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Chuck Schumer Was Blindsided By Something Trump Did About Russia

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  1. Robert Zraick says:

    Chuck the Schmuck

    1. Kenneth Jones says:

      Chuck the jerk!

      1. shamu9 says:

        .Schuma” the “Schwantz”!

    2. crustyone says:

      That’s a good one Robert!


    so how was he blindsighted?

    1. davesnrakleberger says:

      his entire worthless life!

  3. Who in hell is Schumer to “Suggest” what the President should talk about? He has once again, proven that he is an IDIOT and an obstructionist! He just wants to be relevant!

    1. Annie says:

      The idiots Schumer, Obummer, Clintons, Loretta Lynch, Susan Rice & Valerie Jarrett are all irrelevant! They’re all pinheads!

      1. Ed Shick says:

        Do not forget George Soros and Harry Reid !

        1. jerry.rebar says:

          Take irt to th bank, we have not forgotten Soros and Harry the Pimp” Reid.

        2. Morning_Star50 says:

          And Obama

          1. crustyone says:

            When will the clownbama realize that he is no longer the POTUS– definitely a POtuS but not the POTUS?

          2. Deborah Pratt says:

            Doesn’t keep him from being a ‘wannabe’ though, does it?!! I think he’s still waiting for the USA to finally ‘fall’!

          3. Bella Gray says:

            He is doing his best to assure we do. He is traveling all over the EU making speeches against America and Trump—at taxpayer expense! He is violating the Logan Act and should be arrested and tried for treason.

          4. Rj Stoker says:

            For Obama is not the term P.O.S.T.U.S……………..

          5. shamu9 says:

            Try another Hebrew ism! Putz!

          6. Andrew Johnstone says:

            ???? i don’t follow sorry

          7. shamu9 says:

            A [Generally New York] Jewish folk expression!

        3. Mark Plenn says:

          Ed, how about the whole Democrat Communist Party.

          1. Force Recon says:

            I prefer the term Demorrhoidic Leftopathic Corruptocrat Party

          2. Jim Miller says:

            Agreed, Libs always spill Venom & Hate, just like muslims spill Death and destruction

          3. Force Recon says:

            Jim this is what I do when I feel that I am having a rough day I suggest you do likewise when you too are having a rough day, Here’s a stress management technique recommended in all the latest psychological journals. The funny thing is that it really does work and will make you smile.
            1. Picture yourself lying on your belly on a warm rock that hangs out over a
            crystal clear stream.
            2. Picture yourself with both your hands dangling in the cool running water.
            3. Birds are sweetly singing in the cool mountain air.
            4. No one knows your secret place.
            5. You are in total seclusion from that hectic place called the world.
            6. The soothing sound of a gentle waterfall fills the air with a cascade of serenity.
            7. The water is so clear that you can make out the face of the Demorrhoidic Leftopathic Corruptocrat liberal you are holding underwater.
            See it worked. You’re smiling. You feel better already.

          4. Shelby Olsen says:


          5. Force Recon says:

            Glad you got a little chuckle out of that

          6. Lori says:

            Love this force recon, sure made me laugh when I got to the end,and I am feeling better LOL.

          7. Force Recon says:

            Fabulous I am elated that I was able to provide a little diversion If you feel the need please pass it on.

          8. yiddishlion says:

            I feel more relaxed after I imagine myself hacking liberals to death with a machete!

          9. Force Recon says:

            Hacking with a machete is messy WORK I am fat too old to over exert myself I prefer to turn em loose and shoot them it only takes four to five pounds of trigger pull to exact a measure of relaxation for me

          10. Shelby Olsen says:

            I love that name, but I don’t know that I could remember that.

          11. Force Recon says:

            Copy and paste it that way you will

          12. Shelby Olsen says:


          13. Force Recon says:

            Now USE IT!!!!

          14. yiddishlion says:

            Leftopath! I like it. Gonna steal that one.

          15. Force Recon says:

            Thank you for the compliment but it’s not stealing if I give it away Please use it as I feel the descriptive is rather apropos

          16. yiddishlion says:

            I came up with Trumpifillia for people’s extreme obsession with Trump…..but apparently it was already a thing?

          17. Force Recon says:

            It is my contention that whatever one wants to use to describe things is their business. I personally refer to those clowns as Hypengyophobic and or Pragmatophobic. The best description I can come up with is Panophobia

        4. Andrew Johnstone says:

          Soros isn’t a pinhead, he’s the puppet master. He needs to be destroyed

          1. Bella Gray says:

            President Trump Declares George Soros as “National Security Threat”… Using Obama’s Executive Order ⋆ USA 24

          2. Andrew Johnstone says:

            wish it was true,,,but so far I’ve seen no action by trump to mess up soros’ plans

          3. Bella Gray says:

            The problem is the corrupt courts. Declared a national threat would allow Trump to revoke his citizenship and deport him, but the courts would just stop him. Soros would then just use his money from outside America to destroy us. The best effort is to absolutely NEVER elect a Communist Anti-American Democrats to office ever again. Or turn him over to any of the many countries who have warrants out for his arrest. The Russians come to mind. They will kill him.

          4. Donna Boutin says:

            Communist democRATS will always be elected..but the only way to get rid of Soros and his sons is to have target practice 24/7..anywhere anytime

          5. Junius Graham says:

            Add Hillary, Obama, Bill, Waters, Polise, Shumer, and Sanders, along with any other Democrats you think of.

          6. lou says:

            Go to Google And Read How Many Revulutions Soros Caused Through Europe At Least 10 To Make His Billions Americans Don’t Read This They Better Wake Up

          7. jeannemartin says:

            Soros won’t be with us much longer! He is really old!
            And when he is gone, Obama will be rendered useless because no will be pulling his strings!
            Trump is resilient, so soon he will have clear sailing and we will have our country back! ?

          8. Andrew Johnstone says:

            No ….soros must be made an example of and destroyed. Otherwise some other left wing Ahole will take his place

          9. Ed Shick says:

            George Soros has a son!

          10. Deborah Pratt says:

            Who, like Chelsea Clinton, has been thoroughly ‘trained’ and brain-washed all his life to be a ‘clone’ of his father!!

        5. autrypma says:

          ALSO, all of the above are traitors to our USA. I don’t believe Trump has not done anything about G. Soros. He has groups everywhere, in the US, overseas and it will take a massive effort to pin him down…and President Trump has to fight City Hall also.
          It is totally absurd that the Mayor of NY has gone to German to undermine President Trump. Isn’t there a law somewhere that people cannot do this to a sitting President?
          He needs to “Be Gone” from New York. The people of NY need a new mayor, and not a Democrat at that…

        6. lou says:

          Don’t Forget Vallerie Jarrett And Erica Holder

        7. jeannemartin says:

          What about Pelosi, De Blasio, Warren, Cummings and Maxine???
          Can’t think of a decent Democrat? ?
          They are all corrupt, vicious and so anti-American! Traitors!!
          Trump! ????

          1. Ed Shick says:

            DeBlasoi was busy last week in Hamburg , Germany leading Riots . Makes a great Mayor for New Your but the We still have Schumer!

      2. Gary Smith says:

        Well said.H e is like a doll pull the string and one of the preprogramed sayings come out

      3. granny_forUSA says:

        The SOROS puppets………….

      4. Mark Plenn says:

        Annie you’re being too kind!

      5. Julayne Rowley says:

        Got that right!!!


      He’s a US Senator offering his advice and consent. Who are you to question his right to offer advice and consent to the President?

      1. BIGFRANKBRONX says:

        He s a Opportunist Resistor.

        1. INVENTOR INVENTED says:

          Resistor? You talk like there’s a civil war going on.

          1. BIGFRANKBRONX says:

            There is definitely an on-going Culture War.
            Many in the Media, DNC, Hilary supporters supported by Evil Soros have taken up the banner of “Resistance”.

          2. Donaldo says:

            There is. There are us that want to follow the constitution and the values this country was founded on and there are those on the left that want to turn this country into a socialist government.

          3. granny_forUSA says:



          4. Moe says:

            WOW!!! You summed it up 100% correctly… As far as I am concerned, you have won the Internet for today…

          5. crustyone says:

            Granny certainly has done that.

          6. Andrew Johnstone says:

            not sure clintons a muslim,,spreading falsehoods does no one any good and weakens the rest of your post…keep it real granny

          7. Joe says:

            Wake up you leftist jerk!!!

          8. shamu9 says:

            There Is The Shooting just hasn’t started YET!

          9. Andrew Johnstone says:

            but you sure aren’t popular maybe you should post on the clinton commie manifesto blog?

        2. crustyone says:

          That translates to an aole.

      2. I am sure that “if” the POTUS wants advise from such a “looser” he will ask for it.

        1. Bob Blackburn says:

          For sure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        2. Wayne says:

          The president would never asked for advice from a senator that ihas been so wrong on every issue, bald face lied to the public and been caught doing so repeatedly.
          Schumer is in embarrassment to the country and should resign immediately for malfeasance in office!

        3. off2shop says:

          I would prefer you said: If the POTUS wants advise from such a “looser” he will rattle his chains! LOL

      3. granny_forUSA says:

        Since when did our POTUS need any advice from Schumer the SOROS puppet……….HE IS A SENATOR NOT AN ADVISOR………….

      4. Kenneth Jones says:

        He can do that, certainly… any of us are free to do, and he has the right to disagree. But, this doesn’t mean that he has the right to undermine what President Trump does. A senator doesn’t set foreign policy. A President does.

      5. Mark Plenn says:

        Get a life poser!

      6. Bob Blackburn says:

        No, he is an OBSTRUCTIONIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      7. LarryMH47 says:

        Schumer is only offering BAD advice, and withholding required consent for no good reason.

      8. Wayne says:

        I am the misserved public that Chuck Schumer has repeatedly lied to and try to subvert! He is failed in his oath of office to all of us ! He should resign immediately for malfeasance in office!

      9. Becky Wright says:

        When they say concent they mean all of congress not one nut job.

      10. Andrew Johnstone says:

        you’re right of course,,however his advice is not really advice its a political ploy to keep the fake ‘russia’ controversy front and center and serves no real purpose in improving relations with the 2nd or 3rd most powerful country in the world

      11. Michael Fallon says:

        I am an American Citizen blessed with unalienable rights who has the right to question any advice given by any elected official. Are you that propogandized that you forgot this is a Republic and that this a government of the people, by the people for the people. Sounds like you love centralized government telling people how to live. That makes you a Tool.

        1. INVENTOR INVENTED says:

          “I am an American Citizen blessed with unalienable rights who has the right to question any advice given by any elected official.” Me too. I have an inalienable right to agree with Chuck Schumer and you have a right to think what you want and agree or disagree. This is a democratic republic.

          1. Michael Fallon says:

            It was you who said “who are you to question…”
            Now you say only you “has the right to question…”
            You seem to have a lot in common with King George.
            It is Unalienable as written in the Declaration of Independence. You know the document, the one that declared independence from elitist like you, King George, and Schumer.

    3. SouthernPatriot says:

      How can Schumer be “blindsided” since he is already BLIND–Blind to the truth, blind to being a patriot, blind to actually doing work for his pay in D.C., blind to the harm he and his fellow leftist demented Democrats have brought to this republic?

      1. Bella Gray says:

        Because all the Communist Anti-American Democrats care about is power and money.

    4. Mark Plenn says:

      Schumer the smuck, is a lying goat fuck!

      1. crustyone says:

        He should change the spelling of his last name to Scummer.

        1. glock 19 fan says:

          Actually, my Spell Check doesn’t recognize “Schumer;” offers “Schemer” instead. How appropriate!

    5. jackhy says:

      Right on, Jeff, Pres. Trump doesn’t have to brief Chuckle head Shitsmer on every move he makes!

      1. Deborah Pratt says:

        Pres Trump is showing extraordinary ‘smarts’ by NOT informing these people of his agendas and plans!!!

        1. Kiam Larsen says:

          You Call THis being SMART ??? Just like the “Secret” information he released to the Russian Ambassadores. I call It “Dumb” – Not a very Wise Move for a Man-Child who states me knows more about the military and “Everything” else than his administration.

          1. VanceJ says:

            you don’t know your arse from a hole in the ground. what secret info ? Oh you mean that info that was all over the net ? Wake up and get a life idiot.!!!!!

          2. Deborah Pratt says:

            Well, Kiam, if I hadn’t thought so–I wouldn’t have stated that. Since none of us are ‘privy’ to what may or may not have been disclosed to the Russian Ambassadores, I don’t think we’re in any position to make that call. To refer back to a ‘passing statement’ made during his candidacy, is irrelevant. Since his election, Pres Trump has been on a ‘learning curve’. Not having been in politics until now–he’s had a lot to learn. Finding out that the administration is over-run with self-serving liberals and very few loyalists, must have been disconcerting, even for him!! It’s been, and still is, a very big challenge and I’m grateful that, so far, he’s proving to be ‘up’ to it!! He has earned the respect of leaders of many nations. We can exclude those of Europe, since they are pretty much over-taken by Muslims who respect no one. That includes N. Korea, as well. It’s the disrespect I see in this country that bothers me. The old ‘adage’, ‘United we Stand, Divided we Fall’ is still a ‘good’ one!
            Unfortunately, in some respects, the ‘young’ of this country have no idea what a ‘lack’ of freedom is about!! I’m hoping they don’t find out by losing it!! At this rate, if they keep going the way they are–they are in very real danger of just that!! Pres Trump relegates areas like the military over to the ‘experts’ who DO ‘know what they’re doing’!! He is building our strength and security through men like that. Unlike ‘O’ who decimated our armed forces, our educational facilities and health insurance structures–he’s working to ‘clean up’ and re-build. Working through the total ‘mess’ he walked into and the obstructionists who benefit–he’s doing an excellent job. Fortunately, the opinions of those who just ‘don’t get it’, won’t forge our future.

          3. Andrew Johnstone says:

            kiam wont respond,,your post is WAY above his pay grade

          4. Debra(bogene) says:

            lol,, yep.

          5. Debra(bogene) says:

            Very well said. Pres Trump needs to give you a job. That message needs to get out to everyone across our country.

          6. Deborah Pratt says:

            Thanks, Deb!! We have a real problem in this country in that the ‘information’ is now there. It’s the unwillingness of people to listen and think things through. Of course, I don’t mean ‘everyone’!! Unlike Hillary, I don’t believe in ‘people baskets’! LOL Still, I’m hoping this ‘tide’ of negativity is finally beginning to turn! I’ll always have hope for this country based on a belief in the decency of its people! We have the ‘spoilers’, admittedly, who contribute nothing but more trouble. Those are the ones we cannot continue to tolerate. Given time and support, I think Pres Trump will begin to ‘handle’ that factor.

          7. Debra(bogene) says:

            Well said again. I also have hope in Trump. I pay no attention to the nay-sayers. I believe our country is going to continue to get better and better, again.

            May God bless Pres Trump and keep him safe.

          8. James Molter says:

            My Father and all His Brothers were Military and the main thing they taught me is The sign of a True Leader is not that he knows everything but knows how to delegate authority to the People {Men and Women}that knows how to get it done.

            Thanks to Mr President for all the work he”s done and will do if We The People help and Back him !!!!!

          9. Shelby Olsen says:

            Yes, smart. Obama and Hillary thought that it was smart to let our enemies know what day and what time we would go after them so they could crawl away. But, they left civilians around so they could take the heat. Trump does the smart thing. He went after the direct target without letting them know we were coming or when. He is trying to prevent the terrorists from attacking your family and friends while obama released known terrorists against this country from Gitmo who would enjoy killing your family and friends. So, which smart would your prefer?

          10. Jim Greaves says:

            Kiam be stooped over too much, collecting camel dung. Those who think the Executive branch should broadcast their every move should consider what would have happened had FDR published on front page of New York Times “Invasion of Normandy Scheduled for June 6, 1944” – sub-title: “All German Forces Are Put on Notice to Meet and Repel Invaders at Omaha and Other Beaches”. Sub-sub-title: “Bring Beer and Potato-mashers”.

      2. jeannemartin says:

        Or on ANY move he makes!
        He should just ignore them!
        The press too!
        This will infuriate them more than any tweet he could create!!! ?

    6. Sister Charlotte says:

      And we the TAX PAYERS continue to give these people paychecks for “NOT” doing what they were hired to do and that is work for “WE THE PEOPLE”!! When will we say, enough is ENOUGH???

    7. rick meek says:

      Check out his tie —- I’ll tie it for you…….retard…..

    8. John Redman says:

      The ‘election’ that went on in HIS (Smuck’s) head had him appointed emperor of the known universe and spokesman for all reasonable lizards.

      1. Deborah Pratt says:

        It’s a wonder he hasn’t collided with Kim ‘out there’ in the ethers! LOL!!!

    9. The duck says:

      Every time Schumer opens his mouth he becomes more irrelevant.

    10. autrypma says:

      Jeffery, he is just among the other absolute “Idiots” who are Liberal Democrats. Maxine Waters, Nancy Peloski, Schumer, Harry Reid, Mitch McConnell (Republican ??) and a few other hundred. I wonder if anyone in the Democrat Party has any real common sense, that is, if the “idiots” don’t over rule them.
      I would be ashamed to say I was a Democrat…which I am NOT…

    11. Doris Will says:

      Schumer HOUSE DEMOCRAT FROM NY. He knows that Jews are God’s chosen people, but thinks he is THE CHOSEN ONE. Upon meeting a friend in a restaurant, he proceeded to rip the friend’s wife apart because she voted for Trump. He’s also the one that got that huge tax on cigarettes. I often wonder where that money goes. You can see him behind a podium in the hallway of the House reading he can twist to hurt Republicans,

    12. Richard Haley says:

      He, Schumer, just will not wake up to the fact that the Donald is NOT wimpy Obummer whom Shumer had wrapped around his little finger.
      Schumer had better wake up before the Donald really gets pissed off and decides to campaign against Schumer’s re-election.

  4. Mike W says:

    Dmitri Alperovitch is a computer security industry executive. He is co-founder and chief technology officer of CrowdStrike. Remember Crowdstrike – the company hired by the DNC to investigate the “Russian” Hacking.”
    Dmitri is a Russian.

    1. Susan P says:

      Thank you for this insight. I hope you do not mind if I share your comments elsewhere. Everyone needs to know this little tidbit about the so-called Russian interference in the USA 2016 elections.

      Putin reportedly asked Trump yesterday for “proof” of Russian interference in our elections during their private meeting at the G20. Putin still denies it came from him or his intelligence people.

      1. Mike W says:

        The left has been screaming that President Trump was in collusion with Russia and their interference with our election. When President Trump asked for their election data they refuse to cooperate – why? If they are really interested in getting to the truth everything should be on the table. But, they know how that will come out and they don’t want what’s left of their supporters to hear about it. The left treats their supporters like mushrooms – they feed them lot’s of B.S. and keep them in the dark.

  5. Joel Goodman says:



      who’s his niece? Is she single?

      1. Susan P says:

        Amy Schumer “thinks” she is a comedian. She is as stupid as her uncle.

        1. Mike W says:

          “LIberal” New Yorkers do not want you to know this either. NYC has the most segregated public school system in the United States. If this was true about any where down south the NYT, would have front page headlines screaming about the racist rednecks. But so called “Liberal” big mouths like Canadian Samantha Bee are fighting tooth and nail to keep that school system just the way it is.

          It’s way past time when the rest of “us” call them out for their hypocritical B.S.
          Boycott their shows and advertisers and hit them where it hurts them most – in their purses.

        2. crustyone says:

          No better that the stupid one who was blacklisted for her hateful and ignorant attack on President Trump.

    2. crustyone says:

      That’s an image that reminds me of Suidae and another piece of garbage.

  6. davesnrakleberger says:

    chuckie is such a hateful and useless jackass

    1. crustyone says:

      He is just like the clownbama today, nothing but a POtuS.

  7. littlesmoke says:

    Chuck is a fool. Trump is way ahead of him in every quality we need as POTUS.

  8. Mike W says:

    I hear that Chuck the Schmuck once lost a battle of wits with a corpse that voted for him.

    1. Ed Shick says:

      Obama was a star at Voter Fraud when he was a ACORN agent in Chicago , do you suppose he might have stopped in New York on his way to Moscow and helped Schumer , then on to school at Patrice Lumumba univ. ?

      1. Mike W says:

        I think Obama is just a tool – He prances around doing stupid s**t to draw the attention off of the Clintons. When you look at every single investigation do a little research and you will find that someone on the investigating team has ties back to the Clintons.

  9. Dudley Hill says:

    Schumer is an idiot!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Schumer is a total waste of a senate seat for the state of NY! (Not to mention a disgrace to all New Yorkers!)

    1. Deborah Pratt says:

      Yet, he’s an appropriate representative of the majority of New Yorkers!! Many seem to share his deluded agendas–New York comes across as a primarily ‘liberal’ state!! Not to say there aren’t any ‘stable’ people there, I’m sure there are!! It’s just that the ‘liberal’ majority are so ‘loud’, they drown out any voices of ‘reason’!!

  11. Ed Shick says:

    I hope the next time Schumer is up for Election the people in his state vote him out , he sure makes Term Limits seem needed ! A little like Nancy Pelosi and Waters , We sure have some crazy people on both the East and West coasts, Drain the Swamp , August would be a good time as it is to hot for our over paid Congress to work in DC, I’ll bet Trump does not take it off !

    1. Donaldo says:

      Only one I can think of that could unseat Schmucki is Rudy Guiliani.

    2. crustyone says:

      His voters are as bad as the ones in California.

  12. Whatzrname says:

    If these overated politicians (as well as fake media) would spend their time doing something constructive instead of going for their gotcha minutes in front of the cameras, they might get something accomplished. When are they going to realize, we’re SICK of it. Do your job! As for the media, when are you going to honestly REPORT the news, not give us YOUR opinion? I’m 63 years of age, educated, retired after 40+ years of working…I already have an opinion…I don’t need yours unless I ask for it.

    1. Susan P says:

      AMEN! I am 71 and retired. I can remember when the news media was respected. NOT anymore! They are a waste of time to even bother listening to. Like you, I have my own opinions; arrived at with critical thinking. The problem is finding “real” news to base an opinion on. The media is so focused on telling the public what their opinion should be that they never get around to doing their jobs and that is giving the public the FACTS and letting us form our own opinions.

      A news reporter’s job is to present the Who, What, Where, When and How. No mention in that list of WHY! That is because the WHY is subjective and a matter of opinion. Real NEWS allows the reader to form their on opinions of why. We do NOT need to be told what the reporter thinks is the why. The opinion of the journalist is superfluous and gets in the way of the TRUTH.

      1. crustyone says:

        A coworker of mine in the federal government related a story to me about his days at AP. He told me about someone in his branch that answered the phone. “Associated Press, all the news that’s fit to print”. That was in the late seventies and we had a good laugh about it. We would have been rolling on the floor today.

  13. Joe Sam says:

    , Chuck is a stupid self serving jackas=.has no interest but in himself ,hates Trump because he is upsetting his money making scheme same with the other dems .they only do for them selves .OLD VET .

  14. James R. Currier says:

    If Chuck the schmuck is blindsided by anything, I hope it is a train!

  15. granny_forUSA says:

    Schumer is on the SOROS payroll, just like McCain……..Just found out that Ryan is also, along with 12 other GOP corrupt politicians…..(google that and look at the long list of Dems also on the SOROS payroll)…….You will find out if one of the politicians from your State is also a puppet of SOROS…….

    Corruption thru the politicians have been doing on for decades………Between McConnell, Schumer, Reid, etc., I now believe that only the GOOD die young……….Seems those SOROS idiots will live forever much to the disadvantage of the USA………..One can only hope for the opposite…………

  16. buffalobob826 says:

    Does he really think President Trump would go to these meetings without an agenda. He is mad that he was not able set the agenda for the President like he shumer is the most important person in the country. He needs to reaccess his life.

    1. Andrew Johnstone says:

      he needs to resign actually

  17. cathylovesyou says:

    Schumer has ONE agenda disrupt America coining ugly words and having Democrats all over repeat them like Racist, his Extreme backfired on him when he got caught on open Mic stating this type strategy A phony at best

  18. myfordtruck says:

    Chuckie needs to quit while he is ahead

    1. Susan P says:

      Ahead? Chuckie was never ahead and never will be.

      1. myfordtruck says:

        I am talking about ahead of a lynch mob or something like that because he barely has a head

  19. Bishop351 says:

    Schumer can’t spell Putin. Guy is the poster boy/girl for stupid.

  20. Palmer says:

    It’s easy to blindside Chuckie, He’s not that smart, If there were term limits he would have been gone log ago. He is an What a Dem should be. Dumb. Trump is way to Smart for Chuckie.

  21. kybob says:

    Where the hell were Schumer’s suggestions to the former occupant of the White House. All this crap started under his watch.

  22. Fortuneless says:

    Chuckie is just another New York Jew. Arrogant, greedy and full of shut.

  23. skitt5 says:

    Schumer is a loser. Unfortunately, he has the press where he wants them. McConnell and Ryan NEVER defend Trump when Schumer criticizes him.

    1. KDC says:

      Because they’re RINOS!

  24. oat21 says:

    Schumer’s should concentrate on getting his nose cleaned off for all the years it was up Obama’s butt.

  25. Jozef Oravecz says:

    Just think the more the Democrat fools try to ensnare TRUMP, the more desperate and foolish they look. Keep it up Schumer and company. You will make 2018 Great Again for the G.O.P. ! As they keep control of both the House and Senate. lol

  26. Lee says:

    Hey Chuckie, now that Putin has demanded prove, what are you and your party going to do? Since you have none and there was never an investigation of the DNC servers by a investigative organization. The only people to review the servers were supporters of Hillary. I don’t think Putin is going your parties bull. It is now time to show prove or shut up! But i do bet that Seth Rich has something to do with the leaked emails from the DNC.

  27. Roy Barber says:

    Way to go Mr.President. Don’t worry about those IDIOT DEMACRAPS. They feel the SWAMP being pumped they will do anything to point there fingers at everything else. They know there days are numbered. FANTASTIC JOB. WE STAND BESIDES YOU.

  28. Andrew Johnstone says:

    How’s would schmuckhead know if trump had an agenda or not?

  29. Irene Elizabeth Grooms says:


  30. Susan P says:

    Well, the much vaunted meeting between Trump and Putin took place yesterday. It was scheduled to last 30 minutes, but ran on for 2 hours and 16 minutes. Guess what? Trump DID have an agenda and the meeting was very productive. Russia and the USA have settled on a plan of cooperation in Syria AND they also discussed the supposed interference of Russia in the USA elections. They also agreed to meet again in the near future to work out a way to go forward in cooperation. Among other things discussed was what to do about the North Korea problem. Both countries have the same goal, but different ideas on how to achieve that goal. Something to discuss in the next Trump/Putin meeting?

    Schumer is the school yard bully who wants everything to go his way regardless of the fallout from his Marxist/socialists ideas. Too bad Schmuck! The bully always loses in the end.

  31. Simon Ghanime says:

    Politic is a poker game, not having an agenda is better than having an agenda. Once we know there hidden card, then we will build an agenda based on facts

    1. Susan P says:

      Politics is a Master’s Level game of Chess!

  32. KDC says:

    Schumer has nothing to run his party on except acusations about Pres.Trump. The party has no goal to help America beause their goal is the global NWO, one world religion and government. We all know that now. And I’ll add, there are RINOS with the same goal. We know who they are too. Pres.Trump is too smart for these party players. His agenda is really to make America Great Again, for its citizens. Gee, what a novel idea!

    1. Susan P says:

      Best thing the voters ever did for this country was to elect a businessman to the office of President who does not have strong allegiance to either party. Trump is a true independent and determined to restore the USA’s greatness and do what is best for all citizens.

  33. rick meek says:

    Man – you snowflakes need SAFE ROOM AND BAD……Then you have to go – have your fortunes seized – houses confiscated – and GITMO spaces…….

  34. Richard Bagenstose says:

    instead of trying to find something to get rid of trump , you should be sitting down and rewriting the aca so it works , instead of playing your stupid games, how about we start paying congress for what they get done instead of paying them to do nothing , seeing how they haven’t done anything worth while in over 8 years

    1. Susan P says:

      Don’t rewrite; just REPEAL!

      The federal government has no Constitutional authority to interfere in the insurance business in the first place. And, that is exactly what the ACA is, interference in private business and the personal decisions of we the people.

    2. Chi Sam says:

      I really thought you had finally made a completely correct post…then I came across “worth while”. You do this in every single post of yours, wherein you are calling someone else stupid.

      Why do you suppose simple, common compound words are too high of a hurdle for you?

  35. gene smiith says:

    Schumer is long past is ” Best to use by” Date….he is a scumbag with an agenda that only he finds essential to anything. This Country has turned it’s back on Schummer and the others in his little club….they have failed miserably in their vendetta against our President and are now well along in the total ruination of their own positions….How stupid and small.

  36. Maria castro says:

    LOL…Libtards stupid pride and ignorance are playing on their demise.

  37. Bob Blackburn says:

    Schumer, Trump certainly doesn’t need your help, JERK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. itsfun says:

    poor ole crying chuckie; he just has no clue at all.

  39. crustyone says:

    Chuckie demonstrates his childish immaturity every time he opens up his big mouth. He should be ashamed of himself for playing little kids games instead of using the tax dollars he receives to do something constructive which he constituents rightfully deserve. He should step down ASAP–he is not earning his keep.

  40. LarryMH47 says:

    This is why Trump is President, and Schumer is NOT.

  41. Rodger K. Shull says:

    schumer the smuck, is the one who needs to me investigated,an he needs to JSTFU, an for the good of the USA , RESIGN, an go home to his fancy house paid for by under the table corrupt money

  42. Wayne says:

    Chuck Schumer is an embarrassment and should immediately resign from office! He has not served the Country or the public interest.
    He has been repeatedly wrong on issues of grave concern for the American people. He has shown he is no longer capable of fulfilling his oath of office, the country or the public!
    Resign resign resign Chuck Schumer!!!

    1. Deborah Pratt says:

      Chuck is in the front of a long line of ’embarrassments’ in that party!! They still ‘posture’ and try to act as though they have a ‘clue’ of what is going on or how to act. How can these people even make a decision of what is ‘right’ for this country??

  43. Becky Wright says:

    This guy is nutty. Your are not the president and do not control anything. Tell your bummer what he needs to do and all your kind take a chill pill. President Trump and all his supporters knew what you were up to. You can fool your idiot people but we see through you.

  44. Arbie Viau says:

    Was Schumer a candidate for POTUS? Did Schumer win as POTUS on November 8, 2016? Who does he think he is to DICTATE to the candidate and winner of POTUS what or who he should talk to or say to foreign diplomats? How dare he even engage in tweets to President Trump anything regarding this president’s agenda or anything else for that matter. Sorry, Schumer, your input isn’t necessary so just shut the Hell up and do the job you were elected to do, which BTW you aren’t doing just finding ways to destroy America’s destiny. Your constituents know what you aren’t doing and you will lose in any re-election you POS!

  45. Deborah Pratt says:

    Once again proving he and the rest of the Dems are total ‘control freaks’!! Always trying to ‘grab the wheel’ and in a panic if they can’t!! Yet, at the same time, proving they are incompetent to be ‘in charge’!! They have no understanding, what-so-ever, of Pres Trump, his goals, agendas or methods!! Yet, still insist on trying to influence them. That failing, to obstruct them. Pres Trump has never done anything without a ‘solid’ plan behind him. Just because he doesn’t ‘blat’ it out to everyone, in a Dem fashion, they assume he doesn’t ‘have one’!! It’s like a ‘bull-fighter’—‘they charge’ and he just ‘side-steps’ them! Then they’re there, wondering ‘what happened’!! This isn’t just embarrassing to our country–it’s dangerous to have such people in our government leading us!

  46. Michael DePoy says:

    Chuck Schemer what an Idiot you are. WHY would something MADE UP by the Democratic party be on an agenda for discussion by World Leaders? Elimination of ISIS terror groups, insuring peace so Syrian refugees can go home and live in peace. A bigger Question is How do people elect such twits as you? or are you paying to have the vote changed? Curious Minds Want to Know! Semper Fi

    1. Deborah Pratt says:

      I like your questions, Michael, and I’d like some answers to that myself!!

  47. Kiam Larsen says:

    Well the Talks are Over Now and The American People have NO IDEA what Mr T spoke about with Putin for over (2) Hours. A meeting face to face with 4 people present, Not very open was it. Think about that and His greeting to Putin – ” I am HONORED to meet with you. HE is HONORED to be talking with an Autocrat

    1. Hal Slusher says:

      Exactly what do you expect when the media trashes Trump over having 2 scoops of ice cream

    2. Andrew Johnstone says:

      oh i see,,and since when do leaders have public meetings and discussions with each other ? really Kiam you’re living in a fantasy wold clouded by your hate for conservatices

  48. shamu9 says:

    Chuck The ‘Schmuck’ Ax a Jew for a Literal Translation! How about Schumer the ‘Schwantz’!!

  49. shamu9 says:

    The Dems are OUT of Power! and Likely to Remain So!

  50. Rj Stoker says:

    Mr. Schumer, you have not done one constructive thing in your political career, let alone introduce any legislation of national consequence. I’m tired of paying taxes to support an obstructionist, laydown, individual who does not work for the people, only to further his weak and insipid career as a legislator. Maybe if you and the other senators and congressman were put on “commission”, great things might be accomplished for the good of the USA. Attempting to tell Pres. Trump his agenda. You sir, are the Republicans greatest asset!!!
    Keep the good work(LMAO)!!!

  51. disqus_rEWjgfyzIp says:

    Some one please find some one from ISIS and have them run chuickie over

  52. VanceJ says:

    Schumer ? Think ? Ha,Ha that’s a joke !!!!! He don’t know his arse from a hole in the ground, much less what Trump will say to Putin.

  53. Janis says:

    It is so embarrassing to say my two U.S. Senators are Schumer and Gillibrand. NY would be red state if not for NYC. Upstate NY and Suffolk County on Long Island went red for President Trump. One can only imagine how many illegals in NYC voted for Clinton.

    1. Deborah Pratt says:

      Under ‘O’s instructions–all the illegals voted for Clinton and the mayor!! As ‘O’ said, ‘vote and vote often’!! They did!! I totally understand your position. Much like that of many N. Californians’ in that the ‘illegal’ liberal voices are ‘loud and arrogant’ and drown out the voices of those who still have ‘reason’!! We can’t be fooled into thinking they are the ‘majority’ as the media would have us believe!! There are still decent, hard-working LEGAL citizens in all our states!!

  54. ONTIME says:

    Schumer is another DNComunist dipwad obsessive…He Is Not a Leader, Schumer likes to run his illogical mouth…..

    1. Deborah Pratt says:

      Seems to be the Democratic Way!!

  55. Dale Ness says:

    What else can you expect from Chuckie Schemer?

  56. Francis Kaspar says:

    You can tell Mr Schumer that when we want his comments we will flush the toilet and let him speak.

  57. fordfool says:

    yep,A Johnstone is right-0n. DDnt people hear, “..the snake will bite till the head comes off…”

  58. thecelt1 says:

    The best action Schumer can take and use is “SHUT HIS MOUTH and MIND HIS OWN BUSINESS”. A citizen
    or even a Senator and House Member should ONLY suggest an action the POTUS SHOULD take NOT what
    action to take. Schumer is trying to extend his “15 Minutes Of Fame Into A Pile Of Years Of Fame”. Leave the
    POTUS alone. Let him do his job Mr. Schumer!

  59. rightsright says:

    What even gives this ignorant jerk an inkling that he knows what is on Trump’s mind or anything else about him. Trump is not Obama who told our enemies, what day we were going to withdraw and the exact time we were going to withdraw so they knew when to move in and set up their killing machines. Schummer and the left get more and more disgusting every day. Must be the Communists are infiltrating even more then I thought.

  60. Jim Miller says:

    Chucky boy and his Lib thugs sent Obama to Germany and all Obama got was the “drops’ all the G-20 leaders left behind… Oink-Oink-Oinkobama: Soro’s also sent his goons to disrupt and embarrass Present Trump in Europe but, it backfired on their putrid faces ’cause once again a President Trump brought Leadership by Making America Great Again.

  61. Mary says:

    All the demorats still think they won the election???? Hey guys, Donald J Trumpt won the election and in case you didn’t know it, DONALD J TRUMP IS THE PRESIDENT OF UNITED STATES, IF YOU SEE, SCHUMER, PELOSI, OR WATERS LET THEM KNOW, TOO.

  62. Loretta says:

    Anything to get in front of a TV camera and try to look important

  63. kassa1 says:

    The two top slime ball leaders in the communist a.k.a. Democrat party have an agenda and that’s the destruction of America, oh you want to know who they are Durbin and Schumer.

    1. bttrap says:

      you got that right

  64. Original Anna says:

    Well, it looks like Trump didn’t need an agenda as he and Putin talked for two hours straight, no interruptions, except Trump’s wife or daughter being sent in to stop the conversation, did not work. Putin said afterwards that Trump is not like you see on TV, Trump is quick, gets what you are saying meaning Trump gets the problem and can talk quite well about any problem. He has an I.Q. higher than most of us. Living where Schumer is from I keep wondering what is Schumer is talking about many times when he is on TV bragging about some problem he is looking into with a great solution, and, nothing happens except another Obama solution.

  65. survivor33 says:

    Schumer to not smart enough to tell the president what he should talk about or to who he should talk to. Schumer is just another one of the idiots that just happened to get elected in error. Term limits ought to get rid of a lot of these Democratic symbol..JACKASS’s in the near future.

  66. Pattie Kelly says:

    President Trump being President Trump what else needs to be said? He’s the “art of the deal” and will get things done. Schumer take a long walk off a short pier. Now this is one person out of control for sure.

  67. downs1 says:

    Chuck Schumer is a great fool! He is about as trustworthy as an Egyptian asp! But then, he is an obstructionist liberal Democrat! What can you expect?!

  68. TPS12 says:

    schum this is why your not the President.

  69. bearone7777 says:

    Chuck Schumer——-The “IDIOTIC”–Gift that seems to not know when to stop giving!!!

  70. lou says:

    Schumer and the Liberalcrats all moan for the Bone

  71. JC Hoot says:

    Who in hell is Schumer LOL Just another hemorrhoid hanging out to cause irritations

    1. NoCoincidences says:

      Where is the emergency reserve of Preparation-H.?

  72. Michael Thompson says:

    shummer the tummer needs to be removed from the body politics

  73. Vangie Martinez says:

    I really wish Crying Chuck would just shut his mouth. Nothing but a trouble maker causing strife, dissension and division with the rest of his posse.

  74. noah jonas says:

    Is there anything the Democrat’s don’t hate. Hate is always coming out of Schumer, Pelosi, Maxipad Waters, Al Green, Barbara Jackson Lee, Liz Warren, Barack Insane Obama, etc.. Obama is no longer relevant, but he and his Deep State are still trying to destroy our country. Can’t we tar and feather these whackos and send them all to California.

  75. jim jones says:

    Schumer, your slut lost the election, get back under your rock!

  76. gobrien says:

    All the “bad stuff” with Russia happened while Obama was president. Obama’s punishment for their hacking was — “Knock it off,” sanctions and he kicked out 35 Russian diplomats. The left didn’t demand BO take further action — they were satisfied. So why is the left now expecting President Trump punish Russia further? And what do they want — for us to drop a nuke on Russia?

    The left loved Russia and has for decades (they’ve never met a dictator they didn’t like). We all know Obama and Hillary gave in to Russia over and over again and ignored Russia’s actions and policies. After presenting a plastic “Reset” button, BO and Hillary conceded on missile defense, overlooked Crimea, Ukraine, the shooting down of a passenger airliner (where they allowed Russia to remove evidence, steal passengers belonging, walk all over dead people and body parts), gave them 20% of U.S. uranium (for millions in donations to Clinton’s crime family fraud), invited Russia into Syria where they are killing 100’s of thousands of civilians, etc., etc., etc.

    If Russia is so evil, why did Obama & Hillary give them 20% of our uranium — which they turned around and sold to Iran?

  77. Jed Grove says:

    Schumer is a prime example of what is wrong with the democrat party, and most democrats !

  78. Mike_E_V says:

    The Democrats and especially Schumer have not learned the secret that loose lips sink ships. Why would you Telegraph your agenda to a possible adversary? In this day and age of increasing electronic surveillance surprise is an element which is becoming more and more elusive. Keep your mouth shut mr. Schumer. I think you would give away your mother’s Soul if you thought you could get a vote or two out of it. The public is realizing just how far you and the leftist Democrats will go to make political points and they don’t like it.

    1. NoCoincidences says:

      “…would give away your mother’s Soul if you thought you could get a vote or two out of it.” Understatement. *Schyster Chuckie sold his whole family’s souls at twice the market value price, since he got so little for his own a long time ago.

      * Contract and immediate collection still pending.

  79. bp 58 says:

    hey chuckie you pedophile f’ stick…you just dont know when to shut that hole in your face, except whens its full of meat…or dognuts ..

  80. travis690 says:

    The Yapper representing New York in the Senate thinks he should be the one to determine foreign policy for the United States? Someone should let him know that it’s the President’s duty to conduct foreign policy on behalf of the nation, not some loud-mouthed microphone-grabbing Senator that has less respect around the nation than a swamp rat.

  81. Jim Greaves says:

    Chuckles Screwball made his thoughts known to the world. But I got news for him. He is NOT the President, NOR is it his business (nor anyone’s in Congress), according to the Constitution they SWORE up and down to defend and protect, to conduct ANY diplomatic business with anyone. That task is “empowered to” the Executive branch. Not only is “sole legislative power delegated to a Congress”, but that is the only power so given – they are NOT entitled to any powers to “make treaties” or conduct foreign affairs. NOR is it their job to tell the President what he should or should not discuss during diplomatic missions overseas. No wonder our Republic is in such turmoil and DEBT – Congress can’t even do their own job, but prefer to do those jobs of other branches of government.

  82. There are so many Democrats that I am going to derive great pleasure from when I get to read their obituaries. Twat Schumer is one of them, along with Obama, HiLIARy, Pelosi, Waters, Kasich, McCain, Graham, Jackson(any of them), Reid, and many, many more Liberal Globalist Scumbags. The Republicans mentions are RINO SOB’s.

  83. parthenon1 says:

    Come on Charlie trade places with your cute little chubby daughter you are a comedian snd she fits the image of (Democrat) politician ( Dufus’es)

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