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Chelsea Clinton Attacked Trump And It Backfired In This Major Way

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  1. Maryann Hearn Bowman says:

    If BO, Hillary and Bill are grooming Chelsea to be president, they are doing a bang-up job. Maybe she could be elected dog catcher. I’m not putting down dog catchers, but that is the old saying for losers. She is pathetic, like her parents.

  2. Sheri Gray says:

    goggle eyed freak, one look at her and all dogs run! Smart dogs!!! Says more about them than the libtards that follow her around!!

  3. Traveller62 says:

    If Chelsea would put on some makeup, she would look halfway decent. That would say a lot more than the gray matter that is absent from the skull she totes around.

    1. twinspineve says:

      shut your mouth and fix your face……

  4. irish1919 says:

    Nothing would make her look half way decent. The bigger problem to democrats and good news for those who despise democrats, is her toxicity she represents . The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. She is a product of Bill? and Hillary and that discounts anything she spews about Trump. The question mark on Bill being : Is he really the father?

  5. Whaledriver says:

    Chelsea should stay out of the public eye and fade into anonymity.

    She won’t, of course. She loves her proclamations and the sound of her own voice far too much, and mama is pushing her into the limelight — literally holding the microphone for her. Just think what a politician she’d make, having two of the world’s most corrupt liars as role models…!

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