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Chelsea Clinton Just Dropped A Big Hint About A Major Announcement

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  1. Random Citizen says:

    Gawd no.

    1. JeanneTherese says:

      hOPE NOT. tIRED OF all THE Clintons.

  2. tonym says:

    Makes me want to vomit!

    1. ongelofelijk says:

      H E L P !

    2. Elwood Ballard says:

      Everything about the Clintons make you want to puke !!

  3. Disqus says:

    Please—–no more Clintons–2 unscrupous people are enough.

  4. Bud William says:

    You mean “Who’s Your Daddy” Clinton? Enough Clintons to last a Lifetime.

  5. Robert F says:

    How big a stick and how many times do you have to hit a snack before it is finished?

    1. Al says:

      Snakes are hard to kill. We done with the Kennedys yet?

  6. sharon levy says:

    Hildabeast is behind this…….hoping to see if there is any encouragement for her daughter to run


    1. Btty says:

      They are power hungry and want back in that WH at all costs so they can continue to rob and pillage the American people and have their one world order. May they drop dead first! Chelsea’s hubby has plenty of skeletons in his closet to.

      1. ongelofelijk says:

        Such as her father-in-law!

        1. Btty says:

          Oh hell yes and their heavily invested in the Clinton foundation! No more Bushes, no more Clinton’s and no more obamas! We’ve suffered enough!

          1. michael101 says:

            Amen, Billy…Together they have set the USA BACK by DECADES…Just look at our Current Educational System and our Crumbling Infrastructure…President Trump has his work cut out for US…! The Democrats just need to shut the He__ Up…! They are not in CHARGE..they are just IRRITATING Morons..!

          2. Btty says:

            I’m with you michael!

          3. Tom G says:

            You got that right , please tell me ,with over 300 million Americans in the good ol’ USA , why would anyone think it would be a good idea to let another Clinton into politics , have we not suffered enough already !

          4. Kim Weaver says:

            So TRUE! Was getting so tired of her and Obama ‘ s twisted attitude toward the American people that we are stupid ,and can’t possibly think for ourselves!

          5. VN VET says:

            How about adding John Mc Cain and Lindsey and a few other politicians to that list of yours ?

          6. Btty says:

            Amen! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. We need to dig a deep hole run them into it and bulldoze it closed. I’ll drive the bulldozer for free! Thank you for your service to this country my friend.

          7. KJ says:

            I’ll volunteer a year of my time to personally dig the hole by hand.

          8. Btty says:

            ROFLOL KJ, that takes to long! How about we share the tractor work! LOL

          9. Dirty_Old_Madman says:

            Would you be referring to the John Mc Cain whos daddy was the Commander of the United States Pacific Command? The one on July 29, 1967 made sure no charges were brought against his son Lt. Cmdr John Mc Cain when he was on the carrier deck of the U.S.S.Forrestal, went into his A-4 on board, screwed up procedures (you need to arm the missile or it can’t do what happened), denied and covered up the incident,and a missile dropped ignited and 134 sailors were killed? OK I also agree about Lindsey and many others.

          10. James Meeks says:

            Not sure you got your facts right there – you need to read more than check-out lane lit.

          11. Dirty_Old_Madman says:

            Google and then get back to me.

          12. Lasher says:

            Why don’t you straighten us all out, Meeks?

          13. grafra102 says:


      2. VN VET says:

        I agree with you 100%on your comments, but i also believe that there is NOT one politician or politicians that hold’s any elected or public offices that does not have some type of skeleton’s in their closet ? Do you agree ?

        1. Btty says:

          Lordy, do I agree with that! I do love Tom Cotton and Trey Gowdy. What do you think of them?

          1. VN VET says:

            IMHO, I agree, so far so good, but just like with all politicians, only time will tell ?

          2. Btty says:

            That is so true my friend.

          3. grafra102 says:

            VN VET: We will see, I don’t think Trey Gowdy can be persuaded.

          4. jewels says:

            I wish we had 100 just like Trey Gowdy, in our government. Smart, sane, and a true, dyed in the wool American.

          5. Btty says:

            Me to jewels. Not sure if you know this but Trey Gowdy was one hell of a prosecutor before his political career. He brought a lot to the political table. 😉

          6. grafra102 says:

            btty: LOVE THEM!!! That is my saying!!

          7. Btty says:

            Great minds think alike! Thank you for your service also! I couldn’t have done something so noble. All my brothers served as well as my father, uncles and husband. At family dinners I had the pleasure of hearing how each branch of the service was better than the other. LOL 😉 God Bless you.

        2. grafra102 says:

          VN VET: I WILL AGREE WITH YOU. Thank You also for your service, from me a VETERAN, UNITED STATES AIR FORCE!

          1. elkhunt says:

            me too –usaf crypto maint—-wheelus–Tripoli libya

          2. Btty says:

            Thank you for your service!

      3. Lasher says:

        As most Jews do.

    2. bytheway4 says:

      Tis idiot has never worked a day in her life and she wants to be a senator, she wont ever get upstate NY votes. NO MORE CLINTONS.

      1. Harold Sammons says:

        Hopefully you are right; there is still a lot of morons out there in lala land that think that the Clintons are a gift to this country and people!

        1. noah jonas says:

          Sad but true

          1. VN VET says:

            I also agree that it is very,very sad, but i also believe that these type of things has a way and a very good chance of coming true at some time and usually when you least expect it ?

          2. grafra102 says:

            VN VET: Yes, “KARMA”!!

        2. Tom G says:

          Yes Harold , and those are the same morons that tune into CNN , NBC , CBS , and all the other fake news stations ,and believe all the lies they spew out on a daily basis.

        3. VN VET says:

          While I do agree with your comments about the Clinton’s, IMHO, I also believe that those same type of people “voter’s” (mentioned in your post above) are also the same type that live and are located in Mc Cain and Lindsey’s voting district’s, other wise just how do you explain Mc Cain and Lindsey keep getting elected each and every election ? Or maybe on second thought, may be a certain % of those voter’s are already bought and paid for in advance and the other % are from south of the border ?

        4. grafra102 says:

          Harold: Yes, in “HOLLYWEIRD” CALIFORNIA!!!!

      2. VN VET says:

        Just like i said earlier in another post, never,never ,ever say never, that cover’s a very long time and things can change with in a matter of day’s, weeks or month’s ? Let’s just say that we all hope that it will never happen with in our life time ?

        1. grafra102 says:

          VN VET: Change can happen with a blink of the eye!!!

      3. KJ says:

        Actually she had several cushy very highly overpaid jobs that she was given only because of her parents corrupt connections. Her personal contributions to those companies was likely nil.

      4. grafra102 says:

        bytheway4: SHE IS JUST LIKE HER HILDABEAST MOTHER, A LIAR, TROUBLE MAKER, AND RUNS OFF HER MOUTH. I wonder if they are a distant relative of the “BEAST WOOPIE GOLDBERG”???

    3. VN VET says:

      I agree with your post and your comments, with one exception. Never,never,never,never,never say, “IT IS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN “? If i remember correctly, that same thing was being said just before

      Obama and John Mc Cain were reelected to their offices and their are other politicians that are in our government that should not be there. But for some unknown reason’s they continue to get reelected by the citizens and voters in their districts and in the case of Obama (nation wide) voter’s? So, never,never ,ever say that it can not happen and that includes a lot of different things besides just politics. i would just like to ask you and anyone else to think about this, before you answer, take a moment and just think back, just in the last 10-15 years in your own life, just how many times have you said (even to yourself) i will never,never,ever do a certain thing no matter what ? Now think, just many times did you end up doing ( in some way) the very thing that you said that you would never, ,ever do? It may take some time may be a week,maybe a month,maybe even a year or even 2-5 years, but in the end you still ended up doing it ? That same thing happens when it comes to politicians being elected in to office, also you have to remember that there are certain voter’s out there that only vote party lines (no matter who the politician may or may not be), then there are voters that just vote, to say that they voted (they could care less who they vote for) then you have voter’s that get paid to vote, then you have voter’s that vote for someone just because they do not want some other person to get elected ? So when you add all of these different voter’s and citizens together voting, you just never know who or who is not getting elected to a certain office,correct ? So again never,say never until after the election and then you will find out who is or is not elected ?

      1. Btty says:

        OMG! I totally agree with your post. You never know is correct! Look at my idiotic state of California! I never, never, never ever thought we would be over run with Moronic Commies but alas I was wrong! 😉
        God Bless you friend.

        1. VN VET says:

          I can agree with you about California, between 53 and 95 I lived in many different cities between the Org. border and the Mexican border. But spent the last 10-15 years in and around the San Diego and Chula Vista area and even worked in Otay, just 400 feet from the Mexican border ? I learned and seen a lot of different things that were going on at the time, So yes, I can both agree and understand what you are saying about Calif. Just in my opinion, I am very sure that things are a lot worse now, than they were when I left in 95 ? May God Bless you and your family also and take care.

          1. Btty says:

            It’s way worse now! One of my sons and I were talking last night and we agreed that CA is out of control and it’s highly likely all hell is about to break loose. Let one hair on my son’s head be hurt and be it Muslim or illegal I will spend my life hunting g them down and they better pray the authorities find them before I do! I was an excellent hunter and I can skin my kill as good as any man! I didn’t raise my son’s to be the victim of some low life rabid animal. God Bless you and yours!

          2. Janet says:

            I agree with you and was a hunter in my younger years, plus can skin and butcher a deer (learned in my 20’s). I have to extend it to my grandson and granddaughter as well.

          3. Btty says:

            It was a wonderful life. My Dad taught all of us to hunt and skin what we killed. We were the lucky ones Janet. 😉

        2. Janet says:

          And who in the world would have believed that we would end up with Governor Moonbeam back again after the mess he made of the state the last time? Remember when he built the all expensive new Governor’s Mansion at a waste of taxpayers’ money and that no one wanted to live in? Now he wants us to be a Sanctuary State and the conservatives have no say in any of it. If it wasn’t for my family and friends, I would definitely move out of California!

          1. Btty says:

            I’ve made my decision. I’m moving away from Ca. My boys are here and my friends but I just refuse to give anymore money to Moonbeam and his bullet train that won’t be built. You can thank that filthy ambulance chaser Alred for getting Moonbeam in office. Just wait until Gavin Newsom gets in! Ca. Is cooked!

        3. grafra102 says:

          Btty: Why; because you have that numb nut of a Gov there named “BROWN THE CLOWN”!!!! I MOVED FROM FROM CALIFORNIA, I LIVED IN LAGUNA NIGUEL..

          1. Btty says:

            You right. Laguna Niguel is way south of me. Moonbeam, I hated him way when he was dating Linda Ronstadt (sp?). I couldn’t stand his father either! Two peas in a pod.

    4. Lasher says:

      Only someone as ugly on the inside as Hillary could have a daughter as ugly on the outside as Chelsea.

  7. Andrew Molina says:

    Why hasn’t Trump nailed the Clinton’s coffin shut yet – the drama decreases the capacity to MAGA.
    As a citizen of the USA, I demand that the Commander-in-Chief prosecute the Obama administration as well as the Clintons

    1. Kathy Stutts says:

      Gowdy is going to take care of Hiliary…just waiting for the dust to settle.

      1. Btty says:

        From your lips to God’s ears!

        1. VN VET says:

          Hope it is not to soon in coming ? Say, lack 5 days ago ?

      2. Jim says:

        Horse feathers! Trump will never go after Hillary. If he was, he would have already assigned an investigation into it. For all his bravado, he hasn’t stepped in and taken charge yet. He needs to stand firm, remember his promises, and not let the establishment, like Ryan, lure him into accepting anything other than what he promised us voters. He doesn’t need Ryan or McConnell as friends, just the regular American citizens who supported him.

        1. VN VET says:

          How do you, me or anyone else really knows 100% for sure, what is or what isn’t going on behind closed door’s ? Did you or anyone else stop to think that Trump, the AG, the FBI and the DOJ are all working together ( investigating) and are just bidding their time about when that they may or may not want to spring the trap on the Clinton’s and some other’s that may be involved, but so far they just do not have enough on some of the other people that are involved, just yet ? IMHO, I believe in giving TPOTUS and his crew time to put things together, lets see how things are going this time (March 2018) next year, before we condemn any body ? I have always believed in giving anybody a fair chance and a fair amount of time and not try and sell them short, even before they had their chance to do anything ?

    2. Dirty_Old_Madman says:

      And let’s include Loretta Lynch former attorney general, Lois Lerner former head of the IRS and Rahm Emanuel present mayor of Chicago.

      1. Btty says:

        Let’s just dig a big pit, run all these commies into it and cover them up! I’ll drive the tractor for free!

        1. noah jonas says:

          I’ll take up collections to buy you the tractor.

          1. Btty says:

            Your on! 😉

      2. VN VET says:

        How about if we add Mc Cain, Lindsey, all of the Clinton’s (including Chelsea) the Clinton mafia, Obama and a few more of those so called politicians that keep hanging around Washington D C?

    3. ongelofelijk says:

      First things first!

  8. JeanneD says:

    That family does not represent the idea American family.
    They had their time in politics and it is over.

    1. VN VET says:

      I have always heard never,never,ever count ANY Clinton out, as long as they have the Clinton mafia behind them and doing their dirty work for them behind the scenes ?

      1. JeanneD says:

        How right you are, VN VET ! November was the first time their mafia failed them because they thought that they could NEVER fail !
        However, I hope they leave Washington and take Chelsea with them.

        1. reggie says:

          That would be quite nice, but don’t count on it.

        2. VN VET says:

          That is better known as wishful thinking and a lot of praying ?

  9. Daniel Mount says:

    These Clinton’s are all washed up because of Crooked Hillary Clinton being so very Crooked. Remember the Coconut docent fall fare from the tree.

    1. brbg says:

      Well, since she dipped into her family’s personal piggy bank (Clinton Foundation) to pay for her extravagent wedding, I’d say she is well on her way to being just as corrupt as her paernts.

      1. reggie says:

        Look at what she married – fa in law – convicted felon, former congressman, ma in law saved zipper wily’s butt on his budget. Hubby lost millions in his so called hedge fund.

      2. noah jonas says:

        Not “on her way to being just as corrupt as her parents”, she has already arrived..

    2. noah jonas says:

      Crooked Bill has also done his crimes without time also. Bill made $48 Million in speaker fees while his wife Hillary was Secretary of State. In the real world that would be a “conflict of Interest”.

  10. Salgal says:

    ENOUGH of the Clintons! Basta!

  11. Bayside GolfClub says:

    She comes from a corrupt family of god forsaken, immoral, self-serving stupidity. So, NO! But thanks for playing….

  12. WilliamHarrington says:

    She has her mama’s genes(not too sure about the father) but, be that as it may, her ugly, just like her mother’s, comes from deep in her bones.

    1. disqus_D87XRi0Gy7 says:

      She was a bastard of Hubble the felon lawyer hillary worked for at the time, put the two side to side and just change the hair and no makeup and you will see without any question who her daddy is. Ole slick willy probably was shooting blanks. These people are simple felons and no more, they have no scruples and are not normal people. I hate slick willy because of what he is, a draft dodging moron who has stolen more from America that any past President, he received better health care than we combat veterans, a long slow death to them all is what I wish ..

    2. Kathy Stutts says:

      Take a look at her biological father…”spittin’ image”. I’ve read when she was born, Bill sit with arms crossed in silence; whereas, daddy was ecstatic with his new daughter. Their crookedness goes all the way back to before Bill’s governor’s days including unexpected and never solved deaths…too man who died the same way…lots of books out there that will put every piece of the puzzle together if anyone cares to really know how crooked they are.

  13. Allan Scott says:

    So, the UGLY DUCKLING is being groomed for a spot in Congress, huh! Nothing like grooming this dog for jail along with her parents.

  14. Kurt says:

    What has Chelsea Clinton ever done. Worked for NBC for $600,000 and accomplished nothing. Works for the family foundation for $900,000 and has accomplished nothing. Now she wants an elected position so she can bring her vast experience to government.

    1. FL_Stingray says:

      sounds like her mother

      1. ganderdavis says:

        The Clintons have been around way to long and have gotten away with more criminal acts then Al Capone. But looking at how they seem to carry on you know they have the power to succeed. Chelsea will get the votes because there are enough people who continue to believe the Clintons have always been innocent of anything tossed at them no matter how strong the evidence is. What is Washington without a Clinton to carry on the crime spree ? IMHO

        1. VN VET says:

          I agree with your comments,especially “looking at how they seem to carry on (above the law) you know that they have the power to succeed in any thing that they set their mind to do ? IMHO, and that does not mean very much, when it comes to the Clinton’s and the Clinton mafia, but i believe that the only thing or things that might hurt Chelsea’s chances of winning any office that she may try for, is Hillary and Willy getting indited and sent to prison or something comes out that could or would warrant Chelsea and her family jail or prison time ?

        2. Tom says:

          But if Trump can get charges filed against Bill& Hillary Clinton and then get the Clinton Foundation charged with breaking the law , that might shut down their money supply and then none of the Clintons could run for anything, I don’t know if that will ever happen, but we could at least be hopeful.

      2. VN VET says:

        And even acts like her if you ask me? Hillary and Willey both are grooming Chelsea, to be just like them, to beat the system, to lie,spin,to BS her way around and to take up where they left off. If Chelsea does decide to run for ANY office, mother and father are going to be calling in each and every IOU and anything else necesary to help her win?

    2. reggie says:

      that’s why she’s running. Like so many of them, have never accomplished anything. her supposed mother, her supposed father, piglosi, feindstein, wah wah maxine, fakeahontas… the list goes on and on.

      1. noah jonas says:

        I believe Chelsea’s REAL father is Yasser Arafat. I saw a picture of them side by side and could hardly tell who was who.

        1. Btty says:

          ROFLMAO! You could be right! No beauty there but my word Arafat would touch the Hildebeast? Maybe Arafat is really a woman? YIKES!

          1. VN VET says:

            How dose that saying go,” anything and everything is possible ” ? Do you ever wonder or even think, that Hillary may not even know just who Chelsea’s real father is ? I remember reading, about how when she was much younger, she used to get around pretty good (with her intimate escapades) more so than Slick Willey ? She just kept her life style a lot more private and a lot more out of the public’s eye. She was and still is more of the behind closed door’s type, when she is compared to Bill’s escapades ? Remember Hillary made her share of trips down to the island just like Bill did and I am very sure it was not just to get a sun tan either ? Remember Hillary is bisexual and it was not just young girls that was on the island and there is one thing for sure, nobody is talking and that includes Hillary, Bill or even Chelsea or any of the other’s that were on the island or any where else that the Clinton’s just might of happened to be ? Remember where ever Hillary or Bill just happens to be, anything is possible to have happened?

          2. Btty says:

            You’re right and when it comes to the Clinton’s I would believe anything. I always thought the Hildebeast had a thing going with Gore’s wife and Huma!

          3. Lasher says:

            Damn the island, what about Bohemian Grove?

          4. Lasher says:

            Umm, I believe the good man is deceased, Btty.

          5. Btty says:

            To bad he didn’t take Hildebeast with him! LOL

        2. reggie says:

          Wow, gotta check that one out. Nothing in that bunch would surprise me. Wonder what Arafat would have wanted in exchange, big money, arms… had to be something big, ain’t no one dat desperate.

          1. VN VET says:

            I do not know about being desperate, but I do know that Hillary did do a very good job of getting around, she had her fair share of intimate escapades and they were not all just girls and/or women either according to some different articles, and I do not think that Hillary got pregnant by another female or a finger? Would you not agree, that there just happened to be 1 or more rooster’s were in the hen house ? So may be, just may be, it was not that bad after all, because some where a long the line, some nice gentleman or gentlemen did stayed around to the end and the results (Chelsea) is a proven fact, would you not agree ? Seems like I remember reading (on the internet ) some years back (course you can not always believe everything on the internet) that Hillary was pregnant more than just once, but that she lost them,( with the exception of Chelsea) for some reason’s or other ? Just how true the articles were ,I do not know one way or the other ? Nor would I bet my life on any of them either ?

          2. nicholsda says:

            Chelsea is Webster Hubble’s child. Even Slick Willy won’t touch her.

          3. reggie says:

            That’s for sure. Agreed, there was a point in time that she looked pretty good. Had also read something similar that she had had several pregnancies but terminated them until someone told her that it would be a politically good move to have at least one. Personally, not my concern other than what was exchanged in addition to a bit of …. and was it detrimental to the US.

          4. Lasher says:

            Vince Foster was ugly enough to be Chelsea’s daddy.

          5. reggie says:

            Guess that’s why he “suicided” himself. No disrespect intended for the deceased.

    3. Harold Sammons says:

      Some one informed Chelsea that to get really rich and powerful, become a polititican and follow in mom and dads footsteps, screw the country and population over for profit!

      1. noah jonas says:

        And I’ll just bet that the “someone” who told her that were named Ma & Pa Clinton. What’s a little murdering and stealing among the Clinton Crime Family..

      2. VN VET says:

        Would you believe that mommy and daddy are 1000%, behind her being very well groomed and well informed and will also continue even after she is elected ?

    4. jewels says:

      Married a close relative of Soros, nothing like a Clinton Soros anti American, anti Israel, money grubbing, low life, anti Christian family. May the God of Abraham protect the righteous, of the United States of America.

    5. James Wilson says:

      Her family even had to buy her a husband, and that was work.

  15. doc suske says:

    obviously, she is the anointed one- a female Democrat Clinton — How can she lose???

  16. Kathy Stutts says:

    The older that girl gets, the more she looks like her father, and I am not talking about Bill Clinton. She has her father all over her. Ewwwhhhhh…all in the family where that bunch is concerned…dead or alive.

  17. NorthPortNurse says:

    Apples don’t fall far from the tree…..

  18. disqus_D87XRi0Gy7 says:

    Charge these people with the money laundering and problem solved, she is also an officer of the money laundering scheme so that would pretty much end the careers of another wannabe puke who is dumb as dirt.

    1. reggie says:

      Problem is that too many who have been willing to testify end up “suiciding”.

  19. Mr. Patriot says:

    Look at the bright side — She’d be easy to beat! No experience, no brains, no class!

    1. reggie says:

      Just illegals, the vote early vote often crowd, dogs and cats, and the deceased will vote for her. That’s a lot of votes.

  20. Terry Stinnett says:

    I say , let the games begin ! Hope she gets a ” extreme vetting process” After all she is affiliated with the biggest crooks in American History

    1. FL_Stingray says:

      I’d love to see a DNA test proving Bill is really her father

      1. granny_forUSA says:

        Bill was on national TV, and stated he was not Chelsea’s biological father & he also stated that his bullets were blanks…………

      2. reggie says:

        I’d like to see his DNA prove or not, the young Black male who claims that he is his father. The mere fact that zipper willy refuses, tells me all I need to know.

      3. bytheway4 says:

        fl_stingray, I have a picture of Chelsea before her surgery on her chin and a picture of her real father, they are identical , I don’t know how to put it on here. Bill said that he know that she is not his daughter. Ship the Clintons to another country ASAP.

  21. Elly says:

    Dear Lord, make the Clintons go away for good.

  22. Jena Smith says:

    Oh great! That’s all we need…a continuation of the clinton dynasty.

  23. Micah Chastain says:

    The Clintons have figured out how to make quick, huge fortunes while in “service” to their country – and they will pass their tricks on down for generations, as long as the DOJ continues to let them get away with it.

  24. FL_Stingray says:

    Wow – Can you imagine a worse double pox whammy on the people of NY would be to have her as Senator and her mother mayor of NYC?

    1. granny_forUSA says:

      Just vomited right in my mouth……….

    2. reggie says:

      They, NYC, deserve it, we don’t. NYC is about as crooked as any city on earth. Upstate NY’s decent people don’t deserve them either.

  25. mcgyver35 says:

    If it weren’t for all of the “Olivia Pope’s” in Washington, (watch “SCANDAL”), the Clintons would be in prison. Soooo many “fixes” to hide the truths of so much deceit, so many scandals, and “suicides” and convenient for the Clintons, “plane crashes” yes, multiple!!!

  26. David in MA says:

    Remember, she is only the face, her handlers are the force.

  27. granny_forUSA says:

    Chelsea would only be a puppet for mommy dearest

  28. Kathleen Huritz says:

    OMG! This woman isn’t going to give up until someone drives a stake in her heart~~~ha ha ha what heart..silly me. So Chelse is going to be a hand puppet for her mother??? I think we have seen the last of the clinkers…they cannot stand not to be involved in the killing of AMERICA that she has managed since being in politics for 30 years need I remind any of you that like the clinkers she hildabag did NOTHING to help AMERICA nor did obamamlamadingdong…he was in politics for 8 years remember??? DON’T FORGET WHAT HE DID!!! He made a big mess of everything especially by giving money and helped the enemies military while our GOOD GUYS were fighting without the proper equipment TALK ABOUT IMPEACHMENT????? He should have been impeached ASAP!!! He is what my history books use to call TRAITOR….who cares about Russia we have a TRAITOR living amongst us our own what they called at that time president obamalmadingdong….LOOSER….!!! hey boo boo pick up your marbles and go home YOU LOST !!! fair and square oh yeah forgot that isn’t how you play…but…none the less YOU LOST!!! Go into your library you know that phone booth on 22nd & Kedzie…GIVE ME A BREAK….

    1. reggie says:

      She’s the one who allowed the sale of 20% of our uranium to Russia. The foundation’s good buddy, Frank Giustra, promptly donated over $100 million. She’s not a traitor as well????

  29. LARRY H. says:

    There seems to be only one way to get rid of the CLINTONS: Beat them @ their own GAME. We are forgetting a ‘classic’ message: THE LESSER OF TWO EVILS–IS STILL EVIL!!! WE MUST DEAL WITH THE PRESENT now–THE FUTURE WILL BE DEALT WITH ACCORDINGLY!

  30. Cole Johnson says:

    looks like the mentally ill gene was passed on from hillary to chelsea! She looks as batty as pelosi! No thanks on the clinton crime family!

  31. LARRY H. says:

    NOT ONLY HAS chelsea accomplished NOTHING in her own right, but, she managed to marry someone who, when you read about him–doesn’t seem to know what he is doing either!! SHAME, SHAME, SHAME!

  32. noah jonas says:

    Somebody must be kidding. No one would vote for a face that grotesque. Besides that she got wealthy off the Clinton Foundation just like old Ma and Pa Clinton did. This enterprising family also made big money on everything they did illegally. Bill made $48 Million off speeches while Hillary was Secretary of State. That whole family smells as bad as a room full of ladies wearing cheap perfume.

    1. bytheway4 says:

      Noah,plus the billions they stole from the Haiti’s flood money.

  33. carruth says:

    No need to panic. No one has to vote for her. Unfortunately, the hoop-la and media fawning over these herpetic societal blights will continue to muddy up TV time and interfere with more worthwhile and informative programs, such as Golden Girls or Gunsmoke re-runs. (LOL). Enough of the Big C’s, already!

  34. Len Tippett says:

    Why does everyone think you are qualified to run for office just because everyone has heard your spoken name? It does not seem to matter how stupid, ugly, corrupt, and dishonest, all one needs to have is a recognizable name. Boy is America stupid.

    1. Proud Islamaphobic says:

      100% correct!!!

  35. Diane C. Santucci says:

    Anyone who would vote for any of the Clinton Cartel members must be crooked themselves! Chelsea is one of the heads of it & her husbands reputation isn’t any better!
    Further proof that Hillary & Obama must face prosecution. Jail time will change things considerably! Hillary is a traitor on many levels.
    New evidence is surfacing about obama’s birth. If proven that he was not born in the USA, then his retirement & all perks as President must be cancelled!
    President Trump, please replace Comey & appoint special prosecutors to investigate both Hillary & Obama!

    1. Mike W says:

      Check this out – I always thought that Obama’s real father was Frank Marshall Davis but not after seeing this. The guy in the picture on the left below is the founder of a cult called Sabud. That picture was taken in the 50’s.

  36. jimmy9522 says:

    The democrats need new blood, not the old polluted stuff, but i hope she does run.

  37. granny_forUSA says:

    Chelsea will be the puppet, and Hillary would be pulling the strings……..OMG, catastrophe

  38. Ron Long says:

    Well, you can whip a dead horse, but will it go anywhere?

  39. lucifer says:

    Looks like the old lezbo is at it again. Trying to get her Ugly child that has no experience in anything, her resume shows exactly What? She will get honored by to rags I think next week for work she has not performed? And who is behind all this, none other than the Crime Family. Ask yourselves why Expedia named her to the board of directors? Why? Tit for tat? Someone in that organization is connected to or owes some favors to the Clintons. The Corruption in that family coupled with the democrats is another disaster looking for a place to happen. Thank You.

  40. Jim Strong says:

    Never going to happen.

  41. Whatzrname says:

    I think she’s disliked even more than her mother and that’s a lot. And where are we with the investigation of the Clinton Foundation? Of, that’s right, that’s comey’s department.

    1. Mike W says:

      Look into what the NYPD found on a computer they seized from Huma Abedin/Anthony Weiner’s home- a computer they shared. They found that Bill was not the only Clinton slipping down to Jeffery Epstein’s “Pleasure Island” for orgies with trafficked and run-away underaged girls. The FBI has that computer now and it’s said that Weiner is singing like a bird trying to get a reduced sentence or charges dropped all together. He supposedly has a lot of information on that computer against the Clinton’s he was keeping for insurance in case they ever came after him.

  42. dosadoe says:

    Let Chelsea Clinton run so that she can be nipped in the bud!

  43. doc says:

    Like mother,like daughter !!nufh said !!

    1. grafra102 says:

      doc: I thought the saying was “DAUGHTER LIKE MOTHER”???

  44. dprato says:

    Listen if their intention is to ultimately have her run for President she is going to have to explain her part in the Clinton Foundation pay for play as she ran the organization and was complicit in her parents misdeeds. I doubt if anyone will forget she has been part and parcel to the entire illicit behavior of the Clintons and the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

    1. Mike W says:

      Add to that her husband Marc Mezvinsky – “operated” a hedge fund that he “had” to shut down after losing 90% of investors’ money – $29,000,000 – I guess he “had” to shut it down because they were running out of “operating” capital. Marc’s father Ed Mezvinsky went to prison for bank fraud after stealing $10,000,000. With all of her dirty laundry she should try and get in good with the sanitation department.

  45. OMG….will the Clintons just go away PLEASE…

  46. michael101 says:

    Chealsea is a worthless Moron…No Real Experience, No Bonafide Critical Thinking Skills, never Seeved in the Military or Any Position of True Public Service, She has only been Trained by the MOST CORRUPT pair of Liars that exist in the US..! So what could be anyone’s motivation to support this Moron…?

  47. ter334 says:

    Why the paranoia over her? Anybody just about can run, including political hacks, but only one wins. These elected positions are not inherited much to the chagrin of family dynasties. Both the Bush”s and Clinton’s have found that out. And Ted Kennedy before them. She is irrelevant. FAQ now. Would you vote of M Obama for president? The dems/lins/RINOs/Hollyweirds are lost. They sold their souls to O and islam and are reaping what they have sown! PC needs to be drained from the 3 branches of govt.

    The courts apparently have no sense of the sovereignty of America as a nation? If some medical breakout such a aids, eboli, smallpox occurs out side America according to the 3 legal stooges, oops judges, said the president, even a she, could not temporarily suspend immigration from affected areas. Also it is quite appropriate for this nation to decide for itself who is a refugee. People in foreign countries, even those with backing of their foreign govt, do not have the right to come here as refugees just because they claim to be refugees. Impeach these legal stooges for trying to usurp the power of the executive branch., Also this nation is not obligated to consider Islam as a religion, just because their clerics claim it is a religion.

  48. Dennis says:

    Her dad became a complete disgrace. Her mother still proving to be even a bigger failure in every way. Why shouldn’t Chelsea destroy the Clinton name even more. Perhaps start by explaining why she got a $650,000 yearly salary for sitting on the board for the Clinton Foundation?

  49. CSP215 says:

    Why not—–“there’s gold in them hills”(old Arkansas saying) Just think “they” could jump start the “Clinton” foundation up again. Not much has been coming in since “The Hill” was sent packing by the “ELECTORAL COLLEGE” steam rolling machine of “The Trump Man”306 VS 232 , WOW!!!!!!!! Forget the four million voting edge that CA gave her as well as the dead voters “AND” the illegal immigrants . But here’s a question! WHERE IS ALL THAT ILLEGAL MONEY SHE GATHERED FOR HER HUSBANDS AND HER SPEECHES ?????

  50. Joann Haverkamp says:


  51. EMIRCITNA says:

    IT’S COMMON KNOWLEDGE that Chelsea Clinton is as DUMB as a rock!!!!

  52. Harold Sammons says:

    How much is Soro’s spending to get anew puppet in office to destroy the entire United States of America, I’m sure Hitlery has funds left over to buy enough votes to get her daughter into a power position to continue the Rape of America!

  53. Elwood Ballard says:

    Yeah,Yeah. And if a frog had wings, he wouldn’t bump his ass every time he jumps !!

  54. Bernie Lounds says:

    Me too,What a puke.

  55. noah jonas says:

    Chelsea had best Hurry up before her mommy and daddy gets sent to prison, or Elizabeth Warren moves to NY to run against her. Even Elizabeth looks better than Chelsea.

  56. Jaron Gant Joyner says:

    How is Chelsea Clinton-Getting a Life Time Award??Frankly she isn’t Old-Enough to Have even done-A lifetime of work or Anything-Just Amazing????

  57. Elizabeth says:

    Why are we not investigating the Clinton foundation? There is enough treason there to put them all away for a long time !

  58. JL Brown Jr says:

    She should be in jail, the whole Clinton clan, she used money from the Clinton foundation to buy her wedding dress, she broke the law! She has spent to many years watching mom and dad breaking the law and nothing happens to them, oh wow I can do that too! She was given a job doing nothing, getting paid an outrageous sum of money, because she’s a Clinton!

  59. Jim says:

    We don’t need sucker lips.

  60. Rodger K. Shull says:

    more of the clinton mob family , running another corrupt criminal politician. an the dirty legend continues. I pray they fail an fail badly, maybe they will be in jail before they can run.

  61. Timothy Dayton says:

    And her qualifications besides being First Daughter once and flying around in private jets while sucking up a HUGE salary doing nothing from the slush fund are . . . . . . (it’s pretty quiet here). She would make Kermit the Frog or Miss Piggy look like they were eminently qualified for an office.

  62. David Wayne Ray says:

    3 words…..YUK E PEW !

  63. Seldena says:

    Oh my goodness!!! That pitiful child needs to stay home and raise her children!! They are rich so what is up? Just wanting another Clinton in gov’t? Are they that power hungry that they cannot let go? Clintons and the whole clan are so sick and deranged!

  64. Ron says:


  65. Ron says:


  66. Box says:

    Just when we thought it was safe to go in the water again.

    1. Libs R Loons says:

      Theme from “Jaws” ensues…..

  67. John says:

    Why shouldn’t she run for office ? She’s as qualified as Hillary. Knows nothing at all except how to lie and cheat with a straight face. Will the Clinton Crime Family never give up? Let’s all hope they take an ocean cruise somewhere and sink.(Though I hate to think of all that pollution in the ocean)

    1. Libs R Loons says:

      LOL….downloading that pic for future troll ammo!

    2. grafra102 says:

      elkhunt: LOL,LOL!!!

  68. Kyle4318 says:

    she can run, but she cannot hide

  69. Ron says:

    I would rather live next to a Russian then all the scum Jews have brought into America from Africa Haiti Mexico and other third world countries.Walt Disney JEWS recently brought 250 dirtbags from India to replace 250 American workers. Walt Disney are the TROJAN HORSE TO FEAR. Disney destroy Florida and California. Disney Jews want to break up the Union along with other dangerous Jews. THE JEWISH MAFIA MEDIA BASHES RUSSIA EVERYDAY????? DISNEY ABC THE LEADER.

  70. Ron says:


    Pink Slips at Disney. But First, Training Foreign Replacements. – The New York Times
    The New York Times › 2015/06/04 › last…
    Jun 3, 2015 – Over the next three months, some Disney employees were required to train their replacements to do … But the layoffs at Disney and at other companies

    Laid Off Disney Worker To Tell Congress His Story No Anomaly | The Daily Caller
    The Daily Caller › 2016/02/24 › laid-off-…
    Feb 24, 2016 – “This situation at Disney is not an anomaly,” Leo Perrero says in prepared testimony obtained by The Daily Caller News Foundation. “This same abuse of the H1B program is happening …

  71. David Verrinder says:

    Time for target practice

  72. Box says:

    Why stop there? Why doesnt she complete the picture by divorcing her husband and marrying George Soros son, Alexander, who is the same age and taking over the family business?

  73. KDS says:

    Spank this kid and send her to bed without supper!

  74. nSsgCdS2Tu says:

    Only in NY or California would anyone vote for another clinton…just the thought of it makes me sick.

  75. Alleged Comment says:

    SORRY ugly, but there’s a new family in town now. They are called the TRUMPS.

    You are finished, your mother’s an ugly traitor and your father(?) is a rapist. Why don’t you have any shame? Or are you like them?

  76. Arnold Young says:

    glHoly cow—she looks just her ugly mother. Wonder if her butt is the same size and she wears pant suits. May the saints preserve us!!

  77. 1loyalamerican74 says:

    It is possible in the near future, that Chelsea may manage the Gitmo Sundries Shop, if she is on
    Good Behavior after her first year of being jailed for twenty years. It is possible that she may get
    75 cents per day for working there. Ain’t life grand?

  78. lorlan4 says:

    You will never get rid of the Clintons or Obamas until they are in prison, where they belong. Sad to see Chelsea going down the same path as we all must realize this country is not going to allow the idiocy to carry on much longer.

  79. Eli Charlie Noseworthy says:

    FUCK CHELSEA CLINTON !! She, her husband and Father-in-law are CRIMINALS ALL READY, the father has done time, she’s walking the same road her MURDERING Mother has walked, they all should be KNOCKED OFF !!!

  80. jim jones says:

    delusional little pig, just say no!

  81. John Savell says:

    Of course she will run. The only jobs she’s had have been handed to her on a silver platter. She has never actually worked for a living. She sees a way to steal money from the America taxpayers and to get money from foreign dignitaries, like momma did. Of course, the investigation into Clinton Foundation is still on-going and since she “ran” it for a while, her fingerprints are all over the corruption there. If Trump will get rid of Comey, maybe the investigation can lead somewhere and all 3 Clintons will end up in jail.

  82. kathy diamond says:


  83. Dee says:

    So what’s the big announcement?
    She’s decided to become a man? Easy,she’s half-way there.

  84. Loosecannon2U says:

    You know damn well that she is going to run for something! That family isnt finished sucking on the taxpayers teat!” The whole family is guilty of major crimes! President Trump has to throw Killary in jail! Even Slick Willy could be prosecuted! And then there is the evil spawn! Who stole from the family charity to finance her wedding! Does the family think we are all idiots that don’t remember there evil crimes! Geez Louise its only been 30 years of the Clinton Mafia! We need a break from them! Permanently!

  85. Elizabeth Davis says:

    Great lets elect another thief. Check what the Clinton foundation paid for her wedding not just thousand but millions.

    1. Libs R Loons says:

      Look at where the wedding was held, too.
      That would be the old Astor estate in NY where George Soros’ daughter lives.
      The media was locked out to make sure that the guest list of commie and muslim donors wasn’t leaked.

  86. J. Ernst says:

    No MORE CLINTON’S of ANY other names please!!!!
    At least the “Bush” daughters are doing what most NORMAL people do; WORK FOR A LIVING!!!!
    Since the Clinton’s domiciled in NY, that state has taken a NOSE-DIVE.

  87. KJ says:

    So her purpose is to weasel her way into the White House with NO REAL CREDENTIALS so that she can pardon her parents who, no doubt, should have spent more than a few years in prison by that time?

  88. donaldbreaux says:

    Think Hillary’s MONEY supporters will gamble on a look alike of Hillary? How much money did hillary’s supporters loose?

    1. Libs R Loons says:

      We know that Soros lost a solid $1 billion funding Hillary’s campaign, but not everyone knows that he lost another billion betting in the stock market against Trump.

  89. jewels says:

    We don’t need another lying thieving anti American Clinton crook to hold the office or, or even run for the office of President. It is time for the Clinton Cartel to slink quietly into the swamp,with the rest of the creatures who do their dastardly deeds, and kill their enemies.

  90. Libs R Loons says:

    Search “The Clinton’s Biggest Secret: Chelsea’s real father is Webb Hubbell”, and view the unmistakeable father-daughter pics for yourselves.
    On that note, the democrats originated a whole new low by having plastic surgery in an attempt to hide who the daddy is and run for political office, including Obama, the bahstid son of black CPUSA member Frank Marshall Davis (search “Dreams From My REAL Father: A story of Reds and deception”).

  91. Janet says:

    NOT another Clinton. The Clintons need to go away with all their crooked practices and scandals. I would rather watch a soap opera (and I hate them) than read one more thing about a Clinton! The name is becoming more of a profanity expression the more they stay in politics.

  92. Dave Lindley says:

    Why can’t the Clinton’s go get lost some place so that know one else get killed at there hands.

  93. Salgal says:

    Give us a break! We’ve had enough of the Clintons!

  94. Douglas Winfield says:

    Boy,she sure looks like Web Hubbell. How come? As they say, a spitting image.

  95. wildeagleone says:

    FIuvk the Clitstons

  96. Terry Stinnett says:

    besides, I think global warming has ‘shorted out ‘ her brain waves !

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