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The Deep State Leaks A Story They Think Could Finish Trump For Good

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  1. Jim H. says:

    These liberal tarts will stoop so low they could scratch the belly of an omeoba standing atop the Empire State building!
    Sucks to be a moronic sexist, racist, and all around Communist dunce!

    1. GeneP54 says:

      It’s the only successful tactic that they have since they can’t accomplish their agenda Constitutionally.

  2. Autoharp1951 says:

    They lie worse than Obama.

    1. gooojooo1 says:

      so your saying odictator is a lair

      1. granny_forUSA says:

        Obama kenyan born muslim is a complete and totally corrupt, racist, bigoted LIAR…………

      2. rottenrollin says:

        obammy sure was and is

  3. Don Daiker says:

    You guys are good! No matter what Trump has done–despite the lies, the contradictions, the inconsistencies, the self-pity, the admiration of Putin–you can always find a way to condone his actions. Do you remember when Trump said early in his campaign that he could shoot someone in broad daylight on Fifth Avenue without losing support? Well he was right.

    1. erospawn says:

      You are even better..

    2. joe mama says:

      Now you know how the other half of the country felt over the past 8 years.

    3. Mike W says:

      Don I think the shoe is on the other foot. 8 years of Obama and the Clintons running amok and now you are suddenly interested in what’s going on? Hillary herself said they “were broke when they left the White House”. They sure got awful rich in a hurry and in so called “government service.” There are over 107 body bags the Clinton have yet had to answer for. Obama arranged for nukes in Iran, Hillary sold a huge pile of uranium to Russia and Bill gave a speech in Moscow for $500,000. The phony hypocrisy of your side was well exposed when “Lie-awatha” condemned Obama for getting $400,000 for a speech to Wall Street. Where was all of your contempt when the Clintons made millions from speeches to Wall Street and Big Pharma?

    4. shamu9 says:

      Hey Donny=Boy The’ Dyker’ STFU!

    5. GeneP54 says:

      How do YOU justify obama giving our enemies military assistance and millions of dollars, or holding up a traitor and treasonist as a hero, or giving Russia radioactive materials, or helping ISIS and his muslim brotherhood, or any one of the other hundreds of things that he did to undermine our nation and our Constitution? I’m waiting……

    6. Kenneth Fichtl says:

      How do you verify any of this I see no RAGE no Blatant Racism no inciting violence He is not Connected to BLM or had influence in the collapse of the Middle East He is not a Career Politico . He did rise to his positon in NYC so that does qualify him as SCUM OF THE EARTH . HRC was NY also what would have happened if no one voted Obama would have stayed and 60 million would be happy

    7. Fedup says:

      The dems did the same thing for obama for 8 years as he tried to destroy America.

    8. grnjllybn says:

      The media finally had to admit that the only collusion with Russia
      was done by Killary’s staff member.
      So take a hike jerk!!

    9. Kathy says:

      And this is worse than, “If you like your doctor you can keep them and if you like your health insurance you can keep it”…how? And Benghazi was the result of a video??? Idiots, one and all.

    10. mac12sam12 says:

      So far Trump has kept his promises and has had many successes in a very short time that the dishonest media doesn’t report. As far as lying goes, Obama committed the biggest lie in history. No one lied more that Hussein O.

    11. Mike W says:

      Donny have you ever asked yourself why – Obama would give a speech saying that “the only people who fear the truth are those with something to hide” – of course you stomped and cheered when he said it but – if he believes that and you do too – why did Obama spend so much time and money trying to make sure ALL of his records were sealed? Sure sounds like he has a lot to hide to me.

  4. Mike W says:

    The New York Times majority stockholder is Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim. They are anti- Trump surprise surprise surprise. I wonder why the NY Times never reported on the fact that “liberal” NYC has the most segregated public school system in the country – thats right segregated – NOT de-segregated. The article also exposes Samantha Bee for the hypocrite she is

    1. granny_forUSA says:

      WOW………..Didn’t know Cuomo & DeBlasio would support that…………they love the illegals, mooslums, and liberals, and will not hand them over to ICE………..

      1. Mike W says:

        Apparently they just don’t want their kids going to school with them.

  5. Cheryl Bowman says:

    He needs to just ignore all these idiots and start making laws. And, while he’s at it, fire EVERYONE. Then he’ll be sure to get the leak.

    1. Kathy says:

      We sure go along with that suggestion…he has Obama crooks on his staff, in his white house and on his cabinet, in his congress…get rid of all of them…and don’t tweet or have news conferences but make a weekly statement, alone and the devil be gone with the liberals. They just can’t stand to lose..pity.

      1. maxx says:

        I’m with you. He should stop using Twitter and whatever other social media sh*t that is out there. He also needs to relax. Tweeting uncontrollably is just walking into the liberals ambush. Show some restraint. His base has not left him. And the story about the massive defection of young people from the Republican party is pure propaganda. I work in an area where party membership counts are researched and followed closely and the largest membership increase in 2016 was for the Republican Party and from the 20 – 35 age bracket. Many colleges went out of their way to squelch conservative organizing on campus but the young folks circumvented the college crap and went straight to the party where they joined and volunteered to recruit their like minded friends. Every single state in the country including California saw an increase in Republican leaning head counts. We are in much better shape and control than ever before.

      2. Paul F says:

        I can’t believe Pres. Trump hasn’t gotten rid of all the Obama sycophants that are still around. Or perhaps it’s not as easy as I’m thinking it is.

        1. grama18 says:

          PUT them in — JAIL — ! That’s WHERE obama Belongs !

    2. rottenrollin says:

      I say find the leaks and cut their tongues out.

      THEN prosecute them and put them in a prison cell with BIG Bubba.

      1. Cheryl Bowman says:

        I can so think of better torture practices for the damned traitors. 🙂

        1. rottenrollin says:

          Good on you, so can I.

          I was just trying to show some restraint.

          I think Medieval history and engravings can show us some creative ways to make these seditious fools recant.

          1. Cheryl Bowman says:

            Haha – traitors do not deserve restraint. Unless your name is Obama and the traitor is Bradley Manning. :/ Shame we taxpayers are going to end up paying for his sex change operation. Shame he got out of jail 28 years early. 🙁

          2. Grant1959 says:

            I’d do it for free…now where are my garden shears????

        2. Jim says:

          BULL. Quit messing with these useless idiots and let them fall through a trap door. With a rope around their necks

          1. Cheryl Bowman says:

            if you’re talking about dems, sure. But it’s so fun to mess with them. 🙂 If you’re talking about repubs, then you really need to stop listening to the useless media and the lying dems.

          2. Jim says:

            I Am talking about Obama. Maxine Waters. Pelosi. Hillary. Schumer. And the rest of the lying RAT bunch. And I don’t listen to any of the media. Never have. Not even as a kid. I knew without anyone telling me they were game playing liars. I seen my world starting to change in the late 60’s when I was 11-12. But a scripture I read say’s it all. A mans way seems right to him. But in the end it leads to his destruction. Matthew 24 really lay’s it all out. best to you and yours Cheryl.

          3. xjcv8jag says:

            I remember listening to Walter Cronkite. A true newsman. You would never see him put his opinion in the story. Well thats the way it was.
            Later in life I was in Marblehead Harbour and ran into Walter We rafted our boats together for the night and I got to spend some time with him. I still respect him for his work but found out he was an EXTREME leftist. We certainly did not get along with personnel politics but he would still be a better newsman than we have today.

      2. Nastyoldone says:

        I like you thinking, add the Hildabeast, Piglousy, Schulmer and Waters to the cell and IF there is still room put SenileReid in with them.

      3. maxx says:

        Getting rid of all of the Ovomitites will put a stop to the leaks.

    3. maxx says:

      Comey should have been fired back in January. Why didn’t Trump believe Comey was there soley to cause trouble? After all he was appointed by the worst and first illegitimate president in US history.

    4. Patriot says:

      Right on Baby!

    5. Robert Zraick says:

      Unfortunately Trump cannot put the Constitution aside. He cannot make law. The executive branch is called that because it executes the laws made by congress. The executive branch has very broad
      powers ti ensure that laws are executed and that those who break the law are caught and punished.
      All of the various players in the congress have only one real task, which is to make the laws.
      Unfortunately, starting with Bill Clinton, the executive branch did start to make laws by the wrongful use of the Executive order. It is being used today in a manner which was never the intent of the Constitution.
      The congress makes the law, the judicial branch interprets the law and the executive branch executes the laws.
      If Trump were to start making laws, he would be no better than the three previous dictators we have had in the WH.

      1. LarryMH47 says:

        Still, it seems appropriate to reverse one executive order with another. But once that’s done, Congress needs to rescind that power entirely. As you say, lawmaking is Congress’ job, not the President’s.

    6. fempatriot says:

      Congress makes the laws, not the president. Our government has 3 branches: Legislative (Congress) Executive (President,) and Judicial (Supreme Court.) The president can make executive orders, but they can be done away with…

  6. Kenneth Fichtl says:

    There is the quick fix Assassination why don’t they use it ?

    1. granny_forUSA says:

      There would be too many volunteers to get rid of obama and hildabeast……..

  7. Linda Shelton says:

    I call for the impeachment or recall or something for every one of the people who are pushing this idea that any supposed leak information is what actually happened. We know the dem lie every time they open their mouth. Why is Sessions not doing some thing.

    1. granny_forUSA says:

      Is it “OPEN” Season on the DEMOCRAPS, Illegals, Mooslums & LIBERALS Yet….?????…….Its that time of year when we start our practice time………….

  8. Fedup says:

    We are supposed to believe comey after he lied and said there wasn’t enough evidence to prosecute “The Butcher of Benghazi”? A blind man could see she had broken the law. Comy can’t be trusted, he will always be a democrat plant and his loyalty is to the democratic party and hillary. He wouldn’t say a bad word about hillary because he is on the board of HSBC and his wife is an exec there and one of their biggest accounts are the clintons and he clinton slush fund.

    1. Mike W says:

      He didn’t say there wasn’t enough evidence – he said he found “No Intent.” Whatever the hell that means. I’ve held a security clearance and if you mishandle classified information – you mishandle classified information cut and dry. They may dig into your intent at the trial to determine sentencing but you either did it or you didn’t period.

      1. maxx says:

        The law Comey was talking about mentions nothing about intent whatsoever. When it comes to National Security the action is what counts. Her intention was to cover her crimes against National Security. She sent and received “classified” information on unsecured servers and networks. That is against the law PERIOD.

      2. GeneP54 says:

        Under the espionage act there is no need to show intent. Done!

        1. Cheryl Bowman says:

          Guess they forgot about that.

      3. Cheryl Bowman says:

        Their definition of intent is different than mine. And that means it’s different than what the dictionary says, too. 🙁

    2. sunandfun says:

      You have a very GOOD point there Fedup. Comey just proved that showing how crooked the Clinton Clan are could get you killed with no evidence to show anyone who done it. Even the FBI is afraid of the Clintons, even when they have ALL the proof they need to put them in prison. WHAT A COUNTRY EH?

  9. Salgal says:

    Democrats will try anything to discredit Pres. Trump. And they are looking really bad because of their irrational accusations. They are desperately grasping at straws in order to get rid of President Trump. But they will never succeed because President Trump is strong and won’t be pummeled by moronic accusations. We are a team of patriots all over this country and we are behind our president and ready to take you on.

    1. maxx says:

      It’s the media that is making up this stuff and keeping it going. Time to put some restrictions on these pathetic communists. The First Amendment allows a lot but creating dishonest propaganda is not one of them.

      1. LarryMH47 says:

        The Media needs to be held accountable. That’s why libel laws exist.

  10. David VanBockel says:

    I certainly do not trust the MSM. When sufficient numbers of my fellow American consumers feel likewise, the MSM will go bankrupt and disappear.

  11. Stephen Repko says:

    Oh yah from a disgruntled employee who protects and supports Hillary.

  12. RichFromShowMe says:

    Actually, if this even happened, Comey is in deep doo-doo as he legally had to report it to Congress sub-committees and the AG.

    Two scoops of Ice cream and Russian Dressing are the only two things they have on President Trump . . . to date.

  13. Elad says:

    If Hillary were president or if it were the O’Bummer, people would be in jail or have lost their jobs or just disappeared or (committed suicide – ha ha) if they pulled the crap that the Media or the Leftist Liberals are doing. Trump is POTUS because we need to have society destroyers stopped.

  14. dprato says:

    Well I am not a lawyer but if they are suggesting that I could write memos about meetings with my boss without his knowledge or the courtesy of copying him/her and then have people use them to make a case against my boss, I doubt I would be very successful. If anyone can write a memo without their bosses knowledge and the ability to respond to the accusation how does one know it was just not made up to use as it is being used now that he was fired for being the obvious jerk he is demonstrating himself to be. Comey deserved to be fired and his behavior even before Trump was elected was questionable. People have been jailed by the Government for doing far less than Hillary has done and people in the know who follow the law know she broke it more than one time and her violations were serious enough to put her in jail.

  15. Rick D. says:

    Their ongoing despicable, vindictive behavior proves what slime balls & lowlife POS they really are!!

    1. Woody Baker says:

      Rick, I hope that the dems keep up their lies & BS. Why? Because when the 2018 elections happen, they will loose even more seats. The American people are not stupid & all are seeing the true, vicious, evil, & deceitful ways the dems behave. Just saying!

      1. Rick D. says:

        I hope you’re right. But, it seems like all the attention now is on how Trump has gone awry!!

        1. Woody Baker says:

          Rick, now that there’s a special investigation in place, which may go on for a year or longer, there will be a lull & I believe that the Trump Administration will take advantage & move forward with their agenda. Agree?

          1. Rick D. says:

            I hope and pray that you’re correct. Makes good sense to me.

    2. bytheway4 says:

      rick, best thing to do right now is to get Soros out and in a prison, ASAP. His money is behind al the BS from the brainless liberals.

      1. Rick D. says:

        That’s a good bet. He is truly an evil and despicable man-who’d do anything against Trump!

  16. SABER says:

    Comey is looking for his vengeance against President Trump because he fired him.
    Trump must clean out the swamp scum big time!
    We need to be rid of the likes of McCain and all those in the party that are against our President as well.
    Mark Levin calls Trump 2.0 Obama!
    Ann Colter now speaking out against President Trump.
    We have far too many disloyal to our President and the party.
    If they be not for Trump, then they should all go join that hateful Leftist Democrat party. All of them Traitors!

    1. Barbara Vanduzen says:


  17. russw says:

    This is more of an effort to discredit Comey re: Lynch telling him she would do whatever he could to protect HRC from prosecution in a documented email; and Bill’s meeting with Lynch. The left is once again accusing others of who they and what they have done as a smoke screen for their own crimes!

    1. ter334 says:

      Vendetta Lynch?

  18. Bernie Lounds says:

    Just a bunch of bullshit lies started by liberal democrats.They can’t stand losing and hate the truth about anything because they can’t deal with the truth.They just know nothing about it.

  19. Old Salt says:

    I’ve been a student of the constitution for more than 52 years [that’s how long ago I took an oath on it] and figured I’d better be educated on something, to which I swore an oath. The current error in thinking is…that the FBI, like the IRS, neither of which can be found in the constitution, has power over any elected position or any sovereign citizen for that matter. J Edger Hoover had developed a very sophisticated police force who, despite all the good it does, was able to hoodwink people like the Kennedy boys because Hoover had blackmail power over their sexual proclivities, thus fooling a whole genre of people into believing that everyone must answer to them. No such tribunal exists in our constitution and the FBI answers to the office of the president as the head of the executive branch of our government. I think Comey fancied himself a type of Hoover, who should be be feared by all, including presidents, and the ill-informed commie left is trying to employ a non-existent breech of the law, in the on going attempt to destroy this presidency. Although it would be counter productive, a president could fire the entire FBI and start over. This is where the globalists have got the wool over the eyes of a whole generation of people. Anytime you start a bureaucracy and the FBI is one…it becomes entrenched and takes on a life of its own, and if left unchecked becomes tyrannical. But what about the checks and balances I’ve heard about in the constitution you say? Well…if the constitution didn’t create it…then there exists no check and balance in the constitution to regulate it, because, from any legal contemplation, what you’re trying to regulate, also isn’t supposed to exist [Catch 22]. We have paper money too, and none of them are dollars…but that’s another story.

  20. rottenrollin says:

    The RABID National Media………THE most dangerous force facing America today………along with the elites who pull their strings…….

  21. annefarrelly says:

    Trump should have asked Comey to investigate The Clintons for all their treacheries instead of ignoring them. Now those notes would have been more interesting. The Left wants the FBI to dive into any rabbit hole that will keep Trump on the defensive, and away from the real crimes of the Clintons.

  22. Acts238toBsaved says:

    President Trump wants us to have Jobs, security, xtra money, our guns, Nicer living, and less taxes. I voted for this man and what he is trying to achieve.
    The Dems promised us more violent refuges, open borders, higher taxation, they would continue to kill off our babies in abortion, refuse to give Christians liberties and fair living, they take the free land and use our taxes to give countries that HATE us all and would kill us if they could, they give Billions of our tax dollars to these creatures. Obutt used 21 MILLION dollars just for his vacations, but the Vets died without care. Is this what the media wants? Our country will just be destroyed by them..
    MEDIA! CNN, CNBC, CBS, NBC, Washington times, NY…LISTEN UP… IF YOU CONTINUE to run our President down, withhold respect of the office of President, YOU WILL BE RESPONSIBLE FOR OUR COUNTRY GOING DOWN JUST AS IF YOU WERE IN OFFICE. The domino effect of your lies and harassment are criminal and shameful. YOU ARE ALL AN EMBARRASSMENT TO US AND TO THE WORLD!

  23. stevor says:

    Really? He wrote a memo to himself in case he FORGOT? Yeah, and the moon is made of cheese

  24. ter334 says:

    Just because Comey said or actually wrote this memo only means Comey either made up the memo or a conversation took place. It is not proof that Comey is telling the truth. It is Trump said or Comey said. So far T has not issued any fake tweets, while Comey created a fake reason to not investigate HRC. His intent to declare HRC’s intent was not illegal was and is a fake reason. Comey was in really big trouble for acting like the judge of HRC’s guilt or not guilt and it has cost him his job and perhaps his reputation. It is the FB of Investigation, not the FB of Judgement. Perhaps he was acting like a Nazi soldier who killed Jews. Obeying orders? The scope of O’s admin that needs draining seems to get deeper and broader every day? We the people have lost faith in the integrity of our govt which reached a crescendo under O and continued by the establishment’s attempt to impede draining of the swamp. I watch a TV show that deals with a lot of the ponzi scheme guys who bilk people out of their money. In it the rank and file FBI agents are usually involved in bringing the crooks to justice. the amount of money is usually in the hundreds of millions of dollars but the agents seem to be what all govt employees are supposed to be. Public servants. Honorable, hard working people for the best interests of the citizens. Compared to our political hacks that populate the parties, they are our guardian angels! Like the BLM people who try and discredit the police and other, All this negative aura that has overwhelmed our govt is, IMO, what has been poured out by O’s admin and through the media. If the democrat party disappeared from the face of the earth today it would not even be missed. Same for islam.

  25. downs1 says:

    These foolish people should be very careful before they embark on such a malignant, hateful plan! It may just come back and do to them what they hope it will do to President Trump! They are pure evil! Meanwhile, the citizens of this once great nation suffer while the elected leaders on both sides play their political games! May God judge them severely!

  26. John Savell says:

    “I hope you can let this go” is not obstructing justice or an investigation. threatening, bribing, or killing off the director (Clinton style) would be obstruction, but not just saying “I hope you can let this go.” That is pretending that this story is even remotely true, which it probably isn’t since A. it comes from that bastion of unbiased and reputable journalism, NYT (which has already been caught in lie after lie about Trump), B. they cite “FBI officials,” as their source, not even Comey himself, C. they haven’t even seen the document, much less have a copy of it. This is probably more propaganda, I mean fake “news.”

    1. SGirl says:

      Rememer it is coming from the far left that still believe the “it depends on the meaning of is…is” the meaning of hope to these lame brains is “stop” your investigation now!!!

  27. ter334 says:

    IMO we the people have established a beachhead in DC to drain the swamp. The establishment, which has ruled America for decades is trying to drive us away. But it won’t work. We are in DC to stay so the followers of O need to get with T or get voted out of office . Or lose readers, market share and go out of business. We have had enough of the lies and fake news flooding America!

  28. ReaperHD says:

    If Cumey had a problem he wrote a memo then why did he wait this long to bering any charges to surface, this seems more like CUMEY is a BALD FACED LIAR and LOOKING FOR REVENGE for being fired. CUMEY should be investigated for letting HITLERY off without PROSECUTION when EMAIL is PRESENT ORDERING LYNCH AND CUMEY NOT TO LET INVESTIGATION GET TO PUTTING HER IN JAIL. Sure sounds CRIMINAL to me for both LYNCH AND CUMEY.

  29. Richard Bagenstose says:

    from what i herd so far he never asked them to back off of anything ,but said now that he had fired him , this would end the b/s

  30. justanagent says:

    Obama and the Clintons have set the bar for ethical conduct so low and the bar for impeachment / removal so high that I believe this will all eventually come to nothing. The smart play for Trump would be to really pull the plug on the swamp by bringing in a truly independent prosecutor that neither he nor anyone else would have the authority to fire until he has finished his work. The IP should then be given a broad mandate to investigate all allegations of crimes, cover ups and official misconduct going all the way back to Fast and Furious, Obama’s abuse of “executive privilege” to protect Eric Holder (and probably himself), the IRS scandal (possibly indicting Lois Lerner and John Koskinen), the “chance meeting” and private conversation Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton had on board that airplane while Hillary was under investigation (obstruction of justice), the allegations of “pay to play” during Hillary’s tenure as secretary of state using the Clinton Foundation to take in and launder the “donations” including those made around the time we sold 20% of our uranium to Russia (RICO and possible espionage), mishandling classified information using a non-secure “homebrew” email server and then the investigation should include all of the current allegations being made against Trump. Neither the FBI nor any other federal law enforcement or intelligence gathering agency should be involved in the investigation, but they should be required to cooperate by providing all information requested or subpoenaed including documents and live testimony. The governors and / or the attorneys general of each of the fifty states should appoint two investigators to this “task force”, with NO federal involvement. A hundred investigators should be sufficient. The independent prosecutor’s office should be empowered to convene a grand jury, present evidence, obtain indictments and prosecute criminal charges with no interference from anyone. That’s what it will take to really drain the swamp. It can be done if there is enough collective moral courage to make it happen. If not then this government should just be allowed to collapse under the weight of its own corruption.

    1. Curt James says:

      Correction: President Obama stated that there were 57 states.

    2. Mike W says:

      The smart move for President Trump would be to have his records sealed. What the hell can the left wing loons say about it after their anointed one did it. They would demand President Trumps records be unsealed and Bazinga – the precedent is set Obama’s records get opened too.

  31. Curt James says:

    No one has seen the memo. The NYT claims they were told about it by phone. Journalism?

  32. Bob Cohernour says:

    No story here unless pointing out the Democrats stupidity is considered a story and everyone already knows that.

  33. Anecito Labiran says:

    yeah ignore them until their smiles will sour up on themselves…we are w/you djt….

  34. Dexter L. Wilson says:

    First of all I think if this was done it was a favor to Flynn considering the Obama administration had Flynn first and that Trump was trying to protect Flynn who appears to have received financial benefits from a Russian business but none the less

  35. C. LeSaint says:

    NEVER, EVER BELIEVE ANYTHING a lying, communist democrat says!!

  36. gene smiith says:

    Is this the same pacl of nutcases that kept writing all the stuff, each of which as the last light of dayHillary would see?
    Now they have switched to Pres. Trump….could someone give these children a coloring book or take them out to a movie maybe?

  37. fordfool says:

    I fully agree with Sheryl Bowman…..sometimes honey U gotta burn down the barn to get rid of the ratz…The opposition bunch is hell-bent on revenge…I think she’s mental already- and YoNothing is behind her.
    sorry, I calls’em the way I see’s ’em… If Im right, there’s sgonna be some subpoenas coming alright, but not from the rear, but from THE FRONT ~ Hoooha Trump…they cant STAND it because evn w/ all the illegal voting, skullduggery, , they STILL lost! Get ovr it.. Did she get her deposit back on the “water-hose boat & fireworks?”

  38. Liberals have got to believe in something. Why not lies?

  39. Thinker-1 says:

    Dems are desperate, and will do or say ANYTHING to remove Trump. Media is in their pocket, so that is all we hear.

  40. C Michaels says:

    Very sad state of affairs, that an elected President has very few allies in that Cesspool of Corruption, Graft and Perversion known as Washington DC. The whole thing needs burned down, the traitors brought to trial and then we can attempt to put something new and accountable in it’s place.

  41. GrumpyGrandpa says:

    I am convinced our Deep State will have the USA resembling Venezuela within a few years. They must feel tremendously angry their politician did not win victory in spite of all their efforts, tricks, campaigns and sabotage. Their next victim after Trump will be the American people to teach them a lesson. Expect a stock market crash, currency collapse and armed invasion via “illegal immigration”. Just like Bill Ayers wrote in the 60’s; hundreds of millions must die or be reindoctrinated.

  42. bub says:

    The FBI Director serves at the President’s will and always has. There IS no impeachable offence when it comes to the FBI Director being told to do XYZ, unless it were to be to perform a crime. Standing down, is not a crime, even IF it were true.

    Trump was 100% on target to fire the political hack Comey. It SO obvious Comey was a political mole for BO, and he’s full of BS.

  43. crustyone says:

    It should be referred to the piled high and deep state like a steaming deposit from a large dog.

  44. Joecolt says:

    Do Liberals care about our Country and the American People??? Lets take a look at that, They are Fighting for Open Borders, That Means Illegals Flooding our Country, it Means Drugs and Guns Flooding our Country from the Mexican Cartels, It Means Terrorist will cross into our Country we already Apprehended 3 so Far, how Many did we not Apprehend?? Gang Members from Other Countries coming by way of Mexico, Again these Liberals want Open Borders? They also want to allow Un-Vetted Refugees from the Middle East War Zones, Knowing IsIs Terrorist Stated they intend to use these Refugees to gain Entry into our Country, Not to Mention all our Agency’s the FBI, CIA, HLS, and our Military went on National TV and Stated IsIs Terrorist along with Other Terrorist will slip in with these Refugees and what did our Liberals Do??? They Stopped Trump from his Extreme Vetting Process and these Refugees are still coming in. Then we have the Lovely Sanctuary City’s that they want, this is Wonderful not only will they Protect Illegals but Criminals of all kinds as well and release them into our City’s, I Know this sounds like Insanity to Normal Americans but They( Liberals) are Fighting for all of this and Much, Much More If Anything I have Under stated this Insanity. Every word of this is True Liberals Do not Deny it. They, as I said Fight for it.

  45. wam bam says:

    Why do they not talk about somebody, who sold Uranium? Instead, of making up phony accusations of Trump

  46. elmcqueen3 says:

    Comey should be arrested and imprisoned for withholding evidence which he immediately should have turned over to the Justice Dept…evidence he claims he has but has not yet produced…that is a criminal offense.

  47. Maria castro says:

    There is no way both the rinos and the libtards will give up on their plan. They have both a lot of caca and a lot to lose. Trump needs us.

  48. Patriot says:

    I can’t do this anymore,Dah Communist in our free country has to go

  49. clem says:

    Which will be more believable, Comey’s “memo” or the Presidents recording? Let Comey lie, under oath (again) then bring out the recording of the “conversation.”

  50. Patriot says:

    Arm yourself ladies and gentlemen,it seems to me we are on our way to a new Civil War.
    Where did all this Progressive Liberalism come from?

  51. Susan Lindauer says:

    So what!!!! Trump fired Flynn after 17 DAYS. Then he said, “I hope you can let this go–“” I despise ALL of the Democrats. Let’s be clear: Comey’s brother, Peter, WORKS for Hillary Clinton– and received $6 MILLION at some point in 2016. On top of that, Andrew McCabe’s wife received $650,000 WHILE McCabe was heading up the investigation of Hillary Clinton’s mishandling of classified intelligence. Any other police officer or judge or public official would be indicted for that!

    Democrats have the NERVE to talk about IMPEACHING TRUMP after the NAKED corruption that they’ve inflicted on the American people. Like “pay to play” trading foreign policy decisions in exchange for private cash donations. That’s how Democrat elites like Hillary Clinton, John Podesta & Donna Shalala and Debbie Wasserman-Schultz got $145 MILLION in stocks from the RUSSIAN COMPANY, Rostatom, in exchange for 20% of US Uranium rights off FEDERAL LANDS. That belongs to ALL the American people and our grandchildren. Democrats seized FEDERAL mineral rights for PRIVATE profiteering. That’s why Democrats are the Party of Corruption!

  52. Grant1959 says:

    I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it any more!! – Network- Where the heck are the republicans that we voted in to take the house and the Senate?????? WE WON! But you wouldn’t know it,. They need to fight back, they need to quell this coordinated sedition by the Democrats, they need to get behind the president. There is no collusion, there was no collusion, this is all a made up story due to the DNC hack, which was not the damned Russians at all, it was Seth Richard, who like so many in the shadow of the Clintons was found dead of an alleged robbery, yet he had his wallet and personal jewelry and was shot in the back. If they are going to go through with this circus I hope it turns against the Dems and people that leaked and created this BS get caught up and charged with their crimes which are felonies.

  53. Chris Robinette says:

    I do not believer that Trump would do anything that stupid and Obama knows it.

  54. pcwalt says:

    Troubling for Comey in this, is that, if this is understood as Trump attempting obstruction of justice, then Comey is legally guilty of participation in obstruction of justice if he did not immediately refer the case to the DoJ. If it is enough to bring Trump up for impeachment, it is enough to send Comey away for a long time.

  55. Duane says:

    Trump’s only crime was defeating media darling Hillary.

  56. Robert Zraick says:

    I understand the passion and frustration of some of the commentators posting here. It is the result of decades of betrayal by our government.

    But the answer is to return to the original Constitution and make it work as intended. The answer is not to increase the use of torture and return to the dark ages. But we would do very well to return to the age of enlightenment which spawn the best plan for government in history, which is the government we are supposed to have, if we would only follow the law as set down in the Constitution.

    Anyone who starts talking about the Constitution as a “living document” to be interpreted and to be changed by the political whims of the time, is likely a liberal communist.

  57. David Webb says:

    Comey’s Memo is either a NYT’s FAKE NEWS or a SUICIDE BOMB:
    1) NYT said Comey’s memo was documented on Feb 14, 2017.
    2) On May 3rd, 2017, Comey said “UNDER OATH” that: “It’s not happened in my experience”, this is evidence:

    3) After lied under oath on May 3rd, 2017, Comey sent his “MEMO SUICIDE BOMB” to NYT, then WAPO saw the bomb, but thought it was a Marijuana so WAPO jumped right into the TRAP, and all three of them blown up themselves and those Democrap-Communist idiots … DIE UNDER OATH.

  58. cathylovesyou says:

    Anytime we had a Communist crack down in America, they all wee Democrats. Could the Deep States be just that. The Democrats are so liberal and want to give our money to share with the lazy’s (not theirs after all they are true communist) A little far fetched but remember the Democrat followers are the dummies the elite heads like Jesse, Al, Soros, Schumer etc are tricky devils.

  59. Irene Elizabeth Grooms says:

    Its another day here in AMERICA and its time to take a deep breath and really see what is happening to our people and our country and where we’er going these days.

  60. quelque chose says:

    Okay, where are the Trump supporters? Why aren’t they out in full force too? I know, they’re the ones with jobs and aren’t getting paid for disturbing the peace. But really? We hear a lot about the goof balls on the left, and Cankles’ new money making enterprise which I call “Resist Onward… over the Cliff.” It’s about time those ignored voters who came out and put their support behind Trump put actions where their votes were in November.
    Next, it’s time We the People stormed D.C. en masse and screamed at Schmucky Chumer, Nancillia von Pelousy, Adam Shifty, John McShame, and tell them to get back to work instead of obstructing and parading their mugs in front of the cameras and shooting off their blow holes every night with their infernal pandering. Their perpetual bloviating enables our enemies abroad because they see this, and one day, because of their stupidity and 24/7 temper tantrums, this country will pay dearly for it. I’m surprised it hasn’t happened yet!
    Three year olds are put in time out for bad behavior. Isn’t it about time we put these over grown, spoiled brat sore loser three year olds in an adult version of time out as well? Like maybe jail, and the crime being for impersonating a member of Congress?

  61. Gregory Brown says:

    Hey Jake, Lets bring on all of James Comey’s Memos for the length of time he has been the FBI director. If he keeps records as you claim, we should be able to get some answers on how he interacted with Obama, Loretta Lynch and his pardoning of Hilary Clinton! If not, I guess we will have to accept the smoke and salt you keep trying to pound up our as-!

  62. grama18 says:

    You jackass’s go to — HELL — ! GO GET THEM TRUMP ! !

    1. Old Salt says:

      They ARE going to hell…it’s a great big wide road and it’s an easy ride…just worship at the PC alter and try to destroy the man who is trying rebuild what others have all but removed…the constitution.

  63. Houmid says:

    I support Trump.
    Unfortunately, I have two weasel Senators (Shaheen and Hassan) and two weasel Congresscritters (Shea-Porter and Kuster. Progressives, liberals, and fascist-socialists all of them.

  64. Richard Schwartz says:

    Has anyone noticed how quiet Donald has been? What is in the wind? This is not the Donald millions love.
    When it comes it will be bad for Democrats. When it happens all hell will break loose. This is the quiet before the storm. My problem is this whole thing revolves around he said and she said. Why would I take the words from the media when they have given fake news again. and again? I like no republicans will go on CNN. I think the media needs a dose of “fake news” from the White House. Then tell them they have been had!!!!

  65. jong says:

    The liberals of course have gone insane. They are betting everything including their children that they will nail Trump on some thing given all the defecation they are throwing. They of course forget that Trump knows all about hostile take overs.

  66. Ken/FL says:

    Will these idiot liberals ever quit trying to destroy the USA?

  67. Walter Flatt says:















  68. David in MA says:

    Trumps words, if they were spoken, could simply be a comment, not asking for anything to be done. There appears to be a communication thing going on here, people language vs slimy political language with a meaning not common to the average person and then spun by the corrupt media..

  69. Dan Straw says:

    They are just using the smoking mirrors. Comey is a bald faced liar and his previous testimony shows that. The smoking mirrors are the confidential sources. The Supreme Court made the decision many years ago that a reporter does not have to give up the names ov confidential sources. Therefore the MSM can make up any damn lie they want to and claim it came from a confidential source. Decisions like this are good when used properly. It is a shame that talking piles of manure can use this to further their own propaganda.

  70. travis690 says:

    If the story about the quote supposedly memorialized in the memo that hasn’t been seen by anyone is true, then there’s one question Comey is going to have to answer.

    Why did you not report this to your superior officer?

    There are rules that cover whistle-blowing cases, and detail the procedures to follow. One of the rules near the top of the list is to report the incident. There is no evidence whatsoever that this procedure has been followed by Comey.

  71. redrider says:

    It’s is all a bunch of smoke and mirrors. The Dumbocrats want all of the available resources tied up with this so that we can’t get anything meaningful done, like building a wall, or maybe health care remove and replacement.

  72. Ron says:

    If you have been following Comey for the last year you would know this guy is a fruit loop. He lays out a case against Hillary and then drops it.
    Let us see all of his memo notes.

  73. Laura says:

    comeys story keeps changing. Trump fired Comey because he was dragging his feet into Russia investigation and in so doing Comey kept pressuring Trump not to co operate or even negotiate anything with Russia. That kind of pressure causes issues with foreign policy especially when Trump wants Russia to help in Syria and not get in the way.They are twisting just enough words to make his words seem like they mean something nefarious and it just isnt true.

  74. Laura says:


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