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Chelsea Clinton Gave One Insane Reason For Why She Left The Church

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  1. glenn davis says:

    She is pee your pants funny.

  2. Frederic Charles Hilnbrand says:

    She is one DFC!!

    1. John E Strom Jr. says:

      Does DFC stand for Despicable Feminazi Cretin? 😉

      1. Mike W says:

        I think it’s Dumb F****n Chick

        1. Frederic Charles Hilnbrand says:

          Change chick to cunt 🙂
          You were very close!!

      2. Frederic Charles Hilnbrand says:

        Dumb Fuc**ng Cunt

    2. Mike W says:

      Yeah don’t let the degree fool you- she is the so called “daughter” of an ex president – there is not a university in the world that wouldn’t graduate her with honors even if all she did was ruin coloring books the whole time she was there.

      1. Donaldo says:

        Don’t forget she thought Abe Lincoln was still alive. Remember the picture of him with the Make America Great Again hat on. She asked if that was real or photoshopped.

        1. Mike W says:

          Every time she opens her mouth she says something stupid. She talks about family values with parents like hers??? Not only that she married into a corrupt family – her father in law Ed Mezvinsky went to prison for bank fraud – after stealing $10,000,000. Her husband Marc Mezvinsky was “operating” a hedge fund until he “lost” all the investors money – well 90% of it. Then he “had” to shut it down – must have run out of “operating” capital. Have you ever watched an episode of “American Greed” his story is very very familiar if you have.

          1. Donaldo says:

            Can’t believe there are that many ignorant people in this country that can’t see through these scum bags.

          2. Mike W says:

            The democrats treat their people like mushrooms – they keep em in the dark and feed em lots of bullshit.

          3. Anvil6 says:

            Ignorance is curable. Willful blind stupidity is incurable.

          4. Holy Joe says:

            Most probably after her marriage she should have been known as Mrs. Ponzi.

          5. Dave from San Antonio says:

            “Every time she opens her mouth she says something stupid”.
            Like mother…like daughter.

      2. Frederic Charles Hilnbrand says:

        The degree did not fool me.

  3. She makes me sick to my stomach. Not over abortion but her obvious lying through her teeth. Yep, she’s a clinton through and through

    1. ONLYJB1 says:

      Got a lot of webb hubble in her I do believe!

    2. drbhelthi says:

      Her treason began as Hillary Rodham, 1974, as lawyer-member of the “impeach Nixon committee”. That was a year prior to marriage with Wm. J. Clinton. They have been faithful servants of George H. W. Bush as a CIA married couple since their marriage, 1975. George H. W. Bush, emeritus CEO of the Republican party, demonstrated his appreciation for their faithful servitude. He emerged from his usual secretiveness in late Oct. 2016 to announce that he would vote for Hillary Clinton. Bush a republican icon, attempted to influence Republicans to vote for Democrat, Hitlary Clinton, who was leading the DNC attempted coup détat of the 2016 U.S. presidential election.
      A scattergram of Bush-Clinton international contacts would be huge, and clearly demonstrate why stooge James Comey covered for Hillary Clinton instead of exercising the authority of the Director, Federal Bureau of Investigation.
      Comey is well-qualified for an FBI investigation into his malfeasance as Director, F.B.I., since the date of his appointment to the position. One wonders how many senior FBI agents retired due to his appointment – – .

  4. d peters says:

    Yeah, Like 6 year olds 1) know enough about abortion to have formed a solid opinion and 2) should be allowed to make their own theological decisions (to quit that church based on the abortion stance). I have a very bright 6 year old granddaughter who doesn’t know what abortion is and, if she did, I’m sure she wouldn’t be in favor of killing a baby just because the mother didn’t want it.

    1. Donaldo says:

      The Clintons are a good argument for abortion.

      1. Holy Joe says:

        My God ! You are right !

      2. Marvin Barry Cohen says:

        The Clintons are an abortion!

      3. Mike W says:

        Ironically Obama’s mother was 17 when she got pregnant with him. It was 1960 and unwed mothers were shunned – if abortion was as readily available then as it is today we may have never heard of Barack Hussein Obama Jr.

        1. I care says:

          Good reason for that next day PILL

        2. DonOldGuy says:

          I don’t wish him dead, I only wish him GONE.

      4. Ramah Lee says:

        Hillary has a couple, both male babies that belong to bill chesla by another donor

        1. Wynette Atkins says:

          And there is a young bi-racial man claiming to be Bill’s son, by his Black Mother. And he is the spitting image of Bill.
          I’m not to sure Obama is the son of Obama Sr. I believe that was a marriage of convenience only, as Obama Sr. was already married to a different woman in Kenya at the time. But if you have ever seen Frank Marshall Davis’ picture next to Obama’s you will see a noticeable resemblance. Also Frank Marshall Davis was allowed to mentor Obama Jr. all through his years living in Hawaii, and possibly even beyond his years in Hawaii. I’m sure Frank Marshall Davis put Obama in contact with Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn, and therefore onto ACORN and George Soros, when he was living in Chicago.

          1. Carolyn Nuss says:

            Not only that, but FMD’s son from his marriage looks just like Barry. You can’t tell me that they aren’t paternal half-brothers. I think that FMD is indeed Barry’s bio-daddy. FMD couldn’t marry the communist whore Ann Dunham, because he was already married at the time. The Kenyan was a convenient cover up is all he was. He married her in exchange for being allowed to come to the US & go to school. After the Kenyan finished school, he was gone. No need to stick around anymore. His job of “playing baby daddy” was over. Notice too, how the Kenyan completely abandoned Barry after the divorce. Didn’t support nor have anything to do w/ young Barry until by chance, he just happen to run into Barry when Barry was ten years old.

          2. Wynette Atkins says:

            If Obama Jr. was actual son of the Kenyan Obama Sr., there would have been papers signed by him, giving up his Parental Authority, before his Mother’s Indonesian Husband, Mr. Soetoro, could adopt him. None of that paperwork has come to light; as to how his name changed not once, but twice. Also Barry has never shown any real feelings of the other children Obama Sr. had, from his other wives. Obama went there once to get information before writing his book “Dreams of My Father”, to get pictures taken of himself there at Obama Sr.’s Grave, and of his supposed half brothers & sisters, and supposed Grandmother, and just maybe to steal his Kenyan Birth Certificate, from their records, as his record of birth was cut out of their Book of Births. I don’t doubt that Obama was born in Kenya. I just doubt that the biological Father is who everyone understands it to be.
            I doubt he’ll ever tell the truth about his true heritage, as all done to fit his story, and to protect his real Father, and to make it look like his Mother was legally married when he was born. Unfortunately anyone that could have provided facts about his history, that were adults at the time, have all passed on. And he has reportedly paid millions to have all of his records sealed. He is truly a “Manchurian Candidate”.

      5. Art Webb says:

        Best pro abortion argument ever

    2. Minoo Inamdar says:

      You are so right–another case of lying–seems to run in the whole family-I have a 5 1/2 yr. old and he does not know anything about abortion, except that abortion implies killing babies.So, Chelsea at age 6 deciding to quit church on account of abortion??? That is a bald faced lie–because she does not appear to have developed precociously.

    3. DMJo says:

      In some ways, children oftentimes have a clearer view about things. Abortion is one of those issues because they know an unborn baby is a baby not “clumps of cells”.

  5. Robert F says:

    Just another statement by the clintons to prove you cannot believe them.

  6. Buford says:

    Being inside a chicken house does not make you a chicken. She may have seen the inside of a church building once. It is easy to quit being something you never ever were.

    1. 5live5 says:

      Almost as bad as her old lady claiming to have been “under fire” while exiting a chopper!! The pilots cut that one apart!

  7. Eugene Pariah says:

    One of the most jarring revelations that came out of the many investigative pieces on the Clintons, was the incessant and diligent brain-washing that Bubba and Cankles marinated Chelsea in – beginning at a very early age!

    But still, Chelsea’s claim is unalloyed BULL SHIT!

    1. Jay Crossbow says:

      You don’t get out from under….Satan Worship. If you revolt they kill you. Accident related of course for the young.

      1. ChicagoThunder1 says:

        I wonder if there is one in Moscow? That would explain a lot… The Masons might have that covered.

      2. C. LeSaint says:

        Yes, you CAN get out of Satan worship by the blood of Jesus Christ!!

  8. parthenon1 says:

    The only faith any of the Clinton Crime Family is the almighty $ ! its the only faith that would have them and feel they were honest enough to fit !

  9. SouthernPatriot says:

    Chelsea is the product of Slick Willy and Jezebel. Should we expect anything different from lies from Chelsea?

    Now, she is worshiping at the altar of human sacrifice where babies are killed and their arms, legs, heart, lungs, brain, pancreas, kidneys, etc. are cut out and sold. Worshipers of Baal did this and now worshipers of killing babies today do this.

    1. Jay Crossbow says:

      Good points all. Temple of Baal arch is all over now, London, NYC, was put up in Italy for the G7 meeting. One is in Dubai, where IMF’s Christine LeGard posed with the Arabs with. This is all quite lunacy except for those that are in the practice of Satanic Worship.

    2. DonOldGuy says:

      So, the story I hear about Willy ain’t her Dad, might not be true? Can’t imagine why the Hiliarly would not have had an abortion if it was Web Hubbel’s kid. How’s this for conspiracy?: Bill is really gay and the public wouldn’t have elected him Pres. if it was known (listening Barry?). So Chelsea is a convenient political prop to dispel any rumors. Sorta like Malia and Sascha? There is little this power hungry duo wouldn’t do.

      1. lapin.grove says:

        Billy Jeff shoots blanks. He is not gay but Hil is bi. Chelsea IS Hubbard’s spawn.

        1. Dave from San Antonio says:

          In any case…she’s a child of “convenience” so the Clinton’s would at least look like a “all American couple”…if just for politics.

  10. Kenneth Fichtl says:

    A Priest a Rabbi an Imam and a Buddhist monk were in a Shanty in Arkansas when Chelsea walked in . They left

    1. Barkingdeathsquirrel says:

      The imam came back because his goat had ran off.

      1. 5live5 says:

        And she reminded him SO MUCH of the goat!!!

  11. Mike W says:

    So Bucky Hubbell was pro-abortion at age 6?

  12. LLJINTL says:

    Why doesn’t someone simply tell the nation that is why we are under harsh judgement, murdering babies, selling their parts, one of the main things God abhors about this nation lost in sin. We can turn our back on God and sin like there’s no tomorrow, but it does not take God out of the equation. He is still there and not happy with us and why one day soon every knee will bend, and I suspect the Lake of Fire will be full.

  13. sawdst says:

    The Clintons have no moral compass! They have proven it time and time again!

    1. Mike W says:

      Hillary’s former campaign manager and campaign chair John Podesta was exposed as a devil worshipper. She must have highly valued his opinions.

      1. Jay Crossbow says:

        DEvil Worship and child sacrifice and pedophilia all go together. Hillary is involved as well, which is why Podesta was her campaign manager. Bubba into it as well,,,,,Epstein’s Child Rape Island frequent flyer program,

        1. John E Strom Jr. says:

          After 10 round trips to Jeffrey Epstein’s private island “travelers” get a pair of pre-teens for the weekend?

        2. Mike W says:

          I think the whole democrat party id devil-worshippers. They are certainly anti-Christian. They told their remaining members that if they are not pro-abortion there is no room for them anymore. They promote any sick lifestyle that comes along. As far as Epstein’s “Pleasure Island” where the orgies with trafficked and run-away underaged girls goes – the computer seized from Anthony Wiener has evidence that Hillary made at least 6 of those trips too – yeah she’s a child advocate – she advocated her own child to be pro abortion at the tender age of 6 when most girls that age are just starting school and playing with dolls – no idea of what an abortion even is. I hope God has a special place in hell all picked out for the Clintons and their ilk.

          1. Linda Shelton says:

            Remember when they took God our of their party platform and only put it back because of the outcry,

          2. Mike W says:

            They wanted the Ten Commandments taken off of every government building and prayer taken out of the schools – except for the muslims of course.

          3. Rap Scallion says:

            I never remember them puting it BACK in?????????

          4. Holy Joe says:

            The Clinton’s promote sick life styles for money !

          5. John McPherson says:


        3. drbhelthi says:

          A historical overview of paedophilia information is at _

          The evil, Harvard law instructor, Alan Dershowitz, associated with Epstein´s “Lolita Express”, reveals the key to the paedophilia society_

    2. NorthPortNurse says:

      You’re so right ! They just don’t favor killing babies…..Chelsea’s parents have been implicated in over 40 untimely, questionable deaths of friends, companions ( of the very personal kind), co-workers and co-conspirators. Especially vulnerable have been the ones subpoenaed to testify against them in court.

      1. DMJo says:

        Apparently, the Clintons believe in ex post facto abortions.

      2. drbhelthi says:

        The total is between 114 and 176. https //www youtube com/watch?v=UoE73WNoCXo
        Their affiliation with the CIA and MOSSAD has a much broader coverage area, and is not limited to immediate employees and associates.

        1. NorthPortNurse says:

          Wow, a week doesn’t go by without finding out more about these people and she had the gall to call the Trump supporters deplorable !

  14. Irate Californian says:

    Hey chels if your mom said 2+2 =5, you would still believe her. But the real question is, Do you believe the world is flat??

    1. John E Strom Jr. says:

      Or that your daddy is Slick Willy. He ain’t.

  15. Bobby Arnold says:

    Chelsea is a Clinton that makes here a liar – a whore – a thief – a huge POS and a skank.. You believe in abortion you do not believe in God Almighty father of Jesus

    1. Holy Joe says:

      You have just described the Poster Person for abortion.

  16. Elaine Bobula says:

    She is the daughter of a lying parent so why should she be a member of any religion.

  17. MeanGene155 says:

    She left the church because she is of her father, the devil. “Depart from me because I never knew you”.

  18. neil says:

    Wow she is looking more and more like Hobble’s child!
    “And he said, ‘Oh, Webb (Hubbell) sired her,’” referring to Hillary’s Rose Law Firm colleague, once a close Clinton family friend.”

  19. game50 says:

    The real reason that she left the church is… she’s a Muslim just like her mother….

    1. Jay Crossbow says:

      They both into the Kaballah and Satanism, which is why she married the Medvesky creature. Synagogue of Satan.

      1. Donaldo says:

        Yeh! Look at the Medvesky family crime history. Birds of a feather !

  20. jaboj says:

    I think the best advice for Chelsea Clinton would be to make herself invisible. People are sick of looking at her, reading about her, her opinions, her trying to channel Hillary through herself. Was she born with that warped mind? All that thieving family cares about is money and power. Chelsea, take your husbands name and move up in life to the Ozarks.

    1. Jay Crossbow says:

      Yea I agree, Webster Hubbell with long hair and boobs is pretty absurd.

      1. John E Strom Jr. says:

        She does resemble a cow.

  21. Jay Crossbow says:

    The left does love one religion. Satanism.

  22. Loring Loding says:

    When her daddy was prez, congress voted to outlaw partial birth abortions. He vetoed it and now we know why. The lucrative used baby parts business profits from this type of butchery. And of course, more profits for planned abrtionhood means more donations to the d.n.c. As for her mom’s deeeep faith? Most people on the left lean towards humanism and/ or pantheism. As a humanist she has a deeeeeeeeeeeep faith in herself. When Chelsea was 6 she probably exposed to shock therapy. “Do like abortions”? (yes = candy bar) (no = Zaaaaaaaaaap)

  23. Michael Skok says:

    She reminds of the woman who said, “At the risk of appearing predictable, the Bible was and remains the biggest influence on my thinking. I was raised reading it, memorizing passages from it and being guided by it. I still find it a source of wisdom, comfort and encouragement.” This woman marches in gay day parades and is the biggest proponent of abortion in the country. What’s her name again? Let me think. Oh, yes; it’s her mother, Hillary Clinton.

  24. Corpseman57 says:

    I bet she never watched an abortion to see how horrific it is.

    1. John E Strom Jr. says:

      Especially a ‘partial birth abortion’ where the perfectly healthy baby is murdered and then cut up for body parts. Liberal scum think this should be protected.

  25. Corpseman57 says:

    I wonder if Chelsea’s husband is not having “sex” with others…you know what I mean by that, right? I wonder if she’d forgive him if his body part entered an opening in someone elses body. Liberals are all disgusting pukes.

  26. exoticdoc2 says:

    She’s a child murderer just like her mother. That whole family is worthless slime.

  27. Hammer the Bar'stewards says:

    Just a great pity that she was not aborted!

    1. Jay Crossbow says:

      But she is an abortion. Like Obama, Piglosi, Waters, Schumer and the rest of the satanic lunatics.

  28. Nutmeg Man says:

    What a bunch of malarkey. Guess all Clintons are haywire and can’t tell the truth. What a sorry, sorry family. Why did they ever get into politics and screw up the country so badly.

    1. ShooterTutor says:

      For that very reason… to deliberately destroy this country. Understand, satan hates America, and the klintons get their dunimas (sp?) from their “god” satan. The progressives are drawn to the klintons and we are repelled by them. That in itself tells one in the know so very much.

      Once one knows who the founders of America were and who the folks who came here were it’s all clear. But it’s not my job to tell anyone. It’s up to folks who want to know to ask for it in prayer. Hint… follow the Isrealites over the Caucus mountains. From then on it’s historical and not biblical. Place names also are a key; the Danube, the Dnieper (sp?) river.

      Europe is lost and has been for a very long time, the USA is the last bastion. That also sets the timeline.

  29. David in MA says:

    Everything about the Clintons (and Obama’s) is a lie.
    I thought Chelsea might have left the church to convert to her husbands Judiasm….. But I feel a good look at almost all democrats will produce the same as communism, there can be only one central leadership and authority, the government. AND, I firmly believe almost all democrats are Satanists. I bet every democrat knows who Anton Levy is.

  30. AngB says:

    Considering there is MORE than 1 photo of Chelsea wearing an UPSIDE DOWN CRUCIFIX….I’d say it’s MORE than obvious what she AND HER PARENTS worship..AND IT’S NOT GOD. The entire Clinton family is evil.

  31. Darlene F. Donston says:

    LOL I really don’t think Chelsea even knows what she is talking about. I doubt if she has EVER gone to Church much at all. I am a Methodist and have been all my Life. As far as her being a Baptist, I doubt very much they were talking to 6 year old kids about abortions. She is just a plain OLD LIAR like her Mother and so-called Father and it is the way she grew up. She needs to start being a Mother to her own 2 little ones and keep her Big Horse Mouth Shut!

  32. kathy says:

    wow…unreal….I don’t care if she is Left Or Right on issues….she would be better off to just shut her mouth……she’s down right scary

  33. uchsamin says:

    No problem witch,…you can still have abortions just like your scum bag mom did. Did you even learn how close you came to being an abortion ???? she only agreed to have a kid because it was advised they had to have one for the white house run. Otherwise your fetus would have been cut up and sold to china. I guess your the lucky one.

  34. Athanasios1 says:

    Clintons. Lying whores…all of them.

  35. Doug T says:

    She is definitely a Clinton , if you can’t find a logical reason for holding one of your views just make up something outrageous and say it with a straight face and all your liberal lapdog followers will suck it right up.

  36. Wynette Atkins says:

    She is lying through her teeth. No children’s Sunday School Class teaches or talks about Abortion, to 6 year olds. I doubt they even talk about Jesus’ crucifixion to 6 years old. They learn about his birth, and the stories from the Old Testament about Creation, Noah and the Flood, Moses freeing the Jews from Egypt, and the 10 Commandments. They learn the “Golden Rule” Jesus taught during 3 year teaching. But mainly they learn songs like, “Jesus Loves Me”, and other Children’s Songs.

    1. Helen Jackman says:

      No doubt the biggest lie on the internet. You can certainly tell within one sentence who has or hasn’t ever been in a church or read a BIBLE. GOD forgives those who have committed crimes if they ask for forgiveness and mend their wicked or corrupt ways.

      1. Wynette Atkins says:

        God might forgive Chelsea for this lie; but maybe not for believing in, and supporting Abortion. But I don’t believe God will forgive Hillary and Bill, if even half of what they are accused of doing is true. God tells us in John 3:16, that for him to grant forgiveness you have to believe in his son. None of the 3 seem to believe in him, or they wouldn’t do the things we know they have done, throughout their adult lives.

  37. sox83cubs84 says:

    Chelsea Clinton is the reigning Dumb Blonde of politics.

  38. Harvey Schneider says:

    I doubt that Bill, Hillary, or Chelsea were ever in THE CHURCH, which is the universal body of believers in Jesus of Nazareth. He died so those that accept his life as a personal sacrifice for the payment of their sin would have eternal life spent in heaven.

    I might be wrong in my conclusion.

    Trees & people will be judged by their fruit. It appears that their fruit is corrupt as was the fruit of Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil in the Garden of Eden.

    Christians that are leaving the Democratic Party, the party of corruption, and asking the Lord to forgive them for what they supported in the past are following the light of the Holy Spirit, God’s Word, and Jesus’ teachings.

    PTL that the GOD of Creation is alive and well and in control!

  39. old_salty_dawg99 says:

    Yes she is a Clinton and if Hillary had truely been pro abortion she would not be here. Thing is Hillary is pro abortion so long as it s bkacks being aborted.

  40. Murph68 says:

    I see two possibilities in Chelsea Clintons comments, either she doesn’t have a clue what type of person her mother is (doubtful, although maybe she refuses to believe the worst) OR the congenital liar gene was passed down from mom & dad. Either way, she’s as deluded as her parents.

  41. starliteblonde says:

    So she rejects God and His church because she’s for murdering of infants and gay marriage and God isn’t? She thinks she’s more important than God? How is she going to explain that on her judgement day? LOL

  42. B. Pearson says:

    Come on Chelsea stop embarrassing yourself…….You don’t know enough to fill a thimble. Wait until you are forty then, open your mouth to realities better understood.

  43. cowboytex says:

    I don’t care what she has to say,another liar Clinton.

  44. gtm615 says:

    In other words she is very clearly stating that either she does not believe the Bible as the Word of God. Or, if she does believe it is the Word of God, than she does not believe God. It also shows that she believes that religious beliefs should be determined by sinful man and not by omnipotent and omniscient God.

  45. 4NMatters says:

    Her pact with Satan doesn’t allow Sunday School.

  46. Frank Wessels says:


  47. rottenrollin says:

    Is it true Hillary wanted to abort Chelsea but Bill said it would look bad for them politically, plus it looks good politically for them to have a child???

  48. Jan Lee says:

    Chelsea can not tell the truth. This is a perfect example of her lying. Pathological liar. If she can be giving a speech spewing these lies she is as bad or worse than her mother. They all need help. And the perfect place for them to get that help is in prison. There is no way she left the church at age 6. She is crazy.

  49. ter334 says:

    The only faith the D party has is faith in govt; as long as they are in office, If the GOP or anyone else is elected then they are racist, homophobic, anti women, And the press agrees with them. And above else think govt patronage is the same as charity by people that give to charity like the widow’s mite, from the heart. Anyone that thinks marriage can be between same sex persons needs to be viewed with caution. Or that FGM is sound govt policy while talking about women’s rights on the other side of their mouth. Govt patronage is just another word for vote buying. Another feature of the D party is they are the greatest vendor of help for special interest groups America has ever seen. In the 40s and before they “helped” the unions become politically powerful, recently they have “helped” PP make lots of money, like MI I guess, college students become burdened by debt while the liberal profs got tenure, helped illegal immigrants and unvetted invaders who are colonizing live like other democrats. off govt patronage. Bought one way tickets for blacks to go North after their plantation/segregation was ruled illegal and Ike integrated Little Rock High School. And they blamed the GOP for being racist. And the Clinton’s funded their foundation with petrodollars to help the oil sheiks do what? Implement sharia law? And lest we forget the D party is known a the tax and spend party, leaving American citizens with 20 trillion in debt, with the D party spending much more then their fair share. My oh my. The real truth of the performance of our political parties should be taught in Common Core. And the courts who seem determined to rule by PC instead of by justice and the rule of law. Many of the judges seem to be part of the D party brotherhood? Lady Justice i supposed to be blind not go around pinning the tail on the elephant.

  50. she’s just as delusional as her parents.

  51. ter334 says:

    Didn’t O vet people that entered the WH? And no doubt continue this practice in his new multi-million dollar house! He is classic don’t do what i do, do what I say do type person.

  52. Robert LaBiento says:

    do people actually believe her? She was pro choice @ 6?

  53. Richard Bagenstose says:

    clintons can’t stand the church because they collect millions every year and don’t give it to them

    1. tanksolot says:

      It’s been said that a BJ from Chelsea counts as anal.

  54. Ron says:

    No morals and no sense; it runs in the family..thank God her mother lost…

  55. Holy Joe says:

    Chelsea Clinton (named after a London Suburb – does that should tell you someting ?), does not understand very much at about the age of 36 – so doubtless she understood even less when she was six years old – however precocious a brat she was.

  56. David S. McQueen says:

    Chelsea Clinton’s “statements” are ghost written. Her “statements” are all with politics foremost in mind. Podesta was right: Chelsea is a moron. She never had an original thought because she’s intellectually incapable of it.

  57. Jim says:

    Sorry honey. Apostate churches will fall. So you keep believing that crap. I will pray you turn it around before it’s too late for you. you go to church to worship the Lord. NOT man. I guess you missed that part eh?

  58. Mt Native says:

    Her mother taught her well – how to lie with a smile. ?

  59. GrumpyGrandpa says:

    Democrats LIE!

  60. RichFromShowMe says:

    If she told the truth it could be embarrassing; i.e., when she enters a church her skin starts to smoke and, like a vampire, that’s not the place they want to be 🙂

  61. Gorba says:

    Oh boy, just as expected another lie from a Clinton. I think it’s in their DNA!

  62. downs1 says:

    Another Clinton liar! How foolish! She will be judged the same as her parents, and she won’t like the judgment! Her choice! She is not greater than God, and He has given His Holy Word which will never change! He is “the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow!” Abortion is murder! And unrepentant murderers will not enter heaven!

  63. seeingeye says:

    I believe Chelsea exxaggerated. I don’t think she was concerned about such things at the age of 6. However, although I am a staunch conservative and Christian, I also have left all the “churches” because I believe they adhere to Man’s religion which is a corrupted and worldly version of God’s Truth.

  64. 5live5 says:

    This is the highest stacked pile of BS I’ve seen since either her father or Obam left the white house!!!!

  65. Joseph Nicholas Toth Jr. says:

    Her and her mother and father wouldn’t be the reprobates today if they stayed in church. She had bad and I mean really bad teachers in those two.

  66. Bob Cohernour says:

    With a story like this,it looks like they, (the Liberals/Democrats), are grooming Chelsea to replace Nancy Pelosi. Looks like Bill and Hillary started training her early enough, and did a top notch job. Only SIX years old, and and already up to date on the Liberal stance involving religion and abortion.

  67. I care says:

    I wish the mothers of people like this and may Libs snowflakes ” WISH YOUR MOTHERS HAD THE MORNING AFTER PILL” This is the way we can keep control of sub-humans, Obama mother should been on the list! Maybe when she gave birth to Berry was her down fall, Poor thing to have him for a having a Clinton.

  68. Ed says:

    Uh,,,Real Christians Love not judge?

  69. Roy Veteto says:

    8 million FEWER people voted in this election as compared to the previous election. abortion has been legal over 40 years resulting in over 40 million deaths. just think that if abortion had been illegal today , hillary might have won.

  70. byalexis says:

    She is as big a liar as her mother and father. As a Baptist for 72 years I can honestly say I never remember a lesson on abortion. Of course I do remember several lessons in “though shalt not kill” and though shalt not” do several other things that the Clinton’s are guilty of. Just saying.

  71. Snaps says:

    Her problem is two-fold: (1) She doesn’t actually read her Bible (if she even has one); and (2) She’s still 6 years old.

    1. Mike W says:

      She is definitely a case of – “the lights are on – but nobody’s home”.

  72. harpo49 says:

    well the ugly duckling got her lying gene from her mother what an effin idiot

  73. RightWriter says:

    I don’t know which annoys me more — Chelsea’s determined left-wing but unexamined attitudes on EVERYTHING, or her pretending to be precocious enough that she had an opinion on abortion (pro, of course) at THE AGE OF SIX. Yeah, right, Chelsea! Now, really, folks: how many of you knew what abortion MEANT at the age of six? At the age of TEN? Maybe 13 or 14, but…

    Incidentally, Chelsea claims (as stated in this new book) several doctoral degrees from “the University of Oxford,” by which she apparently means Oxford, in England. Problem: THAT’S NOT THE NAME OF THE UNIVERSITY — it’s “OXFORD UNIVERSITY” — and anyway “Oxford University” DOES NOT ISSUE DEGREES. The various COLLEGES that compose the university (there are more than 20) issue the degrees. It’s BEEN that way since 1249 or thereabouts (that’s not a typo: it WAS founded in the 13th century!). (It’s easy to understand where Chelsea, or maybe her “biographer,” got this wrong identification — Wikipedia has it wrong, too! But a former STUDENT certainly WOULD HAVE IT RIGHT.)

    Maybe Ms. Clinton got her degrees from The University of Oxford, MISSISSIPPI?

  74. bearone7777 says:

    OHHHHHHHH how they are deceived and it shall be until I come again!!!

  75. And what did her mother tell her about abortion? I’m sure Hillary said “It’s a woman’s RIGHT to have an abortion whenever she pleases”.

  76. fordfool says:

    getting in-close w/ them and YoNothng is like having a skunk in the room….U wont learn much but you’d know they’ve been there…

  77. DMJo says:

    A six-year-old was allowed to decide to quit a church? Who’s the parent anyway?

  78. Junkki says:

    Really Chelsea, please show us in God’s word where he says you can kill an unborn. A woman of Faith which includes your mother as you say, should know what he says, and killing the child is not the answer.

  79. Dondh says:

    She left the church, she left Jesus, she lost her sanity! One day she will stand in front of the ultimate Judge, The TRIUNE GOD, and have to answer for her decision to leave the Church. I’m not the judge, but I believe she’ll have to have a pretty good answer to God in order to get eternal life in Heaven. You see, the Bible says that not all who call on the name of Jesus will be saved. But for those who truly repent and believe on Him will be saved! Yes I know what some of the following comments will say, who am I to judge anybody! To you who do so, I have no intention to do so. I only believe and have faith in what the Word of God, the Bible, says! Its all a matter of choosing to believe in Jesus Christ as the One and Only Savior and having the faith to believe because we are saved only by God’s Grace! Its something that every person on Earth has a choice to make which is to either accept or reject! There now you know what I believe! Jesus loves you as He says and we who believe are to do the same!

  80. Les Gulledge says:

    My response: IF HitLIARy HAD an abortion – we would have no Chelsea… ROFL. I don’t guess that ever crossed this dumb bitches mind… her argument doesn’t hold water.

  81. Bigmanuger says:

    Yep, band the godless whore was assisting with performing late term abortions when she was seven years old. The frigging perverts will do, say, anything that in their twisted minds they think will get them votes and hen if they get in an office money. And power. That’s all they desire, they could give a s– t about what’s right , what is just, what is moral. Theses Clintons are spon fron hell.

  82. Michael Davis says:

    The whole Klinton family makes me want to vomit.
    As if we care why Chelsea left ANY church…how about we ask Hildebeast why she converted to ISLAM!!!
    The Klintons will do ANYTHING that they think will make them rich.
    They are some TRULY SICK people.

  83. Honorary says:

    This woman Chelsea is a real proof that “Insanity is inherited’ its come on her RNA and DNA from both of her parents.

  84. KDBUG says:

    Well, what an insightful child at the tender age of six. I truly find this hard to believe and sad.

  85. David says:

    She isn’t going ANYWHERE FAST!!!

  86. Michael Valgos says:

    She is a true Clinton, she couldn’t tell the truth if she had to. She left on her own at the age of six. She must have become the chief of police at 8. She left the church because her mother is a lesbo, and papa Clinton is a pervert.

  87. John Beam says:

    I seriously doubt that any of the Clinton cabal could give a coherent explanation as to what their “faith” IS. Everything that they hold to must correspond to THEIR notions, not anyone else’s.

  88. ROB says:

    Ripe old age of six and making those decisions. If she had made a decision at six on her own she would have come down on the side of the innocent unborn child. At six most children’s minds have not yet been warped enough to think it was ok to murder a child. But in the case of a Clinton, maybe.

  89. jim jones says:

    Chelsea, fucking, WHO?

  90. J. Ernst says:

    RELIGION does not a Christian make!!!
    There are MILLIONS of cristian’s (deliberate misspelling) claiming to be kind and true to certain Christianly values….UNTIL THEY ARE CONFRONTED with their “walk”.
    It’s NOT for you and me to “judge” what GOD has in store for each of us. As Christ once said, “Each has his own salvation to work out.”

    WE, as people/individual’s, DO judge whether we like it, acknowledge it or not. It’s how we are “wired”.

    In ANY of man’s historical political happenings, there have always been thieves, rougue’s, murderer’s and their owners, and the politicians have ALWAYS served who pays the most.
    The best thing to do NOW is to tweet, text, email, write to and somehow communicate YOUR and MY sentiments to: the newsertainment industry, THEIR paid sponsors, THEIR politician’s and the likes of the Clinton’s, Oh-Bama’s, Bush’s, LBJ’s, Mao’s, Lenin’s, Pol Pot’s, Begin’s and Bibi’s, (sorry, I don’t have the muslim names as they are too numerous at present), and on and on and on….
    In this country, we are supposed to be able to exercise free speech in perpetuity….UNLESS the doj, dhs, fbi, cia/mossad decide to GAG U.S. either from a court order OR physically.

    So as the pseudo-monarchs are constantly paraded AT U.S., (such as this HALF-BREED Clinton), as if THEY are relevant to OUR future, keep your wits about you.
    REMEMBER, there are MILLIONS of cristian’s surrounding U.S. POSING as Christian’s.

    BE NOT DISMAYED or co-opted.

    AND, there are many BULLY-PULPIT “churches” that are just as atheist as…an atheist. And are merely tax exempt social clubs with wonderful words in their oratories AND texts. Oh-Bama’s administration ushered in the NEW, Federal Government sanctioned GAY religion as the new standard of thought and behavior. The koran is beautifully written … until the murder and mayhem is espoused as mandate to its “believers” to PROTECT its own! Same thing in Lev where the text states to “render asunder a dishonest wife”, OR the TALMUD which the koran came from.

    1. RockinOn says:

      Muslim ideology is evil, since it is anti-Christian, and any other religion is not accepted by the Islamic ideology, therefore we cannot believe that they can be left to permit us as Christians to live and let live when they are opting for Sharia law and will not tolerate any other religion but Islam! If they would like to live as a Muslim, then allow them to do that somewhere else, not here !! As for the Clintons all of them should be incarcerated, not only for the infractions of the law that are known to the public, but for the criminal acts that have not been proven yet!

      1. J. Ernst says:

        HE HE HEH…good reminders of reality pictures with TRUE captions. Sadly, President Trump has NO WAY to incarcerate all of the criminals in the fbi, doj, IRS, fbi etc…
        I would opine that TO PROSECUTE would DRAIN or SEVERELY DIMINISH the demorat/rino banks, holdings, treasuries etc… to pay for the DEFENSE thereof….AND would allow REAL investigation of who the INTERNATIONAL FINANCIER’S ARE.
        The Russian/Trump distraction is just that type of financial attack being presented today.
        President Trump is correct that this is an expensive ruse upon the taxpayers.

  91. J. Ernst says:

    LMAO RockinOn….Imagine just HOW many idiots and minions there are around U.S. that actually believe these politician’s….and THEIR illegitimate offspring as if they are HEIRS to the political thrones.

  92. ReaperHD says:

    The entire CRIMINAL FAMILY are LIARS and don’t know what the TRUTH is.

  93. sobelle says:

    She certainly inherited the lying gene from her parents. What a ridiculous statement and the sad part is she expects everyone to believe it.

  94. Stranger says:

    Spoiled lib greedy elitist phony

  95. sparkleplenty27 says:

    poor little chelsea – the only qualities she acquired from her parents are all negative ones – not a looker, a big liar, ability to take corruption to new heights, and endless drive for power and wealth. Alas she did not acquire much brain power to back up any of it, so she just comes off as a very lame, inept and foolish spoiled rich girl.

  96. don76550 says:

    Chelsea you left because you were in a strange place you didn’t believe in. Your God is Satan.

  97. Helen Jackman says:

    MY, my more Clinton lies, dishonesty certainly rules in this family, such utter stupidity beyond belief.

  98. John Savell says:

    Yes, but faith in herself doesn’t count, nor does faith in Satan, which can only be the god she worships with her views. I am sure at 6 Chelsea was so smart that she was thinking, “why are they talking about this to 6 year olds?” And what parent allows their child to make that kind of decision? No wonder she is such an idiot. Not to mention she says she grew up Methodist, but left the Baptist church. Which is it Methodist or Baptist? She can’t even lie well.

  99. roboteq says:

    What should we expect from a person whose father maintained that a BJ is not having sex. Reminds me of the story, hopefully a joke, about Hilary Clinton asking a teenaged Chelsea if she was having sex and Chelsea replied; not according to dad.

  100. roboteq says:

    On a more serious note, abortion is the main method of population control that Progressives have today. They really need to hold onto abortion so they don’t have to condone outright murder of those deemed to be not worthy of living.

  101. Phillip Lake says:

    They have murdered over 32 known people that interfered into their private financial lives. Those lives are filled with nothing but blood lust, drugs, money and insanity and this twerp thinks her mommy and daddy are “GOOD” Christians. The insanity lives on in their little ugly bitch.

  102. Daniel Brock III says:

    Fifty years ago, every major church was opposed to abortion. However, many churches founded by men and women because they didn’t want to follow the biblical teachings of the apostles, founded their own religion with their own dogmas so that they could continue to sin any way they wanted and not feel bad about it.

  103. Elizabeth Davis says:

    I doubt she even knew what that was at the age of 6. she is so full of hot stupid air it is not funny

  104. Blindhorse says:

    yea, there’s a story we can all believe. …Or, growing up with a sexual predator father and a mother that was a facilitator of abuse of hubby’s conquests and of questionable sexuality, little Chelsea got the message at age six to fall in line with their thinking or else.

  105. Dave from San Antonio says:

    ‘that they question our faith”
    That’s because there is none…unless it is in the “faith” of liberal ideology/communism/socialism…take your pick.
    “My mother is very deeply a person of faith”…could be…we do know, though, that it is not in Jesus.

  106. Glornt says:

    Sounds like Webb Jr learned the Clinton art of Lie Fu at an early age.

  107. Bob Chamberlin says:

    Fuck all the Clinton Scum Sucking Pigs.

  108. Robert Morris says:

    Why does AOL continue to post stories by this little twit. She is almost as believable as her lying mother. The entire Clinton family seems to believe they are royalty when in fact they are nothing more than Arkansas trash. Secondly, Chelsea hasn’t lived long enough to post an intelligent comment on any subject but the media which is totally biased to the liberal agenda will kiss the Clinton’s asses and make fuzzy and warm with anything they say.

  109. Marguerite Thibault says:

    The democratic party has no respect for life, look how many people were beheaded under their administration, look at how many people they unleashed to ALL COUNTERS OF THE EARTH WITH THEIR INTRUSION INTO THE MIDDLE EAST AIDING ISIL AT TIMES WITH AMERICAN TAX PAYER DOLLARS, NOT KNOWING WHAT IN THE HELL THEY WERE DOING TO OUR OWN COUNTRY. they were making major decisions with no knowledge as to how fight a war. They thought they were better educated on the matter, than any Military Graduate from our Military Schools. So they relied on her (Hillary) as the decision maker on the procedures to fight and kill over 400,000 people.

  110. David McAllister says:

    Hey, remember what Nixon’s 3rd cousin, twice removed, said about the Vietnam war? The correct answer is, “Nobody cares!!!!”

  111. Nina814 says:

    At 6 years of age, she knows what abortion is and is able to make a decision on whether abortion is right or wrong? My, my, my, she’s so smart. Chances are she heard her parents discuss the issue and accepted her parents’ stance on the issue.

  112. Donna Hills says:

    I would like to know which Methodist Church she attended that sanctions abortion. I think the powers that be in the Methodist Church would have apron!Em with that. What a lying sack of you know what.

  113. Donald says:

    She was stupid at six and nothing has changed. The only faith her mother has is in herself. Yes, Chelsea is a Clinton through and through..

  114. Donald says:

    The Clintons are one of the reasons that I would never be a democrat. They are corrupt as possible.

  115. Donald says:

    All the Clintons believe in killing babies.

  116. Walt says:

    The Clintons are among the worst Anti-Christians in American politics. They promote the Muslims Islamic ideology and are pro-abortion. Glad to see them out of politics as they are the most corrupt people in politics.

  117. jong says:

    Are you really sure that the Church did not throw them out??

  118. Patrick Driscoll says:

    She got her parents’ UGLY!

  119. ONLYJB1 says:

    It’s Howdy Doody time, it’s Howdy Doody time! Hey boys and girls I’m just a stupid puppet!

  120. Rodger K. Shull says:

    her mommie,s an daddie,s faith is in the CON an the GREEN BACK DOLLAR !, An I would guess they let the church, because they could not get a BIG $$$$$ Contribution.

  121. Camille says:

    The reason she left church is that she was not mentioned by name in the bible.
    2. She does not know or love Jesus Christ.
    3. She believes she came from an ape and no one is arguing with her there.
    4. Her mother swears like a old sea captain and hates any one who does not agree with her.
    5. She goes to a Mormon run church

  122. Ethel Weiss says:

    Lowest form of white trash

  123. Mike W says:

    Compared to Chelsea Clinton the “Pet Rock” is an intelligent life form.

  124. Spencer Balensiefer says:

    She should have been an abortion. Sorry.

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