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Chelsea Clinton’s Latest Move Just Blew Up In Her Face

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  1. reggie says:

    I had a pet rock that had more brains than she does. Her PhD from Oxford (mail order???) is exactly what it means. BS = bs, MS = more s, PhD = piled higher and deeper.

    1. Bruce Walters says:

      I’m sure her degrees are all honorary, since she probably spend most of her time in school on her knees under the professors desk.

      1. reggie says:

        Wouldn’t be surprised. Daddy dearest neglects to tell anyone that he was asked to leave, that very same university, and never completed his Rhodes Scholarship. He wanted too many of the women to get on their knees.

    2. dinkerduo says:

      Just like her pretend Daddy old Billy Boy—he bragged that he went to Oxford–he did–for a SEMESTER–then got kicked out for sexual harassment–HE IS *NOT* A RHODES SCOLAR!
      Funny what they rest of the story turns out to be!!!

      1. Mike W says:

        People also forget he went to Oxford after he quit a military school he enrolled in to scam a deferment from Vietnam. He left before the ink on the deferment could dry. After England he skipped to Canada. The Dumb assed Democrats wanted to make a big deal out of President Trumps deferment – but he stayed in New York the whole time and appeared every time he was called for his deferment review. The damned Clintons are as phony as – well come to think of it there is nothing else as phony as a Clinton.

        1. dinkerduo says:

          They are just about the phoniest–most corrupt–crooked–demented people on the planet–the only ones phonier are the Obozos–they take PHONY to a different level!

          1. Mike W says:

            And in a different way. Obama slipped a bunch of times and called Michelle – Michael. Now there are a lot of video reports that Michelle is actually Michael. They say many things that I don’t know if true or not I am not a doctor. But I did ask everyone I know if I could look at their hands – and what they say about every male having a longer ring finger than index finger and every female having a longer index finger than a ring finger has proven to be true. When you look at Michelle’s hands in any photo it is obvious her/his ring finger is much longer than the index finger.

          2. reggie says:

            Lately, I haven’t been able to find the video of M boxing. May have been removed. Wow, don’t mess with that dude. No baby pictures either.

          3. Mike W says:

            When you look at the videos she has shoulders and biceps like an NBA power forward. There was a report that before he changed – which was not a medical change in the videos a “package” is very visible – He played linebacker at Oregon State back between 1981-83. They said players on the team said he was always complaining about being a woman in a mans body. Also when they left the White House they flew to California and stayed at a mansion with a couple of Barry’s gay buddies. Michelle got very pissed at something and stormed out – got on Richard Branson’s private jet and flew to Branson’s private island estate in the Caribbean. Barry better hope like hell that Michelle/Michael is not so pissed that she/he starts talking. I’m sure a whole lot of money would be paid for that story.

          4. dinkerduo says:

            I’ve seen it too—some pictures of **Michelle** look much too much like a man–her neck–shoulders and arms are too masculine to be a woman’s–I wonder what *it* would look like WITHOUT the female hormones-hair and makeup–and for her size her breasts are way tooooo small for a black woman’s and wouldn’t be there at all if it weren’t for female hormones–maybe it’s those that make her so cranky!

          5. Mike W says:

            Also the Adam’s Apple. They say there is a reduction surgery but it will not completely go away.

          6. dinkerduo says:

            True—I’m female and all the females I know their ring and index fingers are about the same–the ring finger ISN’T longer that’s for sure—PLUS–isn’t it strange that right after Joan Rivers spilled the beans and said to a reporter that Obozo is gay and that Michelle is a tranny–everybody knows that–she’s dead–6 weeks later and she’s dead!
            Typical Clinton and Obozo behavior! Plus Michelle was BORN *Michael* La Verne Robinson——-and I’m wondering if it wasn’t just Michael Vern–that the La was added later after she became a tranny?!? AND WHY CAN’T ANYONE FIND THE BIRTH CERTS. OF THEIR GIRLS????? Someone did find the parents of the girls–friends of the Obozos–and the girls look just like them–Milia looks like her real father and Sahia looks like her real mother! Obozo’s real father is probably Frank Marshall Davis as Obozo looks like him–especially before Obozo had his nose job! The story of BHO the 1st story as being his father just doesn’t quite come together! BHO the 1st was a friend of Dear Mommy! Whatever the *story* is–it’s all PHONY!!! The truth is probably really simple–the truth usually is!

          7. Mike W says:

            From what I have read their were birth certificates for the girls – they were signed by a doctor who has been close friends of the Obama’s for a long time. She is also said to be the real mother. Her husband is seen all the time in videos of the Obama’s – at parties – on board Air Force One at the White House – what was his job? There is also a video about who Obama’s biological father might be. When I saw the first pictures of Obama Sr. I thought his mom must have also been seeing the mailman or milkman – they look absolutely nothing alike. I always thought that his real father was probably Frank Marshall Davis another of his mothers boyfriends – the one she made porn videos with – but not after seeing this video: The guy on the left in the photo below is Muhammed Sabud he is the founder of a small cult from Indonesia – that photo was taken in the 60’s he looks very familiar doesn’t he?


          8. dinkerduo says:

            thanks for the reminder–I had seen this before but had forgotten it as there is sooooo much crap to remember about these two–his mother was a *player*–Obozo looks just like this Mohammad Sabud doesn’t he and FMDavis would have been a little old for her as FMD was her father’s friend–communists friend! Ole Berry was raised by his white COMMUNISTS grandparents—he’s on f-ed up guy!!!

          9. Mike W says:

            But FMD made the porn videos with her _ It’s easy to see how that could have led to him having sex with her too.

          10. dinkerduo says:

            True—but he DOES look more like Muhammad Sabad! I just hope that all of his records are unsealed soon! You know he was hiding things or they wouldn’t have been sealed in the first place!!!

          11. Mike W says:

            Also if it is true and Joan Rivers knew about it – who the hell else was well aware of it – Clintons – Biden (maybe not Uncle Joe- he was hired only because he ain’t too bright and wouldn’t be able to figure it out) But how high up does the scam go? Hillary said once “if I lose we all hang.” I hope to God she is right and President Trump drains the swamp of these disgusting criminals.

          12. Mike W says:

            Michelle was in on a tv show and the audience was asking her questions – a little girl asked her when she and Obama were married – she was stumped not only couldn’t come up with a day – she couldn’t remember what decade. They were married strange why she was stumped. Obama also said that he met Michelle in class at Harvard. That would have been very hard to do too as Michelle graduated from Harvard in 1988 and Barry didn’t arrive there until 1991. It’s hard to keep the facts straight when you are lying.

          13. Outhouse BS says:

            Ya never have to rehearse the truth !!!!

          14. PatriotGal says:

            Mike, one thing my mother always said to me, “If you’re going to lie, you had better have a great memory.”

          15. survivor33 says:

            In another story I read it said they met at church and introduced by that (whatever his name is) Wright that taught Ovomit how to hate America and all the American people that isn’t liberal haters. Everything about them is a lie trying to fool the American people.

          16. Ronald Fiskum says:

            I agree, a lie is difficult to defend. The Truth is easy to defend because one does not have to lie about the truth. A person must lie about a lie. Hillary is very good a lying about lying and then trying to defend it. She is teaching Chelsea how to do it and it is not working, Chelsea tells a lie and then can’t defend it.

          17. Mike W says:

            Obama once said in a speech ” The only people who fear the truth are those with something to hide.” I to ally agree with him – But do you think he will ever explain why if he believes it – did he have all of his records sealed? Sounds like he has a lot to hide to me. I keep hoping that Michelle as pissed as she was when she left California starts talking. Maybe that’s why he left the country 😉

          18. Lasher says:

            That Chelsea is one ugly child, isn’t she?

          19. Bird says:

            Sorry, you checked out the wrong people…. I’m female and always have been. My ring fingers are obviously longer than my pointer finger, BUT, I don’t have shoulder muscles like a linebacker or a physique that makes my hubby look petite and delicate!! Michelle is invariably the tallest, largest (not fattest) person in any picture taken; I can certainly understand why people speculate!

          20. mizcaliflower says:

            I’m sorry… WHAT???
            I must be a guy???? my ring finger on both hands is longer than my index.
            Crazy! I’ve always jokingly referred to myself as having ‘man- hands’!!!! And that’s not even why…
            Trust me; I’m NOT a guy. I just looked in my pants to be sure.
            yep… NOT a man.
            You know; ………………………………………………………………………………………………. never mind… what a load of crap.

          21. Mike W says:

            That was just one of the the things said and what I said is what I found. you look at the video see what you think.


          22. Carol Hyndman says:

            In the shot with the two Obamas side by side with hands over hearts, is Barry on a box?

          23. Mike W says:

            I don’t now but in at least one of the photos he is using his left hand.

          24. survivor33 says:

            I also watched her dance on the Ellen Show and she had on a pair of slacks that showed something that a female don’t have in her pants. Don’t know if anybody else noticed it or not but I certainly did. And it’s not the first time I noticed something the same thing in one of her dresses as she was climbing up the steps to the Air Force one for one of her vacations.

          25. reggie says:

            Puppets are always phony, you are so right. soros The puppeteer is the one who tells them what to do. Then people like jeff bozos buy the WaPo to “influence”. Another wannabe puppeteer. Too bad, We no longer buy from Amazon. It’s like kicking dirt in our own faces.

          26. Mike W says:

            Bozos at Wapo and the majority stock holder at the New York Times is Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim.

          27. Countrysunrise says:

            Obama continues to add levels, every time you turn on the news!! First he moves 2 miles from the White House. Next he puts a wall around his house, when he was against a wall on the Southern border. Then he has his right hand girl, Valerie Jarrett, move in with them. Then President Trump makes his wiretap tweet, and Obama goes on a SOLO vacation to French Polynesia. While on the way there, he has a layover in Hawaii, where he has dinner with the Judge who is his friend, and who rules against President Trump’s temporary travel ban. It’s odd that Obama is traveling solo, or is he looking for a “sanctuary country,” since the s**t is about to hit the fan, and he’s going to be a wanted man?? That’s my guess!!

          28. dinkerduo says:

            Hey country—that’s good guessing–hummmmmmmmmmmm!
            And–yes–I think his s**t is gonna hit the fan any day now!!!
            Stand back–waaaaaaaaaay back from THAT fan!!!

          29. Mike W says:

            And Michelle went in the opposite direction – to the Caribbean. One daughter seen in a NYC Club drunk and disorderly and the other younger daughter?

          30. Hang em high, both are total frauds and they fooled the masses of asses called liberal liar demonrats. Best part, the demorats will be paying for the wall, they just don’t know it yet.

          31. Season341 says:

            Don’t forget to include the Bush crime family who set the standard for corruption and eluding exposure. The Clintons and Obamas are simply emulating their behaviors.

          32. dinkerduo says:

            Oh I don’t—they were more subtle about what they were doing!
            I’ll never forget Daddy Bush in 1992 at the UN saying; quote–
            “It’s time for a “New One World Order”–REALLY??? WHAT IN THE HELL DID HE MEAN? Muslims want a OWO with THEM at the top–what the hell did Daddy mean?!? Also Daddy was CIA Director for years BEFORE he was Vice potus for 8 years then potus for 4–that’s a lot of amassed power!
            We haven’t had a conservative–for the people–potus since Reagan until Trump–the rest were progressives which is the new name for communists!!!

          33. sven brown says:

            Don’t forget Preston Bush’s connections to Hitler – Skull and Bones is a Nazi organization or so they say and no doubt Bush
            and friends were in on the 9-11 attack – they probably planned it. Nothing else makes sense. Obama was hand-picked by the NWO and his history is totally false. Why would he seal his records? Why did the stupid American people fall for this guy? Why was he not vetted? Why got paid off? Who was
            blackmailed? Clearly, there are a group of pedos in government
            and that does explain why no one had the guts to impeach not only Obama but Clinton and Bush Sr. Look at all the deaths –
            the man who shot Reagan was a family friend of the Bush family and knowing he was a bit crazy, they probably set him up to do this. Bush was not Reagan’s pick but wormed his way in and this gave him total control to bring in the NWO. Finally, look at all the many deaths associated with the Clinton Mafia which
            continues to this day. Those crooks are powerful indeed.
            History – its all a lie. You have to find the answers yourself.

          34. dinkerduo says:

            I agree with everything you said–I’ve been saying the same–and more–for years now!
            Daddy Bush was CIA for years before he was vice potus–he wanted Reagan out of the way so he’d be potus–hence the attempted assassination!
            The time was right for Obozo to step in–it was easier because NOBODY WANTED KILLARY CLINTON–AND HER HUSBAND–BACK IN THE WH–so OBOZO SLID RIGHT IN and *they* set it up right for a 1/2 black potus supposedly to ease our conscience about slavery! My ancestors had NOTHING to do with slavery so my conscience WASN’T bothering me but that’s the excuse they gave!
            If we knew all of the corruption that gone on for just the last 50 years in politics we hang them all in the town square!

          35. Dave Nettles says:

            Look it up, John Hinckley’s parents were friends with the Bush’s, and they all had dinner together the night before the attempted assassination.

          36. dinkerduo says:

            I didn’t know that—Jesus–Daddy Bush tries to assassinate Reagan so HE could be potus and start his ONE WORLD ORDER–he said in 1992 at a UN speech that it was time for a OWO–so this has been going on since the early ’80s—Jesus–so this whole Johnny boy story about Jodie Foster is just another lie! If we knew what all just our long time politicians have done we’d tar and feather them before they were hung!

        2. Patricia Beeftink says:

          “The damned Clintons are as phony as – well come to think of it there is nothing else as phony as a Clinton.”

          Obama’s Birth Certificate, Selective Service Card, Social Security number etc. etc.

        3. Tomahawk says:

          Except Obama. That one takes the cake. And other “things”.

          1. Mike W says:

            I’ll admit Obama is on a record breaking pace – but – you have to remember – the Clinton’s had about a 30-40 year head start on him

          2. Tomahawk says:

            I agree with your point, and detest both Clintons and the Hubble girl. But at least the three of them are Americans. And that’s about all they’ve got going for them, in my book.

        4. harpo49 says:

          the Obama’s are a good runner up

      2. Sharo says:

        You guys kill me!! All your back and forth! We are in deeeep doo-doo here! Especially in the state of Calif. What are you doing besides talking to each other on “social media” to pass the word??? HELP!!! There’s going to be a revolution in the streets of our great nation before this is over. And we just might be the casualties!!! The left is not letting go. They are DEAD SERIOUS about taking this U.S.A. as we know it DOWN. They WILL maim, bomb, kill, whatever it takes to defeat Constitutional supporting people!

        1. Warren Kinerson says:

          If it comes to a shooting in the streets …..the conservatives have ten times more weapons over the liberals, I just hope the Lord takes His church before that first shot.

        2. dinkerduo says:

          Not too worried about that now that Killary isn’t in the WH–plus–there are approx. 400 MILLION guns in the country and 1/2 are NOT registered! Besides Trump ISN’T going to let that happen! You people in CA (the conservatives) I feel sorry for! Somebody will need to step up and remove all of your LIBTARDS in office SOON as you’re already in deep doo doo!! I do a lot besides social media–hope you do to–esp. in CA!

      3. jim jones says:

        What does it turn out to be?

      4. Mikal Gastpipe says:

        BUT, he IS a FULLBRIGHT scholar, personally groomed by J William Fullbright himself. And if no one knows who J William Fullbright is, educate yourselves. But the pity is that no one on the left will ever care about Fullbright’s Clinton. They’ll just keep on calling those on the right racist!

      5. Lasher says:

        Nor are you a Rhodes “scholar,” dinky.

    3. travis690 says:

      PhD = Phony Doctor; Post-hold Digger.

    4. harpo49 says:

      when you have money you just get things handed to you look at the Kennedy’s the Clinton’s does anyone believe that every effin Kennedy was as smart as the media likes to make them look heck no they aren’t money talks and bull s**t walks

    5. Dave Nettles says:

      Do you know what PHD stands for, really? How about, “Post Hole Digger”. Does that fit, or what? That’s what she just did, dug a very deep hole.

      1. reggie says:

        Works for me. Are they the same ones who dig latrines?

  2. way2confused says:

    She is as dumb as a bag of hammers and her parents are trying to groom her to run for president? What did she EVER do in her life but suck off her parents foundation?

    1. 1loyalamerican74 says:

      Don’t forget that Bill may not be the father of Chelsea. That is why Bill is not too close to his “daughter”. Hillary goes “both” ways. Huma got rich working for Hillary.

      1. Dirty_Old_Madman says:

        Instead of “working for” didn’t you mean licking?

    2. Dirty_Old_Madman says:

      You must be referring to those $600 hammers. They are on the shelf next to the $6000 airplane toilet seats.

      1. way2confused says:

        $600 hammers or $10.00 hammers, they all have the same IQ

  3. Bruce Walters says:

    I don’t think anything can help that butter-face. She’s as crooked as her mother and step father. Chelsea’s real father is Webb Hubble, Hillary will not talk about that, she’d rather talk about how Trump is immoral, a womanizer, if fact everything Bill has been proven to be, she puts on Trump.

    1. dinkerduo says:

      I wonder how much Hubble was paid to lay on top of *that woman*?!? It would have had to been a LOT–unless it was done the petri dish way! Hubble might have been a very nice man–BUT–WHY did they pick such a homely man to father the child that the Clintons needed so their marriage would look normal–considering Hillary’s life style–Bills words?!? That could only mean that Killary is gay! While bill was revealing all of this he also revealed that he was sterile from a childhood disease! No wonder he slept around if his wife is gay!!!

      1. reggie says:

        Interesting, wonder why then he refused to do a DNA test when that kid claimed him as his father. Or just 5 minutes of fame for the kid. His mother was a black prostitute.

        1. way2confused says:

          They must have paid him off, or offed him..

  4. Gerald Tobey says:

    Stupid is as stupid does, looks like she’s following suit…

  5. unbridled says:

    This wasn’t the first thing that ever blew up in Chelsea’s face although this one may have improved her face a bit. She looks like sin dipped in misery, sought of like her motha….

  6. Dumber than a box of rocks, raised by 2 of the most corrupt politicians in America.

  7. Sharon Jeanguenat says:

    She’s not as charismatic as her dad, & not as smart & hateful, as her mother. IF she runs for an office, her mother will be pulling the strings that control Chelsea.

    1. granny_forUSA says:

      I did not know that daddy Hubbell was not charismatic……….

  8. granny_forUSA says:

    She can’t help but mess up just like mommy dearest…………..Neither one can keep their big mouths SHUT.

  9. Poke says:

    The dude dat married Toad Stool……….has gotta be visiting Epstein’s Island…alot.

  10. MJL says:

    Stupid is as stupid does, she is Brain Dead they don’t wont anymore Cliton trash

  11. Mike W says:

    “Stupid is as stupid does” – Forest Gump
    “Now might be an excellent time to ask for a refund on that PHD.” Sheldon on the Big Bang Theory (slightly altered)

  12. uchsamin says:

    WHO’S HER DADDY??………..WEB HUBBEL,……NOT the pervert billy-boy.
    And according to the reasonably named website, Bill and Hillary had an “open marriage” agreement since the very beginning. GovtSlaves then goes on to note that, though Hillary and Bill might not have been making the beast with two backs themselves, she was getting it on with “Webb Hubbell, Vince Foster, and a string of lesbian lovers.”

    1. 1loyalamerican74 says:

      Amazing about the Vince Foster investigation: He was reportedly a “suicide” in a park in D.C.
      He rolled himself in a rug, but there was no “blood” Someone fired a .380 slug into his mouth.
      Just several month’s ago the investigators now have found that there was a small hole in Foster’s
      neck which was used with a .22 cal. which is referred to as an “assassination bullet”, which would
      not go fully through the neck. Did the D.C. investigators or the Secret Service get paid to miss
      that important clue to the “MURDER”!!!! The Clinton’s have killed or had killed on many occasions.
      That method occurred while the Clinton’s were leading the Arkansas Crime Network. There were over
      twenty deaths which were never listed as “Hit Crimes”. Four witnesses against Hillary in 2016 were killed in three months and none were investigated properly.

      1. uchsamin says:

        Vince Foster’s “suicide” ruling HAS BEEN CHANGED to Homicide,…….about 25 years overdue?

  13. Tom G says:

    If Chelsea wants to help the american people , she should just go be a good mother to her child and volunteer at her local animal shelter , because I for one am DAMN tired of the only people that think they can run this country are Bushes and Clintons , complete bullshit . There are over 300 million americans out there , I’m sure over 299.9 million of them are more qualified than Chelsea Clinton.

  14. RightWriter says:

    That’s NOT LINCOLN, you illiterate TWITS!!!! Lincoln had a BEARD, remember?
    The pic with the Trump hat (funny!) is GEORGE WASHINGTON.

  15. travis690 says:

    That little girl is confused out of her mind. I’ll bet if you asked her what the “N” on Nebraska’s football helmet means, she’d say, “Knowledge.”

  16. SouthernPatriot says:

    Clueless. Apparently the combination of Slick Willy and Jezebel produces an imbecile.

    1. reggie says:

      You sure it wasn’t Webb Hubbell? Compare their pictures.

      1. Bruce Walters says:

        Same guy, I just misspelled his last name

  17. Frankdidit says:

    Like mother like daughter. Both have shit for brains.

  18. Rick Vitti says:

    WOW…how stupid can stupid get and she is paid a million $$ a year. But no one is looking into that.

    1. Mike W says:

      When Rahm Emanuel left the White House he went to work for Goldman Sachs – his job – to introduce them to “people”. After that he went to work for financial firm Wasserstein Perella and with absolutely no schooling or experience in finance he was paid $450,000 per month! It pays well to be corrupt.

  19. ReaperHD says:

    Chelsea Clinton isn’t only DUMB but BUTT FUGGLY also!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. ajareins says:

    She’s as dumb and ugly as her corrupt slag mother

  21. elkhunt says:

    and a box of dynamite blew up in her face years ago

  22. Connie Wolfinger says:

    Dumbness must run in the family.
    And she went to college? She should ask for a refund.

  23. Countrysunrise says:

    This proves the fact that when you go to College, they don’t teach you anything anymore!! All they want is your tuition, and they use that money for you to mingle with the kids from their own age group to become Radical robots, who want to change a World that they know nothing about.

  24. annefarrelly says:

    It’s what you get when you mate a crooked attorney with a crooked politician!

    1. vil says:

      Hillary is not an attorney, she failed the bar exam.

      1. dfinch says:

        She did pass the Arkansas Bar. Just not the DC Bar.

        1. vil says:

          Right, but she failed the DC bar exam where she was working,and in fact never passed it.

  25. Lee Berry says:

    Dear Chelsea,
    Hunny, do not fret so loudly – it is unbecoming.

    To ease your mind, the majority of the former presidents and their cabinets all joined together with President Trump last month for a MAGA baseball cap sitting. The only protesting ones were your parents (all three of them), and the Obummer family who donned a banner saying “please vote for me a minimum of three times and I promise Freebies for a lifetime.” (far too long to put on a cap of any size, ya know!)

    I know its hard for you to take, but we Americans stand proud and encourage President Trump to work hard in fulfilling his promises. I would hope that you would/could simmer down and accept the fact that he won the office. Stand proud, place your hand over your fluttering heart and sing, “God Bless the U.S.A.”

    Here’s a tissue hunny!

  26. Les Gulledge says:

    Who ever paid for her college degree needs a refund.. oh yeah, it was OUR money when BJ was in office. I DEMAND my money back! Another Clinton rip-off scam, I suppose…They forgot to put the yeast in – her bread ain’t done yet!! or was it – the wrong end that got the yeast?

  27. FL_Stingray says:

    We can wish something would blow up and cover her face

  28. allmhuran says:

    Actually, Clinton will probably survive this because I like a lot of other people are on the fence of whether or not it’s real. It’s too stupid to be true.

  29. barnjoer says:

    And just look who her parents are!!! That explains it !

  30. A_Nobody says:

    What’s utterly amazing is how much this family has bilked taxpayers for yet they still like them. the Clinton crime family has illegally stolen so much as well as their perversions and people run like lap dogs.

  31. CantBePCAnymore says:

    She really is stupid. I know she has college degrees, but that only means she can pass tests. She can’t hold a job because she’s so obnoxious she gets fired. So, her parents gave her a job at the family foundation and she’s so obnoxious some of the employees left.

  32. albany le says:

    What a spoiled little idiot! Just like her criminal mother.

  33. BigC says:

    Ohhh…… THAT’s what happened to it!!!!!

  34. tiaraboo says:

    Does anyone take this Hillary spawn seriously? She is the illegitimate child of Webb Hubble and the she-devil Killary. Go away! We have had ENOUGH of the corrupt Clinton Cartel! What part of GAME OVER do you not understand?

  35. Brian Falls says:

    That would be a Clinton all right. I bet her mommy and daddy are very proud of her. LOL!

  36. Carolkitfox says:

    As bright as her stupid lying mother.

  37. Mr. Manfredgensenden says:

    Aaron Worthing needs to brush up on his presidential portraits…that’s Jefferson, not Washington.

  38. Maggietish says:

    This is a joke right? No one is really that stupid. Pathetic!

  39. Ronald Fiskum says:

    Hillary has taught Chelsea good on how to lie and not worry about it. Chelsea is a despicable person and should not even consider running for any office. She and her husband should just fade into the dark and not be heard from again. Why would anyone want to vote for her, for what?

  40. Barbara Lewis says:

    LIKE FATHER LIKE DAUGHTER. Just one big laughing stock after another. Just like her dad and mother. A great big joke. Needs to be put out to pasture.

  41. jim jones says:

    Like mother, like daughter. She thinks she is entitled to a political career. Totally unqualified, obviously stupid, but, hell; so were mommy and daddy.

  42. John Schanta says:

    The “ROTTEN APPLE” doesn’t fall far from the tree. The Clintons stink.

  43. J. Ernst says:

    The FORMER great state of NY is in trouble financially because the Federal, DC Dole money is going to be curtailed. Frankly, the Clinton cabal has NO WHERE ELSE to go to promote such juvenile and criminal activities by ALL of their “family”. The newsertainment industry THRIVES on such crap.

  44. Rosalyn Portello says:

    “her latest move blew up in her face” well folks…I say to bad it didn’t blow up her fugly face…remember she used to be the WH dog!!!

  45. Dick says:

    I think one of those apples that fell from the Clinton tree hit her in the nogon. It ruined her chance of good looks. Her husband is blind and is only looking for gold. The mine is running low sonny.

  46. davegrille says:

    The woman is a vacuous heiress.

  47. pjt says:

    Well no, Chelsea.
    I personally saw good old Abe in that hat. Sorry you missed it.

  48. stephen1337 says:

    NO more obamas, no more Bushes and for Heaven’s and our sanity,,,,NO MORE clintons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. I am a former democrat who will no longer tolerate the outrage of the so-called democratic party!!!!!!!!!! My party affiliation is now an independent.

  49. Larry Cowden says:

    She should get her tail end back to the kitchen and bedroom where she belongs! At least there she might know something!

  50. j0e cave says:

    from the looks of her she is going to be even uglier than hillary

  51. harpo49 says:

    that little ugly a$$ is also a stupid a$$

  52. Timothy Dayton says:

    What is sad is that CBS devoted 13 minutes of airtime to their next big thing at 8 AM the other morning. She has done nothing, accomplished nothing and flies around in a private jet spewing CO2 to tell us all about climate change. Her ONLY claim to fame is that she is Bill and Hill’s daughter and she married the son of a guy Bill pardoned.

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