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Comey Dropped A Bombshell About Investigating Trump That Flipped Everything On Its Head

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  1. guest says:

    now he can get back to governing, perhaps getting rid of ocarenot, perhaps putting hill in jail for definite collusion in selling 20% of our uranium, definite treason for leaving her computer open for access, definite theft by using the foundation to receive payment for her acts as secretary, maybe even obomination will go to jail. He needs the majority repubs behind his changes or they will still not fly

    1. J Bryan Jensen says:

      The communist democrats will rue the day they called for an independent prosecutor after they find themselves the target of his actions.

  2. guest says:

    by the way there had been some talk of Kelly Ann and President Trump using an Executive Order to gag Come. That would have smacked as cover up for sure. I bet they are glad they let free speech have its way.

    1. imcookie1 says:

      seeing is one thing actuality is another. Believe half of what you see and NOTHING OF WHAT YOU HEAR.

      1. Jimmie Cooper Boswell says:

        who or what i believe, is highly dependent on who i am listening to. after the first lie, there is no point in listening to 100% of the rest of their vain lying.

      2. granny_forUSA says:

        Comey being a Clinton puppet…………..

        1. Janelle says:

          I was waiting to hear whether anyone would ask him why he laid the case out for prosecution of Hillary, then waffled. Or ANY of them to ask him about all the ties in his family to the Clintons. Crickets, thus far.

    2. Blue says:

      remember, Obama used that to protect Holder, but how soon they forget.

      1. sox83cubs84 says:

        They haven’t forgotten, Blue. They know it, but willfully ignore it and hope that Real Americans like you and me don’t remember.

    3. rridgsr says:

      guest -Yes that came from all the lying SOBS on the left you know the HATE GROUP OF LIARS!

    4. Robert R. Paulson says:

      You mean like Obama did for the lying holder?

    5. GrumpyGrandpa says:

      I believe Soros (the true puppet master of this whole spectacle) calculated that Trump WOULD invoke executive privilege, which if done, would have been a fatal mistake, even though legal. Because Trump did find some “patience”, the whole Democrat/Soros spectacle is turning to dust before their eyes!

      1. vagabonddenyg says:

        Did you pay attention to all the upheaval going on in Russia at this precise time — ASSURE YOU IT IS SOROS’ plan …. THAT SOROS NEEDS TO HAVE HIS LIGHT TAKEN OUT AND THE BABY SNAKES WIT HIM!

    6. Lee McLaughlin says:

      I agree that would have hurt President Trump in many ways.

    7. Deborah Pratt says:

      Frankly, I think Pres Trump is too smart to do something like that!! He knows darn well what ‘bait’ that would be for the Dems! He may have been angry over this whole stupid scenario but, he was pretty confident of the outcome!! He rarely puts himself in a compromising position, I noticed.

  3. ARVIN says:

    DAMN COMMUNIST DEMOCRATS (YOU STARTED THIS WHEN YOU CALLED PRESIDNET TRUMP A NAZI) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. J Bryan Jensen says:

      The truth will out. Donald Trump our victorious hero!

      1. rridgsr says:

        J Bryn Jensen you will never get the truth out of Comey or the Democrats They do not know how to tell the truth PERIOD!!

        1. kfir says:

          isn’t that the sad bad truth…

        2. J Bryan Jensen says:

          You are right. I was hoping that Comey would tell the truth. Instead he just retaliated against Trump for firing his sorry arse.

          1. vagabonddenyg says:

            Comey and Mueller are the two deep staters chosen to finish off our President — instead they are all being caught — add Rosenstein to that list … he is one Rogue no good scum bag!

        3. vagabonddenyg says:

          well when the first one is arrested and prosecutions start you better believe they will start squealing on each other … comey has already outted lynch — he wasn’t going down alone!

      2. EttaMae Williams Svider says:


    2. gooojooo1 says:

      This started when our boy obama started interfering with foreign elections – Israel – Egypt- brexit- backing Isis in other countries

      1. Lee McLaughlin says:

        And that’s not all that poor excuse for a President did. He is as dishonest and un trustworthy as any man I’ve ever seen and people actually voted and to this day admire them. Talk about brain dead people. I’m ashamed of half this country.

        1. Force Recon says:

          I am ashamed of those who are apathetic and refused to become involved in their own future You all know who you are!!!

          1. Janelle says:

            As well as we know those who are not apathetic!

          2. Larry says:

            Amen & Semper Fi

        2. Deborah Pratt says:

          Try not to be ‘ashamed’ of ‘all’ of us!! After all, there were enough decent people to put Pres Trump into the presidency–wasn’t there!!! Those people stand behind him and support him now. I’ve also heard from many who finally are realizing the truth and have left ‘Hillary’s’ ranks to back Pres Trump. Her lies fooled many!

      2. Curt James says:

        Clinton sent his boy James Carville and some money to elect Ehud Barak to become the Israeli Prime Minister.

    3. Force Recon says:

      What I was witness to in 1943 the Demorrhoid party is/has morphed into what Nazism was in Germany those many years ago. They label conservatives as being Nazis only to deflect from what they are themselves this is known a recrimination

      1. Curt James says:

        Stop telling the truth, Marine. You’ll be labelled a Nazi.

        1. Force Recon says:

          What really pisses me off about the left is that have absolutely no idea what they are saying. They cannot possibly believe that there are people alive that have actually seen and experienced what Nazism is and it’s effects. They use that word in a context as if they know what it is not realizing that they are closer to what Nazism is than any conservative.

          But then again I have yet to meet a liberal who wasn’t a KEFT have you?

          1. vagabonddenyg says:

            it is all about FATTENING THEIR PERSONAL BANKROLLS … and those demoncraps are willing and they were and have been selling out this country — that is the reason they are deperate to get Trump our office at all cost … their grand international crime spree is over!

          2. Force Recon says:

            You are 100% correct

      2. jug says:

        Very, very true!
        All three use the very same tactics, accuse their opponents of that very same stuff that they have been doing for years!

        BTW, I would rather call them Commiecrats, than Nazis, although they are all leftwing, first cousins!

        (Dont let anyone fool you, the Nazis too, were/are “left wing”, same as Commies and democrats, (commiecrats!) Nazi: National Socialist Workers Party!

        1. Force Recon says:

          Jug Please read my comment to ARVIN I was born in Germany prior to WWII and I have a better idea of what Nazism is than about 99% of the world’s population as I was there as a witness and a victim. As for my labels for lieberals I use Demorrhoids Scummycrites idiots and morons

          1. jug says:

            I did read it.
            And basicaly agree.

            Except with “calling the democrats everything under the sun”!

            What we need is ONE catchy name that describes them in a pretty precise way, so it catches on and we anti communist/nazis can present a more united front!

            I too, have been around pre WW2, and seen a few things. Nazi Germany had a mutual defence pact, at least, pre WW2, with Russia and maybe quite a bit more “collusion”!

            But just like the various muslims, first cousin politics sometimes just are each others worst enemies!

            One more quickie, when first becoming president, Obutthole owned, in partnership with criminal Tony Rezska, one Brownstone in Chicago and one older Chrysler.

            Today after 8 years as president, he now owns an 8 million plus, mansion in HI and has just purchased another one in DC!

            FOLLOW THE MONEY!
            Muslim countries, George Sorros, and other rich crooks and enemies buying favors, etc!

            We need more “special” investigations!

          2. vagabonddenyg says:


          3. vagabonddenyg says:

            glad you are willing to speak up and telling it like is … you are correct!

          4. Force Recon says:

            I am older than dirt and have accomplished and learned more than most would should they have ten lifetimes to catch up.

            What you see is what you get and I make no apologies for who and what I am especially for what I say

      3. Lee McLaughlin says:

        Demorrhoid! LOL I like that and will start using it over my old favorite Demmorecraps.

        1. Force Recon says:

          As the Nike slogan says “Just do it”

    4. jug says:

      Commiecrats, man, commiecrats!

  4. J Bryan Jensen says:

    How refreshing for the truth to come forth from Comey exposing these lying communist democrats (Schumer and company) for the flaming A-hole pukes that they are. None of them should be allowed to live in our country. The “Land of the free, Home of The Brave” neither of which describes their state of being.

    1. Lee McLaughlin says:

      It is very disturbing that democrat congressmen and women act in this vile nasty manner. They are truly unhinged and need to be voted out of office.

      1. J Bryan Jensen says:

        Hear hear. Spot on. We the people must do everything we can to rid our legislature of communists intent on trampling our Constitution underfoot and overthrowing The United States Of America! Obama was and is trampler-in-chief.

      2. No name nut case says:

        They are most definitely unhinged! They are also just plain crooked lying thieves.

      3. Wambli525 says:

        Lee: democrats are more than disturbing. The democrat party is owned by Geo Soros and democrats do his bidding for his ‘Open Society” agenda. Additionally, Soros “Ghost Party contains 250 operatives like the ACLU, Move on, org and Black Lives Matter just to name 3 that U may recognize. His claws have been into the democrats for at least 20 years and he has a firm hold on them. His master stroke was to get Obama elected. Research the Soros Ghost party and U may discover that democrats are not just disturbing … they are Evil Personified. Best regards.
        PS: How and why did Comey Get $6 million from the Clinton connections at Lockheed Martin???? Congress should want to know.

        1. Lee McLaughlin says:

          Hey yeah I know about Soros but had no idea the magnitude of his dealings. Scary crap. Yeah I’ll be reading up on him for sure.

          1. Wambli525 says:

            I am sure you will be well rewarded for your research effort. Best regards Will.

        2. dhartley231 . says:

          SOROS is part of the swamp that TRUMP needs to drain !!!

      4. Carson Tyler says:

        You should add Republicans. Trump’s ego will destroy him as President. Private practice he could get away with yes people around him.

      5. Wondering Woman says:

        Takes too long to vote them out – faster to file criminal charges against them. Lot of flak lately about sitting President can be indicted. If a president can – so can any or all of incumbent congressional members be indicted. Time to use that by filing high treason, pedophilia and any other crime we can hang on the new world order puppets in the federal government, past and present. Charges against Eric Holder, Jr., Loretta Lynch, Comey, Robert Mueller and Hillary will also ensnare Barack Hussein Obama and probably Valerie Jarrett!

    2. elmcqueen3 says:

      At the conclusion of today’s testimony by ex FBI Director James Comey…We the American public now know as much about the Russian/Trump collusion theory as we did the day after the election when it was broadcast by CNN the FBI is investigating the Donald Trump team and the Russians for destroying Hillary Clinton’s chances of becoming the next POTUS…The American public is still waiting for the smoking gun that will warrant Trump’s impeachment…The Democrats are working 24-7 on it…All of this he said he said testimony all depends on the Independent council chairperson Mueller who will present the damaging goods to the American public…that is if there is any such collusion with which to present?…Not to worry any…no matter the outcome of the investigation the liberal leftist national news media and the Democrats will not stop in their attempt to have President Trump dethroned.

      1. Askjrsk says:

        Cost us half a billion. Oh well look how rich they are making themselves off of CLINTONS pay for play Comey.

        1. will rodgers says:

          Glad you mentioned that. Comey is a deep mole for the Clintons. Ever wonder how a guy making $200K as a gov. employee amassed an $11million fortune?

          1. Askjrsk says:

            Easy when it’s pay for play.

          2. elmcqueen3 says:

            Holy Mackerel…That’s a “smoking gun” if there ever was one…We need an investigation how an Employee of the FBI was able to amass such a fortune?..Corruption knows no boundaries even within the FBI.

          3. vagabonddenyg says:

            you know where all their money comes from, off the back of the hardworking patriotic americans … no wonder the Veterans have not been taken care of, the seniors have not had a cost of living increase that was up to par for years, and the sorry sots have been stealing from Social Security since the 70s that I know …

          4. vagabonddenyg says:

            you are 100% correct and never forget the Bush family are in on all this evil!

          5. Wambli525 says:

            Thank you for your response. Concerns with the Bush clan is understandable, however the matter of Comey/ Muller/ Clint/ Lockheed Martin political and financial connections referenced above occurred 2010/2011( if memory serves) and well past the Bush admin. period of influence.

          6. Wambli525 says:

            Comey earned 6+ million at Lockheed Martin as a General Council (LM) before entering Govmt service. Comeys brother Peter has ties to Clinton too. Tie to the Clinton Foundation (CF) began when Comey was at LM. Pete Comey worked for the lawyers that do the Clinton Foundations taxes. LM is a Large contributor To the CF and was awarded 17 contracts thru the Clinton State dept …. “Pya to Play” … Clinton style.
            All of the above info can be accessed on the I net. Best regards Will

        2. vagabonddenyg says:

          All those sorry sots are using taxpayer dollars off the back of hardworking Americans! We need to demand their evil lying actions be called to a screeching halt, and then arrest them all for sedition and start the prosecutions … i think that may carry with a conviction the death penalty! rid of us those scums!

          1. Askjrsk says:

            Spot on

          2. Wambli525 says:

            Well said … Just think of the tax dollars Mueller and his merry band of which hunters will spend. Plus consider the political mayhem they are poised to create. Vindictive democrat obstructionism is rampant and intentionally designed to hurt and or remove a duly elected president from office.
            Should that be effort be successful it is tantamount to … now get this, .. the DISENFRANCHISEMENT of the American electorate. Hows that for democrat hypocrisy.

      2. J Bryan Jensen says:

        Yes, but the truth will out and they will never get our President impeached based on their lies and innuendo.

        1. vagabonddenyg says:

          hopefully we will see a few be executed for their crimes of treason and sedition and by we get the SWAMP DRAINED, we could fill GITMO WITH THE SORRY SOTS!

      3. Wambli525 says:

        Special Councils (i.e prosecutors ) are which hunters without limitations. They will find a which even if they have to trap someone and paint them a which.
        Just ask Scooter Libbey

    3. jug says:

      “Communist democrats”????

      Surely you mean, just plain Commiecrats, a term that differentiates them from European or other world communists and provides some hint of their orign!

      The “Commiecrat” party came about when democrat “leaders”, hi-jacked the political platform of the CPUSA!

      The CPUSA no longer even fields any canidaites of their own!
      The CPUSA just recommends “Vote Democrat”, its that much related and the same!

      1. J Bryan Jensen says:

        Yes. We now have marxists in both parties, they are just more prevalent in the Democrat party. Looking for commies in the Republican party, look no farther than the infamous RINOs.

        1. jug says:

          Yes, you got it exactly!
          But instead of calling them “something different”, and “dilluting” the actual number, by sort of splitting them into seperate groups, I much prefer to lump them as common enemies, by calling them all, Commiecrats!

          Because it actually works out that way!
          McCain, Ryan and many other, so called, RINOs, should be reffered to as “Commiecrats” as well!

          1. J Bryan Jensen says:

            Yes it just hit me. they are neither true Democrats nor true Republicans they are imposters to both parties, hence Commiecrats. I am a Republican and I have a friend who is a Democrat and he said “they stole my party”. a couple decades later I had to say the same thing.

          2. vagabonddenyg says:

            I would bet the Brooklyn Bridge that Ryan is part of the DEEP STATE with no doubt about that and that he has been one of the leakers and back stabbers ….

        2. No name nut case says:

          Such as anyone with the last name of Bush? Of course there are others also! We REALLY need to clean house, and senate!

        3. No name nut case says:

          The RINO Bush’s and everyone with which they conspire!

        4. vagabonddenyg says:

          songbird mccain and lindsey graham need to meet their come uppance!

    4. Carson Tyler says:

      I am to the right. You sound like a person who is far, far, far, to the right and do not want to hear the truth. I want my President to be an honest person and cannot find Trump to be that person. Pence I would trust

      1. J Bryan Jensen says:

        Carson, remember it is communists embedded in our legislature that are trying to destroy the President and get him out of the White House, because they know that their goose is cooked, so every negative thing you hear about the President take with a grain of salt. WE have to stand behind him, because he is the man who is going to return the America we want back to us and once again make the government servant of the people instead of master over the people as it is now. Go on line and print out the 10 planks of the communist manifesto if you really want to know what has happened to our country gradually over the last 100+ years. All 10 planks have been implemented and if Hillary had won in November it would have come to fruition when she put another communist on the Supreme court. That would have been the end of our Constitution and the end of America. Trump getting Gorsuch on the Supreme was probably the best thing he will do to preserve and protect the Constitution and our freedom. So remember the communists whether they are Democrats or Republicans are going to be relentless in their attempt to slander the President, but “we the people” put Trump in the White House and “we the people” will keep him there for 8 long years, then we will put Pence in the Oval Office for the next 8 years. I’m not radical “right”, I just oppose anything or anyone who comes against our Constitution. That’s what makes America America and we must uphold, protect, and defend it with our lives, fortunes, and sacred honor just like the founding fathers. We have to keep our eye on the ball (the Constitution) and not let the enemy distract us with all their peripheral bull batter propaganda. Remember that is their main weapon in a non-combat battle to overthrow The United States Of America.

  5. Renee Kelly says:


    1. Jimmie Cooper Boswell says:

      it, would be delusional to expect democrats and their pravda media to quit lying. they, do no care about truth or what is best for this nation. they only, care about their evil fantasy ideologies opposed to truth. they are babies, that expects the government to feed, change their dirty diapers, think for, and coddle them.

      1. maxx says:

        They can’t afford to be honest because their entire ideology and agenda is predicated on falsehoods. That is why it is so frustrating to see it successfully employed to capture the minds of so many “useful idiots”. Just think how society would be if the workers stopped paying to feed the takers? Socialism has nothing to do with being compassionate. Socialism is all to do with controlling the masses by the few through lies and deception. .

        1. Force Recon says:

          Political opinions if left unquestioned are the reason America ALMOST went under the past eight years and the reason for unchecked illegal invasion the rise in Radical Islamic terrorism more people on welfare and food stamps than are working the reason businesses are outsourcing overseas and the rise of stupidity
          Sadly our lieberal “friends” are products of socialist liberal progressive one dimensional regressive hypocritical politically correct lieberal idiot-ological indoctrination camps that masquerade as public schools instead of instructing them on what they need to know to be productive and responsible citizens they are inculcating our youths to accept every degenerate and/or multi-cultural or amoral crap they can feed them.
          According to the Government all we need to know is contained within those walls where they brainwash those who are most impressionable, the age of five through eighteen in what the government wants them to know. These perfect little automatons are devoid of all essential knowledge and awareness and ready to do the government’s bidding
          Illiteracy doesn’t only affect the minorities but most everyone else as well. Since the government takeover of the education system our children have become products of these socialist one dimensional regressive hypocritical politically correct lieberal idiot-ological indoctrination camps that buy into The GPA Government Propaganda Agency’s AKA the Lame Stream Media (LSM) falgracarb and are devoid of common sense morals ethics personal responsibility as well as being intellectually bankrupt

        2. Jimmie Cooper Boswell says:

          very, very seldom if ever, does any nation operate with all of the truth all of the time. the truth, has never changed. there is, just a lot less of it in this whole world today.
          as the more socialist you become, the more individual and group freedoms you must surrender. socialism, hangs between freedom and totalitarian. from right to left, fascism, nazism, where communism is the most totalitarian. and islam is a totalitarian religious system not even a theocracy.

      2. doranp says:

        someone is delusional if they equate dems with soviets and with today’s russia-because the facts show that communism was born in Brooklyn, New York and the City of London-by the banksters that rule the world from corporate back rooms. Russia is not our enemy–corporate banksters are.-SO WHO IS DELUSIONAL?–look in the mirror!

        1. Jimmie Cooper Boswell says:

          though no longer under communist socialism, russia has become a lesser hardcore socialist society.
          and i do not believe you, that bankers in the usa and brittan were involved in the marxist russian revolution.
          the honeymoon is over and the usa and russian governments, becoming enemies again. along with putin, reverting to childish saber rattling.
          as i seriously doubt, that we the majority of people of russia and the usa are as much of an enemy as our forms of government are.
          no government, that protects only itself is protecting their people.

    2. Tasine says:

      Sorry, Renee, but there is NOTHING that will make any leftist quit talking OR stop lying. It is in their DNA. They are incapable of being honest or of being nice and polite.

    3. Irene Elizabeth Grooms says:

      After the democrats and obama did to us i hope with all my heart that FLYNN WILL NOT BE C CHARGED WITH ANY THING.

  6. armydadtexas says:

    Well, well, well! The Socailist democ-RATS have been found out yet AGAIN! This is what the socialist democ-RATS are now known for. Accuse, accuse, accuse, lie, lie and then lie some more. Try and destroy the name and character of anyone you disagree with. Damn: The Socialist-democ-RATS sound more and more like SATAN himself

    1. Larry Donaldson says:

      They are!

  7. J. Ernst says:

    Amazing how sooo many people are “locked up” in their minds. The English language has taken a back seat to EMOTIONAL connotations!!!
    Comey was the WALL protecting HIS OWNERS against ANY KIND of INVESTIGATION…NOT the constitution he swore an OATH to, NOT the people of the United States and NOT to the spirit of HONESTY or TRUTH!!!
    NOW we have to watch this dog and pony show and LISTEN to the orchestrated question and answer bullshit!!!
    Send in TREY!!!

    1. Deborah Pratt says:

      Now ‘there’s’ a ‘show’ I’d pay to see!! Trey would make ‘mincemeat’ out of all of them!!

  8. cathylovesyou says:

    I wouldn’t jump up and down yet. Comey seems out to get Trump especially after being fired. I think Comey is as guilty as the President. Comey still acting like King Edward.

    1. granny_forUSA says:

      Backed by the other corrupt non-citizen SOROS that has donated to COMEY’s bank account………


    1. maxx says:

      The democrat communist party and the GOP Establishment could not stop Mr. Trump from being nominated and then elected though they tried very hard. We the people decided who we want as president. Now they are all working to try to undo what we accomplished. WE CANNOT ALLOW THAT TO HAPPEN. We know the democommies will not stop but we must show the GOP that they will never again have any illicit power over us. If the Repuklican Party has to be eliminated in order for us to prevail, then so be it. The Bull Moose party was one mans solution to tell the republicans to go to hell.

      1. Deborah Pratt says:

        Your ‘point’ is well taken!! Pres Trump has many enemies in the Republican Party as he has in the Dems.!! We must not forget that and take close notice as to ‘who’ does ‘what’!! I’m sure Pres Trump has a good idea of the ‘back-stabbers’ in his own party and who he can trust. Give him time–he knows how to ‘weed’ them out!!

        1. Ray says:

          Absolutely, it is going to take awhile, but he will get there.

  10. kathy says:

    what is also interesting…Comey…stated that THE NEW YORK times even came out with an UN TRUE story /article about Trump and Russia…Its time when these articles come out and are untrue or only partial true / misleading reports NEED to have the FBI ECT …correct them…when it comes to articals of our country , safety and our Presidents


    1. Isabella says:

      YES! you are painfully right. All this masquarade is for nothing. The truth is in our heart and the pain for those who died for nothing is breaking our heart.

      1. thanks, i still think there is more to all this government than meets the eye. keep praying.

        1. Deborah Pratt says:

          There is a great deal more!! More than we ever imagined. I read Michael Savages’ Trumps War!! Now–‘there’ is a ‘read’!! Mr Savage uncovers the depth of the corruption in Washington and how it connects to Europe and beyond!! Pres Trump and ‘all’ Americans have a real ‘fight’ coming up!! It’s all pretty terrible.


          2. Deborah Pratt says:

            OOOOH!!! ME TOO!! After reading his book, I’d become one of his ‘many devoted fans’!! Since I’m almost ‘never’ a ‘fan’ of anyone, that means a lot!! LOL

    2. Jerry Dodds says:

      I am trying to figure out why Trump allows himself to be persecuted and kept Comey, no indictments, no special prosecutor for Clintons or BOs staff. Why isn’t he and his group on offense? Indictments and prime time speeches.

  12. rridgsr says:

    In the end Comey should be forced to take a lie detector test but he has lied so much in the last 20 years for the Clintons it most likely would not be proff enough he is a natural liar as all the left wing idiots !!

    1. granny_forUSA says:

      COMEY and the CLINTONS have been good friends for 2 decades…….CLINTONS owned the FBI via the traitor COMEY……….Those are FACTS that I looked up……..but I find facts, unlike the back stabbing, whining, crying liberals……….

  13. maxx says:

    Every conversation with a Obama leftover needs to be put through VSA technology because that is the only way to get the truth. Liars can try to “beat the technology” but it is pretty damn solid.

  14. oldk says:

    Obama’s Machiavellian plan of creating the ability to leak and filling the govt with unloyal people to Trump is making its play here. So far much conflict but nothing illegal. If They overthrow the election with their Philly lawyer tactics, the nation will be in revolution.

  15. Blue says:

    I am not a trump supporter, although I had to vote for him considering the alternative. He is an egomaniac, and needs to learn to keep his mouth shut. He makes false statements about others, and is hardly what I want for President of the USA.
    In spite of that, much of his agenda is good for the Untied States, and the creeps in the Democrat Party are in self destruct mode, only being saved by Trump, himself. If he shuts up, and DOES WHAT HE HAS PROMISED, these bastards are history. The likes of Holder, Lynch, Reed, Pelosi, Kerry, and on and on, not only should not hold public office, but many, including the head creep himself Obama, being in prison.
    Trump, do what you said, DRAIN THE SWAMP, and put Clintons(both), and the rest of that bunch of bums in jail, where they belong ,

  16. granny_forUSA says:

    COMEY, THE DEMOrat……………Investigating HC her words were, can’t remember, not sure, etc….: Not one word did she answer in regard to her wrong doing…….but COMEY said he found no evidence of any wrong doing………WOW……….

    Throughout the course of her interview with the FBI on July 2, 2016 Hillary Clinton told special agents repeatedly that she could not remember specific details pertaining to her tenure as secretary of state. According to CNS News, Clinton “told her questioners that she ‘could not recall,’ ‘did not recall,’ ‘did not remember,’ or ‘had no recollection’ 41 times.”

    According to notes released by the FBI on Friday, Clinton couldn’t remember ever having concerns about email messages that showed up on her private account.

    “Clinton did not recall receiving any emails she thought should not be on an unclassified system,” said one page of the notes. “She relied on State officials to use their judgment when emailing her and could not recall anyone raising concerns with her regarding the sensitivity of the information she received at her email address.”

    Clinton also told the agents that she could not remember anyone guiding her through the appropriate process for turning over her records as she prepared to transition back into civilian life.

    “Clinton stated she received no instructions or direction regarding the preservation or production of records from State during the transition out of her role as Secretary of State in early 2013,” says the FBI summary. “However, in December 2012, Clinton suffered a concussion and then around the New Year a blood clot. Based on her doctor’s advice, she could only work at State for a few hours a day and could not recall every briefing she received.”

    You can take two stories out of this, and neither one of them recommend Hillary for the White House. The first story is that her health problems, stemming from a fall in 2012, have wiped out her memory…and not with a cloth. The second is that she relied on this accident to shield her from recalling all the many times she carelessly broke the law while serving as secretary of state.
    We’ll just note that she doesn’t appear to have any holes in her memory when it comes to remembering all of the “good stuff” she did in that position.

  17. oncemorearound says:

    If Comey was on the playground the kids would be justified in beating him up…..

  18. Larry Donaldson says:

    Well I guess this proves that we deplorables are not as deplorable as the educated , I don’t know I don’t know, liberal idiots aren’t as intelligent as they thought they are. I mean OMG! They even voted for that political whore, traitor, murderer, liar, dishonest Hillary Clinton. I will bet that the very bottom of this pile of garbage is that she is behind it all to take the heat off of her. NOW THE BIG QUESTION IS WHY ISN’T SHE BEING PROSECUTED FOR WHAT SHE DID AS SECRETARY OF STATE, HER DEALINGS WITH ALL THE MIDEAST BUSINESSES AND THE RUSSIANS IN WHICH SHE MADE MILLIONS AND HER LYING UNDER OATH.Is it because she is a wealthy split-tail or that she used her wealth, her supporters, to try and clear herself of everything? Why did the Clintons ,out of the blue, abolish the Clinton Fund? Why wasn’t she disqualified as a presidential candidate when she was fed what questions would be asked during a debate or for stuffing the ballot boxes in many states? Is it because she is just a liberal crazy feminist that the Loony Tunes feminists, queers, and blacks follow around like a sheep and when she blats so do they? Why did Bill Clinton meet secretly with Obama’s Attorney General on the tarmac in Colorado after the investigation into her e-mails started?
    Now moving right along, why isn’t Obama being investigated or charged with spying on Donald Trump during the Presidential candidate race? The last time Im looked that is highly illegals it because, like Clinton, he took his supporters for a ride while he was putting money in the bank? He was trying to to give Clinton an edge over Trump or is it because you can take the black man out of the ghetto but never take the ghetto out of the blacks. Yoy very ignorant, childish, retarded and stupid stupid liberals have shown the world what you truly are. None of you could see, or maybe you did, the jive talk from Obama the first time around. Why was Obama not prosecuted for signing into law two bills, H.R. 347, 13 Match 2012, and H.R. 1540, 2 January 2013, that effectively eviscerated the 1st, 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th Amendments to the United States Constitution? We know of one liberal feminist that is setting in jail because her liberal president signed those bills into law.Why wasn’t he, along with Clinton NOT charged with treason, subversion, and murder when they refuse to let US forces intercede to save American lies in Benghazi and then relieved the two top military commanders who swore an oath to do just that when they went to help those four poor souls. Why were they told ,”STAND DOWN!” and when they didn’t they were the ones who were arrested, their careers and their lives ruined? All military personnel are taught that if they “believe a order from a superior officer is illegal they do indeed have the RIGHT to DISOBEY and discard that order” and that includes orders from the Commander and Chief! If ever there was ever a illegal order in the history of this nation’s military it was that one! Why did Obama cut a deal with ISIS to save one TRAITOR’s life and let four others die?
    Why, when Obama granted same sex marriages, did he take away the personal religious rights of straight people?Another violation of the Constitution in that the federal government “will not impose any laws, etc. on individual and state rights and that State and Church shall be kept separate.”
    Yet not one liberal democrat in Congress or the Senate stood up to him and demanded a investigation that would lead to various federal felonies for those two worthless things. Worse yet, neither did anyone else but the left and they were shouted down by the liberal democratics, meaning you, and their liberal media! Now, the big question I really have. Why hasn’t HR 1540 that Obama signed into law been put into effect to incarcerate those who speak treasonous words against the President of the United States. I think all liberals who contribute to the purposely subversive and traitorous efforts to undermine the Office of the President of the United States should have that happen! But this country doesn’t have the capability do build that many prisons. I also think that all liberals should drop to their knees and kiss Donald Trumps ass for NOT DOING exactly that!

    1. Jerry Dodds says:

      I agree. Question is why Trump not on offense? We talk in circles but the Dem troll are daring him to indict. Failure to indict Hillary and Comey and BO staff is causing him to get little done except get negative attention.

      1. Larry Donaldson says:

        Jerry. Thank you for telling the truth and stating the obvious. I am so sick of this crap because of the liberals. I cannot believe that any supposedly American even think and act the way that they do.Again. Thank you.

    2. No name nut case says:

      Couldn’t agree more.

  19. donaldbreaux says:

    It’s OVER for you Deep State We are Backing our Elected President 100% We are not buying into any of the Fake Main Street Media and when we Win this last battle we will prosecute all of you to the fullest extent of the Blindfolded Justice…….!

  20. Deby says:

    This is Comey’s last hurrah-he is done in Washington and he knows it-he should do the right thing-tell the simple, friggin’ truth and go away. When he pulled that crap about Killary’s email debacle-that was it for me-he lost all credibility as a “good honest guy” that the President also thought he was at the time. His smugness and inability to keep his mouth shut is why he lost his job-he needed to go. The rabid dems in Congress are the ones on a fishing expedition here-obvious to anyone with even 1/2 a brain. They hate Trump so much they can’t see the forest for the trees-and it will cost them next election cycle.

  21. gloriarider says:

    What a bunch of psycho babble. What Russians, What about the fact the Russians it has already been determined that they had NOTHING to do with the election. The stupid Dems are sick and they should be eliminated from politics…I stopped watching it after 30 minutes. My question why did Comey keep notes of every meeting with Trump but he did not with Obama. Because he is a Democrat?

  22. Richard Bagenstose says:

    i can see it now , comey found dead , under misterious sircomstances ,

    1. quelque chose says:

      Mysterious to the Demonrats and the LSM. We’ll know that the Clinton Crime Family will be behind it ?

    2. Curt James says:

      No, he will commit suicide by being shot in the back.

  23. quelque chose says:

    Just as I thought: a big, fat zippo burger at taxpayer expense. What a waste! I will say that the unhinged Demonrats won’t let this go because they didn’t get the answers they wanted. This is going to go on until 2020. They don’t care about the truth, because they wouldn’t know it if it bit them all in their @$$e$!

  24. messup says:

    Comey Hearings…Kabuki Theatre 101. Wasting taxpayers hard earned money to stymie President Trump’s agenda. Ever since President Trump’s triumphant, well oiled, superb and quixotic campaign and ultimate win. Electoral college was the prize and Trump’s team saw, planned, and executed a flawless campaign…He won, Marxism Lost. Period. President Trump spent one-fourth the amount on his campaign, used his own aircraft and “staged” his own shows. He was a media mogul, yes, that also made the Hollywood Elite sick to their yellow belly stomachs. Their own “mass media messaging” tools were ALL employed (expertly) against them, at bargain basement cost (Trumps “shows” were in hangars). This just made the We The Elite (read: Soros’) crowd even more apoplectic. MSM couldn’t believe their CNN eyes, ears nose and throats when they were faced with this unfolding phenom. MSM, TV, Print, and even “social media” were flummoxed. How to report this? What does this mean? Where will this ultimately end up? The answer??? President Trump set a new paradigm in Presidential Elections. Barry Goldwater tried, Ross Perot did too. Donald J Trump…prevailed. Pray. Amen. God Bless America and ALL Americans. Read A Bible. NKJV Psalm 128. Remember always: A Marxist/communist never, ever relinquishes the reigns of power willingly. Gird-ones-Loins for what’s to come, because THERE, is no THERE, THERE!!!!! American and World Marxists are livid.

  25. Steve Terrill says:

    He also admitted that he leaked info on the conversation about Flynn after he was fired in order to make sure that people thought he had been “wrongfully” terminated. His testimony so far has had plenty of innuendo, speculation and vitirol but no “smoking guns”, without which this is the “witch hunt” has claimed it is. However, Trump could most likely have avoided most or all of this by simply meeting with Comey face to face instead of firing him “long distance” and making him find out on the news that he had been fired. Trump “signed up” to play this game so he better get his “head” fully in the game, if he wants to have a chance to be successful.

  26. chuckie2u says:

    Don’t worry the Democrats will find something else to claim destroyed their opportunity to turn the U.S. into a socialist hell.

  27. FloridaRobert says:

    This was Obama’s last parting shot at Trump. Too bad Bush did not do that to Obama.

    1. jong says:

      I would agree with you to a point. Ole jug ears after eight years has put in place many that would help him in absentia from the White House to continue his mission as is evident by Reality Winner. And that the man now heading the FBI is really no better than Comey in being a poltical hack. But, then one moronic liberal at a time in a places where they can see the stay behinds of ole jug ears.

  28. jong says:

    I saw little of any kind of real testimony by Comey. I did see numerous liberals like the criminal Warner and the beast Feinstein make numerous attacks on Trump while kissing Comeys backside.

  29. Askjrsk says:

    Comey pushed in a corner with documents from press to tweets to convict him if he lies under oath. That’s what CLINTONS pay for play buys. Comey couldn’t get a job at midnight auto discount body parts. Lock him up. He has misled the American people. His Clinton investigation should be reopened up like an inside disgruntled FBI agent said of Comey, , “Comey has managed to piss off the left and the right”.

  30. Jacky says:

    This dog and pony show sux–one person telling a story with no way to produce facts–the first thing the guy did was cover his own ass along with Obama —no memos from conversations with the truth full Obama–the man who sealed his whole life history so no one could prove his lies—- He let Hillary off at his own discretion not by congress which would have been the legal way to handle it. —no investigation of the tarmac meeting –etc,etc The same piles of dung still at the round table acting like there is no reason to question the deck when 5 aces show up. I think he should be charged with obstruction of Justus.

  31. will rodgers says:

    All this hype and propaganda by the left and it’s Pravda like counterpart MSM along with Deep state sewer rats is just a big waste. Polls show that people don’t care and are not buying the crap these guys are selling. Polls also show that JOBS, HEALTHCARE, INFRASTRUCTURE and the ECONOMY are way up on the list they care about and Climate and congress fatcats don’t even register on the GIve a Ship meter. People are pissed that lazy butt congress and waste of time MSM are going after the only man in DC who is working and getting things done, President Trump

  32. Roger Reid says:

    How deep is the swamp? The FBI investigates leaks. First thing Comey does, the day after being fired is ….LEAK.

  33. Robert Russell says:

    When the Dem’s make up these stories about Trump & collusion with Russia it tells me they are trying to hide something. Like the Seth Rich murder something fishy about that story in DC.

  34. leslie_paul76 says:

    Comey shows his true colors. No one should have any doubts that this guy is working for the other side after today’s disgusting display by Comey.

  35. No name nut case says:

    The left lies, then lies about lying, then lies about lying about lying. That is why I can’t stand any leftist politician, and Hillary in particular! She is the worst EVER! Comey coming clean doesn’t make up for the fact that he is a liar and caused a lot of problems for Trump and is costing US, the citizens of this country, a lot of money for all of these congressional trials! It is all bull—-! But one good thing is coming out of it. The left is exposing themselves for the crooked “people” that they are! There are a lot of words that I would prefer over “people” which would be more accurate, but I am keeping it clean.

    1. ter334 says:

      If the dims and RINOs keep their nonsense up, then we the people have no choicer but pluck them out of office. They are all replaceable. it wouldn’t surprise me if SA stopped funding O’s escapades as a has been? SA needs to be friends with us since Iran is the Wehrmacht of the ME and would/could blitz that kingdom right off the face of the earth anytime they wised. And nobody would interfere? Arab Spring was Iran’s first attempt to occupy the ME, all in the name of Ayatollah Khomeini?

  36. Galloper says:

    Comey is a manitpulater and a plotter…….he is loyal only to himself…..and secondly still is with Obama I bet.

  37. daledor says:

    No doubt Comey was probably too soft on Obama, perhaps afraid of him, however what I see here is a man that told the truth – an inconvenient truth for the hateful dissenting traitorous left out on a ‘WITCH TRIAL’ to stop or get rid of Trump. Thank God the New World Order in your face pushing leftists did not trick America into getting Hillary into power. America is still teetering and tottering on the brink of destruction after the New World Order’s traitorous actions in all parts of our society. The biggest movers and shovers since Carter for the NWO are the Bush’s (NWO Light), Bill Clinton (NWO heavier), and Obama (NWO in your face overnight). Trump hurt the NWO agenda big time and is still doing damage — why the left would not shed a tear if Trump was killed and would probably pull the trigger to kill Trump.

    Trump is the first president in a long time that has tried to do EXACTLY what he promised. Obama was the biggest liar – I heard his speech after winning and his promises — Only One thing he said was true “CHANGE” and all else a lie where he went 180/opposite on. Worse than Bill. Change for the sake of change is TRAGIC.Change with an evil agenda is TRAITOROUS. Change that is needed is WONDERFUL. Keep going President Trump!

  38. jesse says:

    Comey bombed, he’s been fully exposed as the leakin, lyin hack that he is!

  39. Carson Tyler says:

    I am beginning not to believe everything I read on Facebook, I read now the hackers are adding comments on Facebook which I believe after reading such garbage people write. I DO NOT KNOW WHAT IS TRUE OR NOT AND NOW AT THE POINT I DO NOT CARE.

  40. Gary Nobles says:

    This not just fake news this is fake truths from Comey. Remember half truths are worst than than a lie!!!! Dems have half truths already typed ready for to put on the air at minutes notice, except Pelosi she forgots which ones to read or maybe a little high on the WHISKEY!!!!

  41. Trevor Wilson says:

    Does no-one understand the agony these Democraps and Libitards are going through. Donald Trump was never supposed to win the election. Every snowflake was sure Killary was going to be elected as President of the United States of America. Can anybody actually put themselves in their shoes. They must have been so overwhelmed that ‘we the people,’ had rejected them big time. So, ever since then they have tried every dirty trick in the book to find a reasonable excuse as to why they lost. Only now, are a few of them (not many) saying they had put a very, very bad candidate against Donald. Where does that leave them? Lost!! They are realising that after being in power for so long, if Donald J Trump makes good on his promises in his four years he will most certainly get a second term, which means they are looking at eight years out of power. Plus if another good man arrives on the scene during that time, following in Donald’s footsteps, they are facing political Armageddon. Looking at it from that perspective they have no choice other than try to destroy our duly elected President. It can only end in tears for them.

    1. ter334 says:

      Are they on a trail of tears like some Indians suffered through? Except they have volunteered to hike this trail, thus get no sympathy. Politics is rough, with only one winner. all others have to go home. O, I hope, will be Victim #1 of his political excesses that are down right un-American! IMO he needs to be struck from history books if his BC is determined fake. Thus is presidency will be illegal and Obamacare, etc. can be declared illegal. Since the overwhelming number of people obey the laws I think most of us are fed up with all the denials and PC in keeping themselves in power and out of jail!

  42. martin Gries says:

    Remember the Russian revolution carried out by jewish communists back in the early 1900s? Sounds like what is going on today. Look at this: Schumer, Bloomberg, Feinstein, Franken. Lantos, Lautenberg, Boxer, Kohl, Rothman, Leiberman, Nadler and others, all Jewish politicals who most of have presented Strict gun legislation and confiscation to dis-arm the American public. Look it up on google if you think I’m shitting you.

    1. ter334 says:

      Interesting comment about “Jewish Communists”? I had never connected jews with the Russian revolution, but the thought that Israelis were socialists had crossed my mind. And IMO islam is the mother of all socialism and both communists and the nazis are socialists without a religious false front. To me our form of govt is made in the image of God, three branches instead of three persons of the Blessed Trinity. Plus our Constitution seems to rest on biblical ideas. Not Satan’s ideas like in Islam? After all the Jews did have kings, some good, some bad as the flopped around trying to find a suitable form of govt? Jesus stabilized things when he said. Render unto God what is God’s and to Caesar what is Caesar’s. Stabilizing may not a good word. Instead He gave us the goal of what is good, fair govt? He is the way, the life, the Truth to get us to the Kingdom of God? And not get lost and stray into the kingdom of man/woman. AKA islam?

    1. ter334 says:

      Well the people in congress evolved from baboons didn’t they? And their symbol of identity is a jackass? Apples don’t fall far from the tree?

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