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Could This Be The End Of Paul Ryan?

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  1. arthur M. alex says:




    1. Mike Burkett says:

      Ryan is part of the ‘Dark State’ set up by One Big A$$ Mistake America to take down Trump.

      1. Ron haymaker says:

        The problem with Ryan is he is not 100% anything. He’s really of no use to either side!

        1. keepon says:

          He’s 100% narcissist. Doesn’t HE think he’s somebody in his mr. muscle shirt! He’s just another Traitor to the People. Maybe THAT’s where he’s 100%.

          1. MaxGShepard says:

            Yeah, it makes my skin crawl
            every time I see that smirk
            on his face .

          2. MARYANN33 says:

            Smirk and head up in the air like some King, like Obama so in love with himself and above all of us…He must go…He is another Boehner creep failure. Put in by the bad guys to keep the plan of NWO.

        2. Jarhead says:

          Ronnie: Lying RINO Ryan is already a perfect LiberalTARD, DemonicRAT, Quisling, and traitor.

        3. PatriotGal says:

          He couldn’t even deliver WI when he was on the tix with Romney.

          1. Guest2 says:

            I’ve never liked Paul Ryan!

          2. Ron haymaker says:

            I agree with you,I’ve always felt Ryan is the type of person that needs to be watched closely. Maybe that’s why Trump puts certain people in the places he he can keep a close eye on them.

          3. maxx says:

            Ryan is a “snake” just like his good buddy Reince Preibus.

          4. maxx says:

            Ryan gets lots of cross-over votes from democommies. That is why he gets reelected. Conservatives know what he is and vote against him but his opponents are really unqualified and terrible candidates so he easily wins. He is probably eying running for governor in Wisconsin when and if Walker gets out.

        4. maxx says:

          What do you mean? He has been helping the democrat party all the while he has been in Congress.

      2. noah jonas says:

        Mike, I believe you are referring to George Soros, Barack Obama, Robt. Mueller, and their sponsoring the Deep State” subversive organization. Since Obama and Soros teamed up they have been trying to destroy our way of life. The proof is right there for all to see but, Obama has the Left-wing so buffaloed, they would follow him through the Gates to Hell.

        1. patriot2015 says:

          You are 100% correct, The left are like blind sheep all mouth no brains. point of fact.
          Hillary, Warren ,Waters . Just to mention a couple

        2. maxx says:

          Yes indeed. The left loves anything and everything “perverted” and they got a real winner in that category with the black homo muslim.

        3. C.T. Dixon says:

          And don’t forget to include Sheldon Adelson and his deep pockets.

    2. Cheryl Detar says:

      I’ve been saying that, since “day one.”

      1. PatriotGal says:

        Agree, he should never have been elected SOH – the Repubs really let us down with that one. I petitioned the Freedom Caucus repeatedly to demand Ryan vacate the seat of SOH, and they did nothing!!!! Then the dummies re-elected him SOH despite his being anti Trump. Ryan has to go as do McConnell, McCain, Sasse Flake, Collins, Portman, Murkowski, Graham, Rubio, Capito, etc.

        1. MARYANN33 says:

          YES to being free of all these swamp creature.

        2. maxx says:

          The House is under the control of the GOP Establishment that is made up by Rinos like Ryan. Boehner, his mentor was a Rino also. Until the Rino’s are driven out of Congress by whatever means necessary there will always be betrayal of the conservative agenda.

    3. Annie says:

      He is backstabbing President Trump for months & is on evil George Soros’ payroll! Throw him out!

    4. C.T. Dixon says:

      Question: How can Paul Ryan have been undermining President Trump for almost 2 years when Trump has only been President for barely more than 6 months?

      1. maxx says:

        arthur M. alex is including all the time during the run up to the actual campaign. Ryan was against Trump all the way up until the GOP realized the people were not going to let the GOP choose the candidate like they always try to do. They tried the same thing with Ronald Reagan.

        1. C.T. Dixon says:

          About the only similarity between Reagan and Trump was their slogan which Trump stole from Reagan with a minor change – Regan said “Let’s Make America Great Again” while Trumps was “Make America Great Again. In 1976 Reagan narrowly lost the Primary to incumbent President Gerald Ford and in the 1980 Primary he easily beat George H.W. Bush being the odds-on favorite from the very beginning of the Primary season.

    5. maxx says:

      The “House” is under the control of the GOP Establishment therefore there is no chance that Ryan will be removed as Speaker. And as I mentioned earlier the only reason he keeps getting reelected is the cross-over democrat voters.

  2. Richard Bagenstose says:

    ryan and mcconnel both need to go , for 8 years we listened to them , that their hands are tied because they were the minority , well now democrats are the minority and they don’t seem to be having any problem blocking trumps agenda , so all their excuses are a bunch of b/s

    1. Artie says:

      Their hands are still tied because theyre(Ryan&McConnell) lib-commies.

      1. Jarhead says:

        More like their brains and/or pocketbooks are tied to all the other LiberalTards, Commies, Quislings, traitors, and DemonicRATS crawling like maggots in Washington, District of CORRUPTION.

      2. MARYANN33 says:

        They are crooks…Trump will expose them…Hope it is soon.

        1. 75matt says:

          Ryan and McConnell are on the take with big $$$$. Ryan is an obstructionist and to think he is 3rd in line for the presidency if a tragedy should strike Trump and Pence. They need to be investigated by DOJ.
          But who is in charge at DOJ? Nobody it seems. Sessions should never have recused himself. He needs to step up and take charge or get out of the way. There are others who could do a better job.

          1. maxx says:

            Sessions was/is a terrible choice for A.G. He is the ultimate southern girly man wuss.
            Needs to resign but won’t because he knows the libs love him.

    2. tiaraboo says:

      don’t for get the weasel McCain too!!!

  3. Richard Bagenstose says:

    i wish i could say it was just to take down trump , but it’s not , it’s to finish what oboma started , the total destruction of the u.s.

    1. Wondering Woman says:

      Best I’ve seen it stated yet, Richard, but it started long before Obama usurped the position. We have had nothing but new world order puppet presidents, appointing more new world order puppets for decades. As they filled the ranks with puppets, the pace escalated – becoming more obvious with each of the past 4 presidents – and outright blatant “in your face” with Obama who is not only the poorest excuse we have ever had for a president, but has to rank in the top 10% of the most evil criminals on earth!

      1. Richard Bagenstose says:

        well i know all this , they set the stage for oboma to finish us off and he failed , because hillary would have put the finishing touches on it, and we would be under the control of the u.n. by now, third world dictators

        1. MARYANN33 says:

          A total nightmare for all good people of America…We must help Trump restore our country.

        2. Wondering Woman says:

          What a lot of us still don’t realize is the DNC and RNC were taken over by the one world global government, aka the new world order decades ago. since then, no matter whether you voted democrat or republican, you elected a new world order puppet for
          president and congressional members. With puppet presidents appointing more puppets as heads of departments and federal judges, Washington, DC literally became a swamp of new world order traitors, run by a shadow government – and a do nothing but pony show Congress! The shadow government began establishing more and more departments and in order to gain more and more control, and grew more corrupt with each administration.

          The best way for us to win this battle against the new world order is for President Trump to consult Dr. Ron Paul to ask if there are any congressional members he thinks is not a puppet and have him pour over all congressional members to look at their voting records – to give him a good basis for action against the puppet traitors. We cannot wait to vote these traitors out because that would take us about as long as it took the nwo to gain control.

          We need to act quickly by We the People demanding the ARREST and DETAINMENT of all the congressional members we can ;now identify as criminals, incuding the 6 identified as pedophiles as well as all the others identfied as pedophiles (present and past federal employees).
          We aklready know that Mueller & Comey are puppets and arresting all living past presidents and their appointees will catch most of the shadow government and other new world order puppets. It will probably have a FEMA camp or two overflowing to detain them while charges are sorted for each individual, but thanks to the corrupt bills they have passed we can use their NDAA to detain them without charges, without a telephone call and without a lawyer – which shouldn’t be a problem since a great number of these puppets are lawyers – including the OBamas & Clintons.
          Wow! Wouldn’t we all like to be a fly on the wall for those conversations!

      2. MARYANN33 says:

        All downhill since Johnson years.

        1. maxx says:

          Yup. That’s about the time the socialist/communist party stopped choosing a candidate for president because Norman Thomas admitted it was no longer necessary because the democrat party had adopted he socialist/communist agenda.

      3. Rose Ribitzki says:

        How true you r !!

  4. RockinOn says:

    Get Him Gone ASAP !

    1. BARBARA KENNEDY says:

      Get rid of Ryan ” STAT ” HE’S JUST MILKING THE SYSTEM

  5. allan graupman says:

    you all criticize and condemn and JUDGE this man. No one has that right. Like the President, which is no more than a figurehead for the country. The President and Paul Ryan are like drivers of a large 18 wheeler truck cross country. Trying to do a good job, but coming in contact with crazy drivers, drunk drivers, Other drivers who aren’t paying attention, and finally the aggressive driver trying to get in front of you and to slow you down. Trying to lead and to drive our nation in the right direction for the country. It’s not a job I would want.
    these two men, and others are constantly barraged with criticizem from both right and left and center.
    As Americans we need to watch what both houses in the congress do that affects the future of America.
    Leave them to their work. It’s not pleasant. It would be nice to see Americans giving praise and positive greetings to these guys.
    My time is almost up. Over the years, I’ve seen Presidents and their men come and go. Now, look at our country. It thrives, and grows. There are too many immigrants coming in, and we need to control it.
    No one seems to care about this. Maybe it’s good or bad for our country, but we need to vet all of these people, and get rid of the bad apples. Let’s get to work. alg

    1. Tony Rowell says:

      I think you have been watching the news with the volume down and your eyes closed,,, Ryan is like Obama he will not bargain or negociate it’s his way or no way

  6. Rosech Levy says:

    We did NOT want Ryan as Speaker and did want him to GO HOME TO HIS FAMILY, but we were, as usual, ignored. Ryan does not like Trump, he is a large part of the establishment and, remember, his wife and her family are democrats, so I see Ryan as a democrat pretending to be a republican. I do not belong to any of the 2 parties in 1 because they are for themselves and not America. They have come this far, but we have stopped them and they are desperate and afraid, and should be. We must Drain the Congress Swamp because #1 we don’t want to lose our freedom of choice, and #2 they were elected to represent us and have not, and #3 no more than two 3 yr terms max and removal of all benefits/perks we did not vote nor authorize them to have. So much more, but Ryan, RINOS, and establishment creeps in both Houses must be removed asap!

    1. Robert Walters says:

      YES, Yes, yes totally agree. Clean house and set term limits.

  7. Ron haymaker says:

    I’ve always wondered about Ryan. He’s all smiles now but before the election I wasn’t sure where he stood. He seems to be a fence jumper. A RINO or at most a luke warm Republican! We need someone 100% behind President Trump. I say ax him!

    1. BARBARA KENNEDY says:


    2. Artie says:

      Hes a str8 up lib-commie,he never voted against anything OFRAUD.

    3. MARYANN33 says:

      If only they would ax him…Why is Trump oblivious to the creep?

      1. Ron haymaker says:

        Read my reply to PatriotGal above,just my thought on the matter.

      2. noah jonas says:

        I am also suspicious of Ryan’s actions or should I say inaction. That suspicion was confounded today when he said it was not his job or the job of Congress to back-up the President. That comment says he is against President Trump. I can’t even imagine Pelosi saying that about a miserable human being like Obama.

        1. MARYANN33 says:

          I have known from the time they named him that he was the same as Boehner…and McConnell and Boehner hated the Tea Party as much as they could hate any of us and anything…They are crooks. They like Obama’s plan..His job, Ryan’s, is to get the presidents agenda passed totally. If he can’t or won’t he must be removed. How can we get it to happen…Maybe with a real attorney general??? Who imagined that the southerner would be so reluctant to help his buddy Trump???? We the people should be able to make some demands as we are the people in charge of America and these reps are supposed to do our bidding…What to do, what to do…If I knew I would have done it..

  8. johnh says:

    I think that Paul Ryan is a snake in the grass.I don’t like nor trust snakes in the grass. You never know what they are going to do. Trust is what we need in the Speaker of the House.

  9. Mario Ruffino says:

    Paul Ryan is and has been a RHINO since President Trump was elected. Wake up Republicans, we the people who voted you guys in are getting feed up with the way things have been going, we gave you the House and the Senate but you still allow the Dems to crap all over us. To all the members of the Republican Party, get your acts together or get the hell out of the way so our President CAN DRAIN THE SWAMP>

    1. BARBARA KENNEDY says:


    2. Jarhead says:

      MARIO: TRUTH ALERT – Lying RINO Ryan has been a Quisling, traitor, LiberalTARD, anti-American since he arrived in Washington.

    3. Robert Walters says:

      Amen, 100% correct. “WE THE PEOPLE” demand action, we elected you, gave you the House, Senate, and a good President. NOW GET OFF YOUR ASS AND SUPPORT US, or we will vote you out as well. DRAIN THE WASHINGTON SWAMP.

      1. Mario Ruffino says:

        Robert, Do you think we could convince the President to form another party, he would get 90,million votes overnight and maybe even more considering all the wised up people leaving the Democratic Party. The scum in the swamp is very deep and I pray that President Trump has the strength and knowledge to drain it all out.

        1. Wondering Woman says:

          Not Robert, but my answer is DEFINITELY and may I suggest TRUMP’ETS?

          1. Mario Ruffino says:

            My humble apoligies Wondering Woman

        2. Robert Walters says:

          No to another party. With the unknown players in the Treasonous Deep State, the Obama’s, Clinton’s and George Soras right now they are too powerful. We need to follow Hillary’s example and kill a few or make them commit suicide. Back to Option #1. It still won’t happen with all the illegal immigrants tied to illegal voting and voter fraud, we have almost lost control of the nation. The Dem/Libs control the courts and our President can’t get anything done. We have one last Option: Civil War ! I hate this idea but we need to get control of the corruption in America caused by the traitors within the Dem/Lib Party, the House and Senate and the courts. Obama did a good job at destroying America. GOD HELP US, AMERICA AND THE TRUE AMERICAN PEOPLE FIRST.

  10. Judith Nowak says:

    Paul Ryan is a true RINO he needs to go he isn’t for President Trump and he is not for We The People. His colors do not run Red, White and Blue.

  11. keepon says:

    Oh hear our prayer o Lord! Ryan: Leader of the Socialist Democrats of the Republican House ignoring the Peoples’ MANDATE! Get RID of him. This is why he wanted a guarantee that he wouldn’t be ‘taken out’ before he took the position. He’s made it his job to STOP all progress for the People- for the Nation. WHERE did these people come from?!

    1. Artie says:

      From the bowels of Hell.

    2. MARYANN33 says:

      From the devil of course.

  12. boldly says:

    First of all,Obama Admin is still alive and well in WH, to many left to drain swamp, Most Repubs are tainted from Obama who possessed great spirit of deception that was imparted to many who are Dems & Repubs who are still in and are “leakers” still controlled by O and his shadow Govt, Jonn McCain and other Repub are still controlled by Soros, as Mueller,Comey Lynch Rice Holder Pelosi Jarrett Ryan the list goes on. To get rid of these Traitors against America would have to be an act of God??

    1. MARYANN33 says:

      Time for trial and prison for those listed above.

  13. goodwater says:

    Has anyone Republican announced who will challenge Ryan in his District?

    1. rrkeng says:

      This guy is mentioned above , Paul Nehlen

  14. Don Baker says:

    RINO Ryan has a primary challenger, Paul Nehlen, who is a true conservative and who would be a great congressman. Donations to him can be sent to PO Box 796, Williams Bay, WI 53191. We will make no progress until we flush the tired RINO leadership out of congress.

  15. A patriot says:

    paul ryan is a loyal democrat with no republican leadership. dump the Mueller supporter

  16. badass says:

    I am not a politician but somehow i got a feeling of GOP they just can’t work together but DemocRats they only got one voice….!
    how the FK in Senate they have so many different views to this healthcare bill? get smart, look at those Rats they will NOT give a single vote to this bill which means the GOP should work together no matter what!!!
    wake up GOP…..

    1. MARYANN33 says:

      Too many traitors in the GOP.

  17. Ima D. Plorable says:

    Paul Ryan is Paul RINO in my book! 🙂

    1. Artie says:

      Paul Communist in mine.

  18. Ardee0123 says:

    Include faux Republican Sen M McConnel and we may get something done for the American Citizen rather than to benefit the Washington Swamp Elite. Ryan and McConnel haven’t been truthful with the voters in many years!

  19. Patricia says:

    We can only hope!

  20. Robert E. Klippel says:

    Ryan needs to go.

  21. Ima D. Plorable says:

    Rep. Mark Meadows for Speaker!!

  22. JC says:

    Ryan is a problem—-but only half—the other half of the problem is McConnell

    1. Ima D. Plorable says:

      Yep, he should be next TO GO!

  23. richard black says:

    ive never liked him from the get go….

  24. chief1937 says:

    Not sure what Ryan is trying to prove but it is hurting himself only. Maybe he should come up with a different plann.

  25. William Gillespie Sr. says:

    Ryan has to go ? BS! The whole damn Senate and Congress has to go and that means every one of. Democrats and Republicans. I voted to put people in office that was to be our voices in Government and what did we get? We got a bunch of corrupt and crooked politicians that have no intention of representing anyone or anything not in their own interest or benefit. We elected Trump as our president and by God that is who they need to support and stand behind. Trump has done nothing so far that is not in the best interest of the American people and all that these “POLITICIANS” have done is obstruct him at every turn.Get rid of every single one of these treacherous back-stabbers and put people in office that actually care about this country and the well being of the American people.

    1. Mario Ruffino says:

      President Trump has to do one thing that will have the whole country believing in his agenda, put Hillary Clinton and her minions in jail for the crimes they committed against our country, when that happens once again we could say as a country that NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW.

      1. William Gillespie Sr. says:

        Mario I didn’t forget about Clinton and Obama and the others that ride in the same boat with them. What I have in mind for them can’t be put into print otherwise I’d end up dead like all the others that have crossed paths with Clinton “THE EXTERMINATOR”. Don’t think for a minute that I wouldn’t love to see all of them in prison or better yet tried for treason .

      2. Susan P says:

        Trump alone cannot charge or try anyone for crimes. Congress needs to do that and unfortunately, congress will NOT do that until the swamp is drained and all RINOs are sent home to look for another type of work.

  26. CommonSense4America says:

    If I had had my way,,,RINO Ryan would NOT have won reelection in 2016. He was just too cozy and compliant with Obama during Obama’s last term.

    1. MARYANN33 says:

      McConnell and Ryan gave Obama everything he never should have gotten at all.

  27. oncemorearound says:

    The two party system died in the late 1800’s. There’s one party, The Elite Almighty Party and their philosophy is; #1, make sure you NEVER have to leave office thus ending your massive flow of bribe money. #2, the American people are dumb, borderline stupid sheep who will think everything we do is for the betterment of their meaningless wretched lives. #3, we are probably better than “Almighty God” the American people worship us and we can do NO wrong. #4, the Constitution is just an old document and we don’t really have to follow it because the stupid American people will NEVER do anything about what us God like “leaders” do. Welcome to the New America and a Congress filled to overflowing with “Paul Ryans”….

  28. Lorraine E says:

    The RINOs who control the gop put one of their own into the position vacated by RINOboehner. RINOryan is a clone of RINOboehner and is in fact a liberal demoncrat. He needs to be removed a replaced by a Real Conservative who is Not a Liberal Demoncrat.

    1. jerry1944 says:

      But how many that voted him and mitch in are rinos . did he fool that many up there . Are maybe they think the same as he does is why they chose dems for there leader

  29. Jeronimo Dan says:

    Ryan, can’t even pass himself off as a RINO anymore, he shows himself as a full fledged Democrat. He’s taking a deep breath and thinking, damn it’s good to be out in the open!

  30. Clay Williams says:

    Ryan…McConnell…McCain and ,,,John Cornyn …to name a few RINO’s need to Be Deported…..they are all TRAITORS!

  31. jackhy says:

    Paul Ryan did not back Donald Trump during the campaign and finally did so, reluctantly, after inauguration. So his lack of firm leadership and successful results suggests he doesn’t have the heart or commitment to the Party platform and should resign or Pres. Trump should fire him without further delay!

    1. MARYANN33 says:

      Wake Tump up to what Ryan really is doing there…We all hate the man.

  32. Nancy Terrell says:

    He is horrible and has done irrefutable damage to the GOP. He must be removed ASAP – along with Mitch. They both are part of the Deep State.

  33. CurlyJ555 says:

    Back in the old days we at the Bell System raised the coin telephone rates from a dime to twenty cents. Most people ended up just tossing in a quarter. Our rate of return (profits) exceeded the allowable rate. Why is it that insurance companies are not restricted by an allowable rate of return? Why is it that insurance companies are prohibited from crossing state lines? The first insurance company in the United States was founded by the fellow who said: “Three can keep a secret, if two of them are dead.” Vietnam Vet. We NEVER forget.

  34. Mario Ruffino says:

    Thank you Barbara, glad I’m not alone

  35. pappy450 says:

    Just another one of the MANY “swamp elites” (from BOTH “parties”) that are terrified that PRESIDENT TRUMP and his administration are going to STRIP them out of all the STOLEN, CONTROL, POWER, and those all-precious TAXPAYER DOLLARS that have been keeping them “comfy” in their cushy lifestyle,and return the CONTROL, AND POWER back to “We the People” where it SHOULD have been all along.

    1. MARYANN33 says:

      Hurry on the part time job for both houses….take all perks away, give them Obamacare so the old ones get a pain pill and sent home to die etc…Minimum wage is perfect for these do nothings. It is a service job not a get rich quick scheme…Making creep Maxine Waters rich says it all. So inadequate for the job.

  36. chuck stanford says:

    Paul Ryan is a traiter to this country. He supports more for the democrates. As long these democrates keep putting money in his pockets, He`ll keep undermining Trump.

  37. TPS12 says:

    Time for paul to go he is not supporting President Trump in my book. He can’t bring the repubs together on anything.

  38. Richard Frick says:

    Ryan does not have the ability to lead himself to a restroom much less lead an entire organization of militant obstructionist to perform any function aside from living on graft and lies.

  39. ter334 says:

    Today is a good day for him to get drummed out of the house. Court Martialed and stripped of his benefits. And he is not a lone wolf either!

  40. Kurt Hanssen says:

    Why was he involved in the Lynch Clinton Tarmack meeting. ? Think he is a liberturd mold

  41. Robert Walters says:

    Paul Ryan has been obstructing every agenda of President Trump. He looks like a Dem/Liberal supporter and a traitor to his party. He may even part of the Obama, Hillary “DEEP STATE” agenda to bring America down.
    It’s time for him to go, replace him now before his delay, deny agenda can do anymore harm.

  42. MARYANN33 says:

    Get the traitor Ryan out right now…McConnell is also a Tea Party hater…he must be removed…Too old and too nasty to be in office.

  43. Raymond Leung says:

    Can’t wait until he get kick out of Congress! His district should vote him out.

  44. Rose Ribitzki says:

    Been saying for two years or more that RYAN NEEDS TO BE KICKED OUT!… he is nothing but a hindrance to President Trump & all that the president wants to accomplish! … he is a recipient of Soros big dollars & wants to see Trump fail, as is McCain ! SEND THIS CREEP OFF TO PASTURE … let him find a real job ! … definitely is no good in politics !!!

  45. 2011RedSox says:

    As a Ted Cruz supporter who has been somewhat impressed with President Trump up unto this point, I remain thoroughly dissatisfied – NO… THOROUGHLY DISGUSTED! – with ‘Mealy Mouth’ McConnell and Paul “He Ain’t No Revere” Ryan, I am glad to see RINO RYAN’s fall in support.


    HOWEVER, I also see no hope for true ideological Conservatives to overcome the multi-national financial, progressive-fascist university elite, major media and pro-illegal forces driving the cowardly GOP “leadership”.
    Sadly, barring Divine Intervention… this grand experiment is doomed. The “Shining City on the Hill” shall end up as a “Cesspool in the Swamp”…

  46. ONLYJB1 says:

    Blame Trump! Was no where in politics when the democommies rammed obamacare down our throats. It was a failure from the beginning! Now Trump is being blamed for the failure of repeal and replace. Once again it is up to the sitting Congress to write the bill and the Senate to ratify that same bill. They have failed because of political infighting! ryan got it out of his hands and passed to the senate. mitch demomcconnell dropped the ball on repeal and replace. He did exactly what he was supposed to do and why he holds the position he does. But, Trump is blamed! POTUS made it clear that he was sitting with pen in hand, ready to sign. The senate failed. Of course NEVER forget. Not one democommies put any effort to stop the pain of obamacare. Not one! I pray all registered voters remember this in 2018! But, blame Trump? Bless your heart!

    Come 2018, let’s put the final nail into the democrats party. But, please let’s remove those republican establishment individuals. Say, Kid Rock!

  47. Cheh Low says:

    I used to like Paul Ryan. But no more, he is a traitor to Trump and his administration. We should vote him out of Congress when the time comes.

  48. Arnold Young says:

    They ought to just SACK this worthless S.O.B. and get the someone who really really wants to get the job done.

  49. kassa1 says:

    I knew what Paul Ryan was , When they were replacing BOehner and looking for a replacement Polosi and dirty little Harry Reid were for putting Ryan in there. I knew then that he would be there a little bitch. Remove a little scummy soccer he’s destroying the Republican Party along with others in there that need to be replaced.

  50. Susan P says:

    Paul Ryan’s handling of the health care bill has cost him support from the public; especially his refusal to have the house vote on Repeal Only. We the people want a total repeal of obamacare and to get the federal government out of our healthcare decisions. Congress is not really voting on healthcare, they are voting on insurance and that is something the Constitution does not give them power to interfere with in the first place. If Ryan had not balked on a full repeal of Obamacare this problem would already be solved and Congress could get on with other business. I even read this week that the healthcare bill Ryan wants passed would give him $800 billion to play with and we all know that most of congress is lining their pockets with taxpayer money.

    The only hope Ryan has of regaining any of the people’s confidence is to get behind Trump 100% and that definitely includes repealing obamacare completely.

  51. ahrcshaw says:

    He is not the only politician on the hot seat, in my opinion most of them should be replaced. They like the Demons need to look at what the tax payers want, and why Trump was elected in the first place. It is really a shame not all the Senators are not up for re election.

  52. noah jonas says:

    If Ryan continues his non-support of Pres. Trump, he needs to go, because he is not only hurting The President, but the GOP, as a whole.

  53. BarryStern says:

    I find myself at odds with most of these comments. The future of President Trump and the Republican Party are inextricably related. If one goes down, they both go down, and the American dream would go down with them. They need to listen to and learn from one another, and compromise enough to get something done for the people who are counting on them for massive change. While this new Congress and president are getting their bearings, we should heed Ronald Reagan’s advice to not speak ill of other Republicans. Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell are highly principled and accomplished leaders. Let them lead. Otherwise be prepared for a return of a corrupt Democratic party that will stop at nothing to gain office and enrich themselves in the process.

  54. Palmer says:

    It’s time for him to go. He has been against Trump from the start. He might as well be a Democrat. He is useless to President Trump and has had more the enough time to make things work. If it weren’t for Executive Orders, nothing would be getting done. Congress is USELESS. No vacation in Aug. Do your job !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  55. Dianne Cornett says:

    Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell are obstructing the work of the President of the United States of America! Is nobody in authority able to see this? Are we going to blindly look the other way and just let it happen? This man be our last chance to save America and nobody seems to know ‘who’s on first” Good Grief!!

  56. Frederic Charles Hilnbrand says:

    I don’t trust him. He says one thing and does another behind our Presidents back. He always has this smirk on his face when he is behind or to the side of President Trump. He might be part of this Dark State or tied in with Hillary and Soros for the MONEY factor. He makes me wonder how many things he has screwed up to make things worse for our President?? I would like for him to take a lie detector test to prove himself and show he has nothing to hide. If he won’t then I think he should be forced to step down. Or RUN in his case!!

  57. Donna Morken says:

    The best thing that could happen right now is for the house to take a vote of no confidence and get rid of him. Him and Mc Connell have done more harm during the last six months. Almost as bad as the news media. If those two aren’t repa
    laced the Republicans are going to lose the mid term and congress will go back to the demos. This is no longer a funny game but will have real consequences We need to put real pressure on our reps and senators and see to it something is done.

  58. tiaraboo says:

    The majority of good Americans on BOTH sides have said for almost a decade now that Ryan is a mole. He has not accomplished ANYTHING. He claims to be a conservative Repub, But he supports very left/liberal Dem agendas. Including his wife who gave generously to the Criminal Hillary camp. STEP DOWN if Trump won’t FIRE you!

  59. Old and Infirmed says:

    I have always thought of Paul Ryan as a traitor to the President even when he was a candidate. I think his jealousy clouded his reason as it has with several of the other republicans. He should have been doing everything to help the president but he seems to do things only to help himself. Get rid of him.

  60. daledor says:

    No one has been more instrumental in opposing needed change Trump has tried to evoke than Ryan. He politically plays both sides but throws wrenches in the network on purpose. I remember that when he first ‘failed’ on repealing/replacing Obamacare he got heat from his peers. A reporter followed the car he got in with Obama drivers to a building where Obama was and from a worried state/upset came out with a big smile.

    McCain is an up front in your face RINO. Ryan is behind your back RINO. I respect Mc Cain slightly more than Ryan and hold both in low esteem. I view them as New World Order traitors to America.

  61. Galina Zlotskaya says:


  62. Galina Zlotskaya says:


  63. James Higginbotham says:


  64. Joseph Techiera says:

    I think Paul Ryan has his own agenda that he is trying to bush through congress he should be replaced before he does anything that would affect the people.

  65. lorna shores says:

    thats why he won’t hold a town hall meeting ! he`s afraid he`ll have to answer some questions, and they`ll catch him in his lies!

  66. Tim Nordlinger says:

    Paul Ryan is a gutless wonder !! His lack of leadership is definitely hurting the Republican party and he needs to be removed !! I God help our country If our party doesn’t take advantage of the majority that the American
    voter has given us. We need DECISIVE LEADERSHIP NOW !!!

  67. R Monty says:


  68. Pamela Sue Therrien says:

    He should go NOW.

  69. John Enea says:

    He sure as shooten is a RINO & NOT GOOD FOR WE THE PEOPLES U.S.A>>U.S.A….. MAGA!!!!!

  70. bp 58 says:

    paul ryan is a traitor just like mccain is…they both need to be run out of office..

  71. Pattie Kelly says:

    Ryan needs to go and we need to get Newt Gingrich in as Speaker again. He knew how to handle President Clinton plus he was an excellent Speaker and got things done. (Contract with America). He is very well versed in the Constitution and was a history teacher. I am all for Newt as Speaker again. You would see a drastic change in the leadership right away.

  72. AC1USNRetired says:

    In Answer to the Headline: Mmmmmm it’s a possibilty!!!

  73. Mario Ruffino says:

    Robert, I can’t argue with your way of thinking. Have a great day.

  74. David VanBockel says:

    “T’row da Bums out!”

  75. maxx says:

    Ryan has been an exposed RINO for a long time now. He has lots of conservative voters that want him gone. However, the democrats tell their “useful idiots” to cross-over and vote for Ryan because they know how valuable it is to have as many RINOs as possible. It is going to have to be some serious scandal that will take Ryan out of Wisconsin politics. because there is no way to stop the cross-over voting. There should be but unfortunately there isn’t.

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