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The Deep State Just Got This Really Bad News

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  1. Rip them new ones, PRESIDENT TRUMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Andrew Molina says:

      Barrel logic – lye ’em down, weld it shut

  2. shamu9 says:

    Have them Whacked!

    1. granny_forUSA says:


    2. Barkingdeathsquirrel says:

      Should they be tried for treason and found guilty, I volunteer my time, rifle, and ammunition for the firing squad.

  3. Kenneth Jones says:

    Fire them all immediately!

    1. Barkingdeathsquirrel says:

      With napalm!

    2. Robert Zraick says:

      charge them with treason and jail them.

  4. Tim Wilde says:

    No matter who they are? Or their positions? Send them packing!

  5. CaptTurbo says:

    Fire them and charge them with the crimes they have committed.

    1. gene smiith says:

      Yes, CHARGING THEM AND FOLLOWING THROUGH with the prosecution will send a very loud and clear message to others who might be tempted by Obama to join his OFA .
      All of this stuff is just plain wrong and must be stopped

      1. Peggy Akin says:

        Yes, I agree with all of you. And prosecute Obama and put him in prison too.

        1. Barkingdeathsquirrel says:

          Numerous counts of TREASON on that islamo-commie.

        2. NJS says:

          Obama is the only president not to have any scandals and hate to tell you but he just was awarded The Most Respected Man in the World for the 8th time! It is almost funny how Trump and the GOP has conned you.

          1. Daze Inde says:

            No. Obama is the only official to be immune from prosecution due to a wide network of corrupt cronies engaged in the coverup.

          2. Gary Parker says:

            OK; have it your way butterfly. I guess Bengazi, the IRS scandal, and giving guns to the Mexican mafia are just tidbits to be forgotten about. That bastard nearly destroyed this country. He also received a Nobel Peace Prize just for being the first Black president, so his “awards” don’t really amount to anything.

          3. Daze Inde says:

            Hmm. You must have posted your reply under the wrong name. Maybe you meant to reply to NJS. I’m the one fed up with corrupt Obummer.

          4. robert says:


          5. John Smith says:

            NJS…..wake up…. I know you have to be kidding…. no scandals ….my ass!!

          6. Jeronimo Dan says:

            You have to excuse NJS, as this is one of the millions that are uninformed.

          7. RockinOn says:

            Yepper Way Uninformed !

          8. Robert Szucs says:

            An other brain dead liberal witch. Obama is awarded by whom?
            The communist party?

          9. Deborah Pratt says:

            No—didn’t you hear? Just before leaving the White House, ‘O’ went on a ‘medal’ binge!! He was giving out medals to ‘everybody’ and ‘anybody’—get this, even to HIMSELF!!! Even Ellen ‘DeGenerous’ got one!! Yes, it was reported in the media but no one seemed to ‘mind’!!! If Pres Trump ever did anything like that—(I shudder to think!) LMAO!!!!!

          10. Deborah Pratt says:

            Yeah, wasn’t that the ‘award’ he gave himself?? LOL!!! Half of what you just posted about Pres Trump is also just ‘rumors’ and lies put out by the ‘lib-media’!! Call that ‘research’?? When ‘O’ was in Arabia and China, what I saw in those photos and the way he was treated, was NOT ‘respect’!! It was contempt!! I would call forging your birth certificate ‘scandalous’!! Whether or not Pres Trump has ‘conned’ anyone has yet to be proven!! The fact that both ‘Obama’ AND Hillary lied and ‘conned’ the nation, HAS been ‘proven’!!

          11. Junius Graham says:

            What fairy land do you live in ?

          12. Steve Kalmbach says:

            Hey my 3 year old nephew got a participation trophy too when he became potty trained. How is Obama’s peace prize working out? When you own the justice dept like Obama did of course he will not be charged with anything.

          13. The Last Word says:

            Wow, I never knew their were so many closed minded, hate crazed sad individuals in US until I read this thread. Folks a mind is a terrible thing to waste, start using your’s. Scary!!!

          14. Robert Smith says:

            I didn’t think that anyone was that stupid. Your remarks stink.

          15. Sharon Windus says:

            you’re correct in that obama didn’t have a whole slew of scandals during his 8 yrs of living in the WH. His entire stay there was one BIG scandal. None of his “awards” have any meaning as he didn’t do anything to earn any of them.

          16. Larry says:

            The socialists and communists PAID to “award” this jerk for his actions to HARM the USA. They even sullied the repotation of teh Nobel prize by giving it to him for DOING NOTHING.

            His just reward is a jail cell, or lethal injection after convictions.

        3. NJS says:

          What are you going to chare Obama with? FACT: There was not a single scandal in his presidency. Trump is drowning in scandal and he will be impeached, you all want my proof and it is easy to find if you are able to figure out how to fact check on bipartisan sites, which I doubt. I have studied Trump’s life since he decided to run for president and he has always been corrupt and is a great con-man and that is the only thing he is great at. If Trump can stop meddling in the investigation against him for treason, if he weren’t guilty, why would he want it interfered with? I hope he ends up behind bars where he belongs. All you alt-righties evidently do not care about having your SS slashed, or Medicare or Medicaid or SSID for the disabled because if Trump gets his way as the cost of living rises the incomes will go way down. That is what you hateful people voted for even though Trump said many times he would not touch those things, he is a colossal liar and everything he promised were lies and cons. By the way, Obama just received the award for the Most Respected Man in the World for the 8th time! Chew on that or start fact checking if you know how.

          1. Teresa Gilliam says:

            Benghazi wasn’t a scandal? Fast and furious wasn’t a scandal? Wake UP!

          2. NJS says:

            Not to the White House, it was the Dems that would not give the money asked for to heighten security on the Embassy’s

          3. Del Austin says:

            NJS (not just stupid—but dumb as well—read your post—-Kilary and Nobama must be held accountable for the lives that were left behind and now for Seith’s life as well

          4. Bud says:

            Wrong, nutso. The State Department testified that funding was not a problem with regard to security. Try again.

          5. Robert Russell says:

            That Lib picture is so funny and so true!!!!!

          6. GrumpyGrandpa says:

            You are so full of horse shit you must be a reporter for MSNBC!

          7. Robert Zraick says:

            FACT lol

          8. Sharon Windus says:

            think you need to open your eyes and start fact checking yourself. obama and clinton both have committed treason against the United States of America

          9. Ray says:


          10. Larry says:

            NJS, obviously you lack the basic intellect to understand our Constitution, laws, and the definitions of criminality. Obama, Clinton, Holder, Lynch, and their Islamic filled REGIME (not an administration) violated so many laws that they could be tried for 100 years without running out of charges. The use of the IRS and DOJ as gestapo, illegally preventing Conservative groups from obtaining tax exempt status, acceptance and use of ILLEGAL contributions by FOREIGN NATIONALS, “pay for play”, …..

          11. Del Austin says:

            NJS?????what does this stand for ? Not Just Stupid? you need to remove your rose colored glasses and get real news and the real facts Most Respected Man in the World ????? for the 8th time—-I guess the giver of this “award” Is either stupid or on drugs or both maybe you have the same problem(s)???? I believe there will be alot of things that your friend will answer for in the near future and I can hardly wait!!!

          12. No name nut case says:


          13. Bud says:

            Not a single scandal in Obama’s presidency? Not even a smidgen of a scandal?
            That statement alone shows that you are unqualified to engage in any discussion whatsoever.

        4. Deborah Pratt says:

          That is more ‘complicated’. Not quite as easy as with ‘O’s minions–and Hillary’s, as well. Notice how it is mainly the ‘lower level’ people ‘falling away’!! It doesn’t mean it isn’t ‘in the works’!! I’m sure it is. However, it must be a very, very ‘through’ job of it!! All ‘escape’ tunnels ‘blocked’!! It has to be done ‘right’. Both Hillary and Obama are being rather ‘quiet’ lately, although Hillary couldn’t resist putting her ‘two cents’ in awhile ago! Still, they are both displaying the same ‘over-confidence’ they showed during the campaigns. It was their ‘down-fall’ then and it will be again!!

          1. robert says:

            Slowly there power base is being dismantle and all know lots stuff to see prison time, Comey would not prosecute, need someone who follow the law for all not just we the people. JUSTICE SAME FOR ALL OR IT DECEPTIVE

      2. robert says:

        IF USA to have a strong society we must demand justice be served not let President lie on TV UNDER OATH AND SEE NO JAIL TIME

      3. No name nut case says:

        Not likely to happen. When was the last time the wife of a former President was charged with anything? Most of them didn’t do anything to be charged with, but I’m sure that there have been some at some point who was as bad as her….nnnaaawww.

    2. Jerry Dodds says:

      Agree and send some to Gitmo as terrorism. There is a process under law and the Patriot Act. DOJ needs to decide and how the Patrot Act works vs DOJ indictment not sure nor short of Americans getting killed for the act what is terror? Is sedition and treason? If BO is leading the charge how is that not sedition? First fire them in senior positions . Clean house to get spies and leakers out. I do not think sedition is allowed under Freedom of Press? Alan Dershowitz could answer. I think Trump Team seems to be too slow to clean up. Who is trustworthy or not takes time but got to be obvious ones. I would can the Joint Chiefs for state of military equipment. I know one General who was fired for fighting for his troops and his belief. Why accept Brennan’s of the world and JCS?

      1. maxx says:

        Any act by any American citizen that supports or directly or indirectly takes part in any act that attempts to overthrow the government of the U.S. is considered sedition. Since Trump is the head of the government responsible for maintaining the government, acts against him are sedition as well. The media is working overtime in collusion with the communist democrat party to cause Mr. Trump political as well as physical harm. Time to stop “pussy footing” around with these bottom feeders and start kicking some ass.

        1. Arch Stanton says:

          What if an American citizen supports or directly or indirectly takes part in any act that attempts to RESTORE the government of the U.S? We Shall defend our Lives and Liberty from tyrants, despots and enemies….foreign AND DOMESTIC, even if they are are own elected officials.

          1. Deborah Pratt says:

            It might fall on that citizen to ‘prove’ that such action was ‘necessary’ and that ‘restoration’ was actually ‘called for’!! Otherwise, it could be considered an act of ‘treason’.

          2. Robert Zraick says:

            Many traitors think they are justified in their treason.

        2. Deborah Pratt says:

          Just wait until ‘Daddy’ gets home!!! LOL

          1. Ray says:

            Absolutely, the President is going to set-up a war room when he gets back, so maybe they will get to all these leaks.

    3. maxx says:

      Yes, especially the crimes that are punishable by “hanging”. I would love to see every treasonous act prosecuted to the fullest extent. No pardon, no amnesty, no deals, just ROPE. And held in front of the SCOTUS Building and shown live on TV. This sedition and treason has been going on since the 1960’s. Time to really hold the culprits accountable.

      1. CaptTurbo says:

        Maxx, you’re a brother from another mother. Amen! Hang the treasonous bastages!

  6. joe palladini says:

    Clean House, fire all their asses…

  7. Larry says:

    why wait until he gets back? if they committed crimes, prosecute them.

  8. brbg says:

    Don’t just fire them. Prosecute them.

      1. bearone7777 says:

        And then go after KILL-A-RY CLINTON!! That will shut their dam mouths up for a short time!!

        1. PatriotGal says:

          Also: both Podesta brothers – one who is a Russian lobbyist and petitioned SOS KILLary for favors, the other brother was KILLary’s campaign manager who also worked for Russia; SOS signed over 20% of our uranium to Russia AFTER her Clinton Pay-to_paly RICO Foundation received $145 MILLION in donations from Russia and her hubby Slick Willy was paid half a million for ONE speech in Russia; Lerner, Sebellius, Lynch, Holder, Emmanuel, Cummings, Franken, Schumer, Pelosi, Warren, Sanders, Napolitano, Comey, Brennan, OWEbama, etc.

    1. Deborah Pratt says:

      Actually, I can ‘see’ that happening!! No matter what it may ‘look like’ at the time, Pres Trump doesn’t just do ‘half’ the job!! This is why the ‘delay’ until this date. Just making sure there is ‘plenty of rope’ when the ‘hanging party’ arrives!!

      1. fred schramm says:

        Youre probably right on with that.

      2. robert says:

        They get off impeach thing when Trump hunts down for murder charge

        1. robert says:

          DNC like wounded beast, it get desperate and dangerous, Please keep Trump safe

      3. Ray says:

        You got it. Hit him first and he will get you back every time. President Trump loves to win.

    2. robert says:

      We got to prosecute politicians that making personal obvious gains, Lying to
      Federal grand jury and not jailed. We must remain of reproach and insist on society that be productive in modern society

      1. robert says:

        Someone hit SETH SMITH, Smoking gun is Wikileaks. What up between Bill and Loretta on tarmac in Denver. Session need to examine this and prosecute them

        1. robert says:

          You hire what appears couple amateurs with private security
          botch it bad.

          1. robert says:

            Session hunt them down and prosecute for personal gain that generals illegal deals, while gov does not prosper

        2. Steve Kalmbach says:

          It was Phoenix where Lynch and Clinton met to “Discuss the grand kids .”

          1. CommonSense4America says:

            But don’t forget the golf. Gotta talk about golf.

          2. Mike says:

            It was the grand kids which their are none!!!

          3. CommonSense4America says:

            I guess you forgot that Chelsea, President Clinton’s daughter, has two kids. That would make him their grandfather and they would be his grand children.

          4. Mike says:

            Bill isn’t her father!!!

          5. CommonSense4America says:

            I hear what you are suggesting and it wouldn’t surprise me in the least. However,,,a sperm donor does not make a father.

          6. David in MA says:

            No, that would make Webb Hubble the grandfather and they would be his grandkids….

          7. CommonSense4America says:

            He would just be the sperm donor. It takes more than that to be a father.

          8. Bud says:

            Well, not if Webb Hubbell is in fact Chelsea’s father. There is a strong resemblance!

          9. CommonSense4America says:

            That would not make him her father. It would make him the sperm donor.

          10. robert says:

            thanks, hard to imagine they never prosecute any politician other than governor

          11. Bud says:

            Haven’t we had a couple of congressmen prosecuted? One comes to mind from Louisiana, who had about 70 grand stashed in his freezer. Wasn’t he in Congress?

          12. David in MA says:

            Maybe Comey is both slick and lynch’s grandkid….

        3. CommonSense4America says:

          They weren’t in Denver.

          1. robert says:

            ok thanks

        4. Anvil6 says:

          Hit Seth RICH. Tarmac in PHOENIX. AG SESSIONS (with an “s”). Investigate. Refer to federal prosecutor. Federal grand jury. Trial. Conviction. Prison sentence.

          1. robert says:


      2. John Keatts says:

        Take away their money and their freedoms

    3. Houmid says:

      You got that right. 99% of what’s wrong in our federal government is failure to effectively investigate, prosecute, and convict, those ultimately responsible for misdeeds and unlawful activities. The only ones who get thrown to the wolves and punished are the bottom underlings who were ordered to do those things.

    4. PatriotGal says:

      Absolutely! I’d gladly donate to that fund-raising campaign!

    5. Doug Ribot says:

      Foster them, Vince Foster them.

  9. David Humphreys says:

    Hurray! Out you go 🙂

  10. Jerry says:

    Get rid of them…

  11. granny_forUSA says:


  12. James R. Currier says:

    Fire them and purge your administration of ALL Obama appointees at the same time. The leaks will then dry up.

  13. Tins17 says:

    Show the pictures of these leakers so we can make copies of them and throw darts!

  14. chappy says:

    charge them with treason

    1. NJS says:

      Trump has already done at least 6 things that he can be impeached for and he will be impeached, he is so corrupt there never has been anything like it before. He makes Nixon look like a amateur next to what Trump has done to this country, the people and the world!

      1. Donald Evans says:

        Wrong. What planet were you on when the lying, egotistical, past pseudo-president, wannabe dictator, arrogant, Muslim Arab was sullying that august office while committing many impeachable offenses that Congress was too cowardly to charge him.

        1. NJS says:

          Too funny, you just described your President to a tee except you left out so many of his corruption. I am from Earth as long as Trump doesn’t get us into a nuclear war, then none of us have much hope. I did not want this site and it just showed up, sure has educated me to all the ignorant people who still can’t believe anything but alt right garbage. FACT: Obama was the first president to not have a single scandal. He was just awarded the Most Respected Man in the World, bet that pisses you off. Fact check it on a bipartisan site and weep! LOL

          1. Donald Evans says:

            Nope true description of Barach (AKA Barry Soetoro) 0bama. As for no scandals you need to do real research, not just a stupid opinion, but to be expected, considering.

      2. Barkingdeathsquirrel says:

        Name those 6 things and provide proof of each. No, just talking with Russians is not evidence. You need more than just talking.
        Also, making up what President Trump has said or done is not evidence. That would be kindergarten level lying.

      3. mcgyver35 says:

        Proof please. Not just your lamestream media unproven wishful thinking.

      4. John Smith says:

        Name the 6 things you moron

      5. Gary Parker says:

        Please list the six things.

  15. Dave says:

    Why haven’t they been fired on Day 1, Don’t make sense. WTF.

    1. NJS says:

      Why hasn’t corrupt, lying, inhumane Trump been impeached in his first 100 destructive days?

      1. Patricia says:

        Where’s your evidence of your claims? You are so far left, you can’t see straight. He has not been destructive at all. In fact, he has built up a better Union with better Foreign Relations than Obama left it. Look at the receptions Trump is getting on his trip abroad. He has accomplished more in just a few months than Obama did in his 8 year term. Obama was the destructive one. Look at his record. He was a disaster as a POTUS. His only accomplishment was…..WHAT???? There were no accomplishments under his presidency. He was the liar and it has been proven. Where is your proof to all your claims. You are prejudiced. You wouldn’t like any Republican that holds the office of POTUS. Get your head out of your arse.

        1. NJS says:

          The evidence is anywhere on a bipartisan site you won’t find it on these hateful sites. Why this site went on my email I don’t know, and they don’t have a way to unsubscribe so reporting it as spam. Obama is one of our best presidents ever. He had no scandals at all, Trump is drowning in his scandals, obviously you people don’t bother to check facts, I do, and I use bipartisan sites. The only reason you can say there were no accomplishes is the first thing Trump did was reverse all the good thing Obama did to protect women, workers, children, healthcare and the environment and why did he do it, because Trump is a hateful bigot and tried to discredit Obama for 8 years and never won a thing. Trump will do anything to get even with anyone that doesn’t like him so he doesn’t care what it does to us, our country or the world. Me head is firm on my neck and shoulders, your head is in the sand and just like this site has shown me how ignorant people can be because they are too lazy to check their facts before spouting off. As I have said before, I thank God you are in the minority and Trump will not last, I pray he doesn’t do anything we can’t fix before he goes. I WANT AMERICAN VALUES BACK!

          1. C.T. Dixon says:

            As much as I dislike Trump, you are delusional about Obama as well. No scandals at all … lol. He was not one of the best Presidents ever, he was a better than average, but certainly not one of the best.

      2. mcgyver35 says:

        Because he isn’t what you are accusing him of, dumbass. Just because you hear a lie and repeat it, does not make it true. But it does make you look stupid as hell.

      3. John Smith says:

        Can’t impeach somebody just because you disagree with them

      4. Gary Parker says:

        Uhhhh, because they were just in your dreams???

  16. CALVIN says:

    Prosecute the shit out of them! Make examples out of them!

    1. NJS says:

      That is exactly what we need to do to Trump the inhumane, corrupt, liar who is milking the tax payers to give to himself and billionaires. Who is trying to slash our SS, SSID, Medicare and Medicaid, food stamps and anything that helps the elderly, the disabled, the poor and on and on. But you probably think that’s great as you must be an Alt-right who has no empathy like Trump and just soon see all these people die for no reason of their own but that was what Hitler did, he got rid of the vulnerable and of course the Jews which Alt-Rights hate also. You people call yourselves Christian but your actions are not Christian at all, hate, bigotry, and the things you stand for are all anti-Christ. Trump is the most corrupt president ever but then he was corrupt his whole life. It is time he got prosecuted for all his horrendous, corrupt, cruel acts. He has attacked our Democracy, screwed our Constitution. is ruining the people and the environment, put our country at risk and is being run by Putin. I do not want to see this country become a capitalistic, dictatorship like Russia and that is exactly what Trump is doing. He will hurt you too and a lot of his supporters are seeing that his cuts will effect them. He cares only for himself and his money. I WANT AMERICAN VALUES BACK!

      1. KYlabrat says:

        You’re funny.

        1. mcgyver35 says:

          I have to disagree…NJS is a total koolaid drinking Obamanite. Equals MORON

        2. NJS says:

          You are a lot funnier if you weren’t such a danger to our country!

          1. Robert Szucs says:

            You are an idiot!!!!

          2. Dave says:

            Braindead Liberal.

      2. Steven Henry says:

        You just described Obama perfectly, I don’t know where you get these values for Trump from?

        1. NJS says:

          Just for the record, FACT: Obama is the only president not to have any scandals at all. He just was awarded The Most Respected Man in the World. Go ahead and check it out on a fact check bipartisan site. Thank God you people are in the minority or this country would be WWII all over again, wait, you are so hateful and bigoted you would love to see Trump dictator but I don’t want to lose all my rights, Trump is working on destroying the Constitution now, it gets in his way and forget Democracy he already is making a mess of that. I WANT AMERICAN VALUES BACK!

          1. Gary Parker says:

            Again, Bengazi, IRS, firearm sales to the Mexican mafia. Awards for being first Black President. Obama was the worst pretender at being a president that I’ve seen.

          2. Deborah Pratt says:

            Hard to imagine getting an award for the ‘color’ of your skin!! As though that’s an accomplishment! Good Grief!!

          3. Gary Parker says:

            Yep; but he did. And now Hillary Junior is getting awards for just being a Clinton…I guess.

          4. No name nut case says:

            You mean a lying, thieving, murdering money grubber? Yup, that is what she accomplished, but they neglected to give her 30 years in the pen for it.

          5. No name nut case says:

            Exactly what I think, also!

          6. Robert Zraick says:

            you posted that already. Repeating does not make it true.

          7. No name nut case says:

            Well, you know, what is said, and what is true can be two totally different things…and in this instant, it is! Demoncrats lie like a dog!

          8. RockinOn says:

            Outta your gourd Pandejo! You have no clue dude!

      3. Scott Walters says:

        I love when snowflakes melt. The little bubble they live in normally keeps them frozen and isolated from the truth. Must be surprise to them to see trump build a bonfire to melt the little falling flakes. I have sympathy for the poor little snowflakes. But really things will be better little guy. The truth shall set you free and one day you will join the ocean of truth.

        1. NJS says:

          You are in a dangerous bubble and calling me names doesn’t change the facts. Look up anything I said on a bipartisan site and you will see the truth, you only listen to what you want to hear, there are 2 sides and both have their own ideas but I am not that far left but I am educated and stared doing research on Trump when he first ran for president. I learned what he was way before he won the election and now he is more corrupt than ever. I am trying to get rid of this hateful site, I never asked for it but it has shown me how you all have your heads buried in the sand. What a shame we have so many ignorant people in the country. Very sad. I guess I will just label this spam so I won’t get anymore stupid comments.

          1. John Smith says:

            NJS….thats hate speech you are spewing….take it back

          2. Arch Stanton says:

            And just WHO, exactly, is your “Perfect” person of choice?

          3. Deborah Pratt says:

            Yeah, time to get your ‘teddy bear’, a cup of cocoa and head to ‘beddy-bye’!! You are right about one thing though—it really ‘is’ a shame we have so much ‘ignorance’ in this country. Maybe when you ‘grow up’, you’ll finally realize just ‘who’ is the ‘ignorant’ one. As Mark Twain said—he was amazed at how much his father had ‘learned’, once Twain had become a ‘man’! ‘night, ‘night!

          4. Dave says:

            HaaHaa, I see you are just another brain washed Liberal.

          5. No name nut case says:

            Knock yourself out, and while you’re at it, knock yourself out. No, really, knock yourself out.

          6. RockinOn says:

            Plz do! You re not right in the head!

          1. No name nut case says:


      4. Sherri Rodriguez says:

        You must be insane to spout off that crap! He was elected fair and square, We the people have spoken. Every single word you just wrote is exactly what BO has done to this country. How has he screwed our Constitution? How has he ruined our environment? What are his horrendous acts of cruelty? How is he inhumane? Then you want to talk about the Anti-Christ! Well buddy you need to refer to the King James Bible. God moved the Evil wickedness aside to give us another chance, Thousand of people praying for the election, and God moved the mountain named Clinton. America BELONGS TO GOD! and the devils are angry as all Hell, and you must be one of them.

      5. mcgyver35 says:

        You are an idiot. There is no such thing as a capitalist dictatorship. Show me a dictator that isn’t Communist or socialist (soft Communist). Communism/Socialism is just the opposite of capitalism.

      6. John Smith says:

        NJS = koolade drinker

      7. CALVIN says:

        i cant believe that i am wasting my time and ink on this! YOU JUST CANT FIX STUPID! education time here for you! hoow is he really milking the tax payer? obama milked the shit out of the hard working taxpayer. he needs to cut back on medicaid, to many people are on it who should not be on it and also ones who are not in this country legally! they are taking away from the people who really need to be helped. get the alzy fuckers off the american titt! i do have empathy for those who need empathy. i dont have empathy for those who are ripping off the american taxpayer! obama was the one who was trying to break the back of the middle class. i really must not understand your definition of being corrupt! if you dont think obama, hillary, bill, louis lerner, lorretta lynch, james comey, eric holder are corrupt, when there is so much evidence showing that, there is no way you have anything close to donald trump! nothing! you must be talking about obama who has attacked our democracy and screwed our constitution. how is he exactly ruining the environment? if it weasnt for capitalism, who would be paying for all of the useless leaches who just take and no contribution to our society? what exactly are your american values. we havent had any in the last 8 years. we are fixing to get some back though!
        trump is trying, thats all that counts. it might help for you to get your head out of your ass, maybe! still, you just cant fix stupid!

      8. Gary Parker says:

        Sounds like you are from Liberania, not America. You’re insane.

      9. Deborah Pratt says:

        You HAVE American values back!!! You’re just to ‘numb’ to know it!!! Guess you haven’t heard—Trump just gave American seniors a healthy ‘pay’ raise (COLA) and other retirement benefits!! Something we haven’t seen in YEARS!! Long over-due and something Hillary promised to ‘cut’!! You’d best ‘up-date’ your information!!

      10. Robert Zraick says:

        You mean leftists Communistic values,

      11. No name nut case says:

        Good grief! You are one badly indoctrinated brainwashed jackass! What American Values? You certainly didn’t get them with the thieves and liars that were in the White House for the last 8 years and you certainly wouldn’t get them if Lying Hillary was in office!!

    2. No name nut case says:

      While you’re at it, persecute them, too!

  17. Christine says:

    If you know whose involved, use military to have them all arrested by the military. Have it done on the same day ,same time for all!,,,,,this is treason to have a coup against the President! Don’t forget the head of the Snake George Soros!! This is a Military Coup to end the corruption! Problem is who has the guts to do it???❗️❗️❗️❗️????????

  18. Lakshmi says:

    John Brennan is lying. He is an enemy of Trump and America and a member of the DEEP STATE ORGANIZED CRIME SYNDICATE.

  19. Whatever says:

    Hang them. Punishment for Treason. Add the spouses for good measure.

    1. C.T. Dixon says:

      And hang their kids and their parents (if alive) and their cousins and their auntss and uncles and any clerk at a store who took their money and the relatives of those clerks and so on and so forth until everyone in America has been hung except for Trump and then there will be no pesky problems for his Presidency.

      1. Patricia says:

        OH BROTHER! What a stupid remark. Say something that shows some sort of intelligence.

        1. C.T. Dixon says:

          What a stupid response, it as if you have never heard of sarcasm before.

    2. Barkingdeathsquirrel says:

      I cannot, with good conscience, include those who did not commit a crime just by association via family or marriage.
      Still, I do understand how you want to quash such treason. Keep in mind, there are those of us that are conservative that have crazy leftist siblings and so on.

      1. Whatever says:

        So do I. My stupid ass brother. Can’t argue with jack asses like him. Only ever hear are accusations but NEVER can back it up with proof. Typical libturd and dimocraps.

  20. Lakshmi says:

    No one is above the Law. The TRAITORS should be prosecuted.

  21. Edward Delahoussaye says:

    Put them all in jail,lead bye Obama the worst President in American History….

  22. Frank Snuffin Jr. says:

    Fire them immediately and if the investigation leads to the ISIS Father Obama the Muslim Usurper ..clap that bastard in irons and prosecute him for TREASON .Next Soros AND Hillary !!!

  23. Randy Dunn says:

    Lock her up! Dam, CIA Brenner is obviously
    On tbe Obama train otherwise would have said something today about the Clintons having been invested in by the Russians
    For the 20% uranium deal and the $500,000.00 donation from Russia to
    Clinton Foundation and Podestas business ties with his brother in Russia these people are as bad as the bombers in England. Lock her up and Obama and J. Podesta.
    True enemies od the USA.

    1. Stikit says:

      Brenner is definitely on the deep state payroll…everyone that O’bumma picked is rogue.

  24. Rick D. says:

    It’s looking like the phrase “Drain the Swamp” may entail taking care of business on the home front first before removing the bigger fish from the Washington establishment!!

  25. David Hack says:

    Mr. Coats needs to get the intelligence agencies under him in line NOW, and tell EVERY DAMN ONE OF THEM TO STOP THEIR TREASONOUS HORSE SHIT!

  26. NJS says:

    OMG, if I had known this was a alt-right site I wouldn’t have bothered to try and tell the truth to all these ignorant people. I thank God that you are in the minority and losing supporters with ever impeachable thing, over 6, Trump does. You may not need your SS, Medicare, Medicaid that you paid for but I do and so do most people. If you are disabled and are unable to work, good luck as that is part of SS so as the cost of living goes up your SSDI will be getting less and less. I feel sorry that you are too lazy to fact check anything and take the biggest liar in history’s word on everything. Trump is a great con-man and has been all along, that is why he can’t do business with anyone or any bank in the US and has to go to Russia, even his son in-law said the bulk of Trumps business is through Russia. Anyway, good luck to you all, if we don’t get Trump out he will completely turn this country into a Capitalist country and make himself Dictator. We will be like the poor Russian people with no rights at all.

    1. Stikit says:

      You are a confused ignoramus. A ranting uninformed incomprehensible leftist lunatic spreading the MSM propaganda, and as unintelligently as could be imagined. Stay off our sites…typical Commie lackey has no idea where they are or what they are doing.

      1. Scott Walters says:

        Think maybe he is a troll?

        1. Stikit says:

          Definitely, a part of the evil empire. Lost, in though and reason. Just dumb.

    2. Barkingdeathsquirrel says:

      islamo-commie 0bama was working to make the democrat party the dictatorial party. Funny thing is that he fouled it up. Real Americans saw through it and those with functioning forebrains saw that hillary was sure as hell not fit for our presidential office.

    3. mcgyver35 says:

      You would not know the truth if it smacked you in the ass, dimwit

    4. mcgyver35 says:

      And still no proof to your accusations. Farleftist

  27. glenn grimm says:

    Also have the reporters give up there secret sources , as this information isn’t regular news, their stories were created from illegally obtain and disclosed information, such information shouldn’t be grouped in the same fashion as other secret sources, and if the reporter doesn’t give up who gave it to them, then jail the reporter until they do give it up and/or prosecute them no differently than a getaway drink for those who rob banks, same charge robbing or driving, ,,leaking or reporting

  28. Bud William says:

    Yes, punish them. While I don’t condone caning like in Singapore . It is a shame it is not allowed to be used on leakers.

  29. Howard A Milor Jr. says:

    They should be prosecuted to the fullest extent, at the very minimum they should have any and all security clearances revoked for life and be forbidden from holding ANY federal or local government jobs for life! They should not even be allowed to work as janitors!

  30. cathylovesyou says:

    Democraps stop with the fake news, rumors and un-American activities.

  31. Dexter L. Wilson says:

    Something everyone should remember, go to the link:

    1. Stikit says:

      People should check it out…And Muller should investigate and charge these traitorous Rats, for prosecution.

      1. Dexter L. Wilson says:

        You and me both brother, you and me both, since the media doesnot want to let the American People know about all this. As for Brennan saying he was concerned about the people in the Trump Campaign who supposedly had contact with the Russians, remember he was not specific and the only 2 people had that contact; a businessman which Brennan made no mention why (he had legitimate business with the Russians) and Flynn was barely there a week. Brennan and Clapper Remember, both twisted truth for President Obama when he wanted them to, to change his narrative, from Iran, ISIS, and Syria. Can you really trust these two, I sure don’t.

        1. Stikit says:

          All the people running departments for Obumma were corrupt. None could be trusted and should be investigated. IRS, Bengazi, Fast & Furious, Email server, Uranium, Surveillance, Obstruction, Collusion, etc.

    2. Stikit says:

      Everyone should “favorite” it.

  32. CrustyOldGeezer says:

    Since it is a Conspiracy to unseat a “DULY ELECTED ADMINISTRATION” it is nothing short of TREASON by “Spies and Saboteurs”.
    Under the Geneva Conventions, upon conviction immediate execution.

    In any case, Conviction by a Military Tribunal, all Citizen Rights are removed as is their Citizenship.

    100% of any and ALL assets are forfeit, and there is NO “injured spouse” because the spouse also benefited from the Treason.

    Convict, then WATERBOARD them to discover ALL of the co-conspirators….

  33. Gary Parker says:

    Burn them at the stake. Oh…I forgot, we can’t do that. Uh, give them 10 years. That’ll work.

  34. lsomers says:

    Trump is far too stupid to do anything rational. He is little more than a mad dog dressed in suits and a tiny red cape that he wears in front. Why in front? Because he doesn’t know what it is. Trump is a traitorous bastard who needs to be expelled from the White House and then from the nation

    1. Stikit says:

      Buzz-Off you Commie loser.

    2. dfinch says:

      It is extremely sad that you can’t see what President Obama has done to us. There is absolutely nothing stupid about President Trump. And yes…that’s President Trump to you too. I don’t know how many times the Intel Community has to say that they see no collusion between President Trump and the Russians. The democrats keep trying to keep that in the forefront because they don’t want him to succeed. If he doesn’t succeed then you don’t succeed. Your party is working against your best interest.

  35. AuntieFran says:

    Where is the article? I only have a wonderful picture of our President. I’m pretty sure I’ve read it on other sites, would like to see what Great American Daily has to say on the subject.

  36. joeinz says:

    There is no greater deterrent to future misbehavior than a full-blow hit of the legal-hammer upon the uncovered “felons” . . . who think their actions are untouchable ! Well, now it’s time to show the hammer and how well it smarts upon impact !! FULL EXTENT OF THE LAW !! NOT Obama justice !!

  37. BOB ALLENBY says:


    1. Deborah Pratt says:

      Given ‘time’—-‘that too, shall pass’!! Being ‘black’ doesn’t buy privilege anymore, just as being ‘white’ doesn’t either. (No matter what some ‘self-pitying’ blacks like to think) Color is greatly ‘over-rated’—as it should be!! It’s the ‘person in the skin’ that ‘counts’!! Obama taught us the fallacy of that kind of thinking. Voting him in as president, because of ‘color’, didn’t make him a ‘great’ president!! The ‘man’ within was corrupt and self-serving!! Now that ‘man within’ needs to face the consequences of his ‘actions’! Having ‘nothing’ to do with his ‘color’!!

  38. BOB ALLENBY says:


  39. Libya21 says:

    Treason merits public hanging!

  40. Lee McLaughlin says:

    Prosecute them to the full extent of the law. They are similar to traitors in my eyes.

  41. fred schramm says:

    Fire them! Why not try them for a crime and put them in prison for 20 years.

  42. RockinOn says:

    Fire em, indict em, prosecute em, Jail em! Then start with the last president, o’bummer, then Clinton’s, holder, lynch, kerry, all that have obstructed, brazille, etc…

  43. jong says:

    Some more bad new is that Brennan who was ole jug ears hack at the CIA can not say what was going on. Which by the way is the opposite of what he was reportedly saying before. He did none of the intelligence gathering and was only a hack. Invite the head of the Russia Desk to Congress to put paid to the lies about Trump and the truth about the hildebeast.

  44. CommonSense4America says:

    If it can be proven that they are in fact the leaker’s, they should be prosecuted and lose their retirement. Send a message to the rest of the federal employees.

  45. jesse says:

    Full scale house cleaning of all leftist holdovers must take place ASAP and an example must be made of the subversives who’ve been busted, they should be prosecuted to the fullest extent allowable by law!

  46. Wambli525 says:

    Every informed citizen understands foolish democrats and the propaganda driven press are chasing windmills. Democrats and the press are like a CD that has gone very bad … U just do not listen to it any more unless you are a moron.

  47. Richard Bagenstose says:

    until they start sending politicians to prison , nothing will change

  48. Mike W says:

    Fire them and hand them over to Trey Gowdy. Every time they find someone breaking the laws they are always connected to the Clintons or Obama – or whatever his name is. Can’t wait to see them prosecuted.

  49. NJS says:

    I apologize, I remembered it wrong so looked it up, it is the most ADMIRED man and there is also the most admired woman in the US. Hillary Clinton has won the award 20 times and Obama 17 times so I am not worried about you and your hatred, the country is still made up with mostly good, caring people. There are plenty of sites about these awards so fact check me. At least I admit when I get something wrong. I feel sorry for you all, all that hatred, wrong information and seems all you know how to do is call everyone you don’t like, which is the majority of people, names. Name calling does no good for anyone, facts are what it is what it is all about and your comments I can find no facts for.

  50. downs1 says:

    Former CIA Director John Brennan in the Obama Administration is not to be trusted! He converted to Islam while he was stationed in the Middle East. If he is a true believer in Islam, his ultimate goal is to bring down America and he will lie and do everything within his power to subvert Trump!

  51. Dondh says:

    These guys must be identified and put in prison for a long time. They have performed treasonous actions which qualifies for severe penalties, prison for a long time! You can be sure that they are part of Obama’s scheme to remove President Trump from office! GET THEM OUT ASAP!!

  52. Dondh says:

    Next, there should be investigations and prosecutions against several Liberal Media! They thrive on printing and reporting on lies and fake stories! Its time for those networks to be shut down and/or severely fined! Lies and fake stories do not qualify for free speech. The same goes for too many college professors who teach and point their students to buck the system which results in the wrong kinds of protests. Our kids are being filled with animosity toward our country. Also, George Soros should be put out of our country due to his millions of dollars to pay liberals to push America into socialism, something most all Americans do not want. This guy isn’t even a native American. He is in fact a Hungarian immigrant with dual citizenship, but is bad medicine for our country!

  53. Robert Zraick says:

    Trump is a powerhouse. Imagine how much more he could accomplish for out country it the leftist loons were gone.

  54. Susan Lindauer says:

    Fire and prosecute them. Trump’s too soft. That’s why his enemies are acting more aggressive.

  55. Susan Lindauer says:

    In other news regarding Clapper’s testimony about Trump’s staff ties to Russia….. Ordinary citizens would never know they’v been approached by Russian spies. They are SPIES after all! Trump’s people could hardly be blamed if they’re approached and don’t know it! However if Clapper considered them vulnerable, he should have spoken up. Not to Obama. Clapper should have picked up the phone & called Trump. Anywhere in America, Trump would have interrupted his campaign rallies to take that call. In other words, it’s an INTELLIGENCE FAILURE — NOT A CAMPAIGN FAILURE.

  56. richard says:

    Bring back public hanging for Treason, just for effect.

  57. J. Ernst says:

    The DEEP State and its minions/arms ARE the demorat’s & rino’s since GHW BUSH ushered in what Jimmah couldn’t!!!
    The NWO.
    We, the People, have been suffering this business model SINCE the trouncing of Nixon!!!
    NOW we have the monster newsertainment industry promoting all manner of fraud and FAKE news to continue, through inculcation, harrassing OUR President and the lesser educated people’s minds!!!
    It IS communism by any other name. BUT, three generations have NOT been taught civics, REAL comparative government or geography……NOR have these stooodent’s been “given” any REAL contemporary history…otherwise they would see and read actual accounts written about attempts of “Peoples” from 1870 through the 1980’s at holding on to governments that DON’T deliberately DISARM their citizens, and promote REAL liberty and freedom through education….rather than INDOCTRINATION!!!
    The deep state is an offshoot of what the likes of the Soros’s of the world want for U.S. to pay and struggle for so as to continue to GARNER capitalism FOR THEMSELVES…the deep state!!!

  58. Palmer says:

    DOJ Sessions has got to go after Clinton, It’s the only right thing to do for the American People. We deserve nothing less. Put her in Jail!

  59. Robert Walters says:

    Deep State my ass, nothing but a bunch of crying Dem/Liberals that need to be tried for Treason. That includes: Mr. and Mrs. Obama, the Clinton Family, foundation, Nancy Pelosi, Elizabeth Warren, Chuck Schumer, Loretta Lynch, Eric Holder Jr., the money man behind the Deep State George Soros. Sorry I almost missed Al Frankenstein, Feinstein and that crazy witch Waters. These people are out to destroy America and “WE THE PEOPLE” will not stand for it anymore. It’s our duty, our responsibility to remove these people from office. VOTE, Vote them out of office if the Justice Department hasn’t already put them in jail. AMERICA FIRST OR GOD HELP US ALL.

  60. Fred Farnan says:

    an eye for an eye. prosecute Ms. clinton to the fullest extent of the law. no free pass!

  61. Mary Clouse says:

    Here’s what I would like to see,but most likely I won’t.I only have a
    short time left on this earth,but I want to see Obama,&Hillary prosecuted.,
    for everything they ever did to bring down this Country,I want to hear
    of Soros’s death,by any means possible.I have at least lived, to see
    a true American Patriot,take back our Country,a natural born citizen.
    I see Donald Trump, at least trying to help our Country,with no Thanks
    to the DNC.>>Try is all he can do..

  62. jim jones says:


  63. ter334 says:

    Comey made a big mistake in giving his verdict that HRC was innocent because she did not have any criminal intent. A crime is an act, not an intent. But it also exposed the liberal intent of using intent to blame others. This is similar to islam, whose intent is to rid the world of infidels and they act on this with acts of terrorism Terrorism is neither a religious or a military act. It is a political act, done to intimidate people to convert, enslave, people to islam. BLM ‘s intent is to wipe out the police so they can become the religious police and impose sharia law. The establishment’s intent is to oust T so they can return the govt to the establishment and continue to be our rulers instead of them being public servants. The intent of the political parties is not to help candidates get elected to protect and defend the Constitution, but instead elect those that will represent what the party wants to the voters. Their intent is also to continue to operate the govt as a sanctuary place for them to live off the taxpayers and keep trying to buy voters with separate but equal programs for their voting blocs so they will vote democratic. The voters be damned, except for the ones they choose to be the victim class of the next election.

    It is only a matter of time until someone rises up in islam and leads the billions of disenfranchised people, musims into the promised land of liberty and justice for all. A s islam now stands it is a monument to religious apartheid, inquisition, political tyranny. And a global holocaust to rid the world of infidels.

    IMO ISIS probably claimed responsibility for the Manchester tragedy to divert attention from the fact the bomber was indoctrinated right there in England. Perhaps by his parents, perhaps by a hate filled mosque? Are his parents rejoicing that he is now in their heaven since he did is duty to join in their jihad.? The 3 D;s of islam. Deceit, deception, destroy.

  64. John Savell says:

    Water-board them to find out who they are working for. threaten them with death penalty treason and espionage charges and see how loyal they remain to their masters.

  65. gobrien says:

    Brennan should have been asked that question under oath. He also should have been asked if they were looking into the collusion between the Clinton’s and Russia. Millions from Russia into the Clinton Crime Family Foundation, Bill paid half-a-million $$$’s for a speech to a Russian bank associated with Putin, Podesta owning shares (that he transferred to his daughter) in a Russian bank, Podesta’s brother also involved with a Russian bank, 20% of our uranium Hillary sold to the Russians (pay to play was the $$$’s to the money laundering slush fund and Bill’s speech).

  66. rick meek says:

    Man – Fire my Ass —– Treason – Espionage is punishable by death……

  67. rick meek says:

    Trump needs to declassify and release all revelant docs and details for the past 10 years especially under obozo….Look Folks – Those MEMO’s are public property and seize-able under the laws of the US. The memos were generated in performance of duty and are relevant to any and all investigations……….SEIZE THEM NOW…….They did my records and notebooks when I was active……

  68. Bay0Wulf says:

    Its long past time to prosecute these people. Further, its long past time to reopen cases that sort of “went away” like Clinton’s lack of Security, Clinton & Lynch visit on the tarmac, Lois Lerner, Huma Abedin, and then there’s LOTS of stuff on Obama himself …

    If the Administration starts digging into the Left’s Malfeasance in Office it will suck an awful lot of the oxygen out of their Windbag Accusations …

    This Administration could have them running and hiding so hard that they simply wouldn’t have time to keep up the accusations, lies and innuendo …

  69. ed in Alabama says:

    Don’t stop at prosecution!!!!!! Spay and neuter those jerks…..some can still reproduce

  70. Larry Cowden says:

    Those that leak should stretch a rope and dance on the WH lawn!

  71. harpo49 says:

    throw them in jail with that commie p***k Obama and the lying dirt bag Hildapig

  72. Dexter L. Wilson says:

    the left media is still running rumor and calling that is from intelligence sources. OK, name these people and see how long these Obama hold outs keep their jobs. You and I both know that the info on the DNC was not from the Russians but a disgruntled Democrat and it keeps looking like it was Seth Rich. Judicial Watch is still trying to get to the bottom of his murder and have sent law suits under the FOIA. Lets’ back JUDICIAL WATCH, THEY ARE THE ONLY ONES WHO SEEM TO CARE ABOUT THE TRUTH, BECAUSE THERE ARE NO LEFTIST MEDIAS TRYING TO GET TO THE REAL TRUTH.

  73. Camille Gilliam says:

    They do need to have a criminal record so they can never work for the Government.

  74. David in MA says:

    “These anonymous sources are violating federal law by leaking classified information that – while they don’t prove any crimes or wrong doing –”
    If it is against the law, they did commit crime(s)!

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