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Elizabeth Warren Issued This Major Threat To Donald Trump

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  1. don says:

    just a nutty bitch

    1. Catherine Pelligreno says:

      We do not care what she says, she sure is one nasty women along with her buddy and bud Mr, and Mrs ShumerPelosi, the lovers, they think we will back off, they are the reason things are getting out, they lie cheat and steal from us, this Dem TURNED REPUBLICAN FROM PA. IS SICK OF THEM, I WILL NEVER EVER VOTE FOR ANY DEMOCRAT AGAIN, ARE THEY SO DUMB THEY THINK WE WILL TURN ON OUR PRESIDENT, NOT HAPPENING, If They keep this up, we will still be voting republican in 2018, and it never was about Russia, we did it because we knew he was like us, for the working people, who do not sit on our butts, go PRESIDENT TRUMP, AND VICE PRESIDENT PENCE~~

      1. Robert Jumonville says:


      2. Deborah Pratt says:

        You are one of ‘many’, Catherine!! I’m hearing it from ‘all over’!! People who ‘used to be’ Dems are disgusted with their antics and absolutely ‘done’ with their party!!

        1. Brenda Sinclair says:

          IN MY STATE TEXAS many democrat’s https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/bc7e805c445b1137df46f0199fa2e8177091d557c6df1be5939a5addb42127c5.jpg have changed over to Republicans, Democrats approve of abortions/murder of millions of innocent babies a yr they approve of black lives matter and their violence, AND THEY APPROVED OF REPUBLICAN STEVE SCALISE BEING SHOT THEY ARE THE SCUM OF THIS EARTH

          1. Mikey Carroll says:

            A dahm Yanqui must have written this poster. Any good Texican knows that it is the “Democrat” party and it sure ain’t democratic!
            Cheers, MC

          2. erleebird says:

            I have said that 100 times. Democratic, is GOOD! Democrats, NOT SO GOOD!

          3. John McPherson says:


        2. PatriotGal says:

          Deborah, we welcome them one and all. I was a Repub who often voted Blue Dog Dem. Then after the 2012 election, I said, no thanks to the Repubs who don’t know how to win, who were more Dem than Repub – the establishment elite RINOS, so became an Independent and registered as such; l even wrote telling them so. After hearing candidate Trump, I switched just to vote for him in the primary which is closed in FL. Am still a registered Repub who totally supports OUR PRESIDENT!!!!

          1. Robert Jumonville says:

            I was a democrat all my life, but changed just in time to vote against obama in his 1st run. I’ve always considered obama to be an agent of satan, and I will never vote democrat again. I support Res. Donald Trump all the way. Go Pres. Trump.

        3. Eleanor Cummings says:

          For over 40 years I was a democrat, as were my parents before me. But I have gotten into the habit of checking everything out since late 90’s, and in Jan. 2016 reregistered as republican to vote the primary for Mr. Trump. I am not a true republican either, as I’ve found corruption in that party, also. You’ll find a lot of dissension from liberals on these websites now, and I can’t help but wonder if I would have been as brain dead as they are now if I hadn’t decided to check everything out for myself. I send them links and sources, but they return them to me or declare them as lies. The MSM is all they read, not researching anything. What happens when they do realize they’ve been lied to all these years??

      3. erleebird says:

        The Democrat party is a far cry from John F. Kennedy. I became ill when I learned Caroline Kennedy gave Obama the “Profiles in Courage” award. How could anyone ever compare the two – they are night and day (pun intended).

        1. Robert Jumonville says:

          I voted for John F. Kennedy, and still believe he was a great President. and the best only President the democraps ever had.

          1. Alfred Beronio says:

            Truman wasn’t bad,either.

          2. erleebird says:

            Truman had guts! Read Bill O’Reilly’s, “Killing the Rising Son!” This man never went to college and was smarter than most! His values were impeccable – and he loved his family!

          3. Eleanor Cummings says:

            Harry Truman and Bess loved God, country and family. He agonized on okaying the A-bomb, but it did save more lives than those taken. Think on it.

          4. erleebird says:

            Kennedy was compassionate and very human in his empathy. It was a very sad day when he was taken from us!

        2. Ron haymaker says:

          Should have been “Profiles in Coward” award!

          1. erleebird says:

            Excellent description! Love it!

        3. Eleanor Cummings says:

          JFK has turned face down in his grave so that he doesn’t have to see Caroline affiliated with the people who would destroy America, the land that he . He was so proud to be the president of the United States, but we need he people did not heed his warning in ’63 about globalism.. He was assassinated shortly thereafter.

  2. Lynne says:

    This woman couldn’t lead a row of ducks to a pond.

    1. Wendy Mantooth says:

      Why don’t we let her lead said ducks into the pond..maybe she will go under and not come back up! Please!!!!!!!! I hit the mute button when I see her smug,ugly face spewing self indulgent B S!!!! Absolutely cannot stand this bi..ch!!!

      1. SGirl says:

        Me, too…I mute out ALL Lib’s & RINOS. You can still read their flapping & lying lips.

    2. Debra(bogene) says:

      lol,, lol, And that’s just putting it nicely.

      1. Deborah Pratt says:

        Working hard at not becoming too ‘nasty’ but it isn’t ‘easy’!! LOL

        1. Brenda Sinclair says:

          yessssssssssssssWARREN IS ONE NASTY WOMAN, NASTY NASTY

          1. Jonathan Brooks says:

            Call me Janet, or Ms. Jackson if you’re nasty…….sorry, but the lyrics just popped in my head.

          2. PatriotGal says:

            Why is it that the Dem women are all like that? Nasty, liars, prevaricators, mean-spirited, and not all that attractive? I believe the last is because their nastiness shows through their eyes, thus there is nothing attractive. So sad….

    3. erleebird says:

      But she’s an excellent Judas goat!

  3. Cindy Nobinger says:

    Trump is already saving the middle class so we don’t need your services at all

    1. Askjrsk says:

      Warren is working diligently to destroy the middle class. That’s how she’s making her money, that she, too can retire a very wealthy politician .

      1. Deborah Pratt says:

        Too little, too late!! LOL The political ‘scams’ are being exposed left and right!! The ‘free gravy train ride’ is nearly over!!

      2. Eleanor Cummings says:

        She is already super wealthy on taxpayers money.

        1. Askjrsk says:

          She wants more. Greed it’s called.

          1. Eleanor Cummings says:


    2. Robert Jumonville says:


  4. David in MA says:

    “Warren is far more popular with base Democrat voters than Hillary Clinton.”

    Which isn’t saying much.

  5. Jack says:

    Elizabeth Warren, Radicalism is not something that resonates with most of the American who love their country, and your attempt at trying to be the poster child for the Liberals will fall on it’s face, because normal Americans still believe in the Freedoms this country has held dear since the Declaration and the Constitution were signed. Not some socialist dream of dominance over the masses which is what a socialistic nightmare is. Go back to the reservation you claim to be part of, even the Indians won’t claim your one of them, nice try Pocahantus.

    1. zizi Newton says:

      She is a fake Indian. Of course the Indian won’t accept her. Calling her Pocahantus is an insult to Pocahontus.

      1. Sandra Angulo says:

        Yes it is

      2. Deborah Pratt says:

        You’re right on that!! My ‘native American’ relatives deny any connection with her! LOL I heard that she originally claimed that in order to receive a grant for college. I don’t know how she could have ‘legally’ proven it though.

          1. Deborah Pratt says:

            Keep in mind, Cheryl, that DNA is a relatively ‘new’ way of ‘proving’ heritage or identity. It was just very recently accepted in our courts of Law. Back in the days when Elizabeth would have been attending schools or entering politics–that was not generally used or accepted.

          2. chief1937 says:

            you think? Could it be flawed?

          3. Elena Bowman says:

            When did she have a DNA test to prove that she is part American Indian? She didn’t. She claimed her high cheeks proved that she was part Indian. The American Indians didn’t buy it. I’d trust them before I would trust this piece of garbage that belongs in a dung heap.

          4. Rodger K. Shull says:

            The BUSHMAN of AFRICA , have high cheek bones, is she one of them too, ask her she might say yes, if it will get her a teaching gig for 600,000.$$ grand a year .

          5. SGirl says:

            She is too cheap to pay for a DNA test, unless of course, someone else (taxpayers) would pay for it.

          6. Candi says:

            Check out her worth…then ask how she got it …not on her salary…bought and paid for by corruption…

          7. erleebird says:

            That could be said for ALL the moochers in government.

          8. Harry J Schaubel says:

            The same way Obama could go into the Senate making $4k/week as an Activist, and 12 years later he’s BUYING a $5mil+ mansion and building a wall around it. Interesting that the Dems wall in their estates to keep out the riff-raff that they insist be allowed in!

          9. bert shaw says:

            His house cost 8.1 million not 5

          10. Harry J Schaubel says:

            . I’d heard 5.1. Maybe the Property Values increased when they moved into the neighborhood.

          11. Roger Domnie says:

            might i add elena, scumbag to dung heap??? it just feels good……….

          12. Edward says:

            We don’t care what this Warren piece of shit is. Shit is shit. But justice would be served if a real Indian shot her with an arrow while she is spewing propaganda on her book tour.

          13. Jodi Gardner says:


          14. Danny says:

            Or scalp her, I would pay to see that

          15. Harry J Schaubel says:

            No. They would have to use a fishing spear. Could say they mistook her for a sturgeon. I mean they’re both Bottom-Feeders.

          16. rowdy says:

            Please, don’t threaten or insult dung like that.

          17. Force Recon says:

            That is correct D (Definitely) N (Not) A (American)

        1. jtintx2 says:

          I believe she lied to get a teaching job!! She is a far left ideologue!!

        2. SGirl says:

          Obama claimed to be a foreign student & now claims to be American…they are both pathological liars!

          1. Deborah Pratt says:

            There is a very ‘dark side’ to lying, other than the obvious. Not only does it destroy the trust of ‘others’ to the liar but it destroys the ability of the liar to trust, as well. Now, that may not seem to be very ‘bad’ but, ultimately, it really is. They begin to believe ‘everyone’ is just like them–liars and not to be trusted. Think about what that does to their mind! Living in a dark world of suspicion and distrust. One becomes paranoid, defensive and isolated! Not exactly ‘quality’ of life. Not my choice.

          2. SGirl says:

            You just described the Democratic Party to a T…they wouldn’t know what to do with the truth!

          3. Steve Flowers says:

            In order to be a good liar…you first must be a liberal democrat! That is the no. 1 qualification!

          4. Roger Domnie says:

            steve, on a further note you must also remember the first lie and remember all the following lies. it’s that snow ball effect that kills you. that’s why i raised my kids to always tell the truth, it takes less effort………..

          5. Harry J Schaubel says:

            Because Liars don’t believe anyone else is telling the truth.

          6. bert shaw says:

            Although OBOZZO didn’t start it. he perfected it, he even said many times tell the American people a lie long enough and they will start to believe it. Thats what the demo-rats/ liber-turds do on a daily bases, its what the hilda-beast did. The thing is only their very STUPID base believes them

        3. Doris Will says:

          It would be easy and inexpensive, there are ads for DNA tests on TV and the internet. If you have a drop of Indian blood, it would show up. The real snag is, “You ain’t seen Nasty yet.” For the past ten years we have had enough nasty. Since the 2016 election we have seen nasty tenfold. We have also had another eight years of war, our youth coming home in flag covered coffins, and the returning of the men coming back alive having mud thrown in their faces Eight years of Christian persecution in a country founded in the name of Religious Freedom. We have been the silent majority. So we are not looking forward to intensified nasty. but I don’t see the silent majority taking it sitting down.

      3. sox83cubs84 says:

        You’re right. I prefer Fauxcahontas…or Lieawatha.

      4. Jack Montalto says:

        I refer to the Indian to a fictional character; Princess Summer Fall Winter Spring. On Howdy Doody. only she was nice looking, this one is a clown and that would be Clara Bell….

        1. ny2223jv says:

          Chelsea is Howdy Doody

      5. Eleanor Cummings says:

        I call her Liar-Watha.

        1. John McPherson says:

          Love it!!

    2. Al says:

      She’s a Real indian. “Princess Running Kunt”. Show some respect.

      1. MJL says:

        Its Princess BRAIN DEAD

    3. Maggiemae says:

      Just wish they would or could be honest for once in their lives and call their so called Democratic party…which there is NOTHING democratic about….the communist party that they have become and want to push to all corners of OUR AMERICA. Too may sheeple out there that can be lead by their noses….those are the people that like this nut case old hag.

    4. Woody Baker says:

      Hey Jack, how about, Poca-Anus?

  6. Pauline Kasper says:

    I think that Pocahontas (AKA Elizabeth Warren) is too left wing to succeed as a Presidential candidate!

    1. Bolt says:

      Every time anyone refers to this fraud as Pocahontas he or she is insulting the memory and honor of a woman of character.

      1. Pauline Kasper says:

        She claimed that she had Native American ancestry in order to get special treatment at her grad school. The real Pocahantas was a very special person who helped the earlier settlers — not like this fraud who only wanted special treatment which she did not deserve!

        1. Bolt says:

          Dear PK,

          I am well aware of who Pocahontas is. In fact, I am Native and am told that our line descends from Powhatan. I have no idea of the authenticity of that lore, but I already knew about Pocahontas before a cousin shared the story.

          Warren’s story also goes deeper into fraud, according to my acquaintances at the University of Virginia, where a Warren’s close collaborator was president until recently. I will say no more.

          1. Robert Jumonville says:

            No surprise

          2. Bolt says:

            You had better convince the idiots running NOLA to get off the blame whitey thing…, and get rid of Moon’s DNA.

        2. Robert Jumonville says:

          Once a crook, always a crook

      2. Robert Jumonville says:


  7. RLMyles says:

    Inasmuch as I grew up in Oklahoma, I suggest that this fraud go back to our fine state and run for the “Tribal Chief” position. I bet that she can’t even win that position because everyone knows that she is a fraud. She is just a part of the Democratic party’s corrupt, lying lawyer crowd that includes Obama, Clinton and others.

    1. Askjrsk says:

      Bet they’d scalp her for her lies. She has flagrantly violated the rights and the dignity of native Americans.

      1. Al says:

        Ugh .. She speak -um with forked tongue.

    2. jug says:

      Commiecrat Party!
      There, I fixed that!

      They havent been democrats in 60 plus years!

    3. Harry J Schaubel says:

      Maybe she could get elected Tribal Chief’s Maid.

  8. Ron haymaker says:

    She would do well on a poster to promote condoms—-CAN THE WORLD STAND ONE MORE OF THESE?

    1. CLARA PERRY says:

      GOOD one Ron… She is mentally off and gets worse every time she opens her mouth.

      1. Robert Jumonville says:

        I don’t know how she doesn’t put her foot in her mouth, it’s certainly big and ugly enough.

  9. KDC says:

    Eliz Waren is a crass big mouth. I can’t think of anything decent to say so I’ll leave it at that!

  10. jackhy says:

    Warren thrives on “identity politics”. She spews venomus, extremist rants as a flaming Liberal against all reasonable efforts by the admin. to correct the ills of the past 8+ years. She is crazier than an outhouse mouse as is evident by her wild eyed photos.

    1. Askjrsk says:

      Poster child for insanity Elizabeth Warren is.

      1. Deborah Pratt says:

        She’d have to share the ‘honor’ with Pelosi, Clinton and Waters!! Talk about the ‘Four Horsewomen’!!!

        1. Gail Wasden says:

          I thought they mostly resembled the witches in Macbeth!

    2. Chris Luckert says:

      “Crazier than an outhouse mouse” lol I’ll have to use that one!

      1. Robert Jumonville says:

        Perhaps she was raised by them.

        1. Debra(bogene) says:

          good one.

        2. Robert Jumonville says:

          Please insert obama in their and nail the door shut.

          1. Debra(bogene) says:

            lol, lol, Now that one is a ‘really good one’ !!!!

    3. Brenda Sinclair says:


      1. chief1937 says:

        Put rhino McCain in that bunch also.

        1. Robert Jumonville says:


      2. George Grissman says:

        Yes ,for sure ! but looking at the Republicans who are not in line with President Donald Trump there are ,well in my thoughts as undeserving of re- election themselves ! im 60 years old and this is the 1st man i totaly supportive of ! there has been so much disrespect for the office he now holds, Contrary to others beliefs the Man gave up an awful lot ,he could be sitting back taking Life easy and yet he took on a complete Mess ! all True Americans should support what he is trying to do and for Nothing !

    4. George Grissman says:

      Good one ! i first heard it as ” Crazyas a sh$t House Rat !11111111111111111111111111111111111111

  11. Joel Goodman says:


    1. jeannemartin says:

      Lizzy Warren is as well liked as a root canal!
      She’s a friend of another loser, Hillary! They are two peas in a pod and she has as much chance of becoming the president of the U.S. as I do!
      And I am not even running!!!
      Not sure where the Democrats are going to get anyone to run but I’m sure they won’t succeed anyway!
      Have they been watching all the elections lately and who is winning them all??? ?
      Give it up, nasty, Lizzie! You can’t hold a candle ?to Trump!
      Trump ????

  12. Gail Wasden says:

    We get the part about “nasty woman” because every time you open your mouth, that’s what comes out. Do you really think you are competent to represent the women of America by running for president? If it happens, I wouldn’t count on winning as Hillary did because just like her, you are not an admirable person, let alone a woman who represent the best that women have to offer. We’ve had enough of the nastiness of the liberals/progressives/Democrats and will do whatever necessary to keep you people off the podium at the end of the ext election.

    1. kunling says:

      Excellent post!

    2. Ron haymaker says:

      Trouble is compared to Hellary she is a goddess, & you saw how many votes the devil woman got..

      1. Askjrsk says:

        You mean illegal, as Hillary didn’t get many more legal votes than one can count on your fingers and toes.

        1. Robert Jumonville says:

          Did anyone check they birth cert. of clinton, police or warren to see if they are American born? Required by the Constitution to run for President. How about their criminal records?

          1. Ron haymaker says:

            None of that seemed to stop Obama!

          2. Debra(bogene) says:

            Nailed that !!!

          3. Ron haymaker says:

            Thank-you Now if we could get Obama nailed to a cross—That would truly make America Great Again!

          4. Debra(bogene) says:

            lol, that would draw a crowd.

    3. Robert Jumonville says:

      Their are a lot of Smart, Honorable, and Decent, and nice looking women in these United States of America, but they have not been supported by the crooked liberal democrats.

    4. Deborah Pratt says:

      Thanks to their members in that category, the Democratic Party is about to become an ‘extinct species’!!

  13. Elizabeth Raynor Short says:

    We see and smell the nasty of Fauxcahontas’s unwashed pu**y and want nothing to do with her. Let the Cherokee decide what to do with the Fake and Nasty Native American.

    1. Robert Jumonville says:

      Is their any proof that she is truly a Native American?

      1. Elizabeth Raynor Short says:

        of course she isn’t.

  14. pemaddin says:

    Nasty woman, nasty comments and this is news WHY?

  15. kunling says:

    I see this Fauxcohontas rant as a threat to enslave the middle class.

  16. zizi Newton says:

    This fake Indian is nasty beyond repair.

  17. Margaret Heller says:

    I think Warren is a nut job. She’s so angry all the time. Who gave her the right to attack Trump supporters? She just doesn’t get it. What party just won five, count them, five) special elections despite all the Libtards’ hateful rhetoric. Pocahontas should retire to her mansion and two of maids that she has up in Massachoosetts.

    1. SGirl says:

      Let’s make her show the middle class her IRS tax returns…I bet she knows nothing about the middle class! Lying liberal again!

      1. Robert Jumonville says:

        Do her Tax returns exist?

        1. SGirl says:

          She produced them in 2011& 2012 when she ran in MA…I think they said that her & her fauxhusband made close to a million dollars…not middle class in my book…not even upper middle class, more like wealthy!

  18. Elisha says:

    Clearly, the Massachusetts (U.S.) Senator is not fit for public office. The surefire indicators are these: the out-of-control raised voice, and the clenched fist. Elizabeth Warren: Spare us your animalistic aims and influences. We don’t like you kind!

  19. Elizabeth Warren is a sell out and will pose ZERO challenge to Trump in 2020.

  20. JoePaul says:

    The middle class was being destroyed for the past 8 years. Increasing immigration and supporting immigrant jobs at the expense of US citizens, Outsourcing and hiring foreign workers to fill jobs that were formally filled by US Citizens and allowing companies to move jobs out of the US with no penalties almost destroyed the middle class. Nasty Elizabeth Warren running with Crazy Bernie would be the ultimate Liberal Socialist ticket. Make America Great Again.

  21. Stephen Korup says:

    Hopefully That Nasty Woman will be in jail for Tax evasion before too long , and I am sure that she was helping Hillary and we just haven’t seen it out yet .

  22. icemancold says:

    WARREN the fake POCOHONTOS needs to crawl back under her rock and shut her ignorant pie hole

  23. Askjrsk says:

    Elizabeth Warren stole my right as a Native American ancestory — to a free education and a job at a prestigious university The only qualification this fraud Elizabeth Warren oh, and con — has to be president is that she can look you in right in the eye , and lie through her teeth. Arrest her for fraud. Where’s the DNA test results?

  24. bp 58 says:

    ewarren is crazy like that nut bag out west…if this ho runs Pres Trump wont have anything to worry about..

  25. gene smiith says:

    Give it a rest you WACKO-Douchebag nitt wit

  26. florenceaddesso says:

    hell yesssssssss, he will beat hell out of her!!!!!!!!!!!!! she is nothing but a big foul mouthed old hag who doesn’t have a shred of decency in that skanky body!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. vinny says:

    That OLD BITCH should SHUT THE HELL UP!!! I think she needs TO GET LAID!!!

    1. Janelle says:

      I am not hearing the stampede of male feet………

      1. Debra(bogene) says:

        lol, lol,, and you won’t.

        1. Janelle says:

          I am quite certain that no tribe is thrilled with her claim of native American ancestry………..

          1. Debra(bogene) says:

            You are correct. She makes me sick, claiming that. I don’t believe her. She looks nothing like one. And nothing like a Cherokee. I say this because i am what they call a half-breed. My grandparents are full blooded Cherokee, my Dad is full blooded Cherokee and my Mom is Irish/Dutch. Makes me a half-breed. I look just like my Dad. People are always asking me, with a statement–‘you’re a Cherokee Indian aren’t you?’ I’m proud of who i am, but i don’t go around talking about it and never used it for college or anything else. I just put ‘white’ when i fill out any papers. I did go to college, but my Dad paid for it. He is a very proud man. He believes you work and pay for what you get, or you don’t get it. He never took or ask for anything from the Cherokee Nation either. But he is proud of who he is. Warren is a disgrace for trying to use that to advance herself. I don’t believe she is native American. But she could have a tad bit, but i don’t see it.

          2. Janelle says:

            It is interesting to know our ancestry. And I do, but I am an American first. Warren isn’t any more Native American than I am! But you have great genes……..she doesn’t have that…….her claim as I recall was 1/32nd. Sheesh! Absurd.

          3. Debra(bogene) says:

            Thank you. She’s 1/32nd??? I didn’t know that. Geeesh! No wonder she doesn’t look Native American.

          4. Janelle says:

            How can we claim to be 1/32nd anything? What does that even mean?

          5. Debra(bogene) says:

            lol, for real. Good question. What is she,,just a little bit in her baby finger? Geeee.

          6. Janelle says:

            It means she is a fool and a liar.

          7. Debra(bogene) says:

            You are right,, lol, lol.

      2. nicholsda says:

        I’m hearing them. But they are all running away from her and not towards her.

          1. nicholsda says:


  28. Curt James says:

    Lying socialist getting promotion from AOL.

  29. Ed O'Connor says:

    She wants to help the middle class that the libtards are bent on destroying, (do I sense hypocrisy here?)……how sensitive, how tolerant, how kind, how compassionate of her.

    1. Askjrsk says:

      Little crab cakes on the prairie.

  30. viking nation says:

    Elizabeth Warren wants their voters to keep hating Unreal to keep asking the voter to this I ask this What has Elizabeth Warren done for her voters in the last two years? Nothing right…

  31. greyparrot says:

    Elizabeth Warren is comparable to the irritating little fly or gnat that perpetually flies in your face and you aren’t quick enough to squash it, Or a yappy little dog that never shuts its’ mouth. Either way she is totally clueless when it applies to middle class America and their needs. The best thing that could happen for Middle class America is for the ppl in MA to get smart between now and next year and vote her out of office.

  32. polly says:

    A very sad ,mistaken woman who is
    filled with hate and jealousy

  33. mary ann says:

    Run elizabeth run, straight to the RESERVATION. We dont need another crazy running the country.

  34. Mary Simmons says:

    I agree that Pocahontas is too fine a name for her. I think that we should rename her……Do any of you have any ideas? We could have a prize for the best name………I will be the first to submit one….I am thinking “”Princess Libatard” from the” Wahoo” Tribe is good………. I would love to hear some other names…….

    1. countryboy says:

      how about LICKAPUSS warren. i think that will be a perfect name for her. i think she is a carpet muncher and an ugly one to boot. she and rosie odonald would would make a cute couple. an old ugly hag leading a fat pig to the slaughterhouse.

  35. Donald says:

    She is wrong! We have seen nasty. We have seen her!

  36. don says:

    just a nutty bitch!

  37. rose says:

    New flash Ms Warren- we have two choices and two alone; either go with the agenda espoused by our President or succumb to sharia law which is what the left will end up with; that’s what the bottom line is here. Doubt a berka would highlight your best features.

  38. John P Luciani says:

    NO WAY!

  39. Walt says:

    Pocahontas is a rotten Democrap and a total loser that couldn’t make a good dog catcher in her home city. The Indian Tribal Chief says she is a total fraud and a disgrace to the Indian Tribes.

    1. Kathy says:

      She’s the biggest nut-bag they’ve come up with yet….only a fool would encourage her to run for anything besides an exterminator of bugs, ants, snakes and the like…what a loser.

  40. Barbara Willis says:

    God help us all if this witch is our next president. She is as nutty as Nancy Pelosi.

  41. Julia says:

    Stupid woman is all I can say!

  42. rick meek says:

    Man – where’s “Vlad the impaler” “Dracula” Attila – ……..when you need them…..

    1. Rick Vitti says:

      And we need him badly…I’d love to see her and many other of these evil people up o their poles!

  43. wharfrat says:

    Warren is only fooling herself, she doesn’t have the brain power to be President, she lives in a dream World and thinks she can nap all day as President and do nothing while our enemies are trying to kill us,.the American people who vote know she is no good and she’s a Democrat and they will not vote for her.

  44. Barbara DuVall says:

    She needs to learn the words to Amazing Grace, she’ll need it.

  45. SouthernPatriot says:

    I am part of the middle class. I have never heard nor experienced anything that Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren ever did for me or for the middle class. That is another one of her many lies. She is one of the most demented Democrats.

  46. FL_Stingray says:

    The Dems keep loons like this front and center and wonder why they have no appeal to the typical middle class voter

    1. Robert Jumonville says:

      All the Indians I’ve ever met don’t look or act like her. I like they Americans Indians no mater which tribe. One of my best friends while in the Air Force was Indian and a very good person. His name was Little John, and served with me for a year in Korea.

  47. jtintx2 says:

    Yes Trump would defeat her!! Who do these leftist morons think most of the middle class work for? Businesses of ALL sizes!!!

  48. cp123 says:

    Please I live in her state. She is a fruit loop like Pelosi and Waters. Let the dem party waste their money on this or help their seniors.

    1. FL_Stingray says:

      There is no explanation why people vote her and her ilk into office
      I dread the thought that John Morgan (aka biggest ambulance chasing lawyer in Florida, not to mention his embarrassing pro pot rant as seen on Youtube) could be voted in as Governor of Florida when Rick Scott’s term is up.

  49. Al says:

    Elizabeth, you don’t have what it takes. You and Maxine Waters are pretty much two of a kind, so please don’t get all worked up about being Trumps nemesis. It just isn’t going to happen. This country is tired of haters, manipulators and dishonest self serving people. You want to see nasty? Just try running for president, you’ll find you have very few supporters.

  50. survivor33 says:

    Oh Eliz Warren, Trump has already seen the nastiest there is, i.e. your face, Water’s face, Hitler-y’s face, Moocher-ells face and all the NASTY THUGS that the Dem’s & Soros has hired to ruin America.

  51. jareed7 says:

    She will easily be defeated by Donald Trump — he is making good things happen for America!

  52. Frank says:

    I would love to see her as the Dem candidate! She is far left, but a phony! If the Dems and their radical groups keep up their inane protests and riots, they will seal their fate as losers!

  53. A patriot says:

    Elizabeth warren should find out who cathy griffin’s artist is and ask for a self portrait

  54. Bishop351 says:

    Well, she is certainly nasty and in more ways that most of us can probably imagine. Add ignorant we are getting close some definitive analysis.

  55. jim says:

    she could never win in a presidential run worse than sanders or Crooked Hilary

  56. Deborah Pratt says:

    Seriously?? Elizabeth needs to step to the back of the line of ‘demented, delusional’ Dems!! Right behind Nancy Pelosi, Maxince Waters, Schummer, etc. etc.!! Besides, I thought the ‘leader’ position for the ‘resistance’ was already claimed by Hillary Clinton!! Now, ‘girls’, this isn’t going to turn ‘nasty’, is it?? LOL A lot of ‘water’ will pass under the ‘election bridge’ before this next one comes up!! So, Elizabeth, don’t count your ‘chicks’ before they hatch!! Your reputation isn’t exactly ‘pristine’, is it!!!

  57. cathylovesyou says:

    Say No to Crazy Lizzy, she lies. Joe Biden doesn’t lie or at least doesn’t get caught. Lizzy has to retire before the next big Pow Wow.

    1. Deborah Pratt says:

      Before making any plans for a ‘run’, perhaps she needs to go into the ‘streets’ of Mass. and actually talk with the people there!! Get out of her own little ‘group’ and get down to the ‘nitty-gritty’!!! I think she’d be in for a shock!! I have lots of friends and relatives there and they are NOT her ‘fans’!!

  58. Jimbo Velasquez says:

    Ooked-her-hont-ass,says she is going to save the middle class. What if they are doing so well, they don’t want to be “saved”?

  59. disqus_D87XRi0Gy7 says:

    They don’t have much but most likely we’ll see the dumb ass biden running, this is still one of those already decided things in the dnc, we don’t need no stinking consensus, we’ll just do what we like.. right bernie ?

  60. VanceJ says:

    THINKING ? now there is a oxymoron for her.

  61. Gary Hull says:

    Personally I call her the wicked witch of the east. Her potions will drain the life blood from America. Gary

  62. nSsgCdS2Tu says:

    I disagree with her….since Trump won the Presidency, ALL we’ve seen is NASTY from the left liberal democrats!

  63. Conan the Republican says:

    “Liberalism is a mental disorder” – Dr. Michael Savage.

    1. Deborah Pratt says:

      Absolutely ‘love’ that guy!! Just finishing his book, ‘Trumps War’!! Excellent read!

  64. Blindhorse says:

    Please… yea, her and Eric Holder would make a great ticket. Please do this Dems. PLease, please please !!! Everything starts with philosophy. Dems don’t realize that their philosophy is being rejected by more and more of their base. They are in slow decay to political oblivion. Yes, please let them embrace these old guard lefties as much as they want.

    1. Deborah Pratt says:

      It would certainly ensure another ‘landslide loss’ for them, wouldn’t it? LOL

  65. Jay Ammon says:

    E W what NUT CASE !!! I hope someone takes her to an help center for the mental deranged !!! fast !!!!

  66. Cole Johnson says:

    Can’t wait for 2020! We have chelsea and warren running for potus! This is going to be hilarious! Both make a lot of noise without saying anything! Just like hillbillary! They will get Trump reelected for sure! I would like to thank all the SJW groups and blm, antifa, obama and hillary for getting Trump elected! Your constant lies and corruption have been very helpful! LOL!

  67. fbair1 says:

    Resistance????? What is that, the lady is an idiot, let her run, I hope she does, its a sure loss for libs.

  68. KnowingOneify . says:

    Warren running for POTUS isn’t a threat to Trump – clearly, the AMERICAN people have spoken in voting for Trump.

    We are NOT interested in opening our borders, bringing in hundreds of thousands of Syrian or Muslim refugees, giving America away to illegals or granting illegals amnesty.

    What about the last election isn’t she getting. Warren is no threat, she’s just grandstanding, cuz if America wanted her kind of bull shit, scandalous Hilary would currently be in the White House.

  69. Maria castro says:

    May God have Mercy with the USA if this other maniac is elected President.

  70. Jonathan Brooks says:

    Elizabeth Warren has the personal timing of a circus clown. She talks about being nastier, right after Madonna contemplates burning the White House to the ground, Kathy Griffin makes a beheading video, Rosie threatens Barron Trump, New York corporates stage the murder of Trump as Julius Caesar in the Park in NYC, while Dems chant “Kill him”,and a spree killer tries to assassinate enough Congressional Republicans on a ball team to flip the House and Senate

  71. John Rogers says:

    Warren and the rest of the alt left scum and BLM need to be treated as they are…….terrorists and treasonists.

  72. quelque chose says:

    I’ve come to the conclusion from reading this article that the Demonrats symbol should be changed from the jackass to a gooney bird. It would be a cross between Bernie Sanders’ bald head, Adam “Shifty” Schiff’s pop eyes, combo features of Nancillia von Pelousy and Phoneyhontas’ faces, and the cackle of Cankles McPantsuit. If that doesn’t scare the electorate for generations, nothing will!
    A toxic look ? if ever there was one! To match their toxic agenda!

  73. chief1937 says:

    Warren wants to start the nasty adds already me personally I would not vote for her even for dog catcher little own president. Someone should convince her we have had enough dirty politics time for real change power back to the people.

  74. cpwill63 says:

    Elizabeth Warren you may run for President but you will not win because everyone know how you have treated our President Donald Trump and they won’t vote for you because you are scum not worth the vote. You Like David Duke you have been to bed with him many time. I know that for a fact. I will spend my Million to make sure you LOSE LOSER.

    1. Michael Sanders says:

      Poor David Duke. That’s a disgusting visual!!!

  75. Michael Sanders says:

    When she talks she talks like someone old and tired. That famously stupid argument she made that businesses should pay for the roads to their facilities showed me how ignorant she is. All the other ignorant liberals in the audience thought she said something incredibly smart.

  76. quelque chose says:

    That facial expression she has is definitely the picture for CAN’T FIX STUPID.

  77. theojt says:

    I hope she does run – she be readily defeated.

    1. Debra(bogene) says:

      She would indeed be defeated, but please don’t hope she runs. We could not stand to see and hear her talk about herself on TV, day after day after day.

  78. ahrcshaw says:

    She should be docked from receiving a Senators pay check during her fan fare trial to be the POTUS, hmmmm POTUS HONES. You would think the Demons have learned there lesson on putting too much into obstructionists. But, they are not doing a good job of CHANGING, go Panthers.

  79. stadalberts says:

    Dry up and blow away you old battle axe! (no offense to other battle axes like myself!)

  80. Elena Bowman says:

    In a heartbeat!

  81. Jeronimo Dan says:

    They’ll be two guy’s in white jackets, carrying butterfly nets after her before she can sing-up to run for dog catcher, let alone President. The citizens of this Great Nation are not about to elect someone that lives in a Teepee!

  82. Charles thompson says:

    Given Hillary’s defeat, the country has already showed it did not want a nasty woman as the first female president. This nasty woman has even less likelihood of being the leader of the free world. I’m counting on two terms for 45!

  83. barnjoer says:

    She needs to be bent over and kicked in the ass all the way to hell

  84. Duane says:

    Who wants to be middle class, Liz? I want to live like you and not have to work for it just like you do.

  85. Jim Wagenmann says:

    This anti feminist pig is a mega rich criminal who has enriched herself at the expense of American citizens. She should be in jail. Such a fool.

  86. fordfool says:

    its come to my att’n aftr 16 Presidentials, the Resistance as they call it, aint new.. You can take a pigs ear,comb it..chew it, still a pigs ear. They HATE Pres Trump for no defined reason, violation,just bitching…so, what ARE they resisting? All the prev Admin did was eliminate personal liberties thru “reg-ulations’ hence destroying those “middle incomes” she uses (first try at platform building,tho shaky) while “redistributing wealth”…someone pls tell her, it means “taking away our earnings by environmental xcuses, give it to “developing countries” so they can achieve a full belly w/ strength enuf to WHUP our asses! Damn, some folks are still out there looking for that Wizard of Oz…So their “resistance” is a show of words,nothn more
    The Resistace they represent is rathr against those who usually have to rearrange the scraps they created and try to still make things work..Big diff betwn a job creator, than one who is only good at Resisting!
    Iv sat across a credit-mgr desk, aftr 40+ yrs,I picked up a few things, man- to me she even scares herself! Hoooha!

  87. Morning_Star50 says:

    I’ll never vote for her can’t seeing or hear anything she has to say

  88. jimmy9522 says:

    If i heard her right, she is going to give Trump a freebie in 2020.

  89. George E. LeFebvre says:

    She can run for anything she wants. Keep in mind only mentally deranged people would vote for her to be a garbage handler let alone Presidential Candidate, although, she’s more qualified to clean septic tanks since they contain her brain. She fall in a class of phonyism along with HITLERY, PELOUSI, BOXER, AND MOST OTHER DEMONCRAPS.

  90. donaldbreaux says:

    Ha! Ha! Ha! A Major Threat? Elizabeth Warren? Here is Americans Warning to Elizabeth We Americans are Voting all of you out of office we are tired of TRAITORS

  91. Rodger K. Shull says:

    hopefully so to be ex-senator warren, your reputation precedes you, an you are a GOLD DIGGING FRAUD, an no one wants that, not anymore, go give up go home an stay there, resign right here an now. stop wasting other peoples money. An I would not want any one as UGLY as you representing me in another country.

  92. EttaMae Williams Svider says:

    I wish we would stop seeing their ugly faces on the internet every time you turn around. Sad that they are such liars & they believe them… incredible.

  93. CharlyO says:

    Is it Woron or Moron, oh its Warren. She is an idiot if there ever was one and if the Dems had any of those hangy things she would be back in her mama’s basement. No, that was that other lib idiot. Jeez, they come out of the woodwork. If liberals wonder why they are losing so much just maybe they might try being honest and I know it would be difficult for them but at least try!

  94. Sherry Berg says:

    I hope they choose her to be the Dems choice it will be a shoe in for President Trump. Go for it you

    brain dead liberal nut.

  95. Jay Crossbow says:

    Psychotic Pocahontas would be a good representative for the psychotic lunatic left.

  96. jong says:

    Nah poor little “sister full of bull” you have not seen nasty until a group of Vets opens up on your rioting BLM and others with a assortment of weapons including a M60 NATO medium machine gun. Then things have gone from your nasty to our good.

  97. Candi says:

    “Donald Trump…you ain’t seen nasty yet”..she actually said that…now there’s a reason not to vote for her..that is something a third grader would say before the teacher sends him to the principals office…After the special elections losses you would think they would learn if they have anger for this country they would hide it better…Trump is my president and her’s too..and it’s disgraceful how he is being treated and their lack of trying to hide it speaks volumes about them..her…She is a disgrace and needs put on a slow boat to China..real slow..

  98. Jay Crossbow says:

    Soros must have given his pathetic slave trolls the day off. Since pajama boy got sent back to California by the good folks in Georgia.

    1. Debra(bogene) says:

      Thank you, we do our best to help every way we can. (Ga born and raised) and old now.

  99. Alleged Comment says:

    She is presenting herself has another DELUDED Hillary and it is Hillaryous. The Demoncrap party will soon morph into a comedy club.

    I have always called for it to be BANNED, but this would be the next best step, to die laughing.

    1. jong says:

      Well they already have the “clowns” in Franken and Schumer

  100. Jan says:

    Yes, Lizzard Warren would make Carl Marx very proud. Good, nasty little poster child for the Communist Party USA. Shame, shame, shame on you Liz; for misrepresenting the American people as to favor the principles of radicalism & cultural Marxism; as to destroy the greatest country in the history of the world; the only country where the citizens can engage in free enterprise; to choose their profession in life; to work and keep profits of their labor; & freedom to live, & speak, & raise your own children according to the principles of your faith; without the government being our masters, and we the slaves. This is why the people voted for Donald Trump; to stand up for the American values, principles, & way of life. To “take back America”; not to
    lay our freedoms on the bonfire of a Socialistic Marxist run government. It’s time for we the people to stand up to the “nasty”, degrading, hate speech of the radical left; those who for profit; would destroy us.

  101. The duck says:

    Did Trump win his election to POTUS against Killary? Well he’d be a shoo-in against Warren. She is not black and she is not Cuban nor Mexican. She speaks with both her heads spun backwards too. Did Bernie loose his bid? HA He got Clintonized and Warren will have several other Demoncrats to beat before she meets Trump. She’ll get Demonized out the gate.

  102. Ronald Hagler says:

    “This Fight is Our Fight: The Battle to Save America’s Middle Class”. Even the title is a lie!

    Who is losing the most with our current employment situation?

    The Middle Class!

    Who is the Middle Class losing their jobs to?

    Foreign workers, both domestic and abroad!

    Why does our Middle Class worker remain unemployed after losing their employment?

    Illegal aliens have invaded the U.S. and are taking every job available?

    Why do Corporations close American plants and open them in other countries?

    Democrats in Congress have raised corporate taxes to the extent that it is more profitable to make products overseas and ship them here.

    Who wants to reduce Corporate taxes in an effort to keep U.S. corporations in the U.S. and try to seduce those who have left to return?

    The GOP.

    Who supports an “Open Border” policy?

    The DNC.

    Who opposes an “Open Border” policy?

    President Trump and the GOP.

    Who seeks to grant amnesty to all illegal aliens and allow them to work, vote and “Hide in The Open”?

    The DNC.

    Who wants to secure our borders, deport illegal aliens and shore up employment opportunities for displaced American workers?

    President Trump and the GOP.

    If the Democrats are working endlessly to increase the number of illegal people in the U.S., grant them amnesty (increasing the difficulty for displaced U.S. workers to find gainful employment), continue to tax corporations out of this country and refuse to acknowledge there is a problem, how is that a fight to save the Middle Class? Everything I hear coming out of DC is that the Democrats have fought every proposal by President Trump to actually keep our borders safe, control who (and how many) comes into this country, reduce corporate taxes (seeking to keep companies from moving out of this country) and increase the chances of U.S. citizens getting full time, gainful employment. It sounds more like the Democrats are seeking to buy their way into office by supporting illegal aliens, freeloaders and miscreants who will vote for the Democrats because the DNC is in the forefront of giving this demographic free food, education, government supported housing and health coverage.

    Elizabeth, I guess my question is: how does this do battle in support of the Middle Class? It does not! You know this, I know this and, hopefully, the general public still has enough intelligent people to see you for what you are and “kick you to the curb”, where Hillary awaits

    1. Debra(bogene) says:

      Well said !!!!

  103. jackel says:

    The Democratic Party—–Lairs. E. Warren fits in very well, but that is as far as I would want her to go.

  104. Richard Frick says:

    The outcast of a litter of viral pigs. She is deep in the sloop and slime and unfit for consumption as she is tainted.

  105. Roger Domnie says:

    run for the tepee’s, the big mouth indian is at it again. spewing what little she knows about nothing…. in 8 years, her brain should be pickled, i think we should all be safe by then……………………

  106. Jay Crossbow says:

    Sounds like the fool’s first time reading her own book. Wonder who the ‘ghost writer’ was for this dunce.

  107. al says:

    Regardless of which indian tribe you mention, I don’t care how mean and ornery they might have been. She is an insult to all that lived in the Americas.

  108. Larry Cowden says:

    Old cows never ascend to leadership of the herd! They are put to pasture or put down permanently and soon forgotten!

  109. Ken Gove says:

    Elizabeth Warren doesn’t stand a chance against Trump because she is one of the most stupid women in the history of the U.S. to serve in the Senate. To lie as she does also trying to be a fake indian and all of the other lies she has told will not fly with the Americans.

  110. ter334 says:

    Confucius said. Democrats can fool some all the time, and all some of the time. But they can’t fool all American’ all the time. They are trying to cover for O by blaming T for whatever to divert attention of the fake American administration of BO. And they have been found out. The Dim party has been has alienated plenty of American voters/. And all the king’s men cannot put the party back together again. Our elected and appointed officials have dug their own political grave by following Obama. And by acting like rulers instead of public servants they were elected to be. They are supposed to represent the voters in the process called govt instead of representing the party to the voters and give patronage to those who are loyal to the party instead of loyal to the country. JFK said it best. Ask not what the country can do for me, but what I can do for the country. Instead of building up America, Obama spent 8 long years, America’s dark age, tearing it down! If you want something for nothing from the govt, by all means vote democrat. But some taxpayer somewhere pays for their govt of excesses. Including 10 trillion dollars of new debt by O.

  111. Mike Phillips says:

    Stupid bitch… JUST STFU and go away

  112. Bayside GolfClub says:

    No communist ever wanted to save the middle class… EVER.. If they did, they failed miserably every time.. Every single time.. And this LOON has to know this. It’s an impossible to miss FACT!
    So… What is it she really wants? Something evil this way comes..

  113. Camille Gilliam says:

    She had better start being a little more careful or she could end up in jail, making threats on the President could get her in a lot of trouble.

  114. David McAllister says:

    She is way more popular than Hitlery! I am sure that Senator Pocahontas could easily get at least 50, maybe 60 votes.

  115. Honorary says:

    I don’t believe that Fauxcahontas able to pass the point to be a nominee, LMAO. Even Bernie Sander was stabbed in the back from Hillary’s minions. This woman must work so hard to remain stupid.

  116. Wynette Atkins says:

    She might run for President, in order to get her hands on some money. She sure is not going to be re-elected as a Massachusetts Senator again. Her popularity there is nil. And she is already a Nasty Woman. She lied about having Indian Heritage; in order to get hired at Universities, that needed to fill minority quotas. Heck she even lied about her husband’s parents not wanting their son to marry her due to her heritage, and saying they had to elope. All lies. She had a White Dress – Church Wedding, and all of the Parents were in attendance. Their two families had known each other for years. Their Wedding Announcement in their town’s paper, countered that lie she was putting forth.

  117. Mary Clouse says:

    Warren needs to go pick up Hillary,and the two of them need to
    go play Bingo,go home ,eat dinner together,and laugh about how
    they lost the election.Ever look at Warren in her pics,she always looks
    like she is being goosed..Maybe Pelosi could join in,old bags..

  118. Noreen says:

    My opinion anyone who spews the nasty rhetoric she does, and all her coherts does not think much about America, nor the American people.

  119. jim jones says:

    If she runs, it would guarantee 4 more years of trump. I voted against slime, perversion, lawlessness and pay for play just as millions did and that delivered us trump; if the democrats don’t acquire some common sense and find a real candidate, our environment is screwed!

  120. patriot2015 says:

    I WISH THIS JACKASS WOULD just go away she has done nothing for MA, she is all about her self selling book and ranking in money. WHAT AN F–EN JOKE

  121. BUILD BABY BUILD!!! says:

    Some one ought to tell her democrats lost their asses and she’s lost her mind.

  122. Robert E. Herbst says:

    She is a Complete Phony and killer of small business people !!!! Liar in saying she supports small business and then supports the DOL small rep killing so Big Insurance and supports the Stock market sales people.
    Sad for people who really care for the small investor….

  123. Bolt says:

    Do not miss the fact that Massachusetts tends to elect people like Warren, Markey and Frank. They even elected Romney, which should have given a clue about his RINO-Statist nature.

  124. Iatemine says:

    Go ahead and run you Loon! If you are the best the DemoRats can do then please by all means!

  125. informativex says:

    The way Warren dropped out instead of giving Hillary a primary challenge just tells us she is an establishment skunk. A stinker too foul to ever be considered. We would be better with a Webb or O’Malley or true contender. The only other choice would be a real “movement” builder like Sanders. Warren is not that. Trump elevated her status by naming her Pocahontas but he could tear her back down just as quickly and easily. Not that I want to give wise tips to Democrats because you sucked in charge for 8 years under Obama and gave flyover America jack sht with a cherry on top!

  126. papasamone says:

    Warren is the diabolical sister of Hillary Clinton. A sore loser, hater, racist, two headed snake controls her heart and she guides it to do evil. All these Democrats will soon be feeling the wrath of God and then will come the shedding of blood tears and grinding of the teeth.

  127. bouboulina says:

    The woman is a pitiful joke–how she managed to invade the halls of higher learning is proof of the dismal state of higher education in America. “Nasty” (?)–she flatters herself–more like an incensed barnyard hen.

  128. Thomas Tice says:

    Just trying to sell her book about the day she helped defeat Custer at little big horn.

    1. nicholsda says:

      Well I will say she looks old and haggard enough to have been there.

  129. Mary says:

    She’s really not from Massachusetts; she’s an embarrassment to the State.

  130. Linda Lashomb says:


  131. njward7 says:

    Trash, trash, trash.

  132. Bill Chandler says:

    I don’t believe there are enough crazy people to even think about voting for this crazy bitch. She is as bad as Clinton when it comes to lying. Look at the picture of her, would you in your right mnind vote for this, HELL NO.Donald will blow her out of the water. She is stupid enough that she will blow here self up before the next election.

  133. Rj Stoker says:

    Eiizabeth Warren, you might want to get a DNA test as recommended by the Cherokee nation. It would put your credibility issue to bed once and for all. If the DNA says you’re native american, your street cred is in tact. If not, you have a lot to atone for.

    I do not believe you have the strength of your conviction to take an independent DNA test. You claimed it, now, prove it!

  134. John Trenter says:

    This lady is seriously ill and out of touch with voters and what is going on in the world. She needs to be put out to pasture with Nancy Pelosi. They are the Bizarro Twins! Look at them all flushed and flailing their arms all around, anyone thinks that is normal?????

  135. Tins17 says:

    Please run! #MAGA!

  136. Robert Walters says:

    OMG is this a joke ? Elizabeth Warren as the President of what. This women is a hateful, bigot. I don’t know why she is still in office. She should be in jail with the other Demoncratic Liberals that are committing TREASON ! She does not have the ability to be the President of a High School Debate Team let alone the United States.

  137. Walter Bazner says:

    She could’nt win dog catcher or toilet cleaner job.No one’s paying attention to her mouthing off!!!!!!!!!!!

  138. John Savell says:

    So when the American people are paying her to be in DC, she is off on a book tour? She should be fired. Although she is probably doing more good for the country away from the Senate than actually in it. But is it too much to ask that the people do their freakin’ jobs, when they are only scheduled to work something like 133 days of the year, and they make six figures, plus all kinds of expense accounts, secret service, etc?

  139. JeanneTherese says:

    We are in deep skitar with her. She is really the nastiest person I have ever seen running for office beside Hillary. She willm and does promote communism and we need to fight this with all that we have. I hope Trump fights with all that he has. We are in trouble if Congress does not stop their infighting.

  140. jerry1944 says:

    wonder if she is going to get her buddy ryan as V P Maybe mc cain but he will be way to old I think

  141. pupster40 says:

    Princess Dizzy “Un” Warren rides again. She’s also Known as the bane (in the Butt) of Ma.
    To answer her threat, yes we ad He have seen all too much of you, nasty

  142. catman says:

    This whatever she wants to call herself wouldn’t know what the middle class was all about if someone wrote it down in a children’s book. With her and Hillary, it’s all about the money and the power.

  143. desert fox says:

    Hey, squaw lady, you are dead in the teepee before the race begins…..so take yourself back to the pig sty swamp with the rest of your gutter people.

  144. Danny says:

    The funny things about these pricks is they claim they are fighting for me to save me but their actions in congress is putting a foot om my neck. They need to keep Nancy in place or replace her with Fauxcahontas, to speed up the demise of the democrat/progressive/ commie party

  145. lin says:

    Republicans should remind her followers every day that she is the one who was leading the DNC when it deliberately rigged the nomination process against Bernie Sanders. That was the one and only reason she was forced to step down as its head. Crooked from the getgo.

  146. Alleged Comment says:

    I think she said she was going to get “nasty” with him or something. Maybe get close enough to wipe her Pap smears on him.

    I dunno…..

  147. tonyv says:

    What an absolute joke! The democrats have stitched together a coalition of the very rich who love to make the middle class pay for others and the poor who will vote for more ‘free’ benefits every chance they get!

    Democrats haven’t cared for the middle class for a long time other than to use them as props to mask their true goals.

  148. Kenneth Jones says:

    She is representative of the dark side of humanity. The evil side.

  149. David VanBockel says:

    PLEASE give us either hillary or warren in the next General Election.
    It will build a fire under the corrupt GOP – again.

  150. Watchdog says:

    Warren, like others is more than critical of the president, she is a scourge, a hindrance, an obstacle. But “Nasty Woman” now what is that counterproductive and sexist characterization mean? Like many critiques she has pledged to be an obstructionist, not a source of correction for discovered ills.

  151. Douglas L Fautt says:

    Elizabeth Warren can run for President all she wants too; but i doubt she could get enough votes to simply laugh about. Who would trust this Hillary look alike crook.

  152. SDofAZ says:

    And just how big was the audience. I would bet the turn out was similar to the tepid gatherings Hillary had or less. What a joke. Just standing with that book on a stage is just boring. I would not sit for this woman and listen to her if she paid me big money to do so. Liesalot is obviously determined to make an utter fool of herself. And the dem wit candidates are already showing their lack luster selves as worst and much worse! Disgusting!

  153. pjt says:

    You have become just another piece of doo on the bottom of everyone’s shoe.

  154. ny2223jv says:

    What a dolt.

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