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The Deep State Leaked A Story That Didn’t Turn Out Like Anyone Expected

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  1. Palmer says:

    I hope when they catch these traitors they Shoot them for Treason.

    1. Mark Plenn says:

      Gitmo, that would be true irony, Obama made room for himself and fellows.

  2. Larry says:

    If I knew that everything I was saying was being monitored, I would want a secure communication process too.

    1. Thinkingman2025 says:

      Why else has Trump spent so much time at his own properties? HE controls the security and communications from there, and they are more comfortable than the WH anyway.

      1. Deborah Pratt says:

        That was the ‘real whine’ from the Dems!! Not the ‘expense’ or anything else, just that the White House has not been ‘secured’ yet and Pres Trump is by-passing their ‘spies’ by not doing a lot of business there yet. Just as he ‘by-passes’ the media by Tweeting!! Gets ’em, every time!!

        1. Thinkingman2025 says:

          Right on! The tweets are like a dog whistle, and the press goes nuts over every one.

          1. Mark Plenn says:

            President Trump proves the inept press to be an arm of the DNC.

      2. Brenda Sinclair says:

        would you want to live in whitehouse after the stinking obamas lived there?

        1. Thinkingman2025 says:

          Wouldn’t bother me, if the place was re-painted and set up the way I like it. But then, I’m not a billionaire accustomed to a gold-plated everything.

        2. Mark Plenn says:

          I’m sure that a good steaming wouldn’t hurt, all that arugila must have smelled like cabbage.

    2. Mark Plenn says:

      Secure from the US government? She had TREASON on her mind why else would she not use the proper secure communications she was supposed to use!

  3. jenny mack says:

    i do not understand why the White house was not purge when President Trump took office? Obumer let go all Bush people. The only traitor is Obama.and Hilary. When is Obama records going to come to light?

    1. bub says:

      Most of the leaks have come from people within our “Intelligence” agencies, not from within the WH.
      They are using eavesdropping/technological surveillance to obtain their information, then leaked it to the media.

      I my opinion, this should be classified as stolen property, and the media charged with receiving stolen property and aiding and abetting in a felony.

      1. Stephanie Walters says:

        Exactly! They damn WikiLeaks and want to charge them criminally, but how is what the media do any different? I don’t get the double standards. Trump is better off firing all.the top brass. Better to not operate at full level than be undermined at every turn.

        1. Mark Plenn says:

          So to the Goose so to the Gander.

  4. bub says:

    It is a matter of national security. Persons who are employed by the USA in these agencies have signed agreements that forbid them to do this sort of thing. Truly, it is a high crime AND it is treason. These people need to be caught at all costs, tried, found guilty, and executed. As a whole, these leaks are larger than the treason of Benedict Arnold. Those performing them should be given the maximum penalty of death.

    1. C.T. Dixon says:

      It may be a crime, but it is not treason per the legal definition of Treason as defined in the US Constitution.

      1. GomeznSA says:

        OK, perhaps not but they are still guilty of felony crimes, and most likely ‘high crimes and misdemeanors’ – so lock them up instead of putting them in front of a firing squad. The main issue is they need to be out of any position from which they can do damage – to the Republic as well as its duly elected President.

        1. Deborah Pratt says:

          Thing is they’ve been getting away with this sort of thing for so long–and profiting by it, they are running scared of being ‘found out’!!! Yes it’s ‘illegal’ but, business as usual in Washington, until now!!

        2. Roger says:

          Don’t agree with that fool unless you want to be as wrong as they are!

      2. Roger says:

        Really, so you don’t think risking America’s national security is treason! Sending classified to top secret information via an authorized server is treason!

        1. C.T. Dixon says:

          Wrong answer, unless the information was being directly sent to an enemy which it would then fall under treason per the US Constitution as long as there were 2 witnesses to the sending of the confidential/top-secret information or a confession in open court as required by the Constitution. And I am guessing you meant to say an un-authorized seerver not an authorized server.

          1. Mark Plenn says:

            If you’re a lawyer I refer you to the Bard’s feelings on lawyers, if not you are a brainless POSER!

      3. Tasine says:

        Of course they are committing treason! The political left is doing its best to overthrow our constitutional government AND it is protecting our enemies (foreign terrorists) – and that is treason any way you want to spell it. The Constitution’s definition is exactly on target and we are watching treason occur every day……….while no one of authority (whom we HIRE and PAY) is doing squat about it. Time to sanitize the swamp in DC.

        1. Mark Plenn says:

          Every person in the Military and anyone with security clearances has the same oath, “to protect the Constitution from all enemies both foreign and domestic. ‘Subjecting state secrets to persons unknown’ is an act of TREASON, which makes the actor a domestic enemy of the state!

      4. Mark Plenn says:

        The breach in security is most truly treason C.T. braindead!

      5. bub says:

        No, it is several crimes, one of them being treason. Article 3 Section 3 of the Constitution defines Treason:
        “Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort.”

        My interpretation of that would definitely apply to these Agency employees. They are giving aid to enemies of our country. Case in point: leaking the Manchester bombing information (and publishing it) impeded the investigation, and by that fact alone, aided the terrorists. Trying to impede the president through subversive and unlawful means in his lawful duties could also conceivably conclude in counts of treason when it damages our foreign relations and/or global political, military or financial standing. In cases where there would be a direct tie of their subversion to an enemy’s resultant gain, that would be treason. The Manchester bombing case is definitely a case of that.

        As an aside, Obama’s BATF gun-running operation could also be treason, if it could be proven that it’s purpose was for political gains in gun control and not a legitimate law enforcement operation. Of course a lot of his actions could be interpreted that way, IF the illegitimacy of those actions could be proven by testimony and evidence.

  5. shamu9 says:

    World Govt. is done on Back Channels! Always has been! The govt. tells the people only what We Need to know!

  6. chuckie2u says:

    Oh well another opportunity to draw attention away from all the illegal acts and treason committed by Obama and the Clintons.

    1. GomeznSA says:

      Correct, that is always the way of the left (whatever they call themselves these days) – deflect attention away from reality in any and every way they can. After they have denied that reality for as long as they can. The next step – which is where they pretty well are for now is to denigrate anyone they can, part of the deflection strategy.

  7. gypsy639 says:

    As the fake news and personal attacks on Melania, Barron and all connected with the Trump brand, continue the relentless pounding, I believe some morning DJT will wake and say :Who needs this crap?” Family and friends trashed, Dems, GOP, Lamestream media, even the closest “advisors” all fighting the Trump agenda, but most importantly, the people I was fighting for are now moving away. for a variety of reasons. I’m praying I’m wrong, but, every person has a limit to their endurance.

  8. texan61 says:

    it appears we have traitors in our government willing to sell out the US interest for political and possibly monetary gains. Time for a House cleaning

    1. Tasine says:

      Kinda looks like we also have some traitorous lawyers who are too wimpy or too traitorous themselves to arrest and charge these numerous traitors. They are just sitting back and having fun drinking gin while the left destroys our nation. It looks more and more like the ordinary citizen will have to do something about this or accept life with leftists tyrants.

      1. Mark Plenn says:

        The Bard had a good answer to lawyers who are in government / HANG THEM ALL!

        1. Tasine says:

          I think the bard was on to something and essentially for the same reasons.

  9. jeffrey pease says:

    I’m sure there are reasons why the WH wasn’t filled with conservatives. I know the dem and rhinos won’t vet anyone President Trump places before them, but we, as armchair quarterback, scream into our computers, “Mr. President, don’t open that door, you are surrounded by traitors and we can see it, why can’t you?”
    We got your back.
    Get rid of traitors around you.

    Get rid of these communist and radical Muslim judges, they hold us in check while liberating and abetting the criminals.

    1. Jo Scott says:

      Exactly true.

    2. Ramah Lee says:

      get rid of paul ryan!!

  10. Karen martin says:

    I’m behind President Trump 100%, and am very sick of the BS made up lies, this is the reason the American People are pushing to clean the house across the board in all departments of government sick of the lies the crooks stealing from us ,shut up and get out! your no longer needed. President Trump go forward with your job!!


      1. Mark Plenn says:

        Keep lawyers out of politics and you’ll see better government!

        1. maxx says:

          Benjamin Franklin knew that. He even stated the worse thing that could happen to this young nation was to allow barristers to be part of it. That is what lawyers were called in Colonial times.

    2. Roger says:

      Their idea of a traitor, describes Hillary Clinton to a tee!

      All Americans that care about this country, need to write their Senators & Representatives every day and demand that crooked Hillary be arrested, prosecuted and punished for her crimes against America and the American people!
      I want to know why Hillary Clinton hasn’t been arrested for her crimes against the government and humanity. This woman has broken more laws than can be counted on both hands. If you think that Hillary what difference at this point does it make, that four Americans, including Ambassador Chris Stevens, Sean Smith, Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods died Clinton, hasn’t broken many laws, committed treason and was a complete failure as Secretary of State and a WPOS Senator, you aren’t fit to be a member of Congress! I am an American citizen and I demand justice for all. Hillary Clinton is not above the law, she is a criminal, she risked America’s national security and certainly is not fit to hold any government position in the greatest country in the world!
      The Equal Protection Clause is part of the Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution. The amendment which took effect on July 9, 1868, provides that no state shall deny to any person within its jurisdiction “the equal protection of the laws”.
      Anyone with a functioning brain should understand that this means all criminals shall be held accountable for their crimes as well, aka protecting law abiding citizens from such criminal elements (equal protection under the law)! I demand that Hillary Clinton return or replace the six billion dollars that went missing from the State Department when she was Secretary of State, that is taxpayer money and we want it! LOCK HER UP!

      1. Roger says:

        I demand Hillary Clinton be arrested and charged with treason! I also demand that Hillary Clinton replace or return the money she lost or stole from the State Department, most likely the latter! Six Billion dollars! Copy paste and email the above message to each of your representatives and senators, every day until crooked Hillary receives the punishment she deserves!

        1. C.T. Dixon says:

          There is no justification for charges of Treason, which is very narrowly defiend in the US Constitution.

          1. Randy Nielson says:

            Does the C T of your name stand for; Can’t Think? Selling uranium to the enemy is “Treason”. Stealing tax payers money, giving it to Clinton Foundation donors is treason.. on and on and on.

          2. C.T. Dixon says:

            No Uranium was sold, only the mining company itself. First, the uranium was not and couldn’t be exported per the Nuclear Regulatory Commission – “NRC’s review of the transfer of control request determined that the U.S. subsidiaries will remain the licensees, will remain qualified to conduct the uranium recovery operations, and will continue to have the equipment, facilities, and procedures necessary to protect public health and safety and to minimize danger to life or property. The review also determined that the licensees will maintain adequate financial surety for eventual decommissioning of the sites. Neither Uranium One nor ARMZ holds an NRC export license, so no uranium produced at either facility may be exported.” Second, the sale of Uranium One was not only approved by the State Department, but all 9 members of the CFIUS (Committee on Foreign Investment in the US) which is made up of the heads of Dept of Treasury (Chair of the committee), Dept of Justice, Dept of Homeland Security, Dept of Commerce, Dept of State, Dept of Defense, Dept of Energy, Office of the US Trade Representative and Office of Science & Technology Policy. Third 90% of the donations to the Clinton Foundation came from Frank Giustra who had sold his stake in Uranium One in 2007, three years before the Russia deal and 18 months before Clinton bacame Secretary of State. Wait how can Russia be an enemy if Trump wants to setup back-channel communications with them? You generally don’t do that with enemies, only with allies, potential allies and friendly nations. Please give details on stolen tax-payer money given to Clinton Foundation donors (which even if true is not treason at most it would be malfeasance or theft).

          3. bill says:

            Having classified information outside of accepted government equipment is treason… Guilty is Klinton

          4. dandlac says:

            You are correct, and she must be prosecuted along with many of her minions who enabled it for their own enrichment. It was an willful and intentional to hide or cover up criminal wrong doing.

          5. Mark Plenn says:

            TREASON is spelled HILLARY CLINTON!

          6. dandlac says:

            That’s awesome, you stated all the talking points wonderfully, the cover-up talking points that is. What you forgot to mention is that obama and his bunch of losers – yes those you named as the heads of the various departments (CFIUS) – were all willful contributors to giving away a strategic asset to a foreign government – one who they were all in bed with while they were making billions of dollars on the deal and now one that they claim rigged and stole our election. Read “Clinton Cash” if you want the details on Clinton stealing and then come back and refute them if you can – which you wont – I dont need to waste my time telling you when you can read it for yourself – if you can read more than liberal talking points. Had I done what she did with the illegal server and improper protection of classified and unclassified information (For Official Use Only information is not classified but still not publicly releasable) I would have lost my job, my clearance, been fined, and sent to prison – why should it be any different for her. She is a liar, a cheat, a thief and a criminal who is not above the law and must be prosecuted for all of it.
            She lost the election for no other reason than America saw what she, and the democrat party truly represent – which is anyone and everything that is anti-American. Take your blinders off.

          7. Laura says:

            CT Dixen is a clinton bot not a real person.

          8. Mark Plenn says:

            Clinton Clone C.T. be!

          9. maxx says:

            Every single member of the Oblowhard administration should be investigated because they were all complicit in the attempted destruction of the U.S. Even my 13year old grandson who asked me “why would the president do this or that?” when he heard it in the news. You see he was brought up to know the difference between right and wrong and to question it when it was obviously wrong.

          10. dandlac says:

            And answer me this while Im at it…. how in the world does a “family” (Clinton Mafia) who admittedly, “left the white house broke and bankrupt” make hundreds of millions of dollars on government pensions and salaries in the intervening years without producing even one “widget” or other marketable item? Only one way, utter criminality and influence selling like that which resulted in the sale of Uranium One. Are you starting to get a clue?

          11. Mark Plenn says:

            C.T. is brain dead!

          12. Mark Plenn says:

            C.T. aren’t you the grand dupe! The control of 20% of our uranium reserve has been put in Russian hands by Hillary’s action and her ‘fund’ was given large amounts in donations by Russian interests in return. If that doesn’t constitute TREASON what dose?

          13. taffytee says:

            Give the resources for your statements, please. I guess you don’t think the Clinton have “behind the scenes” deals, with Giustra, Putin, the Podestas nor Obama. You are obviously a Clinton supporter. You haven’t explained away the IRRESPONSIBILITY of an unsecure server, to which a high school geek could have gotten access, as well as Huma and her disturbed husband….

          14. Randy Nielson says:

            Thanks for the info… looks like a bunch of NWO dignitaries involved with the uranium mine which produces uranium. Did not you hear about Hillary ‘s state dept giving to Haiti? The Willy Bill receiving some pay to play $$$$

          15. Low Cover says:

            Wrong Wrong Wrong

          16. maxx says:

            Passing classified information over unsecured communications networks and storing it on unsecured servers is considered “aiding and abetting an enemy”. Hanging is the approved punishment.

          17. rottenrollin says:

            Sedition. She’s doing it now.

          18. jong says:

            There is but, not against Trump. Ole jug ears and his traveling minstrel company comes to mind. Including trading national assets that are part of the security of this nation. Illegally accepting foreign money to run. Leaving people to die in Benghazi and that is just the beginning. Then we can go into having classified information to the highest level that not even the FBI was allowed to read it. In which just having is treason. No intent is necessary.

          19. Mark Plenn says:

            You do not know your Constitution C.T. you need 3 witness to prove treason. The Hillary tapes amount to more than 3!

          20. C.T. Dixon says:

            You apparently don’t know your Constitution, you need 2 witnesses to the same overt act. Treason was very narrowly defined by the founding fathers so the charge couldn’t be abused in exactly this way, like the British did. In the history of the United States only 12 people have been convicted for Treason, and half of those were in the WW2 era.

        2. Maria castro says:

          They wont do it…they are smeared.

        3. bearone7777 says:

          ROGER—-Over half of that dam money went to B.O. IN OTHER WORDS B—MELLY-(BARRY)–O–O-DUM-BO

          1. Donald Johnston says:

            Exactly right. That’s how he has bought 6 houses worth 30 million dollars in the last 5 months when his salary for 8 years was 3.2 million. His 2 books didn’t bring in the difference.

          2. Mark Plenn says:

            Barri went from a street organizer to multi-millions on the Federal TIT< in other words we paid for his enrichment.

          1. Jane Ford says:

            Yes – that is a prayer we need to pray everyday for the man and his family.

      2. Maria castro says:

        and the rest of her court.

      3. pemaddin says:

        Done, thank you.

    3. bearone7777 says:

      He has my confidence—And the media of today as well as he DEMONS—–Have no respect at all from me!!

    4. Brenda Sinclair says:

      i am with you also standing up for president trump who has proved he wants to change america but blocked by the satanic pedophiles in government, God will win and trump will win please everyone pray for our america and president trump

  11. Jo Ellen Myers says:

    This just goes to show that there was no collusion. Why would we need to set up back channels – and why would that even be discussed – if we were already colluding with them. The liberals just closed their own case right there!

    1. Mark Plenn says:

      Jo Ellen you just hit the nail on the head! Positive Proof! The Democrats are full of cow pocky.

  12. AdjunctGeorge says:

    When we find the leakers, give them jail time with published specific examples how they harmed the country. Give them at least the amount of time that Scooter Libby spent in jail.

  13. Susan Lindauer says:

    Strategic dialogue creates opportunities for conflict resolution and nuts and bolts problem solving. This shows superior judgment and planning by Trump’s White House. Americans should be very pleased by this revelation. Trump should not back down from it.

    Smart Americans should applaud strategic communications and problem solving. This proves Trump’s capable of doing the job.

  14. Lee McLaughlin says:

    If you want to get to the bottom of this start at the top meaning King Obama himself. There is no way crap like this wasn’t at the least known by him and most started by him. This reminds me so much of socialist doings with Hollywood and the media heavily involved just like they are now.

    1. Mark Plenn says:

      The all will be doing the duck walk with Barri, wearing Orange!

  15. Kenneth Jones says:

    So now, if they can’t come after him frontally, they go behind his back and attack him from the rear? Try to find where he’s weak and vulnerable by attacking members of his family? Good God, have they no common decency? I guess not! They’re loathsome despicable swine!

    1. Roger says:

      Nothing to worry about!


      1. Kenneth Jones says:

        Flawless and polished he ain’t! Smart, he is! No fool, either when it comes to deal-making.

    2. Mark Plenn says:

      Kathy Griffin the Clown is getting hers, she crying that the Trumps are picking on her. Poor Katy Kathy!

  16. Laura says:

    So tired of listening to the democrats cry foul. If they think they can find a few token veterans to run for office and then keep repeating they stand for the middle class.While saying they stand for the people at the same time telling us that everything we voted for they despise? They do not just hate TRUMP and that is the mistake that RHINOs and never trumpers are making. They are being used by the democrats who will sell them out as fast as can be They hate not only Trump but republicans in general and they hate everyone of us that voted for TRUMP and believe in the things we asked Trump to champion. Think I am wrong read a few blogs or comment sections. I have never seen anything like this. The seething hatred started with Hillary touting the RIGHT WING CONSPIRACY theory back when Billy was in office and his sexual indiscretions were coming back to bite his career. She has fed and pampered that hatred to be adopted by the party and with the election of Obama made it so that there is nearly an impossible challenge to get any kind of bipartisan bill passed at all. Just listen to the democrats talk on news media and even the floor of the peoples house.They can not let go of that seething hatred for half this country and the man we selected to run it. They are grabbing at every grain of sand yelling fire in hopes at somewhere somehow someone will trip up and catch them in anything they can fashion into a broken law. I left the democrat party when I saw Obama doing this then Clinton ran and the things the party was doing to ensure she be their candidate and now to never allow our president to lead the country without problems I will never go back. I may not trust republicans either but I am willing to work with this party to get what I want. I am already seeking good opponents for the rhinos who have not stood firm and gotten Trumps agenda done. We are voting out the weak and putting stronger candidates in their place. Paul Ryan needs to really think about how he is running the house. If you cant get the party to unify behind Trump you need to step down and soon.

    1. Curt James says:

      I left the democratic party when Carter was in and I was in the Air Staff at the Pentagon. He brought back all of McNamara’s whiz kids. Our enemy was on the third floor.

      1. dennodog says:

        Mc Namara and LBJ…..lied about the Gulf of Tonkin “incident” resulting in almost 60 thousand dead Americans and 100 thousand plus, wounded. THAT was treason, but the left and the media’s threshold on presidential misconduct is “watergate”.

  17. David Lewis says:

    draw and quarter the leakers as traitors themselves

  18. doctorivy says:

    The biggest coup our enemies ever pulled was convincing the average American that Joe McCarthy was a kook on a witch hunt. Everything McCarthy said has been proven to be correct. All you need do is look at today’s education, media, and government to see that enemies of freedom have been infiltrating our country for many, many decades. To the extent that until less than half a year ago they were almost universally in power.

    1. Curt James says:

      The Black Book of Communism proved McCarthy was right on all counts.

    2. Mark Plenn says:

      Commies infiltrated the Education systems of this nation.

  19. annefarrelly says:

    The greatest elected American traitor was Ted Kennedy who traveled to Russia during the Reagan administration to secretly conspire with the Soviets against the Reagan administration. We should be far less concerned about collusion on the part of anyone in the current administration with a Russian diplomat than the collusion on the part of Leftists to undermine the current administration. The treacherous Leftist operatives should be investigated by the FBI and stopped before they do any more damage.

    1. doctorivy says:

      He was certainly up there, but please don’t forget Barry and Hillary. His biological father was a Communist Party USA operative and she wrote her thesis on Saul Alinsky. The Dems are so completely Marxist today that they actually had to hobble an avowed Socialist from winning their nomination. You can’t make this stuff up. Today a Dem could wear a guayabera shirt, sport a hammer and sickle, and call for state run businesses and the media would call him a patriotic free market capitalist. Meanwhile, they’re trying to convince you Donald J. Trump is a Soviet.

      1. Mark Plenn says:

        They do, single payer medical insurance.



    1. doctorivy says:

      Because the team that’s calling for “redistribution of wealth” and state run health care is trying to convince you that Trump is anti-American and Bernie Sanders is a free market capitalist.

  21. Curt James says:

    These agency insiders need to be uncovered and prosecuted. Jail time. Hopefully not in a neat prison like Eglin AFB, Fla.

    1. Beverly Hightower says:

      Jail time is not enough for treason. Put them in a Turkish prison cell where the tide comes in at night. I’d love to watch them scramble for higher ground.

  22. aline oary says:

    President Trump did not become a billionaire by being intimidated by the Elite. He knows all their tricks and that is why they are trying so hard. What is coming down the road is Tribunals on these people and they know they will hang when the truth comes out. Give it a little time to let the “special prosecutors” the Attorney General and the DOJ do their job. Then watch the left come apart at the seams. Expect the left to do what they did after the election. Rioting because their meal ticket has come to an end. Do not be suprised if Soros isn’t deported back to his own country and put in jail. Many dept. Heads that are corrupt including VA and are going to face these tribunals and be in jail for a VERY LONG TIME! Trust me. The Donald Trump Evangelical supporters all know this and are all waiting for the axe of judgement to fall on these people who have deluded our children and tried to destroy our country. You can spread the good news to Trump supporters. We tell people all the time.

  23. Lorraine E says:

    The “deep state” promised to fight President Trump 100% on everything he does for the next four years. The only honest thing the “deep state” has said or done is adhering to that threat. Everything else is LIES. Guess it is anything goes for the “deep state” and their LYING mouth piece, a.k.a., the corporate press, which LIES and brain washes uninformed Americans 24/7 on all of the major TV and radio stations.
    Rather than just automatically turning on the trash, garbage and LIES on the vile corporate press check the Caravan to Midnight web site to learn what is really happening.

  24. Elisha says:

    Clean House, Senate too! Seriously, it’s high time to clean-up and perhaps even clear-out the gang of pinkos and Communist sympathizers known as the CIA. After all, the entire CIA is a make-work project for ex- mental patients. That Agency is a virtual cult of LSD. The number one problem with the CIA is this: it continues to violate the terms of its own Charter, which expressly forbids involvement in domestic affairs.

  25. William Narr says:

    More propaganda to distract from prosecuting Clinton!

    1. Mark Plenn says:

      for all the crimes she and Bill engaged in from Arkansas onward.

  26. Mike W says:

    The closer President Trump gets to bringing charges against the criminals who have betrayed our country to fill their own pockets – the more rhetoric the left kicks up. They are trying to draw the attention off of themselves by pointing the finger at others. Won’t work too much info out there now. Maybe the media should be asking why Crooked Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s brother works at the office in charge of conducting the Seth Rich murder investigation. And also why every time the Clintons are accused of something they always have a government official planted to conduct the investigation?

  27. TPS12 says:

    msm BS, BS, BS.

  28. Roy says:

    This is a battle between good and evil, Satan vs Jesus Christ, In the final end Christ will win. We need to weed out of all departments of local, state and federal agencies, the ones who are liars, abusers, and thieves of our hard earned money.
    Drain the swamp!

  29. justanagent says:

    They had better tread lightly. They have shown their true colors and they are sowing the seeds of a civil war. It really is that serious. They are striking matches in a room full of dynamite

  30. ShooterTutor says:

    WOW! Are the people trying to create these leaks out of air STUPID ! Their fake news hasen’t worked in the last what, 10 months, a year(?), but surely this one will work? When will they understand that Trump is squeaky clean and it’s the deep state and the media that’s filthy dirty, and we understand that fact? What a bunch of dirt bags!

    I was at a place 2 weeks ago and one of the gents turned to me and mentioned, “… and we used to listen to these people and believe them.”. Their time is over.

  31. Ed Mattson says:

    Trump has BALLS and STAMINA. The snowflake leftist-Marxists Democrats (is there anything else?) and country club Republicans need to get their diapers changed more regularly. I think they have diaper rash! Come next election these idiots think America is clamoring for more of their unadulterated BS politics, which is to turn America into some sort of welfare utopian dream high on left-handed cigarettes. They prefer anarchy to Constitutional government and we the people have finally caught on to them. Unfortunately they all won’t disappear overnight so long as they keep giving the snowflakes the handouts needed to purchase votes.

  32. 4NMatters says:

    This is not going to fly either.

  33. off2shop says:

    I will stand with President Trump 100%+! Also, as a US citizen and voter, I want these liars and communist out of power as they are a disgrace to America. Yahoo and all media should be investigated for reporting stories from George Soros and all his employees such as Obama, Hillary, McCain and all of the democratic
    congress. They are really showing their true colors and it’s green money from Soros. Also, these no talented so call celebrities need to go back to washing cars and shut up.

  34. Linda Halterman says:

    I have no doubt that the Trump administration has nothing to worry about. The more THEY ARE YELLING, TRUMP, RUSSIA, COLLUSION,. THE LINGER THIS drags out, it’s more apparent that it’s just a smear campaign. The kicker to it all is the Clinton’s that should be investigated about Russia.
    We just need o hangwith Trump, and not believe anything from the other side.
    There is a clear problem Dems, some Republicans, they have list they’re way. They’re not interested in doing their job, work fir the best interest of the country and we the people! The stuck on just themselves patting each other on the back re: Russia, wanting to impeach Trump, crossing every moral, ethical line there is.
    GET TRUMP, lie, cheat, steal, twist arms, blackmail etc.

  35. Linda Halterman says:

    I’m pissed at the Republicans, they should be showing a united force. Their not! Their imposters. Saying they’re Republicans, but their really​ Democrat. Like McCain, he needs to shut the hell up. The republican get the white house, Congress, Senate, they have the GOLD! what do they do, they turn on each other. I’m so sick of it.
    MEMO: Dems & some Republicans (MCCAIN), waters should be brought up on ethics violation. sued for slander.
    they all need to resign. I SAY WE CALL FIR THE DEMOCRAS RESIGNATIO! reason: failure to do their job, they should not be given a pay check. Pay checks you get fired doing your job!!

    1. C.T. Dixon says:

      Go groupthink! No dissent needed or wanted here! If they don’t agree kick them out! If they don’t toe the party line they should shut up!

  36. George says:

    Trump is a strong person and will survive; I am behind Trump.

    1. C.T. Dixon says:

      Like the Human Centipede?

      1. Mark Plenn says:

        C.T. AKnolady’s rock has room under it for you too.

  37. Hildegarde says:

    I stand with Trump

  38. Bayside GolfClub says:

    My recommendation is that anyone who wants to argue with you about this stuff… You simply say “Anybody who is paying any attention isn’t listening to any of this ridiculous stuff. And anyone who is has pretty much been written off as a fool.. Including by those pushing it” And let them chew on that.
    It’s entirely true. And it’s entirely true that they are being played as a fool’s fool and a useful idiot. might as well give it to them straight. If they want to continue the ridiculous narratives it only proves the point. It might even make them think a little. And if they ‘get it’ they will begrudge not you, but the people who are playing them for fools. IF they stop and think… It can also be easily proven that those pushing this stuff don’t even believe it… Else-wise they wouldn’t have turned around and pushed this contradictory narrative without even thinking.

  39. Ima D. Plorable says:

    DRAIN THE SWAMP, Mr. President!!!

  40. Dan White says:

    God says in Romans 13:1-2, The powers that be are ordained of Him and if you resist the powers you’re resisting God and this resistance will bring damnation unto yourself; I’m confident God will vindicate and uphold His Word

    1. C.T. Dixon says:

      Were you saying the same thing when Obama was President? Or does that only apply if a Republican is in power?

  41. Tasine says:

    It is way past time to stop the leftist coup d’etat they are desperate to complete. Were I doing what these leftists are doing, I’d be in prison awaiting my death sentence. When will some arrests begin to be made, the crime being TREASON?

    Treason defined:

    1.the offense of acting to overthrow one’s government or to harm or kill its sovereign.

    2.a violation of allegiance to one’s sovereign or to one’s state.

    3.the betrayal of a trust or confidence; breach of faith; treachery.
    Coup d’etat defined:

    a sudden and decisive action in politics, especially one resulting in a change of government illegally or by force.

    1. C.T. Dixon says:

      That is not the definition of Treason per the US Constitution where it is very narrowly defined as “Treason against the United States shall consist only in levying war against them, or in adhering to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort” quoting the dictionary definition is meaningless under the law.

      1. dandlac says:

        giving them control of a strategic asset is not giving aid and comfort?

  42. disqus_D87XRi0Gy7 says:

    Arrest every last one of those bastards for sedition and hire someone who cares about America, when they finally get some names I hope they hang the bastards. They are still crying because the supreme court told them to stop illegally spying on us and this ass clown kenyan continued using it as a political weapon, I hope that sorry bastard croaks.

  43. cheryl55 says:

    Most Americans are sick of ALL of it!! They STOPPED listening to the lies and the BS after the first month! I think what Republicans aka conservatives NEED to do is to ignore it like the plague! The MORE that Fox News and the radio talking heads bring it up and discuss it the more the liberals salivate! They WANT, no they NEED attention and these conservatives are giving it to them with EVERY broadcast! There are so many great things that this President HAS DONE and IS DOING that they should be reporting on all of it!! The 9 days that he was away was packed with great videos, meetings and resolutions… yet WE heard about nothing but this dam Jared Kushner BS! And whether Melania held his hand… in other words the Liberals are leading the conservatives around by the nose!!! STOP doing it!! Make your OWN narrative and stick to it!

  44. Rodger K. Shull says:

    Maybe it is time to STEP UP THE GAME on the deep state, start by FIRING everyone , that was appointed by b.s. an any that are demo-crappers an rino,s , clean it out, give them a pink slip an last check, an say GOOD BYE.

    1. Mark Plenn says:

      A big Military 10/4!

  45. kassa1 says:

    These men one world order billionaires or not happy there a train has been D railed for the moment, so they will do anything to Bar nothing to get back to reins of power whatever it takes. But this is not just an attack on Trump it’s an attack on we the people, and if they somehow managed to get rid of Trump we may as well get ready for Civil War because that’s what it’s gonna take to take this country back as the evil in the corruption is that bad sources of unscathed on ethical justice.

  46. MACVSOG says:

    I stand up for President Trump, he is doing so much to restore our country and our Constitution and Bill of Rights as our Founding Fathers set it all up, to be a real freedom based country….. AMERICA !!

    1. RichFromShowMe says:

      I would guess that only around 1%, or less, of Democrats would even know, without googling, what MACV SOG stands for . . . . another clandestine, but necessary, action of our government in a time of war . . . . and we are at war, just undeclared, with Terrorism.

      I’m another Vietnam Vet (1964-67) USN VF-151.

  47. RichFromShowMe says:

    It seems quite obvious with all the “leaking” by Federal Employees, that, if you want to have a private conversation, then your best option is a secure communication channel set up and controlled by a foreign government . . . . in this case Russia.

    Business deals, for instance, when leaked, can cost companies billions of dollars and many jobs.

    Every administration, including obamba’s has had various back channels of communication; i.e., not on the official channels. The most recent and costly one was between the obamba Regime and Iran . . . costing us a hundred billion dollars, or so.

    1. taffytee says:

      Can we prosecute Obama for that Iran deal and the transfer of money? IF so, find the proper lawyers, like J. Christian Adams who knows how to go about it. I’d donate money to pursue this.

      1. RichFromShowMe says:

        Possibly . . . I’m not an attorney, but more to the point.

        The obamba’s vacation to the South Sea Islands was (probably) to locate a nation that wouldn’t extradite them back to the USA.

  48. Maria castro says:

    Is better to give your enemies rope to hang themselves. I always did, and always won. Let them talk and slander…they are not reasoning.

  49. Steven Coy says:


  50. Richard Bagenstose says:

    they can’t get anything to stick to trump so they are attacking everyone around him, it’s proof of their despiration, but like every thing the left does , they keep pushing till everyone is just sick of hearing it , if they were so worried about national security oboma , hillary , learner ,lynch would all be behind bars by now, russia isn’t the biggest threat to our country , it’s oboma and the democrats

  51. Betty says:

    Hope so surely even the snowflakes should be getting tired of all this mess I support him 100%

  52. James Hopkins says:

    I back the Commander and Chief 100%, I stand by my President and pray for him daily.

  53. fred schramm says:

    When they tell lies about Trump and his administration , they are really revealing how they are. Hang in there President ,the people still love you and what you are doing.If I were you I would get rid of anyone in the State Dept that was hired by obama or hillary.

  54. jillocity says:

    I give the main stream media 0% credibility, and have put them on “ignore.” We know what their agenda is, our President knows what their agenda is. And the harder they try to push their agenda, the wearier Americans become of their diatribes. People don’t care about “Russia, Russia, Russia,” they care about jobs, about the economy, about REALITY. Main stream media is bleeding viewers/readers and still hasn’t figured out why. I KNOW why: stupid is as stupid does.

  55. icemancold says:


  56. Joseph Schlag says:

    I support my president 100%. The more these buffoons in the media try to trash my President the more I realize how much he is doing for this country. Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton sold their soles to George Soros. Thats right they were bought and paid for, they both were in it for what they could get for themselves. Neither of them ever cared for the American people. The media has also been bought and paid for, their is not a credible journalist left at ABC,CBS, CNN, NBC or MSNBC. The sold their credibility for money and power. When I watch them prostitute themselves out on the news I know my President is doing the right thing. Trump is a Patriot that loves this country, that’s why I stand behind my president. This is the first time in eight years I am proud of my president !

  57. Gary Johnson says:

    the only traitor i see is the deep state

  58. Julayne Rowley says:

    Can anymore subversion be fabricated!! Cmon liberals!!! Cool your jets and get be hind the man and not with a knife aimed at his back either!!

  59. james.m.heller says:

    The american electric are not stupid if they were Clinton would be our president.

  60. David Teel says:

    He would be OK except for the likes of mitch mcConnell, lindsey graham, and john mcCain and 15 other traitorous ass holes who will not work with the choice of we the people.

    1. taffytee says:

      WE all need to give as much money as possible to those who will oppose the aboved-named so called
      “Senators”, and any others, such as Paul Ryan, when they are up for re-election. Instead of leaving the money that you could to your heirs, consider the donations which will rid the Congress of crooks as a true investment in your heirs inheritance. The money you have now will not be there is a Democrat gets the Presidency, or Democrats control Congress-the middle class will be taxed into OBLIVION, through evil devices such as Obama’s plan through the Paris Accord. It was a transfer of US wealth to illicit 3rd world countries, and China…Stop their evil; PLAN AHEAD. DONATE to PROVEN CONSERVATIVES

  61. Ken Le Bow says:

    If the Trump administration was colluding with Russia why would it have to create a back door way of communicating ?isn’t the whole convoluted fantasy the Left Wing nuts in the media have been spinning that the Trump Administration was working with the Russians? Oh Well next time you fucking morons trying to destroy an honest man with your blatant hatred you should coordinate better !!!….ASSES!!!!!!!!

  62. Janet says:

    At this point I think that it is time to just get rid of anyone who worked for Obama, and for or with Hillary for that matter, and every person who even appears to not be backing the Trump administration. The leaks have to be coming from certain departments due to the nature of the information, so if no one is willing to stand up and admit that they leaked the information, the workers in the entire department need to go NOW. This stuff has been going on for way too long…during the campaigns for the nomination, after the nomination, the election, after the reunion, after the swearing in ceremony, and still continue today. I realize there is freedom of speech; however, the leaks are treason and putting America in danger so the editors and “journalists” need to be brought into Court by the Feds and locked up until they disclose who provided them with the information. They also need to be charged with aiding and abetting treasonous acts should they choose not to disclose their source. Enough is Enough!

  63. dennodog says:

    These are all the DISTRACTIONS from the wiki leaks tapes of clinton and gang. Read them and also Judicial Watch’s releases of the e-mails for a true vision of the depth of the criminality by the left in this country.

  64. bob manning says:

    I leave it God’s hands..I pray for our president..and hope for the best

  65. jim jones says:

    Trump is as wacky and dangerous as that fucking loon up in North Korea!

    1. taffytee says:

      Because you aren’t smart enough to use proper English to express your (incorrect, inappropriate) thoughts, you should not resort to vulgarity. But then the people you support do that, so why would anyone expect that you would be any different.
      Trump isn’t starving the US citizenry; he hasn’t sold or allowed the sale of the rights to nuclear weapons material to US enemies; he didn’t lie about the death of an Ambassador and 3 other US citizens; he didn’t make illegal deals as in Whitewater, and then lie to cover it up and lie to let someone else go to prison for it…he hasn’t lied about being under enemy fire when visiting overseas.
      Yeah, tell us just how dangerous Hillary and Obama are buddy.

      1. Kenneth Jones says:

        You really want to know? How much time do you have? Let’s see now………where to begin?

  66. dandlac says:

    There is nothing the Deep State and the left can do which will ever get me to support their criminal causes. I will fight them on every street of every town and city in the USA. Now we must fight like we have never fought! Support President Trump – he truly wants to return prosperity and happiness to the country – for everyone, unlike the democrats who want to line their pockets and steal our power while proclaiming to be “globalists” who think they know how to run the world.

  67. Jon Roy says:

    You mean like a back channel contact and discussion like Kennedy had his brother set up with Russia in Oct. 1961. You know the back channel negotiations that prevented a Nuclear War???
    That sort of back channel?

  68. David in MA says:

    The house Obama recently rented or purchased must be frequency jammed.

  69. Richard Frick says:

    It is time for the DO NOTHING BUT DISRUPT congress (yes, they are lowercase and lower class) to Amend the First Amendment to exclude and make liable accusations punishable. Freedom of the Press shouldn’t prohibit reporting of the actual NEWS, however, manufacturing libelous accusations, that are without truth or merit, punishable as a crime by the law. The hate mongers and the exempt congress feel that it is their right to accuse with fact and manufacture libelous accusations to destroy those that they can’t beat with true facts. Schmuk, Shitt and Pelopia are the largest offenders, followed by the sick entertainment hate mongers DiSpicable, Asshlaey Juggless, Madon’ta. Has beens and slime.

    1. Kenneth Jones says:

      You do mean “libel,” of course, but libel is already punishable as a civil offense.

  70. rottenrollin says:

    WAPO. Sucks as bad as CNN.

  71. Watchdog says:

    The Dems have totally underestimated every facet of Pres. Trumps agenda, his appointees AND FAMILY. While the Dems were spying on the RNC and Kuchner, the son-in law was setting up a communications network to gain better relations with Russia. For some this is treason-no-it’s not. It’s a smart move to get along with a country that is problematic if insulted and demeaned like some want to do. Who needs an angry Russia.

  72. Countrysunrise says:

    The sooner Obama and his cronies get arrested, the sooner Washington can get back to normal!!

  73. Don Nuzum says:

    All of this sedition by the deep state is backfiring. It will eventually bring down the deep state if God don’t get em first.

  74. jesse says:

    All the leaks, all the lies, all the leftist psychosis, all the obsessive delusional derangement syndrome meltdowns have failed to put a chink in trump’s armor and are only strengthening the resolve of his base. The crazier and more desperate the left becomes the more people are becoming sympathetic for trump and getting behind him. The left is on a self-destructive path to implosion!

  75. Mark Plenn says:

    This Russia shit is just a cheap Democrat dodge to put the Seth Rich political hit on the back burner. Funny how now police dept. is working on the case!

  76. maxx says:

    Accuse your opponents of the very things you are guilty of” is the tactic used by the democrat communist party for at least 5 decades. Of course we only recently started calling the (D) party what it really is. Podesta, Clinton, Oblowhard and Sidney Blumenthal (former aid to the Clintons) were working back door deals with foreign governments starting when Clinton moved into the W.H.

  77. aline oary says:

    We are all “sick” of the skewed information and the “smear” tactics of the “deep state”. I personally, cannot wait for the members of the “deep state”, go to jail. Evidently, someone on the plane with Trump is also a “leaker”. They are committing TREASON.

    1. Kenneth Jones says:

      Trump needs one person, whom he has had personally and extremely thoroughly vetted, as his personal security expert with a Top Secret Crypto Eyes Only security clearance, and any information of any kind should be for his eyes and ears only. ANY violation should result in a long sentence in a federal prison.

  78. JC Hoot says:

    The SovietUSA press really needs to find real work. That’s right the press now is one of those Oblunder type shovel ready jobs and anyone that can make up good fairy tales is given a job. No education needed just be a great liar. Wow what a resume that must look like!

  79. Jason Traxler says:

    Interesting that a former intelligence agent thought he was setting up back channels to expose foreign agents. Was he so stupid not to consider that the foreign agents were doing the same with him?

    1. Kenneth Jones says:

      It happens all of the time, and the Russian SVR agents are world class experts.

  80. Jason Traxler says:

    These brain bound intelligence agent discovered when Trump scratched his ass, but did they fully vet obama? I guess whether or not he was a citizen or fausified his college records doesn’t count. Funny, I would have expected the intelligence agencies to have completed a full investigation of Obama and made a public announcement of their findings. Given how mateculous they have been with their investigation and public disclosures on Trump, the silence surrounding Obama is deafening. Or, are the petty and false disclosures an indication of something even greater… corruption in our intelligence agencies.

    1. Kenneth Jones says:

      I sure as hell hope not! Otherwise, we’re in trouble. I get tend to get suspicious when I find out about such things. And this looks like bush league intelligence to me. Maybe it’s time to turn those activities over to the military intelligence units….like the DIA.

  81. Duane says:

    I support Donald Trump (but he needs to stay off Twitter). Jared Kushner was doing his job setting up communications with foreign countries, which incudes Russia. He is doing exactly what Obuma should have done and he is doing it better. I detect a bit of jealousy on the part of the Dims.

  82. Hildegarde says:

    It’s time to take out the deep State when they tell a lie to take some else down to get rid of them in any office. I have had enough of the Liberals complaining about the conservatives because we have a different view.

  83. Jim Hickman says:

    Agree 100% with Karen Martin.

  84. Benjamin Michel says:

    I also stand with Mr Trump and have did so from the very start I said from the start Trump all the way and he did it!! He beat the dirty hard liners at there own game!! Now is time for the working and retired people & Christenson to stand behind him. He has all ready more than BHO did in 8 years! OH BHO did put us in in the hole and gave away are hard earned money to the rag heads that wants to kill us!!! NOW is the time that all the R party to pull together and send the cry babies D back to there crying pins

  85. No name nut case says:

    I think Trump can survive the onslaught, but I’m not so sure about a lot of those crap headed, scheming, lying politicians who are trying to ruin him! I hope every single one of them are kicked out of office!

  86. John Savell says:

    Trump and his admin need to start suing the news outlets for slander and/or liable. They have published unsupported allegations as if they are fact time and time again with no consequences. The job of the press is to publish FACTS, whether good or bad to the administration, in order to keep the public informed. But there have been no facts coming out of the MSM, only lies and propaganda. Therefore, they cease to be “the press” and are not protected by the 1st Amendment. Sue them for $20 trillion and pay off the national debt, since it was the media that promoted Obama so hard as he doubled our national debt. If they can’t pay it, they go out of business and we are better off either way.

  87. Low Cover says:

    DOA to liberals

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