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CNN Ran A Report That Had Viewers Accusing Them Of Treason

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  1. Russell Finley says:

    If they let CNN get away with this, then the news media can get away with anything they like with no reporcusion what so ever.

    1. gerald Hughes says:

      CNN is a Ok City/Timothy McVeigh, looking to happen.

    2. supergun says:

      Control the schools, the news, and the health,,,,then you control the people. President Trump wants to give it back to the people.

      1. toad says:

        Correct. Years ago someone referred to CNN as the Communist News Network. It’s not a joke anymore.

        1. supergun says:

          They are owned by communist families.

  2. Jjb54 says:

    I have to agree, ‘ what would have happened to FOX, if they “speculated” the same thing when Obama took office?

    We all know exactly the FIRE STORM that would have happened!

    1. Highland26 says:

      These anarchists want to destroy us.

  3. Laura Rosell says:


    1. suz says:

      They don’t want to save this country they want it to go down.

      1. Highland26 says:

        Exactly. We need to be clear about this. It’s the globalist elites. Soros, who funds many of the protests, is part of it.

        1. suz says:

          Any one that is paying these guys should be on a watch list and arrested

          1. John Somers says:

            Soros already has a warrant out for his arrest on sight.

  4. Bill says:

    I did not see this as I refuse to watch CNN, but if true CNN should lose their license to broadcast. Fake news(CNN) is run by very sick people who need to be held accountable for spreading lies that could possibly endanger the lives of our Vice President and President. These are treasonous acts and must not be taken lightly. The far left liberal/communist have gone to far and this needs to be stopped.

    1. supergun says:

      Their rating are proof of their incompetence. Only a Crazy would watch this news.

    2. rex ames says:

      Its very clear that these folks are not willing let this country heal, and they are promoting anarchy.
      There should be a law against this..

      1. Bill says:

        Rex, I agree and I’m sure our new president will address these issues. Yes we have the first admendment, but you do not have the right to threaten someone or incite rioting. It’s really time to knock some heads if this is going to be their game plan.

        1. rex ames says:

          I did not always like Fox, especially with Megyn because she always seemed to asked questions that no one care about, I mean it was obvious she was trying to push women voters away from Trump, and was always stirring the pot. I holly shit, I served in Nam, and then a fellow vet. like John McCain supported BJ Bill Clintons NAFTA treaty sending my job out of the country. I have not worked now for three years, and I’m a dammed god tool& die engineer.
          I’m glad Megyn is gone from Fox, she is like a Cancer. At least the rest of fox trys to be far a balanced and gives the whole story.

          1. John Somers says:

            NOW, she already has NBC pissed at her.

  5. suz says:

    Shut it down as a terrorist network

    1. Highland26 says:

      You just hit the nail on the head. Globalist organization/puppet.

  6. S. Segal says:

    I am a firm believer in the First Amendment relating to freedom of speech and a free press but this is entirely bullshit! When the media becomes bias in their reporting they no longer represent a free press. In this event, I would like to see our government move in to break up this so called false reporting venue. I used to like CNN, way back then, because I believed that they took a neutral approach in reporting the news and allowing both sides of an issue. Today they strictly provide a left-wing only agenda. I, as well as many people, have switched to Fox news. They give both sides of an issue a fair and balanced report.

    1. Joseph Carrilho says:

      I don’t trust Fox either.

      1. Highland26 says:

        Agreed. Fox crossed over into globalist territory a long time ago.

        1. Howard says:

          You just say that because that is the mane channel that supports Trump.Go cry somewhere else.Democrats have a bunch of stations that support them.Leftist crybabies.

          1. My country says:

            Rupert Murdock that owns fox gave millions to support Hillary !

          2. supergun says:

            Would not doubt it. Fox News is owned by the 2 sons who are as liberal as you can get. They just make more money presenting the TRUTH.

          3. supergun says:

            That is good. Luv it.

          4. Honorary says:

            This quote is from Russian President Vladimir Putin. Putin made this comment about how to negotiate with Obama. “Negotiating with Obama is like playing chess with a pigeon. The pigeon knocks over all the pieces, shits on the board and then struts around like it won the game.”

          5. supergun says:

            No wonder obama did not like President Vladimir Putin.

          6. John Somers says:

            Said the same thing about the FORMER Pansy in Chief. BOTH are accurate.

      2. Howard says:

        Yeah but they would never be as stupid as CNN was to run that story or even think about it.

      3. John Somers says:

        Maybe you should start. Most FOX Stations are PRIVATELY owned, at least here in Louisiana. I watch NBC on rare occasions and when I look at Fox I have 2 completely separate stories on the VERY SAME subject. NBC will say it’s so and so’s party doing it and FOX reports the story WITHOUT who’s fault or problem.

    2. Highland26 says:

      We are trying to be fair, but the globalists fight dirty and they don’t care about being fair. They’re going to walk all over us if we don’t get tough.

      1. Howard says:

        Thats just moronic talk.You are just saying it was ok for CNN to do this.But if it were the other way around and FOX said that about Obama you would be crying that Fox was a racist channel.Grow up Hillary lost.Move on.

        1. Ernest M Kraus says:

          the issue is that CNN said it. You are speculating on Fox doing ir

      2. felix72 says:

        Using words like FAIR and GLOBALISTS don’t and won’t do anything to correct the situation. A bevy of high powered lawyers might though

      3. rex ames says:

        Your right, the east and west coast elites have all the money, and they don’t give two shits for you and I, they just move their companies out to a foreign country like Mexico, form a new corporate head quarters and pay less tax, and then via the NAFTA treaty, ship their goods across the border free of charge. They build the product for pennies on the dollar, they don’t pass the savings on to us, they put it in there pockets. That’s the top one percent and middle class gap got wider.

    3. rex ames says:

      If I were Trump I would ban CNN from White House grounds.
      I would also do what ever I could to limit the other press. The president must be allowed to protect himself.

      1. RevGregory says:

        No more interviews with the MSM would be a perfect start, ban them from the White House and Never allow them to board AF ! in the future.

      2. Houmid says:

        Trump doesn’t have to ban CNN from the press briefing room. But he doesn’t have to call on them for their questions either.

        1. rex ames says:

          This is true he does not have to ban, but even having them in the room leaves them to interpret what ever way they hear things from questions that are asked.
          And we all know they wont print anything that looks like they are supporting Trump.
          There liberal viewers feed off there lies. They don’t care about fair and balanced, there viewers are teachers, college proff., young students, most minorities, not all but most, most women, and all the rich bastards on the east and west coast that own the companies in this country, and also the ones that moved out with Bill Clinton’s NAFTA treaty. They are all anarchist and do not respect the rule of law. Obama is responsible for this, and especially for all the problems in Chicago. That’s why the police backed off and let everyone kill each other in record numbers.

          On another note, I just had a job interview with a company called Bylink, and there corp. head quarters is in Chicago. They are moving part of the company to Juarez Mexico. Its still happening folks, Americans still losing their jobs.

    4. William toxic says:

      They have put bad carma on CNN, what you wish on others you receive back four fold.

    5. William toxic says:

      Even better is One America News (OAN). No opinions during reporting. Opinions are given as editorials where they belong.

    6. truthseeker says:

      I also use to only watch CNN because we did get the News while it was happening.

    7. arthur M. alex says:

      The Corrupt News Network is a facist propaganda effluent mouthing organ of international terrorist George Soros!
      That anyone would wish to mention their call letters as a reporting entity is an infamnia!


  7. Christian_Patriot7 says:

    I was so hoping a surface to air missile would take out Obama as he flew away. Shucks, didn’t happen.

    1. Larry Forman says:

      No! Not a good idea. We really NEED Obummer, who brought the party of the libturds to their knees. He needs to “help” them and finish the job he started.

      1. Joseph Carrilho says:

        Obummer’s legacy will be that of waking up the sleeping giant

    2. RevGregory says:

      I thought the same thing when he and the Wookie got on the helicopter

  8. Christian_Patriot7 says:

    I hope President Trump will tell the FCC to take away CNN’s license to broadcast! CNN is the same as communist China’s news network.

    1. Craig Anderson says:

      Sadly, that would be a violation of the 1st amendment.
      What Trump should (and could) do is dispatch the National Guard and ICE to all the jails and prisons on CA, NY, TX, and IL and remove any illegal alien and given them a 1-way trip home – – they’re “tourist rights” have been removed

      1. RevGregory says:

        No actually inciting violence is not a first amendment right.

  9. supergun says:

    Plain and simple: cnn is owned by people who would be considered enemies of the United States of America. And they employ people of the same caliber.

  10. CompUser says:

    The story probably isn’t treason, but the author was most likely hoping someone would take him up on the idea, and do it. In that case, he certainly would be guilty of inciting the assignation of a President, which is at least a federal offense. I remember reading news reports about private citizens being investigated by the FBI just for joking about such a thing on social media, but don’t remember if any were actually arrested. But this is a serious matter, and the CNN reporter should get a friendly visit from the FBI as well.

    1. toad says:

      The actual author of the article will most likely not ‘fess up. They are a bunch of sissies who write junk like this and then hide behind their “Freedom of the Press” B.S. Let’s face it folks, we are up against a pack of clowns who are dead set against Trump succeeding. The only way to combat this is by cutting their funding. I never watch CNN or any of the other liberal networks for that matter. If their revenues start to drop due to a lack of viewership they will have to change their ways. Fox has more viewers than the rest of them combined and if we keep this trend going, a lot of these liberal newscasters will have to find employment elsewhere. Maybe in Russia or North Korea.

    2. preston says:

      Inciting riots and such is against the law. Madonna’s another one who should be arrested for the blowing up the White House comment she made. But when you look at these people who can support crushing babies skulls and selling baby parts it doesn’t mush surprise me that blowing up the White House or killing the President means much to them. We are in the depths of evil in this country and our last fervent hope is Trump.

      1. RevGregory says:

        I will Trust Trump second to the Trust I have in My Guns.

      2. nicholsda says:

        Madonna is already on the SS’s list. It could end up with her being on the No-Fly List. That would be great if she was outside the US at the time. 😀

    3. John Somers says:

      Just fyi, Yes he was arrested and charged, tried and convicted. His “I was only kidding” di not impress anyone, He’s a guest of the feds. for 10 years.

      1. CompUser says:

        Wow, I haven’t seen or heard that anywhere.

  11. DollyT says:

    Very inappropriate article. Very poor Article to represent the network. Are all of them Idiots trying to destroy them selves?

  12. drbhelthi says:

    In the US, the western world media has promoted BHObama, the Kenyan-born citizen of Indonesia, the DNC entourage, Hillary Clinton of the Clinton Crime Foundation, the questionable celebrities who pledge 1st allegiance to the 1948 land-grant that is fraudulently called, “Israel” and who “intend” to move away, and the various groups who protest the election of Donald Trump. Numerous questionable celebrities are gaining free media advertisement by their “publicized statement” of intent to move away from the USA to another country. Their publicized, alleged “statements of intent” are frightening, in that they support the
    harassment of pres. Trump and supporters but do NOT intend to leave the USA ! As deceptionists they are pawns of the OWNERS of western world media who continue to support the attempt to invalidate the election of Donald Trump to the U.S. Presidency.

    In Germany and the E.U., western world media continues to support dictator-chancellor Angela Merkel´s derision of president Trump, authors of articles that defame president Trump and Mrs. Trump, while
    continuing to praise BHObama with occasional racist focus on the Negroid element of his history. Dictator- chancellor Merkel´s enabling ISIS to drive Arab Moslems and Arab Christians from their homelands into Germany and the E.U. continues to receive western world media support, reflecting the intent of the owners of western world media. To discover the identity of the owners of western world media, search the internet on the phrase, tapnewswire 96 .

  13. William Merrell says:

    in todays charged environment, this stupidity is like screaming “FIRE” in a theater. These asses should be fired and they should lose their license since all they really are is a mouth piece for liberal b.s. (nothing other than the fake news which they have become famous for).

    1. Highland26 says:

      The powers that be at the network might like to see it happen,..

  14. dominke says:

    Ted Turner started CNN and has boosted about being communist. He married Hanoi Jane Fonda who is devoted communist. Propoganda that they spread should land someone in jail for treason. Stopped watching this nasty anti American Be long ago. Those that support them in anyway are terrorist in my opinion. Boycott them completely, Works will stop funding them.

    1. nicholsda says:

      The only time I watched them was right after the election. It was fun watching their reporters meltdown.

  15. Roger Pervere says:

    All these fake news outlets should be Nationalized and put out of business because they are UN-American and they lie so much that I will no longer watch CNN, ABC, CBS and NBS news!
    Also the executives of these stations should be tried for treason! Whatever happened to the investigative reporters that looked for the truth and reported the truth? Today’s news is filled with lies! What ever happened to the UN-American activities committee?

    1. RevGregory says:

      Nationalized would be like Pravda. Just revoke their licenses to the air waves and make them bankrupt.

  16. Texas_Sherry says:

    I am a firm supporter of freedom of speech and a free press but had this been said of Obama the Secret Service would have been at the door and closing them down within the hour. I also think if a particular news agency doesn’t tell the truth then our new administration should treat them as irrelevant by revoking their press passes. If they report fiction they aren’t news, they are just another mindless sit-com.

    1. Highland26 says:

      They are using freedom of speech to promote anarchy and violence. I think there should be limits set.

  17. Johnstoirvin says:

    Both CNN and Obama had the opportunity and responsibility to serve ALL of America. Both chose, instead, to pick a side and pit one against the other, creating or enlarging divisions among us. Both chose to be less than honest and straightforward with the American people. Both had their day in the sun and now, BOTH deserve to be gone!

    1. Highland26 says:

      Both are part of the globalist agenda. When you realize this, it all makes sense.

    2. Wambli525 says:

      Well said and an excellent graphic. So, so, TRUE. To put it in the vernacular.. The press and media SUCK!

  18. Pel Pelago says:

    I don’t think CNN is liberal so much as a medium that espouses anarchy for a Mussolini CNN favors.

  19. Highland26 says:

    CNN is part of the globalist agenda. Shut them down.

    1. S. Segal says:

      I totally agree.

  20. Fredroe says:

    Some believe this is freedom of speech, but I believe this is inciting violence, which is against the law.

    1. Pat Garrett says:

      Not up until now. I hope things are going to change soon.

    2. RevGregory says:

      Just watch and wait, that is about to change.

  21. preston says:

    Hell, even the NFL is running anti-Trump ads. I tell you all the media are turning my stomach. Their “deplorable”. I think they want a civil war, and if they keep it up they’ll start something they won’t be able to finish.

  22. james mcninch says:

    N.R.A. military oath of conduct comes to mind.

  23. My country says:

    CNN is running their own agenda for Nazi George Soros ! He is not an American and I hope Trump will turn him over to the countries that seek him to face crimes against their countries ! They should be closed down for the propaganda they try to sell ! The sad thing is people will believe their trash ! it baffles the imagination! They create fake news and when people call them on it they whine like the protestors that they incite to commit crimes because of their bull !

    1. D Hall says:

      time to burn your Master card,soros has just bought into it big time.he lost a billion backing hillary,lets make him lose a few billion more

  24. nodo says:

    This whole leftist thing is so over the top, there must be more to it than just their political agenda. What exactly is really going on with all of this? The women’s march, CNNs vendetta not to mention most of the other news outlets. When Obama was voted in, a lot of us were practically seeing the end of the US of A, but we had to accept the stupid people’s vote, and we stuck it out. There was actually more legitimate cause for complaint then than there is now, so what really gives?

  25. PascoArt2 says:

    How stupid is the national media, especially CNN, to attempt to delegitimize President Donald Trump? INCREDIBLY STUPID!!! Trump can use his executive powers to instruct the FCC, the federal regulatory and licensing agency of the federal government, to make life for CNN management a total hellish nightmare for as long as he is in office.

  26. crusader2010 says:

    The Communist News Network (CNN) got caught on this one! But think for yourselves, TV news is fake news.

  27. Doug says:

    I thought the speaker of the would take over?

  28. RevGregory says:

    It is time to shut down CNN. The FCC had better revoke their license to broadcast after this propaganda. Inciting violence against the President Elect and VP is Treason.

  29. Betty says:

    another reason to not watch CNN

  30. Sidney Rohrbach says:

    Trump is a dumb and disgusting excuse for a human being and an embarrassment for this country. Actually I’m surprised that any of you on this site watch anything but Fox news, which is the most biased news organization on earth and which is anything but fair and balanced.

    1. Geo says:

      Hey Sidney, when did you make your billions and start to help OUR country from a piss poor management slump? I didn’t think you would respond. The only who can help you is yourself That is what President Trump told all of us.!

    2. nicholsda says:

      Now if you had said that about Hillary or 0bama I would have agreed with you. Funny thing about Fox News, all types of people watch it because it reports the news. Not fake stories like the Clinton News Network.

  31. Wambli525 says:

    There is a difference between free speech for individuals and the press. The press has greater latitude ( i.e. freedom). However, when the press blatantly runs as story that incites people to rebel against the authority of government, they are guilty of SEDITION. CNN went further and implicitly suggested, wrongly so, that a Obama could appoint a new president . CNN was wrong, wrong, wrong on multiple levels. The CNN has lowered the journalistic so far that lowest tabloid journal now looks like a Shakespearian masterpiece compared to CNN (Apologies to Shakespeare)

  32. William toxic says:

    CNN needs to be shutdown. They are a Nazi organization! If you do not tow the liberal line, then they try to destroy you by any means or lies that they can conceive. I am boycotting anyone that advertises with CNN. I recommend all Trump supporters and everone else do the same.

  33. phil62 says:

    Fk Communist News Network and all the liberal pukes that work there.

  34. michael a says:

    trump has the power to get fcc to close down cnn.

  35. dphil40 says:

    CNN needs to be called out for this horrifying news cast. How dare they threaten the President of the United States! They should be shut down for advocating violence against our leaders. The left wingers have really been anti american and horrible. Burning buildings, hurting police officers, and so much more. You lefties need to get it together now! Too much blood shed on the part of all of you!!

  36. Dave Nettles says:

    Yes they do have freedom of speech. But that doesn’t include inciting the assassination of a President Elect. To do so is a crime. The question is, and I think it’s a question for the A/G. Did they cross the line?

  37. felix72 says:

    Glad I worked for them before all this shit hit the Fan. Goodbye CNN. I hope that freak Fareed Zakaria get’s called to the carpet

  38. Houmid says:

    There’s a difference between speculation, a warning of possibilities, and planning an actual attack. CNN did the first two, not the second; so calling their report treason isn’t valid. After all, I could publish a claim that I could take out any President any time I wanted, provide the details for proof of concept, heck, even run a simulation and provide that. Point is, there’s no intention to commit or incite assassination in the report. And publishing it means the Secret Service gets the entire scenario to pick apart for strengths, weaknesses, and how they can prevent or prepare for any similar attempts.

  39. rjm3390 says:


  40. rjm3390 says:

    If anyone would make that post when they had the socialist/communist President Obama in the press would be screaming for an investigation. CNN is not a new agency worth watching.

  41. Joe says:

    I feel they were trying to put this in the mind of some deranged person so they would kill Pence and Trump.. It’s just like they put a bounty on the head of Donald Trump. I feel they should be held accountable for this dangerous action. They might want the other candidate to stay in office bad enough to kill the incoming cabinet. Treason IS the word for it.

  42. Russell Finley says:

    Well there is one thing we can and should do is boycott CNN and their advertisers.

  43. brbg says:

    Why isn’t this a crime? They clearly were trying to incite violence! They should be arrested and the network shut down!

  44. Raymond Harris says:


  45. Marby Shivwitz says:

    If everyone quit reading and watching anything from CNN it would go out of business, end of story!

  46. Countrysunrise says:

    President Trump put a new guy in at the FCC. His name is Aijit Pai. Perhaps this little news story should be brought to his attention, along with Congratulations on his new post??? Just a thought.

  47. MSG Leo says:

    Why is CNN following MSNBC’s business model? It is ratings suicide.

  48. Whatever says:

    time to take the entire staff, all of the employees and hang them all as traitors. Arrest their families as accomplices.

  49. Rodzzz says:

    While we stand vigil against the enemy from without, we fail to see the enemy within. An enemy that has never been vetted, and yet the most evil of all. Pretending to be Americans like us. But you only have to look at their actions and listen to their words to recognize the vile hatred and contempt they hold within their hearts towards America, the very country that nurtured them and bestowed upon them the liberty to such behavior as disgustingly displayed day to day. We know who they are. We know their names. The left and their fake media, low life dirty Hollywood stinking “vaginas”, paid-for democrats and illegals. These characters have to be identified and documented as terrorists and enemies of the state. Thank God we now have a “Real American President” who will fight for America. We must stand by him or forever lament.

  50. mary ellen says:

    There is no excuse for this stuff. CNN is deporable and a most dishonest “news” outlet. Why do people watch that stuff anyway.

  51. elmcqueen3 says:

    Fake news…leftist publishers and commentators just can’t seem to do anything now days but publish “fake” news…I remember when President Reagan was shot by an assassin (Hinkley) TIME magazine published an article along with descriptive pictures of how Pres. Reagan was shot with a poisoned bullet…a hollow point 22 caliber bullet that was filled with Mercury…which was sure to kill the President if the bullet itself did not…This was like a two page article which appeared to be the latest news release on the assassination attempt upon Pres. Reagan…
    This was a exemplar example of how even a well respected national magazine like TIME magazine would put out a “fake” news story for the faint at heart to believe…Since then TIME magazine has moved to the left of center and has become akin to CNN…TIME magazine is biased against Republicans and conservative alike…further more like CNN they too can’t stand Donald Trump…hate knows no boundaries amongst publishers…Rest assured TIME magazine will have nothing good to say about our 45th President of the United States…Consensus: Never trust anything political printed by this magazine…it will be an absolute smear job by the leftist writers of TIME magazine itself.

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