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The Explosive Truth Revealed About The Secret Meeting Between Bill Clinton And Loretta Lynch

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  1. Dan says:

    No mystery and certainly wasn’t a secret meeting. It was slick Willy Clinton disregarding the law because the Clintons are above the law.

    1. bobs33hotrod says:

      DAN You are so right. If we as America Citizens had done only a 1/4 of what The Clinton s did, we would never see the light of day. We would be in Prison till the Day we Die..
      BOBBY ~!~

  2. Dan Straw says:

    The real truth is that the polls are skewed to support what the media is telling the people. Was Hillary truly ahead ever? i have been phoned two times in my very long life and asked if I am willing to participate in a political poll. The first question that has been asked is my party affiliation. When I state Republican, the line goes dead.

    1. Janelle says:

      I have never been phoned and nobody I know ever has been contacted.

      1. Dan Straw says:

        Well, I am antique. I am 70 and this lat one happened in MS in October od last year and the other time was about 20 years ago when I was living in Louisiana.

        1. Freedom fighter says:

          I get contacted all the time about polls. So often, in fact, that I’ve started hanging up.

        2. Janelle says:

          To be fair….. I worked for the better part of 42 years and was happlily unreachable, Dan!

          1. Dan Straw says:

            I am enjoying the solitude, and one thing that locks my memory is being hung up on. it’s something that rarely happens.

          2. Janelle says:

            That makes me smile……understand that well, Dan.

          3. Dan Straw says:

            thank you

          4. maxx says:

            Me too! And what helps is having an answering machine handle the riff raff despite being on the ” no call list”. For my job I had to carry a pager and then also a cell phone. Now I carry neither.

          5. Dan Straw says:

            if you would like to continue this put the number 7 between my first and last name and I have a google mail account

      2. maxx says:

        If you lived in any of the states considered “rust belt” or “sure things” Clinton never bothered to go to those states. I don’t think it would have made a difference anyway. The five states that flipped from blue to red in 2016 are what finished off Clinton.

        1. Janelle says:

          One of which was PA, maxx.

      3. J. Ernst says:

        “POLLS” are owned by the newsertainment industry. WHO, were called out for weeks after the election for their heavily SKEWED NUMBERS that were NOT real, nor accurate.
        The old soviet politburuea exists and is livin’ large and still in charge.
        The ONLY way to thwart these alleged “pollster organizations” is to tweet, text, email and call these con-artists to let them know what we think of them. They’ll take their own polls from the inundated communications WE send them…..maybe.

        1. Janelle says:

          It is very easily manipulated data, as well!

    2. jaboj says:

      The same here. So that, to me proves how easily polls can be manipulated.

      1. maxx says:

        Even the professionally taken polls are skewed. A university near me hired a former professional pollster to conduct polls at the institution. Because the institution is considered liberal why the hell do they need a pollster? They know what the results will be but this way he gets to be on TV and the local paper that allows him to propagandize beyond the university.

    3. CommonSense4America says:

      I just lie to them,,,it’s really none of their business. I remember when I was young (1955) nobody would ask “who were you going to vote for” or much less “who did you vote for”. Voting was a private matter,,,as it should be today.

      1. Dan Straw says:

        and no one asked your party affiliation either…this country is not even a shadow of what it was in the 1950’s……and this country is actually run by lawyers posing as members of Congress,,,,the President is only a ‘figurehead’ with ideas,,,the Congress rules by saying yes or no or forget it we are going to do it our way..they do this a lot by adding bills onto popular bills… line-item veto….you sign one you have now passed 20…..

        1. maxx says:

          The entire idea of Congress deserves to be revisited and reviewed. It is nothing but total political corruption by the members.

        2. granny_forUSA says:

          I have been called………They ask what party do I favor……..JUST tell them I do not favor any party………I vote for the best person that will do the best job…….Then they ask “& who is that”?……….If you are asking “WHO will I vote for, then you tell me first who you are voting for”……….SILENCE…………..Then they state, “well I called you because I am doing a poll”…… I just counter state……”if you want to know my affilliation, then you tell me who you are voting for!”………SILENCE……then a hang up…

        3. CommonSense4America says:

          I am for one Bill, one issue. If the people don’t want it,,,so be it.

          1. Dan Straw says:

            I am in total agreement with you. Then there would not be a need for a ‘line item’ veto often asked for by Presidents.

        4. Paulnoack says:

          Go Trump. You are the light at the end of the tunnel.

      2. maxx says:

        Exit polls should be outlawed. Even network projections should be outlawed because both are done to sway potential voters. That’s election tampering, plain and simple.

        1. CommonSense4America says:

          IMHO, the media and their polls are just in this to sway the uninformed/ill informed/ otherwise known as stupid voters. The masses like to be on the winning side of issues. ‘So and so’ is leading by ‘X’ amt and is clearly winning. Low information voters will gravitate towards that candidate. This IS the biased/fake news media. I’m sick of all of this.

          1. maxx says:

            Now the real issue is who do we try to convince that the media IS guilty of spewing out nothing but election tampering propaganda. As alleged “journalists” they need to be held accountable for the abuse of the tremendous power and leniency they are afforded. The Left realized that way back in Lenin and Marx’s time. That is why “taking over the media” is one of their primary agenda goals and they have been very successful. I don’t know want can be done but something MUST and very soon.

          2. CommonSense4America says:

            I agree,,,unfortunately I don’t have the answer either. One must question everything/everybody. The truth is ONLY what you know with your own eyes and ears. Nobody else can/should be trusted. Politicians = liars looking for a vote. Our country is so divided that in the future I can see another civil war. I pray that I am wrong.

        2. Jon Roy says:

          Just as a point.. exit polls are the first indicator of election fraud. When the exit polls in districts that were reporting Clinton to be way ahead gave Trump a 2 to 1 lead it triggered sending more poll watchers to those areas. At several locations it prevented the removal (caught in process) and the replacing of surveillance cameras that had been removed or blocked by fixtures.

    4. Volarekathy99 says:

      I have never been asked and no one I know has ever been asked, either. If you live in what they believe is a conservative area, they won’t call you. Texas.

      1. Dan Straw says:

        the first time I was living in Louisiana……then second living in southern Mississippi….both close to New Orleans…….heavy Democrat areas……

        1. granny_forUSA says:

          I have never voted PARTY………Just vote for who I think deserves to be a POTUS…
          When BOZO was running against his two running mates………I did not vote for POTUS, but went for Congress,Senate, etc. etc., and my local votes….

          1. Volarekathy99 says:

            I try to vote for the most conservative and the most nationalist (pro-American)! I know sometimes we’re not given good choices, but I was very happy that Trump said: Buy AMerican, Hire American.

          2. Dan Straw says:

            tell that to Walmart…..they are opening 250 training centers to teach immigrants to speak and understand English….then they will hire them….

          3. Volarekathy99 says:

            Just what we don’t need!

          4. Dan Straw says:

            you can email me…..I have no problem responding to emails…

        2. Volarekathy99 says:

          Makes sense!

  3. Richard Bagenstose says:

    who cares they both belong in prison with burrack and hillary

  4. Wynette Atkins says:

    The Polls announced before the Presidential Election in 2016 were all based on lies or fixed polls. I no longer trust polling in America; especially those done by the Mainstream Networks. I also don’t believe the polls on how well President Trump is being judged as favorable or not. They are as eschewed as the ones done before the election of 2016.

  5. Hammer the Bar'stewards says:

    We all know the real reason that the Old Pervert went to see Loretta, she owed him a BJ for giving her the WH job back when he was POTUS!

  6. Mike W says:

    Comey is lying to cover his own a**. If that was “the clincher” why didn’t he bring charges? For Comey the “Clincher” was that because Bill Clinton inadvisedly met with Loretta Lynch or vice versa – he should step away?? AND DO NOTHING!!! Why the hell would he do that? This guy made a 6 million dollar bonus working for Lockheed Martin. He got that bonus the year that Secretary of Take Hillary Clinton signed off on a huge contract awarding it to Lockheed Martin. James Comey’s brother Peter Comey also worked for DLA Piper the company that did the so called “independent audit” of the Clinton Foundation and found no wrong doing. Comey needs to be in a cell along with Bill and Hillary Clinton, Loretta Lynch, Barack Obama, Eric Holder, Susan Rice, Just put them in all in separate prisons to keep them from working on their “stories”.

    1. LovnGod says:

      Comey is a democrat. Democrats don’t charge the Clintons.

      1. maxx says:

        Comey worked with Lynch and another powerful female Obama advisor at the same large law firm in D.C. before all of them got into government.

    2. draftinging says:

      Comey is a Obama/Clinton Criminal Mob member that needs to be arrested by his own agents…there just maybe some honest agents, but as long as Comey is in charge they are working for the O/C Criminal Mob. the honest, an integrity, is completely under question by the citizens because Comey looks, acts, performs, talks, etc like a mob member. Hang the baster from a tree is to good for him and a waste of a good rope.Former Dir of FBI was Cline Williams(?) after Hoover, Comey shouldn’t get the sweat of Williams family jewels if he was dying of thirst. Williams was the worse Director of the FBI history, if the Director before Hoover.

    3. Bay0Wulf says:

      Not a lot of folks know the Comey / Clinton / Lynch back story.
      Several of the people I have tried to tell the story to have simply had one of those Total Denial Meltdowns …

  7. Robert Walters says:

    Hillary lost the election because the American working people voted against her and that’s the only reason. The Dems/Libs need to get over there lost. There hate agenda is destroying there own party.

  8. Peter Pihun says:

    So, now the excuse for Hilderbeast losing is her hubby Bill? When will this nonsense ever end? Maybe because the democrats are losers and no one wanted an Obama clone.

    1. Holy Joe says:

      Mrs. Clinton lost simply because no sane person could ever believe anything she said. Even If she was merely asked the time of day it would be more than likely that she would lie about it.

      1. kingwarren says:

        Holy Joe, the election was to close to make any real sense if what you said is true. Many people voted for her not because they believed her but because she was a democrat and that was enough for them.

        1. maxx says:

          Democommies have been “brain dead zombies” that vote the way the party dictates since the 1960’s. They either come out of college that way or are bought and paid for by government welfare handouts. Since the democrats use everybody’s money to pay for those benefits the people that receive them are involved in election bribery and therefore should not be allowed to vote.

  9. Ortho Northon says:

    What seems to be missing in all these reports and arguments as to WHY Hilary lost the election is one simple fact: SHE is the one who brought baggage with her to the presidential race. It was SHE who decided to install unsecured servers on her private grounds that led to classified information being made ripe for picking by any and all enemies, both domestic and foreign. It was Hillary who lied under oath multiple times and to the press over and over about this fact. No one told her to do these things. She did them! That is all we should be talking about. Not “who” or “how” the truth came out, but rather that SHE broke the law and put this nation at risk. SHE lied to the American people and to congress. Her political and legal baggage and her viewpoint of where she wanted to take America led to her loss for the presidency. Period. Nothing else. It is time the democrats (and some republicans) give up on the idiotic “Russian” involvement and stop blaming the deliverer of the message (Comey, Bill stabbing her in the back as normal, etc…) about HER lawlessness and let our nation get on with healing and putting itself back together.

    1. Tracy says:

      Don’t forget she also cheated by getting questions before the debates from sweet Donna Brazile, the temporary DNC chair. Also, dear Debbie Wasserman helped her in anyway she could and that is why she was also fired from the DNC. Corrupt all the way around, but, blame Wikileaks for letting the public know.

      1. gobrien says:

        After the tough questions Hillary got at a town hall hosted by Matt Lauer, Hillary was ticked. She screamed at Donna Brazille that she looked like a dead water buffalo. Now, every time I see Donna that’s all I can see — a dead water buffalo.

    2. Bob Schoenborn says:

      Right on Ortho, Well put. .

    3. kingwarren says:

      Don’t you realize she was doing it for our own good. That is the way liberal progressives think. You can bet her daughter is a chip off the out block with Bill and Hillary acting as her parents. Neither are inspiring role models in my opinion.

      1. Herculesx Blade says:

        Take a good look at him in person,I saw him 3 weeks ago,he looks like the walking dead,all drawn and big bags of skin.And he can hardly walk has 2 body guards holding on the elbows now and then.He’ll have a massive bang in the ticker,or super shot of insulin,he’s not going out to pasture,he’s way to big of a risk.Sold the US Manufacturing to China,made them a world power.One person ,yea right Probably 150 involved and each including gates the nerd made billions upon billions.He knows to many names can’t take a chance with Alzheimer’s or wet brain.Wait and see,look at him on stage and on talk seminars he’s got 2 ear plugs in and a monitor to read off and he still messes up constantly,I seen it.he’s Finished, no Doubt before next Election!

        1. granny_forUSA says:

          Maybe both Clintons are alcoholics/drug users……..that is the way they look… death warmed over……Wonder who is holding up the hildabeast now………

          1. Herculesx Blade says:

            The illegitimate daughter cheesy or cheleesy or whatever ?She thinks she’s gonna move mountains yea like step daddy billy ,she was woofing the Secret Service in the White House,Like stepfather like stepdaughter.She’s a Tramp ,Past life Dog catcher or Groomer who cleaned the boxers butts with a q-tip or her ?

      2. granny_forUSA says:

        Maybe she has HUBBELL ways and attitudes……

    4. gobrien says:

      You could go all the way back to Arkansas to start compiling a list of her baggage. And more recently, don’t forget Benghazi, using the Secretary of State’s office to bring in millions of $$’s to the money laundering Clinton Foundation, 20% of our uranium to Russia, etc., etc., etc.

      1. drbhelthi says:

        Try 1974, when as lawyer-member of the “impreach Nixon committee” she falsified info about the rights of a sitting president, which equalled treason. She continues to falsify info, continues treasonous activity and with coverage of the CIA, which has intimidated Comey. Their usual threat is death of a person´s family. The example of secret FBI agent Darlene Novinger, who witnessed Bush Sr. in the White House accepting a cocaine stash, reveals the inside story.

        1. gobrien says:

          Right after I hit Post, I remembered the incident you’re referring to. I thought she was removed from the committee for stealing documents/evidence. Truth is, there are so many incidents including Filegate, Travelgate, her treatment of Bill’s accusers, etc., who can remember all of them? Only the Clinton’s can get a coroner to rule the cause of death to two gun shots to the back of the head as a suicide.

          1. drbhelthi says:

            The key to the entire chain of subterfuge that began just prior to the end of WWII, was revealed in Oct/Nov when Bush Sr. publicly stated that he would vote for Clinton.
            Searching the phrase,” what happened at Mena “, will pull up some background.
            The following link will explain even more: http //www thelibertybeacon com/2014/12/14/4-generations-of-treason-the-royalnazizionistbush-connection/
            Thanx for responding.

        2. granny_forUSA says:

          HC perjured herself at the Nixon trials………she was fired from the Firm she was working for…….Other than that…..Nothing…….Actually NIXON was a kitten compared to the Clintons and Obamas……….

      2. maxx says:

        I suspect we only know a tiny fraction of the corrupt rotten things the Clintons are involved in. And surely Arkansas was the beginning. The list of suspicious deaths of people somehow connected to the Clinton Crime Family is indeed long, even before they left Arkansas. The Arkansas State Police should be thoroughly investigated for it’s complicity with those despots. Shame on Arkansas for not doing something. .

        1. gobrien says:

          I think the Arkansas officials were afraid they too would become another ‘dead’ person on the Clinton trail.

      3. Paulnoack says:

        How simple and evident must it get before Americans see the light.

    5. maxx says:

      I believe that she used a private server because she was working for the Clinton Foundation while using the tremendous power of the State Department. She promised she would not do that and she wanted to keep everything hidden. Very stupid woman. Very competent criminal, but very stupid person. Now if they will only punish her for her blatant crimes against the country. That’s what is important.

  10. Richard Frick says:

    Loretta gave slick willy a Monika style BJ and swallowed the evidence. That is all slick willy cares about.

  11. Mojo says:

    All they talked about was Golf & Grandkids,
    unless someone was lying

    1. glenn davis says:

      I agree. I can’t tell you how many times that I’ve flown to Pheonix to talk about golf and grandkids. SOOO much easier than picking up the phone or conversing through email.

      1. Mojo says:

        Hi Mr. Inside,
        I remember you and Doc Blanchard very well from West Point.

    2. LovnGod says:

      Do you really believe that? You don’t stop planes on the tarmac to discuss family. Nope, this was much, much more.

      1. Mojo says:

        Hey LovnGod,
        Of course we all believe what President Clinton said.
        We also know he did NOT have sex with Monica.

        and we always stop aircraft on the tarmac to visit another aircraft to discuss Golf and
        our Grandkids….. doesn’t everyone?

        and by the way, Benghazi was caused by a video,
        you knew that didn’t you?

  12. glenn davis says:

    One would think that the clandestine meeting between Lynch and the slickest Willie in the world would be the reason to PROCEED WITH charges against Hillary. Just the hint of impropriety should have occasioned further investigation and charges if for no other reason than to protect the independence of the FBI.

    1. Mike W says:

      Don’t forget that the FBI is also holding that computer that was seized from Huma Abedin/Anthony Wiener. That computer was seized by the NYPD they said when it first came out that there was evidence of at least 6 trips Hillary made to Jeffery Epstein’s “Pleasure Island” for the orgies with trafficked and run-away under-aged girls – that alone should hang her – but – Wiener had collected a lot of derogatory files on the Clintons in case they “ever came after him.” The NYPD turned that computer over to the FBI but later released a statement saying that if charges were not filed in a timely manner they would go public with the information. NYC is every bit as corrupt as Chicago and I am sure the Clintons have had DeBlasio and NYPD commissioner James O’Neill doing everything possible to squash this evidence. I hope Wiener had the good sense to make copies/flashdrives and store them in various secure areas. We cannot trust the corruption that is the Democrat party.

      1. Pamela Olson says:

        +Mike W: Exactly. It is my understanding that the NYPD knew what they had; made several full hard drive copies on thumb drives for the event that Comey himself concocted of ‘unable to find those files anymore on the laptop…but we’ll keep looking’. I would have paid to be a fly on the wall as PPO1 told Comey’s office not to worry as they had ‘several’ full thumb drives of the important information pertinent to ‘their’ investigation. Comey is inept and just plain bad at his job at the very least, and full on covering for HRC and Billy Boy, Obama and Lynch at the worst. Either way, he supped with the devil and forgot his long spoon and now will have to stand and explain himself….with what I hope will be charges to follow.

        Last I heard, a NYPD captain was taken down last month for being part of the child trafficking/exploited children/missing children ring that Anthony Wiener, Huma Abbadin, HRC and Billy Boy are all being looked at as well as all their other scandals. This captain was trying to buy the thumb drives (moron thought there was only one) to save not only his own hide, but to take focus off those who he saw as his masters. *smh. Monsters these days have become sloppy, which will make the final bring down of these disgusting people all the more sweet when justice hits.

        1. Mike W says:

          When they start cornering the rats they will turn on each other. Here’s an article that was about Samantha Bee – her hypocrisy – her and her husband are fighting NYC not to move the school their children attend – because that move would put poor black children into the school they want to remain rich and lily white. It also exposes “liberal” NYC as having the most segregated public school system in the country.

          1. Pamela Olson says:

            Mike W: Thanks for the share. I completely agree and the hypocrisy has become it’s own swamp for the left. May it turn to quicksand and suck them all down to a bottomless pit from whence there is no return!!

          2. Mike W says:

            When they said that there is no room in their party for anyone who is not pro-abortion I thought they had lost their collective minds. Even Pelosi as dingy as she is got that.

    2. Holy Joe says:

      Are we, the general public, once again getting the ‘Mushroom’ treatment about all these seemingly illicit wheels and deals concerning the Clintons and their DNC handlers ?

  13. Arch Stanton says:

    So where is the “explosive truth”? WHat the hell did they talk about?????? SHould have been the capper for recommending indictment. He laid out every reason she should be with America nodding their collective heads in approval, then, BAM….No indictment. What a crok. What a dumb-ass move, Dumb-ass. No intent. Screw intent! It’s not a factor in the statute, Dumb-ass!

  14. haz says:

    I am glad Trump won , no matter how he got there. But the congress and house are both playing against him. In the next election the back stabbers should be voted out, and they will be ,because the people want what Trump has and they will vote that way when the time comes.

    1. Russ Baker says:

      haz, I am hoping your assessment is right. There are far too many RINO currently, and separating the Wheat from the Chafe is long overdue.

      1. haz says:

        The way I see it all the people who voted for Trump will also vote in the next elections and they will vote the people out who are not giving them what they want !! I know I will !!!

  15. Michael says:


  16. disqus_D87XRi0Gy7 says:

    Old news again, the shrew is history now and can be stored between other assorted worst people in American history. History will not speak kindly of her or that draft dodging liar of a husband, remember he was impeached for lying to a congressional investigating committee and she also was fired by the committee performing the Watergate hearings for lying under oath and withholding information. They are well known to lie and not talk about family, so his excuse is as poor as the decision by George Custer to leave his heavy weapons or Gatling guns behind. Their entire adult lives have been built upon lies, smart people have known it now for 40 years so the ignorant liberals are still as dumb as dirt for supporting crooks.

  17. bp says:

    Thank God it all happened. Hillary as president would have been worse that Obama, and that is saying a lot. Regardless of the political reasons she was not charged, fact is she is a un charged criminal and a felon

  18. Pamela Olson says:

    This article reads as though Comey choice not to indict HRC is all because of Bills activity on then AG Lynch’s flight/plane. It seems to give this as a rational for Comey; who was in a tug of war with the State Dept and it’s head, AG Lynch. *smh.

    So we’ve a limp noodle of a FBI director who didn’t want to sway an election but knew one of the candidates, HRC, was rotten to the core and scandal riddled. The best defense he can give is ‘it’s Bill’s fault’? Really? I mean really? *smh. More evidence that Comey needs to resign as Dept head of FBI and have his activities looked into right along side the DOJ and it’s boss AG Lynch to determine who much muscle and animus was between the two entities that are sworn to uphold this nations people and protection of those people. Both Comey and Lynch could point their fingers at the Obama upper admin (Jarrett) to try and beg off any charges; but only Lynch would be allowed to use it as a defense as Comey’s FBI is sworn not just to the sitting president, but to the constitutional effects of crime perpetrated by any American, regardless of position, power or wealth. HRC had all three and had poor James over a barrel it seems; which screams to me blackmail or collusion. Either way, the more this guy talks to get himself out of trouble, the bigger the hole he digs! *smh

  19. C Michaels says:

    These libtards keep coming up with more inane conspiracy theories. They just won’t admit that the majority of American reject them and lunatic left wing ideas. As in it’s total GOP control of the 3 branches of Federal Gov’t, as well as 31 Governorships and more than that state houses.

  20. John Bush says:

    Comey not inditing Hillary kept her in the race. If he had indited Hillary, the obvious choice to replace her would have been Biden. With sympathy pouring in for Biden over the death of his son, he might have been elected 45. I stated at the time Comey let Hillary off that he was either villain or hero, wouldn’t know until Nov 8,2016. Somehow the US has been saved for a while longer. Drain the swamp.

  21. Mike W says:

    Breaking NEWS Comey has been fired.

    1. jaboj says:

      Its about time. Comey looked and acted more crooked than the other crooks he investigated.
      Thank you President Trump for firing this jerkwad. He was the dumbest excuse for an FBI Director this country has seen.

      1. Mike W says:

        So many times he looked like he was about to cry. I was wondering about his mental stability. He looks like he is ready to crack.

  22. Rick246 says:

    They’re just looking for a “man” to pin it on. They can’t accept that a woman could loose. LOL!

  23. bjeweled21 . says:

    Gotcha with your own words you crazy, cruel, despicable person!

  24. jong says:

    We all knew it was slimy. Only liberals of course thought it was simply normal. And the beast lost for a simple reason. Ole jug ears sucked. But, even if he had been great she would not have won since she has ever come across as a human being.

  25. Dudley Hill says:

    The Clintons are above the law!!! Didn’t you know that??

  26. Anvil6 says:

    Just “business as usual” for the Clintons – reminding ‘friends’ that they have ‘obligations’ to the Clintons and that there ‘will be consequences’ if those ‘obligations’ are not met and something so unheard of as a Clinton being indicted for a crime should happen.

    It’s ALWAYS worked for them. Just sayin’. Don’t shoot the messenger.

  27. Mike Gilliam says:

    It’s all good. We have a new head of the FBI coming in and we have an honorable AG in Jeff Sessions. Hillary Clinton is about to find out what happens when you break Federal Laws without protection.

    1. dfinch says:

      Yea…I just said earlier that she was back on the menu.

  28. kbmiller says:

    The Dumb A$$ ok RATS lost over 1100 elected seats, state and federal since 2010. The election was as much a defeat of Hell LIAR y as it was of X pres. Barack Hussein OHOMO’s policies, especially the health care law which was LIED about as well as BRIBED for in order to be crammed down the throats of innocent TAX PAYERS. Good riddance to all 3.

  29. ter334 says:

    The vote was ABC simple. Anybody But Clinton. She was held accountable for herself and what she stands for. And her plan was to make Hillary great.

  30. ter334 says:

    Hopefully the days of buying elected offices by out spending the opponent are over. And the content of a candidates campaign will become significant instead of the size of their campaign slush funds which has ruled our election for many years.

    And a possible solution to ending money driven elections would be

  31. Victor M Negrete says:

    for a disbarred attorney, law was last thing in mind to worry, just a remind to L. Lynch who propelled up to the ranks and another way to say who the lawless Clinton’s are !!!!

  32. PaulDF says:

    Why do I have ZERO problem picturing a duffle bag full of cash changed hands on that plane? Absolutely zero.

  33. 80 And polled once…When asked my party affiliation, Republican, A poller I a foreign accent hard to understand came on the line and began asking questions. I could not understand her and ended my one and only polling experience.

  34. ConnieJ says:

    We can commend one astute reporter who saw the planes on the tarmac and reported the “secret” rendezvous. Had he not been so diligent we would never have known.

  35. gobrien says:

    Nate Silver — What were the internal’s of your polling two weeks prior to Oct 28th and after? How many Reps, Dems and Indps were polled before and after and where were you polling (east coast, west coast, the south, middle America)? Even today, with the Dems losing so many seats at the federal and local levels, pollsters always poll more Dems than Reps and Indps. On average they only include 23-25% Reps in their polls, the balance made up by Dems and Indps. It’s a known fact that pollsters always bring their %’s more in line with the actual make-up of the nation a week or two prior to an election so they can try and maintain their credibility.

  36. Steve says:

    I suppose the next persons blamed for Hillary’s loss will be the grandchildren. After all, that is what Bill and Loretta allegedly talked about on the tarmac. In no way is it Hillary’s fault for being a totally corrupt and terrible candidate, and for having a devastating platform that would destroy America while lining her pockets! Time to grow up, democrats, and get back to the center. Your leftist agenda is unacceptable to working-class citizens.

  37. maxx says:

    Hildabeast would have lost in the primaries if it wasn’t for the outlandish “Super Delegate” scam that the democommie party uses to control the nomination. Sanders was cleaning her clock from the beginning and Wassermann-Schultz finally stepped in to put the nail in Sanders coffin. The GOP tried to elevate Jeb then Cruz to the nomination. Thankfully the people had finally had enough of the GOP stealing the nomination process from them and told the GOP to “go to hell”.

  38. J. Ernst says:

    Now that Comey is “gone”…Holder, Lynch, and NAME THEM ALL, face a great potential for prosecution.
    I truly hope that Comey isn’t to be the sacrificial lamb to promote the PSYCHOLOGICAL, VISUAL need for the feeble minded so as to be “comforted” by the THEATER his firing will promote.
    The sacrificial lamb business model has been thrust upon U.S. ever since the LINDBERG “case”.
    We need a REAL LEGAL PURGE of all these NWO criminals in “our” government.
    AND, President Trump will NEED to choose TWO Supreme Court Justices due to Ginsberg’s OBVIOUS ailments and Kennedy’s posting his potential retirement. He probably doesn’t want his life threatened by the insider cia/mossad people throughout our government.

  39. walt morris says:

    what sank hillary was her endless crimes and corruption which has left her and bill billionaires. she was investigated for a murder conspiracy in her college years and has gone down hill ever since. i see comey didn’t mention the $675,000 “donation” from hillary’s foundation to his wife’s political campaign. therre seems to be no end to the illegal activity in the clinton’s lives!

    1. hunter34 says:

      and just think that woman could have been president of the greatest country in the world
      a nightmare made in hell

  40. Dan Straw says:

    The “no call list” is a joke. The same telemarketers call from supposedly different numbers and totally different area codes. Technology has moved us to an era that there is no way to control.

  41. Pomona Pete says:

    weird writing: ‘it was the MEDIA COVERAGE’ of the letter, not the letter itself, that turned the tide.

    funny how it’s never revelations of Hildabeast’s crimes, corruption, profiting from office, or lies. it appears democrats have NO interest in obeying the law: it’s the law of the land if it suits them, otherwise the Constitution is an obstacle to them.

    (I wish it was a case of BJ torpedoing her; what rich payback for her; since one had to wonder if he really wanted to go back to the WH and stand around instead of living his swinging lifestyle.)

  42. David F. Podesta says:

    Who the hell is Comey to make the call that Hillary shouldn’t be indicted? That is the job of the Attorney General. Speaking of the Attorney General, both she and Bill Clinton knew that their secret (haha) meeting was so highly unethical – at least for her, but they both knew that- that she could be disbarred for having that meeting while she, the Att’y. General, was conducting a criminal investigation of his wife. Had I been the president at the time Comey made that statement, I would’ve fired him on the spot. There is irrefutable proof that she committed several crimes , including refusing a subpoena, and mishandling of classified information by giving it to Huma Abedin, who then gave it to Anthony Weiner – both unauthorized to receive it. People hav gone to prison for far less than what Hillary did.

  43. Jason Traxler says:

    It was everybody’s fault except Hillary’s. Honestly, she is such a bimbo that one has to truly suspend disbelief in order to believe millions of Americans voted for her.

  44. Daphne Wallace-Edwards says:

    Russian ‘conspiracy’ was to make SURE that: Democrats won. There IS no “fingerprints” of: Russian hackers, either. Clinton made a DEAL with Linch.

  45. ONLYJB1 says:

    It simply boils down to a meeting to tell the clintons they had nothing to worry about. It had all been taken care of. The fix was in. Unfortunately for them they got caught. Got caught, just by a miracle reporter with a smart phone.

  46. ONLYJB1 says:

    Then comey got scared! He now knew the extent of the “foundation”! He had to have been thinking about the other 67 + individuals that have mysteriously lost their lives after bucking the clintons! His career was doomed the second he backed away from bringing forth proof for an indictment. Trump gave comey every chance in the world to redeem himself. Those clintons…….wow……..powerful and deadly people!

  47. ONLYJB1 says:

    The sell out of the obama administration. The corruption was so thick you could stir it with a spoon. Best of all? They got caught by a very observant reporter. Whoops! We witness the corruption of DC face to face and still do nothing about it. I pray for a day of JUSTICE.

  48. Paulnoack says:

    I hope that we are through with the Clintons and that Obama will be disregarded likewise. What a disastrous eight years. The world watched as the United States made complete fools of themselves.

  49. Maria castro says:

    They threatened her, they give then rope, placed them in key positions and then black mail.

  50. Walt says:

    Hillary Clinton, Loretta Lynch and James Comey should all be in prison for the criminal acts they have done. President Trump just needs to continue to drain the swamp and give them a little more rope and they will hang themselves.

  51. JC Hoot says:

    And still with all this manure floating around not one person has been criminally charged. Must be nice to have positions and worldly last names.

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