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Congress Just Requested This Criminal Prosecution Tied To Hillary Clinton

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  1. HMan570 says:

    HMan570 This is big news and it is not mentioned on any news stations, why is that??? Such a big thing I would think that the media would be all over it like a cheap suit?? Stop getting people excited over nothing. If it happens it will make front page news. not just on line.

    1. Linda Shelton says:

      It will only appear in the news if they can call someone out for going after them, not about what they did to be gone after.

  2. Dave T. says:

    Hillary for P(rison)..RESIDENT !!!

  3. Elisha says:

    This matter of Hillary’s e-mails is more than scandalous. But most discerning persons go nuclear upon hearing of her involvement in the assorted, sordid Pedogate crimes. This is a massive criminal enterprise which must not go un-investigated or un-punished. Pedogate will continue to occupy top-billing in terms of today’s ongoing criminal enterprises.

  4. Bruce Walters says:

    It’s about time, and you can take Obama to prison with her. Both are candidates for execution, both are guilty of high treason, Obama is guilty to sedition as well. What the heck, toss in George Soros while you dealing with traitors.

    1. Thinkingman2025 says:

      Unfortunately, those pukes still likely have “get out of jail, Free” cards. Especially Obummer.

      1. David in MA says:

        Not if congress grows a pair.

        1. maxx says:

          Not going to happen. Congress is more of the problem than anyone else. They are game players not representatives of the American people as what their job description officially states. All of Congress needs to be charged with dereliction of duty and stripped of all power. Then each and every one of them needs to go through a re-vetting investigation where VSA (voice stress analysis) technology is applied to their testimony. VSA is what the government uses against it’s enemies and we the people as well. There is so much corruption in Congress that I would speculate there would be mass resignations by them before they would allow any investigation. Oh, and the investigations cannot be performed by any US department of agency, for obvious reasons,

        2. Diane says:

          No one could find a pair if they made all of Congress stand in line with their pants down around their ankles!

    2. John Savell says:

      It would be nice to see that, but I don’t think it will happen unless Sessions or Trump get rid of Comey. They need to fire him and prosecute him, offering a deal if he helps them take down the big fish: Hitlery, BigO, Bubba Clinton, Holder, Lynch, and Soros for funding terrorist organizations like BLM and antifa.

      1. LuvleeWA says:

        Yes, Comey is complicit and should hang w them.

    3. KDS says:

      Especially George!

    4. Mike W says:

      Amen when ALL the truth about Obama is completely exposed his legacy will be that of the biggest con man in history.

  5. Leslie Bryant says:

    Why should the average American go to jail because they commit this crime but Hillary gets a pass? What is mind boggling is her defense she didn’t understand the classification system but could tell her staff to declassify what was sent on her private server. Seems to me if she didn’t understand classified, she wouldn’t have know to declassify it. Furthermore who believes someone who worked on Watergate investigation; was in the White House helping Bill make decisions; a senator and a Secretary of State would have gotten briefed or take a computer course to be able to handle classified materials!! You can’t have it both ways–get access but not the briefing!!

    1. Conservative3446 says:

      Not to mention the multiple crimes of obstruction of justice, all of which, like each individual classified email are prosecutable felonies in and of themselves.

    2. Betty Haynie says:

      She is claiming she is stupid and incapable.

      1. AmericanFirst says:

        I don’t think she thinks she is stupid! She thinks the Amrican public is stupid n she is entitled to hold power, access, money n fame. You have it backwards.

    3. maxx says:

      I’m betting we would be shocked to find out who is protecting the Clinton Crime Family.

    4. AmericanFirst says:

      In short, what you described is obstruction of justice – engage in manipulation, fabrication, misleading, deceptive, abusive and cover-up to evade legal prosecution!

  6. US Patriot says:

    You still have to prosecute Hillary! She knew it was illegal to do this.

    1. CommonSense4America says:

      Agree, and she did much much more than this.

      1. maxx says:

        The Clinton’s have been active criminals since before they left Arkansas. Over 100 suspicious deaths of former friends, associates and employees of the Clintons is 1 too many.

    2. David in MA says:

      With all her years around government entities, she knew damn well what she was doing, she just thinks she is untouchable, (she may be to slick, but not to law)

      1. AmericanFirst says:

        She is convinced she is invincible, not just untouchable. She has special legal knowledge that allowed her to thump her nose at the legal system. And, well shielded from prosecutions bcos she has friends or supporters in high places. Did. I miss anything else?

    3. maxx says:

      You bet your life she knew it was illegal. That’s why she did it. She knows politicians are “above the law” and would protect her probably because the Clintons have dossiers on most of Congress and others they don’t like. Actually I believe it’s the DNC’s job to gather as much “sh*t” on everybody.

      1. AmericanFirst says:

        What you described was the playbook of former FBI Director during the 1950″s and 1960’s. It is reintroduced today. Just like the Russian Connection, that is McCarthyism in the 1960’s!

  7. Barbara Moore says:

    Just hope this is going to be do, not a bunch of lip service. The last 8years With Clinton and Obama have been a picnic

  8. David in MA says:

    Time to start putting people in jail.

  9. Gary Getman says:

    Prosecute that whole crooked bunch of outlaws—THROUGH InvestigatIon to determine how deep into the Obama administration the CLINTON CARTEL IS

  10. Gary Getman says:

    Obama, Lynch and the Clintons, all should be prosecuted for high treason

    1. rottenrollin says:

      And then stretched by the neck until dead.

    2. Lucyebony says:


      1. maxx says:

        Probably every member of the Oblowhard administration and their aids and advisors.

      2. Gary Getman says:

        Yes–Holder too

    3. Diane says:

      The Whole Congress should be prosecuted for allowing a man they all know was not an American citizen to run for President and the Democrats should all have their criminal sentences doubled since they planned it all years earlier and picked him to run in the first place!

  11. annefarrelly says:

    At some future time, a whistleblower will come forward but he/she might not live to be an old hero/heroine .

  12. rottenrollin says:

    Let’s try the old crone and put her in a prison cell with Bubba……..and I DON’T mean Bubba Clinton, aka the Bimbo Dicker.

    I’ve said it for years………

    IF we don’t have integrity, we need sure and certain punishment……….

    IF we don’t have integrity, and we don’t have sure and certain punishment……….

    We end up with Obamatopia…………aka chaos.

  13. Daniel Spickard says:

    Let’s see how fast Obama makes haste from Washington DC, and even the United States! You know how when things go bad for Democrats (Like Rats), they jump ship, and will throw who ever under the bus to save their own asses! You know as well as I do that when congress pushes for prosecution of Hillary Clinton, she’s going to start talking like a canary, which is going to open the door to go after Obama! Let’s just put it this way, Hillary may end up committing suicide with a bullet to the back of her head! Perfect end to a corrupt party! But she will need to be protected if we are going to get the top dog! Things have already started to come into the light about this last administration, and I suspect a lot more to come before the end of the year! This corrupt last Administration makes Water Gate look like a Sunday picnic!

  14. John Savell says:

    If Treve Suazo is suddenly killed in a botched robbery or shots himself in the back of the head or his plane goes down, I guess we will know what really happened. By the way, why is the company who was paid to set up the server in trouble? Shouldn’t it be the party(ies) that hired them and knew it was illegal that are in trouble?
    I am actually surprised that Huma is still alive and kicking’. If the FBI continues questioning her, her life line might shorten really quickly.

  15. Donella Wood says:

    I’ll believe it when it happens. When it happens, will it go all the way back to Arkansas and

  16. Dennis Anderson says:

    Comey said it himself you go after low level people give them immunity to rat out the people who are responsible. Somewhere in this mess the immunity Sheryl Mills / Huma Abedin and other got for whatever reason are not going to to be covered by this umbrella. A smart canary doesnt want to be in that mine shaft. When the band starts playing sing they will.

  17. oncemorearound says:

    Right…. Sure. The new Congressional song, “Send In The Clowns”

  18. Mike Gilliam says:

    Law went out the window with the Obama administration. Well there’s a new sheriff in town, literally. If the current administration lets these people off the hook it will be time bring back the lynch mobs. If the left wants to keep playing tough rioting in the streets and supporting criminal behavior wait till they get a load of a hundred thousand NRA members delivering some civilian justice.

  19. dprato says:

    Funny how no one is going after Hillary herself but all the folks who worked for her. I guess there are a lot of Eunuchs in Congress who are simply afraid to hold her accountable. More BS from a dysfunctional Congress and US Government. The only way to drain this swamp is to pave over it and destroy it completely and start all over again with the Constitution as it was written.

    1. hoosier46 says:

      I suspect the goal is to get a small fish to roll over on her and spill the whole truth. The MSM will come down on whoever goes after her if there is any way to cast a doubt on the extent of her guilt. If they can get a couple of underlings to spill what they know, it just might be so convincing that thee even the MSM will stop defending her.

      1. Harvey Schneider says:

        I believe that you are on the mark with your comment.

      2. dprato says:

        I am sure you are aware that they already have enough on her to put her in prison for years. There are people now in jail who have done far less. If anyone doubts that search the Judge Janine show on Fox where she goes down the various laws by Statute number that Hillary clearly broke. Comey’s explanation was a cover up and she was clearly indictable based on the evidence they already have. It is against the law in this Country to use a private server to conduct Government business, it is also against the law to lie to Congress, it is also against the law to pay to play, and it goes on and on. So when you say little fish may help them get big fish, I say, I will believe it when I see it.

  20. ONLYJB1 says:

    She has nothing to worry about. I must admit, this is a mystery. They have decided to go after the company that designed and installed hillay’s illegal servers. When hillary clinton and the foundation are indicted on charges of treason and espionage, then I’ll applaud and exclaim a loud YES!

  21. Mary Eleanor Urso says:

    I really can’t much see how the The House Science, Space, and Technology Committee has anything significant to do with the investigation of Hillary and her handling of classified documents through her illegal server. I think this is just skirting the issue. Let’s go after the real criminals here, the Clintons.

  22. Maria castro says:

    I will believe it when I see it. There are too many traitors involved with this witch. They will try to stop it at all costs. Face it, America, we are in very bad shape. Look what they are doing to Trump both the rinos and the demo-erratics.

  23. Elena Bowman says:

    When I see these traitors lined up against the firing squad, then I’ll believe it…until then…well, we will see.

  24. gary price says:

    If the Justice Dept. wants Americans full support they will prosecute Hil-lie-ary. Shoe everyone that no one is above the Law. Lock ‘er up.

  25. Dexter L. Wilson says:

    I would like to agree with Bruce Walters but like all Democrats who have ties with the deep state similarly to Erich Holder, John Kerry, and yes, President Obama, none of these person besides Hillary will ever see the inside of a jail, but will be honored by the dishonorable Democrat Party and the Left Media.

  26. kbmiller says:

    Somehow, some way these businesses and personal bank accts. of those involved, must also be scoured for evidence of the Clit ons, with their ill-gotten gains, paying for their silence. Probably not possible tho.

  27. Michael Davis says:

    I don’t want Platte River Networks dead…I want Frau KLINTON and her minions executed!! How about we HANG OBASTARD, too? Our government has gone to HELL! Can anyone else see a revolution in our future?

  28. Junius Graham says:

    We keep hearing that justice will come to the Clinton s and Obama, but we never see it. There are at least
    several hundred others that are guilty also, of Treason.

  29. Tim says:

    still nothing on the murders they committed ? no victory here. no mug shot no prison number

  30. Wmichaelmic says:

    Start at the bottom and work your way up, excellent. Watch out Pagliano, you’re next!

  31. Robert Timmons says:

    Hillary is a career criminal . She has done ( much worse things ) than any E-mail breach. I can’t get past the wake of bodies she has left in her wake. Dead for no other reason but they were about to blow the whistle on her corrupt years in government. This bitch needs to go to jail for the rest of her life.

    1. Darlene says:

      Robert—Totally agree with everything you have said–Amen–the wages of Sin are Death

  32. Ray says:

    And while your at it how about going after Holder and Lerner for Contempt of Congress along with the guy that set up Clinton’s computer that was also charger with Contempt. These people made their beds so let them sleep in them. Like they said there is a new Sheriff in town so prosecute to the fullest extent of the law.

  33. Duane says:

    Without Obuma to pardon her and obstruct the Justice Department, HRC may finally be charged for some of her crimes. I’d like to see her in an orange jump suit.

  34. Mikal Gastpipe says:

    PLEASE let it go forward! KARMA has to come to these criminals at SOME point!

  35. Mike W says:

    Nothing I would like to see more than this pedophile bitch and her pedophile/rapist husband spend out the rest of their murderous and corrupt lives in prison. The time has long past since justice should have been served.

    1. Israel Kills AMERICANS says:

      Jewish Hollywood is loaded with rapist and molesters and drug pushers and killers and pedophiles ! Pedophile hang around Disney World especially during Disney yearly THEME PARK GAY DAY PARTIES! DISNEY A THREAT TO AMERICA

  36. Roger says:

    This is not a wish it is a demand! Every American that cares about this country needs to write their Congresspersons every day and demand that crooked Hillary be arrested, prosecuted and punished for her crimes against America and the American people!
    Copy and paste the message below and email to both of your senators and as many of you representatives as possible!
    I want to know why Hillary Clinton hasn’t been arrested for her crimes against the government and humanity. This woman has broken more laws than can be counted on both hands. If you think that Hillary what difference at this point does it make, that four Americans, including Ambassador Chris Stevens died Clinton hasn’t broken the law and was a complete failure as Secretary of State you aren’t fit to be a member of Congress! I am an American citizen and I demand justice for all. Hillary Clinton is not above the law, she is a criminal and certainly not fit to hold any government position in the greatest country in the world!
    Hillary (Benghazi) Clinton belongs in prison!
    The Equal Protection Clause is part of the Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution. The clause, which took effect in 1868, provides that no state shall deny to any person within its jurisdiction “the equal protection of the laws”.
    Anyone with a functioning brain should understand that this means all criminals shall be held accountable for their crimes as well, aka protecting law abiding citizens from such criminal elements! I demand that Hillary Clinton return or replace the six billion dollars that went missing from the State Department when she was Secretary of State, that is taxpayer money and we want it! LOCK HER UP!

    1. Israel Kills AMERICANS says:


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