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Elizabeth Warren Just Found Out She Has One Major Problem

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  1. jg collins says:

    “Elizabeth Warren Just Found Out She Has One Major Problem”

    You mean, besides proctocraniosis?

    1. John Somers says:

      She has that with a side of “optorecticitis.

      1. SandraJ says:

        I love these “new” words! Coming to the new dictionaries soon?

        1. jg collins says:

          any day now

      2. Fern R Kurland says:

        What does that word mean? Difficult for a 75 year old woman to understand 🙂

      3. nicholsda says:

        optorectalitis 🙂 It’s in the urban dictionary.

      1. jg collins says:

        I simply can’t believe the delusionosity of these people!

    2. Ahujekim says:

      Actually, Ms. Warren’s condition is rectal cranial inversion.

      1. Ovomit1 says:

        ..yes her cranial is inverted into her rectal cavity- this a common condition in the demorat party

      2. Mister Vice says:

        Hey! That’s MY line. Been saying that for 30 years but it’s good to see you used it appropriately!

      3. 2111 Corps says:

        LOL == that’s one I must remember! TOP “O” THE LIST! THANKS,

      4. phil62 says:

        I like that description 😉

      5. Random Citizen says:

        Anal capitation syndrome.

    3. ONTIME says:

      optical anus rectalitis…..4th stage……

      1. Fern R Kurland says:

        Thank you for translating!

      2. Tomahawk says:

        And terminal. That’s a good thing! Maybe the only good thing.

  2. cathylovesyou says:

    Pocohantas is just becoming completely wacky. She is a nut,bobbing and weaving, with feet going faster than her body she has to get off ops or at least cut her dose. I say let Schumer, Poco, the Dragon lady do their wackiest as their followers may grow up and start to realize they are in Bedlam. Like Obamacare it will self destruct. UN- Americans.

    1. SandraJ says:

      I’m wondering if she isn’t related to dumb dumb Pelosi?

      1. Mark says:

        Both Brainliss. Except ole Nancy got a $10 million unbid-ed contract from her good friend the O_BUM_A for her husband to the tune of over $10 Million Dollars. Then again Michelle’s friends wasted over $500 million making the software for Obamacare. Then again, they spent about $1 billion on vacations & golf trips around the east coast on Air Force One.Added $10 trillion in debt.

        1. Jeff Warner says:

          Try $1 billion! I live in California, and Boxer, Feinstein, Pelosi all arranged for their husbands to get billion dollar contracts, through the stupid high speed train idea of Jerry Brown, the California idiot governor!
          The cesspool is throughout all government, not just DC!
          In my city, a Councilman got mad when an opponent came out with the information showing the councilman had been convicted of embezzlement of funds from a Children’s program he was to manage! His opponent just brought out actual public infirmation. He spent millions to get reelected, for a part time job that paid $600 a month plus healthcare!
          When he was finally defeated, he ended up filing for bankruptcy, and the Federal Judge instructed him he could never hold any elected or appointed position, anywhere.
          Best day ever for our city!

          1. nicholsda says:

            Sounds like a win for your city. Just make sure his name is spread far and wide or he will have another elected position.

          2. Jeff Warner says:

            Fortunately he is broke now, having blown $86 million, and has a confessed Lesbian wife and her girlfriend living in his home, while he had to surrender 95% of his possessions for his bankruptcy! Fed judge really did us a justice by ruling he could never be elected anywhere in the U.S., never handle any money for any organization or business, never do anything that involves stocks or bonds, or donations or public funds. He is now to old to do anything, so his career of crime is over! He got caught screwing an insurance company, lost his mansion, bankruptcy took his Hawaii home, he lost his multimillion dollar car collection, and with the court ruling, he is not to handle any money that is not his, which he has none.

      2. Jeff Warner says:

        Don’t forget Maxine Watters! Seems to come from both coasts! Idiots from New England and Left Coast all forget the sacrifices made by our military personnel. Instead fell sorry for Illegal Aliens! I served, but today advocate everyone to leave the service, since our government has so many people against them.
        I would love to see Pocahontas with a Muslim threatening her, believing they really would not harm her! How about an illegal from South of the Border, living in her house, doing nothing but eating, sleeping, demanding everything, and she demanding protection, when no one is available! The “Hypocrisy” if the Lying Liberal Left!

        1. Tom Schuckman says:

          Welcome Home, Jeff ! I was in RVN: 68-70, ‘door gunner.’ My humble Blog: TOM’S JOURNAL.

          1. Jeff Warner says:

            Same to you! RVN 65-69! 38 months in country, 0331, Marines, M-60, 100% disabled, but home, married a great woman 47 years ago!

        2. Debra Cashman says:

          Please don’t lump all us NE w/those others. Lots of us are not like Granny & her ilk. I never forget those who served, I thank & respect you all. The one party system here (MA)is bad enough w/out carpet bagger Granny Liz. Ugh!

          1. Jeff Warner says:

            Not lumping everyone together! Just looking at areas where the fruitcakes seem to come from! California, my home, is one major state of idiots, but many people here just work, raise their families, and ignore what is taking place! Same as New York, San Francisco, Boston, Philadelphia, San Diego, Seattle, Portland Oregon, Portland Maine, Washington DC. They are populated cities all on the ocean’s rims! Must be the salt water, because the largest group of fruitcakes seem to come from these cities!
            Actually, if it were not for the Electoral College, New York and Los Angeles would decide who our President would be! The majority in the populated centers, are Democrats/Liberals/Progressives! If the popular vote were the deciding factor, there would be no reason to vote in the other 48 States!
            We would only need one political party, and Congress would consist of all Democrats, claiming to hate war, but getting us into war frequently, claiming to want to control spending, while printing more money, claiming they were all Native Americans, yet we would know only a couple had Native blood in their ancestry!
            Elisabeth Warren, is a admitted liar, and has been proven to be one, yet remains in office. Like Bill Clinton, an impeached liar, who perjured himself, but both have suffered no punishment.
            Now they are doing everything in their power, to destroy Trump, who did not win the popular vote, but did win the electoral votes by a significant margin. Look at the map of Red/Blue counties he won, and note they are where the blue collar voters live, where the industrial jobs exist, not the NYC or LA centers of illegals, or the areas where large segments of refugees reside. Both illegals and refugees vote predominantly Democrat, because the “Free” money, housing, food, medical services, schooling from Kindergarten to Graduate College schools are free! Liz Warren is one of the “Free” leeches we, the taxpayers paid for, to attend Harvard, graduate near the bottom of her class, and never hold a civilian job, instead jumping right into government work and politics, where she keeps stealing from the Massachusetts taxpayers!

          2. Debra Cashman says:

            Jeff you’re preaching to the choir-I’m with you all the way. Even though MA stayed blue,(we can only hope one day it will change-although I may have a better chance to win powerball) my town went red. I wish Granny would go home to Oklahoma-we don’t need more of her kind here. I find it amazing that she has found her voice-when she first got in she couldn’t speak for herself, when questioned by the media she kept referring to our previous governor another carpetbagger & Obama pal. I wish she and her fellow nasties would poof disappear.

    2. nicholsda says:

      Becoming, becoming. She has been completely unhinged for a while now. It’s just she is getting on tv more.

    3. Jeff Warner says:

      Her followers are fruitcakes, cupcakes, or just plain stupid. Pelosi is from the heart of out of this world idiots, San Francisco, and they want everything for free. Illegal aliens kill people because they are in a sanctuary city, across the Bay from Berkeley, where the Hippie movement began, where Drop Acid and Drop Out took over. Timothy Leary, the LGBTQ movement is based there. They want everyone to come live there, for free, while the rest of the country pays the bills!
      Barbara Boxer, Diane Feinstein, U.S. Senators both come from the Bay area, as does Kamala Harris, the new Senator who replaced Boxer! The idiot California governor and Lt. Governor both come from the Bay area.
      New York, where Wall Street rules, where the Caribbean illegals live, many for free, and the center of money in our country exists.
      The two coasts, East and West seem to breed the Democrat/Liberal/Progressive fools, with other major cities helping, while the hard working suburban, or Rural people pay and watch the crime and corruption grow, fester and destroy our great nation.

      1. cathylovesyou says:

        You have the whole scandal of the Progressive/Liberal/ National Sociialistic Democratic Party correct. Why it is the West Coast and East Coast guilty of creating these nuts? Think and you have the answer. Boxer is from Brooklyn, Feinstein I haven’t checked but I bet she is in California via Brooklyn/Bronx. Its the looey bin from those cry babies.

  3. Mojo says:

    She has a lot more than one problem

  4. Granny Filec says:

    She is nothing more than an egotistical maniac………..& muslim/illegal lover that would only get votes from those that know nothing………Oh OH, that would mean the liberals too……

    1. Mike W says:

      Don’t forget Hillary Clinton said she loves Democrats because “they are mostly uneducated and easily manipulated”. The fact that they voted for her after she said this proves her right.

      1. Mark says:

        The Democraps really get the votes from some Big Cities where so many want “Something for Nothing”. Not that they can not get a job, they do not want it. Plus the fact if they do not work…Everything is FREE.

        1. Mike W says:

          Oh yeah the “entitlement” people – they think the world owes them something. And look at those cities – all of them are broke – and sunk with debts they cannot pay.

          1. Tom Schuckman says:

            Mike, The KJV Bible tells me that things in the world will get a lot WORSE and perhaps by the 4th quarter of 2017, even though I voted for the smart POTUS we have now, and believe he is a good, super smart man ! Time to Prep., now ! My Blog: TOM’S JOURNAL. Email: [email protected]

        2. Tom Schuckman says:

          Hi Mark, You point is well taken and I agree, because I lived in Milwaukee, WI., long enough to know, “Ghetto Politics” and the Welfare System ! I am also a Disabled Vietnam Veteran: 68-70, and have actually been homeless for a short time, but got called back to my job at Chrysler, and now retired with good income. Visit my Blog: TOM’S JOURNAL. My email: [email protected] –Jesus is Lord —

          1. Jeff Warner says:

            Glad your home Tom. Like you, I finished my four year enlistment 3 months early. RVN 65-66-67-68-69. Grunt, 0331 first 19 months, then recon rest of my 38 months in country! 100% disabled! Luckily I met a great woman who stuck by me! Now married 47+ years. One daughter who was to good for me, like her mother!
            Biggest difficulty was the transition due to the protests and liberal professors in college, trying to destroy the men and women fighting and dying to give them their freedoms.
            Always fought off the idiots who never recognize what active duty and veterans did for them.
            Like what Trump is doing now! Pray he continues and keeps proving each day, he was and is right, the Democrats/Liberals/Progressives, are New World Order fools, believing that opening our doors will solve all problems.
            I live in So. Cal. and witness daily the illegals abusing our countries system, actually declaring they are entitled because we stole California from them!

          2. Tom Schuckman says:

            Jeff, we NEED to stick together, and so I invite you to visit my humble Blog: TOM’S JOURNAL, which is primarily written to help other Disabled, Combat Vets’ ! Also, please email me so we can compare notes: [email protected] — I am glad you made it home alive, along with your good marriage, mate ! So many others didn’t fare that well….. and we need to support each other, also pray hard. —- Tommy Schuckman —Norway, {Upper Pen.} MI.

        3. Elizabeth Davis says:

          Until they put a stop to wefare. The people on welfare (not all) will never seek a job because they can make more income sitting on their fanny than working.

          1. Donito says:

            They should have to work for their welfare if physically able to do anything.

          2. Elizabeth Davis says:

            They could take a lesson from Delano R he sat up work camps and help build the infrastructure.I agree they need to work

          3. Tom Schuckman says:

            Smart Idea ! I never got a hand up, or a hand out, and worked hard all my life. Also a Disabled Vietnam Veteran: 68-70, and a serious KJV Bible student, retired from Chrysler–Kenosha, WI: 30.5 years/ Welder/ Auto worker. Visit my humble Blog: TOM’S JOURNAL. –email: [email protected] —Jesus is Lord —

          4. Elizabeth Davis says:

            i worked until I was 78 Never got a hand out

          5. Tom Schuckman says:

            I retired at age 54 with full benefits from 3 different sources, and the Lord has blessed me, big time, but I am also Disabled…. But I ALSO know how to invest in the smart things, and am a ‘Prepper.’ I tell people and share some of my secrets in my humble Blog: TOM’S JOURNAL. Email: [email protected] –Jesus is Lord— –Disabled Vietnam Vet: 68-70.

        4. Donito says:

          They should have to work in order to receive their welfare. Let them work in the fields if they cannot find a better job. Bet they would do some serious job hunting then. And we would not need all the illegals coming to do the menial labor.

        5. Barbara Lewis says:

          That is so true.

        6. Donna Costa says:

          The Bible says: “If a man will not work, he should not eat”

          1. Tom Schuckman says:

            2nd Thessalonians 3: 10 — Right, Donna !

        7. Merle Dickey says:

          I hope Trump does something about hat and soon . Let them starve if they don’t want to work . We need population control anyway .

          1. Tom Schuckman says:

            2nd Thessalonians 3: 10, “… that if any would not work, neither should he eat.” —Yes, you are right and correct in saying that !

        8. cp123 says:

          That train is about to br derailed by our best-ever President.

  5. Mary Eleanor Urso says:

    You know what they say about doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result… insanity!

    1. Tomahawk says:

      Einstein. As in Albert.

  6. rrkeng says:

    It seems like the Top loudmouth Democrats are saying to most unintelligent things these days. Maybe they really have lost their minds because they lost. I mean really Warren, Pelosi, Watters, and they guy that did the Dem rebuttal to the speech said said he was a Republican. Are you noticing what they say is just ludicrous!

    1. C Michaels says:

      They lost whatever minds they had, a long time ago. These creatures are subversive lunatics.

    2. Jeff Warner says:

      He started by saying he was a true Democrat, but at times he claimed to act as a Republican. He was the former Governor of Kentucky!
      He did not do his research or really listen to what Trump said, once again proving the DemocRats are not tuned into the people! He started by blowing his rebuttal by claiming Trump ignored the Unemployed, which is far from the truth! Trump wants everyone to get a job, not live off the dole. Typical idiot, with nothing to really say about Trump. I guess the DemocRats used him instead of a member of Congress, because Trump gave an exceptionally good speech, even the MSN polls showed a high majority of people liked his speech!

      1. Merle Dickey says:

        Trump just said the other day it is time to get off welfare .

      2. nicholsda says:

        And when he got the boot from the Gov’s mansion, he was replaced by a true Republican.

  7. Mike W says:

    I just read and many others might not know this either – Do you know who the largest shareholder of the New York Times is? Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim. And we thought the New York Times was just a liberal propaganda rag.

    “Democrats led by Elizabeth Warren are making amnesty for illegal aliens their line in the sand.”

    You can surely bet the New York Times will support her 1000 %

    1. C Michaels says:

      Should be a law that no foreigners can own a newspaper or news station in America.

      1. SandraJ says:

        or any other American businesses!

        1. Mike W says:

          There will always be foreign investors but it is good to know who owns what. For example there are a lot of farms here owned by the Japanese et.al., They grow the food here and ship it back to Japan because their farm land is getting scarce.

      2. Donna Costa says:

        I think you must mean ILLEGAL foreigners.

  8. parthenon1 says:


    1. Gene Heard says:

      I know many native Americans and none are stupid, ignorant or even loudmouthed. The people of native Americans should sue Warren for even saying she is one of them. Total disrespect to the native Americans.

      1. Joey says:

        Elizabeth Warren is not a Native American. Just because her grandmother said her grandfather had high cheek bones and thought maybe he had some American Indian in him doesn’t make it so. But the ignorant woman has played that card for years. Lol!

        1. Debra Cashman says:

          Come on now…..she did share her family recipe of pow wow chow. That & those high cheek bones are a shoe infor her ?

  9. Ron says:

    Elizabeth Warren has just one serious problem. It’s her propensity for spewing vitriol from her big mouth.

  10. Julia Berdecia says:

    Same old stuff. She loves herself so much and believes her way is only way. So many people can fit into that “attire” unfortunately. Embarrassing to all the rest of us.

  11. charleslarue says:

    The Democratic party is history. It will keep losing as it goes to the left. Just look, they just chose a Muslim for the DNC head. The new democrat party will be a Muslim party organized around Obama.

    1. Mike W says:

      Actually the new head of the DNC is Tom Perez but he immediately named Keith Ellison (the muslim) as his 2nd. Not a very smart move by Perez – I know I wouldn’t sell him any life insurance. They are only one step away from taking over the DNC as you said led by Obama.

      1. Mark says:

        I have thought for years that the Muslims have bought Democratic Politicians for years. Ever sense they got away buying EX-Pres. Carter….

        1. Mike W says:

          You’re right they have been infiltrating for years.

          1. Joey says:

            Yes they have, and heard today that Valerie Jarrett moved int Liebamas house. She’s a Muslim and was Liebama’s right hand man at the WH

      2. Donito says:

        Actually they are both racist muslime biggots.

      3. Merle Dickey says:

        Sad that their pick was a mexican or a muslim .

    2. Jeff Warner says:

      The did not choose the Muslim, instead they chose the super left leaning idiot. The Muslim was shut out, but the lefty is almost as bad!

    3. Joey says:

      No the Muslim lost to the liebama clown. He couldn’t believe that Liebama dised him. He was sitting next to Debbie walzerman at the speech Tuesday night pouting.

  12. Bill Tobias says:

    The only people who would vote for her are those no brain snowflakes who need a ”safe space ” you know those who get offended by every word they don’t find politically correct. Time for people to pull up their britches and let’s start thinking about this country and do the right thing . we’ve done enough to strengthen so many other countries while we neglected ourselves and people like her are the biggest violators . We need to take care of us now.

  13. C Michaels says:

    Pocahontas is just another leftwing liberal lunatic. The women are even loonier than the men.

  14. 2behonest says:

    Pocahontas says it all!!!!

    1. John Somers says:

      To be Honest, I would never denigrate the name of Pocahontas. she was an asset to Louis and Clark.
      This idiot should go by her REAL name which it pokey hiney.

      1. jg collins says:

        John, I think you’re confoozin’ Pocahantas with Sacagawea, Lewis & Clark’s guide and translator.

    2. Steven M. Joyce says:

      Her full name is Pocahontas Liawatha

  15. Bob says:

    Elizabeth Warren is a Communist Maniac, a big fool and ugly, too!

  16. Athanasios1 says:


  17. Gladys Wood says:

    Why wasn’t she out with the Indians protesting the pipe line? I’m sure they would have set her up in a teepee!

  18. SouthernPatriot says:

    One major problem? That must be that Pocahontas is a demented Democrat.

  19. SJC says:

    Warren and Pelosi among many other Democrates need to be voted out. They are a disgrace to America. I can’t believe what they are all saying about our Navy Seals wife. Bless her heart, she was in so much pain. I am glad that Trump let her know we that love America love her and her husband and so appreciate what he gave his life for. Good Job President Trump!

    1. preston says:

      The democraps/communists are some really despicable people.

  20. barbarakelly says:

    Way to go guys——jump on them with both feet. sock it too them. Give them hell. Show everyone how they think of our vets. I saw those pictures of crumpling to the floor because of waiting to get help becasue they were in PAIN.!!!

  21. Ddenney1 says:

    PLEASE GOD LET HER BE THE DEMON RAT CHOICE FOR 2020!!!! Shoe in for GOP in 2020! Once more the PROVE they think the people are stupid! Notice nobody ever stood up on the LEFT and denounced Grubber’s statement about the STUPIDITY the Dems reLIED on to 0care???

    1. Joey says:

      Rumor has it that oprah is going to run. That’s another money Hungry powerful evil woman.

  22. Connie Eggen says:

    You mean other than her many lies and exaggerations? Like being an Indian. She is a nut job but not a leader.

  23. Jeannie says:

    LOL here comes another beanie sanders. socialist Pocahontas. Oh Lord spare us

  24. sutherncon says:

    Don’t pick on Lizzie. After all she is part American Indian (sarcasm).

    1. John Somers says:

      Hey, watch it I speak fluent scarcasm here and she ain’t one little bit American.

      1. Keith D. Gilbert says:

        Yeah, her ‘kitten’ stinks too!

  25. Keith D. Gilbert says:

    O’h damn, now she knows she’s white!

  26. Elena Bowman says:

    She has more than one major problem. Massachusetts voters, vote the bitch out of Congress and send her back to Oklahoma…she is one of the most disgusting individuals…she hates veterans. But she is all out for illegals including bringing in terrorists into this country. She just voted for one for the DNC Chairman. He didn’t win, but he is now Asst. DNC Chairman and you can bet who will be running the DNC not the guy who one the seat but the Muslim Ellison

    1. Elmezell says:

      As a Native American Oklahoman I find ” POCA” to be a disgrace to the people of Oklahoma, NW Classen Highschool in Oklahoma City from which she graduated in the late 1960’s..She is NOT what we represent!


      1. Debra Cashman says:

        Why couldn’t she have landed in Cali? We didn’t need more of her ilk here in MA…..

      2. Elena Bowman says:

        She’s not only a disgrace to Oklahoma, she is a disgrace to Massachusetts and the the entire Country. Too bad the Oklahoman’s didn’t put her out of her misery when they had the chance. Oh well, it’s too late…now it’s up to the voters of Massachusetts to put her away where she’ll never be heard from or seen ever again.

    2. Debra Cashman says:

      I hope that there will be a serious contender to run against her-must be all those city (Sanctuary) folks who vote her in-where I live in MA I know not one person that voted for her. She’s got to go! Freaking carpet bagger!

      1. Merle Dickey says:

        Maybe there should be a recount .

        1. Debra Cashman says:

          Well she’s up for re-election soon. I hope we can vote her out, but we need a viable candidate-please RNC help us out here…

    3. Linda Kennedy says:

      Sadly. You are right.

  27. preston says:

    The more the democraps/communists push against Trump and his agenda the more the American people will push back. It is total insanity for the democraps/communists to continue to do what they did before the election and lose. But I do hope they continue so Trump can win his second term. So, democraps/communists forget what I just said and continue doing what your doing.

  28. disqus_D87XRi0Gy7 says:

    Only thing criminals understand is an indictment and then subsequent trial and imprisonment, in her case that would be failure to uphold her office and serve the nation and respect and protect the constitution of the United States first. It says nothing about illegals, and once again they are not immigrates since they have never applied for status but are here illegally duh ! illegals!! As a veteran I don’t care if the bitch packs coal in her ass as long as she follows the rule of law, liberals do not comply with any laws any longer and they can all go straight to hell. TIP o the day … look at the Nation wide election results… then look at the seats lost Nation wide by the ignorant piss ants.

    1. Merle Dickey says:

      Just remember to vote in 2018 ! It is going to take every republican to win as there are so many dems who can be bought !!

  29. Love of Country says:

    Princess Running Joke’s 15 minutes are just about up!


  30. sgsimpson says:

    warren got through collage and got rich – playing a natie – now shes playing – the frito ban-dino !!! so lets ask here – it – are you really a man all along??? you played so many diff things!!!

  31. peter Pirzadeh says:

    Warren is anti-american anti-veteran, anti-legal immigration, anti-reformist and simply put a thorn along side of her own party members and of course the republicans. She is basically a useless person who wants to be in the center of attention no matter what the cost. She has a large mouth and does not care what comes out of it. It is really quite sad when we as a nation choose individuals who have issues of themselves and put them in a position of power and policy making, and
    then of course we find out they meet their own needs (mostly emotional or psychological) through abusive methods that affect the rest of us. How could anyone in the right mind be in support of illegal immigration, promote sanctuary cities support the criminals who commit murder, rape, and all kinds of unspeakable acts and not say a word on behalf of the courageous veterans who put their lives on the line to protect her. She should be ashamed of herself a thousand times over; better yet she should resign her position as a senator and never assume another public office.

  32. Rodger K. Shull says:

    her problem is her past, all LIES , an CORRUPTION

  33. Ahujekim says:

    Massachusetts needs a real representative of its people, and that is not Elizabeth Warren.
    Ms. Warren is out for her own cause, and not representing veterans or any other Mass. citizens group.
    Instead, Ms. Warren is championing Demoncrat causes which destroy America and American values.
    Yes, I intended the word ‘Demoncrat’ because politicians like Ms. Warren are the Devil’s representative!

  34. ONTIME says:

    Ellison supports no Vets and he should be taken to task come election time……..Warren is just another loud mouthed DNCommunist moron…..

  35. Jeff Warner says:

    Little “Pocahontas” is once again, doing her best to deceive people into believing she is for America! Isn’t that what she claimed to get into college? She stated she is a”Native American” with ancestors who were American Indians! She got money from the government and donors to attend college by lying!
    She is not suitable to serve in our government! She should be deported to Mars, with Pelosi and Watters, as well as the many other extremely questionable elected liars. How about “Drain the Swamp, and get rid of McCain, and other RINOS, and DemocRats, who demand entitlements but give nothing but lies in return! Schumer should join the crowd, and be deported as “Un-American”, along with a few hundred other politicians who believe wrongly, they are above the law! Hillary, Bill, Obama, Bush Jr., should be Euthanized!

  36. Gary Stolp says:

    Woo, woo Welches Liawatha! Let’s see your Indian card charlatan.

  37. Fern R Kurland says:

    She is a disgusting person.

  38. fordfool says:

    God truly blessed us in November…Now, lets NOT blow it, America…let the looneys (not us ‘deplorables) [ continue their tirade…its what they’re GOOD at…

  39. Kathleen3 says:

    On any given night there are 100,000 veterans sleeping on the streets. We have 94 million Americans out of the work force and 45+ million on food stamps.

    We have neither the money nor the desire to place people who have no right to be here above veterans and citizens who have every right to be here.

    1. Merle Dickey says:

      I bet if we started shooting at them as they get 6 feet from our border that would slow the tide down . Not saying kill them , just scare the you know what out of them .

      1. Kathleen3 says:

        I’ve always believed that. Obviously this would work, as proven by the fact both GWB and Obama mandated our Border Patrol stand down when confronted by Mexican military entering U.S. territory and use paintballs “if needed” on drug cartels crossing into our country.

        1. Merle Dickey says:

          And a few years back we lost one of our border patrolmen when he was shot from across the river ! He had nothing but rubber bullets which don’t travel very far .

  40. Nate B Willden says:

    Elizabeth and her mentally ill Nancy need to retire. Their day is past. Join Move On.org…

  41. Eli Charlie Noseworthy says:

    Just another LIBERAL mouth piece spewing her crap to benefit her in money and votes for power and personal gains, doesn’t give a DAMN about the countries affairs, a BEGAZI BITCH CLONE !!!

  42. GB2179 says:

    I get a kick out of the Liberals who comment on my postings calling me and all like me uneducated.
    Where do they get this from? With the complete insanity going on by the Liberals, they have no room for criticism. Something has to be done with these people, they are a cancer to our country, and by the way I haven’t heard of any of them leaving to Canada since they promised they would if Trump won. I guess Canada’s doesn’t want them either. Hey I got an Idea, why don’t you move to Iraq, or Somalia and visit the denoginators.

  43. Jerry Dixon says:

    I am 100% disabled Veteran. I am supposed to get my medical care through the Veterans Administration at no cost. Well, I am on Social Security, and I have a supplemental insurance that I pay for as well as paying for Medicare Insurance. Took me over 9 months to get an appointment at the Veterans Administration. I hear stories about people waiting over 30 days. If my wife had not called and demanded that I be seen by a Doctor I could still be waiting for care. This has caused me to go to an outside Doctors and also to get needed surgeries. The Veterans Administration did not pay a penny for my outside medical care., all of my medications came from the VA, I have been disabled for a long time because of Vietnam. When I was under VA care I had 22 medications, When I went for over 9 months without the VA’s Doctor care my medications were reduced to only 5 medications, they said they were expired, the truth is I had no Doctor to order the medications. I had the Doctors from outside the VA order the medications for me and I paid for them. So of these medications were expensive but they didn’t cost the VA a dime, and the money I get from the VA for my disabilities is not a lot. I don’t want to sound like a cry baby and I am not looking for sympathy all I want is the Government to give me what I was promised, I have made contact with, Robert McDonald Secretary of the Veterans Administration, Senators, Congressmen, Inspector General office for the Veterans Administration, Veterans Organizations, some of them several times and many other agencies. I didn’t even get a reply from any of them about my problems. I did get a form letter from Senator John Mc Cain Office {R} AZ Armed Services Committee, Chairman. He informed me that if my comments ever came up on the senate floor for a vote he would consider what I said. I was not aware that the Senate had to Vote on my Health Care, Congressman Mica {R} FL I guess he just ignored my letters, E-Mails and the stack documents informing him of my problems I had with the VA. Since the writing of this letter I have been seen less times than I can count on one hand. This new nominee that Trump submitted is just a carbon copy of McDonald the former secretary, he was present every time the VA testified before the Senate and Congress and was nothing but a person that supported all of McDonalds lame excuse’s for what the VA needed every time all it was were funds, I guess to give to the employees as bonuses or to put a large water fountain and beautify the front of the Orlando VA. Sometimes I believe that the lack of concern Veterans get they just are waiting for us to die so we are out of there way. I am an old soldier, once a vital asset to my many units. Now I am nothing more than a relic, that has out lived his usefulness. I will close with the Mission of the VA’s :Veterans Administration is to fulfill President Lincoln’s promise, ” To care for him who shall have borne the battle, and for his widow, and his orphans” by serving and honoring the men and women who are Americans Veterans. I think the Veterans Administration has failed far to many Veterans, Especially the over 20 a day, that take there own lives. The new nominee for the VA appointed by President Trump isn’t going to change anything, He had his chance and failed it will just be nothing more than him changing offices. He supported every proposal Mc Donald recommended and most were more money,and excuses they were trying to improve the VA.

  44. William M Durham says:

    Now just what did you expect from a damn liberal. Support and care for illegals and just piss on American Veterans of all wars, This State was famous for their actual hatred of the VietNam Vets so why expect anything better now. Vote this bitch out or get rid of her any way legally possible

  45. TPS12 says:

    dems just taking citizens for granted, they think they’ll always support them.

  46. Joey says:

    Way to go to the vets. Sad that they have to be their own champions to make a serious point, but it is so true. Not only is it political theater and selfishness it’s down right disrespectful to the men and women that serve and give their lives for this country. I honestly hope these ignorant demorats continue with their crap because it will mean they lose more seats in the federal and state government, and sealing the deal for Trump to be our President for 8 years. More and more the legal migrants are seeing the damage that the illegal aliens are causing them and they will ultimately vote for the one that can help them have a better life, and it’s not the demorats! They only want their votes, other than that they could care less. So keep it up Elizabeth warren, Nancy the deranged liar, Elisha Cummings, Shummer the clown, etc. The rest of us will enjoy the next 8 years and then some!

  47. JC Hoot says:

    Once a losing moron always a losing moron!

  48. Bob332 says:

    Warren, PIGlosi, Chuckie Schmucko, Maxie Waterboard her et al are nothing more than Leftist/Progressive/Socialist’s that hate American citizen’s EXCEPT their own A-holes!

    1. Mike W says:

      Pelosi – Waters and Boxer go around telling everyone else what they should be doing – while their own state is over 1/2 a trillion dollars in debt. No one has ever heard any one of the broom riders offer a solution for that. That debt saddled on every LEGAL man , woman and child who lives in California is $11.500 each. That does not include all their other taxes to pay – state, federal , property etc.

  49. generalJed says:

    “Pocahontas” is more focused on Indian Affairs. 1621 was a good year for her.

  50. Debra Cashman says:

    I find it amazing this carpet bagger from Oklahoma has “found her voice”…….I remember when she had to defer to Deval Patrick to answer for her. Bad enough w/her brethren here in MA, why did she have to come here and make it even worse! Go far far away to a distant planet Granny Warren!

  51. Kathleen Makkreel says:

    One Problem? I think not. Try adding mental illness and idiocy to that list.

  52. Barbara Lewis says:

    I can’t believe the audacity of these people to support illegal aliens over our veterans that have fought and died that they and us can be free.

  53. Irene Elizabeth Grooms says:

    The way these people are acting now since PRESIDENT TRUMP took office i think it shows that they don’t need to be in any part of our government.

  54. joe moore says:

    she definetely has rectumoptumitis. her head is up her ass so much she’s getting a shitty outlook on life.

  55. ExGOP says:

    We desperately need these workers to keep our economy going. The mistake was a bad immigration policy that officially keeps workers out. We have American business saying “if you can sneak in, we have jobs for you. They pay badly, but we will have the government provide our benefits when we lay you off or you get sick”. At the same time, the government says “keep out”. We have a disconnect internally.

  56. skipfoss says:

    Liarwathia is one big problem and should be made to reimburse her college money in total for lying too get a break , she is your typical demonrat ,ther has never been a truthful dem, Omuslime lied about being an American citizen, he has an illegal social security number and it is not hard to think about the rest of his lying . The half breed bastard has never told the American people the truth, he has told every kind of lie that can be thought of. One big lie is that he was an American president he is anything but, now that he is no longer a president to is fighting to finish his real agenda to make this a Muslim controlled country. He has set up a group OFA( Obama F–Ks America) he is running a shadow government to see his agenda to turn America in to a friggin’ piece of shit Muslim Sharia country, I hope to hell some one takes this Muslim Communist out before he does anymore damage

  57. brucebluemel says:

    I can’t wait for the 2018 election. These clowns think they’re going to keep their jobs.

  58. JOHN PHELPS says:

    It really is alarming how an obvious lunatic like Warren can get elected.

  59. Richard Gene Faller says:

    I am convinced that Elisabeth ” I am an American Indian” Warren, is insane!

  60. Talon says:

    Elizabeth Warren is a selfish, hate-fill, self enriching, wretched witch….Massachusetts deserves better, should demand better!

    1. Mike W says:

      They keep voting her in they get what they deserve.

  61. crockett says:

    There are a few in DC that need to get their POOP in a group ; John McCain , shumer ,graham .e.warren . n. pelosi and some others that seem to forget that WE THE PEOPLE OF THE USA have said over and over again that people here should always come before any other foreigners or illegals from outside our borders.
    Helping them in their countries is one thing but bringing them here to live off us like parasites is another , this shit should end now . warren and others want them then we could ship them to live with the ones they love more . ENOUGH IS ENOUGH YOU STUPID COW , get with it or get gone liz ….

  62. jackel says:

    The Left is just starting to look like they are illegal, and, stand against law and order no matter what, but really freak out when anything legal and positive comes from the Trump administration. They are choosing to cling to a capsizing vessel. They are alienating themselves from the rest of America. Beware. Since Donald Trump came on the scene more Americans are shifting to his positive message of lets bring America back again. Don’t be fooled by the Russian smoke screen, the enemy is the Democratic Left and the imperial media.

  63. scrubbie says:

    Did she also just realize she’s not Native American? Or does she continue to push that narrative?

  64. Kika68 says:

    warren, another MORON

  65. theskids says:

    Live shot Liz is a gnat that should just go the fluck away. Libertards in MA that voted her in must be just as whacked as she is. It’s OK I’m from MA….I didn’t vote for Fake-ahauntus

  66. Walter Flatt says:





    The Shoe Bomber was a Muslim
    The Beltway Snipers were Muslims
    The Fort Hood Shooter was a Muslim
    The underwear Bomber was a Muslim
    The U-S.S. Cole Bombers were Muslims
    The Madrid Train Bombers were Muslims
    The Bali Nightclub Bombers were Muslims
    The London Subway Bombers were Muslims
    The Moscow Theater Attackers were Muslims
    The Boston Marathon Bombers were Muslims
    The Pan-Am flight #93 Bombers were Muslims
    The Air France Entebbe Hijackers were Muslims
    The Iranian Embassy Takeover, was by Muslims
    The Beirut U.S. Embassy bombers were Muslims
    The Libyan U.S. Embassy Attack was by Muslims
    The Buenos Aires Suicide Bombers were Muslims
    The Israeli Olympic Team Attackers were Muslims
    The Kenyan US, Embassy Bombers were Muslims
    The Saudi, Khobar Towers Bombers were Muslims
    The Beirut Marine Barracks bombers were Muslims
    The Besian Russian School Attackers were Muslims
    The first World Trade Center Bombers were Muslims
    The Bombay & Mumbai India Attackers were Muslims
    The Achille Lauro Cruise Ship Hijackers were Muslims
    The September 11th 2001 Airline Hijackers were Muslims




  67. Random Citizen says:

    Mighty generous of Pocahontas.

  68. RedNeckYankee says:

    Correct me if I’m wrong, please. Warren called out Senator Sessions for lying about his meeting with the Russian ambassador and said he should step down. Now we get to Sen. Warren, did or did she not go to college on public funds after lying about her phony Native American claim? If Sen. Sessions did meet with the Russian Ambassador, it did not cost the taxpayers any money that I know of, correct? But how much money did we pay for Sen. Warrens education? Now that we found out her lie, did she reimburse the taxpayers for her fraud. Has she stepped down? Has she been taken to court and incarcerated for her fraud? Just saying.

  69. Ja Ja says:

    There is always sudden heart attacks…….we are hopeful.

  70. VoteThemOut says:

    AND the fact that Pres Trump is deporting all her illegal voters…sooo

  71. TREX53 says:

    Get rid of her… Massachusetts, this is our problem but only you can rid our nation of this fake Indian.

  72. cp123 says:

    As a Ma resident I can tell you, this is a true whacko. Lizzie does and says what she is told. Typical liberal democrat.

  73. Rodger K. Shull says:

    she is her own big worse problem, an she is in a mental breakdown, an she needs to resign her elected position, 2 weeks ago

  74. ExGOP says:

    But her biggest asset is Trump. That “trumps” all her problems.

  75. Jj Doodah says:

    The Indians want damages to their integrity when she claimed to be a “Blood-Sister”…..they thought about her scalp, but changed their minds after they took a close look at the hair quality and lice infestation….

  76. Palma Menno Rice says:

    We all know about “Pocahontas”.

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