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Elizabeth Warren Just Made A Dangerous Call To Action

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  1. Robert Miller says:

    She should shut her mouth and do the work that we voted for Trump to do we are sick and tired of the Democrats agenda

    1. william surratt says:


    2. Al says:

      She has indian blood in her veins. Princess Running Kunt.

      1. The Capatin says:

        Now THAT’S funny!

      2. Barkingdeathsquirrel says:

        She got that name after sleeping with slick willy.

        1. Al says:

          LOL I wonder how many blue dresses she has?

  2. WilliamHarrington says:

    Remember, above all else, Warren is a consummate LIAR.

    1. No name nut case says:

      Warren and Hillary must be hiding that they are twin sisters. They both have the same defect, which is the inability to distinguish truth from lies.

      1. erleebird says:

        Oh dear! I was just going to add Maxine to make it triplets, but white is white and unwhite is unwhite. (Just trying to be “politically correct)” 🙂

  3. SIRWIZARD says:

    I’d be careful about what you wish for, if I were you, Senator…you might get it. Do you think you have the right to use your tomahawk and your lance? I thought we established that you aren’t an Indian. You’d do well to remember what happened the last time we actually played “Cowboys and Indians”, Senator.

    1. granny_forUSA says:

      Please………….Indians are so much better than that OCD Warren……..she has no clue as to the “League of 5 Nations…………If she is part Indian, it would all be located in her little toe……..

      1. Deborah Pratt says:

        My ‘Native Indian’ relatives deny all knowledge of, or relationship to, Warren!! She only claimed that in order to get a ‘grant’ for college. Seems no one verified her ‘claim’, did they?!!

  4. chocopot says:

    Warren’s call to sedition and treason should be treated as exactly what it is, and she should be arrested and charged accordingly. If you do not believe that is the correct thing to do, I will ask you to consider how Obama would have handled it had any Republican of note stood up after the November 2008 elections and told the public to “resist Obama” because he does not stand for what we believe.

    1. william surratt says:

      I hope her constituents are smart enough to vote her out of office when she comes up
      for reelection. President??? she is not competent enough to be a Senator let along
      President. God Help Us

      1. chocopot says:

        You are correct. However, she is no more or less competent than Hillary, for that matter, as well as the lying fraud who just vacated the White House after despoiling it for eight years.

        1. Al says:

          She’s the lying one who says she is part native American. She speak with forked tongue.

          1. myfordtruck says:

            she part native American as Obama is American citizen both are liars

          2. Tanya Dennis says:

            President Trump lies more in one week than Obama and Warren have their total lives. But I guess that’s okay. Double standards = hypocrisy

          3. myfordtruck says:

            can tell what party you support Trump has done more to help this nation than Obama did in eight years all he did was divide this nation and try to destroy it

          4. sox83cubs84 says:

            The butthurt is strong with you, snowflake. There are coloring books and crayons awaiting you in your safe space…best for you to deal with something not above your level of intelligence.

          5. Kurt Hanssen says:

            NObummer had 200 + 4. Pinokios ( Max LIES ) By WaPo, But the Quran tels the Muslims that it is OK to lie to Infidels, and NObummer has admitted that he is a Muslim, but that was comon knowledge, his name was a dead giveaway. Like for you to mention only 5. lies that TRUMP has made in his 200. days in office. only 5.?

          6. tmk6190 says:

            and too she drinks too much fire water!

          7. noah jonas says:

            Come to think about it, I don’t believe I have ever seen her sober.

          8. Al says:

            I couldn’t drink enough fire water myself to make her sound or look good.

          9. Gary Smith says:


          10. Tanya Dennis says:

            racist statement from a racist perspective clouds reality.

          11. sox83cubs84 says:

            Sobriety or lack thereof is a racist subject? Sounds like you’ve been consuming too much fire water yourself, libtard!

          12. Kurt Hanssen says:

            Why don’t you put on your tinfoil hat and drink your cool aide. As NObummer said, The Americans are to stupid to understand, and in your case he hit the nail on the head.

          13. jreg9304 says:


          14. Al says:

            They make-um like rabbits?

          15. Tanya Dennis says:

            racism still exist.

          16. sox83cubs84 says:

            True…with the vast majority of it practiced by Communist Democraps.

          17. pete0097 says:

            I didn’t know that calling someone incompetent was racist. Didn’t Martin Luther King say “Judge not by the color of ones skin but by their character?” or something like that? Warren is incompetent which fuels her lies.

          18. StBernardnot says:

            Best comment so far! ROFLMAO!!!

          19. Tanya Dennis says:

            ugly words = ugly person. So who’s ugly. . .look in the mirror

          20. sox83cubs84 says:

            I wouldn’t do you either, libtard.

        2. Fortuneless says:

          Warren is one dumb communist

          1. chocopot says:

            Indeed she is. But those who keep voting for her are even dumber. And that is what is truly sad.

          2. johnh says:

            You are right. That is where the problem lies in America today. We can out last one person at a time, but their numbers are getting close to the 50% mark.

          3. BUILD BABY BUILD!!! says:

            She reminds me of the old joke,
            ‘two senators were talking to one ones says to the other,
            ‘ you know the problems are ignorance and apathy’
            the second answers, ‘I don’t know and I don’t care.’

          4. Deborah Pratt says:

            You know–that would be a lot more funny if it wasn’t so pathetically “True’!! As Trump was underestimated, don’t underestimate the ‘danger’ of this woman!! She said it herself–‘one voice, multiplied 100,000 times.’ Well, she, Obama and Clinton are reaching for the ‘100,000,000’ times to take this country ‘down’!! This is all a very dangerous part of the ‘Resistance Movement’–part of the Shadow Government in Washington.

          5. Tanya Dennis says:

            can’t be a shadow government when the majority approve. Remember Clinton won the majority vote.

          6. Robert Walters says:

            OMG another Dem/Lib who STILL, can’t get over it. SHE LOST ! Hillary is a lying, corrupt, treasonous, murdering Bitch. Look at the facts and WTFU. Over 40 people dead for willing to testify against her.

          7. Kurt Hanssen says:

            Corection, it has pased 87.

          8. pete0097 says:

            Only when you count the illegals.

          9. noah jonas says:

            Does she have the same constituents that kept electing sniveling Barney Frank?

          10. chocopot says:

            To some extent. Fauxcohontas is a Senator, while Barney Fwank (LOL) was a Representative.

          11. No name nut case says:

            There always comes a point when “dumb” becomes “idiot.”

          12. Harry J Schaubel says:

            They’re the same types as those voting Schummer, Pelosi, & Waters in time after time after time. They vote Democrat because Daddy voted Democrat, and Grandaddy voted Democrat and By God They’ll vote Democrat, too. Odds are they only watch CNN & MSNBC. So they actually think they are doing Right! :[
            And I speak from Experience. I voted Democrat all my life till someone ran for office and talked CHANGE, yet 97% of his Senate Votes were “Present”, which translates in Senatorialese as “I go along with the Majority”. And I actually had an original “Political” thought. “How can he talk about Change when all he does is agree with everyone else?”

          13. chocopot says:

            Congratulations on waking up and choosing to deal with reality. Glad to have you with us.

          14. Robert Walters says:

            It’s time we ALL stop voting the party line. It doesn’t work, nothing gets done. They only agree on there pay increases. We need to vote for person who cares about the people, not the party, not the race, THE PEOPLE ! We need to heal America, OUR GREAT NATION. Make America First Again For The People. Get It ?

          15. Harry J Schaubel says:

            Unfortunately there’s only 1 Donald Trump & 1 Trey Gowdy. :[ We need another 500+ all at the same time.

          16. kbmiller says:

            Just like Bernie Sanders. Preach about how unfair the system is and how terrible Capitalism is while accumulating $millions, is a TYPICAL Dumb A$$ ok RAT strategy. DO AS I SAY, NOT AS I DO.

          17. BUILD BABY BUILD!!! says:

            Can we scalp her?

          18. Jeffrey hamilton says:

            No, let’s stake her to an ant hill!

          19. Gary Smith says:

            Please do

          20. No name nut case says:

            She is just dumb…period!

        3. Kenneth Jones says:

          Warren is a dangerous demagogue, and should be arrested for preaching sedition, aiding and abetting criminal acts during riots, and advocating those riots. In many ways, she’s as terrible as Hillary the Loser Clinton, although she hasn’t dealt with those who disagree openly with her agenda in the same manner as the aforementioned loser and traitor.

          1. chocopot says:

            Your description of her makes her sound just like the Communist she is.

          2. William Braudis says:

            If there is no eliz warren there is no way that she could be elected to any office.

          3. Deborah Pratt says:

            Remember, they said that about Pres Trump, too!! This is not a time to let our guard down!!

          4. Deborah Pratt says:

            Seems to me she’s just an additional agitator gathering support for the Resistance Party being formed by Clinton and Obama. This is a ‘wing-nut’ group, part of the ‘Shadow Government’ that is growing in numbers and strength out of Washington. Don’t underestimate the danger of these vicious people!!

          5. Kenneth Jones says:

            Her statement about the administration is bad enough, but now she’s brought Vice President into the fray by threatening him, too! I’m seriously contemplating writing a letter to the Senate Majority Leader and asking him for a censure vote against her. And that’ll just be my first step.

          6. Deborah Pratt says:

            You know, Kenneth, that’s a great idea!! A move in the ‘right’ direction.

          7. Robert Walters says:

            I’m with you. The time to start is NOW.

          8. Kenneth Jones says:

            I just did it. I wrote to Senator Mitch McConnell, the Majority Leader!

          9. Robert Walters says:

            Thank you Mr. Jones. I’m very interested in the response from Senator McConnell. I wish you the best of luck in getting some attention to this national problem.

          10. Kurt Hanssen says:

            Sorry to tell you, but he is on her side.

          11. Jeffrey hamilton says:

            Give her time she’ll find someone to do the deed! she’s NO better than KILLARY!

          12. noah jonas says:

            Arrest her now.

        4. That’s the problem there are to many of this kind in the W H and they should be voted out. To many RINO’s as well that don’t support the party they belong to by name only.

      2. Askjrsk says:

        Illegal illiterate votes get people like Elizabeth Warren elected. Stop voter fraud!

        1. Deborah Pratt says:

          Excellent point and not to be forgotten!! Let’s get that voter ID law passed!!

          1. Askjrsk says:

            Spot on!! MAGA

          2. No name nut case says:

            I think there is already one on the books. I’m from Texas and it hasn’t been too terribly long ago since everyone had to show I.D. in order to vote. Something on the order of a voter I.D. card and a drivers license. What happened to it? They quit asking for it. Whose fault was that? I think it was Dems who quit “worrying” about voter I.D. Since then it has been very difficult to beat them in an election. What a shock.

          3. Robert Walters says:

            I’m pretty sure the Old Supreme Court shot the voter I.D. Requirement down allowing the illegals to vote.
            Time to resubmit that requirement prior to 2018 elections.

      3. granny_forUSA says:

        Definitely no one should vote for anyone with OCD………

      4. Al says:

        Nah.. The dummy dems in Massachusetts keep voting in her type all the time. I just moved to Florida and what a difference. We are free here. Spent all my life in Ma. No more.

        1. kbmiller says:

          Yep, their idol was a lying,misogynist, drunken murderer, Ted Kennedy.

      5. Elise Evans says:

        I know some of her constituents. NO, they re NOT smart enough to vote her out. In fact, they agree with her. That is scary.

      6. rick meek says:

        MA —– like vermont – ny – ca – wa – or ——– THEY’RE ALL NUTZ……..

        1. No name nut case says:

          Where Democrats collect you find mental disorders and stupidity.

      7. Deborah Pratt says:

        There are elections coming up and Mass. has a very good alternative to vote for. Hoping they realize that and do their ‘homework’!! How can people actually go along with this ‘cr*p’!!? Seems there are always ‘customers’ for the old ‘snake-oil’ salesman (woman)!!

      8. BUILD BABY BUILD!!! says:

        She can scoop up my dogs waste.

      9. noah jonas says:

        I thought the same about Pelosi, Maxipad Waters and Schumer, but their constituents still reelected them.

      10. erleebird says:

        She acts like one of those bad-asp girl gangs from the dark side of town. How unladylike for a Bostonian; and how in HECK does Boston feel she is qualified to lead – I know Bostonians – and they are smart, patriotic people!

        1. No name nut case says:

          Do you think that it’s maybe voter fraud? Naw, couldn’t be a Democrap wouldn’t do that, would they?

          1. erleebird says:

            Oh my! Could it really be true? (sarc)

      11. Jan says:

        She’s not competent enough to be a human bein!

      12. The woman is totally stupid. Don’t understand what some of these States are thinking when they put someone like her in office.

        1. No name nut case says:

          Maybe they are smoking that stuff that Warren used when she was an American Indian.

          1. They say that Peyote is pretty tough stuff…..LOL

      13. obamasucks says:

        When has a demoncrat ever been called smart? Never!

    2. MarioSalassa says:

      I fully agree with you.

    3. Askjrsk says:

      Agree wholeheartedly .

        1. Donald McGowan says:

          Love it, this is about as close to the truth as it gets.

        2. Bob Sumner says:

          Absolutely love the three stooges picture above!!!

          1. William Braudis says:


        3. Gene Heard says:

          Am I the only one that thinks that these as well as some other so called leaders on the left always look and talk like they just walked away from the local Bar?

          1. No name nut case says:

            Or, maybe they DID just walk away from the Bar (liqour and/or smoke kind).

          2. erleebird says:

            . . . and the language! These are “great” role models for our children (not).

        4. No name nut case says:


    4. Darlene F. Donston says:

      I agree as I just said that to my husband. This is what needs to be done to these people that are in Government inciting riots, killings and taking down OUR PRESIDENT. I am so sick and tired of this going on. If they don’t like this Country, they have the right to GET OUT and find another Country that serves their hatred and Socialism and Communism. Time to start arresting them for TREASON!

      1. No name nut case says:

        For some unknown reason people like these don’t want to go where the sort of government they want is already in operation, they want to make OURS into a government like the others that people don’t like already! They want to pee in everyone’s else’s Post Toasties!

    5. John Redman says:

      She should be laughed at for the fraud she is – FAUX-cahauntus. Never let up.

    6. John Savell says:

      I agree with you 100%. All of these politicians, celebrities, and former Obama admin need to be charged with inciting violence, which is a crime. Soros needs to be charged with funding terrorism, because BLM and antifa are both terrorist organizations.

    7. Tanya Dennis says:

      The single most important thing we want to achieve is for President Obama to be a one-term president. – Mitch McConnell November 4, 2010. How Obama handled it was to pass 108 pieces of legislation in his first four years despite consistent and relentless Republican resistance.

      1. Robert Walters says:

        Obama was a traitor to the American people. He and Hillary have American blood on there hands. Now they are both part of the Treasonous Deep State and should be executed along with George Soras and many other Dem/Libs. He almost got away with his Muslim Invasion of America. You are a fool, if you can’t see this. WTFU

  5. Dennis Kennedy says:

    Senator you speak with a forked tongue that shows the snake you are , you need to crawl back under the rock you came from. You and the scum you back are only fighting President Trump because you are evil and you think you will be part of the elites NWO .News flash not going to happen God will intervene.

    1. No name nut case says:

      We can always hope.

  6. jim jones says:

    She, or it is a pervert as slimy as clinton!

    1. william surratt says:


  7. Jack Montalto says:


    1. mark k. says:

      Yes; and their annointed one just claimed the lives of two more men who were preparing to testify against the Clintons. It goes on and on.

      1. Askjrsk says:

        It wasn’t just eight suicides?

        1. Gail Wasden says:

          Just before the election, someone posted that the toll of unexplained deaths connected to Hillary was closer to 200, and the number keeps rising. The explanations are suspect in the first place, especially since few, if any, of them are carefully investigated.

          1. erleebird says:

            Lest we forget – what about Justice Scalia? Poor guy “slept” with a pillow on his head (you know, like we all do – not) and had a “heart attack!” Who makes these things up????

      2. erleebird says:

        And what about the guy whose body was exhumed after the verdict was “suicide” and they found two bullets in his head! Well, if at first you don’t succeed ,etc. etc. etc.

        1. Gail Wasden says:

          Was this the one where the bullets came from a rifle and entered the back of his head? I don’t think even a democrat could pull that off but the explanation worked to keep the detectives at bay. What’s amazing about the death of justice Scalia were the medical examiners who stated over the phone without actually seeing him that he died of a heart attack (with the pillow over his face) and a few other equally odd things and then he was cremated before anybody could actually do an examination to make sure of the cause of death.

          1. erleebird says:

            Gail: Good comment! I’m really fearful about all the left is getting away with! This is like a spy novel and some people can’t fathom that our great nation can have such lethal enemies within! Thanks to black-hearted Obama and his ilk!

          2. Gail Wasden says:

            Totally agree! I can’t understand why these liberals are allowed to get away with so much that to me is illegal, treasonous and seditious.

          3. Gail Wasden says:

            Me too! People like this witch aren’t just feeding their own angst; they are encouraging others to join with them so the crowd gets bigger and nastier and even more out of touch with reality. I have a hard time understanding why some of these people who are calling for harm to the president aren’t arrested and charged because their actions seem criminal to me.

      3. polly says:

        Are they not afraid of the judgement they will have . I think they should come clean and repent. God is a God of second chances

    2. Askjrsk says:

      You can say that again.

    3. Forrest K. Wright says:

      the trouble is there not even serving the people who elected them or the Country , but the party itself .

      1. No name nut case says:

        They aren’t serving their party, either. They are serving themselves!

    4. No name nut case says:

      Hopefully more and more of the left will become disillusioned and will come into the light of the right. That is IF they would leave their loony left ideas behind!!

      1. erleebird says:

        Agree! Surely some amount of brains are there to ponder right from wrong!

  8. Noreen says:

    Senator Warren it’s time you went on the reservation to retire.Oh, thats’ right, she lied about being Native American. No one wants to hear you spew your garbage. I would like to see President Trump start suing all these haters for their hate speech against our President for defamation of his character. Perhaps if they were hit in the pocket book, they would keep their ugliness to themselves.

    1. william surratt says:

      Give me an AMEN and a Hallelujah!!!!!

    2. Askjrsk says:

      Maybe paper bag her head. Why not?

      1. granny_forUSA says:

        Plastic, please………..and tied under her chin……….

        1. erleebird says:

          Don’t forget the Dem’s latest: HELIUM!

    3. Carol Hyndman says:

      Unfortunately, I believe President Trump has to much class and intelligence to sue these haters. It would be nice to make an example of one of them, however.

      1. No name nut case says:

        I don’t know. He has sued people before, but not for slandering him. Maybe someone will bring suit against them for slander that will shut them up forever.

      2. erleebird says:

        How about starting with the following: Maxine Waters; Nancy Pelosi;; and my favorite – the head of the “women’s movement” Linda Sarsour (sp). What a bunch of liars and co-conspirators they are. The so-called “women’s movement” is an insult to all intelligent, patriotic and peace-loving women. It really represents the “Radical Muslim” women’s movement!

  9. Southerngirl says:

    And the Democrats ALWAYS say it’s the Republicans and “WE THE DEPLORABLES” that incite riots and call for others in OUR party to go out and fight the Democrats. Warren NEEDS to SHUT HER MOUTH while she’s ahead. Why??? Because people are listening to her. And some of the people are already a little UN-stable. Look at the Democrat that almost killed Scalise and other Republican lawmakers while on a ball field.

    I have NEWS for you LYING Elizabeth. (telling EVERYONE you are an Indian) You already have blood on your hands from that shooting. Because he has been listening to you, Bernie and all the other Democratic party telling EVERYONE to stand up and fight Republicans. The Democratic Party has went so far down. They are doing NOTHING but spending “TAX PAYER’S” money on this witch hunt against OUR President. And they think they have a chance of WINNING anything in 2020??? They are NOT doing anything now.

    1. Al says:

      I’m proud to be a Klinton Deplorable.

      1. granny_forUSA says:

        Oh no………are you one of those clinton flustercucks……….

        1. Al says:

          I’m a Clinton did liker if that’s what you mean.

    2. Askjrsk says:

      Warren head should be in a paper bag. A peace offering to the people she has defrauded.

      1. granny_forUSA says:

        Plastic big and tied under her chin………….

    3. Bill says:

      I still believe there are some democrats out there who can see past all this obstructionist behavior,and will remember come the 2018 midterms. Maybe if the dems continue to hemhorage house seats and a few more senate seats, they’ll realize that they are on a one-way race to obscurity.

      1. Jim Strong says:

        I would not bet on it

      2. johnh says:

        You are right. Many Democrats are just that because their parents were. I have a friend that is just that. I told her that the Democrats that her parents were are 180% out from what they are today. I’m sure that her parents were still America first.

    4. 1947goldenjet says:

      She has obviously read Victor Hugo. His deplorables rioted in the streets to end the rule of the elites. Current deplorables rioted at the ballot box. Hugo’s elites fought back. Our elites are fighting back. The parallels between Hugo’s writings and the past 25 years are suggestively similar. Our elites finally provoked a reaction just as Hugo’s did. Last week’s major (non-Trump) crisis was bare arms (by Ladies) in Congress. Need I remind you that this is the same Congress that favors bare penises in the Ladies room.
      Proud to be defined as a deplorable.

      1. erleebird says:

        You go girl! Tell it like it is! LOL

    5. johnh says:

      We need one new question on the background check to buy a fire arm. ” ARE YOU A DEMOCRAT”

  10. Dennis Anderson says:

    uMMMM squaw smokum to much pipe gottum delussions of grandure. Shovum corn cob so not have to hear noise!

    1. Askjrsk says:

      Used corn Cobb too much as toilet paper ignites the BS.

    2. Donald Boske says:

      More like Squaw Suckimm Biggemm Wompumm .

  11. Alleged Comment says:

    I see… we’re the enemy. The no-good scoundrel American who believes in hard work, taking risk, being honest with yourself, helping others freely and remaining independent so we are not a burden to anyone..

    HOW DARE WE DO THAT!! HOW DARE WE!!! When there is big government to do that and take every penny we make so they can give it to their like-minded cronies!! But first disarm them and kill their babies.

  12. Joseph Techiera says:

    No I don’t think she could beat Trump in 2020 she a liar just like Killary Clinton and the people are sick of the same old shit.

    1. Al says:

      I’m sick of Massachusetts. Florida is my home now. What a difference.

      1. 1947goldenjet says:

        What, you got tired of shoveling Global Warming?

        1. Deborah Pratt says:

          Yeah–my favorite joke!! We live in Maine and all last winter it snowed, and snowed and snowed—–! Every time we looked out at another storm, I’d say to my husband—Yup, it’s ‘global warming’ again!! So far, this summer it hasn’t gone over 80degrees all summer.

          1. No name nut case says:

            Global warming has always been and remains a money making hoax! Dreamed up by Clinton’s vice president!!

          2. erleebird says:

            Agree! We in Connecticut had a cool spring. I believe “global warming” is just nature taking its normal course. In another 50 years they’ll be fighting “global ‘freezing;”.

          3. 1947goldenjet says:

            Al Gore fought it in the 70’s until he realized he couldn’t make a dime from it.

          4. erleebird says:

            Unfortunately, when they say, “it’s not the money; it’s the money!”

  13. jackhy says:

    The wicked witch Warren’s call that “it’s the fight that matters” (against the GOP agenda)and not what the Dimwit Liberal party can offer, is the sum total of what they are all about and not what America needs! Backed up by the biased media and a score of other protesting organizations bent on destroying the Trump admin. makes it almost impossible to achieve recovery for our nation.

  14. bp 58 says:

    this fake pocahontas whore is also a chronic liar like all the rest of these demotards…all these idiots should be locked up in an animal shelter waiting on their last call..

    1. No name nut case says:

      Like someone once said, “Liberalism is a mental disorder.”

  15. ExGOP says:

    Of course. All patriotic Americans have to oppose Trump and Republicans. Why is this news?

  16. davegrille says:

    She is a very bad person .

    1. No name nut case says:

      Along with the rest of the Dem party!

  17. rick meek says:

    Why does MA keep finding and sending this trash to DC ?
    Jr. didn’t do chit – He was set up – The woman was running around DC meeting with a load of dems before and after the meeting with Jr. Now a man named smith who was researching and getting those missing E-mails was conveniently suicide…..

    LMFAO – sorry folks – They never had ANY INTENTION of repealing chit —- it was a talking point to gather votes and send them to DC….Disgustocrats and RINOS….they aim to stay in power and money at peoples expense and that’s the jest of it…….

  18. OSNOFLA AIDNEM says:

    The values of democrat, liberal, libertine, immoral, anarchist, socialist, communist Support : Abort, Support Gay Marriage, Support Muslims jihad terrorist, Support illegal immigration, democrats are enemies of American Values and Christianity!

    1. Gail Wasden says:

      You left out the attempt to do social engineering by championing rights of the gays and transgenders and others, especially those who don’t want to identify their new born children by a gender in case the kid wants to be something fells when he/she grows up. These people think they are smarter than God and want Him to move over so they can take charge.

  19. ld says:

    go away you stupid ass !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Shirley Weissenfluh says:

    Why are these people so full of hate for our elected President…they should be using their energy working towards the next election…just spinning their wheels, in IMHO:))

  21. crockett says:

    Maiden Runamuck don’t stand a chance of winning ,will she ever learn that Americans have had it with Demorats ? President Trump is here to stay for another 4 years …….Trump in 2020 ………..

    1. erleebird says:

      Before much of this can be a “slam-dunk” we’ve got to fire some RINO’s! How about starting with John McCain and his cohort, Lindsay Graham???? They are Republi-cons, and should go home to greener pastures!

  22. Dodie1990 says:

    Her winning would depend on how many “free riders” they could get out to vote. The illegals who bother will vote 100% Democrat. Many young people will also. Blacks vote predominately Democrat. Liberal Warren promises to continue the free ride. (Too many Republicans do also) The answer is to get every taxpayer, everyone who is employed to vote against her.

  23. jong says:

    Poor sister full of bull recent surveys have reported that most of her people want someone else in. And when not if Trump gets obummercare out and Tax Reform in it will be hard to stop any one running on success rather than on racist failure.

  24. Cynthia White says:

    This Warren Woman is a Lair and a trouble maker. She is so self-centered and Greedy. Never put your faith or Money on this pc. of Poop!!

  25. MOS19D20 says:

    Warren is a moron who should be ignored as a waste of time to listen to her opinions.

  26. fishunter says:

    I recall the lie warren used when she claimed to have a Native American background. She lied then and will continue to lie. I cannot understand why she is a Senator.

    1. 1947goldenjet says:

      Stay in Marxachusetts a couple of weeks, you’ll understand.

  27. C K Johnson says:

    Warren speaks as though she hates America the same way Obama did. She claims to be part Native American but has yet to prove it. Real Americans need to speak of Uniting the people Every minute since Trump won the election they have filled our beloved United States with hate towards Donald Trump. They need to let go of that hate and do the job’s they were elected to do.

    1. No name nut case says:

      They dig up hatred. That’s what they want! They can’t produce enough hatred to accomplish their goals!

      1. erleebird says:

        Agree! But don’t forget the “organizer” of Black Lives Matter – our very own jive-talking Barach Obama! Race relations have never been so bad in many years and this “unwhite” racist has turned human rights into a circus!

  28. tCotUS says:

    Warren should be arrested immediately, & put on trial as a Traitor….

  29. LJ says:

    Massachusetts was a leader in the glory days of the Revolution. In recent years they have elected a series of serious nut jobs. Like Watren. What is wrong with you people?? Sad.

  30. cp123 says:

    I m a Pittsfield resident and would like to thank Helen for showing us who she is and who stands with her. My vote will go elsewhere.

  31. Askjrsk says:

    Warren DNA should be tested. She is fraudulently claiming to brand benefitting from her claims of being Native American. Native Americans question her heritage, and resent her stealing funds and opportunity intended for them and not the benefit of Elizabeth Warren. She should be tried to defrauding the federal government, and native Americans . She must also be held accountable for her treason and sedition and calls for civil disobedience. Resist ignorance and fraud of Elizabeth Warren . LOCK HER UP.

    1. 1947goldenjet says:

      Howie Carr (Boston radio talk show host) offered to pay for the DNA testing a few years ago. Her future Republican opponent offered to pay for a DNA test in the past couple of weeks. The line from The Treasure of Sierra Madre comes to mind (with apologies for the mal-appropriation) “DNA, I don’t need no DNA to know I’m an Indian–my grandmother told me”.

  32. M. D'Souza says:

    Elizabeth Warren Fauxahontas could not muster a 1000 attendees as the her audience. She has high expectations of mustering a MOVEMENT of 10,000 !!!

  33. Irene Elizabeth Grooms says:

    If a republicans said the crap that these damn democrats are saying we would be put under the damn bars.

  34. Countrysunrise says:

    Elizabeth Warren is nothing more than a tall drink of hot air!! She is going to be taken down, just as Hillary was, if she even CONSIDERS running for President!! From some of the articles that I’ve read, her own constituents don’t even like her, so how would she think that the people of the United States are going to like her as President?? The Democratic Party has imploded in November, continues to implode further with the asinine stunts they pull off, and will take at least a decade to recover!! By then, the Presidential Election will have come and gone, and they will have been too late to the Party!! Just sitting here, and trying to think of a candidate to run for President, I can only think of one, but he doesn’t even realize that he could probably pull it off, because they’re so busy coming up with these flashy, big mouthed fools that figure they have what it takes when the only thing they have is clues for their competition to beat them!! They have nothing!!

  35. USMC VET says:

    Why aren’t these politicians who are saying these things in jail for treason ?

  36. Mojo says:

    Warren only TRUE statement was her last line:
    “THEN I DON’T KNOW…..”

  37. ShooterTutor says:

    Warren doesn’t share our values so it’s time to stand up and resist her and her fellow demoncrats.

    Just illustrating that it works both ways. Is she not intelligent enough to understand that? Foolish question I know. A rock is smarter than she is. Clearly she did not get the memo. Or she got it, made a few statements for the cameras, and now goes off to do what it was she intended to do in the first place. I think the latter is more likely.

    1. Mike W says:

      She is just a bitter old troll who won’t be happy until everyone is as miserable as she is.

  38. Mike W says:

    This woman needs to be in a padded room for her own protection and a sound proof padded room for our”s.

  39. chuck stanford says:

    So she and the rest of the democrap want to play that type of game. Maybe we should turn the tables around them instead. Like Elmer Fudd would say. Shh hunting Rabbits, Instead of Rabbits it be democraps.

  40. granny_forUSA says:

    I have the perfect cure…………..Bow & Arrow, or the tomahawk……….

  41. Donna M Rogers says:

    She is inciting people to violence. Why isn’t she in jail for inciting to riot?

    1. 1947goldenjet says:

      Jim Comey says “there is no INTENT”.

  42. A patriot says:

    warren should ne in prison by that time if the republicans can act. There she can run around the jail yard all day 24/7/365

  43. terry lmoore says:

    we need to spread the word when voteing day is.
    so we can get as many people out to vote as we can.to remove the stink from there seats.
    i hear so many people say they dont know when voteing day is.

  44. silver fox says:

    dims anti American all of them vote them all out next year go trump and pence

  45. KDC says:

    I love how she claims the Republicans have an agenda. Well, I guess we do. And it sure isn’t a Globalist communist agenda like her pathetic party. “VALUES,” SAID WARREN”… What values? This Warren is as crass as they come. I hope that Indian fellow runs against her, he’s a shining star in my book!

  46. Maggietish says:

    Obviously Elizabeth Warren doesn’t realize that she lives in the United States of America and we are not a communist and/or socialist country. Obviously it’s not enough for her to be an obstructionist which is counterproductive to our Nation and the American people. She continually encpurages anarchy and now she has just called for violence against President Trump and Republicans. Warren has literally encouraged war within the United States of America. She should be removed from office immediately and prosecuted. She’s being paid tons of money as a Senator by the American working class people’s tax dollars. For us to continue to pay her means that we are complicit with her call to violence/war and murders in the United States. She should be prosecuted for treason and certainly sedition. Warren and her fellow Democratics can’t truly believe that the American patriots are going to allow them to destroy our Nation and take away all of our rights and we wouldn’t do anything about it.

  47. JC says:

    If this person–Warren—is what we have as a legislator in our congress—GOD HELP THE USA—there couldn’t be a more incompetent person representing us

  48. Sherry Richter says:

    When will the American Public wake up and realize what the left wing is doing! Senator Warren is trying to undermine the Presidency! I thought that was treason in the biggest sense! Reagan, Jack Kennedy, Eisenhower would not have let it gone on and on! The Democrats do not give a crap about Veterans and they surely do not care about the elderly in this country! Wake up people,! People like George Soros belong in jail because of all the lies that are spread by his followers! We need to stand up to these people
    because it we do not do anything we will be back to square one! Be an American!

  49. Autoharp1951 says:

    Well, Faux-cahontas, that sounds suspiciously like “hate speech” to me. I’m offended. (Not really. I could care less what the dimwit has to say.)

  50. vetteguy08 says:

    If someone had talked that way about Obama they would have been called a racist. What she doesn’t understand is that type of talk only works in the liberal region of New England and New York City. The south and the mid-west will reject that.

  51. Jeannie says:

    warren is just one of the people fueling the flames of hatred and violence. You are so right you giant pile of sh*t..We do not share your values…you know the ones where we let every muhammad, aabir, and aabidullah, (in English we say Tom, Dick and Harry) into our country…the ones who want to give everything free thus burdening we tax payers even more..the ones where Americans do not come first..the ones who interpret the Constitution the way they want it to be and not the way it was written…the ones who put party before anything else and lastly whose party is full of corruption….we do not share those values

  52. Moe says:

    With continued open borders and no deportations for committing the crime of illegal entry, plus the fear of losing free entitlements given by barrack might help them. You cannot take away even free phones if they are not entitled to them, now they believe free stuff is an obligation for the rest if us to pay for them. The left will go to far, then there will be an explosion as a result, there is only so much a boiling pot can take before the lid pops. We were screwed for eight years you ain’t coming back.

  53. Bishop351 says:

    There is no polite or politically correct way to say this… Warren is simply another useless, moronic, loud-mouthed, do nothing politician.

  54. George E. LeFebvre says:

    She’s a piece of crap and should be flushed with your next visit to the John. She is a danger to our way of life and hasn’t a clue on what We Americans need and stand for. FREEDOM.

  55. Frank Snuffin Jr. says:

    Warren needs to be removed from Office and placed under arrest for Sedition and Treason !! She also is in desperate need for a psych examine along with Maxine Waters !! they are both dangerous for America and are both guilty of sedition and treason !! HOW about the DOJ FINALLY DOING IT’S JOB TO END THIS DOMESTIC TYRANNY !! WE THE PEOPLE PAY YOU FOR THIS

  56. Fortuneless says:

    This ugly piece of trash needs to be dealt with severely. She is no better that the communist that she is.

  57. Rodger K. Shull says:

    if I lived in Massachusetts, an was a dyed in the wool demo-crapper lib-turd. I would vote republican, if she was all there was to vote for. I would vote against her, but I,am not a resident of Massachusetts or a demo-crapper lib-turd, but I do hope she in not reelected, an is finished in politics. RESIST WARREN, an RESIST WATERS an RESIST PELOSI .

  58. Moe says:

    You have nearly half the nation that does not give a poop that Obama is a pathological liar, Congressman Cummings was part of the IRS scandal yet loves to play te race card, Congresswoman Maxine Watters lives in a multiple million dollar palace in a mostly white community, Congressman Al Greene defended Obama’s illegal actions on catch and release now he demands justice for unproven obstruction of justice, under Holder and lynch he could not give a poop. Pocahontas used unproven ethnic heritage to advance herself, the whole Democratic Party if full of poop, since Obama the entire party is based upon lies. We experienced what Obama did to this nation, it is near bankrupt, the world is in turmoil yet no one points a finger at him? The liberal blacks spread their hate speech towards only to fuel new hate in whites whom had nothing to do with the atrocities towards blacks generations ago. Before Obama the races were coming together as one. We do not want Globalization, we do not want Obama’s new world order. We want sovereignty, prosperity, equality based upon ability, and pray for the day Obama the criminal he is will be exposed for the endless sneaky things he did involved in secret spending, shifting of federal monies, ignoring Federal laws, obstructing justice in numerous known criminal activities of his cabinet heads. Trump can not ever come close to Obama, no one could break do many laws unchallenged.

  59. ‘Treasonous’ ( s.o.b.’s ) who like to ‘rile up’ their ‘lib-progressive’ ( Zombie’s ) who support them, but who have no backbone for the fight themselves. Too bad their ‘Zombie-followers’ can’t figure that out, and ‘turn’ on their ‘creators… like Frankenstein.

  60. Fortuneless says:

    Civil War be a brewing..Obama, Soros, Clinton, Warren, pelosi, Schummer and Durban will be among the very first casualties of that War. If ifs uprising and trouble the Democrats want, then we are more than willing to accommodate them.

  61. SouthernPatriot says:

    To answer the call of Pocahontas to greater violence against President Trump and the conservative Republicans in Congress is a call to conservatives to arm themselves and be vigilant. Meanwhile, the Secret Service and/or FBI need to visit this Faux Native American and put her on notice, if not arrest her for threats.

  62. 1947goldenjet says:

    When Lizzie finally goes on the warpath, the Conservatives will really be in trouble.

  63. Brad Fisher says:

    She is speaking her own demise.

  64. Richard Bagenstose says:

    well over the past 8 years , i have noticed that liberals are the same thing as isis, mentally insane and they should be treated as such , if it wasn’t for them we would not be seeing as much of this violence , thanks to the kenyan clown , blacks act like they are superior to everyone else , hispanics give the middle fingure to america , while collecting their welfare, seems the only ones who really appreciate america are real americans and asians , were the only ones not really complaining , because we are busy running our own lives and could give a sh*t less about them , they just can’t seem to get it , in america you make your life what you want , no body owes you jack sh*t, so stop thinking we need to support your lazy a**es, no one ever gave me jack sh*t so why should i be forced to give to you, and that is what government is doing , robbing us to pay for them , and in my book that is a crime just like going to wal-mart and stealing

  65. wilyee says:

    What a pig!!!!!!!!

  66. goodoldboy says:

    There are far too many like Warren in congress. Makes you wonder about our educational system and the right for just anyone to vote.

  67. BeeCubed says:


    Warren doesn’t have values!

  68. Dexter L. Wilson says:

    You all need to look at the fact that she is a socialist and hides behind the Democrat Party. She may be a follower of Saul Alinsky, Nelson Trachtenberg or Norman Thomas. To gain more information about these characters get a copy of “A Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing”. This information has clarified my understanding of the communist/socialist activity by the Democratic Party.

  69. Jim says:

    The Democrat and the Republican voters keep electing the same “Can’t”idates who keep failing miserably at their jobs. I am a Republican so I am not taking sides as the problem is shared equally between the two parties. We need to heed the words from Lincoln’s Gettysburg address……… that “government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.” We need common sense people and ideas, not anarchy to straighten this country out !!!

  70. These Dims are STILL shell shocked over losing the presidency!!! They do not want Trump to succeed!! We have got to stop playing nice and fight back!!!… Our Country is in deep $hit thanks to Obummer. He has divided this country like no other. We have to stop the MSM and expose the TRUTH!!! These people are trying to destroy our country, our way of life (freedom), AND our President. WAKE UP AMERICA!!! This is our last chance!!

  71. Jeronimo Dan says:

    She being a Native American, Pocahontas doesn’t seem to have much common sense? She needs to disassemble her T-Pee and bring it down to Oklahoma and spend a few days with her people and we might give her some new insights on how fly-over Native American’s feel about her and our government.

  72. FAITH47 says:


  73. Jim Hickman says:

    Agree completely with chocopot – warren and others preaching the same sedition and treason are ‘traitors’ to the country they have sworn to defend. They do not stand for the USA. They stand for constitutional government overthrow, socialist global un government, sedition and anarchy.

  74. richard black says:

    she couldnt even run a tepee pole up her ass !!!

  75. tCotUS says:

    Warren & the rest of the DumboRATS best shut their pie holes soon…Call for Sedition Really?
    Pocahontas, just who will be running to your rescue when TSHTF? The Armed Forces you & your comrades insulted & rejected? Maybe the Police, who you threw under the bus for thugs ? Maybe gun owners you & your party tried to disarm? So far you’re a Traitor, but now we can call you a domestic terrorist leader.

  76. bruce soden says:

    You and others like you are the representatives of the party of NO. You call for resistance and standing up to fight against a President who has be duly elected by the American People. You fight against the American People and you lose. I have no idea how you continue to get elected to your local office but you will never make it to the big stage. I can only encourage you to continue what you have been doing it only discourages people from following you or your party.

  77. Malachi says:

    Their is only one place for creatures like this.. Prison charging her with sedition and Treason against our Nation

    1. Joseph Carrilho says:

      Maybe she [ IT ] needs to be charged with “Old Sparky”……….

  78. cp123 says:

    Pittsfield residents are not a hateful people. She won’t win here.

  79. Jarmil says:

    West never realized how the communist revolution works. They will
    support anybody, who will help overturn the rightly elected government,.
    Of course that include fascist as in Antifa, or BLM, ANYBODY. Every
    useful idiot. Of course they will not call itself communists. after
    ANY of the group takes over government, they need with help to run the
    country. They get help from “advisors”, mainly educated people from
    secret services. Their work is to make list of people to employ, people
    which will take strictly all orders. People in opposition, including
    people in the own party will be eliminated. Kangaroo courts, death
    sentences and long time in concentration camps for reeducation. In few
    years, there is only one ruling party left and citizens living in fear
    for prosecution even speaking against the regime in the own family.
    That is secured with the vast number of informants. Statistically from
    the old communist countries about one to ten. So what is going on with
    the Democratic party now ruled by communists is not surprise.

  80. kassa1 says:

    Amber America that communist a.k.a. Democrat party is a party of tolerance, a party of love a party of getting along with one another, no there a party of destruction there a party of hate or a party of anarchy, and they’re all feeling just like Pocahontas , And some of them will come out of their rat hole like Durbin and shimmer and pull Losey and that Brain dead millionaire Maxine Waters.

  81. John Kane says:

    This is a good thing. Every time she opens her mouth ,a run for the presidency moves farther and farther away from her and the best part is neither her or the dnc can see that.

  82. Duane says:

    Warren’s actions are treasonous. She is the one we must resist!

  83. jimmy9522 says:

    I used to think Warren was stupid, now i kinda think she is just insane. With liberals how do you tell.

  84. Robert E. Klippel says:

    She is an absolute nut case. Are people dense enough to re-elect her to senate office, much less president.

  85. Dick Helms says:

    I guess I can’t believe that these poor stupid Democrats still can’t believe that they lost the race to a man that knew nothing about politics, but has come into an office that needed help getting this country straightened out and that is exactly what he has done. If it was Hillary in office none of this BS would be going on, and we would still be making this country look like SH __? Why are they so intent on Impeaching Trump, instead of letting him continue to clean up Obamas mess that he did, & why wasn’t he impeached?? Tell all those Stupid,ignorant, Democrats to go to hell and start doing the job they were Elected for, and quit trying to relive the past November! They lost the election, now get over it, & let President Trump do his job so this country can get back it’s name as being a great country,with a great power to still be a leader in the world instead of not being a country with respect, and leadership! Hey Demos, you lost the Election, leave the new leader alone,

  86. monongahela says:

    Why isn`t Elizabeth Warren arrested for treason and sedition in talking about destroying our 2 party system wailing for a one party system HERS!

  87. johnh says:

    Classic reason for term limits. Gives us a chance to get rid of the garbage. We have a garbage pile near Denver International Airport that looks like a small mountain. If we could bump all of these clowns there Colorado would have another mountain over 14,000 feet high.

  88. Joseph Doskus says:

    Warren is not a native American she just posed as one to get a fat check for speaking at a college. I say stop voter fraud and see how many demorats get electedected not many .

  89. starliteblonde says:

    No she won’t win because the evil never win.


    fantasy world of derangement is pogahatas=======GGGGGGGOOOOOOOOOOOOOOTRUMP==

  91. Sharon Melvin says:

    I hope that she gets voted out of office. She is a liar and calling for treason. She needs to be arrested but like other democrats will probably get by with her crimes!

  92. Robert Walters says:

    Old Liz is crazy as hell, if I were running for office in New England, I would stay far away from her. If she is the Dem/Lib top dog to run against President Trump, it’s over before it starts. They lose again. Her call to action is getting close to treason. Her and Chuckie may be in jail by then or in front of a firing squad.

  93. ECwashr says:

    Warren, ” Behind Trump will be another Republican who does not share OUR VALUES”. REALLY nut job warren, YOUR VALUES?? You mean like murdering over 61 million innocent defenseless babies since 1973. You mean like ignoring the rights of the entire nation when you tell a man dressed as a women they can now go into the ladies room!! AND we have seen how that has worked out, sickos eyeing women and little girls through stall cracks!! You Liberals are mentally ill sick deranged people!! Your values are satanic values…

    1. erleebird says:

      I recently read of a couple of cases about “sickos” using the ladies room and observing the “other” sex and “casing the joint!” and its female occupants. If the Dems don’t mind not having privacy, they should have their own designated room with the sign, “LOSERS” on the door!

  94. Blue Breeze says:

    Go Kid Rock 2018!

  95. ECwashr says:

    Warren is no more Native American Indian, than HUSSIEN Obama is American…

  96. 3Curmudgeon3 says:

    You go girl, run for president, you have a snowball’s chance in hell of even being nominated. The only one that would stand up for her is Ted Kennedy……and he’s dead…………thank god. This goes under the heading of how did she get this job.

  97. crockett says:

    No way any demorat can beat President Trumps reelection … Helen Moon will get flack for thinking Runamuck is her hero . Runamuck needs to be put in a rubber room to keep her away from the public eye..
    She has threatened the President and that calls for time in GITMO..Get rid of all demorats

  98. Scott Hedglin says:

    This is subversion and it is an of treason.

  99. CharlyO says:

    This is the kind of loon produced at Harvard. Warren is a disgrace to politics when she charges in public that you have a right to destroy this country because you are losers. Paybacks a bitch!

  100. Robert Walters says:

    The Republician Party needs a young, strong, smart, powerful candidate to run against her. They need to provide 100% support in person and funding. The American people must demand a fair election and then get out and VOTE, vote her out of office.Then they can go after Chuckie in N.Y.
    I can’t wait for the election fun to start in CA. There government leaders are all corrupt lying treasonous insane nut-jobs from the highest level of government to the small town Mayor. They care nothing for the people, like Waters

    1. Kenneth Jones says:

      I disagree with you in your comment about small town mayors here in California. While some may indeed be dishonest, ours isn’t. He’s a retired teacher, and he and his wife are small business owners. Both are highly regarded here. He’s a friend.

      1. Robert Walters says:

        I stand corrected, I’m sorry if I offended you, your Mayor or town. I should have stopped after commenting on Senator Waters.

  101. rick meek says:

    Warren AGAIN – the dems – MSM – NWO – RINOS —– THEY JUST CAN’T STOP…. They just did another guy – a witness – Eberwein in miami……time is coming ……

  102. rick meek says:

    – The informed KNOW what’s going on – just keep reporting on the facts – Comey is getting millions for throwing law enforcement and people under the bus for his buddies – McCain is getting his and it isn’t the VA or obozocare – MSM is getting theirs for their help to destroy the US and keep the morons in power – Lefties are getting their funding from soros and his buddies to do nothing but attack working people – etc…….Make’em do community service as part of their degree programs and scholarships – Peace Corps duty in Iraq – Afghan – Syria – Venezuela – Cuba and other places will wake them up to JUST HOW GOOD THE US IS…….

  103. rowleya says:

    Send her back to the reservation with her tommyhawk mouth

  104. Susie Q says:

    Warren would NEVER have a chance that anyone as ugly as her would every be President of the United States. This woman is ugly inside and out! She offers nothing and hope she is voted OUT if anyone in her district is thinking clearly. SHe is negative and incompetent. She is another liar and has never accomplished anything significant. Sounds like another Hillary dosen’t it???

  105. Robert E. Herbst says:

    Complete Ignorant Idiot !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  106. Rj Stoker says:

    Warren has consistently called for the overthrow of President Trump.She appears to ask them to do so by any means necessary. Why is she not under investigation, at the very least????

  107. SJB says:

    This is more than simply politics as usual, this is, as observed below, open sedition. Not quite treason since there is no obvious enemy being openly supported, but darned close IMHO

  108. Linda Smith says:

    militant liberal communist are destroying America. The time is coming, no the time is HERE to stand and fight back and quit taking liberal bs up the rear end…DEFEND AMERICA…keep liberalism out!!!!

  109. Noreen says:

    If I was a resident of Massachusettes, and Warren was my Senator, I would be embarrassed to have her as my Senator. The woman has lost her mind. She is unbalanced and has a warped sense that is affecting her judgment. VOTE HER OUT.

    1. erleebird says:

      There are other communities who have been “brainwashed” into the Democrat party. Fortunately, more people here in CT are starting to regain their sanity and voting conservative. People (and large companies) are leaving due to the high taxation and the Dems inability to work FOR the people; not AGAINST them!

  110. Spence says:

    Just shows the Dems STILL don’t get it! Another win for the Republicans In 2020!

  111. vinny says:

    You OLD DECREPIT BITCH you are wasting your time.

  112. MILES E DRAKE says:

    It is clear that Fauxcahontas is pushing her supporters toward violent revolution and if necessary bloody civil war. The next crazed assassin may come from the ranks of zealots like Moon, and sooner or later one will be more effective than Barney’s murderous protege Hodgkinson. We must hope that these amateurs will not be as effective as the professional hit men on the payroll of The Drunken Lesbian Witch and The Rapist, who are now whacking inconvenient people as frequently as Capone and Gotti did in their prime. It is indeed the party of Marx, Mohammed and Murder, and that is why we must put the terrorist group formerly known as the democrat party where the Wobblies and the Nazis and the Khmer Rouge have been put.

  113. john says:

    Elizardbitch Warrantless !

    1. Frank B. says:

      Ignorant cracker!

  114. roboteq says:

    At some point, our judicial system is going to have to call this sort of action what it really is; inciting riots. What these hateful Progressives are doing is democracy at its worse.

    1. Kenneth Jones says:

      Inciting to riot is a felony in every state, and the police need an arrest warrant issued by a judge before she can be arrested and charged. It definitely needs to be done.

  115. Irene Elizabeth Grooms says:


  116. GrumpyGrandpa says:

    Don’t worry about Elizabeth “Pochohontas” Warren running for President! One great thing Donald Trump has taught the Republicans is how to campaign like Obama and Axelrod did. Say anything to get attention, belittle any competition, pick topics your constituents want bad and make any promise to deliver. Create enemies, even if false, and make up chants of derision.

    Against Warren, pictured in a chieftain head-dress, beating on a drum is offensive, but deadly In a PR drive. Many others could be pictured; so bad she wouldn’t make it to the primary. In politics, Obama taught us there are no effective laws, the end justifies the means, lie more than you’ve ever lied before, get racial, get xenophobic, get -phobic everything as long as your base likes it. Winning is everything!

    That’s American politics.

  117. BUILD BABY BUILD!!! says:

    So says Pocahontas. She’s her own worst joke on herself.

  118. Robert Dimmock says:

    The democrats have turned communistic, Warren is and jealous and rejected liar that would do anything to hurt this country. She and our crap news sources are doing all they can to turn this country to a communist nation. She lied about being a tribal indian and got caught, now she will do anything to get attention. Wake up America!

  119. MarcJ says:

    Pocahontas Warren is again farting into the wind, as expected. What does it says about voters there?

  120. Bryan Hansen says:

    I think she could win. The thought scares me to death.

    1. C Michaels says:

      We need to start deporting all these illegals who voted in 2016. Upwards of 5 million. Which is why Her Hagness won the popular vote. The 2 big illegals havens are California and NYC.

  121. den mick says:

    she is a dangerous woman. other woman are listening to her. just like that moon woman. just goes to show you that ignorance is contagious. i would be willing to bet that moon person is a college graduate from one of the liberal schools. so much for an education teaching you to think for yourself and making up your own mind. i think the teachers should be held to teaching fact and not opinion.

  122. noah jonas says:

    With all that hate in her Liz Warren should be locked up and placed on a suicide watch. She either wants to kill off the American people or herself. In the immoral words of Loretta Lynn, “That squaw is on the warpath” again.

  123. desert fox says:

    Still playing Cowboys & Indians “ain’t she?” Sounds like she is still on the warpath. Let’s consign her to the reservation. Perhaps she can be charged and prosecuted for lying with the other demoncratic friends. Isn’t she guilty of falsifying official documents that she filled out? Let her cool her heels (if she wears them) in jail.

  124. joeinz says:

    Obviously, character and honesty are not prerequisites to running for office on the left side of the aisle. That has been pretty apparent for quite awhile . . . ie. Marion Barry, mayor in DC, Charlie Rangel, in NYC, Rod Blagojevich, in Chicago, Dan Rostenkowski, Jim Traficant (must I go on ?) and a myriad of other leftists that have stained our political landscape over the years. Yeah . . . they appear on both sides of the aisle but only MAGNIFIED on one side . . . the Republican side . . and not so prolifically ! Ms. Warren is worst kind, though ! She shoots fiery darts and then feigns the victim when the forest-fire gets too close to her camp !! She represents the WORST of today’s Public-servants . . . or should I say publicly personal servants. . . taking as much from her position as she can. Look up: Judicial Watch – Elizabeth Warren ! She’s a darling of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. She can bluster . . . but she cannot hide ! Top presidential candidate, huh ? You can fool some the people . . . some of the time, but apparently on that side of the aisle . . . it has become a way of life !

    1. C Michaels says:

      Compared to those others listed and the Clinton Crime Couple and the Chicago Political mafia of obama/emmanuel, Jim Traficant wasn’t a bad guy. Which is why they put him in prison.

  125. cathylovesyou says:

    Warren = A crazy person in a country whereby Youth are the biggest age group voting, without any knowledge of what is going, without any idea what each party stands for ala the liberals seizure of the Education system resulting in the aforementioned. All part of the Communist plan to over throw Capitalism. These wacho’s are not going to let the President do his job looking as if they hate America, because they backed the last President who was doing everything on earth to destroy America. We better return our education system back to normal people. Back to the 20’s. we’ll. Hollywood of the 50’s a communist stronghold, and it still is.

    1. C Michaels says:

      Hollywood types and their cousins control the education system. Which naturally mimics the wacko morality destroying communism/satanism of Hollywood.

  126. Emilie Walling says:


  127. cowboytex says:

    This moon bat should be tied up and put in prison,Liberalism is a mental disorder

  128. Maryann Hearn Bowman says:

    I sure hope she doesn’t even come close. Can you imagine the liberals having to choose among: E. Warren, M. Obama, H and/or C Clinton, The long haired rock n roll singer (can’t remember his name), and a few other choice contenders. Such a dilemma for them. HEEHEEHEE!

  129. C Michaels says:

    Fauxahontus should be arrested for promoting civil insurrection. Can you imagine if this airhead was a right winger saying the same things.

  130. jreg9304 says:


  131. Spunky says:

    Lizzy is like that kid at walmart having a sissy fit because she cant have her way

  132. Deplorable Lanie says:

    Warren is another crackpot HilLIARy wannabe! If she tries to run against DJT she will suffer the same fate HilLIARy did. I am sick of the Democrats NOT accepting the will of the people and working with the President. We elected President Trump. Too bad if you don’t like him. We did not like Obama and we tried to work with him. So now it is your turn. Start acting like grown ups and get to work on running and fixing the country. We have got a national debt that is out of control thanks to Obama. Now help President Trump fix it. And the other problems caused by lack of leadership by Obama.

  133. Monica says:

    I believe it is the senate that is chopping up the original health plan. Hey Elizabeth how about we have the same health plan you do with the same subsidies. What happened to you?

  134. Pattie Kelly says:

    Please understand this Pocahontas has gone mad.

  135. Susan Johnston Bailey says:

    If this young woman is inspired by lunatic Warren, I pray she never enter politics.

  136. Outhouse BS says:

    Maybe it’s time to play cowboys and Indians !!!!

  137. Rose Ribitzki says:

    Warren needs to dunk her loud mouth (head) in the desert sand & keep it there …

  138. tugger76 says:

    Nothing new here. Warren has been a Socialist for many years. Check it out, she literally hates Americans who put country first.

  139. erleebird says:

    The more vicious and hateful her gang of degenerates and racists become, the more she expands her rhetoric and defies our constitution and the American people! Go play bridge, Lizzie; I think you’d be better at that!

  140. Gardener8 says:

    She needs mental help now.

  141. Janet says:

    So why is it that Homeland Security or the FBI or Sessions or somebody not calling her out on it and bringing charges? Why do we keep letting Democrats get away with this crap?

  142. Phyllis Schultz says:

    I think the woman is insane. Another liberal who has no regard for how their resistance is hurting the American people. Just more of, we have to fight against the Trump administration, who is actually trying to do what American citizens asked him to do. Warren and those like her are subverting the will of the voters, and should be tried for treason, for their open and blatant attempts to overthrow our elected government. We may be deplorable, but they are despicable.

  143. Palmer says:

    Almost an Indian is an ASS. She is a bitter old lady that doesn’t deserve to sit in the Senate. She is Dangerous and needs to be stopped.

  144. suzeeqbl says:

    On the outside she looks attractive unitl she opens her mouth. She is a vapid empty suit. Sad woman who has no character only rants of words that mean nothing but hatred.

    1. Kenneth Jones says:

      Yep! Open her mouth, and the sewer gets emptied.

  145. Cynthia White says:

    Liz Warren is an idiot, I don’t know how she got to be a Senator. If her Constituents know right from wrong they will stop her from starting something she can’t finish. She is not smart enough to run a state let alone a Country.

  146. Seth Segall says:

    when is Trump going to use the Patriot act, and start arresting these traitors and terrorists ??? NDAA will be the thing that makes this your your last action Warren!!!

  147. Jan says:

    Lizard Warren is calling out the progressives to engage in all out treason against the United States of America.
    If that’s not punishable for a “hate crime”; I don’t know what is!

    1. Kenneth Jones says:

      It could indeed be called a hate crime against the people of the United States, and even though it’s alleged that Mitch McConnell’s on her side, if you press him about it, he might agree. I just emailed him about her, and asked for a Vote of Censure in the Senate because of her traitorous actions against the President.

  148. stoth says:

    Elizabeth Warren does not have a basic platform, like all
    democrats, and they are not representing their districts. It is a shame that
    the democratic representatives are so full of hat and the only thing they tell
    their districts is to stall, stop, do any –thing to hurt President Trump’s
    The democrats should take time and listen to the President’s speech.
    It is about the working class of people and the USA; however, the democrats
    have been so indoctrinated with socialism and freebies that they do not have an
    any pride left. Obama’s tax and spent has doubled the national debt and
    entrenched the doctrine of “slaves” to the governments.

    1. Kenneth Jones says:

      They’re most assuredly not the same Democratic Party that most of us grew up with or belonged to decades ago….unfortunately. They’ve morphed into something totally unrecognizable. They’re now Socialists to the core, and they’ve finally run into a roadblock in Trump…..and they don’t like that fact.

  149. bearone7777 says:

    She is a liar and nothing but a dam idiot!!!! AND THAT IS THE TRUTH AND I AM STICKING WITH IT!!!

  150. Larry Cowden says:

    So why doesn’t that Warren slut really tell them what’s at stake? It’s their criminal values of jackass party and their seats that are at stake! It had nothing to do with the people as they have shown. It’s about saving their collective asses from others that are NONPROFESSIONAL POLECATS from getting nominated and elected like Trump was!

  151. Phillip Huey says:

    Here we have one of the top democrats of the stooge party. Between her, pelosi, shumer, they make up the best of the best, don`t they? They are very far from being Americans.

  152. jim jones says:

    Stop perverts in their tracks, don’t pay any attention to them and get on with making America Great!

  153. Robert Walters says:

    We need to vote this crazy person into retirement. Some people think she is a drunk, some think she is insane. I think she is both. A crazy drunk Bitch that needs to be removed from office for TREASON.

  154. Dave Dziadik says:

    Pocahontas the fake bullshit politician will not B elected again–Her hate 4 AMERICANS is TREASON–Unamerican & lastly she is an old HAG looking 2 B on TV !-What a freakin joke-another bullshit politician–GOODBYE U old freakin weirdo !!

  155. David VanBockel says:

    I will LOVE the 2020 Presidential Candidacy of Senator Warren.
    See how she will bring out 100% of the GOP and Conservative voters!


      how will she convince them she’s right about the issues? what bout the uncommitted swing voters?

  156. Mike Wibert says:

    The only thing she’s proven herself worthy of is being a liar. Not worthy of anything but that.

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