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Chuck Schumer’s Attack On Trump’s Travel Ban Was An Instant Mistake

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  1. theojt says:

    Once again Chuck Schumer attempts a pithy tweet and instead confirms his own ignorance.

    1. SD of AZ says:

      He knows better but he had to try because in his mind his lies are believable. And to some of his voters, since they elected him, that is obviously true. So sad.

      1. Harry J Schaubel says:

        You mean, as Tucker Carlson said “100% of CNN Viewers” believe him.

        1. Palma Menno Rice says:

          Gotta Love Tucker!!

      2. Tim Gard says:

        NY state demoncrats have done an excellent job of convincing people that their vote does not count. But that is incorrect, and we are not going to allow this trash position in NY again. New Yorkers have had enough lying socialistic bologna. We’re coming for you Chuckie! God bless America!

        1. J Bryan Jensen says:

          Right on! Vote that commie out of office!

        2. J Bryan Jensen says:

          It’s about time. Long overdue throwing that piece of communist garbage on the truck and taking it to the dump.

      3. granny_forUSA says:


        1. crustyone says:

          Upchuck should resign along with Pelosi, Watters, and others like them.

          1. jeannemartin says:

            At this point all these nutty dems are running an uphill battle! When they hit the “wall” they don’t want built they will be knocked senseless and retreat!
            Trump ??

        2. Alan BYRD says:


          1. No name nut case says:

            And their money.

    2. maxx says:

      The Immigration and Nationality Act of 1952 (Pub.L. 82–414, 66 Stat. 163, enacted June 27, 1952), also known as the McCarran–Walter Act, restricted immigration into the U.S. and is codified under Title 8 of the United States restricting individuals from several Eastern European countries. This became law when Congress overrode President Truman’s veto. This certainly proves there is precedent for President Trumps ban on people from middle east countries. This also proves not only Schumer’s ignorance of existing laws but his communist tendencies.

      1. Rob says:

        There is another clause also saying pretty much the same. For some reason he doesn’t want to use McCarran-Walter although he should. If it’s good enough for Jimmy Carter……………

      2. jong says:

        Give the man a cigar of his choice. And that the Constitution has a separation of powers. And the courts are going way beyond what they can do by it. Trump if he so wished could ban all muslims period for coming into this country. Islam has nothing to do with religion upon the face of it. But, a lot to do with a 1300 year old cult of blood.

    3. Maria castro says:

      Not his ignorance, they know very well what they are doing….Confuse the uninformed.

    4. SouthernPatriot says:

      Like Barack, Hillary, Nancy, Maxine, Tom, and other leaders of the Democrat party, Chuckie is demented. His dementia began many years ago but accelerated when he contracted Trump Derangement Syndrome. Now Chuckie is incurable. The symptoms of Democrat dementia will be apparent more and more until he has a complete breakdown.

      1. J Bryan Jensen says:

        Remember, above all else, Schumer is a communist.

        1. crustyone says:

          Is he a card-carrier?

          1. J Bryan Jensen says:

            They don’t carry cards any more. We know them by their words and actions . ANYONE who in the slightest way advocates infringing upon our RIGHT to keep and bear arms is either a communist or fellow traveler.

        2. Alan BYRD says:

          Yes he is who now call themselves progressives, to hide their commie heart.

        3. jeannemartin says:

          Just like the progressive Hillary!
          I can’t even imagine that whiney woman as president!!
          Always complaining, getting nothing done and blaming the rest of us for her failures!
          She can’t hold a candle to Trump!
          Once again, America dodged a bullet when we voted her “out!!”
          Trump ??

      2. polly says:

        Could not agree with you more.These people are bringing judgement on themselves

      3. Debra J Wilder says:

        seems trump is the demented one now he showed the whole world that last week several times

    5. J Bryan Jensen says:

      He’s not ignorant, he’s an ignorant communist.

      1. Alan BYRD says:

        The ABC‘S of Saul Alinsky’s rule. It is, indeed, scary.
        Read and see if you agree!!

        The problem is that many people, myself included, don’t even know who Saul Alinsky is, let alone that Obama is an ardent follower– even teaching a course in and employing his “rules for radicals” as a community organizer through Acorn. And (Hillary did her thesis on it). Alinsky’s key rule is — ” in war the end justifies almost any means”. Another key Alinsky rule (in his book Rules for Radicals) is– ” ridicule is man’s most potent weapon — pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it”. (i.e., The Tea Party).

        This information is extremely important.

        Become a “WATCHMAN FOR AMERICA” by taking notice who is doing the ridiculing in both of the parties, the media and in our corporations against true Conservatives then do the proper thing RED, WHITE AND BLUE AMERICANS do, VOTE THEM OUT.
        They have shown their true colors and now we know we were deceived by these Globalists who support the EU and the NWO. Shameful!

        Wednesday, July 1, 2015 at 9:10 AM EDT
        Tracking Liberal Media Bias Since 1996
        1. MSNBC’s O’Donnell: ‘Terrible’ Scalia Is ‘the Donald Trump of the Supreme Court’
        A cranky Lawrence O’Donnell on Monday lashed out at the “terrible” Antonin Scalia, deriding the Supreme Court justice for his “wacky,” bad writing. O’Donnell wondered if the conservative is “now the Donald Trump of the Supreme Court?” O’Donnell hosted a panel discussion on Scalia’s dissents over ObamaCare and gay marriage. The liberal host complained, “…These are just terrible bits that he is sticking into these opinions and terrible thinker. And they are combined, you know, in that wacky reference he made the other day.”

        2. CNN’s Toobin: Scalia ‘Unprecedented in His Vitriol,’ Shows ‘Abuse and Contempt for His Colleagues’
        Appearing on Tuesday’s New Day, CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin renewed his lambasting of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, as he asserted that Scalia’s dissent on the Court’s gay marriage ruling was “unprecedented in its vitriol.” The CNN analyst saw the conservative justice showing “abuse and contempt” for his fellow justices. Toobin also repeated his characterization of Justice Scalia as the “‘get off my lawn’ justice.”

        There are 8 level of control that must be obtained before you are able to create a social state. The 1st is the most important one, just think about how all the democrats relished over that vote that voted in obamacare and what vice president Joe Biden said to Obama “This is a f#^#^*>* big deal.

        1. Healthcare – Control Healthcare and you control the people.
        2. Poverty – Increase the Poverty level as high as possible, poor people are easier to control and will not fight back if you are providing everything for them to live.
        3. Debt — Increase the debt to an unsustainable level, that way you are able to increase taxes and this will produce more Poverty.
        4. Gun Control — Remove the ability to defend their self from the Government, that way you are able to create a Police State.
        5. Welfare – Take control of every aspect of their life’s (Food, Housing, and Income).
        6. Education – Take control of what the people read and listen too – take control of what the children learn in school. There use to be a saying on the news station that said “We don’t tell you what to think, just what to think about”.
        7. Religions—Remove the belief in a God, in Government and schools.
        8. Class Warfare– Divide the people into the wealthy and the poor, this will cause more discontent and it will be easier to take (Tax) the wealthy with the support of the poor.

        Does any of this sound like what is happening in and to the United States today? If it doesn’t, have the Doc pull the plug on your life support, you aren’t coming out of the Coma you have been in for the past 50+ years.
        This is all being done to American by the progressive, liberals, socialist in America and in both parties, cabinet members, the military, the media, labor unions, corporations and the ill informed of what’s really happening in theses United States today.

        Do any of you remember Senator Joseph McCarthy who fought Communism in America back in the 40’s thru 60’s.
        This is what the progressive, liberals, communist did during the McCarthyism era. They ridiculed and smeared Senator Joseph McCarthy and others just like they are doing to conservatives and Tea Partiers today who disagree and speak out against their socialist justice agenda.
        But America can see now 60 years later that Senator Joseph McCarthy and others like him were right on target.

        If you know how George Soros always overthrows government — and remember, he said the main obstacle to a just new world order is the United States of America. That is a quote from George Soros. That’s when, quoting him again, he decided he needed to take on the United States of America. He is looking for an overthrow. He calls it a slow deliberating and a slow decline, a managed decline of the United States of America. And that’s what you’re getting, America. That’s what you’re getting at your bank account and inflation and everything else. And he does it the same way. He’s done it in five countries. He’s done it the same way every time, and every time it happens around an election. But it doesn’t happen before the election. It happens after the election. What does? Riots in the street! What are they saying? ’The election was a fraud.”; His side always comes out and says, ‘It was fraud. The poll numbers didn’t show that. This was stacked. He’s not legitimate.’ They are setting us up for fraud.

        Comments from some people on line;

        In his interview with the Carmel Pine Cone, Clint Eastwood called Obama “the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the American people.”

      2. No name nut case says:

        I call that Stupid, not ignorant. Ignorant implies not knowing better, but they do know better, so it has to be STUPIDITY!

    6. crustyone says:

      He appears to be hardly able to emit a squeak.

  2. David Beattie says:

    I wouldn’t agree with schumer if he said it was raining outside and my house was under water from A flood that the rain caused. I used to live in Up State NY and know how bad him and cueermo fucked up that state when I was growing up where I lived was in A tiny ass town with A country store 2churches A grange hall A firehouse and 1stop sign for roads there was A County Road A paved town road and A dirt town road and it was A nice place to grow up now o don’t know.

    1. LHamilton55 says:

      Yep it’s become the Peoples’ Republic of Neuva York!

    2. Bill says:

      To cut his head off, they would first have to extricate it from his sphincter

    3. granny_forUSA says:


  3. Mark Plenn says:

    Charlie Schumer is a crack smoking dope head for trying to stop the vetting of displaced people into our country!

    1. granny_forUSA says:

      It’s long been known that the most dangerous place in the Senate is between Charles Schumer and a television camera.

      The risk of being trampled to death is substantial as he rushed for airtime and the illusion of importance.


  4. Sharon Melvin says:

    Schumer is an idiot who care more about himself than our country!!!!

    1. Gary Smith says:

      You insult idiots

      1. granny_forUSA says:


      2. No name nut case says:

        What? That “sentence” made absolutely NO sense.

    2. Maria castro says:

      Their investments on “green” technologies, look at la Maxime, how she avoided the questions of her Russians investments. By the way, they are into Santeria, Maxime was wearing the bracelets with the colors of the 7 African Gods, for “protection”….dangerous game, I hope Chango gets her.

      1. elmcqueen3 says:

        Where is King Cong when he’s needed.

        1. Maria castro says:

          Making love to Chubaka.

          1. elmcqueen3 says:

            Chew tobacco would be tastier.

        2. granny_forUSA says:


          1. elmcqueen3 says:

            I don’t do movies any more…at my age my hearing is so weak these hearing aids only increase the clutter noise…nothing more…Shucky darn.

          2. Sharon Jeanguenat says:

            My hearing aids do the same thing. I hear things that I don’t WANT to hear, such as the squeak in my shoes when I walk. Drives me crazy!

          3. elmcqueen3 says:

            My hearing aids drive my wife crazy every time I say “What did you say”?…lol

        3. crustyone says:

          He must be squirreled away behind the walls of his mansion property in the “Nations Capitol”.

      2. erleebird says:

        “Maxine” is the poster child for hate/deceit/disgraceful behavior and un – American activity. She should GOGOGO, along with Chucky/Nancy/Liz/Hillary/and Chelsea!

        1. crustyone says:

          Is she the one who wears the big, cheap and artificial, costume-looking pearl necklaces and a clueless looking mug to go along with them? She acts like nothing more than the counterpart of the clueless piglosi.

          1. Tony Rowell says:

            don’t forget her james brown wig,,, looked better on james

          2. jeannemartin says:

            Maybe she fried her brains due to the heat generated from that
            jumbo wig she wears!!!! ?

          3. Tony Rowell says:

            ha,ha,ha you are probably right

          4. Frank W Brown says:

            What brains???

          5. dclach says:

            My impression is that she never had any brains to fry.

          6. nancy anderson says:

            I always said if Pelosi had a bird brain, she would fly backwards!!!

          7. will says:

            She inherited from James

          8. Ginnie says:

            Sure does, and he’s dead…..

          9. Tony Rowell says:

            lol ,,, that’s great,,, I almost fell out of my chair

          10. James Seidel says:

            Sadly to say, you would have to dig James Brown. Seriously, dig him up so he could model the wig. Liked his songs and his energy. Did not like his off stage persona.

          11. Tony Rowell says:

            I feel the same way

          12. James Jones says:

            ha ha seriously you have a sound point Maxine Waters needs to be replaced by someone NOT looking to buy a 3 1/2 Million dollar house and preach how she’s working for the poor. HA HA HA How many poor live in a 3+ million $ ?house? None I ever met.

          13. Tony Rowell says:

            the house was bought with money stolen by her and her husband from the bank he worked for

          14. Brad Fisher says:

            She is.

          15. John R. says:

            Piglosi Good one.

        2. Charles Lagioia says:


          1. Brad Fisher says:

            But that’s where she belongs.

          2. erleebird says:

            Sounds about right to me!

        3. angelo baccala says:

          Maxine is desperate. People who have something to hide start making up diversions. The ones who bitch the most are the biggest crooks. Besides, if the influential black wealthy community, like Oprah, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Barack Obama, MIchelle Obama, Denzel, Will Smith, etc., really cared about their fellow black americans they would give their money to black foundations.

          1. Alan BYRD says:

            Denzel, does give money back.

          2. Charles Lagioia says:

            YOU SHOW me one African American that gives back to BLACK community’s THEY don’t give 2 shits about there PEOPLE.

          3. Charles Lagioia says:

            That also is OBAMA from chicago !!!

          4. erleebird says:

            You said a mouthful!!!! Agree!

          5. Frank B. says:

            Sounds like what the Republican Party does.

          6. Frank W Brown says:

            We WIN, what has your side do besides LOSE??? BTW, the losing has only just begun, the demoCRAPS are FINISHED!

          7. Debra J Wilder says:

            reading this stuff you children are writing because adults don’t behave like this only children do ! when are people going to realize their are no parties lol, democrats and republicans went out centuries ago they both work for the same group the elite group and i’m sure you have to know this by know other wise our country wouldn’t be going to hell

          8. nancy anderson says:

            That is why they are so pissed! Finally a man comes along who says what the People want to hear & he is elected when the libs thought they had purchased the presidency for Hitlery!,who did NOT have a concession speech ready! Obama promised her the S of S job if she would step down from running for president! & he promised her he would back her run for president in 2016,but his cache was not good enough in 2016 after a disasterous 8 years as president! He had her back covered because of his lawless DOJ! They blacked out all of the incriminating evidence & broke up phones with hammers, etc. Why was that necessary, if all was above board?? That is why Hitlery was never nervous about being found out! Those of us who have been around for the last 50 years, know how dirty the lib party is! They got rid of their moderates a few years ago & all they have left is rabid dog, hateful, devious people left! & lib blacks who say things like,” If we put soldiers on (this island), it may tip over! Or as Obama said,” I have been to 57 states”! No, Mr. President ,that is Heinz 57 varieties you’re thinking of! Or to pronounce Corpsmen with the “P” in it! And he went to college? I want to see those grades!! & so should every true blue American!! Let’s get to the bottom of all this crime In the WH for 8 years!!

          9. Charles Lagioia says:

            YOU ARE right on that.

          10. Charles Lagioia says:


          11. Frank B. says:

            is there some point you’re trying to make here, because I’m not a democrat. And I’m also not a fukkin racist republican. So what’s your point? And your fellow crackers have all said that before, because you assholes all say exactly the same boring bull shit lines. So again– what’s your point cracker?

          12. Frank B. says:

            Who are you to tell people how they need to spend their money? And please— the Black Community does not need (or want) your racial condescension, or BS.

          13. Dennis DesOrmeaux says:

            Than why did you vote for obozo to take the money from you and give it to people that just stand at a corner of the street that don’t or doesn’t want to work.

          14. Frank B. says:

            You have no idea who I voted for asshole.

          15. Frank W Brown says:

            Speaking of assholes, you REALLY seem to fit that bill to a tee!

          16. Charles Lagioia says:

            YES HE DOSE

          17. Randy Stuhlberg says:

            why all of sudden do you come up with racist anything there bub I didn’t see anyone being racist except you, I will tell you one thing though what someone posted that the dumocraPs are the reason that the black Americans are in the hell holes they are in not republicans the dumocraPs started the KKK to keep slaves in check and to kill those who tried to help them escape slavery to start with but then you get to the 60’S and the dumocraP president LBJ the dumocraPs did everything they could to keep the civil right amendment from coming up for a vote but the republican got it through and then had to bring LBJ to the table and forced him to sign it, so who is the racist ones here “hint dumocraPs” and I would say you because you buy into the dumocraPs bullshit. Oh and you really shouldn’t talk to any woman the way you did.

          18. Frank B. says:

            Excuse me, but I was talking to Dennis. Not you asshole. Mind your own damn business!

          19. Frank B. says:

            By the way– it’s a fact that crackers suck up the vast majority of welfare in this country.

          20. Frank W Brown says:

            Prove that whopper!!!

          21. THE KINGS KID says:

            true…but bama did it! He did absolutely nothing for the blacks…his focus was just for the raghead muslims…because he is one!

          22. Frank B. says:

            First of all — who the hell are “the blacks”? Second– you can keep your bigotry & ignorance, concerning the Muslim Faith, to yourself. Third, the African-American Community, has survived in this country for more than 400 years, against racist bastards like you. And we never got much help from any president, black or white. And finally– I do not view plagerized material. So don’t send me anymore of your silly little cut & paste pics. In fact if all you can say is stupid racist shit– don’t even bother to message me at all. Have a nice day cracker.

          23. nancy anderson says:

            LIB blacks are the ones we are referring to They are the most evil along with their white counterparts!

          24. Frank B. says:

            Nancy, that was just about the dumbest bull shit, I’ve heard today, , from an ignorant-ass whore. You are probably one of those fat hog-ass white trash bitches- who got fukked then rejected by a black man. So now you’re all bitter and full of racial hatred. LOL! Well skank… I guess you had it coming! LOL LOL LOL!!!

          25. Jack says:

            Frank B, When you use language like you do how do you expect people to show you any respect, cursing and expletives only show how really uneducated you are, You would be far better off by posting the truth about some of your statements, otherwise you will be criticized by all posters. I know you won’t find this advice revealing, but that’s your choice. So don’t reply in your usual manner because if you do I will certainly flag you for abusive language. If you want to debate then do it in a gentleman fashion and I will be glad to oblige you, so if you want to debate issues fine if not then I won’t join you in disgusting rhetoric.

          26. Frank B. says:

            Tell that to the white posters who all say exactly the same things you want to censor me for saying..
            First of all I don’t need or want your “respect”. Second who the fuk are YOU., because I wasn’t even talking to your dumb ass. And three.. next time, try minding your own god damn business!

          27. nancy anderson says:

            Because they are a larger population than the blacks!!!

          28. Frank B. says:

            Suk my big black dick, bitch! LOL LOL LOL!!!

          29. Frank W Brown says:

            You’re the ONLY one here who brings up race, you must be a racist! STFU!

          30. Charles Lagioia says:


        4. Brad Fisher says:

          Also very distasteful could be added to your perfect description. Thanks.

        5. No name nut case says:

          What about Bill?

          1. erleebird says:

            Yes! That goes without saying!!!

          2. Frank B. says:

            Your title is most apropos! — You have no name, and your posts prove that you are indeed a “nut case”!

        6. J. Ernst says:

          I was humored when M. Waters stated to a “press” journalist that, “You cannot indict a BLACK WOMAN politician!”
          That is IF you were talking about Maxine Waters.

        7. Frank B. says:

          “Maxine”— doesn’t “hate” you. In fact– I doubt that she even knows your ignorant behind exists! You throw a lot of character assasin crap about her against the wall. But add nothing to back up your little slanderous diatribe.

          Sounds to me—–that you’re the one filled with hate, deceit, disgrace, and completely void of honor! I think you are the one who needs to GOGOGOGO!!!

          1. erleebird says:

            You need only listen to Maxine to get proof! Go back in your hole!

          2. Frank B. says:

            No– you are the idiot trying to smear her character– So YOU need to PROVE your ignorant BS!

          3. Frank W Brown says:

            Ask maxiepads daughter where she got $750 THOUSAND DOLLARS and listen closely so you don’t miss the TRUTH, corruptions middle name is maxine!

          4. Frank W Brown says:

            Go away asshole, you’re so full of shit that the xmas goose is jealous!

          5. Charles Lagioia says:


          6. Frank B. says:

            All of that shit is completely irrelevant. Let’s find out what’s going on between your president and Russia. Then let’s impeach the bastard. That’s what you need to get your feeble little mind focused on.

      3. polly says:

        Will get her unless she repeats and turn to Jesus.Well she makes choices

        1. Maria castro says:

          According to folklore and the legends I read, she is playing with fire, she is no Chango’s protege. That ignorant monster will never accept Jesus.

          1. polly says:

            Well that will be her choice.We were given choices by God and He never forces us to do anything..So sad to be so blind.You know I do pray that all will come to know Christ.

          2. Alan BYRD says:

            they will eventually.

          3. J Bryan Jensen says:

            “Every knee shall bow, every tongue shall confess that Jesus Christ is Lord”, but they won’t all be His.

          4. No name nut case says:

            They confess that after it is too late for them to be saved and they are already in the pit of hell.

          5. No name nut case says:

            Unfortunately nowhere near “all” will come to know Christ, regardless of how much we would like that to happen. As a matter of fact, the majority will know Satan.

      4. Jeff Warner says:

        MaxiNe! It’s an “N”, not an “M”! Maxine Waters, a Congresswomen, from the ghetto area of East LA! She, like Nancy Pelosi, is a loser, only out to line her own pocket, never caring about the voters in her district, only about her income!
        Typical liar Democrat!

        1. Brad Fisher says:

          Why these people don’t use the brains they have and stop voting for this moron is beyond me.

          1. Frank B. says:

            Because they have the same rights as you– To vote for whom ever they please! So grow up fool! And mind your own damn business!

          2. Frank W Brown says:

            A national DISGRACE as she is makes it EVERYONES business, you should go do your trolling elsewhere cause you’re a f*cking idiot!

          3. Frank B. says:

            Hey jackass if you don’t like what I write then don’t read it you moron!

          4. Frank W Brown says:

            Said the true crusader for truth and justice, f*cking snowflake!

          5. Frank B. says:

            Like I said– if you don’t like what I write– then you can kiss my “snowflake-ass”!

          6. Frank W Brown says:

            Don’t need to, the Republican HEAT will melt it soon enough! IDIOT!

          7. Frank B. says:

            I doubt it—Not from a jail cell.

          8. johnny b says:

            They vote for dumbbutt Maxine because they too are just plain stupid….. Why would anybody that lives in poverty vote for someone that doesn’t even live within their voting district and lives in an over $4 million mansion????? The people in Maxine’s district are either so brainwashed or brain-dead….. or such voter fraud is going on that is how this imbecilic moron is getting reelected each time….. Because it sure isn’t because she is bring jobs to the area….. Here is her next campaign poster image:
            AND screw you frank b because you are just a troll for waters and democraps…..

          9. Frank B. says:

            Ok cracker… you all done now.. Becayse I really am not interested!

        2. Maria castro says:

          En español is Maxima, I translated it. Thank you for the correction.

        3. Robert Walters says:

          Why do people continue to vote for these crazy people.
          WAKE THE HELL UP, they are getting rich and destroying America. HAD ENOUGH, VOTE THEM OUT OF OFFICE.
          It’s your Duty: VOTE. VOTE. VOTE

        4. Frank B. says:

          And you are just another racist jackass!

          1. Frank W Brown says:

            Still the only one talking about race, F*CK OFF!

          2. Frank B. says:

            You F*CK OFF!

          3. Frank B. says:

            And from now on– Don’t you send me any more than one message a day. You whining ass cracker!

          4. Frank W Brown says:

            Really, F*CK OFF, REALLY!!

          5. Frank B. says:

            Yes really, jackass!

          6. Frank W Brown says:

            I’m NOT the WHINER here SNOWFLAKE IDIOT!

          7. Frank B. says:

            You are a little p*nk-ass whiner!

        5. Frank W Brown says:

          But she doesn’t LIVE in the ghetto area, NO she lives UPSCALE, miles away from her constituents!

        6. Debra J Wilder says:

          they all lie in government and i mean both sides

      5. rick meek says:

        Waters and the others MADE a good deal on money off the taxpayers…….It may be called clean energy but the money and people are dirty as he11…

        1. Charles Lagioia says:


      6. Charles Lagioia says:


      7. Frank B. says:

        So what if she is in “Santeria”— How is that any of your damn business?!?

        1. Maria castro says:

          and so what is it to you? I don’t care, but the babalos did train me.

          1. Frank B. says:

            Well I wasn’t talking to you in the first place.

          2. Maria castro says:

            Then, accept my excuses

          3. Frank B. says:

            How about if I just ignore both you and your excuses!

          4. Maria castro says:

            Is your freedom of choice…

        2. erleebird says:

          Are you sure you;re not related to the left winger who shot at Republicans yesterday?

          1. Frank B. says:

            That was really stupid & juvenile.. You are so silly and immature!

    3. granny_forUSA says:

      Living in NY with his wife (cousin) and being Jewish…….He is always trying to protect IRAN, and voted for the open borders (sounds like an Obama lover)…….& he is another corrupt & evil DEM…….

      It’s long been known that the most dangerous place in the Senate is between Charles Schumer and a television camera.

      The risk of being trampled to death is substantial as he rushed for airtime and the illusion of importance.

    4. rick meek says:

      That’s why he’s a millionaire along with the others…..

    5. Frank B. says:

      I think you must mean Paul Ryan, — OR– that chubby guy in the US Senate, named Mitch– who looks like “humpty-dumpty”!!

    6. Force Recon says:

      Just like ever other Demorrhoidic Leftopath

    7. ONTIME says:

      Chucky is a no good scheming SOB with a yen to ruin the civil representation of this country of laws and drag down the government……Balkinization is the Chucky plan and he will do anything to get it done….

    8. Alan BYRD says:

      he’s no idiot hes a commie, we are the idiots for not knowing what they are doing, he’s a one world UN guy along with most democrats.

    9. Alan BYRD says:


  5. Patrick Murphy says:

    Hey Chuck lets move in with you a few muslims if you are really so pro muslim.Then you can tell me how i should act around them if you live thru it.

    1. bttrap says:

      and if he keeps his head in place

      1. granny_forUSA says:


    2. granny_forUSA says:

      He could wear a hijab, as he does look like he is a switch hitter, with the way he uses his body, arms, and hands, and should be wearing a bra……Just call him CHARLENE……….

      1. No name nut case says:

        He may very well be more comfortable in the bed of a man than that of a woman. Who knows?

    3. No name nut case says:

      No, he should be made to go live in their homeland, in the homes of the poor, to see how “harmless” they really are.

  6. Tom Lykowski says:

    This Chuck Schumer political employee (has never held a real job) is what’s wrong with the dumbocratic party. He and others just like him are putting politics before the Country and all this crap is going to cost them dearly. They need to just shut up go away if they won’t contribute and quit costing us all this money…was a dem. now an independent for trump.

    1. bttrap says:

      I was also a democrap but after obambie I changed to republican

      1. Tom Lykowski says:

        Just could not vote for Obama either time. Him and his community organizer experience proved true to the fact of how little he did for this country.

        1. SD of AZ says:

          Me either. And his wife’s thesis had BLACK RACIST stamped all over it! And BO’s own career said pretty much the same. Black Racists from Chicago, big surprise if you know nada about Chicago and their black community! But I knew better.

        2. Harry J Schaubel says:

          lol He lost me when he had Joe the Plumber up on a set with him and was explain about spreading the wealth. Joe wasn’t having anything to do with it.

          To all you who feel oppressed and held down, that pressure is your hand pushing your head into the ground. Let go. Stand up. Take a deep breath and slowly let it out. Now get about your life and do the best you can. If you did nothing but skip school and not pay attention on the days you did go, that isn’t “MY” fault, so I feel no guilt for your condition. If you ran with the gangs and are now wanted by rival gangs, that’s not my fault either. If you’re too damn lazy to go get a job, get ANY kind of work experience that shows you to be a conscientious worker, again that’s not MY fault. Anyone who isn’t born into a rich family starts at the same spot. It’s called a Beginning. That means there’s nothing to do but move forward. How you move will determine how your future will end up. If you choose wrong, once again, that’s not MY fault.

          I guess that whole rant can be summed up in a lot fewer words:

          If you’re too damn lazy to help yourself, don’t expect me to pay for you in the future.

          1. SD of AZ says:

            Well said Harry. And any working person would agree. No one wants to support the entitled freeloaders. It is past time to revamp public entitlements. And it is abundantly clear we have a whole congress filled with the entitlement freeloaders who have not one clue about something called a budget and about the people they represent who OWN THEM and that THEY OWE ALLEGIANCE TOO per their sworn oaths. The same oaths they have totally violated. Fire them! Any sitting rino or dem wit should be voted out when they run to retain their seats. FIRE THEM!

          2. jeannemartin says:

            Start with McCain!!!!! ?

          3. J Bryan Jensen says:

            I had a flight student who was Black, raised by a single mom in Newark, NJ (i was told it is referred to as the armpit of the earth) who is a University Professor in Engineering and has three brothers, also University Professors, so being brought up in adverse surroundings doesn’t mean you are consigned to failure in life. I’m sure their mother was an exceptional person, but just sayin’.

          4. erleebird says:

            Accolades to Harry!

        3. J Bryan Jensen says:

          He is a pro islamic communist who for 8 years did everything in his power to destroy our country.

        4. polly says:

          Don’t you want to tell everyone stop voting for men and women who never worked a day I.their lives Why would workers stop thinking and elect p people who do not know how to work

          1. Harry J Schaubel says:

            I agree in a general way but would you rather have a bricklayer, or someone who knows how to get jobs for several bricklayers?

          2. polly says:

            Someone who.know how to get the jobs but show me how many in Congress who are doing just that.That is why I would have voted for Mr Trump if I were American.God bless him

          3. No name nut case says:

            They want to tell you that they have 4 years in college taking “government” and “speech.” They think that makes them smart and entitles them to be elected to government office.

        5. crustyone says:

          I would never vote for a block party organizer like Barry.

      2. Ed Shick says:

        Obama was a Communist and a Foreign Born as was his chief Adviser , Valerie Jarrott ! He should have been Deported when he returned from schooling in Moscow ! Acorn agent that was Broke but Russia backed the Black , and then we have Hillary

        1. granny_forUSA says:

          NO now we have President Trump, thank GOD………Hillary has proven to have damaged her brain when she fell and injured her head…..then the alcohol pickled anything that was left inside her almost empty head………

          1. No name nut case says:

            No, her brain was damaged and then she fell! Doing too many drugs during college damaged her brain and the alcohol preserved it like a jar of pickles.

      3. J Bryan Jensen says:

        Thank you for seeing truth and light. Welcome. Caution. we have commies in our ranks too. RINOs. Republicans are supposed to be VERY conservative. The RINOs are liberal if not outright communists.

        1. bttrap says:

          let’s give them term limits and that way we can decide if we still want them

        2. granny_forUSA says:

          You mean Romney, McCain, Bush, etc. etc……….CLOSET DEMS……..

          1. J Bryan Jensen says:

            Yes, they are RINOs and likely communists or fellow travelers.

        3. No name nut case says:

          I agree with that 500 percent! The Bushes were plants into the Republican party! I remember when old man Bush was a Democrat! The thing I didn’t realize was that his sons were Democrats, too! When I figured that out, I realized that they had fooled us into believing that they were Republicans, but they never were! No wonder the Dems are so arrogant with their crimes. They have gotten away with it for so long that they are thinking they won’t be kicked out of their positions! We will have to be sure that the people we are voting for are who and WHAT they say they are, from now on!!
          Who knows if the Bush’s ever passed a bill that was what his electorate wanted?!!
          Well, “Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me!”

      4. Janelle says:

        Think what you were is “old school” Democrat. Vastly different than today, more’s the pity. Your party left you. The foolish Republicans are playing the same game. There are some moderates left in both parties, but there are not enough to slap the mess out of the rest. That is our job. Vote them all in and out regularly. To start………..

        1. bttrap says:

          term limits would also help

        2. Debra J Wilder says:

          yep their are no parties for the people any more just the elite

      5. granny_forUSA says:

        Sometimes its not changing of parties, but the reality of who the best person is for the job…….I too have voted DEM (NEVER FOR BO OR HC), & yes I voted for Clinton…….Other than his games in the Oval Office, I always thought he was doing okay…..

        But then after what happened in the decade since 2009, and finding out that HC was just as corrupt & evil as BO…BO who was not a legal citizen and lied with a fake birth certificate, gave billions to the Iranians as a gift with our tax $$$$…& opened the border gates and invited the terrorists, cartels, killers, rapists, etc. into the USA………WOULD never have voted for that alcoholic, turned muslim, killing machine……as she would have been & done exactly like the SOROS & MUSLIM bought puppet BO.

        Now, with their DEM loss of being POTUS, they have really showed their true colors along with the GOP that are closet DEMS & low IQ LIBERALS, have shown us of the corruption in the government..

      6. J Bryan Jensen says:

        Congratulations. Welcome aboard, but watch out for the RINOs, they are most likely commies.

        1. No name nut case says:

          I would like to know why there are aren’t any “dino’s”! Democrats In Name Only!?

    2. Lee McLaughlin says:

      And is exactly why we so badly need to drain the swamp like President Trump and the right is trying to do.

      1. jdelcjr says:

        Draining the swamp is proving to be a much dirtier job then I expected. I think too many politicians have too much to lose and hide on both sides. Possibly Trump may be the only one capable of even attempting it. He didn’t need to do this for himself, or his family. I will support him to the end, any way I can. I pray he keeps his strength and knows we are still with him.

        1. Little Lulu says:

          You are exactly right!! The pigs are squealing in DC because they know they will lose millions of dollars if the swamp is drained and they won’t be able to continue to monetarily rape the American people. I pray President Trump stays strong and fights back hard against all of this nonsense. The demorats just need to own up to the fact that they are all communists and want to destroy this country. All of this political correct crap is just a way to take away our right of free speech. They will side with terrorists every time over the American people.

          1. No name nut case says:

            Hopefully he wears a bullet proof vest and can keep his head from being a target. I’m scared for him because I don’t trust the Dems OR the Reps!

        2. Tom Lykowski says:

          Well, these professional politicians don’t want to lose their Cadillac health insurance, pensions, wages,days off, that they voted in for themselves. I think they all realize they’d get fired from a real full time job. Term limits are needed. Their wage package definitely needs correction.

          1. Janelle says:

            Yes, yes and yes!

          2. granny_forUSA says:

            SO LET IT BE WRITTEN…………..SO LET IT BE DONE……….

        3. Lee McLaughlin says:

          You are right jdelcjr. President Trump may very well be the only one capable of doing a much much needed nasty job. Lots of vicious nasty vipers up there. Shame it got that way but then where else would vipers nest except where they can flourish.

        4. No name nut case says:

          Me too! We all need to get down on our knees and Praise the Lord, every day, for there being someone like Trump who is willing to fight this battle for us! He is probably the only person who has the intestinal fortitude to pull it off. I am just scared to death that those sorry Dems will try to kill him. I don’t know why they wouldn’t. They had no problem with killing their own! (John F.Kennedy and Bobby Kennedy)

  7. ROBERT WAYNE says:

    If Schumer and the rest of these left wing bums love our stinking muslim enemies so much, they’re more than welcome to move to the middle east. Oh, and don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

  8. Jane12 says:

    What I cannot understand is how the people of new york can be so stupid to vote for this dirt bag. Of course they did vote for a whore like hitlery. You must have to be a brain dead moron to be a new yorker.

    1. deplorable_kafir4life says:

      His political future in the PRNY is secure. As a result of the 2010 census, NY lost two congressional seats. Primarily because the productive people are leaving. What’s left are Schumer voters.

    2. mpdMD1965 says:

      Finally a thinking individudial with the abilty to articulate the facts as they are not as reported and contorted by our illustrious dumbocrap supprting NEWS MEDIA. They are too braindead to realize their plan for destruction of the only Democracy in the world is being destroyed by their idiot followers who are equally as bereft of brains as barely braying donkeys. I am amazed at the females and males who refer to themselves as responsible parents yet think nothing of leaving their young children to survive in a country possibly under the direction of the likes of Rotten
      Clinton (Hillary or offspring) God Bless America sans clintons, hill or offspring

    3. bytheway4 says:

      jane, blame NYC, we in upstate NY didn’t vote for that piece of dead skin, When we were flooded in 2011, we asked Schumer for help in getting our rivers cleaned up, he refused and ignored us. He was so busy keeping his brainless head up Reid’s butt .

      1. Gio Liz says:

        That’s right Jane. And neither did the people from Long Island.

        1. No name nut case says:

          So, how does he continue to be reelected? Is it voter fraud? Maybe the authorities should be called in to check it out…if indeed they can be trusted.

          1. Gio Liz says:

            It’s the millions of brain dead democrats in Manhattan.

      2. No name nut case says:

        Maybe New York will not vote for anyone like “that” ever again. Mostly meaning “Democrat.” All I can see when I look at a Democrat is trash, and the Reps are proving themselves to be in bed with that trash!

    4. granny_forUSA says:


    5. No name nut case says:

      I beg your pardon, but Hillary isn’t a whore. Someone would have to want to touch her for that to be true! She is just an old hag! And a “has been hag” at that.

  9. Jim Wagenmann says:

    I would never agree with chucky the clown. This socialist is so anti American that he should be deported. He has to be committing voter fraud to get elected. No intelligent person would vote for this piece of crap.

    1. deplorable_kafir4life says:

      The intelligent people are leaving NY in droves. His future in NY is very bright.

      1. bttrap says:

        chicago is another one where people are leaving because of the democraps lies and about taxes i hope someday term limits will apply to these lyers and cheats

      2. bytheway4 says:

        deplorable, true, I had 3 of my grown children and their families leave NY because of brainless Schumer and the likes of him.

        1. granny_forUSA says:




  10. deplorable_kafir4life says:

    Cheesy Chuck is an embarrassment to the human race.

    Check out The Schumer family name means ‘good-for-nothing’, ‘vagabond’. Talk about SPOT ON!

    1. Lee McLaughlin says:

      Makes sense to me cause that is what Senator Smuck is for certain.

  11. CrustyOldGeezer says:

    I wonder if chuck you understands that denying the CONSTITUTIONALLY ELECTED ADMINISTRATION the POWERS of the OFFICE is an ACT of TREASON and is listed in the Geneve Conventions as “Spies and Saboteurs” and gets a MILITARY TRIBUNAL based on MILITARY (Constitutional) LAW and no “Legislated chicanery” is allowed.

    As a powerful elected SABOTEUR, his lightest penalty would be Loss of Citizenship and depoerted with a caveat of “DEATH WITHOUT TRIAL OR Stay of execution”

    1. Annie says:

      I agree with you.
      It appears that the democrats never had a copy of the Geneve Conventions. They all should be arrested as saboteurs and charged with treason with loss of citizenship. The American people need to wake up real soon.

    2. granny_forUSA says:


    3. C.T. Dixon says:

      You are wrong on so many levels it is almost funny. What you described is not Treason, Treason is very narrowly defined in the Constitution as waging war on the US or adhering to its enemies, giving them aid and/or comfort. By your description any Republican who was in office during the Obama administration would also need to be tried for Treason. What is the Geneve Conventions? DO you mean the Geneva Conventions? They do not define Treason, treason is defined on a national law basis. The Geneva conventions define what is considered lawful activities during war, and proscribes specific treatment requirements for Civilians in a war zone and Prisoners of War. The only mention of spies and saboteurs I coul find in a quick scan of the Geneva conventions is that in occupied territory they are to receive the same treatment as other prisoners of war, but some of their prtoected rights can be curtailed for reasonable security reasons. SO are you saying that we are lviving in occupied territory? If so since the Presidency and COngress is controlled by Republicans at this point they are the occupiers. Where could he be deported to? Maybe to New Jersey or Alaska or Hawaii, since he is not from another country. As for death without trial aka summary execution that would be a violation of the Geneva Conventions that you mentioned, any one held under the conscriptions of the Geneva Conventions is automatically entitled to a fair and just trial.

      1. CrustyOldGeezer says:

        I am so happy that you stopped by to explain to me exactly incredibly intelligent you are.

        The Geneva Conventions only enter into the discussion, because, as a signatory, we are bound to the fair treatment of enemy agents that were captured on the field of battle and in uniform.
        If you cannot understand the rest of the story without it being written out and explained in great detail, then go back to your crayons and leave the grownups to do the grownup stuff.

        Incidentally I did notice that you either have your spell checker in the off position, or just assume that you are so awesomely brilliant that you have no need of things like that.

  12. IluvmyUSA says:

    A little girl was raped not long ago because of Schumer skirted immigration laws paving the way for two guys to enter America. Notice how when the left does it’s diet they try to clean it up by the media saying nothing. Now they’re finding it Americans and Muslims are killed by mercy killings. I’m willing to bet a whole lot goes unreported to save face for Muslims.

  13. Robert E. Jumonville says:

    I agree with President Trump. We need to do what is in the best intrest of America, not what is politically correct. Who cares what the rest of the world thinks of us. America 1st, last and always, We have lost enough American lives & money, fighting other countries wars and terriest here in the USA. Our $ could be better spent supporting our Police, Military, & veterans, & Seniors. Let the other countries fen for themselves. Cut off all foreign aid. Aid Americans, we have plenty of needs right here.

    1. irene says:

      Exactly! That goes for foreign children being adopted also. We have plenty of needy American children here in the U.S. Charity begins at home first!!!

      1. erleebird says:

        We see the adoption problems everywhere in the U.S. With so many babies being given up for adoption, and so many children in foster homes, why do we need to get them from other nations? It is my understanding it is very difficult to adopt a child here in the USA. Perhaps Planned Parenthood could start a more honorable business by finding homes for unwanted babies. That would make them pro-life!

      2. granny_forUSA says:


  14. dennodog says:

    shmeckle smuggler

  15. Gizmo says:

    Schumer needs to be defeated NEXT election! Who keeps electing morons like Pelosi, Waters, Reid, Schumer. Franklyn, Cummings, etc. All they do is obstruct, they haven’t done anything significant since they’ve been in D.C.

    1. bytheway4 says:

      Gizmo, I doubt that they were voted in, it’s who you know that counted in NYS

  16. GRAMPA says:

    In this instance I must criticize our president. he tries to use rational thinking to make our citizens see why the obstruction of presidential power is a mistake. he needs to accuse Shumer of obstruction bordering on treason. asking the people will Shumer take the responsibility for the deaths caused by the radicalized that have no government restrictions on their actions. he should demand that the people that allow these people to function and commit crimes that focus only against American Christians. congress needs to expand present laws that would include public officials who have moved to allow these people to function.

  17. Kirk Kahler says:

    schumer is a fool as well as double faced ! one day he is all about stopping them from coming in and then crying that trump is mean with wanting to impose a 120 day stop ! I am so sick of the corrupt left and with there party falling a part be for our eyes you would think that they would want to do some thing good to try to save there party but no they are doing every thing they can to kill team trump the one who won and was voted in by the people ! every week as well as every day the left is showing America that they only care about them self’s power and the money that they have coming ! they do not want team trump to drain the swamp cuz then it could all end ! they only care about illegals and not us the American people ! they are corrupt and traders and need to be replaced now

  18. mpdMD1965 says:

    As are most Dumbocraps, Chucky Schummer is a member of the donkey tribe. In fact, even real Jackasses are of more use than Chuckypo. In his mind Dumbocraps rule and they do, in his and other braindead donkeys. Their next attemp to
    RULE THE UNIVERSE will be election of Chelsea rotten Clinton and probably Ms Rotten numero uno Hillary as her running mate. A match which will cause massive orgasms in many otherwise lackluster lives of most dumbocrap females.

  19. SD of AZ says:

    Well, it is quite evident Schmucky likes the moslimes and twists the facts like all lying dem wits. He clarifies the dem wit position. They are so proud of themselves even when they cheat, lie and steal or collude to cheat as in fixing votes, twisting truths by omitting 90% of the facts that one can only be amazed someone like this moron is actually representing anyone in congress. Slimey Schmucky is a great moniker for this libturd.

  20. James Harris says:

    I want President Trump to start helping the poor blacks and the poor whites.. to start some programs in those neighborhoods that are visible to the stupid non acting democrats,,,

    1. bytheway4 says:

      james harris, he has already started but the liberals are blocking him in any thing good that he does for us.

  21. PoorPitifulPearl says:

    I can’t figure out which part of Schumer is worse: the tear-jerker or the “smug-smirker” part of him. He does nothing unless it gets him attention. He is one of those politicians that gives a new meaning to politician. You know, of course, that “poly” means many, and a “tick” is a blood sucking organizm…that must be where the word politician comes from.

  22. MacIndy says:

    Schumer is a phony and needs to be shut down. Actually he is perfect for the socialist party. Fits right in. Makes ignorant statements and deceives just like the rest of them do.

  23. Nina Ferguson says:

    Mr. Schumer needs to read his history. Also, he needs to read the newspaper, thoroughly, not just the headlines.

  24. Paul Whitley says:

    The list of countries was made by the Obama administration – Trump is simply enforcing the vetting of “refugees” from those known terrorist-sponsoring countries. It is not and never has been a total ban, just temporary. Just long enough to be sure of who we are letting in, and their motives. It is not a ban on a particular religion.

  25. PaulaRevere says:

    CS is full of BS. What a sophomoric attempt to twist President Trump’s written ban to vet people from terrorist hotbeds. Britain was another target, another victim of terrorism, not the perpetrators. The so-called citizens are Muslim jihadi transplants with only one purpose: convert or destroy. I hope even demorats can see through his thinly veiled lies. God Bless America! God Bless President Trump!

  26. ROB says:

    I keep saying Trump knows much more about what he is talking about than any of those morons in Washington. His objective is to keep this country safe and return her to her rightful greatness. All those politicians objective is to get reelected. PERIOD. And it don’t matter who it hurts.

    1. irene says:

      President Trump KNOWS more about what’s going on in the world than anyone who DARES contradict him! He’s been a businessman ALL his life! He’s had to deal with ALL matters of foreign & domestic business that WE can benefit by his knowledge & experience if people would just get out of his way & let him do his job! What his income taxes are, is NO ONES business! It’s just proof that he knows what he’s doing!!! We finally have a REAL WINNER for President!!!

  27. Chuck (Commie) Schumer needs to be investigated as the rest of all the Trump haters in government.

    1. Mike W says:

      Why is Schumer – a Jew – trying so hard to protect and defend muslims? Is he like his mentor George Soros – selling out all the other Jews to line his own pockets?

      1. George Soros the puppet master, he controlled Obama and most of the Demos. Your right, it’s all about money.

  28. Sheila VanDevender says:

    Chuck Schumer is wasting our money in his tantrums. Time to protect America. I continue to support my PRESIDENT, Trump. He is trying so hard to do the things he set out to do, but all the Democrats want is confusion and dysfunction in our country. There party is deteriorating, they have no agenda, except to make the GOP look bad.

  29. Kenny Albert says:

    Ok Chucky. Here’s one for you. How about every muslim be killed regardless of their nationality.

  30. Grant1959 says:

    As for me and my house, we support Trump.

  31. Elisha says:

    I’m tired of the temper tantrums thrown by these Wall Street Democrats. I find their Ad Hominem attacks unacceptable. They’ve lost the authority to govern. Ditto for their RINO accomplices.

  32. Sam Benton says:

    Schemer couldn’t care less about Americas and Americans, all he wants is votes

  33. Mary says:

    Shumer is part of the leftist, Globalist goal to make all countries without borders and to redistribute the wealth of America to all other nations, so that we Americans will have little of what we have worked hard to build.

    Our Constitution would mean absolutely nothing.
    It would mean we live under global rule by an already established group, of a currently underground group the greedy wealthy evil doers.

    Currently, some upoliticians elected to our Congress are wanting to advance this agenda!!
    Be very aware of who you are voting for!!
    Do your research!!! It won’t be spelled out in blatant descriptions, but in associations, voting history,and your determined common sense to seek it out!!! Follow the money,,,,,
    Vote wisely!

  34. Mike W says:

    Every thinking person on the planet knows Schmuck Schumer is an a**hole. In fact he is the KIng of the a**holes. He is a professional at opening his mouth and inserting his own foot. He is just opposite of everything and anything President Trump tries to do. That was clearly evidenced most recently when President Trump fired James Comey. Ever since the election Schumer has been screaming for Comeys head – as soon as President Trump fired Comey – Schumers tears began to flow and he was crying how unjust it was. I would like Schumer to explain to the world why New York City has the most SEGREGATED PUBLIC SCHOOL SYSTEM in the United States? Maybe the loud mouthed Canadian D’Bag Samantha Bee would also like to explain why she is fighting so hard to keep it that way too.

  35. Lee McLaughlin says:

    What a vile and despicable little man Smuck is.

  36. Mary says:

    The goal to take down this administration is to create chaos, disrupt legislation, support groups that produce civil unrest, all to take down Trump, who has the power to disrupt and openly disclose their evil deeds.
    We the People, may very well lose our way of life if Trump does not succeed!!!

  37. Faye Patterson says:

    Trump who is trying to protect American lives of all beliefs. Schummer only wants to protect possible Democrat voters

  38. Ed Shick says:

    Pelosi has drank to much and has dementia , Schumer is a good reason to go for term Limits ,As is with our former POW John McCain , We need to end our liberal News Media !

  39. John Kane says:

    This a classic example of a brain dead liberal. Nothing more,nothing less.

  40. maxx says:

    Schumer is a democommie, and as all democommies, has no functioning brain.

  41. gobrien says:

    And how can we forget Chuckie’s involvement with this. “Tanveer Hussain and his team manager, Abid Khan, were denied a visa to enter the U.S. for the World Snowshoe Championships in Saranac Lake, N.Y. So Saranac Lake’s mayor and the office of Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) intervened. As a result, the U.S. Embassy in New Delhi reversed its decision. Hussain and Khan arrived Feb. 23 in the Adirondacks town and extended them a hero’s welcome. Locals offered congratulations and free lodgings at an inn that in the snow looked like a “fairy tale scene from a movie,” Khan said in a Facebook post. The “fairy tale” was shattered Wednesday, when Hussain, 24, was arrested and charged with felony sexual abuse and child welfare endangerment of a 12 year old girl.” Bet you didn’t hear about that.

  42. jackhy says:

    It is totally mind boggling how Schumer and all Democrats can be against a travel ban on the middle east countries supporting ISIS? Can they be brain dead or blinded by their opposition to Pres. Trump not to see the danger to our country from these jihadists and illegal aliens? Can’t they see what terrorist attacks are taking place here and around the globe? How do these Liberal fools expect we can protect our people without strict control measures enforcing our borders and immigration policies?

  43. bp 58 says:

    hey crying chuck do you wear those funny looking glasses when your molesting children?

  44. Raymond Miller says:

    The Demon-Craps are totally out of control, with no leadership. They are a bunch of anti American zealots and don’t care about our country. All they care about is power and are willing to sell us, U.S. out to get it.

  45. notalib says:

    If Chuckie is the leader of the Democrat party, along with insane Pelosi, they have reached a new low in “nothing to offer” category. What a bunch of morons.

  46. Harry J Schaubel says:

    Notice he smiles with his mouth closed? Hides the fangs. And in the above picture, give him a set of horns and he would be the image of many of the demons you see in Fantasy Computer Games. He actually looks like Molag Bal in Elder Scrolls Online. He sure acts the demon towards the American Citizens.

  47. phonewiz says:

    Schumer and the rest of the simple minded need to be voted out by true Americans who have brains! It’s quite obvious that our president is RIGHT!! None of these liberal morons should be aloud to continue their verbal non-sense, and they should be arrested for treason against our country!!

  48. AdjunctGeorge says:

    But the left is listening and passing on this misinformation from Mr. Schummer. We all need to talk to our friends and make sure that they know that extreme vetting would have kept the attacks from happening

  49. Maria castro says:

    Their followers are ignorant fanatics, he is just catering to his base, they don’t know how to search and if they know they are too lazy to do it and if they do their brain will interpret it as they want it to be.

  50. Tim Gard says:

    We are coming for you Chuckie … this will be your last term of political service here in NY. Demoncrat scum … God bless America!

  51. Another senile who needs to be put out to pasture

    1. you a bot now? your profile description is about sex and you randomly followed me. your the 5th bot to follow me. funny that you have recent comments though. it looks like your just some political radical extremist, but whatever. just gonna block this one like all the others. You might want to change your password or something.

  52. chief1937 says:

    Schumer must want our country destroyed typical democrat block anything republicans suggest regardless of application. Trump is simply trying to secure our borders and Schumer is leading the pack to prevent that from happening. As time goes on it is becoming more vivid the democratic party is anti-American and should be voted out of existence.

  53. Constitutionist says:

    He is a traitor in our Government. He is opening up the door for attacks he for his no care attitude. That should get him impeached out of the Senate. Time to dispose of this garbage. He is creating a disease toward this Country. He is helping the 47% illiterates in this country to have them start riots again. That is enough to get him convicted. He is violating his oath to protect this Country. Same for Plossy.

  54. Fon Evetts says:

    Schumer doesn’t care about American citizens safety!!!! He’s a traitor to our country and the American citizen!!!!

  55. Jim Leffel says:

    I agree with President Donald Trump.

  56. Bishop351 says:

    Send that idiot Schumer and his moronic loud-mouth niece to Syria via a one way tickets.

  57. Chris Rodrigues says:

    What do I think? I think Chuck Schumer is a douche bag!

  58. Richard Bagenstose says:

    will someone finally tell the truth , oboma instigated the arrab spring and look at that mess, and now oboma and the democrats are trying to do the same thing here, they won’t be happy till we look like syria

  59. Dondh says:

    Schumer needs to be removed from Congress and sent home for good. He is a complete ass who doesn’t care one bit about the American people. Otherwise he wouldn’t make such asinine statements like those in this article!
    Where was he during the last 2 illegal terms of Oscumbo’s 8 years? I didn’t hear anything about all those eight digit dollar trips Obama and his family took to Hawaii every Christmas and who know how many other places on that over sized, gas-guzzeling former Air Force One presidential plane. The new Air Force One plane, President Trump had it down-sized which cost much less to operate! Again, Schumer is a total, brain-dead, anti-American people idiot Libturd who needs to go!

  60. lizzardman says:

    Up-Chuck Schumer just regurgitates what the diapercrat elites want to hear and has absolutely no mind of his own. He should throw his hat into the ring and run for president of Dumbfuckistan (New York). As soon as the muslim brotherhood and the diapercrat party have used his influence to its end he will be liquidated.The vitriol he spews will soon be recognized for just what it is, unsubstantiated bullshit.

  61. Rob says:

    If you read your Constitution, the President DOES have the authority to ban anyone he deems a danger from the country. Keep this in mind too; the Russia,Russia Russia collusion was proven false. There was collusion from the Ukraine, the UK, France, Germany and China to try to help Clinton win. Would you call them friends? Schumer doesn’t understand that the patriot spirit is very strong.

  62. J Bryan Jensen says:

    Chuck Schumer is a communist whose position of power in our government is a colossal mistake. Same goes for Pelosi, Feinstein, Reed, Boxer and all the rest of the commies that need to be purged from positions of power.

  63. Charley C. says:

    I agree with President Trump ! We need to stop these Crazy’s before they can do our people harm!God Bless America ,& The Trump Family& His Administration .

  64. Rodger K. Shull says:

    chuckie boy schumer, is a want-ta be billy clinton see how he wears is glasses, what a douche , both are lying frauds, scum of the earth, like the isis,

  65. Palmer says:

    Schumer is a Dino that has been in congress tooooo long. He is an Ass. one of the main reasons term limits need to be voted in by the People.

  66. jerry.rebar says:

    It is time to start holding the liberal dem bloodsucker responsible for their action, start with this POS. Collect names and addresses on any scum bag you find supporting the rapist killer muslims/.
    When the killers attack your friend or family send the names and addresses of the liberal scum to the families of the victims

    1. Sylvia Avila says:

      So true! Time we stick together on this! I say deport all Muslim anti-American terrorist groups! Now! Make America safe again! Period!

  67. d peters says:

    “Obstructionist, do nothing but complain and attack” Schumer needs to leave. He is not serving as a positive representative for Americans. His mantra of obstruct, resist and attack does nothing positive! Bye, bye, Chuckie.

  68. elmcqueen3 says:

    I have never heard Chucky Cheese Schumer say anything intelligent about anything.

  69. Paul says:

    What an embarrassment to Say I’m from same state as skummer??? Why isn’t he interested in protecting New Yorkers as well as rest of country? Do You think we’ve been missing the bullet, due to President Trumps hard line, is suppressing the
    radicals?? Thank God Our President is Mr Trump an not skummer!!!!

  70. ONLYJB1 says:

    I would like to say that I don;t understand what is going on, unfortunately I DO! Why is it the democommie’s are fighting this travel ban tooth and nail? Simply put, they are still hell bent on destroying America! How does one change the mind of an idiot. Terrorism strikes them directly. This is hard to do because of their protection from this because of their elitness in our country. But that protection is not government afforded to their families. I pray that every member of the democommie party has to taste the evil that is terrorism! Once they lose a loved one to terrorism, their tunes will change exponentially! So chuckie, God forgive me, but I pray you and all such as yourself, will be effected by a terrorist act and you lose a loved one. I pray to hear a different tune from all those muslim loving SOB’s such as yourself! God forgive me!

  71. Sandra Critsetr says:

    Little chuckle Schumer is a complete idiot. He hasen’t the brains topper piss out of his boot for Pete sake! He has the liberals believing he has a brain but people from his home state know him better. He would never get re elected here in N.Y.

  72. erleebird says:

    George Soros and his “litter” are from Hungary. Yet they are allowed to assimilate in the Democrat party and partner up with the outrageous, destructive, behavior that is rampant in the left wing. Deporting “George” would be the best our country can do to obliterate most of the terrorism and lawlessness.

    1. Janelle says:

      I don’t think he will return to Hungary……..he is on a most wanted list. Which actually is an excellent reason to send him there.

      1. erleebird says:

        Correct me if I’m wrong, but I’ve been told he was responsible for identifying and causing the Jewish population to be sent to concentration camps! A man that would do something that bad, has no values at all except to bring everyone down with him for his personal enjoyment.

        1. Janelle says:

          No, you are 100% right. Gyorgy Soros is a Hungarian Jew who sold out thousands of members of his own religion for profit…….one of the crimes he is still charged with.

  73. Chuck says:

    Just consider the source. Stupid is as stupid does. Just hope he is not a victim in a terrorist attack. Hope no one is.

  74. downs1 says:

    Senator Schumer is a great fool! He wouldn’t know the God of his forefathers if he fell over Him! Schumer by his actions is hell bent on bringing down this once great nation that God raised up! He only wants to remove Donald Trump by any means possible, and to continue the disastrous course set by Barack Obama! He has no idea what is coming, nor that he will be judged severely for his actions!

  75. polly says:

    What an arrogant evil looking anyWay his actions weevil and that comes from the heart.Actions speak louder than words .Check.out his companion Soros evil son

  76. GreatWarVet says:

    Since Schumer defended immorality by Clinton in the White House, I believe it’s time to check
    out his commitment to using good judgement and common sense, he just never quits all his
    foolish nonsense.

  77. Timothy Dayton says:

    I would like to know why Schumer did not state his opinion about issues when Team Obama put those countries on the list of terror sponsors, was he not concerned then that that act was anti-moslem. More two-faced garbage from a Democratic Party Lockstepper.

  78. Dale Ness says:

    Chuckie Schemer needs to have them move in with ihim and see how he likes it. This fool only o

  79. Dale Ness says:

    Chuck Schemer only opposes the ban because he hates anything Trump is for. Chuck is a fool

  80. Steve Flowers says:

    SCHUMER…A lying disgraceful politician, I don’t understand why the Jews in NY keep him in office, he has done absolutely nothing for them, his negativity on every issue is deafening to what a senator in office does. His anti-Trump is getting old. He knows dam well what the MUSLIMS are doing and trying to do in this country. Yes! Schumer, you are right, the terrorist was from the U.K. , but you forgot to say that he was radicalized by the ISIS.

  81. granny_forUSA says:

    The financial media criticized the senator sharply. CNBC financial analyst Jerry Bowyer charged that Schumer was responsible for the “second largest bank failure in US history.”[115] While opining that IndyMac’s failure was only a matter of time, banking consultant Bert Ely termed Schumer’s actions “wrong and irresponsible”.[116]

    Schumer sounds like SOROS……….

  82. granny_forUSA says:

    Schumer voted on the impeachment charges of President Bill Clinton in both houses of Congress. Schumer was a member of the House of Representatives (and Judiciary Committee member) during a December 1998 lame-duck session of Congress, voting “NO” on all counts in committee and on the floor of the House. In January 1999, Schumer, as a newly elected member of the Senate, also voted “NOT GUILTY” on the two impeachment charges.[96]

  83. granny_forUSA says:

    In March 2009, Schumer announced his support for same-sex marriage, noting that it “was time”.[90] Schumer previously supported civil unions. At a private dinner with gay leaders at the Gramercy Tavern on March 22, 2009, Schumer said he not only now supports same-sex marriage, but also backs a full reversal of DOMA.[91] When the New York State Senate took up a bill to legalize gay marriage in December 2009, Schumer, along with other statewide officials, aggressively lobbied wavering senators to support the legislation.[92]

  84. bub says:

    “Chucky is a modern horror icon, slashing his way through film after film, with a growing body count …”

    -Quote from an Amazon “Chucky Doll” page.

    Sounds like what Chucky would have for our country if he had his way.

  85. granny_forUSA says:

    Schumer, along with Republican senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, has been highly critical of the trade imbalance between the United States and China, and its alleged cause of Chinese currency intervention.[80] They have asked the White House, under both the Bush and Obama administrations, to find China “guilty of currency manipulation” under a 1988 law. Schumer and Graham have introduced legislation in three successive Congresses to apply tariffs onto Chinese goods for the purpose of raising the value of the Chinese yuan.

  86. dcartmill says:

    I have yet to see any comment ,on anything on which Chuck has issued a comment / statement that made any sense . Everything out of his mouth ,is as if it were first given a stupid check,then double checked ( to insure it included enough stupid to meet his standards )

  87. granny_forUSA says:

    Schumer had been a staunch defender of low taxes on hedge fund and private equity managers in the past, arguing that this was necessary to protect the industry. Serving on both the Senate Banking and Finance Committees, Schumer was in a position to block attempts to tax their financial gains at the rate other taxpayers pay for income.[127] In 2010, however, Schumer suggested that a hedge-fund tax would be acceptable and not hurt the industry.[128]

  88. granny_forUSA says:

    In February 2012, Schumer said that he disagreed with the Obama administration’s call to raise taxes on those making more than $250,000 a year, calling for a million-dollar level instead. According to Schumer, “there are a lot of people who make above 250 who aren’t rich.”[129]

  89. Pattie Kelly says:

    Our President for sure. Chucky needs mental help.

  90. granny_forUSA says:

    In April 2014, the United States Senate debated the Paycheck Fairness Act (S. 2199; 113th Congress). It was a bill that “punishes employers for retaliating against workers who share wage information, puts the justification burden on employers as to why someone is paid less and allows workers to sue for punitive damages of wage discrimination.”[139] Democrats said they intended to use the votes on this bill and the issue of equal pay as political issues in the 2014 midterm elections.[139] Senator Charles Schumer (D-NY) told reporters that “pay equity, that’s women, that’s 53 percent of the vote.”[139]

  91. Bennie Cochran says:

    I agree with President Trump. Senator Schumer is more concerned with making his wallet fatter than the concerns or needs of the country. A political party is not more important the survival of this country IN IT’S PRESENT FORM WITH AN ELECTED GOVERNMENT. The Demotards are doing their best to turn this into a communist dictatorship. After all, they think they know better what’s good for the country than the citizens. Demotards are the Nazis and Facists of the middle 20th century. If you ask them, they were meant to govern.

  92. Janet says:

    Schumer is just more proof of the need for term limits and possibly the need for an age limit that forces retirement long before dying in office. I don’t care what party you belong to, if you are not working to put America and the needs and wishes of your constituents before you pocketbook and self-serving wants, you do not belong in office of government. I truly believe that if we eliminated many of the perks like the retirement and other benefit packages, and force members of Congress to pay into Social Security , change any retirement into more of a 401K that is not matched by taxpayer funds, and a few other changes we might actually end up with people seeking office that care about America rather than how much money they can stuff into their pockets. We do not need people in government that spend all their time opposing our duly elected President rather than working for the people and America.

  93. granny_forUSA says:

    Flight attendant incident
    After being asked by a flight attendant to turn off his cell phone during take-off of a US Airways flight from New York to Washington D.C. on December 13, 2009, Schumer referred to the flight attendant as a “bitch.” Schumer made the comment to fellow New York senator Kirsten Gillibrand, who was seated next to him, but was overheard by a Republican House aide who happened to be on the plane. After the story was reported on, Schumer issued an apology through a spokesperson for the “off-the-cuff comment”.[144]

  94. sidebar78 says:

    Schumer and the Democrats all think the Muslims and illegal Mexicans will vote Democrat and save his party. States are wise to that and look for them at the poling places. ICE then grabs them and they get deported, only places that let this happen are places that are written off as corrupt. And they are shrinking, as real certified voters are starting to raise hell. Plus Muslims do not partake in our satan rituals. Most Illegal Mexican who do not speak a word of English do not vote, they don’t trust places where cops hang out.

  95. ShantiGirl says:

    Schumer and his ilk are just trying to spit out as many talking points as they can, hoping the Dem voting base will listen. Everyone other sane person knows that he’s just trying to discredit Trump so his party won’t die and fade away. Too late. Even the brainwashed Dems are finally waking up. Well, except for the SJW’s, that is. They’re still insane.

  96. Terry Kimbrough says:

    I wish there were statesmen and patriots left in the Democarat party, but I haven’t seem or heard one lately. The rhetoric from the left and most Democrats is at best unpatriotic and borders on sedition and treason.

  97. Babsan says:

    Old NY dirtbag Schumer and his Crime Syndicate want all the Terrorists and Muslims so they can crate an Islamic state and hopefully a Democrat voter bloc.Screw the American citizens they are nothing to this Criminal cabal

  98. Lee J says:

    Chuck Schumer is a bottom feeder. He is one of the most unctuous creatures I’ve ever seen. .He wouldn’t know the truth if it ran up and bit him in the face.

  99. James Oldfield says:

    I agree with Trump, because the presidents first priority is to protect the people of the United States. The president has the constitutional right to prevent any one from coming into the country, so I don’t get where
    the judges get the authority to make policy about who gets to come into the US, especially from counties that has terrorist ties.

  100. Bobby Arnold says:

    chuck the cock sucking schmuck needs to HANG fuck that liberal sack of pig shit .. we need to ban all filthy goat raping moslems

  101. Choff C says:


  102. doctorivy says:

    I agree with Chuck. We should ban MUSLIMS from entering America. And as an added measure of security it only makes sense to have a TEMPORARY (say three year) ban on all immigration.

  103. john says:

    Shrunk Tumor looks like Satan himself……one evil ugly bastard ! How this imp got his flat foot in the door was by imitating a tapeworm,chigger,head louse and flea.

  104. Fred says:

    Schumer is an willful idiot who refuses to recognize the enemy in our midst. This fool equates islam as equal to Baptists, or Methodists…they are NOT! Muslims are going along with the Marxists/Socialists pukes because they know these useful idiots will further their cause and will be the easiest to slaughter once they meet their objective. Wake-up, people!

  105. Thinkingman2025 says:

    Trump is the one I trust one h___ of a lot more than any elected Demo-rat, or any Libertard reporter working for the MSM.

  106. gene smiith says:

    Schumer should be banned along with the terrorists….he is as big or bigger threat from his place of prominence
    and should be eliminated along with his dumb ass remarks and grandstanding.

  107. Wambli525 says:

    Schumer and the Soros connection:
    Chuck Schumer had drinks with left-wing billionaire, George Soros’ son, Alex Soros on Friday afternoon.
    Is there any question that Geo Soros is Puppet Master for the democrat party?

  108. dennis legassie says:

    Schumer your are dead Wrong, The President Trump was him self in all matters, with Israel, with Pope, middle east…Mr. Trump made our Nation strong again. MR. SCHUMER YOUR JEALOUS, WITH NO VISION FOR OUR AMERICA NATION SIT DOWN AND LISTEN TO OTHER NATIONS SAY ABOUT MR. PRESIDENT.

  109. Dexter L. Wilson says:

    the only reason to allow Muslims and illegals in is still the fact that they will vote Democrat.

  110. Jeff Warner says:

    Chucky is another upset child! His party lost the election, his party lost control.of the Senate, his party lost control of the House, so he wants to take his ball and go home! He is upset because it isn’t his ball, so he lies, cheats, steals, and like another one from his party, blames everyone for his failure, except himself! Really sounds like Hillary, doesn’t it? I wonder if it isn’t a common denominator to being a Democrat!
    Schumer, frequently joined by Pelosi, needs new friends! His comments go to show how out of touch with reality he really is!

  111. Irene Elizabeth Grooms says:


  112. Margaret Heller says:

    Schumer will say anything to get in front of the camera. What a publicity hog! He will say anything to contradict whatever the Trump administration says or does. What a hypocrite! The countries included in the travel ban are those included on one Obama recommended. Where’s the difference; tell me. This is just more obstruction from the Libtards who are going to lose more elections because the American electorate have wised up, Afro-American, too, and they are not going to let Chuckle Cheese get away from this obstruction.

  113. pearldj says:

    can never agree with trump cuz he is a fake president so it’s a no brainer he is a corrupt businessman, raciest, egomaniac and one ugly orange freak oh yea and a spoiled rotten punk ass bitch

  114. Curt James says:

    I wouldn’t believe Schumer if he gave the time of day.

    1. Jay Crossbow says:

      He has 2 things going against him. He’s a scumbag lawyer and a proud member of the Tribe.
      Both condone lying to those outside the ranks.

  115. jong says:

    The Law indeed the Constitution is extremely clear upon this matter in two ways. First Trump can do not only this but, much more than even his first Ban. Secondly the courts are going to have to realize that there is a separation of powers clearly stated in the Constitution and the courts have gone way over that “line”

  116. Jay Crossbow says:

    If you go back into history you will find that islam and judaism have worked together before to subjugate nations. Sooner or later EVERYTHING in history repeats. Problem is, most people know nothing about history.

  117. Jean Wojcik says:

    Im with TRUMP

  118. richard black says:

    chuck…chuck..chuck… these are the same damn people…we dont want to american !!!!!

  119. rick meek says:

    Chuckles needs to go back to NYC – get NEW marching orders from his controllers and get a good dose of cancer…….

  120. ray Maurer says:

    I back President Trump 100% – on EVERYTHING he is doing!

  121. Fedup2 says:

    Somebody tell me why Dems are so fighting so hard against the Trump’s travel ban?! Why are they willing to gamble with the safety of the American people; why after attack after attack in Europe, as well as the US, they ignore the consequences of bringing in even more refugees/migrants from the terror hot spots? – Simple…the complete and total “transformation of the US!” And, the American people have no say about it.

  122. domar1938 says:

    Schumer doing the American people much in the manner that George Soros’ (Schwartz) father did his own people.

  123. Rick D. says:

    Scummer doesn’t know his A** from a hole in the ground!! He cherry-picks his “facts” to suit his agenda—-which is to do anything he can to undermine Trump. He has no regard for America or the safety of its citizens. Somebody needs to put a fist in the face of that whiny, wimpy, blow-heart!! He’d cry like a baby!

  124. Kaywhever says:

    Don’t ask Chuck Schumer to be smart. I just can’t happen with this pathetic old crooked New York Politician.

  125. Ron says:

    Those of us who live in the NYC metropolitan area have been subjected to Mr. Schumer’s idiocy for more than four decades now. Enough, already!!!

  126. dee4u2nv says:

    It’s a damn disgrace that these Democrat SOB’s are putting politics ahead of safety and common sense. They don’t give a damn about this ban, in fact they know it’s the right thing to do, and the only reason they are opposing this ban is because they LIVE to oppose EVERYTHING that Trump wants to do. ISIS has declared war on America, and they have publicly stated that they will infiltrate the refugee camps with jihadists and pose as refugees for the sole purpose of invading our countries with ISIS fighters to stage future attacks, and when they make those kind of promises, you damn well better take them seriously.

  127. A patriot says:

    sculmer should stick his head up his Ass and see what good Americans see

  128. dee4u2nv says:

    For the record, IT’S NOT A MUSLIM BAN. There are plenty of Muslim majority countries that wasn’t included in this travel ban. Except for citizens from those 6 countries on the list, Muslims from everywhere else can still come and go as they please. Stop playing politics and give us this ban.

  129. John Redman says:

    What would be “wrong” with banning all muslimes – and deporting all deport-able ones (living, breathing)??? Drain the swamp and take out the trash.

    1. Frank B. says:

      If you don’t know the answer to “what’s wrong with banning Muslims”– then try reading the U S Constitution!!

      1. John Redman says:

        What clause, pray tell, provides the US Government control of immigration. Last I looked, it was the States. States then can make the determination of who is likely to not acclimate to local norms and keep them out/kick them out. Me, as a private matter, can kill all fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, bed bugs and other useless parasites (like bureaucrats) that I encounter. Who even knows how many I have gotten away with zapping so far (but it’s a lot). But anyhow, back to you. Please tell me where you think that outsiders have a RIGHT to be here. I tell you that I have no problem with killing those that wish to infringe upon my right to be left alone. If you fit into that disgusting lowlife category, stay well away from me.

        1. Frank B. says:

          Article 1, Section8, Clause 4. Go read it. It’s NEVER been “the states”. And frankly– if you are not Natuve American or Mexican– Then YOU are an “outsider”.

          And knock off the killing BS… You people need to get a grip.

          1. John Redman says:

            Oh, my. I have my own little troll.

          2. Frank B. says:

            Come on… Knock that silly stuff off!

            I’m trying to inform & educate people like you– so we can stop this “us against them” BS. This is America! All are welcome to live here legally and be productive citizens.

            You need to stop spreading ignorant hate speech!

          3. John Redman says:

            Inviting me to “kiss your black ass” is hardly “educational” is it now? I see no point in a dialog with muslimes. I shared close quarters with a muslime family in Clinton, CT and learned about ‘lying to kafirs’ to my disadvantage. Nah, to Hell with all of them AND to hell with all that embrace a state solution to human problems. It never works except to the advantage of the statist (sometimes) and often to nobodies advantage. States are the anti-Christ and those that don’t take that position are ‘useful idiots’. Not me anymore. I am a hide bound individualist and a hater of all that try to steal my production. Jonathon Edwards (in Sunshine) wrote my mantra – “You can’t even run your own life, I’ll be damned if you’ll run mine.”. Molon Labe with my guns AND my freedom.

          4. Frank B. says:

            Now think back to what you said to me– That prompted such a response, in the first place…. I’m not obligated to respect anyone– who doesn’t respect me. And when you use terms like “kafir”– you are once again inviting that kind of response.

            But one of us has to be the adult here.. I guess that’s me. So here’s the deal… YOU do nit own this country! And YOU do not get to dictate who is fit to live here & who is not. Not only is no one trying to run your life– But here’s a surprise to you–nobody even cares about YOUR life.

            So why don’t you stop trying to run other people’s lives… You can either man up, grow up, or shut up– But YOU will not stop people, even Muslims, from making this country their home!

          5. John Redman says:

            It is not about ‘being an adult’. 1st, you cannot, without my permission, be the official definer of that word. I’m 74 years old and, according to me, an adult. I assume that you are, too, but that does not factor into any discussion. Nor would it be pertinent to ‘play the race card’ as so many folks do these days. Same arguments apply. “kafir” means a non-muslime. That’s me. You? I don’t care. That you are a believer in earthly states disqualifies you from any respect from me and, I believe fervently, from God at Judgment as it violates the 1st Commandment. I don’t need your respect not want it. All government of the earthly type interferes with my freedom. I hate that and, by inclusion, every agent and friend of it – you, F.I.

            BTW, God “owns” this country as God “owns” the obedience of His creations. I will follow His precepts and discern who is following them – not muslimes or statists and decide who deserves to use His oxygen and land. Again, not them or you, you statist/tax payer/voter/disbeliever in natural law.

            Think what you want of yourself but be sure to find importance there “be the adult here.. I guess that’s” you) so that you can fulfil T. S. Elliots warning about who causes 1/2 of the harm (he was wrong by nearly half).

            I will even grant that you “win” this argy bargy since it seems ‘important’ to you but I laugh all the same.

          6. Frank B. says:

            If you are 74– then you need to act your age. All of this silly nonsense won’t stop one citizen from living here. Now get this straight….

            I DO NOT NEED YOUR PERMISSION TO DO A DAMN THING!!!!! You are old enough to know that. So stop acting like a spoiled child!

            And I know the definition of the racist term that you continue to use like some elementary aged school kid. And I would appreciate it if you directed that ignorance– someplace else. Further– you have NO idea of what I “believe”– so stop guessing. Because frankly– it’s none of your business! You are free to embrace your ” faith”– so grow up & understand that I have the right to embrace mine– Which is STILL none of your business!

            Moreover– you need to stop lying.. You claim to “follow some godly precepts”– Well unless your god is some kind of bigot or racist– The ONLY thing you seem to be following is the extreme racist ignorant dogma from so-called white supremacists. And the insane right wing of this country—– And none of that– is “godly” at all!!!

            You continue to concern yourself with what you think I believe?!? Well– You need to put your arrogance in check.. My rights in this country– are the same as yours… Which means I don’t answer to the likes of you, or your kind! GET THAT THRIUGH YOUR THICK SKULL!!

            NOW– All I (DEMAND)– is that you allow your intellect & maturity– to catch up with your chronological age! Then– maybe you will finally learn that this country does not exclusively belong to you, me, or YOUR personal “god”. It belongs to All Americans!!!

          7. John Redman says:

            Listen, badass, I already said “you win” but don’t come around here in your winning black ass or you might get it shot right off. You would need my permission to come on my property. Troll I called you and troll your behavior.

          8. Frank B. says:

            Who the hell said shit about “coming on your swamp land piece of crap property”? I don’t want to come see you fool! Why would I want to be anywhere near someone as stupid as you? You just pulled that nonsense right out of your ignorant butt. And you can just shove it right back up there!

            But remember this, fool— you ain’t the only citizen who owns a gun. And don’t you ever try to threaten me! The good news is that if you are 74– hopefully– you’ll just die soon anyway. And that will be one less jerk that this country will have to deal with.

          9. John Redman says:

            You are too stupid to accept winning, OK, I get that. BUT, YOU said “I DO NOT NEED YOUR PERMISSION TO DO A DAMN THING!!!!!”, so, try coming on my property WITHOUT my permission. Stupid troll.

          10. Frank B. says:

            Look– you senile old fart…. You’re just crazy! LOL! You belong in a padded room! I don’t want to fight with you——You old coot! LOL I keep telling you– that nobody cares about you… In fact– I want you to stay on your property. And leave the rest of us alone. And I can promise you– that no one wants to see you… And, we want you to stay on your property, and keep playing with yourself and your little cap gun– Because as long as you’re doing that– Then you are not out on the streets bothering anyone!

          11. John Redman says:

            Stupid troll.

          12. John Redman says:

            You stupid troll. You don’t even seem to have the mental capacity to keep track of what you write down and send to me. Maybe the rubber room would suit you.

          13. Frank B. says:

            Hey fool– I keep telling you— Nobody cares about you!

          14. John Redman says:

            Well, I don’t care about you and that’s the truth. You don’t speak for the world unless you are a megalomaniac (which, as a troll, you just might be). And, yes, I read the citation. Whether anyone cares about me or not, though, you overshoot your mouth regularly in this conversation. You would need my permission or I would kill you and not shed a tear.

          15. Frank B. says:

            Hey old coot! Read my lips– NOBODY GIVES A SHIT ABOUT YOU!!! LOL!!

          16. John Redman says:

            If I COULD “read your lips”, you would be where I had lawful right to exclude you with lethal force, so, try me, fool.

          17. Frank B. says:

            Hey asshole. You ain’t gonna do Shit!

          18. John Redman says:

            Easy to “say”, but come to Grafton, NH and find out. Let me “read your lips” and I will initiate the process by which they will stop moving. Trolls mean about the same to me as the men shooting in my direction in the 60s. I’m still here and some of them aren’t.

          19. Frank B. says:

            You old senile bastard. You ain’t gonna do Shit!

          20. John Redman says:

            Put up or shut up. Until you violate my property rights, I won’t do a thing to you. But if you show up here in your ‘winning black ass’ I will do shit to you and you will not be faster or smarter or better equipped, you will be dead meat. This ‘conversation’ is really one-sided/unfair. I must have 60 to 100 IQ points on you. Maybe you grew up in a cheap rental with lead paint chips for you to chew on such that lead poisoning ate your brain. Maybe you were given a dozen mercury-infused vaccinations before you left the hospital and that made you the idiot I argy bargy with now but your replies to me are unschooled to say the least.

          21. Frank B. says:

            If you feel that strongly about shooting me– then why don’t you come see me bitch?!?

          22. John Redman says:

            Oh, you stupid man. I have said all along (besides that you are stupid) that I’m only interested in defending my property rights. YOU have stated that you don’t need my permission FOR ANYTHING which I presume that you mean coming on my “swamp”. So, the ball is still in your court, not that you seem to know what to do with it. Troll.

          23. Frank B. says:

            And I have told you before– I have NO interest in your damn property . So what’s your damn problem, you senile old bastard?!?

          24. Frank B. says:

            Look you senile old bastard.. Please take your medication.

          25. John Redman says:

            BTW, asswipe, that section ONLY relates to setting up uniform standards FOR THE STATES to confer citizenship. Until the unratified 14th, there WAS no “US CItizen”.

          26. Frank B. says:

            Did you even read the citation? Doesn’t sound like it.

  130. Baron S says:

    If Chucky doesn’t change his ways, he will flush the Democrat party down the toilet.—–WAY TO GO CHUCKY!
    (can’t wait for 2018)

  131. Phyllis Handkins says:

    Chuckie! Go get a life somewhere else, like maybe Afghanistan.

  132. Richard Frick says:

    Shumer is rotten scum that needs to be impeached from the Senate and imprisoned for obstruction of the Federal Government and the American Citizens. His vile hatred for making him a loser is tantamount to turning him into a sniveling rotten spoiled child.

  133. Mary R Pearson says:


  134. painterkk says:

    Schumer is just too big for his britches. Methinks his goal is President himself, and he’s trying to set the stage while making these comments. He’s counting on the Republicans losing their majorities in 2018, and then he can be Speaker. WATCH OUT then!! OMG…him and Pelosi???!!! The D’s may just overplay this ‘tough guy’ approach, and voters will be so disgusted, they’ll take them out of office so things can get done. Time will tell.

  135. boydasmith says:

    WHY do foolish, idiotic, moronic, immoral American-voters keep electing foolish, idiotic, moronic, immoral POLITICIANS??
    Aside from ‘Stupid-is-as-stupid-does’,…. these ignorant, gullible voters keep BELIEVING THE LIE THAT ‘ISLAM IS A RELIGION’—often referred-to as the ‘religion-of-peace’,…

    The TRUTH is that ‘ISLAM’ is NOT a ‘religion’ in any vernacular sense of the word!
    And it’s ‘peace’ attributes ( and the complete LACK thereof) are historically, blindingly self-evident!

    Islam IS a ‘political-IDEOLOGY’ which DENIES basic human-identity being CONNECTED to God. Islam denies basic human-rights that ORIGINATE in God. Islam denies the human-capacity of humans to be connected-to-God EXCEPT AS SLAVES!

    in Islam the human-soul is neither SACRED,… nor is it LOVED by God.

    If following Satan is a ‘religion’,.. then perhaps Islam can be ascribed to Satan-worship,.. as a FALSE-RELIGION,.. which is the designation the Bible ascribes to it in the Book of the Revelation of John,.. placed at the end of the New Testament..

    But in reality it is NOT a God-based ‘religion’. It IS, however, a totalitarian ‘GOVERNING’ ,.. POLITICAL-IDEOLOGY,…. which has designated the name ‘Allah’ as the substitute for the RULING-STATE,… and Mohammed as IT’S ruling DICTATOR-FIGURE-HEAD.

    This ‘dictator’s’ life clearly shows the evil of this political-ideology.

    Unfortunately,… politicians like Chuck Schumer are obliviously-IGNORANT of this commonly-available history,…. to their own,.. and to the destruction of those who they are SUPPOSED to represent AND protect!
    TOO MANY voters do not understand that history, as well.

    Ideas, Truth, and Courage MATTER!

  136. kybob says:

    May a suicide bomber make his/her way into Chuck Schumer’s presence!!

  137. Carol Ann Bowker says:

    Why is it that dems (if they stay in DC long enough) look like they are the sporn of satan

  138. Howard Pugh says:


  139. greyparrot says:

    The liberal pc culture of the left is getting ppl all over the Western World killed. If we don’t soon stop electing these bastards and begin putting ppl in place who exhibit a modicum of common sense no one on this planet will be safe from these evil SOB’s. Wise up ppl!

  140. RsGoat says:

    This is no surprise since he is an Obamanite. Go ahead bring in the headsmen and let’s line up the Congress first? I’m not suggesting we really do this but if he really does not want to keep out the extremist who have no other plans then to destroy our country it seems to me in a perfect world the first few brought into our country we take right to D.C. and let Chuck stand at the head of the line to lose his with them along with the liberal judges who want them in our country. Then after all those liberals who wanted them here have had a chance to meet and greet, maybe lose their heads over introductions? The rest of us can pack the nut cases back up and send them home with who ever else wants to practice the extreme forms of Islam. Once that is done those who want to live in peace in our and their country can get back to doing those things we enjoy with maybe a little less arguing over politics. Only a little less I would hate not to discuss this stuff.

  141. OSNOFLA AIDNEM says:

    Shuck Schumer is a democrat, liberal, libertine, immoral, anarchist, corrupt, pro abort, pro gay marriage, pro muslims and pro illegal immigration, Schumer prefer to support and protect muslims, jihad terrorist, enemies of American Values and Christianity that their own American People, Schumer like the Federal democrat liberal, libertine judges are traitor of America People!

  142. billie says:

    Pres. Trump has every right and and should control any and all immigration as needed to protect our Nation.

  143. CharlyO says:

    Schumer should be charged with treason and executed!

  144. Bill Chandler says:

    Schumer is nothing but a money grubbing scum bag. He is the worst piece of crap to ever be elected to the Senate. He is even worst than Harry Reid, who I didn’t think anyone could top. He cares nothing about this country, if he did he would keep his sorry ass mouth shut. Both he and Polisi are brain dead and all they think about is more money, not helping their voters. How anyone with a mind could possibly vote for either one blows my mind.

  145. George says:

    I agree 100% with Trump

  146. angelo baccala says:

    I live in New York State a dem stronghold, gov and both us senators are dems. we are sooooooooooo fffffffffffffffffffffff————–ccccc———-ed and there isn’t anything we can do about it in the forseable future

  147. Henry Servatt says:

    To answer your request, I am for (*FOR*) the travel ban from “certain countries” unless and until good vetting techniques can be and are put in place in the U.S.

  148. Samuel Taylor Coleridge Diamon says:

    Slimy Shumer is just catering to his Liberal base and really put his foot in his mouth…again!

  149. Kika68 says:

    Schumer is a dumb ass who has over stayed his welcome in the senate. Hopefully he will be voted out of office in 2018 by his constituents who still have a mind of their own. He is doing nothing for them. He is an obstructionist. Thats it. Get lost scumbag

  150. Sharon Jeanguenat says:

    I would NEVER accept what Schumer says as truth. I totally agree with Pres Trump. And, who cares if it mainly catches Muslims? Most terrorists ARE Muslims.

  151. Brad Fisher says:

    If Upchuck was really concerned about the safety of the American people he would want to have a travel ban in place, but he is not. Just an obstructionist idiot. Hopefully, people will wake up and get rid of as many dumbocrat communists as possible in 2018.

  152. Bob Guerrin says:

    Schmuck Chumer

  153. Lee Smith says:

    Schumer is just pathetic as Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, etc. What an idiot.

  154. Susan Lindauer says:

    I”m incredibly relieved that Democrats no longer control the Executive Branch. Considering the poor quality of their problem solving & non-performance on major issues, I cannot imagine why anybody would want Democrats back in power. Adding their opposition to the travel ban, which protects the security of the country, and their desire to put immigrants ahead of every other American citizen, makes me afraid for the future of the country. At least for the next 8 YEARS I know we’ll be safe, thanks to President Trump! Truly we dodged a bullet—

  155. old sarge says:

    Extreme Muslims are the problem and seems the majority come from these six listed by Donald. Yes some are second generation but raised by extreme Muslims. If ten came in the country how are you going to insure that one of them are not a terrorist. Are we trying to become like France or England?

  156. Joe Sam says:

    schumeris a jackas=.he is only interested in him self and how much he can get for him self .not interested in the peoples welfare .30 yrs done nothing but block everything good .lives the good life gets paid from both ends just like pol and waters. .OLD VET

  157. George Reed says:

    Schumer is a good for nothing yankee Idoit and a really good reason for term limits.

  158. Jennifer C says:

    I agree with Trumps executive order. We need to protect the American people. It won’t sink in with Libs until it happens to them or someone they know.

  159. Bayside GolfClub says:

    The leftist want to discontinuation of ALL vetting of terrorists who may come in, no matter from where..
    That is really what opposition to “VETTING” is all about. Cut and dried. Could not be more clear.

  160. jug says:

    Chuck Schumer is just as much an idiot as his neice, Amy Schumer!
    Both nasty dumb asses!

  161. David McAllister says:

    Let you know??? Schumer’s head is up his obama.

  162. Alan BYRD says:

    The constitution gives the President the right to protect US citizens from anykind of attack that would harm us. So when anyone disagrees and stops or tries to stop the President should lock them up for treason. To be an American one has to abide and believe in the Constitution of the US. Let the prove that they are not a traitor, by the time they try and do if they are a judge then they are unlawful to hold office and Trump then gets to appoint a conservative in his or her place. What Trump needs to do it put the fear of the LAW back in the hearts of ALL AMERICANS AGAIN , WHICH WILL HELP MAKE AMERICAN GREAT AGAIN.

  163. David McAllister says:

    Liberals want Americans to be just like tbe French….unarmed victims of terrorists. Serves us right for demanding our constitutional rights.

  164. David McAllister says:

    The three most capable Demwits, Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters. In the words of Joseph Jostar, “OMG!”

  165. Kenneth Jones says:

    Hey, Chuck: Even YOU can’t be that stupid! It doesn’t matter what their nationality might be, but what does matter is the fact that they’re violent Islamic jihadists whose sole purpose in life is to slaughter people who aren’t Muslim or Muslim enough! Those are the animals that President Trump means to keep out of the country!

  166. Daniel Mount says:

    *F* you Chuck Schumer You Pro Islamic, Anti American, Anti Constitution, Anti Freedom Anti Christian evil Democratic scumbag.

  167. jreg9304 says:

    Aren’t we getting very tired of these Demtard Cronies putting a wall on everything that our President is trying to acheive? He is a good man with a great cause and these Liberal morons have to be stopped one way or another. So let’s come together and vote these freaks out in 2018,, especially, Chucky Schumer!!

  168. wvhillbilly says:

    Of course I agree with Trump.
    Omitting key facts? That’s what the Left always does, they only tell you what fits their agenda.
    When they were passing out brains Schumer evidently thought they said “Chains,” and told them, “I don’t want any of that!”

  169. Robert Walters says:

    Chuck Schumer is a fucking idiot. I do not understand why the people of New York have not demanded his retirement or recall him. What an embarrassment to N.Y. What an ASS to his party.

  170. Camille Gilliam says:

    i can’t stand Schumer, he is so cocky. Enough to make one sick.

  171. Camille Gilliam says:

    Oh yeah, Schumer, if you think all of these people are so great then you need to give one of your children to them to do with as they please , or a grandchild. They are very sick people and they have been brain-washed to believe what they believe. It is EVIL.

  172. fred schramm says:

    Hey Chuck….How many migrants live with you?

  173. fishunter says:

    Schumer is slime and not doing any good for the US.

  174. jeannemartin says:

    The Democrats, like Schumer, would rather hurt our country than help our President!
    That is unadulterated hatred gone berserk!
    They have lost all perspective of judgement and patriotism and we, along with our children, will suffer!
    It sickens me to know such demented people live in our country and would rather destroy it than support a President they did not want!
    God blessed our country in so many ways and Trump is fighting to keep it great!
    He and loyal Americans will never surrender to these evil ex-patriots so they might as well retreat and wait for the next election.
    When we win again, maybe they will realize they were wrong and unite with
    Republicans to make America great forever!
    God Bless America! ??

    1. StopTheJews says:

      Trump needs help from our lazy retarded citizens who are brainwashed by FILTHY ROTTEN JEWS. JEWS JEWS JEWS LIKE QUEER DISNEY ARE THE TRUE ISIS. Now everybody pack your bags go to Disney World and feed the devil that’s killing your country.

  175. William Gillespie Sr. says:

    Without a doubt there will be another major terrorist attack take place in the US. If it turns out that those responsible could have been prevented from entering the US by Pres. Trump’s travel ban than all those responsible for stopping the ban should be held and prosecuted for manslaughter. This also includes all the ass hats that sit upon the 9th circuit court.

  176. Connie Alsip says:

    Does anyone else think that Chuckie looks like the Church Lady in that pic. He is such an idiot! Extreme islam is a geopolitical fascist program meant to take over the world for their own political gain. Can you imagine a world where islam controls nukes, women, murder and mayhem? Schumer is an ignorant dem twatwaffle who should be voted the heck OUT!

  177. StopTheJews says:


    The Israeli Attack on the USS Liberty — Paul Craig Roberts –
    Paul Craig Roberts › 2016/07/26 › the-isr…

    Jul 26, 2016 · The Israeli Attack on the USS Liberty Paul Craig Roberts Introduction: For a number of years Admiral Thomas Moorer, former Chief of Naval Operations and Ch

  178. J. Ernst says:

    Schumer is NOT an idiot. As any typical politician does, he tests the Local AND National waters of HIS minions sentiments by saying what he says. It’s a way to gauge “HIS people’s” resolve without paying for pollsters.
    This hi rabbi of anti-American, ameriKanism IS WHAT he and that ugly Amy Schumer pose and posture for…the elimination of American Values to serve HIS business models of: open borders, sanctuary city grants & stipends, and in the case of NY City…FEDERAL HANDOUTS because that city would go BANKRUPT AGAIN, as it has many times in its history, WITHOUT Federal “programs” (handouts). The “greatest city in the world” is NOT so great without the FREE STUFF!!!

  179. Frank says:

    Yes, President Trump is correct we should stop all Muslim entries until we can get a extreme vetting system in place to ensure NO terrorist get into the United States

  180. Sherry Greenlaw says:

    Schumer, Waters, Pelosi and their followers need to put a sock in it and move on and thank God that they don’t get charged with treason because that is what they are doing.

  181. jesse says:

    Schumer can’t help it he’s such a fool, he suffers from leftist psychosis, a severe mental disorder coupled with acute delusional disorder!

  182. Lakshmi says:

    Schumer is a member of the secret Satanic DEEP STATE SATANIC GLOBALIST NEW WORLD ORDER ORGANIZED CRIME SYNDICATE that INTENDS to destroy America so that they can create a worldwide, tyrannical, totalitarian, military, oppressive police-state ruled by the secret servants of Satan (the most evil people on earth) = HELL ON EARTH.

  183. Kissingfan says:

    Chuck “The Schmuck” Schumer should resign. Have you noticed that the majority of these looney tunes (Schumer, Pelosi, Waters, Warren et al) are from the liberal states?

  184. slipfree says:

    Schumer has gone from his regular Twilight Zone mentality into the far reaches of the cyber space where none has gone before ~ Why do not of the Republicans ask him about his Russian Connections ~ Promoted the 1st Russian gas stations to come into NYC and promoted the Uranium sales to Russia…probably lots more about Russia as well……While he is staling and blocking everything that Pres Trump is attempting to do he doing a huge injustice to the American people in jeopardizing our safety and economy in return for his hate against Trump ~ Latest was using taxpayer’s money to produce a video of himself, his full staff and camera crews in making a copycat biased video mocking Trump’s 1st Cabinet Member Meeting ~ everyone should know that the part that Schumer was mocking was a PR version prior to their real scheduled meeting [ He needs to get his arse in gear and start helping Trump to correct the mistakes that clowns like him have made over their 20-30 years in office….

  185. slipfree says:

    This Jeff Session’s hearing was not about any BS collusion ~ It was about trying to trick him into giving them something/anything that the corrupt politicians and their left media friends could run 24/7 ~~ They all are “silently screaming” because Sessions created a policy last week that stops all of these questionable & covert funding efforts to the many of George Soros’s foundations & organizations…..Obozo and Holder had been funneling monies from the DOJ and other places to organizations like Planned Parenthood, La Razza Hispanic racist, etc….many more….

  186. jdalabama says:

    Schumer is a disgrace

  187. Ima Barber says:

    Did anybody point these facts out to schumer? These libs need to know they are spouting sh#+

  188. Susan says:

    Who do I agree with? Trump.

  189. ONTIME says:

    Chucky has his foot stuck in his mouth and soon the “D’s” foot will be up his butt…the left is losing ground and they are jeopardizing the security of this nation, they know it but power is want they want and a broken country will do as well as a rich and prosperous one…..The word communism maybe spelled differently than the word criminal but they are the same word……

  190. Frank W Brown says:

    I’d LOVE to break mr. arrogants glasses while they’re STILL on his face, ARROGANT BASTARD!

  191. mikegru says:

    I think did IRS and other agencies need to check Chucky he is spending more $$$ then he earns he is traveling on other peoples expense why do he owe them a favor TIME to investigate

  192. jackel says:

    Come on. Clearly this man’s interests are not with being an American. He is one big part of the anti Trump movement in the country that has no merit, but merit is not one of his strong points.

  193. Houmid says:

    Schumer is either a fool, or he’s in cahoots with the enemies of the United States. Who the heck votes for these tools anyway?

  194. cathylovesyou says:

    Chuck Schumer should resign, his bias is over bearing as the main hater of Capitalism. Schumer is the one who makes up the tyrant words to use by all Democratic Communist, also what drum to beat to in a united front against Republicans. He is from New York so he will never be voted out regardless of what havoc he causes.

  195. Kirk Kahler says:

    schumer is a trader to the USA ! he only cares about illegals and there votes he has no love for America and her people and he is so two faced it makes me sick ! he will do and say any thing to look good but the truth is he is a liar, a bully, two faced , corrupt to the core , road blocker , pimp of fake news , supports riots, calls for people to do wrong and all the time saying that trump is the evil one what a joke ! people that support the left need to wake up and see the truth that the people they put in to power have but one goal and that is to ruke over them not to work for them !

  196. ronniecanoli says:

    SCUMMER as I call him , is a SELF SERVING LOBOTOMIZED LIBERAL LUNATIC POS… He can’t even get his so called , ” DO NOT CALL LIST ” program to work . Since I had enrolled ( YEARS AGO ).. I’ve gotten MORE CALL’S then before his BULLSHITZ SYSTEM.. I have been in NEW YORK well over SIX DECADES , & anyone of these Democraps Senator, Governor, & ESPECIALLY the Mayor , are ALL TITULAR POS , nothing more… EVERYONE of them , should hang their head in SHAME.. They are a FRIGGING DISGRACE to all they are suppose to REPRESENT.

  197. The Capatin says:

    Those “green” companies are working well, aren’t they? (Does Solyndra ring a bell)?

  198. johnny b says:

    Schumer & Pelosi are the biggest imbecilic morons of DC and their time has come and past…. they MUST go….

  199. John Wirts says:

    Schumer and any “justice” who rules for this idea, ought to be charged as an enabler for any crime committed by anyone allowed in under his “BRILLIANT IDEA”. If jihadists come in and commit murder Shumer and All enabling “Justices” ought to be removed from their office and charged and tried as enablers and with sedition!

  200. Red Steiner says:

    Schumer one of America’s many enemies. He has the right under the Constitution which he and the Obama/Clinton Cartel sneer at and violate repeatedly, to say the stupid things he says. The more he runs his mouth the stupider and more treasonous he shows himself to be.

  201. vinny says:

    What to you expect from a JERK OFF!!!

  202. Frank says:

    I agree with President Trump’s travel ban but I think it should include all Muslims until a completely accurate vetting process is in place ( however long it takes)! According to what I see most of the Muslim terrorist acts have been done by young male Muslims

  203. Combatvet52 says:


  204. Andrew Johnstone says:

    ‘schemer’ has to be the dumbest jew on the planet

  205. George says:

    I agree with Trump 100%

  206. Gloria D. says:

    President Trump I believe, with no hesitation!!!

  207. SDofAZ says:

    Schumcky opens his mouth and removes all doubt about his lying, cheating, stealing standards as a low life dem wit. Seems that the libturds in NY just cannot find anyone to run who is not of this category. I like NY and NYC but are the voters so overrun with illegal aliens and unvetted moslimes and criminals that they cannot find and support someone else. These business as usual divisive politicians of the dem wit or rino persuasion have got to go. And this slime dirtbag is just one of many who convince the voters it is definitely time for term limits. Vote this moron out, he is beyond stupid and might rival Nancy and Waters in repulsive.

  208. kassa1 says:

    Schumer is a whore of the elitist/Marxist. Schumer should be tried for treason and for ending a betting Obama and all his endeavors to destroy America. Communist a.k.a. Democrat party every move they make now is to destroy America and our freedoms and or monetary system. The Democrats have no respect for the workingman or his hard-earned dollars that he works for his family. All they care about is power and money, their primary job the civil servants or to protect this country it’s people and the monetary system and they refuse in the face if you America to do that. It’s just building they are creating for your children bringing people in to create more debt on the young that are coming into the world. The Democrat party is it totally demonically evil and corrupt terrorist organization in the United States. May God bless America and may he smite the demonically evil left .

  209. THE KINGS KID says:

    Shumer needs to go! Evil Evil Man!!!!!

  210. Jim Wagenmann says:

    I have never and would never and would never believe anything shumer would say. He is a prime example for term limits. In his case no term whatsoever.

  211. Roger says:

    DONALD TRUMP IS MY PRESIDENT and PRESIDENT for all AMERICANS! He has built a cabinet of carefully selected advisers that can only help him make America, safer, stronger, more prosperous and greater, greater than ever before!

    Sixteen Republican challengers couldn’t stop Donald Trump, the Democrats couldn’t stop him, adversaries in his own party couldn’t stop him, the lying liberal media couldn’t stop him, the thug protesters hired by the Democrats to disrupt his rallies couldn’t stop him, crooked Hillary, despite her underhanded cheating and attempt to rig the election couldn’t stop him, so why are so many wasting their time? Donald Trump overcame adversity never before seen in the history of an American Presidential election and no one is going to stop him! I truly believe that Donald Trump will be the GREATEST President that America has ever seen! A safer, stronger more prosperous and greater than ever before AMERICA!

    When you think about what Donald Trump overcame to become president of the United States, do the democrats think they can stop him? Donald Trump, now President Trump has overcome adversity never before seen in a presidential election!

    President Donald Trump has all the solutions! Hillary Clinton never had a clue!
    President Trump, the man that didn’t need to be President!
    President Trump, the man that America needed to be President!
    Trump-Pence, the dream team of and for the American people!
    Making America safer, stronger and greater than ever before!
    Sixteen Republican challengers couldn’t stop Donald Trump, the Democrats couldn’t stop him, adversaries in his own party couldn’t stop him, the lying liberal media couldn’t stop him, the thug protesters hired by the Democrats to disrupt his rallies couldn’t stop him, crooked Hillary, despite her underhanded cheating and attempt to rig the election couldn’t stop him, so why are so many wasting their time? Donald Trump overcame adversity never before seen in the history of an American Presidential election and no one is going to stop him! I truly believe that Donald Trump will be the GREATEST President that America has ever seen! A safer, stronger more prosperous and greater than ever before AMERICA!
    President, Donald Trump will lead us to prosperity with no help from our former failed President! He has built a cabinet of carefully selected advisers that can only help him make America, safer, stronger, more prosperous and greater than ever before! DONALD TRUMP IS MY PRESIDENT and PRESIDENT for all AMERICANS!

    Oh yeah and he is working for the AMERICAN people for free!

  212. CCblogging says:

    In the past 1400 years of Islam, Muslims have killed 120 million Africans, 90 million Hindus, 80 million Christians, 10 million Buddhists, and millions of their own. Over 100 verses in the Quran call for the rape, torture, and pillaging of infidels, or non-Muslims. Islam, the official religion of the Democrat Party!

  213. WilliamHarrington says:

    Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters and Elizabeth Warren could be called the gang of four but are definitely the ‘Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse’.

  214. nancy anderson says:

    Shumer & his ilk are treasonous, evil, pukes who think they know everything but they know nothing! They have no grace or manners & they think if they can lie enough about Trump he will lose his voter base! They are wrong about that! We know an honest man when we see one! You can tell by his family,too, how steady he is as a father! He has accomplished more for America than Obama has done in 8 years!! In fact, Obama accomplished nothing GOOD for America& Juan ,you can fuss all you want about Russia it is your president who Colluded with Russia & brought this Russian woman here to screw Trump up! Trumps kid committed no crime even if he did meet with the Russians!! You guys have no MORAL high ground on anything!! Your god is power!! That & a nickel will get you nowhere!!

  215. UpChuck is the lowest liberal liar loser on the planet, who really cares what he says, even moderate demonrats now think he has gone too far. Total obstructionist, and people are waking up to the truth day by day, RIP demonrats, you will never get into the white house again and likely never have control of congress.

  216. Gretta says:

    President Trump’s travel ban is a no brainer. Only an imbecile could not see this common sense. And ONLY a communist muslim demonRAT would not want our citizens to be safe.

    Who else would demand to keep our borders open so that illegal aliens can flood in at will with their drug lords, MS-13 gangs, forbid our border patrol to arrest them, then flood our country with the world’s most savage barbarians and defend and protect them against us, and when they hurt, rape, kill our citizens they release them from prison to kill us again, THEN vow to take our guns so we can’t defend and protect ourselves?

    Don’t know about you, but I don’t need a ton of bricks to fall on me to see the light.

    The travel ban should be permanent, not temporary. DemonRATS are hateful traitors who hate our citizens and who hate America. That is totally obvious!

    Only a fool closes their eyes to the obvious. The demonRAT party is no longer American, they are sickening traitors, pagans, and they are all at satan’s disposal.

  217. battleborn says:

    I hope the Democrats keep the likes of Schumer, Pelosi, Waters, Cummings, and Hillary front and center. They will never win another election.

  218. Larry Cowden says:

    Trump is on target! Schumer hasn’t got the brains of a chipmunk! (Sorry Alvin)

  219. spike says:

    Who do we believe ? Schumer has acted like such a schmuck since the election that he has surely lost any credibility he may have had. BUT he will be elected to hold his leadership role again and again, just like Pelosi and Reid, no matter how often they had appeared in public with silly inanities they were kept! I wish I had never had any reason (feds taking over health care in this country) to notice exactly how our representatives operate. I feel like I can never again vote and trust those elected to take good care with their responsibilities.

  220. Anthony Marzullo says:

    Schumer is a piece ov garbage along with Pelosi, Waters, Boxer and Feinstein and the list goes on. The left are afraid when President Trump cleans the swamp the scum bags on the left and some on the right will be gone.

  221. rick meek says:

    IRS scammers are hard at work – They don’t speak but pigeon english – they attempt to threaten – they ask you to resolve – DOT – IRS – FBI turn deaf ear to you – Their mailboxes are always full – BEWARE A 202 FROM IRS INVESTIGATIONS NUMBER….

  222. rick meek says:

    Ya ought to see schumer in NYC – the restaurants – the night life – his buddies – the money —– DC is proof —- “Crime Does Pay”.

  223. Irene Elizabeth Grooms says:


  224. John Wirts says:

    Schumer is a prejudiced IDIOT! Trump needs the judiciary to enforce the laws crafted by the legislative branch and quit being wannabe legislators trying to legislate from the bench. The legislators who refuse to legislate according to the Constitution need to be recalled and replaced with Constitutional legislators. Judges who try to legislate from the bench need to be removed from the bench, charged with treason and sedition. If found guilty imprisoned for life.

  225. joeupyours says:

    the demoRAT party is the most immoral,anti-American,anti-Christ bunch of scum that ever lived.

    libTARD demoRAT party=insane anti-American communist useful idiots,intolerance,MURDER=RAPE=ANTI-1ST.AND 2ND.AMENDMENT=looting=burning the MF down=abortion=kkk=slavery=muslim terrorists=high taxes=stupidity=poverty=fixed elections=illegitimate kids=baby killers=crack heads=welfare=illegal aliens=homosexuality=beastiality=Pedophilia,LIBERALISM Is It Mental Illness or Demonic Oppression?

  226. disqus_0MR38PDl1u says:

    Chuck is a total POS .

  227. mannasage says:

    Schumer is worse than an idiot, he’s an unpatriotic scumbag (a term his Calif, Rep. Maxime uses frequently when she describes the President’s Cabinet.)

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