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Elizabeth Warren Quickly Regretted Making This Massive Mistake

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  1. TPS12 says:

    Well it just bit you in the a–. You were arrogant then and now you received what you deserved. I guess when you thought you’d be in power forever it was cool. Not so much now.

    1. maxx says:

      Oh did they ever. Remember when back in early 2016 the Huff In Puff post were claiming Hildabeast had a 89% chance of getting elected? Clinton also knew the democommies were in full assault mode of Sanders and they had their vote fraud machine running in high gear . Clinton never even campaigned in the blue states that actually tipped to red and took her out. It would have been fun to be a fly on the wall of the room Oblowhard was in on election night 2016. I’m surprised he didn’t have a coronary. He was so sure Clinton would complete his agenda to destroy America.

  2. Gerald Tobey says:

    The only thing she’s sorry about is that she got caught being stupid! Dimwit Socialist Progressive pandering to her constituency. But it’s OK for Dim-O-crats to change the rules, but not OK for Conservatives to use the rules they institute. Tar and feather her, along with Nancy Pelosi & Schmucky Schumer, and run them out of the country. They are the weakest links!

    1. Donaldo says:

      Pochahantas also believes in paying men more than women. Her own payroll proved it.

  3. ED Ballantine says:

    We can thank the idiots that vote for these assholes.

    1. kassa1 says:

      Warren is a poster child for the skanks who represent the Democrat party .

      1. l penn says:

        Boy is she ever, chuckie chuckles, and Shrieking Pochahantas lizzie, the Demented Idiots!!!

    2. Tbear says:

      At least this time!!!!

    3. BUILD BABY BUILD!!! says:

      ED Ballantine We can also thank God that Trump won!!
      That’s obama’s ‘legacy.’
      A man Trump versus a Muslim gay, married to a tranny mouse

    4. Robert F says:

      Ed, Sometimes it turns and bites you where you do not expect it.

  4. ter334 says:

    The democrats are America’s versions of communists. They vote for the benefit of the party first, never the country. And I imagine the party maintains strict discipline by keeping an iron fist control of the money for campaigns and other party support during elections. You are either with the party or against the party. Issues are irrelevant to the party. They take no prisoners. If you recall they drummed the Senator from CT out of the party over comments he made about Iraqi invasion. Of course the GOP is no better since they were at one time owned by the owners of the fed res bank. This nation has been politically polarized for decades?. I think what has the liberals so traumatized by election of T is they see this as the beginning of the end of the liberal empire in America. The Ds are political animals and will do anything, say anything most of the time to get in and stay in office? They owe their souls to the party, not to the nation. And O was/is an extremist? He is their legacy which ain’t popular with people that love America.

    1. l penn says:

      U r Right On!!!!

    2. disqus_0MR38PDl1u says:

      Democrats have always wanted to control people, they are the slave mongers of our country, they lie cheat steal and Brain wash black PEOPLE into thinking Republicans are bad and want to hold them down….. The republicans freed the salves, and the democrats never got over it , even to this day…. who’s deplorable ? Cock sucking Soros ! Is… and all his Democratic sperm swallowing painted puppets.

      1. maxx says:

        The slave holders of the deep south were liberals probably even before there were so called official political parties. The democrats were for slavery and fought for it’s continuation until the Civil War using their own form of intimidation known as the KKK. The KKK was the enforcement arm of the democrat party. They have changed history by trying to claim they were not the racists that promoted slavery but people with a functioning brain know the truth. Civil rights was passed by the Republican Party in spite of the opposition to it from the democrats.

        1. JimZimmerman says:

          You got everything right except the bit about the KKK. The KKK was founded AFTER the Civil War. But I agree with your post. Just needed to Tweek your timeline

        2. Fortuneless says:

          Soros and his sons need to pay the ultimate price and go to visit their father Lucifer

        3. CML says:

          And then came the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

        4. disqus_0MR38PDl1u says:

          Another person with a fine brain, it’s ridiculous that black PEOPLE in general don’t know the truth, we need to get it out there, didn’t Hillary Clinton kiss and hug the grand master of the KKK so warm and fuzzy like.

        5. J. Ernst says:

          Sadly, this IS NOT taught in the PUBIC SKOOLS because, the teachers unions and the socialist agenda would not have been successful thus far.
          MOST “black” ameriKan’s I talk to don’t even know that ML King was a …..wait for it…..REPUBLICAN…let alone the fact that the Southern Democrats were ALL KKK.
          It should also be understood that terms and phrases have been deliberately confusing promoted by the demorat’s for DECADES!
          Ex: Illegal Immigrants…ya can’t be both.
          Food Stamps; NON-existant for decades now.
          Middle East Region…WHAT!!! There aren’t ANY legal, sovereign nations over there? Are they like…the europeon union?
          Anyway, at 62 years of age, I’m STILL WAITING for people to use American as their identity WITHOUT an adjective in front of the word.

        6. American_League says:

          KKK established Dec. 24,1865; after the Civil War.

        7. hoya says:

          Isn’ it AMAZING how demosleaze bring Slavery, KKK, and Jim Crow while attributing it to Republicans now..Republicans today are frequently blamed for slavery, Jim Crow, and the KKK – all of which were either defended or (in the case of Jim Crow and the KKK) invented by Democrats. If Democrats cannot be honestly held accountable for the sins of the past because the modern party is composed of different people, how can modern Republicans honestly be held accountable for the Democrats’ sins of the past?

          1. maxx says:

            The democommies have been rewriting American history for at least the past 20 years. That is why American History is not even part of school curriculum any longer. The liberals don’t want the young to know anything about our real history. The Democrat party is a malignant tumor in our society and true American should demand and fight for it’s extermination from society.

  5. Frank says:

    She’s a wacko and that’s all there is too it

    1. maxx says:

      A wack job and a phony Indian princess because of her high cheek bones.

  6. Bishop351 says:

    Warren – all loudmouth no brain!

  7. Paul says:

    Well Elizabeth, the shoe a bit tight on that other foot is it?

    1. l penn says:

      OLD HAG Pocahantas lizzie is such a MORON!! LOL!!

      1. Randy Wood says:

        She’s a nasty, ignorant old bitch! Out of touch! She slammed Trump for making money on the housing market collapse back in 2008. Yet, she and her husband did the SAME thing! She claims to be a leader for women’s rights! YET, she pays her female staff 30% less than men with the same positions on the same staff! She’s an embarrassing loud mouth buffoon!

  8. granny_forUSA says:

    She is as dumb as a box of rocks, just like Pelosi……They are the biggest lying politicians (well there are tons of others) of all times and cannot understand how any person can believe their manure……..

    1. l penn says:

      Only their fellow DEMORATS swallow their Crap and SWILL!! LOL!!

  9. John Savell says:

    The bad things you do always come back to bite you. Wishing evil on someone else only hurts you in the end. Unfortunately and pathetically the dems will not learn from this and will just become more bitter, accusing the Republicans of partisanship, when this whole process is the result of their partisanship, and McCain’s (jackass in elephant’s clothing).

  10. ScoutBird says:

    No news here. Marxist democrats are idiots and functionally illiterate in real world subjects like economics, history, science, civics, and human behavior. Their pet media personalities are even worse.

  11. Dave Nettles says:

    Hey, they invented this whole can of worms, but it turns out that the worms mutated, they’re now snakes, and boy, did they come back to bit them. Ah, the best laid plans of mice & men.

  12. Gloria D. says:

    Warren is a complete moron…

  13. JC Hoot says:

    You blow maure you eat the manure, enjoy it Warren, you need some crow with that?

  14. attli says:

    It would be nice if even just one liberal’s head would actually explode. Fun to watch, and the clean up would be easy because there would be little to no messy brain matter to sweep up.

  15. jim jones says:

    If democrats want to win again they need people with sense enough to keep their hands off of our guns and their perverts out of our kids bathrooms. Someone who upholds constitutional law. You better start now, this current asshole is going to have us all wearing gas masks soon.

  16. BUILD BABY BUILD!!! says:

    Dear Lord, please forgive me for having been a democrat in my youth! This is NOT what the dems once stood for.

    1. Donaldo says:

      My wife, a life long Democrat went to our Board of Elections in February and switched her party affiliation to Republican. Could no longer stand their socialist agenda.

  17. Joe Sam says:

    she is a mistake ,not only to her job but to the country . OLD VET

  18. ONTIME says:

    The Dimwitz of the DNCommunist Jackazz Party are not about meaningful consequence, they are about spastic immediacy, whatever the moment calls for and to hell with that last mistake, it is why they are a minority and why their socialistic thinking is a consistent historical failure….Communism is good for nothing, absolutely nothing……………

  19. 2nd amendment vs evil govt says:

    if this was a story about the God Father…..she would be Fredo Corleone!

  20. Bill Diebold says:

    I read the article and felt compelled to respond. After looking at the responses already in. All of my thoughts were already there. M

    1. 1947goldenjet says:

      I have lived here nigh onto 70 years, but I don’t have an explanation to give you. I just thank God that we are a small state with few electoral college votes. Even when we elect Republican Governors, they tend to be of a liberal mindset. To go with Teddy “Oldsmobile” Kennedy we actually had an Attorney General who said “it is not illegal to be illegal in Massachusetts, we had the Duke of Akis in his famous helmet headed tank ride photo and what really made this funny was when he was Governor he actually got a law passed that said people had to flee their residences if they were broken into rather than confront the intruder. We also had a man run for Mayor of Boston while he was incarcerated. Also we were the only state to vote for McGovern vs Nixon in 1972. When Duval Patrick was Governor, our DCF actually kidnapped a Connecticut girl over a difference of treatment protocol between two Boston Hospitals.
      Then there was Barney Frank whose dalliances with underaged boys (allegedly, since he was never charged) was legendary.
      Chalk it up to we have no shame. We are certainly a far cry from 1775.

      1. Bill Diebold says:

        You Sir, Are a breath of fresh air. God be with you.

        1. 1947goldenjet says:

          Thank you and with you as well in the season of the resurrection.

  21. Richard Bagenstose says:

    go back to the reservation you came from ,you make hillary look good ,and that is pretty hard to do , you freaks make forest gump look like genious

  22. Maggietish says:

    Elizabeth Warren is herself a mistake which we will regret. Wine, and other gems like her, live in the land of corruption that’s all they know and all they want to do. Look at the weather obstructing everything to President Trump is trying to do and they continue their witchhunt against him and his supporters and Warren is a big player in all of that. It’s not good for the country and the American people but they clearly don’t care. Elizabeth Warren just give more credence and prove to the fact that we need term limits and we need them now. If Congress doesn’t choose to vote on term limits, and it’s a sure bet they won’t, the people need to demand a national vote and the people will make sure the term limits will become the law of the Unoted States. Wake up America! We need to take back our country and we need to do it now and kick these corrupt liberal progressive hacks out of office immediately

  23. sick and tired of the dictator says:

    warren you are a traitor and a commie bitch.miss native american liar.go away pocohontas

  24. Kenny Albert says:

    I can’t wait until we can slaughter all of the liberals.

  25. ReaperHD says:

    You LIBTURDS made the rules and ELECTIONS have their consequences.

  26. JOSEPH G MATTERA says:


  27. Mike Gilliam says:

    Hmmmm Chief say squaw who keep mouth open soon find something in it.

  28. James R. Currier says:

    Get that SCUMBAG Warren out of office NOW AND FOREVER!!!

  29. William M Durham says:

    Dumb bitch, got just what she ask for, in spades

  30. American_League says:

    The art of lying to the voters to get reelected.
    When caught lying, Statesmen often employ the “switcheroo”.
    “I was for it, before I was against it.”, or
    “I didn’t lie, you didn’t comprehend my true meaning.”
    However, Their favorites are:
    “I don’t recall.”
    “I have no memory of that conversation.”
    My personal favorites comes from one of the Greatest Democrat Statesmen of the last 25 years:
    ” It depends on what the meaning of the word ‘is’, is.”
    ” It depends on how you define ‘alone’…”.

    I find that Democrats make the best Statesmen.

    1. Ron says:


      1. American_League says:

        I am 65 years old.
        As a child I have gone from public assistance, to working as a day laborer picking fruit and vegetables in California in the beginning of the 1960’s.
        I have been through the system as a foster child and worked on a Dairy Farm.
        I graduated high school while working during my senior year.
        I enlisted in the Navy during the Vietnam War.
        I completed a program at Cleveland Institute for Electronics, and received a diploma.
        I earned a B.A. Degree at U of B during the evenings while working 40 hours a week.
        I worked at the same organization for 38 years before retiring.

        During all of that time I never blamed anyone for my circumstance.
        When I see someone blame:
        Black People
        White People
        Jewish People
        Rich People
        Poor People
        Or any other religious, or ethnic group for their own failings in life, it flat out pisses me off!

        You get out of this life what you put into it.
        Do some people start life with a host of disadvantages? Hell yes!
        But just who is ultimately responsible for their success in life, if not themselves?

        Take your head out of that warm, dark place.
        Throw aside the hate, bias, and racism, and take charge of your own life.

        Stop blaming others for you own unhappiness.
        And, no, I am not rich, black, or Jewish.

        1. Ron says:

          You are just another phony who thinks of himself and not the future of America. You don’t care about the future and safety of our children. If you were in the Navy then you know what happen to the USS LIBERTY when Israel destroy our ship killing and wounding 208 Americans. . I think you’re a phony and a liar. JEWS ARE KILLING AMERICA. And blacks are very violent people (WATTS FERGUSON BALTIMORE) . I care about America not your ignorant selfish ass. Move to Mexico loser. America is being destroyed . I watch millions of skilled jobs undermined in our country. I made parts for bombs during the USELESS VIETNAM WAR. We have been killing humans 17 years in the MIDDLE EAST FOR ANTI AMERICAN ANTI CHRIST JEWS. Get an education big mouth

          1. American_League says:

            Tell me one thing that you have contributed to the success of this country.
            I have spent 42 years in the Department of Defense, as an enlisted man and as a civilian helping to train our military leaders.
            Just what in the hell have you done to make America Great?
            All you have done is to complain about other groups of people.
            The Jews are responsible for this, the Blacks are responsible for that…. on and on you complain…. Just what the hell have you done to better yourself or America?
            All I see is a Hateful Troll.
            Contribute to a better American or get the F**K out of the way!

          2. Ron says:


            Pink Slips at Disney. But First, Training Foreign Replacements. – The New York Times
            The New York Times › 2015/06/04 › last…
            Jun 3, 2015 – American tech workers in Orlando found their jobs and desks transferred to immigrants brought in … Tata Consultancy Services and HCL America, the

            Why don’t you tell all the illegals Jews brought into America to get the f_ _ k out? They are costing us billions of dollars we could invest into our children’s education or healthcare for legal Americans who are hurting. I have done a lot for America that I can’t mention. All you did was hold down a job like millions of other Americans did and you want people to kiss your fat ass ! SHUT UP CRYBABY . Walt Disney Jews brought 250 from India and laid off 250 American workers . JEWS ARE KILLING THE USA.

          3. American_League says:

            Ron………..Seek Help!
            You need it!

          4. Ron says:

            The real truth hurts ! Sure I need meds just like Jews said about Helen Thomas , Reverend Billy Graham, Congressman Jim Traficant and other good Americans who are wise to the scumbag ANTI AMERICAN JEWS. HOLLYWOOD , WALL STREET AND FEDERAL RESERVE JEWS ARE THE ISIS YOU NEED TO FEAR !

          5. Ron says:

            How do the illegals committing crimes raping our women and children and pushing drugs contribute to America? Jews brought most of them into America. Thousand have committed serious crimes. At Dixie Stampede one illegal molested about six American children who work in the shows. Another killed a young girl n her hotel room after he got the master key from his illegal Mexican wife. It was a Mexican who stole Tom Brady’s football jersey. GET THE PICTURE OR IS IT ALL ABOUT YOU?

        2. Ron says:


  31. Ron says:

    Folks there is evidence that JEWS murdered JFK his brother BOBBY and MLK.
    Go to link below and read about how Israel got away with destroying our Navy ship and killing and wounding 208 American Sailors.

    The Israeli Attack on the USS Liberty — Paul Craig Roberts – PaulCraigRoberts.org
    Paul Craig Roberts › 2016/07/26 › the-isr…
    Jul 26, 2016 – What convinced him of this was Washington’s coverup of the 1967 Israeli attack on the USS Liberty which resulted in 208 killed and wounded Americans. Tom was disheartened that Admiral John S.

  32. Ron says:

    American_League is a selfish person . I could come in here and brag about my success but it’s not about me it’s America we need to be concerned about. Our country is in serious trouble and danger. As we can see Fake News Trump like all other Jewish control politicians are a threat to our countries future. Fake News Trump wants China to invest more money into America. WE NEED AMERICAN OWN FACTORIES NOT MORE COMMUNIST CONTROL. China sucks. China hates America and have sent tons of bad products into America. They even used lead base paint on our children’s toys. COMMUNIST CHINA GET THE PICTURE?


    1. American_League says:

      If contributing to the defense of this country for 42 years makes me a selfish person, then I will wear the distinction with PRIDE!

  33. Joe Ferrari says:

    Thank you Liz Warren you justified President Trump for nominating Neil Gorsuch, nice work.

  34. Ron says:

    Today, Israel lives up to her name as an international hub of prostitution and white slavery in the Mideast.

    Amnesty International, in its 2005 Report on Discrimination Against Women in Israel says:
    Trafficking of women for forced prostitution has occurred over a number of years but appears to have been compounded in the past 15 years by several factors, including increased links between traffickers in Israel and former Soviet republics, in the wake of the large wave of immigration of citizens of these countries to Israel…

    …Many women are lured to work in Israel under false pretense and are then forced into the sex industry. While many are reportedly aware that they will be working as sex workers, they are not aware they will be subject to violent and exploitative environments, working seven days a week and up to 18 hours a day for extremely low salaries or no salaries at all. Many are subjected to other serious human rights violations, including rape, deprivation of their liberty, and debt-bondage. Women forced to work as sex workers are reportedly also frequently subjected to threats of abuse and even murder. Half the women interviewed by the Hotline for Migrant Workers were effectively incarcerated by their “pimps” and, according to a 2003 survey, almost half of all women “sold” to pimps reported that policemen were among their clients.

    According to a report by the Parliamentary Committee of Inquiry on the Trafficking in Women (Summary Report) issued in early 2005, some 3,000 to 5,000 women are brought annually into Israel and forced to work as sex workers and some 10,000 were estimated to be currently in the country…

    Most of the women known to have been trafficked into Israel are from Ukraine, Moldova, Uzbekistan, and Russia, and are brought into Israel through the Egyptian-Israeli border. In the course of their journey, many are reportedly raped before traffickers sell them for $8,000-$10,000…

    1 Jewish Michael Specter, in his article, “Slave Traders Lure Slavic Women,” confirms Amnesty’s report:

    [In Israel] police officials estimate that there are 25,000 paid sexual transactions everyday. Brothels are ubiquitous…Once they [the women] cross the border [into Israel] their passports will be confiscated [by pimps], their freedoms curtailed, and what little money they have taken from them…The Tropicana in Tel Aviv’s bustling business district, is one of the busiest bordellos. The women who work there, like nearly all prostitutes in Israel today, are Russian. Their bosses, however, are not. ‘Israelis love Russian girls,’ said Jacob Golan, who owns this and two other clubs, ‘….They are blond and good-looking and different than us…And they are desperate. They are ready to do anything for money.’ 2

    Israel: Slow to Correct Problem

    Prostitution and white slavery constitute a billion-dollar-a-year industry in Israel that expands virtually unrestrained.

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