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Donald Trump Just Made A Huge Announcement About Ben Carson

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  1. nomeatheads says:

    Trump cabinet is looking despite the critics and wannabees at CNN

  2. nomeatheads says:

    Ben Carson is a true patriot , Gentleman and scholar. He is honest and his devotion to making america great again is indisputable

  3. nomeatheads says:

    Maybe Ben can restore the lost hope they had in that FRAUD obama it would be a good thing for all americans to at least get back to where we were before obama

  4. Vassiliki says:

    Dr. Carson has integrity, non-judgmental, passion, devotion, a listener, leadership skills, sincerity, honesty and will try and the best in any position. Many have said that he lacks experience in the HUD department but I think he will overcome his lack of experience through all the above qualities I mentioned ( and I am sure more) because he has the passion and love for humanity to help those in need as well as growing up in those same conditions he will now be in charge to help. I wish him the best and may God bless him to do an excellent job in this new endeavor.

  5. uncle_fweddy says:

    Congratulations, Dr. Carson. You will do great at anything yo put your mind to.

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