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Elizabeth Warren Did Something That No One Could Believe

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  1. shamu9 says:

    Lie-A-Watha! Faux-Ca-Hontas

    1. BlueWarrior says:

      Forgot Spreading Bull.

      1. shamu9 says:

        Chief Shitting Bull!

    2. Dean Smith says:

      Hi how are ya hi how are ya

    3. marshmil says:

      Ha ha, That’s a good one shamu9. ….by he shores of gimmie gimmie!.

  2. Poor Liz, dizzier than an outhouse rat during a fumigation raid. She is the liberal of the liberals with no credibility.

    1. Karin Isbell says:

      She reminds me of what my parents told me about arch-communist Rosa Luxemburg in Germany in the 1920s. Her bellierent and hateful conduct toward the middle class resulted in her being drowned in the Landwehrkanal.

      1. Peter says:

        Can we drown this demo”rat” too?

        1. C.T. Dixon says:

          Sure if you hold her at the bottom of a 9 foot deep pool while I stand on your shoulders.

        2. Nikita63 says:

          We should be so lucky but it’s unlikely since certain elements float and most of what she is made of is among them!

        3. Annie says:

          Could we bring hag Hillary, Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, Loretta Lynch & Valerie Jarrett, too. Oh wait…how about adding Manchelle to the list!

          1. marshmil says:

            Ditto Annie. Thanks for the final solution to the Leftist problem. Let’s add Dianne Feinstein, Barry Soetoro and Chuck S. to the list.

        4. granny_forUSA says:

          Banana peels might work……….then a little nudge with a vigorous muscle……..

      2. marshmil says:

        Too bad ALL Marxists and radical Muslims were not/cannot be given the Landwehrkanal treatment. Far better than waterboarding.

  3. gene smiith says:

    A certifiable NUT CASE and the folks want to reelect her? What superb taste they have in those they want to have lead them….they might enlist some 9th graders from a Ag. School.

    1. Chris Robinette says:

      It is time for an investigation into her income source. she is making more than her salary, MUCH more. where is it comming from.

      1. C.T. Dixon says:

        Maybe royalties from the books she has written, maybe from her husbands’s salary as a professor at Harvard …hmmm

        1. Tom Farrell says:

          Elected officials should be banned from writing books while in office. If they’re spending time writing books they sure as hell aren’t spending time representing us.

          1. C.T. Dixon says:

            They should also be banned from owning or having controlling interests or having their names associated with Corporations, but I don’t see that happening.

          2. granny_forUSA says:

            WOW………so you want the CIC’s to come in poor, and only look forward to grabbing our tax money for his own personal gain……….Men that have worked and did a business with many has more brains than those that think the USA owes them a living as a corrupt and evil politician………..

          3. marshmil says:

            While lawyers fit nicely in the Congress and the courts it’s not a bad idea to vote successful businesspeople into the Congress and especially into the White House. I much prefer a successful businessperson as CEO of the US Government. Put lawyers in the Congress and the courts.

          4. C.T. Dixon says:

            Rather than a CEO of a corporation for President I would much rther have someone who has run a large succesful national or international not-for-profit as President since that is a closer skill set to running a government than running a corporation is.

          5. marshmil says:

            The John Kerry needs to go for more than that reason. He and wife are associated with the HEINZ corp.

          6. C.T. Dixon says:

            What does John Kerry have to do with anything, since he is not an elected or appointed official in any capacity at this point in time, and he is only involved with Kraft/Heinz Corporation through his wife who inherited whatever ownership she has from her former husband Senator Heinz after he died in a plane crash.

          7. marshmil says:

            You Leftists get bent of shape easily. You missed the point. I’m amused and bemused at how you dwell on technicalities while issues fly right over your heads. I suppose since God is not physically sitting in a Temple in Jerusalem at the moment He does not exist in your view.

          8. C.T. Dixon says:

            Is it a hobby of yours to make an ass out of yourself and others,, because that is what you do when you make assumptions. You assume I am a leftist, without knowing anything about me. I don’t think of mysef as either left or right, I take an issue and look at it and make a decision or come to a conclusion based on the totality of the evidence. I prefer to dela in facts and reality rather than insunuations and innuendo. And as for god I haven’t believed in that fairy tale for many many years.

          9. marshmil says:

            Have it your way. You’ve made your choice. I could tell you did not believe in what you call “that fairy tale”. You did not need to tell me. It’s the defensive way you atheists and agnostics respond to things. You are insecure. Have a great night.

          10. C.T. Dixon says:

            Actually most of her books were written and published before she became a Senator, and only one was published after she became a Senator, which may well have been written before she bacame Senator.

          11. granny_forUSA says:

            How many were best sellers????……………….Am quite sure that any that were bought and read were just trying to see how egotistical and brainless she was……….

          12. marshmil says:

            Her books, like Hillary’s, will make great doorstops.

          13. marshmil says:

            Excellent observation and recommendation Tom Farrell. Thanks.

        2. l penn says:

          Lol! There aren’t that many IDIOTS who would buy the book of Demented CRAP ,ole LIB DEB HAG lizzie would be spewing!! We get more than enough of her SWILL as it is!!

          1. C.T. Dixon says:

            Please don’t project your lack of reading skills and comprehension onto everyone else, considering I doubt you even know what the books and scholarly articles she has written are about since they are probably above your reading level.

          2. granny_forUSA says:

            And you DIXON only pick up books written by evil & corrupt politicians……….Too bad your taste only runs to type “B” movies, and grade school books……….

        3. Al says:

          More than likely from her donors like Pelosi gets most of her money. (Her daughter said that her donors don’t want her to retire)

        4. granny_forUSA says:

          Wow, hubby must be one of those teaching the Alinsky method……..

    2. Al says:

      I just moved to Florida and it’s great to be out of liberal Massachusetts.

      1. Timothy Dayton says:

        Good that you’re here. Don’t vote DEMOCRAT, we have no state income tax and we should keep it that way.

        1. Al says:

          Thank you Timothy. Never democrat. I like it here.

      2. marshmil says:

        How did you ever tolerate that place that kept sending the late DUI Ted Kennedy back to Washington? Glad you finally got free. Now use your influence to stop the Democrats’ support for anti-American Marxism and Alinsky’s RULES FOR RADICALS.

        1. Al says:

          I lived in central Mass. and all the dems it seems are from east of rt 128 . .. They run the state. Gun laws are for the law abiding only in Ma. I’m so glad to be here in Fl. I got my CCL in a week. I hate snow too. LOL

          1. marshmil says:

            Glad to know you like your new abode. I’m in the State just north of you, near Atlanta. Grew up here. CCL’s are easy to get here by law abiding citizens. The others steal guns or buy them on streets as all the fecal blobs do everywhere.
            I don’t like snow or ice either. Too many nut cases here who cannot drive cars in sunny dry weather much less on ice and in rain. We Southerners welcome you and call you “snow birds”. Many snow birds who winter in Florida will begin their annual migration back North soon and clog the highways. Take care, be safe and God bless you and our great nation.

          2. Al says:

            Thank you friend. I’m here in Ormond Beach Fl. for my duration and my ex wife #1 was kind enough to invite me to stay and live with her. Life member NRA and retired police officer. Things are looking up.

          3. marshmil says:

            Hey that’s great for you. There used to be a song that went something like, “Love is better the second time around…” Your Ex is a great woman. I just renewed my NRA. Have a friend soon moving to Ormond Beach or near
            there. He’s moving back stateside from several years in Hawaii. We worked together about 30 years ago.

    3. harpo49 says:

      democrats are like sheep and rumor is some do sheep

      1. granny_forUSA says:

        They do many things………….just can’t keep that thing in its container………….

    4. Ronald Fiskum says:

      We have to urge the Democrats to get rid of the trash in their party .

      1. Frankiedoodle says:

        You can take the trash out, but you can’t take the TRASH out of the democrats.

        1. marshmil says:

          Well stated Frankiedoodle.

      2. marshmil says:

        That’s not going to be easy Ronald. The trash is working overtime to keep socialist
        ideas and agenda in the USA because it tosses freebees to the moochers with their gimme, gimme, gimme, I got my rights agenda who in return cast votes to members of the “Politburo/Presidium”. Therewith is the anti-America problem.

        1. Frankiedoodle says:

          And the socialist ideas and agenda start early here in our country with
          Head Start (government funded) all the way through college. Lots of
          time to fill the future leaders heads full of ant-American ideas. I know
          there are still some pretty savvy professors, but they’re becoming a
          minority, the ones that stand out are the ones that can’t tie their shoe
          but can carry out the agenda to slam capitalism and all that America
          stands for. God Bless America, and let’s all keep praying for our
          President, he so needs them and besides there is nothing more POWERFUL as PRAYER!!!!

          1. marshmil says:

            Thank you for the note Frankie. I fully agree with you. Donald Trump is 100 per cent American AND a Christian. Only the Godless NWO socialist crowd and Muslims are against him. But being in the End Times what can we expect.
            Satan knows his time is fast growing shorter so he’s ramping up his activities to
            take down as many as he can in his time left before he’s tossed into that hot pool with atheists and agnostics.

  4. SouthernPatriot says:

    There is little Pocahontas can do that will surprise me. She is an extreme leftist demented Democrat who has delusions of grandeur–seeing herself in the White House. Lizzie lies, lies, and more lies. Lizzie supports all that is perverted and leftist, making Hillary look moderate (which of course, she is NOT).

    1. BlueWarrior says:

      Spreading Bull is at it again! As you say lies, lies, and more lies.

      1. amongoose says:

        Princess walking dove.

        1. harpo49 says:

          more like two elk screwing

        2. granny_forUSA says:

          Princess Dung Pile…………

          1. amongoose says:

            A whole lotta both.
            (Walking Eagle/Princess Dove so full of crap they can’t fly.’)

    2. Arnold Young says:

      Lizzie lies–now there is a motto that make sense!!!

      1. Larry says:

        I like the Spreading Bull myself LOL

        1. Dean Smith says:

          Mee too..excellent..

    3. Anthony says:

      I just can’t wait for the next time around I want to vote her out, she is one Squaw that can not do a rain the dance,

    4. Steve says:

      …and beside all that her cook book, Pow Wow Chow isn’t selling well…at least to native Americans.

  5. Richard Gene Faller says:

    If Politicians were a disease (some think they are) the Scientific community would be in an all out race to find a cure for the Dreadful Warren Disease!

    1. marshmil says:

      I’d much rather let those with the “Dreadful Warren Disease” expire then cremate the remains.

  6. Mike W says:

    Of course she avoids the media – they will inevitably ask a question she either can’t or doesn’t want to answer. Shame on the people who keep re-electing her – but then again they get what they deserve.

    1. 1947goldenjet says:

      You’re wasting your effort looking for shame here in Marxachusetts. Boston had a Mayor run for re-election while in jail. We had the notorious anti-war Duke of Akis enjoy a photo op wearing a helmet in a tank. Our “big dig” ran over twice the original estimate. Our “pike” tolls were due to expire over 30 years ago when the original bonds were paid off. And then , of course, the constant re-electing of Teddy “Oldsmobile” Kennedy.
      The last person showing shame around here was an old Nipmuc chief who couldn’t believe that his ancestors didn’t throw all Europeans back into the sea.

    2. Chi Sam says:

      You will not dare answer why you aren’t intelligent enough to correctly spell common words that you have seen in print tens of thousands of times.

      Maybe she too is a coward.

      1. marshmil says:

        What words did Mike W incorrectly spell? Please let facts be submitted. Thanks.

        1. Chi Sam says:

          Clearly he spelled no words wrong in this comment. Were you not a zealous, antagonistic as****e with an agenda, you would have entertained the obvious, and come to a proper conclusion.

          Dime-a-dozen, simple-minded jerk.

          1. marshmil says:

            OK put away the smoke and fog. Your command of English is sub standard.
            Leave out the Leftist profanity and explain the “agenda”. Tell me what the “obvious” and “proper conclusion” are. You post with great opacity.

          2. Chi Sam says:

            **** off. Play your petulant-brat games with your like-minded peers.

          3. marshmil says:

            Thanks. You passed the Democrat, liberal, Leftist, atheist/agnostic entrance code. You are all alike. Have been suspicious. Just wanted to confirm. Apologies for any inconvenience. Run along. Hillary, Elizabeth, Dianne and Nancy are waiting for you to come help.

          4. Chi Sam says:

            I indeed had ‘run along’, you obsessive brat. You called me back.

          5. marshmil says:

            You obey me well. Now run along again and I’ll let you enjoy whatever it is you have fun doing.

          6. Chi Sam says:

            That does not aggravate me, and it certainly cannot make you feel empowered. Like most of your remarks, it means nothing whatsoever.

          7. marshmil says:

            Perfect. You read me correctly. Hope the rest of your day is as enjoyable.
            God Bless our great nation, you and your family. Shalom

    3. harpo49 says:

      yes they do although Durbin keeps getting elected in Illinois and only carries 5 counties

  7. annefarrelly says:

    Are there any Democrat officials worthy of respect? Do they all lack integrity?

    1. Gary Parker says:

      No and yes.

    2. Nikita63 says:

      NO to the first question, YES, to the second!

    3. l penn says:

      Yup,that are all DEMORATS!!!

  8. lorenz genovich says:

    From what I have been told, someone at Harvard criticized her political stance with the Academia’s honchos and she had him fired! You can tell that she is loca in the head, when she speaks her body language says it all. She makes Hillary appears milquetoast.

  9. haz says:

    I would not vote for her, but again I don’t live in that state !

  10. A patriot says:

    another old and senseless mouth piece that should be put to pasture. Senseless democratic communist

  11. Arnold Young says:

    See– just a little more proof that the Dims have no bench. How this woman(?) could be elected to the Senate is beyond me.

    1. Annie says:

      Bunch of pinheads in MA!

      1. marshmil says:

        They are so narrow minded if they fell on a pin it would punch both eyes out.

  12. Peter says:

    2020 presidential run? Are you kidding? What makes her think she can lead this nation? I don’t think we need a person that avoids her constituents. Hey lady, you’re in the wrong business!

  13. Reverend1 says:

    Pocahontas talking with the press?? Who stuck a feather up her ass. She won’t be re-elected. Save your breath bitch. Look in a mirror. You are not Indian, you’re North Korean.

  14. Joni says:

    There are a lot of republicans and independents here in Massachusetts that would love to get rid of her. We need more people in Mass running in other parties. There is usually a democratic and no one running against them, they don’t get elected because they are good they get elected because they were the only one on the ballot.

    1. Tony Rowell says:

      then cast your vote as nobody, or none of the above

  15. Robert says:

    Elizabeth Warren is a criminal, she has criminal tendencies dating back to her childhood! Planning and carrying out a fraudulent act is punishable by law! To try to steal money from people deserving of this money is ethically and morally a trailer park trash tactic! Now this lick is a United States Congresswoman.
    The people of Massachusetts must be trailer park trash, to elect this lick to represent them. That doesn’t surprise me, John F. Kennedy was elected POTUS, and he was no ethical, or moral, leader of the free world! I guess it’s just a character flaw in the DNA of people from that state! President Kennedy cheated on his wife, the mother of his children, and the First Lady, every chance he got, his own father stated that he should have had him fixed because he is such a leg-hound! This is a regular occurrence in the morally corrupt Democratic Party! Bill Clinton, same thing, total disregard for the institution of marriage, although given how disgustingly unattractive Hillary Clinton is, I really can’t blame him! It’s no secret that Elizabeth Warren is now famously referred to as Pocahontas as it is no secret that she too has a little leg hound in her as well. It must not bother taxpayers in Massachusetts who they send to represent them!

    1. marshmil says:

      It obviously does not. But then Mess-a-choose-it voters are getting trinkets tossed down to them from the Capitol where their Masters live in soft feathered-nest luxury.

  16. nSsgCdS2Tu says:

    Gene Smith, I think you’re giving warren way to much credit! (9th graders could do as much as she has)! She’s just a far left joke as far as I’m concerned.

  17. dosadoe says:

    Oh, no! She actually took a dump in the middle of Time Square? No? It is only a matter of time before she gets a full bodied tattoo and takes a dump in the middle of Time Square!

  18. JOhnR says:

    WOW!!! What an amazing bunch of troll comments. Have ya watched any of her questioning of any of the Bankers that stole all the homes? She was great! Ya might wanna hear this… http://www.foreclosurehour.com/files/119559780.mp3

    1. 1947goldenjet says:

      But for that, a bull with teats stands a chance of being equally productive.

    2. Cole Johnson says:

      johnr: Love the sarcasm bra! She was great? ROFLMAO!! She would be great if she overdosed and was found dead! THAT WOULD BE GREAT! Fantastic even!

  19. michaelross says:

    One must remember, the dEMONRATS merged with the cOMMUNIST party USA, so they have gained a lot of power and $$$$$$$$$. As they always do, go find someone to use (the muslims in this case) and create all manner of lies, whatever it takes to gain power for their ranks. Take a careful look at America’s enemies, over 90% of the anti-gun crowd are commies and muslims. Look at the politicians who are strongly for the refugee/terrorists, commies and muslims. I personally believe cOMMUNISM should not be allowed in our government because it doesn’t fit with our Bill of Rights or our Constitution. We are being attacked by both cOMMUNISM and iSLAM, both of which want to destroy our way of life and enslave us. People need to wake up, THERE IS NO MIDDLE GROUND, this country will either be FREE or ENSLAVED!

  20. Jerry Dixon says:

    Are you sure we are talking about the same Elizabeth Warren, The Airhead with a big mouth, the one that would rather cause disruptions in the senate and the same person that talks out of there A$$. The same person that would rather fight with the current president Donald Trump than do her job. Tell me it can not be true that idiot and I am being kind wants to seek the office of president in 2020. She is so dumb she would not be able to find her butt with both hands. That would be as bad as the moron Michael Moore or Bill Maher trying to get elected. Moore is an idiot and Maher is the anti Christ and anti American, To prove how stupid he is he gave Obama a million dollars for his campaign in hopes of getting favors and make him look important. Neither one of them have the sense god gave a sloth.

  21. CaptTurbo says:

    I wonder how she evades a straight jacket? She’s an unhinged lunatic.

  22. Anna says:

    who are these people who elect and re-elect such deranged individuals.She’s not the only lunatic, look at Pelosi and thank God she’s gone Boxer and Schumer. And so many others who have lost their jobs because of Obama, 1,000.00 of them, that’s when decent people who loved their country saw the light. Now if only the people of Mass. Cal. and N.Y. and others would see the damage these demented politicians have bestowed on America.

  23. Scott Ezell says:

    Shes another brain dead liberal. They come by the dozens.

    1. Larry says:

      I believe the whole state is brain dead!

  24. Annie says:

    God forbid this hag throws her hat in the ring in 2020! She’s a complete moron like hag Hillary, Nancy Pelosi & Maxine Waters! They all need to be in a nursing home playing checkers!

    1. Tony Rowell says:

      no really they all need to be in jail

  25. Nikita63 says:

    In this disabled Vietnam veteran’s eyes, Elizabeth Warren is NOTHING more than another delusional and demented democratic weasel of which my home State, the Commonmisery of Massachusetts, is full and aided and abetted by a useless governor who refuses to support the duly elected President because HE is a RINO. God forbid he should allow freedom to ring in what was once the bastion of Liberty but , NO MORE. . Name me one accomplishment by Warren other than her stewardship of thugs and George Soros paid protestors, Union thugs as the birth mother of the Occupy Wall St, Goons. She has NONE I am aware of because she is too busy setting herself up as the heir apparent to Hillary. Anyone deluded enough to vote for this cretin for anything but removal from office is a fool, and I sure do hope the lunatic left makes her the presidential candidate as they will most assuredly be DOOMED if they do and that will be another GOOD thing for hard working Americans and those who actually BELIEVE in the Constitution and Rule of Law as FEW in Washington in EITHER party have in DECADES. The proof is in their actionable but disgusting fiscal irresponsibility, Foreign policy and catering to inimical immigrants , drug cartels, gang-bangers and inner city racist groups like BLM and NBP. She is typical of professional prevaricators, thieves and preposterous pundits and CAREER parasites who we should vote to REMOVE since they do NOT live up to their responsibilities or duties to AMERICAN CITIZENS; particularly the Middle Class, Seniors and Veterans. I may have to out up with the antics of these horses backsides, but I do NOT have to like it: AND,I DO NOT!

  26. eetamu81 says:

    Why do people in your state keep electing such losers? You deserve what you get. I thought you would have had enough with Teddy.

  27. Annie says:

    Elizabeth Warren, Hillary Clinton & Nancy Pelosi = ‘THE THREE STOOGES’!

    1. marshmil says:

      ….or the three Witches in MacBeth. Hillary is Hecate.

  28. jimmy9522 says:

    Everybody likes a free comedy show, she should have a show on MESSNBC.

  29. jackel says:

    Up to no good for the country we can bet on that but a lot out there Don’t care enough about the country; including the media, so the lying, misinformation, name calling, self-bloating comments and deceit March on as the Democratic left continue to display why Donald Trump is president—–he is for the people—-they are for themselves, terrorist, criminals, rapists, illegal immigrants, minority movements, federal land grabbing for own interests, stagnant economy and job growth, higher taxes for all, health care for the few (20 million vs 200 million) with increased costs for 200 million and less coverage, unproven and deceitful climate change with this country paying for the bulk of any program (bleed our funds/advanced foreign aid), smothering environmental regulations aimed at destroying our industries, energy dependence and lost of more jobs diverted to government welfare/dependence system, on and on for globalism and more American misery. This is what E. Warren and the rest of her kind are engineering for America. Don’t be deceived!!!!!!!!

  30. xxhawkxx says:

    She is a well over-baked hag that barks out on command any-time she can lie about the topic of the day.

  31. Walt Miskin says:

    President Trump Would love to run against Pocahontas. She is nothing but
    liberal idiot who just runs her moronic mouth . (you can’t fix stupid)

  32. pupster40 says:

    WWIII looking for a place to start it from.
    How about that gap between her ears, room there for a turkey, let alone a feather.

  33. Bayside GolfClub says:

    I thought it was going to be something like “passed 3rd grade”..

  34. Richard Bagenstose says:

    send her back to her teepee

  35. Richard Bagenstose says:

    ow about sitting bull lizzie, now their is a real indians name , but her bull is different then his

  36. disqus_0MR38PDl1u says:

    She bent over and Sniffed her own ASS ? WHAT

  37. ardvietvet says:

    Walking Eagle…..she’s so full of shit she can’t fly!!!!

  38. Camille Gilliam says:

    i don’t care what she does, I don’t like her.

  39. ter334 says:

    The more the democrats talk and act, the more it is apparent they have no interest in the nation! The three things important to democrats are the party, the party, the party. They lust after power! Their form of govt is PC. And this was so blatantly obvious during O’s regime that millions have realized just how phony and shallow they are! They are political animals, not representatives!

  40. Gerald Tobey says:

    Lizzie and Uncle Joe Biden or Little Tim Kaine together might make up one IQ point! Wouldn’t that make a wonderful ticket? Dumb and Dumber, you pick which is which!

  41. parthenon1 says:

    This lady takes the cake for audacity . . . .Pres Trump won because he listened to the people and followed throughh, Liz Warren listens to the squirrels, Rabbits “Nuthatches and such . . . .which does America Need ?

  42. Libs R Loons says:

    The media’s not the only ones that Warren makes a point to avoid.
    My elderly aunt (now deceased) was one of the group of Native American tribal elders who repeatedly tried to get a meeting with her when she ran for office in 2012, all she did was dodge.
    Turns out that Warren’s real ancestors were Slavs from Eastern Europe whom (D) Andrew Jackson contracted to round-up, murder, and force-march Native Americans on the infamous Trail of Tears.
    That’s why she kept dodging them.

  43. Bishop351 says:

    I wonder how long it takes Warren to pull her head out of her …. each night?

  44. William M Durham says:

    This is one crazy bitch, an to think she wanted to be president. If she fell over dead the world would be a safer an better place

  45. Daniel Mount says:

    The United States of America would be so much better off without that crazy Elizabeth Warren the other American freedom hater.

  46. Maggietish says:

    Elizabeth Warren is up for reelection and wouldn’t it be wonderful if the voters in her state defeated her. That something really to look forward to and get this anti-American socialist lunatic lying woman out of office immediately. One can only hope.

  47. She is pathetic, and the only reason she is a potential candidate is the demonrat bench is empty, so they have to scrape the bottom of the barrel as they did with HiLIARy, if you are not a pathological liar, you are not a true demonrat candidate, that is the only qualification required to run. SICK.

  48. jim jones says:

    Trump keeps up his environmental attacks and Lizzy gets the job.

  49. Ronald Fiskum says:

    Did you notice that her mouth is crooked, she gets that from lying.

  50. BUILD BABY BUILD!!! says:

    Was an “Indian’ is now just a nut job.

  51. Douglas Miraldi says:


  52. granny_forUSA says:

    Pocohontas had class…………Warren has nothing but a big mouth and an underactive brain………..

  53. cathylovesyou says:

    Pocahontas is a sick evil person. She seems nervous and jerky at all times. If she starts talking to reporters she will blow herself up. A hater of America. What happened?

  54. RightStuff says:

    Pretty pitiful excuse for an elected official. Seems about half a bubble off dead center.

  55. JC Hoot says:

    She just needs to sit under her rock doing the pow wow or whatever it may be

  56. 1loyalamerican74 says:

    She should run as a transgender.

  57. Barbara Harris says:

    It is amazing to me that pocahontas can get away with what she does. Surely there is someone who can pull the rug right out from under her. All lies!

  58. rf396 says:

    I cannot stand to even look at this vile, demented piece of leftist trash

    If youd like to hear a show that reflects your conservative view
    Please join us every Saturday on Blog Talk Radio at 6:30pm EST on
    The Right Side of Things…Thank You


  59. Jerry Dixon says:

    That would be a good idea being a transgender. She is flat as board and needs a good screw. Just a though.

  60. Susan says:

    This women belongs in a but house.

  61. 2nd amendment vs evil govt says:

    the fake indian liarwather reminds me of the “dingbat” edith on all in the family!

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