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These Criminal Charges Could Bring Down Hillary Clinton

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  1. RockinOn says:

    Just the tip of the Iceberg!

  2. AFGus says:

    Any regular citizen who has done the things that Hillary Clinton has done would be buried under the Prison by now. Whatever needs to be done, needs to be done to finally bring this serial criminal to justice. She needs to find out the hard way that nobody is above American Justice.

  3. Sam Skagnoliack says:

    You can not defy a congressional subpoena! Hold him responsible. Then finished the job of getting to the bottom of it all.

    1. Mike W says:

      The Democrats feel they can lie to anyone and everybody. Bill lost his law license for “giving false testimony” aka lying under oath – in the Paula Jones case.Hillary lied under oath to Congress. Obama surrendered his law license to avoid prosecution for lying on his bar application. Obama lied one way or the other when he applied to Occidental College as a foreign student – either lied about being a foreign student or to get aid he was not “entitled” to. Bill Cosby has been accused of rape by 5 women and people want his head on a platter – Bill Clinton has been accused of rape by at least 16 women and the Democrats joke about it.

      1. Kika68 says:

        Obummer’s phony Hawaii birth certificate has been proven, beyond all doubt, that it is a forgery. Sheriff Joe Arpaio sent an investigative team to Hawaii to get the info they needed. (see youtube video on this) He had two independent forensics investigators work on this for over 2 years. It has been proven that his birth certificate is fraudulent. Arpaio said that it has been proven so well, that it is like having a finger print at the scene of the crime. Obummer needs to be arrested too, for working as president (a federal job) using a fraudulent birth certificate. This is a federal felony. He also used a fake SS# as did his wife. They both should be arrested. Why no action on this??

        1. Mike W says:

          His little old Grandma in Kenya says she was there when he was born. I don’t know if she is a liar or a conspiracy theorist. ;-))

          1. Joan Davenport says:

            I’d sooner trust Grandma than O

          2. Peter says:

            Grandmas don’t lie!

        2. Mike W says:

          That birth certificate also claims that Barack Obama Sr. is his father. When you look at pictures of Sr. and Jr. there is absolutely no similarity. But, if you look at side by side photos of Jr. and Frank Marshall Davis there is a very strong resemblance. Davis had a problem though like Obama Sr. he was already married with children in Illinois. Obama Sr. was already married too with children in Kenya nobody would look that up. Marshall was another of Ann Dunhams boyfriends. He was also n a known communist who Barry Jr. called a mentor. That wouldn’t look good for someone running for president. But why of all 50 states he could have gone to did Barry Jr. pick Illinois? Why does Obama Jr. have a Connecticut issued Social Security number? He was never a resident of Connecticut. The lies just keep piling up. No wonder he spent so much to have his records sealed – thank fully a lot of that information is still out there – you just have to connect the dots.

          1. nuckollsr says:

            Hmmm . . . you noticed that . . . with the same train on a different track who does Chelsea Clinton take after most . . . Pants-Down Willy or Webster Hubble?

      2. Peter says:

        Cosby just wanted some of her pudding!

    2. Dave Nettles says:

      Proper plan would have to appear, then take the 5th. He has that right, but he doesen’t have the right to not appear when subpoenaed.

  4. Peter says:

    Nothing is going to happen to her. Another useless story. Tell us when it happens, ok! GAD keeps posting the same story, over and over again. When she goes to court then tell us.

  5. oncemorearound says:

    The Used Diaper will flee the country and move in with Roman Polanski.

  6. ReaperHD says:

    People who have done less with handling of SECRET AMERICAN DOCUMENTS are in JAIL and yet this POS is still walking around and running her mouth trying to over throw the Governing Body in place.

    1. Peter says:

      Obummer is trying to mess up the government. Why is he still hanging around Washington? I heard mooch is finally going to get its reassignment surgery and the doctor is in Washington. Makes me want to puke just thinking about that! Uggg!

      1. ReaperHD says:

        Yeah I heard that his pecker was bigger than Barrack Houssain’s.

  7. Robert Hicks says:

    Chaffetz better produce and Clinton better go to jail. Evidence is overwhelming and if she does not go to jail, the total system is corrupt. Pagliano is gullty as hell taking the 5th and defying congress. We will see shortly if the privaleged of the US always pull strings and corruption continues under Trump. Hopeful.

    1. 55Pirate says:

      Liberterians have taken over and Clinton has big money connections,if she goes down so does a huge amount of wealthy donors go with her. At the rate Chaffetz moves she will die first. Clinton will take years to convict if demensia does not start. Too little to late.

    2. Peter says:

      The whole system is corupt? No! Don’t say it’s so. Of course it is. Has anyone figured out how obummer’s kids left with hundreds of thousands of dollars? That must be some expensive lemonade they’re selling out front of the whitehouse.

      1. Charles P says:

        One, or both HAD MONEY WHEN THEY WERE GIVEN TO OBAMA (by his Chicago handlers) so that HE AND MICHAEL (who had to become a cross dressing man who is now called Michele) would look like the “perfect family”!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. nodo says:

    With all the allegations about the Clinton Cartel and the shadow government set up by Obama days before he left office, it will take a miracle to get these people indicted, but I do believe in miracles so will keep this whole thing in my prayers.

    1. Peter says:

      All of us conservatives are praying with you!

    2. Dave Nettles says:

      We’ve already had one BIG Miracle, that being Donald Trump being elected in the 1st place. This is all about God restoring America, the rest of this will follow.

      1. Bill Bruck says:

        You really believe that Donald J Trump, a man that worships money and power first and foremost, a man for whom the Lord is just an afterthought at best, is part of God’s plan for restoring the US? If you read and study the bible carefully, with emphasis on the prophesies throughout the entire book, you will find that we have fallen so out of favor with God that there is nothing man can do to fix it and He has turned his back on us. And I’ve got some more bad news for you. DJT being elected is not a miracle. There are perfectly sound explanations for his win as well as HRC’s loss. I’m not a Trump fan but have no problem admitting that I like much of what he’s done so far. Let’s get real though. He is not the second coming

        1. Dave Nettles says:

          I find no such thing. We have been under Satan’s attack for the last 50 years. Why? Because we’ve have been a friend to Israel, the nation God birthed in a day. In Revelation 12:13 John tells how Satan attempts to destroy “The Woman Who Gave Forth The Man Child”. That “Man Child” is Jesus, the Woman who gave him forth, isn’t Mary, but Israel, Satan wants to destroy Israel, so because we’re Israel’s friend and protector, as prophesied in verse 14, we’re described by our 2 wings, the same 2 wings which are plucked off in Daniel 7, which represent our 2 party political system, which are in the process of being plucked off. You see, God is in control, we, the followers of Jesus asked on election eve, when it looked like Hillary was winning, that we be delivered from her, and God did it, just for us. Please go to my website: click on the links, read the articles, you’ll discover that it does matter who wins elections, it matters to God. He started this country and he’s not going to let the Commies steal it. In this election, enough was enough, God changed things..

          1. Ed McGaa says:

            D Nettles: What Bull Shxx comes from that Man Written book you quote. Only the Koran can top it for fantasy and imagination. There most likely is a Creator but I would much rather seek IT’s direct, observable teachings from knowledge gained in preparation for another possible: The Beyond! My Creator is All Truth and All Knowledge and obviously the 3 stooges would more accurately declare- “It’s a GD Mystery!” One last probability. Through its revealed Nature, It wants us to seek Harmony while we are here. Plus use your Mind!

          2. Donito says:

            This life is so short and eternity is sooo long. You should plan and prepare accordingly. So far you seem to be looking in the wrong direction. Jesus, God in the flesh is the One that you need to relate to.

        2. Donito says:

          There is still a way back, it’s found in II Chronicles 7:14.

      2. Donito says:

        I sincerely wish you were right but I do not believe that II Chronicles 7:14 pre-requesites have been met yet.

  9. pugmama says:

    Yeah, sure. Hillary Clinton will NEVER be arrested for ANYTHING.

  10. sapfly says:

    Truth always prevails!!

  11. Mike W says:

    Pagliano seems like he is trying not to implicate himself and not become the next Clinton “body bag” at the same time. Witness protection program? I don’t know if that would would for government people with all of the leaks. Meanwhile there was a report that has gone dead silent – that the NYPD when they seized a computer from Huma Abedin and Anthony Weiner’s home while investigating Weiner for his pervert/pedophile case – a computer shared by Weiner and Abedin – They found information that Bill wasn’t the only Clinton slipping down to Jeffery Epstein’s “Pleasure Island” for the orgies with underaged girls – girls trafficked for that purpose. If Hillary get’s busted for that – that should sink her faster than anything. Yeah she represents women and children – what a crock of s**t.

  12. Mike W says:

    Hillary reminds me of that old poem

    Mr. Business went to church – he never missed a Sunday
    Mr. Business went to hell for what he did on Monday. There is always what Hillary’s says and then what she really does.

  13. ter334 says:

    IMO the endless attacks, delays, fake news are all former insiders trying to derail an investigation into the previous admin actions regarding national security among other things. Why isn’t this whole can of worms classified as obstruction of justice and launch a counter attack. And start an impeachment of the 3 judges in CA that used PC to declare T’s temp ban on undocumented refugees! I suppose when the swamp is drained they might find a bottomless pit of PC, Political Corruption. T is no quitter, plus he, in the long run, will have the law on his side. He is the duly elected President of the United States, thus has the legal force of the Constitution to empower and protect the office of the President. When he leaves office, he will be like all other former/ex presidents. A person with one vote. And like all of us, irrelevant politically. It is the office that has the political power in America. Not the person occupying the office. And that fact is what makes us citizens, not subjects!

  14. Dan says:

    Pagliano held in contempt of Congress. Remember when Eric Holder was held in contempt of Congress? Whatever happened to that?

    1. ter334 says:

      I guess he got run out of town instead of facing justice?

      1. Peter says:

        A gutless man! One of obummer’s cronies. A liberal p*ssy!

        1. proudvet says:

          Another INBRED spewing BS. Go suck on your mama’s sour milk wimpy punk.

          1. tanksolot says:

            A fake vet talking big behind his keyboard. Disgraceful

      2. JST says:

        Actually he is an Attorney in a Major Washington D.C. Law Firm. The Scumbag is making more money now, than as the Attorney General.
        Plus, he is now representing the State of California against Gun Owners.
        Such a huge Scumbag!

        1. gobrien says:

          And Holder is the one who was running guns to Mexico. Figures. Wasn’t Holder held in contempt because he refused to release the documents regarding Fast & Furious? Maybe President Trump will release them so we can find out what Obama, Hillary & Holder were covering up.

          1. KJ says:

            What documents? Like the big destruction party held in the basement at Hilderbeast’s State Department after the Benghazi attack, I’m confident that all traces of Eric Holder’s misdeeds during Operation Fast and Furious have been made to magically and inexplicably disappear forever. It’s a shame that Brian Terry’s family can not personally sue Eric Holder. But Holder did the devil’s deeds. Would any sane individual trade their everlasting soul for his?

    2. i have been wondering about that…is holder still in contempt?

      1. Resbo says:

        They are DEMON-crats and whatever they do is for the good of the Country!

        1. KJ says:

          Good for the country like anal polyps?

          1. Resbo says:


      2. KJ says:

        His conduct and role in Operation Fast and Furious as well as his contempt of Congress charge make Holder uniquely qualified for investigation by a special prosecutor.

        Kathleen Sibelius was going around to health care companies to raise funds for Obamacare. The problem is that she was the regulator who oversaw them. Pay to play? A special prosecutor should decide.

        Hillary and Bill Clinton: there is a list a mile long of potential criminality associated with these two and their alleged charitable foundation. Charges will include those related to pay for play schemes, destruction of federal documents, wire fraud, money laundering, and an umbrella RICO charge. Warm up a grand jury and two jail cells. These two are going to keep a special prosecutor busy for years.

        Barry: the current President should be able to unseal Barry’s travel documents and educational records. Are they genuinely a matter of national security? Let the public decide whether or not our past White House occupant is worthy of the office and title he held for eight years. And if any of the other special investigations above lead to Barry’s doorstep, then let the legal chips fall where they may. (Spoiler alert: Nancy Pelosi may be on the hook for signing off on Barry’s eligibility when she was the Speaker. Fun fact: no more booze and Botox for Pelosi in prison, but they may provide her with and endless supply of Koolaid for LIFE.)

    3. maxx says:

      Absolutely nothing happened. But notice what happens to one of “us little people” charged with “contempt”. The person is immediately taken from the courtroom and put in a cell, that’s what. One would think Congress could do the same thing if they really wanted to. Congress is full of “gutless cowards”. They should all be removed from office.

      1. KJ says:

        The Sargeant at Arms for the House or Senate, which ever was holding the testimony, could have had him arrested if the congressional committee deemed it necessary.

  15. ter334 says:

    All elected/appointed officials take an oath to protect and defend the Constitution. It appears this has been optional for many years, through no fault of T. So him trying to do the job he was elected to do makes him a target. Is this a shoot out at the not OK pig sty called PC DC?

  16. Kika68 says:

    Jeff Sessions needs to do as Jason Chaffetz asks and convene a grand jury on that scumbag Pagliano. He is the 1st domino leading to Hitlery. Go get ’em Jason. Stay on top of this with Sessions.

  17. William M Durham says:

    Sadly contempt of congress does not mean anything these days, clinton had an illegal server in her house, she acknowledged under oath it was hers. Indict her ass an try he, i year in jail on a felony crime and revocation of any security clearance any time would work, she would be a convicted felon end of clinton

    1. Donito says:

      “i year in jail”??? …She should be doing life at Gitmo as a minimum!

  18. Tome says:

    Nothing will happen to Queen Hillary. She has done enough crap to spend rest of life in prison. Nothing will ever happen to her. Probally be running for president in 4 years. These people are above the law! Then we finally get a President and all the idiots are trying to kick him out! First President since John F. Kennedy and everyone against him!

    1. davidsunkle says:


  19. Robert Walters says:

    Pagliano and Hillary’s actions resulted in the deaths of Americans. Understand, Americans died, there actions were illegal. We need to get to the bottom of this. Turn him over to the CIA, Navy Seals, etc. and get out the Water Board for the both of them. Our National Security is in danger, we need answers. Time to take the gloves off as well for the individuals related to the security leak. More National Security violations. Lock them all up.

  20. James Kroeger says:

    Plead the 5th 125 times…what the HELL is wrong with our DOJ?

  21. Wild pop says:

    Should I hold my breath???

  22. Joe Ovelman says:

    here we are in the end of feb 2017 and still no one is charged with anything, had Hillary been elected she would have pardon every one including herself and end of story. weather your Republican or Democrat Independent or other our justice system is in need of repair. Just because you are a Political figure or have lots of money or both and have access to $3,000 an hour Lawyer’s should not give you the right to stretch out getting the truth no matter what the truth is. (I don’t recall or I claim the fifth 125 times) really, just makes you look more guilty.

  23. 4NMatters says:

    Let the law hammer fall!

  24. Steven Coy says:


  25. cockroach says:

    Hope they try and convict her, life plus twenty years would be a great sentence.

  26. Danny F. says:

    Why is she still walking free?

  27. alpambuena says:

    until I hear the click of the cuffs on her wrists….and the cell door closing on her face….I just don’t see Hillary being prosecuted for anything.

  28. barbarakelly says:

    I don’t care how they do it but —something has to be down to make this women who has broken so many laws face justice for her crimes. So many was done second hand but she directed it for sure. I don’t want to see her in any gov. roll ever again. Seeing her sent to prison would be just great.!!!!!!

  29. pdugas says:

    it’s about time Congress actually did their job! Not bringing these charges forward is why nobody respects Congress anymore

  30. dennodog says:

    Is Bryan Pag on “suicide watch”? He should be.

  31. CaptTurbo says:

    So could a Pride of lions. I just saw them bring down a water buffalo like her on TV!

  32. mad max says:

    Put the evil woman in jail.

    1. Donito says:

      Gitmo for life, for starters.

  33. Bill Bruck says:

    As long as we’re talking about Obama’s/HRC’s little mafia, what about others from that administration that defied congress like Lois Lerner? If you’re going to drain…Drain it!

  34. Otto says:

    Giving this guy a sweetheart immunity deal was wrong. For him to take it and then not even provide information is wrong. They damn well need to go after Hillary too though. How do you consider prosecuting the accomplice but not the boss?

  35. nuckollsr says:

    I’m confused. If you’re granted immunity . . . why the 5th Amendment plea? I think I recall that the idea behind granting immunity to small fry was to catch the bigger fish.

    I think I’ve read that once granted immunity, it remains in force only when your testimony is shown to be accurate and complete . . . period. Take the 5th and the immunity goes away. If I were Pagliano, I’d ask for a new deal of immunity and then spill it all . . . oh . . . wait . . . do the Clinton’s have the same mop up crews working for them as of days gone by?

    If so, Pagliano may be toast no matter what he does. A techno wienie has to be very careful who he/she agrees to work for. Lay down with dogs and you too may get fleas!

  36. BigAl says:

    The Permament Government, which is supported by the media, will never allow Hillary to go to court or stand trial for her deeds.

  37. Daniel Mount says:

    We already have many criminal charges on Hillary Clinton and yet nothing has been done to her????

  38. perungromovnik says:

    it is a time to berry this monkey face Killari Clinton and put her in jail FOREVER! she is guilty for so many killings and wars around the world that another 1000 years of burning in hell will not clean her dirty soul! DROP DEAD WICH! No more DEMONRATS on power! NEVER! EVER!

    1. Chi Sam says:

      Bury, you dumb oaf. The word ‘berry’ means a small fruit that grows on trees or bushes.

      And “wich” isn’t a word at all. You’re pretty ignorant of a language you have been using long enough to have somewhat mastered.

      Are you not a smart man?

  39. CompletelyOutsane says:

    There is likely a special place in hell for Hellary. Until then she should have a commoner’s place in prison.

  40. lucifer says:

    Pagliano and the rest of the Crime Family should be prosecuted. We the People are patiently waiting for a move from the DOJ, to finally address this matter, there have been many bodies in the wake of these two thieves, and still no charges. If this happens under Trump, it will be the best present he can give to those who voted for him. Thank You.

  41. JamesT says:

    The Teflon mom will never be convicted.

  42. gobrien says:

    The Trump administration needs to find a way to declassify all these records, documents, etc., Obama, Hillary, Holder, Lynch refused to release (IRS, Benghazi, Fast & Furious, etc.). The people deserve to know the truth.

  43. Cm says:

    Contempt of Congress seems to be as meaningful as a jaywalking ticket

  44. Relax Lang says:

    Justice, they say, takes a long, winding road. I will take a nap and hope to wake up rejoicing upon learning HRC is finally behind bars. Let it stand; equality under the law for everyone.

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