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Chuck Schumer’s Announcement Blew Up In His Face

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  1. Robert Jumonville says:

    Schumer must be playing hanky park with pilose

    1. 1937shirley says:

      Pelosi and Schumer belong together … in an insane asylum!

    2. granny_forUSA says:

      I do not think that the “V” pill is working for SCUMMER…..It would be a useless act of the hanky panky.

  2. Free Tomorrow says:

    Chucky boy is part of the democrats problem…the dems are tired of playing politics and actually want things to get done.

    1. This is why we need term limits and politicians do not get any retirement. Two terms in the house and one four year term in the senate and you cannot go from one house to the other. This will stop the running for office the day after they win and they will devote more time to doing what they should be doing moving America forward. The democrats have been taken over by the alt left and they are at most 20% of the country and they have ZERO ideas on helping the poor and middle class except for more taxes, more regulations and open borders all does not help them.

      1. FloridaBoyee says:

        What is so aggravating, is the fact that the UNIONS, who are finally losing their upper positions, are STRICKLY DUMBOCRATS! WHAT have they done for YOU, to warrant their FULL support? NOTHING!! They have YOUR Union Leaders in their back pocket and your union dues go to these slick politicians to benefit them, NOT YOU!! What happened to the auto industries? The Steel Factories? The Trucking? The Electricians? The Plumbers ? They went OVERSEAS!! Go to Chicago, Cleveland, Detroit, These Big cities are rusted out and CLOSED! But your Leaders tell you that the DUMBOCRATS are the ONES taking care of you!

        1. dranalog says:

          So true. Republicans need to do more to remind union members of that. That also goes for the Blacks and Hispanics.

          1. Barbara Mcmickings says:

            You are so right

        2. granny_forUSA says:

          Factories closed in Detroit due to the Blacks that were high on drugs, drinking on the job, worked 2 days and week and showed up on Friday to get a check, to buy more drugs & booze……and then they had the Union backing them……..Factories had to close because of them because of the Unions, Teamsters, etc…..

          Some factories re-opened and hired people that were willing to work and not high on drugs/alcohol………..But then the looneys voted in the kenyan born muslim that was an illegal CIC…….

          Factories started moving to foreign countries and the small business owners were out of business………due to a foreign DEM that hated the USA and was trying to make it a 3rd World Country.

          1. Barbara Mcmickings says:

            So true

          2. twinspineve says:

            the unions protect even bad workers. it is almost impossible to fire a bad worker.

        3. Barbara Mcmickings says:

          Yea, bullcrap, we know better

      2. Lorelle Hatcher says:

        We have term limits. Stop voting for incumbents!

        1. noBS says:

          Unfortunately, that doesn’t work. It is extremely rare for either party to support a new candidate against an incumbent during the primaries, so we (nearly) always end up with a choice in the general election of the incumbent vs the “other” party’s candidate. And most of the time, because of basic differences in philosophy, most voters don’t find it palatable to vote for the other party’s candidate.

          1. Lorelle Hatcher says:

            The only Democrat I ever vote for is whoever is running against Lindsey Graham. If everyone would do it we could get Lindsey out and then next time elect a better Republican. I’d put up with a Democrat for one term to get rid of Lindsey Graham.

          2. NDwight says:

            Way better to replace Lindsey Graham in the primaries and not get the commie Dems that seat in the election.

          3. Lorelle Hatcher says:

            Of course it would, but we have open primaries in SC and the democrats know that they can vote in the RINO and he’ll do their bidding even with the R next to his name. See if you can find the transcript of the congratulatory call Obama gave Graham when Graham won his seat last time. It was basically, if you still want the money spent in the Charleston Harbor project you better have my back.

          4. twinspineve says:

            we ought to get rid of parties…

        2. twinspineve says:

          that’s why they want the open borders.

      3. Barbara Mcmickings says:

        If our President has to have term limits , why not them too, been saying this for years, we the people need to demand it, we pay their huge salaries, which also needs to go now

    2. mhardin says:

      They certainly haven’t been tired the last 8 years!!! What they really want is to be back in control.

      1. jreg9304 says:

        they can’t control what they don’t understand without a rigid leader and none of them come close to being the mentioned leader of anything but atrocities waiting to happen!!

      2. June G says:

        With RINOs help they are in control. Soros owns too many Republicans.

    3. chief1937 says:

      Lets hope so but they aren’t making much headway.

    4. Barbara Mcmickings says:


  3. Ischgabibble says:

    Commode toad Chuckie Schumer needs to see a psychiatric physician about that tumor between his ears. It’s causing him to become demented and seriously unreasonable. I think he needs to check into Bellevue Hospital immediately for a lobotomy.

    1. Ron says:

      He’s already had one! That’s the PROBLEM!!!

      1. JeanneTherese says:

        🙂 🙂 so true! lol

    2. Jim says:

      Runs in the Schumer family !!!

      1. rottenrollin says:

        Runs in the DIMMERCRAT family.

    3. Tontine101 says:

      Why do I think of Kay Kaiser when I see your name?

    4. rottenrollin says:

      That tumor between his ears is common to ALL Dimmercrats………THAT’S the problem.

    5. Barbara Mcmickings says:

      Lmao, so true

    6. rottenrollin says:

      Isn’t Chuckie just a turd floating in the pond. What a miserable piece of sht he is. I hope he ends in hell, as he is working towards. Win win, eh?

    7. maddog2008 says:

      Not to correct you, but his name is UPCHUCK Schumer and sadly he is my senator who I have dealt with in the past, he is a full blown liar who will stab anyone in the back to gain more money & power, a real POS. imo

      1. No name nut case says:

        I can believe that! :0)

    8. HAWK says:

      The dementia you mentioned is because he always has his head up his ass. Nothing in nothing out.

    9. twinspineve says:

      new York city is in bad shape due to chuckie…

  4. Kirk Kahler says:

    I hope the members of the left wake up and see that there leaders like schumer are not doing there party any good going after trump and team is a loosing battle since trump has done so much good in a short time and the leaders of the left are preaching so much hate , fake news and lies that the people are not in love with there party as much as they were in 2016 ! people don’t want to be part of a team of bully’s , liars, pimps of fake news, people who are obstructing making America great ! so I can see the that some on the left want to do the jobs that the people voted for and they them self’s don’t like what they see in there party ! like I have told people that I am sure there are some good people on the left but the ones that are making so much noise are putting all in the same boat !

    1. KDC says:

      Most people aren’t stupid. They can see through all the divisive schemes and when push comes to shove, preople will do what’s best for their family. I don’t think most people are alt left.

      1. rottenrollin says:

        You’re too optimistic. America has become a nation of morons.

        Witness Obama’s two terms. Need I say more?

        1. KDC says:

          You’re right, I am too optimistic.

          1. rottenrollin says:

            Better to be looking up to heaven…….

            Than down to Dimmercrats…….

            So keep your optimism.

          2. Barbara Mcmickings says:

            Amen brother

          3. Barbara Mcmickings says:


        2. sharank251 says:

          not at all…there is evidence on the horizon the election was tainted and corrupted. just like the dems

          1. rottenrollin says:

            Right! 2008 Obama got in with the illegal vote, DID IT AGAIN in 2012, thought he was gonna do it again in 2016, give him credit for getting out, the basturd. Think he knew he’d get shot for sure if he pulled a coup.

            Would have liked to see that.

          2. patriot2 says:

            see what,the funeral?

          3. rottenrollin says:

            LOVE a funeral for a Dimmercrat.

          4. rottenrollin says:

            I have a HARD time NOT upvoting myself, I make So much more sense than da dimiercrats do…

            Of course, that don’t take much, do it?

          5. rottenrollin says:

            Shame on me.

          6. rottenrollin says:

            Obama being shot. The basturd needs to go. PERIOD.

          7. Barbara Mcmickings says:

            That’s for darn sure

          8. rottenrollin says:

            my, what A SURPRISE……………

            Dimmercrats suck, back and forth, front to rear, side to side, dimmercrats suck.

          9. Barbara Mcmickings says:

            You are so right

          10. Cole Johnson says:

            Yes! 5 million illegals voted for billary! BUT! It was only the dems! Try again cupcake!

          11. twinspineve says:

            illegals should not be allowed to vote for al least 5 years.

          12. Robert Walters says:

            Illegals as in illegal should NOT BE ALLOWED TO VOTE PERIOD ! They are in this country illegally, they have no rights just like a felon.

          13. rottenrollin says:


            Illegals should NOT vote at all.

            OUR CONSTITUTION, you illiterate, specifies CITIZENSHIP as a requirement to vote.

          14. Procius says:

            What is this ‘evidence on the horizon’ that you seem to be the only one that is able to find. No one else, not even the professional investigators can find any evidence at all to indicate that the election was altered by any outside influence

        3. Mark Plenn says:

          Lincoln said it, ” you can fool all of the people some of the time and some of the people all the time ; but, you can’t fool all of the people all of the time!”

        4. David in MA says:

          Hey, 30 million black people and the welfare slugs all cannot be wrong, can they? (sarcasm)

      2. Israel Kills AMERICANS says:


        1. The Jews have emasculated our nation by destroying our pride in America’s Christian history. Without a commonly held memory a nation ceases to exist as a cohesive unit.

        2. The Jews have labeled America’s Christian Founding Fathers as “racists” and “white slavers” while at the same time suppressing the fact that Jews financed and participated in the Black slave trade.

        3. The Jews have promoted multiculturalism, celebrating every culture — no matter how backward and barbaric — except for Western white European culture. As Jewish feminist Susan Sontag, (originally named Susan Rosenblatt), stated: “The white race is the cancer of humanity.” But Susan Rosenblatt Sontag’s own cancerous contagion is her lesbian perversity with photographer Annie Leibovitz and Nicole Stephane Rothschild, the banking heiress turned movie actress.

        4. The Jews have driven our Christian heritage from the public square through the efforts of the Jewish Lobby Groups, the ADL and the ACLU. American children will grow up in a society wiped clean of any vestiges of the Bible, Christ or the Cross. However, the Menorah is still allowed in public displays and in the White House for Hannukah celebrations.

        5. The Jews have torn our borders open, permitting, indeed cheering, the Third World immigrants who will soon replace the white Christian American majority. The Jacob Javitzes and the Lautenbergs have designed legislation that will genocide us. They have done all this while simultaneously supporting Israel’s “Jews-only” immigration policy.

        6. The Jews have pushed, created and profited from pornography and perverse entertainment. The “chosen people” make up 90% of all American pornographers. The Hollywood they run has mainstreamed wife-swapping, common law marriages, fornication, homosexuality, lesbianism, transvestitism, pedophilia, drug and alcohol abuse and self-indulgence. Bestiality will be next on the list for these society-corrupting Jews.

        1. Procius says:

          Seeing as this is about all you ever post, I have a question for you. Are you able to prove any of the claims you are making or are they just the ramblings of a warped and deranged mind.

        2. rottenrollin says:


        3. Brad Tipton says:

          You must be one very antisemitic, misinformed, unstable, self-righteous skinhead. As a committed Christian, I attended a college with a high Jewish enrollment, and worked my entire professional life (44 years) with predominantly Jewish clients. I found them all to be TRUE AMERICANS committed to the welfare of our great country and their fellow Americans. For example, in college I had a very bad personal experience that left me a mental mess. The first to observe my plight and offer aid? My Jewish classmates. In addition they took me to their Rabbi for comfort and consolation. Their intent was not to “convert” me, their intent was to HELP a fellow human being, with care and compassion. Enough said?

    2. FloridaBoyee says:

      BUT, we do have some die -hard DUMBOCRATS, that believe their stupid leaders! We have one here in Florida and he is up for re-election and he also, needs to retire!

      1. Jeff Warner says:

        Then retire him!

        1. Robert Walters says:

          I don’t have to tell you, “ITS YOUR DUTY TO VOTE”, it’s time to rally the people. “WE THE PEOPLE” must put a stop to the NO RESPONSE, DO NOTHING DEM/LIBERAL PARTY. Vote, vote them all out of office. Anyone holding a political position from any party NOT SUPPORTING THE PEOPLE, VOTE THEM OUT OF OFFICE.
          AMERICA FIRST, time to rebuild our great nation.

          1. HAWK says:

            Excellent post I hope we as voters will help drain the swamp.

          2. No name nut case says:

            The only problem is that the liberals are still out there doing their dirty work!

          3. twinspineve says:

            publish the salaries the senators make and other benefits and maybe the people will wake up. serve the people is bullshxt.

      2. Barbara Mcmickings says:

        Maybe the will vote him out too, I’ll say prayers

    3. Indian360 says:

      Right on !!!

    4. JeanneTherese says:

      I totALLY AGREE! What a shame for Democrats. They need to grow up or get out of politics.

      1. Barbara Mcmickings says:

        Isn’t that the darn truth, come around or get out, or be voted out, Like McCain needs to go, song bird trader has done enough damage for one life time

      2. patriot2 says:

        don’t you mean both?

        1. rottenrollin says:

          Nope. YOU mean both.

          Not all of us are convinced that the rgiht is as ahole as the left is.

          1. No name nut case says:

            I have always voted right, but I am now seeing the cronyism! The right is getting to be, if not already, as bad as the left! Wake up! Clean out all of the House and the Senate!

          2. rottenrollin says:

            If you always voted right……..THEN you always voted RIGHT.

            Despite the RINOs and the traitors within the republican party, and there are too many………

            Ideology alone puts the Cons WAY OUT in front of the Dimmercrats.

            Dimmercrats offer ONLY a tired socialist/marxist pile of sht platform to you.

      3. twinspineve says:

        politicians leave office millionaires. trump borrowed money from his father…paid it back. he knows how to make money. bet he gets our national debt of twenty trillion down.

      4. No name nut case says:

        Voting against them will MAKE them grow up AND get out of politics! They will stay in as long as they can because it pay$$$$!

    5. Barbara Mcmickings says:

      Amen Kirk

    6. bearone7777 says:

      KIRK—-You can hope for anything, but waking up they will never do!!

    7. bub says:

      Maybe any “good Democrats” (in my opinion as elusive as the unicorns that blow bubbles up their …) would be better off switching parties.

      1. No name nut case says:

        One of the problems is that the people who have gone to the Right are voting with the Left! WAKE UP!

  5. Ron haymaker says:

    Gee how many ways can you say DUMB? DEMOCRAT—LIBERAL—LEFT

    1. Procius says:

      In the Senate, there are 50 ways

  6. mcp10981 says:

    Clowns rarely draw more than laughs, and Chuckie the Clown from New York is no exception.

    1. John says:

      him and that Minn. Senator that is the clown, i mean the one that was snl comedian.
      the idiot

      1. Mark Plenn says:

        You mean Freaky Franken!

  7. John Kane says:

    There wont be enough of them left after the midterms to slow down or stop anything. I for one am very happy they have not figured out what the problem is. Oh wait,they have, it’s Russia or the F.B.I.or twitter,or the D.N.C. or low voter turn out due to bad weather. I guess Republicans don’t melt in the rain like snowflakes. If I missed a reason.please feel free to add it.

    1. Countrysunrise says:

      Don’t they realize that if the weather was perfect, that there would have been Republicans that came out to vote, too!! That’s just a pipe dream to make themselves feel better!!

      1. noBS says:

        ALSO, the polls were open for several weeks before the final day of voting. The weather was NO excuse.
        Still further, the Dems even won their protest to allow new voters — people who didn’t even register until AFTER the first election was held — to vote in the runoff, which went against state law. They still couldn’t win even with the addition of those new voters.

        1. Countrysunrise says:

          I wasn’t aware of the polls being open for several weeks before the final day. Any time I learn something new, it’s a GOOD day for me!! Looks like it was a BAD day for them!! lol I don’t know if it was legal in their State or not, but in some States, you can register to vote when you renew your Driver’s License, thanks to Bill Clinton. So if that was the case, how many of them voted by absentee ballot??

    2. disqus_kfieT5umNU says:


    3. granny_forUSA says:

      The list would be much too long………….

  8. KDC says:

    “scheme to obstruct Senate business.”… Why isn’t this against the law or the Constitution? I’m glad some commie/Libs seem to have a conscience. Though I find it remarkably hard to believe. Lets face it, they’re only hurting themselves as anyone with half a brain can see their nefarious dealings and schemes. Might be why the GOP won in N.Carolina. But, let’s not let on.

    1. Procius says:

      I don’t think it is so much that some have a conscience as it it that not all Dems are commies and are just now starting to stand up a little. Most of them that are not just go along to get along as the job is to good to lose

  9. Countrysunrise says:

    Cryin’ Chucky Schumer cried wolf too many times!! Did you hear his speech this morning?? He was talking about health care for Seniors, then was talking about some of the things that would supposedly be cut. One of them would be pregnancy care, although he didn’t use those exact words. I didn’t know that Seniors were planning on getting pregnant!! I thought we were fighting to stop paying for that extra on our insurance coverage as it stands NOW!! Why should Seniors pay for birth-control, or even pregnancy coverage, when they usually don’t get pregnant at that age?? He doesn’t even pay attention to what he says — he just talks to talk!!

    1. KDC says:

      Lol…that’s right!

    2. Ramah Lee says:

      he had his speech written before the bill was posted, guess he had physic powers!!

      1. granny_forUSA says:

        What he has is called………..DEMENTIA………

    3. Barbara Mcmickings says:

      He’s just a loud mouth oxymoron that thinks he’s tuff and controls things, he’s finding out its not working for him anymore

  10. Thomas Palmer says:

    The Democrats are getting just as much say and this Healthcare bill as Republicans got in Obama Cares Bill Passage. They forced it through no matter what the Republicans said and no matter what their constituents said.

    1. KDC says:

      Yes, they forced it through, but I didn’t see the Republicans putting up such a stink either. Just saying.

      1. bytheway4 says:

        KDC remember that the obamacare was voted behind closed doors and with only democrats there, Republicans were not notified. But nothing was said. Obama can throw up on to the democrat’s face and they would just smile at the muslim.

    2. Procius says:

      Slightly different situation, The Republicans asked the Dems for their input on this healthcare issue, but the Dems refused to cooperate at all, while on Obamacare the Republicans were shut out completely and only the Dems leadership were involved. Also remember what Pelosi said “We have to pass this to find out whats in it” So most Dems were even shut out of the bill also

  11. Charlie says:

    The democ-rats will get their comeuppance at the voting booths in November 2018 and November 2020 when they lose several more senate seats. They obviously can not learn so they obviously will not win. Help Make The democ-rat Party As Stale As Ancient History? Vote Republican in 2018 and 2020!!!

  12. Countrysunrise says:

    Between Cryin’ Chucky Schumer, Nancy “no brains” Pelosi, little Dicky Durbin, and Crazy Auntie Maxine leading them, they’re going right down the tubes!! Suits me fine!!

    1. 1937shirley says:

      You said it!

    2. bttrap says:

      the sooner the better

    3. Linda Smith says:

      me too, but those dimwits make GOOD MONEY to preach and basically DO NOTHING….the shame of it all is they take our money….TAXES

      1. Barbara Mcmickings says:

        Yes girl, maybe President Trump will get it back

      2. Mark Plenn says:

        TERM LIMITS!

    4. Mick Fischer says:

      Glad you included Dickie Durbin. Al Franken should also have been included to the list!

      1. cp123 says:

        What’s interesting is Sharpton is keeping a really low profile. Why. The press should ask.

        1. rottenrollin says:

          He’s worrying Trump is coming after the $4 MILLION in taxes he owes Uncle Sam.

          And maybe some jail time for this race pimping son of a bich.

          1. 10-Nov-1775 says:

            he still owes for the tawana brawley scheme.

          2. rottenrollin says:

            IF he were someone like, say, Tim Scott…….

            He would have been sent to prison a long time ago, eh?

            The Dimmercrats would have seen to it, along with the Dimmercrat Media.

          3. twinspineve says:

            not so sharp Sharpton also thought of running for president. I wish ben carson had been our first black president. blacks ans whites both liked him.

          4. Barbara Mcmickings says:

            Let’s pray he does, that lying thief needs to be in jail for more things then just the money

          5. rottenrollin says:

            I’d rather see him UNDER the jail………

            But ONLY after he suffers as much as his blind followers have.

      2. Countrysunrise says:

        Thank you for reminding me!! He’s already such a has-been, that I already forgot about him!! He was a has-been when he was a Comedian, and wasn’t funny back then. Now he’s not a threat when he says anything, because nobody can understand his mumbling that’s coming out of his mouth!! He tries to form words, and flips pages on the boards they put him on, but he’s not efficient!! What a loser he is!!

        1. Barbara Mcmickings says:

          Amen, well put

      3. Barbara Mcmickings says:

        Yes indeed

      4. Mark Plenn says:

        Franken was a lousy comic and is even worse as a Senator.

        1. Procius says:

          Don,t blame Franken for being in office, lay the fault where it belongs, squarely on the people who voted him in. Just remember what Obama reminded us of, “elections have consequences”

      5. jeannemartin says:

        Please don’t leave Lizzy Warren out, or ole Hillary or uncle Biden!
        And now we are saddled with Chelsea!!!!! What a gaggle of geese! ?

      6. No name nut case says:

        How about that liberal a.w. Jimmy Kimmel?

    5. JeanneTherese says:

      great descriptions!!! Could not have done better LOL

      1. Countrysunrise says:

        Thank you!! It’s people like you that keep my energy and thought process flowing!! It also helps with my recall on all of the research that I do on a daily basis, to try and be accurate with my statements!!

    6. disqus_kfieT5umNU says:

      I hope they just keep doing what they are doing for more lost elections, just like Trump said….they live in an alternative reality they just can’t figure out the American people said NO TO THEIR COMMIE AGENDA.

      1. Barbara Mcmickings says:

        Well said

    7. Barbara Mcmickings says:

      Don’t forget song bird trader McCain

      1. Procius says:

        Same problem here as with Franken, the fault lies with the people who keep voting him back in.

    8. Mark Plenn says:

      Smacksy Maxie Waters is the biggest thief in DC!

  13. Not A Farmer says:

    The Democrats are going to lose all their good Democrat follower’s and only have liberals followers if they keep up this destructive behavior. Trump is proving to be a great President. Democrats need to figure out how they can use the President to make them look good rather than spoiled little brats who wants socialism/communism rather than freedom.

    1. disqus_kfieT5umNU says:

      They can’t stand that Trump is a great president…they want to continue their communist/socialist agenda….

      1. cp123 says:

        With the aid of Obama.

      2. Barbara Mcmickings says:

        All they know, been this way for years

      3. jeannemartin says:

        I call myself a Conservative!
        I have never been prouder of that title as I feel the majority of the country is coming around to our way of thinking!
        Values and morals are back in play and our President loves our country and only wants what is best for it and its citizens!
        Meanwhile, the Democrats are getting crucified at every turn!
        But Trump promised us we would be winning so much we will get tired of it!
        Well, I am NOT tired of it, I ❤️it.
        Trump is the best thing to happen to our country since Reagan.
        If Democrats would put away their
        insecurities and childish behavior and work with Trump, we would have the greatest administration there could be!
        If Dems don’t cooperate, however, we will do it ourselves and they will be left at the gate wondering what went wrong again!
        God bless President Trump and God bless America! ??

        1. rottenrollin says:

          Dimmercrats will ALWAYS wonder what went wrong……..

          And NEVER look in the mirror to see.

          1. rottenrollin says:

            What’s THAT i the mirror???

            Oh, Shit, it’s me!!!!!

            Am I really THAT freaking UGLY????

            A Dimmercrat, I must be.

        2. HAWK says:

          Great post and god bless you. All the democrats want is power and money they could care less about our country. Trump is draining the swamp as he promised.

      4. FloridaBoyee says:

        They listen to HOLLYWOOD useless idiots and the Liberal Media everyday and BELIEVE EVERYTHING that they are fed! Look at the multimillions of $$ THROWN into this one congressional war! And then to be such hypocrites, they were “COMING TOGETHER because ONE of their congressmen was shot and they “Saw the LIGHT”. That sure did NOT last Long, did it? They NEED to REPRESENT US, the American People BEFORE their own pockets and I do NOT see that happening soon! Get behind President TRUMP and let’s get the USA BACK on course or get OUT!

        1. HAWK says:

          Excellent post. With Trump as president our country will be great again GOD BLESS THE USA

        2. No name nut case says:

          I suggest that others do as I did. TURN OFF THE TV! I don’t watch day time tv unless its a game show! ANY show that even mentions politics I turn off (if they mention it during a day time talk show, they are LIBERALS)! Believe me, you will survive if you don’t have the boob tube on! Turn on the radio, dance while you clean the floors. It will be good for you. The producers will see that their ratings are low and the PRODUCERS will take them off!

      5. rottenrollin says:

        He’s not, yet.

        But he’s on his way, for sure

        Put a Con o the SCOTUS.

        But it remains to be seen if he can defeat the freaking damned EVIL of the DIMMERCRATS.

    2. Barbara Mcmickings says:

      Amen, well said

    3. rottenrollin says:

      Good Democrat follower’s??????????????????????????


      They’re all Basturds.


  14. billjohnso20 says:

    The lies of the Left are losing ground. They are protesting the new healthcare bill as secretive, yet, Pelosi told the country they had to pass Obamacare so they could find out what was in it! Why? Obama kept it secret from Democrats AND Republicans! The American people are actually started to recall things that the Democrats have lied about and are calling them on it! Nonetheless, the party doubled-down and spent more money for the Georgia District 6 race than has ever been spent in a single House race! Why did they lose their 5th special election, the party is out of touch with what is really going on in our country. The nation is fed up with the lies and the radical liberal direction the Dems and Obama took the nation in.

    Anytime the pendulum swings too far in one direction, it must be corrected! We are as a Republic in full correction mode. I, for one, am glad the Democrats are still spouting their hate! They are going to relevance for a generation. I say, let them keep doing what they are doing and give them enough rope . . . .

    1. Joseph Prycodzien says:

      FMI: Is this what is meant by ‘DUMOCATS’ when discussing ‘leadership’ ??
      The anti-trump losers really need more of a mentality and a good dose of reality.

    2. Barbara Mcmickings says:

      Thank you well put

  15. Richard Muccillo Nmd Dcm says:

    shitmer needs a good broom to his ugly mug

    1. Countrysunrise says:

      More like a boot……..

  16. Countrysunrise says:

    We all know that Cryin’ Chucky Schumer is losing it!! After all, if you saw the story in the paper, within the past month, he told someone off in a classy restaurant, because they were a Trump voter!! Not a very classy NOR sane thing to do!! She was just trying to enjoy dinner with her Husband, who was a Clinton supporter.

    1. Israel Kills AMERICANS says:


      The Israeli Attack on the USS Liberty — Paul Craig Roberts

      Tattered flags show ferocity of the attacks

      The Israelis claim the Liberty flew no flag, but two US flags full of holes from the attack exist. When the first flag was shot down, crewmen replaced it with a flag 7 feet by 13 feet. This flag with its battle scars is on display at NSA headquarters at Ft. Mead, Maryland.
      Admiral John S. McCain Jr., the father of the current US senator, ordered Admiral Isaac C. Kidd and Captain Ward Boston to hold a court of inquiry and to complete the investigation in only one week. In a signed affidavit Captain Boston said President Johnson ordered a cover-up and that he and Admiral Kidd were prevented from doing a real investigation. Liberty survivors were ordered never to speak to anyone about the event. Their silence was finally broken 12 years later when Lt. Commander James M. Ennes published his book, Assault on the Liberty.
      It is now established fact that the attack on the Liberty was intentional and was covered up by President Johnson and every administration since. There has never been a congressional investigation, nor has the testimony of the majority of survivors ever been officially taken. Moreover, testimony that conflicted with the cover-up was deleted from the official record.

      1. David S. McQueen says:

        Jews are NOT America’s enemy. The DEMOCRATS are!

          1. Mark Plenn says:

            Pay your NSDAP Dues asshole!

      2. Bob Carey says:


        1. Israel Kills AMERICANS says:


        2. Israel Kills AMERICANS says:

          I hate any foreign country like Israel killing Americans.



          Today, Israel lives up to her name as an international hub of prostitution and white slavery in the Mideast.

          Amnesty International, in its 2005 Report on Discrimination Against Women in Israel says:

          Trafficking of women for forced prostitution has occurred over a number of years but appears to have been compounded in the past 15 years by several factors, including increased links between traffickers in Israel and former Soviet republics, in the wake of the large wave of immigration of citizens of these countries to Israel…

          …Many women are lured to work in Israel under false pretense and are then forced into the sex industry. While many are reportedly aware that they will be working as sex workers, they are not aware they will be subject to violent and exploitative environments, working seven days a week and up to 18 hours a day for extremely low salaries or no salaries at all. Many are subjected to other serious human rights violations, including rape, deprivation of their liberty, and debt-bondage. Women forced to work as sex workers are reportedly also frequently subjected to threats of abuse and even murder. Half the women interviewed by the Hotline for Migrant Workers were effectively incarcerated by their “pimps” and, according to a 2003 survey, almost half of all women “sold” to pimps reported that policemen were among their clients.

      3. Mark Plenn says:

        You are being put out of the NSDAP for lack of yearly Dues. You’re in arears asshole pay up!

  17. cpwill63 says:

    Chuck Schumer needs to be impeached I will start action right away. He needs to be replace because he is dumper than a Jack Ass. I would love to see his head on a Jack Ass. He will try anything to cause problems in the Senate needs to work together are they will be all replace next election. I will give the repulican all my Billion to make sure that happens.

  18. George E. LeFebvre says:

    Schumer, Pelousi, HITLERY, along with several of these liberal dumbocrats need to be removed from their jobs and by all means, the two dimwit republicans McCain and Graham along with them.

    1. tmmwint says:

      Let’s not forget Chelsea Clinton…

    2. Kathy says:

      Yes, please don’t eliminate McCain the traitor and Graham and McConnell along with the rest…we definitely need new life in DC and then perhaps things will get done

  19. john w w taylor says:

    Chuck Schumer is another “progressive” democrat that would love to install socialisim into America. It is time for true Americans to vote this guy out of office.

    1. Procius says:

      Not to be trying, but I think you have mislabeled Chuck Schumer.He is without any doubt a “progressive socialist” which is a term that most people do not actually know what it means nor where it originated. Most have only heard it recently but it has been around for almost 100 years. For those that don’t know, the term progressive socialist was originally used by Lennin in 1922 when he was running for office in the Soviet Union and thought the people would not accept anyone running under the communist label. So the two terms are identical

  20. 1937shirley says:

    Dump Schumer libs!

  21. Maggietish says:

    The problem is that the Democrats are playing politics and they’re not doing anything that’s good for this country or the American people. The democrats totally supported Harry Reid when he pushed through Reconciluation in which they only needed 51 votes in the Senate to pass legislation. So why are they complaining now since the Republicans are only exercising with the Democrats put in place to begin with. Why are we paying them they have for way too long not done their jobs and are only interested in taking care of themselves and their own special interests. If they were in private industry they would’ve been fired along time ago. They have for too long betrayed the American people and the United States and it’s more than time for them to go. We need to clean the swamp America and we need to do it now. The only thing that the Democrats are good at is obstructionism and encouraging violence and anarchy which is counterproductive to the United States and the American people. Term limits!

  22. jreg9304 says:

    Schummer, you are fired!!!!!!!!!

  23. Jeffrey Revers says:

    Chuck You Are Still The Biggest Smuck Except For Nancy Pelosi. You act like a TWO YEAR OLD. Grow Up Chuck.

    1. Israel Kills AMERICANS says:

      Jew York City Anti American

      1. Mark Plenn says:

        Your Dues are needed for the NSDAP!

    2. Joseph Prycodzien says:

      Just wondering — has Schummer had his BarMitzah as of this date ??

  24. glock 19 fan says:

    My spell checker doesn’t recognize the name Schumer and offers “Schemer” instead. How appropriate! “Chucky”…as in “Bride of….” and “Seed of…” should retire!.

  25. travis690 says:

    So, Cryin’ Chuckie wants to have some input into the hearings that will steer the new health-payment legislation, yet he has also already said that he planned to say, “No!” to any of the Republican proposals.

    Why should such a reprobate have any input into any piece of legislation? He and his cronies already played that game when the shoes were on the other feet, in 2009/2010, with the passage of ObamaDoesn’tCare. That makes no sense for him to demand a seat at the table. He should be locked in the cloak room instead for these histrionic antics he always leads with whenever he’s in front of a friendly audience (which would include all his press gaggles and press conferences).

    I have passed the level of patience with this weasel. I can’t trust him any more than I can trust Barack Obama to not tell a lie (remember: “If you like your health plan, you can keep your health plan.”). Just like I can’t expect to see Nancy Pelosi change her facial expression, since she always seems to have that wicked look on her face.

  26. CompletelyOutsane says:

    Chucky Shroomer hasn’t a clue that he is on the losing side, full of losers.

  27. vinny says:

    Schumer you and your ASSHOLE BUDDIES should just throw in the towel. YOUR DONE!!!

  28. Mike USA says:

    Shmuckie SHumer is a tool. He needs his butt kicked, which is what’s starting to happen. The AMerican public including libs know that they are wrong, but still blindly foolow their lead lemming over the cliff. Good ridance to the obstructionist, communist Dims!

  29. Mike W says:

    The Democrats are so childish – they passed their Obamacare without knowing whats in it now they are trying to block a new bill again without even knowing wants in it. They should have learned by now that most Americans are tiring of their obstructionist behavior. We want to see the economy moving forward and jobs created – they continue to try and block the way and it keeps continuing to hurt them – as evidenced in Georgia most recently. They kicked Hillary Clinton th the curb, they are throwing Nancy Pelosi under the bus I wonder how long Schmuck Schumer – career d’bag – thinks he has left before he is tossed on the garbage pile of history where he belongs. The Democrats would be much better served if their so called “representatives” were to start coming up with some solutions to help with the problems the country is facing and quit creating them.

  30. J.p. Pennington says:

    Terrible typo in the first sentence. Do better. It’s important

  31. Gary Smith says:

    Schumer is an asshole

  32. ronniecanoli says:

    Schumer is a SCUMMER..

  33. rick meek says:

    Why is it —- that CA – NY and MA LEADS THE NATION IN DEMOTRASH TO DC…….

  34. rick meek says:

    Time to clean house and senate and DC and states and Locals and the world……

  35. Charles Cunninham says:

    And they wonder why they lost the election in GA.

  36. usn says:

    Why keep fighting this crap get on to tax reform and border and let Obamacare die on its own then the democrats will have egg on their face.

  37. Doris Belanger Frazier says:

    They need to sh_t or get off the pot. This is doing nothing but prove what a bunch of ignorant and rude self absorbed idiots they are.

  38. US Patriot says:

    When you look up douche bag on the Internet, it pulls up Chuck Schumer’s photo

  39. drbhelthi says:

    Tel-Aviv stooges in US senator slots are still senators and not the U.S. President. Time to hunker down to ones job in the senate of the U.S. congress and stop trying to play US president. Are US senators who carry out Tel Aviv´s agenda committing treason?

  40. BigAl says:

    If Schumer had a scintilla of patriotic sense for this County and his party, he’d strap on an explosive belt and take Nancy out to lunch

  41. gene smiith says:

    These fools are not doing their jobs. The People gave them a job to do for the welfare of the Country…..not the welfare of the individual lawmakers and their agenda. It is long past time for these folks to start acting like adults and doing the job they were hired to do or get out and let someone else do it….the work is essential and leaves no room for Ego expansion or any other grandstanding stupidity.

  42. Robert Walters says:

    Schumer, what an asshole, he cares nothing for all the working class people loosing health insurance through Obamacare, what a joke. The rich Dems, Obama and big insurance made millions while the rest of us had it ramed down our throats. PEOPLE WAKE UP, SAVE AMERICA. Vote, vote this SOB and every other Dem/Lib out of office or God Help Us All. AMERICA FIRST !

  43. downs1 says:

    Chuck Schumer, Adam Schiff, and a host of other members of Congress as well as other politically active organizations, including Susan N. Herman and a number of her liberal lawyers at the ACLU and others, just won’t see their seditious actions as treasonous and against God Almighty! When they stand before the God of their fathers in judgment and hear the sentence for their dividing and bringing down a great nation that He raised up, they will weep and wail and snivel, but it will be too late! But they just won’t listen to the truth! So sad!

  44. Deb says:

    schummer, enough of this childish, asinine behavior. Your losing everything, 1 because of obama’s total destruction of our country that failed and showed us what he is, 2 who thought up this silly olenski make the GOP look bad, that is so out-dated and remember liberal professors made sure we read all his nonsense so we know what’s up. I am so glad Regan got me out of the dumbocrats clutches!!!

  45. kassa1 says:

    Schumer is nothing but a communist operative, in the communist a.k.a. Democrat party. Show more like his colleagues if you want to call him that in Congress, only care about one thing my way or the highway, G this is just like the Communist Party does is Schumer is nothing but a communist operative, in the communist a.k.a. Democrat party. Show more like his colleagues if you want to call him that in Congress, only care about one thing my way or the highway, G this is just like the Communist Party doesn’t it?

  46. bill says:

    the dem-o-rats forget how they passed there health care bill.[ IN A BACK ROOM] and to all the dem-o-rats we are watching you assholes and we will fix you in 2018 [ DRAIN THE SWAMP]

  47. Michael Sanders says:

    Democrats are brain dead. They just keep up their negativity and hate fest. And they just keep losing. Definition of idiocy. They just keep doing the same thing over and over while expecting a different outcome.

  48. Not_Easily_Impressed says:

    V.interesting. IMO, a lot of the problems Trump has bumped into have to do with not building a consensus among Republican leaders and the hard work of collecting commitments to vote for his proposals. It is hard work and Trump has been on a steep learning curve. Now, just read this article and transfer the idea to Schumer! Schumer is threatening and did not check things through with his team, LOL, the wheel turns.

  49. chief1937 says:

    Democrats should be careful what tactics they bring into the senate their last bright idea to change the rules didn’t work out so well when republicans got in the majority. We the people have had just about enough of this stalling and blocking nonsense time to get on with the nations business. Your party was demoted from majority to minority the last election careful it is not reduced to nothing next time. Fess up you lost Donald won get use to it for at least 4 years maybe even 8.

  50. leviathan says:

    When I was teaching elementary school,my students from grade 3 up to grade 6 were more mature than many of the so called leaders of this nation. However as long as they keep the willingly ignorant in line they will stay in office.America is sick of the God rejecting,Islamic welcoming,and continuous move to divide us by these leftists who are rich by their corrupt dealings.

  51. Kathy says:

    The democrats seem to have lost their memories from when they passed Obamacare…without any input from Republicans and the American citizens…and it has proved disasterous to all of us…what short memories they have…they shoved their bill down our throats and showed no mercy…but now they want to have a say in the republican’s bill. Too bad Chuckie and Nancy.

  52. off2shop says:

    Let’s take a “walk” down “What if” and see if all of our 454 voted in politicians would still be employed IF they had real jobs in the real world. What if 454 employees of one company didn’t like a new policy that just came out in the new “USA Company Hand Book” and they decided to stop work at said USA Company because they were mad at their employer for changing a company rule that the said company did not discuss with them. On Monday morning, all 454 employees stopped work and shown signs of throwing a temper tantrum.

    On Friday, they are told to either get back to work or they all will be fired for failing to complete their work that had been scheduled for them to complete. No work, No pay! That is the all American way!

    Personally, I wish we could fire all of these dead beats politicians and cut off their benefits because they can not accept the fact that they work for the American People that voted them into office to WORK for US. TERM LIMITS are a NECESSITY!!

  53. Bayside GolfClub says:

    The Republicans and Trump are enabling a pathway for Americans to buy INSURANCE THAT THEY CHOOSE… The democrats vow to destroy the opportunity..
    Can’t get any more evil than that..

  54. Arnold Young says:

    If these idiots keep on doing this type of Damage they are going to keep on losing elections and becoming even more inconsequential then they already are. American is voting with there hearts and these dumb-dumbs are not getting the message. keep it up and they will go the way of the old wigg party the republicans replaced so many years ago.

  55. quelque chose says:

    GROW UP, SCHMUCKY!!! And your Demonrat pals, too!

  56. Maryann Hearn Bowman says:

    Why not put Rand Paul and the other 2 Republicians, along with the people drafting the new healthcare bill, in as room and get this crap finished. I still think they should have left it along before Obamacare. All the people were taken care of when they went to a hospital. Even if it was a long care situation. BO wanted to do just what he got to do, thanks to Pelosi and her hoods. Controlling the healthcare in the USA is just one more step to communism. I wish Trump would just stay out of it.

  57. cheryl55 says:

    It is amazing that even their die hard cult like followers are still following the Democrats!! They have literally become TOXIC!! And who in their right mind could trust them to run anything?

  58. jug says:

    They are not “Dumbocrats”!

    What they really are is “Commiecrats”!
    Virtuall all their leaders are communist and about half of the rank and file.

    After their “leaders” hi-jacked” the CPUSA political platform, way back in the 1960s it took until 2008 the elect their first Communist president.
    And now that their plan for the second one, even with a rigged election failed they are very pissed off! They actually thought that they could then hold the presidency long enough to get some “permanent” leader/s in.

    Trump and the awakening voters pissed on that planbbb;, and now they are worried abot the illegal things that they did in the meantime.
    Hillary even once blurted out, “If that Son of a Bitch Wins, We are ALL Going to JAIL”!

    They are trying NOT to, but actually, they just might be better off, keeping low key and their mouths shut! But you know they cant do that, or shoot straight either!

  59. Maryann Hearn Bowman says:

    She THINKS she is greater than she is. She is so snooty that I was happy when she left Fox. She deserves to be at nbc and all the knocks she gets.

  60. Political View says:

    Let Schumer show what a jerk he is. They are Socialists, want a communistic tyranny, I don’t want them anywhere near a position of power. They want to continue Obama work of destroying the Constitution and our Freedoms. Buy a Gun!

  61. Everett Conrad says:

    It is very easy to understand why the libs are losing these special elections like the last one in Georgia. Without the illegals to vote for them they cannot win any election at all. If they can’t win by cheating then they can’t win at all..

  62. 2JimH says:

    Schumer is worse than worthless, he’s a burden on the people

  63. Lou J Apa says:

    This is one very sad, miserable, angry, deceptive man who hates what he is doing; however, he has no other ideas in mind but to charge forward as a bull in a chinashop and destroy everything around him! He and nancy p need to just pack up and leave………

  64. 1Texas says:

    Schumer and Schiff continue to glaringly make fools of themselves and destroy any semblance of a Democratic party that it once was . Mansion is an exception but most of the rest are lemmings who follow Soros, Nancy, Hillary, and Obama who are out in the sunlight ..

  65. JB says:

    Democrats once again make them selves irrelevant.

  66. Arthur Isberg says:

    Hey, Chuck You, keep on doing all the obstruction crap you’re trying now…don’t stop…by the mid term elections your commie party will lose even more seats…and they do so deserve that.

  67. Joel Goodman says:


  68. Luke says:

    Vote these stupid demorats obstructioist out, they are not serving the American people who voted for these things to get done..

  69. Richard Wittauer says:

    I have a note for the Dem’s that they should really think about. They want to know why they are loosing so bad nation wide. Well here is the main things. ( 1.) The people think that the Republican party is trying to protect them, while the Dem’s keep pushing the undocumented aliens coming into the U.S, that can’t be documented at all because of the country they are coming from. Plus Their taking jobs away from Americans, Charging tax payers for their housing food, schools,health care, and that the aliens are pushing for Shara Laws, which the people don’t want at all in the U.S. (2.) Dem’s are not backing the President on his agendas that is already helping America on the Health Care Bill. Reduction on Taxes, The Wall, and so much more, and they wonder why they are loosing so much.

  70. Autoharp1951 says:

    Democrat. There’s your problem.

    1. StopTheJews says:


  71. Rodger K. Shull says:

    schumer the SMUCK. is bad for their party, they need to realize that, he is in it for him an only him, that party he belongs to , comes in a late second place, to him. An now I know why his has is the way it is, all of his BULL SCHIET , has blown up in his face, poetic justice

  72. granny_forUSA says:

    TOO BAD that a grenade did not blow up in scummaker’s face…………..

  73. StopTheJews says:


    Rev. Billy Graham openly voiced a belief that Jews control the American media, calling it a “stranglehold” during a 1972 conversation with President Richard Nixon, according to a tape of the Oval Office meeting released Thursday by the National Archives.

    “This stranglehold has got to be broken or the country’s going down the drain,” the nation’s best-known preacher declared as he agreed with a stream of bigoted Nixon comments about Jews and their perceived influence in American life.

    “You believe that?” Nixon says after the “stranglehold” comment.

    “Yes, sir,” Graham says.

    “Oh, boy,” replies Nixon. “So do I. I can’t ever say that but I believe it.”

    “No, but if you get elected a second time, then we might be able to do something,” Graham replies.

    Later, Graham mentions that he has friends in the media who are Jewish, saying they “swarm around me and are friendly to me.” But, he confides to Nixon, “They don’t know how I really feel about what they’re doing to this country.”

  74. zero2sixty says:

    Leave it to the DemoFascists to miscalculate……….that’s all they do!

  75. Linda Smith says:

    are the corrupt democrats going to sit on the floor again???? where can i get a job like that?

  76. Richard Bagenstose says:

    they could put the same exact aca healthcare bill in front of democrats and they would vote no, they never read the aca bill so why think they will read this one

  77. zero2sixty says:

    Herr Schumer clown……such a funny little man!

  78. Daria Miedzinski says:

    Chuck Shumer NEEDS TO GO AND FAR AWAY. He is a major obstructionist always moaning and groaning about stupid stuff. Lately, when I see him, I turn the channel. He sounds ignorant and totally makes no sense. He should stop before he just keeps looking more and more foolish. STOP THE CRAP, CHUCK!

  79. tommorofski says:

    Please oh please don’t fire or replace Chuckie S. or Nannie Pee! This dual “braintrust” of the Communist Democrats is so impressive! They just keep saying the same ridiculous things and doing the same insane actions. They haven’t a clue as to the definition of insanity, and yet each is a poster child for it. So please oh please lock-step Dems … BEG your billionaire puppet masters to keep Nannie Pee & Chuckie!!!

  80. Clay Williams says:

    Refresh my Memory please…is this not the group of TURDS who went bananas when ObamaCare was up fo and even had the Pelosi who should be infirmed in the CA state mental asylum get up and say….they had to pass it and Then read it!

  81. Texasimport says:

    He needs to go, along with crazy Nancy.

  82. BUILD BABY BUILD!!! says:

    With so many losses how long will the democrats still be a party?

  83. zero2sixty says:


    Donald J. Trump‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump 7 hours ago

    I certainly hope the Democrats do not force Nancy P out. That would be very bad for the Republican Party – and please let Cryin’ Chuck stay!

  84. tmradius says:

    Don’t forget that it was the people (electorate) who elected BO not once but twice. We are hoping that the same electorate (who are now wiser) plus some more (matured and much wiser) electorate will help us in 2018 (when I will be 100) and in 2020 (when I’ll be dead).

  85. Randy131 says:

    I hope the Democrats in the ‘US Senate’ do exactly what Schumer wants. I can just see the 2018 midterm election logos of, “Elect more Democrats to the ‘US House’, so Nancy Pelosi can do the same in the ‘US House’, as Chuck Schumer is doing in the ‘US Senate’, ‘OBSTRUCTIONISM’,” causing President Trump to be unable to fulfill his campaign promises of creating more jobs and getting the US economy moving in high gear, and in doing so ‘Make America Great Again’.

  86. Bill Chandler says:

    Chuch Schumer is a total dam itiot along with the rest of the brain dead democrats. We put up with the no good dumb ass street walker that they stole the election for twice. This clown was a total idiot and only did things that damaged this country and the tax payers. He DIDN;T DO ONE SINGLE THING THAT WAS GOOD FOR THE COUNTRY. Now he and the rest of those scum bags are trying to start more problems for the current president that has already done more good for the country in 5 months than that bastard did in 8 years.
    I believe there is someone out there that is smart enough to get enough tax payers organized to take these bastards to court for wasting our tax dollars because they are a buch of candy ass babies. Whjere in the hell is our Attorney General? Cher, Roger Moore, Polisi and Schumer are the best thing the Republicans have going for them. These idiots are moving people to the Republican in droves. LETS KEEP THOSE IDIOTS AROUNMD.

  87. jesse says:

    Schumer is the quintessential luciferian leftist, self-loathing Jew! An utterly deplorable individual!!

  88. mistershinola says:

    Self aggrandizing Senator Charlie Chucky “Putzhead” Schumer, who has never held a real job, in his whole life, should contest the G.O.P. Healthcare plan. It was okay when the Lib-rhhoids passed their bill without reading it. If there was ever, a Shmendrick (an Apprentice Schlemiel), it’s Charlie Chucky.

  89. Bayside GolfClub says:

    Anyone who hasn’t learned these are die hard alinksy radical communists stuck in the 60s helll bent on destroying all civilization to prove they haven’t been wrong for 60 years and counting, is brain dead…

  90. CrustyOldGeezer says:

    Here’s an idea.

    Since stopping all functions in the US SENATE IS an act of TREASON, have the US MARSHALLS SERVICE arrest every obstructionist, haul them to the nearest Military Installation and charge them with TREASON and put them in front of a Military Tribunal with the DEATH PENALTY ON THE TABLE.

    Evey level of government would instantly straighten up, the corruption will immediately book flights to lands where Extradition does not exist.

    Besides, watching a couple dozen overbloated egos twisting in th wind will brighten EVEY HONEST AMERICAN in the country.

    Probably get some very brilliant STATESMEN asking to reinstate the Citizenship they revoked to escape the greedy fingers of corruption that drove them out of the country.

  91. OSNOFLA AIDNEM says:

    Schumer is like his similar Nancy Pelosi. a democrat,, liberal, libertine, immoral, corrupt, anarchist, pro abort, pro gay marriage, pro muslims, pro illegal immigration, enemy of American Values and Christianity!

    1. Deborah Pratt says:

      I read recently that the Dem party is considering asking Nancy to ‘step down’!! Perhaps it has finally sunk in that she is a ‘liability’ to their party–not the asset they had hoped for when nominated. It would do them well to look around at some of their ‘other members’ as well!!

  92. Jeff Warner says:

    A rule change stating that obstructing Senate business means no pay while the Senate sits idle, would be welcome by the voters! It seems to always be about money or lack thereof, that the politicians actually listen! Democrats also want power! They have publicly come out and said it is terrible to be in DC while in the minority party. Power and money drive them, not what is right for the people!

    1. Deborah Pratt says:

      What they seem to ‘miss’ the most is that this very same ‘power’ is given and allowed by the ‘People’–the citizens of this country!! This isn’t some ‘God’ given gift they were born with. In a very ‘real’ sense, WE ‘give’ them this ‘power’ and, by the very same means, can also ‘take it away’!! Unfortunately, it seems our citizens have forgotten that as well. By the way, the ‘author’ of this article meant ‘fool proof’, not ‘full proof’–I’m sure!! 😀

  93. David steiner says:

    Just saw Schumer on T.V. , he said that the Republicans need to get together with the Democrats and work together! Where in the hell has this elected jerk been! He must be smoking, sniffing or injecting some foreign “medication”

    1. Deborah Pratt says:

      More likely he’s just been hit with a ‘bolt of reality’!! If the man has any sense at all–it had to happen sooner or later! LOL

  94. Freedom says:

    All this going on with the left we can thank the voters who decided to vote for President Donald Trump.
    Was not my first pick but dam glad he made it. Being from the streets of New York and making himself
    a Billionaire and talks with the people not down to the people and so far the legislation he has put through
    for the people with all the b.s. coming at him has been incredible.

    A President that gets stronger the more (s) is thrown at him……Love it….. Can’t see anyone else that
    could have pulled this off..Ummm…Maybe Gen. Patton…..:-)

    1. Deborah Pratt says:

      I totally agree, Freedom!! When Trump first appeared as a candidate–I couldn’t ‘stand’ the man!! I’d seen his ‘reality’ show and that had turned me against him. However, I believe in at least ‘listening’ to the opposition. The more I heard and saw, the more impressed I became. He began to seem like a ‘grounded’ person–up-front and ‘tell it like it is’!! After doing the same for Hillary–my ‘choice’ of candidate wasn’t all the difficult after all!! I’m so glad he hasn’t let his supporters down in spite of the vicious attacks he had dealt with!!

  95. davewoo says:

    Schumer, just continue making love to your cousin Amy, and stay the hell out of Washington. They are trying to get things done, and you’re nothing but a stump in the road.

  96. Charles Wolfe jr says:

    The democrats are turning out to be domestic terrorist!!!

  97. Donald McGowan says:

    Chuck is going to cost some Democrats their seats in 2018, some are in states that Trump won by double digits. They need to understand that we the people want what is best for us, not the NWO.

  98. Antonio Urbizu says:

    Schumer is a creep. He would try everything to stop legislation. He does not care about his constituent that are paying exorbitant premiums for something that is useless. His plan is to perpetuate Obama care and all nefarious legislation that they passed. I hope he gets the boot next election time.

  99. cp123 says:

    If those 4 senators defeat this bill they are traitors. No one should leave D.C. Until this is resolved. When Obamacare collapses they will be blamed for everything. No vacations or recess until this country is on a steady course.

    1. Mark Plenn says:

      No summer (paid vacation)

  100. RichFromShowMe says:

    Chuckie, the “Sewer Rat”, and his accomplishes have something up their sleeve and it could be Snowflakes-in-Training to make even greater fools of themselves, with the “Sewer Rat” playing the role of the Pied Piper, directly into the abyss 🙂

  101. Perry Perno says:


    1. Israel Kills AMERICANS says:


      Today, Israel lives up to her name as an international hub of prostitution and white slavery in the Mideast.

      Amnesty International, in its 2005 Report on Discrimination Against Women in Israel says:

      Trafficking of women for forced prostitution has occurred over a number of years but appears to have been compounded in the past 15 years by several factors, including increased links between traffickers in Israel and former Soviet republics, in the wake of the large wave of immigration of citizens of these countries to Israel…

      …Many women are lured to work in Israel under false pretense and are then forced into the sex industry. While many are reportedly aware that they will be working as sex workers, they are not aware they will be subject to violent and exploitative environments, working seven days a week and up to 18 hours a day for extremely low salaries or no salaries at all. Many are subjected to other serious human rights violations, including rape, deprivation of their liberty, and debt-bondage. Women forced to work as sex workers are reportedly also frequently subjected to threats of abuse and even murder. Half the women interviewed by the Hotline for Migrant Workers were effectively incarcerated by their “pimps” and, according to a 2003 survey, almost half of all women “sold” to pimps reported that policemen were among their clients.

      1. Kenny Albert says:

        Are you Muslim by chance?

        1. Mark Plenn says:

          Is that why you haven’t paid yo dues Abu?

      2. Mark Plenn says:

        You still haven’t paid you NSDAP dues you cheap bastard!

  102. disqus_rEWjgfyzIp says:

    Sounds like more fake news from CNN as no names published. As to chuck he needs to take pelosi and just take a nice long walk off a short pier.

  103. rottenrollin says:

    Chuckie Schumer………the quintessential POS obstructionist Dimmercrat L O S E R .

  104. Richard Schmidt says:

    Bernie makes impassioned plea on Senate floor for months of AHA “evaluation” by biased CBO and for months of labyrinthine “committee hearings” in attempt to confuse the rather precisely defined fixes to the now doomed Obama Care failure.
    Schumer wants to forestall the best Republican approximation to repeal and restoration by clamping down the discussion Bernie says is the Democratic way to deliver Health Care “to the people” even if it bankrupt the country.
    Small wonder no one sees any merit in Democrstes “strategy”, save obstruction of Republican/Conservative action at any cost.

  105. Richard Frick says:

    Scummer and Pelucka are so intent on destroying the Republicans that they will destroy the USA (Those of you who voted for their sorry excuses of humanity) and will be helped by Shitt and Faileddwell and Goosebee. They are there to support the people but they only support their own personal agendas. Despicable obstructionists! Never forget, they screwed us with Obslamadontcare and stuck it to everyone.

  106. 10-Nov-1775 says:

    The Republicans had no input on the unaffordable, unsustainable insurance scheme known as obamacare, which was simply more redistrbution from those who had, wanted AND paid for ins. to those who didn’t want it, didn’t pay for it and didn’t have it. “we have to pass the bill to see what is in the bill” was a phrase smarmily delivered by their spokes hole, pelosi. I say we have to repeal that farce to see what the replacement is.

  107. David Haner says:

    Whom ever obstructs the gov’mt and wasting taxpayers money in doing so shall
    Reimburse the gov’mt and or spend 7yrs in a federal penitentiary, not the Disneyland lock up and you’ll see how fast this BS stops.

  108. It’s clear that Shumer & friends don’t know anything about the domestic insurance market; where competition is the only way to minimize cost. He’ll not give up until he is unable to object (lose next election or push up daises).

    1. Kenny Albert says:

      He wants working, taxpaying Republicans to pay for Democrat voting low life’s insurance. They always use our money to pay their voters off.

  109. dennodog says:

    Schumer’s hitting the Summers Eve again.

  110. Barbara Mcmickings says:

    He’s a total off the wall but case, like Pelosi and waters, they all need a good ass whopping by we the Republicans, ASAP, to put them in their place, and he’s a total idiot, mans looks, scares me to death, Kermit the Frog NASA better face

  111. Donald says:

    The Democrats are not interested what is good for America. They are only interested in themselves.They only want to do what they think will get them reelected. Obviously they are doing a poor gob of doing that. I would say, try the truth, we are not as dumb as you believe we are.

  112. scrubbie says:

    Chucky is every bit a flake as his cousin, Amy. What a pair….big mouths, in-your-face attitudes but as ignorant as hell.

  113. The duck says:

    Schumer speaks like the Nazi Party did in the 30s. Obstruct, dived accuse and destroy. That was exactly how those who were into world domination started two world wars. Both times it was first to control and convince a nation destructive national interests was the way to go. Our Socialist Democrats are no exception. They have proven and stated they do not support our constitution. They claim it is a fluid document and it is not. It can be changed if enough states agree to it but that is not fluid. It is the law of the land as it states and every state has signed on when admitted to the Union to uphold it as such. Schumer and company do not accept that. So yeah he and Pelosi blunder on and should be run out of office. Repealing the Obama mess will take time, repeal a piece at a time until accomplished.

  114. jackhy says:

    Sen. Chuck Shitsmer knows nothing but resistance to anything proposed by the GOP and will oppose every single chance he get whether it’s in the best interests of the Demwits or the public in general. He is a despicable obstructionist with no concern for the general public.

  115. bearone7777 says:

    What a bunch of little SISSY ASS BABIES THEY ARE ACTIG LIKE!!

  116. Elizabeth Davis says:

    isn’t that what the democrats did? sign it and then read it

  117. sharank251 says:

    I grew up with schumer’s cousins. their nickname for him “schmucky chucky” lol…’nough said…lol

  118. Maureen Torres says:

    Maybe we should think about who we elect in the upcoming senate and house elections and get rid of people like schumer who appears to be in it for the money he makes and to hell with anybody else. be it republican, democrat or independent vote for someone new if they don’t do what they pledge to do when elected vote them out

  119. Southerngirl says:

    Donald Trump is proving to be an “AMAZING PRESIDENT”. Even life-long Democrats are absolutely FED UP with how childish the Democratic Party is being. Not to mention being VERY upset they are using TAX PAYER’S money to continue on with this “Witch Hunt” that has so far produced NOTHING. Absolutely NOTHING. Yet they continue. And people all over OUR country are doing nothing but laughing at Morning Joe and his STUPID looking wife or whatever she is. THEY HAVE TRULY LOST THEIR MINDS!!!!

  120. David McAllister says:

    “I do think we need to do something to try to get some input on this crazy damn health bill that they’re doing”

    Really? You actually think that? Hmm, you weren’t thinking that when you shoved OblowmeCare down Americans throats without a single Republican vote.

  121. David McAllister says:

    Retarded hypocrites.

  122. David says:


  123. crockett says:

    Demoratic libtards have no reasoning behind them except stupidity …

  124. Carl Pyzowski says:

    Hey Dems, the election is over! Trump won because he has a platform for rebuilding g the country economically, socially and family oriented. We do not need any more government interference in our lives. Just look at where we are now after 8 years of meddling in our lives. Trillions in debt, a broken health care system, race relations at an al time low, police deemed as the enemy and now their platform is nothing more than Russian hacking, ( which has been substantiated a thousand times over did not affect the outcome of the election. The Dems ran a broken, crooked, liberal who had no platform but the one that failed under O’Bama. That is why she lost. Not Russian interference or anything else. And now former O’bama appointees are going to testify and continue the farce. Get to work and behind the elected leader and get something done for a change for the American people and not your self centered interests.

  125. Al says:

    The health care bill shouldn’t pass until it’s a solid one that will be good for everyone. Our politicians should also be required to enroll in what ever plan is deemed suitable for the public. If the Dem’s prevent this from happening then we need to just leave Obama Care in place and let the Dem’s go down with Obama Care when fully collapses. Under no circumstances do we want a single payer government controlled health care system. Just take a look at the VA!

  126. Robert says:

    re: Chuck Schumer – I’m not a Proctologist – but – I know an @sshole when I see one! – (Just sayin’.) –

    1. Mark Plenn says:

      Include Franken also.

  127. Love watching the godless Democratic Elite fall apart! Liberalism and Islam are in the same boat, both are the Syphilis of the Soul and both bow at the feet of Satan/Allah.

  128. Rick Richardson says:

    It seems like only yesterday when actually years ago that the Democrats were calling the Republicans the party of :No” and they are the one’s who is stalling how pathetic these Democrats are

  129. Jim Wagenmann says:

    Chucky is a fool that wants to obstruct American improvement that the people have said they want.

  130. Barbara Lewis says:

    If obama care is so great how is it that so many insurance firms are pulling out of it. My daughter had obama care and said it was not worth the paper it was written on. So much for great. Just give President Trump a chance and stop the fake news, lies and people obstructing justice and then there is Comey. Should be tried for treason the same as the clintons. They are all out for themselves.

  131. Irene Elizabeth Grooms says:

    We wanted a different leader to run our country and it wasn’t Hillary Clinton. Sp we voted for the man who now holds ( THE HIGHEST OFFICE OF THE LAND ) that is president trump and its time you and the rest stop your bull shit and help him do the job we hired him to do. You and others in your party are just loud mouth dumbies.

  132. gobrien says:

    Apparently the dems don’t want people to have health care they can afford and use, lower taxes, jobs, etc. If they did, they’d be a part of the solution instead of trying to stop everything. They don’t care about the people. All they care about is their political future, special interest groups, lobbyists and big money donors.

  133. Dave Dziadik says:

    We pay these LOSERS 2 run our Govnt.–what the hell R U doing U freakin fools??? U DIMMOCRATS–WE WILL REMEMBER IN THE 2018 ELECTION–GIVEN NO DOUBT U LOSERS !! get with it -we R paying your saleries–TRUMP SHOULD HAVE the POWER 2 FIRE every one of U ASSHOLES !!

    1. Israel Kills AMERICANS says:



      Today, Israel lives up to her name as an international hub of prostitution and white slavery in the Mideast.

      Amnesty International, in its 2005 Report on Discrimination Against Women in Israel says:

      Trafficking of women for forced prostitution has occurred over a number of years but appears to have been compounded in the past 15 years by several factors, including increased links between traffickers in Israel and former Soviet republics, in the wake of the large wave of immigration of citizens of these countries to Israel…

      …Many women are lured to work in Israel under false pretense and are then forced into the sex industry. While many are reportedly aware that they will be working as sex workers, they are not aware they will be subject to violent and exploitative environments, working seven days a week and up to 18 hours a day for extremely low salaries or no salaries at all. Many are subjected to other serious human rights violations, including rape, deprivation of their liberty, and debt-bondage. Women forced to work as sex workers are reportedly also frequently subjected to threats of abuse and even murder. Half the women interviewed by the Hotline for Migrant Workers were effectively incarcerated by their “pimps” and, according to a 2003 survey, almost half of all women “sold” to pimps reported that policemen were among their clients.

  134. maquignon says:

    Never thought Dems could find somebody WORSE than Harry Reid!!!

    1. FL_Stingray says:

      there is reason he is called Chuck the Schmuck

  135. Bennie Bennett says:

    I hope some members really want to accomplish something. Chuckie should go home and stay there.

  136. Tom Twitchell says:

    Chuckie, Nancy, Maxine, Lizzie Warren, Bernie and the rest of their Left Wing minnions are all buffoons, traitors, anti-American and clueless idiots that need to be in prison for treason and un-American activities

  137. Rose Weleski says:

    Guess that’s what’s called the “Red tape.” Why nothing can get done! Boot’em all out and start over if they don’t wanna play nice. This is getting ridiculous….too many picky-uny things are being brought up to evade the real issues. The Trump agenda will be delayed because this is what the Dems want. And then everyone will complain about our President…and the Dems hope it will look good for them….but if everyone is smart, they will see through the smoke-screen and realize who really cares about them. Back-fire!

  138. micky d. says:

    Smuck Schumer- Your hair plugs–suck-I suggest you go out and shop for a Trump-Orange hair piece. They have one that you should use. One that was made by The Russians—

  139. Dennis Kennedy says:

    President Trump needs to put a stop to summer recess until things get done.

  140. Bill Sturdivant says:

    Schumer is doing anything that he can to keep his face in front of Democrat voters, even to the point of obstructing U. S. progress on any front . He needs to be demoted and canned by the Democrats themselves and they and we, would be much better off if they would send Nancy Pelosi with them

  141. J. Ernst says:

    Would it BE a disaster if the demorat party imploded?
    THAT is a question for law degree students.
    The old FDR democrats, like my father, are dying off. And THEY were largely ignored by the time Carter “popped” up.
    The demorats of Truman are still with U.S., collecting their earned pensions and coordinating the UN Mandate take-over of OUR government BUT, were recently trounced in the ELIMINATION of the Clinton monarchy! I remember a neighbor was receiving Hillary posters, bumper stickers, placards buttons and pamphlets MONTHS BEFORE she/it even ANNOUNCED her/its candidacy!!!
    The JFK democrats are still plying the airwaves and working the floors making deals. But, THEY TOO are dying off. AND they were co-opted by the “TED” cadre of stoners, drunkard’s and Homo’s…so goodbye to that rabble.
    The demorats of Carter’s ilk are still at it shoving the UN, globalist, (because Jimmah IS a globalist/communist), agenda down our throats and their wall street OWNERS are funding it all.
    The Schumer’s, Soros’s, Pelosi’s, RYAN’S etc are the NWO UNIPARTY Globalists that BUSH ONE ushered in so….would the demorat party BE MISSED in say 10 years?
    The UNIPARTY: the UNLICENSED, UNREGISTERED, UNACCOUNTABLE doppelganger of the old Soviet business model, consisting of self-appointed “economists” from the demorat AND rino parties, has been doing business in BOTH of our houses, the Supreme Court and the White House SINCE GHW BUSH….in plain sight, with the newsertainment industry funding and promoting the UNIPARTY’S agenda through public sentiment and inculcation…going on for nearly 35+ years.
    Pat Buchanan mentioned the UNIPARTY in a speech during the primaries AGAINST GHW Bush…and within a FEW DAYS was being LABELED a: racists, nazi, bigot, and anything the Politburo, (newspapers, TEE VEE ads, and PBS pundits), could muster…with GREAT success, I might add.
    To wit, the Politburo IS alive and livin’ large doing what it’s supposed to do.
    Lenin and Stalin could NEVER have envisioned such success!
    The Schumer’s and Soros’s MUST BE OUTED for what they are!
    The TRUE American public is NOT amused OR fooled by these provocateurs and thieves.
    But, their, Schumer’s and Soros’s and Pelosi’s minions/sheeple have NOTHING ELSE to view.

  142. Mark Plenn says:

    Schumer is the DNC’s DONKEY. “JACK ASS!”

  143. David in MA says:

    It may not amount to much but crying chucky must be censored by the senate.

  144. Pattie Kelly says:

    Chucky needs to stop his whining and be a leader for once. I never ever saw this kind of stupidity when Obama was in office for 8 years. Harry Reid invented the 51 vote rule and passed everything using it and Republicans took it. But now Karma is a bitch and Chucky doesn’t like the rules HIS party put in place. I say “AH get over it”.

    1. Israel Kills AMERICANS says:


      1. The Jews have emasculated our nation by destroying our pride in America’s Christian history. Without a commonly held memory a nation ceases to exist as a cohesive unit.

      2. The Jews have labeled America’s Christian Founding Fathers as “racists” and “white slavers” while at the same time suppressing the fact that Jews financed and participated in the Black slave trade.

      3. The Jews have promoted multiculturalism, celebrating every culture — no matter how backward and barbaric — except for Western white European culture. As Jewish feminist Susan Sontag, (originally named Susan Rosenblatt), stated: “The white race is the cancer of humanity.” But Susan Rosenblatt Sontag’s own cancerous contagion is her lesbian perversity with photographer Annie Leibovitz and Nicole Stephane Rothschild, the banking heiress turned movie actress.

      4. The Jews have driven our Christian heritage from the public square through the efforts of the Jewish Lobby Groups, the ADL and the ACLU. American children will grow up in a society wiped clean of any vestiges of the Bible, Christ or the Cross. However, the Menorah is still allowed in public displays and in the White House for Hannukah celebrations.

      5. The Jews have torn our borders open, permitting, indeed cheering, the Third World immigrants who will soon replace the white Christian American majority. The Jacob Javitzes and the Lautenbergs have designed legislation that will genocide us. They have done all this while simultaneously supporting Israel’s “Jews-only” immigration policy.

      6. The Jews have pushed, created and profited from pornography and perverse entertainment. The “chosen people” make up 90% of all American pornographers. The Hollywood they run has mainstreamed wife-swapping, common law marriages, fornication, homosexuality, lesbianism, transvestitism, pedophilia, drug and alcohol abuse and self-indulgence. Bestiality will be next on the list for these society-corrupting Jews.

  145. John says:

    yeah you got him he is the one teaching his grandson beastiality

  146. nwjohnson says:

    Didn’t the Dems use reconciliation to pass Obamacare?
    As for not knowing what’s in the Bill, what was it that Nancy Pelosi said about passing the ACA so we could find out what was in it?
    What goes around, comes around.

  147. GMH says:

    Demon-crats in both the House and the Senate need to get back to life.

    Democrats You LOST the election in November Fair and Square. Wake up and see what is as plain as the nose on your face. The American People SHOUTED — We Want Trump! We did not want EVIL/Corrupt Hilary. Anyone who has sense to take time to read the “REAL” news knows what she has done. We were tired of OBAMA and his behavior as well. We did not want same ole same ole. We came out and said NO! We want our Country back. Our combined voices have blown you off your socks and you can’t believe what WE the American People have done. All the Democrat party is able to muster is corruption and fighting among yourselves and not doing anything to make America better. You would rather destroy our country further until there is nothing left that could be done. Contrary to what you believe we are not feeble minded airheads Your all for Destroying America. None of you LOVE AMERICA. Not one of you Liberals.

    When I was in school, there was an expression that fits here. If you don’t have anything Nice to Say, DON’T say anything at all. From where I see the Democrat party and those that follow all they know how to do is complain. That’s easy. Mr. Trump is working 20 hour days, and has been since Inaguration Day, and he’s working for FREE. HA! And what are We the American people paying you for? Too MUCH! All you do is complain and try to block improvements to this country, and tear down our Democratically elected President, that WE the American People voted for. Mr. Trump is working his backside off to Improve things for everyone here, and all you can do is impede progress. ENOUGH! How many times do you have to hear that Russia did not play a part in our election, and there was no obstruction of justice?

    I hated the fact that Obama was my president. I was as angry as I could be. But did I destroy anything, or hurt anyone? NO. Did I instigate anything evil against him? NO. Did I threaten any harm to the White House? NO. Did anyone feel the need to bring me a blanket, hot chocolate and crayons, and a coloring book, and tissues to deal with my emotions? Heck no. I sucked it up! Was I angry? Heck yes!!! If your of voting age, your considered an adult. If you know the difference from right and wrong you know that this is not right.

    If your not happy with this election do what I and countless others had to do wait till there was another election. Trump won and the Majority of America Voted. Illegals and The Dead vote did NOT/ Do not count! I have a right to my opinion, same as you. I’ve heard enough of yours!

    We haven’t had a President that has worked as hard for America or Loved America since Kennedy. Mr. Trump is a God given Blessing NOT a curse!

  148. disqus_2AF1QOhOSp says:

    Some of the left in the Senate are realizing they’re doing harm to their party with the obstruction thing and with elections coming up, they need to show a hand of cooperation. Is it too late or are they doomed to fail as a party. For American’s sake, I hope so.

  149. JFCSuperStar1 says:

    Chucky baby again a screw up. You and Nancy need to go into the woods Hillary, Obama Maxine and a few others, Don’t you get yet? The Democratic Party does not know what they people want. We do not want your obstructive ploy anymore. Stick your Obamacare and healthcare you know were. I would say the economy is important.

  150. 4Pip says:

    Schumer was one of those D’s who thought nothing of leaving out the R’s when they brought it the first time. In fact O didn’t want any R’s involved,he was against them from the start.He has belittled people that he thinks are below him,yet they are now some of those slavishly following him and the mess he has made.

  151. Pattie Kelly says:

    STOP ISRAEL how did we get from Trump’s speech and Churk Shumer to “israel Kills Americans”. I am a Catholic and I don’t know where your’re getting you crap but the Jews and Israel are America’s best allie and friend. And if you are a TRUE Christian like you pointed out you are then you would realize that Jesus was a Jew as well. But you are way out in left field.

  152. Ballard Kamees says:

    Some things never change, the dunno-rats risk more than there “LOSING” position, but rather the tolerance of the Americian constituency,just let them continue with their donward spiral, were on to their tactics of “AT ANY COST”!!!

  153. draftinging says:

    Let hope the people in this country will remember who is stop the people business, and that Republican will video there crazy action and play back during the next election. Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosa & Debbie Waissman Shultz are lies and have no idea what the truth is.

  154. WAP1102 says:

    Schumer and Pelosi are disgusting Obstructionists. Outside of the major
    cities, voters tend to be Independent, Conservative, and/or Republican.
    They value their freedom, independence and work ethic. In fact during the
    last election over 90% of the 3141 counties in America voted for Donald Trump
    and other Republicans. They had enough of the Obama/Pelosi/Reid/Hillary/Schumer/Sanders
    Democrat/Progressive/Entitlement/high-tax ideology. They wanted to return
    to The American Way* – to Make America Great Again — to Put America First

  155. Sherry Greenlaw says:

    Democrats should know by now that the people are feed up with their shenanigans and the obstruction they are causing to stop Trump and the people are just feed up with it and that is why they are losing their hold on the government and will for a long time to come because they have shown the people that they don’t care about them or our country and the Constitution and laws of America

  156. David VanBockel says:

    Schumer may persist, to the point that he will need high-quality body armor.

  157. Maria castro says:

    Their only consolation they have is to obstruct and make Trump’s and our lives miserable. Add the never Trumpers and the rinos.

  158. houstonian07 says:

    Schoomer the Fool—er……Get to work fellas. 0r look for another job.

  159. mhardin says:

    Unfortunately, You are correct. The repubs seem to be in cahoots with the demons…oops! the dems in pushing the NWO into power…

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