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Chelsea Clinton Stepped In It With This Attack On Trump

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  1. Jeff T. says:

    It’s even worse than Chelsea just ignoring the facts – she is utterly ignorant of them. And some would see her run for office in the future? She just a spoiled, coddled brat, raised in an environment of entitlement without ANY real clues.

    1. greenlantern1 says:

      Ever hear of Nixon’s “hard hat” riot?
      70 Americans, including 4 policemen, were hurt in that!
      20 were hospitalized!
      Does the word GOONS come to mind?

      1. kbmiller says:

        You should take your,”Tin Foil Hat off”.

        1. patriot2 says:

          leave it on,makes him look smartier than nermel.(no misspell)

          1. kbmiller says:

            Normal must be a pretty low bar.

      2. rridgsr says:

        greenlantern- well Nixon got a Man on the MOON Kennedy could not get a whore across a creek period !!

        1. Ritaritarita says:

          I could be mistaken but wasn’t it Jack Kennedy in office at the time of the moon walk?

          1. Rich Bright says:

            moon walk 1969, JFK killed in 1963

          2. Doris Will says:

            Sorry Rich, it was 1963. 11/22/62 was so easy to remember….

          3. Paul Whitley says:

            How about November 22, 1963. Get your numbers straight if you intend to correct another. The Lunar landing was in 1969.

          4. Kenny Albert says:

            Don’t confuse her with facts.

          5. Doris Will says:

            First moon landing was in 1969, Nixon was in office. JFK was assassinated in 1962

          6. Paul Whitley says:

            Assassinated on Nov. 22, 1963 – the same day I graduated from boot camp in San Diego.

            I have no trouble remembering the date.

          7. granny_forUSA says:

            PLEASE DORIS……..go look it up…….He was killed 11/22/1963

          8. granny_forUSA says:

   ® WikiAnswers ® … During which president term of office did the first man walk on moon? … Richard Nixon was the US president during the first moon …

            That man was Neil Armstrong……….

        2. David in MA says:

          Ya, but teddy is still sober……

          1. Doris Will says:

            Hate to tell you, Teddy is dead

          2. Dave from San Antonio says:

            …and sober…finally. I think I caught a bit of sarcasm with David in MA.

          3. Doris Will says:

            Well none of us can be sure of that. Jesus did make water into wine. I just wonder if he ran into Mary Jo Kopechne. then there’s the possibility he had found himself heading South

          4. David in MA says:


          5. patriot2 says:

            that’s why he’s sober.

          6. granny_forUSA says:

            Buried in Canada as he was a Canadian citizen………..

          7. David in MA says:

            wo was?

          8. Doris Will says:

            Edward M.(Ted) Kennedy is buried in Arlington National Cemetery near JFK and Robert. Are you thinking of Ted Cruz? He was born to an American mother and a Spanish father in Canada, and held dual American and Canadian citizenship until he relinquished his Canadian citizenship

          9. Ritaritarita says:

            lol! He sure is dead!

          10. granny_forUSA says:

            You mean after he drove his car with his concubine into the lake……..

          11. David in MA says:

            NO, since he died.

      3. jong says:

        Hum, Of course as a liberal you did not want to tell the entire truth. It was a riot between AFL-CIO that was very much against communism at the time and a bunch of students that had been lied to about Kent State. The lie of course was the Troops for no reason opened fire which is a lie sponsored by brain dead liberals like you. You forgot to mention the theft of explosives from the National Guard that were suppose to be used at that “gathering” Once again the half truths and full out lies of the left.

        1. Robert F says:

          Of course the liberals will not say anything about the riots that were started, fires set which destroyed the ROTC building and equipment, fire hoses cut so fires could not be put out. And the media did not adequately report this. I had a friend that had a business in downtown Kent and could not get out of her office because of the rioting “students” and the fires. She was terrified all night and the police were not controlling the “students”. Now every year we have to put up with the observation ceremonies for the four students killed and the person from Barberton who was wounded by the gunfire. Truth told, his finger was grazed by a bullet and he only needed a bandaid, but played it up as if he has been really shot. This is a pox on Kent State University and the media.

          1. jong says:

            You sir of course correct. And get a cigar of your choice.

          2. 83Bulldog says:

            A Cigar that’s been WHERE?????????????????????????????????

          3. jong says:

            In a wraper in a humidor.

        2. Ritaritarita says:

          Can you clarify your statement?

          1. jong says:

            I think the following statement after mine does. Other wise what specifically is your question?

      4. granny_forUSA says:


      5. June Burgess says:

        and the liberals this after this past election destroyed million of dollars worth of other peoples property and who knows how many people they hurt in the process with their burning down buildings, riots and just being generally abusiver

    2. JRT12 says:

      Just like Lying Benghazi Crookilary and slick willie the Sexual Predatory IMPEACHED , so called, pres!! hahaha

      1. Doris Will says:

        We don’t really know that slick Willie is the father. Willie’s only child appears to be half black and half white.

        1. granny_forUSA says:

          Do not like the CLINTONS………however, in stories that I read…..Bill took better care of Chelsea than that so called mother(censored)…….He has never been a daddy with any of those 300 that he claimed to have had relations with…….MAYBE he does shoot blanks like he stated on live TV……….

    3. Ritaritarita says:

      Yes, you are right Jeff T. and worst of all she looks like a young Eleanor Roosevelt!! lol

      1. Jeronimo Dan says:

        You know, I was comparing her to Eleanor, just yesterday…go figure.

        1. Tony Rowell says:

          nah, more like pig face Rosie

      2. glock 19 fan says:

        Not quite that bad; “Darling Eleanor” looked like she had been French-kissed by a Mack truck IMO.

    4. jong says:

      You are really far to kind. What do you really think?? 🙂

      1. granny_forUSA says:

        That chelsea is a spoiled brat and her daddy is hubbell……..

    5. glock 19 fan says:

      Not only that but she married the son of a crooked Congressman; talk about a nut that didn’t fall far from tree…….

      1. badgascoupe says:

        Son of a crook,heck he’s already lost millions of investors money in a hedge fund scam!

        1. 77099 says:

          Let them keep the money if she promises NOT to run for office. I am shuddering.

      2. NolanR says:

        I have a Glock 19. I like it too.

        1. glock 19 fan says:

          I think that we are part of big family because the Marines are carrying it also and its never-say-die reliability is very hard to beat.

      3. Dawn Doran says:

        Her father-in-law was exactly a Ponzi…

    6. Doris Will says:

      I have the impression that the Clintons and the Kennedys seem to think that, by birth, they are placed into a line of succession. What they fail to notice is in Royal succession , the heir apparent is trained to rule from birth. It is painfully proven that is not the case in America. Big plans were made to have Caroline run for politics. The big mistake became apparent in her first interview. every statement ended with “YOU KNOW.” A total disaster. I don’t think we’ve heard from her since. Now we come to Chelsea Clinton who seems to think her mother is a great example of what a politician should be. Gutter fighting, and blood lust, was out with Boss Tweed. These offspring swallow the “Your Father was a great President, you would be a shoo-in.” NO YOUR NOT, The citizens will decide who they want.

      1. Kenny Albert says:

        During his presidency he was exactly the opposite of Hillary and chelsea in political agenda.

      2. Sharo says:

        I really admire your verbal finesse in your replies about the Clintons. I truly believe it is so important for us as “Constitutionalists” to be polite and dignified in our responses to others concerning the whole family and their anti-American bent. If we resort to name-calling and describing them with not so nice names and labels, then we are no better than some of the people who toss around nasty, mean statements about the people WE support. Even though most of us who know any history are in possession of the REAL facts surrounding this family’s misdeeds for the last 35 or 40 years. And… I believe they think and act as they do because they are never REALLY punished for any of their wrongdoings. So why not just keep on with the lies and cover ups because no one ever really does anything about it. Right?

        1. Doug says:

          Despite all the jabbering we must admit that Chelsea is one HOMELY Young-un —without name-calling, just observing the facts Ma’am.

      3. Sharo says:

        One more thing to add Doris, case in point, the Kennedys. Just remember all the collusion, hanky panky, and behinds the scenes skull duggery perpetuated by that whole clan! What ever became of any of it? Nadda! Pres. Jack got away with all his indiscretions, Bobby got away with treason, and Teddy got away with murder! So there it is.

      4. granny_forUSA says:


  2. Tim says:

    IF Web Hubble were here to see his (and HITLERY) daughter today. How proud he wouldn’t be.

    1. USCBIKER says:

      No, Tim, her father was Janet Reno, LOL.

      1. Kstar says:

        That’s hilarious!
        Good One!!!

      2. Jim Th says:

        No…her father was Secretariat.

        1. Dan Straw says:

          how dare you degrade such a great horse…

          1. patriot2 says:

            I think he was referring to the south end of a northbound horse.

        2. CLARA PERRY says:

          SECRETARIAT COULDNT be the FATHER , HE IS A HORSE.. Chelseas daddy is a Jacka$$

          1. Tallulah Cusati says:

            CLARA PERRY, Great comment. Right on.

          2. Bobby Arnold says:

            and Chelsea is a PIG

        3. Michael Lloyd says:

          She certainly didn’t inherit her father’s legs. She did get the teeth and face though. Her first words are reported to have been “Well, hello Wilbur.”.

        4. Mary Eleanor Urso says:

          Don’t insult the horse.

        5. Dawn Doran says:

          Don’t insult Secretariat…It was a beautiful and strong Race Hose…

      3. Scott Ezell says:

        Shes more than likley related to lucifer. Her mother deffanatly is.

        1. Dawn Doran says:

          Definitely is the correct spelling…

      4. patriot2 says:

        she’s ugly either way.

    2. Jeronimo Dan says:

      I think Webb resides in North Carolina, could be wrong, but he don’t come around at all. The pay off was that good!

      1. Jim says:

        Is he still alive,? let the bitch have a DNA test, problem solved.

        1. Jeronimo Dan says:

          They guard Chelsea’s DNA, like it’s Fort Knox. Their not about to let a free agent Lab do a DNA on Chelsea and I doubt Webb would stand for one as he has already taken a prison fall for the Clinton’s concerning the Rose Law Firm, that Hillary worked for in Arkansas, with Hubbell. That where she picked up Chelsea. Webb was well taken care of for taking the fall all by himself.

    3. Geepa says:

      Actually, I think Brother Webb is still with us.

    4. Jim says:

      He would bitch slap Hillary and Bill for letting him have sex with her.This is one
      scumbag who should have been aborted, her baby mamma. also.

    5. Dawn Doran says:

      He should be proud, she looks just like him…

      1. Diane says:

        She looked more like him before her plastic surgery they did when she was still a teen. Probably hoping no one could tell who her real dad was but the surgery didn’t hide it good enough 🙂

        1. Dawn Doran says:

          They didn’t do a very good job….

  3. Roger says:

    The word Muslim was not used period! Itb was a travel ban in the name of eradicating terrorism!
    Chelsea Clinton is a joke and the ACLU is a joke that champions on the wrong causes, like Planned Parenthood!

    ABORTION IS MURDER! Women do have a choice about their bodies, if you don’t want a baby, don’t get pregnant! Use protection and take every precaution and if you still get pregnant, have the baby and deal with it! If you still don’t want the baby put it up for adoption, it is better than murder! Think about this, if later in life you decide to have children, you may have to tell them that you murdered their older sister or older brother when they were just helpless, little babies!

    1. Kenneth Fichtl says:

      Abortion was supported as a way to kill Black Babies and population control. You donate to feed dying starving babies in Africa and you crush their skulls in America. Can’t even keep that principle straight. Our Federal Government ????

      1. Ritaritarita says:

        I have heard numerous times on talk shows, news programs etc. that black women use abortion as a form of abortion. Interesting fact: our crime rate has been coming down since abortion was made legal and planned parenthood got involved. Just sayin’

        1. Kenneth Fichtl says:

          What has abortion to do with crime rate.? Are you saying that less black babies = less crime. Abortion = Abortion what is that? It shouldn’t be a convenience. All Abortions affect the women whether it was Farakens Mom who used a coat hanger or a Hospital. Birth control has only been around 3 generations before that it was a rubber or the shotgun and the parent or self . Getting all abortions out of a sleazy dirty back alley enviornment to a hospital is essential. That is a health issue. Having a baby to blackmail the rich boy or killing it because it has blue eyes or is the wrong sex is wrong. My point is we go to great lengths to keep Babies alive in Poverty all over the World. Than we permit Monsters like Kermit to smash its’ head on the table because no one wants it or the young girl is shamed into it.Like Many other laws the Government fails at this one too. HRC had abortions how many who knows? Certainly Billie who slept with 2000 had his victims have them. The point is it is a long lasting scar never goes away. for all. Humanity is already screwed up enough without creating more Emotional injures.

        2. Kenny Albert says:

          As far as I’m concerned they can have as many abortions as they want at their own expense. What I don’t condone is we taxpayers paying for it all.

    2. greenlantern1 says:

      Ever hear of FinCen?
      It is part of the treasury department!
      It levied, a $10,000,000 fine, on Trump Taj Mahal!
      It was used, by terrorists to launder money!
      Ever hear of the MOUNTAIN MEADOWS MASSACRE?
      The mass murder, of men, women and children by the Mormons?
      Both lesbians and homosexuals are quite barren.
      Why would they even want abortions?

      1. jong says:

        Apples and oranges from a deranged mind. And child neither lesbians or homosexuals are barren.

      2. Ritaritarita says:

        Sounds like one of those fake news stories…..hmmmm!

      3. grnjllybn says:

        You are an idiot.

    3. Kathy Stutts says:

      Or ask them how they would have felt if their mother had made the same choice they did or are planning………that should take a moment to sink in……

    4. grnjllybn says:

      I could not have said it any better.

  4. donaldbreaux says:

    Takes after her mom!

    1. Ritaritarita says:

      Big time takes after he evil mom.

  5. Poke says:

    She doesn’t have ta step in anything……..her face does it.

    1. Ritaritarita says:

      Love it!

    2. patriot2 says:

      too bad,but accurate

  6. Reverend1 says:

    Chelsea Clinton is nothing but a loud mouth whore like her mother…

    1. Rich-D says:

      It’s not right to bring down whores to Chelsea and Hillary’s level,

    2. badgascoupe says:

      There’s guys that hard up?

  7. kbmiller says:

    Butt ugly Chelsea apparently forgot that Hell LIAR y deleted 30,000 emails.

  8. USCBIKER says:

    Chelsea doesn’t give a crap about the truth, just like her mom & dad never did. She’s nothing but a frustrated little rich bitch, desperate for attention and relevance, whose life is empty and unfulfilled. She’s realizing she’s already peaked and will only be the final third of the line that marks the descending graph of Clinton legacy.

    1. rridgsr says:

      Chelsea is just a Democrat you can not expect too much out of her after she had two crooked liars to raise her how unlucky can one get !!!!!!!

    2. Ritaritarita says:

      Sounds about right USCBIKER. Pray she never runs for office of any kind. The libs will just eat her up.

    3. Kathy Stutts says:

      Chelsea may be, possibly, could be working for her uncle-in-law, Mr. Soros. He pays everyone else off or bribes them. Either way, they work for him. Can anyone imagine the devil being so much worse than the people we are fighting in real form today?

    4. Dave from San Antonio says:

      She’s a liberal…what do you expect? Although, she’s good for a laugh every now and then.

  9. mpdMD1965 says:

    Ms Chelsea Clinton is slated be the consummate ignorant Dumbocrap following in the path of her mom Hillary Rotten Clinton whose claim to fame is having a derrierre the size of her mouth, both spewing very similar substances.
    American Senior tired of Clintons
    Spewing Fecal Matter ad nauseun.

    1. Ritaritarita says:

      I love your comments and the way you phrase things.

  10. Michael Colletta says:

    Instead of worrying about President Trump, she should worry about RAPE VICTIMS. Especially those her FATHER RAPED. She could do more good with that than running for office.

  11. rridgsr says:

    She is a true Democrat they never tell the truth any way they are all liars period and a gang law breakers and heathens but the worst they are STUPID and their follows are brain dead !!

  12. Roy Barber says:

    She’s one to talk with all the treasonous acts her family has committed not to mention her father’s deeds behind closed doors that he’s still fighting with and the strange things that happened to their so called friends that seem to die all around them. No we have to see another Clinton this one looks like the mule on sherik.

    1. Ritaritarita says:

      Lol. You could not be more right about this family and her looks.

  13. Steven Coy says:


  14. SouthernPatriot says:

    Chelsea does not have a clue. She can be for killing her babies and everyone else’s in the womb and while being born. She can be for sodomy marriage and boys and men in elementary school girls’ restrooms, she can trumpet the false new of Trump and his transition team colluding with the Russians, and support the “war on coal” and all fossil fuels, and all the rest of the demented Democrat playplan but thank God and all us sane-minded voters, her mom is not POTUS, and she won’t be even after Trump serves 2 terms and Pence serves 2 terms.

  15. jong says:

    Some one should really “school” her in reality and law. Trump IF he had wanted to exclude all muslims he was very much with in his rights to do so. First islam is not a religion. It is a polygot of many and worships as none of them would. And they by their cult are a danger to every single American Citizen. all you have to do is read the quran.

    1. Dave from San Antonio says:

      I call it a ‘pseudo-religion’…and you are quite right about it.

      1. jong says:

        That and climate change or what ever they are calling that scam. Dr. Happer Princeton University (a real scientist) called the what has been made out of that to also be a “religion” It seems for what ever reason liberals worship everything but, GOD.

  16. Francis Kaspar says:

    Lying and the truth has never bothered any of the Clintons. Bill, Hilary and now Chelsea have taken their turns stomping all over the truth. It could be that it is epidemic with trailer trash families. It is probably a genetic malady.

  17. David in MA says:

    muslims must be banned, they are a menace to a free society with their sharia law.

  18. Mike W says:

    Chelsea really does represent the left wing loons – never let a fact get in your way. As someone who’s parents have the reputation they have – Chelsea must really feel “Entitled” to be a dumbass. I can’t wait until the investigations into ALL the Clinton corruption – going all the way back to Mena, Arkansas puts her parents in prison where they belong and quite possibly her too.

  19. Richard Frick says:

    Brain syphilis. Contacted by her pedophile stepdad, slick willy.

  20. Curtis Low says:

    The Apple Does not fall far from the Tree!
    “Group Think” is rampant!

  21. grnjllybn says:

    Chelsea’s just pissed because her subversive mother lost.

  22. Rob Anthonisen says:

    The Muslim ban is important. It will save a lot of dog’s lives. It will keep little girls and women safer from not being raped.. Anyone who likes isis is crazy. Facts are facts!.

  23. srw says:

    I remember Chelsea from the time she was in the WH. She was a nasty kid. Grew up the same way. Guess the Apple does not fall too far from the tree.

  24. squeeze127 says:

    Chelsea Hubble does it again!

  25. Randy131 says:

    “In fact, the seven nations listed in Trump’s order were part of legislation Obama signed into law that banned them from using the visa waiver program, which allows for visits up to 90 days to America.”

    Where is the outrage by Chelsea Clinton and all the Democrats, that claim that President Trump’s travel ban is bigoted and anti-Mulsim, for this? For if this is true, then the banned waiver program that was part of the legislation that Obama signed into law, is also most definately bigotry and anti-Muslim? But then again, you can’t mention a Democrat without thinking “HYPOCRITE”! The Democrats, and especially Chelsea and Hillary Clinton, are too stupid to realize that most Americans think of them in this manner, and are so tired of the hypocrisy that they certainly didn’t want another Democratic President, after experiencing 8 years of Bill Clinton, and 8 more years of Obama, as our Presidents, where “HYPOCRISY” reigned supreme. It seems that the old mot of “the apple doesn’t fall far form the tree” proves very true when considering Chelsea and the Clintons.

  26. NorthPortNurse says:

    What do you expect from a person raised by Hillary and Bill ?

    1. CommonSense4America says:

      Raised by Hillary and Bill,,,but bred by Hillary and ??????????????

      1. Jeronimo Dan says:

        Can we say “Webb”

        1. JJ says:

          Yes, we can! Oh that sounds too much like Obsma. We sure can!

  27. lucifer says:

    One thing I have not figured out yet,,, is how come she is not living in the stables w/all her brothers and sisters? I can see the resemblance, how about you guys. Thank You.

  28. Jeronimo Dan says:

    Chelsea’s mind set is that of her Mother and Father’s, you know Webb Hubbell?

    1. JJ says:

      She does favor him!!

  29. 094870 says:

    Chelsea is very much like her parents. A waste of human


  30. Steven Hulbert says:

    Chelsea is an unintelligent, spoiled child. She is a carbon copy of her corrupt mother, she ran the corrupt Clinton Foundation who has lost many contributors. She hasn’t accomplished anything of substance but lives in a bubble where everyone agrees with her, she’s the epitome of a liberal idiot!

  31. Rick_H says:

    Ugliness and shear stupidity describe this woman. If there is a poster child for pro-choice, this beast would be it.

    1. Jeronimo Dan says:

      Her Mother had several before Bill told Hillary, maybe we ought to keep this one, as it will make us look more like a family. They should have had just one more abortion of the Illegitimate child and they might have beat the odds. They didn’t and the world is stuck with her.

  32. Isla Fools says:

    Who would listen to that idiot woman anyway?!

  33. cathylovesyou says:

    Chelsea is book smart mummy and Datty but all lack common sense (like our last failure in the Wh) She now is open season but then she is a Democrat which prove zero common sense. Only dopes believe their rhetoric. Chelsea into the woods, lie down.

  34. Geepa says:

    She should take in 20 or 30 Muzzies, if she was such a good Democrat. I’m sure she can afford them.

    1. JJ says:

      I think all demos should have to take at least that many in.

    2. Dave from San Antonio says:

      …and at night…all she’ll say is….”Next”…;)

  35. sox83cubs84 says:

    Chelsea is the resident dumb blonde of the Communist Democrap Party.

  36. JL Brown Jr says:

    She is going, strike that, Chelsea is a liar and going to end up like her mom, most people already see it, the clintons as a lot are all corupt lying animals. Bill is a sexual predator and hillary went on to bash the women bill raped, Hillary is a accomplished liar, she crooked as a dog’s hind leg, I don’t trust her as far as our Amb Stevens did. And he ended up dead because of her, the other 3 Americans that she killed will get revenge. Now for chelsea, where do we start, aside from being a moron, never having to work a day in her life, she grew up with a gold spoon, even when Hillary said they left the white house dead broke, by the way when you leave the white house, all the furniture is the peoples, not the ex president, why do you need so many moving truck? Bill and hillary, Obama and his, what ever it is did it, why? You have stolen from the people, millions of dollars on vacations, painting, getting off track, Chelsea took money from the CGI for her wedding dress, why her good Ole mom and dad could not buy one for her? But she broke the law, all of them deserve to go to prison and maybe they could get one big cell for obama, lerner, holder, clintons, . Career politicans are what is work with our country.

  37. oncemorearound says:

    A Clinton, ANY Clinton is pure fertilizer rated excrement.

  38. Ritaritarita says:

    I am not pro abortion, just stating a fact. If the people who never became people through abortion, did not grow up in a bad environment which is the root of many a criminal’s background, they are simply not around to commit crimes! Get it?

  39. Carol Henry says:

    She should talk about her stepfather, Bill Clinton. HE FIRED THE FBI DIRECTOR, WHEN HE WAS PRESIDENT.

  40. Johnstoirvin says:

    Like mother, like daughter….. and on Mother’s Day, yet!

  41. ter334 says:

    The real bigots in America are the D party. They implemented segregation after losing the Civil War with laws. Then they bought one way tickets north for blacks. There was the solid democrat bloc for decades in the south. The GOP really didn’t do anything for the blacks or to the blacks during this long period of segregation. Also what the democrats did was create a govt run plantation to make sure they voted democrat. In fact govts in general do their best work in creating dependency upon the govt in selected groups who they identify as victim groups. All in the name of helping them, but in reality doing this stuff to get votes. The D party is the master of creating victim classes. The latest victim classes are muslim “refugees”, illegal immigrants, same sex people that want ,to get married, men that want to use women’s public toilets. And people with no HC insurance, and people that want to target gun owners as dangerous because the own guns. Their lust for votes,using any political issue, seems to be in their political DNA. They really have nothing to offer the nation at this point, nor do muslims with their jihad. . .

  42. John Lambert says:

    Chelsea is proof positive that she is Howdy Doody,s spawn.She is two bag bone ugly takes after her mom.

    1. Dave from San Antonio says:

      Proof positive that liberalism is an inbred mental illness.

  43. mpdMD1965 says:

    Chelsea Clinton is a Mini Hillary Rotten. God was definitely not a Democrap when he created this poor dumb Chelsea aka open mouth insert mega foot. Like mom like daughter. Losers all around.
    Maybe Bill has some kids with his many outside activities in which God placed a functioning brain.

  44. disqus_D87XRi0Gy7 says:

    Let me just say “Screw a Muslim”, now that I got that out of the way. These articles are really pointless unless you really like to read comics. No sane up to date conservative reads what morons say so to keep up on current events. I would venture to say by the time her parents are charged with money laundering and tax evasion for their illegal foundation that she will go stick her head in the sand and never be heard from again. Her name is on the ownership as an administrator and she is probably still tapping off the money piled up but that will soon be coming to an end and she will be so silent you can hear a pin drop.

    1. ter334 says:

      He is not known as slick Willy for nothing. Until he/she are tried they are innocent until proven guilty.. My guess is the govt will not be able to prove any money laundering? I imagine proving illegal political activities is difficult at best. Something concrete would be to prove there is a fake BC, with a real one in some other nation? I personally just wish the past few years be left behind and for DC to give up their PC form of govt and dust off the Constitution to be the basis for their decisions. The judge(s) that endangered the citizens with their pro-muslim PC decisions should be impeached. Or accept their resignation(s) with no regrets/.

  45. mrobles says:

    Damm she ugly

  46. kassa1 says:

    She is a lying little conniving witch with a serpent tongue just like that of her treasonous evil mother. The acorn didn’t fall far from the tree and hit every branch on the way down.

  47. mpdMD1965 says:

    Love the Hitlery appellation for Miz Hillary Rotten. As for Chelsea, my condolences to anyone having to spend time listening to this pathetic offspring of God knows who as daddy and big bum Hillary Rotten.
    Condolences to whomever is forced to be in the vicinity of this family.

  48. Dave from San Antonio says:

    Chelsea…Chelsea…Chelsea. Again? Stay out of politics…it’s not your forte. Just go home and take your aspirations of “glory” with you. Crawl under the covers and have ‘mommy’ or ‘daddy’ turn off the lights.

  49. ter334 says:

    My hope is the govt re-lights the beacon of Constitutional govt the world longs to see. T certainly seems to be following the rule of law. Our beacon has been under the muddy, murky water of PC for quite a spell now. At last back to the WJC admin.

  50. US Patriot says:

    I am sure all the Countries that gave the Clinton’s money for the fraudulent Clinton Foundation all have a “hit” squad after the Clinton’s since they will not be able to make good on their bribes for Political favors!
    The Clinton’s more than likely have targets on their backs which is rightfully so! What goes around, comes around! Jesus Justice will decide in the end!

  51. Kenny Albert says:

    Pick her up and dump her off in Syria. She wants to be with her terrorist friends.

  52. downs1 says:

    Chelsea . . . it would be wise for you to keep your mouth shut unless you know what you are talking about! Studies reveal that the majority of Islamic terror attacks in this country involved Muslims who entered this country as “refugees”! They came from the countries that Trump included in his TEMPORARY travel ban! This ban simply allows more time to vet these people who claim to be refugees! It is not “anti-Muslim”, but is pro-American! Perhaps you need to do a little reading on what Islam believes and teaches, and contrast that with what the Bible says and what Jews and Christians are taught and most believe!

  53. mpdMD1965 says:

    Chelsea is a clone Rotten Hillary.
    Cannot believe someone would even consider anything either of those anti America witches would utter.

  54. mpdMD1965 says:

    H Rotten Clinton passed her DNA to her clone daughter . Barf Bucket

  55. mthammer says:

    As soon as the new FBI Director is announced , Chelsea will find herself in a lot of trouble for statements that she has made , about President Trump , her involvement with the Clinton Foundation , how she stole money and never paid taxes on the salary that her Mother Hillary and Father were paying her for running the Foundation. How she opsconded with money and never declared it as income. She also will be sued for bribery along with her husband , who defrauded Morgan Stanley Customers while he was managing a fund that went Bankrupt .

  56. David McAllister says:

    This ugly little kid is the larva of a rapist and a morally bankrupt liar. Nobody cares about anything she says.

    1. JJ says:

      I mean totally nobody!

  57. l penn says:

    I think the Only child that is his,is the son he disowned! I have my doubts about Barry n Mike’s daughters,being theirs!

  58. chuck708 says:

    Screw Chelsea and the ACLU.

    Chelsea belongs behind bars for her part in the Clinton Foundation. Lets investigate the Clintons and throw the ENTIRE CLINTON FAMILY behind Bars where they belong.

  59. Paul Whitley says:

    She looks as though she fell from the top of the ugly tree, and hit every branch on the way to the ground.

    1. JJ says:

      She was not just beaten with an ugly stick; she was beaten by the whole dern tree. Whew!! My oh my!!

  60. j0e cave says:

    who cares what this ugly bitch thinks i read the travel ban order the word muslim does not appear in it

  61. gene smiith says:

    I see a lot of Rosie O’ in that homely make believe somebody

  62. StopTheJews says:

    If this country does not stop the “JEWISH MAFIA EMPIRE CULT ” we will continue to implode. Many people warned us about the Jewish control media that are talking our country down and brainwashing our people. Jewish control Hollywood , Wall Street and Federal Reserve are enemies to our country and have a tight stranglehold on America. They have change many of our laws that are destroying our children’s future and safety. The Jewish Media have people here and overseas believing the white race in America are bad and want pity for blacks and others races who are from shitty countries like Africa Mexico and Haiti. The biggest slave drivers in the world are Jews.

    WAKE UP USA LIKE HELEN THOMAS SAID “THE JEWS ARE COMING AT US FROM ALL ANGLES”. Everything bad that has gone wring in America can be trace back to Jews .

    Israel attack the USS LIBERTY and killed and wounded 208 American Sailors and the Jewish Media covered this up along with many anti American politicians including President Johnson and Senator John McCains father. There was a Russian ship close by that Israel never touched. WHY? Because Russia would have bomb Israel like we should have.


  63. EE says:

    A muslim ban is what we all need! Their cult is totally against the Constitution and Bill of rights! Muslims must disown islam or leave. That is the only choice!

    1. StopTheJews says:


      Pink Slips at Disney. But First, Training Foreign Replacements. – The New York Times
      The New York Times › 2015/06/04 › last…
      Jun 3, 2015 – American tech workers in Orlando found their jobs and desks transferred to immigrants brought in … Tata Consultancy Services and HCL America, the company hired by Disney — were six of the top 10 …

  64. Dondh says:

    Why does this witch get publicity when she hasn’t done one thing politically, except the child of two of the biggest liars the country has ever seen as well as the several crimes they’ve committed, mostly uncovered crimes. They have the liberal Media and the Congressional Democrats tied around their little fingers. They also belong to a criminal organization known as the CABAL! THEY SHOULD BE GETTING NO PUBLIC RECOGNITION IN ANY NEWS MEDIA OR TV COVERAGE!

    1. StopTheJews says:

      Her ANTI AMERICAN Jew buddies control the media’s. They hate trump and decent AMERICA and AMERICANS

  65. Charlotte Deneice Windham says:

    Bill is a JACKASS,Hillary is Satan,and Chelsea is a combination of Both just Worse. I don’t know which one is the Worse Rolemodel. Just really a pile of Crap for a Family.

  66. Tallulah Cusati says:

    Chelsea Clinton is such a, ‘creep’. She needs to shut her ugly, ‘mouth’.

  67. David Jones says:

    Oh poor little girl… Mother Libtard can’t bring in the dirty cash for little girl anymore! Poor Baby.. What to do.. GET A REAL JOB IDIOT!

  68. JJ says:

    Like mother like daughter! Are we sure her father is not part donkey? Whew!!!

  69. Low Cover says:

    Chelsea is the way she is because she had no mother.

  70. Dave from San Antonio says:

    Poor Chelsea. She is just a “child of convenience”…to make Bill and Hill look like the ‘all American couple’. Bad and sad thing…I don’t think she’s figured that out yet. She was there just to help advance political ambitions…and not much else.

  71. CNKIV says:

    Chelsea Clinton is a moron. If I were her I’d keep my mouth shut, and quit embarresing myself. She doesn’t have a clue. She just parrots her mother, and married a dweeb who despite his advanced degrees keeps failing in business. If she didn’t have a famous Mom or Dad no one would listen to her. She has the intellectual capacity of an ant.

  72. Honorary says:

    Hey Chelsea: Better to remain silent and thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt.
    Then, again I am not going to wast my time explaining to you because I’m not a ‘jack ass whisperer’. I hardly wait to see the day Hillary was charged with espionage of her e-mail and you will be charged with corruption and took the money from Clinton Foundation to buy your house and paid for your wedding.

  73. jesse says:

    Of course she did, she’s a vile, hateful leftist! But it sure can’t be said that she didn’t come by it legitimately.

  74. jim jones says:

    People need to stop patronizing the ugly bitch and just boo her ass out of whatever venue allows her to speak.

  75. StopTheJews says:

    Don’t worry about horse face Chelsea worry about our borders and the Jews who are ripping them open. The American people have no idea how many scumbags Hollywoid Jews have brought into our country.

    IT IS JEWS JEWS JEWS JEWS! GERMANY TOOK OUT THE TRASH . Over 12 million ILLEGALS in America draining our resources while the Jews want to pay less taxes ??

  76. Bobby Arnold says:

    why does she think anyone gives a fuck about what her fugly ass has to say about anything?

  77. gobrien says:

    How many Muslim refugees does Chelsea have living with her? I think everyone who supports them coming to our country (illegals too), should have to take in at least one family and be held responsible for their welfare (health care, food, housing, transportation, etc.). If they commit a crime, you are also charged. Because it was a Hawaiian judge who ruled against the 2nd executive order, we should send all of the refugees to Hawaii.

  78. ajareins says:

    Ugly and stupid is a bad combination. Poor girl should learn to stfu and listen maybe she came change the ‘stupid’ part. Nevertheless she is butt fu(k ugly

  79. dennis w says:

    a prime example of an UGLY DUCKLING growing onto an UGLY DUCK….
    looks like HUBBLE in DRAG…………..

  80. Dondh says:

    This young woman is nothing more than the West end of a donkey going East! She is a liar just like her mother and father! Why she gets any coverage in the media is only because she is a Clinton and the Media is in bed with them and the CABAL!!

  81. John Beam says:

    Li’l Chelsea obviously isn’t aging well. She appears to be merely a SLIGHTLY younger version of her mother. Give her twenty years, and she’s going to be HIDEOUS.

  82. Richard Frick says:

    All from a sniffling illegitimate child of lust.

  83. doc suske says:

    Remember,” you can’t fix stupid”

  84. harpo49 says:

    that ugly b**ch should shut the f up

  85. David H. Cheresh says:

    Any guy who nails Chelsea is too lazy to whack-off!

  86. Barbara Lewis says:

    Since when do facts matter to the illiterate,

  87. parthenon1 says:

    I say again ” If i have a large barrel of M&M candies and you can have as many as you want after all only 20 or 25 contain deadly poison, but dont worry take all you want ! Kind of like the Muslim influx to the US and other Western countries the Dems want us to allow anyone who wants to come nere. Why do you think they believe this ? Simple get them here making sure they are aware the Dems helped them then find some way to get them voting rights even if they arent citizens, just like the fight to let all come across our Southern border then get the voting rights legal or not. IT’S ALL ABOUT POWER THE DEMS WANT TO BE IN POWER BECAUSE IT ALLOWS THEM TO CLEAN UP ON TAX PAYERS $ FOR THEMSELVES !

  88. 4NMatters says:

    Well he’s not a lying, vengeful, crying, sack of she it like her mother or a lying, cheating, ped, like her father.

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