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Chuck Schumer Just Got The Worst News Of His Life

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  1. Peter Fedorenko says:

    In case it’s not crystal clear yet, the dying donkey party is FINISHED. Okay? Any part of this you don’t understand?

    1. Californiasailor says:

      And mind you, Donkeys are mild and very smart, but this party is lame and does not belong in our system. EVER.

    2. Roger says:

      I agree and after 8 years of Obama no one should ever vote democrat again!

      DONALD TRUMP IS MY PRESIDENT and PRESIDENT for all AMERICANS! He has built a cabinet of carefully selected advisers that can only help him make America, safer, stronger, more prosperous and greater, greater than ever before!

      President Trump is so right so often about so much, that it is unbelievable! He is an unstoppable genius!
      Sixteen Republican challengers couldn’t stop him, the lying, fake news mainstream media couldn’t stop him, adversaries in his own party couldn’t stop him, the Democrats and Hillary Clinton with her underhanded cheating and doing everything she could to rig the election including being fed the questions likely to be asked before the debates, couldn’t stop him and no one is going to stop him!
      President Trump did more in his first eight days than Obama did in eight years!

      1. obamasucks says:


      2. Barbara Moore says:


      3. Anouk says:

        Great post! I agree 100%.

    3. tCotUS says:

      All that’s left is the burial…..No tears …

    4. Annie says:

      Best mascot the Dems have…A JACKASS! That’s what most of them are!

      1. jimmy9522 says:

        The Jackass did nothing to earn this disgrace.

        1. Deborah Pratt says:

          Don’t get me wrong, since I never met a ‘real’ Donkey I didn’t like, but–they are notorious for being incredibly ‘stubborn’ just because—–!! Perhaps a good symbol for the Dems, after all!! No ‘reasonable reason’– resisting ‘just because’!!

          1. Joseph Carrilho says:

            I’ve always heard “stubborn as a mule” not a donkey. Can’t blame mules.
            Democrat’s logo should be a big steaming pile of shit.

      2. Daniel Spickard says:

        The best mascot the democrats have is Nancy Peloci!

        1. obamasucks says:

          Now that IS a “big steaming pile of shit.”, to quote Joseph Carrilho’s reply to Deborah Pratt’s post. ( above )

    5. Kenneth Fichtl says:

      Thanks to the KING almost everything he did went exactly the opposite.

    6. Mike Burkett says:

      Don’t count on the weak-kneed GOP to do the right thing (see current Obamacare malaise) and step on the DNC’s neck, ending decades of Euro-trash corruption here in America.

      1. GrumpyGrandpa says:

        I suspect if the Clinton Cult and the Obama Orangatangs were to be put into long term prison cells as deserved, the Congress would suddenly change dramatically as the bribe money dries up, crime secrets would remain secret, sex crimes would remain secret and the “lobbyists” got back to normal. Right now, the only party in Congress is the “Keep My Secret” party, thanks to the Clinton/Obama grasp on the NSA and FISA “Court”. This is why Graham and McCain are acting the way they do.

      2. Daniel Spickard says:

        The thing is if they wait and let Obama-care implode in on itself then the whole country will blame the Democrats, and then they will implode as well! We take out two worthless pieces of crap with one shot! With everything else that Obama has done to try and destroy this country shot down, the only thing that the democrats have to hang onto while their ship is sinking is Obama-care! Once we destroy Obama-care they have nothing and become shark bait!

        1. Glanda Widger says:

          I just read that Trump has stated that is what he is going to do. Not argue with dems and rhinos who vote dem. Just let the program implode as it was meant to do and then when there is no replacement it will all be on the dems. Good news!

          1. obamasucks says:

            But will the RINO Speaker Paul allow that? He needs to shut-up and resign just like the crybaby before him–strange, but I cannot recall his name. Oh, now I do! BONER, but he spells it Bohner, same thing.

          2. Roger says:

            First of all show some respect, it is President Trump, not just Trump!
            If the republicans won’t vote for a new healthcare bill and democrats won’t take up the slack left by the rhinos, President Trump has no choice but to let Obamacare collapse as everyone knows it will!

            Personally I don’t understand why President Trump can’t just cancel Obamacare by executive order since no one read it before they voted on it and the SCOTUS didn’t read it before the ruled it constitutional which it isn’t because it violates the first amendment! Freedom of speech, freedom of choice and freedom of expression are all the same thing!

          3. Glanda Widger says:

            First of all I have enough respect for the president not to be too concerned if I fail to call him President Trump on occasion. It matters not how it was implemented, the fact is that it was voted into law either legally or illegally so he cannot just cancel it. An executive order can cancel a directive, or another presidential order, but a law, bad as it is has to be voted on.

        2. Cheryl Detar says:

          Exactly what I have been saying for months, now.

        3. Carol Hyndman says:

          What I fear is that if Obama-care(s not) implodes under President Trump’s watch, the dim(wit)s will try all they can to blame Trump for the WHOLE mess, Obama-care AND it’s implosion.
          Unless by then President Trump has a realistic alternative which he can present to Congress immediately.

      3. Roger says:

        How about we start counting on ourselves, we must force congress to do the job that they were elected to do, it is time to derail the gravy train!

    7. bob cratchette says:

      I hate democrats also but don’t count them out because people are not going to continue to turn out in the numbers they have in the past to vote in the do nothing Republican party I will no longer support them. Washington DC is broken and is not capable of being fixed and Americans for the most part no longer have the stomach to do what needs to be done to fix it, it can’t be voted out but it has to be pulled up by the roots and burned out.

      1. rrkeng says:

        Yes, Washington D.C. is broken and corrupt. Trump can not get his cabinet passed because of the obstruction of democrats. Trump is making headway we need to support him and try to oust Ryan and McConnell and all the other turncoat Republicans. We can only make a difference at the ballot box. When they see the overwhelming support for Trump maybe just maybe they will see enough light to come to their senses.

        1. bob cratchette says:

          Never happen by the ballot box. Barring a supernatural intervention by the Lord himself it will not happen. Ryan and McConnell should be sent to the gallows6.

        2. obamasucks says:

          Do as the demoncrats do: VOTE, VOTE, VOTE and VOTE again. As many times as you can, just not once. They can do it so can we. Don’t forget to register your pets, as they do, too.

    8. Gen11American says:

      When 54% of respondents to an on-going poll feel Hillary Clinton lost the 2016 election due to her corruption and scandal, and 100% of the Democrats who supported her, including the DNC, have tried to cover up the Clinton scandals for decades, it’s no wonder the Demo Party is having to rely on the votes of non-citizens and illegal aliens in elections to keep themselves afloat! And now they’re doing everything they can to block the Voter Integrity Commission from investigating voter fraud, and they’re protecting illegals in sanctuary cities rather than fulfilling their oaths to protect the CITIZENS OF US! Any American citizen still stupid enough to vote for the treasonous Democrats shouldn’t vote at all!

    9. No name nut case says:

      I have a fear that makes me break out in a sweat at night, that being that they are prosecuted and found not guilty. That female scorpion seems to get away
      with everything. She is probably guilty of every crime on the books!!

  2. Dennis K. Kramer says:

    Dems have always had a nothing message except poor ol’ me plying on their uninformed useful idiots to keep them on the gravy train. They are extraordinary efficient of spending other peoples money & using fear mongering tactics against anyone who has the audacity to think for themselves!

  3. Mojo says:

    GOP has failed “domestically” so far with Repeal & Replace ObamaCare
    GOP has failed “Foreign Policy” by re-newing the Iran Deal.
    I’d say Schumer’s “best news” is the GOP’s inability to lead a one car funeral.
    The GOP will find a way to lose even if there was NO Democratic Party.

    1. john parak says:

      @Mojo you are brain dead…

      1. Roger says:

        Did you know that the sex offender registration act was signed into law by a sex offender? Who was also a stupid democrat!

      2. Mojo says:

        Hey John park,
        Anyone who has read your past postings knows that the only thing you do is call people names or cast insults, which is a sure sign of someone who has “lost” the argument.

    2. jtintx2 says:

      And YOU definitely are a troll or just lazy and plain stupid. Do you have a job? Are you even an American citizen? THE DEMOCRAT PARTY FAILED THIS COUNTRY BIG TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      YOU ARE THE ENEMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Mojo says:

        Hey jtintx2,
        Was there anything in my post that was UNTRUE?
        Been a registered Republican for over 55 years.
        Served under George Bush SR during Desert Shiel & Desert Storm

      2. Mojo says:

        Hey jtintx
        O’m over 55 years a registered Republican
        Last Served George Bush Sr during Desert Shield & Desert Storm.
        What part of my comment wasn’t accurate?
        Did the GOP Repeal or Replace ObamaCare?
        Did this administration just RE-CERTIFY theIran Nuke DEAl?
        These are simple YES or NO type questions.
        Answer please

    3. Glanda Widger says:

      child you need to go back to AOL where the rest of your little friends are.

      1. Mojo says:

        Hi Glenda,
        Since I am a registered Republican for over 55 years, and have neckties older than your 70,
        I will not take advantage of your youth.
        Having read many of your past postings, it is quite clear WHO & WHAT you are.
        While I last served George Bush Sr. during Desert Shield & Desert Storm, it was too often that we came across folks like you that talk to hear themselves talk and have “learning” or comprehension problems.therefore we will make our questions easy for you to answer YES or NO………please avoid Dodging or name calling .
        Question ONE:
        Question TWO;

        Now what was wrong or childish about my post?

        1. Glanda Widger says:

          Calculating your registered republican status one wonders what a 50 year old or older man, was doing in desert storm. From what I can see you are making up numbers and are not ,nor have you ever been a republican. and If your ties are over 70 you just painted yourself into a corner but please do not let a few facts get in the way of your story telling. My husband was a real veteran and you are a disgrace to the uniform you lie about and this country. now go away kid.

          1. Mojo says:

            Shame on you.
            First you DODGE answering two simple YES or No questions.
            Then you display your lack of math skills
            Then you prove you can’t read or comprehend;
            One would think that your ‘real veteran husband” would have explained to you that lots of men over 50 were still serving, . Some of us like my school mate (Rumsfeld)
            didn’t always have to wear our uniforms, except when at the Pentagon.
            Now that you’ve “dug yourself into that bottomless hole with no sides”, please ANSWER the QUESTIONS and then APOLOGIZE

          2. Glanda Widger says:

            Your profile is private, you are on a conservative site spouting garbage. You read everyone’s past posts but allow no one to read yours which shows you are hiding something.Next what years did you serve in NAM? You have claimed to be at least 75-80. This administration is doing what it can against rhinos like you and democrats. I grew up in the military as well as married into it. You are obnoxious and scream when you do not get an answer that satisfies you which is juvenile. It is pretty obvious you are just here to cause problems and nothing more. I have seen the responses to your insane posts on this topic and I will not keep sparing with you. You have no idea how old you are, youhave no idea what conflict you supposedly fought in. You claim to have done something, but I can claim the same thing and look up any dates I want. May I suggest you just shut up because I do not intend to keep up this farce just so you can have attention.

          3. Mojo says:

            BYE BYE,
            Typical surrender from those who never answer a question.
            Post you email address and we will be happy to forward our Service record.
            ONE LAST CHANCE
            Please list the “garbage you say I have sprouted”
            in other words;
            Answer the questions,
            Stop hiding behind insults and silly rhetoric that Disguise your DODGING

  4. Vince says:


    1. rick meek says:

      The ONLY reason why they are doing this chit and getting away with it ——- IS BECAUSE THEY RUN HOME TO SAFE PLACES THINKING THEY’RE UNTOUCHABLE…..

      1. Deborah Pratt says:

        With the ‘Teflon’ couple–Obama and Clinton seeming to be ‘getting away with it’—they have a very ‘poor’ example of justice in this country. That ‘problem’ needs to be dealt with for sure!!

        1. obamasucks says:


        2. Roger says:

          If just half the people that voted for Donald Trump would write congress and demand action against Crooked Hillary and Obama they would have to act!

      2. No name nut case says:

        They can do all kinds of things to avoid the law, but they can’t keep it up forever. Eventually someone is going to nail them on something and slam the door of the iron hotel behind them. I can’t help but wonder if she wakes up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat.

        1. skitt5 says:

          I surely hope you are right. It would all be over if the Republicans in Congress would stand up for Pres Trump, but they won’t. Most of them prefer Hillary unfortunately. How many GOP members have you heard stand in front of the camera and say the Russia probe is ridiculous and that it’s time to connect the Democrats to the Russians? I haven’t heard any of them. Instead, day after day, I see Schumer pounding lies into the heads of his base. We have all 3 branches of the government, yet the Dems are still calling the shots. I’m sick of it. I have called and written my Congressmen, but they won’t discuss the Russia controversy no matter how many times I bring it up. They are cowards.

          1. Roger says:

            Not one republican is given it back to the democrats!


    2. GrumpyGrandpa says:

      New York also elected Hillary Clinton (after she eliminated JFK Jr) even though she was a classical carpetbagger. Stupid is as stupid does.

      1. Daniel Spickard says:

        you can’t fix stupid!

      2. No name nut case says:

        Hillary is as cooked as they come. There is no telling what she pulled to be elected in N.Y. But N.Y. may just be that stupid. ????

        1. sox83cubs84 says:

          Not “may be”…IS.

      3. Donald Kilb says:

        Remember NYC elected DeBlasio.

    3. obamasucks says:

      Just like Pelosi, Boxer and Feinstein, or as we call them “The Three Stooges”. No offense meant to Moe, Larry and Curly, I love those three great guys!

    4. obamasucks says:

      Just like Pelosi, Boxer and Feinstein, or as we call them “The Three Stooges”. No offense meant to Moe, Larry and Curly, I love those three great guys!

    5. radiodickII says:

      I hope they do, he is one of the best thing the Republicans have .

    6. Donald Kilb says:

      The only thing he may be worth is for target practice or fertilizer.

  5. silver fox says:

    well said peter well said sir

  6. mwood13 says:

    if the democrats want to come back the first thing they have to do is burn all of their copies of the communist manifasto

    1. Californiasailor says:

      Come back? No they must DIE all of them

    2. GrumpyGrandpa says:

      Won’t happen! They took an oath to Satan and Saul Alinsky!

  7. Mike W says:

    Schmuck Schumer is not a part of the solution – he is a major part of the problem. Schumer, Pelosi, Waters, Warren, are all over the hill and out of touch with younger voters. Many young people are legal gun owners, many young people are Christians and surprise surprise many young people are “straight”. They are looking at their futures and what kind of jobs/careers might be available to them. How can they afford a home etc. The Democrats have NO message other than they hate Trump and they love gays and illegals. Most people don’t care what people do in their bedrooms if you’re gay fine nobody cares – but seek equity NOT special privileges. I really don’t care how you identify yourself – but either use the bathroom your plumbing matches or go home. I identify as a billionaire – with the government give me a billion dollars so I can express myself freely?

    1. Glanda Widger says:

      On the bright side Nancy P has announced that she and Schumer will lead the dems to a win in the mid terms. best news for Conservatives ever.

    2. erleebird says:

      Hey Mike: I”m “over the hill” and am totally against the philosophies of the Schumer/Pelosi cartel! They and Waters and Warren all have a lot to answer for! I identify myself as a person of ethics because I am! You’ve made some good points, and I agree!

  8. RockinOn says:

    Not a Doubt in most peoples minds that the Dumbocraps, have seen the last of their liberal views being brought forward into Stupid Laws! The USA is bound for better days, I feel the conservatives are sick and tired of being sick and tired of the BS that the Liberal Dumbocraps have pushed on them! I think the conservative mindset of the country is returning and the idiocy from the Left will undoubtedly be muted greatly, due to the rise of Conservatives Standing up for their rights these days!

    We are the Few the Proud, the Marines!

    1. jtintx2 says:

      They got tired of the BS!!

        1. erleebird says:

          I admire and respect Dr. Ben Carson. He is a wonderful role model for those who feel their lives are hopeless and they have nowhere to go! Dr. Carson is an exemplary patriot and will help make our country great again!

          1. Carol Hyndman says:

            I would vote for Dr. Ben Carsen in a heartbeat. He is/and stands for everything a President of this great country should.

          2. erleebird says:

            Ben Carson’s ethics are above reproach!

        2. Anouk says:

          Very well said! Thanks Dr Carson.

    2. Anouk says:


    1. jtintx2 says:

      Hell, that’s a black and white photo and you can still see how red his eyes are!! LMAO!!!!

  9. RichFromShowMe says:

    Until the Left gets its act together and starts acting like Real Americans by being economically positive, dropping their Unhinged Fringe groups, like antifa, Black Lies Matter, Snowflakes-in-Training and other associated Wackos, they will never return to the JFK era of Democrats.

    With the “selection” of their DNC Leaders (Communist Perez and his lackey, the radical Socialist Ellison) along with their Snowflakes infatuation with Bernie, the old burnt out hippie socialist, they have little chance of returning to any sort of control in the USA . . . . . I hope . . . otherwise the USA is toast and Putin may put Russian Dressing on his toast. 🙂

    1. Eleanore Whitaker says:

      Don’t you mean Commies Jared Kush Kush and Iskanka who is linked to the Mammadov Crime Family in Russia? Don’t you mean Trump who leased more space in Trump Tower to Russian spies? Your healthcare bill failed and ONLY with GOP votes…ooooooh weeeeee! How I love digging at your balls.

      1. RichFromShowMe says:

        What a pathetic response . . . “digging at . . . . . “. I can’t believe anyone in their right mind would gloat over further punishment of the American Taxpayer, but, evidently, this is just SOP for many folks on the Left?

        YES, three women Republican/Leftist Senators did defeat the Repeal of obambacare, and YES, they will be defeated at their next election, and YES obambacare will implode within a year or two, and YES, those folks who don’t get Subsidies will suffer with another 25-50%+ increase in premiums and deductibles and YES, healthcare will degrade in the USA, and YES, many more than the current 40 counties will not even have health insurance, and YES the Left won this round by the “R’s” shooting-themselves-in-the-foot, while America continues to suffer, and YES, those who get subsidies (moochers(?)) will continue as a drag on those who pay taxes; i.e., this is surely the Left’s Dream-come-True. 🙂

        Score one for adding another year or two of agony to America.

    2. KDC says:

      They will NEVER act like real Ameticans. They are bent on their agenda of globalism and America, as she stands, is in their way. You can’t be a soverign nation just for starts.

  10. jackhy says:

    The Dimwit party continually shoot themselves in the foot by constant Trump resistance. The most important sentence in this article is, “you can’t beat something with nothing”. So true and sadly Americans suffer because the Democraps contribute nothing towards the improvement of our nation’s problems as they obstruct, delay, and attack the Trump agenda and admin.!

  11. Phyllis Schultz says:

    They don’t help themselves with their lying and fighting the Pres. on everything. While whining about losing and discrediting the Pres., they are completely disregarding the voters. So keep it up, you look like a bunch of cry babies who just had their pacifier taken away.

    1. Deborah Pratt says:

      Disregarding and disrespecting the voting citizens are nothing ‘new’ to the Dems!! They still can’t wrap their ‘brain’ around the fact that the majority of citizens actually ‘caught onto’ that fact and don’t LIKE it!! It’s only our ‘spoiled’ youngsters that actually believe Hillary was a ‘better choice’. They are used to throwing temper tantrums to get their way and are still doing it!

  12. suzeeqbl says:

    The party of lies and blaming are not able to raise up because without truth eventually you die.

  13. Fortuneless says:

    To Hell with Chuck Schummer and the Democrat party. They almost brought this country down and would have succeeded if Hillary would have won. Hopefully, the Dems will lose a lot more seats and send that lousy New York Jew back to New York which is already FUBAR

    1. KDC says:

      Thank God for that!

  14. Annie says:

    Here’s Schumer:

    S cumbag
    C riminal
    H ateful
    U seless
    M oron
    E gotistical
    R adical

    1. Jim says:

      Annie, you are good thinker.Well put.

    2. erleebird says:

      Annie: You are so clever! I wish I had thought of that!

  15. Rick Vitti says:

    So….WHERE is the worst news of his life for Schumer the schmuck! Whoever wrote this is of the same blood as the MSM. No content all BS!

  16. Rodger K. Shull says:

    chucky boy schumer the smuck, needs to be banned for USA POLITICS, he knows nothing other than create HATE an DISCONTENT. yes he is BRAIN DEAD. But the ELEPHANTS need to never turn their backs to the donkeys an get over confident or complacent . NEVER



  18. Joel Goodman says:

    schumer has made many jews like me an anti semite. He and that little babyfaced cocksucker shiff frfom califonia are two disgraceful assholes

  19. disqus_D87XRi0Gy7 says:

    The democrap party is a party of thieves liars traitors and the list goes on, only a fool or someone equally as corrupt would vote for one of these scum. Republicans in a lot of cases have some of the same but they are going to be weeded out very soon, that’s the difference with conservatives they will get rid of the scum soon as they are outed and known. The states vote representatives in not the party and in both parties people are basically unknown outside of their own geographical neighborhoods, it is therefore impossible to know who is a scum until they get elected. Term limits would prevent the nation from being held hostage by these scum bags that need to go. Much like unions having known convicted felons and you still can’t fire the bastards, that needs to change. Support the states convention for your state .. say yes and don’t take no for an answer, that is the only way to change all the laws and rules these scum have written to make themselves rich at our expense at the same time making the same laws they wrote not applicable to them, I say bullshit to that and it needs to stop, if they are stealing charge the bastards with insider trading and stealing and hang them. We have common criminals in both parties stealing us blind

  20. Richard Bagenstose says:

    democrats are killing them selves with a 1000 cuts, instead of doing their jobs , their whining like a bunch of babies,still trying to find the blame for all their loses the last 8 years , because they can’t accept the blame them selves for it, their policies ain’t as popular as the media like to lie about

  21. william g munson says:

    The Democrat Party is going out of business pretty soon as you know

    1. erleebird says:

      I can dream, can’t I?

  22. El Kabong says:

    If its true that they are going to leave Obamacare alone, and it dies on its own, the Dems own it and will have to run against that!

  23. SHIITE HAPPENS!!!!!….. Phuck the DNC…. from a black conservative!!!

  24. Nikita63 says:

    ,The Democratic party: the party of unbridled greed, career parasitism, racial harmony destroyed deliberately to give them a cause celebre and the Majority responsibility for the incredible $20 Trillion debt they continue to add to daily in ongoing and massive fiscal irresponsibility WHILE OTHERS ARE INTERFERED WITH FOR TRYING TO EFFECT REMEDIES, NAMELY, conservatives. When America at large finally realizes that this is absolute Truth: we as a nation and people with freedoms and choices guaranteed by a constitution that has served us well for 240 years in SPITE of these Marxist Morons, WILL ALL BE FAR BETTER OFF WITHOUT THEM AND THEIR LEFTIST LUNACY! SCHUMER AND HIS COHORTS ARE NOTHING BUT PARASITES. PERIOD

    1. Tim M Wilson says:

      I think you captured it pretty well Nikita. It seems to me that about half the country sees through their double-standards and delusion. It’s such a waste that we have a number of republicans that are just as deluded. In the meantime we have the mainstream media that is indoctrinated though they think they are educated. Something HAS to change there and I am seeing several positive signs to fill that gap, like the videos coming out from PragerU on Youtube and other sources. Keep standing and be more than well!

  25. Mike Burkett says:

    Couldn’t happen to a more deserving bunch of criminals.

  26. Tim M Wilson says:

    So, let me see if I have this straight . . . James Carville spoke and it was the worst news of Schumer’s life? I hear so many sensationalist headlines from the left. It would be great if they weren’t from the right as well. Sure, you’ve got to get reader’s attention, but when the headline isn’t followed up with substance that backs it up, people will see you more as a generator of sensationalism than a purveyor of truth.

    And, for the record, I do see truth in Democrats defining themselves as negative obstructionists with no vision and that has lost them every election from the presidency forward. The great irony that most of them don’t get is that they’re focus on bashing Trump is only bashing them into the ground. Not very intelligent.

    1. erleebird says:

      Tim: For James Carville to have made that declaration, it has to be downhill for the Dems. Even though his wife is a staunch Republican, he has always fought “tooth and nail” against anything the Republicans do. Is it possible there may be some light at the end of the tunnel???

  27. Roy Barber says:

    There you go up Chuck IT’S THE DEMACRAPS FAULT. You now have NO HONOR. You have to clean up and give back the 3.2 trillion you and that POS OBAMA stole from social security OR YOU WILL HAVE NOTHING for a long time to come AMERICA has spoken and you can keep your FAKE NEWS we know all about those losers so don’t count on them. They to have NO HONOR like you.

  28. Scott Walters says:

    Gop and Dnc are useless. Only way to heal this country is to vote out old and install new conservatives. Really people like John McCain and Mitch McConnell Lindsey Graham losers! They need to go. Much more work to clean house and repair our country. I Would list many more but the list is long.

    1. Glanda Widger says:

      They are not GOP they are GOP pretenders used to get voted in. They are dems at heart and rhinos all the time.

  29. rick meek says:

    Man – I’m retired at 60…..Half dead but trying to enjoy what time I have left and working on MY BUCKET list but one thing I’d like to add – GOING MANO A MANO WITH THIS TRASH IN THE RING……

  30. rick meek says:

    Living proof that the swamp must be drained – New blood infused into DC —– Besides they’ve made their millions although they only get paid 170K a year….

    1. erleebird says:

      Rick: This has been my argument for years. How does one become a millionaire on a $174,000/year salary?

  31. Leslie Bryant says:

    When going to the polls, all I’m going to think of are the Demonrats, Libertards and Snowflakes who took to the streets to riot, destroy businesses and kill police officers after a free and fair election! I will definitely be voting REPUBLICAN!! That senior Democratic leadership like Schummer and Pelosi refused to control their constituency and embarrassed the US worldwide means I will never consider voting Democratic ever again in my life!! And I will go out of my way to bad mouth Democratic candidates and aggressively persuade Democrats to change their vote. Our country is founded on respect for the rule of law and the Democratic Party has shown it does not understand or represent these values!!

    1. Deborah Pratt says:

      I agree, Leslie, but do the ‘homework’ as well. I’m now registered as a Republican but I’m looking over their candidates very carefully!! Some of these, too many in my opinion, are RINO’s. We need to notice ‘who’ they are. Judge the candidates by ‘what’ they ‘do’, not by just ‘what’ they ‘say’!!! Pres Trump’s ‘actions’ speak volumes in his dedication to this country, just as Obama’s actions tell us how much he ‘hates’ our country!!

    2. erleebird says:

      Agree: However, Democrats are not democratic! They are the opposite of anything!

  32. KDC says:

    Well, the cat is out of the bag for the democrats. What are they going to run with? Let’s create more jobs, by creating more regulations? Let’s make America great by allowing free trade between Canada and Mexico? Oh, and with that, Heidi Cruz’s North American Union; NAFTA’s no border security just a come and go as you please. More influx of illegal immigrants taking our benefits? More tax on the middle class? More UN control? No more Constitution?
    There is a line drawn in the sand, these days. On one side, America as we have known it and on the other side, communism, and a globalist’s agenda into the NWO.
    Which will you choose?

    1. Deborah Pratt says:

      Seem the ‘media’ sort of ‘missed out’ on telling the public that 200,000 new jobs were made available this past month! The ‘Stock Market’ that was ‘supposed’ to crash from it’s ‘all time high’—hasn’t!! Our ‘cattle’ industry is now free to trade with ‘other countries’! China has placed a ‘huge order’ for beef which revitalized the cattle industry!! Guess it’s ‘more important’ to play ‘guessing games’ about Pres Trumps’ son and ‘possible’ collusion with Russia during the campaigns! Hmm.

  33. The wholedemocRAT leadership is alt left and that at it’s most 20 percent of the country and you and your party are wanting to leave health care as it is and that will be a major backlash to the alt left because it is in a death spiral and the democRATS created the mess and did nothing to fix the massive lie it was!

  34. JOHN STEEL says:

    chucky , please stick to your cheese and leave America alone.

  35. TPS12 says:

    Maybe if they focused on their jobs instead of just trying to get reelected or add to their take over. We would see they had some value, but so far they have shown nothing but contempt for the citizens and our country.

  36. chuckie2u says:

    I suppose as a Deplorable who can read and understand outright political LIES hell will freeze over before I vote Democrat.

  37. Irene Elizabeth Grooms says:


  38. Pattie Kelly says:

    I laugh at you Chucky

  39. Maggietish says:

    It’s a given that the Democrats have been out of touch with the American people for years but the reality is they just don’t care. They have long forgotten that they were hired by us, paid by us to serve and not dictate to us and do their jobs. They’ve done none of that. If they were employed in the private sector they would’ve already been fired. Schumer continues to grandstand In all of his interviews and whenever he’s on the Senate floor. The one thing that the Democrats need to answer individually for is why they since lied to the American people about keeping our healthcare plan our doctors from the beginning of Obamacare since they knew it was a lie and why did they pass Obsmacare without even reading it. The Demicrats are responsible for all the monumental problems that they have created for working class and retired Americans where the cost of medical insurance is increasing better than 25% per year and the deductibles are rising at an exorbitant rate and it’s gotten to the point that many people can’t afford to keep any health insurance and others are paying out-of-pocket so much money that they can’t pay their bills. Schumer and the rest of his gang have had 8 years to fix Obamacare and they’ve ignored the plight and the problems that they have inflicted on the American people and have not done one thing to address and fix those problems. They have just blatantly ignored it because they’re not experiencing it personally. Schumer has been attacking Republicans saying that they haven’t fixed Obamacare but again where are the Democrats? The Demicrats are responsibility for Obamacare, it is their creation and again why have the Demicrats chosen to not fix the problems in Obamacare? Also, why did Schumer and the rest of his gang of Democrats ask and get exemptions from Obamacare for themselves and their staffs approved by President Obama. Why are they not on the same medical plan that they’ve inflicted on the American People? The Democrats have absolutely no conscience at all. Another question the Democrats need to answer along with the Republicans and the rest of the Washington elite is why do they have Cadillac retirement and medical plans, why aren’t they covered by Social Security the same as the American people are. That needs to change immediately. Wake up America haven’t you had enough of these clowns that are currently holding office. It is more than a time for us to demand and get term limits and kick these political hacks to the curb and we need to do it now.

  40. gene smiith says:

    Schumer as the leader of anything would and well should keep any sane person from wanting any part of anything he is involved in.
    He replaced Reid, and equally obnoxious YUK and Media whore……Schumer stepped right in and would have anyone casually observing to believe Reid never left.Both DO-NOTHINGS doing nothing but self serving blockage……..gee, constipation in human form,

  41. The entire democratic party is engaging in public voluntary insanity. Next year they will deny any responsibility for their actions on the basis of temporary insanity. The best thing for conservatives to do is to ignore these truculent children.

  42. Jacky says:

    term limits are a must –how long has this POS self serving career politician been in office–got to go

  43. They loose nothing because of this. Next year “It didn’t happen”.

  44. downs1 says:

    It really doesn’t matter what the Democrats do from here on out! Due to their hatred of God and their systematic push to remove Christianity from the culture, and their support for the ACLU and other atheist groups, this nation has been turned away from God! The Republicans have not helped! Other nations have done this throughout history, and every one of them has gone down! The “end times” described in the Bible are here, and the Lord will return soon according to the prophecy fulfilled recently, the fact that Israel is back in The Land, and the current events taking place in the Middle East in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The rise of Islam and the recent events with Turkey, Iran, Somalia and Russia also set the stage for conflict as described in Ezekiel 38-39. Prior to that, there will be open hostility between the nations directly bordering Israel and within Israel itself! And . . . America is nowhere to be seen! Why? Because it has imploded, thus making way for Islam to take over! Too bad that those who want to bring down Trump can’t see that they are actually bringing down America! It has all been prophesied, but since this nation has turned away from God, they are blind!

  45. wharfrat says:

    Does Schumer ever get tired of lying and trying to cause trouble for the American people?, he sure doesn’t do anything to help us.he and his gang are full of hate and it will eat them up.

  46. C Michaels says:

    Somebody is being kind to this puke. He’s much uglier than this old pic. (both visually and spiritually)

  47. Daniel Spickard says:

    I just hope they send Nancy Peloci to push for ever Democrat running in the 2018 mid-term elections! The people of this country are beginning to open their eyes to who is really making hope and change really work! From day one Trump has been doing his best to turn this country back around and making it work for the very people that need it! The working class in this country got tired of the federal government pushing the same old garbage can down the street hoping to not have to deal with our problems! Donald Trump is putting congress in their place and making them do the very job we the people put them there to do! Not to just move to DC to line their pockets with the very money we pay! Let’s start holding congress accountable for their actions! Let’s put this country back into the people’s hands, and take it away from the banks, and billionaire corporations! After all it wasn’t big business that started this country! It was yours and my ancestors, poor and middle class alike that wanted a free country of our own! I don’t even remember any big businesses or banks backing those of our ancestors that fought in the Revolutionary War!

    1. C Michaels says:

      Too bad we have so many demtard lite RINO’s in congress, who hope President Trumps fails as much as the demtards.

  48. Susan P says:

    I am sick and tired of the constant drum beat of “impeach Trump”, “resist Trump”, “hate Trump”. BUT, if the democrats will just continue it for another 12 months the Republicans will come out of the 2018 election with a Super-Majority in both the House and Senate. Why? Because, most of the country, both democrat and republican supporters, are sick and tired of the hate and divisive rants. I am all for allowing the ranting, liberal left being allowed to destroy the Democrat Party once and for all.

  49. Patrika says:

    I, for one, don’t like politics. But I think if both parties would concentrate on just working FOR the American people instead of focusing on keeping their jobs/seats in the 2018 election, perhaps this country would function better. Focus on the issues at hand. The rest would take care of itself. At least that what I think.

  50. Luke says:

    The demwits are doing Rep’s a great favor by continuing with their fake news, lies and hate for Trump supporters..
    They’re going to lose more Congressional seats and Senate seats, mark my words, people who work are sick of their freebies for votes and love for our enemies coming here to destroy us, vote the demwits out..

  51. Richard Frick says:

    Shumer, Pelosi, Feinstein, Shitt for Folsom Prison and the rest of the scumbag vermits to the prison grounds ALL FOR TREASON. Nasty mouth Waters for the electric chair.

  52. wboehmer says:

    The democrat party of not Trump is more likely to lose seats than win seats in 2018 and much of the thanks goes to Chuck Schumer.

  53. kassa1 says:

    Problem is they use people and they don’t care about the people all they care about is their self and their pimps being the one world order billionaires. They are too far gone he will never change back, they will try to create a Civil War in this country so they think they can take this country back but they cannot win for one they don’t believe in God, we have GOD on our side , As he is tired of the immorality, And the murdering of the unborn.

  54. kassa1 says:

    Problem is they use people and they don’t care about the people all they care about is their self and their pimps being the one world order billionaires. They are too far gone he will never change back, they will try to create a Civil War in this country so they think they can take this country back but they cannot win for one they don’t believe in God, we have GOD on our side , As he is tired of the immorality The lies and the deceit they have committed against the American people. I thought surely they were going to tell me that they were going to give Schumer the firing squad for his massive corruption,and his aiding in abetting Obama for his gun running to his Muslim brothers and his giving American money to Iran Muslim brothers.

  55. Monica says:

    Hey Chuck I hope TERM LIMITS are coming for you all and then I for one want to count the votes in your state. How about you give us the same kind of healthcare you have with the same subsidies. That would be too easy given the fact you and your cohorts have to parlay with the lobbyists to help you decide what is best for your wallet first. You are a traitor to the presidency.

  56. Sharon Melvin says:

    Democrats just can’t get away from their talking points and can not think for themselves. They have not learned anything from the 2016 election. The voters do not want to vote for someone without a coherent message. Attacking Trump will not win elections.

  57. bearone7777 says:


  58. donaldbreaux says:

    What an arrogant A hole! Chucky get ready for your 2018 surprise YOU ARE DONE!

  59. Beachlover17 says:

    Hope the dums lose all the 2018 elections, People have to see how evil they are and that they are just blatant liars. They have been doing nothing since Trump was elected but hide in the background working on ways to screw the country even more than the already have. Retire the dums in 2018 and don’t know if she is running, but get rid of Madmax Waters before she steals more of your hard earned $$ to fatten her bank account.

  60. patriot2015 says:

    O hell I was hoping he had three months left of his miserable life

  61. Eleanore Whitaker says:

    One of the biggest lies constantly repeated by the Republicans over and over shows their precise level of irresponsibility.

    When the ACA law was passed, the intent was to allow a flush of new smaller healthcare insurance companies to offer affordable healthcare. But, under the ACA law, unlike the Republican idea of allowing only 6 HMOs and Big Pharma to make all pricing decisions, the states that chose to set up ACA agencies comprised of these smaller insurance companies meant that the FED would monitor their pricing. Something Canada does all the time and has for half a century.

    But that isn’t what the right wing or the Republicans want. They want NO regulations for ANY business in the US which means they get to hold all of us HOSTAGE with each price gouging.

    So, when NY’s governor set up the state ACA agency and NJ’s Republican Governor FAT Mouth didn’t, NJ ended up paying 11% higher healthcare insurance rates. That is proof positive of the lie of the Republicans when they say Obamacare raised healthcare rates. NO it didn’t. Republicans who chose not to create state ACA agencies raised those rates because in their states there is no monitoring of healthcare insurance companies.

    Now they bitch their insurance premiums and healthcare costs are higher. Well DUH….

  62. Askjrsk says:

    Schumer is the definition of out of touch and irrelevant. I bet he still gets his news from Woodward and Bernstein . He is still blindsided, and can’t figure life out. He needs to go back to the deli biz.

  63. Cleavis Nowell says:

    Schumer is not much better than an islamic terrorist and should be sent to Guantanamo Bay (Gitmo) to be with it’s own kind.

  64. Maryann Hearn Bowman says:

    I think the democratic party stands a better chance if they get rid of Shumer and Nancy P. I’m a Republican and wouldn’t vote for the liberal views of the democrats. But those 2 are the pits!!!!! (Throw in E. Warren too).

  65. sox83cubs84 says:

    Who’s the most disgusting person in the country with a last name of Schumer? Political libtard Cryin’ Chuck or Hollywood libtard Fat Amy? Hard for me to just pick one.

  66. Donald Lindsey says:

    Chuck Schumer thought he had it made. He was counting on the American people rebelling against Trump and handing power back to the Democrats in 2018.

    America has been under the lazy now Radical Liberal Democrats for too many years and nothing was done so why in the heck would we want these Anti-American liars to run this Nation. They set up, protected, financed, and armed over 36 muslim Terrorist Training Camps inside this nation. The democrats are Traitors, Treasonous Terrorists.

    If you need help in finding what I said is true look up “Terrorist training camps in America”

  67. Mikal Gastpipe says:

    Just looking at a political map of the country SHOULD be enough to wake up the moribund FASCISTS on the left. But they’ll just keep doubling down on their failed strategy of having NO message beyond attacking Trump! Blind, abject HATRED is NOT a winning political strategy!

  68. Wcgraybill says:

    Shumer Needs to get the hell out of politics, he is a looser and lier and thief. Piss son the son of a bitch literally.

  69. Wcgraybill says:

    One day soon the people will have to take control of DC and get rid of the corruption in the swamp by any means available, riding them out on a rail if need be or more drastic measures if needed.

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