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Democrat Congressman Makes Chilling Threat Against Trump

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  1. Silverfoot says:

    Luis has always been a POS. Haters gotta hate….

    1. jackhy says:

      agree and I see no way to stop electing Congressman who are basically “unAmerican”. It’s an example of why there will be no bipartison effort to enact any of Trump’s legislation to correct the nation’s ills!

      1. Roger_T73 says:

        The RADICAL LEFT does not want to help America. They just want to hate President Trump!!!

        1. Norman says:

          RADICAL LEFTISTS are opposed to President Trump’s efforts to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN after obama attempted to “fundamentally transform America”.

      2. Paula says:

        Term LIMITS for everyone: POLITICIANS, the LEGISLATIVE Branch, JUDGES. If it is good for the President it is even more important for the CABAL of ELECTED POLITICIAN. Please “DEMAND”

    2. Forrest K. Wright says:

      evil people are the followers of evil , which is connected to satan and his lies to the human race . did GOD really say that , are you sure that means that . the ??? do we believe what people say about us , or even what we say about ourselves at times or even think . why are we so easy lead by what people say , ??? who is in charge , you or the enemy . why are we believing the lies of the media and even sometimes even our close friends . learn to forgive others and ourselves .

      1. Roger_T73 says:

        Of course, the are evil. What do you expect from demon-CRAPS?

        1. John Milhous says:

          HAHAHAHAHA, “demon-CRAPS” << I like that one! Same-same as Demodouches, right?

  2. Anthony Guastella says:

    Another Castro, Chavez, Maduro Marxist dictator, hot air two bit huckster. He is a despicable bigot and racist and is certainly not fit for office, let alone an American. Worthless. His kind are what is quite evident of what is wrong with immigration of any kind. This nation does not need any immigration at present, this is not a 125 years ago. Let them go to their favorite nations they embrace so much when they get here but yet leave those paradises and demand we do as they say. Outrageous arrogance and gall.

    1. sharon says:

      I couldn’t agree more.

    2. Richard Autry says:

      They should go back to their Muslim countries and live their Shariah lives if that’s what they want.

  3. Almos Berry says:

    Why do people call them “Democratic”. They are “Democrat”, NOT DEMOCRATIC. Get it right or shut up.

    1. mary saunders says:

      I see the Rat in the democrat it shows the Rats

    2. Al says:

      OK.. You’re as democratic azzhole.

      1. Joseph C Moore USN Ret says:

        Democrar a******. There is nothing democratic about these democrat azz*****.

    3. bttrap says:

      they are democraps

  4. Rick D. says:

    True slimeball!! Somebody should pay this loud-mouth pansy-A** a visit and teach him some manners. And, I don’t mean having a warm-and-fuzzy conversation either!

    1. William Glass says:

      Make him “An offer he can’t refuse.” Leave Kathy Griffin’s head (literally) at his office inbox. I’m not joking.

      1. Richard Autry says:

        I’ve been there and I had to swear to serve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the US of A. Its an oath I took seriously, and still do to this day. And I think those Damnocrats should too. If they did, they’d be more supportive of the President.

        1. Robert Walters says:

          Amen, anyone who doesn’t is a Traitor and should be charged with Treason. A Civil War would result in a very small Military of cowards for the left. George Soras, Obama and the Clinton’s would attempt to lead a coup and would die like rats. They are traitors to America.

        2. Anthony Guastella says:

          Thank you for your comment Richard, of course you are right and then some. Lords blessings.

      2. Sidney Hobden says:

        You are correct about the oath. I think they ALL should have to ‘stand and be counted’ for their actions and their loyalty to that oath. Someone suggested that they be graded on their performance – those passing be retained and the failure forced to resign and lose their pension as well as barred from ever holding public office again. Then we would see who were true patriots and who was just in for the money. Can we have a vote??!!!

    2. Jim Strong says:

      A new pair of cement shoes would work.

      1. richardjf says:

        Why waste the cement. An ice pick inserted behind the back of neck works fine.

        1. Rick D. says:

          I’d recommend starting with the eyeballs then finishing in the scrotum area!!

      2. Rick D. says:

        I like it, I like it!! We could always said he drowned trying out his new flippers. LMAO!!

    3. Sidney Hobden says:

      I may be mistaken, but isn’t Chicago the home of the original “CONCRETE FOOTWEAR”??

  5. Bayside GolfClub says:

    Aren’t most of ALINSKY’S RULES Illegal? Lying/slander, incitement, getting in people’s faces.. never mind the whole ethics..

  6. cowgirl20 says:

    He should be going to prison for threatening the POTUS!

    1. Scosh says:

      Then the little Latin Bastard needs to be shot for treason.

      1. Darlene F. Donston says:

        I think there are a lot of others that need to be shot on both parties for Treason!

        1. Ken says:

          I agree with you very much. I have been saying that for years now.

          1. Darlene F. Donston says:

            Thank you!

        2. 1937shirley says:

          Yup … Murkowski, Collins, McCain, Graham, Mueller,

          1. 1937shirley says:

            And, Schumer, Pelosi, Waters, Clinton and Clinton, Obama and Obama et. al.

          2. mpdMD1965 says:

            Amen..Your list should be taken as Gospel

          3. Freddie Ritchie says:

            I love the way you fundies talk about the gospels

          4. GW says:

            Quiet, go back to sticking your fingers in your ass and tasting them.

          5. voncile fullwood says:

            maybe just maybe this world full of people would talk about the gospel more then it would be alot better place to live in like it use to be,full of bull and bad comments and so much hatred and so much greed .God is not a puppet to be pulled around by a string .Heaven is real and so is hell and there are many that will face the the burning fire that will never stop may wish one day that gospel would have been in you more

          6. SGirl says:

            Sinners don’t need a God until it is too late.

          7. richardjf says:

            I think Waters is the worse. She would impeach President Trump if he had a splinter in his finger. Just fine anything to impeach him. Waters problem is she a BLACK racist. Maybe she scared they will she what she done and how her daughter accumulated $700,000 and counting. Waters is as dirty swamp creature as they come. Kick her out now.

          8. barbara says:

            amen to your statement she is like a bad cold that never goes away.

          9. Annie says:

            So is hag Hillary!

          10. polly says:

            Me thinks Water protest too mucih

          11. BeeCubed says:

            How did so many of these politicians come by so much money?????

          12. Dolly says:

            They get paid under the table for doing favors Using their political powers.

          13. granny_forUSA says:


          14. BillB says:

            They are called lobbyists…the ones who come to our elected officials to fill their coffers so they can outspend, out lie and demean anyone who challenges them for the office! Once you taste mammon, you are like a fish in a hook, and you are bought and paid for as long as you can lie, cheat and steal your way to stay in office!
            Nuff Said?

          15. Intelligal says:

            During the Evil Obama’s reign of eight years-Federal Reserve is missing alot of money-Hummmmm, wonder where it went anyway??

          16. Red Steiner says:

            Lol The Reserve misplacing money. What a crock huh?

          17. Intelligal says:

            Truth-look it up!

          18. SGirl says:

            REALLY…you need to ask?!!!

          19. BeeCubed says:

            I was being sarcastic! I know where they get their money – payoffs, bribes, donations, etc., etc., etc.

          20. Robert Zraick says:

            how do you think? Criminals all. Jail them or shoot them.

          21. David Evans says:

            Why would someone spend $100,000,000 ++ to get elected for a job that pays $250k? How do they all wind up stupendously rich?

          22. chief1937 says:

            Great question and my answer is they probably did not get it legally. I agree completely with your synopsis of $250K versus $100,000,000++ spent my math can make no sense out of that. Maybe they went to a different school.

          23. Clay Williams says:

            We have sat on our Rears and allowed a faction of GREEDY DOGS to Take Control and they now STEAL,LIE,CHEAT and WE just keep sitting and reelecting the SORRY BASTARDS!

          24. granny_forUSA says:


          25. Red Steiner says:


          26. granny_forUSA says:


          27. autrypma says:

            Waters is an evil, really ugly woman. She and Nancy Peloski are in the same bracket.
            Both are insulting, one is sneaky and hides behind her soft spoken hair, the other is a fanatical radical. Neither has a leg to stand on. Both are incredibly wealthy. We know Waters is really deep into accumulating a lot of cash. How did she do it…illegally. Of course it is hidden. And Nancy P iss also very wealthy. Do the Speakers of House make that much in their jobs. It is the extras, honey, that line their pockets, including Ryan whom I do not trust any further than I could throw him. House cleaning is in order…

          28. Cheryl Detar says:

            Rich…Wrong….Blacks can not be racist…..Just ask one.

          29. richardjf says:

            Cheryl …. Right…… I forgot about black not being racist or maybe I tried to sneak it by. When I was in the Navy one of my good friend was black. He told me this: “If there is one black man he is just that, a black man. If there are two or more they become niggers because one tries to out do the other about how much they hate the white race. If you think about that anytime blacks get in trouble its usually more that 3 blacks involved one instigating the other. Never is it one on one as they must have the advantage. Sad. It all starts at home at the supper table they hear the parents talk about whitey and how he screwed the blacks over.

          30. Deborah Pratt says:

            If you’re looking for how Maxine Waters has ‘improved’ black lives—get out the microscope!! The only ‘black life’ she has improved has been her own!! For someone ‘against’ rich people—she must ‘hate’ herself!! Oh, right–it’s just rich ‘white’ people she hates!! Maybe she hates Trump because he’s ‘richer’ than she is!! Obviously, living in a ‘rich, white’ neighborhood–she also ‘hates’ all her neighbors, too!! LOL

          31. Mary says:

            Yah Waters pushes the Russia thing and impeachment thing constantly and she’s the one that sucked $400,000 out of Putin and paid for her $400,000 home, so maybe she’s the one coeluted with Putin, I bet she has a ton of dirt in her closet, usually the one’s with the biggest mouth are the worst. And she has a big ugly mouth, inside and outside?????

          32. Annie says:

            It appears all of the people need to be replaced below the e president and vice president

          33. Millard Huff says:

            I think the whole DNC needs to be shot.

          34. chief1937 says:

            Now there is a thought sure wish it was not illegal.

          35. erleebird says:

            “The mills of the gods grind slowly; but they grind exceedingly small!”

          36. Annie says:

            The Clintons and Obama need to be hung in the town square

          37. Ted Koning says:

            Especially McCain.

          38. richardjf says:

            He’ll be gone soon. Sooner he wont be able to travel to do his job.

          39. Up Huff says:

            So, the word is that he has a nasty, fast acting brain cancer that they can’t do anything for.
            Shame that they can’t do anything for the cancer as I’m sure there are a lot of good people who could use the help.

          40. Cecilia Robarge says:

            Good people????? McCain is not one of them… duh….

          41. Paula says:

            My daughter was diagnosed of the same cancer as MCCAIN after suffering cancer for 14 years. She had emergency surgery a few month ago!
            Maybe there is some hope for her , now that a Senator has the same disease. The Best doctors will do their best!!!!
            My daughter is half his age yet would she qualify under her OBAMA Care? And could we afford it???

          42. Jo Melcher says:

            So sorry about your daughter, my daughter had breast cancer 2 yrs. ago, she is okay now. Will keep you and your daughter in my prayers. God Bless!

          43. Paula says:

            Mr.Melcher, thank you so much for you thoughtful reply. I to will pray for you daughter an Hope her Cancer is now gone forever.
            This is such a horrible disease that will often attack younger women. My daughter was diagnosed 5 month after give birth to her first baby. She was ok for a few years but after it mastesized all over her body and now in her brain.
            I do not wish Mr. MCCain such a disease it is Horrible.
            My best wishes for your Daughter.

          44. Brad Tipton says:

            Use McCain as a lab rat to test radical new brain cancer treatments. That would be a good thing he could contribute to society, in light of his latest shenanigans.

            Considering his latest actions, does anyone have a comment about the possibility McCain will be buried in Arlington?

          45. JMICHAEL270 says:

            No Ted just let Songbird Suffer a cruel death.

          46. Annie says:

            As much as you dislike McCain…you shouldn’t comment like that!

          47. voncile fullwood says:

            Annie,he may not like McCain,but his cancer will be a joy ride as to what it will be like when he face the wrath of God

          48. JMICHAEL270 says:

            You took the words right out of my mouth. Thank you

          49. Cecilia Robarge says:

            Going, going, gone. Brain tumor wins…. duh…

          50. Shawn Sapp says:

            They are keeping cures for cancer hidden from the public. Dont be surprised if McCain is suddenly cured of his cancer.

          51. DOC says:

            Why Mueller he is just doing his job??

          52. JMICHAEL270 says:

            Open your eyes Doc…..a Hillary donor and an all democrat team investigating our President. What would have been said if the Republicans had gone after BHO or HRC that way. They are trying to keep Trumps hands tied so the last administration will not be investigated. Sessions should be following up on Trey Gowdy’s work.

          53. DOC says:

            That was not I ask, why Mueller was.

          54. Keith Amherst says:

            Trump should FIRE anybody with ties to clinton, obama, their appointees including ambassadors, democratic party, the left, news media, husbands and wives of the same, and any body else that opposes his agenda. That would go a long way to drying up the septic tank. Make their names and associations public and set the justice department to investigating them all.

          55. MissouriMule says:

            That should have been done on day one. I don’t think Trump expected the complete hatred that came his way after his inauguration. I think he really thought the people would rally around him eventually since he was doing the right thing for this country.

          56. Ruff says:

            Are you really that ignorant?

          57. DOC says:

            Answer the queston not name calling. If you think i am ignorant answer what I ask for. Why Mueller??

          58. 5live5 says:

            Several already have, you refuse to acknowledge them!

          59. DOC says:

            That’s not you. What do you say??

          60. Randy Stuhlberg says:

            how about just shut the hell up liberal pervert.

          61. DOC says:

            I am not a liberal and not a pervert. You , what are you??

          62. Cecilia Robarge says:

            You mean destroying the POTUS and this nation???? duh… Get him the hell out’a here….

          63. DOC says:

            If he dirty get him, if he clean good but we need to know.

          64. 5live5 says:

            If you really feel that way, then why weren’t you SCREAMING for an investigation into obam???

          65. DOC says:

            Obama is not the pres. When he was they tried for four years to empeach him. If Trump would shut his mouth and sstop tweeting he would have any problems. But he can’t.

          66. sophie bonner says:

            No one ever wrote up Articles of Impeachment like they have for President Trump.

          67. DOC says:

            Blame your sorry Rep. they had power. Maybe they did not have real stuff to get him.

          68. Elizabeth Davis says:

            He stacked the independent council with all leftest attorneys . Is that enough or how about him carrying uranium to Russia in Sept.

          69. DOC says:

            What did Trump stack his cabnet with? We all work with people we know. Hell Trump use to love the Clintons back in the day. As old folks use to say, they all piss out the same blanket. You people forget all that..

          70. johnh says:

            Mueller should not have accepted the job because of his relationship with Comey. Also Why are there NO Republicans included in the investigation?
            Would you play cards with Mueller and not ask to cut the cards?
            Mueller is just being the Democrats patsy.

          71. DOC says:

            I cut the cards no matter who I play. There both FBI. No Rep. would take the job.

          72. Annie says:

            Don’t forget Susan Rice, Valerie Jarrett, Huma Abedin, Anthony Weiner, John Podesta Jim Comey & Loretta Lynch!

          73. lsawell says:

            Have you noticed Mueller is protecting what would be suspects in the Clinton Initiative and Clinton foundation fraud and pay-for-play case? Mueller is protecting them by making them investigators in the bogus Russian investigation? No one would dare call them out for fear of being accused of trying to tamper or block the Russian probe

          74. Red Steiner says:

            You left out Ryan and Lynch to name just a couple…there are more but they hide under rocks.

        3. icemancold says:

          Starting with Mc Cain

        4. mpdMD1965 says:

          We must be alert and not allow dumbocraps to destroy our Democracy. Dumbocraps are the destruction of our democracy. We must overcome them at all cost. They need to be shelved for the next 8 years and even more.

          1. Darlene F. Donston says:

            Agree, mpdMD

          2. 5live5 says:

            And RINOs!!

        5. Palmer says:

          Treason can only be charged if War has been declared. To bad. But this ASS needs to be put in jail.

        6. AC1USNRetired says:

          If there is ANY solid connection to the likes of Al Quida or ISIS then yes

        7. Annie says:

          I agree, look at McClain what dud he is

        8. Red Steiner says:

          I’m sure of it!

        9. granny_forUSA says:


      2. mpdMD1965 says:

        At least incarceration for many years,

      3. Les Landers says:

        You’re right good Guiterrez nothing but a left-wing pig my apologies to the pig, he’s the one who needs to be eliminated once and for all. Vote him out and bury any chance of ever holding public office again.

        1. Dragon says:

          hard to vote him out when he comes from a district where half the voters are illegal. Oh, yeah stop the illegals from voting and that might do the trick.

      4. Rob says:

        Ooh, ooh, pick me!!

      5. mpdMD1965 says:

        I kind of agree but there are too many idiots of like mind who would object.

      6. Ted Koning says:

        Lets shoot the bastard, THEN send him to prison.

        1. William Glass says:

          Your not going to “shoot to kill” ? Wouldn’t it be better to “send him to Hell” (a Federal prison is funded by taxpayer dollars).

      7. mpdMD1965 says:

        Agree completely but removing him from our environment is not worth a prison sentence. Why ruin a good life for someone not even worth flushing down a john.

      8. Freddie Ritchie says:

        you should read the talk also

      9. Juanita says:

        He thought he was going to be the first Hispanic president after Hilary was the first woman. Now he knows that is probably out of reach.

      10. lsawell says:

        But wait!…he may be the first President of the new country of The Republic of Californiastan. That will only last until the United States Totally abandons them and declares to Mexico that we no longer lay claim to California. Who’s going to inter seed in any action that Mexico decides to march in and reclaim the territory as their sovereign lands? Certainly not the 49 other states in our union.

    2. RichFromShowMe says:

      Gutierrez is a crook from the Chicago swamps so America should not expect him to be rational.

      1. jtintx2 says:

        He is a Mexican Nationalist and his loyalty is to Mexico and Mexicans!! He is a radical La Raza member!!

        1. Darlene F. Donston says:

          Amen to that and why have they not done something about La Raza? It is all over California!

          1. barbara says:

            La Raza is nothing but racist.

          2. Darlene F. Donston says:

            Living in Southern CA for 53 years showed me that. lol

        2. edward says:

          I can’t stand watching this prick, I’ll bet that he has an MS-13 tattoo on his chest!

          1. jtintx2 says:

            And tattoos of Pancho Villa, Santa Anna, and Vicente Fox!!!!!!!!!!!!

        3. mpdMD1965 says:

          Check his citizenship papers. He is either illegally here or an escapee from a mental hospital

        4. Rodger K. Shull says:

          then he needs to be deported, for making treasous actions.against the POTUS,an the AMERICAN people an the USA government.
          If he his so damn hell bent on fighting his so called corruption ,then go back to mexico an fight that government, but he won,t because he knows someone there will but him 6 feet under.

          1. kbmiller says:

            yep, or he’d have to get a real job.

        5. John Milhous says:

          Gutierrez has a extremely serious case of HEADUPYERASSITIS! ……..And, I’m guessing it is terminal…………..uh, that is, when he goes to the toilet

        6. rick meek says:

          Like those CA judges….who just happen to be living high on the hog….

          1. John Milhous says:


        7. sophie bonner says:

          His ancestry is Puerto Rican. But yes he is pro Latino.

      2. tmk6190 says:

        and what do you think of Hillary and Obama?

        1. RichFromShowMe says:

          All three are like peas in a pod . . . . crooked to the end.

        2. mpdMD1965 says:

          I doubt Obama is am American Citizen. No state claims him as a citizen.

      3. rick meek says:

        Trained in CA…..

    3. mpdMD1965 says:

      This brainstem is a disgrace. Unfortunately his actipn speaks volumes to the need of a forum to evaluate who is sent to represent us. If I encountered such a brainless individual who is obviously mentally compromised I
      would initiate a movement to arrest him as potential menace and keep him either in prison until he has a psychiatric evaluation or deport him as a potential menace. Let his people over the border suffer his presence. I personally do not want him in my country unless he is under psychiatric care in a facility for the insane.

    4. Patricia Eddy says:

      Let’s send this traitor back to his homeland as fast as possible. Better yet Prison is a good bet for his loud mouth.

    5. mpdMD1965 says:

      I have figured out the one and only prerequisite for voting dumbocrap, Brain Death. That is the same mindset shared by all Dumbocraps.

    6. AC1USNRetired says:

      He didn’t threaten to do physical harm to The Donald


      everything he said is legal and protected by the constitution.

    8. Paula says:

      Why was this ” Shister” elected to Congressman??? Did he not SWEAR to protect the People of the US not only the ILLEGAL. ALIENS Of Chicago?
      A strict Test should be required of Elected Politicians maybe even being born in this Country from an AMERICAN Parent would be nice!!!

    9. Freddie Ritchie says:

      did u read the talk? no ones life was threatened

      1. pappy450 says:

        HOW DO YOU TAKE the term”eliminate”? Sure as HELL ain’t asking the POTUS out for ice cream, FOOL. HE may not do it himself ,but there are MANY whack-jobs out there that will “think” he is asking THEM to “Do the deed”.

    10. Brenda Sinclair says:

      cowgirl if he does not go to jail then president trump has a great problem, if you or i threaten president we go under the jail so should he, what he said is treason

    11. Force Recon says:

      As well as being in rehab as those drugs have really take effect I would say of his senses but I have yet to see a liberal who had any, common or otherwise

    12. Doris Will says:

      The church should lose its tax-free status,

  7. Bill Caterino says:

    The Congressman should be censured for his comments! He does not support the laws of this Country!

    1. cosmo007 says:

      What do you expect, he’s mexican.

        1. pappy450 says:

          He MAY be, BUT he “identifies” with ILLEGAL MEXICAN immigrants. Time to haul his worthless corrupt butt to a prison cell to await EXECUTION for threatening the life of a sitting President and inciting riots. (He may not do it himself, but his rhetoric will convince some other LIBERAL COMMUNIST whack-job to do it for him.)

        2. bttrap says:

          they’re the same as mexicans

        3. Reverend1 says:

          Puerto Rican or Mexican. Their all the same. Damn Latinos.

      1. bttrap says:

        a chicago mexican that’s a democrap

  8. Shelly Bush says:

    I find it truly interesting that it is more important to work on President Trump’s dismissal from office, rather than taking hold of common sense and start working to make disagreements workable. I don’t care what side anyone is on. I care more about people learning to come to reasonable compromises for the good of this country.

    1. Roger_T73 says:

      demon-CRAPs only message is “We hate President Trump ???

      1. Robert Walters says:

        Delay, Deny, Onstruct his every agenda item. The Dem/Lib Party is in the self-destruct mode and hopefully will soon disappear. “WE THE PEOPLE” need to vote EVERYONE of these TREASONOUS bastards including John McGain out of office. We have too many failed Want A Be Presidents still in office, vote them into retirement or jail. The corrupt B. Sanders, failed to get elected McGain, corrupt, Treasonous, murder, Hillary Clinton. VOTE THEM OUT OR LOCK THEM UP OR BOTH ACTIONS. America First !

        1. Roxanne Wodtli says:

          People who are put in prison need to be put in SOLITARY confinement….otherwise it is just like school and we are paying for it. The only exception is when a person truly changes and becomes a Christian….if he/she does hire them when they get out.


      Making Paul Rand the new president is a reasonable compromise.

  9. Dan says:

    Luis is nothing more than a Latin King gang-banger that got elected to congress.

  10. flyboy53 says:

    Love to see this jerk behind bars.

    1. Jim Strong says:

      I would rather hear that he stopped breathing.

      1. flyboy53 says:

        Even better lol.

  11. George E. LeFebvre says:

    Run his butt out of the country that he hates so much. Of course one could only expect this type of politician coming from Chicago, a city that hasn’t gotten it right in its history of politics. Still one of the most corrupt cities in the country. But, its a DUMBOCRATIC strong hold of corruption.

    1. bttrap says:

      and a city known for murder and shooting of by standers and a gang on every corner

  12. MIKE MAIDA says:


    1. Jim Strong says:

      He needs a midnight call.

  13. 1Texas says:

    This type of fool is the kind that could start a Civil War and would be the first to run for cover .

    1. Myopinion says:

      LMAO! You are so right!

    2. Reverend1 says:

      Run for Mexico…

  14. Pauline Kasper says:

    I hope the people in his district will wise up and vote him out! Unfortunately, they will be dumb enough to vote for him again!

    1. Myopinion says:

      The legal ones and not on welfare will try to vote him out but I think their numbers there are far less than the welfare and illegals voting.

      1. bttrap says:

        he is part of the chicago machine

      2. Robert Walters says:

        We must stop the nation wide voter fraud. Stop all illegals from voting. Bring back the voter identification card requirement. The American People, have rights too.

  15. KDC says:

    ENFORCE THE LAWS! This moron, if he were really Christian, would want that. He’s probably living off these people and wouldn’t have a church if it weren’t for illegals.

  16. Steve Flowers says:

    In Chicago, this guy only represents the illegals, that is the only way that he can get elected, preaching hatred in a house of worship is a disgrace, he should go and support his people in Puerto Rico, he is another lefty like Warren, Pelosi, Schumer and other contributors trying to destroy America with their attempt to over throw Trump. They are a disgrace to America with their Socialistic acts.

  17. Len Tippett says:

    Send this mouthy “wetback” back to Mexico. He is not worthy of the time it takes to comment about him.

    1. Ricardo T Garrett says:

      Where is the response from the many, many Mexican immigrants who assimilated, contribute and are productive and proud to be USA citizens?
      These people spent time and money to become legal citizens and should have a voice in condemning the illegal entry to the country they adopted and those who criticize our laws!

      1. wmg says:

        puerto rican. in 1940 Congress enacted legislation conferring birthright, or “jus soli,” (right of soil) citizenship on persons born in Puerto Rico. Whereas persons born in Puerto Rico prior to 1940 could only acquire a naturalized citizenship if their parents were U.S. citizens, anyone born in Puerto Rico after 1940 acquired a U.S. citizenship as a direct result of being born on Puerto Rican soil. This legislation both amended and replaced the Jones Act. The Nationality Act of 1940 established that Puerto Rico was a part of the United States for citizenship purposes. Since Jan. 13, 1941, birth in Puerto Rico amounts to birth in the United States for citizenship purposes.

      2. Len Tippett says:

        Ricardo, agreeded. And all those “legal immigrants” should vote this mouthy politician out of office and oppose the illegals who are causing them to be lumped in with the “illegals” who are also taking their jobs.

  18. Dudley Hill says:

    This clown is a pig!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. elmcqueen3 says:

    Sounds like the Democrats are going back to their old ways of doing things as was done during the terrorized reign of their Klu Klux Klan henchmen…The Democrats via the KKK lynched blacks and killed Republicans who were opposed to slavery…those killed numbered in the thousands…the Democrats have always been the party of hate and it is evident they always will be…They also killed the first Republican President of this country Abraham Lincoln for freeing blacks from captivity…Hate has no boundaries within the Democrat Party…If you object to any of their policies they will want to crack their whip over your back…or worse case scenario they will want to destroy you…makes no difference to a Democrat if it’s a bullet to the head or by phony means of impeachment.

  20. Tim Oconnor says:

    He takes it up his rear end, and is mad because the last time an extra big one really hurt. So he wants to do blow jobs now.

  21. tatashady says:

    Democrats or republicans make no difference. They are all in the pocket of the billionaire class. What we need is a “Regular Joe” that will really represent the interests of the average American.

    1. oncemorearound says:

      We need 500 “Regular Joes and Janes” anything less and they get consumed by the scum.

  22. ARVIN says:


  23. Mitch Darby says:

    It’s a new world of politics. Anything goes for the left until they get their way. Not only are politicians attacked verbally, anyone right of center is attacked personally. A milder version from relatives is “don’t send me that stuff” as in, don’t show me ‘Your’ facts. There is no educating them. The MSN media has such a strong influence on them.

  24. skipfoss says:

    This mental midget should be brought up on treason and seditious acts and impeached and imprisoned . People like this jerk are helping break the laws that congress passed many years ago and has no business holding any office

    1. Doris Will says:

      The church that allowed this travesty should lose their tax free status. You are forbidden to have this kind of message.

  25. Check his legal status pronto!!!….

  26. disqus_D87XRi0Gy7 says:

    A great example why Mexico is what it is today, he’s the poster boy for Marxist ruling. All he, along with others like him will get is a hangman’s noose around their necks.

      1. bttrap says:

        all the same puerto rican or mexican

  27. Dean says:


  28. oncemorearound says:

    The once mighty Republic has become vermin infested and needs to be burned to the ground. A fresh start so to speak.

  29. Richard Autry says:

    The radical left just can’t handle the fact that a card carrying constitutionalist is in the White House, doing what the Constitution permits with regard to immigration, N. Korea, and running this nation. More importantly they’re pissed that they lost the House and Senate in a big way.

  30. wmg says:

    he’s a Property tax cheat . $275 a year real estate tax bill on a new home in chicago, back in the 1990’s.Just can’t fix corrupt in the swamp

    1. bttrap says:

      that’s chicago been that way for years and the people of chicago don’t seem to care

  31. gwedem5995 says:

    If something isn’t done, then America will be nothing more than Muslims and Latinos and then the muslims will wipe out the latinos. The only reason they don’t like trump is that all the dems want the illegal votes.

  32. armand says:

    You are as STUPID as the Coward in the W H .He didn’t threaten the moron what he said was that the Coward would be replaced in 2018. You are giving out FAKE NEWS.I see you idiots are threating a member of congress what a bunch of MORON

    1. Paul Whitley says:

      I have finally found the person that inspired the quote “Nobody is as ignorant as he who knows nothing, yet knows not that he knows…nothing.” He goes by the screen name “Armand”.

    2. bttrap says:

      all the stupid morons are all democraps

  33. Stash Holly says:

    I want their TAX STATUS revoked. Any Church that involves itself with hiding Felons should LOOSE their Tax exempt status. RENDER unto Caesar what is Caesars. The illegals are criminals and we have the right to demand they live under the same laws that they themselves have in their HOME COUNTRIES. Go home and to the U.S. Congress get your VISA laws up to date so if there is Mexicans who want to work here they can get a VISA!

  34. rightsright says:

    Yes Luis wants to keep Chicago, Chicago! You know bankrupt, highest crime in the nation and our borders wide open. Are you an Mexican Immigrant? I know you have a very heavy accent and if you are legal or illegal, you can always leave our great country before you get to stink it up toooooooooooooo much! I’ll buy you a one way ticket. +Treason Is his game, Scosh!

    1. bttrap says:

      include the mayor with that

  35. fordfool says:

    No no Guiterrrrrrez….the Americans who have
    footed the bill for defending the WHOLE world, owes no apology to the law-breakers who think they “make the laws”, including YOU. Some Dem-duck in Calif. says “its because our immigration laws are TOO HARD….Hey Leroy, we built it…we’re not GIVING it away. Read it.

    1. bttrap says:

      remember the alamo!!!!!!

  36. Charley C. says:

    I beleave the left has lost it ,and are becoming the people we are fighting against to try and save our country. They think that every thing they do ,or say should be adhered to with out question. And that the people should not have a say in our lives the only people who should have a say is the Democrats in congress ! NOT GONNA HAPPEN FOLKS !

  37. Dulcie A. Covington says:

    It should be against the law for Any ANCHOR to be in our GOVERNMENT, Their allegiance

  38. Walter Bazner says:

    This guy is out of his freakin’ mind. His own mama hates him!

  39. Maggietish says:

    Perhaps this Democratic Congressman Gutierrez should brief himself on the laws of this land and the Constitution. He needs to stretch his memory because when he was sworn into office he took an oath to uphold the Constitution and the laws of the United States. He just broke a major law. There is a Federal Law against threatening the life of the President of the United States. Gutierrez just threatened the life of President Trump. He can’t deny it because he didn’t boldly in front of the cameras and the microphone. Where is the Secret Service? Gutierrez should be arrested, prosecuted, jail and certainly thrown out of office immediately. We have enough thugs on the street we don’t need them in Congress.

  40. Concerned Citizen says:

    My question for all of these liberal politicians supporting illegal immigration: Why are these people [illegal immigrants] so eager to come to America?

    1. bttrap says:

      evert thing is free for them take that away and maybe they will go away

  41. Robert Uda says:

    This illegal alien Gutlessierrez masquerading as a U.S. citizen is a joke. He should be run out of town on a rail. For threatening the POTUS, he should be hanged at dawn.

  42. BarryStern says:

    Mr. President, do not spend precious time and political capital responding to idiots like this D congressman from the most corrupt and dangerous city in America. Instead, get your own house in order. Do not undercut your appointees, friends, supporters and above all, Republican legislators. You’ve made some great appointments, even though some may diagree with you from time to time. Keep disagreements private with NO leaks. Let them do their jobs while ensuring consistent messaging. In that spirit, check with your cabinet appointees before you tweet.

  43. ratnn says:

    God created nations of people at the tower of Babel, Lucifer has been trying to go back and build Babel ever since. Mexico’s servant Gutierrez, is also a servant of Lucifer, and Lucifer’s Political party (Democrats). Cast out Lucifer and his servants to have happiness and prosperity in this country, once again.

  44. JOHN STEEL says:

    This demorat has been a thorn in the side of America. These Latino politicians, care only about their job , not the country. He should never get away with threatening the

  45. Larry Cowden says:

    Nothing SAYING he can’t be the victim of a random shooting or robbery gone bad! That’s the easiest solution to eliminate that mexican. Clintons do it all the time!

    1. Roger_T73 says:

      Clinton’s opponents commit .it suicide by gunfire to the back or back of their head!!!

  46. CALVIN says:

    Gutierrez, go FUCK yourself! I as an american taxpayer am tired of footing the bill for these low life’s that are in this country illegally.

  47. Darlene F. Donston says:

    Arrest him for threatening President Trump! AND DO IT NOW!

  48. Floyd says:

    All demoKKKrats need to be in a padded room at a mental hospital.

    1. bttrap says:

      hell, take the pads out

  49. Nikita63 says:

    This piece of excrement is inciting violence and getting away with it as democrats ALWAYS do. He may be a Senator but he us UNFIT to call himself an American Citizen and so are all those who are fighting to flood this country with every unvetted Foreign Felon they can. All Illegals are just that, in violation of existing laws the Obama and other Administrations have not enforced for years which has led to this insanity of American citizens being threatened by every foreign influence from Hispanic drug cartels and street gangs recruiting our children for acts of violence, to Jihadist Muslim Refugees who are anything BUT refugees and likely ISIS agents or some other Islamic supremacist group,while decimating our police and armed forces using those funds rightfully belonging to THOSE American security forces! All such swine as this troll ought to be forced to leave this country, especially those who said they would and did not after Trump was elected. Why do Kathy Griffin, Johnny Depp, Whoopie Goldberg, Cher, Madonna and other celebrities think they have the right to incite violence or attempt to incite worse? George Clooney, was one of those so he and his Muslim wife went to England and were there for the Manchester events after which he came back to the U.S.! Why? If all these people hate it here because we live in freedom and will defend it: EVEN THEIRS, why do we not send them to Hispanic And Islamic countries and deprive them of American Citizenship, since they so little value the sacrifices of millions to provide it? I am one of them, a disabled Vietnam Veteran and all who think in such sick fashion can go to hell, or anywhere else they please as long as it is NOT HERE!

    1. bttrap says:

      very good post nikita63

  50. kassa1 says:

    The military should do their job,go get this guy, put him up against the wall and shoot him to make an example of him to the rest of the communist pieces of shit in Congress, I think they are above the law and above the people.

    1. COMPU-TRON says:

      You seriously want the Army to line up Congressmen and shoot them against “the wall?” Sounds like violent insurrection to me. Say hi to the NSA!!!

  51. tmk6190 says:


  52. vetteguy08 says:

    The issue here is what is the right going to do about it. Is the conservative movement just going to sit back and write editorials that only right wing people will read? If that is the case we loose and the next government majority will be Democrat. President Trump has to become a leader. He has to quite these left wing activists. He has to use the “Bully Pulpit” to get his point to the public. Twitter worked as a candidate but not as president. Not when he can ask for prime time to address the nation. If he can make his point and get the people behind him the congress will follow. When this happens and peoples lives improve the left will be quieted.

  53. ollie says:

    Put a stop to illegal workers taking our jobs! Throw the bosses hiring illegal workers in jail!

  54. John Savell says:

    Where was ICE? If the church was full of illegals, where were they?

  55. Kathy says:

    The democrats are doing a lot of harm to themselves…who would vote for such violent people anyway…they should have to answer for their threats Glad the republicans have more class than that..thats what the votes are for and theyLOST and will do so again if they keep up the hate messages.

  56. Joe Moore says:

    this joker has been a loser forever. who gives a rats ass what this obama boot polisher says. chicago breeds idiots like this. he should go away and stay there

  57. 4USA2 says:


    1. bttrap says:

      you sure hit the nail on the head on chicago

  58. chuck708 says:

    Sounds to me that he made a threat to kill President Trump. Why isn’t the Secrete Service, FBI arresting and charging him with Death Threats?

  59. Reverend1 says:

    Mexican Nationalist Rep. Gutierrez go to hell you brown skin bastard. You and your lying ass hole fellow democraps will never be the majority in the House of Representatives. God bless President Trump and God damn you to hell.

  60. John Redman says:

    The lunatics need just a leeeetle more rope, so, no they have not gone “too far”. THEN the slammer. I can’t wait. I had fun, yesterday, viewing a compilation video of election night and the pro hiLIARy media, one actually CRYING as the results came in. Wish I could share a URL of it but it was contained in responses to another post. I wish nothing but bad things to busybodies/control freaks which includes all mooslimes and libtards.

  61. Mister Vice says:

    Just exactly how would having a majority make it possible to eliminate a legally-elected president? Sounds like the words of treason to me. Hey Gutierrez, maybe the sitting majority will “eliminate” YOU today? You are from the obstructionist party of HATE! You are part of the problem and I stand behind Trump’s efforts to DRAIN THE SWAMP!

  62. Monica says:

    So his solution to any problems is to just place blame on anyone else who is trying to do something. We used to call it sitting in the bleachers and watching the players who are on the field. Why does he not come up with any good ideas to help his so called “people?” Of course he is in a “sanctuary church” for his own benefit. He is the one that needs “sanctuary.” I feel sorry for anyone here from another country who thinks this is the path they need to follow. He could be trying to figure out a way the system can make all the illegals “legal” but no that would actually take work when it is too easy to just keep running your mouth to get attention. TERM LIMITS are needed in this country so bad. The president has them and so does the rest of the political elected officials.

  63. Ken says:

    All of them should go to prison for not up holding the law on legal immigration! President Trump is doing his job. Democrat Party is history plus they are sore losers. We will be taking more of them out of office in 2018 and putting some of them in prison where they belong. Oh one more thing DEATH TO ISLAM.

  64. Chuck Martin says:

    so dems can’t do what GOP has been doing for last couple years,ranting and raving about the left and hillary.seems a little unfair and biased doesn’t i9t

  65. CHARLES S says:

    He is a nothing more then a “tiny” man with a mental problem who has nothing more to do or say except to shoot off his ugly big mouth. He has always been a loser in Illinois.
    He pretends that he cares about Mexicans ( of which most Puerto Ricans care nothing about Mexicans, they actually don’t like Mexicans) but in Gutierrez mind they serve a purpose; but his real political agenda is too keep on lying and retain his office for as long as his tiny body can hold on. He is another worthless Democrap who has held office for way TOO LONG since 93; its time for him to go!
    Nothing to see here, move along folks

  66. monongahela says:

    Why hasn`t Luis or Elizabeth been arrested for threatening the president or are all the demorats above our laws. What is Gutierrez crying about our border patrol and ICE are just enforcing our laws. Is GUTIERREZ a legal citizen or is he a member of MS13 hurting all the legal citizens. While putting the law breaking illegals ahead of our real citizens.

  67. Carmina Abrams says:

    Illegal is self explanatory – Not in accordance with existing laws!!! Any individual who incites violence against President Trump must be held accountable!!!

  68. Buck Stearns says:

    Sedition pure & simple! This sort of shameless demagoguery threatens our democracy & the American way of life by instilling hatred in the ignorant while severely impeding the progress & improvement we all need & deserve as a nation. For the past half-century, Democrat leadership has literally ripped this nation apart with its twisted venom & is crushing the very middle class that supports everyone else & is the very core of our greatness. This can no longer be tolerated!

  69. game50 says:

    I have nothing against the illegals in the US… however they’ve been here for quite a while and still not a citizens… there’s something wrong with it that’s… that the big problem… they want to take take take and not give ….as for that a****** threatening the president he needs to go to jail … enough of the left PC b*******.

  70. ECwashr says:

    Arrest this Liberal anti American POS!!!!

  71. Cal says:

    The democratic party has become the “party of hate”. And I thought they were the ones who cared for everyone. The radical foxes have invaded the Democrat hen house.

  72. Ann Wiley says:

    How do these people get away with their hate for this President. We are all Americans and should act accordingly. It is ok to disagree, but to threaten the President is unconscionable. If they put as much effort into doing the job they were elected to do instead of trying to stop the President’s agenda, the Country and the People would be better off. Disgusting and disturbing!

  73. WilliamHarrington says:

    I think we should rent a northern portion of the Yukon Territory, on the edge of the Arctic, from Canada and put the Jacksons, the Sharptons, the O’Donnells, the Gutierrezs, The Warrens, the Pelosis and all others preaching sedition and threatening the duly elected president in an escape proof dwelling and let them spout their vitriol to each other.

  74. Robert Walters says:

    Enough, Another Dem/Lib Asshole making threats against the President of the United States. Another job for the Secret Service, open an investigation into this Asshole, Traitor, preaching Treason against the President and the American People. We need to start putting these bastards in jail for preaching and supporting riots and willful destruction of property. Enough, put this S.O.B. In jail another Dem/Lib traitor to America.

  75. Ron says:

    Can’t wait til the bullets start to fly! Prosecute this POS!

  76. Ron says:

    Now, you know why Conservatives are considered the Party on the RIGHT! And Democrats the Party on the Left. Right vs WRONG! They are simply wrong-headed. Where did I hear that before? LOL!

  77. richard black says:

    hey hero…thats a good way to get the church burned down !! i bet the chitown gangs live there too !!!

  78. Fortuneless says:

    Gutierrez esta PUTO y Mericon.

  79. Fortuneless says:

    The South is going to rise again and put these Meskin loudmouths in the grave.

  80. 1937shirley says:

    Let’s see, Gutierrez. Possibly shaded left by his ethnicity? Wants to let more illegals in? Wants to see sanctuary cities and states government funded? Wants more illegal alien voters in to vote demoncrat? A possible run for higher political office? Get lost buddy!

  81. pete0097 says:

    I thought that political sermons weren’t allowed or the church loses it’ s tax exempt status, or does that only apply to conservative sermons?

  82. GARY ZIERK says:


  83. parthenon1 says:

    Ok Senator< I dont know how youi got elected a US senator when you probably are on the ICE list for Wet backs !

  84. MarcJ says:

    That far-left racist commie should be given a 20-year prison sentence of forced labor.

  85. Melody Reed says:

    This democratic rhetoric is going too far. The majority of Americans put President Trump into office; but the democrats are throwing childish temper tantrums. I was not a fan of Obama….but I put up with him for 8 years. He was duly elected (well, maybe not with new info. coming out on voter fraud) but he was elected, and Republicans did not throw childish temper tantrums like the Democrats are doing. Nor did they get violent and make threats against him day after day. A Republican was elected, and Dems are going nuts because he doesn’t fit the “appropriate” profile of an elitist president. No….President Trump….is a breath of fresh air as far as I am concerned. He listens to the PEOPLE! He supports our CONSTITUTION! He wants to keep this country SAFE! The beauty of America is that we are allowed to have different opinions and express them. I am appalled at the level of disrespect and hate-speech which now exists in America. President Trump is MY PRESIDENT! He does need to drain the swamp of politicians that are making money off the system, leaking information, making back-room deals, and thinking that they know better than the American people. You work for us….not the other way around. MCCain, Collins, and Murkowski: You are not Republican!! We will vote you out!

  86. Pattie Kelly says:

    Yes the secret service should visit anyone who threatens the POTUS. Look what happened to one Republican practicing for a baseball game. He got shot by a liberal deranged individual. Liberals can’t comment on any page like this without going totally nuts. With swear words and things I would never comment. But that is their way of communication and the only way they know because their hate has gotten the best of them

  87. kas5221957 says:

    It seems that this idiot and others like him do not like legal laws just being enforced for a change. If you do not like the law then change the law. Till then just shut up up whinning about the law is being enforced that was passed by both houses and signed into law.

  88. survivor33 says:

    He probably has a houseful of illegals that are related to him

  89. Roxanne Wodtli says:

    How can this Liberal Democratic Congressman spew such voracious language. As a parent, I would be ashamed to have a son of mine talk this way about the President and talk down to the American people only so he can get votes and a pay check. No wonder Chicago has the bad reputation it does !!!

  90. Roxanne Wodtli says:

    Before you vote for ANYONE…..check and see who supports them !!! I keep stating, be sure and sign up as a precinct committee person and SO SIMPLE to do… wouldn’t believe how much difference it does….don’t let others do it for you.

  91. Along came Jones says:

    Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-IL) is a fool, he not only desecrated his church he desecrated the United States of America. He obviously supports breaking our laws and dose not care who knows it. Let me tell you what I have learned about Democrats in the short time that I have been alive. Democrats are a violent group. Southern Democrats were the people who wanted to have and keep slaves. The Republican party was formed I believe just prior to the Civil War as an abolitionist party which the Democrats don’t want the black race to remember. The KKK, Democrats. Check it out if you are in doubt. Democrats should not have guns, they seem to become mentally unstable when they have guns. Every major shooting in this country since President Lincoln was assassinated has been committed by a Democrat. Judging from the reactions of the Democrats after the 2016 election I believe they are mentally unstable to begin with. That being said, not all Democrats are this stupid because a lot of them voted for President Trump. Those who didn’t vote took to the streets in a tantrum of rage after H. R. C. lost. How Un-American is that kind of behavior?

  92. Bob says:

    Screw the wetback!

  93. mpdMD1965 says:

    I would have him arrested as a threat to the life of the President of the USA. He definitely shows signs of mental illness, worse than patients in mental hospital This man is dangerous

  94. Irene Elizabeth Grooms says:


  95. Joe Sam says:

    what these people do for that extra buck ,no shame .they do not care about the people nor laws just how they can bleed the people for money ,tricks they learned from sharpton and the likes .OLD VET

  96. Janis Garvey Hewes says:

    What do these people think they will accomplish. They are already Slaves to Deep State they do as they are told and guess what they get in return…Maybe they and/or their family will commit suicide by shooting themselves in the back of the head..Use them and get rid of them problem..Hillary loves The KILL”

  97. John Milhous says:

    The “left” (Demodouches) embraces violence every chance they can get so they can make REAL Americans = Republicans, fear them. It is mostly because they fear Republicans will expose their treachery. And, in doing so, the Demodouches ultimately expose their own deception and violent treachery! Thus, ALL REAL AMERICANS can easily SEE how freakin IGNORANT AND JUST PLAIN IDIOTIC the Demodouches actually are! And, of course, the WORTHLESS ILLEGALS are going to join the WORTHLESS Demodouches, because the Demodouches can’t get any other segment of society to endorse their illegal agendas of harboring ILLEGALS! Ignorant people led by ignorant people! PATHETIC!!!!!!!!

  98. Edy TJ says:

    Where’s the article I came here to read? All I see is a photo and headline.

  99. rick meek says:

    Hey ya POS – try walking down our streets…..

    1. John Milhous says:

      POS ‘means’ the Demodouches, right?

  100. Arnold Young says:

    and maybe you should be tried for treason you S.O.B.

  101. James Pearce says:

    There is good reason for the rantings of lunatics of the Democratic party and liberals because with every passing day the noose is closing around their necks from their illegal, criminal and violent acts and actions against the American Citizens and against our sitting President Donald Trump. The more they try to put the focus on the President the more obvious it becomes who are the thieves and criminals in our country. But rest assured the Democrats and liberals of the left are not alone. We have numerous Republicans in name only (RINO) who are causing distress in our country too. The American people are becoming more nauseous every day of the same old games being played by corrupt politicians both Democrat and Republican who are in office for but one reason and that is to enrich themselves at the cost of the people they are representing. The more these enemies of the people rant about our president and conservative Americans the more it becomes evident who are the criminals and who are the victims. We the people are wary of all this goings on against our country and we draw closer to taking in hand and eliminating these parisites on our country. God save and bless America and damn those who try to destroy our country.

  102. Chris says:

    Gutierrez is a load mouth jerk! He may have not quite crossed the line, but comes right up to it. Threatening the President is a despicable act and a serious crime! Gutierrez and looney Lizzie can call for articles of impeachment all day long, they only make fools of themselves. They don’t like our immigration laws then they should (Gutierrez) present a bill to congress to change them. Tin Lizzie can vote to ratify them when they reach the Senate, oh wait, they’ll never even see the light of day. Like I said, make fools of themselves. It’s easier to run your BIG MOUTH and blame the President than follow the procedure set forth by the constitution. All mouth, no action!!!!!

  103. figmo says:

    It seems that these “loyal american” representatives in congress don’t give a damn about the rule of law when they don’t perceive it to benefit them. You will notice that they usually have a spanish surname and don’t even try to hide the fact that they place a higher importance on spanish speaking foreigners than on American citizens of any ethnic background. Funny but I don’t recall anybody advocating for Irish, German, British and other white european wannabe immigrants. Could it be that this bastard is a racist in the worst meaning of the word?

  104. Barb Streeter says:

    The Lib’s are always screaming about separation of church and state, but they have a Congressman giving a sermon in a church filled with illegals. Go figure!

  105. Rob says:

    Well he might not make it that long! Someone who probably isn’t legal himself! In The Anus of the United States at a church of Satan worshippers with Stenny Hoyer in the background,”We The People” will take care of those illegal aliens like this loud mouthed beaner!

  106. Rob says:

    When you bring in 2- million illegals to vote for Hillary, and still manage to lose, your pretty damn stupid!

  107. Rob says:

    Fuck that little Mexican jumping bean! Stenny Hoyers punk ass behind him!

  108. Derek McGowan says:

    Just another left wing crack pot. How on earth did he get voted in as a Representative? Rigged voting?

    1. The duck says:

      Rigged voting? Obama told us that does not exisits and if any

      1. Derek McGowan says:

        Yep, I agree. The statistics on illegal voting is shocking considering that many Democratic states will not hand over data to organizations investigating fraudulent voting. Obama had close ties with ACORN when they were involved in getting illegal votes. Amazing how dishonest liberals are when it comes to the truth.

  109. Rob says:

    Let’s talk about Nancy Pelosi, giving secret documents to Islamic terrorists, he even had her lap-top! So sounds like Debbie Wasserman Shultz, will have a cell mate in prison!

  110. Rob says:

    The DNC is a criminal-organization and we must do them in! That nigger Obama bringing the Muslim brotherhood into “Our-House!”

  111. The duck says:

    Until we can gain unchallenged control of congress and demand that congress upgrades their ethic standards to match biblical ethics will we ever see an end of threats and when we elect representatives with high moral ethics will government become trustworthy and do the work our Declaration of Independence and Constitution states is the business of government will be rid of this kind of trash.
    I am empathetic toward these illegal aliens and the reasons they enter our borders, but the USA was founded to be a beacon not the savior of the world. We are a Christian nation and as such we are charitable toward all. But we are limited by our resources and talents.

    The progressives rant and rave about everyone who disagrees with them and calls us cruel and have phobias and need to be institutionalized. The only safe guard is to be educated on everyone we vote for and know that they own high integrity and are honest men and women.

  112. While close, there is nothing in this speech that is Constitutionally improper. This is, after all, a free country.

  113. Bob Blackburn says:

    This DEM is disgusting !!! This country has lost all sense of decency and most of that can be traced back to that real SCUM ….. OBAMA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  114. Ralph Townsend says:

    It is pass time to arrest some of these ******* for threats, and maybe some of the rest of them will get the message, if not, fill the jails. Start with the SLUT, who said she wish to blow up the W.H.

  115. azonerimm says:

    Is anyone really surprised?

  116. Eguth3 says:

    Where is the secret service? He should be in chains and being interrogated because if those comments. Every day they are hoping someone shoots and kills him. That’s sick, they really need to train their assassins better. No Senator, no members from congress, they’re no our side, just the President or a member of his family will do.

  117. icemancold says:

    Well with his name it is easy to decide where his loyalties lie he will be with the ILLEGALS 100% what he needs to remember is come election time he may be looking for a job.!!

  118. Arizona Wolf says:

    Why are all these traitors getting away with threatening our President? They should be locked up.

  119. polly says:

    All this s abuse by others against the elected President will be the downfall of the abusers

  120. donaldbreaux says:

    Trump is upholding the law and is doing what we hired him to do along with building the wall.

  121. Dan Thurston says:

    He “threatened” to write articles of impeachment, and take him to trial. What on earth is “chilling” or “disgraceful” about that?

    “Chilling” would be any curtailing of freedom of speech, and that Americans would be in any way punished for speaking out about their concerns regarding the presidency. God knows there are enough Americans who share those concerns…

  122. al hill says:

    he was speaking to & harboring criminals which makes him a criminal

  123. S. Adams says:

    The American Communist Party can’t stand the rule of law in this United States of America. They never could. They want total control. Read the 10 planks of communism folks. Real scary sh*t when yo apply it to what is has been going in our country under demokrats. All the same things V. Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Pol Pot, Idi Amin, Saddam Hussain, Bashir Al Assad, etc., etc., etc. And let’s not forget that Barack, I mean Barry Soetoro, sent $5 million dollars to the George Soros communist organization to help organize overthrowing the freely elected President of Macedonia. I WANT MY MONEY BACK!

  124. crockett says:

    louise you need to be at the end of a short rope for those comments . sanctuary church my ass it was a warehouse . full of illegals no less . are you AMERICAN ? I guess not .. You need to have the skinheads and kkk pay you a visit . All you Demoratic libtards need to be sent out of the USA so you can see how you have the lap of luxury inside the USA . Now how do you feel about your freedom ? Were you a Veteran ?

  125. Phyllis Schultz says:

    I would think his threats to the Pres. would be enough to investigate and indict Guterriez. Come on FBI lock him up. He is another demented liberal.

  126. rockthebenz says:

    My result to stop this kind of shit remains the same; start shooting them! That will at least slow them down if it doesn’t stop them all together…Has anyone checked this little prick’s papers to see if he is an illegal?…lol

  127. Dick says:

    Deport this POS back to Puerto Rico.

  128. 4Pip says:

    It was O that was a real criminal,I think we don’t know the half of it yet. Why do these Mexicans think all of Mexico has a right to be here? We are a separate country,not one with Mexico,everyone there can’t be here.O bankrupted us through these illegals so our thoughts on them are not what he wants but we don’t care at this point.God was involved in getting Pres.Trump and Luis isn’t going to take God out.

  129. David VanBockel says:

    Let us monitor the death threats, to turn in to the Secret Service, as violations of the Hatch and Smith Acts, so that traitors may be punished.

  130. kunling says:

    Typical commie treasonous scumbag…..should be in jail for the threats.

  131. mannasage says:

    Lock him up, ASAP! Impeach him from Congress!

  132. Palmer says:

    Gutierrez should be ousted from govt service and then jailed. He is as racist as they come. He has no business being in the service of the people. He cares more for illegals then American citizens.

  133. Palmer says:

    Next to ISIS, The Democratic party is the most dangerous entity that America has to deal with.

  134. JAYRON1 says:

    All of these little scams being implemented by illegals need to be stopped.They ain’t fooling nobody for real.

  135. Alleged Comment says:

    A Demoncrap preaching to his base. The racist Mexicans. B’lack Obama did that for 8 years with his Megroes, Moslems, Mexicans, Migrants and Mongrels.

  136. rowleya says:

    Send him to Gitmo where Terrorists belong

  137. Nick Kushner says:

    he is just a typical d mocrat don’t know if that should have a d or e in there

  138. Nick Kushner says:

    its overdue time for term limits the whole bunch should be on Obama care then health care will be fixed

  139. Moe says:

    WE are pissed that Obama brought in countless millions secretly and this asshole should realize that his views would destroy a nation for an political party. Obama should be arrested and placed in jail with Johnson the smart ass.

  140. Up Huff says:

    They can “threaten” violence all they want, but they’ll find out that those who are truly capable of being “violent” are those they are threatening.
    I, for one, will not tolerate actions taken against a lawfully acting government. Doing so would be seditous if not traitorous.
    But I would take action against those who’d threaten that legally installed government.

  141. Keith Amherst says:

    Line ICE up in a circle around the church. Don’t let ANYBODY in and detain and arrest any illegals that come out. Turn off the power and water and choke off their supply of food. Scramble cell phone signals too.
    THEY are beraking the law and should be arrested for obstruction of justice.

  142. rockyndallas says:

    What will you charge him with nitwit, winning an election? You have to have cause unless you want a REAL civil war. We have had it with you parasites.

  143. Roberta Bradford Randazzo says:

    Why doesn’t somebody stand up to these Bassit basta rds S.O.B…The people of theUSA

  144. Jean D. Reynier says:

    Why in the world do the illegals think that they have a right to come into OUR country and live also receive benefits ??? Maybe Our president should look into this Rep. Gutierrez’s background and find out if HE IS LEGAL !!!!! Try doing this in Mexico.. And the Indian Senator has a questionable background herself…Just what we need another, LYING DEMOCRAT THAT THINKS SHE OR HE IS IN THE RIGHT!!!!!

  145. Jean D. Reynier says:


  146. Mikeknowstruth says:

    We all need to remember the importance of free speech! If this know nothing worthless piece of crap needs to spew the lies to build himself up he has that right.
    Just like we have the right to call him a racist lying piece of latin shit!!!

  147. CHUCK ADKINS says:


  148. Cecilia Robarge says:

    This mojado needs to go back to the hell named mejico and correct that nation before telling, real and true Americans and not other mojados like himself, how to run this beautiful nation called USA… duh… Get the hell out of that socialist church that insults Almighty God by breaking the laws of this nation and disobeying God by allowing sin to come to that so-called santuary but is only a heaven for criminals. amen

  149. Cecilia Robarge says:

    Time for this mojado to be arrested and sent to prison and then deported to the hell named mejico where he can make threats against that president and the drug cartel will take care of him. He is just a pussy. LOL!!!!! hahaha!!!!!


    Its shocking Kelley but it’s not shocking normal people.

  151. barbara says:

    McCane needs to retire.

  152. Fed Up says:

    Another example of the flagrant abuse of the Right to Free Speech by these Dumocrats. They are lucky this is the USA for in any other country, they would find themselves imprisoned or shot. Regardless, threats against the President of the United States should not be tolerated and need to be prosecuted as so many below have stated. If they hate America so much, invite them to leave or deport them!

  153. Machete Eddie says:

    What thew hell is the Secret Service doing about jerks like this clown who threaten the POTUS.
    Ot it is only illegal for an American Home Grown Citizen to threaten the POTUS!?

    I always thought Churches were for preaching Christianity Oh right I forgot that’s Chicago A poor Black Community organizer was plucked out of the poor South side of Chicago and put on puppet strings so he could soros could pull the strings that would almost destroy the United States of America until the silent Majority finally got off their Asses and woke up !

    Now the poor black Community Organizer doesn’t have to worry anymore about what people thing be cause the Cool aid drinkers seem top like being lead down the yellow brick road!

    I also don’t understand is why so many intelligent Black Americans don’t wake up and realize the Politicians BLACK and / or otherwise who have promised them jobs etc etc and haven’t produced SQUAT keep being RE-Elected ????” As Trump said “what have you not to lose” A transgender couldn’t join the US Military for over 240+ yrs Obama wrote an executive order just to add more BS for TRUMP to clean up! All Trump ids doing is putting things back the way they were when America was GGGRRR888 !! yet the stupid Voters who think Obama is so great !! blame Trump ! OH Right Obama was the one who said American Voters are stupid!

    What he forgot all Black Americans ar5en’t looking for a hand out the Majority of Black Americans would like Jobs and an education, and the more intelligent Black and white POOR Americans realize that approving the minimum wage to $15.00 an hour is making McDonalds a career to the less motivated Poor Americans think they are being helped ! Instead they are being placed in an entry level career position until they pass on to their Maker! Wake up folks look for a career path Vocational schools will be a Major improvement to our society! College isn’t for everyone.

  154. merrill says:

    hes just a jerkoff

  155. Scott Russo says:

    The left are a bunch of animals and should be treated as such! Thugs!!!

  156. Shirley M. Stout says:

    When you make statements like this you should be taken out of congress, as this is not free speech, it is violent speech. His speech could make someone do violence against our President and should not be tolerated for one minute !!

  157. Carolann Enkhaus says:

    He is not a true American as he does not represent the citizens..he only represents illegals…
    remove him from the office he is unfit for and send him to mexico where he belongs!

  158. PJ Thompson says:


  159. Bruce Rowley says:

    We should deport this jerkoff back to the land of his ancestors.

  160. Branwen says:

    Incitement to sedition is a crime, for which arrest & prosecution are stated under US law.

  161. Elena Bowman says:

    I think it is long past time that this Mexican Immigrant be removed from Congress and arrested for threatening the Government of the United States. This is sedition and treason and this excuse for a Representative only seems to Represent Mexican illegal immigrants. It is my hope that this pos never sees the inside of Congress after 2018 and is sent to prison for twenty or more years. How this pos ever got elected in Illinois is a puzzle, since the people of Illinois must know what a traitor this pos is.

  162. John Hicks says:

    Typical WETBACK , probably lost his OBAMAPHONE!

  163. Sunny says:

    You have to vote these violent idiots out of office. This has to stop. Vote 2018

  164. Bayside GolfClub says:

    Look his asss up. Five him his day in court.. Meantime his house will be empty and available for illegal immigrant housing.. These people are taking up space where we want to INVITE PEOPLE. Respectful people. packing the schools and taking the jobs of AMERICAN DREAMERS.
    AMERICANS do not have the luxury of rampant through Mexico. We have one home and one home only. Illegals did NOT build it.

  165. uhptony says:

    If a conservative had made these kind of threats against Odumbo they would still be in solitary confinement.

  166. Simon Ghanime says:

    It’s summer time, that when the Mosquitoes appears and and multiply

  167. Christine says:

    When will something be done about these threats from the Communists❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️I actually can’t stand the Dem.’s❗️❗️❗️❗️Please watch the DVD. ENEMIES WITHIN❗️Please pass info of this to all.

  168. KDC says:

    Let’s eliminate phony preachers like this. Reminds me of “rev” Wright and Farrakhan. Big mouth gate mongers. Anyone who sits under them for more than 30 seconds should question why!

  169. Kenneth Jones says:

    A threat against the President, implied or not, is still a threat, and is punishable by law. Congressman Gutierrez has laid himself wide open to prosecution, if the government decides to push it.

    1. KDC says:

      They should push it. People like him are divisive haters.

  170. gene smiith says:

    Vote hungry whores…..simple as that and their audiences are likely not all that well schooled on the subject matter but like the sound of the empty promises made by their lunatic nit wit representative…Mr Gutierrez should be ashamed of himself and it is he that should be impeached.

  171. Maria castro says:

    Phedophilia is a very profitable businesses. These children may be sold to sadists that enjoy tormenting them and later kill them as a sadistic ritual for power. These perverted pay high prices for virginity in both sexes and for their religious rituals. The rest most likely as the pet of a monster or sold into a life of prostitution.

  172. pete says:

    luis is a pimp for the illegal aliens most of whom were processed into this country by the scum bag himself,
    king obama. when and where does it stop? When the people realize exactly what the socialist democrat
    party stands for. yes, Scosh, he is a little bastard, latin is too nice of a word for that scum!!!

  173. Dulcie A. Covington says:


  174. Nancy Wehrheim says:

    Oh dear Lord, please save the hard-hearted soul of GUTIERREZ, bringing conviction upon him that he has broken the commandment “Thou shall not kill” for Jesus said that as one thinks in his or her heart one has already done the evil deed. Please teach him tolerance . In the Name of Jesus Amen

  175. John says:

    As his liberal friends call him “The sick spick prick”

  176. pappy450 says:

    When a THREAT is made against the POTUS this person is NOT exercising ‘free speech”, ANYONE threatening the life of the President should be arrested and sent to a nice cozy cell.

  177. John T. Koszalka says:

    Lock this guy up. These people don’t give a dam about people, their objective is body counts for votes. If they care so much they should start opening up their own homes to these poor people. Let me know when you do that Gutierrez. Meanwhile the Secret Service should be paying you a visit.

  178. Mary Eleanor Urso says:

    Boy, those Chicago churches are something else! I seem to remember another rant in another Chicago church a while back. “God Bless America… no, no, no…” Thank you Reverend Wright! Maybe it’s time for the Government to review the Lincoln United Methodist Church’s tax exempt status.

    1. ter334 says:

      True. This kind of stuff is so islamic where mosques, their churches, are govt controlled so they they teach jihad, etc. in their places of worship. Except they worship govt, not God. All mosques need to be closed because they are essentially govt run enterprises. And stop the importing of massive amounts of petrodollars to fund th

  179. Arizona Wolf says:

    He needs to be arrested and sent to prison. No one should be able to get away with the crap he is spouting.

  180. Everett Conrad says:

    I could a few choice words about this low life but that would only put me at dirt level with him…

  181. rennyangel2 says:

    That’s because his real name is Rep. Punk.

  182. Maggietish says:

    Gutierrez is just another obnoxious arrogant lying corrupt Democratic bag of wind. First of all the Secret Service should be going after this guy and one has to question iwhy haven’t they since he threatened the life of the President of the United States and that’s a Federal crime. Secondly, does this moron truly believe that if God forbid anything happens to President Trump because of him, and other Hatemongers like him, encouraging violence against our President that the American voters who support President Trump wouldn’t go after him and make him completely accountable. Democrats, like Gutierrez, have pushed it way too far and the American people are ready to fight back and the Democrats won’t like it and it’s guaranteed that we the people won’t lose, they will.

  183. Dodie1990 says:

    When are we going to stop pandering to illegals and their supporters. They are leeches here sucking up all the benefits they can paying no taxes whatever and acting as they please. No other country in the world would tolerate this for a minute. We have to get them out of here before they become a large enough number to take control of the government.

  184. game50 says:

    Put him in prison with the intent to kill the president… that’s sufficient enough for him to go to jail … we don’t have to have an act to happen because he’s already spoke… it’s time for him to go to jail… enough of this craziness from the far left. I’ve never heard anybody from the Republican Party threaten the illegal fraud that was in our White House for the past eight years… isn’t it amazing what the left can get away with…. or so they think ….it’s time to act and put them away before he does Act on his threat Kill the President of the United States.

  185. proudV says:

    Put his ass away, Enough is enough. The GOP is full of cowards and i hope someone explains that we elected Trump to stop all these illegal(thats illegal) Aliens from just walking into our Nation and committing crimes like rape, Murder, And in the case of Muslims that hate America and have no plans of assimilating, Terror. The MSM will never tell the truth, If they did you would find out that in the U.S. Muslims are committing alot of violent crimes. So tell these Democrats to start thinking about American citizens and shut the up.

  186. figmo says:

    It seems we have a race between the hispanics and the muslims to see who will take over our country. Gutierrez is nothing but a race pimp who advocates bringing as many hispanics as possible into our country by any means. No need for merit based immigration based on skills we need. If they can fog a mirror get them in here. Gutierrez and the unholy left will see that they get to bleed our welfare system and will tell them who to vote for. An appropriate name for this might be “stacked deck democracy”.

  187. Richard Bagenstose says:

    the spic that was run out of cal. , now that’s pretty hard to do out their ,even the spics don’t like this guy, if he had his way he would bring in 50 million illegals a year

  188. voncile fullwood says:

    Don’t worry Democratic Congressman …God is going to hold you responsible what you said full of people in the church…Government and church are suppose to be be seperated and you are suppose to preach a sermon that is good for the people instead of the evil you encounter to the people.If I had been there I would have stood up against what you said and walked out.that is the problem within churches today…no backbone to tell the church that God saves and He did not tell you to go and condemn He will do that and it is laid up for you when the time comes and with anyone else shameful that the word can not carry within a church for people like you that disgrace the rest

  189. gobrien says:

    Hey Gutierrez — where’s the separation of church and state you’re always moaning about?

  190. C.T. Dixon says:

    Please tell me where the “violent rhetoric” is in his speech. I kept reading and found no call for violence, just him advocating for the legal constitutional way to remove a sitting President, impeachment.

  191. Fortuneless says:

    Luis esta PUTO

  192. Ima Barber says:

    I think anybody threatening the President should be arrested and jailed.

  193. squeeze127 says:

    Any wonder why Democrats are in a death spiral? The RINOs need replaced too!

  194. Joe Sam says:

    scum like that have no bussness in politics he is a disgrace to the congress . he should be put in prison .trash like him has no right to be a congressman .OLD VET .

  195. VanceJ says:

    This friggn idiot should be tarred and feathered and run out of our country.

  196. ter334 says:

    Where are any reasonable reps willing to stand with T, with the people, indeed with/for the nation? Are they scared of losing their campaign funds and party support so they can stay in office? Trump, because he is rich was able to mount a campaign that touched the hearts of Americas and win. They have to engage them politically, not turn tail and hide. The last election showed that from now on money will not buy elections. They need to search their souls to find out who they are, what they believe in then stand up for it. If they end up being martyrs, then so be it! It would be wonderful if T, using the power to declare martial law passed on to him by Obama, declared martial law. Close all mosques, political cells like this guy spoke at, sanctuary cities, and other places of insurrection like was done to the Weathermen, Waco, get a tank outside O’s mansion and fire the big gun if he doesn’t surrender? Russia did it. O seems like an insurrectionist, backed by isalmic jihadist with a lot of money. And the Clintons got used by islam like judas. With money for the foundation? I think those that have cast their lot with O and islam have made a fatal mistake and misjudged T having affection for America!

  197. Gary Schoeller says:

    Keep crying Trump will get more votes just to make you cry. We are sick and tired of you America hating liberals thinking that crime is OK in any form. You bastards are so currupt the whole lot of you should be tried for treason and hung from the nearest tree!!

  198. monongahela says:

    Both elizabeth and luis should be arrested for inciting violence and calling for a violent over throw of our government. Is luis even a legal citizen you know with dems they use stupid illegals for this kind of rhetoric.

  199. jareed7 says:

    It is appalling that Democrat leaders are actually encouraging protests and violence against anyone who does not agree with their opinions and agenda. Whatever happened to sane and rational discourse? They have definitely sunk to a very low level. They will be hard-pressed to sink any lower, but chances are that they will manage.

  200. BillB says:

    Most of the radical left wing (communist) political, uneducated, as in history of our country i.e. Constitution, Bill of Rights and Federalist Papers, etc. do not have a clue, nor do they care to know what made America so great they all want to be here! However, their actions will, if allowed to rule, turn us into just another 3rd world communist nation run by a dictator like Venezuela! So, they should just all move there and join in the mayhem there and leave true Americans to run our nation! Obama should be the first in line to be sent there! They will all follow their “leader”!

  201. Susie Q says:

    I think that these people should be picked up and charged and put in jail. I also think they should be barred from any election or type of public service. They are a disgrace!!!

  202. Lindy says:

    The only thing you are going to eliminate are your bowels Guiterrez. The American people will be eliminating the democratic party around the country in 2018.

  203. icemancold says:

    GUTIERREZ :: well that name sounds like an ILLEGAL’S name to me so no wonder he is so ANTI TRUMP and he is a politician! this is what is wrong with our Government it has been taken over by ILLEGALS and MUSLIMS.!!


      Ever read a story named Knox by Harlan Ellison? You remind me of the main character.

  204. Uncle Milty says:

    I wish you would quit calling them illegal immigrants, they are illegal aliens.

  205. Lindy says:

    Remember, the more that the left talks about violence, about getting rid of a man who is creating jobs, trying to secure our borders and our country, trying to make this country safe again, prosperous again, and great again, is another nail in their coffin. We have seen the dems/left align themselves with CAIR, the American arm of the Muslim Brotherhood. We have seen them stand with Sarsour, the woman who supports Hamas and Sharia Law and who called for Jihad against Trump. We see the dems resisting any piece of legislation that will improve the lives of the American people. I hope they continue this agenda because it will be their downfall. AND please don’t forget their attempt to rig the debates, rig the primaries, their collusion with the media, and most of all, don’t forget their lies about Russia.

  206. Moe says:

    Gutierrez what gives you the FN right to harass OUR President? Too bad he can’t take you outside and beat the sh!t out of your WORTHLESS Body. It is a shame that IDIOTS like you are elected to office. A$$holes like you give your party a bad name and you really have shown your ignorance. To FN bad he can’t fire all of you useless MORONS. You people threatening our President should have THE BOOK thrown at you and be dismissed from office and put in the pen. Just because you are a politician (And A Bad One At That) “DOESN’T give you the right to threaten them. You are a complete loser and you must APOLOGIZE to OUR President.

  207. Debbie says:

    I think they have their own agenda and they don’t care what the voters say and they will do what ever it takes to see it through

  208. Richard Gieser says:

    democrats way of “reaching across the aisle”.

  209. Intelligal says:

    Gutierrez may want to be careful threatening our POTUS, as many Americans love Trump-He is a nothing, just a little pipsqueak LOSER that spreads hate-Period!

  210. Sarge says:

    This Congressman should keep his big, socialistic, liberal, America hating mouth shut. His plans and almost all democratic allies is the reason America is in the state it;s in today. As long a the democrats run this state we will continue to be in trouble and doomed to failure. With the mid-term elections coming up next year I urge all america loving people to continue to vote republican. If you don’t like the one that’s in office now then vote for a different republican. Give this great president the majority he needs to get his policies thru.

  211. Wmichaelmic says:

    I hope this guy has good protection, there’s a lot of patriots out there.

  212. sophie bonner says:

    If this guy wants to see the criminal he should look in his mirror. He should be considered dangerous.

  213. Helen Fox says:

    It’s scary. We need to all be praying for President Donald Trump’s protection.

  214. Jeff Standart says:

    They should deport the idiot big mouth! If they’re not illegal they have nothing to worry about, if they are then ship their a–es out! If an American was caught in one of the third world countries and deemed to be illegal, thet’d either be kicked out or sent to one of their hell hole prisons! We should have the right to send illegals back to where they came from!

  215. William M Durham says:

    Why doesn’t someone in this screwed up place he lives shoot this dumbass liberal asshole. Wonder if he has a green card or is just another wetback

  216. autrypma says:

    Where do these idiots come from believing they can say or do what they please concerning the President of the United States. The 1st Amendment does not cover everything. A threat is a threat and not to be taken lightly. Plus: they are influencing people who believe they are right in denouncing the President and insulting him. If they are illegals, this just stirs up more problems…If you don’t like the US President or the people,
    there are ships, planes, boats, swimmers, who can just show you the way out…to your former homes (especially if you find fault with Americans), or you can have your choice of a federal or local prison until you can decide what to do, where to leave the US, or you could be consider a traitor. Traitors can be hanged, executed, imprisoned…any of those choices, just keep threatening…is your poison..

  217. John F. Hondo Hahn says:

    Despite the fact this “Chicago congressional thug” has made a threat against the President, he should watch his mouth. I think the Secret Service should make a visit to this “thug’s office” and let him know what the law says.
    Yes, he used the word “impeach,” but he also used the word “eliminate” and I believe this is very threatening.
    Go for it…let’s mount complaints to the Secret Service.

  218. Cynthia C Chang says:

    If we do not stop this now,more and more will come.This guy speaking these hard words being what he is, is biased. Why are these young people sent here without the right papers or even parents,and now it is our responsibility to provide for them. Their public figure sponsors encourage them to pour in then ,this facilitators bully and harass us to accept and support them. Our laws are totally ignored. I wonder if these young people speak English that we still have to pay interpreters for them and waste tons of trees for different language print out for forms. They want to be taken cared of by working Americans, yet do they know our constitution, our laws? Are they willing to integrate or they are transplanted here to sabotage and tear down our norms and culture and interject theirs for us to adapt to? Will they pledge allegiance to our flag,constitution and country or they will change everything to put their language, culture and laws superior to ours? We are seeing that now, are we not? That is why America is in a mess. For the sake of accommodating others, we have lost our own identity. Is that what we Americans want? Where is the limit to what we want to give up and sacrifice just to accommodate these people who want to come here but stay separate? or even subvert and dominate us? and at the same time, make us pay for them?

  219. barnjoer says:

    And why is he not in jail? Oh yea he is A Demacrap and that puts him above the law. Just another loud mouth that needs eliminating!!

  220. donaldbreaux says:

    Little twerp Chicago Gangster wanna be.2018 he’ll be FIRED!

  221. SGirl says:

    They do not care about immigrants that are legal or illegal…all they care about are their votes!!! Once they get them on/to the polls…they throw them to the taxpayers & never think of them again!!!

  222. William H Knotts,Jr says:

    I recall his statements made in his first successful campaign for congress needed to be cleaned up.Foley was in office at that time and he was going to Washington to clean it up.He sounded more like a Tea party member than Democrat.Didn’ take long to turn him around,did it.

  223. old_salty_dawg99 says:

    He is not a man of GOD and that is no CHURCH if they let him speak there. He should be locked up since it is illegal to threaten politicians. Threatening the president is totally illegal and he should be behind bars as a Terrorist and this HATE Speech should be what puts a rope around his neck since we are at WAR with Terrorists and that would make this FOOL a TRAITOR and that is a hanging offense.

  224. Shawn Sapp says:

    Yes it has gotten violent to the point of being illegal and legal actions should be taken after these people.

  225. Robert Zraick says:

    Yeah Yeah. They will not be able to impeach Trump nor remove him from office. The Dems and the Rinos will suffer a electoral defeat in 2018, and again in 2020. They will try again to rig the elections as they always do.
    But they will lose again just as they did last time. As the election approached, they will use every dirty stinking trick they can to win by cheating, but what they do not realize is that their tactics of cheating will no longer be tolerated in our country.
    All their antics will only strengthen the resolve of the true Americans in our country. They are toast and they don’t know it.
    I can hardly wait.

  226. Pat Wells says:

    Send them all to California and build the damn wall……around California.

  227. Joseph Gaitan says:

    Obama and his cronies are trying to destroy this country. I say wake up people. Let’s all rally behind our president and help him in any way we can. I also think president Trump should immediately fire ALL Obama and Clinton appointees. God Bless our President & Family.

  228. kunling says:

    What is it about the communist left that produces reprobates like this? Jail the bastard!!

  229. Rose Ribitzki says:

    The EVIL demonic political left are the ones that need to be eliminated

  230. Roy Veteto says:

    i love the hypocrisy here. he will defend those born here – unless it is in an abortion clinic

  231. George says:

    The Democrats have never loved America or its people they are worse than any communist.

  232. John W.H. says:

    Well if the little bastard is not going to do any thing until the democRATS win back the house, President Trump, doesn’t have any thing to worry about, because that not ever going to happen !! After the swamp is drained there won’t be any place for the democRATS or the RINOS
    to hide !! They will all be wiped out like rabbid dogs !!

  233. notalib says:

    I’ve watched this lying corrupt racist on t.v. many times. He should not be in government, except Mexico government. Not American government. What district does he represent and then figure out who elected him. Kinda like watching Maxine Waters. She represents one district and lives in another. They are all corrupt to their central core.

  234. Andrew says:

    This Louis Gutierrez doesn’t seem to know what he is talking about. He should be investigated, prosecuted and imprisoned for his crime of threatening the U.S. President. People’s hard earned tax dollars should not be wasted to pay for such individual. I’m very glad that this guy is not from my state.

  235. rockyndallas says:

    Seriously what crime has the President committed? Oh yeah I forgot! He dared to win an election when the fix was in for Hillary. This vile little man is a disgrace to the congress in which he serves and the party which placed him there.

  236. kassa1 says:

    If the Secret Service is working forIf the Secret Service is working for we the people, then they should go get this guy and he should be shot on national TV.

  237. MIKE6080 says:

    little luis is a pos demonrat from chicago

  238. Robert Wayne says:

    I want to know why this Mexican turd is allowed to make these threats against President Trump while not too long ago the stinking secret service goons were jumping at the bit to arrest anybody who wasn’t kissing Obama’s worthless backside.

  239. Patrick Dougherty says:

    It is time to start Arresting the Resistance. It IS a Form of Treason. They are clearly Guilty of Treason, and there is no reason to let them run loose preaching hysterical violent rants against the President. Their BOSS. The secret service appointed to these people should realize that THEY are guarding thee threats against the President. Which, Their JOB is to arrest people who threaten the President. So their own secret servicemen should bring them to Justice BY CUFFING THEM the next time they try to go OUTSIDE. Arrest them, Jail them, try them, convict them and sentence them according to TREASON’S sentence, and Carry it out IMMEDIATELY! That is what the SWAMP NEEDS.

  240. 1josephg1 says:

    That is the problem. The law did not matter to the scumbags. Really think it is the color of their skin. Think again if possible.

  241. GyMack says:

    There are no less than 500 Thugs in Congress and the Senate that should be hauled off to jail for Treason.
    Trump is not draining the swamp fast enough. He does not realize that the Dems along with Mueller and his Minions are tying up the FBI by using a boatload of agents to investigate the Trumps and his Camp. This is to prevent FBI from investigating the corruption from the previous administration.

    Wake up Trump, they are running all over you.

  242. Irene Elizabeth Grooms says:


  243. jim jones says:

    We defeated assholes like this in the 2016 election, lets be sure this one goes in the next election!

  244. ReaperHD says:

    This Gutierrez is a SCUMBAG LOUDMOUTH POS who should have his teeth relocated.

  245. danowop says:

    It is time to gather up these leftists and exile them. They are 100%un-american, but at the same time, falsely claim that they are upholding the Constitution. Nothing but a bunch of liars and thieves. Our “freedom of speach” was to protect and allow the common man to bring the truth out against the government without fear or consequence, as it was in mother England(and other areas in the world where communism rules). These wolves want to devour America for their own power grab. In the end it will be like the story where the alligator gave the fox a “ride” across the river, and as in that story, it is obvious that they are vicous predators.

  246. Outhouse BS says:

    I pray lightening will strike that church and burn it to the ground along with all of the illegals and traitors in it !!

  247. JC Hoot says:

    This idiot has always been a full fledged PUTZ. Needs to be removed from his seat and made to live in his loved sanctuary cities

  248. Peter Smith says:

    Gutierrez may not be be an illegal alien, but one cannot be too sure and I’m sure he’d lie about it anyway. Take his passport and all forms of identification, destroy all US paper trail ties, and ship the POS south of the border. I’m sure he’ll be more comfortable surrounded by legal Mexicans, still residing in Mexico.

  249. gdhdcx says:

    I think people like gueterrez and mc Cain and graham just to name a few aught to be arrested for inciting to riot

  250. Deborah Pratt says:

    Seems the ‘liberals’ are great at ‘re-labeling’ things!! This is NOT ‘resistance’–it is out and out ‘rebellion’!! A whole ‘other’ kettle of fish!! That is NOT how we ‘do things’ in this country!!! Perhaps that is how the ‘Latinos’ do things in ‘their’ country but, not HERE!! Try it and, if needed, we call in the National Guard to handle it!! We care about the safety of our people–both political and citizens!! By the way–‘sanctuaries’ have been outlawed!!

  251. Clay Williams says:

    THIS COUNTRY….and….IT’S GOVERNMENT HAS GONE VERY SOUR ….and SOUR STINKS! We the People may have to take things AWAY from their Control and Straighten things out “OUR WAY!”

  252. Vicki Kuner Mattingly says:

    these people do not care about our country only want to destroy trump God is on our side!!!!

  253. 1937shirley says:

    Gutierrez. Need to say anything else?

  254. sandy2249 says:

    So this is what Church means to liberals , violence , hatred ! Everything the liberal party says their party is about is pure liberal BS, they don’t welcome others opinions in fact they’d like to see anyone with a different opinion killed and it looks like a majority of the liberal party wants more hatred spread in our country and around the world and they all seem to want more violence and they all don’t take the laws in our country seriously . He said their working on taking the Senate & Congress away from Republicans so I think its time a new law is passed making Photo Voter ID, the law in EVERY STATE AND IF THE LIBERALS IN THE SENATE & CONGRESS PLANS TO MAKE SURE ITS NOT PASSED NO PROBLEM Trump and do what King Obama did for 8 years put a pen in his hand and SIGN AN EXECUTIVE ODER TO MAKE PHOTO VOTER ID THE LAW IN EVERY STATE ! Liberals have been stealing elections for more then 30 years and its just keep growing with every election ! The liberal party DEPENDS ON LIBERAL VOTER FRAUD TO GET ELECTED AND ITS TIME TRUMP DOES SOMETHING ABOUT IT . Every Republican for over 30 Years knew liberals were using massive amounts of liberal voter fraud to steal elections but they were all scared that the liberal party’s attack dogs the LIBERAL MEDIA WHICH IS OWNED AND OPERATED BY THE LIBERAL PARTY & RICH LIBERALS AROUND THE WORLD the liberal media would destroy their career and then go after their families which is all true but they’ve been setting there for years letting liberals say & do anything they want to our party and now we’re labeled racist and a lot of other BS liberals like spread about our party ! Why can’t Republicans start DEMANDING PROOF OUR PARTY IS RACIST AND START DEMANDING PROOF OF EVERYTHING LIBERALS ARE ACCUSING OUR PARTY OF SAYING AND DOING ! Why doesn’t Trump & Republicans start demanding proof , liberals have been spreading liberal BS for years without any Republican standing up and demanding proof and its time it ended because LIBERALS HAVE NO PROOF THEIR JUST SPREADING HATRED & LIBERAL BS ! Trump needs to make sure there are investigations all across this country to see just how massive liberal voter fraud has become in our country, its gone on way to long ! The liberal party & their liberal media hates Trump because he isn’t like the rest of Republicans in office he actually stands up to them and calls them liars and they don’t like our party fighting back ! I think Trump is a breath of fresh air and our party needed someone like him to stand up to the liberal party and the liberal media’s BS ! Right now Trump & Republicans need to make sure Photo Voter ID is the law in every state BEFORE THE NEXT ELECTION because I’d say their already working on how to steal both houses !

  255. chief1937 says:

    Anyone directing threats toward another is guilty of a crime as threats can be classified as terror-astic threats and punishable by law this includes threats against our president.

  256. James D. Gerhardson says:

    It is at a point in America where the ignorant, low lifes are being acknowledged by any reporter just for the possibility of becoming another Walter Cronkite, but Mr Cronkite would have NEVER stooped as low as these desperate, stupid people that think that they are “reporters” or the radical ignorant people, both those serving as “public officials” and those rabble-rousers that would do anything just to have a 5 second spot on TV. Reverend Martin Luther King would be ashamed and embarrassed by the BLM movement! He believed in a showing of the masses, but not with violence, nor in blocking traffic that prevented emergency and police vehicles from doing their jobs. BLM (So-called “Leaders”) should follow his example and stop violating all of the law-abiding citizens rights!

  257. Steve Flowers says:


  258. albany le says:

    He should be arrested and charged with communicating threats. This is TREASON to threaten our Presidents life. Lock his ass up for a very long time.

  259. Deborah Lavelle says:

    This man needs to be out of politics they think they are above the law, this is a threat against an American President he should be investigated for obstruction all the Democrats are being obstructionist and should be charged with such and imprisoned for their vile acts and rhetoric. They must be stopped they sound like the dictator in Venezuela.

  260. Red Steiner says:

    If it was Obama instead of President Trump he would go to prison, probably for life.

  261. Dexter L. Wilson says:

    My answer to this law breaker (conspiracy to commit misdemeanors and felonies)

    Found this on line
    Illegal Immigration is a Crime
    Each year the Border Patrol apprehends hundreds of thousands of
    aliens who flagrantly violate our nation’s laws by unlawfully crossing
    U.S. borders. Such illegal entry is a misdemeanor, and, if repeated
    after being deported, becomes punishable as a felony.

    The illegal alien population is composed of those who illegally
    enter the country (referred to as “entry without inspection — EWI”) in
    violation of the immigration law, and others enter legally and then
    sty illegally (referred to as overstayers). The immigration authorities
    currently estimate that two-thirds to three-fifths of all illegal
    immigrants are EWIs and the remainder is overstayers. Both types of
    illegal immigrants are deportable under Immigration and Nationality Act
    Section 237 (a)(1)(B) which says: “Any alien who is present in the United States in violation of this Act or any other law of the United States is deportable.”

    Illegal Immigration Is Not A Victimless Crime

    Apologists for illegal immigration try to paint it as a victimless
    crime, but the fact is that illegal immigration causes substantial harm
    to American citizens and legal immigrants, particularly those in the
    most vulnerable sectors of our population — the poor, minorities, and

    Illegal immigration causes an enormous drain on public funds. The
    seminal study of the costs of immigration by the National Academy of
    Sciences found that the taxes paid by immigrants do not begin to cover
    the cost of services received by them.1
    The quality of education, health care and other services for Americans
    are undermined by the needs of endless numbers of poor, unskilled
    illegal entrants.

    Additionally, job competition by waves of illegal immigrants
    desperate for any job unfairly depresses the wages and working
    conditions offered to American workers, hitting hardest at minority
    workers and those without high school degrees.

    Illegal Immigration And Population Growth

    Illegal immigration also contributes to the dramatic population
    growth overwhelming communities across America — crowding school
    classrooms, consuming already limited affordable housing, and
    increasing the strain on precious natural resources like water, energy,
    and forestland. Until the recent economic recession and high
    unemployment, the immigration authorities estimated that the population
    of illegal aliens was increasing by an estimated half million people

    Illegal Immigration Undermines National Security

    While most illegal immigrants may come only to seek work and a
    better economic opportunity, their presence outside the law furnishes
    an opportunity for terrorists to blend into the same shadows while they
    target the American public for their terrorist crimes. Some people
    advocate giving illegal aliens legal status to bring them out of the
    shadows, but, if we accommodate illegal immigration by offering legal
    status, this will be seen abroad as a message that we condone illegal
    immigration, and we will forever be faced with the problem.

    Border Patrol: Necessary But Not Sufficient

    The Border Patrol plays a crucial role in combating illegal
    immigration, but illegal immigration cannot be controlled solely at the
    border. The overstayers as well as the EWIs who get past the Border
    Patrol must be identified and removed by the interior immigration
    inspectors of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). Today, the
    policies of the Obama administration are working at cross purposes to
    this objective. ICE is constrained from detaining and deporting most
    illegal aliens they encounter with the exception of those with criminal
    convictions or threats to the national security.

    What Can Be Done?

    There must be a comprehensive effort to end illegal immigration.
    That requires ensuring that illegal aliens will not be able to obtain
    employment, public assistance benefits, public education, public
    housing, or any other taxpayer-funded benefit without detection.

    The three major components of immigration control — deterrence,
    apprehension and removal — need to be strengthened by Congress and the
    Executive Branch if effective control is ever to be reestablished.
    Controlling illegal immigration requires a balanced approach with a
    full range of enforcement improvements that go far beyond the border.
    These include many procedural reforms, beefed up investigation
    capacity, asylum reform, documents improvements, major improvements in
    detention and deportation procedures, limitations on judicial review,
    improved intelligence capacity, greatly improved state/federal
    cooperation, and added resources.

    What About The Costs?

    Effective control and management of the laws against illegal
    immigration require adequate resources. But those costs will be more
    than offset by savings to states, counties, communities, and school
    districts across the nation.

  262. Red Steiner says:

    I wonder how many Veterans feel like I do about what Obama and the other Muslims have done to the America we served?

    1. William Braudis says:

      I”ll join you Mr. Steiner. I believe that there should not be an obama anywhere on the property of the United States. He can rejoin the Muslims and continue to plan the destruction of America. Then we would be free to put a bullet through his head.

  263. Dexter L. Wilson says:

    Now also can we have migrant farm workers without difficulty and is it legal.

    Farm-worker crossings to resume at U.S.-Mexico border
    Vegetation IMPACT Program NW cherry crop breaks record

    Casey Corr // Aug 6, 2014 // Labor // Legal & Regulatory // Updates // Videos

    Stemilt employee, Elizabeth Hernandez, talks with H-2A candidates in Tijuana, Mexico on May 12, 2014. (Courtesy Heri Chapula/Washington Farm Labor Association)

    The Washington Farm Labor Association says it will resume scheduling
    crossings at the U.S.-Mexico border for farm workers, but warned it
    fears massive border backlogs unless the Secretary of State takes action
    to prioritize farm worker visa requests.

    The association says the normally smooth two-day border crossing process for farm workers requesting H-2A seasonal worker visas began to have delays on July 7,
    and all but ground to a halt after a computer glitch crashed the State
    Department’s visa database on July 20, according to State Department

    WAFLA suspended its requests for visa processing on July 28, but will
    resume border crossing attempts on August 11. Northwest farmers are
    requesting nearly 1,500 new worker visas for apple and pear harvest
    activities, to join the approximately 7,000 guest workers who are
    already in the state. WAFLA represents about 80 percent of the farmers
    who apply for these visas, and plans to schedule 725 border crossing
    appointments in the week of August 11.

    “Unless we have a functioning guest worker program, the apple harvest
    will fail,” WAFLA director Dan Fazio said in a press release. “The
    H-2A program minimizes the effects of the labor shortage, thereby
    benefitting all farmers in the area.”

    Estimates on the number of domestic workers who participate in fall
    harvest activities vary greatly, from under 40,000 to as high as 60,000.
    The high variance is due to the difficulty in counting large numbers of
    undocumented migrant workers. The state has estimated a labor shortage
    of at least 15 percent.

    According to an article in the Yakima Herald-Republic,
    the most recent update earlier this week from the State Department
    website said the agency is “working to bring the Consular Consolidated
    Database back to full operational capacity.”

    According to the Herald:

    Fazio said “hard work” by the staffs of Sen. Patty Murray,
    D-Wash., and U.S. Rep. Denny Heck, D-Olympia, helped speed up the
    processing of some visa requests.He said Murray’s office has
    communicated that the Consulate General in Tijuana has made the guest
    workers its “first priority.”The farm labor association is urging
    growers to contact their congressional representatives to urge them to
    make farm workers a priority.Pete Verbrugge, president of Valley Fruit
    in Wapato, has some H-2A employees in his orchards now and is expecting
    more to arrive in September. He does not have any currently stuck on the
    border, but says finding labor is a perennial concern.“We always worry
    about that,” Verbrugge said.

    The association released a video (below) it said was with a worker
    who was turned away from the U.S. border after waiting five days for a
    Visa. The worker says in the past he’s entered the U.S. legally several
    times without any hitches. The interview is in Spanish with English

  264. granny_forUSA says:


  265. suesueb says:

    Violent left? YES! I think most would make a good fit in Venezuela.

  266. Pattie Kelly says:

    Well one congressman Scalise just got into therpay after being fatally shot by a mad man who was a liberal and all because of all the crap that is being sped around by people like this butt hole. What they say does influence people to riot because they don’t know how to hold a peaceful protest and I want more people to get a knock on their door from the secret service for threatening the President’s life. You just can’t do that. I hated Obama but I never threaten his life. It could be because I have a brain.

  267. Joel Goodman says:


  268. Mike_Travis says:

    Whether his use of the word “eliminate” is a criminal offense under the law, it is at LEAST morally objectionable to threaten the POTUS. If the gop had ANY sense at all, which they do not, they should censure that man then get him thrown out of congress. We all know, at least the honest ones, that had a republican made the same comment towards the traitor Ovomit, he would have been ruthlessly attacked by congress and the media, most likely leading to his resignation. BUt we also know the left is so hypocritical they would not see any problem with a liberal threatening the POTUS.

    From my perspective, both parties in congress are totally corrupt and morally bankrupt as NONE of them object to giving themselves unlimited FREE benefits at the taxpayer’s expense, while they all collude to destroy America by ALLOWING illegals to come here, live here, work here, and get free benefits here just so congressmen can get rich and buy votes.

  269. Mike_Travis says:

    By the way, this website is so slow I will not be back.

  270. CharlyO says:

    How would this lib loon feel if we were to eliminate him as he says we should do to the President. Could happen!

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