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Chuck Schumer Got Caught Covering Up A Huge Scandal

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  1. Steve Flowers says:


    1. Gary Smith says:

      W ell said he belongs in Gitmo with his buddies Clinton and Pelosi

      1. game50 says:

        Gary Smith: let’s not forget Barry Sortoro AKA Obama .. , Holder, Rice ,Loretta Lynch and don’t forget Bill … they all belong together in Gimo for treason against the United States of America.

        1. yennikcm says:

          and the iranian, valerie jarrett

          1. game50 says:

            Yennikcm : Huma too… Killary right hand person…another Muslim…..

          2. CommonSense4America says:

            Isn’t that her beaver buddy?

          3. game50 says:

            CommonSense4Am: you’re correct and it’s also known as Her Muff Diver go get the fish… or Bosom Buddies.

          4. CommonSense4America says:

            A true friend,,,a real ‘lickity split’ type of friend.

        2. badass says:

          I just wanna know why that sob obama sent 1.7 billion cash to our enemy Iran and 150 billion returned to Iran.
          Folks, please wake up. Obama is our enemy, guarantee, he’s fooled those stupids, he brainwashed those morons, he’s divided this great nation into two extreme.

          1. kassa1 says:

            You see the Democrats conclude with whomever they want and that’s OK because I have masses amounts of money meaning one world order billionaire money behind them. They’re supposed to represent we the people and when they don’t represent with the people and the resu you see the Democrats conclude with whomever they want and that’s OK because I have masses amounts of money meaning one world order billionaire money behind them. They’re supposed to represent we the people and when they don’t represent we the people and they represent their Pimps instead of we the people , That is an act of aggression against the American people and treason. The cure for that is the firing squad. The founding fathers were honest about these kinds of people and said that the distruction would come from within!

          2. GrizzlyIX says:

            In Truth, the sentence for Fed Capital Crimes is HANGING! (and they should erect the gallows on the White House Front Lawn or the Capital Front Steps!) Firing Squad is for Military sentence of Court Martial Tribunal, NOT civilian crime punishment. . . .(besides, it’s TOO DAMN QUICK!)

          3. Twin1by4 says:

            Plus think of the media ratings when we all watch em hang!!

          4. Shelby Olsen says:

            My mom used to always say that man will outsmart himself and that the destruction of this country would come from within.

          5. Irene Elizabeth Grooms says:

            I believe that is in the BIBLE.

          6. Shelby Olsen says:

            You are probably right. My mom read the Bible and always was wise. She was the sweetest and the wisest person that I have ever known.

          7. kassa1 says:

            Abraham Lincoln one says if this country is overthrown it’ll be from within.

          8. Deborah Pratt says:

            Looking at Obama’s life-style lately, one has to wonder if he still has access to ‘stolen’ funds! By the way, he just fled the country for Indonesia. Right after Susan Rice was scheduled to testify in court–he left!! What a coincidence!! Indonesia is the country he spent many of his adolescent years in. Mainly ‘Muslim’ and one country that does not have an extradition treaty with the USA!!

          9. Cheryl Detar says:

            In addition, obozo, Hildabeast and slick willy have transferred much of their “stolen wealth” to Qutar, just in case they have to “run for it.”

          10. Deborah Pratt says:

            Can’t imagine why Americans are feeling a bit ‘insecure’ these days, can you?? That government people can ‘rip’ us off like that with no repercussions?!! Yet the ‘average American’ has been known to lose their homes, businesses, etc. only because the IRS ‘suspects’ they filed their taxes ‘wrong’!!

          11. badass says:

            deep inside of his heart is nothing but a muslim….Iran is a muslim country…..but this sob has fooled million of America voted for him twice..and those blacks still think he’s a great president..

          12. Deborah Pratt says:

            I agree with you except I still don’t think ‘O’ won those elections ‘legally’!! Perhaps the ‘first’ time but I sincerely doubt the ‘second win’!! For one thing, this was about the time Soros was placing ‘voting machines’ around the country! We are a naive nation, at times, and we thought ‘what a great idea’!! Recently, we found out what a mistake that was!! No doubt both elections were ‘rigged’! It worked so well, the Dems were confident it would work again!! If it hadn’t been for Trump yelling out how the voting was ‘rigged’, it probably would have!! He instilled enough doubt that the charge started to be investigated! When it was found to be true, the Dems tried to ‘down-play’ it, saying it was a ‘minor’ event–not important!! People didn’t ‘buy’ it, thankfully!! Also, there may be ‘some’ blacks that ‘want’ ‘O’ to be the Great President but, there are some immature ‘white’ liberals that still cling to the illusion for fear of being called ‘prejudiced’!!

          13. badass says:

            @deborah, please think about this: why the liberals and DemocRats they’re fighting and against the voter ID law?

          14. Doris Will says:

            He hates America and Americans, He says he’s a Muslim and loves Muslims, He hates Israel, and so does Iran. Last, but not least: He probably got a nice fat kickback on the deal.

          15. chief1937 says:

            Without a doubt you are correct.

          16. Doris Will says:

            I had him figured out from the get- go! The biggest BS was: “there comes a time in life when you have made enough money, and you should spread it around.” Obama will never get to that time!

        3. mikegru says:

          they could have a great gangbang on Gitmo

        4. kassa1 says:

          No you’re absolutely wrong they committed treason and they deserve the firing squad with no trial. It looks lot leave out that piece of shit Schumer eithe as he and Durbin are two of the biggest turds in the septic tank !

          1. GrumpyGrandpa says:

            Thumbs up on Durbin being a turd! He’s part of the Illinois problem, but he thinks he’s gods gift to the news camera.

          2. rightsright says:

            Yep, the little creep has gotten rich off the Illinois people and still has the gall to get out there and pretend to be human. Just looking at him and his evil Chicago gang from Daily down to the ass, evil Obama that had to jail Blogo to silence him. If we could get him to talk all hell would break loose. Blogo did nothing compared to Barry!

          3. kassa1 says:

            Durbin is nothing less than a Sewer RAT!

        5. Bill Harney says:

          Don’t forget George Soros as well.

          1. Doris Will says:

            Send him to Russia, along with his sons. Barring that: Israel, they even pick traitors up, They did a great job on Eichman.

        6. Doris Will says:

          Why send these traitors to Gitmo? Beautiful weather, Ocean view. What’s the name of the prison Obama bought in the mid-west? Cold weather, no view. Now there’s the place for them.

    2. MIKE6080 says:

      schummer is a ny democrat ,what do you expect

      1. Patricia Eddy says:

        Most of us don’t want him. You can have him, We are tired of all his lying and crying foul.

        1. Ted Paine says:

          We can throw in the “whitetrash” Gillibrand” to sweeten the deal.

        2. GrumpyGrandpa says:

          Oh, he’s a great Crier too! Just about in the same league as ex-Speaker John Boehner.

        3. MIKE6080 says:

          most of us dont want progressives or demonrats

      2. pepie says:

        I wonder if we were to recount his votes and see if he did win or not??? i want to know if one has said a thing,seems he won and know body even seen the votes. humm???Fraud, in our mix some one check him out that law you don’t have to check if he won squarely is the right thing or does the democrats put it in there for there wins???Were did this law come from . Mr.Trump see if there is a true law or not can any body find out?thank you

    3. Joel Goodman says:


    4. SouthernPatriot says:

      There are other leftist demented Democrats that deserve the same moniker for the same reasons, but you are s-o-o-o right about Chuckie.

    5. CompletelyOutsane says:

      At best!

    6. Peter Osborne says:

      Chuck boo hooed when a Syrian granny may not have gotten her meds on time but nothing when the N. Koreans tortured Otto Warmbier to death. . A total hypocrite,.

  2. jong says:

    It will come out. With all the smoke and mirror that the loony left has put up it only lasted less than six months and now the attention will be pointing towards the DNC. And Mueller is meaningless. Sessions is the man.

  3. David in MA says:

    The Senate should censer crying chucky.

    1. granny_forUSA says:

      A nice tall tree and a rope would be great to end his “everything”………….

    2. The duck says:

      The Senate has the power to kick him out of office and should then Sessions could try him for treasonous acts.

      1. David in MA says:

        I am not sure the senate can do that.

        1. chief1937 says:

          I know they can censure but not sure about being able to kick him out.

          1. Doris Will says:

            We must have enough votes in the House to change that rule! Shumer just wants to get business out of the way so that he can get back to Trashing Republicans.

  4. Douglas Miraldi says:

    schumer should be fired. END OF STORY, HE’S NOT EVEN A GOOD JEW.

    1. LLJINTL says:

      The truth is out!

    2. Ron haymaker says:

      He can always get a job at CNN!

    3. FL_Stingray says:

      He is a typical NY jew.
      All show and no faith

      1. Mojo says:

        Hey FL Stingray,
        Your anti-Semitism is showing AGAIN

        1. granny_forUSA says:

          Really………………is his zipper open again……………..??????

          1. Brad Tipton says:

            Is that why whenever I see “chuck” his head looks like the head of a circumcised penis, but wearing glasses?

          2. Not much of a man just like the rest of him.

          3. Mojo says:

            Granny-forUSA just explained how she knows who is Jewish.
            That’s where her mind is.

        2. Eileen Kuch says:

          No, Mojo, you’re wrong .. FL_Stinray’s telling the truth, Chucky Schumer’s a scumbag and he’s been caught covering up a huge scandal .. That’s NOT anti-Semitic.
          BTW, Schumer and his fellow Khazars aren’t descended from Abraham, but from Khazars who converted to Judaism in 730 AD.

          1. Mojo says:

            Are you still on that “DEBUNKED” nonsense about Khazars or DNA nonsense.
            Do you really believe that only descendants of Abraham can be Jewish.
            By the way, anyone will tell you that remarks like “typical NY Jew” is clearly Anti-Semitec.
            Do you really believe that anti-Semites only hate “some” Jews.

            Have you ever looked up in any dictionary the definition of Anti-Semitism?
            Try the Oxford, Webster, Merriam, Wikipedia, Dictionaries.
            By the way, Wikipedia will direct you to a list of at least 50 anti-semitic Authors and publications that expose various anti-seemtic nonsense.
            ALL have been “debunked” as propaganda or Lies and NOT TRUTHFUL.

      2. granny_forUSA says:

        A typicial liberal that loves the mooslums and illegals would prove that…………

    4. Mojo says:

      Hey Douglas,
      What’s a “good Jew”?
      Please explain
      Is that like a good Italian or a good hispanic or a good Catholic or a good Buddhist, Hindu?

      1. granny_forUSA says:

        Explaining that to you would be useless as you would be unable to comprehend………

        1. Mojo says:

          Hey Grammy_forUSA,
          You just fell into that bottomless hole with No sides.
          Typical DODGE tactic.
          Can’t answer so Dodge, divert, distort.

      2. Wynette Atkins says:

        Jesus Christ was a Jew, born from God’s Holy Spirit and Mary, and brought up by his earthly Father, Joseph (from the line of David).
        The Jews are God’s chosen people, as God promised to Abraham, Isaiah, Joseph, and Jacob. God has promised his son Jesus the Kingdom of Earth, when he returns. Jesus willingly followed his Heavenly Father’s command to die for our sins; so he could give us a way to reach Heaven and life everlasting; if we believed in him as our Savior, and as the son of God. It was God’s plan to change the sentence of lasting death, after Adam and Eve created original sin, by breaking God’s one Commandment to them, in the Garden of Eden. Jesus will be returning to claim his Kingdom, and he will set up his Seat of Government in Jerusalem.

        So I consider Jesus Christ as the perfect Jew. I and all Christians consider him a such. God has promised that those that protect the Jews, will be rewarded in Heaven. God has punished the Jews many times, but has promised to always insure their line continues. He has made it clear that they would be made to wonder the earth for many years. But that Israel and Jerusalem would be returned to them. God gave them back Israel in 1949, and Jerusalem in 1967. God keeps his promises.

    5. granny_forUSA says:

      Maybe Daddy or granddaddy was a GERMAN……….that belonged to the SS group……..

      1. Don’t insult a good Italian comparing them to Shumucker. That’s an insult to my heritage.

    6. old sarge says:

      Schumers a Jew? I did not know that but sure explains a lot. Think Soros the Jew that sold out his people to the Nazis for money. What a slime ball.

      1. pepie says:

        These’s jews are Jewits , they are the hated ones and money liars hoarders

      2. Caro Line says:

        All residents of Judea were called Jews for there geographical residence, but they are not all part of the tribe of Judea. Look at the diverse population there now! The Jewish people are our friends and lovely people. Schumer is just one bad apple among many decent people.

    7. pepie says:

      He’s jewit not a jew

  5. Keith says:

    Like a cat in the litter box.

  6. 3Curmudgeon3 says:

    Give it a rest already, easy to do, don’t give it anymore air time.

    1. Ed Shick says:

      This is independence Holiday , This is America , We fought for our Freedom, We had better keep fighting or America will go down with the Socialist Democrats , Some are Communist!

  7. LLJINTL says:

    The senate should incarcerate Chucky, remove vocal chords.

  8. HESpecialist says:

    When ISN’T there a “scandal brewing” in Washington DC? It’s the center of the Gov’t corruption universe. Full of liars, tax cheats, inside traders, womanizers, pedophiles, and traitors. And that’s just in Congress and their staffers. Then, there’s the DC media, some of them could teach PhD courses on word manipulation and creative writing, to outright lies to the people. The whole damned town need flushed to the sewers, where it belongs.

    1. pepie says:

      Yes and lawyers can not run for any office above dog catcher ????They know the laws and use them against the rigthous, and truth bearers . no we have a lot of trash and they use that order to rip us off . throw out the lawyers ans 90% would have to go hahah

  9. Tom Sargent says:

    Chuck Phuck Shooooooooooooomer. AND MEAN CHUCK HIM!!!!!!!

  10. Ed Shick says:

    Add Schumer to traitors h seems to fit right in with Hilary ,Obama and George Soros , but We still have Nancy , a lot of Trash!


    Chewmer is the biggest turd in the punch bowl.

    1. FL_Stingray says:

      And that is a pretty big bowl of turd

  12. marco a. poshar says:

    This Schumer dude is sure NIXON like or worse ,

    1. WilliamHarrington says:

      marco – Schumer makes Nixon look like the pope.

  13. Richardoftheyears1 says:

    For years, now, these people have been getting away with murder. Why does anyone think this will change. Conservatives are scarecrows and liberals have balls beyond belief. And all the people who count on this, know it.

    1. granny_forUSA says:

      It was proven by Weiner that the DEMS have no balls…………..via computer………….In DC the Dems are known as “Ball Less Wonders”………………………..That is why Hillary searched till she found Hubbell…………

      1. Askjrsk says:

        Obviously Hillary got the leftovers–one look at Chalsea, the best was obviously lost.

  14. jackhy says:

    Chuckle head Shitsmer is the leader of the Demorat Resistance mob and he will stoop to any low to bring discredit and opposition on the POTUS. He and his Liberal thugs have nothing positive to bring forth to aid the Nation’s recovery so they will continue their abusive treatment and cover ups!

  15. Ron haymaker says:

    Hard to believe Chuck Schemer & Susan Vice would do anything wrong!

    1. Eileen Kuch says:

      Well, these two scumbags definitely did, Ron, and it’s very serious.

      1. Ron haymaker says:

        It was sarcasm–didn’t you see the way I spelled their names?

        1. Mojo says:

          Hi Ron,
          Eileen has a comprehension problem as well as being ignorant.

          1. Ron haymaker says:

            She seems to be on the RIGHT side & that’s all that really matters!

          2. Mojo says:

            Always be careful of someone who is on the “right side” but for the wrong reason(s).
            Might be a disguise

  16. Bayside GolfClub says:

    Ask her who she released the info to.. Anyone who didn’t have security clearance nails her.. Polygraph every single one. They were employees of the federal Govt. The taxpayers.. The media does not have clearance for any of this.. That’s fundamental.. Besides– the judge already said NO to any of it.. Those are whole new separate counts.. Serious espionage counts..

  17. MILES E DRAKE says:

    It is time to fire The Grand Inquisitor, censure The Putz and shut down the whole farcical charade. There is more evidence that The Mongrel is a closeted sodomite in a sham marriage with a tranny than there is of any of the frauds and canards about Russia. There is more evidence that the dynastic dimwit who regularly beclowns herself on Twitter and got a Lifetime Achievement award for interviewing a gecko is Webb Hubbell’s daughter than there is of “collusion”. There is more evidence that the party of Marx, Mohammed and Murder hired Hodgkinson to assassinate the congressional Republicans than there is of “obstruction of justice”.

    1. Eileen Kuch says:

      Miles, you nailed that one perfectly 🙂 3 Cheers, 6 High-Fives, and a 21-gun Salute go out to you 🙂

  18. Kaywhever says:

    That’s what New York Crooked Attorneys do. Why is this news?

    1. Mojo says:

      Hey Kaywhever,
      Is “Crooked Attorneys” REDUNDANT

      1. Kaywhever says:

        You are correct, but New York ones are much worse.

        1. Mojo says:

          Much worse than what?
          What if one moves to NY from another city?
          what if one immigrates from Europe, Asia, Africa?

  19. used_to_be_a_liberal says:

    So Chucky, how are you planning on covering this up???

  20. The Xray says:

    Saw a sign at an antique store recently – positioned so passing motorists could read:
    “Draining the swamp has only begun, but the slodge is rising to the top quickly”

  21. Brad Fisher says:

    Upchuck needs to be removed from Congress. He is nothing but a sleazy partisan Communist politician! Obstructing justice is the crime.

  22. Richard Muccillo Nmd Dcm says:

    A kick in his ugly mug will really make him cry

    1. KDC says:

      He’s such a phony!

  23. jimmy9522 says:

    UpChuck Schumer may be the final nail in the democrat coffin.

  24. John T. Koszalka says:

    This is BS, no deals for these EVIL people. Schumer is a DEEP STATE DWELLER who continues to LIE, LIE, LIE. Rice is under investigation for UNMASKING. So far she has told different stories to the MSM. Here we have a KNOWN LIAR, let us not forget 4 MURDERED AMERICANS, because she insisted it was a video. We the DEPLORABLE UNDERBELLY ONES have had enough of the DEMO-RATS CRAP. It’s time for ACTION, into a criminal investigation. WE WANT A PUBLIC HEARING UNDER OATH, THEN I CAN TELL YOU THEY WILL FALL IN A BIG PILE, AND HEAD OF THE PILE WILL BE LIAR IN CHIEF OBAMA, WITH THE QUENN OF LIES CLINTON. There will be no cover, THEY WILL BRING ONE ANOTHER DOWN.

    1. nicholsda says:

      Public hearing under oath will get you: “on advice of council, I plead the 5th.”

      1. John T. Koszalka says:

        Put the in the seat let them pull the 5th, and see where they end up, because
        we will label everyone who takes the 5th GUILTY TILL PROVEN INNOCENT.

        1. nicholsda says:

          Only the guilty need to take the 5th. If you can’t incriminate yourself, why take it?

  25. Janelle says:

    Hog food…….they can dispose of him fully.

    1. bttrap says:

      the hogs probably don’t want that scum either

      1. Janelle says:

        Pigs are smart!

  26. FL_Stingray says:

    Schumer is the Senate version of Pelosi House scum

    1. pepie says:

      yes this is true, but keep them for ever time they open there mouths the democrat rat party go’s down a little bit more as they are sinking in Quick sand and they are saying they are not hahahah sink you bastards

  27. Askjrsk says:

    This should be enough yomlock Schumer up for obstruction of justice We the people want to know the truth– he’ll with politics. He has a five week vacation coming up, Obama is on a tax funded1.5 million vacation in Infonesia We the people suffer because of them.

    1. granny_forUSA says:

      Yep, he took off when he thought that Rice was opening her mouth when being questioned……Guess he though orange is not his color.

      1. Askjrsk says:

        He better get used to it. It will work until we fire up the chair and live better electrically.

  28. Dale Ness says:

    Chuck Schemer should be his name. This weasel should be tarred and feathered and ran out of town on a rail!

  29. Susan says:

    Why would this not be considered obstruction of justice??

  30. wharfrat says:

    Schumer and all of the Democrats are rotten to the core,they are doing nothing to help America or its people,all they want is to cause trouble for everybody and Trump, our President.

  31. KDC says:

    “Critics were outraged and accused him of a cover-up”… What’s good for Pres.Trump is good for Schumer. Schumer accused Pres.Trump of all kinds of cover ups, now it’s his turn. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. Of course these criminals are covering up their own criminal acts. That’s what they do. They care NOTHING about America, but only their globalist communist agenda. Get inditements on all of them.

  32. granny_forUSA says:

    The Kenyan born muslim & the alcoholic, killing, lying, corrupt machine hit squad are at the bottom of all that is evil and corrupt in DC…………..Their playhouse is tumbling down and they are messing in their britches because of everyone finding out the DEMS evil and their shafting of the USA and its legal citizens………

  33. Rodger K. Shull says:

    SCUMBAG schumer is a STINKING scandal, a obscene scandal, he should be removed from the senate, he gives the rest a bad name. Like they really need help doing that.

  34. RichFromShowMe says:

    Chuckie, the Sewer Rat, always defers to this un-American action when it comes to covering up for fellow Dems . . . his entire elected history is one of covering-up-dung.

  35. game50 says:

    Isn’t it amazing that everything that the Democrats or should I say the Socialist Party talks about Trump doing…. they are the ones that are actually doing it… sounds like blame everybody for what you do ….that’s the new model of Socialist Party …. there you have it folks.

  36. billjohnso20 says:


  37. Wes says:

    The lies, the collusion, and the obstruction of justice is true. It just so happens that the guilty ones are all Democrats and not our great President Trump. Electing him as president is the best thing that’s happened to America in decades.

  38. Real PA Voter says:

    There IS a story, and Trump, and ALL his sh-ithead minions are going to prison. Just not soon enough!!

    1. bttrap says:

      what the hell are you talking about?



  40. Rj Stoker says:

    Schumer, having reviewed your 40 some odd years in a political career to the present, your accomplishments are just about zero, not unlike you. A complete waste of an Ivy League Law Degree.

  41. Karen says:

    He’s a crook. There isn’t one honest person left in the Democratic Party.

  42. disqus_D87XRi0Gy7 says:

    It’s apparent that all rule of law has been abandoned by the democrap party and they are getting dangerously close to full sedition and possible hanging by a charge of sediton and other assorted crimes they are now involved. In effect we are already in that second civil war since these scoundrels have openly dis owned the rest of America, even shots have been fired from fanatics of the liberal shit party. Keep those guns oiled and stock lots and lots of ammo because this won’t be over until all these scumbags are imprisoned and charged for their high crimes. We are not a united nation any longer and if you think other wise you are in for a very rude awakening, these people have made it there goal to rule you and bury our Constitution, they will all be dead long before that would happen because they cannot defeat us even using our own laws as weapons to end run the constitution and target good men and women,. god damned these irresponsible fools, the sooner they are all gone the better off the nation is and only then will it once again be truly free. When you elect draft dodgers like slick willy then allow that POS wife of his to steal lie kill murder and even worse then have the gall to call we true patriots undesirable. A bunch of criminals all itching to be hung.

  43. robert sanders says:


  44. thecelt1 says:

    Schumer just wants to just continue pushing Obamas plan to destroy our America. He will use any means
    to accomplish Obamas goal of destruction. Schumer is a Dyed-In-The-Wool, Two-Faced Dumbocrap!
    Schumer will go to any means to accomplish the Obama goal. He needs to be removed from our National
    Legislature, immediately, before he commits any more criminal acts.

  45. oncemorearound says:

    As the world calls the USA, the great satan, some clarification should take place. The citizens of the USA and the physical country are not the great satan. It’s the US government that rightfully deserves the great satan moniker. What we have is not what the founders had in heart. If they did, it was a cruel joke…..

    1. NoCoincidences says:

      What we have now is a perversion of government not intended by the Founding Fathers nor the U.S. Constitutiion. These days it can be rather frustrating and confusing to know just exactly who our ‘elected representatives’, and what their intentions are for the nation. Then the answer begs the question: Who are the people and what type of citizens choose the crooked representatives to hold office.?

  46. Doris Belanger Frazier says:

    This is outrageous. Schumer is corrupt as the rest. He knows dam right well what went down and is trying to cover it up. There going to find the truth eventually and there are going to be more involved in this than we realize. Truth will prevail.

  47. Jacky says:

    why is it we the people can not get these crook in the court houses–in the past treason was a firing squad verdict

  48. rightsright says:

    Chuck Schummer is every bit as disgusting as Harry Reid, and that is saying a lot. He does not give a damn about America, his whole goal is to be a loving puppet for his idol Barack Obama and he will do anything, and I mean anything for Obama and Soros as they still work to keep Soros’ word. SOROS SAID; ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT CANNOT TAKE PLACE WITHOUT THE UNITED STATES AND THE GOAL IS TO TAKE DOWN THE UNITED STATES! WHAT IN THE HELL IS THE MATTER WITH ANY AMERICAN WHO WOULD FOLLOW THIS MARXIST TYRANT, THE JEW WHO HATES JEWS AND AMERICANS AND THE LITTLE GAY PRETEND WHITE HOUSE DWELLER ,WHO GOES BY BARACK OBAMA FOR NOW, AND PLAYED FRONT MAN FOR THE REAL ILLEGAL PRESIDENT, IRANIAN BORN, KNOWN COMMUNIST, VALERIE JARRETT! Schummer is guilty of treason just like all the other basta*ds who are playing “we the people” for power and money.

  49. Mr. Lips says:

    Why is he still allowed to use up valuable oxygen that others would benefit from?

  50. FL_Stingray says:

    How come Schumer can still profit on insider info fed to him by his wife – coincidentally a token board member for quite a few corporations – since his position in Congress gives him immunity from insider trading laws.

  51. bee says:

    When is someone in this Government going to get some balls to ARREST and Put this LOWLIFE Son-of -a Bitch schumer in Prison.

    1. MaxGShepard says:

      My sentiments exactly. You’re right, not one of the Republicans has the balls to do it . They just slink off to their safe space and hide . Pitiful !

  52. cyh045 says:


  53. mary ann says:

    I keep reading about these disgusting reptiles Schumer, maxine waters, rice, lynch, the clintons, just to name a few. Nothing is ever done to them. Why??

  54. Brent Bach says:

    Chuckie the Douche Schumer ought to tarred and feathered followed by drawn and quartered. This POS is a stain on America who perfectly represents the Democrap party.

  55. Ira Ravitz says:

    What the heck is wrong with Republicans? How can he get away with this? This is crazy!!!

  56. Nutmeg Man says:

    I always knew this guy was the ultimate scumbag and obstructionist. I hope he gets investigated up the ying-wang and gets reprimanded. There’s far more reason to impeach this dirtbag than Trump. But I bet this will never be on CNN or MSNBC because it’s REAL news. Just hope Tucker, Hannity, Getfeld, Perino & Co. let everyone know about this hypocritical dolt over and over and over again, just like he spewed that false narrative about Trump and the Russians.

  57. bp 58 says:

    hey crying chuck i hope you get a sore ass when you put on your orange jumper…

  58. Ken V says:

    Typical New York Jew…Arrogant, tight fisted and greedy and blatently dishonest.

    1. NoCoincidences says:

      Better known as a ‘traitor heb’..

  59. pepie says:

    Drain that dam swamp. thugs, liars,, frauds, third grade drop outs,we know how to elect the best don’t we???

  60. Margaret Heller says:

    Good Ole Chuckie Cheese. I wonder how fast he will elbow other members out of the way now while a camera is whirling. Where is the FBI (Fumbling Bureaucrats, Inc.)? How does Chuckle have the authority to block a hearing? He is the MINORITY, not the MAJORITY leader in the Senate. Covering it up, Chuckie? No wonder Trump wants to drain the Swamp. Talk about corruption and collusion.

  61. Cyberats says:

    Clintons are still murdering people in the case of the Seth Rich murder case & election fraud inside the DNC: Shawn Lucas for serving papers, prosecutor & two other attorneys. Mafia 1940s crude style, we still sit, watch & do nothing but blab about it.

  62. mikegru says:

    I think the FBI ( what ever is left) need to check and his Buddies out eating in some of the most expensive Restaurants on what he is getting

  63. ronniecanoli says:

    SIMPLY PUT, he is a self-serving SCUMBAG POS..

  64. Original Anna says:

    This crap is nothing new with Schumer. I can’t figure out why he gets away with his bullying and his never listening to his constituents and they keep voting him in. Of course if the darn republican party would get somebody who is strong enough to go up against this arrogant politician he just might lose.

    1. NoCoincidences says:

      Schyster was prepped by harry greid, he was an exemplary subversive, that was at the top of his game in helping 0bozo carry the lies and deceit unleashed upon the U.S. Citizens and America..

      1. Original Anna says:

        Well, he certainly learned well didn’t he. Nice to meet you NoCoincidences.

        1. NoCoincidences says:

          Actually, Schyster could have taught ‘ol greid most of the demonrats’ tricks, lies, and methods of getting someone to commit suicide with a bullet or two to the back of the head!!

          1. Original Anna says:

            My fear is your are probably right, for sure. People learn from whom they hang around with and he hangs around with Pelosi.

        2. NoCoincidences says:

          Gtreat meeting you as well, Original Anna!

  65. Moe says:

    Susan Rice was someone given the privilege of burying the records of her involvement in the spying on Trump associates and maybe Trump himself in the Obama library to be sealed for five years, thus no release of information. Like all the obama scandals evidence is held back or destroyed on purpose after requested. Rice like Lynch do not have to answer anything, they are like Obama above all laws. Loads of sneaky stuff, but the challenge will be can they bring impeachment charges against Trump after shitting on our justice system for eight to nine years straight. The left in particular the Obama goons, the media, and liberal newspapers keep playing with an explosive situation. The people know they been lied to and know how evil Obama was and is. If they light that wick they better run for cover for the explosion might consume their lying sneaky asses. If Trump goes down without real evidence of criminal activity, Obama sneaky ass better be sitting in a jail cell where it belongs, no double standard, the American people will not trust the Federal law enforcement, they were played us once already. Better federalize a municipal, county, or some state police agency no more bullshit from federal agents that do not work for the people, they swore to protect, but instead protected a pathological liar. They have no honor, they gave it up for Obama. They disgraced an honorable agency to help Barrack break federal laws.

  66. travis690 says:

    Chuck Schumer: Wherever there is trouble, that’s where he’ll be.

    Because he usually is complicit in the trouble.

  67. Moe says:

    There are two New Yorks, one is the Liberal City and the other upstate conservatives hopeful to find employment instead of handouts. The Governor and the Mayor are nuts, the come as close to California nut cases as politicians possibly can. Open borders, millions and millions of illegals on relief, now free college in state schools, and the tax payers being taxed to death to support a liberal agenda that hurts their families and communities financially. The nation added 12 to 14 trillion dollars to the 2009, 7.2 trillion dollar national debt inherited by Obama who swore he would balance the deficit. No audit is allowed to see where they money was pissed away and on what, liberals cry Congress is only ones that can spend money, but obama without consent gave away God knows how much money. We need another democrat liberal to finish destroying the nation we hoped to leave our kids. This absolute insanity cannot be corrected if another sneaky obama clone gets into office. You took the words of pathological liars, now the bill is due, where is the money going to come from if we continue down the road to socialism? Obama never gave a poop how much money he pissed away, everything he said was a lie and continues to be a lie.

    1. NoCoincidences says:

      The ex-squatter, 0bozo, continues to believe he is President. He has gone to every country that President Trump was to conduct U.S. affairs and talks. Whether it be before Trump’s arrival in another nation, or right after Trump’s trip concludes; 0bozo has an unhealthy, and no doubt, alterior motive by closely shadowing and stalking his legitimate successor. 0bozo must be investigated for interference in U.S. international relations, which undoubtedly, he is determined to undermine. Time for him to be brought to the light and exposed for what and who he is, we already know his purpose.

  68. downs1 says:

    Schumer is but one member of the Democrat Party who wants to bring Donald Trump down no matter what! There has been precious little progress in this country under Obama; in fact, this country has lost power and prestige. Trump has made more progress in the six months of his presidency that Obama accomplished in eight years! Trump is holding accountable those foreign nations that “milked” this nation! He is rebuilding the military, holding the VA accountable, reducing the number of illegal aliens and improving our available natural resources among other improvements! May God judge severely those who are attempting to destroy this nation!

    1. NoCoincidences says:

      “…the Democrat Party wants to bring Donald Trump down”, and the United States of America to fail to ruin the nation into socialism and subsequently, communist authoritarianism.

  69. Gary Johnson says:

    these are the most corrupt a$$holes I have ever seen. these dam o rats all have to be looked into and then put in jail maybe gitmo might be a better place

  70. Bill Swinney says:

    is anyone surprised at this you cannot trust a democrat they lie cheat steal need I say more and yes its the party of the Kennedy’s Obama’s Clinton’s reid’s Pelosi’s

  71. Maria castro says:

    And what are the rinos, the never trumpers and cowards planning to do? Letting disgusting Schumer get away with it? Or is it that there is “cheat” across the aisle and they have NO choice but to be politically correct?

  72. bearone7777 says:

    He is one big fat “IDIOT”—And it is about time the people in his so–called district get rid of this jerk!!!

  73. don says:

    Schumer is a real POS. He needs to swing from yard iron with the rest of the worthless Bastards

  74. The alt left is only 20% of the country but they have the so called Main Street Media in there corner. Schummmer is a sleaze bag and think about this, he is a leader of the democrat party, how low they have gone in just 8 years led by Obama who destroyed the democrat party.

  75. Spunky says:

    Schumer needs to ride Reid’s exercise bike

  76. Kenneth Jones says:

    Now that he and his cronies have been exposed as the criminal rats that they are, when are we going to start seeing some law enforcement proceedings against them? And remember this, one of Obama’s classmates supposedly exposed him, too!

  77. Gretta says:

    For eight long miserable years our country has been run by criminal terrorists in our White House and in our congress. The gay muslim sat on his throne in OUR White House, using the office of the POTUS to fundamentally transform our country into a facsimile of his communist muslim country where he came from. Using our own highest courts, the highest offices in the highest departments and highest branches of our government to destroy our country from the inside. What better way to do that than to plant a muslim mole into the most powerful office in the world, our White House, who has the power to persuade, force, manipulate, and get on his high horse and create racism, hate and division, and ruin our economy, send our jobs to foreign countries so America will fall and fail, refuse to secure our borders and flood our land with illegal aliens and savage barbaric Syrians who hate us, who want to take over our country, and who want us dead and will take great pleasure in killing us…..THEN vow to take our guns so we can’t defend and protect ourselves making us sitting ducks for the earths most savage barbarians.

    We sat in front of our TVs daily listening to him preach and lecture us on how bad our citizens are, how racist we are, how bad America is and that our Constitution is outdated, flawed and again, “racist”, and he poked fun of our Bible, mocked Jesus on His “Sermon on the Mount”, mocked God in the Old Testament, and did all he could to take God out of our country, and made it a crime to mention the name of Jesus in public. And in his next breath, he praised Islam to the highest mountains, how great Islam is, how wonderful Islam is, how Islam shaped and molded America (???-that one he never explained or proved), and how the muslim call to prayer was the most beautiful sound he’d ever heard.

    The democrats took prayer out of school in 1963, and Hussein Obama has tripled that directive. For the first time in our history we are seeing our own Christian citizens being persecuted, and it has mushroomed under Hussein Obama. We are seeing new mosques go up every week, we see muslim prayer rooms going into our schools and universities. They are being built especially to cater to his muslim people, but our citizens had better not dare say a prayer in school, not even under their breath, not even think it.

    Valarie Jarrett, the Iranian muslim, directing the Iran deal that sneaked billions of our tax dollars to Iran, gun running arms to Syria through Benghazi that killed four of our citizens, as Hussein Obama went on the campaign trail to fund raise money for his second election and rub elbows with the Illuminati princess Beyonce and Jay Z. And, his direction with Planned Parenthood to murder unborn 3rd trimester babies to sell their body parts for profit, more gun running in Mexico with his muslim buddy Eric Holder, that killed border agents Brian Terry, and pushing gay marriage, and his famous bathroom law that puts our little girls in danger of his precious transgenders, who mean more to him than our little girls.

    And we sat in our chairs watching him let the most dangerous terrorists that our troops found and bled and died to capture and put in Gitmo as he let them go to back into action to kill our sons, our daughters, our Dads, our mothers, our brothers, our sisters, our uncles and our aunts, and our friends.

    We watched him protect THEM and we watched him throw us to the terrorists, the MS-13 gangs, the illegal aliens and their drug cartels, and we watched him, Eric Holder, his muslim ran DHS, treat our veterans and our police like they are the enemy terrorists as he built up Black Lives Matter, the Black Panthers, CAIR, and all the other terrorists groups that he and Soros created.

    We watched him tie the hands of our troops in Iraq, Afghanistan Syria, Benghazi with his own personal rules of “his tailored rule of engagement”, while they are under fire, as he made our troops call the White House while they are being shot at, ask for permission to shoot back, and it all depended on what mood he was in if he gave them permission to defend themselves.

    He hates our troops, he hates our country, he hates our citizens, especially white Christians, just like a true obedient muslim.

    Now he’s a regular moe, and he’s formed a 40,000 man personal army for the express purpose to finish his job to take our country down. His first task at hand is to take down a sitting president, who just happens to be his predecessor in a true muslim style coup de’etat.

    He reeks of muslim, he smells like a muslim, he looks like a muslim, he acts like a muslim. And, now this sorry sack of an excuse to human kind, he is in South Korea talking to it’s leader still acting like the president of the USA.

    This gay muslim racist, piece of excrement jerk still thinks he’s the ruler of the world and is there to undermine our President Donald Trump, his predecessor.

    He will continue to do these things until “we the people” demand that something be done about him. It’s plain that Congress doesn’t have a backbone, only a yellow streak when it comes to standing up to the demonRATs. We the people are the ones who must demand and flood the phones, the emails and the ears of the ones we put there to do OUR will, NOT THEIR WILL and THEIR AGENDA….. but OURS!

    Why do we allow them to force their crap down our throats KNOWING that it’s bad for us and is destroying our country. It’s not bad enough that we allowed the demonRATs to create racism that was not there, and create hate that was not there, and that we allowed them to divide us and our country,

    The elections will be coming up next year and if we don’t vote these lunatic demons out of office, and we know WHO they are by how vicious and evil they are, if we don’t vote them out we are total absolute FOOLS!

  78. Phyllis Schultz says:

    Actually I think he is lower than Pond Scum. If it doesn’t find Pres. Trump to be involved, he doesn’t want anything to do with it. Meanwhile the American people are left with a whole bunch of corrupt liberal and rino politicians, who cover for the real criminals. They have no interest in right or wrong, only in maintaining wealth and power. You can forget about the plight of citizens, because they couldn’t care less about us.

  79. Mister Vice says:

    GREAT AMERICAN DAILY: I am so sick of hearing about one political scandal, cover up, crime or whatever without an arrest, hearing, trial and jail time! Don’t expect me to fall for anymore of your stupid hype…sell it to the liberals you snake oil peddlers!

  80. The duck says:

    Schumer is true to Democrates form. Cover up, protect lawlessness and immorality.

  81. ONLYJB1 says:

    john podesta is pulling chuckie’s strings! podesta, head of the shadow government!

  82. skitt5 says:

    I do not understand how the Democrats can control anything since they are in the minority. Someone please explain this to me. Are our Republicans just cowing down to Schumer anytime he wants something, or does he actually have the authority to be the big boss?

  83. cathylovesyou says:

    Schumer is the Republicans MCCain, both must go now. Mccain can’t doesn’t know what party he is for and Schumer is a bad dude.

  84. Deborah Pratt says:

    I look at Schumer’s face and I see the look of ‘defeat’!! I think he, and others, now realize it’s just a matter of time before all their
    illegal ‘shannanagans’ will be exposed for all the world to see!! It goes a long way to explain the vicious and constant attacks against Pres Trump!! It puts more depth and meaning in Hillary’s comment during the end of the election, ‘if we lose this, we’re ‘screwed’!” She knew darn well that Pres Trump would go after this ‘gang’ that has ruled Washington for so long–and expose them for what they are!! Up until now, operating under-cover, they got away–literally, with ‘murder’!! They had all planned on a long and profitable reign!! Little wonder they hate Trump with such passion!! Game’s up!! However, more ‘players’ need to be removed from office before real ‘justice’ can be had!! Such depth of corruption has never been known in this country. It has ‘toppled’ countries before! I cannot express how grateful I am that Trump stepped up and exposed all this!! He’s not ‘perfect’, by any means, but he certainly is a huge improvement over what we hAd!!!

  85. ny2223jv says:

    time to unleash the FBI into investigating the former Obozo staffers and Obozo himself for Treason

    1. Deborah Pratt says:

      The corruption in these offices also needs to be addressed. We need the CIA and the FBI to do their jobs!! They are going to be very, very busy for a LONG time!!

  86. Irene Elizabeth Grooms says:


  87. A patriot says:

    schumer, Pelosi and the whole Obama administration should be tried for treason and if guilty should be sent to GITMO for the rest of their useless life and then to hell, forgot about comey and those thugs in intelegence

  88. Luke says:

    chuckie shooomer, what a slug and nephew of Beelzebub

  89. chuck708 says:

    When is these Democrat Scums going to be arrested, Charged, and then thrown in GITMO till they die?

  90. Mike W says:

    Is it just me or does anyone else feel like they need to be deloused and showered after just seeing a photo of Schmuck Schumer?

  91. Ahmed F. Hosny says:

    Hey! You cannot manufacture false evidence in a jiffy. The Dems need time, to create “crimes” involving a man who has not gone anywhere near their false accusations.
    A word to the wise. I am NOT suicidal. If you hear of my suicide, do not believe it.

  92. chief1937 says:

    What we need is to switch the investigation onto Schumer and see what he has to hide and why he blocked the investigation. There are too many people in congress stopping the attempt at getting to the truth. Is our entire congress corrupt? It sure seems like it any more.

  93. JS says:

    I do not support Schumer in any form but I have to say that he has stymied the whole process of discovering what Susan Rice knows by a procedural process. Give him that much credit. Now it will be interesting if the Republicans find out a solution for it.

  94. Bill Chandler says:

    Schumer is nothing but a thief and loud mouth communist. He is part of the group trying to destroy this country. Lets hope Gitmo is his nest stop. Even that is too good for the bastard.

  95. Joel Goodman says:

    schumer is a scumbag lying cheating cocksucker

  96. LaineeTheCat ✔Trump says:

    I guess Obama will consider it safe to come back to the USA now. AZZHAT!

  97. draftinging says:

    He is a worthless motherf///king, SOB, slim Ball, a murder, an he maybe a child raper, an a whore user, he has two on his staff reported by his staff….a big corrupt DEMOCRAPT, ONE OF HIS STAFF NREPORTS HE PLAY WITH HIMSELF IN THE OFFICE….THIS IS THE KIND OF LEADER HE IS..JUST A PILL OF SHIT

  98. Bluemoon5654 says:

    Chuckie is as crooked as a snake and probably involved in some way shape or form, which is why he is blocking the investigation. It’s shameful that the dumbocrats are intent on wasting an entire session on bullshit instead of getting anything done for the good of the country! This will inxeed come back to bite them in the ass in the 2018 midterm elections!!!

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