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Elizabeth Warren Shocked Americans With Her Latest Stunt

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  1. Diane says:

    All Progressive
    Democrats are emotionally unhinged!

    1. KJ says:

      Liberalism is a mental illness.

      1. Peter says:

        It’s a socialist disease. No shot of penicillin is gonna help.

  2. kenmarx49 says:

    Apparently Warren doesn’t realize that large numbers of Democrats have moved from Massachusetts to traditionally Republican New Hampshire and taken their politics with them. She’s either dishonest or ignorant.

    1. Susan Cummings says:

      Warren is part of the problem that exists in New England, and she firmly believes there are enough crazies out there, like her, that will continue to believe her narrative. Just people from NE. And even they are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel as an oncoming train of lies and deception. The politicians here in New England are the ones mostly likely to fail, along with their subservients.

    2. WilliamHarrington says:

      Kenmarx49 – How about both.

    3. zipper says:

      That was exactly Obama’s plan with distributing his “imports” in small town America; turn red into blue.

  3. Whatzrname says:

    Yeah, a president who actually works and gets things done and corrects a mess left by the previous prissy jerk isn’t as presidential as the prissy jerk who stepped all over the constitution, used the irs against his political opponents, forced a healthcare system down people’s throats, who only created government jobs, lied about why 4 brave men died in benghozi…yeah, ok, elizabeth…you’re cray cray.

    1. Frank629 says:

      you forgot to add ..”was a cherokee indian “.

      1. Sun~Rose says:

        Laughing! Well you know, she “used to be”

        1. GrumpyGrandpa says:

          Long enough to get subsidies and grants to attend college. Typical honesty and values from a tapeworm progressive liberal.

        2. Random Citizen says:

          Maybe in one of her past lives…

      2. Stephen says:

        Only Cherokee she’s had in her is an old Indian known as Crawling Drunk. He still swears he had no idea until he woke up the next morning, always wondered why he only had 1 arm. Heard he chewed it off when he woke up.

    2. Wildflowers52 says:

      Like Dennis Miller says about Pelosi, she’s “batshit crazy”…..sleeps upside down!

    3. J. Ernst says:

      WORSE YET…I’ve seen bumper stickers of late that have the old mushroom symbol with Barry’s image and the words Still MY President!!!
      YYUUP!!! Liberalism IS a mental illness.

      1. PendragonRise says:

        Problem is it’s endemically infectious! 🙁

  4. toothii says:

    Once a Commie always a Commie! Comrade Warren has nothing to offer this DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC!

    1. Tony Rowell says:

      no worry, she’s going to jail with rest of them

  5. annefarrelly says:

    Totally off the reservation . . .

  6. Hellhound says:

    Pocahontas is mental.

  7. Bill says:

    Warren is a real basket case! How do idiots like her even get elected? Does not speak highly for the voters of her state!

    1. Deborah G says:

      They get elected by bigger morons.

  8. lucifer says:

    Another old hag of the many in the demo party, that talks w/out thinking, and the topics have no merits to the truth of the matter. And they think they are going to win any elections? After what they all demonstrated in the last cycle, the citizens understand how crooked they are? Thank You.

    1. zipper says:

      Funny thing is, she’s can’t be too dumb, as she’s a physician. Just goes to show how the Wrong ideology can override intelligence and turn one into a functional idiot.

      1. diksum says:

        Not a physician; she’s a lawyer.

      2. deepthink says:

        If she is a Physician and so smart, why is she in government???

        1. zipper says:

          Money, power, and furthering her twisted ideology, I would say.

        2. VET says:

          For screwing people to get the Obamacare it’s alway about the money that she can steal from the people that is how the Democrats work,they lie like hell and the most corrupt administration that this country has ever seen to me that man that called himself a President and all these Idiots called the SS Democrat Party ran our country like a bunch of DICTATORS that they were,and i thought HITLER was bad Obama had more people killed overseas when he was the one that release them to go on their rampage why do you think he took our Troops out of IRAQ when Bush had them detain nothing was happening when our Troops were there until he took them out of IRAQ and he knew what he was doing would cause havoc around the world.And is still trying to plan to get our country Destroyed with his so called ARMY he said he was building and the only ones i can think of are the ones that came across our Borders and i am not talking about the Mexican ones.

      3. lucifer says:

        You must belong to the same group that she belongs, thieves, schemers and liars. Maybe you can book a room in the same mental ward w/her. Don’t take it personal now you hear? Thank You.

        1. zipper says:

          If you think I’m in Warren’s camp, then it is YOU who belongs in a mental ward! And I DO take a moronic comment like that personal. I haven’t worked hard for years against her type to take crap from someone named “lucifer.” GFY!

          1. lucifer says:

            Mr. Zipper your temper took over you in your last comment. It does not let you think before starting to type your thoughts. You don’t like my name, it does not bother me at all, I don’t make the silly mistake of taking a comment personally, it shows the short fuse you have, while I am laughing over here. Zipp have a great week end, and don’t lose your cool again. Life is too short Zipp. Thank You.

          2. zipper says:

            Oh, I didn’t lose my temper. Just expressing some annoyance at your comment. Now I get it: you’re a provocateur troll. Hope you had as much fun as I did. 😀

          3. lucifer says:

            My intention is not to be a provocateur, is just to express my views of these so called ruling class in Our country, that take advantage of their position and try to ram down our throats their liberal laws taking away Our Freedoms at the same time. Repeat nothing personal about my comments, you have your own ideas and I got mine, so does many people in Discus? Thank You.

  9. gene smiith says:

    This woman is a scream. Small wonder she is a Democrat Champion, she fits that profile perfectly.
    Go Get em Liz…..You are a super model for your like minded folks.

    1. Robert Walters says:

      I totally agree with you comment. The New England Dems have all gone crazy over there loss. Liz for President, NOT A CHANCE IN HELL ! Vote are these crazy Dems out of office, if for no other reason then to save your party, our nation, America.

      1. gene smiith says:

        Yes Robert>>>>GO THEY MUST or We The People are screwed

  10. dennodog says:

    At this point in obama’s 1st term they were still trying to explain to him that the teleprompter doesn’t show cartoons.

    1. Tony Rowell says:

      I love that one

    2. Sun~Rose says:

      thanks for the laughter!

    3. Missy12524 . says:

      Notice that Obama still has a huge problem finding his “words” without a teleprompter!

  11. Francisco Machado says:

    So the last president spent eight years failing and blaming everything on the preceding president. Do we have the recordings of her commentary on that? In her PC sensitive domain, how does she feel about people who claim to be Indians? Especially ones who claim it to procure an entrance slot to a university?

    1. diksum says:

      No mention in Wikipedia of her false claim to be of Indian heritage.

      1. Francisco Machado says:

        As you probably realize, Wikipedia is open to addendum and editing by readers. You can enter the information, but Lizzie probably has three shifts monitoring it to delete any negative comments.

        1. diksum says:

          I intended to add this info but someone beat me to it.

  12. Timothy Dayton says:

    Warren is someone who made lots of money screwing people in foreclosure during the housing crisis which was a direct result of Dems (Barney Frank) pushing lenders to lower the standards to get a loan. Then it blew-up and good ole Liz swooped in to buy distressed properties at huge discounts. Now she wants to be a champion for the same people she screwed. However, the press won’t talk about this and the libs refuse to believe or prefer to remain ignorant thus she gets a pass for being a vulture such that a Repub would never get.

  13. WilliamHarrington says:

    Warren,Waters and Pelosi sitting around a boiling cauldron with the mantra “Double,double toil and trouble, Fire burn, and cauldron bubble”.

  14. Swede says:

    Probably to much firewater.

  15. JOHN PHELPS says:

    The thing that is amazing is that the people of MASS can be so stupid that they can vote for such an obvious lunatic.

  16. AdjunctGeorge says:

    Remember Scooter Libby. No independent counse4. Im for a grand jury who could also investigate the leaks as well.

  17. Freedom says:

    Simple logic of her reaction of President Trump. He has her number along with
    the rest…..Have a nice day…..:-)

  18. Wild Bill says:

    Warren has finally out nut-jobbed Nut-Job Pelosi! She has fallen right out of her tree!

    1. zipper says:

      Naw, I’ll still give the top award for Insanity to Pelosi. LOL

    2. tanksolot says:

      Along with the maggot Waters, it’s like a trinity of nutjobs

  19. KJ says:

    Isn’t it odd that some Democrats are still crowing about a link between the Trump campaign and some unknown nameless Russians while at the same time DNI Clapper and FBI Comey are saying that there is no evidence of election tampering. In short, the foot soldiers are screaming that an investigation is needed while the intelligence community is saying that nothing needs to be done. What do the liberal leaning intelligence folks know? Were they conducting illegal information gathering domestically on Donald Trump and/or any of the people associated with him? Why? What were the grounds? Who knew about it? Who signed off on it? Who may have ordered it or created the illusion of need for intelligence gathering?


    1. kk says:

      KJ, I believe the likes of Jarrett and Mr. Obama may be behind the fake news of Trumps involvement with the Russians. What better way than to throw political bombs, which have no reality, into the fray. Isn’t it interesting that any of these untruths promoted by Pelosi, Waters and Warren, have any teeth at all, given the statements by Clapper and Comey?

  20. ter334 says:

    Please keep in mind behind all good socialists is a muslim, is islam. Islam is the mother of all socialism and is 1300 or so years old and has been engaged ina civil war for, well 1300 years. Their civil war is over who is going to be the boss of the caliphate, a one world socialist govt headed by the caliphate. And with sharia law as the universal “rule of law” for the entire world. (But if all the infidels have been beheaded, who will be left for them to behead?) Islam is actually like racial segregation in the south, where Jim Crow was a democrat. It is also like racial apartheid in S Africa, except it is “religious” apartheid in islamic nations. Plus muslims have no nationality. They are not Iranian muslims, or even muslim iranian, etc.. Thus when they are sent to other nations to colonize/invade them they go to make these nations and their legal system muslim/islamic with sharia law. Meaning among things that men own their wives. Right now Turkey is in the process of being turned into a islamic nation with sharia law.

    Another interesting feature of islam, the fake religion, is it is a knock off of Christianity and the bible. Mo is their “jesus”. And islam is the kingdom of allah, actually however it is the kingdom of man since the caliph, with his second coming,will rule the world. He, the caliph, will never be a woman and was first here in Persia or some place. The bible on the other hand refers to the Kingdom of God, not a kingdom of a man. And good reason since there have been plenty of kingdoms of humans, most have been tyrannical. Our form of govt appears to me to be a govt made in the image of God. Three branches instead of Three Persons like in the Blessed Trinity. I like to think God get’s a big laugh out of the folly or chasing the wind that humans do in an attempt to be like or even improve God’s hand in the world. Isn’t what we do today just a version of the fall of humans by eating of the forbidden fruit by A and E?

  21. B. Pearson says:

    Warren is in fact a major part of raised Democracy problems. She was jilted and now has a separate agenda to keep things imbalanced politically to defend her old ego. What a waste of time Warren, she speaks out of both sides of her mouth addressing useless “Apples and Oranges.” Emotionalism from the female peanut gallery, is exactly what American’s didn’t want in Hillary, an out of control overly emotional nut case with an enormous ego condescending to everyone was so obvious and obnoxious.

  22. Robert says:

    Ignorance should not be tolerated. It isn’t worthy of our understanding or sympathy.
    Bless her heart – she needs to go ahead & make reservations @ ‘LaLaLand.’ –

  23. cathylovesyou says:

    Warren’s face is the rear of Maxine Waters face. Both insane. UN-American’s who belong in the UK you know Bedlam

    1. zipper says:

      Everytime I’ve tried to paste a photo, it won’t post. How did you do it?

  24. Karin Isbell says:

    Elizabeth Warren, femi-nazi, is what’s in German being called a”Flintenweib” (=rifle woman) — a liar, conspirator, and commie, next to Marx, Lenin, and Leon Feuchtwanger.

  25. Sun~Rose says:

    WHy would this website put her drivel in enormous print and the disclaimer so much smaller? Should have been the other way around. Big print sticks in people’s minds. Really stupid.

  26. Barbara Lyons says:

    Liberals have lost their collective minds ! The fact is by all appearances Obama was a failed leader ! I think we are all about to hear more on those failures as things he has done come into light !

    1. zipper says:

      Haven’t you heard? “Historians”(they quoted only one, a Lefty) have crowned Barack the First as the 12th Best president in U.S. history. So, he must be all that he thinks he is. 🙁

      1. Missy12524 . says:

        Sure he is (only in his mind)!

  27. Bernie Lounds says:

    She’s ready for the loony bin.

  28. JL Brown Jr says:

    I like that new book about democrats, it’s number 3 on the liet. Funny as hell

  29. Mikal Gastpipe says:

    The left is fatally unhinged! Only they believe they’re a viable Party any more. They are ALL anti-American FIDIOTS! But thank GOD they are only about 20% of the population. Though with all of the MSM in tow, it SEEMS like at least half of the country. But election results since 2010 tell the REAL story of their political power, or lack thereof! Right now the boot of the right is on the necks of the left, and they need to crush their windpipes, and wipe out the last 8 plus nightmare years, and return America to its former glory and might that made them the envy of the world! GOD bless Trump! He’s done what the feckless right has been trying to do for decades!

  30. Robert Moffett says:

    https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/08b8a8a0112591be2dd6fb26b79f7b3e2c7a71425b3074d5a1149a2a90ef5409.jpg This lady should be in a assisted living facility with Pelosi and Schumer. If this is the future of the Democratic party, they are in serious trouble come 2018.

  31. porkexpress says:

    Is there a male attached to Elizabeth Warren? You never hear or see anyone with Pocahontas, at least in public. If there is I have a lot of pity to send him as tolerance is a virtue..

  32. zipper says:

    And so it seems that there are several Progressive-Socialist Liberals that are attempting to position themselves at the forefront of their decrepit Democrat Party. Warren, Schumer, Franken, and Pelosi are the bad actors here.
    By endlessly attacking the President, they hope to ingratiate themselves with their Party and rack-up creds.
    What they don’t realize though, is that when all their BS is discredited, they and their Party will be exposed even more for the anti-American, incompetent, and power-mad bunch of malcontents that they truly are.

    1. Missy12524 . says:

      Ellison is equally scary! No good will come of his close ties to the party and Obama!!

      1. zipper says:

        Not to mention his ties to Louis Farrakan and his Nation of Islam.

  33. Elena Bowman says:

    Warren is a liar and a thief, why should anyone listen to this fake Indian. If she actually thinks she can run for President of THIS COUNTRY, she is showing how brain-dead she is and should be locked up before she physically hurts someone. She already stole a position in Harvard, knocking some young worthy student who actually earned the right to attend Harvard on his merits.

    1. tanksolot says:

      Harvard? Working in the cafeteria?

      1. Elena Bowman says:

        No, not working in the Cafeteria she got a Professorship that she didn’t deserve, all because she claimed to be and Native American…which is isn’t by any stretch of the imagination. Some worthy opponent lost that position because Harvard wanted to show diversity and put this fraud in that position.

        1. stephen1337 says:

          Agreed! warren is rapidly becoming the newest version of the clownish pelosi…..who represents the berkeley area of california or should I say…mexifornia….these two fine Americans seem to be coming apart at the seems……

  34. stephen1337 says:

    I am a former democrat who is shocked at the insanity of that party………I voted for obama in 2008, then realized how unhinged he and his minions have become. I can say this…I WILL NEVER VOTE democrat AGAIN!!!!….kerry, holder, susan rice, pelosi, reid, schumer, boxer, feinstein, clinton (she is the nutcase and bill likes the really young “women”)…….what an allstar team……

    1. Libs R Loons says:

      A cyber-handshake to you, and welcome to the light! ^^^
      The last time I stupidly voted democrat was for Bill Clinton’s first term, but then I saw what a marxist banshee we got with Hillary.

      1. stephen1337 says:

        As I watch dems in interviews, their media “friends”, too, I “love” how they roll their eyes, shake their heads and get that stupid grin they flash when confronted with the truth by anyone with a measure of intelligence and a bit of common sense. I wonder do they ever listen to what they say? Does obamba EVER think about the garbage coming out of his mouth? I thought the dnc was the biggest collection of close minded idiots in one place, I’d ever seen in my lifetime. I am thinking that shumer and those other HATERS are nothing more than domestic terrorists.

    2. Francisco Machado says:

      Keep this in mind: The Democrats are Progressive. No, that doesn’t mean Socialist (although they are that, too). It means they believe the path to Utopia is through centralized government control of every damn thing including What You Think. The reason I bring this to your attention is that a significant number of the Republicans who will be running for office are also Progressives and believe in VERY BIG government.

      1. stephen1337 says:

        I realize that and I have been pestering anyone who reads these postings to get on the ballot…TERM LIMITATIONS and instead of draining the swamp I say flush the toilet. NO MORE LIFE LONG BUREAUCRATS……no more self-serving conmen and women. I say the nutcase , pelosi, goes first……

  35. GrumpyGrandpa says:

    If you consider the “Russians” the progressives speak of are really just a Soros paid tech group using the CIA tools to hack into Hillary (for practice) and the DNC (to see how they are using his money) and Trump Tower (to troll and do maximum damage).
    Redirecting from Russian and Chinese IP addresses are easy. I doubt if FISA records will ever be disclosed publicly.

    1. tanksolot says:

      Hmmm. Interesting

  36. Random Citizen says:

    Dems will never be able to criticize old Joe MCarthy ever again. This contrived Russia hysteria is just waaay over the top!

  37. disqus_D87XRi0Gy7 says:

    This will be the headlines for the next 4 years, these morons like her are insignificant and have no attention now so they are like little children whining and kicking their feet demanding that toy in the window. By the time 2020 rolls round her and the rest will most likely be in a home for the aged and demented. All conservatives need to do is keep the fire lit and never allow these communist in the white house again. Force voter ID on the entire nation and you will never have to worry about them again, they have no base only bought votes and dead people and the voters who happen to live in 5 states at the same time. They are weak minded and in disarray now and they have nothing left but to continue with the lies and trouble making., give them a little rope and they will hang themselves that’s how unbalanced they all are.

  38. pHp says:

    Typical liberal psychopath.

  39. Cindy Smith says:

    Saddle up your pony Liz and head right back to that reservation ! Trump has more brains and class in his little finger than you do in your entire body !!!

  40. hipocampelofantocame says:

    I dropped Ms Warren when she backed Mrs Clinton. She made her bed, and
    must now sleep in it.

  41. John says:

    It’s good to see the Democrats have a replacement for Pelosi when she’s gone. “Liarwatha” is Looney even for a Democrat.
    They are losing so many local and state elections it’s no wonder they are freaking out.

  42. Jaron Gant Joyner says:

    Warren and Pelosi–Both need to Retire-They have lost their Minds.Theres proof of OBama-“Spying”-Also Clapper stated Nothing ever Found of Trump and Russia???OBama and Hillary and Liberals-Started the “Lies”-Proof would have been Found-Trump-Never had any Connections with Russia-Gee-Any Big Apologizes from Liberals are Media-Better keep up with the News-Before you open-Your Big-Mouth-Elizabeth Warren.!!!!

  43. Richard Bagenstose says:

    she should pack up her t/p and go back to the reservation, all these liberals have lost their minds , if they ever had one , they are like lost sheep , now that the sheep dog oboma has left town

  44. cheryl55 says:

    I would like to see an “independent investigation” into whether there is still a brain cell alive and well in this wacko’s head? The sound of her voice is like fingernails down a blackboard! There is only two other IDIOTS that have her beat when it comes to annoying and that is Hillary & O’Donnell…it’s like torture to listen to them speaking complete sentences!!

  45. ter334 says:

    Hello Robert Moffett. The pics you posted are golden. But are all the people at the din table or enjoying fellowship with Putin dims? I have no idea whom they might be. Also the excellent quote of MLK about violence has not been read by the people; BLM, Hollyweirds, the gangsters in Chicago, Baltimore, etc. who practice and advocate violence. And I would be remiss if I left out the princes of violence, muslims. They have crossed swords on their “religious” flag, and have a “holy” war, jihad, against the entire world. Killing or enslaving infidels is OK per sharia law. Islam. Where is thy love? Is there even an arabic word for love?

  46. bytheway4 says:

    what about when she met with the Russian. She is out of her mind, remember her being an Indian? The better fire her and send her to the mental ward at the city hospital.

  47. VET says:

    And this B—H wants to run for President in 2020 President Trump would wipe the floor with her,they isn’t enough States that are BLUE anymore so there goes another 4 States that will be turning RED in 2020 if she runs.And i can bet you that her I.Q.is about 75 how dumper more can you get then that the only thing she can run for President is being the President of the DOG CATCHING CLUB which she looks like one anyway, why do all Democrats have a Brain the only thing that i can think of that they were all born DEFORMED what a damn shame what happened to them at birth but that is the way god wanted them to be to show normal people that there are plenty of Idiots like them out there and WARREN just happens to be one of them.

  48. Missy12524 . says:

    I also believe the leftists are deranged! Their agenda for our country is very dangerous! We need to be in the middle!!!

  49. Jerry DuPree says:

    Lizard Warren is educated well beyond her fraudulent education and she sends up lying smoke signals because like all far left liberal socialist, she wouldn’t know the truth if she saw it or read it.

  50. 1loyalamerican74 says:

    It is hard to believe that the “Albino” Indian can be such a liar. My guess is that the Indian Nation will have
    her removed from the Tribe, and keep her off of the reservation. She will have to turn in her moccasins and the feather headpiece. I presume that she will not be receiving a monthly stipend from the Casinos. Too bad!

  51. Kika68 says:

    And pocahantas thinks she is going to run for president??!! She is out of her mind. I don’t know why FOX news keeps on putting her in their reports. Time to cut her off. Let the MSM run her act. They are morons too

  52. Wildflowers52 says:

    Makes you wonder the obvious; WHAT ARE THEY AFRAID OF? Seems to be getting more and more clear, the corrupt scumbags and enemies of our country can’t take it. They thought they all had their crap in the sack.

  53. ExGOP says:

    So she called Trump “failing”. What is so unique about that? So does the whole world.

  54. Steve says:

    Nutty as a fricking fruitcake! Just what the dems deserve.

  55. Robert Morris says:

    Elizabeth Warren is a complete lunatic who masquerades as an imaginary native american princess and cannot prove her claim to one drop of native american blood. She needs to go on ancestry.com and obtain a dna kit if she wants to maintain her claim to be part native american. She used this claim received favored status to a well known university over someone who was better qualified. Native American not hardly. A bit on the loony side without a doubt. People like LIZ are the reason I no longer claim party affiliation.

  56. Richard Nicoletti says:

    One Pelosi is enough, thank you.

  57. GB2179 says:

    I think E.Warren colluded with Aliens from outer Space. There is definitely enough evidence that she is way out there.

  58. LadyLoneStar says:

    “Warren continued to peddle this increasingly discredited conspiracy theory…” and you continue to give her headlines.

  59. jim jones says:

    I voted for Trump, but I am disappointed with all of the talk and back peddling. The asshole that he put in charge of our EPA is a total insult to millions of us who supported him. The only promises he is keeping are for the wealthy.

    1. RightStuff44 says:

      Patience, Jimmy Boy. He’s been in office for less than two months.

  60. John Savell says:

    She is an idiot, just like Pelosi. I just don’t understand how the people in their districts can keep voting in these wingnuts. Actually I can understand how Pelosi keeps getting elected, she represents San Fran, where the rest of the nuts are.

  61. I don’t know about ALL, but their out front nut jobs sure make the party look like they were spawned in the asylum. I think a one party system would be bad maybe a no party system would work out. I doubt it. The damn media push the nuts to make news and feed the sale of (papers). What happened to journalism?

  62. Mike W says:

    Bats**t crazy b**ch – I’m surprised she hasn’t started foaming at the mouth yet.

  63. BUILD BABY BUILD!!! says:

    So, who’s she going to be next week, King Kong?

  64. Donald says:

    Warren, what an excuse for a human being. Try telling us what you would do as president, so we can all laugh. or cry.

  65. RockinOn says:

    Democrap Idiot

  66. RightStuff44 says:

    Anyone who has the beliefs of EW are both ignorant and mentally off balance. There is no permanent cure for the horrible malady.

  67. Larry Cowden says:

    Maybe what she has is “Mad Cow” disease! Always said she should have been put out to pasture decades ago! There isn’t a cure for “Mad Cow” disease. It will eventually drive her insane and she will have to be terminated from office.

  68. James R. Currier says:

    Senator Warren, if you want to see a consummate failure, LOOK IN THE MIRROR!

  69. cp123 says:

    She is a nut and I live in liberal non-thinking MA. the colleges here turn out liberal soldiers. It’s pathetic.

  70. annefarrelly says:

    She is missing her feathers!

  71. db cooper says:

    warren squaw make buffalo nervous . . . stampede, lose hair. shaman tell squaw stay way go bother donkeys, donkeys run way . . . tribe in pickle . . . now we raise money send squaw look for new tribe far away.

  72. sutherncon says:

    If Warren runs in 2020, maybe she’ll choose Pelosi as VP.

  73. MARK FREDERICK says:

    Warren and PIGlosi are both deranged BIT*HES and both should be investigated for TREASON. Anyone that funds or supports a coup against the United State’s government should be arrested and charged with Treason this includes former resident oBONZO, kilLIARy Clinton and George Soros and all 30,000 of the people that have been paid by them to protest and riot in the streets of the United States.

  74. pcwalt says:

    What evidence will finally be enough for the Democrats, their media folks, and their cyber army to give up on this “Russia connection” thing? I’m fine with them tying all sorts of knots in the rope, which will end up being plenty for them to hang themselves.

  75. GB2179 says:

    How does a women like this get in Office? This scares me to no end that there are people out there
    that vote for her.

  76. mh5 says:


    WONDER WHAT we would find!!!! MM I wonder ??

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