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Bombshell Secret Recording Spells Big Trouble For CNN

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  1. Johnstoirvin says:

    The term “settled science” is an oxymoron, used by real morons to manipulate their fellow morons at the expense of everyone, moron or not.

    1. isBubba says:

      You’re right. Science is never settled except by those who are ignorant – unwise – inexperienced. They are the ones who don’t know how little they know, but think they know it all. These days, that’s a whole h3ll of a lot of morons who think they’re smarter than all the wisdom that mankind has accumulated from the experiences, considerations and genius of the ages. It’s mind-blowing boorishness on steroids, coming from a bunch of “mountain dew dweebs.”

      1. Paul Whitley says:

        Your post reminded me of a “Quote of the Day” that was included in the Naval Air station, Memphis, Tennessee “Plan of The Day” back in 1964. I am sorry to say I don’t know who to attribute the quote to, but here is the quote – “No one is as ignorant as he who knows nothing, yet knows not that he knows nothing”. There are a lot of really ignorant people, but their ignorance can be cured by education. Their stupidity, however, will go to the grave with them.

        1. WriterDudeLA says:

          Unfortunately, we have an education system that promotes a failed economic policy, socialism, by a group of people who, for the most part, have never had to make a payroll or create a product under the conditions they advocate and only serves to dumb down the population. Everyone must go to college. Why, so those so-called educators can wrap the minds of those who they are supposed to educate. CNN is simply a reflection of the warped minds exiting our university system.

    2. Rodger K. Shull says:

      HA HA HA HA . maybe Al G. needs to change his mouth wash

    3. Morena_nic says:

      nothing can ever be settled as the earth is and will be forever EVOLVING. Evolution is part of Creation or the earth DNA. Since day 1 the earth and its climate is constantly evolving and nothing we can do to stop it. If we try it will react a different way but will continue to evolve. The chase will never end. This is it.

  2. SED says:

    Closed News Network

  3. SouthernPatriot says:

    Everyone with an unseared conscience, a sound mind, willingness to truly listen, watch and evaluate, has known for decades that CNN was highly biased. First known as Communist News Network for “Blame America First” and support of Castro and every petty communist dictator. Then came along the Clinton crime family. CNN became known as Clinton News Network, even continuing recently with EVERY one of their “news” reporters, guests, and commentators ALL picking Hillary and promoting her as a winner long before the election. Now, they want to skew the news and have become the Corrupt News Network.

    CNN has lost credibility, not with the leftists, the anarchists, the demented Democrats, or with the women protesting to have others pay for their abortions, but they have lost credibility with those who have a brain and use it.

    1. Diane says:

      Excellent SouthernPatriot,
      I couldn’t agree more with everything you said 🙂

    2. sockrayblue says:

      When you are around long enough you see what really is happening. You nailed it.

    3. reggie says:

      This is the problem: “A lie told often enough becomes the truth.” Vladimir Lenin

  4. Ragcat24 says:

    Don’t see the usual far left crew speaking up in support of this article. What’s up?

    1. nicholsda says:

      Cat has their tongue. 😉
      Soros hasn’t told them what to say yet?
      They are waiting for their check to clear?

  5. Kim LaMela says:

    CNN-Corrupted New Network. No Need to say anymore.

  6. DollyT says:

    They once were at the top. Now they are below the bottom and they did it to themselves.

    1. malaw says:

      They have always been at the top of the DONG heap in my opinion.

  7. nicholsda says:

    Caput News Network. Caput as in head, as in another term for toilet. 🙂

  8. ONTIME says:

    Communist Nations Network……Fits like a glove….

  9. kbmiller says:

    Thank God we have men like James O’Keefe at Project Veritas and Tom Fitton at Judicial Watch, with the courage to expose the LYING, CROOKED DUMB A$$ oc RATS.

  10. Bernie Lounds says:

    CNN stands for Clinton National News so it can’t be nothing but dishonest.

  11. Diane says:

    CNN = Communist News Network.

  12. Seldena says:

    Highly Biased reporting is FAKE REPORTING to me. They are wanting the listener to think as they think and that is propaganda. NEVER WILL ANYONE TELL ME HOW TO THINK especially when it comes to what I know to be truth!

  13. Wambli525 says:

    CNN serves as gutter for broadcasting trash. They intentionally promote a left wing agenda. Like the NYT, CNN creates and reports “news” that supports that agenda. CNN is the most unreliable of all the TV networks and press outlets including RTV and Provda.

  14. tCotUS says:

    Don’t even mention the trash bucket CNN Liars…UNLESS..Their building is on fire, their sewer pipes exploded, or Godzilla crushed all the liars..Then I will listen..

  15. disqus_D87XRi0Gy7 says:

    The line was drawn a very long time ago, only the liberaltards watch or listen to the fake news, normal educated people haven’t watched it since the First Gulf War began, it was about then they turned sour and started the communist BS with the British reporter. You could tell then they were swinging full bore commie. I am proud to say I have not watched or listened to anything they have said or shown since that time. It simply makes no difference and will not change anyone’s opinion of the fake news CNN, the morons will love them and the educated will still just let them dry up. What should be done is a national campaign to stop buying any product that is sponsored on any of these liberal media stations. Let’s see if they can survive without sponsors.

    1. Relax Lang says:

      There you are. Long time ago in the Philippines, CNN was a new source of info and we enjoyed it. Now – You can say goodbye to watching the biased sender. No thanks CNN. Blitzer was once my favorite moderator – not anymore.

  16. TPS12 says:

    liars dishonest and untrustworthy news reporters driven by bias opinion and fake news. Did I miss anything?

  17. Jerry Dixon says:

    This is the Clinton News Network, I guess they bet on the wrong horse in the race, But in Hillary’s case it is the Liar, Thief, and Murder. I hope she goes to prison along wit Obama and Lynch.

  18. Flockodogs says:

    Anyone that watches CNN or MSNBC for anything other than to see just how ugly the women are is truly and idiot.

    1. isBubba says:

      Flicking through channels, I never saw women on those networks …. just a bunch of butt-ugly men.
      Hmmm … must have been what they call “women” ???

  19. Flockodogs says:

    What’s even worse is FOX is starting to hire these left wing idiots for some of their shows. It’s bad enough that they keep Shepherd Smith around but I guess they need him to run the yearly talent drag show.

  20. Joe Flinn says:

    The biggest problem I have with CNN is their constant badgering of POTUS and his administration. It’s a constant witch hunt on there part.

    1. reggie says:

      They’re trying to keep him from doing his job. Then they can complain that he hasn’t done what he said he’d do.

  21. jim jones says:

    Anyone who doesn’t support a clean healthy environment is for damned sure a moron!

    1. Mikal Gastpipe says:

      Al Gore flies around the world in a jet that is reported to be one of the LEAST efficient jets flying today! He lives in a 40k sqft house and his utility bills would power a small city. So tell me AGAIN, you MAROON, who’s for a clean healthy environment? Let’s see…the right abolished SLAVERY, that the left wanted to keep. The left interred almost 300k AMERICANS in the ’40’s. A Republican President ESTABLISHED the EPA! So, AGAIN, tell me WHO wants a clean, healthy environment, and a FREE people?

  22. BUILD BABY BUILD!!! says:

    To CNN” winning is the best revenge.”
    As ‘supposed reporters’ they should have studied their own history more thoroughly and recalled ‘Dewey wins’ headline that was made famous by error and arrogance. BTW, does any one really watch CNN?

  23. BUILD BABY BUILD!!! says:

    What about MSLSD?
    Another MAD comics version of the news….

  24. Rodger K. Shull says:

    CANCEL them, put them off the air , for ever. an black ball all of their fake news casters

  25. ExGOP says:

    So what. Every intelligent person is anti-Fox. They are highly censored and EXTREMELY biased.

    1. Mikal Gastpipe says:

      Excuse me while I retch up my breakfast…mainly because I’m laughing too hard! Liberals…those FIDIOTS who always like to say they’re smarter than the average bear. And likewise, are the only ones who believe it…hahahahahaha….thanks for my belly laugh of the day, possibly the week. And who says liberals don’t have an ironic sense of humor?

      1. ExGOP says:

        Fox is enough to cause retching. They are proud of being lapdogs for Trump, saying exactly what he wants them to say, and nothing else. That is why they had to get rid of Megyn Kelly. She was revealing too much of the real Trump and had to go.

        1. Mikal Gastpipe says:

          You are one of those who don’t, apparently, know the DIFFERENCE between HARD NEWS and OPINION! And it IS refreshing that at LEAST one news outlet doesn’t toe the insane liberal, company line. There HAS to be DIVERSITY, y’know?

          1. ExGOP says:

            Don’t tell that to Trump. He doesn’t like people telling him things he doesn’t want to hear. He hates news diversity. He wants only news stations that will tell how great he is. Revealing his lies and the weaknesses in his policies is something he hates so he calls it “fake news”.

  26. Kika68 says:

    Freedom watch lawyers are presently suing CNN for false reporting. They are asking the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) to pull their broadcast license. I hope they pull it off. CNN does not belong in the news business

  27. Rick Kells says:

    The liberal left bought the mainstream media’s honesty along time ago.

  28. mh5 says:


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