play should really command an investigation. Then again, history would have to be re-written.

  93. bearone7777 says:

    BILL “SLICK–WILLY” SCUM-BAG CLINTON IS A WEASEL!!! HE WOULD NOT EVEN MAKE A GOOD TRAVELING SALESMEN–IF HE HAD TO BE!! LITTLE KNOWN FACTS ON HIM AND HIS SO–CALLED WIFE—They had a great deal of love for one Sen. Byrd from W. Virginia for a reason—and On that note I am going to be saying bye-bye!!

  94. 4Pip says:

    Bill forgot to credit Pres Trump with getting angry Clinton rape victims votes.Hillary sure wasn’t going to get those.

  95. WilliamHarrington says:

    Clinton is just upset because he has lost his chance at another WH intern.

  96. maddiemae says:

    Clinton lost all credence when he abused his office and brought slander and dishonor to the nation. He has no right to be saying anything about anybody – especially if paid for it. A man who had to tuck tail and leave the white house after shaming our nation should stay out of sight and out of mind. Does he think we do not remember and look at him as a disgraced and dishonorable man? He needs to go home and watch TV or go to that island and disappear.
    We need to clean democrats out of Washington, they are no longer of any use, they are only holding US back and refusing to cooperate or think. Is this what those who voted them in wanted – useless over paid whiners that refuse to work for their electorate in any substantial way.
    If you see democrat behind a name, vote no, save the US.
    Republicans in Washington need to follow the plans Trump was voted in for. People spoke and they need to listen and stop being pseudo democrats. Get behind Trump, the nation did. Someone needs to give most of the Republicans some vitamin B or something to awaken those sleeping men and women, want to know who Clinton and others “get free pass” – it’s because they certainly won’t prosecute themselves and the Republicans are sitting on their collective butts and letting it get by.

  97. Lorraine E says:

    Perhaps billy clinton should talk about all of his trips to Epstein’s kiddy sex island. Or perhaps China gate, white water, file gate or all of the people on the “Clinton’s death toll documentary” which someone ordered google to remove. Learn even more about billy clinton in Dolly Kyle’s book “The other women.”

  98. Roger says:

    Donald Trump never stole or lost six billion dollars of taxpayer’s like like Hillary Clinton did and the Trump’s did not steal again property that belongs to the people, from the Whitehouse!

  99. Margie Nicely says:

    Of all the people to say something to that effect, is laughable. It was always about them. Hillary and Bill and of course Princess Chelsea! What a bunch of hypocrites! Thanks God that they are not tin the WH ! We were siof the thought of the Clintons in the Wh house for round two! He is nothing but a liar and woman chaser, and she is a bad example of a mother and wife!

  100. Robert Walters says:

    X President Bill Clinton wasn’t he impeached ? What is the Clinton Foundation, Deep State act of Treason and the X Sec. of State Hillary Clinton wanted to be the Pres, got her ass kicked. Again Clinton Foundation Corruption resulted in 44-45 deaths and counting, her linking of classified information, her acts of treason, her connection to numerous murders.

  101. jim jones says:

    Yep, it was all about the people when he was getting his knob polished in our White House!

  102. C K Johnson says:

    All of the ex Presidents should be more like Jimmy Carter. Bill Clinton had unwanted sex (RAPE) with scores of women. The Clintons went to Washington DC broke & now they have took enough money through Pay for Play. They robed the Clinton Foundation after Hillary filled it through the rafters with over a Billion Dollars.They have so much money that Bill gave his next door neighbor woman Two Million Dollars for playing the Eveready Bunny for him.

  103. Roger Reid says:

    The Clinton’s and their playmates on the left are still in the dark. Haven’t figured out yet that Americans in the mountains’ the prairies, and and nearly from coast to coast have wised up. The Bushes and that sector of the Republican’s haven’t figured it out either. Too many of them still looking at polls. Still basing their actions on coastal politics and ignoring those of us who put them on the hill to undo socialism. If they don’t get their act together soon it will be too late!

  104. Gary Hull says:

    Remember; with the Clinton’s (They are the worse) Don’t listen to what they say but play close attention to what they do. The comments just made have to be the most hypocritical stated by Bill. What a Jerk!!! Gary

  105. Joseph Schlag says:

    Why did he not say this when Obama was president. Obama was more about Obama and his legacy than any other president in the history of the office. If it was about the people and the kids then why did bill use his office to get BJ’s then used his position to rip off Hatti when he was supposed to be helping them. Hypocrite is what comes to mind when I think of slick Willie. Rapist is another!

  106. granny_forUSA says:


  107. RichFromShowMe says:


    Wonder if he thought of this before, during or after collecting a free Lewinski, lying and denying it, starting the K-12 and University rash of BJ’s that engulfed campuses, or simply for being paid an outrageous sum for his “talk” in Russia, after “the witch”, as SOS, gave away uranium and other government assets (EMail publishing, etc.).

    The clinton-crime-machine is master of the Play-for-Pay scams.

  108. Ron says:

    What a HYPOCRITE! But, what do we expect from a Clinton??

  109. Fran Leard says:

    Wish he’d shut his loud mouth and go overboard. They should be investigated for all the deaths that happened in their dirty politics.

  110. chief1937 says:

    When will x-presidents stop making derogatory statements about the sitting president when none of them so far has accomplished anywhere near the progress he has in only a short time only answer I can come up with is jealousy. They need to get over the fact their candidate lost the election Trump won the election accept it and move on.

  111. BEVERLY RYAN says:

    B Clinton, you better look hard in the mirror b 4 u say anything derogatory about our GREAT PRESIDENT TRUMP , he is the only one that is thinking of the people. What other president really did ? , and u and your family r only thinking of yourselves. GET ONTO THE GREAT BANDWAGON and join President Trump to GET AMERICA BACK TO BEING GREAT AGAIN , help clean up the damage u and Hillary did to the USA. PS: and don’t forget to add obamas name to the destruction of our country.

  112. travis690 says:

    Time to put the Hillbillies out to pasture. This family of corruption has decided that they are going to become lightning rods for their opposition, which is fine with me. But I don’t see any truth to Billy’s statement about “not seeing what was going on.”

    Here is an account of what most of America saw: Hillary didn’t want to do the work required to win the states that mattered. She thought getting extra votes in California and New York was going to help her to win the race. She also thought that she was entitled to win, just because she…oh, whatever!

    Wake up, Bill: She lost!

  113. Monica says:

    The Clintons live in a bubble where they are still royalty. I wish they would just go away and people stop giving them the time of day. How dare he say anything about “kids” since he is the biggest lecher on the planet. He even is starting to look creepier.

  114. Jacky says:

    it was about them so bad they stole the silverware from the white house and furniture too and was forced to return it–guess they were dead broke–of morals anyway

  115. Kathy says:

    He said the president is about the folks, not yourself but he couldn’t get by without mentioning his win and the numbers…so self his crooked wife.

  116. roache5456 says:


  117. Adam Smith says:

    Wow you pieces of shit sitting on your computers hiding on your websites sitting here shifting into each other’s mouths. You might as well be Russian pulp fiction bitch boy gimps. You’re more pathetic than traitor, you’re less than human scum. Real republicans would never throw in with Nazi trump, you’re not conservatives you’re fucking scum.

  118. JC Hoot says:

    CLINTON SAID: “IF YOU WANT TO BE PRESIDENT, REALIZE IT’S ABOUT THE PEOPLE, NOT ABOUT YOU.” What wormhole have you and the windbag your shacking with lately been? Your whole family has taken pleasure in spreading manure on the American people for years.

  119. mpdMD1965 says:

    Bill Clinton, the philanderer in chief, does one thing well, makes an ass of himself each time he opens his big mouth, something he and Hillary Rotten have in common.

  120. CharlyO says:

    I can see a perfect connection between legally aborting unborn babies and legally aborting adults like the Clinton’s. Just think how much better things would be!

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