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Chelsea Clinton Issued A Direct Threat To Trump And It Will Make You Sick

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  1. Cole Johnson says:

    ROFL! chelsea makes a lot of noise without saying anything! Just like her lying, traitorous, thieving delusional mother!

    1. ARVIN says:

      HER PARENTS DO AND DID THE SAME THING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Deborah Pratt says:

        Exception—they are ‘getting away’ with it!! No prison sentences yet!!

    2. GomeznSA says:

      Don’t forget that one of the ‘news’ networks paid her $600K for doing ‘something’ (translation: getting paid for her name). In my book that puts her in the same category as mommy. BTW, you do know that her ‘work’ with their ‘foundation’ has made her worth more than hillz and billz combined………….. good work if you can get it I guess, and have no ethics or morals. Shoot, I’d have done that same nothing job for half what she got – and I have far better credentials and definitely more experience, what I don’t have is the name 😉

      1. romapi says:

        Maybe she needs to return the money from this bogus foundation.

        1. disqus_2AF1QOhOSp says:

          Sounds like the right thing to do but it will never happen (because it’s the right thing to do).

        2. Deborah Pratt says:

          The money donated for the Haitian relief fund and stolen by Hillary, should also be returned. The natives of Haiti are still in desperate need of those funds!!! Hillary would steal milk from a starving infant if she could make money doing it!!! Come to think of it—isn’t that just what she did??

      2. Mary Richter says:

        Chelsea’s father in law
        In March 2001, Mezvinsky was indicted and later pleaded guilty to 31 of 69 felony charges of bank fraud, mail fraud, and wire fraud.[12] Nearly $10 million was involved in the crimes. Shortly after his indictment, he was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, but the judge at his trial disallowed a mental illness defense.[5] He entered prison in February 2003, and served his time at Federal Prison Camp, Eglin.[13] Marjorie Margolies requested a pardon for Mezvinsky in the waning days of the Clinton administration but it was not acted upon.[14] Mezvinsky, Federal Bureau of Prisons # 55040-066, was released in April 2008, after 5 years.[15] He remained on federal probation until 2011, and as of 2010 still owed $9.4 million in restitution to his victims.[16]

  2. ARVIN says:


  3. rose528 says:

    Clintons better and better then drumpf

    1. CHRIS KIRSTEN says:

      lol, dream on snowflake!

    2. Roy Garrard says:

      Rose Rose Rose , are you sure you want to go on record with that statement ???? Another Clinton…lol…you must be from c_pukefornia !!!!!!

  4. Nina Ferguson says:

    I wouldn’t vote for Chelsea Clinton just like I did not vote for her mother.

    1. Wondering Woman says:

      Also did not vote for her father. Weary of even seeing one of their mentioned, and only time I want to see them mentioned again is in connection with arrest and detainment while awiting trials and again at the sentencing!

      1. Phyllis Elliott says:

        AMEN AMEN AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      2. No name nut case says:

        We have to fight for Trumps reelection when the time comes (that is if some left wing nut job doesn’t kill him first). We also, all of us, have to fight to keep any leftist liberal out of office until this mess can be straightened out. They are out of control!

    2. Richard Wittauer says:

      I’ll second that statement.

    3. gene smiith says:

      Only if as dumb as a rock would she even dream of running, well running for much of anything let alone POTUS.
      The Clinton train has left the station and even most correct thinking Democrats are seeing the horror of all things Clinton.

      1. Tom says:

        I sure hope the Democrats are through with the Clintons, although it doesn’t matter to me because as far as I am concerned the Democratic Party has turned into the communistic party, and I have no use for them or who ever they run for office, although in a way I’m glad Obama was elected to office, only because the American people were able to see what a scum bag that the Democratic Party was willing to dump on the American people, and then they came back with another loser in Hillary Clinton, of course the only way you could tell if she was lying is if her lips were moving.

        1. Al says:

          Which lips? The ones between her thighs?

          1. Craig Bud Morrow says:

            That’s a mental picture I’ll never get rid of. LOL

          2. dennis w says:


          3. Roger Peabody says:

            That ‘lipstick smell’ might be tuna.

          4. No name nut case says:

            No, dead goldfish. Or better yet, dead turtle.

          5. Kurt Hanssen says:

            More like 4. day old shrimps.

          6. dennis w says:

            LIKE GRAIG SAID…….

          7. Gary Belich says:


          8. Al says:

            ‘Tis to barf.

          9. Tony Rowell says:

            couldn’t see those for Warren’s head

          10. Palmer says:

            Can any of you imagine where this country would be now if crooked Hill had won? scary thought, makes me shiver!

          11. Tony Rowell says:

            me too,,,, probably be at war

          12. No name nut case says:

            No, we would be over run with Muslims out to kill all of us!

          13. Tony Rowell says:

            no too many of us red necks with guns to let that happen

          14. Al says:

            LOL Good ‘un…

          15. Tony Rowell says:


          16. John McPherson says:

            Good one Tony !!!

          17. Tony Rowell says:

            Thank you, John

          18. No name nut case says:

            Ugh! You could have spent the rest of all of our lives and not said that.

        2. rridgsr says:

          They thought 160 thousand illegals votes would put up front plus the 2 millions illegal votes in Cal. and on and on they do not know how to run a legal election PERIOD they worship the Devil!

          1. Tony Rowell says:

            then we should send them there to meet him,,, tried and hung

          2. Dennis Kennedy says:

            On GODS final judgement they will get whats coming to them.Cannot be too soon.

          3. Tony Rowell says:


          4. No name nut case says:

            They are Satan’s henchmen. We can’t do much at all to people like that, and never have been able to, but they usually do themselves in. I just can’t wait until it happens. I still hope that the majority have figured out what they are and will NEVER vote for them nor support them in any office, in any way, ever again!!

        3. Diana Donnelly says:

          You said it right the fact that she is a Clinton is enough for me to dislike her. The Clinton’s are the worst thing to happen to the Democratic Party but Hillary is pure evil I doubt her daughter is any better

          1. Deborah Pratt says:

            She’s ‘Momma’s and Daddy’s’ girl!! Being primed for political future!! She is their hope for a ‘financially secure’ retirement. Keep in mind–they still have Soros’ financial backing as well. His agenda isn’t just ‘money’–it’s to take over this country and bring it to its knees!!

          2. No name nut case says:

            They are the worst thing to happen to this country EVER and all of three of them are pure evil!

        4. Shelby Olsen says:

          LOL! I am not sure if she is just plain dumb or what. She claims that she doesn’t recall most things that she is accused of. Really? LIar, dumb or loon? Oh, yeah!…all three. Why would anyone support someone like that?

        5. Nancy C says:

          Thanks for the chuckle and your absolutely right! I cannot for the life of me understand how educated people can look at her and not see she is a liar and a whack job. I’m no psychiatrist (thank the Good Lord), but I recognize a person without a moral bone in their body when I see one. Not to mention, I recognize a person who is lying through their teeth or shining the American People on by never answering a direct damn question! I also recognize pure Evil when I see it. Hillary Clinton is Close, but Obama is the real deal. He will try and destroy this country even though he is no longer POTUS. I don’t know who else he has under his wing in Washington, but those are the people Trump should be draining from the swamp into Prison or Exile from our great Nation.

          1. No name nut case says:

            I disagree with you about that. I don’t think there is anyone who is more evil than Hillary Clinton!

      2. nicholsda says:

        The Clinton train raced the Trump train to the junction. But the Trump train sideswiped it and sent it over a cliff. If we never see them again except for a perp walk, trial, sentencing, and entry into the prison, I would be happy.

      3. No name nut case says:

        I don’t trust left wingers. After all, they fall for what the Clintons say. That means they can’t be just real smart. But the left wingers in office, or who desire office, are criminals! All of them!

    4. David in MA says:

      She would just be another puppet for the democratic socialist Islamic Marxists.

      1. Annie says:

        Just like Obummer…he’s nothing but George Soros’ puppet & he looks like Howdy Doody!

        1. BeeCubed says:

          OHHHH! Please don’t be insulting to Howdy Doody!! LOL

        2. Susan says:

          That is funny! I have always said he looked like a black version of Howdy Doody.

      2. Deborah Pratt says:

        Hi Dave–good to see you again!! We’re still on the ‘same page’, I see!!

        1. David in MA says:

          Thank you Deborah, great minds think alike…….. Good to hear from you.

    5. sandraleesmith46 says:

      Dysfunctionality tends to mulitply generationally, when it’s not corrected, in families; which translates to bad as Hildebeest is Chelsea is almost guaranteed to be a multiple factor worse.

    6. Tony Rowell says:

      yeah looks like a cross between a Roddem and a Soros,,, damn ugky

    7. Mic says:

      i have never voted for any Clinton.

      1. Nancy C says:

        My father, who is in his 70s and still sharp as a tack is a man of very few words. When he speaks however, everyone listens and remembers what he has to say. He said Clinton would be caught with his pants down around his ankles. I didn’t think he meant literally! Lol Of course I was in my early 20s back then, a young wife with a husband finishing College and not at all politically savvy. I still investigated my public servants and voted my conscience after praying about it. I got a very strong feeling to vote for anyone other than Clinton! If a trash can named Bob had been running I’d have voted for it rather than Billy Boy! Quite horrible that half the population did not care that the Oval Office was totally dis honored and treated with such disdain by the Leader of the Free World. Makes me sick every time I think of it. My father as well. He said the man should have gone to prison where his “little Billy” would have gotten all the attention it so obviously needed! Lol

  5. joanma says:

    Why do these lying POS Clintons’ still get air time? It’s why I don’t watch any of the Alphabet networks. They all have TDS.

    1. Kathy says:

      Totally agree with you…why even bother putting her and her mouth on the Internet or TV…its like..who the hell cares what she thinks or does…easier just to keep the TV off these days. No real truth stations around anymore…all deliver fake news…and Fox was the only one left but even they have bought the package of liberalism.

      1. Donna Boutin says:

        OAN =ONE AMERICA NEWS I have Directv and it’s on ch 347.. it’s on Dish but don’t know what ch.. It’s better then Fox who is turning left..they tell the news that the major chs won’t report on and if they do report it, you never hear about it again..Should check it out..

        1. DrHarley says:

          I had it with AT&T and it is great. I changed to Comcast and they don’t have it.

        2. CommonSense4America says:

          I already pay $105/mnth,,,can’t take the extra to watch OAN.

          1. Donna Boutin says:

            Didn’t have to pay extra to have this was in the package I got..and all the other pkgs too..

        3. David Estes says:

          One America News is on Twitter and address I don’t have cable or disc.

          1. maxx says:

            Thank you for that bit of information. I don’t have cable or satellite either. Will definitely check it out.

        4. Nancy C says:

          Hey! Thanks for the tip about OAN. I recently moved and we only have streaming set up like Netflix, Pureflix and Amazon Prime to watch some documentaries and good quality Movies so we have no real news sources yet. I have to depend on my iPad and it seems to want to refer me to CNN or another of the insanely far left leaning sites. If I wanted to be lied to every morning, I would call my congressmen. I swear I think even our computers and tablets come programmed to lean left!!?

          1. maxx says:

            You don’t have to “think they are programmed to lean left” most companies supplying internet search software are definitely lefties. As you use them they capture your IP addresses and all the data necessary to report on you to the DNC. Most of the data collected by the left for the CATALYST project comes from these selling websites. All of the social media outfits are owned by lefties. Same with Ebay and Amazon and many many more online sales outfits. Gmail, Hotmail, AOL are also liberally owned companies. Who do you think pays them for information related to you?

        5. erleebird says:

          Best news station on TV. It allows you to make your own decision by just speaking the facts.

      2. Beverly Hightower says:

        Kathy………just remember that Sean Hannity tells it like it is, and fights every day to keep doing it. There’s not a liberal bone in his body.

        1. maxx says:

          The evil spawn of Hildabeast, whomever the father was, is as relevant as Jimmy Carters brother Billy. I only remember Billy because a friend of mine still has one of those empty beer can collections in his rec room and he has a “Billy Beer” can.

          1. Israel Kills AMERICANS says:


          2. C.T. Dixon says:

            Fake quote here, move along.

          3. Israel Kills AMERICANS says:


          4. Procius says:

            Sorry instigator, but the ship flew NO flag at the time of the attack. Your statement that it flew Egypt’s flag is the most stupid statement I have ever seen on this site. NO US military vessel would ever fly the flag of another nation while upon international waters.

          5. Israel Kills AMERICANS says:

            Israel had an Egyptian Flag . Israel shot holes through two American flags. One is on display. Israel wanted to sink the ship and kill all of our men and blame Egypt.

          6. Israel Kills AMERICANS says:

            Israel flew Egypts flag. Israel shot holes in two American Flag.

          7. C.T. Dixon says:

            Do you know how to read? I said the quote was a fake, There is absolutely no record of that quote ever being uttered by JFK. And stop with the anti-semitic masculine bovine fecal material.

          8. Israel Kills AMERICANS says:

            HAHA ! Is this like weapons of mass destruction we have been killing humans for the last 17 years. We have a crooked Gov who destroy papers. The quote is true. America is in danger.

          9. Procius says:

            Yes, occurred during the 7 day way with Egypt. Ship was mistaken as an Egyptian vessel as it was a converted liberty ship which bore no US flag nor any other markings to identify it as a US ship and not an Egyptian ship and was located just off the coast of Cairo and as such was declared a valid target. Israel later admitted their mistake and apologized and even paid reparations to the familys of those killed, those injured, and to the US for the damages to our ship. No one likes them, but errors are made during wartime and only someone with an agenda would use this one for a political purpose

          10. Israel Kills AMERICANS says:

            U R FULL OF SHIT ! STOP LYING ! How much is your relatives life worth. And money paid was nothing ! The money used was our money not Israel.

          11. Kurt Hanssen says:

            I’ have not forgot, They even shot to pices the lifeboats to make sure all was dead, but the Liberty dident sink, and 2. sailors survived and was able to tell there story. The Israelies blamed the attack on the Egyptians, and demanded that the US attack Egypt in retaliation, When the truth came out, and the US confronted Israel, The responce was, “sorry it was a mistake” No mistake, The Liberty had two big American Flags top mast, One Pilot got repirmanded for refusing too attack an american navy vessel, they knew For sure, no mistake, The Israeli Zions was also behind 9/11. Osama had nothing to do with it, and NObummer and sealteam 6. Did not kill him, He died 6. Mont’s prior to a kidney feliour, reason they had to eliminate Sealteam.6. Dead people don’t talk.

          12. Procius says:

            In reply to JFK’s supposed statement and not to the poster…..It’s called the NWO

          13. Israel Kills AMERICANS says:

            It will never work. So far America is losing ground and weaker then ever. JEWS JEWS JEWS

          14. Procius says:

            Hell, I remember Billy. He was more popular with the people than his brother

        2. Itiswhatitis says:

          I agree, he absolutely doesn’t have a liberal bone in his body. He’s had to apologize numerous times for reporting fake news so Fox won’t be sued. He’s apologized for false reports on Michelle Obama and Sen. John MCain. Fox News retracted an online story promoting conspiracy theories about the murder of Democratic National Committee staffer Seth Rich, saying the May 16 article “was not initially subjected to the high degree of editorial scrutiny we require for all our reporting.” Despite the online retraction and objections from Rich’s family, Sean Hannity continued to aggressively promote conspiracies about Rich. Hannity lacks the integrity we should require from both liberals and conservatives.

          1. cherykie says:

            You choose to call a murder of a man who had all his possessions on his person a victim of robbery ? Robbery is the conspiracy theory – assassination is the probable cause…

          2. erleebird says:

            I agree! Too many people have had suspicious deaths under the Clintons. And the way Hill is acting lately, I’d say she’s proving her incompetence by everything she says! Chelsea is a kindergarten student compared to all the intelligence around her. I can’t believe George Soros is promoting a female “Obama,” for the White House.

          3. cherykie says:

            Soros is such good friends with the Clintons , it makes perfect sense for him to back her. He backed her mother ! I read that Soros owes the American taxpayers millions in back taxes- If it’s so, maybe they can imprison him and remove his influence …

          4. Procius says:

            Soros has no friends. If it was to his advantage, he would drop or destroy them in a heartbeat

          5. Itiswhatitis says:

            I trust the facts provided by authorities and Rich’s family rather than another Sean Hannity conspiracy theory which is why Hannity repeatedly has to apologize so Fox doesn’t get sued.

          6. Procius says:

            Maybe you shouldn’t put so much trust in ‘facts’ that just don’t hold water or make much sense. Those ‘facts’ provided by the ‘authorities’ fall into this category. As for Rich’s family, they either only know the ‘facts’ they were told, or learned quickly that one loss to the family is enough.

          7. erleebird says:

            The only honest network left is: OAN -One America News! Maybe the good guys in Fox should start another network. Since O’Reilly’s “execution”, it’s slowly going down hill!

          8. Conrad says:

            What do you expect. Fox will soon sink a-long with Goofy Trump.

          9. Procius says:

            For now, watch for O’Reilly, he will be back, shortly

      3. Mic says:

        When it come to Chelsea, I just think about who her parents are. If she learned anything from them it means I would never vote for her for any job. Though dogcatcher would probably be something she might be good at.

        1. Deborah Pratt says:

          Thank you for seeing the ‘root’ of the problem here!! I hope your in-sight is passed on to our youngsters! The whole Clinton gang is zeroing in on our ‘young’ people!! These are the ones the Clinton’s are hoping that Chelsea will impress!! 2024 is the year we need to really be aware of!! Chelsea will be ‘primed and ready’ to make her political move. Unless something is done to de-rail the Clinton train–we’re in for another fight!!

          1. erleebird says:

            . . . that’s if Chelsea has learned her parents’ lessons well – being deceptive and lying!

          2. whizkid2b says:

            There’s the rub. Remember when Chelsea confronted her parents about a foundation donation? Concerned about the law. I know the way Hillary has been back in the picture makes me think she’s gonna try it again. ( NO! NO! Me too )??

          3. truthseeker says:

            She is getting paid an enormous amount of money to be on the ” Clinton Foundation”. She must know what her parents are doing in Port De Prince with that Sweat Shop they own. Four Hundred Million dollars donated to the Haitians and not one dime was given to help them.

          4. erleebird says:

            You are so right! The Haitians were promised help and the Clintons made a big deal of it! Nothing has improved in that country except building some kind of building on the other side of Haiti that benefits beaurocrats, (sp) not humanity! The Clintons and their ilk are snakes in the grass!

          5. truthseeker says:

            We remember the First Lady/Man telling us., ” If we all just donated $10.00 to the Haitians”. What ever happened to that money. When it comes to the Humanitarian question, where was their Humanity ? We know that the Dictator of Haiti flew to Africa and was staying in a Five Star Hotel with all of his Staff and Friends .

          6. erleebird says:

            Sounds “Clintonesque” to me!

          7. Jeronimo Dan says:

            By 2024, Chelsea will be bigger than a football field and I don’t mean as in popularity.

          8. Internet User says:


        2. Mary Moore says:

          Well one of them. The other being Webb Hubble.

        3. Skyhawk says:

          Maybe you know who her parents are. One is suspect.

          1. maxx says:

            Webb Hubble of the Rose Law Firm has been mentioned most often.

        4. Tony Rowell says:

          no,, skin diving for Roto Rooter

        5. truthseeker says:

          It is the love of the money that keeps them coming back for more. When Hilary left the White House, but not before she had to return the China . She said she was flat broke. Oh I forgot about the Towels from Air Force One that she also had to return. Little Miss Sticky Fingers .

          1. Arlene Peters says:

            Don’t forget about the silverware and the art… plus they ended up keeping some of the items… They paid the government $85,900 for items that they kept.. They also received a generous donation by allowing visitors to sleep in the Lincoln Bedroom… I would say almost $5.5 M. wasn’t bad for a nights stay..

          2. truthseeker says:

            The $85,900 is a good investment knowing they will get more latter out of it. The worse thing Bill Clinton did is to grant Amnesty to all of those Draft dodger from the Vietnam Era , not to mention how many Units of the National Guard who would have to find another Unit . They use to call us the ” Hobo Guard”, cause we never had a Unite for long , it also hurt a lot of us from getting promoted., but we stayed for the Love of our Country and a lot of Service people knew when Bill had to be taught the proper way of Saluting . I think he just did not want to , cause it went against his Anti-Government values.

          3. Michelle P. says:

            Thank you for you service ??

          4. truthseeker says:

            I am so grateful I survived to get my Twenty-year letter. People should find a way to go to another Country just for a visit and when they come back they would really know just how great our Country is. I seriously believe that our Country was right at the edge and President Trump is doing his best to change it all for the better. There are a lot of much greater soldiers than myself, but we all have served in our own capacity . I told my Ranger friend, that if we all of qualified as a Ranger, he would end up making Cup Cakes . That is what makes us all special . Serving is a choice .

          5. erleebird says:

            God bless ALL who serve!

          6. Birds of Fire says:

            You forgot the 12 place settings of that “wasteful” Nancy Reagan china she stole from the White House kitchen.

            Didn’t really matter. Nancy Reagan was smart enough to get a signed agreement from Lenox that if anyone stole the china from the White House; Lenox would replace the missing place settings at regular price and guarantee that they would match the original pattern perfectly.

            Hillary Clinton is a cheater who screwed around on her husband while they were still dating, and then turned around and was a property criminal worthy of any illegal alien Mexican when she left the White House.

            And Republicans scratch their heads and wonder why she never said a word about Monica. Get a clue, Hillary was cheating on Bill before, during, and after their engagement, and Bill had to pretend to be Chelsea’s father, when he knew all along she was not his child.

          7. Camille says:

            Hillary is a confessed to lesbian the woman she was and is in love with was her aide and she was married but the husband had no ideas about this relationship the woman can be seen on youtube she has been fired and written a book about the affair she has had with Hillary over many years.

          8. maxx says:

            After seeing several pictures of Hildabeast during her college days can easily see why she was not too popular with “the boys” and therefore could swing both ways.

          9. Curt Lamoureux says:

            maxx. for the real truth about killary, get tickets to the documentary—HILLARYS AMERICA—my wife and I had a chance to see this doc last year. There were many leftists in the theatre. Many were heard saying–IF I HAD KNOWN THIS STUFF, I NEVER WOULD HAVE VOTED DEMOCRAP, AND NEVER WILL AGAIN—-please see this documentary

          10. No name nut case says:

            I bought the disc. Would be happy to show it to anyone who wants to see it! As a matter of fact I have shown it to several of our friends.

          11. jon donnelly says:

            where can i get the disc?

          12. No name nut case says:

            I don’t remember now where I got it, but just google it and I’m sure it will come up. I can tell you that it is well worth the price of the disc and it will open one’s eyes to who and what she really is. The name of it is “Hillary’s America.”

          13. jon donnelly says:

            thank you. appreciated.

          14. No name nut case says:

            I got it from I really recommend it. At the beginning of it the narrator gives you a little history of his own run ins with the democrats and then takes you back to the Civil war era (yes, the roots of the deception are that far back) and then works back up to today. It is REALLY worth the cost and then some! It gives you a really good insight into the workings of the Democratic party and Hillary’s crooked ways. I’m sure you will be shocked, but you will be very glad that you got the disc and you will be wanting to show it to your family and friends.

          15. No name nut case says:

            She only swings one way. Chelsea was a turkey baster baby. Bill was an “in name only” marriage. That was to fool the potential voters. Bill was and is a molester and rapist. Both need to be in prison!

          16. Darlene says:

            her name is Humma Abedin,—a Muslim

          17. Annie says:

            Billy Boy knows hag Hillary is a lesbian! That’s what he wanted so he could play around on her for all these yrs.! They’re nothing but scum!

          18. maxx says:

            She sure does look like Webb Hubble doesn’t she. One would think there is enough physical evidence around so that some DNA sequencing could be done. A single strand of hair or a used cup or glass is sufficient.

          19. No name nut case says:

            Probably because no one cares enough to do it. Who cares who Hillary did to get her daughter? The daughter is just like her mother. One can see it in her eyes.

          20. Anna M Benjamin says:


          21. RAY FRYER says:

            Maybe it`s Webb that doesn`t want to know. Why should he ruin his name to even admit he was involved in any Clinton doings ? Sometimes silence is golden. But yes, she sure does look like her daddy !

          22. truthseeker says:

            That was very smart of former First Lady Nancy Reagan . It is so sad that Hilary could stoop so low. I would take that Portrait of her as the First Lady and send it to the Clinton Foundation . Remember how they had President Trump step out and her Portrait was hanging over him. Cheap Trick from someone in the White House to do that !

          23. erleebird says:

            I remember that very vividly. There must be a storage room to house that “magnificent” painting!

          24. No name nut case says:

            How in the world could any self respecting man get close enough to her to touch her, much less…(you get the picture)???

          25. No name nut case says:

            Turkey baster.

          26. maxx says:

            I would like to know where the $6 billion dollars missing from the State Dept. coffers is. It seems to me it was never fully investigated by the GAO. Wonder why that was? Oh, that’s right Oblowhard was president back then. I wish Trump would put some effort into finding out where the money went. That would help to build the Wall.

          27. No name nut case says:

            A lot of it found its way into OB’s pocket. That’s why.

          28. Mickt says:

            Or drain the swamp!

          29. erleebird says:

            That money was probably included in the Iran deal! The Dems act so concerned about “poor” people getting free money, even if it was given by the Dems to THEM, at least they would have done something honest with it!!

          30. Darlene says:

            she is so deceitfull—-

          31. truthseeker says:

            Actually she never did . They had to pay $85 thousand dollars. Former First lady Nancy Reagan had a deal with Lenox . They did have to give back the Towels from Air Force One . Such a petty thieving , cheats ! There is Low Class and then there is just no Class .

          32. No name nut case says:

            “The love of money is the root of all evil.” Truer words have never been spoken!

          33. truthseeker says:

            Remember Jeb Bush had something like 100 Million dollars in his Presidential Campaign fund and as soon as the question from Trump was asked about what happened to those ” Weapons of Mass Destruction ” ? Jeb had no answer and soon just dropped out of the race., so if you have a lot of money but that money is dirty money. We discover that it just does not come clean !

          34. There are more than enough money laundries to do the job for a piece of the action.

        6. patriot2 says:

          chelsea for dogcatcher?not likely.although looking at her would be good birth control.

          1. Shelby Olsen says:

            Poor dogs!

          2. EttaMae Williams Svider says:

            No dog catcher, just the pooper scooper upper would fill her job role!!!!!!!!

          3. patriot2 says:

            it also appears she needs some anti-diarrheal’s coming out her a$$ instead of her mouth!!

          4. No name nut case says:

            She probably had a bender the night before and couldn’t control herself because of it. Alcohol will do that to you when you partake of too much!

          5. Andrew Molina says:

            this is what happens to an alcoholics bowels when they drink anything other than their usual choice of poison

          6. No name nut case says:

            Just drinking too much too often will do it, too. And if one is allergic to alcohol it REALLY does it!

          7. She’d probably be an improvement on Liz Cheney.

          8. patriot2 says:

            chelsea wouldn’t be an improvement on my fkking dog

          9. I suspect that you know your “fkking dog” a lot better than you know Chelsea or Liz Cheney.

        7. Birds of Fire says:

          They are called, “Animal Control Officers” nowadays, and they are appointed by the City Councils and signed off by the Mayor. And I don’t think anyone would consider her qualified to be a law enforcement official of any capacity; even if it were to track down a stray cat. You can’t enforce the law unless you respect the law.

          Growing up the bastard child of Hillary Clinton’s first boss (not W. A. Clinton) and growing up without your own father has left this child permanently damaged.

          Heck, B. H. Obama II grew up calling his biological father, “Uncle Frank”, while the guy on his birth certificate was busy getting drunk and killing pedestrians in Kenya (where running people down in the street “isn’t a crime”).

          And they want to say rude things about a guy who won’t touch a drop of alcohol and has his own wife accompany him on every trip to meet every foreign leader. Right.

        8. skitt5 says:

          i’m from Arkansas, and I guarantee you there are very few people in this state who want to claim the Clintons as Arkansans. I wish they would GO AWAY, but they never do. It’s amazing that the media still promotes them, but the media and the Clintonites have learned nothing from this election.

          1. maxx says:

            Wow. What I have wondered for a long time is why all the suspicious deaths (the suicides and shootings and accidents and deaths by trains) of Clinton friends, employees and associates was never investigated by the Arkansas State Police or anybody else? If I am correct there is no statute of limitations for murder.

          2. skitt5 says:

            True, but most of them were in the pockets of the Clintons. Those who tried to get to the truth were shut down, fired, or found dead. The Clintons, not unlike the Kennedys, have tentacles that are far reaching. They surely have something on John McCain. People have discovered what happens when you go against this family. Look at the politicians who have been thrown under the bus: Wasserman-Schultz, Donna Brazille, John Podesta, Jim Comey, B Obama, the entire Democrat Party. She will get Comey before it’s over, which will be the only good thing she’s ever done. Bill is no sweetheart either. He’s just nicer.

          3. No name nut case says:

            They HAVE to be taken down! This kind of thing can not continue to be allowed in a civilized country!

          4. No name nut case says:

            You are correct, there is no statute of limitations for murder, but one has to get someone who is interested in investigating it before anyone can be arrested. It just doesn’t seem to be important to the right people. It’s a crying shame that someone’s life doesn’t matter any more than that. SEVERAL someones’ lives don’t matter any more than that!

          5. Andrew Molina says:

            the Bilderberg group has nothing but audacity to obtain their desired NWO – the Clintons are the most recent politicians that may have influence so they can remain as beggars for their puppet masters

        9. Donald Evans says:

          One should keep in mind that Bill is not the biological father. Think Hubbell. Chelsea was the spitting image of Hubble before getting nose fixed.

          1. No name nut case says:

            Amazing what a turkey baster can do. Hillary wouldn’t allow a man to touch her.

        10. Alan Hastings says:

          Only if they tied a pork chop around her neck.

        11. plum82 says:

          NOPE,……….pooper-scooper she MIGHT be good at MAYBE

          1. Procius says:

            No city would hire her for ‘Animal Control Officer’ because with her history she would most likely steal the poop

        12. ernldo says:

          Parents? You mean Hillary and Webb?

        13. ARVIN says:

          MIC, ESPEIALLY SINCE HER MOTHER IS A FEMALE DOG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          1. Ethel Wilkes says:

            Umm, you just insulted the female dog!

        14. Bill says:

          She could be used as bait–she sure enough looks like a Schnauzer.

        15. Internet User says:


        16. MARYANN33 says:

          Animals are more sensitive to good and bad than humans..Animals who detect who and what Chelsea was with complete accuracy….They would not get near enough to her to even bite her.

        17. truthseeker says:

          Wonder how she responded to Monica Lewinski and the white spotted blue dress ?

      4. truthseeker says:

        I’m just waiting for them all to fall through the Ice. They know they are walking on thin Ice and yet they just love to test it and try their luck, after all it has held out so far.

      5. erleebird says:

        Ask your cable company for OAN = One America News. It is the only other station that will tell it like it is! They are all pro-American!

        1. No name nut case says:

          CRtv also.

      6. Darlene says:

        I Totally agree with you—-Amen

    2. Tom says:

      Amen to the corrupt Alphabet networks.

    3. rick meek says:

      Because —— they smeeellll liberal money all over the place and want some…..

    4. FAITH47 says:

      Because the media loves her.even though her parents were so corrupt.

      1. Shelby Olsen says:

        With the liberal media, it is probably because they are so corrupt.

    5. Milton Lytle says:

      I am so tired of hearing about poor Hillary not making into the WH. And I am so glad she didn’t and we don’t need Chelsea either. Like Mother like daughter or visa versa. We don’t need any more liberals in the White House to destroy family values.

      1. Mary Moore says:

        Yes, considering Chelsea was married in George Soros mansion and into a criminal family.

        1. erleebird says:

          I did not know Chelsea was married in George Soros mansion! I learned recently that Geo. Soros (a Hungarian with dual citizenship) was instrumental in giving the names of Hungarian Jews to the Nazis at which time they were taken to concentration camps! Nice Guy!!!!(not).

      2. watchpocket says:

        I am a progressive and I can speak for a vast majority and she and her whole family can take a hike.

        1. Procius says:

          Pretty broad statement. A progressive what?

      3. maxx says:

        Since democrats, liberals, socialists, progressives all have the same agenda; to change the USA into a Marxist dictatorship and most if not all members of those organizations prescribe to every deviate human character trait, there is an awful lot of evil that needs to be purged from America. There is only one solution to the problem and it is not prison. The Founding Fathers went to war against Britain and King George to protect their lives and liberty. I’m afraid we must be willing do the same to the current crop of enemies to our country and society.

    6. truthseeker says:

      Chelsea is getting a lot of money through the Clinton Foundation . I guess that makes her as thick as thieves with Mommy Dearest and Daddy . The best advise I could give her is to stay silent.

    7. StopTheJews says:

      She gets air time because Anti AMERICAN JEWS control our media’s. Disney ABC CBS NBC FOX AND MANY OTHER MEDIA’S HATE AMERICA. The JEWISH MAFIA EMPIRE’S goal is to destroy America then take total control of our country and enslave every man women and child. Billy Graham , Helen Thomas warned us about Jews. Look at picture.

      1. Birds of Fire says:

        Ah yes, the National Socialist Party has to have their troll on the thread. You realize that “Nazi” is a contraction of NATional SocIalist, right. Adolph Hitler’s political party was the National Socialists. They were the NAT SI. “StopTheJews” above is a NAZI. He’s a National Socialist from his little toe to the hair on his head.

      2. No name nut case says:

        Since when is this news?

      3. Kurt Hanssen says:

        And they run this country, Soros kills Americans, The Bildenberg Group Kills Americans David Rockefeller with His AIDS virus that he put in vacinisions, his big pharma companies kills by using Kimo, a 100. Billion a year poisen, KEM TRAILS, ALUMINUM DUST, BERIUM, ARSENIC, AND a bunch of other chemicals, (big killer) then Floride acid in the water, another Killer, then Killary, and the Clinton Mafia.???

    8. StopTheJews says:



      Bill Mahar said the word nigger on his show and was condemned . But when OBAMA said the word nigger in a radio interview that was ok. Something is wrong in America when you say one word and the JEWISH Media try’s to hang you. They did this to Paula Deen and other white Americans. When Charles Rangle call the Tea Party WHITE CRACKERS that was ok. When niggers walk around the malls with black fist on their dirty t-shirts with the words black power that’s ok . The NAACP are racist. BET TV NETWORK IS RACIST . Picture says it all . IT IS JEWS KILLING AMERICA.

    9. Al says:

      TDS? I thought it was STDs.

    10. Cynthia White says:

      Anyone that would think Hillary or Chelsea either one is smart enough to Lead our country or be Garbage collector is in need of medical attention. There both whine cry
      babys and really sore losers. They don’t deserve to play with the big kids!!!!

    11. Israel Kills AMERICANS says:


    12. truthseeker says:

      Ask her who her Daddy is?

  6. Countrysunrise says:

    The only platform that Chelsea has is on her shoes!! She should just keep quiet while she’s ahead!! Stay home and raise those kids, Chelsea!! You weren’t even there for your kids’ 1st day of school, for Pete’s sake!! The nanny had to take Charlotte, along with your Husband!! You’re such a loser!!

    1. Nancy C says:

      Amen, Liberals want to know what’s wrong with this country and it’s people? They are, the Femanazis who kill babies and aren’t home raising their kids like I am every day with my son and have been for the last 18 years! Homeschooling and seeing every accomplishment and loving every second of it! He will now go on to a prestigious University with a full ride and a brilliant future because my husband and I sacrificed since that is what unselfish adults do when they grow up and make smart choices to raise good human beings who will contribute to society. We don’t give a rats ass about material goods or Money. We won’t be taking that with us when we leave this earth. My parents raised me the same way. I AM highly educated, caucasian and a stay at home mother and I voted for Trump. Stick that in your pipe and smoke it Clinton!

  7. Gunny says:

    Chelsea Clinton; go take a nose dive off the Empire State Building. You are just as crooked as your parents and just as worthless.

  8. EttaMae Williams Svider says:

    Oh HELL NO…no more clintons. We are sick of all 3 of them. We don’t need anymore thiefs or criminals in our White House. Wasn’t the last 8 years enough of all those lying liberals???

    1. Tom says:

      As far as I’m concerned, more than enough.

    2. Conrad says:

      Sure hope you all are learning to speak Russian, because this Bobble head you all put in office just sold us out to Russia to save his A$$.

      1. Reverend1 says:

        Shove it you dumb ass damocrap creep.

        1. Procius says:

          This is what I mean, he thrives on this type of response. Trolls live for this kind of response. You just made his dday

      2. Gator says:

        How dumb are you ? Are you unaware that the Clintons colluded with the Russians to sell 20% of our uranium reserves ?? Are you ignorant of Obama’s “tell Vlad I’ll have more flexibility after this election ? ” Did you miss Hillary “reset” with Russia ? Why are you so focused on Trump when it’s the CLINTONS who are (and always have been) completely up Putin’s ass ?

        1. Shelby Olsen says:

          I see that you were talking about the same things that I was…didn’t see this until after I replied. Why don’t these people open their eyes?

        2. Procius says:

          Conrad is a troll. Probably a paid troll. Your best response to him is no response. Just ignore him and maybe after a while he will go away. He thrives on your responses, and can’t stand it when you don’t react to his posts

      3. Deborah Pratt says:

        That is a lie!! No proof of that has been found and won’t be!! The present investigation is to put this whole ridiculous accusation to ‘rest’, once and for all! Then you Libs will need to find another ‘bone’ to gnaw on!!

      4. Mary Moore says:

        No, that was Hillary, she sold our uranium to Russia when she was Sec. of State.

        1. Procius says:

          Conrad is a TROLL You guys have made his day with your responses. He lives for this. You have made him feel that he has been a success today. In this cli9mate he will never go away.

      5. Shelby Olsen says:

        Didn’t you hear that cash flowed to the Clinton Foundation amid the Russian uranium deal? Or didn’t you hear obama saying that he would have more power when he was re-elected when he was talking go Putin? You want to talk about colluding with Russia, you need to listen to something other than the alphabet news channels.

      6. jr.pettit says:

        Conrad U are a true ignorant idiot. You need to read up on the true people who have colluded with Russia. You need to make a dedicated effort to do this today. Get the truth. Start with our Uranium stocks and podesta association in Russia.

  9. Jean Corliss says:

    Yes, I wouldn’t be surprised if Chelsea were setting up for a future run in politics. She is after all, her mother and fathers’ daughter!

  10. John Trenter says:

    The nutty acorn did not fall from the tree! In her nutty case, it came from both trees! Talk about bad genetics and dysfunctional and criminal child-raising, here are the results folks!!!

  11. cosmo007 says:

    She looks like Web Hubble to me. Certainly not Bill Clinton.

    1. Ron haymaker says:

      I wonder if she will chase men.If she does I hope they can run fast.Or maybe she will chase women like good o’l dad!

      1. KDC says:

        Or mom, if the rumors are correct.

      2. cosmo007 says:

        Hill chases women too.

      3. David McAllister says:

        Or chase something in between like Hitlery.

      4. Mary Moore says:

        and good old mom.

      5. Procius says:


    2. Drake Travis says:

      accurate assessment

    3. Doris Griffith says:

      That is her dad. He was poking her mom. What a scary thought. Ugh

      1. cosmo007 says:

        I hear Web was not very fast but Hillary was not even that fast. He caught what he could. Lawyers only run fast when chasing ambulances.

  12. Ralph says:

    Bitch needs to stay out of politics.

  13. Margaret Heller says:

    What did she say? Did I miss something? She has time to write a book? She’s doing to her kids what her mom did to her–ignored them. She can write a dozen books, but, with a handle like Clinton, nobody is going to vote for her either. They are all passe.’ I heard she was “teaching ” at an Ivy League college. Does anyone know where?

    1. Ima D. Plorable says:

      The real question: does anyone CARE?? I sure don’t!!!!!!!

  14. Betty says:


    1. Annie says:

      I think she resembles her father more & more…Webb Hubbell!

  15. Ron haymaker says:

    How can you use so many words and end up saying nothing that makes sense.Anyway. a Clinton reproducing is a scary thought.Is’nt there already enough dumb in this world!

    1. Phyllis Handkins says:

      She learned it from the best, her parents. Well, at least one parent, not sure Slick is the real dad.

  16. Ron says:

    She just proves over and over she’s not the brightest bulb on the Christmas tree; just another liberal hater like her mom…

    1. WilliamHarrington says:

      She is the burnt out bulb.

  17. Cheryl says:

    Where in hell do you Clinton’s get off, your Dad is a pedophile, Your Mom is responsible for more deaths then you can shake a stick at. Why don’t you just give it up your broke and your book nobody cares about will only be read by the real ignorant. Please don’t think if you ran anybody is going to vote for you NO MORE CLINTON’S!

  18. Elisha says:

    Spare us your animalistic aims and influences, Miss Clinton. Also, you’ve made more than enough Ad Hominem attacks. Miss Clinton: We don’t like your kind!

  19. KDC says:

    “I THINK WE ALL HAVE TO SPEAK UP AND USE WHATEVER PLATFORMS WE HAVE NOW AND CERTAINLY, SOCIAL MEDIA IS PART OF THAT.”… As long as it’s goes along with the communist, fascism the left spews. Otherwise, you don’t have ANY RIGHTS in your speech and you will be shut down. You won’t be allowed on campuses, Google will block you, the LSM will ignore you completely OR twist everything so that it’s an out and out lie. Oh, thank you, Chelsea, for allowing everyone to speak no matter what platform. **** News Flash, Chelsea, the 1st Amendment already gives use that right, not you. Go away!

  20. Raymond Miller says:

    The apple never falls far from the tree. When two totally corrupt people raise a child their corruption rubs off on the youngster. I believe that we can expect her to get into the fray and run for the Senate or House and the whackados will vote for her. The same can be said of the Obambam daughters, they are being raised by three America hating (adults ?) and do you think that their attitude toward us, U.S. will be any different than Doggie-DO, his Whench, and her Momma, don’t forget who raised Mish-hell and instilled her values in her.

    1. grnjllybn says:

      Obambam? ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

  21. glenn davis says:

    An intellectual light weight. She ought to limit her thinking to what color undergarments she should wear under a white dress.

    1. Procius says:

      Does it really matter, no one is looking at her

      1. glenn davis says:

        Black under sheer white could be very suggestive, depending on who is wearing it and under what conditions.

  22. alpambuena says:

    I still cannot figure out exactly what her relevance is in the big picture other than supporting her mother who has blamed everybody and the kitchen sink for her presidential loss…she..just like her mom does not articulate very well. when Chelsea speaks you cannot figure out exactly what the point is because she gets muddled down trying to make her point….the future for us is that Chelsea will be around for sometime and thank god I can turn the switch off.

  23. astrojohn says:

    Wait – you’re telling me Chelsea Clinton can read and write? I presume it’s of the “See Spot, See Spot Run, Run Spot Run” variety…

  24. Richard Wittauer says:

    Did you all know that only one Bad apple destroys the barrel.

  25. David McAllister says:

    This only proves that even monkeys can be taught to talk.

  26. Duane says:

    I suggest that President Trump should do as I do and ignore all things Chelsea. The only news I wish to see is that her Mother has been brought up on charges for her crimes against the American people.

  27. Kenneth Jones says:

    Chelsea, you’re tilting at windmills here! Do you really think we give a damn about what you rave about?

  28. david says:

    Just yer normal champagne socialist who will rob the people blind, whilst she lives like a queen ~Suckers!

  29. annefarrelly says:

    Don’t we all hope she will run?!

  30. David McAllister says:

    I would vote for Chelsea… shut up.

  31. Bywxdncs says:

    The Clinton’s NEED someone in the political arena, one who is IN office in order to resurrect their power. As of now they have none.
    I hope America realizes this, and keeps it this way.
    The Clinton’s are pure evil!

  32. David N Anita Baker says:

    After all I’ve herd regarding the Clintons record and what came out of the election I would not vote for any Clinto to be a dog catcher. I think the Clintons are done running for any office. I hope I’m right because this country can’t take any of the Clintons anymore.

  33. Jack says:

    Poor Chelsea, she is exactly like the rest of these “snowflake” children. They’ve been fed liberal logic all the way from kindergarten thru college. They just can’t help themselves; (literally).

    1. Mike W says:

      I’m still laughing at her comment from a few weeks ago – about how she became pro-life pro-abortion when she was 6 years old.

  34. Drake Travis says:

    Hush, listen my children
    lend me your ear.
    Chelsea Hubbell speaks
    uh, … the gullible hear

    1. Kurt Hanssen says:

      Chelsea was sopose to be abortion No.6. But Bill saved her ass, he was in need of a kid to make them look like a family, Killarys first abortion was Vince Foster’s baby. Then she killed her lover. Sueside, 2 bullet hole in the back of his head. As NObummer said.” the Americans are to stupid to understand.

      1. Procius says:

        After reading this post, I know not to waste my time when I come across any more under this heading. You really should not post a subject of which you know nothing.It shows to all your ignorance

        1. Kurt Hanssen says:

          How many books have you red about the Clintons,? Since you don’t know, anything about the Clintons, and probably nothing else. We all know that people like you suffers from infuriarety complex, All I’ write is all out in the open, all you got to do is a little research before you open your big fat mouth, but you are proabably to lazy.

          1. Procius says:

            Really, so you got all your ‘facts’ from books about the Clintons. Ah, so that about sums it up as the basis for your research. I hope you never stake your life on the ‘facts’ that you acquire from books about the Clintons. I have seen many, I have read quite a few of them, most are about as factual as the Washington Post and the NY Times. There are a few that were written by a non biased author, but many were written with an agenda in mind. You are the one that makes unsupported statements such as “Since you don’t know anything about the Clintons” and “we all know that people like you suffers (no s on the end of suffer) from infuriiarety complex” By the way the word is inferiority Unlike you, I know what I know, and I didn’t have to read any ones version of what went on or still goes on in DC. Oh that last line was to give you something to utilize your research skills on, and maybe you can determine how I can do that.If you can, which I doubt, You might be quite surprised.

          2. Procius says:

            My, My you do get upset when you get called out, I really don’t think your research will turn up the reason that I know what I know because I am not in any of those books about Clinton, at least none of the ones I have read and no one in the know has ever told me that they even think I might be. So, with that said, I don’t think your version of what you call research will help you answer my challenge question in my last response to you. That is if you are up to such a challenge I personally don’t think so..

  35. nicoletan says:

    What a nightmare ! They have shamed our nation enough and now continue to make havoc ! This young lady is a product of her parents’ Saul Alinsky education. Our country has spiraled out of its mind due to these crazed ideologists!

  36. uhptony says:

    What is she going to run for? Shoveling sh*t in China?

  37. Kurt Hanssen says:

    The whole Crooked pedo Clinton’s shud be arested.

    1. Drake Travis says:

      wow, Kurt! I saw your note to me. Heavens, I’ve worked with some retired FBI and CIA consultants and you shared some etc. that I hadn’t even heard of. Don’t let anyone shut you up. Hill and Billary are a little more subtle about it all but they are as dark as Bonnie and Clyde, Ahab and Jezebel,

  38. Roy Garrard says:

    Who cares !!!!!! She would just get sent home like Dragon Lady #1,so dont waste your supporters money Dragon lady #2 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. Mike W says:

    No wonder Chelsea will refuse to talk about Webb Hubbell being her father. If that is proven, would she no longer be a former first daughter? Personally I don’t think this bimbo is capable of writing a book, someone else wrote it – she may have colored all the pictures.

    1. Procius says:

      Don’t think so, nothing was outside the lines

  40. Tom says:

    I despise the Clintons , because in my opinion Bill and Hillary are both guilty of murder and other violence and Chelsea is their daughter, and you know the old saying “an Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree”, I rest my case.

    1. Mike W says:

      Chelsea’s husband Marc Mezvinsky “operated” a hedge fund – that is until he “lost” 90% of the investors’ money – said to be north of $30,000,000. He “had” to shut it down though – I guess he ran out of “operating” capital. Marc’s father Ed Mezvinsky went to prison for bank fraud after stealing $10,000,000. The Clinton’s even marry corruption.

      1. chief1937 says:

        Look at the bright side she learned from the best.

  41. Kaywhever says:

    Having you speak is a gift to the Republican Party, please, please don’t give up. You continue in your mothers disastrous track that has been a failure her entire life. The Democrats lost about 1,200 seats across America with your mom and obama running the world and bankrupting America. America watched your mom’s Rent-A- Riot Doofuses and it woke them up. Now you say you are going to continue the fight, well let me know how being out of touch with America and stupidity works out for you.

    1. Ron haymaker says:

      AMEN to that!

    2. Mike W says:

      I guess Bucky Hubbell didn’t get the memo even the Democrats are sick of them.

  42. Mary Eleanor Urso says:

    The apple certainly does not fall far from the tree. I may be “Deplorable”, but she’s just another detestable, despicable, unrepentant, dishonest, amoral, self-serving, waste of humanity Clinton.

    1. Ron haymaker says:

      You have to remember that the Clintons are better than the rest of us.We should bow in their presents and sing praises of glory just to be able to breath the same air as they do!

    2. Mary Moore says:

      She’s a Hubble.

  43. Everett Conrad says:

    She talks a lot but doesn’t say anything…

  44. fordfool says:

    it shouldn’t have taken long to review her thoughts about Mom…

  45. vincent deredita says:

    CHELSEA YOU UGLY LOOK BITCH!!!! You should stay home and take care of your kids.

  46. George E. LeFebvre says:

    Chelsea is just about lining herself to replace her loser Mom in the White House, that would be like electing Hitler and his cronies to lead this nation into total disaster like her mom wanted to do. Sorry, Chelsea, your wasting your breadth anyone in their right mind would not want another Clinton in the White House again.

  47. David McAllister says:

    This just in! George McGovern’s third cousin, twice removed, believes that everybody should continue to obey Obonehead as if he were still President.

    There’s only one thing Oblowme ever said that I agree with, “Elections have consequences”. The obvious point? Hey Demwits, you lost. We won.

  48. Phyllis Elliott says:


  49. grampi says:

    Can you prove who Aidan’s real grandfather is on your mother’s side?

  50. kathy says:

    PLEASE DON’T GO AWAY CHELSEA …I LMAO every time U open your mouth ..I have listened to speeches that U have done …and the majority of it is only mouth in motion…I have had people listen to some and without them knowing its U they have LOL and said What The H is this person talking about….your free humor and entertainment…

  51. jimmy9522 says:

    She is just as disgusting as her mom.

  52. grampi says:

    Can you imagine what Aidan has to endure as he grows? What a terrible legacy!

  53. Mike W says:

    I read where in her yearbook she was elected most likely to get stuck in a revolving door.

    1. Ron haymaker says:

      What’s so funny is I can picture that in my mind!

      1. Mike W says:

        Yep having a meltdown blaming everyone else because the door isn’t working.

    2. WilliamHarrington says:


  54. Dexter Hexter says:

    Are that is needed is a hair of Chelsea Hubbell and one from her sire Webster Hubbell and the teat will show a 99.99% match!

  55. Mike W says:

    Like Bill, Hillary, Barack and Michelle/Michael – Chelsea has all the class of a tip jar at a funeral home.

  56. Linda says:

    Chelsea Clinton is a spoiled do nothing brat that has no idea what American values are. Just like her disgraceful parents.

  57. jackhy says:

    The young ‘Cheleas Clintoness’ proves the old saying, “the poop doesn’t fall far from the bird”! She has the family genes of arrogance, selfishness, faux intelligence, elitist know-it-all attitude to think she could lead this nation to anywhere except oblivion!

  58. joecool1 says:

    Dumb as a post! Unfortunately, that means she’ll fit right in!

  59. Wayne says:

    Secret Service should investigate all threats against the POTUS.

  60. Irate Californian says:

    Yes I can agree with her that we should keep our voices heard. Don’t let Hillary, Bill and/or Barrack off the hook. Expose their illegal and, moral corruptive operations then put them in jail. These investigations should turn up much dirt on them since it seems that everything they claim the opposition party of, they are experts in using the same procedures.

  61. JOSEPH G MATTERA says:


  62. Johnnyboy says:

    Caution ! stay as far away from the Clinton’s as possible, they are toxic waste and should be buried with the rest of the toxic left as deep as possible. Keep the deep state at the bottom of the cesspool, where they belong.

  63. Richard Bagenstose says:

    what makes me sick are the clintons

  64. nSsgCdS2Tu says:

    She’s not qualified to pick up rocks, let alone run for ANY kind of office. This country doesn’t want another clinton in office! I think that was made pretty clear in the last election! Even with all the cheating the democrats did, clinton lost.

  65. Richard Bagenstose says:

    you bin free loading off the tax payers for 20 years, can’t make it in the real world so become a crook like your mother

  66. Juanita says:

    For all of her “campaigning for mom,” she was one of the first people that Hillary attacked after her loss. She accused Chelsea of not having done enough to get her elected. She said the same thing about Obama who was campaigning for her on the taxpayer’s dime. Have any idea how much it costs to travel around the country on Air Force One.

  67. Autoharp1951 says:

    “I think we all have a responsibility to not stay silent now”. But only if you hold dear alt-left political viewpoints, otherwise you are a Deplorable whose speech and ideas must be suppressed.

  68. jug says:

    The nut doesnt all far from the tree!

    Just a younger, healthier version of her mom, sad to say!

    Now to her two fathers, the one that she admits and “interacts” with, but is incapable of fathering children. All that sex with other women and not a one even trying to hang a child on him!
    And the one that really did father her, but she needed to have early plastic surgery to overcome at least some of “the UGLY”, that she inheirted from him!
    And that would be, Webb Hubble!

    NOW, you see the need for the plastic surgery!

    Oh, and dont forget, not only did she come from a “crime family”, but she married into another one!

    Sounds like another “perfect” presidential canididate, right?
    Just like her mom!

  69. Simon Ghanime says:

    here is an old Arabic proverb say’s, the dogs bark, but the caravan moves on. It used to refer to caravan traveling to it’s destination, but their bark was not enough to stop it from reaching the end of it’s journey …

  70. Terri Sturgill says:

    Self promotion, overblown sacrifice, from a woman who has done NOTHING on her own except marry & have children. A resume that MIGHT get her a job on the floor of a telemarketing shop.

  71. jerry.rebar says:

    Listen carefully, outlaw Clinton biatch.
    Get some water wings fitted to your feet, chances are excellent you are going to find yourself backing into the Atlantic Ocean with a number of pitchforks at your throat

  72. Keith Phillips says:

    Chelsea Clinton is a NUT just like her Parents and the Obamas. And I have been a Democrat my whole life. Until the Obama’s ,Clintons and The Democratic Party destroyed what the Democrats once stood for. They are nothing but low life scum . That do not deserve to live in America .

    1. Procius says:

      Sit back & take a hard look and you will discover that the Democratic Party has been in the process of turning into what it is today for the last 50 + years. Where have you been? And FYI I voted for JFK but that was the last time I voted for a Dem, And NO I am not a Rep either. I affiliate with no party, never have, never will. I vote the man regardless of office involved

  73. philwrr says:

    C Clinton is irrelevant and brings zero to the political arena…Her family brainwashed her years ago and will always be an extreme far left bigot. Never let her get close to running for President!

  74. Joni says:

    We took a vote and you should stay silent.

  75. ONLYJB1 says:

    Yep. That is if she doesn’t swing with her parents and I’m not talking about dancing!

  76. 7PastorCarmine7 says:

    She wants the poor blacks Mexicans to feed her family while she hates them and they do not get it! Just like they did not help the Haitians!

  77. chief1937 says:

    I am pretty sure this ding bat is setting up to run for president next time. As for her book I would not read it if she gave it to me she is too much like her mother to be taken seriously and this nation does not need any more Clinton’s.

  78. Peggy Cantley says:

    mommie wants her in the white house sorry mommie can run it, well sorry Killary I wouldn’t vote for you or your child, and neither would most of central Florida, might be a registered dim o crap but we sure don’t vote that way! WE DON’T WANT ANOTHER DUMB-O-CRAP IN THE WHITE HOUSE, SAVE YOUR PAY-TO PLAY FOUNDATION MONEY! KILLARY YOU ALREADY HAVE BLOOD ON YOUR HANDS & SOLD OUT AMERICA WE DON’T WANT HER IN THEIR EITHER!

  79. MJL says:

    Chelsea its best you keep that Big flap of yours shut every time you open it nothing that comes out of it is lies just like your Lian ass mother and two time loser, if she tries running again she will be a three time loser just like you a born LOSER and lier No more Clintons anyware , Except behind Bars where the whole Family belongs, Clintons are all Jail Birds

  80. srw says:

    When The Clintos were in ARK and the WH, everyone stayed clear… use to be the kids of politicians were not abused in the media or other politicians. Didn’t stop her from demanding the driver who took her to school each day, could not wear his uniform. She as her parents hated the military. She would call the Secret Service foul names. When she was questioned about the foul language she was using she said she was only calling them what the her Mom and Dad and the VP called them. She walked away from graduation with a $$$ salary. Her job being to show up at a cocktail party every once in awhile. . Then got another job appearing on one of the 3 media “giants . Her salary figured out at about $100000 hr for the few times she appeared. Lives in a multimillion$ apt in NYC. Another multimillion $$ home in upstate NY next to Mamma and Daddy. All Paid for by the Clinton “foundation”. On and on these dreary people go telling us how to live our lives. I had enough of the Clintons in the 90’s. They all should have been in prison doing time. But they are Dems… so corruption to them is a honor badge of the Democrat party.

  81. Pamela Ellis says:

    She is right about we all have a responsibility to NOT stay silent and the silent majority has spoken and we are growing day by day and we are accomplishing all good things for this country without the help of hollywood, comedians, and rino career politians, Praise the Lord!

  82. pudge1 says:

    I bet this dumb brick could not pass 9th grade civics test.

  83. Whatzrname says:

    Could someone please find a cave or a rock bug enough to for the clinton’s to crawl under??? They might keep some of their base but they’re not winning over any new idiots. Everyone seems to realize this but the clintons. Just go away…i’d prefer a jail cell but pleeeze, GO AWAY!

  84. Annie says:

    Another lib who needs to have duct tape on her mouth…same for her mother! We’re done hearing about the rotten Clintons & their ilk! Stop the media coverage of these frauds & troublemakers!

  85. Everette Burk says:

    One thing she says is right on spot – it is time to stand up and be counted, which is why I am proud to declare my support for President Trump and Vice President Pence and the United States of America. May God Bless these two fine men and the USA.

    1. grnjllybn says:

      AMEN to that !!

  86. lesterphipps says:

    Chelsea is the last hope for the Clinton’s and their political and financial influence. Bill and Hill have shot their last bullet. They are waning fast! Bye!!!

  87. OldWoolfy says:

    I certainly hope she does run. It would be so gratifying to watch another Clinton go down in flames at the voting booth. The only people she appeals to are the whacked out leftists that the American voters have finally said “enough of your hypocritical crap” !!

  88. David in MA says:

    Well, is it 12 or 13?

  89. Sam Benton says:

    The flipping anti trump fanatics don’t have any plan besides anti trump whether it’s good for America or not. They seem to forget the country elected him so when they demean our president they are also demeaning me and it make me wonder just what these losers have actually ever done for America.

  90. samw says:

    So Chelsea takes up the sword of liberalism after her father and morher get defeated, by time.

  91. Redfox007 says:

    The question I have is for this author. Where and what was the supposed “Threat”? Are you just emphasising her thinking of running against Trump is a threat? If so, you do not have much faith. I do not think she would have as much chance as her mother, which was very miniscule. If it weren’t for the dead and illegals, Hillary would never have gotten started.

    If there was a real threat, then she could get arrested as with any threat to a President. Please be a little mire realistic.

    1. Jjb54 says:

      .. ya, I noticed that too. Where was the threat? If it was the C.C. was going to start speaking out … well … Let her continue with her ever so popular – ” FOOT IN MOUTH ” … and how she removes all doubt with: ” Better to be thought the fool, then to open your mouth and remove all doubt. ” … that is not a threat to Trump, that will be a threat to the DNC and they will being PAYING HER to keep her mouth quiet! 😉

  92. Jjb54 says:

    Yes …. and boy have we seen her IQ ( or lack there of ) recently too. My favorite still is: The Picture of President Abe L. with a Trump hat: ” Make America Great Again! ” and she had to state, ” Please tell me this was photo shopped? ” No, C. C. Abe L. had the 1st ” Make America Great Again! ” baseball cap. It was originally Abe L.’s idea! 😉

  93. Elizabeth Michaels says:

    I don’t think she’s qualified, just like her mother wasn’t. She knows nothing about running this Great Nation. She’d only mess it up like Ob,Bush,Clinton,Bush, and Carter. Please don’t dial into any of those One World group. We don’t want it.

  94. Steve says:

    I wonder if ANY of the Clintons are EVER going to stay home and raise their children? The Clinton clan is like a bad dose of athlete’s foot, it is hard to stamp out and recurs at the most inopportune times. Smells similar, also.

  95. george briar says:

    Yeah the Clinton crime family is trying to resurface through horse face, we don’t need any more Clintons period any more than we need another Bush or Obama. we need to move forward with this country those idiots are all against that.

  96. Go Home says:

    Chelsea Clinton needs to crawl back under that rock and forget about trying to glorify her stupid crooked mother Hilary and the main stream loser left wing media.

  97. yennikcm says:

    minimus dippus..

  98. Paul Wright says:

    We all know what she is doing sale her book only liptards will buy it so pander to them.

  99. Joel Goodman says:


  100. Robert E. Klippel says:

    Is she that stupid

  101. Jeronimo Dan says:

    Of course anyone with any common sense would wish and pray that both Clinton’s and one Hubbell would exit right off the stage of politics. It appears that this wishful thinking along with pray is not coming to fruition.

    Chelsea has been raised and continues to live her life in the political bubble her Mom and Step Dad have built for her and raised her in.

    She appears to have not an inkling of how criminal her Mother is and this also along with her Step Dad. All three of them fit into a RICO family of crimes, not one, but so many it would be hard to count. If Comey had not been crooked himself and being in the back pocket of the Clinton clan, she along with her mother and Step Dad would mostly be living in the State of Kansas by now, at a grey bar hotel, by the name of Leavenworth.

  102. Jeff Warner says:

    Let the Snowflake run………and lose like her worthless mother! Since losing builds character in most people, except Democrats, she can blame everyone else for her loss, just like Mommy dear!
    The Clinton/Obama soap opera continues!

  103. aukid15 says:

    Chelsea, you’re way out of your league!!! Not to mention your double standard…attacking President Trump for less transgressions toward women than both Bill and Hillary’s!!!

  104. george briar says:

    yeah baby just what we need another Clinton in the game and this one is starting out right already on the take with the Clinton foundation that she might resurrect if elected and like Obama she too doesn’t really know who her daddy is. She’s been tutored by two of the best liars and cons in the business. Go away your not wanted.

  105. msqueen39 says:

    Chelsea is still a spoiled brat – so her mother didn’t make the grade to bercome the “first woman” president of the USA. One day she will be thankful that didn’t happen. Mark my words – (my mother always said that to make a point). 🙂

  106. Perry Fernandez says:

    Hope she is nominated by her party. The conservatives will surely celebrate!

  107. HoneyTree EvilEye says:

    Where’s the threat? I despise this little twat as much as it’s possible to without wanting to kill or hurt her cause I’m not a leftist & we don’t do that. But I don’t see a threat. However, her winning is a true threat, is that the threat? Women will 100% vote for her just cause she’s a woman, as will pussy men. Anyone Trump disappoints will vote for her as the resistance. She’s got a real shot & that’s horrifying. She’d have no shot if Conservatives would really come out & vote but 2020 is gonna come around & all Conservatives whose guy didn’t beat Trump will either stay at home or vote for her to resist. They should consider Trump’s presidency a success already just for the affect it’s had on illegal immigrants & pedophiles.

  108. Neil HYoward says:

    Obviously mental illness runs in the familty!

  109. Richard says:

    Hello her married name is Chelsea Mezvinsky. Ed” Mezvinsky is her Father- in -law he is a former Democrat congressman He decided the fate of Richard Nixon. In March 2001, Mezvinsky was indicted and later pleaded guilty to 31 of 69 counts of bank fraud, mail fraud, and wire fraud. He embezzled more than $10 million dollars from people via both a Ponzi scheme and the notorious Nigerian e-mail scams. sentenced to 80 months in federal prison.
    After serving less than five years in federal prison, he was released in April 2008 and remains on federal probation.
    To this day, he still owes $9.4 million in restitution to his victims.
    Now Marc and Chelsea are in their early thirties and purchased a 10.5 million dollar NYC apartment. She like her Mother a TRATIOR and her Father Bill the Women user and a child Molester of a 5 year old girl are TRAITORS and need to be treated as such. like the old saying is, “ROTTEN TO THE CORE!”

  110. Patricia Johnson says:

    since when is a “challenge” a threat?? Everyone has a right to voice their opinions! ( at least until the rethuglikkkan party changes that!! under orders from putin) The BIGGEST POS ever to walk the earth, is in the white house, along with all his clowns! don the con will be the DEATH of America as we know her & love her!!

    1. grnjllybn says:

      You do NOT belong in this forum – STFU – braindead a–hole

    2. Procius says:

      You really shouldn’t post like this. It shows all who read it that you are just a bias follower of the left wing radicals. I can tell by your statements that you don’t know the man, you have never met him, never talked with him, don’t really know anything about him for fact and are just talking the left wing talking points as most followers that cannot think for themselves do. You have just shown all who read these pages that you are not to be taken seriously and are not worth spending their time to read whatever you spew forth as it is just meaningless rhetoric.

  111. PLANET says:

    She’s a know nothing, do nothing, false entitlement, self promoting spoiled progeny of a an extremely poisoned bloodline that has brought nothing but chaos and corruption into our political system for years and will only continue to perpetuate this evil dynasty if she’s ever elected to any kind of political office, although why anyone would vote for her except maybe as dog catcher, I don’t know. And even then I’d feel sorry for the poor animals.

  112. stadalberts says:

    She is at least as worthless as, or perhaps worse than, her parents. How the three of them get away with their bull*hit is beyond me.

  113. Susan says:

    She is as crazy as her mother and has been brain washed from day one. Hopefully if she does run she will see the same outcome as her 2 time looser mother

  114. JMICHAEL270 says:

    Who really cares what comes out of little Hubbell’s mouth. My dog is more intelligent and has a better personality. She better stay out of politics or she get the same ass kickin’ her mother did!

  115. Poke says:

    Ol’Two Bagger flappin her lips again ? Dang … can ya e-magin growin old wit this woman ? I’d take up sax lessons and panhandle under-table humming instructions !

  116. lancelot says:

    Shouldn’t she be in prison with her mother?

    1. Maria castro says:

      Don’t do that to little “Willa”

  117. Thinker-1 says:

    Corruption continues.

    1. Maria castro says:

      Why do you think the Bilderbergers had a conclave last night?

  118. Frederic Charles Hilnbrand says:

    She still says nothing. She is like her mother a nobody. Mommy should be in jail by now for if it was you or me that would have happened us a LONG time ago. I have no idea why th Clintons still have this much pull. They are still large POS.

  119. Roger Peabody says:

    I reckon with no familial integrity there is little you wouldn’t say regardless the forum. As a Clinton she apparently finds it necessary to bloviate on things about which she knows so little.

  120. Maria castro says:

    She is just another genius, like her mama, who failed the bar 3 times. Boy, she is the image of her father, no hanky panky there, with a wig. We should call her little “Willa”. She has no charisma.

  121. justtheusa says:

    What was the threat that was supposed to make me sick? Fake news. The headline said she directly threatened Trump. I despise her and her entire family but I don’t see a threat.

    1. Maria castro says:

      Her face.

  122. mpdMD1965 says:

    The Rise of the disaster we refer to as the Clinton Dynasty is destined to disappear like flushed feces much like all they have attempted to do to date. The Clinton support is made up of braindead welfare recipients who represent the carpetbaggers of our country aka Dumbocraps.
    God Bless Real Americans.
    Can the Clintons

    1. grnjllybn says:


  123. Janet says:

    Personally, I don’t think she has an independent thought in her head as she has been brainwashed since birth. I assume that the majority of her book was done by a ghost writer as well because she can’t seem to put 2 sentences together in one paragraph. She could use some real psychiatric help about now and hopefully it will deter her from entering politics. We do not need anymore Clintons in government if we are going to turn America back to what it once was.

  124. crockett says:

    No freaking way any clinton could run for any thing to do with politics ….They all need to be investigated with the bogus money to help people that need it . The money is used by the liars that they are over the years . GITMO time for all including the obozo families ……….

  125. Maggietish says:

    God help us all not another Clinton trying to run for office. Most of Chelsea Clinton’s Twitter statements have been an embarrassment to her and she’s had to walk them back. Should she run for office she better buckle up because she has to answer for what her Father did as President, including being accused of rape, various sexual encounters, being impeached for lying to Congress and losing his law license. She also has to answer for her mothe, Hillary, and all the scandals both she and Bill have been involved in including the death of Vince Foster, having a private email and private server, even though she knew it was against the law while she was Secretsry of State which jeopardized the United States and the American people; being complicit in the deaths of four Americans in Benghazi when she could have saved them but chose politics over their lives; refusing to disclose who gave the standdown order in Benghazi when help was 30 minutes away and those 4 Americans lives could’ve been saved; why she chose to lie for weeks to the American people and Family members of the 4 Americans who were slaughtered in Benghazi saying that it was due to a video but that the attack was actually terrorist related as her emails to Chelsea that very day proved. . Chelsea can also explain why Hillary while Secretary of State negotiated deals for Bill Clinton’s speeches which netted the Clinton Foundatiin $30 million for the “pay for play scandal.” Just how much did Hillary betray the United States in order to make those deals? Chelsea better get prepared because she’s going to have to answer for an explain all the scandals and corruption of her parents.

  126. keifert says:

    Well, that nut certainly didn’t fall far from the tree. I hope my public library didn’t spend good taxpayer $ buying this ghost-written pile of nonsense making a Clinton more wealthy off of the taxpayers. Enough of these people.

    1. RichFromShowMe says:

      Unfortunately, if you live in a Liberal city the Library and all Liberal politicians probably bought dozens of the clinton’s tripe . . . . and charged it to you as a taxpayer.

      Rumor has it that Soros buys 18 wheel trailers full of Leftist books to get their sales up enough to be listed in the NY Slimes book ratings.

  127. oncemorearound says:

    Mule Face is an embarassment to humanity.

  128. Douglas says:

    I cant understand why people do not support our President. I know many were against Obama, but no one
    ever treated Obama like the left is treating Trump.
    The liberal left have, what Indians called forked tongue and agenda.

    1. Mike W says:

      You better watch it – You’re gonna have the PETA people after you.

      1. Procius says:

        I thought Bill was the head of the PETA people

    2. RichFromShowMe says:

      She may be thinking of willie’s cigar trick?

    3. Ron haymaker says:

      LOVE IT!!!!!!!!! One question though whitch one is Chelsa?

      1. Procius says:

        Hmmmmm Can’t even tell by turning the picture over

    4. Procius says:

      I’ll be damned You might just have something here.

  129. keifert says:

    You know, she actually does look a bit like Webb Hubbell. You young people should check this guy out.

  130. Linda Shelton says:

    Where is the treat?

  131. toothii says:

    It’s a book promotion and just like her Mom and Dad, Money talks and BS provocatively and sell more books! Clearly the left is out of control and the longer they stay that way, the better it will be for sane folks, regardless of party! The Dems are stuck in quicksand and the more they scream and struggle the deeper they sink into ridiculousness! Actually I’m enjoying the show!

  132. oldguy 1943 says:

    I think she would make the perfect Democrat nominee. Another total loser.

  133. rick meek says:

    POS’s running amok…..

  134. sandraleesmith46 says:

    Social media isn’t mean to be a platform for lies and liars, but they sure support that!

  135. Glenn Colton says:

    For G-d’s Sake !!! How long have these Clinton’s been around ?

    1. bttrap says:

      too long finally gone

    2. grnjllybn says:

      At least 35 years — presidential politics
      and state politics in Arkansas before that.
      America is sick to death of these thieving
      lying polecats and their evil spawn.

    3. Doris Will says:

      She’s her mother’s daughter, full of vim and vixen, but a little loose in the smarts department.

  136. RIOCAR says:


  137. Richard says:

    And we should care what she thinks about anything? Why? Oh yeah she is a member of the Clinton clan and if you disagree with them you will die under mysterious circumstances!

  138. Michael Zanni says:

    Sorry, but where is this “direct threat from Chelsea against Trump”? I don’t see anything remotely resembling any kind of threat. I’m FOR TRUMP and absolutely HATE the clintons but wtf, the ONLY reason I even wasted time opening this “article” is because I was hoping to see at least 1 clinton going to jail.

  139. Elena Bowman says:

    Who cares what that brat has to say. If she thinks she will ever be President of this country she is living in a world of make-believe. Her mother lost because her mother is a rotten traitor and the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

  140. LANI says:

    They need to start speaking out???? He’ll they been.speaking out with venom & Lies and the FRAUD media is helping them! They r all Evil, Sick Beings?

  141. andrew says:

    I would use her book as kindling to start a fire to burn korans.

  142. Donna Boutin says:

    Right after her baby was born..Mmmm unlucky for the baby or lucky.. 1) leave your new born to run all over the country side and leave your baby at home for the nanny to take care of.. 2) Probably getting better care seeing the mother is gone.. Seems to me a new born should have it’s mother at home taking care of the baby, but that’s not the Clintons way..pop out a kid and then run around the country playing a big shot..Chelsea should just keep her big mouth shut and look into her own family for corruption, the father who is a rapist, liar and a pedphile,he’s not even her real father…the mother who got a rapist off knowing he did rape a young girl and laughed about it, she is a killer, she hires hitmen..a liar, a traitor.. and a whine ass..
    So before trashing someone Chelsea open up the closet doors in your family, but stand back quick, the skeletons will fall out fast on top of you..

  143. Johnny G. says:

    Of course Ms. Clinton is throwing her net out to see if there are any fish interested. She has her youth and the total backing of Mommie and Daddy. If she should fail, it will be her fault. Somebody has to pay the Devil for his dance time.

  144. fbair1 says:

    When is the clinton corruption dynasty over?

  145. Sharon Melvin says:

    I hope Hillary keeps doing what she is doing. It will drive more Democrats and Independents to vote Republican. Who knows by the time 2018 rolls around, she may have 150 reasons why she lost the election instead of 27. Chelsea is not the sharpest cookie at times. I think people are getting tired of the Clintons.

  146. Whaledriver says:

    Social justice warrior? Are you kidding? If you’re concerned at all about not being a nypocrite, let’s talk about justice for the 18-24 women (that we know of) that your husband raped while being President of the United States… or the countless other sexual assault victims in Arkansas… or the people worldwide who were given blood from prison inmates, literally drained to the point of circulatory collapse, by prison officials in Arkansas.

    Only then will people consider a single word you have to utter, spawn if two devils.

  147. FL_Stingray says:

    No more Bushes
    No more Obamas
    No more Clintons

  148. off2shop says:

    Chelsea is just another chip off the Crooked Willie & Hillary block! Her Mom knows she will never be president so she has her daughter grooming for the spot. Shameful is what they are and will always be using other people and their money to get ahead while saving their money for a lavish lifestyle. To bad they will never be happy because it’s just not in their DNA.

    1. Mary Moore says:

      Former hippies.

  149. EttaMae Williams Svider says:

    OH HELL NO, no more clintons. Why do these things think writing a book will save the world????? It probably will be a total flop.

  150. Perry Perno says:


  151. ter334 says:

    She is saying. Let’s make the democratic party great again. Like O for 8 very long dark years before her. Not a single word about our the freedoms we all enjoy. Unlike our men of WWII who fought and died for our freedoms. Even the blacks fought for both our and their race’s freedom. Hell no, I won’t go to the polls to vote for democrat, anywhere, at anytime. And Islam, the mother of all socialism, sided with the nazi socialists. Maybe islam invented PC?

  152. Reverend1 says:

    Chelsea Clinton is as ugly as she is stupid. Nobody wanted bitch hillary, who the hell wants dip shit Chelsea Clinton.

    1. ter334 says:

      What is the look on her face? Determination? Or, don’t confuse me with the facts. My mind is made up!

  153. micky d. says:

    Chelsea looks just like her father–Web Hubbel.

  154. generalJed says:

    Chelsea ought to be glad she isn’t visiting her mom in jail!

  155. Israel Kills AMERICANS says:




    We should all pee on a Jewish Menorah . Jews like queer Walt Disney Co. and other filthy pig Jews in Hollywood are a huge threat to America and our kids future and safety.


    Jewish Larry David Blasted for ‘Curb’ Episode Where He Urinates on Jesus Painting …
    Fox News › entertainment › 2009/10/28
    AMP – Oct 28, 2009 – On the show’s most recent installment, which aired Sunday, David urinates on a painting of Jesus Christ, causing a …

  156. Reverend1 says:

    Hey Democrats:

    The election is over

    The name calling is done

    Your party lost

    My party won

    So let us be friends

    Let arguments pass

    I’ll hug my elephant

    You kiss your ass

  157. Bernie Lounds says:

    She just should shut up and go away,she never get my vote.

  158. Constitutionist says:

    Like mother, like daughter. Both satans disciples. Both think they are exempt from wrong doing. All fell off the same tree. The hole family. Hillary has hatred in her face and in her speeches. Disgusting individuals. There time of justice is yet to come. Anyone following them are the same followers of evil, and do not like the Constitution. That has been proved by her action as Secretary of States. They are all bed fellows. The daughter is disgusting as well.

  159. Gator says:

    Since politics (and corruption) are the the family business, of course she will seek public office. How else will she be able to make hundreds of millions of dollars ? On her good looks ? I think not.

  160. Frederick Kithcart says:

    Another false headline by this site to draw people onto their webpage…. No better than CNN ABC CBS MSNBC… Liars….

  161. William R. Stewart says:

    Chelsea Clinton is ANOTHER lying left-wingnut! The “apple doesn’t fall far from the tree”! LStewart

  162. Mary Richter says:

    Globalism, bow down to the gods who think they know what is best for the peons

  163. Wayne says:

    This is my platform Chelsea. The American people are sick and tired of the Clinton crime syndicate, go away and take you mother with you.

  164. Karen says:

    I guess insanity runs in the family genes.

  165. GreatWarVet says:

    She doesn’t have a clue. Protected from reality all her life.

  166. Oliver Larmi says:

    On foundation money you flew to Europe for the games. Your language skill is representing a low IQ. You are as crooked as your mother, Who would want to read your book.

  167. David Estes says:

    The put the looser clintons on because of their beliefs. Liberal media will put anyone that wants President Trump to fail and out of office all the time they want. Such a sad, sad prospect that the Alphabet networks don’t have any morals or thoughts about America being great again except to get rid of anyone who doesn’t agree with their twisted ideas.

  168. CommonSense4America says:

    Wow,,,she is fugly. I don’t know who her daddy was, but the combo doesn’t work.

  169. Koaboy says:

    Big mouth Brat. Go away already.

  170. Don Nuzum says:

    Chelse Clinton couldn’t win a post as dogcatcher. Just like her mom..nobody likes her. Nobody that counts anyway.

  171. Richard Frick says:

    Arrogance, stupidity, disrespect, and the seven deadly sins are attributes of the Clinton’s.
    They are vile degenerates.

  172. Allan Clarke says:

    No more Bushes, No more Clintons, and no more Obamas! Not Ever!

    1. Deborah Pratt says:

      They are focusing in on our naive college-aged kids. No ‘life experience’ and still thinking Mom and Dad aren’t ‘too bright’!!
      They had better ‘wise up’ fast or those rights and privileges they so enjoy will vanish like ‘morning mist’!! Our Elders, for the most part, have seen enough of ‘real life’ to know better. You can lead a ‘fool’ to knowledge, but you can’t make them learn’!

      1. Mary Moore says:

        I always say ” an educated fool is still a fool”.

  173. Dan says:

    It’s incredible how Chelsea resembles Vince Foster….

    1. Deborah Pratt says:

      The girl has been thoroughly brain-washed by her mother!! She is just a ‘clone’ of Hillary!! Lord help us if she ever makes her way into our government structure!!

    2. Procius says:

      What did Vince ever do to you to make you say that.

  174. jong says:

    The only “justice” is when she and her entire family are in prison for a very very long stretch. And since she is so special along with the rest of her family they will be going to Gitmo

  175. MIKE6080 says:

    ugly elite snowflake

    1. Deborah Pratt says:

      Her ‘appearance’ isn’t the ‘problem’ here!!! It’s her mind-set, agendas and the Soros, Clinton cartel that back her!!

    1. Ron haymaker says:

      Thank you!!!!!!!!

  176. Ron haymaker says:

    They need to quit paying the Clintons to speak.I wouldn’t pay a dime to hear one. I would more likely pay for them not to speak. As for as the book Chelsa wrote, a six year old could probally do better. I’ll never know for sure because I’ll never buy it. Everyone else should boycott it!!!

    1. Deborah Pratt says:

      Anyone who is ‘wise’ to the Clinton agenda needs to keep in mind where those ‘book funds’ will end up going!! They are ‘priming’ Chelsea to take a political ‘run’–most likely in 2024!! Hopefully, the ‘shake-up’ in Washington will be thorough enough to ‘crash’ this political coup!! Since Chelsea is backed by her mother and father’s political experience and Soros’ money—she’s more of a problem that we imagine at this point!! She will become the ‘puppet’ that Hillary ‘would’ have been had she won the election!!

  177. Mary Moore says:

    I think she is “her mother’s daughter”. Just as big a liar and crook. We have had enough of the Clintons and if I never see them again it will be too soon.

  178. Jack says:


    1. Deborah Pratt says:

      That’s OK, Jack!! I understand, considering the subject here!! You’re ‘forgiven’!! LOL

  179. cp123 says:

    No one I know takes her seriously. She is as corrupt as her parents.

  180. Paul Kalmanek says:

    Here goes. Send this out to your liberal friends, they are so friendly. They try to impose their way on us all because they are so much better then all the rest of us. Scenario: If Trump leaves office before he finishes his term, then the Vice Prez. becomes Prez. The new Prez. choice for VP will be Trump. Pence then resigns and, behold, Trump will be the new Prez. Could happen!

  181. Donald H Sullivan says:

    ???What was the threat???

  182. grouchyroan says:

    i almost typed out a comment about this crap, bet then i thought, no i’ll just go take a shit and serve the same purpose

  183. Dave says:

    Chelesa is nothing but a rich b_t_h who doesn’t know about real life or what it is like to live from day to day.

  184. TAM44 says:

    She’s a dead ringer for a horse’s butt, gag a maggot.

  185. Dee Stapp says:

    Chelsea, the best thing you can do for your Mom is get her into re-hab. She is showing signs of being delusional and it seems to be rubbing off on you.

  186. scorpian says:

    Chelsea is just as ugly as her father and other! These people are criminals! I don’t understand how their followers continue to support such white trash.

    The Clintons trashed this 22 year old young lady! Bill Clinton used his power to carry on with her for 2 years while his disingenuous wife Hillary went along with the charade. I feel bad for what Monica experience with this filthy President who got away with it. And yet today he’s still out there parading his politics and seriously pursuing the election of Hillary! HE WANTS BACK IN THE WHITE HOUSE! These people are parasites of the worse kind should have been removed from the retirement funded by the tax payer who still pays for their security! What security does Monica have only the bad press the Clintons got away with.

    Her comment ” what difference does it make”! This vicious power driven deceptive individual has a great mentor, BUBBA Clinton. Who’s better to teach her how to operate from a position of dishonest methods. She and her husband have long practiced a disingenuous political career. She’s has not been held accountable for the Benghazi murderers. She is involved in a cover-up and continues to make her way in politics with no disruption. This is her partner and confirms my assessment of the pair!
    Bill Clinton was suspended from practicing law in Arkansas and paid a $250,000 fine as a result of the Monica Lewinski incident.
    He also paid a
    $850,000 settlement over the Paula Jones incident.
    He was also disbarred from practicing law in front of the Supreme Court.
    So Bill Clinton, a disbarred lawyer, a President who was impeached for lying under oath,
    is asking the American people to believe him when he says the best thing for the country is
    4 years of Hillary.

    Just wanted to make sure I had that right.


  187. cowboytex says:

    All I can say honey is RUF RUF your a dog,the kind of girl you put a bag over your head in bed.

  188. mike whitty says:

    I heard from an un-named source that Chelsea Clinton is having an affair with Vladimir Putin’s Dog. I also heard from this same un-named source that Chelsea tried to have sex with a few of his bodyguards offering them a gang bang but they said that they all had such a bad time after they had gang banged Chelsea’s mother Hillary when she was SOS that they preferred to take their selves in hand rather that gang bang Chelsea but said that Putin’s Dog was available for sex and she took full advantage of the situation. Of course I cannot prove that any of this story is true or factual but hell that does not matter to Demonrats so why the hell should I care or give a damn!

  189. Rhesa says:

    I watch RT on Dish network. Their news is pretty good. Not as biased as the Alphabet news channels. Also channel 18 is pretty good. That’s KLRU. They have BBC which isn’t too bad.

  190. Gary Asti says:

    This POS is as dense dumb and incompetenty stupid as her walked out mother. She sounds to me as is she’s as drugged out her appears to be all the time.She needs to go be a good little girl and bury her head in the sand. We do not need her we do not want to see, hear or even think about this little tramp. GO AWAY

  191. Linda Coburn says:

    I certainly hope not! Some of us have seen enough of the Clinton’s to last a lifetime!

  192. Sherman Stoloff says:

    I seriously hope not. We’ve had enough of the Clinton Cartel. I don’t want to say guilt by association but just look at her parents and tell me she will think any differently. I doubt it very much. She is a liberal cry baby just like Hillary and could never be a good public servant. Chelsea, stay home and raise your kids, collect a fortune for your no show job and continue to write fairy tales.

  193. kicks says:

    Evil privileged bastard, now fuck off.

  194. 4USA2 says:

    Chelsea Clinton was just as much involved in the Clinton Foundation scamming people, as her parents were. That’s how she was able to buy the $10 Billion dollar pad in Downtown N.Y. …. she’s never had a real job. She also shut her eyes completely to the sleazy sexual predator her father is, and that she has a half brother, and that her mother ran a “pay to play” racket, lied to Congress about the secret hidden server, lied to Congress during the Benghazi investigation at which time Hillary LEFT FOUR MEN TO DIE and didn’t send them any help and the fighting went on for 7 hours so what exactly was Hillary doing for 7 hours while those men fought to their deaths????? Was she watching it on a screen? Was she eating breakfast? Was she knitting? She obviously wasn’t SENDING THEM SOME HELP! Chelsea is so brainwashed by what Hillary and Bill have raised her to believe; she’d be one stupid lazy person no matter what job she ran for. She’s a rich spoiled moocher on society now going around promoting a book she likely didn’t even write but about 10% of!

  195. rowdy matt says:

    Chelsea tries to Prop Up poor ole Momma, how wonderful and brave and proud of She is of her dear old mom…Nobody wants to See or Hear about the Clinton family, Chelsea, You People are Done, that includes You….Take a walk, Bet You got plenty of Clinton Foundation Money Left,…to take care of poor ole mom & dad…You may even be able to get Food Stamps,,,lol….shut up & go away, all of you, Enough Already!!

  196. John says:

    I hope she runs there’s no way she can cheat,lie,steal and bribe her way into office like her parents.

  197. 3Curmudgeon3 says:

    If she weren’t a Clinton, with money from Mommie and Daddy, would she still be this vocal? Possibly grooming herself to run for something. I thought her corrupt mother was going to win and be a shoe in. I was so wrong, in believing there were so many that didn’t want her or her bullshit. I can’t imagine where we would be without a couple of well placed bombs and statements made to countries that just play pattycake with terrorists. Hillary as Sec of State, did little or nothing but rack up air miles and state dinners. Of course her emails, Benghazi and money given (not loaned) along with weapons up the gazoo to Egypt, were bi-products of her wonderful legacy. Chelsea will still be keeping her ugly head in where it doesn’t belong and touting her mom and dad’s accomplishments.

  198. what did she say??? nothing of any note.. another air head..preaching to the vacuum skull ed sycophants like the clinton news network / communist news network…failing criminal news network… CNN.

  199. Laura says:

    nice try I am not sharing this so she gets free advertising and people get use to hearing her name with politics. She is ignorant has no intention of ever really working a day in her life and I am not helping her bilk another dime out of this country be it her stupid book or getting her into office. They all need to get back in the frigging woods!

  200. Elaine Bobula says:

    Please just go away, no one really cares what you say or think about anything. No one wants you to be President either; your mother lost and so will you, another Clinton no way.

  201. Rick Vitti says:

    So just like so many of her horrid mother’s statements. SHE SAID ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! Did I miss something in this article or was it just a bunch of Clinton gibberish not even worthy of the word double talk! Pleas drop dead all of you Clinton’s, Satan is waiting for you!

  202. doug says:

    Chelsea and Hillary need to take a walk in the woods, than commit themselves into a mental hospital!

  203. DAWGNUTZ says:

    Well, where else will she get her millions for doing nothing??

  204. StopTheJews says:


    Why did NBC reportedly pay Chelsea Clinton $600,000 a year? –
    LA Times – Los Angeles Times
    Los Angeles Times › business › hiltzik
    Jun 16, 2014 – NBC’s hiring of Chelsea Clinton as a “special correspondent” in its news division was widely … hung on that scandal, with Politico’s reporting that Clinton has been paid a salary of $600000 …

    What did NBC News’s Chelsea Clinton do for her $600,000 salary? – The Washington Post
    Washington Post › blogs › 2014/06/13
    Jun 13, 2014 – What’s the pay scale for a rookie network news correspondent with no news experience whatsoever? Six-hundred thousand bucks!!!! That’s according to Politico’s Dylan Byers and Maggie …

  205. Scott Hedglin says:

    Daughter of an impeached president and loser winch, yea she’s credible


  206. John Keatts says:

    She does have a lot in common with her mom. They are both Ugly and Untrustworthy.

  207. Ellen says:

    I hope not. If she is anything like her mother, which is a great possibility, she should not even be allowed to come near the WH.

  208. kassa1 says:

    I think she needs to be put to sleep with those two treasonous criminal parents of hours as she is no different than any of those little radical bitches that are rich.

  209. Jerubbesheth xx says:

    Chelsea should go far in the Democratic Party considering she is just as corrupt and deceitful as Corrupt Communist B—h Clinton and Sex Offender Bill

  210. Wes says:

    Billary Clinton and their daughter are close to their spirit father, Satan. Deceivers and liars.

  211. donaldbreaux says:

    Justice and Clinton are complete opposites and should not be used in any written material.

  212. Original Anna says:

    Gee, sounds with that long statement she said something, she talks like her mother, long winded but nothing new, it’s all old stuff. Gee, Chelsea if you are running for President you gotta make up some new stuff. Old stuff didn’t work with your mother and it won’t work with you. Get a political job for some experience, you are not like Obama a great orator who says nothing and gets elected, you need more to get elected.

  213. thepatraful says:

    Chelsie> your mom & step-dad Bill are liars!

  214. Arlene Peters says:

    Oh boy, she really set herself up to be accused by killery that “she’s” the reason mommy lost the election… She admitted that she shared her own views when campaigning for the murdering thief… Bet she says it’s Chelsea’s fault next time she’s on television… lol

  215. Bayside GolfClub says:

    Sorry.. The RESISTANCE to leftist liberals and clintonism has already spoken.. WE’RE WINNING!

    No do-overs.. Until the next one in 2018 in which you get your ass kicked even further back to the stone age..!

  216. Oldmonkey says:

    Do you really think anyone is listening to her other than her rich friends? Many of them might actually be grimacing

  217. Robert Walters says:

    She needs to get a job as a Federal Corrections Officer, so she can spend time with her Mother.
    Sorry I missed; lying, crying, stealing, treasonous, murdering Bitch!

  218. Camille says:

    It seems Chelsea thinks she has a possibility of winning in a race but it is laughable as she saw how her
    mother bombed and she is a total idiot when it comes to doing anything but being a lapdog for her mom who is mentally ill and it seems to run in the family.
    Do not even suggest Chelsea you could beat anyone. You and obama who thinks he can come back & chase the Trumps out of office may just find himself in hot water and you trailing behind him.
    We Anerican’s voted him out of office and if you even think we would let you even win COOKIE BAKE OFF YOU HAVE SOME FAIRY TALES YOU TELL YOURSELF. IT AIN’T GOING TO HAPPEN!!

  219. jim jones says:

    The ugly offspring of slime!

  220. Kaye Swiftney says:

    Amen, I watch nothing on NBC or CBS and only ncis on CBS. The Cintons (all of them) need to GO AWAY!!!!

  221. albert says:

    just another progressive whack job

  222. Whaledriver says:

    Chelsea is dangerous, as the two crooks who claim to be herparents have the money to “manage” her image politically. As conservatives, we must resist the forces of evil that will market Chelsea as the second coming of Christ in politics.

    But, really: the left wing “is fully invested in the Resostance”? To paint a conservative American as Hitler is just over the top of silliness and futility.

    If war breaks out, who are the Democrats going to serve: the enemy, or America?

  223. Irene Elizabeth Grooms says:

    What do you expect she is a DEMOCRAT.

  224. graybuffalo says:

    This spawn of the Hildabeast should be in prison along with her disbarred lawyer parents – they all conspired to line their own pockets from the Clinton Foundation “pay for play” scam. Only about 5% of the $$ in the Foundation goes to charity – the rest goes to the Clintons in one way or another. Crooked is as crooked does.

  225. StopTheJews says:

    If you want to save AMERICA then we must execute all members of the Jewish Mafia Empire who are killing our country. History does not lie about Jews. Reverend Bily Graham and others warned us about the queer devil rotten bastards. BOMB ISRAEL FOR USS LIBERTY ATTACK KILLING AND WOUNDING 208 AMERICAN SAILORS.

  226. cathylovesyou says:

    Chelsea has been raised in a wacho home, where lying, stealing, cheating is acceptable, so why would you expect anything else. She has been crippled by her parents especially this woman keeps blaming every failure on someone else as does her brother Barry. It is tough not to have common sense and think you know what is going on in the world. Chelsea, I’ll help you, Don’t ever forget when you get the chance to keep quiet “Do It” Especially when you don’t know what you are saying is wrong.

  227. StopTheJews says:

    Bill Mahar said the word nigger on his show and was condemned . But when OBAMA said the word nigger in a radio interview that was ok. Something is wrong in America when you say one word and the JEWISH Media try’s to hang you. They did this to Paula Deen and other white Americans. When Charles Rangle call the Tea Party WHITE CRACKERS that was ok. When niggers walk around the malls with black fist on their dirty t-shirts with the words black power that’s ok . The NAACP are racist. BET TV NETWORK IS RACIST . Picture says it all . IT IS JEWS KILLING AMERICA.

  228. Apostle53 says:

    I will vote NO for her; just like I did her alleged DAD and MOM for POTUS.

  229. DonRS says:

    Poor Chelsea – she is the combination of the worst in America: Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton. On top of that, she’s UGLY, as well!

  230. George Reed says:

    Can someone tell me why these SOB Clintons’ won’t go away and let us get on with solving Americas’ problems.God knows we have enough of them and most created by the democraps.

  231. Re says:

    What a sad bunch of losers. She now thinks she is saving the country because of hillery loss. And she thinks she has all the answers and will bring back the Clinton name. Sorry dear the Clinton name is now a looser name.get out of our life.

  232. Albert Ambrosia says:

    We need to do what the great patriots of France did and eliminate our nobility which is politicians, judges, people like clintons, obamas, mccain etc.,
    I think the French will be happy to give us their blueprint for the National Razor.

  233. mary ann says:

    The Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Chelsea is an idiot.why does anyone give that ugly thing a voice?

  234. Kenj says:

    It seems the dems keep throwing dirt in the air and try to slow down everything Trump is trying to do so they can say the Repubs are a bunch of “do nothings”. Like a bunch of babies who didn’t get their way, they’ve decided to say “no” to anything Trump wants to get done even if THEY wanted it. One must seriously consider who to vote for next election. A party who will willingly destroy the country just to get control of the country or a group willing to work with the public as closely as possible. Dems are so far behind, they don’t realize we the people vote them in office and what they do publicly can effect the voting outcome. The question here is, how many Americans are “duped” enough to actually vote for a party wishing to destroy what we have. Even the die-hard dems have to think about who to vote for next. I expect the dems to have maybe three prospects running next time. One being Sanders, one a muslim (black of course), and the third possibly gay. As the race goes on, the dems will see who gets the most votes and will possibly combine the two who get the most votes together as pres. and vp, to go against Trump or whoever the Repubs put up. The dems are already saying “Trump hasn’t done anything yet”, but aren’t saying WHY he is getting things up and running so slow. The public must realize there are still osama friends in the wh staff and need to know Trump is in fact getting things done, but slowly because of their “NO” vote to everything. How stupid the dems seem to think the public is. Personally, I would like to see all the dems replaced by someone who wants this a free country. That includes illegals! The national socialist party (later changed to Nazi) didn’t work for Hitler and it wont work here either. It is said the dems would like to see a civil war. History does repeat itself but only for those who don’t know it.

  235. Kirk Kahler says:

    why cant the Clintons just fade a way like America really wants ? no one cares about there books or any thing they have to say and I am sure that the free days they have are come to an end ! they are corrupt ! dirty and lie with every word that comes out of there faces ! I am getting sick of them getting air time !

  236. Tex Bentley says:

    Listening to her orr reading her comments is a waste of time. She tries to sound intelligent and somewhat sage but comes across as the parroting idiot she is.

  237. Frank says:

    Of-course she is trying to get into politics, the clintons like that tax- exempt money and she will come up with some “tax exempt” foundations of her own very soon.remember the old saying “like mother like daughter” stay home Chelsea nobody wants to hear what you want to say!!!

  238. mpdMD1965 says:

    chelsea clinton is a know nothing dumbocrap like her derriere endowed mother who has yet to make a comlete sentence that makes sense. but then that is the goal of dumbocraps. SENSE is a 4 letter word.

  239. Lakshmi says:

    AMERICANS MUST SAY NO, NO, NO to the Clinton CRIME family. When the wicked rule, the people suffer, are plundered, destroyed and mourn. Justice, integrity & truth are non-existent in government when liars, thieves, murderers, warmongers, rapists, drug pushers, gun runnersto enemies, kidnappers, con artists, TRAITORS, etc. are in charge.
    —– It is time for the American people to get SMART and support GOOD, HONEST & MORAL people for public offices.

  240. Thomas says:

    Chelsea Clinton is Uglier than her mother and almost as stupid. The Media is in bad shape if they cannot find better sources for interviews.

  241. John says:

    why didn’t she abort or her mother or her grandmother

  242. bet1125 says:

    Howdy Doody in drag.

  243. daledor says:

    The Clinton’s are the lowest life people I know of next to Obama. Though Bill is the lesser of the two evils and his presidency not much worse than the Bush’s compared with Obama – remember that “I care” always was a charade and play on people. Remember that the Bush’s, Clinton, and Obama are the lead New World Order pushers and destroyers of America that have existed in many many years.

    The kinder and gentler aspect of these folks is a cover for the evils they have done. The lighter ones in the group were the Bush’s but all pushed and tried to place the NWO in control. The most in your face was Obama, exercising unconstitutional moves that were promoted by the active Dem party and the passive RINO’s trying to control the RNC.– the key top socialist liberals trying to make America a socialist state..

    Hillary would have been the worst in turning our nation over to the UN which is controlled by the NWO global bankers an the international corporations they fund/control – which practically controls Hollywood and most of the media, as well as some facets of education (I call indoctrination/the propaganda wing).

    All the false promises of the NWO will only lead to our slavery and conglomerating the world under a socialist system dead set on control and power by a few. Some are indoctrinated into such a mindset that we must have the NWO, some willingly follow as leaders of the movement, some are bought out, and many are simply deceived.

    If you disagree do some studies, the major communist regimes were similar to Hitler (Hitler did prosper the German people though evil in plans and intent). They knocked the USA calling us “capitalist pigs” while the few in charge there grabbed up most of the wealth and all of the control of their people..

  244. B. Pearson says:

    All about selling books! Remember, Chelsea is born under the “Clinton Tree” whereas, she will not ever be able to think for herself, due to her lack of experience and youth’s perspective to politics. Chelsea will reach forty years of age and then, turn around realizing her trite errors of her youth’s mind set. This article also shows how desperate the Media is for anything to place as a headline…………..The Clinton’s are now very old news! If I were Chelsea I’d consider getting a DNA test just to double verify real family connections?

  245. B. Pearson says:

    Chelsea is trying to manipulate young minds well in advance of running for some Democratic office. Yes, a typical move on the Clinton’s part to poison minds well into the future like “Sheep” needed later for votes. A great ploy for small minds and is typical of Liberal maneuvers against balance in a Democratic manner to offset Democracy. Totally pathetic! A good politician must access and see both sides to a sensible resolve.

  246. MorvaMarsh says:

    Am I missing something? I can’t seem to access the article. There’s no link.

  247. Linda Lee says:

    She’s as evil as her mother.

  248. larry says:

    Since when did Chelsea earn dues to criticize? In fact, who would find her book an interesting read other than other Hillaryites.

    1. Mike W says:

      “I wonder what she charges to haunt a house?”

  249. Michael J Tomarchio says:

    In the minds of many, the Clintons belong to Satan, then it makes Chelsea Satan’s “child” and she is going out of her way to earn the title

  250. StopTheJews says:


  251. GrizzMann says:

    I hope she included Monica.

  252. Alleged Comment says:

    Wendell Hubbell’s daughter. Frick’ n Hillaryous……

    You know, your mother should shut other things up then her BIG MOUTH.

  253. jaybird says:

    What direct threat to Trump that would make you sick??? I hate these title’s that amount to nothing!!!

  254. Andrew Molina says:

    Who’s your daddy?

  255. Gerald Tobey says:

    I didn’t know that the office of National Dog Catcher was becoming an elected office. I don’t think she’d be good for that, she’d traumatize the dogs with that face! Idiot!

  256. chuberry says:

    `I read the entire article. The headline states that she issued a direct threat against Trump. But, I sure as hell didn’t see any threat in there. So I find this to be misleading. I was hoping for something juicy.

  257. ARVIN says:

    MY GOD, I HATE TO THINK OF HAVING TO PUT UP WITH ANOTHER CLINTON. I HAVEN’T DECIDED ON A NAME FOR HER BUT I DO HAVE ONE FOR HER 2 SPAN MAKERS. THE FEMALE DOG AND THE ELEVATOR ZIPPER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  258. Robert E Lawson says:

    I think she should run for president….then she could B slapped down like the aggravating gnat she is….just like her Mama was, & BTW….put Hellary N prison 4 LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  259. patriot2015 says:

    These Clinton`s and the rest of the totally corrupt democratic party have lost all respect for our Constitution and this country. They are so blinded by HATE, because they ran a person who had no respect for anyone.
    She had this idea that it was her turn to be president and her our ego to be the first women president blinded her.
    I heard her say during one of her rants about her loss,that the republicans care more about their party than their country.
    What a joke from someone that cared more about her bank account than the country. As I recall you sold 20% of our uranium to Russia and put a big hunk of cash into your foundation,
    You used your position as Sec. of State as your own A.T.M. and put millions into your slush fund know as the Clinton Foundation.
    Please do America a big favor and GO AWAY.

  260. Ron says:

    Hillary Clinton’s Achievements:

    1.) Fired from the Whitewater Gate investigation.
    2.) Made $100,000 insider trading on cattle futures off a $1000 bet.
    3.) Received the Margret Sanger award for aborting babies.
    4.) Her girlfriend Huma is connected to Muslim Brotherhood terrorists.
    5.) Defended a child rapist and laughed about it.
    6.) $6 billion dollars from the State Department went missing.
    7.) Covered up that the Ambassador to Belgium is a known pedophile.
    8.) Threatened her husband’s rape victims.
    9.) Lied about being under sniper fire in Bosnia.
    10.) Fined $300,000 under the Logan act for attending a Bilderberg meeting.
    11.) Her law firm partner Vince Foster shot himself in the back of the head.
    12.) Used al-Qaeda terrorists to destroy Libya.
    13.) As a lawyer, she was thrown off the Nixon case for unethical behavior.
    14.) Stole the dishes from the White House.
    15.) Allowed Ambassador Stevens to die to cover up arms trafficking to al-Qaeda.

    1. Israel Kills AMERICANS says:


    2. Procius says:

      Number 11 is one of those cases where the ‘facts’ supplied by the authorities don’t hold water or make any sense There are several physical ‘facts’ that don’t fit into a suicide death but fit into a murder quite well. But then again that was in DC involving Clinton. What did you expect?

  261. WakeUpAllAmericans says:

    People…. The Right Thing to do, is that we all Seriously chip in and pay for a “life time Forever Vacation” for all the Clinton’s and their Clan (a one way Ticket) to the Antarctica, so as all the Clinton’s can live in the Ice World and their Evil shelves, would therefore be gone from our having to SEE, SMELL and hear their Disgusting LIES…. Once and for all. * The Only Problem is that any Living thing would be in a Disgusting Situation until all the Clinton’s FREEZE TO THEIR Demise!!!!

  262. Dolores DiPasquale says:

    She’s a joke just as her mother, ‘crooked Hillary’ is.

  263. Jeronimo Dan says:

    For a bastard child, (Web and Hillary’s) she sure throws her weight around and boy does she have the weight to throw around.

  264. Jeff T. says:

    Chelsea – We don’t care what you have to say. You’re a Clinton, running a corrupt organization for a corrupt family. Go away.

  265. 4NMatters says:

    Just go away little girl! It’s way past your bedtime!!

  266. tugger76 says:

    Did she mention her convicted corrupt thieving father-in-law, who was released and then given a pardon, in her book? Probably not, but just wondering.

  267. dje3 says:

    Resistance to WHAT? to a life of freedom? to a life of prosperity? to the right to vote?

    Far left intent it to take away ALL rights and make government your mother, father, sister, brother, aunt and uncle…to be your babysitter and your not allow you to be free in any real sense of the word.

    Chelsea..we don’t want or need your social gerrymandering. We don’t want your type of justice. We don’t care for your rhetoric and abuse of power….for you see little girl, you grew up in a family of CRIMINALS politically, socially and in fact. You learned how to abuse the citizens under a guise of kindness and goodness…with a father that damaged this earth more than almost any president (see Congo) and has caused the deaths of uncountable and a mother that is vile and pernicious and cares only of power.

    Chelsea, the best thing that could happen to you would be for you to LEAVE behind all contacts with your parents associates, leave behind the money and power and go live your life outside politics and power. Little girl, don’t go where you are going. Instead forget all of that and stop thinking politically at all….stop thinking money or power. GO RAISE YOUR CHILDREN YOURSELF instead of having nannies and abandoning them. Find your family values, something I guaranty you that your parents NEVER had. GO and live…instead of killing like your parents do. They kill everything around them for power and money.

    Little girl you need help and it is NOT too late for you.

  268. erleebird says:

    Down with the Clinton Dynasty! It’s about time they leave the American people to heal and advance to a better place!

  269. Israel Kills AMERICANS says:

    All political parties are crooked and dangerous. Anti American Jews are killing our country and brainwashing the American People. They should be executed to save America. Jews own many of the scum in our crooked government . WAKE UP AMERICA! Picture says it all. JEWS MURDERED JFK AND HIS BROTHER AND MLK.

  270. roland Osbold says:

    She is just like her mother, good for nothing…..go to my Webpage on Facebook ,search,, ,the cure for any cancer, ,its free, the cure itself is so easy you can do it yourself at home, and it works 100%, cost 2-3.00$….. plus many more information you never heard of. GOD created Human Beings 1+billion years ago out there in our Universe, learn how they live and travel, they are far, far ahead of us, why 1/3 of the Angels rebelled against GOD, no Man has seen GOD, I did, find out what happen, it is a must read, you will be glad you did

  271. Tom says:

    Ass! just like her corrupt parents…

    1. Israel Kills AMERICANS says:


  272. Marilyn says:

    Like Mother Like Daughter. ugh

  273. BruceW says:

    Chelsea the illegitimate c_nt should have named her book “gram gram goes to prison”

  274. Richard Schmidt says:

    Chelsea, just go home.

  275. truth says:

    Ugly little crooked thieving piece of garbage like her parents.

  276. Amber says:

    She may run for something in New York and win, but that does not mean the rest of the country will go for her. She is no more liked than her Mother.

  277. maquignon says:

    Hell no!!! Don’t know why I even read the *&^% article – Oh yes, I do BECAUSE OF THE MISLEADING HEADLINE!!!! Nowhere in that *&^%$# was there a direct threat to Trump that would make me sick. And it doesn’t take much to make me sick when talking about the Clintons!!!!

  278. Ken Thomas says:

    Two of the fuglyist women in the world

    1. Chi Sam says:

      I can only guess as to why your brain would not follow a simple pattern and use ‘est’, as is the case with dumbest, and stupidest…not that those words were chosen for any particular reason.

  279. Vincent Marcantelli says:

    OK, so Clinton talks nasty, and in the near future her Mother will be under Federal arrest, so Ms. C. Clinton keep on running your mouth. Continue to run your mouth and show just how stupid you really are!

    1. Whaledriver says:

      The more she talks, the more that she removes all doubt from the minds of others that she’s a fool.

  280. alpha444 says:

    She wrote a book? Doubt it. It was written by others, just like her mother’s books. who the heck is she to write a book? She has no background or experience, why would anyone think that she has something relevant to share? she is merely the daughter of a sexual predator and a serial liar. She is nobody. Of course, she managed to get a 600k job with no experience…hmmm, and has collected awards over the last few months. nobody knows what the awards are actually for, but then , we has a president who won a Nobel Peace prize before he ever did anything as president.

  281. Jean Craig says:


    1. Chi Sam says:

      Neither MND nor PONCE are words, and the all caps theatrics makes it appear that you are boasting of your ineptness and your ignorance.

  282. mike says:

    Just more Web Hubble drippings.

    1. Chi Sam says:

      The name is Hubbell, stupid. Other posters ought not have to teach you your own choice of subject.

      If you don’t pay attention to politics, opine on something you actually do know.

  283. jackel says:

    Does she have anything of substance to say anytime? If it weren’t for her infamous parents, the media would ignore her; maybe. The left just shows questionable leadership supported by the cheerleaders, the media.

  284. Robert Early says:

    If the left keeps pushing us to civil war, then all the Clintons will hang.

  285. aaron43 says:

    The whole Clinton family along with their in-laws are as crooked as they come.

  286. MARYANN33 says:

    Chelsea has nothing to say to anyone anytime..She has done nothing on her own and never will. Please find a way for her to go away and be quiet now.

  287. preachers_kid3 says:

    I think Chelsea is beating a dead horse with the rest of the Democratic Party. They just won’t get over the fact that they lost the election. Until they are willing and ready to put the welfare of our country first aside from their political views, they are part of the country’s problems not the solution.

    Stop already! Take your blinders off, take a big breath and look at what good has taken place already in our nation. We must work together, just as we always have.
    God has blessed us so much but He won’t if He sees all the fighting and lying! Why should He. Remember we reap what we sow!

  288. missirish71 says:

    It certainly sounds like she is. No matter what you think of Donald Trump he is our president, so please show him some respect. The election is over so please get over it and get on with your life.

  289. Jeffery Koller says:

    WHY is the MEDIA so mesmerized by the Clinton’s who TRULY “screwed” this nation, from the “sexist” scandal of Bill Clinton, to the LYING of then Secretary of State Hillary to NOW a BOOK on “13 American Women”. As I HAVEN’T nor WILL I ever read this, I’d be curious as how she deals with the infidelity of her father and the ACCEPTANCE by her mother.

    1. Whaledriver says:

      Why should we care about her at all, let alone what she thinks? More can be done to marginalize her by people realizing she’s a zero in life — as in nothing.

  290. mpdMD1965 says:

    Prissy face clinton need not even open her anal like mouth and spew crap like her loser mom to let folks know braindead children rarely fall far from their parents. The Clinton Clan is a loser in every way, staring with looks. When Chelsea gets up from a chair her lineage is clear. Indeed her botton is definitely inher mom’s cavernous bottom
    and from both spew dumbocrap fecal matter of which real Americans are tired of hearing no matter from which cavrnous space it spews.

  291. Whaledriver says:

    Looking more Webb Hubbell every day, girl.

    Think “turkey-baster” baby.

  292. Jeffery Koller says:


  293. No name nut case says:

    She is absolutely going to try to have a political career. Hopefully she won’t get anywhere with it. All we need is another Clinton. ARRRGGGHHH!

  294. No name nut case says:

    Chelsea may run but it would take some mighty dumb people to elect her! Just look at her mother! Biggest crook since the 1920’s! The apple doesn’t fall far the tree!

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