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Chelsea Clinton Instantly Regretted One Tweet When It Backfired In A Major Way

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  1. Al says:

    She’s going to attempt to get into office.

    1. eastedie33510 says:

      “Attempt” is the word; won’t happen. Clintons are finished.

      1. ABitofThought says:

        You forget the standard attack – no matter what the Democrat gets caught doing wrong, the reply will always be: “the Republican is worse”.

      2. Al says:

        I hope you are right friend.

    2. reggie says:

      She want’s Lowey’s seat.

  2. 1947goldenjet says:

    Listen, you can’t be too hard on liberals. If it wasn’t for double standards they wouldn’t have any standards at all.

    1. Carol Farmer says:

      Isn’t that the truth. lol

    2. GomeznSA says:

      “Yes we can” – be hard on lieberals at any and all opportunities. After all, they have been given ‘cover’ by their propaganda arm for so long they think they are above ANY critical analysis of their comments. BTW even their ‘double standards’ are about as low as you can get.

    3. gordythreehorses says:

      what a piss poor attempt and stupid attempt at humor, I see you are a liberal yourself

      1. gordythreehorses says:

        you don’t need to write a novel, a one line insult will work well.

        1. Pat Long Eroh says:

          you don’t seem to need to actually make a decent argument for your viewpoint. Just insults. Shows lack of intelligence.

        2. Anne Mills says:

          But it wasn’t much of an insult. Just showed your ability to be easily triggered.

      2. 1947goldenjet says:

        Let me see if I can help you out. First of all, it is YOUR opinion that it was a piss poor and stupid attempt at humor. The other 2 responses indicate that you hold a minority opinion. Secondly, I used they and not we. That would indicate to most people that I am NOT a liberal. Thirdly, the fact that you took umbrage indicates that YOU are a LIBERAL.

        1. gordythreehorses says:

          bull! you must be a liberal because you can’t type very fast!

          1. 1947goldenjet says:

            Whatever you do, do not take a job that you have to rely on your analysis of people or situations. Sorry to disappoint you, but I have no need to demean or belittle people with whom I carry on a conversation.

          2. gordythreehorses says:

            the most you could carry a conversation with is two, just you and you.

          3. 1947goldenjet says:

            An amazingly brilliant retort. Thanks for the chortles.

          4. Pat Long Eroh says:

            and you it appears.

          5. kbmiller says:

            In that conversation, you lost.

          6. Joey says:

            Bless your heart! I am so sorry that you’ve alllowed yourself to get caught up in the leftist liberal brainwashing. Thinking the only way to respond is to be argumentative and hateful in that to which you disagree with. Not sure if you were raised that way, or if you learned to be this way due to a wasted higher education? Either way your hatefulness proves just how unloved and uneducated you are. People like you preach tolerance, yet do not understand it’s meaning. The only thing you understand is the need to be heard. Well we all have a need to be heard. Yet there are countless more of us who were raised properly and educated properly that understand the meaning of tolerance. If not, your tiny blip on the radar would vanish. The up side for us is, you will at some point vanish. You will age rapidly, your brain will start losing its ability to put the hateful words together and in a moment you will just be gone. Poof! The rest of us will continue to carry on, getting older and being thankful for having one less blip to deal with. I hope you are still in a place to get my drift, because it is guaranteed that if you continue down this sick, slick pathetic path, it will be your destruction. It doesn’t matter to me whether you get my drift or not, but I am banking on the pure and simple truth that you will someday regret your learned actions, and when it happens it will be way to late to get on board with reality. That day is coming, sooner than you think!

          7. Evolve Today! says:

            Sociology degrees don’t pay well.

          8. Pat Long Eroh says:

            Evolve Today! – first hand knowledge I suppose. I wouldn’t know.

        2. WilliamHarrington says:

          My thought exactly.

        3. hoya says:

          Were you replying to gordythreegprsesarses? haha

      3. Pat Long Eroh says:

        gordythreehorses – absolute liberal rhetoric. No substance, only insults.

        1. jillocity says:

          truth spoken…it’s a troll

      4. Anne Mills says:

        Actually, it was rather funny. If you can’t see that, don’t be mean. Just retreat to your safe zone. My goodness you were easily triggered!

      5. Linda Lee says:

        gordy areyou as dumb as you sound? In what way did he sound like a liberal. sober up

    4. Bob Goedjen says:

      Excellent description

    5. col says:

      Truer words were never typed!!!!!

  3. Christian_Patriot7 says:

    The slaves were NOT immigrants! They were brought over to work in the cotton fields! When Lincoln freed them, he should have sent them all back to the country they came from and we wouldn’t have the problems with their descendents such as BLM that we have today!

    1. NolanR says:

      He intended to but he did not live long enough.

    2. brbg says:

      Look up the definition of “immigrant”. Slaves were most certainly immigrants.

      1. MrsVL says:

        I looked it up, too, on and still O’Reilly said they weren’t really immigrants. But the definition sure sounded like it because it didn’t distinguish whether they were brought here by force or came on their own. Does it make a difference?

        1. porkexpress says:

          Would indentured slaves be immigrants. Those were the original slaves brought from England.

          1. Chief741A says:

            Good point, porkexpress. My paternal ancestors came across the pond as indentured servants on an Mississippi plantation, and the only difference between the black slaves and the white indentures was the expiration date on the indenture’s servitude.

      2. Louis Dudas says:

        Immigrant is a person who of one’s own will relocates into another country. Blacks did not come to America of their own will.

    3. Al says:

      It was tried. Monrovia, Liberia under president Monroe.

      1. Paula says:

        After the Civil War the slaves were set Free and given the opportunity to return to Africa where they could have Reassimilate in their own CULTURE!!. Our Government bought them their own Country named “LIBERIA” Many returned and the Rest were compensated with money and Land!
        This happened several hundred years ago. This was a big mistake our Forfathers made! Some CULTURES never ASSIMILATE!!!
        Africans were not brought only to America but: CENTRL and SOUTH AMERICA and other Country’s. Slaves would have never been sold to America had it not been for their own Chiftains selling them to the North African TRADERS!!!
        Have any of those other Country’s made an effort to make Reparations?
        Do study a little History, White Cultures have suffered Slavery and never been compensated for!
        Get over it or GET OUT! That goes for all you disgruntled INVADERS!!!!
        THE WHITE MAN IS A QUIET MAN but you push him to far HE WILL “EXPLODE”

    4. Kenneth Connors says:

      according to the dictionary they were immigrant’s

    5. haz says:

      Do your research, that is just what he intended to do, send them home where they wanted to be. They did not want to be here so give them some room and the respect they deserve. There are some really good black people and then there are some like BLM who only live hate and want to destroy everything.

    6. GomeznSA says:

      Enough replies already regarding whether the slaves could be legally defined as ‘immigrants’. More importantly, honest abe only freed the slaves in the rebellious states, nothing done with the remaining slaves in the border states nor the north (check out how long it took useless grant to free his slaves).
      Emancipation indeed…………….

  4. 4USA2 says:

    Sure wish Chelsea would explain in a tweet “what the Clinton Foundation did with the tens of millions of dollars collected for the Hati Earthquake victims who NEVER GOT ONE PENNY of that donated money”? Your turn, Chelsea?

    1. Al says:

      6 billion disappeared when she was SOS?

      1. GomeznSA says:

        Well to be ‘fair’ to Chelsea that money disappeared under hillz watch – and IIRC it was 6.5 billion, but what the heck, what’s a half a billion between ‘friends’.

        1. Al says:

          Yeah. It’s only money. We got plenty more. LOL

        2. Bob says:

          That’s nothing compared to the 800 billion Ofuckface gave away through the American R&R act.

      2. Anne Mills says:

        That was Hillary. It disappeared under Hillary’s watch as SOS.

    2. Lori says:

      What else, gave herself a great big expensive wedding ,while the people in Haiti went without.

    3. Dusty says:

      Not just ‘daddy-o’ was involved with that donation for Haiti victims … if you recall Dubya’s daddy was involved along with him.

      1. reggie says:

        And dubya himself, remember the pathetic picture of the 2 of them? The dube and his brother by another mother, zipper willy. Not my wording, hers.

  5. NolanR says:

    Chelsea Clinton is a stupid bitch, but what can you say? Look at her parents!

  6. Steve Volkle says:

    This from someone who’s NEVER HAD A REAL JOB in her LIFE what does she know about ANYTHING???

    1. Dusty says:

      You are so right. D oubtful she even knows who her own father is. Wonder if ole Webster Hubbel wanted the truth out. But, out of respect Chelsea should at least visit his gravesite.

      1. noah jonas says:

        But, why does she look so much like Yasser Arafat?

        1. porkexpress says:

          In her younger years I would have said Howdy Doody.

          1. Evolve Today! says:

            Who the hell are all these people banging Hillary? Lol

          2. Mr Washy says:

            Lots of drug abuse in the 60s. That’s the result.

          3. Evolve Today! says:

            There is a Lot of drug abuse now. Sounds like the 60s are why millennials are not to blame for failures currently.

          4. Thomas Proctor says:

            Bill and killary made the rounds during the flower child and hippie days, so there is no telling who and how many.

          5. Evolve Today! says:

            Even then, wasn’t she stinking and unclean?

          6. noah jonas says:

            Only the ones without ED.

        2. ohkilroy says:

          Damn ! That’s funny !

      2. Jacqueline Schulke says:

        When did Webster Hubbel die? And what of? Did the Clintons kill him?

        1. Dusty says:

          Looked for date of Webbs death and not to be found! His birth is listed but not a date for death. Interesting. Will continue searching.

          1. Jacqueline Schulke says:

            I searched, too. Wikipedia says he is an author, so I guess he is still alive.

          2. Jeannie McCall says:

            Thought he was still alive, but serving time in a Federal prison.

        2. Dusty says:

          All I get on Google is he died on a Thursday and no date will be given. How strange.

          1. Jacqueline Schulke says:

            I agree. Strange.

          2. ntn says:

            According to what I get he is 69 and still living unless he died yesterday

          3. Dusty says:

            Thank you so much. I had heard ‘rumbles’ for some time he died. Tried to find out when and of what and hit blank wall. Did see where he died on a Thursday and couldn’t understand that statement. Thursday when?Where?/What of? (usual curiosities) Again, thank you for your time and input.

        3. George says:

          Right after Chelsea’s conception and of Clintonitis.

    2. MrsVL says:

      Oh, but wait! Didn’t Mommy and Daddy get her a job right out of college working for CBS (or one of the major networks) making $600,000!! Well, maybe she really didn’t WORK, but she sure got paid a lot and for what??!! Maybe it was her last name and then she still really didn’t have to do any work!! LOL!!

      1. GomeznSA says:

        If I’m not mistaken she is ‘worth’ (well has a bigger bank account anyway) more than either billz or hillz – most likely due to the clinton foundation. Plus she (sorta) married money – look up hubbie’s background for ‘the rest of the story’.

      2. Bruce Walters says:

        Chelsea probably earned her salary on her knees, under a desk

        1. Evolve Today! says:

          She technically isn’t bills daughter.

          1. ntn says:

            I thought the same thing but she definitely is hillary’s because they both look alike…Mean…

          2. noah jonas says:

            Are we talking about Yasser Arafat’s daughter, Chelsea.

        2. Bob says:

          Was Bill even around?

      3. CantBePCAnymore says:

        They fired her, whichever one it was. Every job her parents got her she was fired from.

      4. Thomas Proctor says:

        Take a good look at Chelsea and if you still think Bill Clinton is her father, get your eyes checked . I believe killary might have had a fling or two just like Jackie “O”.

    3. reggie says:

      She knows nothing about anything, that’s why she has an opinion. She wants to be the next piglosi, or fakeohontas or maxine wah, wah. and is getting her face out there so the libs can see how ignorant she is. Then they’ll vote for her. She wants the congressional seat that Lowey has it’s why she moved out of the city and next to mama. Guess it beats being in mama’s basement.

      1. Random Citizen says:

        What do you mean? Chelsea Clinton is what America has been waiting for. She is a Clinton, a family that has contributed so much to America. She understands the plight of working mothers, because she is one. She speaks for progressive values. She understands how America can achieve true greatness. She empathizes with aggrieved minorities. She’s the authentic voice of working men and women everywhere.

        Haha. Just putting you on! She’s not any of those things at all. She’s not even a Clinton. She’s a Hubbell.

        1. reggie says:

          Loved it. Thanks. Satire is one of my favorites.

  7. Howard A Milor Jr. says:

    Chelsea you better stay out of your socialist politics cause your mommy and daddy are washed up and you will be on the same trash,pile!

  8. MarcJ says:

    The Clinton crime family is going on and on…

  9. pianobill says:

    Poor Chelsea, she can’t be too intelligent, with a Mama like Hillary and a Daddy like Howdy Doody,

  10. Leadrunner says:

    Despite being a pervert, Bill is pretty sharp (most of the time), but Chelsea is like her mother. Meanness and hatred do not equate to intelligence. Chelsea really isn’t very bright.

  11. Ken says:

    To Christian_Patriot: – you wrote “The slaves were NOT immigrants! They were brought over to work in the cotton fields! When Lincoln freed them, he should have sent them all back to the country they came from….”.
    I’m dismayed there are still people like you who call themselves Americans. True Americans respect others, especially other Americans, and you obviously do not. This website is a hate-spreading medium for white supremacists.

    1. Cheryl Detar says:

      Ken I agree, he is wrong. So, I guess, since you are on this site you are one of those hate-spreading medium for white supremacists.

    2. noah jonas says:

      Ken.. You need to tell Left wing Liberal Democrats to respect others who have different opinions. Do you think it is right for Democrats to physically attack Republicans? These sadistic Liberals have hit, bloodied and knocked down young and the elderly Trump supporters. Three times in a row at Berkeley. They only believe in free speech if it is their free speech. You said, “True Americans respect others, especially other Americans”. Seems to me that should work both ways. Leftwing Liberals attacking others, young and old, male and female, for no other reason than wearing a Trump T-Shirt. Is that showing “RESPECT?

      1. Ken says:

        Noah Jones – I agree with your comments. ALL of us, liberal or conservative, need to use our brains and not simply our emotions. Violence and disrespect on ALL sides should be abhorred and stopped. We need to restore common decency, and not just towards those who agree with our particular beliefs. Too much hate in this world, with too few people working together to slow it down.

  12. xingqin says:

    Chelsea should be very careful< she is like her mother and isn't playing with a full deck.

    1. GomeznSA says:

      Hmm. full deck or stacked deck? I think it is probably more the latter……………….

  13. JMICHAEL270 says:

    Even after the cosmetic surgery she still likes like Webster Hubbell

    1. Sandra Roberts says:

      Attacking someone purely on their looks is neither appropriate or constructive

      1. JMICHAEL270 says:

        Nothing from Hillary or Chelsea has been either appropriate or constructive lately. Put them in GITMO where they belong, and take all funds from the Clinton Foundation and apply to the $6,000,000,000.00 missing while Hillary was SOS!

      2. noah jonas says:

        That is true in most cases, but she is hideous inside and out.

      3. Paula says:

        What comes out of her mouth is!!!

  14. Joe Kennedy says:

    I actually think that Chelsea Clinton has deep within her some good DNA which may not have come from Bill but regardless of that she is basically a good person. When she began to work on the Clinton Foundation and discovered what was really happening…She wanted changes made!
    My prayers is that she will remain true to herself as Shakespeare said then Thou canst be false to no man. God bless you Chelsea. Back off your attacks on Trump lest you be caught in the trap of being negative rather than using your talents to be positive in service for our great country. You might consider becoming an Independant. You know why more than I do!

    1. Fedup says:

      When Chelsea was married the photographer asked that the members of the Clinton family gather for a family photo. As they started to head to the area where the photo was to be taken Chelsea stopped her new husband and told him he wouldn’t be in the photo because he wasn’t a Clinton. Ya, she’s a real sweetheart just like her mother.

    2. Tellitlikeitis says:

      Chelsea is just filling the expectation of her to be a good little soldier for the Dems. She just spouts off every now and then in an attempt to keep the Clintons “relevant”.Shes also a victim of the corruptness of her parents, and, like abused children they are loyal because that’s all they know. She’s no real threat politically, that would result in a world of ugliness for her and her children. You see how the Kennedys are fading out of politics despite trying to stay relevant. When it’s over, it’s over!

  15. Tony bellotte says:

    Only ignorant liberal distorionist could take the country’s leading black surgeonout to be a raciest

  16. Dusty says:

    Their chiefs contributed them while making deals with the Zionist British. They were immigrants when arriving but afterwards became enslaved by the British plantation owners through trickery. If anybody is to blame for this it would be their own tribal leaders and England. The U.S. population had nothing to do with enslavement of the Africans.

  17. Mike Hanson says:

    She’s just as purty as a mud fence! Golly, hyuk!

  18. Robert F says:

    What? You want her to use facts?

  19. Bob says:

    True to form. Inconsistent about everything will lie and cry about anything. In addition to being stupid.

  20. BakkenBill says:

    Apples don’t fall far from the tree. She, after all else, is a ‘Clinton’.
    Why would anyone expect anything other than emotional unfounded remarks. Having gone to college and received a degree doesn’t actually prove a high degree of intelligence.

  21. Harvey Schneider says:

    Why didn’t Chelsea tweet about any of the wrongful acts her mother committed as SOS-US or the lies “Over the Hillary” made as a Presidential candidate?

    Chelsea is not a righteous person. There is little about her parents, whoever they are, that she can defend to “Honor her father and her mother.” Dr. Ben Carson was right in his statement (as was Barack Insane Obama) regarding individuals that came to the States being immigrants as were the Irish that came here were immigrants. (the Irish were used as an example because of the coming St. Patrick’s Day)

  22. lou says:

    It looks like her face “blew-up”. She sure resembles Web Hubble, Clintons ol law partner. What a coincidence. Look at old pictures of Web and Chelsea’s pictures, you might agree.

  23. Jim Strong says:

    I think Chelsea show be very careful.

  24. dennodog says:

    Carson was correct, as he usually is. Why do the “illiterati” always have to “F’ Lee Bailey” every statement or word that anybody that’s not a vagina head says? These morons are are so hung up on their own imagined qualifications that they think that if you don’t agree with them, you are incorrect on everything. The “basics” are woefully lacking and it shows it when so many “college” students need to take remedial courses for subjects that were supposed to be learned in grammar school. The more they speak, the dumber they appear, just like chelsea did.

  25. Ironmanfour says:

    She not only looks like her mother, she is just as doumb.

  26. parkslopedog says:

    An immigrant is anyone who comes to reside in a country from another country without distinction between voluntary or involuntary entry. It was only later that the word was politicized and other connotations were added. But of course, Barack can walk on water and anything he says sounds like angels singing.

  27. Fedup says:

    Shut up little girl. You are not smart enough to play with the big boys in spite of what your hag mother has told you. If I were you I would keep a low profile and keep my mouth shut. You, your mother and bill are not out of the woods yet. There is still a chance you all will be going to prison once things settle down and the folks in Trumps administration like Session will start investigating a few democratic crooks. Older,lynch and of course the clinton foundation.

  28. noah jonas says:

    We have always known that Chelsea is as ugly looking as Nancy Pelosi, and now it turns out that she is just as ugly on the inside.

  29. Scott says:

    Who is she really, someone riding on the downdraft of her parents, other than that she has done nothing and deserves nothing, inclufing our attention

  30. gobrien says:

    People — this is just one more thing the left has found to attack Trump, his administration and ALL of us. It will never stop. Just keep all this in mind come 2018. I think the press does it because they’d have to admit they’re not as powerful and influential as they want you to believe despite cheating on the polls and lying about it to her supporters. Remember the landslide victory Hillary was going to have? They covered up (didn’t report) the real stories about Hillary and Trump so it caught all of her ‘followers’ off guard.

  31. mr electricity says:

    Not a nice looking person either – Im afraid i would rather hear about the Kardashians than more of clinton crap

  32. Bruce Walters says:

    Chelsea, you are the illegitimate daughter from an affair between your father Webb Hubbell and your mother Hillary Clinton. You are the product of adultery. Don’t think for a minute anybody is interested in what you have to say. You are as ugly inside as you are outside. The family you claim, are nothing but common grifters, swindlers, and con artists. I wouldn’t be surprised if you lost your virginity to Bill Clinton when you were 11 or 12. Keep opening your mouth and spout your nonsense so we may be reminded just how big of a fool you really are, and give us something to laugh at when we read articles concerning you. .Anybody who defends you are as big a fool, remember, even cockroaches love and defend their own

  33. Dave T. says:

    This tweet blew up in her face….maybe she should start shooting a rifle….that would do the same!!

  34. TPS12 says:

    Hey she just did what lib/dems do jump on the bandwagon without any investigation, if it fits your agenda just do it. Plus let’s not forget who her parents are she has a disadvantage when it comes to the truth.

  35. Mike W says:

    Poor Poor Chelsea – when her mom and dad are finally exposed as the pedophiles they are, her husbands failed “operation” of a hedge fund that lost 90% of investors money – $29,000,000 and her father in laws prison time for bank fraud after stealing $10,000,000 finally sink into that head of hers – she may want to change her name to Hubbell.

  36. LARRY H. says:

    whoever said that ”CHELSEA CLINTON’ is smart–and has common sense–when it is so obvious and it always has been–she is NOT!! It has also been reported that her husband walked away from a $25 Million ‘hedge fund’ investment and left ‘investors’ hanging! HE should be the one who ‘HANGS” and his ‘wife–should be ‘hanging with him too!! Two ‘peas in a pod’!!

  37. ReaperHD says:

    She looks nothing like Bill, looks like “Slick Willy” got Slick Willied on producing Chelsea. I wonder who the Slick Willy was that slid on in there when Bill “SLICK WILLY” Clinton was Slick Willying someone else.

  38. survivor33 says:

    Oh Chelsea you are soooo stupid. You are so much like your mother if makes a person sick. All you know how to do is open your big mouth. If you didn’t have corrupt criminal racist parents, no one would even know who you are. Shut up and take care of those poor little kids you produced into the Clinton world of corruption, with your parents and the parents of your husband.

  39. Joey says:

    The apple didn’t fall far from the tree when it comes to uninformed stupid statements.

  40. EMIRCITNA says:

    CHELSEA CLINTON….another nobody who THINKS she is somebody! ~ Democrats have this mental problem!

  41. jdcsonka1 says:


  42. roboteq says:

    Trying to ride the coattails of success of her mother and father is not going to work for Chelsea Clinton. The young lady has neither the charisma or poker faced charm her parents have.

    1. Michael Lloyd says:

      Chelsea’s poker face requires 3 bags.

  43. NotAFacebookUser says:

    She’s the latest azz clown from the clinton clan.

  44. drpetey says:

    She inherited her parents hate!

  45. Starman535 says:

    Chelsea is just another Libertard. No reason to listen to her opinions, which are not worth a dog turd.

  46. gordythreehorses says:

    that bitch is fugly (fuc…. ugly!)

  47. CantBePCAnymore says:

    We already know that Chelsea has no common sense or smarts. Oh, yeah, she can go to school and pass tests, but the only job she wasn’t fired from was the one at her parents’ foundation. And because she was there, many long time employees left because they couldn’t deal with her. She’s her mother’s daughter.

  48. rickouellette says:

    Are we talking about Web Hubbell’s daughter who is apparently worth millions
    accumulated through the Clinton foundation ? That Chelsea ? Will the foundation
    investigation end soon ? If Slaves were not immigrants what were they ? What is an immigrant ? America First !!!

  49. gordythreehorses says:

    most who comment here are bigger socialist than Chelsea will ever be!

  50. StBernardnot says:

    Besides stupid, she’s ooogly.

  51. gordythreehorses says:

    I don’t know why you all bash the Clintons, they have looted billions! but it seems the most you poor slobs can manage is SSI and a snap card!

  52. Ironmike4610 says:

    Chelsea was born a fugly bi**h and will always be a dumb**s fugly bi**h, just like he mammie. Worthess and rotten to the core.

  53. James says:

    Wow! That picture of Chelsea? She is beginning to look as ugly as her mother!

  54. disqus_D87XRi0Gy7 says:

    Looks more and more like her Daddy Hubble everyday, O slick willy must be shooting blanks or they were having some wild parties back when that ugly duck was conceived

  55. Joe says:

    The s*** head, obama can say it but Ben Carson can’t say it, talk about bigotry. Seems like the Democrats need to check things out or they should keep their mouths shut.

  56. Wambli525 says:

    Again, the democrat 2X standard applies. Quick to react emotionally and slow to eat crow when wrong …. that is the nature if liberals; it in their genes.

  57. Timothy Dayton says:

    We just can’t get rid of the Clintons. Now we are having Chelsea, whose claim to fame is ???? besides being a first daughter, shoved down our throats by the libs and the MSM. Did you hear about her speeches on the environment and that she flies by private jet to them even if it is only an hour drive away. No the MSM doesn’t report that. She’s a true environmentalist in the mold of Al Gore and so many Hollywood elites who live in huge houses with huge heated pools and travel by private jets sucking up huge amounts of fuel and spewing huge amounts of CO2 equal to a whole small town into the air. She should just go back to Manhattan and run the slush fund even though receipts are way down. We don’t need her nor care what she has to say.

  58. giovanni tallino says:

    The Clintons never get embarrassed. They lie and cheat and think that they are above the law and above ethics.

  59. porkexpress says:

    She is a Clinton and Web’s daughter so I am not sure if she is a real Clinton. The acorn doesn’t fall far from the tree though.

  60. Intelligal says:

    Chelsea needs to “STAY OUT” of politics-she is very stupid-Period! Has no experience and cannot lie like her mother can…lol!

    1. Michael Lloyd says:

      Neither Obama nor Casey Anthony can lie like HRC.

    2. denphi16 says:

      but wouldn’t that be the qualifications to be a lib Democratic office holder?

  61. Hypocrite witch, just like her mother, a liberal liar who just can’t get over they lost big time, 1053 seats, a total wipe out, and the demonrat party is dead forever. RIP

  62. trapman says:

    Liberals are for free speech, as long as you agree with their position. If your political foe says the same thing as you have stated in the past…they are ,of course, wrong. Because you said it first? Third grade mentality!

    1. Michael Lloyd says:

      Just mental.

  63. Richard Wallace says:

    Have to remember when an ass lets it rip, brain was not involved.

  64. Zavier Cugat says:

    Chelsea is an ignorant cow, daughter of two pedophiles, and at least one being a satan-worshipper in that broom-toting witch Hillary. Youtube search “Larry Nichols and Hillary is a witch” and see her own ex-bodyguard acknowledge what Pizzagate, Podesta, Hillary’s emails acknowledging worshipping Moloch and more have already shown.

  65. crustyone says:

    Based on her looks the one social media attack was not the only thing that blew up in her face.

  66. Michael Lloyd says:

    Chelsea Clinton is an idiot. The girl doesn’t even know who her real father is. She needs to get the heck off of Twitter trying to be cute. She always seems to blow bubbles that burst in her face and end up making her look like an a$s. Actually, she does look like an ass. Put a straw hat on her and she’d be perfect on Hee-Haw.

    1. Libs R Loons says:

      Actually, she knows now, and almost had a mental breakdown when she found out that her daddy isn’t Bill.

  67. Big C says:

    The Dumb doesnt fall far from the tree

  68. 1josephg1 says:

    The nut does not fall too far from the tree.

  69. TIMedWork says:

    Am I the only one who sees a lot of Chelsea Manning in Chelsea Clinton? Not literally of course.

    1. Libs R Loons says:

      Both are butt-ugly?

  70. Steve says:

    Poor little rich kid has nothing to keep her busy since mommy lost the election. Oh, well, you don’t have to be right or truthful if you are a Clinton. Your word is accepted as gospel by the kool aid drinkers on the left.

  71. Libs R Loons says:

    Even plastic surgery didn’t hide the fact that Chelsea inherited her ugly face from her REAL father Webb Hubbell.

  72. fbair1 says:

    She is one ugly woman. Half Hillary, half bill……

  73. kbmiller says:

    You can’t expect leftists to actually think before they speak, can you?

  74. Alleged Comment says:

    Look at that, calling Dr. Carson the ethnic slur of “bl*ck”. That went out years ago and is outdated. Today we call them Negroes.

    Only liberals and Demoncraps continue to slur them with that vile term!

  75. jim jones says:

    Like mommy, a true hypocrite, now she will attempt to lie her way past it.

  76. Ken Le Bow says:

    You really can’t expect much form someone with both Hillary and Bills DNA to be much more then a Big mouth with a small Brain…Trump has more integrity then that whole Family Classless Clowns!!!!

  77. David Shelby says:

    It APPEARS Chelsea has INHERITED her MAMA’s LOOKS and ASTUTE ABILITY for inserting her BIG FEET in HER OVERSIZE MOUTH…IT does NOT say MUCH POSITIVE about these PEOPLE who CHEER when their GUY says something and the OPPOSITION says the SAME THING and they ARE MOCKED..HILLARY LITE ( CHELSEA), we the people ARE TIRED OF YOUR FAMILY, TIRED OF YOU..

  78. retired4ever says:

    Takes after her mother; is that being too critical?

  79. phil62 says:

    It’s a real shame that it just didn’t blow UP her ugly ass face. You put a Slick Willy and a Murdering Bitch together and you get offspring so ugly a man would need THREE bags to cover it up.

  80. Tom Farrell says:

    What do you expect from a Liberal Bitch. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree of the Old Liberal Bitch. An immigrant is someone who moves from their country to another country so, regardless of whether they came here “voluntarily” or on slave ships, the slaves moved to America from from Africa and therefore WERE immigrants.

  81. astrojohn says:

    I thought being a Clinton meant never having to say you’re sorry…

  82. Roger says:

    Bill Clinton isn’t Chelsea’s dad, I think her dad is Bonzo!

  83. mad max says:

    be kind to liberals they are very sick, and need help.

  84. Autoharp1951 says:

    Facts don’t matter to liberals, they just make it up as they go.

  85. Sara Ouzts says:

    chelsea is a stupid little girl…

  86. Margie says:

    Boy, Chelsea “Clinton” sure looks like her dad…….Webb Hubbell!

  87. Lee Strabel says:

    Chelsea, you, like your parents, are irrelevant. Shut up and die. We dont need or want you

  88. Linda Lee says:

    Shje needs to s tay in her cushie house and mind her own damned business . Her mother has tainted her and everyone around her,and I fear she’s just like her. No one cares for her opinion.

  89. denphi16 says:

    Take a good look at Chelsea and see what happens when Bill and Hillary create something
    together…it is a mess! Funny all the years when the Clintons were in public life Chelsea
    was hidden from any public notice, absolute privacy from the world. Now they have
    her, like a brainwashed liberal brat, talking smack and voicing her views.
    Forget about it…You Clintons are becoming irrelevant as each day goes by.

  90. JWPerlsen says:

    You really Should hold Chelsea accountable for what she tweets. She is parroting her parents own remarks. Depending on who they are talking to, establishes which side of the mouth they are using. The only difference with Chelsea is that the only time she opens her mouth is to change feet.

  91. Barbara Lewis says:

    I agree but they have been so delusional for so long that’s their problem. They have a double standard and therein is their battle. I just wish so many people would stop bashing PRESIDENT TRUMP and come to the realization that he is their president and decide to like it or LEAVE. I’m sure Canada is open for them and so is MEXICO. But they may live longer if they stay in the USA

  92. Frank says:

    She looked like a little dumbass when she was a little kid in the WH. Now she is a dumbass.

  93. John Savell says:

    Chelsea is trying to make a name for herself, but she is proving herself to be a spoiled uninformed snowflake with every tweet. If slaves were not immigrant, then what were they? They came here from somewhere else, thus immigrant. Maybe the left needs to get off of twitter for a minute and use wikipedia or google to find out the definition of the word “immigrant.” (I say wikipedia or google because there is no way a liberal would pick up a actual book, except Marx or Alinksy. They might learn some facts that would prove their agenda all wrong)

  94. Walter Flatt says:


  95. Helene Pham says:

    Democrats is a bunch corrupted officials for 8 years they stolen trillions , trillions our taxes money and sent to all the criminal Muslims to kill us, and added more than 12 trillions more on the budget, to enrich themselves , they don’t have any programs to help the America, let the inner cities desperate have no jobs,70% population applied for welfare, and only Washington , and Hollywood have plenty of money to enjoy their good life. All the jobs they sold to foreign countries. and get pay back so they don’t care about jobs for american, The Democrats exactly like the Communist, tey talk very good but they don’t care for you,just to care for illegals to have more vote for them to take care for themselves forever will be the leader to make you work to death and extract every penny from you .

  96. Kent says:

    Chelsea should know. It was her Democrat party that paid to have the Africans captured and brought over here to become slaves, tortured and murdered. Thank God for Abraham Lincoln, the Republican Party and good Americans who fought for their freedom.

  97. noah jonas says:

    “Poor Chelsea… The poor thing doesn’t even realize how Bill & Hill have used her. The best thing for her own peace of mind would be to get as far away from the Clinton’s and Washington DC. DC as she possibly can.

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